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February 2001


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Monday, February 5, 2001 | Episode #408

Tabitha and Timmy are packing their suitcases, wanting to get out of the motel as quickly as they can. As they open the door to leave, Norma enters. She asks them where they are going and they say they are checking out. She says they can check in but not out. Norma comes at them with an ax. Tabitha has a plan. She lets out a loud scream in pain, deafening Norma. Timmy knocks her out with a suitcase and they run for the car. The car will not start. Timmy is working in the engine, trying to fix it so the car will start. Tabitha sees that Norma is moving and wants Timmy to hurry up. Norma gets up and comes at them with the ax. Tabitha tells Norma she can take her ax and ... while she starts the car and guns the motor and fly's out of there. Timmy is left in the engine! They arrive at the airport and they see Norma walking around with an ax. Tabitha has a plan on how to get away from Norma. Tabitha dresses as a nun while Timmy dresses as a Rabbi. Norma is behind them while they go to the gate, hoping to be able to get away from her. People in front of Tabitha and Timmy are reading Hidden Passions. Timmy is listening to what they have to say about the book. Norma returns. The clerk thinks she recognizes Tabitha and asks her if she is Tabitha Lenox. Tabitha says she is not Tabitha Lenox but she has the kind of face everyone recognizes. Norma walks past them as they head for the boarding gate.

The Bennett House:
Jessica wants to go give Charity a cup of hot chocolate. Kay tells her she can't go in Charitys room as she is sleeping. Kay remembers Charity is frying in hell, screaming her guts out in her closet. Kay warns Jessica not to enter Charitys bedroom. Charity is sleeping and she is so nervous, Jessica could end up scaring her. She startles very easily. Jessica agrees with Kay, and she leaves to go downstairs. Kay summons Hecuba. She wants to know what to tell her family about Charity. She also wants her soul back as she figures she has earned it. Hecuba tells her not to pressure her. She has to get the spell right to release her soul back to her. Kay also wants Miguel. When Kay goes down stairs, Hecuba says it will be a cold day in hell before Kay gets her soul back. She has her and she will make sure evil reigns over Harmony. Miguel arrives from the party and he wants to go check on Charity. Kay tells him she is sleeping and she does not think it is a good idea to disturb her. Miguel tells Kay he is going to stay the night anyway, incase Charity needs him. Jessica thinks there is something wrong. She decides to go check on Charity herself. Hecuba is excited Charity is destroyed. Nothing can stop her now. She is going to bring the world to its knees. We can hear Charity screaming as Hecuba waves good-bye to her. Miguel wants to go upstairs again and check on Charity. Kay persuades him to stay wit her. Kay puts her hand on Miguels and he finds Kays hand very cold. He touches her and finds her freezing. They remember sitting on the couch like they are doing now and talking of all the good times they shared. Miguel says things changed when Charity came into his life. Kay asks Miguel if he ever made a decision and made a wrong decision. Miguel says he has made mistakes but has always tried to fix them. Kay decides she is going to have to make the best of the situation. Upstairs, Jessica says Kay is acting weird. Hecuba yells at Charity to accept her fate but she sees Charitys bedroom door handle turning. Down stairs, Miguel and Kay hear Jessica scream. Miguel runs up the stairs to find out what is going on. Hecuba tells Kay Jessica came in the room and opened Charitys closet doors. She has gone to hell with Charity...

The Crane Mansion:
Grace has a premonition that something is wrong with someone very close to her. Pilar asks her to lie down in Ivy's room. Ivy is worried that everything she endured over the years for Ethan will be for not. She is scared Ethan will hate her when he finds out the truth. Ethan wants to know the truth. Julian asks Ethan not to call him father. He tells him he is not his father as Ethan is not a Crane. Pilar tells Miguel to go and check on Charity. She wants him to leave the back way. Grace over hears Pilar telling Miguel to go the back way and wants to know why. Theresa is on the phone with Luis and Sheridan. They heard the announcement Julian made about Ethan not being a Crane. They have to go to the main house to see what Julian is up to. Whitney asks Theresa if she is responsible for the truth coming out about Ethan. Rebecca and Gwen are happy and are enjoying the fact that Theresa is looking worried. Sam tells TC and Eve he feels sorry for Ethan. Sam says there is no way Ethan could be his son. Eve remembers Ivy asking her to change the birth records at the hospital to show Ethan was premature. Ethan asks Julian how he can say he is not a Crane. Julian tells Ethan he loves him and he has always loved him but he is not his father. Grace asks Pilar if something bad is going on. She feels her baby is a boy. She is happy, as Sam has always wanted a second son. Ethan does not believe a word that Julian is saying and calls it lies. He was born a Crane and he is a Crane. He becomes extremely angry and starts to throw things. Ivy hears Ethan yelling from the library. Ethan demands to now why his father is lying to him. Chad can't believe what is happening. TC tells Chad Ethan is going to need all of his friends. Luis and Sheridan arrive at the main house. Sheridan asks Julian how he could hurt Ethan this way. Rebecca and Gwen look on like Cheshire cats. Grace is looking through Ivys photo album. Grace tells Pilar she knows Ivy is pinning over her lost love and she knows she is in pain. Gwen feels bad for the man's wife also. She thinks the man is still in love with Ivy, as he never told his wife about her. Sam would never keep a secret from Grace. Ethan wants to know why his mother will not answer him when he asks her if Julian is his father. Julian is rude to Sheridan and Luis tells him not to talk to Sheridan like that. Julian says Sheridan is his sister and he will talk to her any damn way he pleases. Ethan demands him mother and father stop fighting and wants to know if what Julian told him is the truth. Ivy yells at Ethan she loves him very much. Ethan then realizes it is all true. Grace apologizes to Pilar for talking about her husband. Pilar tells Grace she will go get Sam and have him bring her home. Grace is looking through the album again. She hopes Ethan and Theresa will soon have children so the kids can play together at the Crane mansion. The angel girl arrives to warn Grace that great evil is here. Ethan wants to know who his father is. Sam is thinking things are not adding up. He thinks back on Ivys wedding night when he made love to her. He is sure he is not Ethans father but he wonders who is. If Ethan wants to know, Julian will tell him since Ivy will not. He will show Ethan who his father is and tries to take the tabloid from Ivy. Ivy will not give the tabloid up. Grace asks the angel what is going to happen. She replies that evil is going to attack her right now. Ivy and Julian fight over the tabloid. Pilar tells Sam to go upstairs to get Grace and leave the party at once. Ivy tells Julian she will destroy him if he tells Ethan who his father is. Julian calls Sam in the main room as he leaves to go get Grace. Julian tells Sam he knows, he knows everything. Julian shows Sam and everyone at the party the tabloid. Sam shakes his head. People's mouths are open in shock. Ethan is in denial.

Tuesday, February 6, 2001 | Episode #409
Scene One:
Miguel runs up to Charitys bedroom after he hears Jessica screaming. He wants to know where Charity is. Jessica is in shock. She tells Miguel when she entered the room, it was freezing cold. It was a cold like she never felt before. Kay enters the room. Jessica touches her sister, and says Kay is cold and it is the same cold she felt when she entered the room. Hecuba wants to know if Kay will work for her. Kay tells the witch to forget it. She only wants her soul back as she carried out her end of the deal, and helped Hecuba get rid of Charity. Luis and Sheridan are in shock at the news that Ethan is not Julian Cranes son. They wonder if Alistair knows about the latest news and Sheridan thinks he does. She reflects on the way Alistair changed his mind about making his public announcement earlier in the evening. Julian is showing everybody at the party the tabloid that shows Ethan is Sam Bennetts son and not a Crane. Pilar is worried. She can't understand how Ivys secret came out. She asks Theresa is she had anything to do with it. Theresa is devastated and tells her mother she could not do anything like that to the man she loves. Theresa wants to be with Ethan to comfort and support him but Pilar tells her to stay away from him. Ethan is going to have to sort everything out on his own. Ethan reacts to the news. He says he hates Sam Bennett and his mother would never be involved with someone LIKE HIM. Ivy has tears of fear in her eyes.

Scene Two:
Miguel needs to know if Kay knows anything about Charity. Kay tells him Charity was going to go to sleep. Kay wants to know why every thing that goes wrong automatically blamed on her. Miguel tells her he is upset and he did not mean to make her cry. He asks Kay why she is so cold. He wants to know what is going on with Kay. He tells her she can tell him anything and he will understand and not get mad at her. Grace is with the angel girl in Ivys bedroom. She wants to know the name of the person at least who is going to be bringing her trouble. The angel tells Grace she can't stop the evil from happening. She wants her to stay strong and brace. Grace is going to have to fight the evil with all she has got. Grace wants to know what can she do or where can she go. The angel can't answer her questions. Pilar asks Eve for help. The have to get Grace out of the mansion. Sam is going to have to tell Grace that he is Ethans father. They decided they would have to take Grace out the back entrance so she will not find out what is going on downstairs. Pilar asks Whitney to keep an eye on Theresa while she is gone. Whitney tells Chad that the story of Ethans parentage is true. Chad is not happy and worried that Theresa has kept this secret from Ethan. Ethan is holding up the tabloid and says the story is all lies. He says he is a Crane from birth and from blood. Rebecca tells Julian she asked the servants to ask the guests to leave the mansion. She thinks Julian handled the news with quiet dignity. She calls him a man among men. Ethan leaves Theresas side. Theresa tells Whitney secrets always have a way of coming out but she can't understand how this secret came out. Ethan and Sam exchange looks. Sam asks Eve to tell Ethan she saw his birth records and he is not his son. Eve remembers Ivy blackmailing her into changing the birth records. Sam says Ethan was born prematurely so he is not his son. He wants to know if it is true.

Scene Three:
Grace asks the angel girl how she can be on guard for what is going to happen. The angel tells her again that it has something to do with Sams son. It is neither Noah nor the baby. The outcome of this upcoming battle is going to determine the rest of Graces life. The angel leaves as Pilar enters the bedroom. Sheridan knows Julian would not pull a stunt like this without Alistair's approval. She does not think Julian is putting on a show. Luis says he was worried that they would try to separate him and Sheridan. Sheridan says their love is too strong for anything to come between them. Eve over hears them talking and she remembers pleading with Julian to stop Alistair from tearing Luis and Sheridan apart. Sam reminds Eve she told him that Ethan was not his son. Rebecca and Gwen are talking. Gwen wants to know when it would be a good time to tell Theresa that Theresa knew the secret all along. Rebecca tells her to have patience and not feel too sorry for Ethan. He was the one who left Gwen high and dry for another woman so he should suffer for a while. Theresa talks to Ethan. She tells him she will do anything for him that he wants. Ethan replies that he wants to talk to his father. Ethan tells Julian the tabloids will print anything to hurt people. He is gong to sue the tabloid for everything they have. Julian tells Ethan for once, a tabloid is actually telling the truth. Ethan says Sam would know if it were true or not. TC wants Sam to leave Eve alone. He is forcing the issue of the birth certificate on Eve. Julian show them proof that Sam is indeed the father. He takes out Ivys letter to Sam and he reads passages from it including; "Ethan is our son, not Julians but yours". Sam looks confused. Ethan is stunned and Ivy is beside herself.

Scene Four:
Miguel knows something is eating at Kay and he wants to know what it is. He promises he will not tell a soul. Kay says there is noting bothering her. Jessica has returned from searching the house and she can't find Charity anywhere. Miguel wants to know why Charity would leave? He wonders if she could be hiding in her closet. Watching in her mirror, Hecuba wants Kay to get Miguel away from the closet. If he opens the doors, he will join Charity in hell for eternity. Pilar questions Grace about the angel's news. Grace tells Pilar she has to be very brace to survive and it has something to do with Sams son. She wants to know why it is Sams son and not "our" son? Pilar tells Grace it is time to go home. She will drive her. Grace says there is no need to do that, as Sam is downstairs. Grace asks Pilar what it is she is not telling her. Ethan grabs the letter from Julian. He thinks it is a forgery. No court of law would recognize this so he wants to know why Julian believes it. He wants to see the original. Ethan accuses Sam of staging this mess. He must have had one of his writing experts at the station write the letter. Sam tells Ethan he is plain stupid. He does not want his for a son so why would he do something like that? Ethan yells he is a Crane and no one can take that away from him - NO ONE!

Scene Five:
Grace wants to know why she has to leave the party now. She asks Pilar if she knows what the angel is talking about. Grace wants to go to Sam but Pilar will not let her. Grace thinks it is because Sam is having a great time at the party. He did not want to come in the first place! Grace is feeling lightheaded. Pilar goes to get her a glass of water. She tells Grace to ask Sam what the angel was talking about. Sheridan asks Luis if she should go to Ethan. Luis feels Ethan needs to work through this on his own. Sheridan is happy Luis is with her. Ethan is in trouble and Theresa is Luis sister so they will be there for both of them. Sheridan tells Luis she loves him so much as he is so sensitive to their needs. Gwen feels bad for Ethan. He is going through so much pain. Rebecca reminds her daughter once again that he humiliated her. Let him hurt for a while. Rebecca is sure she will get Julian to adopt Ethan once she is married to him. Gwen is wondering if that will ever happen. Theresa sees Rebecca and Gwen are happy. She wonders what is wrong with them. Julian tells Ethan he does not blame him for not believing the news. He asks him to look closely at his precious mother. The truth is written in her face. Ethan looks at Ivy. Ivy has to put her eyes down and she can't look at Ethan in the face.

Scene Six:
Kay does not want Miguel to open Charitys closet doors. Grace leaves Ivys room. She has to go to Sam. She needs him. Sam always makes Grace feel safe and secure. Julian says the truth is written all over Ivys face. He tells Ethan to ask his mother the truth. He does ask him mother and she begins by saying she is so sorry ...

Wednesday, February 7, 2001 | Episode #410
Confronted by her son, a devastated Ivy is unable to deny the tabloid story. "Sister" Tabitha and "Rabbi" Timmy make it safely back home to Harmony. Kay blurts out to a baffled Jessica and Miguel that Charity is dead. As Ethan continues to deny that he is Sam's son, Pilar attempts to coax Grace out of the mansion before she overhears any of the commotion coming from the living room. After Kay makes excuses to cover for her strange remarks, Miguel heads off to search for Charity while Hecuba focuses her energy on rubbing out Tabitha and her living doll. Ivy tearfully explains to Ethan how her father cruelly separated her from her first love. Miguel enlists his big brother's help when he finds no sign of his missing girlfriend. With Gwen and Rebecca eagerly looking on, Ivy finally confesses to Ethan how she and Sam conceived a child on the night of her wedding to Julian. Listening from the top of the steps, Grace is crushed to learn the truth about her husband's past. Luis discovers scorch marks on the door of Charity's closet. Horrified by the turn of events, Grace collapses and tumbles down an entire flight of stairs.

Thursday, February 8, 2001 | Episode #411
The Bennett House:

Luis, Reese, Kay, & Jessica are all in Charitys room. Luis & Reese confirm that there are scorch marks inside the closet wall. Miguel asks Kay why she didnt tell them there was a real fire? Kay struggles to answer. Jessica wants to know what it is that Kay isnt saying. Kay didnt know. Luis tells them the scorch marks arent ordinary scorch marks. Reese points out that it's peculiar that nothing else in the closet was damaged. Luis is going to call the Fire department to have experts explain what has happened. Miguel doesnt like this. He feels there is a connection between the fire & Charitys disappearance. Father Lonigan calls is anyone home? From down stairs. He comes up the steps. He apologizes for walking in but the door was cracked. He tells them when he went to sleep he had a nightmare that took place in the walls of the Bennett house yet it didnt seem like the house since it is always filled with love. It was as if something evil consumed the house. Father Lonigan asks where Charity is. They tell him she is missing. Father was afraid of this. He senses that the evil & Charitys disappearance are connected. He knew he had to come to the house, he was afraid of this (the evil) Luis says that he tried to explain that maybe nothing is wrong, Charity has slept walk before maybe she just went for a walk. Father Lonigan asks if Charity was home by herself. Miguel says that she wasnt alone; Kay was with her all night. Father didnt know Kay was there. Kay says yes she is here. Luis has some patrolmen out looking for Charity as they speak. Father Lonigan says that this is a force that the even the police cant find. Father asks if he can go inside Charitys room. Jessica says theyve already looked in the room. He would still like to go in. Jessica tells him to go ahead. Everybody goes into Charitys room. Father says its here, Evil is here. Kay looks worried. Father felt the evil so strongly. He walks over to the mirror & grabs it. He almost falls. Miguel catches him. They must fight evil. Father starts saying a prayer & splashing Holy water around the bedroom. Miguel, Kay, Luis, Reese, & Jessica are all watching him with disturbed looks on their faces.

Tabithas House:
Tabitha still doesnt believe that Hecuba got rid of Charity. Hecuba brings Tabitha & Timmy down near the doorway to the basement. She has gotten rid of Charity & now she is going to banish Tabby & Timmy. Tabitha tells Hecuba that Timmy is innocent. Hecuba needs to leave him out of it. Hecuba doesnt care. Timmy is Tabithas sidekick. Tabitha apologizes to Timmy. Timmy says he hasnt even got to shave yet. He is too young to die! Hecuba says forget about it Minnie me. Hecuba starts to talk to the friends in the basement. She is telling them of how she got rid of Charity. She has succeeded where Tabitha has failed. She flashes back to putting Charity in the flames of hell. She wonders where Charity got such strength. Timmy knows! Charity is sweet! Tabitha cuts him off & tells Hecuba to ignore him as Timmy had a huge crush on Charity. Hecuba says it was quite an exhilarating experience. Exhausting too but she persisted & prevailed in true Hecuba style. The deed is done the dark side has won! Hecuba asks Timmy & Tabby if they have any last request. Tabby is about to say something when Hecuba says she wouldnt give her water if she were dying! Tabitha was always mean to Hecuba. Tabby says she didnt mean to be. We will see who has the powers now. She asks Tabby & Timmy if they are ready. She tells the friends in the basement that here they come. The house starts shaking Timmy asks what is going on? Tabby says that someone is praying. Hecuba starts to scream.

The Engagement Party:
Everybody rushes to Grace's side at the bottom of the stairwell as she has fallen down the steps. Eve says Oh my God the baby! Sam is asking Grace to wake up. Sheridan goes to call an ambulance. Eve asks T. C. to go get her medical bag from the car. Mort sneaks back into the house. Eve is trying to wake Grace up. Pillar explains that she tried to catch Grace. Eve tells her its not her fault. Sam wants to know how long Grace had been standing up their at the top of the steps & what all she heard. Sam will never forgive himself. He wants to know if Grace & the baby are going to be okay. Eve doesnt know she needs Sam to give her room. Eve needs to get Grace to the hospital. Until then Grace needs to be somewhere quite. Pillar suggests the library. Sam Picks Grace up & carries her in to the library & lays her down on the couch. Pillar comes in she tells them that the ambulance is on it's way. Sam is begging Grace to wake up. Eve tells Sam she needs her space to please give her room. Sam thought Pillar was taking Grace home. Pillar tells him she was but Grace had another visit form the angel girl. She tells Sam of what Grace told her about the Angel girl. Sam blames himself. He should've told Grace about his past with Ivy. He says that he is a damn coward. Eve is checking Grace out. Theresa tells Whit & Chad that she needs to be with Ethan. Whitney hopes that Mrs. Bennett & the baby okay. She says that overhearing what Grace heard would make someone shaky & fall. Chad agrees the truth coming out that Ethan is Sams son like this is horrible. Whitney says the night cant get any worse. Chad says it can if Ethan finds out that Theresa knew the truth. Rebecca says it is a shame that Grace fell like that OUCH! It was great to see Ivy destroyed though. Gwen is happy that her mother is happy. She has always got along with Ivy she just wants Theresa tossed out onto the streets like yesterdays trash. Rebecca assures Gwen once Ethan finds out that Theresa knew the truth he will be Gwens again. Theresa is telling Ethan she wishes she could make everything okay for him. Sheridan walks up. She tells Ethan how sorry she is. Ethan was so proud to share a last name with Sheridan now Sheridan cuts him off. Now nothing. She tells Ethan she loves him, he is still her nephew & nothing can change that. Ethan says that thanks to the tabloid nothing will be the same. Ethan sees Mort taking pictures & charges over to where he is. He grabs him & asks what the hell Mort thinks he is doing. He tells him that he will not get away with this. Sam asks what if he killed the woman he loved. Sam would sell his soul to turn back the hands of time. He was going to tell Grace but it never seemed like the right time. T. C. had no idea that Ethan could be his son. Sam wonders how it can be. Ivy pulled Ethan being his son a couple of times before but he thought she was just trying to get him back. Ethans birth records showed that he couldnt be my son. Ethan was premature right Eve? Eve says yes she showed Sam the records. T. C. says maybe the records were wrong. Sam tells Pillar he wants the truth, is Ethan really my son? Ethan is about to take a hit at mort when Sheridan stops him. She tells Mort none of this is anybody's business. Mort says people got to make a living. Sheridan calls the reporters vultures. Ethan wants to know who told him about this. Mort just took a tip from his boss. Ethan asks who sent the letter to him. Sam wants to hear the truth from Pillar. Pillar tells Sam yes it is true, Ethan is his son. Sam says all this time has gone by I have had a son I never knew. Why Pillar? She tells him that Ivy wanted to tell him but there were so many reasons she didnt. Sam says what reasons? He had a right to know. Pillar tells Sam it was an agonizing choice but Ivy felt it was the best. Sam asks the best for whom? Sam Says if Ivy didnt tell him then why didnt Pillar? It was Pillar's duty not to tell. Sam asks Pillar what about her duty to him? How could she hide it from him? Pillar apologizes. Sam says it isnt good enough. Ethan wants to know whom? Who sent the letter to the tabloid? Mort says it was sent anonymously to the tabloids computer. Sheridan tells Ethan to let mort go. Ethan tells him get the hell out! Sheridan tells Ethan that he did the right thing. Theresa wishes she could help Ethan. Rebecca tries to talk with Julian who is not in the mood to discuss this right now. Rebecca tells him when he is ready she will be here for him. Julian walks away to go sit down on the steps. He is looking very glum. Gwen asks her mother what happened. Rebecca tells her Julian didnt want to talk he has taken this harder then she thought he would. He will come running though so will Ethan. Sam tells Eve to stop tiptoeing around will Grace be okay. Eve tells him it doesnt look good. She isnt able to tell till she gets Grace to the hospital. Sheridan walks up to Ivy. She asks if it is true? Yes, it is true. Sheridan asks how is Ivy sure. Ivy tells her there is no test to take. Sam is Ethans father. Ivy has known this since Ethan was conceived. Sheridan doesnt understand how Ivy could do this & keep it a secret. Ivy tells Sheridan she of all people should understand. Ivy didnt want to hurt Ethan. She loves him with all of her heart. Sheridan says look at him he is destroyed. She tells Ivy that she couldnt have hurt Ethan more then that if she tried. Gwen walks up to Ethan & puts her hand on his back. She looks at Theresa & says sorry. She wants Ethan to know how bad she feels for him. Rebecca too. They hope Ethan finds out who did this. Theresa knows he will find out. Ethan says he will spend the rest of his life trying to find out. Rebecca says thank goodness you have Theresa. Ethan agrees. Rebecca tells Gwen they make quite a tag team. Gwen reminds her mother that she is the one who sent it. The paramedics are taking Grace out of the house. Ivy tells Sam that she hope Grace & the baby are all right. Sam tells her that if there not he will never forgive her. Sam & Ethan look at each other with hate in their eyes. Ethan walks away. Theresa is walking over to Ethan. Rebecca looking at Theresa says that have Ivy out of the way now its her turn.

Friday, February 9, 2001 | Episode #412
Alistair is saying how Sam should lose something too, and if it is his child then so be it. Sheridan talks to Ethan about how they will always be family. And always will be. Ethan gets himself a drink and sees Julian. For the first time he calls him Julian for the first time, and he tells him he didn't know Julian tells him he knows he didn't. Ethan says he never wanted it to be that way. Ethan finds Ivy's locket. They have a fight about how his life is a lie and ow the man he loved his life as his father isn't and that he is only a half brother to all his siblings. She tells him of how she did it all because she loved him is much. How he doesn't know who he is and where he belongs and how is it all because of her. Ivy realizes she was wrong. Julian looks at a picture and says Ethan my pride and joy living proof I did something right...he breaks down in tears. Grace arrives at the hospital still unconscious. Sam prays his wife and baby are okay. Sheridan sees Julian crying in the library and she tells him how sorry she is and that she can imagine what he must be going through and how painful it must be. And he says he'll learn to deal with it. She says it is okay to admit his feeling and that they are all hurt. He starts talking about "those damned plants." And how he is allergic to them. She tells him that no matter what any tabloid headline says he is still his son. not by blood but in every way that counts and that they love each other and what happened doesn't have to change their relationship. Alistair calls and tells him to pull himself together and be a crane! Theresa talked to Ethan about how she wishes there was something she could do. He says he doesn't know what to do or say or feel. And it doesn't matter because the truth is he is no longer Ethan Crane. Gwen asks if there is anything he can do for him. He says no. Eve wakes up. Sam and T. C. talk abort how all the secrets came crashing down and shattered Grace's world. What if he losses her? Alistair goes on speaker phone to talk to Sheridan too. For once she hasn't disgraced her family. Sheridan stands up to Alistair and tells him that Ethan is still their son, nephew and grandson, and that he is the same man as he always was and that he is still the same man that has made them so proud. And that he is still part of the family in every way that counts. HE IS STILL A CRANE! Alistair says to hell he is nothing but a Bennett. Whitney and Chad are talking about how Theresa and Ethan's relationship might be ruined by this. She thinks it could be. Chad doesn't. He says not to get go because of what might happen or worry about ifs and when. She says she can't live like that she has a plan and has to consider her future. Ethan says that whoever told the tabloid without telling him first was so low! Sam tells Grace how he never meant for her to suffer because of something he did. Tells he loves her and that she has to be okay. That they mean everything to her. HE CRIES prays to God that he needs him. Grace wakes up! Sheridan asks Alistair how he can be so cruel and cold hearted. He says facts are facts, Ethan is a Bennett and Ivy's bastard. Sheridan tells Julian to tell him the truth that he still loves Ethan he says he loves Ethan that was his first born, and then ask if they have any idea what it means to hole your first born. juian~IT WAS A LIE IT WAS ALL A LIE! Sheridan~ he was raised a crane and that is what counts! Julian says that Ivy plaid him for a fool and she will pay dearly for it. And suffer and so will Sam. Sheridan tells then to listen to themselves and that Ivy and Sam don't matter and that Ethan is and that they should support him. Julian says that it is no longer his concern. Ivy asks Pilar how this could have happened? Theresa convinces herself that everything will be okay. She returns to Ethan. He tells her it has been a long night. Sheridan can't believe how cold they are being and that she can't believe that they are turning their backs on him and that they have loved him their whole lives. Alistair says Ethan isn't a Crane and means nothing to them and tells Sheridan to be quiet and listen. Sheridan asks what do you mean my sake? He says that they shouldn't get involved with people out of their class. And says don't make the same mistakes. Stick to your own set. Sheridan says are you threatening me father? He says he is stating facts. ASK Julian if you don't believe him, and how her brother made a mistake at that age. Julian has a flashback of making love to Eve. Theresa an Ethan, she tells him she loves him. He tells her he can't take it anymore. She says everything will be okay because she is with him now. Ivy tells Pillar that shell make the person who ruined so many lives pay! Grace wakes up and she tells Sam about this nightmare she had all of what happened at the party. Opens her eyes and realizes that it is all the truth because she is in the hospital. He tells her to relax.

Monday, February 12, 2001 | Episode #413
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While Father Lonigan prays for the destruction of the evil forces which took Charity away, Tabitha and Timmy are forced to take cover as Hecuba unleashes her own fury on the duo. Later, Kay writhes in pain when she's accidentally splashed with holy water. Though Theresa tries to console her forlorn fiance, Ethan declares that his whole life has been destroyed. At the hospital, an agitated Grace demands to know how Sam could keep the truth from her for so long. Meanwhile, Pilar desperately attempts to dissuade Ivy from intruding on Sam and his wife at such a delicate time. Simone is appalled to see burn marks on her best friend's arm. Hecuba and Tabitha scream in agony as holy water begins pouring down from the ceiling. Sheridan confides to Gwen how worried she is that her relationship with Luis may not survive the differences in their social class and upbringing. Ethan tells Theresa he needs some time alone to think things through. T.C. asks Sam if he still loves Ivy.
Tabitha's house shakes violently as Father Lonigan prays against evil. Once the shaking stops, Hecuba attempts to destroy Tabitha and Timmy by shooting lightning bolts at them. Later, Father Lonigan sprinkles holy water around Charity's bedroom to find evil and destroy it. Back at Tabitha's, holy water begins to rain down in the living room. Tabitha and Hecuba writhe in pain as Timmy helplessly stands by. Meanwhile, Kay gets burned when some of Father Lonigan's holy water splashes on her. When Simone questions Kay about Charity's disappearance, she's startled by her friend's burn marks. Sheridan fears her relationship with Luis is doomed. She worries Alistair will tear them apart. Sheridan's further concerned when Gwen asserts relationships never work between people of different classes. Theresa comforts a devastated Ethan. Ethan tells Theresa he's beginning to think their being together is not a good idea. He adds he needs time to digest everything that's happened to him. Theresa is thrown while an eavesdropping Rebecca is thrilled. An anxious Ivy tells Pilar she wants to see Sam immediately to smooth things over. Pilar warns her friend she'll only cause greater pain by going to Sam now. Ivy convinces Pilar she'll stay home, but then heads for the hospital as soon as Pilar leaves. At the hospital, Grace becomes agitated as she remembers the night's events. TC consoles Sam, who is tormented by how his lies have affected Grace and their unborn child. TC asks Sam if he's still in love with Ivy.

Tuesday, February 13, 2001 | Episode #414

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Gwen gleefully informs Theresa that she's lost Ethan and will never get him back. Meanwhile, alone in his room, Ethan crumples completely as the awful truth sinks in. At the hospital, Sam rips into Ivy for ruining his life. Kay feels herself being relentlessly pulled towards Father Lonigan as the priest commands the soulless one to come hither. Next door, Hecuba torments Timmy and Tabitha by firing bolts of lightning from her fingertips. Sheridan shakily admits to Luis how terrified she is that Alistair and Julian will find a way to separate them. Stung by Sam's harsh judgment, Ivy dissolves in tears and accepts a comforting hug from her repentant old flame. Ethan devastates Theresa by declaring that he can't love someone when he doesn't know who he is anymore. Troubled by a nightmare, Grace stumbles out of bed in search of Sam. Kay becomes surrounded by dark shadows which whisk her through the gates of hell. Stunned to see Sam with his arms around Ivy, Grace collapses in a heap.
At the hospital, Ivy apologizes to Sam, but he angrily orders her to leave. Sam takes the opportunity to tell off his ex-lover. As Ivy breaks down in tears, Sam softens and pulls her into an embrace. Meanwhile, Grace has a nightmare of Ivy taking Sam away from her. Grace awakens and heads out to find Sam. Will she discover Sam and Ivy together? After witnessing the devastation caused by Ivy and Sam's secret, Eve fears what will happen should her past come to light. Luis tries to reassure Sheridan nothing can split them up. However, Sheridan remains anxious about what her father will do to keep them apart. Gwen warns Theresa she has lost Ethan forever. A shaken Theresa rushes off to speak with her fiancée. An anguished Ethan confides to Theresa he doesn't know who he is without the Crane name. He wonders if they should be involved when he's so confused. Theresa is crushed. Hecuba continues to attack Tabitha and Timmy with lightning bolts. Meanwhile, Kay becomes fearful when Father Lonigan senses the presence of evil. Unaware Kay is in the room with him, the blind priest demands to know who's there. Jessica enters the room and tells Father Lonigan she can answer his questions. Later, Kay is oblivious as black shadows begin to creep out of the floor and surround her.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001 | Episode #415

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Hecuba and Tabitha shudder to see Father Lonigan approaching the house with a vial of holy water at the ready. Unclear about his past and his future, Ethan explains to an appalled Theresa why it wouldn't be fair for him to marry her now. Eve hedges when Sam begs for the truth about his unborn child's condition. Afterwards, Sam angrily reminds Ivy that it will be on her head if anything happens to Grace or the baby. Timmy and the two witches take cover as another indoor downpour drenches them with holy water. As they both struggle in the arms of the damned, Charity tells a screaming Kay she's going to burn for eternity for the sin of selling her soul. Having survived the rain, Hecuba renews her attack on Tabitha and her talking doll. Kay and Charity cry out for help to Father Lonigan, who tries to rescue the girls from the flames of hell. Sam tells a dismayed Ivy he has no chance of building a relationship with his son because Ethan feels nothing but contempt for him now. As Gwen eagerly eavesdrops, Theresa offers to give back Ethan's engagement ring. Father Lonigan finally pulls Kay to safety but is unable to reach her cousin. Eve gives Sam the devastating news that Grace has miscarried.
Ethan insists he can't marry Theresa while he's going through his identity crisis. Ethan explains all his hopes and dreams have been dashed, and he doesn't know who he is anymore. A devastated Theresa insists she still loves him, but gives Ethan back her engagement ring. Gwen gleefully spies on the couple and plots to win back Ethan. Sensing the presence of great evil, Father Lonigan throws holy water at Tabitha's house. Tabitha and Hecuba run for cover as holy water once again rains down on them. As soon as the holy water stops raining, Hecuba renews her efforts to eliminate Tabby and Timmy. Timmy claims he just thought of a reason why Hecuba can't destroy them. After having been pulled into the flames of hell, Kay struggles against the damned souls to get out. She and Charity scream for help. Father Lonigan arrives and attempts to pull the girls out of the portal to hell. At the hospital, Sam rushes to Grace's side after she collapses. Sam and Ivy are overcome with guilt as they realize Grace passed out after seeing them in an embrace. Eve hides her concern when Sam asks about the baby's condition. Ivy apologizes to Sam for all the pain her secrets have caused, but Sam states he'll hold her responsible if anything happens to his wife and unborn child. When Ivy asks Sam what he intends to do about Ethan, Sam states she ruined any chance of a relationship between him and their son. Ethan is too much like the Cranes now, he notes.

Thursday, February 15, 2001 | Episode #416

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Timmy's brainstorm fails to produce results when Tabitha discovers that her powers still haven't returned. Father Lonigan lends Kay a sympathetic ear as she pours out the tale of how she sold her soul. Rebecca announces to Julian that she's just filed for divorce now that the man she truly loves has suddenly become available. Theresa freezes in fear when Ethan vows to ferret out by nightfall the identity of the person who withheld Ivy's secret from him. Eve cautions Sam that Grace's life is hanging by a thread. Kneeling by his wife's bedside, Sam tearfully begs her not to leave him. As Charity's friends search the neighborhood, Kay admits to Father Lonigan why she fell for Hecuba's lies. Devastated to learn that her baby is gone, Grace wails that she wants to die. Later, Ethan arrives and misinterprets some angry remarks from an anguished Sam. Miguel hears a familiar voice crying out from the Bennetts' computer. Ethan wounds Ivy by wondering aloud if he can ever love his mother again. Father Lonigan advises Kay to confess to Miguel how she sent her cousin to Hell, but Hecuba decides to take matters into her own hands.
Tabitha points out to Hecuba that she doesn't have her powers back, indicating Charity has not yet been destroyed. Hecuba remains confidant Charity will soon succumb to the fires of hell. Meanwhile, Miguel, Reese, Simone, and Jessica return home after scouring the neighborhood for Charity. Miguel's startled when he hears a voice crying out from the computer. At the same time, Kay admits to Father Lonigan that she sold her soul to a witch in exchange for a chance to be with Miguel. Father Lonigan promises to help Kay get her soul back if she helps Miguel save Charity. Rebecca informs Julian she has filed for divorce from Jonathon. Julian and Rebecca revel in Ivy's downfall. Eve gently informs Sam that Grace lost the baby. She adds Grace is barley hanging on. Sam rushes to Grace's bedside and begs his wife not to die. When Grace awakens, Sam breaks the news about the baby. An anguished Grace says she wants to die. Later, Sam has a confrontation with Ivy and blurts out that he doesn't want Ethan as his son. Ethan arrives in time to hear him and assures his newfound father the feeling is mutual. Ethan tells a pained Ivy he's not sure he can ever love her again. Theresa grows nervous as Ethan swears he'll find out who knew the truth about his paternity and informed the tabloid instead of telling him.

Friday, February 16, 2001 | Episode #417

Though the others remain skeptical, Miguel stubbornly insists he's hearing Charity's voice emanating from the Bennetts' computer. Wielding his cross, Father Lonigan commands Hecuba to be banished to the depths of hell. At the hospital, Eve tells Pilar and the others that Grace has lost the will to live and is beyond the help of medical science. Certain that someone else knew about Ivy's letter, Ethan asks Chad to help him figure it out. Meanwhile, Pilar urges her daughter to come clean with Ethan before he hears the truth from some third party. Terrified that she'll never recover her soul, Kay pleads with the priest not to punish Hecuba. Ethan quizzes Pilar about who could have had access to his birth records. As the laptop begins jumping around, Charity's cries for help become audible to everyone in the living room. Kay reluctantly agrees to honor the bargain she made with Hecuba. Whitney begs Chad not to spill Theresa's secret to Ethan.

Monday, February 19, 2001 | Episode #418
Despite Eve's frantic efforts to resuscitate her best friend, Grace flatlines as her horrified husband looks on. Gwen invites Ethan to come stay with her as long as he likes. Kay reminds a disapproving Father Lonigan that he cannot reveal her secret due to the sanctity of the confessional. Whitney warns Chad she'll have nothing more to do with him if he tells Ethan the truth about Theresa. Ivy watches Sam begging his wife to find the will to live, for their children's sake if not his own. As Charity continues to cry out from the computer screen, Miguel appeals to Father Lonigan for help. Ethan gently turns down Theresa's offer to have him move into the Lopez-Fitzgerald household. Sensing Kay starting to weaken, Hecuba sends a fierce wind sweeping through the Bennett house. Later, Grace makes a miraculous recovery and asks Kay to summon up all her strength to fight off the evil which threatens to destroy their entire family.
Tuesday, February 20, 2001 | Episode #419
Luis tells a sympathetic Sheridan about Grace's miscarriage. Miguel grows frantic when Charity's voice sadly bids him farewell forever. Meanwhile, Father Lonigan entreats Kay to reveal that her cousin is burning in hell before it's too late to save her from eternal damnation. Ethan presses Chad for any theories he might have about how Ivy's letter wound up in the tabloids. Hecuba and Tabitha bring Timmy up to speed about Charity's condition as the witches wait for Kay to make her next move. Luis brings Sheridan to one of his high school hangouts during a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Theresa privately pleads with Chad not to reveal her secret but he urges her to come clean with Ethan before he's forced to unmask her himself. Miguel's friends attempt to console him as he fears he's lost the girl he loves. The little angel shows herself to Kay and warns her to help Miguel locate Charity before evil destroys the entire Bennett clan. As Hecuba enters the fray, Timmy begins jotting down notes for his next bestseller.
Wednesday, February 21, 2001 | Episode #420
Theresa attempts to come clean with Ethan but he misinterprets her remarks and guesses that her mother was the one who hid the truth about his family ties. As Kay and Father Lonigan battle the demons from hell, Hecuba and Tabitha lure Miguel and the others into a deadly trap. Meanwhile, Timmy furiously scribbles notes for his sequel. Though Whitney fears the worst for her best friend, Chad assures her that Ethan will forgive and forget once his fiancee admits the truth. Newly chummy Tabitha and Hecuba congratulate one another for wreaking such wonderful havoc at the Bennett house. With all hell breaking loose, Kay hears her terrified friends crying out for rescue but is held at bay by the hissing demons. Timmy daydreams of having a beautiful young protege to "educate" in the ways of the world. The little angel returns with another urgent warning for Kay. Later, the trapped teens' prayers are miraculously answered.
Thursday, February 22, 2001 | Episode #421
Ethan again pressures Chad to reveal if he knew who was keeping the Cranes' dirty little secret. Urged by Father Lonigan to reject evil, Kay finally tells the others that Charity is burning in hell inside her bedroom closet. Meanwhile, Hecuba hisses to Tabitha that she'll make the soul-less teen roast for her treachery. Luis and Sheridan begin to make love in front of a roaring fire at the cottage. Though Simone and Jessica scoff at Kay's bizarre tale, Miguel decides to take a peek inside Charity's closet but finds nothing except the usual assortment of clothes. Theresa breathes a sigh of relief when Chad tells Ethan he hasn't a clue about who sent the story to the tabloid. Startled to spot Hecuba hovering outside the window, Kay tries to sound the alarm but her friends are unable to see the witch. Timmy is thrilled to learn that he and Tabitha have been invited to go on a nationwide book tour to promote Hidden Passions. Miguel checks the closet again and hears Charity faintly calling out his name.
Friday, February 23, 2001 | Episode #422
At the hospital, Eve urges Sam not to blame himself for Grace's miscarriage but she secretly burns with guilt when he wonders who else knew the truth about Ivy's baby. Meanwhile, Pilar angrily orders Ivy to stay away from Sam and his wife before her selfish behavior destroys what's left of the Bennetts' marriage. Tabitha gleefully tells Timmy how satisfying it is to watch Hecuba fall flat on her face in a futile effort to conquer Charity. Father Lonigan explains to Miguel and the others how the serpents of hell found an entrance into the house via Charity's bedroom closet. As Timmy eagerly scribbles notes, Tabitha describes how every Standish woman through the ages has had supernatural powers. Ethan thanks a guilt-ridden Theresa for being the one person he can always count on for complete honesty. Grace gives Sam the cold shoulder when he attempts to apologize for the pain he's caused. Father Lonigan instructs Reese to look on the Internet for ancient religious documents which could help Miguel rescue Charity. Simone berates Kay for making a deal with the devil, then screams in terror to see her best friend suddenly transformed into a hideous creature. Ethan bitterly crosses his name out of the Cranes' family Bible. Seething with rage, Grace places a powerful curse on a trembling Ivy.

Monday, February 26, 2001 | Episode #423
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Rebecca tells Julian that her soon-to-be ex-husband has agreed to the Crane/Hotchkiss merger provided that she immediately marry the head of his rival empire. Theresa finally blurts out that she is at fault but a clueless Ethan fails to catch her drift. As an enraged Grace curses Ivy to a lifetime of pain, the entire hospital begins shaking violently. Miguel struggles to reach Charity but his terrified friends hold him back from the gates of hell. Oblivious to all the drama swirling around them in the outside world, Luis and Sheridan make love once more. Father Lonigan warns Miguel he isn't ready yet to battle evil but the boy lunges towards the flames yet again. As Eve scrambles to sedate Grace, Sam vents his rage on Ivy. To Miguel's horror, "Charity" reveals herself to be just another demon from the netherworld. Ivy's day hits rock bottom when she finds Julian and Rebecca having sex in her bed. Hecuba sends her evil minions on the attack against Father Lonigan and the teenagers.
At the hospital, Grace continues to cause an earthquake as she curses Ivy to a lifetime of pain and suffering. Sam, Eve, and Pilar rush to Grace's room. Eve tries to restrain a furious Grace, who exhibits supernatural strength. Sam pulls Ivy out into the hall and claims he never wants to see her again. Pilar comforts a devastated Ivy. Luis and Sheridan bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking. The two declare their love for one another and begin to make passionate love again. Rebecca informs Julian that Jonathon is willing to go ahead with the Crane/Hotchkiss merger as long as she marries Julian. She explains her husband is so eager to get rid of her, he's willing to do anything. Rebecca coyly tells Julian she'd like to have sex in one particular room of the mansion. Julian's interest is piqued. Theresa admits to Ethan she is at fault for his paternity ending up as front-page news. Whitney and Chad worry as they await Ethan's reaction. To everyone's surprise, Ethan says he understands and is not angry. However, Theresa's relief is short-lived when she realizes Ethan misunderstood. Hecuba fears Miguel will be able to save Charity now that Father Lonigan has reopened the portal to hell. Miguel rushes to save Charity, who cries out for help from the hellfire. Kay, Simone, Reese, and Jessica struggle to prevent Miguel from charging into hell. As Miguel gets closer, "Charity" suddenly reveals herself to be a demon. The kids react in horror and quickly back away. Father Lonigan has Reese look up ancient texts to help Miguel prepare for his battle in hell. Meanwhile, Hecuba comes up with a new plan to destroy Miguel before he can rescue Charity.

Tuesday, February 27, 2001 | Episode #424

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Ivy fumes when Julian refuses to say the words which will keep Ethan under their roof. Hecuba cackles with glee as her demons begin to choke the life out of Miguel. Alistair phones with stern instructions for his son but abruptly hangs up when Ethan asks to speak with him. Kay begs Father Lonigan to save Miguel. Aided by the supernatural powers of the little angel, Miguel beats back his unearthly assailants. Holed up at the cottage, Luis and Sheridan enjoy another round of lovemaking. Dousing the demons with his unending supply of holy water, Father Lonigan finally manages to drive the hell raisers back into the closet. Theresa trembles when Ivy swears she'll destroy the person who gave her letter to the tabloids. Ivy and Julian vent their rage on one another. Simone presses Kay to reveal if she brought evil down on the Bennetts' house. Sheridan offers a heartbroken Ethan safe harbor at the cottage. Miguel plunges back into the flames in search of Charity.
After Julian turns his back on Ethan, Ivy attempts to convince her son to stay at the mansion. When Alistair calls Julian, Ethan asks to say good-bye to his former grandfather. Before Ethan can get a word out, Alistair hangs up. Ethan is crestfallen. Ivy expresses outrage at Alistair's cruel behavior, while Theresa consoles Ethan. Ivy vows revenge on whoever leaked the information about Ethan's paternity to the tabloid. Rebecca smiles to herself as she observes Theresa's nervous reaction. After Ethan and Theresa leave, Ivy orders Rebecca and Julian out of her bedroom. Julian and Ivy face off. Kay screams in horror as it appears the demons have killed Miguel. Kay tries to get the demons off Miguel, but fails. Father Lonigan prays for help. The angel girl gives Miguel the strength to fight off the attack. Hecuba strangles the angel girl for her interference, but the angel disappears from her clutches. Father Lonigan drives the remaining demons back into hell by dousing them with holy water. Kay claims she's to blame. Jessica assures her sister it's not her fault, but doesn't realize Kay helped lure Charity into hell. Hecuba still resolves to kill Miguel. Luis and Sheridan continue their night of romance.

Wednesday, February 28, 2001 | Episode #425

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Ivy fumes when Julian refuses to say the words which will keep Ethan under their roof. Hecuba cackles with glee as her demons begin to choke the life out of Miguel. Alistair phones with stern instructions for his son but abruptly hangs up when Ethan asks to speak with him. Kay begs Father Lonigan to save Miguel. Aided by the supernatural powers of the little angel, Miguel beats back his unearthly assailants. Holed up at the cottage, Luis and Sheridan enjoy another round of lovemaking. Dousing the demons with his unending supply of holy water, Father Lonigan finally manages to drive the hell raisers back into the closet. Theresa trembles when Ivy swears she'll destroy the person who gave her letter to the tabloids. Ivy and Julian vent their rage on one another. Simone presses Kay to reveal if she brought evil down on the Bennetts' house. Sheridan offers a heartbroken Ethan safe harbor at the cottage. Miguel plunges back into the flames in search of Charity.
Julian orders Ivy to pack her bags and move out immediately. Ivy scoffs at the idea of a divorce, claiming Alistair will not approve of the bad publicity. Julian angrily points out her little secret has already made front-page news across the world. He argues the scandal she caused gives him the perfect excuse to divorce her. Ivy puts up a strong front, but privately worries. Rebecca arrives with an army of decorators to remodel the mansion. Ivy is taken aback by her gall. Ivy insists she'll never divorce Julian, while Rebecca remains confidant she'll soon be Mrs. Julian Crane. Luis and Sheridan's lovemaking marathon continues the next morning. Later, Sheridan comforts Ethan, who spent the night on her couch. Luis suggests to Ethan that he should be thankful he isn't a Crane after all. Meanwhile, Pilar warns Theresa she will lose Ethan forever once he discovers she kept the truth about his paternity from him.

Thursday, March 1, 2001 | Episode #426

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Disgusted to find her husband again pawing Rebecca, Ivy repeats her intention to stay planted in the mansion as long as she likes. Watching Ethan and Sheridan embrace, Theresa remarks to her brother how unusually close the two have always been. Tabitha is delighted to discover that some of her magical powers are slowly starting to return. As they reminisce, Sheridan and Ethan smile to recall how everyone used to mistake them for a romantic couple. Luis confides to Theresa his concern that Sheridan will find it too difficult to adjust to his lifestyle. Ivy fumes to learn that she's already lost credibility all over town. Kay and the others fear the worst when Miguel fails to return from the depths of hell. Rebecca pushes Julian to begin divorce proceedings and advises him to repay his wife of twenty years by giving her absolutely nothing in the settlement. As "Hidden Passions" makes a huge splash at the Book Cafe, Tabitha decides to scarf up every copy to keep the good people of Harmony in the dark. Ethan is crestfallen when Theresa returns the heirloom necklace to Julian.
After witnessing an embrace between Sheridan and Ethan, Luis notes how close they seem. Ethan and Sheridan recall how people used to assume they were a couple because of their close bond. Later, Luis worries Sheridan will not be able to adjust to his lifestyle. Luis urges Theresa to quit her job as Ivy's personal assistant and to stay away from the Cranes. Ethan is pained when he learns Theresa plans to return the Crane heirlooms. A disgusted Ivy storms out of the room after watching Julian and Rebecca grope one another. Ivy is frustrated to learn Rebecca has been undermining her position in the mansion. Meanwhile, Rebecca summons the Crane family attorney to discuss Julian's divorce from Ivy. Rebecca encourages Julian to be ruthless and to leave Ivy with nothing! Tabitha is surprised when she realizes her powers are slowly returning. Hecuba hopes it means Miguel has not rescued Charity. Hecuba conjures a spell to see what Miguel is up to in hell. Meanwhile, Jessica, Simone, and Reese worry that Miguel's been gone all night and there is still no sign of him. Father Lonigan warns Kay Miguel may be stuck in hell forever. A guilt-ridden Kay decides to save Miguel and rushes to the closet to enter hell. Tabitha and Timmy rush to the Book Café after learning "Hidden Passions" has hit the local bookstores. They find the store swamped with customers who are enthralled with the book. Tabitha worries not everyone will read the spell on the last page and forget what they read.

Friday, March 2, 2001 | Episode #427

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Sure all hell will break loose once the Book Cafe receives a second shipment of her memoirs, Tabitha gloomily contemplates her next move. Back at the house, Hecuba taunts Miguel through her cauldron but gets the surprise of her life when he suddenly comes charging up through the surface and wraps his hands around her throat. Theresa assures a grateful Ethan that she cares nothing about the heirlooms she had to return because she loves him, not the Crane fortune. Certain the young woman will show her true gold-digging colors if provoked, Rebecca prods Julian to demand that Theresa surrender her engagement ring as well. Pilar comes to the Bennett house and is alarmed to learn from Father Lonigan how her son has become trapped in the fires of Hell. Upstairs, Kay tearfully vows to enter the demonic portal herself to save the boy she loves. Timmy and Tabitha return home to find Miguel strangling Hecuba and decide to simply stand back and enjoy the fun. Theresa's jaw drops when Julian asks her to hand back her ring. Tabitha has a change of heart and finally rescues a sputtering Hecuba.
From hell, Miguel reaches through the magic bowl and strangles Hecuba. Tabitha and Timmy arrive home, and Hecuba cries out for help. Tabitha and Timmy decide to let Miguel kill Hecuba and watch nonchalantly as Miguel appears to squeeze the life out of their nemesis. Kay looks into hell through Charity's closet and declares her love for Miguel. She vows to enter hell to rescue Miguel if he does not come back. Meanwhile, Reese searches the internet and discovers files which indicate how to save Miguel and Charity. He hits a roadblock when he has problems accessing the files. Pilar arrives at the Bennett house and is horrified when she learns her son and Charity are trapped in hell. The group rejoices when the computer finally begins to work again. Ethan apologizes to Theresa for her having to return the Crane jewelry. Rebecca hopes Theresa will reveal herself as a gold-digger by dumping him. However, Theresa insists she will always love Ethan and states the only piece of jewelry that matters to her is her engagement ring as it is a symbol of their love. A stymied Rebecca whispers to Julian to demand the engagement ring back since it was bought with Crane money. Julian hesitates, but Rebecca insists he'd be doing Ethan a favor by exposing Theresa's true nature. Julian orders Theresa to hand over the ring. Theresa is shocked.