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Monday, September 6, 1999 | Episode #46
Theresa celebrates eluding Frank once again. A nervous Whitney wants to go home, but Theresa is determined to see a revival of her favorite movie, Gone With the Wind. At the movie theater, Whitney spots Ethan and Gwen at the concession stand. She freaks when she can't get past them to warn Theresa, who is sitting inside the theater.

Frank forms a new plan of attack to get the truth out of Whitney and Theresa.

Grace is thrilled that Faith and Charity will move to Harmony first thing in the morning, when the evil forces are weaker. Miguel and Charity make plans for their future together. A desperate Kay makes a last ditch effort to win Miguel's love.

Faith warns Charity that the battle is not yet over. However, Faith is happy since Charity will finally have the life she's always wanted for her. Faith and Charity share a touching moment, unaware that danger is on its way.

Timmy screams when a vicious hound emerges from the basement and rushes out into the night. Timmy realizes Tabitha must have transformed into the dog - or else the dog ate Tabitha. Either way, he knows Faith and Charity are in big trouble. Grace almost catches Timmy when she drops by to see Tabitha. Grace notices a strange smell coming from the basement and decides to check it out.

Father Lonigan's life is put in danger when he prays for the souls in jeopardy tonight.


Tuesday, September 7, 1999 | Episode #47
In the darkened theater, Ethan mistakes Theresa for Gwen and kisses her hand. Theresa absolutely melts and is too busy fantasizing to worry about Ethan recognizing her. Whitney panics when she sees Gwen get up from her seat to look for Ethan. Whitney urges Theresa to leave, but Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald can't pull herself away from Ethan's arms now that she's finally in them. Whitney wonders how Theresa will ever get out of this one.

Grace tells Father Lonigan she fears Faith and Charity won't make it to Harmony. Father Lonigan encourages her to pray, as he believes evil forces have been set loose tonight. Grace fears her sister and niece are in danger and rushes out of the church.

The hound bursts through Faith's living room window and heads for Charity's room. A terrified Faith tries to protect her daughter and recognizes the dog to be the face of evil. The hound morphs back into Tabitha, who vows to destroy Charity, Faith, and Grace. Charity sleeps peacefully while Faith and Tabitha engage in a fierce struggle of good vs. evil right outside her bedroom door.


Wednesday, September 8, 1999 | Episode #48
Pilar asks about Luis' date with Beth, adding how she always thought Luis and Beth made a good couple. Luis responds that it was a very strange night and tells his mother how Sheridan got locked in a box. Luis asks Pilar if Sheridan's ramblings had anything to do with her past, but Pilar successfully evades the question. However, Luis is still intrigued by the mystery. After Luis goes for a walk, Pilar calls a cab to take her to the Crane estate right away.

A still-traumatized Sheridan is grateful for Hank's support. She's relieved when she determines that she didn't say too much in her hysterical state. Sheridan wonders if she's doomed to be haunted by her past for the rest of her life.

Tabitha laughs devilishly as she watches Faith's house burn down. Satisfied with her work, she morphs back into the hound and sets off for home. Inside, an injured Faith weakly yells for Charity to get out of the house, but her voice is drowned out by the crackling flames. Smoke fills Charity's bedroom while she lies motionless in her bed. Meanwhile, Grace panics when no one answers the phone at Faith's. Sam offers to go check on Faith and Charity when Grace suddenly collapses.

Timmy is relieved when Tabitha returns home. She informs Timmy that Faith and her brat are no longer a problem, but now she has to check on Grace.


Thursday, September 9, 1999 | Episode #49
Pilar promises Sheridan that Luis will never find out what happened all those years ago. Sheridan used to dream about that night all the time, but she could never see the face of the person she killed. Sheridan believes that if she can unlock the mysteries of that night, then maybe she can finally heal. After Pilar leaves, Sheridan drifts off to sleep and begins to sleepwalk out into the night.

Hank hints that he blew his chance at true love. Luis wants to hear more, but Hank declines to reveal anything else. Hank mutters to himself how he can't tell Luis about it because he's a cop.

While the fire rages on, Faith tries to summon enough strength to alert Charity, but she's too weak. Charity remains asleep and has a nightmare of being caught in a fire. She cries out for Miguel to save her. Miguel wakes up in a cold sweat after he dreams that Charity is in trouble. He goes back to sleep after convincing himself it was just a dream. Meanwhile, a feverish Grace refuses to go to the hospital. She can feel Faith's life slipping away. Sam realizes the video hookup on the computer is still set up and tries to get an image of Faith's place. Faith sees that Sam is trying to reach her on the computer, but struggles to hit the connect button so the Bennetts can see the danger she is in.

Kay models sexy lingerie in front of Simone. Ms. Bennett explains how she is going to seduce Miguel tonight and lose her virginity. Simone warns Kay that she can't make a guy like her simply by sleeping with him. Undeterred, Kay sneaks into Miguel's bedroom and slips into bed with him. How will Miguel react?


Friday, September 10, 1999 | Episode #50
While dreaming, Sheridan watches a reenactment of the night she killed someone. She feels helpless as a young Sheridan cowers behind a couch clutching a letter opener while a mysterious figure approaches. Sheridan then sees the lifeless body on the floor and moves toward it to finally discover who she killed.

Kay blasts Simone for interrupting her seduction of Miguel with the news of the fire. Kay is still determined to sleep with Miguel tonight. She bitterly accuses Charity of starting the fire just to get Miguel's attention.

Faith's house continues to burn to the ground. The little girl appears to Charity in her dreams and wakes her up just before a burning beam falls onto Charity's bed. Charity panics when the fire traps her in her room. In the living room, Faith remains unconscious while the fire rages around her. Tabitha uses her remaining powers to make the fire even stronger.

Grace is distraught when she realizes the reason she's losing her connection to Faith is because she's dying. Miguel takes Sam, Grace, and Eve to Faith's, but they can only stand helplessly by as the fire consumes the house. Miguel thinks he hears Charity screaming from inside. Tabitha and Timmy head for the house to make sure Faith and Charity are destroyed.


Monday, September 13, 1999 | Episode #51
After the way Ethan kissed her hand in the movie theater, Theresa is convinced she and Ethan were meant to be together. When Whitney and Theresa see Ethan and Gwen eating at the Chicken Coop, Theresa decides to explain the truth to Ethan. She's positive Ethan will forgive her. Whitney and Frank have a flirtatious encounter while Theresa executes a risky scheme. Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald disguises herself in a waitress uniform and approaches Ethan. Ethan looks into her eyes and suddenly remembers a poem.

Father Lonigan throws holy water on Tabitha, and she starts to smolder. Timmy comes to Tabitha's rescue, but her powers are severely weakened. Father Lonigan and Tabitha engage in a battle between good and evil.

Faith lies on the floor unconscious, while a dazed and injured Charity weakly calls out for Miguel. The fire chief informs Sam, Grace, Eve, and Miguel that no fire trucks are available. The intensity of this fire reminds Sam of the fire from which he rescued Grace. Miguel runs into the burning house and finds an unconscious Charity trapped under a beam. Will they make it out in time? Grace's prayers seem to finally be answered.


Tuesday, September 14, 1999 | Episode #52
Ethan finds a whimpering Sheridan lying on the living room floor. She's still haunted by her past, especially since she remembers so little. Ethan comes up with an idea to stop his aunt's nightmares. He and Sheridan check the local newspaper's archives for any clues that would indicate what happened that night all those years ago. Sheridan's afraid to learn more, but Ethan assures her that no one else will ever know if they do find something terrible. Luis and Hank arrive at the newspaper office to investigate a reported break-in.

Miguel emerges from the fire with an unconscious Charity in his arms. Miguel tries to go back to rescue Faith, but the house collapses. Grace screams in despair for her sister. Eve has Charity rushed to the hospital where she deems Charity to be extremely critical.

While watching the fire on television, Jessica taunts Kay about how Miguel risked his life for Charity. Simone is disturbed when she suspects of Kay wanting Charity and Faith dead. Reese drops by and offers to take everyone with him to the hospital.


Wednesday, September 15, 1999 | Episode #53
Ethan and Sheridan continue to search through stacks of newspapers for clues about her past. Ethan stands on a desk to reach some more papers when Frank opens the office door and startles him. Ethan and a bunch of newspapers crash to the floor. Frank and Sheridan help Ethan limp out of the office. No one notices a strewn newspaper with a headline that reads: "Mystery Disappearance."

Luis can't stop wondering what Ethan and Sheridan were up to at the newspaper office. Hank tells Luis to stop giving Sheridan such a hard time. Luis, Hank, Theresa, and Whitney all head over to the hospital to support Miguel.

Everyone converges at the hospital. Theresa and Whitney do their best to evade Frank while trying to find out what happened to Ethan's ankle. Frank tells Ethan how he plans to get the truth out of Whitney tomorrow once and for all. Eve informs Miguel that Charity has some swelling to her brain. Miguel is heartbroken. Simone blasts Kay for thinking only of herself. Luis spots Sheridan and grills her about what she was up to tonight. She angrily dismisses his questions, leaving Luis convinced that she's covering something up. Sheridan sees Eve about her sleeping problems. A note Eve makes about Sheridan falls into Luis's hands, and he's intrigued by what he reads. The fire at Faith's is finally put out, so Sam and TC head over to the house to look for any signs of Faith.


Thursday, September 16, 1999 | Episode #54
Sheridan tells Ethan she plans to leave Harmony as soon as she's done with her community service.

Beth pays Luis a visit at the youth center. Hank can see that Beth is still in love with Luis. He encourages Beth to let Luis know how she feels, but she's afraid of getting her heart broken again. Hank also suggests to Luis that Beth may be the perfect woman for him. Sheridan shows up for her first day of work at the center.

Theresa swears to Whitney that her feelings for Ethan are under control. Theresa's words are put to the test when she ends up working with Ethan for the day because of his sprained ankle. Theresa's nervousness gets the better of her, and she ends up saying too much.

Frank surprises Whitney when he asks her for a quick tennis lesson at the country club. Whitney and Frank get close until Frank calls her a liar. Frank pressures her to tell the truth. Will Whitney finally crack?


Friday, September 17, 1999 | Episode #55
Timmy struggles to wake Tabitha up to let her know Charity is still alive. Tabitha comes to after Timmy gives her a kiss. However, Tabitha is still very weak. To Timmy's horror, Tabitha heads for the basement again to restore her powers, but she finds the basement empty. Tabitha suspects "they" are disappointed by her failure to kill Charity, and she comes up with a devious plan to redeem herself.

Kay offers Miguel her support, but Simone thinks Kay really just wants Charity to die. Miguel pleads with Charity to wake up.

Frank shows Whitney and Theresa's picture to a tennis player at the country club. The tennis player recalls seeing Whitney with the girl just a few days ago. Frank goes to Harmony High School and finally discovers Theresa's name. The detective realizes that Theresa has been working as Ivy's secretary in disguise. Frank confronts Whitney and informs her that he's heading over to the Crane mansion to arrest Theresa. A frazzled Whitney tries to call Theresa, but she is forced to go to class.

Meanwhile, Ivy and Gwen are stunned to find Ethan and Theresa in bed together. Theresa overhears a conversation that prompts her to quit her job.


Monday, September 20, 1999 | Episode #56
Timmy yells for help as Tabitha smothers him with a pillow. Tabitha apologizes - she was just practicing for when she kills Charity. Tabitha hasn't used this time-honored method of killing in a while, but this is her only recourse since her powers are depleted.

Sam comforts Grace as she looks for any sign of Faith in the debris of the Standish house. Grace wonders if someone purposely set the house on fire. Sam informs his wife that no signs of arson were found. He also dismisses the idea of evil being the cause of the fire. Grace vows to protect Charity, unaware her own daughter is plotting against her niece at that very moment.BB At the hospital, Kay toys with the idea of turning off Charity's oxygen supply. Kay confides in an unconscious Charity. Tabitha overhears Kay say she would make a deal with the devil in order to have Miguel. Dressed as a nurse, Tabitha tricks Kay into leaving the room. She then proceeds to smother Charity.BB Whitney anxiously waits to hear if Frank exposed Theresa. At the Crane mansion, Theresa has a tough time saying goodbye to her dreams. She now realizes that she doesn't fit in at the mansion after overhearing Ethan say nothing could ever happen between him and Theresa. She lingers in Ivy's room, unaware that Frank is downstairs informing Ivy of the truth. Ivy refuses to believe Theresa is the stalker. She reluctantly calls Theresa downstairs, hoping to prove Frank wrong. Theresa is horrified when Frank confronts her and says she's not leaving the mansion until she confesses to being the stalker. Theresa is trapped.


Tuesday, September 21, 1999 | Episode #57
A suspicious Luis is convinced Sheridan is hiding something. Sheridan puts up a tough front to tell Luis off, but she privately worries Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald will discover her secret. Beth recommends a book on dealing with childhood traumas to Sheridan. Luis badmouths Sheridan to Beth, not knowing Ms. Crane is listening nearby.

Ivy tells Ethan to come down to the living room right away - Frank wants Ethan to identify his stalker. Ethan is floored that his stalker is just downstairs. Gwen hopes she and Ethan can now concentrate on getting married. Ethan reiterates that he wants his proposal to be perfect, with no distractions. He intends to punish his stalker to the fullest extent of the law.

Ivy warns Theresa that if she turns out to be the stalker, Julian will force her to fire Pilar. Distraught, Theresa pleads on her mother's behalf. A terrified Theresa makes an attempt to escape before Ethan comes down, but she's trapped. Ethan is stunned when Frank introduces Theresa as his stalker.

Kay pretends to be happy when Charity shows signs of regaining consciousness. Kay resolves to win Miguel before Charity makes any more progress. Sam receives some news about Faith.


Wednesday, September 22, 1999 | Episode #58
Sheridan gets an eyeful of Luis when she opens the wrong door. Luis and Hank reminisce about their high school days and their dreams for the future. Sheridan and Hank bond over their escapades abroad. Luis broods after Sheridan accuses him of not being adventurous.

Kay comes up with several creative ways to get rid of Charity. Simone is aghast. Charity finally awakens, but is very disoriented. Miguel is crushed when Charity doesn't recognize him. Kay believes things are finally going her way.

Frank asks Ethan if he recognizes Theresa as his stalker. Ethan hesitates to answer after Pilar walks in. He realizes how hurt Pilar will be if Theresa is sent to jail. However, Ethan is reminded how much he wanted to make an example out of his stalker so people wouldn't hurt his family. After much thought, Ethan finally says he is ready to say if he thinks Theresa is his stalker.


Thursday, September 23, 1999 | Episode #59
In Hollywood, young Chad Harris is excited about getting producing credit for working on a newly released song. However, Chad explodes in anger when his shady boss goes back on his word and takes full credit for the CD. Back in Harmony, Simone really likes Chad's song when she hears it on the radio.

Frank tells Whitney how he exposed Theresa, but Ethan refused to identify her as his stalker. Frank knows he's right and takes his frustration out on Whitney by accusing her of making him look like a fool. Whitney protests, but Frank rips into her for lying. He thought she was different from other girls, but he was wrong. Whitney is crushed.

Theresa thanks Ethan for not having her arrested and tries to make a quick exit. Not so fast, says Ethan. He only spared her to avoid hurting Pilar. Ethan demands to know why Theresa wanted to hurt him. Theresa desperately insists all the "attacks" were accidents, but his family is safe because she only causes accidents around him. Ethan is skeptical, but Theresa declines to explain that she's in love with him. Ethan devastates Theresa when he says he never wants to see her again and makes her promise to keep her distance from him for the rest of her life. Theresa flees the Crane mansion in tears.

Kay is elated that Charity has no memory of Miguel. She plots to seduce Miguel tonight. Charity remembers looking for her mother in a fire, but is too exhausted to remember anything else, including Miguel. Simone points out to Kay that Charity will soon remember Miguel. Kay realizes she has to act fast and initiates a very devious plan.


Friday, September 24, 1999 | Episode #60
Theresa struggles to give up her dreams of marrying Ethan. She calls Pilar to make sure she wasn't fired - and also to prevent her mother from telling Ethan about her love for him. Whitney swears off all men and vows to focus on tennis.

Ethan questions Pilar about why Theresa is only accident prone around him. Ivy interrupts, and Ethan decides to keep the truth about Theresa from his mother. Ivy already misses Theresa and wants her to come back. Ethan sharply tells her that is out of the question. Ivy convinces Ethan to go look for Theresa when he can't find the report Theresa typed up for him.

Miguel places headphones on Charity while she sleeps. He thinks Kay gave him a tape of music to calm Charity down so she'll feel relaxed enough to regain her full memory. He doesn't realize he's playing right into one of Kay's traps. Simone scolds Kay for recording messages to subliminally persuade Charity to stay away from Miguel. Kay panics when Miguel and Jessica look like they are about to uncover her plan.

Chad tells his social worker, Henry, about punching out his boss. His boss naturally fired him and swore that Chad will never work in the music business again. Chad fumes that the song wouldn't exist without his ideas and hard work. Chad reflects on his difficult childhood. He ran away from home when he was eight. When he returned home a few days later, his family had moved away and left no clue to their whereabouts. Henry recalls that something was left behind. He and Chad go to a storeroom to find out what it was.


Monday, September 27, 1999 | Episode #61
Chad wonders why his family left behind a Harmony newspaper with his name written on it. A bitter Chad declares he couldn't care less about a small town named Harmony - he only cares about his music. Chad breaks into the recording studio to retrieve his tapes. He's stunned when his boss pulls a gun on him.

Ethan discreetly follows Theresa and Whitney. When Ethan finally makes his presence known, he falls victim to yet another messy accident. Ethan storms off, while Theresa frets he'll finally have her arrested. Theresa tries to come clean to Luis about her situation with Ethan. Ethan makes a difficult decision regarding Theresa.

Luis overhears Sheridan talking in her sleep. He tells Sheridan he ran a background check on her. Sheridan worries what Luis learned about her past, and Luis becomes even more suspicious of Ms. Crane.

Convinced her sister is up to no good, Jessica attempts to discover what is on the tape that Kay gave to Charity. Kay considers taking drastic measures to keep Miguel and Jessica from uncovering her scheme. Miguel is shocked when he hears Kay's tape.


Tuesday, September 28, 1999 | Episode #62
Ethan decides to have Theresa arrested. He doesn't want to hurt Pilar, but he wants to make sure Theresa doesn't hurt anyone else. Whitney shows up while Ethan is on the phone with the police and begs him to listen to her. He doesn't have all the facts, she argues.

Theresa is too afraid to tell Luis that she may be arrested tonight by Ethan Crane. Pilar is taken aback when Theresa recounts her latest mishap with Ethan and how she might have to go to jail. Pilar comforts her distraught daughter. Theresa is shocked by who shows up on her doorstep.

A disheartened Tabitha and Timmy pack their belongings. Tabitha laments how they have to move since she failed to kill Charity. She contemplates the circus life, much to Timmy's dismay. Grace enlightens Tabitha with some stunning news.

Kay hopes her subliminal messages will turn Charity against Miguel. Charity begins to stir, murmuring Miguel's name in her sleep. Grace pays her niece a visit.

At the youth center, the young girls clamor around the glamorous Sheridan Crane while Luis and Hank coach the boys' basketball team. Sheridan is appalled when she learns the girls do not have their own team. Luis challenges Sheridan to a game of one-on-one when she claims basketball can't be too hard to learn.


Wednesday, September 29, 1999 | Episode #63
Chad arrives in Harmony. He decides to check out the flea market being held to raise money for the police department.

At the flea market, Kay promises to help Simone find a boyfriend. Maybe Simone will find one tonight, Kay suggests. Simone tries to prevent Kay from making a fool of herself in front of Miguel.

Ivy gets dressed to the nines when she realizes the police benefit is being held tonight. Ivy gets misty-eyed when she hears an old song. Julian wonders what she's hiding. TC warns Sam that he won't be able to avoid Ivy Crane as easily as before now that he is the police captain. Grace is intrigued by the glamorous Ivy Crane. An uneasy Sam introduces his wife to Ivy.

Ethan apologizes to Theresa for accusing her of stalking him. The tape Whitney played for him revealed he caused the accident with the eggs. He realizes Theresa was not deliberately trying to hurt him. Theresa impulsively kisses a startled Ethan. She later swears to Whitney her obsession with Ethan is over. At the Crane Mansion, Ethan shows Whitney pictures from his father's tennis days.


Thursday, September 30, 1999 | Episode #64
Miguel slips a ring on Kay's finger. Kay throws her arms around Miguel and swears she'll never take it off. Kay is heartbroken once again when she realizes the ring is for Charity.

Ivy enjoys watching Sam squirm as she and Grace get to know one another. Ivy feigns interest in Grace's quaint lifestyle. Pilar and TC note the tension between Sam and Ivy. Eve reacts to seeing Julian. She hopes he stays away from her.

Whitney wonders why Julian has old news clippings about her father's tennis career in his photo album.

Ethan asks Theresa to come back to work for his mother. Whitney is concerned when Theresa considers accepting Ethan's offer. Theresa realizes her feelings for Ethan are deeper than a crush, but she claims to accept the fact that Ethan is going to marry Gwen. Ethan explains to Gwen that Theresa wasn't stalking him. Gwen is still troubled by Theresa's tendency to have accidents only around Ethan.


Friday, October 1, 1999 | Episode #65
Ivy invites the Bennetts and the Russells over for dinner, much to Julian's chagrin. Sam, TC, and Eve promptly decline, but an enthusiastic Grace accepts. Ivy finally manages to convince everyone to come to dinner tomorrow night. Pilar is concerned when she hears who's coming to dinner. Later, Julian questions Ivy as to why she insisted on having the Bennetts and the Russells come over.

Jessica calls Miguel to let him know Charity has been stirring. She may be waking up soon. Simone eyes Chad. Simone asks Kay to help her get Chad's attention. Kay gives Simone some advice before rushing off to accompany Miguel to the hospital.

Tabitha and Timmy celebrate Charity's bout with amnesia. Now they won't have to move. Tabitha heads for the hospital to make sure Charity doesn't remember anything about her past. Timmy secretly tags along after Tabitha tells him to stay home.