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Monday, April 3, 2000 | Episode #194
Tabitha pores over her spell books, desperately searching for another way to drag Charity over to the dark side. Meanwhile, Timmy dons his ski duds in hopes of accompanying the girl of his dreams to the slopes. At the lodge, a gloomy Miguel pines for Charity but Kay beams at the prospect of getting her guy alone in the hot tub. Hearing intruders moving about the cabin, Ethan and Chad tackle the two "strangers" and wrestle them to the floor. After flicking on the lights, Ethan apologizes profusely to Theresa while a flustered Chad hands back the bath towel he accidentally tore from Whitney's naked body. Luis swears to Hank he has no clue what he could have done to drive Sheridan away. In Paris, Roger and Pierre begin closing in on Sheridan. Ethan invites Whitney and a thrilled Theresa to stay for the weekend with him and Chad. Kay instructs Simone to deliver an important message to Miguel but the note winds up in Reese's hands instead. Tabitha slyly persuades Charity to change her mind and hurry off to the ski lodge after all.

Since she failed to persuade Charity to go on the ski trip, Tabitha tries to figure out another way to bring Charity over to the dark side. Once she realizes there is no other way, she successfully uses reverse psychology to persuade Charity to join Miguel at the ski lodge.

Kay is determined to seduce Miguel while on the ski trip. She comes up with a plan using an urgent note as the bait to lure Miguel to the hot tub. But when Simone goes to deliver the message, she gets distracted and doesnt realize she may have placed the note in the wrong mailbox.

Luis and Hank discuss Sheridans move to Paris. Luis claims hes over her and is ready to move on with his life. But once he's alone, Luis reveals hes still bothered by what happened with Sheridan before she left. Meanwhile, in Paris, Sheridan cant get Luis off her mind, unaware that Roger and Pierre are stalking her.

Ethan and Chad jump Theresa and Whitney, mistaking them for intruders. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, Ethan invites the girls to stay at the cabin with them. Theresa, seeing this as another sign that she and Ethan are meant to be together, persuades a reluctant Whitney to stay.

Tuesday, April 4, 2000 | Episode #195
Crane Cabin Gang:
Theresa is fantasizing about Ethan, and Whitney has a fantasy about Chad. Chad leans to her like he is going to kiss her and she screams "No!" but it turns out he was just moving a candle away from her hair. They decide to play Scrabble, and Ethan and Theresa spell out words that have to do w/ weddings (like "honeymoon") while Chad spells out the word "desire." Whitney in turn spells out "never," and then Chad spells the word "condom." Whitney says she has no words, but Theresa says sure she does...the word "sex." Chad ends up winning and they decide to go to bed. Theresa tells Whitney that she shouldn't try to fight her feelings for Chad. After everyone goes to bed, Theresa gets up and sits by the fire. Ethan comes in and says he couldn't sleep either. They talk a little bit and then Ethan leaves, but not before telling Theresa that she really looks beautiful in the firelight. Meanwhile, Chad goes out for a walk and Whitney watches him from her window. He looks in because he can feel her watching him, but she hides.

The Scooby Gang at the Ski Lodge:
Charity tells Miguel that maybe her feelings were that something bad would happen to him if she didn't go on the ski trip. They decide to go find Kay.

In the hot tub, Kay is inside naked when Reese walks up! He says he got Kay's note, and Kay secretly vows to kill Simone. Reese takes off his pants and gets in the hot tub with Kay, saying he had heard these trips got wild but he had no idea! He tries to kiss her when Simone walks up and asks what's going on. Miguel and Charity then walk up and ask the same thing! Kay is totally embarrassed, and is even more so when Reese mentions the note! Miguel and Charity leave, and so does Reese. Kay gets really mad at Simone and pushes her into the hot tub with all her clothes on! Simone yells at Kay and Kay apologizes and promises to help her get Chad.

Meanwhile, Miguel says goodnight to Charity and goes to his room. Charity looks at some skis propped up against the wall and has a vision of Miguel with a ski pole in his chest!

Sheridan chats a little with a woman named Renee about how a man drove her to Paris. Luis walks up, and Renee immediately says that this must be the guy that drove Sheridan to Paris. Luis says Sheridan never told him that was the reason she was leaving, and what is going on?

Harmony PD/Paris:
Luis calls Sheridan and she is pleasantly surprised to hear from him. He brings up Jean-Luc and she gets really angry, saying that she doesn't want Luis rubbing her bad relationships in her face. Luis tries to tell her that she may be in trouble, but she won't listen and slams down the phone. She then calls the hotel front desk and tells them not to take any more calls from Luis in Harmony. Meanwhile, Pierre is aiming the sniper rifle at Sheridan's head, but he can't get a clear shot because she keeps moving. Finally she steps out on the balcony and he shoots! However, he misses and the bullet grazes Sheridan's ear. She thinks it was just a bee and brushes it off. Roger suggests that they pretend to be Jean-Luc and invite Sheridan to the country house. They send Sheridan a note and she decides to go there, saying she'll show Luis. Back in Harmony, Pilar shows up and tries to persuade Luis to call Sheridan again. He tries, but of course he can't get through. He says maybe it's just a coincidence that the drug lord Jean-Luc was killed when Sheridan left Paris and he's making a big deal over nothing. However, he has a nagging feeling that something is wrong. Pilar says he should go to Paris, and he tries to argue that money is tight for the family. Pilar insists and Luis calls to make arrangements to go to Paris.

Wednesday, April 5, 2000 | Episode #196
Sheridan gets up and says she had an awful sleep. She gets dressed and the maid comes in with her breakfast. Sheridan tells the maid that she is going to visit her ex-boyfriend and return some stuff of his, and she also tells the maid her sob story about how men always use her. Then she goes to the church to pray for strength to get rid of all her anger for Luis. She asks God to help her stop thinking of Luis.

He is on the plane to Paris, having a dream about his dates with Sheridan, kissing Sheridan, etc., and then he dreams of her slapping him and wakes up. He calls Pilar, who reassures him about going to Paris to warn Sheridan of the danger she's in. He hangs up and talks to himself a little about Jean-Luc. A flight attendant comes up and he tells her his story...she thinks he's in love with Sheridan, but he denies it. Once he gets off the plane, he goes to Sheridan's hotel, but the maid informs him that Sheridan has left.

They arrive at the country house and discuss how they are going to finish Sheridan off and no one will be able to hear her scream...she'll be trapped.

Julian calls Eve and asks if she has talked to her daughter and tells her that Eve better find the bird! Eve hangs up, but Julian calls back and TC picks up this time! Julian pretends to be a waiter from a Chinese restaurant, and then hangs up. Ivy badgers him about the bird statue, but he won't tell her anything. Meanwhile, Sam comes over and TC asks him for help finding the bird statue that he was trying to open. Eve calls Simone, who tells her that she threw the bird away, and Sam and TC want to go look for it. Eve tells them not to because it wouldn't be respectable, and they agree. They go out to play basketball and Eve calls Julian. Ivy answers, but Eve says she is calling about the hospital. Eve tells Julian they have to find the bird at the town dump. They meet at the dump and Julian is totally disgusted by all the garbage. They look around...elsewhere in the dump, the bum who found the bird wants to call about the ad in the paper, but has no money. He approaches Eve and Julian, saying he has to make an important phone call. Julian says to who, your stockbroker? Eve gives him a quarter and asks if he has seen a bird statue. He says no and goes to call. When he calls, Pilar answers and he says he's calling about the bird statue. Meanwhile, Eve scolds Julian for mistreating the bum, and Sam and TC decide to go to the dump to look for the bird after all.

Kay is angry that Charity is on the ski trip after all, and she says they should go back to Harmony to get that bird statue. Eve calls Simone and Kay finds out that Simone threw the bird away. She is even more angry and says she could have had Miguel by now if Simone hadn't lied to her.

Thursday, April 6, 2000 | Episode #197
Harmony Town Dump:
Julian is completely disgusted at being at the dump, but Eve says they have to keep looking for the bird statue. Julian says they don't even know if the bird is there, but Eve says that is not a risk she wants to take. Meanwhile, Sam and TC start looking for the bird statue too. Eve spots them and tells Julian he has to hide. She covers him with trash just as TC sees her. She claims to have searched the whole area for the bird and they decide to go home.

Crane Mansion:
Pilar answers the phone and the Bird Bum says he's calling about the bird statue. Pilar tells him he must have the wrong number and Ivy is disappointed that no one has answered her ad. Ivy says she knows Pilar doesn't approve, but she's going to prove that Julian and Eve were connected. Pilar tells her that she's not being fair to Eve or Grace by trying to get Sam back. Ivy says it's not fair that she's stuck in a loveless marriage...and what is that smell? Julian walks in, covered with garbage, and tells Ivy not to ask. When he comes back down, freshened up, Ivy questions him. He still denies everything, and the phone rings. Pilar is about to answer it, but Ivy does instead and it's Bird Bum calling about the bird statue ad! Ivy gets a really evil grin on her face.

Bennett Brunch::
Grace is cooking when TC, Sam, and Eve come in. They tell her they were at the dump and the doorbell rings. Grace tells Sam to freshen up and goes to answer the door...and it's Bird Bum! He says the sign in Grace's shop said she buys interesting objects, and Grace says maybe he should try a different shop. He leaves after she gives him some money for food, and she goes back into the kitchen. She tells everyone that it was a homeless man trying to sell her a bird statue, and Eve sits down in shock!

Tabby turns down Grace's brunch invitation and says she has to go to Florida to visit a friend. Grace offers to watch Tabby's house and they talk a little bit about Charity. Grace leaves, and Tabby tells Timmy they have to get up to the ski lodge to watch Charity kill Miguel. They drive up to the lodge, Tabby speeding all the way. When they arrive, they go into the lodge and Tabitha reveals her plan: to start an avalanche!

Scooby Gang at Ski Lodge:
Miguel is teaching Charity how to ski and Charity says she's very glad she came. Inside the lodge, Kay complains that Miguel was supposed to be with her, not that Britney Spears wannabe! Reese comes up and invites Kay up to his room for supper, but Kay refuses. Reese says she must be shy but now that they're together they can take things slow. He kisses her on the cheek as he leaves and Kay says it's turning into the ski trip from hell! Miguel asks Charity about her visions, but Charity doesn't want to tell him and asks him for more skiing pointers. Kay is disgusted just watching them, and then says she has a brilliant plan to keep Charity and Miguel apart. Simone doesn't want to hear it, but Kay twists the truth to make it look like Simone's fault that all this happened. They head outside with Charity, and Miguel gets called to the front desk. Kay tells Charity that they should go out on a practice run before Miguel gets back. Charity goes to her room to get her lift pass, and Simone reprimands Kay for offering to take Charity on the most dangerous slope of all! She threatens to tell Miguel, but Kay says Simone shouldn't do it because she owes Kay for throwing out the bird and sending Reese to the hot tub. She also says that she'll ruin Simone's chances with Chad if Simone doesn't help. Simone agrees and Charity comes back. She wants to wait for Miguel, but Kay says no.

Luis walks up to Sheridan's room, fixes himself in the mirror, and knocks on the door. However, the maid comes in and tells him that Sheridan went out to meet a man. Luis says he can't believe he ever thought Sheridan would need him...she's already going out with a new boyfriend. He calls Sam from a pay phone and Sam tells him to keep going since he's already in Paris. He thinks he put the Interpol fax in his pocket, but it instead drops to the ground.

Sheridan walks into her favorite restaurant and the maitre'd asks about Jean-Luc. Sheridan explains and the waiter apologizes. He shows her to a table and gives her a glass of wine. He says she is beautiful, she's in Paris, and it's spring...she will fall in love again. Sheridan sits down and wonders why Jean-Luc wanted her to meet her at the country house, but it doesn't matter because she doesn't have anything better to do. The waiter asks for her order, but she says she has to be going to an appointment. At the same time, Luis looks at the menu outside the same restaurant for something like a grilled cheese sandwich. As Sheridan is walking out, she bumps into Luis and is pleasantly surprised to see him! The exchange a tender hello, and Luis buys Sheridan a rose. She offers to cancel her appointment, and he brings up his earlier phone call. She gets angry all over again and says it's none of Luis' business. He wants to show her the Interpol fax, but can't find it and can't remember Jean-Luc's last name. Sheridan says Jean-Luc was never involved with drugs or killers...does Luis think she's an idiot? She says she can take care of herself. Luis spots the fax on the ground where he dropped it and goes to pick it up, but when he does, Sheridan leaves! He goes back to the airport, ready to fly back to Harmony, but the flight attendant from before stops him and asks if he told Sheridan of his love for her. He says he's not in love with her, and why does everyone keep saying that?

Jean-Luc's Country House:
Roger and Pierre discuss what the consequences will be if Sheridan tells Interpol about them, but Roger reassures Pierre that they will shoot Sheridan before she can tell anyone. Sheridan knocks on the door and Roger opens it. He says Jean-Luc is out for a bit but they have been expecting her. She recognizes the two men as Jean-Luc's "business associates" from the summer and steps in, not noticing the gun hidden behind Pierre's back.

Friday, April 7, 2000 | Episode #198
He's waiting to board the plane back to Harmony, but he still has a nagging sense that something is wrong with Sheridan. He converses with the flight attendant about how he feels Sheridan is in danger, but insists that he is not in love with her. He ends up getting on the plane, but at the last minute decides that Sheridan needs his help and gets off. He goes to Sheridan's hotel again, and the maid talks to him in the hall about how she should have been back by now. Luis hurries off to find Sheridan, hoping it's not too late.

Country House:
Sheridan goes inside at Roger and Pierre's request and looks around. Pierre points a gun at her, but she turns around and he hides it. Roger and Pierre go into the kitchen to make Sheridan some tea, and Roger says he wants to kill Sheridan by putting a bomb in the car so that the murder is less traceable. Pierre goes out to work on it and Roger tries to keep Sheridan in the house. She finally decides to leave and goes out to her car, but it won't start. She goes back and says she'll just take a taxi, but Roger says she's not going anywhere and she turns around to see Pierre's gun pointed at her face!

The Ski Slopes:
Ethan is showing Theresa some ski moves while Whitney looks on. Suddenly they see Chad, who is skiing way too fast and runs smack into Whitney. He falls on top of her but she hastily pushes him off. Whitney goes to Theresa and says they have to leave right now because Theresa is never going to get over Ethan this way. Theresa finally agrees and they head back to the cabin with Ethan and Chad to get their stuff. Theresa is about to call a cab, but Ethan says they can just drive home in the extra car they have at the cabin. While Ethan and Theresa load the car, Chad accuses Whitney of leaving not because of Theresa, but because she felt something for Chad and she's running away from it. She of course denies everything and her and Theresa leave.

Miguel is still on the phone and Charity has a vision of him at the bottom of a mountain, covered in snow with a ski pole in his chest! Kay insists that they get going, but then Charity gets a phone call. Kay and Simone go ahead to Pine Ridge, the hardest slope at the resort. They stand at the top, saying how hard it is, when two guys come up and tell them that they are chicken for not going down the slope. They finally push Kay and Simone down the slope! Meanwhile, Charity's phone call is a man calling about some kids making trouble on Pine Ridge, and the guy tells Charity to tell Miguel to get up there. However, the man is actually Tabby disguising her voice so she can get Miguel to Pine Ridge for the avalanche. Miguel heads for Pine Ridge with Reese to check it out. However, when they get there, no one is there and "Reese" is not really Reese, but Charity in disguise--she wanted to be there to make sure nothing happened to Miguel. So Miguel and Charity talk a little bit while Tabitha and Timmy set the fuse for the dynamite that will cause the avalanche. Meanwhile, Kay and Simone come back from Pine Ridge covered in tree branches from their wild ride down the slope. Reese comes up and says how brave Kay is.

Tabitha lights the fuse on the dynamite, and suddenly Timmy looks with his binoculars and realizes that Charity is with Miguel! They try to stop the fuse because they have to save Charity, but it's too late and the dynamite explodes! A huge avalanche starts coursing down the mountainside. Charity and Miguel are the first to see it...Reese, Kay and Simone run out the door of the lodge just in time to see it...Ethan and Chad have just said good-bye to the girls when they see the avalanche and immediately hope that the girls aren't too far down the road. Theresa and Whitney are driving and hear a sound like a train. Theresa pulls over and suddenly they discover that it isn't a train at all...they look out the window and the avalanche is heading straight for their car!

Monday, April 10, 2000 | Episode #199
Paris PD:
Luis goes to the French police for help finding Sheridan, but when he asks the officer about Jean-Luc and explains the situation, the officer is hesitant to help him. He asks if Sheridan was involved with drugs and Luis says that's impossible. The officer calls Sheridan's hotel and asks about Sheridan, and learns that she blocked all calls from Luis. He concludes that Luis must have had a bad relationship with Luis and Luis is just using the French police to meet with Sheridan. The officer refuses to help Luis and tears up the Interpol fax. Luis leaves when he is threatened with arrest, and says he's sure that Sheridan is in danger.

Country House:
Roger and Pierre tie Sheridan up to a chair and tell her how and why they are going to kill her. Sheridan says to herself that Luis was right all along and now what is going to happen to her? Roger and Pierre sit down to play a game and discuss Sheridan's murder...they say they will have to kill her and hide the body where it can never be found. Meanwhile, Sheridan tries to untie the cords that are binding her.

When the avalanche begins, both of them are covered in snow. When Tabitha gets up, she is fine but can't find Timmy. She finally finds him but he is unconscious. She cries and says she doesn't know what she'd do without Timmy. She remembers all the times she was mean to Timmy, and then she remembers the good times she had with him. She says she'll do anything if he doesn't leave her. He opens his eyes and asks will Tabitha get rid of Fluffy? She says for a week and no more than that. They then comment on what a pity is that both Miguel and Charity had to die in the avalanche.

They try to ski away from the avalanche, but Charity's ski falls apart and Miguel goes back to help her. She runs away just in time but Miguel gets hit by the avalanche. Charity digs him out of the snow and he is pretty lifeless and has blood coming out of his mouth. Charity remembers her vision and starts crying, saying she can't handle losing her mother and Miguel. She remembers all the good times she had with Miguel, and cries even harder. As it grows dark, she still has his head cradled in her arms and he is not waking up.

Crane Cabin Gang:
Ethan and Chad run down the mountain and see Whitney and Theresa's car covered with snow. They see that the girls are not inside and go to look for them. Ethan finds Theresa on the ground, unconscious. Chad digs Whitney out of the snow, but she has a deep cut on her leg. Ethan notices that Theresa is not breathing...he says if anything ever happened to her he'd never forgive himself, and he gives her mouth to mouth. Theresa comes to and tells Ethan that she loves him and always has...he gets a really surprised expression on his face. They carry the girls back to the cabin and Chad goes to look at Whitney's leg. She's freaking out because she thinks she'll never be able to play tennis again, but Chad reassures her and tries to bandage it up. She doesn't like him touching her but he does a really good job of taking care of her, explaining that he learned because he could never afford a doctor. Ethan meanwhile wraps Theresa up in some blankets and tells her that she gave him quite a scare. She goes in to see Whitney and tells her that she thinks she told Ethan of her feelings for him when she was coming to. Chad comes in and says Ethan wants to talk to Theresa. He checks Whitney's leg and she says it feels hot...meanwhile, Ethan tells Theresa that she just revealed her true feelings to him.

Tuesday, April 11, 2000 | Episode #200
Pilar comes in and Ivy questions her about the time the bum called about the bird statue and Pilar told him he had the wrong number. Pilar says she did lie but it was for Ivy's sake. Pilar tells Ivy that she shouldn't continue to pursue the bird statue thing, but Ivy says she will do whatever it takes to get Sam. Ivy goes to the wharf to get the bird but no one shows up. She starts to have second thoughts about getting the bird, but then Bird Bum shows up and she ends up buying the bird. She takes it back to the mansion and wonders how the statue will help her to destroy Eve and get Sam.

Eve is at home at first talking to TC, Sam, and Grace about Bird Bum. Then she calls Julian so that they can go look for Bird Bum and get the statue (she tells TC she's going to the hospital). They meet and are walking along the wharf, and Julian reminisces about the wild times he had with Eve. He tries to flirt with her but she threatens to cut off his fingers with a scalpel. They spot Bird Bum digging through some trash and question him about the statue. He tells them he just sold it and Julian gives him his phone number in case he finds the statue again. Eve frets that someone could be looking at the pictures of her right now.

After Eve leaves, Grace leaves too and Sam presses TC to tell him about his leg. TC finally reveals all: He was playing in a big tennis championship against...Julian Crane, who was a pretty good tennis player back then. TC feels that Julian is behind his career-ending leg injury. Conversation shifts to Sam and Ivy, a situation that worries TC. Pilar comes in and Sam asks her about Ivy...she tells him that Ivy still wants him back. Grace returns and TC comes in, saying he called the hospital but Eve is not there...where could she be?

Chad looks at Whitney's wound again and says it may need stitches but it's not infected. She is still freaking out about never playing tennis again, and he says maybe it would be a good thing if she couldn't play tennis. She starts screaming at him and he explains that maybe being a tennis star is more TC's dream than Whitney's but she disagrees. She says Chad would never understand because he never sets goals to work for. Chad gets angry and says he does set goals with his music, and he works hard. Then she tells him that he knows nothing about family values...he doesn't even know if Harris is his real last name. He gets even more upset and tells her she must be right. He leaves and she starts crying.

Ethan tells Theresa that she said "I love you, I always have," and Theresa gets scared. He says that it must have felt good to say that and she starts going on and on about how she always wanted to say those words, etc. He says she must really be in love, just like him and Gwen. He thinks she was talking about loving Chuck and tells her to tell Chuck how she feels. He leaves to get hot chocolate and she bursts into tears. Chad comes in and tells Theresa he knows all about how she feels for Ethan. He says he knows what it's like to want to be with someone who is unattainable, and sometimes you just have to let go. She says she can't do that...does he really feel that he can just give up on the one he wants? Chad gets really emotional and says well, there's that old saying, "Love can sometimes be just a bitch."

Wednesday, April 12, 2000 | Episode #201
He is still trying to get into Sheridan's room and pulls out a credit card to break in, but the manager comes and threatens to call security and the police. Luis says he'll leave but when the manager and maid aren't looking, he slips out one of the open windows in the hallway and edges along the ledge toward Sheridan's window. He has a close call when he slips and almost plunges to the pavement, but he manages to get to the room safely. He starts going through Sheridan's stuff when the maid is passing by and hears him through the door. She catches Luis and threatens to throw her out, but Luis tries to persuade her not to. As he is about to leave, he notices the rubbing alcohol on the table and asks what happened to Sheridan. The maid says Sheridan was stung by a bee and it drew blood. Luis says that shouldn't have happened and asks where Sheridan was standing when it happened. The maid shows him and Luis uses his detective skills to find a bullet in the wall! The maid is now convinced that Sheridan is in trouble and they go through Sheridan's address book to find Jean-Luc's address. Luis gets directions to the country house and starts to head over there.

Sheridan is trying to untie herself but Roger says she will never escape. She tries to tell him that she is very important and she has an American cop friend who will be coming with the police, but Roger calls her bluff. He leaves to dispose of Sheridan's car and find a grave site for her, and Pierre begins eyeing Sheridan's body. She says she wants to smile again and begins to seduce Pierre. He unties her and tells her to take off her clothes. She pretends to have trouble with her shirt and he goes behind her to help. She hits him on the head with a glass vase and he passes out on the floor. She tries to use the phone but it's dead and so she takes a gun and leaves the house. She is almost off the grounds when Roger stops her and drags her back to the house. He tells her they are sending her to her grave.

Kay is looking out the window and getting hysterical about where Miguel is. Simone thinks that he is dead but Kay won't believe it. She asks a rescue worker about it, but he tells her that they haven't found any survivors yet. Kay tells Simone that she can't lose Miguel because she loves him...even mean old Kay can love, she says. She decides to go out to look for him and Simone decides to come along.

Charity is sleeping next to Miguel, wanting to die, when she sees a bright light. She wants to go to it but won't leave Miguel. She asks God for the strength to take Miguel to someplace warm, and the light comes and shines on her for a minute. She manages to drag Miguel to a cabin and lay him on a bed. She starts crying again, remembering all the plans she and Miguel had made about their life together...plans that are now lost. Kay and Simone find the cabin and come in. Kay immediately goes to Miguel while Simone asks Charity if she's okay. Charity tells Kay that Miguel is dead and Kay goes ballistic, telling Charity that this is all her fault and she has been nothing but a jinx since she came to Harmony...this makes Charity cry even harder and Simone tries to cover for Kay. Kay says she should have been there with Miguel, she even would have died with him, and Charity realizes that Kay loves Miguel. Kay says it's true and tells all about how her and Miguel go way back. She says it doesn't matter now because Charity took everything away from her. Suddenly Miguel's fingers begin to twitch and he wakes up! He says he saw a bright light and everything was really quiet and peaceful, and he wanted to stay in that place but then he heard someone talking about love and he realized that he had to tell that person that he loves them too. Kay leans down and says that it was her talking about love. Miguel says he loves her for being such a great friend, but he has to tell Charity that he really loves her. Charity hugs him while Kay cries on Simone's shoulder.

Tabby says she must make sure that Miguel is dead and goes out to test her powers. Her and Timmy go out on the mountain and she whips up some fire and martimmys from thin air! She rejoices that she has her powers back, but Timmy hears a noise. He goes to check it out and it's a bear! He's really scared but Tabby says no sweat, she could turn the bear into a cocktail olive for the martimmy. Suddenly she loses all her powers again because Miguel has come back from the brink of death. The bear roars again and Tabby and Tim-Tim make a run for it!

Thursday, April 13, 2000 | Episode #202
Scooby Gang:
Miguel tells Charity that he loves her while Kay tells Simone that this isn't fair. Reese and the rescue worker show up and take Miguel down to the ski lodge. Charity talks to Kay and says she blames herself for what happened to Miguel and Kay had every right to be angry at her. She thinks that Kay loves Miguel only as a friend. She leaves and Simone and Kay talk about what a good thing it is that Charity doesn't know Kay's true feelings about Miguel. Kay says she had some hope before because Miguel never actually said that he loved Charity. Simone tells her that Miguel has always loved Charity and someday they will be making love or even getting married. Kay refuses to believe this. They return to the ski lodge where Miguel and Charity are again professing their love and kissing. Reese wraps his arms around Kay and she is thoroughly disgusted.

Once Tabby realizes she no longer has her powers, the bear corners her and Timmy and she uses Timmy as a decoy to run away. Eventually Timmy gets away too and they head for the ski lodge. They see Charity and Miguel together and Timmy says his heart is breaking. Tabby tells him that no one cares and they have bigger problems. Since Miguel and Charity are professing their love for one another, their relationship is getting deeper and deeper. If Charity sleeps with Miguel it could be disastrous because once she does that she'll have all her powers!

She's playing around with the bird statue when Pilar walks in and sees it. She scolds Ivy for having it and throws it into the fire! Ivy screams and manages to get the bird out intact. She yells at Pilar but Pilar says that Ivy really should not be trying to ruin Eve's life. Ivy says that once she has proof of Eve's affair with Julian, she can make Eve help her break up Sam and Grace. She leaves to go to a repair shop to get someone to break the bird statue open.

Book Cafe:
Eve is thinking about the bird statue and decides to go find it. She runs into Sam as she is leaving and they talk a little bit about their kids, etc. Eve leaves and runs into Ivy outside the Book Cafe (the repair shop was closed so Ivy is just walking around). They exchange some harsh words and Eve leaves. Bird Bum shows up and tells Ivy that he found out the bird statue is worth a lot more than Ivy paid him and demands more money. He shows Ivy the number of the guy that wanted the statue and she recognizes it as Julian's private line. She refuses to give him the money and he grabs the shopping bag with the bird and runs away! Ivy screams at him to stop and Sam comes out of the Book Cafe. He runs after Bird Bum and brings him back. Ivy gets her "property" back and Bird Bum promises not to bother her. She starts to flirt with Sam, but he won't have any part of it and leaves. Meanwhile, Eve is walking along the wharf and encounters Bird Bum. He tells her that he couldn't get the statue back but he has some information about it...for a price. She pays him $200 for the classified ad and calls the number. Ivy answers the phone.

Luis is driving to Jean-Luc's country house, and he meets several delays such as forks in the road, a train passing by, etc. He thinks about his first tango with Sheridan and says she just cannot die. At the cabin, Roger tells Pierre how stupid he is and they lead Sheridan out into the woods with a gun to her back. They reach her gravesite and tell her to kneel down in front of it...Pierre puts his gun to her head. Meanwhile, Luis reaches the country house and looks around but the house is empty. At first he thinks that Sheridan isn't there, but then he sees the compact he gave her and realizes she's somewhere on the grounds. As he steps out the cottage door, he hears a gunshot! He runs into the woods and hears Roger and Pierre yelling to each other...they're chasing after Sheridan. Apparently she threw dirt in Pierre's face and he missed her with the gunshot. She is running through the woods with the bad guys in hot pursuit. She hides behind a tree as they come into the same clearing as her and when they have left, she makes a run for it. Suddenly, someone grabs her and a hand clamps down on her mouth!

Friday, April 14, 2000 | Episode #203
Sheridan is running from Roger & Pierre when she trips and a hand clamps down on her mouth. It's Luis and he whispers that they have to get out of the woods. She wants to be a decoy but he refuses and says he'll do it himself. As they are running, Sheridan trips right into Roger and Luis jumps in. He and Roger start grappling and Sheridan grabs a stick. She hits Roger with it just as Pierre fires his gun and misses (he hits a tree behind her instead). Sheridan and Luis get away, but Sheridan trips and hurts her ankle. Luis picks her up fireman-style and carries her back to his car. They get back to her hotel and Luis again asks why Sheridan just turned on him in Harmony. She says he's a cop, he can figure it out. He is about to leave but she grabs him and hugs him, saying she's so scared. Meanwhile, Pierre and Roger decide to go back to Sheridan's hotel to kill her.

Crane Cabin:
Chad is looking out the window, thinking about how isolated they are in the cabin. Ethan says they have to do something to cheer Whitney and Theresa up. In Whitney's room, Whitney tells Theresa that she has got to get over Ethan and Theresa says if she loses her one true love she'll never love again. Ethan walks in and says that can't happen because Theresa is such a great girl. He says the man Theresa loves is an idiot, but Theresa tells him he doesn't understand. Whitney tells Ethan maybe he should leave her and Theresa alone right now. Ethan goes back by Chad and tells him what happened. Chad tries to hint that Ethan can't see what's right in front of him, but Ethan doesn't get it...he still thinks Theresa is upset about Chuck. They decide that they need to get the girls to laugh a little and so Ethan calls them. He says some of his sisters' clothes are in one of the closets and asks the girls to get dressed up while he and Chad make dinner. When Whitney and Theresa leave, Ethan goes into an old trunk and pulls out some fake mustaches and he and Chad start to prepare their comic act. When the girls return looking beautiful, neither Chad nor Ethan can speak for a minute. But then they go into their Italian chef accents and tell the girls that this will be a night they will never forget.

Eve calls the number in the classified ad and Ivy answers. Eve realizes Ivy has the bird and tells Ivy she needs to see her right away. She heads for the Crane mansion and Ivy asks her to help Sam have an affair with Ivy. Eve of course refuses and tells Ivy that this will destroy the lives of Ivy's children. Ivy says that it doesn't matter, a life without passion is dark and dull. She says she needs Sam to love her again. Eve refuses to help and Ivy says they have nothing more to discuss. As Eve starts to leave, Ivy brings up bird statues and says she's a collector. She brings out a bunch of statues, but none is THE statue. Eve calls her bluff, but then Ivy pulls out THE statue. Eve looks at it with shock and then the phone rings. Ivy answers it and it's Julian. She holds a short conversation and as she hangs up, Eve takes the bird and runs out of the house! Ivy calls the gatekeeper to close the gate and call the cops, but the gate is broken. Ivy decides to call the police herself to report a theft.

Monday, April 17, 2000 | Episode #204
Ethan and Chad don phony moustaches and Italian accents to make Whitney and Theresa giggle as the "waiters" serve them a special dinner in the cabin. T.C. explains to an uneasy Pilar how a certain bird statue has his normally even-tempered wife all frazzled. Meanwhile, Julian intervenes to prevent Ivy from reporting the theft of the wooden bird to the police. After learning how Eve made off with the prize he's been trying so hard to find, Julian feigns complete disinterest in front of his wife but later rushes out to find Dr. Russell. Back in the relative safety of Sheridan's Parisian apartment, Luis and his companion quickly fall back into a familiar pattern of quarreling to cover up how much they care. Chad confides to Whitney how he helped engineer Ethan's romantic evening with Theresa. Later, Ethan entertains his appreciative guests with an Elvis impersonation. As Roger and Pierre begin breaking down the door, Luis and Sheridan hurry out the window and crawl onto a ledge. Ethan coaxes Theresa into singing a duet with him as a wary Whitney looks on.

Ethan and Chad dress up as Italian waiters and entertain Whitney and Theresa. Whitney worries as she watches Theresa fall more in love with Ethan. Ethan puts on a special performance for everyone.

TC confides to Pilar that Eve hasnt been acting like herself, and he suspects it has something to do with the bird statue.

Meanwhile, Eve races out of the Crane mansion with the bird statue in hand. Ivy starts to call the police, but Julian stops her. Ivy informs Julian how Eve just stole the statue from her. Julian pretends he doesn't know anything about a statue. Julian then races over to Eve's house where the two attempt to destroy the bird. TC arrives home and nearly catches his wife and Julian together.

At Sheridan's hotel suite, Luis and Sheridan mask their mutual attraction while they bicker. Sheridan tries to determine if Luis has feelings for her. Roger and a gun-toting Pierre approach Sheridan's door.

Tuesday, April 18, 2000 | Episode #205
Luis and Sheridan are walking on the balcony when Roger and Pierre come they tell her that she is gonna die, and its over for her. But Luis takes her quickly and swings her around the corner. Pierre yells at Roger for not shooting but he says he didn't have a clear view. So he says they'll follow them. Luis and Sheridan are continuing to walk when all of a sudden Sheridan falls but Luis is still holding her hand. She finally gets up and they continue walking. Luis and Sheridan get to the balcony were the window is and they try to open the window but it is locked and barricaded. Sheridan says that the hotel is going through renovation. So then Luis says they will just have to ambush them like they did to Luis and Sheridan. So Luis gets ready to go and Sheridan tells him he can't that if anything happened to him she would just die. Luis looks at her all confused and then of course she lies and says because she would feel bad for Pilar and she would feel guilty. Just then Luis looks over and sees a thin black cable, so he starts to yank on it so it becomes free, just ask Roger and Pierre come. Luis picks up Sheridan and tells her to hang on as he hangs on to the cable and swings across. Just as he swings Roger and Pierre come and they start shooting at them but they keep swinging so then Luis pushes hard and Sheridan and him fly through this window of these two old people who have this stuff all on their faces so they get up and Luis asks Sheridan if she's okay and she goes yeah then they start to go out and the old people are like this hotel is horrible. So Luis says no its our fault not the hotels I'm sure its great here, we're sorry and everything so just as they get out've the room Roger and Pierre are just coming from up the hall more. Pierre says that its over for them, and they look at each other. Just then the old guy comes out and says you two are still there and then sees Roger and Pierre with guns and runs in his room so Sheridan and Luis run to another section and go into this room and lock the door. Pierre and Roger start shooting at the door, and they say she is dead, but Pierre says that they should probably check on her because miss Sheridan has 9 Lives. So they open the door and no one is there, and they say we will get you miss crane you will be dead. Then the camera focuses on this little passage way in the room behind the towels and behind this little thing is Sheridan and Luis and they both look at each other.

The Ski Cabin:
Ethan and Theresa are still singing the song. And they both look at each other like they are in love. Meanwhile Whitney is mad and Chad is smiling, Whitney says that she has to stop the music, and Chad goes along saying that she should let true love take its course instead of ruining it, and trying to push it away. Then it goes to Ethan and Theresa and the song ends with Theresa saying "kiss me" Ethan then leans his head in to kiss Theresa and just as they are about 5 inches form each other Whitney yells in wow! That was great and Chad agrees saying that Theresa can sing. So she says thank you and Ethan says singing with her was like flying. Then Chad goes over and says they should sing another one and Whitney goes no its getting kinda let they should get to bed. But then Theresa looks at Ethan and he says that yea maybe they should get to bed its kinda late. So Theresa agrees, and then Whitney says that her and Theresa will clean up but Ethan says no. He says he will clean up because Whitney should stay off her leg, of course Whitney disagrees but Ethan insists, and that she should just stay out there with Chad. So Theresa and Ethan go clean up while Chad and Whitney talk......Chad tells Whitney that she should stop trying to keep them apart, and she says that he should stop trying to push them together when it is only going to hurt Theresa. He says that he is doing the exact opposite. He says it is obvious they are in love. He also says that he can tell that Theresa knows what true love is by the way she is singing, and that she loves very deeply. He says that Whitney doesn't have that type of passion in her to know it, she says he doesn't even know anything about her, Chad says she is jealous of Theresa, saying that she doesn't have anything inside her to feel that type of passion and turns around...just then Whitney starts singing to Chad. He looks shocked! He says she has a very special talent but that she needs experience in order to be phenomenal. He asks her where she learned to sing do her parents sing. Whitney says she doesn't think so. Chad said that she could be a real professional but Whitney disagrees, and says that her first love is tennis. Chad says he just got excited and that he thinks that Whitney singing could change the world. But still Whitney says that tennis is her one priority. So Chad gets mad and says go back to tennis, how are you gonna change the world by hitting the ball at a damn net! Whitney starts to cry and get all emotional, and says that he is such a jerk and she can't believe he is such a jerk. Chad says yeah I am a jerk. She starts to leave the room but Chad stops her and says that he is sorry, and that he wants to play a song for her. So he puts in a jazz song, that a women sings. Whitney starts to cry because she thinks its so beautiful, and so full of emotion. So Chad grabs her hand and they intertwine fingers and look into each others eyes....
Theresa and Ethan are cleaning up, and Ethan says he can feel the love and the air tonight, and that something will happen tonight that they'll never forget. Theresa looks at him and asks him what he means, he says he means about Whitney and Chad. Theresa looks a little hurt. He says that he thinks that Whitney and Chad are going to realize that they are in love with each other. He says who did you think I was talking about? Theresa says she knew he was talking about Whitney and Chad. Ethan mentions they would make a great couple, and Theresa agrees. Theresa asks Ethan if he thinks that Whitney loves Chad he says maybe not as much as Chad. But Ethan says it is so great to see two people who belong together belong a couple. Theresa says its fate, if two people belong together then they will be together. Theresa starts to cry and Ethan comforts her and says that she will end up with the man she is supposed to be with, she just has to give it time.

The Mansion:
Julian tells ivy to forget about that bird statue because she will never find anything. Ivy tells Julian that what is in that bird she could only use to embarrass him a bit, or take away some of his power and money. Julian asks her point and she says that there is someone who can take that all away from him, someone like T.C. Ivy says that if TC ever found anything about Julian and eve in that bird statue he would kill him! Julian tells her that she can believe what she wants, and that she will never get the best of him because he is a Crane!! Ivy said that secrets don't remain secrets forever and eventually it will come out. Then Julian asks later on if ivy would like some company in bed tonight. Ivy says the only thing she wants to know is when he first met Eve. Julian flashes back to when they first met and Julian was going to a jazz play I don't know the name. And he walks in and the manager comes up to him and eve took his breath away and Julian asks who she is and the manager says she is a new singer. So Julian says to send over his best champagne to her, so he goes over there and asks to sit next to her, she says okay and they introduce themselves. Then it shows eve singing at the club. Ivy then snaps Julian out've his day dream. Ivy asks him if Eve was just another innocent girl that he seduced? Julian says he is in too good of a mood to let ivy get to him. So he says goodnight, and leaves. So Ivy goes over to the wall and pulls out the pictures of them. And looks at one and says bad Dr. Russell, and then looks at another and says bad Julian.

The Russells:
(Now I didn't get to really watch this but this is all I know, sorry I didn't really get to see this part, but next time I will make sure I watch it better, so bare with me here. LoL)

All I know is that just as TC was opening the bird eve yells no. He asks what's wrong and she says that she just didn't know it was so easy to open it. Then she tells him she loves him, and that ever since she met him her life as been better. So Eve says that she wants to go upstairs and make love. But TC says that he wants to see what in the bird first. TC goes to look in the bird and nothing is there. And eve is happy, (of course we know who has the pictures if you read before this) So he says he feels bad that she went through all that trouble for him. So TC goes out've the room and eve says to herself that she is happy that there are no pictures now no one will know about her past, just as TC comes in. And he says he just put the pieces together and he thinks he knows what she was talking about when she was talking about her past, and that they need to talk about it right now. TC thinks that Eve was trying to get him to open up about his past, and TC says that eventually he will tell her everything one day. But he promises its nothing horrible. And he tells Eve she has nothing to worry about in her past because she is perfect. So Eve and TC go upstairs and they start kissing on the bed when TC gets up and to put music on to set the mood. So he puts music on and Eve remembers it form the night she sang in the club when she met Julian. So she gets up and turns it off and says that the mood is just right, and he doesn't have to make it any romantic than it already is. They make love, and Eve is still thinking she has nothing to worry about.

Wednesday, April 19, 2000 | Episode #206
Luis and Sheridan were hiding from Pierre and Roger. Pierre and Roger heard a noise and as they were pointing the gun at Sheridan and Luis, a then a mouse came out. The thought that the mouse must have been the noise they heard so they walked away.

Luis and Sheridan have a conversation about her track record with men and how she would never be happy. She wanted to get out of their hiding place because she has a phobia with mice. As she opened the door, someone put a gun to her face, but it turned out it was one of the local police. They took them to the local police station.

Ethan and Theresa were having a conversation about love and about what they want. They decided to go to bed and continue the conversation tomorrow morning. Theresa couldn't wait and was going to tell Ethan that she loved him. Then she over heard Ethan talking to Gwen on the phone and telling her how much he loved her.

Kay couldn't sleep so she was talking with Simone. Then Kay finally realized the Miguel really loves Charity. Kay and Simone walked over to the cabin where Chad, Whitney, Ethan and Theresa were staying. As Simone peeked through the window, she saw Chad putting Whitney to bed.

Chad and Whitney almost kissed while listening to a love song. When the song ended, Whitney started arguing with Chad telling him that he was trying to seduce her. They finally decided to go to sleep, but neither Whitney or Chad could sleep. Whitney went to take a shower and she ran into Chad. Chad changed her bandage, picked her up and then put her to bed.

Thursday, April 20, 2000 | Episode #207
Timmy mixes up a special batch of martimmys in an effort to cheer his princess but Tabitha remains in a deep funk. Charity clams up when Miguel wonders why her latest vision has her so rattled. A devastated Simone jumps to the obvious but inaccurate conclusion when she spots Whitney wearing nothing but a towel and clinging to Chad. Julian fires wildly at an apparent intruder, then is stunned to realize that his "victim" is none other than his wife. Tabitha explains to a sobbing Timmy why she must take her own life now that she's failed so miserably in her quest to eliminate Charity. Kay tries to console Simone, who cries to think that her own sister stole away the man she loved. Unhurt but annoyed, Ivy berates her husband for shooting blindly into a dark room. Eve thanks God for sparing her the pain and embarrassment of having T.C. discover the truth about her blemished past. Simone barges into the Cranes' cabin and bitterly accuses Whitney of betrayal. Ivy listens in on an urgent phone conversation between Julian and Eve.

Tabitha hands Timmy her will and announces she'll be dead by daybreak. She declares she has nothing to live for since her plots against Charity have repeatedly failed. Timmy desperately tries to talk his Princess out of killing herself.

Charity is distraught over her premonition of Miguel proposing marriage to Kay. Miguel tries to get Charity to open up, but she won't tell him what her vision was about. Miguel comes up with a way to relax Charity but she's wearing too much clothes for what he has in mind.

Whitney and Chad fight their strong attraction for one another as he helps a towel-clad Whitney into bed. Kay and Simone gawk from outside the window, not knowing Whitney had slipped in the bathroom and needed Chad's help. Simone is stung by her sister's apparent betrayal. Simone and Kay storm into the bedroom, breaking the sexual tension between Whitney and Chad. Kay leads Chad out of the room while Simone unleashes her fury, calling her sister a tramp.

Eve thinks she's safe since the bird statue was empty. She doesn't realize Ivy had managed to open the statue before she stole it and now has possession of the pictures of her and Julian. Meanwhile, a victorious Ivy celebrates having the upper hand. In the dark, Julian mistakes her for an intruder. He fires his gun at her and she falls to the floor. Julian is horrified when he realizes he "killed" his wife. An annoyed Ivy gets up and asks Julian if he was afraid she was TC. Julian taunts Ivy about having lost. Ivy is tempted to show Julian the photos. Later, Ivy eavesdrops on a phone call between Julian and Eve, while TC comes up behind an unaware Eve.

Friday, April 21, 2000 | Episode #208
Ivy telephones Eve, who answers thinking that it is Julian once again. She toys with Eve who is certain that Ivy has no evidence on her past with Julian. Finally angered by Eves smug attitude, she tells her that she does in fact have the pictures that Julian took of Eve. She states that she opened the bird and found the photographs before Eve stole the bird. This sets Eve on edge just as T.C. walks into the kitchen. He tells her that he will come to cook breakfast for her after he showers. Eve continues with Ivy as T.C. leaves the room, stating that she does not believe that she has any information and that she is only stating this to get Eves help in getting Sam back. Finally Eve hangs up on Ivy. Ivy scans the photograph into her computer as Julian walks in. She eventually sends the photo to T.C. by email. As Eve convinces herself that Ivy was only bluffing, T.C. goes unsuspectingly to his computer and begins to download the photograph from the Internet.

Timmy and Tabitha:
Tabitha is still determined to end her life. Jumps off the rock trying to hang herself as Timmy unsuccessfully tries to stop her. Just then the tree branch breaks sending Tabitha falling to the ground. Once again feeling like a failure, Tabitha decides to drown herself in the Lodges hot tub. She sets off in search of the hot tub where she sees Miguel and Charity kissing. Then noticing that Charity is unhappy, they sneak in closer to listen to their conversation.

Charity and Miguel:
Enjoying each others company, Miguel and Charity express their love for one another again. Remembering when they first met and how Charity always smiles when Miguel walks in a room. Miguel says that he hopes she continues to smile at him when they turn 80, since they will be together forever. This prompts Charity to remember her vision of seeing Miguel ask Kay to marry him. Miguel begs Charity to tell him what is wrong and she finally tells him what she sees, unaware that Timmy and Tabitha are listening in. Miguel tries to tell Charity that it would never happen because her loves only her, but they are both still confused by the vision.

At the Cabin:
Simone is still angry with Whitney after finding out from Kay that she had a romantic dinner with Chad, Theresa and Ethan. She accuses Whitney of chasing after Chad behind her back. Kay leaves the room.

Meanwhile, Theresa explains to Chad that she could not tell Ethan how she feels about him, because she overheard him talking to Gwen on the phone, expressing how much he still loves her. This brings Theresa to tears just as Ethan enters the room. He asks her why she is crying and Chad intervenes, saying that cinders from the fire were caught in her eyes, making them water. Ethan falls for the excuse and takes her to the kitchen to deal with it. Kay then walks in and tells them about what happened to Miguel and Charity. Theresa uses the opportunity to go see how Miguel is going. Ethan agrees to this only if he accompanies them. They head off leaving Whitney, Chad and Simone alone in the cabin. Simone places herself next to Chad as he sleeps and Whitney looks on.

Back at the Hot Tub:
Theresa, Kay and Ethan meet Charity and Miguel in the hot tub. Charity leaves with Kay and ends up telling her, her earlier vision that she and Miguel would be together. Kay tries to hide her pleasure.

Meanwhile, Miguel explains to his sister what happened. Theresa in turn urges Miguel to ease Charitys fears, saying that True Love lasts forever. Ethan then steps in and says that he doesnt really believe this, remarking that even though you may build your life around one person, if another (the one you are destined to be with) turns up, it changes everythingit is FATE!

Monday, April 24, 2000 | Episode #209
At the police station, Sheridan gives a statement as to why Roger and Pierre wanted to kill her. Luis fears for Sheridan's safety because six out of every ten of the witnesses the French police are supposed to be watching end up dead. Sheridan tells Luis not to worry, she will be fine. Still, Luis thinks that Roger's drug cartel must have someone working for them on the inside. A French officer tells Luis not to worry, Sheridan is an important person and he will assign her his number one officer to look after her. When the French officer accuses Luis of being in love with Sheridan, Luis once again denies that he is in love with her. Still, the French officer says he came a long way to protect her. After Sheridan finishes giving her statement, Luis tries to persuade her to return to Harmony so he can keep an eye on her. Luis tells Sheridan that he is worried about her safety, and he thinks that Roger and Pierre have a cop in their back pocket. Sheridan tells Luis that she never has to worry about her safety while he's around. Luis asks Sheridan to forget about testifying and return to Harmony. Sheridan wonders why he would want her to forget about testifying when he would have any other witness testify, no matter how dangerous? Luis tells her she is different from other witnesses because she's not in Harmony. Sheridan is angry with Luis for not admitting his feelings for her, so she refuses to return to Harmony with him. She says she is tired of running from people who try their damndest to hurt her. Meanwhile, Roger and Pierre pay a French officer to kill Sheridan. Roger tells Pierre that they'll have to go into hiding soon, but first they must make sure Sheridan dies. Luis and Sheridan return to Sheridan's hotel, and they get into a huge argument about whether Sheridan or Luis is being pigheaded. Luis decides to leave and get the first flight back to Harmony, which suits Sheridan just fine. After he leaves, the dirty cop shows up to "guard" Sheridan.

The Ski Mountain:
Tabitha is thrilled that Charity has foresees Kay and Miguel together, because that means Miguel and Charity will never make love, and Charity will never come into her full powers. Timmy is happy because Charity will be free to love him soon. Tabitha is also happy for Kay because she thinks she deserves to get Miguel. Later, Tabitha and Timmy engage in a snowball fight. Afterwards, Tabitha tells Timmy that she's going to devise a new plan to lure Charity over to the dark side, and then she will get her powers back. Timmy thinks they should give Fluffy to Miguel to keep him company once Charity leaves him. Tabitha says she'll consider it, if things go as planned.

The Ski Lodge:
Miguel still can't believe Charity's premonition will ever come true. Kay is delighted when she overhears them talking and learns that Charity has seen Miguel proposing to her. Kay decides to try and help Charity's premonition come true, so she goes in to see Miguel, hoping he'll propose when he sees how gorgeous she looks. Miguel asks Kay to try and convince Charity that her premonition isn't true, because all they will ever be is buddies. Kay says sure, buddies. A devastated Kay leaves and hears Miguel telling Charity how much he loves her and only wants to be with her.

The Crane Mansion:
Pilar finds Ivy on her computer e-mailing the naughty photos to TC. She is shocked when sees the photo of Eve and Julian on the computer screen. Pilar asks Ivy what she is going to do with that photo? Ivy tells Pilar that she just e-mailed it to TC! Ivy becomes excited when she learns that TC is checking his e-mail. Pilar asks Ivy why she is destroying Eve's life? Ivy says that Eve refused to help her become the other woman in Sam's life. Ivy says she doesn't want to break up Sam's marriage, she just wants them to be lovers. Still, Pilar thinks that there must be an explanation for what Eve did, and they all make mistakes. Ivy says the only mistake Eve made is not helping her, and now she will pay for it. Pilar tells Ivy "Shame on you Mrs. Crane!" Pilar turns of Ivy's computer, but Ivy tells Pilar that she is too late, the photo has already been downloaded. Pilar says she has destroyed the Russell family, but Ivy says Eve has only herself to blame for this. Ivy says she's going to the Russell's now to make sure Eve knows she meant it when she threatened to destroy her life.

The Bennetts' House:
Sam and Grace are basking in the afterglow of their love making session last night. Grace tells Sam that the girls will be home soon, so they should take advantage of what little time they have left alone.

The Russells' House:
TC checks his e-mail and begins to download the naughty pictures Ivy sent him. The oven timer goes off, so TC shouts to Eve that breakfast is ready. Eve comes down for breakfast, and tells TC that he's going to spoil her. TC tells Eve that she has made all her dreams come true she is the perfect wife and mother. Grace soon shows up with some blueberry muffins. TC excuses himself to get some papers, and Grace tells Eve that she seems happier now than she has lately. Eve says she is, and she is confident that nobody can ruin either of their relationships. Grace and Eve sit down to breakfast and talk about their loving husbands for a while. Grace has to return home to her husband, and Eve looks at TC's computer and wonders what is taking so long for him to download. Ivy shows, and when she sees that TC's computer is downloading the photos, she demands Eve get her a cup of coffee while they discuss the new pediatrics wing. Eve tells Ivy to leave because she is not welcomed here. Ivy says she saw Grace leaving, and she must value her friendship with Grace over her marriage. Eve says that is not true. Ivy says she sure chose to protect her friend over her husband without giving it a second thought. Eve tells Ivy that if she's trying to convince her that she has those damn photos she can quit it because she knows no such pictures exist. Ivy guarantees Eve that the photos exist. Ivy tells Eve she should check TC's computer, because one of the photos is downloading right now! Eve looks at the computer, and Ivy tells Eve to smile, she's on Candid Camera! Suddenly, TC returns, and asks Ivy what brings her here? TC shuts off his computer and says he will finish downloading the picture in the living room. After TC leaves with his computer, Ivy asks Eve if she is going to stop TC from seeing the picture and help her win Sam back or not?

The kids all return home, and Charity and Miguel tell Sam and Grace what they went through. Grace asks where Kay is? Miguel says that she went to see Tabitha. Grace wonders why Charity seems down, so Miguel tells Grace about Charity's latest premonition. Sam gets a laugh out of it, and Grace tells Charity that she doesn't have to worry about losing Miguel to Kay, she doesn't even think Kay thinks of Miguel as a boy. Charity agrees to quit worrying, and Miguel helps Charity take her things up to her room.

Tabitha's House:
Kay goes over to Tabitha's to talk to her about her problems. Kay tells Tabitha that the boy she is in love with is Miguel, and Charity is the girl who stole him from her. Kay explains her situation to Tabitha, and Tabitha tells Kay that she feels that Charity's premonition is meant to come true, but it won't unless she believes it. Kay says she wants to believe it, but she's been disappointed so many times. Tabitha persuades Kay to pursue Miguel by saying she sees Miguel proposing to her in her tea leaves. Kay is thrilled that Charity's premonition is going to come true, but Tabitha says it will only happen if she makes it happen.

Tuesday, April 25, 2000 | Episode #210
The Ski Cabin:
Simone walks in the living room with breakfast for Chad....Whitney then comes in and starts yelling at her and everything saying she needs to stop. Just then Theresa and Ethan come in saying that there is good news that the roads will be cleared soon so they can go home, Whitney says thank God. Ethan asks if there is a problem and Simone says that the only problem is Whitney. So Simone goes back to Chad and Whitney says that she wants to talk to Simone but Simone says no...So Whitney storms off to the room, Ethan says what was that all about, and Theresa says I don't know I'll go check on she leaves. When Theresa gets there, Whitney talks to her self. Theresa asks what's going on, and Whitney tells her about what Simone saw. Theresa then accuses Whitney of being in love with Chad, Whitney of course denies it..Theresa tells her she's got it bad, saying that she sees the way they are together and she can tell that she likes him, Just then Simone walks in! And yells at Whitney saying she knew that Whitney wanted Chad all to herself, Whitney denies it and says that Theresa was just telling her that. So Simone asks Theresa if its true and she says If Whitney says she doesn't have a thing for Chad then we have to believe her. So Whitney Just tells Simone on the verge of tears that she doesn't have or nor will have feelings for Chad, she can't stand him he has no goals. And she says she is happy that she is a goody two shoes, she says she is like her mother, and when she gets older and when she WANTS to settle down she won't settle for anyone like Chad who doesn't know what he wants.....

MEANWHILE.....After Theresa left Chad says that he's gonna go see what's up Simone says why, and he says I'm gonna go see how her leg is. Simone says there is no need that Theresa is in there with her and that shell be fine. So she goes and gets him a coffee. Ethan asks her what's going on with them and he says he doesn't know. So Ethan talks about Whitney and Chad and he asks Chad if he would like to get to know Whitney better, and Chad says he they go to Whitney's room and walk in when Whitney says that she cant stand Chad and could never fall in love with him, and Chad just looks on really hurt, then Ethan clears his throat, and she turns around. Simone says to him that shes sorry and that Whitney can be like that sometimes but it doesn't mean that she feels that way. Chad and Whitney just look at eachother.

The Russells' House:
Ivy is talking to Grace saying that all she has to do is help her get Sam back and her marriage will be saved. TC comes in and tells them about the photo saying that he can tell that its a porno and that its probably some kids playing a prank on them. Ivy says that there are so many disquieting people around here, and Eve looks at her and says I know!. So TC says when he finds out who this couple is he is going to have them arrested, or get them in trouble. So Eve gets nervous and says maybe they didn't know. But TC says he just wants to see the picture now more than ever. So he leaves. Eve and Ivy talk more, and tells her one more time that all she has to do is just get her Sam back. Eve says she won't hurt her friend, and Ivy says Grace won't be hurt she can have Sam. All she wants Sam for is to have an affair. She says she doesn't want to break up there marriage, nor does she want to divorce Julian. She says she loves what comes along with being Mrs. Julian Crane. She says she just wants Sam for an affair. Eve says she will rot in hell before she helps her, then Eve says yes but you'll have to go through hell first to get there. So they go into the living room, and TC says that he can almost see the faces. Then Eve says to TC that this couple might not know that someone sent these pictures, someone could be blackmailing them. So Ivy says yes but these pictures could have been sent other places like peoples homes, and even hospitals! So TC says that he wants to see the picture, so then Eve backs up and says that she needs to talk to him clutching the family picture and he says wait because he wants to see the picture, and she says its important he goes wait I can see the faces, and then he gasps and says oh my God! Then Eve faints and Ivy looks at her with a pathetic look on her face.

Sheridan is in her hotel room with the guy that is her bodyguard, but actually is paid to kill her. She asks him his name and he tells her (can't remember the name sorry). So then he asks if her American friend will be coming back soon, and she says no with a sad look, he is probably right now getting a flight back home. He asks her if she would show him where they were when the two men fired at her and her friend. So she goes out in the balcony and points to it, so he tells her she will have to show him so she gets up and shows him, he is just about to push her when Luis comes running in yelling for her, and pushes him out've the way and knocks him out. He is unconscious. He then turns around and hugs Sheridan, and she hugs him back. She breaks the hug and asks him what he is doing, and he says that he came in and he saw that she was almost killed, but then he says your all right, right? and she goes yes I'm fine. She asks how she was almost killed and he says that that guy was going to push her off the ledge, and she tells him how he is a cop to protect her, So then she says that the man is coming to. So he wakes up and Sheridan apologizes and everything, the man asks Luis why he punched him, he says he could have him arrested for assaulting a police officer, and Luis goes yeah, yeah, yeah! You were gonna push her off the ledge and he goes no I wasn't. So Luis asks for some ID and then calls the police department and asks them if he was sent to watch her. He gets off the phone and says that he is off the hook this time. Then she asks why are you here anyway, and he goes well I need my passport. She gets sad and says is that the only reason you came? and he says well you can't leave the country without a passport. So she asks when he is leaving and he says probably tonight. So she says this is probably good bye then right, and he says yeah. So Sheridan tells him it is too bad that he has to leave, when he didn't get to see the beauty of Paris, he says he did, he saw the country side, he overlooked Paris from the top of a hotel. She says but he didn't get to see the good stuff. She says he should get a tour guide, and he says he can't because he spend his savings on coming here. So she says that she happens to know someone who will only charge him for a drink and he smiles and say who she say me...SO THEY GO TO THE MUSEUM OF ART.

When they get there they are looking at a painting and Luis says that the picture reminds him of Harmony because of the mountain. Sheridan says well you must really love Harmony. He says well one day I plan on hooking up with someone and getting married, and starting a family of his own. And Sheridan looks down, He goes well you you've probably known you could only live in Paris, and she goes I could live other places, and he goes but not Harmony right, and she looks down just as that guy comes...and asks if they will be going after this and she says no there is more. So Luis and Sheridan leave. And that guy calls Roger and Pierre and tells them they are leaving the museum. Sheridan and Luis end up stopping at this little place. And he says they should stop they've been walking forever but Sheridan says she's not tired and he goes you must be your wearing heels. She looks at him and he says when you go for a hick it is better to wear flats. And she says oh so are you gonna tell me how to dress huh. And he goes I'm not gonna fight with you on this. Lets just go inside and get an expresso, that was part of our bet. And she says YOU can get an expresso, and I will get a glass of wine! that is my drink so he goes fine and they go inside. That guy calls Roger and Pierre back and says that they are at the cafe, and Pierre says not to let them leave they will be right there. So the man goes inside. Sheridan tells the waiter he regular table, they sit down and that guy comes in and sits in back of them. They order, and Luis says he doesn't like it, after Sheridan says how perfect the day was. She asks why he doesn't like it she says this is her favorite place she comes here all the time. Luis says I know that is why its not safe for you because someone who wants to kill you would come here. Sheridan says well I'm not leaving! So they end up staying. Just as Pierre and Roger show up and Pierre says for Roger to go in the side and Pierre will go in the back. The waiter comes over and gives them there orders. Sheridan says thank you and tells Luis that she is fine and that she has a guard that will protect her.

Wednesday, April 26, 2000 | Episode #211
Unaware that a wide-eyed Chad is standing right behind her, Whitney loudly declares to Simone and Theresa that she would never date a loser like him. Though embarrassed to realize she's been overheard, Whitney decides not to complicate matters by apologizing. Meanwhile, Simone rushes up to console Chad, assuring him she doesn't share her sibling's snooty opinion. In Paris, Roger and Pierre plot to kill Sheridan at her favorite sidewalk cafe. Although terribly hurt by Whitney's words, Chad tells Simone he couldn't care less how her sister feels about him. Eve comes out of her faint to face an infuriated T.C. Roger instructs Anton to slip a slow-acting poison into Sheridan's drink as their oblivious victim chats with Luis. Eve realizes that Ivy has been cruelly toying with her after T.C. explains how the faces on the bedroom photo have been deliberately obscured. Luis knocks the glass away from Sheridan before she can take her first sip.

Chad overhears Whitney vehemently explain to Theresa and Simone why she would never date him. Whitney is shocked to see Chad overheard her, but she resists apologizing to him. Theresa warns Whitney she may be missing out on love. Simone comforts Chad, who bravely insists he was not hurt by Whitney's words. Chad considers telling Ethan about Theresa's feelings for him.

TC tries to revive Eve, who has fainted. Once she's awakened, Eve fears TC's reaction to seeing the photo of her and Julian. Eve braces herself for the worst when he says he's deeply disappointed in her. Eve threatens to kill a smug Ivy.

Luis continues to worry about Sheridan's safety, much to her annoyance. Despite her attraction to Luis, Sheridan stubbornly insists she doesn't need him to protect her. With the help of the dirty cop, Roger and Pierre poison Sheridan's drink. Sheridan picks up her glass and raises it to her mouth.

Thursday, April 27, 2000 | Episode #212
Ivy gloats at the thought of finally having her one true love back in her life. As Sheridan returns to her hotel suite, Luis reminds Anton to stay closer than ever. Pilar finds her employer openly gazing at the bedroom photos and warns Ivy that such reckless behavior will bring her nothing but misery. Sam and Grace overhear Eve muttering under her breath about blackmail. Sheridan stubbornly digs in her heels when Luis insists that she fly back to Harmony with him. Questioned by her friends, Eve claims a patient of hers is being blackmailed. Later, Eve is both flattered and riddled with guilt when Grace asks her to be the matron of honor as she and Sam renew their wedding vows. After Luis leaves the hotel, Roger orders Anton to move in and finish the job he was hired to do. Pilar cautions Ivy against backing Dr. Russell into a corner. Meanwhile, Eve contemplates murder to rid herself of her blackmailer. Sheridan follows Luis to the airport and thanks him for saving her life.

Sam and Grace catch Eve murmuring to herself about blackmail. Eve freaks when Sam asks her if she's being blackmailed. She covers by saying a patient of hers is the one being blackmailed. Sam and Grace tell Eve they're going to renew their wedding vows. Eve feels guilty when Grace asks her to be her maid of honor and expresses how much Eve means to her.

Ivy is caught looking at the photos of Eve and Julian. Pilar predicts Ivy will bring about her own downfall. She advises her employer that she is underestimating Eve.

Sheridan refuses to go back to Harmony with Luis she won't have him controlling her life. Sheridan and Luis struggle to admit their feelings for one another. Luis reluctantly leaves for the airport alone. The dirty cop attempts to shoot Sheridan.

Friday, April 28, 2000 | Episode #213
At the Crane Mansion:
Eve holds a gun on Ivy threatening her life unless she gives up the pictures of her and Julian. Ivy, afraid but she tries to bluff off Eve's threats. She asks Eve again if her friendship with Grace is worth all of this, and says that the only way she'll give up the pictures is if Eve helps her get Sam back. Ivy tries to persuade Eve to think about her family, saying that she has to think about her girls.
Meanwhile, Sam and Grace are sitting on a bench in the park. Grace has a 'feeling' that something is wrong at the Crane house. She asks Sam if they could pass by the house to warn Ivy about the burglar present in the town. Sam agrees to please his wife.
Back at the Crane Mansion, Ivy tells Eve that if she goes through with this and is arrested for her murder, what would her family think? She continues telling Eve that with her as their mother, one of them must follow in Eve's footsteps. Eve denies this possibility (getting frustrated). She says that she was very careful with her girls. They have too much self-respect to let a man treat them the way she let Julian treat her. She gives Ivy an ultimatum as Sam and Grace approach the door. Sam tells Grace they will only warn Ivy about the burglar that is around, then they will leave. They then hear a gun shot. Grace goes to call the police as Sam pounds on the door. Eve is afraid of what she has done. Ivy stares at the bullet in the cushion. She hears the pounding at the door and says that if Sam walks in everything will be out in the open.

Eve leaves and Ivy goes to answer the door. She smiles as Sam and with a somewhat shaky voice, invites both Sam and Grace in.
They walk into the living room where Sam anxiously looks around. He then asks Ivy what went on. Ivy then builds up a false story about what took place, saying that she was searching for something in Julian's desk. She found his gun and took it up to move it to a safer location, when it went off accidentally. She shows them the pillow. Grace buys the story and leaves the room to make a phone call. Sam then confronts Ivy, saying that he does not believe the story. She tries to change the subject stating the Sam is always thinking like a cop. She then tells him that she still has feelings for him. Sam says that he has no interest in her and that she should get any delusions of them getting back together out of her head. Grace returns to the room and Sam uses the opportunity to leave.

Later, Sam and Grace go to the Book Café. Grace notices that Sam's worried expression and asks if he is thinking about what happened at the Cranes'. He confesses that he doesn't believe Ivy's story. How could she know about the burglar? It wasn't on the news.

Whitney, Chad and Simone:
Whitney and Simone arrive home from the cabin and Whitney argues with Simone about her inviting Chad over. Chad comes in for a short time despite Whitney's protest. While talking, Chad mentions what happened at the cabin when he thought that Whitney was a burglar and he saw her naked. Beginning to feel awkward, Chad leaves to go to work at the book café. Simone then confronts Whitney again on what Chad said, accusing her of chasing after Chad. Whitney again explains what happened and reassures her sister that she has no interest in Chad.

Charity and Miguel:
Miguel and Charity have lunch at the Book café and he apparently convinces her that she is the only one for him -- her premonition was wrong. A love song plays in the background and Charity feeds Miguel cake.
Meanwhile, Kay who is dining with Tabitha and doll Timmy at the café is upset to see Charity and Miguel together. She questions Tabitha's statement about seeing she and Miguel together in the tea leaves. Tabitha tells her to have patience, if she wants to get a boy, she has to be determined. Kay leaves the table to refill her drink and change the music. Timmy comes to life and comments on how cute Charity and Miguel look together. He asks Tabitha if that is what love and marriage is all about. Tabitha says no, there is much more to it. Finally, fed up of watching Charity and Miguel, Tabitha takes Timmy to the park.

There, they sit on the bench where Tabitha tells Timmy that Chemistry is what brings two people together. It is chemistry and the urge to procreate. Timmy is confused by the word. Tabitha then explains that she means having babies. Timmy asks, 'what about love?' Tabitha denies the existence of love. She uses the birds and the bees metaphor to explain things to Timmy. He still does not understand. Then, Tabitha sees Eve talking to Father Lonigan and wonders what is going on.

Eve in the Park:
Eve is frightened by what happened at the Crane mansion. She sits on a bench in the park and cries, wondering what will happen. Father Lonigan arrives and sits to talk to Eve. She explains that she is being blackmailed and the person wants her to help get another woman's husband in bed with her.
She tells Father Lonigan everything. He replies that she must not give in to blackmail. What matters, is who she is now and not who she used to be. Eve thanks the father and leaves to go home.

Sheridan is walking out of the airport thinking about Luis, when someone grabs her from behind knocking her unconscious. We then see Luis at the airline counter with an unconscious Sheridan hanging on his shoulder. He buys her a ticket, using the excuse to the attendant that she is afraid of flying so she took some pills.
Later on the plane, Sheridan wakes up thinking that Luis stayed in Paris with her. She realizes that she is on a plane and thinks that Luis saved her life again, until he spills the beans that he was the one to kidnap her. Sheridan becomes furious, accusing Luis of being the same as her father and brother, trying to control her life. They argue and she slaps him.
Back in the airport, Roger and Pierre are frustrated when they realize that Sheridan is headed back to Harmony. They decide to follow her and take care of everything there.

Back at the Russells:
Kay comes over and tells Simone about Charity's premonition. She tells her that she is determined to get Miguel and she needs Simone's help. Simone turns down Kay's request saying that for the first time she has a chance with Chad and she has to use it. Kay asks about Whitney and Simone says that they worked things out. She tells Kay that Whitney has no interest in Chad. Kay asks if she believes her, bringing up what they saw at the cabin. Simone asked (angrily) if it is wrong for her to believe her sister. Whitney walks in asking about her schoolbooks. Soon after, Eve walks in pleased to see her daughters. She asks about Whitney's leg, noticing her limping. Whitney tries to explain, but Kay buts in and spills the beans about her staying at the cabin with Chad, and seeing her naked with him. Eve is surprised and this probes her to remember what Ivy had said earlier. Just then, Ivy walks in the house.