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What If

What If

She's back! When Cracked Connie goes on a little tour of the Crane mansion, she stumbles upon Hecuba's lair. Once in the lair, Hecuba herself appears to Connie! Tabitha's nemesis makes the duplicitous doll a deal-if she helps Hecuba get out of the bottle she's been trapped in, then Hecuba will help Cracked Connie wreak havoc upon the citizens of Harmony! The twisted witch presents Connie with a vial of green fog that she promises will cause major pain. Much to Tabitha's dismay, Connie unleashes the green fog...and the threesome sit back to watch the fireworks.

So what effect does Hecuba's fearsome fog have upon the unsuspecting folks of Harmony? As the wily witch herself explains, it makes the victims see what their lives might have been like had they made different choices or taken different paths. In a nutshell, it makes everyone in town ask themselves that tricky question, "What If?" But here's the kicker-these visions will have a lasting effect. In fact, they will linger in each victim's head and plant seeds of doubt...that will ultimately lead to major trouble for the couples of Harmony!

Now you can witness these fantasies unfold, just like Hecuba, Connie, and Tabitha did! Click on a character's name to get the scoop on what each person well as a surprising memento of what "might have been."

Sam & Ivys What If

In the vision which both Ivy and Sam have, they are a happily married couple. Sam is a respected member of the Harmony Police Department, and Ivy is a devoted wife and mother! This fantasy certainly shows a whole new side of Ivy-her mink coats and designer gowns have been replaced by aprons and dresses made out of old curtains! But Ivy is perfectly content in her role as Sam's wife. In fact, she has quite a knack for cutting coupons, baking casseroles, and making flyers for the policeman's ball!

And that's not all-Ivy even makes a mean tomato soup cake! Ethan is also part of Ivy and Sam's vision. He has followed in his father's footsteps and has also become a member of the Harmony Police Department, much to the delight of his proud parents. In the vision, the three make up a truly ideal family. 

Kay & Miguels What If

In their vision, Kay and Miguel are college students who have been dating for years and years. Miguel arrives at Kay's dorm room with wonderful news-he has just received a football scholarship and no longer has to worry about his tuition money. As a result of his newfound financial freedom, he has a major surprise for his sweetheart-a beautiful engagement ring! Kay is thrilled when Miguel drops to one knee, takes out the ring and proposes! Of course, she happily accepts and can't wait to become Mrs. Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald. As the two celebrate their future, a stranger shows up in the doorway. It's none other than Charity, who introduces herself as Kay's cousin. The two girls are thrilled to finally meet. In fact, Kay generously asks Charity to be the maid of honor in her upcoming wedding. Charity accepts, announcing that she always seems to be a bridesmaid, but never a bride... 

David & Grace

In David and Grace's vision, the two are married and very much in love. David is a successful photographer who travels the globe on exotic assignments. In the fantasy, he returns home to his devoted wife, who couldn't be happier to see the man she loves. In fact, Grace shows her excitement by slipping out of her mink coat and revealing that she's wearing nothing underneath! David shows his appreciation by taking his wife in his arms and making love to her. 

Ethan & Theresa's What If

In the vision shared by Ethan and Theresa, many years have passed. Ethan and Gwen are married, and Theresa has worked as their head housekeeper throughout their marriage. When Gwen leaves the room for a moment, Ethan clutches his chest in pain. A frightened Theresa begins to rush off to get Gwen, but Ethan stops her. As he's dying, he tells Theresa that she is the one that he has always loved. He reveals his wish that he'd spent his life with Theresa instead of Gwen. Theresa can hardly believe her ears and confides to Ethan that she has always loved him. In the heartbreaking fantasy, Ethan and Theresa share one kiss before Ethan dies.  

Julian & Eve's What If

In the vision which Eve and Julian share, they are married and living in New York. Rather than following his father's orders to leave Eve high and dry when she was pregnant, Julian actually stood up to Alistair and stayed with Eve. In addition to their marriage, the two also formed a professional bond, as Julian became the manager of Eve's singing career. In the fantasy, Julian is thrilled to show Eve her face on yet another cover of Rolling Stone. Julian couldn't be more proud of Eve, who has amassed tons of awards as well as gold and platinum records! But Eve believes she owes it all to Julian and his tireless efforts on behalf of her career. As Eve and Julian celebrate her success, their friend TC pays them a visit! In the vision, TC is a successful tennis player who has just won the US Open. As TC thanks Julian for his most recent stock tip, Eve's new publicist walks in...and she's none other than Rebecca! TC and Rebecca take one look at each other and the sparks fly. Just then, Eve and Julian's son walks in but when they come out of the fantasy, neither Eve nor Julian can make out the boy's face.  

What If

In Whitney and Chad's vision, Whitney is a champion tennis player who has just won another Grand Slam tournament. Whitney arrives home with yet another trophy in hand, and is greeted by her sister Simone...and Simone's husband, Chad. Chad and Simone are blissfully married and even have a baby, who is named after Whitney. Whitney watches Simone and Chad wistfully, and it is clear that Whitney's life, alone on the tennis circuit, is not everything she wants. In Whitney's vision, she has chosen the path to a successful tennis career, but she has given up having a family of her own.  

Beth's Nightmare!!!!!!!

In Beth and her mother's fantasy, Beth is the embodiment of an old maid. She is passing the hours by reading a bridal magazine (which she will clearly never need!), eating junk food, and throwing back drinks! It's not hard to see why Beth is so run down-she is still living with her mother and waiting on her hand and foot! Mrs. Wallace is celebrating her 120th birthday and is still going strong, much to Beth's chagrin!     

Sheridan's What If

In Sheridan's vision, she is happily married to Antonio. The two are deeply in love-even after years of marriage and a couple of children, they can't keep their hands off of one another. In fact, just as the couple starts kissing, Beth and Luis interrupt them...and they all share a good-natured laugh. Just as Antonio and Sheridan are blissfully wed, so are Luis and Beth. The foursome are all the best of friends-especially Antonio and Luis, who share a very strong bond. In the vision, it is clear that Sheridan, Antonio, Luis, and Beth are all extremely happy...and couldn't imagine their lives having turned out any other way.   

Sister Mary Tabitha

In her vision, Tabitha is not devoted to the dark side. Instead, she is devoted to God and prayer. In fact, she is Sister Mary Tabitha! And that's not all-Tabitha is called to have tea with the other sisters and none other than Father Lonigan! Much to Tabitha's astonishment, it is clear in her vision that Sister Mary Tabitha is perfectly content in the life she has chosen.