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Monday, September 4, 2000 | Episode #302
Kay is upset as she watches Miguel and Charity in a close clinch. Reese announces that he's arranged a special surprise for everyone. He sets off fireworks which accidentally end up shooting into Tabitha's house. Tabitha is safe and decides to hang out with the concerned teens in hopes that Charity will not put the pendant on and become possessed. Hearing this, little Timmy worries about what will happen to Charity once the people in the basement realize that she has disobeyed their orders. Tabitha then vows to make sure that Miguel dies tonight. Theresa reminds Whitney of the promise she made to give Chad a chance if Ethan chose to be with Theresa. Meanwhile, Ethan decides to come clean to Theresa about his feelings and to an unsuspecting Gwen. Whitney and Chad eavesdrop on the threesome to hear who Ethan has finally chosen. However before he can say anything, a nurse interrupts. Once again, Ethan prepares to tell Theresa and Gwen about his true feelings for Theresa and whether or not he wants to be with her. Luis struggles to handle the emotional fallout of learning that Sheridan was responsible for killing his father years ago. A guilt- ridden Sheridan assumes that Luis now hates her and will never want to see her again. Luis takes his anger out on Julian and vows to make him pay for covering up all these years his father's death.
Tuesday, September 5, 2000 | Episode #303
Ethan prepares to tell Gwen the real reason he kissed Theresa, but is interrupted when Gwen receives a call on her cell phone. Ethan asks her not to take the call, but Gwen insists it's an emergency. Everyone is kept in suspense as Gwen takes her call. Meanwhile, Pilar and Rebecca have a standoff when Rebecca says she intends to prove her suspicions about Theresa are true.

Kay shares with Simone her latest plot to win Miguel away from Charity. Kay decides to show Miguel just how sexy she can be. Meanwhile, Tabitha tells Timmy she doesnt want Charity wearing the pendant again. When Reese fixes the pendant and returns it to Charity, Evil Charity returns. Tabitha and Timmy flee when Evil Charity tries to kill them. Timmy begins to pray, and much to Tabithas displeasure, the little angel girl arrives to help. Julian frets when Alistair suggests he could get the death penalty for his part in covering up what happened to Sheridan that night. Alistair instructs Julian to keep Luis from destroying the Crane empire. Meanwhile, Luis and Hank sympathize with Sheridans plight, while Sheridan tells Eve she and Luis have no future after what she's learned. Later, Luis tells Hank he doesnt know how to deal with the fact that the one woman he could love is also the one person responsible for taking his father away from him.

Wednesday, September 6, 2000 | Episode #304
Sheridans Cottage:
Luis handcuffs Julian to the rail. Julian asks if it is necessary to do that. He asks if Luis actually believes all of the hypnosis stuff that Dr. Russell said. Luis begins to give Julian his Miranda rights. Sheridan looks on teary-eyed. As Luis reads him his rights, Julian gets more outraged. He asks Luis if he is going to arrest all that are involved with the disappearance. Luis tells him yes. Julian then asks if he is thinking about arresting Alistair. Again, Luis tells him yes. He tells him that he is not afraid of the Cranes. That they never told a soul, and every night when his momma came home, she would cry herself to sleep, thinking that their father disappeared. Luis asks Julian if he knows what that feeling is like, then he realizes that he probably doesn't give a damn. All the while, Sheridan is looking on, telling Eve that it is all her fault. Still trying to get out of his arrest, Julian tells Luis that he isn't being neutral. That he is a hurt man trying to avenge his fathers disappearance, that if he had to look after all of the Lopez-Fitzgerald kids he would disappear too! Luis tells him that it was a murder, not a disappearance. Julian continues telling Luis that he is too emotionally involved to make rash decisions. Luis gets furious and as he lunges for Julian Hank grabs him and tries to talk to him. Hank tells him that he is way too emotionally involved. That he can't stay neutral because it is his family involved with Sheridan's. Hank suggests that he bring another cop into this. Like Sam. Luis tells him no, that he can handle it. That he doesn't want to call Sam. Hank then asks him if he is going to punish everyone. Luis looks over in Sheridan's direction. Sheridan is talking to Eve and begins to cry, telling her that Luis hates her. The one person that she really wanted to be involved with hates her. She tells Eve that it is so ironic. She thought that getting to the bottom of her nightmares would let her love and be loved and now it is not only going to get her arrested, but keep her from being with the one man she wants to be with. That it is obvious Luis hates her. Eve tells her that he doesn't, that he is just in shock. Again, Luis walks to Julian and tells him he is under arrest! He asks him if he understands his Miranda rights, and Julian tells him of course he does but he is outraged because there was no murder, that you cant arrest someone for hiding a body in someone else's dream. He then asks if he is going to arrest Sheridan, Luis turns to look at her. She is crying but slowly walks to him and tells him that it is okay arrest her.

The Bennett House:
Grace is on the phone talking to Noah. She is asking him if he is okay. Sam then asks if she is talking to Noah and she says yes. He tells her to tell Noah that he needs to come visit. They get off the phone. Sam asks Grace if she had talked to Noah earlier and she says yes. That she is just worried about what the angel said. She said that something with YOUR son was going to disrupt the family and unless he had another son then she was talking about Noah. They begin to talk about Theresa's accident. She tells Sam that Theresa got upset at Ethan and took Miguel's motorcycle and crashed. Sam asks if Ethan is the cause of the accident and Grace tells him that Ethan is engaged to Gwen Hotchkiss and Theresa had a crush on him and when he told her something she didn't want to hear, she took off. They wonder if Luis knew. Sam tells her probably not or he would tear Ethan to pieces. He starts going on about how much he dislikes the Crane's and Grace asks him why he has so much hatred for that family. He tells him that he just doesn't trust any of them and begins thinking about Ivy. Grace tells him that it isn't the reason, that it is something personal. She then tells him that she knows what it is. She tells him that the Crane's have a son about Noah's age and he is afraid that the younger Crane son is going to come down and catch the eye of one of their girls. He tells her that he wont let any of the girls near the Crane's. Grace tells him that he cannot control love, that it just happens. He then starts to change the subject by telling her that they need to talk about something more pleasant, like blueberry pie.

Outside The Bennett House:
Kay walks to Simone and tells her that she just wanted to look sexy for Miguel and not get muddy. She asks if all of the mud is out of her hair and Simone tells her that most of it is gone. They then walk to the boys and ask them what they want to do now, Reese tells them that they should get the hose out and finishing washing all of the mud of off Kay, that she sorta looks like pigpen from Snoopy! She runs off while they all laugh a little. Elsewhere, Evil charity is talking to the angel. She is telling her that it is too late, that Charity is gone out for a walk and they are the new tenants. That they are going to bring her completely to the darkside that the angel cannot do anything about it. The angel tries to persuade Charity to fight the powers, that the pendant is evil, but she can't get through to her. All the while, Timmy and Tabitha are looking on with excitement. Just then Kay comes out and sees Charity talking to the tree, and she hears her weird voice. She walks up and asks Charity what she is doing. The evil Charity turns around and switches to the good Charity again. Kay asks her again why she was talking to the tree in a weird voice, Charity tells her that she doesn't know, that maybe she has a cold or something and they go in to have pie with the others. Kay finds Simone and tells her what Charity was doing, that now she is really worried for Miguel, not just jealous. Simone tells her that she is the wacko one, that Charity is fine. Charity tells everyone that she is going to get the drinks, and Kay tells Simone that they need to watch Charity to make sure that she doesn't put anything into the drinks. As the rest are eating pie, Grace notices that Timmy has pie on his face and Tabitha goes to wash it off. Charity meets her and tells her that Kay is getting on her nerves that they have to do something about her, or she'll have to die. And that they are going to kill Miguel tonight. They then walk over to the table and Charity asks Sam if the police dept. has figured out how the fish guts got spilled on her on the prom boat. Sam tells her that they really haven't tried to figure it out, they have been so preoccupied with how the boat sank. Charity looks at Kay and says that she thinks that someone did it on purpose. This upsets Kay and she pulls Simone to the side and tells her that Charity knows that they did it to her. Charity is convinced that saying that will keep Kay out of her way.

The Hospital:
Ethan is talking to Theresa, he tells her that he can't really talk until Gwen comes back in. But outside the room Rebecca Hotchkiss, Ivy and Pilar are talking Rebecca tells then that Theresa has been trying to get her hooks into Ethan. Ivy tells her that she is being ridiculous and Rebecca tells them that she is going to find out from Theresa herself. As she walks off, Ivy tells Pilar about the angel that Grace saw and what it said about Sam's son and she was wondering if the angel was talking about Ethan and she asks Pilar if what Rebecca is saying is true. Pilar tells her that she can't answer that question and they go to talk to the parties involved. As they go into the room, Chad and Whitney get worried for Theresa. As they walk in, they find Ethan holding Theresa's hand. Rebecca tells them that she was right. That the little gold digger did get her hooks into him by staging a motorcycle accident. Pilar tells her that she wont let anyone talk to her daughter like that and Ethan steps in and tells her to stop also. Rebecca asks him if he has feelings for Theresa and he tells her that it is between he, Gwen and Theresa and that the 3 of them will talk about it when Gwen comes back. Ivy then asks Ethan to just tell them that he doesn't have feelings for Theresa and he tells them that he cant do that. Outside, Chad and Whitney say that Ethan has just signed Theresa's death certificate, and that they will get to know the truth in a few minutes as they notice Gwen getting ready to go into the room

Thursday, September 7, 2000 | Episode #305
The Bennett House:
Kay and Simone are talking as they look at Miguel sitting alone on the swing. Kay tells Simone that she has to get Miguel away from Charity, that she can get him to not be with her cousin if she could only get him alone. What they do not know is that the evil Charity is planning to kill Miguel. The evil Charity is telling Tabitha and Timmy that if they follow what she says, Miguel will be dead by midnight, and they do not have to worry about Kay getting in the way. Tabitha and Timmy eagerly ask what they need to do to help kill Miguel. She tells them to gather twigs. While she is talking to Tabitha and Timmy, she calls over to Miguel to keep the swing warm for her, that she will be right over. But Kay and Simone have other plans. Kay tells Simone that she is going to go sit on Miguel's lap while he is swinging, but before she gets a chance to go, Reese comes over with a surprisea bug. Kay screams but to get rid of him she tells him to go catch her some more. She then tells Simone that she hates bugs, especially snakes. She then goes to Miguel, but before she gets to him, Charity comes and talks to him. She tells him that she was out by the shed looking for the lanterns but it was too dark and creepy and she asks him if he could go get them for her. He tells her yes. As he gets to the shed, Tabitha and Timmy are running out, having placed the twigs all around the shed, just as the evil Charity had asked. Miguel goes into the shed and begins looking for the lanterns. Evil charity is looking through the window, slowly placing twigs into a hole in the wall. What Miguel does not know is that the twigs are meant to kill him by turning into snakes. Kay knows nothing of this also and tells Simone that she is going to go help Miguel out and maybe seduce him while she is there. She goes into the shed and gets Miguel to take off his shirt, he is still searching, she is still trying to seduce him and Charity is still putting twigs into the hole. The shed is crawling with poisonous snakes to kill Miguel and since Kay did not head their warning, she also will be dead. Tabitha and Timmy begin to help Charity fill the shed with snakes.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Julian is still handcuffed to the rail and Sheridan is telling Luis that he has to arrest her. He stares at her while tears are streaming down her face. She repeatedly tells him to arrest her. He goes to get the handcuffs and comes over to place them on her. He then realizes that Hank was right, that he was too emotional to deal with the case. Julian chimes in with "I told you so" and this infuriates Luis. He rushes over to Julian and threatens to rip off his arm and gag him with it. Sheridan is still crying telling Luis that he has to arrest her. That she hurt his whole family. That Pilar was like a second mother to her and look how she repays her, by killing her husband. Eve tries to get Luis to not arrest Sheridan and Luis tells her that he has to unless there is a reason not too. Quickly Eve jumps in telling all of them that Sheridan didn't kill Martin Fitzgerald. That when Sheridan was under hypnosis she told her other things. Luis wants an explanation. Over in the corner, Julian knows that eve is lying, he just does not know why. Eve begins to tell them that Sheridan has always felt guilty about her mother's death, and Alistair has always made her feel like it was her fault. And the night that she said, she saw the bloody sheet was just a dream that she put with her mother's death. That she does remember them taking out the coffin, but her mother was in it, not Luis's dad. Sheridan takes this as the truth and starts to feel a whole lot better about the situation. Julian calls Alistair to tell him what happened, that his threats worked on Eve, that they just have to hope that Luis buys Eve's story. However, Luis does not buy it. He tells Eve that there is something wrong with her story, and he wants to know the real truth, that both he and Sheridan deserve to know the truth.

The Hospital:
Rebecca and Ivy are still in the hospital room with Theresa and they notice that Gwen is on her way. Ethan rushes out to meet her in the hallway. Chad and Whitney notice and Chad tells Whitney that he doesn't envy Ethan at all right now. But that he is strong and he will tell all of them the truth. Gwen looks upset and Ethan asks what is wrong. She tells him that he father is upset about a merger that isn't going the way he wants it to go. Rebecca gets worried that he might make his blood pressure rise. Gwen then notices that her mother and Ivy are both at the hospital and asks why. They tell her to see Theresa. Gwen asks if she is okay. And they tell her yes, but she is trying to get Ethan away from her. Gwen tells her mother that she is being crazy and asks Ethan and he tells them that they have to talk. They go into the room and Gwen apologizes for her mother being out of line. Ethan still tries to talk to the group. Ivy tells Rebecca that Theresa is not a scheming vixen trying to marry rich. Rebecca wants to settle it once and for all and she asks Theresa if Ethan loves her. Pilar tells them that Theresa isn't well enough to answer, that she needs her rest, but Theresa tells them that she wants to answer. She tells them that no, Ethan doesn't love me. That doesn't satisfy Rebecca, she tells Ethan that she wants to hear it from him. He begins to talk when Gwen's phone rings. She tells Ethan that she has to pick it up. She gets very upset and emotional on the phone, she gets off and tells her mother that her father has had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. They rush out to go to the hospital where her father is. Ivy tells them that she is sorry and she tells Ethan that she hopes Gwen's father is well enough to see them get married, that she knows it means so much to him, and it also means so much to her, she also leaves. Pilar tells Theresa that she is going to get her some clothes and leaves. Whitney comes in to comfort Theresa. Theresa tells her that she suspense is killing her, that she needs to know who Ethan is going to choose. And if he chooses Gwen then she will just die. Whitney tells her that Ethan will not go against his family's wishes. Outside the room, Chad and Ethan are talking; Chad asks if he has made a decision about who he is going to choose. Ethan tells him that he cant hurt Gwen right now, that she is going to need him more than ever but he has made his decision, but he has to wait. Chad tells him to follow his heart and things will work out.

Friday, September 8, 2000 | Episode #306
The Bennett House:
In the yard, Reese continues to show Simone the snake he found. Simone tells him to get rid of it, and he tries to tell her that snakes have gotten a bad rap -- it's a harmless garter snake! She doesn't care. And she tells him to make sure that Kay doesn't see it -- snakes freak her out eve more! Reese is strangely touched by the thought that his fearless Kay is afraid of something. Kay has followed Miguel into the shed, hoping to seduce him. As he works, Kay looks on, practically drooling over him. Unbuttoning her sweater, Kay suggests that it's hot in there, and Miguel should remove his shirt, which he thinks is a great idea. Unbeknownst to them, evil Charity is watching from outside, and magically transforms some twigs into black African mambo snakes, which she releases into the shed. While reaching for something, Kay suddenly cries out -- she's sprained her ankle! (Well, not really.) Miguel helps her over to the conveniently located couch, and begins feeling her ankle, asking her if it's okay. Suddenly, she grabs him, and pulls his head down to her chest. Miguel wants to know if it really hurts that badly, but all Kay can think about is the multitude of snakes she is looking at. Outside, Tabitha and Timmy are realizing that Charity is completely possessed, and once she has killed Kay and Miguel, there is nothing to stop her from coming after them. Simone is thrilled when she looks in the shed and realizes that Kay and Miguel are in there together, but not so thrilled when she sees the snakes. She calls Reese for help, who tells her to call the police and the fire department. Inside the shed, Kay and Miguel are successfully warding off the snakes, at least for the time being. Kay swoons as they get closer, but Miguel manages to bring her back to the real world. Kay has finally gotten a semi-naked Miguel to embrace her, but the two are far too busy worrying for their lives for Kay to even THINK about romance as the snakes being closing in on them...

The Hospital:
Ethan's conflict is back -- does he choose his soulmate, the woman he has always loved, or the teenager that he still doesn't realize was conning him all along? Chad, of course, continues to press for Theresa, but he also seems to be acknowledging that Gwen and Ethan have been in love for over a decade. Ethan says he doesn't know what to do right now, when Gwen possibly facing the death of her father. Chad thinks Ethan is nuts. How can he even consider marrying Gwen, when he's in love with Theresa? Meanwhile, Theresa is reminding Whitney of the pact they made -- if Ethan loves her, then Whitney has to give Chad a second chance. Pilar implores Ethan not to choose her daughter, because she knows that the Cranes will never allow it, and they will destroy her family. Ethan thinks that they will support whoever he loves. Pilar goes in to see Theresa, and Ethan makes a call on his cell phone to Gwen, to see how her father is doing. He doesn't get her, so he leaves a message, telling her how much he loves her. Theresa overhears this message as she exits the cubicle (make-up still intact), and has her 'I'm about to die!' look on her face. When they decide it's time to take Theresa home, Ethan insists on driving.

In Ethan's Car:
Ethan watches Theresa in his rear view mirror, obviously torn between her and Gwen. In the back seat, Theresa has yet another fantasy about marrying Ethan. This one has her and Ethan being pronounced man and wife at the front of the Church by a Protestant minister (and no guests whatsoever), with Ethan telling her that she is the only woman he loves.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa implores Ethan that, if it's Gwen he loves and not her, he needs to leave now. If he stays, she will know that he doesn't love Gwen, and it's Theresa whom he loves and truly wants to marry. Ethan just stands there looking at her, and she launches herself into his arms. The two begin kissing passionately. Outside, Chad gloats that Ethan is still in there with Theresa, and Whitney considers her 'deal' with Theresa.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan is thankful to realize that no, she DIDN'T kill Martin, but Luis isn't so willing to believe. He starts to interrogate Eve about why she let him think that he finally had the answers he was looking for about his past, as Julian looks on nervously, and Hank is obviously still lamenting the loss of his steady date. Eve goes into a lengthy explanation about Sheridan associating her mother's death with Martin's disappearance, since the two happened at the same time. The adolescent Sheridan confused the two events in her mind, and her guilt was because she was led to believe that her mother's death was due to complications resulting in Sheridan's own birth, over a decade earlier. Sheridan finally accepts this explanation, and accepts that it really was just a nightmare, but Luis is still skeptical. Hank says he understands, because the events were just too much for Sheridan to handle at that age, and it makes sense that her mind would connect the two, and handcuffed to the railing, Julian agrees with that idea, and begins pushing Luis to let him go. With no cause, Luis tosses Julian the keys, purposefully missing the mark. Julian asks Eve for helps, and congratulates her on her lying skills. Eve says that her lies are the only reason he isn't face jail time right now (!!?!!), but Julian doesn't care. Hank opts to take his leave, and after embracing Sheridan, tells Julian that tomorrow may still see his arrest. After Eve and Julian head off, Sheridan tells Luis that she's glad it turns out she didn't kill Martin Fitzgerald, because she couldn't bear to be responsible for his father's death -- he would hate her forever! Luis assures her that he wouldn't hate her -- she was so young that nothing she did could have been her fault. Nothing at all...

Monday, September 11, 2000 | Episode #307
A bristling Gwen advises her mother to stop stirring up trouble by insisting that Theresa is out to steal Ethan. Meanwhile, Ethan and Theresa share another lingering kiss. Eve sheepishly admits to Father Lonigan how she lied to save a relationship for the sake of true love. In the shed, a panicked Miguel and Kay scramble onto the furniture in a futile effort to get out of reach of the lethal snakes. Sensing that Eve is relating strongly to Sheridan's plight, Father Lonigan comforts his weeping parishioner. Luis and Sheridan take a moonlit stroll and try to reassess their situation. While Reese and Simone look on helplessly, Charity sends a new phalanx of slithering serpents advancing on her victims. Gwen is relieved to learn that her father's apparent heart attack was nothing more than a bad case of indigestion. Miguel's declaration of love brings Charity back to her senses for a moment but the dark forces draw her in once more. Kay and Miguel finally manage to escape unscathed from the shed.
Tuesday, September 12, 2000 | Episode #308
As a baffled Charity listens to Miguel's strange tale, Kay tells Simone she's sure her cousin somehow perpetrated the snake attack in the shed. Julian and Alistair agree that Ethan's marriage to Gwen is of primary important to the Crane clan. Meanwhile, Ethan admits to Theresa how much he dreads having to tell Gwen that he's calling off the wedding. After Harmony's teens report the details of their bizarre evening to the police chief, Sam questions a nervous Tabitha about how deadly African mambo snakes could have found their way into a coastal New England town. Ivy gleefully reports to her father-in-law how Julian urged Ethan to sleep with the housekeeper's daughter. Worried about her brother's reaction to the news that she and Ethan are in love, Theresa realizes that Sheridan holds the key to making Luis see the light. Tabitha and Timmy hover around the Bennett house, hoping for an opportunity to snatch the pendant away from Charity. Ethan confides to an astonished Sheridan that he loves Theresa. Grace trembles to discover that her horoscope for the month exactly matches the little angel's warning.
Wednesday, September 13, 2000 | Episode #309
The Russell House:

Chad and Whitney are talking. They are discussing how hard it is going to be if Ethan does choose Theresa over Gwen. That she is going to have to fight the Crane family and the Hotchkiss family, and worst of all, Luis. Whitney and Chad do not think that it is a good idea to tell Luis now, but that Theresa probably will, and that he will never accept Theresa and Ethan's love. Whitney thinks that they will be going to a funeral instead of a weddingTheresa's. Chad tells her that he thinks things will work out. When they get back to the house, Whitney takes a look at his bandage and sees that it is doing so much better. She tells him that he probably won't have to stay much longer at their house. He agrees with her and tells her that he has enjoyed staying there but it is probably time for him to get home. Whitney stops him by telling him that he should probably wait and make sure that her mother says it is okay. He agrees with her, saying that he doesn't want to have a relapse. He then asks her if he can put on some music. He puts on the song that was playing when Theresa left on Miguel's motorcycle and Whitney tells him that she doesn't think that song is the best one to play. That it has caused so much turmoil today. They begin talking about love. Whitney tells Chad that she has seen what Theresa has been through, and if being in love is that painful, then she doesn't want it. She tells him that she doesn't want it and doesn't need it. Chad tells her that she is wrong. That everyone needs love. He tells her that love is worth all of the things that you have to go through to get there. He gives her an example that she can Chad tells her love is like getting ready for a tennis match. You train and train, no matter how tough it is, or how painful it is then when the match comes you are ready and you win. She knows that is the best feeling. And he tells Whitney that is how love is. It is worth everything that you put into it. Whitney asks how you know when you find the right person and Chad tells her that you just know. Whitney tells him again that she can live without the pain of loving someone. Chad then tells her that the pain getting to love someone is nothing like being passed by when love comes around. Whitney thinks of the pact she and Theresa made while Chad changes the music. That she would tell Chad how she feels if Ethan really does love her. Chad thinks of the pact that he and Ethan made. That they would both be honest with the women in their lives. As he walks up to her, they simultaneously tell each other that they have something to say.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan asks Ethan if he is really going to call off the wedding and he tells her yes. That he can't marry Gwen if he loves Theresa. Sheridan tells him that she didn't know it was this serious. He didn't either. She asks about Luis and how are they going to deal with his reaction, that when he finds out, it is going to be WWIII. Ethan tells her that sooner or later they are going to have to deal with Luis. But right now, he isn't worried about Luis, he is worried about Gwen. He doesn't want to hurt her, but he can't marry her and be in love with Theresa. He tells Sheridan that he loves both women and he cant understand why. He has always been a one-woman man. But he and Theresa have gotten so close, he tells Sheridan that Theresa makes him laugh, she makes him show a side of himself he never knew he had, things that never happened with Gwen. Ethan tells her that the last thing he wants to do is hurt Gwen, but he has no choice. They then take a walk outside and Ethan asks Sheridan how he is supposed to tell Gwen. Sheridan asks if she has any idea about what is going away and Ethan tells her no, and explains the hospital situation to her. He tells her that he didn't want to tell Theresa without Gwen, but it was cruel not to. Sheridan wants to make sure that Ethan has made the right decision. She reminds him of what his family is going to say. And what the Hotchkiss family is going to say. But he tells her that he is not going to let them run his life. That eventually they will all accept it. Sheridan tells him to make sure that he is positive that it is love and not lust or infatuation. He tells her that he does love Theresa, and tells her how he felt when he thought that she was dead. Sheridan again tries to warn him about Luis, but he feels confident that he can deal with whatever Luis throws out. But he is just so worried about Gwen. Then his phone rings.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Luis and Theresa are sitting on the couch. Theresa is trying to get Luis ready for the surprise that she has to tell him. Pilar is watching from the kitchen, when suddenly she drops the bowl. Remembering what she told Whitney at the hospital, that the Crane's would tear her family apart if Theresa gets in the way of the wedding. They both rush in to see if Pilar is okay. Luis thinks that his mother is upset because of what Theresa said, about he and Sheridan getting closer. Luis tells him momma that Dr. Russell found the cause of Sheridan's nightmares. That they were connected to her mother dying. Theresa tries to get ready to tell Luis her big surprise, but he has to go get ready to go back to Sheridan's. He goes upstairs to get clothes while Pilar talks to Theresa. She tells her that she cannot tell Luis now, that he hates the Crane's regardless of what is going on between he and Sheridan. Theresa tells her that he will understand; he will see that not all Crane's are bad. Luis comes down while Theresa is in the kitchen and begins speaking with his momma. He is telling her that when he finds out who killed papa and he knows the Cranes are responsible; he will make sure that they all suffer the same fate. He tells her that he hates all Cranes with Sheridan as the exception. Back in the kitchen, Theresa is dreaming about dinner one night, with she, Luis and Ethan. Ethan and Luis would be getting along so well, and she is thinking that she knew it would work out. As Luis tells his momma that he hates all of the Cranes, she says that she has to warn Theresa and Luis wants to know why. She calmly tells him "about what she is preparing, if she isn't careful, it will all fall apart."

The Hotchkiss House:
Gwen and her mother are talking about how relieved they are that father is okay. Gwen checks the messages and there is one from Ethan checking on her. She looks at her mother and asks if she thinks that is the voice of a man who was lured away and was going to call off the wedding? Her mother tells her no, but Theresa still has a week to work on him. Gwen reassures her that Theresa is not after Ethan and he is not in love with her and she begs her to just drop it. She then shows her mother what she got Ethan as a wedding gift. A gold watch with both their birthdays engraved on it and their wedding date and made for each other. Rebecca thinks it is a nice reminder of how they were made for each other. She reminds Gwen that so much is riding on this wedding. That she has to be Mrs. Ethan Crane. And tells her about how she stole her father away from another girl. Gwen tells her that not ever man is like that and to just drop it. As she looks at herself in the mirror with the wedding dress on, she says it is going to be a dream come true. Rebecca tells her that she hopes so, and hopes that it doesn't turn into a nightmare. Gwen tells her mother that if Ethan were going to cancel the wedding, which he is not, he would have done it before now. She then calls Ethan.

Thursday, September 14, 2000 | Episode #310

Kay interrupts a cozy moment between Chad and Whitney, then gets to work spreading more lies to break the two apart. Gwen calls Ethan and asks him to reassure her mother that he's had no second thoughts about going through with the wedding. Flustered by the request, Ethan postpones the inevitable by telling Gwen he'd rather speak with her in person. Thrilled when Julian sends her daughter a diamond brooch and pearl necklace which have been in the Crane family for generations, Rebecca apologizes to Ethan for having any doubts about his sincerity. Under questioning from Luis, Theresa admits that the man she loves comes from a wealthy family. As another argument about the Cranes ensues, Miguel and Pilar intrude to break it up. Later, Luis tells his family he knows now he could never sustain a relationship with Sheridan. Kay warns Chad that Simone's eating disorder is spiraling out of control. Later, Kay informs an appalled Whitney that Chad impregnated a girl at their school and then dumped her. Theresa sadly realizes why she cannot reveal the name of her love to Luis.

Friday, September 15, 2000 | Episode #311
The Russell House:
Outside, Whitney returns from tennis practice with her father, TC. He congratulates her on her excellent performance, and she tells him that's because she's no longer being distracted. He asks her what she means, and she tells him about a guy who got a girl she knows pregnant, then abandoned her. She assures him it's not him that she means, and that she barely knows the people involved. They head inside. In the kitchen, Eve is making Chad blueberry pancakes. She's concerned when he says he's leaving, but knows he's doing the right thing for himself. He tells her that he'll soon be out of there, and assures her that he's not involved with either of her daughters, but Eve tells him that she has since changed her opinion of him. Originally she thought he was no good, but now she is seeing him in a different light. The two talk about his parents, and he admits that he is jealous of the relationship that Eve has with her daughters, and tells her she's a great mom. Eve is no doubt thinking of the son who died years before Chad was born. Simone and Kay come in, and Simone is shocked to learn that Chad plans on leaving today. When TC and Whitney come in, Simone is obviously hurt to learn that Whitney knew of Chad's plans yesterday. Chad and Whitney are exchanging barbs, with Whitney thinking about what Kay told her about the girl Chad abandoned. (Flashback to that scene.) Whitney asks Kay if she's sure what she heard, and Kay says that's what she heard. Then, to keep Whitney from confronting Chad further (or 'Tiffany'), Kay tells her that Tiffany miscarried and, when Chad gave her the cold shoulder, left town.

Outside The Book Cafe:
Chad gets his stuff ready and heads back to his place, accompanied by Simone and Kay. Simone is confused when Chad makes a comment about her needing to eat (flashback to Kay telling him about her eating disorder), but Kay assures her that means he cares. Suddenly Chad notices that all of his stuff is on the street in boxes. He wonders what's going on, and Kay finds the notice that the building has been condemned. Simone suggests that Chad comes back to their place.

The Crane Mansion:
Julian is practicing his fencing when Ivy comes in (wearing a really awful pair of pants with bullseye's on them). The two verbally spar, and then Julian grabs the Luis mask and starts lunging at it. Suddenly Gwen is there, looking for Ethan. She thanks both Ivy and Julian for the wonderful wedding gift -- it really makes her feel like the family has accepted her. Ivy is looking at the pearls in horror -- she is furious that Julian gave them to Gwen without consulting her. She shows her vicious streak when she tells Gwen (with a smile!) that she [Ivy] will have to be dead before Gwen gets her hands on the rest. Gwen doesn't seem to notice, but Julian (whose hair is 100% chestnut brown today) looks a little uncomfortable. Gwen heads off to the pool to look for Ethan.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis hears a noise from inside Sheridan's room, and heads in to investigate (wearing only a low-slung black towel). He finds a book on the floor from where she dropped it. He heads towards the window, leafing through the book, when Sheridan wakes up and asks him what he's doing. He says he heard a noise and came to check it out. Sheridan smiles at him. (She has dyed her hair, and has lost that unrealistic bleach look -- she looks fabulous!) She tells Luis that she has had her first nightmare free sleep in years, having instead only sweet dreams. She tells him about her dream -- they were out by the gazebo, where Luis told her that he thought the Cranes had something to do with his father's disappearance, and she told him that she would do anything she could to help. The two come closer together, within inches of each other. The two come close to a kiss, but then Luis heads out to get dressed. He wonders (in the living room) why she pulled away, but then says he doesn't care. In her room, she wonders why he's blowing hot and cold. Suddenly Hank is there (wearing an unappealing gray shirt / black pants combo). Luis starts talking about his confusion over his feelings for Sheridan, but assures his buddy he has no designs on her. Hank thinks that's great -- now he has less competition!

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa is having a nightmare. She is marrying Ethan, when the reverend (it's not a Catholic priest) asks if anyone has any objections. Luis and Gwen certainly do! Luis tells Theresa that she can't marry a Crane, and tells her how disappointed he is in her. Gwen gets down to brass tacks and says Theresa is a golddigger who manipulated her way into an engagement ring. (Theresa has nothing to say -- how do you refute the truth?) Gwen goes at Theresa, ripping off the veil, while Luis decks Ethan. Theresa wakes up, with Pilar looking at her, concerned. Theresa admits that she's frightened what Luis and the Cranes will do to her (seeing the consequences of her actions?). Theresa heads downstairs, where she is thrilled when Ethan knocks at the door, and the two immediately start pawing each other, with Pilar looking on. Ethan wants to know how Luis took the news, and Theresa admits that she didn't tell him. She thinks they should wait at least a few days -- Luis will have trouble with it. She tells Ethan that Luis needs to get with Sheridan so that he can't complain about her being with Ethan, and Ethan tells her he doesn't think that will happen. Pilar heads off to work, and Ethan tells Theresa to go get dressed. While she's gone, Ethan phones Gwen, and leaves a message that they need to talk. He signs off telling her that he loves her. Theresa overhears, and looks devastated. She asks Ethan if that means he'll never give Gwen up. He assures her that he loves her, but asks her to understand that he is ALSO in love with Gwen. She ignores his avowal of love for Gwen, listening only to the first part. He tells her to get dressed, and he'll take her to work -- she is going to be working with Ivy today on Ethan's wedding.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Gwen has gone to see if Ethan is there. She runs into Sheridan, who is obviously unhappy. Gwen offers Sheridan a shoulder to cry on, and wants to know what is wrong with her friend. Sheridan admits that the whole thing with Luis is weird. (On the porch, Hank and Luis are discussing the same thing.) Sometimes Sheridan thinks there's a chance, but then something happens to make her think that nothing will ever work. Gwen tells Sheridan how excited she is about the wedding, and how she is so glad she didn't let her mother turn her against Theresa. She knows Theresa is her and Ethan's good friend, because she couldn't possibly be crass enough to be betraying her and Ethan. Sheridan tells Gwen that she needs to see Ethan -- at least SOMEONE cares about Gwen. Gwen tells Sheridan she needs to look into her heart -- and confront the reason why she isn't with Luis. Only then can it possibly work. Gwen and Hank both take off after a brief discussion about Luis no longer needing to stay around (because Sheridan doesn't need a bodyguard), and Luis and Sheridan are left alone. The two come close to discussing their relationship. They both accuse the other of blowing hot and cold. Luis says Sheridan is the worst -- one-second she's kissing him on the docks, the next thing he knows she slaps him! Sheridan says that after what he said, can he really blame her? Luis is clueless, and Sheridan tells him that they need to clear the air between them, and talk about what she overheard. On the porch, Hank answers his ringing cell phone. It's Roger, the boss of the French drug cartel. He tells Hank that he was the one who hired Les, and now that Les is dead (apparently Roger has good Intel -- he's only been dead a couple days!), Hank works for him, and the plans haven't changed -- he still wants Sheridan Crane dead!

The Crane Mansion:
Julian assures Gwen that the whole Crane family will be at the wedding -- Alistair, Ethan's brother, his sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins (so obviously either Julian or Ivy has a lot more siblings -- probably Julian, since he referred to them as Cranes). Gwen is surprised to learn that Julian will be Ethan's best man, but Julian says it's a family tradition -- Alistair was his best man, just as his grandfather was Alistair's best man. Pilar and Ivy discuss the seating arrangements for the wedding, when suddenly everyone is there -- Gwen, Theresa, and Ethan. Theresa immediately launches into the wedding plans with Ivy, and Ethan tells Gwen there's something he needs to talk about. Trusting her fiance, Gwen assumes it's something good, and embraces him, lauding his good points. But he still wants to talk. Theresa looks on expectantly, a small smile on her face...

Monday, September 18, 2000 | Episode #312
The Russell's:

Simone and Kay went with Chad to help him move back home in his apartment. When they got to his place, Chad found all his belongings outside on the sidewalk. He was furious when he found a sign that said the building was shut down as it was declared unsafe. Chad saw the building manager and he told him that everyone in the building was tossed out. Wanting to help, Simone suggested that Chad come back to the Russell house and he could live with the family once again. Kay did not think this was a good idea as she remembered the things she told Whitney about Chad and was afraid the truth may somehow come out. Whitney and her parents were talking about Chad back at the house. Coach Russell said Chad had a good work ethic and was a hard worker. Eve and TC were impressed by the way Chad turned the Book Café around. Whitney had a flash back of Kay telling her that Chad was the irresponsible father of a local girls baby and she claimed that Chad is not as responsible as her parents thought he was. Kay and Simone determined if Chad moved in with the Russell's, things would really go too fast for Simone. Wanting a little romance in her life, she again suggested Chad come live with the Russell's. Chad was not interested in this idea and told Simone he needed his own place to live. She did persuade him to come back to the house so they could look through the classified ads for an apartment. She also thought TC might know where Chad would be able to rent a room. Eve and TC wanted to know why Whitney did not think Chad was responsible. She did not tell them the real reason why she thought this way but told them he lacked an education and the fact that he does not know who his real parents are does not make him credible. Eve had a flash back to the time she told Ivy that Chad was not her son. She then said his parents were horrible, as they did not even put him up for a proper adoption. She restated her belief that Chad seems to be a nice enough guy but she would never want her daughters to become involved with him. She hit the nail on the head when she told Whitney that there were a lot of unwanted pregnancies in Harmony. Whitney went to her room and sitting at her desk she remembered when Chad was living at the house recovering. She told herself she was glad he was out of the house and eventually he would be out of her mind for good. Chad came back to the house with Simone and Kay. They told the Russell's what was going on and Eve said there was no way Chad was moving back in the house. Looking through the classified ads, Chad said apartments were far too expensive and he could not afford an apartment. TC offered to help out financially but Chad would not take a hand out from anyone. Whitney comes down stairs and finds Chad back in the house. Everyone was shocked when Whitney said it was her who called the building inspectors and had the building shut down. Chad explained to Whitney that his place was his home and it was a lot better than some of the places he had lived in; including the street. Whitney said she was sorry for having the building shut down and her parents told her to think next time she does something as her actions could affect the lives of others. Simone again says she has a way to solve Chads problem and when she tells everyone Chad can live with them, everyone said NO at the same time!

Hank was leaving Sheridans cottage and he received a phone call from Roger in Paris. Roger ordered Hank to kill Sheridan immediately. Hank told Roger that aspect of his life was over forever and he would not kill Sheridan. He also told Roger to leave him alone. Roger informs Hank that he works for him now and he has Hanks dossier on his desk. He tells Hank he knows all about his past and unless he kills Sheridan he will make sure everyone knows about Hanks deep dark secrets. Before Hank hangs up on Roger, he tells him never to call him again and he wonders why his past is always coming back on him.

The Crane Mansion:
Gwen, Ethan, Pilar, Ivy, Julian and Teresa are all in the living room at the Crane mansion. Gwen is dying to hear what it is that Ethan wants to tell her and every time Ethan goes to talk to Gwen there is some unnecessary interruption. Pilar tells Teresa she is worried when Ethan tells Gwen he loves Teresa, the Crane's will tear her family apart. Ivy and Julian tell Ethan to share the news with everyone, especially if it has to do with the wedding. The telephone rings and of course it is Alistair. Julian excuses himself and goes in the library to take the call. Julian was in shock when he learned that Alistair was calling him not to put him down but to praise him. Alistair had just received the contracts merging the Crane's with the Hotchkiss. He reminded Julian that the contracts would not be signed until after the wedding. They are certain the wedding will go off without any trouble. Alistair then tells Julian to turn all his attentions towards Sheridan and Luis; especially since they bonded and it seemed to have brought the two of them closer. Julian is certain that Sheridan will not tell Luis what she heard all those months ago on the wharf, and if she did tell him Sheridan would never believe Luis side of the story. Alistair is not convinced they are out of the woods with the situation between Sheridan and Luis. Gwen is like a new bride with her head in the clouds as she dances around the living room and shows Teresa the pearl necklace the Crane's gave her for a wedding gift. Teresa daydreams about being married to Ethan and having the Crane pearls placed around her neck by him. Pilar and Ethan are talking and she begs Ethan to reconsider his decision. Pilar wants Ethan to make sure what he is about to do is for the best. Ethan tells her that he is indeed sure. Julian returns to the living room and Alistair speaks to Gwen on the speakerphone. The head of the Crane dynasty tells Gwen to call him Alistair. Theresa wonders if she will ever be able to call him Alistair as well. Ethan is about to tell Gwen his decision and as he takes her outside, Rebecca shows up. She offers apologies to everyone, including Teresa and the Cranes for over reacting. Rebecca goes on about the wedding and Julian and Ivy clap in appreciation. Ethan grabs Gwen and tells her he has to talk to her right now and that it can no longer wait. Pilar tells Teresa that hell is going to break loose and hopes the Lopez-Fitzgeralds will be able to weather the storm.

Sheridan and Luis:
Luis again asks Sheridan why she ran off to Paris and what it was that she though she heard him say to make her do so. Sheridan tells Luis that his job protecting her is almost over so it really does not matter what she heard. They will soon go their separate ways, never to see each other again. Luis tells Sheridan that what they had was good and reminds her of their first date and flying to Paris to save her life. They both admitted to feeling the magic between them. Luis tells her he remembers kissing her on the wharf and then the next time he saw her, she slapped him across the face. He is ready to go separate ways but he has to know first what it is that Sheridan said he did to her. Sheridan tells Luis she found out the hard way and learned the truth about him. Hank returns to the cottage and Sheridan tells both of them why she ran off to Paris and what she heard Luis say on that wharf. Sheridan and Luis argue over that phone call. Sheridan wants an explanation from Luis for using her. Luis tells Sheridan he does not know what she is talking about and she calls him a liar. Luis insists he did not say anything on his cell phone that night. They argue over his explanation. Sheridan becomes very upset and goes for a walk. She tells Luis when she gets back she wants him out for good. Luis is very confused. He asks Hank what the hell Sheridan is talking about. Sheridan is walking and asks herself why did Luis break her heart? She is trying to convince herself that she never really loved Luis but she knows that is a lie.

Tuesday, September 19, 2000 | Episode #313
Chad has a difficult time finding another place to live after Whitney inadvertently had his building condemned. Simone pressures Eve to ask Chad to stay. Eve and TC question Whitney as to why she doesn't want Chad to live with them. Kay worries Whitney will tell her parents the story she made up about Chad. Later, Whitney asks Kay to help her get in touch with the girl Chad supposedly got pregnant.

Ethan prepares to tell an oblivious Gwen about his love for Theresa. However, Gwen's sorority sisters arrive and interrupt him. Theresa begins to worry Ethan won't ever get a chance to tell Gwen the wedding is off.

Alistair orders Julian to keep Sheridan and Luis apart, or he'll have the Harmony PD search the gazebo. A worried Julian interrupts his sister and Luis just as she comes close to believing him. Luis pleads with a torn Sheridan to trust he never said he was using her. Julian whisks Sheridan out of the room. Meanwhile, Roger calls Hank again and orders him to kill Sheridan.

Wednesday, September 20, 2000 | Episode #314
The Russell House:
Chad has agreed to live in the apartment the Russell's have over their garage. Wanting to make it official, Chad signs an agreement with TC and Eve. Whitney is not at all pleased that Chad is living at the Russell household again but Simone is dreaming of the day when she and Chad will soon be a couple. She figures they will have no more obstacles to stand in their way! Kay Bennett who is a scheming liar, knows she is going to have to work hard to keep Whitney away from Chad. Simone is full of plans, but Chad tells her he wants to chill and be alone. He reminds Simone that living in the Russell apartment is only temporary and as soon as he can find his own place, he will again be gone. Simone is excited when that day will arrive as she figures she will move in with Chad when that happens! Kay tells Simone she will continue to help her keep Chad away from Whitney but she is going to have to help her get Miguel. The three girls are helping Chad move in. When Simone leaves to get more boxes, Kay wants to stay behind, as she does not trust Whitney being alone with Chad. Simone drags her away saying she needs help bringing Chads things in the apartment. Alone with Whitney, Chad tells her it seems she just cannot seem to get rid of him. Whitney tells him the apartment is self-sufficient so they have no reason to see each other. Returning, Simone tells Chad that the wall of his apartment is connected to Whitneys room. He reassures Whitney not to worry; he does not have x-ray vision so there is really nothing to worry about! Kays eyes grow to huge proportions when Whitney tells her that she is going to tell Eve about the girl that Chad supposedly got pregnant. Kay persuaded Whitney not to tell her mother because she is sure the Russell's would put him out on the street. Kay tells her that since their walls join, Whitney will be able to hear every thing Chad does, including playing his love songs. Whitney informs Kay that she does not want anything to do with Chad so she is not too worried if he does play his love songs or not! When Chad is finally all moved in, he thanks the girls for all their help. Wanting to be alone with Chad, Kay tells Simone to go to the kitchen and bring Chad some food. Chad tells Kay he really feels out of place in the Russell's neighborhood. Kay tells Chad that Whitney hoped Chad would leave Harmony when he was kicked out of his apartment and that Whitney has her eyes fixed for a "perfect man" whom she can control. The rift between Whitney and Chad grows wider as Chad says he is not the kind who can be controlled. Kay fills Chads head with lies and tells him that everything she told him was the way things were really around the Russell household. When Chad is alone, he starts to set up his apartment. He is removing boxes from his closet and one of the boxes is full of pictures. He turns on his music and sits on the bed looking at pictures of Whitney. You can feel his true emotions for Whitney in the way he looks at and holds the pictures. Simone enters Whitneys room and asks her to please be nicer to Chad. She again tells Kay she is so lucky to have Chad living at their house and as soon as they are a couple, she will help Kay get together with Miguel. Chad continues to look at the pictures as the song "You Are My World" plays. Chad is hammering nails in the wall to hang up pictures. Whitney, on the other side of the wall, puts her hands on the wall and closes her eyes ... knowing Chad is only next door!

Teresa tells Ethan she is not happy about having to go to lunch with Gwen and her sorority sisters! Ethan assures Teresa he can understand why. Gwen comes get Teresa and she is giddy with delight. She refers to the three of them as the three Musketeers! She even asks Teresa to be the Godmother to their first child. She tells them when Teresa finds a man and gets married, they will be forever best friends. She tells Ethan she knows he is dying to talk to her and as he tries yet again to tell her the wedding is off, they are interrupted by the excited giddy group of sorority sisters. Ethan reintegrates his need to talk to Gwen but the girls whisk her away. Teresa tells Ethan not to give up on faith. He decides he will talk to Gwen before the party given by the Crane's later this evening. Ivy tells Teresa to go with the girls as they are throwing a surprise bridal shower for Gwen. Teresa tries to get out of going, but Ivy insists she goes. The surprise shower elates Gwen. The sister toast the new bride and they make Teresa an honorary member of the sorority. The girls tell Gwen they were suspicious of Teresa working so closely with Ethan but she calms them. The girls want to know how Ethan is in bed. Gwen tells them when he makes love to her it is the best and she is sure he will never sway from her. Ivy and Rebecca are going through the wedding gifts. Pilar and Ethan talk and he told Pilar he has not changed his mind about calling off the wedding. He knows he is not being fair to Gwen as he loves her but he hopes his family will understand his reasons for calling off the wedding since he is in love with someone else. He knows the longer it takes to tell Gwen, the harder it will be on everyone. Ivy tells Ethan how very proud she is of him and that he is the most wonderful son in the world. Rebecca also tells Ethan is will be the most wonderful son-in-law in the world. Poor Ethan gives Pilar a confused look. At the shower, the girls have Gwen pull a ribbon from the bridal bouquet. The longer the ribbon, the longer the marriage will last. Gwen pulls out a piece of ribbon so short; no one can believe it. Teresa has that look in her eyes again ... can this be a sign?

Luis tried to convince Sheridan he did not say the things she heard him say at the wharf. He told her he would not have brought her on a date, flown to Paris and risked his life had he said those things. Luis begged Sheridan to believe him. He swore on his mothers life that he was telling the truth and he wants Sheridan to believe him. Julian and Alistair are worried. Julian is standing in the bushes listening to Sheridan and Luis conversation and talking to Alistair on the cell phone at the same time. Sheridan tells Luis she believes him but her eyes are very sad. I know I heard you say those things she told Luis. Sheridan said if he did not say those things, he must have a twin! Alistair tells Julian the Crane's will be in a bad position if Luis and Sheridan fall in love. He is sure they will find out everything so he orders Julian to stop Luis and to get rid of him right away. Alistair ordered Julian to stay put and make sure Sheridan does not say anything to Luis. Sheridan explained to Luis that she was so happy when they were together all those months ago and she wants things to get back the way they were. She wants that desperately but she has to hear the truth and to know that she is not going crazy. Alistair told Julian Luis is the right type for Sheridan, as he would never tell a lie. Luis tells Sheridan she is giving him a way out by admitting to her that he said those things. He tells her that would be a lie and he cannot lie to her. Sheridan is confused and does not know what to do. Luis begs her to let her heart tell her what to do. He asked her to trust him. Julian is still in the bushes waiting to hear what answer Sheridan will give Luis.

Thursday, September 21, 2000 | Episode #315
The Bennett House:
Charity and Miguel try to concentrate on their project, but they end up kissing instead. Meanwhile the drawer opens by itself revealing a glowing pendant. When they get back to work they discover that there has been a Tabitha Lenox in Harmony since the town began. They decide they must have passed the name down and they decide to ask Tabitha. They also decide to check the old ruins to see what they can find.

Tabithas House:
Tabitha tries using her tea leaves to try to get the pendant back. When unsuccessful, she says they arent good for anything, not even for making a decent cup of tea. She tells Timmy without the pendant Evil Charity holds all the cards and all is lost. Timmy is on the phone ordering supplies. Tabitha tells him that they are down to their last few dollars. Timmy tells her he needed limes, lemon, cherries and the little umbrellas (Martimmy ingredients). She scolds him for wasting their money but Timmy says that life is not worth living without his Martimmys. She tells him that they wont live for much longer if they dont get the pendant back. When the supplies arrive, Timmy whips up a batch of Martimmys. While they drink Tabitha tells him how bad their situation is without pendant and her powers. Tabitha checks her spell book for an answer to no avail. She then tries to summon the pendant and fails at that too. She then climbs on top of the table to try but she falls off when Timmy comes up behind her.

Sheridans Cottage:
Luis denies saying what Sheridan overheard, but she tells him that she heard him say it. Outside Alistair tells Julian on the phone that he better hope that Sheridan and Luis dont figure out that they hired the fake Luis to break them up. Julian tells him not to think the worst, but Alistair says that the worst thing is if they get together and start digging up the Crane familys secrets. Alistair tells Julian to do something to stop them. Inside Luis tell Sheridan that she has to believe him, he didnt say what she heard. She tells him she wants to believe him and Julian comes in and interrupts. He takes Sheridan outside and tries to talk her out of believing Luis. He tells her Luis is lying. Inside Luis gets a call from Hank and he tells him what is going on. Sheridan comes back and tells Luis they need to go for a walk, alone! They walk to the Gazebo and Sheridan tells Luis she wants to believe him because he sounds so convincing. She tells him she has been lied to by men so many times before. Luis tells her hes not like them, but she asks him how can she be sure. He reminds her that he has never been interested in her money and that he has never lied to her before. Sheridan tells him how bad what she heard made her feel. Luis tells her to look in his eyes and she if she sees a liar. She says she doesnt know what to believe. Luis wants to know what he can do or say to convince her. She tells him that she doesnt trust her own judgment because of the way she was raised. Luis says that in his family they didnt have a lot of money but they always had the truth. Luis also says that Julian is the problem. Meanwhile Alistair tells an eavesdropping Julian that he wouldnt have a problem using Julian as a scapegoat. Luis tries to warn Sheridan about Julian but Sheridan doesnt believe Julian is up to no good. She tells him that Julian isnt the only person to warn her against him. Luis deduces that she is talking about Ethan. Sheridan wont listen to anything bad about Ethan. Luis asks her for a final answer, is there a chance for them or not.

The Crane Mansion:
Ethan comes out the house saying he cant let things go on like they are, he has to tell Gwen the truth. Chad arrives and tells him they need to pick out music for the wedding. Ethan tells him their isnt going to be a wedding. Chad tells him that he is glad he finally made up his mind. He asks Ethan what Gwen said when he told her he loved Theresa. Ethan explains that he hasnt told her yet. Ethan says that he wishes he had listened to Chad and then maybe he could have avoided the mess hes in. Chad wants to know why he hasnt told Gwen yet and Ethan tells him about all the interruptions. Chad tells him to just tell Gwen the truth pure and simple. Ethan doesnt want to hurt Gwen. He reminds Chad that they had a deal and wants to know when hes going to tell Whitney the truth. Chad tells Ethan that things are not good between the two of them. He says he just wants to find out who his parents are. He doesnt care about Whitney.

The Country Club:
Gwens friends tell her to pull a ribbon out of the bouquet. This will signify how long her marriage will be. Gwen pulls out a very short ribbon. Everyone is surprised because it has never happened before. Gwen is very upset but they tell her its just a silly old tradition and that it doesnt mean anything. Gwen says she didnt believe it anyway. She is sure of Ethans love. She asks Theresa to tell everyone how much Ethan loves her and how happy they are going to be together. Whitney overhears. Theresa says she know Ethan loves her. Gwens friends say they know Ethan would never leave her for another woman and that Ethan is not like the other beasts. Whitney scolds Theresa for being at a bridal shower with Gwen and her friends. Theresa tells Whitney that Ethan is still going to call off the wedding. Whitney doesnt believe it. She tells Theresa she needs to leave before Gwen finds out she has stolen her fiancée. Gwen walks up behind them and asks Whitney what she said, but she didnt here the whole thing. They tell her they were talking about something else. Whitney again warns her what will happen when Gwen and the Cranes find out about her and Ethan. Theresa tells her they will eventually understand and that one day she will be wearing they Crane family pearls. Whitney asks her if Ethan has said anything about marriage. Theresa says no but she is sure that they will marry when he calls it off with Gwen. Theresa reminds Whitney that she was going to tell Chad how she felt. Whitney tells her she is glad she didnt because he is not who she thought he was. She doesnt want to discuss it either. She tells Theresa that Chad is moving in the apartment over her garage. Theresa tells Whitney that she knows Chad still gets to her and that she hopes she realizes her true feeling sooner that Ethan did. They rejoin the shower and Gwen and her friends are talking about the Crane family. Gwens friends say that their families would insist that they get married even if they werent in love. Gwen calls Ethan to prove to them that he does love her. She tells Ethan to tell her what he wanted to say earlier while she has him on the speakerphone. Ethan tells her that he wants to talk to her alone. She agrees to get rid of everybody. She tells them Ethan is a private person. When they protest she tells them they could hide in the bushes and eavesdrop. Theresa tells her that it isnt a good idea but Gwen insists. Whitney prepares to leave and tells Theresa if she is smart she will too. Chad arrives and offers Whitney a lift on his motorcycle. She doesnt want to. He tells her to suit herself and he leaves. Theresa goes back to Gwen and tries to warn her against letting them hide in the bushes. Gwen says there is nothing to hide. Ethan arrives and says to himself hes glad Theresa isnt there because Gwen would tear Theresa to pieces. Gwen sees him and makes sure everyone is well hidden. Ethan asks Gwen if they are alone and she says yes. Ethan says good because he doesnt want anyone to hear what he has to tell her.

Friday, September 22, 2000 | Episode #316
On The Crane Grounds:
Spying on Luis and Sheridan, Julian is relaying the information to Alistair over the phone. The message is clear -- if they don't end all today, Alistair and Julian will have to do something to end it. Sheridan and Luis continue to argue about what she heard on the docks. He tells her that she has to accept him for what he is, but Sheridan says until he acknowledges what he said about using her, there is nothing between them. Luis refuses to admit it, but also refuses to let her walk away. She says there's nothing there -- she won't start a relationship based on a lie. Luis says he won't lie to her and say he was using her just to prove her right, and tells her not to throw away what they could have. Sheridan says that she's fighting for them, and runs off crying. Julian says they've won!

Sheridan's Cottage:
Hank is waiting for Sheridan with open arms. The two embrace, then sit down for a talk. She tells him she can't risk being hurt again, and Hank tells her he's sorry it didn't work out with Luis, but he [Hank] would never break her heart. It's obvious how strongly he feels about her, but it's equally obvious that she's still mooning over Luis.

In the Garden:
Luis jumps down Julian's throat, and says he and Ethan are brainwashing Sheridan. He is going to get to the bottom of this! Julian says his sister would never trust a liar like Luis, but Luis says that Julian's the liar. Julian reminds Luis of the deal they made to extricate Luis from kidnapping charges, and Luis reminds Julian that this whole bodyguard thing was out of his hands. Julian says that Luis needs to stay away from Sheridan -- or go back to jail for kidnapping!

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis finds Hank and Sheridan together at the cottage. He has something to say, but she doesn't want to hear it. Hank wants Luis to stop hurting Sheridan, but Luis says he has to say it...he [Luis] is still her bodyguard, but he doesn't think he needs to be at the cottage 24/7 -- now, he'll do it from outside. Julian thinks this is a great idea. The two depart.

Outside Sheridan's Cottage:
Julian tells Luis that he did the smart thing, but Luis says he is leaving Sheridan alone at her request, not his [Julian's]. Hank comes out, and tells Luis that now that he's off the playing field, he's going to be making a full-fledged play for Sheridan.

In Sheridan's Cottage:
While thinking about all the times she and Luis had together, Sheridan beings crying. (We're back to whiny Sheridan again.) Having seen her crying, Luis wants to comfort her...

The Country Club:
Thinking that now is the moment Ethan will tell Gwen he's in love with her, Theresa shows a rare concern for another person when she tries to convince Gwen that her conversation with Ethan needs to be private. Gwen assures Theresa that these girls are her best friends. When Ethan arrives, Gwen tells him they're alone (Theresa and the sisters are hiding and listening). Who knows what Ethan would have said -- they're interrupted by a phone call from Rebecca. She wants to know how the shower went. Gwen says it was fabulous, but she has to go because Ethan is there to talk to her. She signs off, but before Ethan can say anything, Rebecca is on the phone again. Apparently Matt Lauer and Katie Couric want them on the 'Today Show'! Ethan demands that Gwen tell her mother to bugger off, so she does. She tells Ethan that he can tell her anything. Before Ethan can say anything, Theresa knocks over a vase. Ethan isn't thrilled to know that other people were listening, but Gwen says she just wanted them to share in her happiness. Suddenly Rebecca is there, and tells Gwen that they've lost the shoes for the wedding! Gwen and her sorority sisters head off in a panic. Ethan again reassures Theresa that he's going to jilt Gwen ASAP, then the two start another rousing match of tonsil hockey. Unfortunately, Gwen forgot her keys, and is on her way back to claim them...

Tabitha's House/The Bennett House:
Charity and Miguel are discussing their school project...should they check out the ruins? (Tooth decay alert!) Miguel thinks they should take Tabitha along, since her ancestors once lived there. Tabitha is working overtime to get the pendant to come to her. It looks like one of her plans might actually succeed, but suddenly Timmy interrupts her with his own little plan, and Tabitha loses her balance, and falls through her table! Charity and Miguel hear Tabitha's screech, and rush over -- but before they leave, Miguel finds Charity's pendant on the floor. He offers to put it away for her, but she wants to wear it. Meanwhile, Timmy is doing his best to extricate Tabitha from her table -- she's stuck smack-dab in the middle! Timmy says there's a crystal in the attic that might help, but Tabitha wants him to concentrate more on saving her and less on useless artifacts. Bad-Charity is now glowing, and Miguel is hearing voices...a little boy's voice! Miguel tells her the pendant can wait, and removes it from around her neck. OUCH! It's hot! Miguel figures it was just in the sun. They head over to Tabitha's place. Timmy is showing Tabitha the crystal he found, and trying to use it's magic to free his princess, who informs him that his 'crystal' is really nothing more than a glass doorknob! Tabitha starts banging it against the table in frustration, only then realizing that the doorknob can double as a hammer -- she uses it to enlarge the hole, enabling her to climb out. Suddenly Tabitha has company -- Miguel and Charity! They want to know if she's okay, and she tells them she's fine -- they can head off now. Right then, the table collapses, and Tabitha goes crashing to the floor! Miguel and Charity rush in to see if she's okay, and see a living Timmy struggling under the table! Timmy realizes he's been caught and reverts to doll mode, and Miguel comes to the conclusion that Tabitha's doll is motorized. Miguel and Charity help Tabitha to rise, who explains that she was merely changing a light bulb. Charity points out that she's holding a glass doorknob, and that there are no light sockets nearby. Miguel thinks that maybe Tabitha should see Eve. She says she's fine, and thanks them for their concern. Not put off, Miguel asks her about the little boy. She says that was only her -- she's practicing her ventriloquistic abilities. Sidetracked, the darling duo ask Tabitha to help them out on their history project. Miguel makes a crack about it being funny if all the Tabitha Lenox' in history were one person, and she was over 300 years old. Tabitha explains that the name is bequeathed on the eldest daughter in each generation. Charity thinks Tabitha would be a great interview for their history report, but first Miguel wants to get a look at the original ruins in Harmony. Tabitha says it's not worth it -- they can find everything they need to know in books. After they leave, Timmy wants to know what Tabby is so afraid of -- she says that the real history of Harmony must stay hidden, and he asks her about her book, 'The Hazing of Harmony.' She says she was inspired by the tell-all trash tomes of the '70s. Timmy thinks they could make a fortune, but Tabby thinks they need to concentrate on ruining Charity and Miguel. Knowing the Bennett house is empty, Tabitha and Timmy head over to look for the pendant, but are interrupted by a returning Charity! They pretend that they're looking for Grace's tomato soup cake recipe, but Charity has seen through's Bad-Charity! She's got the pendant on, and she says it's time for them to die.

Monday, September 25, 2000 | Episode #317
Gwen almost discovers Ethan and Theresa locked in a passionate kiss. Later, Gwen tells her mother how wonderful Theresa has been. Rebecca admits she may have been wrong Ethan seems to be thoroughly in love with Gwen. Meanwhile, Ethan and Theresa dwell in their love for each other. Ethan is anxious to tell Gwen the wedding is off as soon as possible. Rebecca is shocked to see Ethan and Theresa kissing!

An anguished Luis and Sheridan struggle to get past their apparent misunderstanding. Luis pleads with Sheridan to believe in him so they can move forward with their relationship. Sheridan is hopeful Luis will admit to saying he was using her, and it looks like Luis will compromise his principles to be with her, but in the end; he wont. Meanwhile, Roger continues to blackmail Hank to get him to murder Sheridan.

Kay conspires with Simone to get Miguel up to her room so she can seduce him. However, Reese arrives and foils her plans. Elsewhere, Evil Charity becomes fed up with Tabitha and Timmy's failures and prepares to destroy them. Timmy tries to make a run for it, but comes face to face with a demonic dog. Tabitha tries to stall by mentioning Charity and Miguel's impending trip to the original Harmony settlement. Evil Charity hesitates. Miguel interrupts them and Charity returns to her normal self, not remembering anything that just took place. A scheming Kay suggests everyone camp out near the ruins tonight. Tabitha worries about what the kids may find.

Tuesday, September 26, 2000 | Episode #318
Julian Crane is in the park talking on the cell phone. He tells the person he is talking to he will walk home instead of taking the limo. All of a sudden, he sees TC and Sam in the park and he changes his minds and decides to take the limo home when TC falls on the ground in pain from his knee injury and vows to kill that bastard Julian, if he ever sees him again. Sam questions TC again about the reasons why he wants to kills Julian Crane. He wants to know why the profound anger is eating at him. TC finally agrees to tell Sam the story and they hear the bushes rustle. TC becomes angry and wants to know who is there. Lucky for Julian, Sam tells him that it is probably same animal passing by and TC continues telling Sam why he wants to kill Julian. When TC was young, he was playing tennis and wanted to be tennis pro. His father use to work at the country club and saved all the nickels the rich white men gave him so TC could have a better life. TC use to sneak in the country club at night with his father to practice his tennis. The only competition he had back then was Julian Crane who also played tennis. TC had beat Julian before and with a tournament coming up at the country club, he was sure he would beat him again. Alistair Crane was furious at Julian for having a black boy beat him at tennis and he told Julian never to let it happen again. In a flash back, Julian remembered how mad his father had become at him and Alistair in a fit of rage cleared a table clear of its ornaments. TC told Sam that Julian had to do something to tip the scales so TC would loose the tournament. TC was driving home one night and a car came out of no where and hit TCs car. The driver of the car took off and TC was sure it was Julian Crane who was driving the car. Passengers in another car that happened by, called the ambulance and TC was taken to the hospital. The accident tore TCs knee apart and ended his tennis career. TC wanted to beat Julian but as usual the Cranes covered their tracks. TC knew he would have beat Julian in the tennis match in front of all the high-class cowardly bigots. TC knows Julian ruined his career. He told Sam he would have to arrest him for MURDER if Julian does not stay away from him.

The Crane Mansion:
Pilar brings Ivy her dress that she is to wear at tonight's party at the Hotchkiss. Ivy is day dreaming looking at the cameo she has with the baby picture of Ethan and an old picture of Sam contained inside. Ivy tells Pilar she wishes Sam could be at the wedding and knew that Ethan was his son. Pilar reminds Ivy that it is only a dream and she would loose everything if Julian ever found out. Ivy realizes this but still wishes that Sam could come to the wedding. Ivy has a plan and leaves to go to Graces store. Pilar goes with her, hoping that Ivy will not make a big mistake.

Grace's Store:
Eve comes to see Grace at her shop. Grace is so glad to see her as she needs help finishing the decorations for Rebecca Hotchkiss' party. Eve finds a book Grace has about interpreting dreams and their meaning. Grace tells Eve she had a dream of a woman with a cap and a young boy who is perusing Sam. She knows no one can take Sam away from her as she loves him so very much. Ivy arrives at the store and tells Eve and Grace they did not RSVP to the invitations sent out for the party and the wedding. They tell Ivy no invitations were received. Ivy becomes irritated at Theresa for not sending the invitations and decided on the spot that she will fire Theresa. When Pilar hears this she knows Theresa will go crazy! Eve questions why Ivy would want ordinary people at the wedding any way. Ivy tells them she really wants them there and due to the fact that Eve is questioning the reasons, Ivy tells them she will finally give them the real answer so everything will be out in the open. She tells them she wants Sam there because of Ethan, due to the fact that Sam and Ethan are on the police board together she figures it would be a good chance to mend feelings. Grace decides she will come to the party and wedding so Theresa will keep her job but also stipulates another condition - TC and Eve also have to come. Eve talks to Ivy when Grace is on the phone. She tells her if she hurts Grace in any way, she will rip her apart and make her pay. They both say they could blackmail each other for the secrets they have on each of them! Finally, Grace begs Eve to go to the party and wedding; only for her, and Eve agrees to go -- only for Graces sake. Grace tells Eve, Ivy only wants them there to try and mend fences between Ethan and Sam. There cannot possibly be any other reason. Sam and TC walk in and when they find out they have been invited to the Crane's they both say NO WAY! Suddenly, Grace become very business like and tells Sam he has to go to mend fences with Ethan. Eve has to go because of the wing the Cranes built on the hospital and TC has to go because the Cranes provide buses and equipment for his sports teams. She tells them they should all be practical and another reason she wants to attend is to see inside the Hotchkiss mansion! Ivy is watching the proceeding from outside and begs Sam to say yes. The Bennetts and Russells finally decide they will all go as it will be good for their future. As Ivy is spying, Julian sneaks up behind her and questions what she is doing there. Ivy tells Julian she has invited the Bennetts and Russells to the party. They argue over the decision -- as expected -- and Ivy tells Julian it is for Ethan that she wants them there as it may help his political career. Left alone, Julian hopes that the talk at the party will not turn to tennis and he had better wear armor that night!

Hank and Luis are outside Sheridans cottage. Luis tells Hank he has got to be sure Sheridan will not give him another chance. Luis believes after Ethan is married, he will stop influencing Sheridan so much against him. Inside the cottage, things are almost a catastrophe. Sheridan thought Ethan told Gwen the wedding was off and she let something slip giving Gwen the information she thought she all ready had! Gwen was in a major panic and was hysterical wondering what her mother would say and do. Gwen wonders why Ethan did not tell her that the wedding was off and then realizes that Sheridan must have been talking about the orchestra canceling at the last minute. She apologies to Sheridan telling her that her nerves are shot. She tells Sheridan she loves Ethan so much and she knows nothing could ever come between them. Gwen asks Sheridan if she can borrow a pair of shoes from her as the shoes she ordered for the wedding were lost in transit. She tells Sheridan she wishes she could have been maid of honor at her wedding but Sheridan told her due to the fact the drug cartel wants her dead it would have been too high profile. Sheridan feels so uncomfortable with Gwen going on and on about the wedding when she knows that Ethan is not going to marry her. Luis tells Hank yet again that he wants to convince Sheridan he did not say the things she claims he said. Hank tells Luis he needs to get away from the Cranes for a while. Luis knocks at Sheridans door and tells her he is leaving. Gwen asks Sheridan why theyre seemed to be ice forming in the air when they were talking and wants to know what happened. Gwen feels sorry for Sheridan and tells her she will find the perfect man someday just as she found the perfect man in Ethan. Their love is based on love and trust. Gwen hopes for no more disasters before the wedding. When Gwen leaves, Sheridan is furious with Ethan for not telling Gwen the wedding is called off. She calls Ethan on the phone and orders him to get to her place immediately! Ethan and Theresa are kissing at the country club and Rebecca Hotchkiss see them. She decides she has to put a stop to it right away. As she approaches, she hears Ethan tell Theresa that the wedding is going to be called off. This it too much for Rebecca and she faints on the spot! While she was out, Rebecca dreams she is choking Theresa. When she wakes, she asks a server when Ethan and the "little tramp" have gone. She leaves as she has to go find them. Theresa tells Ethan she is going to try again to tell Luis about their love. At home, Theresa is phoning Whitney to ask her to come over for support when Luis walks in. Theresa notices Luis is very sad and wants to know why. Not wanting to bring Theresa down, he does not want to tell her. Theresa makes him tell her and he tells the story of how Sheridan heard him say something he did not. Luis told Theresa with the exception of Sheridan he hates all the Cranes. He knows someone got to Sheridan to change her mind about him. He is sure it is that bastard Ethan! Theresa begins to defend Ethan and Luis wants to know why...! Back at the cottage, Ethan arrives and Sheridan gives him the third degree about not telling Gwen the wedding was off. He explains about all the interruptions he has had to put up with trying to tell Gwen. He does not want to hurt Gwen. Ethan tells Sheridan he is so concerned about the two women he loves. Sheridan tells Ethan, Luis blames him for tearing them apart. She knows it is over between her and Luis and she feels Luis is a fuse, sitting and ready to be lit. She is sure bombs are going to go off in Harmony when Luis finds out about Theresa and Ethan. Sheridan asks Ethan if he really does want to cancel the wedding. Perhaps he does not love Theresa as much as he says he does. Rebecca storms into Gwen's room. Gwen lights into her mother telling her not to tell her about her unfounded fears. She tells Rebecca if she has a problem to take care of it herself. Rebecca picks up a letter opener and utters that she will in fact take care of the problem herself. She will get rid of that little bitch Theresa. She has worked too hard to insure Gwen will become Mrs. Ethan Crane to loose it all now.

Wednesday, September 27, 2000 | Episode #319
The Bennett House:
Sam and Grace are talking about Ivy and the Cranes. Ivy wonders if half the stories she hears about the Cranes are true. She cant understand how any man could betray their spouse and have children from another woman. Sam tells Ivy she has nothing to worry about, as he does not have any unknown children lurking in his past. Sam knows he was pushed into going to the party for Ethan and Gwen tonight and Grace tells him it is very important that they go as the Cranes have major influence in the town of Harmony. They are the ones who make all the major decisions. Grace feels it will be good for Sams job as chief of Police if they are seen with the Cranes. She begs Sam to try and get along with Ethan. She nonchalantly tells Sam how much she thought Ethan looked like him and Noah the first time she ever saw him. Sam was feeling frisky but Grace told him they had no time to fool around; she has to take a shower and get ready for the party! They both run in and shower together. Grace takes out the dress she wore on New Years Eve to wear to the party. Sam was disappointed he did not buy her another one for the occasion. Grace said no one would notice, as she will wear different jewelry with the dress. Grace lets her towel fall to the floor and Sam follows suit. Before they get dressed for the party they have a quick roll in the sac. Kay, Simone, Miguel, Charity and Reese are in the living room talking about and getting ready for their camping trip to the ruins of the village. They are talking about their neighbor Tabitha Lenox. Reese is trying to find out about the pendent that Tabitha gave Charity. Kay tells Simone she is going to seduce Miguel on this camping trip. Simone wonders how she will be able to do this and Kay tells her any thing could happen to poor unfortunate accident prone Charity. While Kay and Simone are packing, Kay needs to borrow something from her mother. She is unable to get into her mothers bedroom as the door is locked. She finds it disgusting that parents make love after they have children. She tells Simone that her and Miguel will never stop doing it when they start. Reese is wondering how old the pendent is. He tells Miguel it would be funny if it belonged to Tabitha Lenox for 300 years -- the same Tabitha they know today. Miguel tells Reese Tabitha may be strange but there is no way she is 300 years old. Kay and Simone come in the living room with all their camping gear. It looks like they are going away for a week instead of overnight. Charity who is more practical arrives with just her knapsack packed for over night. Reese asks Charity if he can bring the pendant with him so he can do more research into it while they are on their camping trip.

Timmy remembers when bad Charity made the dog appear. Tabitha is standing at the window trying to see what is going on at the Bennett household but her spyglass is not strong enough. She tells Timmy if the kids go camping and they find out something at the ruins, every thing will be over for them and they will not be around to see the next rerun of Will and Grace! Tabitha is trying to figure out a way to get the pendant away from Reese and back on Charity so she will turn evil and stop the kids from finding out anything at the ruins. Tabitha tells Timmy the past is too grizzly to speak about and must be kept from the kids. Tabitha is reading the cards and predicts horrible things are will happen in Harmony tonight. One disaster will be at the ruins and the other will happen at the party where the Cranes and Lopez-Fitzgerald's will be. Timmy asks Tabitha why she hates the Cranes so much. She tells him when she has more time she will tell him the complete story. In the mean time, Tabitha comes up with a brilliant plan that has to do with the camping trip...

Ethan tells Sheridan he has to get Gwen alone to tell her he is not going through with the wedding. He knows more than the Cranes and Gwens family will be affected by his decision. He realizes what is headed his way. He cares less about the two families and their business deal. Ethan tells Sheridan Theresa is gone home to tell Luis about them, hoping that there would have been a break through between Sheridan and Luis - but of course there has been no change there. Ethan tells Sheridan that Luis hates him more than he ever did before and knows he will never accept Theresa and him being together. Ethan phones Gwen. He cannot locate her. Sheridan tells Ethan she is going to the party and Ethan does not like the idea. She tells him she has to be there to give support to Gwen when she finds out the wedding is off.

Luis tells Theresa it is over between him and Sheridan. He should never have become mixed up with the Cranes. He knows Ethan got to Sheridan. Luis wants to know why Theresa is defending Ethan Crane now that she has a real boyfriend. Luis knows Theresa dreamed of Ethan ever since she was a little girl. She built him up as a prince and Luis prayed for the day Theresa would see Ethan as the real sleaze he is. Luis tells Theresa he knows Ethan and she does not. He made it clear to his sister she is to have nothing to do with the Cranes ever and he would send her away for life to keep her away from Ethan. He tells Theresa she will one day look back at this and laugh. Luis goes to get ready to return to the Cranes and Ethan phones Theresa to find out how telling Luis is going. Theresa answers the phone crying. Ethan leaves to go to Theresas house. She tells Ethan how upset Luis is. They decide they will deal with Luis together but Theresa knows it will not work as Luis blames Ethan for coming between him and Sheridan. Theresa and Ethan end up arguing. Ethan tells Theresa they cannot argue. Ethan leaves to find Gwen and Theresa realizes Ethan is too stubborn. She is afraid he may change his mind about telling Gwen and she runs after him but he has all ready left. Theresa is all in a panic.

Luis walks in the cottage and Sheridan thinks it is Ethan. She hastily comes out in a towel and almost says "I thought you were going to Luis ..." She caught herself on the last word. Luis said he didnt think he would be back so soon but he had to leave as he was locked in a situation with Theresa over Ethan. Sheridan told Luis she understood how that must have happened under the circumstances. Wanting to know what circumstances she was talking about, Sheridan told Luis with all the publicity about the wedding, Theresa is probably day dreaming about Ethan again. Sheridan goes to get ready for the party. Luis informs her he is going with her. He is assigned to protect her and he is going to do his job even if it means having to be in the same room with the Cranes.

Tabitha's Solution:
Sam and Grace come down stairs to whistles and great admiration of their children. Tabitha shows up at the Bennetts and tells them she is so worried about the kids going on the camping trip she will go with them to chaperone. Kay tells her she does not have to do that but Grace thinks it is a wonderful idea and will feel more secure knowing there is an adult with the kids...

Thursday, September 28, 2000 | Episode #320
The Bennett Kitchen:
Charity and Miguel are preparing for their trip to the ruins while Tabitha is worried about being exposed as a witch. Kay cant believe that Tabitha is going to be their chaperone. She tells Simone that she better not keep her from being with Miguel. Simone tells Kay that Miguel is only interested in Charity not her hot to trot cousin. Kay says Miguel with forget all about Charity when he crosses the finish line with her. Simone reminds her that she is supposed to be working with Reese. Kay tells her its time to repay her for helping her get Chad by distracting Reese when she tells her to. Reese tells Charity he is making progress on finding out what period her pendant is from. He asks Tabitha how old she is. Kay tells him to leave Tabitha alone. Reese says that the pendant is over 300 years old. Kay asks him if he thinks Tabitha is that old. Reese explains that one of the original settlers of Harmony was named Tabitha Lenox. Tabitha tells them that in her family, the oldest daughter is always named after the mother. Reese is still suspicious, but Miguel tells him to give it up and help them with the camping stuff. Tabitha tells Timmy that they need to get the pendant away from Reese and back on Charitys neck. If they dont, Evil Charity will not kill Miguel. It will be the end for them if she doesnt. Kay has a plan to get rid of Charity. She decides to orchestrate an accident.

The Bennett Living Room:
Sam tells Grace that he thinks its strange that Tabitha volunteered to be the chaperone. He thinks she has her own secret agenda. Grace doesnt believe it because Tabitha is such a sweet old lady. She is grateful for her doing it so her and Sam can go to the Crane-Hotchkiss party. Sam says he wishes they werent going. Grace asks what it is about Ethan that gets him so upset. Sam says that it is because of the run-ins theyve had. Grace wonders if it is because she said Ethan has the Bennett eyes. Sam says he doesnt like him because he is arrogant and a Crane. Eve and TC arrive. TC says he wishes he were going camping instead of the party. Eve reminds him of the Crane and Hotchkiss familys generosity to the police department, the hospital, and the local charities. She says that they can stand one evening with them in appreciation. TC says he cant make any promises if Julian gets in his face.

The Crane Mansion:
Ivy is getting ready for the party when she takes out her locket. She says that her and Sams son is getting married and she wishes there was some way they could share the moment together. As she finishes getting ready Julian comes in. He says he is not looking forward to spending the evening with the Bennetts and the Russells. She tells him they are her friends and to be nice to them. He says he wont let it spoil the evening. In 24 hours the Crane-Hotchkiss merger will be complete and Ethan and Gwen will be on their honeymoon. Julian says he hopes that Ethans wedding night is more satisfying than theirs was. He reminds her that she ran off on their honeymoon and Ivy reminisces about being with Sam that night. Julian says that now Ethans future is secure, he can concentrate on keeping Luis away from Sheridan. Ivy blasts him and Alistair for messing with people's lives. She says that if Luis and Sheridan are meant to be together then let them. Julian wants something better for Sheridan than a housekeeper's son. Ivy says that true love should be left alone to flourish. Julian wonders where all of this is coming from. Ivy says that maybe she will tell him one day, when the time is right. She asks if Julian is uncomfortable around his former mistress Eve, or is it TC that makes him nervous. She asks him what he done to TC to make him hate him so much. Julian acts like he is not scared, but after he thinks about what he overheard TC saying he wonders if maybe he should take his pistol with him. Ivy warns him against it. Julian threatens to leave early, but Ivy says she is going to stay to the end.

Sheridans Cottage:
Sheridan is getting ready and thinking aloud that she needs to be with Ethan when he calls off the wedding. She pulls out the compact that Luis gave to her. Luis comes in and compliments her on her dress. He tells Sheridan that after tomorrow Theresa will give up her fantasy of being with Ethan. He says that is a good thing too, because if he found out that Ethan and Theresa had something going on theres no telling what he would do. Sheridan gets scared and says she doesnt want to go to the party. Luis asks whats going on. He asks her if she is afraid he cant protect her in a big crowd. She says she knows he would protect her but shes not up to the party. Luis doesnt buy it. He reminds her how she is always fighting about getting out to do something and now shes a homebody. He says he will never understand her. They argue about what she overheard again. She tells him that she will go, that shes not worried about protecting him anymore. He asks what she means. She changes it around to mean shes not worried about the drug cartel anymore. As they are driving over (and arguing), they are flagged down by a little boy. He explains that he was looking for his mothers midwife, but she is off delivering another baby. They offer to take them to a hospital, but he says his mother is afraid of hospitals. They tell him to lead them to her. When they arrive she demands to know who they are anywhere Mrs. Miller (the midwife) is. Her son says she wont be back until the morning and she says she can wait until then. Luis tells her he is a cop and trained to deliver babies. He attempts to call for help but the phone wont work. Luis plans on delivering the baby alone, but Sheridan insists on helping.

Theresas House:
Theresa tells Whitney about her fight with Ethan. She is upset that Ethan thinks Luis is lying about what Sheridan said. Whitney tells her that everyone fights, even her parents. But that doesnt mean they dont love each other any more. Theresa tells her that the wedding hasnt been called off yet. Theresa tells Whitney that maybe she should got to the party to be by Ethans side. Whitney warns her against it, but she also says she admires her for not giving up on what she wants. Pilar comes in and she admires her too, but she tells her to think about the consequences. Theresa tells her that she cant give up on Ethan, just like she never gave up on Martin. Theresa says she doesnt want to hurt anybody, she just want's to love Ethan and for him to love her. She says she likes Gwen but they could never be friends because they are from different worlds. Pilar says that Ethan is from that world too. She warns Theresa about what could happen to her. Before she can continue Ivy calls her to come over.

The Crane Mansion:
Pilar arrives and Ivy tells her about how she wants to share Ethans wedding day together with Sam. Shes worried that soon Ethan will be gone and she wont have anyone left but Julian. She always thought she would have Sam back before this day came. Pilar warns her against making any kind of scene at the party. Ivy says that the way she feels, all bets are off.

The Country Club:
Chad runs into Ethan and tells him that Rebecca hired him to DJ the party. Chad wants to know is the wedding on or off. Ethan says he hasnt told Gwen that it is off yet. Chad cant believe it. He tells Ethan that hes not happy about being there when the bomb is dropped. He says that if the blast from that doesnt kill Ethan, Rebecca will. Chad asks him if he feels the same way about Gwen that he does about Theresa, but he is not sure. Ethan wonders if he should go through with the wedding, that maybe his feelings for Theresa will pass. Ethan says that if he calls off the wedding, he cant change his mind later, but he wants to do what is right for everybody. Chad tells him to make up his mind before he goes to the party. Ethan says he knows what he has to do. Chad wishes him good luck. Meanwhile Rebecca tells Gwen that she will make sure that everything goes right. She remembers seeing Ethan and Theresa kissing. They argue over Ethan and Theresa. Gwen tells her she is not worried about it because its not true. Gwen leaves. Rebecca says that Theresa is a conniving little half-breed and she will never get her paws on Ethan again because she will make sure of it. Rebecca meets up with Ethan and tells him she looking forward to getting to know him better. She tells him she doesnt think she knows him as well as she thought she did. He asks where Gwen is. She tells him she knows why hes looking for her. Ethan says she doesnt and she asks if he wants to bet on it. Ethan tells her hes not in the mood to play her games. Rebecca tells him she knows hes going to tell Gwen hes in love with Theresa and he wants to call off the wedding. Ethan is stunned. The Bennetts and the Russells arrive at the party. Grace admires the décor while Sam tells TC he needs to stay away from Ivy tonight. Eve asks TC if he wants to dance. He says no and goes to get them a drink. He comes face to face with Julian!

Friday, September 29, 2000 | Episode #321
Charity, Miguel, Kay, Simone, and Reese set up camp near the ruins of Harmony's original settlement. Acting as their chaperone, Tabitha plots to get the pendant away from Reese and onto Charity so Evil Charity can kill Miguel. She hopes she can do this before the kids start snooping around the ruins. Tabitha panics when Charity suggests they check out the ruins right away.

Luis is amused as a stubborn Sheridan struggles with taking care of Pat's children. Despite strong contractions, Pat assures Luis she won't have her baby until morning. Pat tells Luis and Sheridan they make a good couple.

A distraught Ivy confides to Pilar how she feels like she's losing Ethan now that he's getting married. Pilar worries an emotional Ivy will tell Sam he's Ethan's father while at the party.

TC runs into Julian at the party and struggles to keep his temper under control. Sam notices the tension between the two men and ushers TC away. Julian hits on Eve.

Theresa frets her fight with Ethan will cause him to stay with Gwen. She doesn't understand why Ethan has not yet called to say he broke up with Gwen. Meanwhile, Ethan is stunned when Rebecca reveals she saw him and Theresa kissing. She tries to get him to change his mind, but Ethan remains steadfast in canceling the wedding. Stalling for time, Rebecca urges Ethan to spare Gwen from humiliation by waiting until after the party to tell her the wedding's off. Ethan is torn.