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May 2001


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Monday, April 30, 2001 | Episode #468

The Bennett House:
After a repeat of Friday when the beam falls on Timmy; Tabitha is upset and Timmy says hes alive but he cant feel his legs and Tabby cant lift the beam. Tim tells Tabby hes afraid but hes sorry for what he did and Tab says he didnt hurt her on purpose and Tabby cries and says shes gonna miss him. Kay tries to call her father and Miguel says they cant get through the flames and Kay says she doesnt want to die and Charity says shes sorry and Miguel says its not her fault. Jules and Becky watch and make fun but Becky tells him that there could be people in there and Jules says maybe it was caused by one of Graces tomato soup cakes. A flying demon flies over them and Becky panics. The firemen are trying to get the flames out; Theresa calls out for Miguel and Grace wonders why she cant stop the flying demons now and shes very upset. Ivy watches and Reese tries to look things up on the Internet. Luis wants to go in and Pilar tells him no she wont lose all her sons. Theresa is crying and very upset and Ethan tells her hes going to save them and he runs off and Theresa follows. Timmy tells Tabby to leave him and Tab says she wont and she wont let him blame himself. But she does tell him if he hadnt thrown in the claw they wouldnt be in this mess and she flashes back to when Timmy threw it in. She tells Timmy she told him not to do it and was it worth it to play the hero. Tim says he did what he had to do and he couldnt live with himself if he let Charity die. Tab tells him they could be downstairs trapped and Timmy says no. Charity says she cant take it anymore and calls for God to take her and she knows shell be happy in heaven. Kay says that she cant believe in heaven after all of this and tells her that heaven will be great. Kay says she wont go and that shes done some terrible things and shes going straight to hell and Charity says not if she confesses and M tells her that hes sure that God will forgive her. Jules wants to leave and stops a fireman and wants to go and starts throwing his weight around and Becky helps. Sam comes over and asks whats going on and tells Jules to go around and Jules doesnt want to and starts in on Sam and Sam pushes back. Jules asks if hes gonna dump the little lady for the sexy blonde. Jessica is upset and talks to Hank. Grace prays for their lives along with Father L and Pilar. Ivy worries where Sam is and Reese is getting frustrated. TC looks and thanks God his girls are safe. Theresa stops Ethan and tells him she wont let him go in; he almost died once and she wont let him risk his life again. Ethan tells her he doesnt want to die either, he wants to have a long healthy life with their children and grandchildren but if he doesnt do everything he can, he wont be able to live with himself and he leaves. Miguel tells Kay that she has a beautiful soul and she will go to heaven and Kay says she should have fought the demons harder and Miguel says she did all she could. Miguel says maybe they can get out and grabs a crowbar and says they are getting out of there. Sam goes to Jules and Jules puts Becky in front of him and then threatens Sam and Sam calls him a pig and says he wont waste another second on him. Becky taunts Jules and tells him not to let Sam get away with it; Jules tells Sam not to walk away from him and when Sam goes to get him they both spot Ethan. Ethan sprays himself with water and wants to go in but Luis and Sam stop him. Luis tells Ethan he wants to save the kids too but his way is suicide; there are enough heroes around there and Luis calls Ethan a crazy bastard and Sam tells Luis thats enough and hell take it from there. Luis moves on and Sam says its bad enough that his daughter and niece are in there but hell be damned if he loses a son too. Timmy tells Tab to leave him before its too late and Tab says no she cant and she goes and a pillow and sits down. Tim says hell just close his eyes and wait for the end to come; Tab says she was looking forward to a wonder summer and talks about what shes gonna miss. Tim says he would never laugh at his princess and shes the best of them all. Tab tells him hes the dearest doll she ever made. Tim tells Tab he loves her but shes done some naughty things and they talk about the things shes done. Tab mentions that Miguel's love for Charity has got her out of everything. Tim says its no time to cry over spilled Martimmys and tells her to leave before its too late and Tab says its to late and theres no way out for her. Tim says sure there is and says hell miss all their times together and theres a montage of the two of them with the song Memories. Tab tells him hes right and mostly its been swell; she goes to move on and Tim hold out his hand and Tab heads out. Ethan wants to go in and Sam stops him again and ivy goes to him again thanks him for saving Ethan and Sam says he would have stopped anyone and Ethan says he kept seeing Theresas face and he wanted to save Miguel. Ethan tells him that he owes him for this and Theresa thanks Sam and Ethan takes Theresa away. Becky mentions that Julian still loves Ethan and he says he was his son for so long; Becky says who knows what the future will hold. Sam goes to Grace and tries to tell her he saved Ethan for his sake not Ivys and Grace tells him that he might believe it but its not true and that now is not the time to talk about it and what is he going to do to save the kids. Sam says he doesnt know. Eve goes over to Ivy and starts with her again; Ivy reminds Eve of her own problems and about Chad, Whit and Simone. Eve says again that the DNA tests proved that Chad wasnt her son and Ivy tells her stranger things have happened and she cant argue about that and walks off. Jules and Rebecca watch as Ivy and Eve go at it. Simone pulls Chad to the side and tells him that Whit is giving him the eye and maybe if he just tells her hes her boyfriend shell back off. Chad pulls away and tells Simone they will talk about this but now is not the time and moves away. Ethan spots Jules and tells Theresa hell be right back and goes to talk to him; meanwhile Theresa goes to Sheridan and they talk about Ethan and how frustrated he and Luis both are. Suddenly the ground opens some more and both Theresa and Sheridan fall in. Miguel starts to bang the crowbar against the wall and the girls help him. TC and Sam try to help and the house shifts and everyone falls. Jules tells Ethan hes glad hes all right and Ethan asks him to help out and Jules says he would but Chief Bennett asked him to stay out of it and Ethan says that, thats a cop out and everything that everyone ever said about him was true. Chad shows up and tells Ethan that Theresa fell and Ethan rushes to go to her. Chad grabs the rope and they hook it too Luis, Pilar shows up and she begs Luis not to let Theresa die; Luis says hell save them and tells Whit to take his mother away. Luis and Ethan both tell them that they will be okay while Becky and Jules think about both of them dying. Ethan says they must hurry or the ground will shift and crush them. Luis is being lowered in the ground and Sheridan and Theresa see him; he tells them to reach out and they do but they still cant reach him. Suddenly the ground shifts again and Pilar panics as Luis dangles on the rope and the girls fall. Tim says he never thought he would die alone and Tab comes back and tells him crying wont help anything; Tim says she came back and Tab says of course she did; she couldnt leave him and they are in this through thick and thin. Tab swings at a flying demon and tells Timmy that when they know theyre done for that want to take everything and everyone with them. Timmy says hes sorry again and more debris is falling and Timmy asks if this is the end. Simone asks Reese if there is something on the PDA to help the kids and to keep trying. Luis asks for more rope and they give it to him; Theresa tells Sheridan to go and she tells Theresa to go and Luis grabs Theresa and brings her up and she and Ethan hold each other and wait for Sheridan to come up. Sam wants to go for Sheridan and Luis says no and they lower him again. Luis grabs Sheridan and says beam them up Scotty and they bring them up. Sheridan tells him he did it again he saved her life. Chad says you never know one minute you're going along thinking youve got all the time in the world and the next the time is up and Whit says she doesnt understand and Chad says what they are looking at now makes him realize how true that saying is and not to put off tomorrow what you can do today. Ivy runs into Jules and Rebecca and taunts them and tells Julian he didnt love Ethan anyway. Jules wants to correct her but Becky stops him and tells him its better this way; if she knows he loves him shell use it against him, then she leaves to call Gwen. Eve comes over to Julian and tells him that Ivy knows and they talk about Chad and Jules says their son was dead and then tells her that TC would kill him if he knew their son was conceived in love. He tells Eve that he would love their son as much as he once loved her and Eve is shocked and moves away. TC goes to Eve and asks her what Jules was talking about and she lies and tells TC that Jules was asking about an ingrown toenail and that hes the most self-absorbed man shes every met and she has tears in her voice and hugs TC. Grace is with Father L and asks why these things are happening and the house shifts more. Tab tries to reassure Timmy and tells him he can soak in the tub when they get home and she wont let anything happen to her Timmy. More stuff falls and the wall they were working on catches fire and the girls start to panic and K says this is the end and they will all die. Outside Jessica if upset and Reese comforts her as Sam does the same for Grace and Ethan does the same for Theresa. Jules and Rebecca leave and Father L prays for God to have mercy on the kids.

Tuesday, May 1, 2001 | Episode #469

The Bennett House:
Everyone is watching the house and Tabby mentions the San Francisco earthquake and she tries to move the beam thats on Timmy. She mentions Timmy throwing the claw again and the kids being downstairs. Timmy tells her hes glad she came back but he needs to leave. Tab says she gave him life and shell decide when he dies. Timmy tells her again to give up and hes done for and Tab says not as long as there is breath in her body. A beam hits Tab and Timmy calls out for the angel girl and begs her not to let Tabitha die. K says again that they all are going to die and Charity begs God to save Miguel and K and take her. K begs her father not to let her die and Sam rushes the house but Ivy and Hank stop him. Theresa is crying and Ethan mentions Kay the sister he never knew. Simone and Whit are upset too and Chad comforts them. Reese is frustrated and says he cant do anything with the palm pilot and Pilar tells him science cant help only God. Theresa rushes the house and Ethan stops her. Charity is inside praying; she recites the 23rd Psalm and Kay continues to panic. The house is shifting more and Tabby comes too and tells Tim to save his breath the angel wont help them. Tim says shes alive and his prayers are answered and Tab says the angel just used him for the home team. Tim says sorry and hed do anything for his princess. Tab and Tim tell each other that they love one another and the angel girl shows up. Tab asks if shes come to gloat and she tells Timmy he did the right thing and he will be rewarded and Timmy asks about Tabby and she leaves. Everyone is upset outside and Grace asks God to save the kids. Chad mentions that Miguel was his first friend in Harmony and how he bought him a soda and sandwich when he was hungry. TC and Eve talk about what Pilar and Grace are going through. Chad says he should have done something more and Simone tells him he tried and TC agrees. Whit tells Chad it was just like the song he wrote and mentions that it was about love and how it can overcome any obstacle and maybe Miguel and Charitys love can save them. TC and Eve talk about Ivy and how shes waiting to get her claws into Sam. Hank and Ivy talk to Sam and Hank tells Sam to go back to Grace and he does and Hank blast Ivy. Ivy tells Hank Graces plan and then walks away. Grace tells Sam they are losing the kids and Sam says hes sorry and there is nothing he can do to save them. Kay is going nuts and tells Miguel shes gonna go to hell and Miguel says no and tells Charity to tell Kay they wont die and Charity tells him shes sorry she cant; she thinks the end is near. Outside Theresa is losing it and Ethan and Luis keep her from going into the house; the house starts to sink in the ground and everyone panics. (Big Tissue Alert) Everything is now calm and everyone looks around and Luis says the house swallowed them up and the kids are gone and he cries and Sheridan tells him theyve seen so many strange things tonight and maybe Miguel and Charitys love will save them. Theresa tells Ethan she believes in love but how can it overcome this and cries for Miguel and Ethan mentions Kay; his sister; they are all gone. Sam says he cant believe what he saw their house disappeared like it never existed. Hank tells Ivy to look and Sam but he still loves Grace. Jessica says shes glad that Noah isnt there to see this; Reese throws his palm pilot and the Russells cant believe it either. Father L tells them not to give up hope and have faith that God hasnt abandon them and Sam says its too late for prayers and he starts digging and Grace tells him he cant believe that. Father L tells them to pray and they all pray except for Sam. Sam suddenly stops digging and begins to pray as Grace watches. Theresa tells Ethan she just realized that she wasnt the only one to lose a sibling and mentions Kay and Ethan says he doesnt have the right to feel that way and Theresa tells him thats the thing about love; we cant control how we feel; it controls us. Ethan says thats true and tells Theresa he would die if he lost her and he loves her very much and they hug. Luis calls for earth moving equipment and Sheridan hears moaning and Luis gets off the phone and Miguel comes out. Luis yells that Miguel is alive and everyone goes to him and asks him what happened. Miguel tells them about the angel and that she lead them out. Grace says that she thanks God that Miguel made it out but she worries about the girls and Sam tells her to have faith. Grace tells Sam that he promised her hed get the girls out and none of his promises mean anything and she walks away. Ivy wants to go to Sam but Hank stops her. Tim and Tab are in a tree and Tab says that the friends in the basement saved them and Timmy says no it was the angel girl and they go back in forth and Tab wonders where they are. Tab looks and sees Miguel and is upset; Tim asks did Charity make it and Tab says she doesnt see Charity or Kay just Miguel and Tab says lets hope Ms. Goody Gumdrop is gone for good so she can get her powers back. Father L tells Grace that she knows Sam did everything he could to save the kids and if he would have gone back into the house he would have died and Sam says he would have given his life to save the kids. Grace says shes sorry and she knows hes in pain too and they hug. TC and Eve talk about Ivy and how shes trying to come between her and Sam and TC mentions that he knows that Ivy has loved Sam all that time; but the question is does Sam still love her. Miguel is upset and says he promised that he would save them and he told Charity their love to overcome everything. Luis tells him that they will all split up and find them. Tim and Tab talk about the kids and how they cant get caught and they spot Kay. The Bennett's rush to her and shes happy shes alive and asks about Miguel; they tell her Miguel is okay and then she asks about Charity. Grace tells her if she and Miguel made it out shes sure Charity will too. Reese spots Tabby and tells her that if Charity doesnt make it out its all her fault. Timmy is in doll mode and tells Tab good luck making it out of this one. Reese yells that shes an evil witch and she asks why he keeps saying that and her heart cant take much more. Sam tells Reese to cut it out and helps Tabby down; Grace asks if shes all right or she was until Ross tirade. Reese loses it and says his name is Reese; Kay tells him to leave Tabby alone its not her fault. Sam calls him off, Kay starts talking about her experience to Simone and Simone chastises her about hoping that Charity doesnt make it out so she can have Miguel. Eve and Pilar are trying to get Miguel to stay but he wont and he goes off to find Charity. Luis finds Charity and he thinks shes dead and Miguel hears this and runs to her side and begs her not to leave him. Grace and Sam comfort Kay and tells her that they are sure Kay made it out and Reese promises Kay that he will get to the bottom of this. Simone tells him that Tabitha is just a wacky old lady with a cute doll so forget it. Tab and Tim move to the bushes and wonder what Simone and Reese are talking about. Miguel carries Charity to a chair and Eve checks her out and says shes not responding and that shell call the ER. Miguel tells Charity that they have come too far for him to lose her now and he loves her. Charity slowly opens her eyes and tells Miguel that she loves him too and shell never leave him. Kay is upset and moves off. Timmy tells Tabby that Miguels love brought Charity back and Tabby goes on to say that shes going to destroy all the love in Harmony. She goes down the list for each couple and Timmy says its gonna be a long hot summer and Tabby says that all the lovers will be burned but good; she guarantees it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2001 | Episode #470

Tabithas House:
Tab and Timmy are home and Tabby is complaining about Charity. Timmy mixes some Martimmys for them and Tab says she wishes she was in the backyard listening to them and they would be if it werent for Ross. Timmy tells her again its Reese and Tab mentions the look on his face when he saved Charity and Tim says he wished she knew he saved her so she would dump Miguel and marry him. Tab says hes a doll and he cant marry anyone and she starts in on him again about the demons claw. Tim hands her a martimmy and she drinks it and tells him to help her with the listening device she brought and says its not over yet. Tab is listening in and says that love is good only for greeting cards and then names each couple and tells Timmy to watch and weep; love means she never has to say shes sorry. She listens to them talk about thanking God and says next thing you know theyll be singing amazing grace. Tim hears Father L asking everyone to pray for him and he stands up yelling hes not dead and Tabby pulls him back down and tells him to be quite. As she listens to Father L she says the war has just begun and they will win; the friends in the basement growl and Tabby says they are behind her and they will prevail. Tab listens and says that Father L understands human nature as good as she does and then says that Ivy and Kay will be the instruments of their own destruction and says that now that evil has the address and its not going anywhere. She says that Grace and Sam want to be alone and Timmy says that maybe they will make up all the way and Tab says yeah they want to be alone but not for the reason he thinks. Tab hears Father L talking with Kay and fingers Kays soul, which is around her neck and says finders keepers and shell use it to break up Charity and Miguel. Tabby laughs after listening to Sam and Graces conversation and says be careful what you wish for Grace. Timmy says hes worried about Grace and he doesnt want to see her in so much pain. Tab says her middle name is pain and she cant wait to see the look on Sams face when she finds out whats really in Sams heart.

The Bennett House:
Eve checks Charity out and Simone blasts Kay about her feelings. Kay says that she almost died and no one is fawning all over her and Simone tells her shes some piece of work. Simone looks over at Chad and tells Kay that every time she turns around Whit is all over Chad and hes too nice to tell her to get lost. Chad and Whit talk about how Simone will take them being together. Pilar tells Miguel she thought she might not see him again and she hugs him; Theresa says her too and tells him that Ethan tried to go in after him. Miguel thanks Ethan and Ethan says no problem but then spots his mother. He tells Theresa hes so lucky to have her and his mother doesnt have anyone. Simone goes over to Whit and Chad and thanks her for keeping her boyfriend company. Sam goes over to Ethan and Theresa and hands him a blanket for Theresa. He tells Ethan that he knows has a lot on their plate with him getting married but if theres anything he can doEthan tells Sam that he just lost his house and he should be looking after his own family and Sam says he is and walks away. Theresa tells Ethan that Sam is reaching out to him and Ethan says he wishes he would reach out for his mother. Theresa reminds Ethan that Sam loves his wife and Ethan says his mother loves Sam; and he just doesnt want her to be alone. Sam is passing out blankets and sees Ivy but goes right past her to Grace and gives her a blanket and then asks Hank to pass the rest out. Hank goes past Ivy too and then Bennett's share a family moment and Jessica says they will be together forever; no matter what. Pilar goes to Ivy and tells her to let Sam go, hes with his family now and Ivy says that hes not with his entire family; Ethan should be there too. Pilar says that maybe one day he will be but shes wishing Sam had his arms around her and she lays into her and they argue. Pilar tells her that she has to live with the consequences of her actions and Ivy says no and Pilar tells her she will bring evil back in their lives. Father L tells everyone that they need to thank God for their lives and tells them to pray for Timmy. Reese hears Timmy yelling and asks if anyone heard that and then says nevermind. Luis says he thought that hell was a made up place but now he knows its real. Father L tells them that they just one the battle and they must keep up their guard, he says that evil is only lying in wait and next time it will destroy them all. Hank says no disrespect but hes scaring everyone and Luis agrees and talks about everything that happened and theres a flashback. Grace moves away from Sam, and Luis says they visited hell with their own eyes and the worst has to be over. Pilar says that what he means is that evil can be in the place we least expect it. Father L goes on to mention about people who dont think before they act or worry about the people they hurt. TC and Eve think hes talking about Ivy and Eve says she wont learn from it. Simone tells Kay hes talking about her. Sam and Grace have moved away from the others and Grace goes down memory lane of living in their house. Sam promises to build her another house and that they can do it together; Grace says no, their marriage is gone. Sam says no he wont let anything or anyone take her away from him; Ivy is listening and says hes wrong; so very wrong. Father L tells Kay she must be tired and she says shes a little sleepy and Father L says thats not what he meant and says it must be hard not having a soul. Kay says she did as he asked and she doesnt have her soul and Father L tells her in order to reclaim her soul her motives must be pure and asks her if they are and he moves away. Ethan and Theresa spot Ivy and Ethan asks why shes alone and she says she just needed time alone. Ethan starts to talk to her and Theresa almost interrupts and Ethan says he has to talk to his mother about this and if she doesnt want to hear it; Theresa says shell stay. Ethan tells her he never noticed till tonight how alone she is. Ivy says she doesnt think shell be alone much longer and Ethan asks what she means; she cant break up a marriage. Ivy tells them that there may not be much of a marriage to break up and says that Grace will push Sam right into her arms. Sam and Grace talk and Sam tells her how important she and their family are to him; Grace mentions he has another family and Sam says accepting Ethan as his son has nothing to do with them. He asks her to tell him that she loves him and she wants their life back; Grace breaks down and tells him she does and they hug. Luis and Hank are together and Hank tells him to spill it; Luis says hes gonna asks Sheridan to marry him and hes scared to death. Hank teases him about it and Luis says hes crazy about her. Luis mentions the commitment and then says it hit him; what is he waiting for, he doesnt want to think about his life without her. He tells Hank that when they get back to the cottage hes gonna asks the woman he loves to marry him. Chad asks Miguel, Charity and Kay what it was like being in hell. Miguel and Charity say it was awful and it was like it was never going to end. Simone asks Kay if thats how it was for her and she says yes. Charity goes into detail and says she cant imagine spending the rest of her days like that and Simone looks at Kay. Ethan asks Ivy what shes talking about and she tells him, she says it wasnt that she and Sam fell out of love and when she and Sam spend time together he will realize what she and Grace already know; that he still loves her. Sam tells Grace he will rebuild their marriage just like their house. Grace tells Sam that the only way for her to believe in his love for her is for him to do as she asked. Sam tells her that he already knows what he feels for Ivy and for her. Grace tells Sam no shortcuts this time. Hank tells Luis he almost married Beth out of high school and Luis says its different; he cared about Beth but he loves Sheridan. Hank reminds him that he cared about her too and Luis says no hard feelings and Hank so no. Luis goes into his love for Sheridan and Sheridan is listening and when he says he loves her; she comes out and says she loves him too and they kiss. Chad says he doesnt get it; the demons tried to kill her and she sounds like she feels sorry for them and Charity tells him that she does. They only try to hurt others because they are in such pain, Miguel says shes right but if he sees them again it will be too soon. Kay has moved away and Simone goes over to her and tells her she better change her ways or shell end up just like those demons. Kay watches as Whit and Chad move away together and tells Simone if she were her shed be more worried and Whitney and Chad than her and Simone heads out. Simone gets to them and yells at Whitney and says that Chad is her boyfriend and Chad tells her there is something they have to get straight right now. Ethan tells Ivy that she really believes Sam loves her and she confirms it and tells Ethan that they would have been married and he would have raised him if other people hadnt ripped them apart. Ethan says he was her first love and maybe they do belong together; Ivy thanks them and says she needs time alone and Ethan and Theresa leave. Ethan tells Theresa he knows what shes thinking; that theres no good reason to break up a marriage but what if Sam does still love his mother. Theresa says thats what shes afraid of and tells him he loved Gwen before he loved her and does that mean one day he will turn to her and say he never got over her. Sam asks Grace why he should spend more time with Ivy when he knows he doesnt love her; Grace tells him to spend time with her and then tell her that. She tells him she doesnt want the same house any more than she wants the same marriage; she wants something better and stronger so that nothing can hurt it or take it away and asks him cant he understand that. They hear a noise and Sam goes to check it out and its Ivy; he grabs her and tells her just to leave him the hell alone. Grace says no its about the three of them now and it doesnt matter if shes there in the flesh or not. Maybe they can resolve all of this tonight.

Thursday, May 3, 2001 | Episode #471

Tabithas House:
Tabby overhears everyone asking Kay about how Charity got into hell and suddenly the device goes on the fritz and we hear the Passions theme. Tab says no not that and Tim says that maybe it needs a new battery and Tab says if he wasnt playing hero then she wouldnt have had to use it in the first place and decides that she wants to hear whats going on and she and Timmy head out. (Tim and Tab are continued in the next section)

The Bennett House:
Hank clears his throat to stop Luis and Sheridan and Luis says he forgot he was there and Hank says he noticed that; not only did he steal the girl of his dreams he has to rub it in his face. Luis asks Sheridan how much did she hear and she says that he kinda liked her and he says you could say that and they share another kiss. Everyone is talking with Charity and TC says he doesnt understand how Charity ended up in hell and Charity says its a blur and she doesnt remember and then asks Kay if she does. Simone asks Chad what is it and he and Whit look at each other and have a flashback. Chad says he didnt want to get into it tonight and Simone says she wants to hear what he has to say and hes her boyfriend and he can tell her anything. Theresa tells Ethan that shes afraid hell leave her for Gwen and Ethan tells Theresa thats crazy but Theresa tells him that he thinks his mother is justified in going after Sam so whats to stop him for going back to Gwen. Sam doesnt want Ivy there and Grace says he needs to resolve his past with Ivy and so Sam tells Ivy that he doesnt love her and he never wants to see her again and goodbye. Sam asks Grace if that was good enough for her and to tell him that she knows he loves only her. Hank interrupts again and Luis says sorry and Hank asks if he can talk to Luis alone and she leaves. He reminds Luis that he wanted to ask her a certain question and Luis says he will but its not the right place; Hank says for him to take her to the right place but Luis mentions he doesnt have a ring but remembers his grandmothers ring and decides to give it to her and Hank suggest that he clean up first and Luis agrees and he and Sheridan take off. Charity says its so strange and that her mind is a blank trying to remember what happened and ask Kay again if she knows; Kay claims her mind is a blank too and its just that they are all tired. Kay moves to Father L and tells him that she needs to talk; he asks her if shes to tell the truth. Kay says she cant and Father L tells her she cant get her soul back unless she does. He tells her that without her soul she cant find love and that telling the truth will be a risk but its the only way shell find happiness. Ethan tells Theresa that he will never leave her for Gwen or any other woman. He tells her it took him a long time to decide who to marry hes glad he took as long as he did and hell never second guess himself again and shes the only person he knows wouldnt never tell him a lie and Theresa flashes back to talking with Pilar about lying. Sam asks Grace again if they can put the past behind her and move on and Grace says not until shes convinced he doesnt have a place in his heart for Ivy. Ivy reminds him that hes the one who always claimed you never get over your first love. Sam tells Ivy to stay out of it; this is between him and his wife and Grace tells him hes wrong its between the three of them. Meanwhile Tabby has found a spot in the bushes to listen and tells Timmy that Grace is a fool for wanting Sam to find closure with Ivy and he will and his family will find chaos and pain and mentions to Tim that life is wonderful. Ethan tells Theresa she knows how much the truth means to him and he never gave it much thought till he found out his life was a lie and mentions that they are different from the Bennett's; they arent going into their marriage with secrets between them and Theresa flashes back to finding out the truth. Ethan says they have been upfront with one another about everything and thats why their relationship will last forever and he hugs her and Theresa looks guilty and shell-shocked. Simone asks Whit to excuse them and Whit says no; there is something that the three of them need to discuss together. Grace says that Ivy is right and that he said no one ever gets over their first love; Sam tries to say something but Grace says for him to stop and that they cant get their marriage back together till he does as she asks. She says shes not a fool and knows that Ivy will take advantage of the situation but if she can take him away then she never had the marriage she wanted anyway. Sam says no one could take him away and Grace tells him she hopes hes right and that this time hes telling both of them the truth. Tabby says Grace is worst than a fool; shes the instrument of her on destruction. Reese catches Tabby and says he knew she would come back to the scene of the crime; hes got her now and this time he can prove shes the source of all the evil in Harmony. Simone tells Chad again to tell her what he wants to say but when Chad starts to speak they hear Tabby and Reese going at it and head out to find out whats going on and so does everyone else. Tabby is beating Reese with Timmy and he says shes a witch and he can prove it. He mentions that the same thing that happened tonight happened years ago and says that the pilgrims put a square of evil around the house and found the neighbor who was a witch and Tabby flashes back to the old days. Everyone tells Reese to leave Tabby alone and Sam asks whats he supposed to do investigate all the neighbors and Reese nods his head. Grace asks if Tabby is okay and she says yes just shaken up and Grace suggests she go home and get some sleep. Tabby starts to head out when Grace asks why she was there in the first place. Timmy wonders how Tabby is gonna get out of this one and Tab says she remembered that they dont have anywhere to sleep and invites them to stay with her and Sam says no but thanks and Tabby heads out. Reese catches her again and says one of these days hes gonna prove exactly what she is. Father L comes up and says that all the beds at the shelter is full and everyone says they will get by. Father L tells them the best way to fight evil is not to invite it into their lives and remember that lies and deception is the evil where their faith and security are threatened and that secrets and lies are the tools of Satan and he leaves. Theresa and Whit talk and Theresa says hes right and its time for her to be honest with Ethan and Whit asks if shes gonna tell him the truth and she says he has to know that she knew the truth and kept it from him. Pilar offers to let one of them stay at her house and everyone invites them and Grace says thanks and Reese mentions the bed and breakfast and Grace says its full. Jessica suggest that they stay with Tabitha and Sam agrees. Sam goes to take a look around and Ivy follows him and they argue and Sam doesnt want to talk to her and tells her to stay out of his life. Simone goes back to Chad and asks if he has time to talk to her now and he says they should wait and Simone goes to leave and grabs Chad for a hug and he tells her see you later. Ethan goes to Chad and asks about the situation and Chad tells him and then asks Ethan about him. Ethan talks about who did this to him and he wants to find out who about him. Chad says he thought that was ancient history and Ethan says when he finds out who knew then it will be ancient history along with the person who knew. Whit tells Theresa they have told her all this time to tell Ethan and Theresa says she couldnt because she was afraid of losing him and Whit asks if shes afraid now. Theresa says no and shes figured out the perfect way to keep Ethan with her even if he gets upset and tells Whit shes gonna sleep with him before she tells him. Hank worries about his family and Eve says that they have each other; Eve wonders why Ivy is still there and Hank says that no matter what happens Ivy wont come between him and Grace. Sam hands Grace one of her angels and she thanks him and walks away. Ivy says to herself that wasnt very smart of her and she should appreciate Sam while hes there but once he leaves hes not coming back. Timmy asks Tab to read from the Wizard of Oz and she agrees and Timmy mentions that he hates the wicked witch and Tab says how can he. She tells him that the wicked witch was the heroine of the story and mentions that now that the Bennett's are out of their way she can go through with her plans and Timmy wonders what if they take her up on her offer. Tab says she was just being polite and that shes the last person they would want to bunk with and even she cant be that unlucky. Suddenly theres a knock at the door and Tab says it couldnt be but sure enough it is. Tab opens the door and Grace says that they decided to take her up on her offer and Tabitha faints dead away. Ethan tells Chad that he wont take this lying down, that someone that he trusted knew the truth and kept if from him. Chad tells him that doesnt make that person the one who sold him out to the tabloids. Ethan says they talked about this and that if the person had a shred of decency they wouldnt have let him find out the way he did. He tells Chad he will never forgive that person; never. Whit asks Theresa if shes gonna sleep with Ethan so he wont break up with her and Theresa confirms it. She says when she tells Ethan she knew he cant be too hard on her because he will know just how much she loves him when she gives him her most precious gift; her virginity. Whit tells her she cant use sex to keep a man; and Theresa says its not sex; shes going to make love with the man shes going to marry. Whit tells her that she cant do this and Theresa says she cant talk her out of this; shes thought about it and she is going to sleep with Ethan tonight. Pilar overheard the last part of the conversation and tells Theresa over her dead body.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Luis and Sheridan arrive and Luis says he needs to get something from his room and Sheridan tells him to take his time and she sees some new pictures that Pilar has on the mantle. Luis is in his room and gets a pouch that has the ring in it and takes it out and says he hopes she likes it. Sheridan asks if she can help him in there and Luis says hell be right out and she finds a picture of her and Luis and says that Pilar has already accepted her into the family and Luis comes out and they talk about the picture. Sheridan says that she loves the house and why and Luis mentions that she grew up in a mansion and she says shed give every stick of it up to have a house like that. Luis asks if she could get by in a house like this one and Sheridan tells him as long as shes with him she would be happy and they hug. Sheridan and Luis arrive back at the cottage and Sheridan says hes tired and probably wants to go to bed and Luis says no he wants them to talk for a while. Luis starts to say something and then says its not right and that tonight he wants to show her how much he loves her and that tonight will be one of the most important nights of their lives and he wants it to be perfect and they share a kiss.

Friday, May 4, 2001 | Episode #472

Tabithas House:
Tim wonders whats taking Tabby so long and moves to another chair. Grace is trying to wake Tabby up and she has a dream of the Wizard of Oz. Tabbys the evil witch, Timmy is the monkey, Grace is the Scarecrow, Jessica is Dorothy, Sam is the Tin Man, Charity is the good witch, Reese is the Lion and Simone, Miguel and Kay are munchkins. Tab tells them they cant live there; its her house of evil and they would be uncomfortable except for Kay. Charity says that she offered to let them stay and which room is hers. They continue on this rate until Tabby wakes up and everyone is staring at her. Sam asks if she all right and she says shes fine and she was dreaming that they all came to stay with them and they tell her it wasnt a dream and Tab doesnt know what to say. Grace tells Tabby she looks like shes in shock and asks if shes okay. Tabby says shes not feeling to well and names all the stuff thats wrong with her. Charity says its a good thing that they will be staying so they can take care of her. Reese notices Timmy but hes in doll mode. Grace says she always loved her house it looks so lived in. Timmy says if they only knew by who. Tabitha tries to come up with some excuses but Reese says that shes trying to talk them not into staying and Tab says not at all. Tab asks for some tea and everyone moves to the kitchen to get tea and food. Tim tells her shes done it this time and Tab says doesnt she know it. Tab hears them coming and tells Timmy to go into doll mode and that shes going to pretend to be asleep. Jessica, Simone and Kay come in and Jessica is starting to go off about Kay getting out of work. Jessica leaves and Kay tells Simone her plan to get to stay at Miguels house. Jessica comes back with Sam and he tells her to go help and they all leave again. Tab comes out of her pretend sleep and says that having the Bennett's here isnt idea but maybe it will be fun and shes gonna help Kay get exactly what she wants. Kay announces to everyone about how Pilar says that someone could stay with the Lopez-Fitzgerald's. Miguel says thats a great idea and that Charity can stay with him. Kay takes Miguel aside and tells him it would be better if Charity stays with her mother and Miguel agrees. Kay asks if she can stay at Miguels and claims she study more and Jessica asks what would she be studying and she says Biology. Grace says she doesnt think its a good idea and they need to stay together. Tab tells Tim to watch and learn and proceeds to talk to Grace to persuade her to allow her to stay with Miguel she uses the idea that Kay might turn to drugs and Grace changes her mind. Miguel says it will be great being with his best friend and they can play baseball whenever they want; Kay says to herself, thats not all they will be playing. Grace tells Kay she doesnt know what she would have done and Sam tells her they love her and goodnight. Charity and Miguel are saying goodnight and kissing when Kay and Simone spot them and Simone reminds Kay of what Father L said. Kay tries to play innocent with Simone and she tells her she knows her and she knows shes gonna try something and make sure she doesnt do anything to invite evil back to Harmony. Miguel and Kay leave Simone watches Kay and Charity asks if she was worried and she says no and sends Charity back inside. Tab tells Tim that she knows its a stressful situation but she can handle it and Tim says that he and his princess are in big trouble and suddenly the friends in the basement make some noise. Sam wonders what that was and (Kay and Miguel have come back in) he wants to go check it out and Tab says no and Reese asks why not; is she hiding something?

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan and Luis share a kiss and she asks him if he remembers what he wanted to ask her before they left and Luis admits he does. Luis wants to go clean up and Sheridan says she likes him when hes dirty and he can talk now but Luis leaves and says it wont take long. After Luis leaves Sheridan screams in a pillow. Luis is in the shower when Sheridan decides to join him. Luis and Sheridan are on the couch and Luis starts to talk and Sheridan says she does but then covers and Luis says that he has to say some things to say before he asks the question. Sheridan tells Luis to tell her what he wants to say and Luis says okay and proceeds to tell her that he loves her and all the reasons why and Sheridan says that she feels the same way about him and Luis says that it looks like Theresa was right after all, there will be a double wedding and Sheridan smiles. Sheridan and Luis are lying on the couch and Luis begins to tell her how much he loves her and makes a long speech; then asks her to marry him.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Ethan continues to go off about who knew he was a Bennett and Chad says maybe the tabloid found out on their own and Ethan says thats the second time he said that and does he know something hes not telling. Chad says that hes just trying to chill him out and Ethan says he wont forgive them or the people who took part in this and he will destroy their lives. Pilar reminds her of her promise and Theresa says that it doesnt matter if she and Ethan make love tonight or a few days tonight. She reminds Pilar of what Father L said and she doesnt want evil back in Harmony. Whit says that if shes going to tell the truth she has to tell it all, the fact that she loved him and plotted to keep him and Gwen apart and Gwen was right. Pilar agrees but Theresa says for them to stop and they are wrong; shes going to sleep with Ethan tonight and once she gives him her greatest gift he wont leave her and he will know that she would never do anything to intentionally hurt him. She tells them shes sorry but shes going to sleep with Ethan tonight. Pilar asks Theresa where she plans to sleep with Ethan and she says at home and Pilar cant believe it and when did she become so cool and calculating she asks her where did she learn these things she didnt teach her these things and neither did the church. She tells Theresa this is wrong and Whit begs her not to do this and Theresa says it is right for Ethan and her and shes going to find him right now so they can go home. Theresa turns around and theres Ethan; she asks him how long hes been standing there and he says long enough he thinks and Theresa looks a little nervous. Ethan asks whats going on and Theresa says that she plans to email the invitations and they will print one for their memory box but they will email the rest to save money. Ethan thinks its a good idea and tells her they make a wonderful couple. Pilar and Whit continue to watch and Chad shows up and says that he and Whit should get home to bed and Theresa agrees. Ethan whispers to Theresa they already tried to sleep once tonight. Pilar calls out to Theresa and she tells her shes tired and she just wants to go to bed. Ethan tells everyone goodnight and Pilar calls Theresas name again and then Theresa tells her mother she loves her and goodnight and she and Ethan leave. Chad asks whats going on they look upset and asks if it has anything to do with Theresa. Chad and Whit are at home and Chad asks if shes okay and Whit says shes tired. Chad says its more to it than that and tells her he knows something is bothering her and he knows something is up with Theresa. Whit doesnt want to tell him and Chad thinks maybe she will tell Ethan the truth and Whit says its time to say goodnight and Chad wonders again whats up. Then he figures it out and tells Whit and Chad cant believe it and says Theresas got some guts. Whit confirms this and tells Chad why shes going to do it. Ethan asks Theresa why Pilar is upset and thinks its because hes staying there, Theresa tells him it isnt and Ethan mentions that they were about to make love and Theresa says she remembers. Ethan says hes tired and wants to get some rest and Theresa says she wants to talk some more; Ethan wants to wait to tomorrow but before he can say anything else she kisses him. Ethan says wow after the kiss and asks Theresa whats she doing. She tells Ethan to light some candles and shell be back in a minute to talk some more and she leaves. Whit says that maybe Ethan wont sleep with her and Chad says that no guy can turn that down and that Ethan and Theresa are alone in the house, with the lights low and music playing then asks where her parents are and both of them realize they are in the same situation and Chad says he doesnt know a couple alive that wouldnt want to make love in a situation like that; he repeats that they are alone in the house with the lights low and music playing and Whit admits that it would be hard to resist and they kiss. Theresa is in her room talking to herself and says that she knows shes doing the right thing; she will make love to Ethan then tell him the truth and they will never have another secret between them again. Ethan is lighting the candles when Theresa comes in and calls his name; Ethan turns to her and looks her over with a smile on his face. Whit and Chad are still kissing and Chad says that he doesnt know how two people, Whit finishes the thought and they continue to kiss. Theresa walks over to Ethan and he calls her name and she tells him they dont need to use words tonight and they will use their bodies to show each other how much they love each other and they share a passionate kiss.

Monday, May 7, 2001 | Episode #473

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis is telling Sheridan how much she means to him and how much he loves her and her eyes are open and she seems to be listening; however when he finally asks her to marry him, he gets no answer. Luis tells her he loves her and he thought this is what she wanted he asks again if she wants to be his wife and he looks down but Sheridan is asleep. Luis says she didnt hear a word he said and looks disappointed but he lays her down on the couch and covers her with a blanket so she can rest. He blows out the candles and goes into the bedroom when Hank arrives at the door; Luis comes out dressed and answers the door. Hank has champagne and asks Luis if he asked and Hank congratulates him and Luis says she didnt accept. Hank doesnt believe it and Luis says she feel asleep and Hank laughs and teases him about it. He and Hank discuss his proposal and Hank tells him shell say yes. Luis says he wants it to be a special moment that they will always remember. Sheridan is dreaming and shes in the gazebo and its filled with champagne and flowers and Luis goes to her and gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him and she says yes. Luis shows Hank his grandmothers ring and mentions that its not the kind of ring shes expecting; but Hank tells him that shes had money all her life but he bets shell love the ring. Hank assures Luis that Sheridan loves him and Luis gets upset and says that money is all she knows and worries about them getting married and she hates their lifestyle. Hank tells him to stop panicking and that Sheridan loves him and when she see the ring she will love it too. Luis talks about the ring and what it meant to his grandmother and Hank reassure him again. Luis and Hank talk about his feelings for Sheridan and Hank says she chose him and he accepts that and hes happy for them. Luis thanks Hank and watches Sheridan sleep. Hank mentions that hes really in love and this is different; Luis says he almost gave up till her met Sheridan and Hank assures him when he asks she will say yes. Luis goes back into the cottage carrying the champagne and Sheridan wakes up and asks what happened. He tells her she fell asleep and she wonders how she feel asleep and she tells him shes sorry and Sheridan says that shes fine and wide awake and says he was gonna ask her a question and ask what it was.

The Russell House:
Chad and Whit are getting passionate and they fall back on the bed. Chad is kissing Whits neck and she sits up and says she cant do this and its too much too soon. She doesnt want to stop but the feelings are scaring her and Chad says he knows and its okay for her to have these feelings and what they feel is natural. Whit says shes never done this before and Chad says its okay they are just connecting and they are just showing each other how they feel. Whit says that she has to show good judgment and she plans to be a virgin on her wedding night. Chad says theres nothing wrong with that and shes feeling what every woman feels when she cares about a man. Whit says if she lets herself that go against everything shes been taught then she couldnt look herself in the mirror in the morning. Chad says he understands that and what shes feeling isnt wrong and what happened tonight made them want to be close. Chad mentions Theresa and they discuss her and her reasons for wanting to make love to Ethan. Whitney tells Chad that she feels Theresa is using sex as a way to hold on to Ethan. Whit asks Chad if he thinks Theresa is doing the wrong thing or not; and Chad says he doesnt know but she needs to tell him the truth. Whit says she thinks shes being just as dishonest by doing this and Chad says he agrees but he understands how she feels. They continue to discuss it and Whit says she thinks that Ethan will forgive her without them making love and says that Theresa is trying to cover one mistake by committing an even bigger one. Whit wants to call Theresa and Chad says that shes done all she can. Whit agrees but says she hopes she does the right thing and she just needs to tell Ethan and be honest. Chad changes the music and asks Whit if shes still worried about Theresa and Whit says yes but says shes thinking about what they almost did. Chad tells her that making love is natural and he doesnt understand why Theresa and Ethan havent had sex already. Whit mentions that Theresa promised to wait and Chad says again he understands and its a romantic notion but; he and Whit argue about sex and when it should be done in a relationship. Whit goes off and says she needs a commitment before she has sex and so does Theresa and she wants her first time to be special. Chad agrees and says he wants their first time to be special and kisses her cheek; Whit says that when she makes love she wants to know its with the man shes gonna spend the rest of her life with. Chad tries to tell her hes not going anywhere but Whit gets upset and says maybe they should end this right now. Chad tells Whitney that hes not expecting anything from her and she asks doesnt he want to have sex with her and he says yes but he wont push her into anything shes not ready for. Whit wonders if hes gonna be mad and he says no and Chad says they like each other and they will take their time and see what happens. Whit says she guesses shes just worried about Theresa and says maybe Ethan will realize that this isnt like Theresa and hell just say no and stop her. Chad tells Whit that she has a lot to learn about men and that when a man loves a woman like Ethan loves Theresa; a team of wild horses couldnt stop him from making love to her. Whit says that he really doesnt think Ethan will asks why she changed her mind and Chad says that if Theresa tells Ethan she absolutely sure then Ethan will make love to her. He goes on to tell her that if she told him she wanted to make love to him hed make love to her in a second.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa tells Ethan to make love to her; she wants to make love to him. Ethan calls Theresas name and they begin to kiss. Ethan stops and asks Theresa if shes sure and she says yes and that she wants him and she wants them to be one person and she loves him so much. Ethan says the same and they kiss again and fall back on the sofa bed. Ethan stops and says that they shouldnt do this and Theresa says he doesnt want to make love to her and Ethan says of course but he knows how important it is for her to wait and Theresa says shes ready now. Ethan asks what made her change her mind so drastically and Theresa says she doesnt see a reason to wait. Ethan tells her again that they should wait and Theresa says she cant wait and Ethan asks why and she says because she doesnt want to lose him. Ethan asks Theresa why she feels the way she does and Theresa says that she doesnt believe that this is true that he loves her and wants to marry her. Ethan says she knows its true and she knows how much he loves her and asks her if something has frightened her and is she scared of something. He tells her that she can tell him anything and he needs her to be truthful with him. Theresa says that her mother says that honesty is one the most important things in a relationship and Ethan agrees and tells her he loves her so much and she can tell him anything no matter what it is he promises not to get upset and that he loves her. Ethan asks her if theres something shes not telling him and Theresa says to herself she cant do it; she cant tell him she knew. She tells Ethan theres nothing shes not telling him and she loves him and she realized tonight how much she wanted to be with him and belong to him in every way. She says she realized how fragile life is and thats what she meant and Ethan asks her again if shes sure she wants to do this and she says yes; for him to take her to her room and make love to her; please make love to her and Ethan kisses her and they lay back on the bed once again. Ethan gets up and picks her up and they head to Theresas bedroom. Ethan tells Theresa she is so beautiful the most beautiful woman hes every known. Theresa tells him she brought the nightgown for their wedding night and she wants this to be their wedding night and in her heart she will be his wife from this night on and Ethan tells her he loves her and she says the same and that she always will. Ethan kisses her and asks if shes nervous and she says a little and she doesnt want to disappoint him. Ethan says she cant disappoint him and promises that it will be the most special night of their lives and they kiss. Ethan unties Theresas robe and takes it off of her and begins to kiss her neck. He begins to remove one of the straps from her nightgown and kisses her shoulder and then picks her up and lays her on the bed and they begin to make love.

Tuesday, May 8, 2001 | Episode #474

Tabithas House:
Everyone hears the noise in the basement and wants to go check it out and Tab asks what hes talking about. Sam wants to check it out and Reese asks Tabby whats wrong and is she hiding something. Timmy worries about them finding the friends in the basement and says if they do everyone is done for. Sam wants to have a look and Tab says no and Reese says shes hiding something and Miguel tells him to come on. Sam goes to open the door and says its locked and Kay says she saw a key but now its not there. Grace asks if the noise bothers her and she says no and that its the pipes and they sometimes get noisy. Charity asks if shes sure and that it sounds familiar and scary. Tab says shes sure and Reese has found the closet with the shoes and Tab flashes back to all the shoes and how she got them and then tells Reese she has a thing for old shoes. Reese grabs a crowbar and says hes going to find out whats in the basement once and for all. Reese is trying to get the door open and Tab tells him to stop and he asks what do witches hide in their basement and Tabitha plays it off. Grace calls Reese off and Reese says after tonight he even believes in anything and says to allow him in the basement and Tab says that she would but she cant find the key and she wont let him mar her wood with the crowbar. Tab suggest that they go to stay somewhere else if they are bothered by the pipes and Sam says there is nowhere else and asks if there is some other reason why she doesnt want them to stay there. Tab says of course not and Reese tells Kay he bets there is one and hes gonna find out what it is and Kay tells him no hes not and then tells her parents that staying with Tabitha is the perfect solution. Simone talks to Jessica about Kay and how she doesnt know when to give up and Jessica agrees. Tim and Tab talk about the Bennett's staying there and Sam asks if they are staying. Tab says she wants them to stay and they thank her and Tab says no need. Charity talks to Kay about how they need to stick together and they cant allow anything to separate them and she has a premonition about telling Miguel goodbye. Jessica asks if there is something wrong and Charity tells them about her vision and says she doesnt know why she would have a vision like that. Jessica says that she should tell Miguel and Charity says no and she doesnt want to upset him and Simone suggest she keep it to herself and Charity tells Kay that shes depending on her to keep him safe and Kay says she will. Simone pulls Kay to the side and tells her that if she knew that she sold her soul to get Miguel she wouldnt let her within a hundred miles of him. Kay tells Simone not to even think of telling Charity the truth and Simone tells her that she should have learned something and Kay goes on and on about how Miguel would be hers and how she doesnt owe Charity anything and throws Chad and Whit in her face. Tab listens and tells Tim that Kay is a girl after her own heart and they discuss it and Tim says that if Kay gets him that it will free her up for him. Miguel asks Reese if Charity would be in danger staying there and Reese says he doesnt have anything concrete but as long as Sam is there then she should be okay. Tab goes to Grace and says that she can only put up three of them and Grace says thats fine because only three of them will be staying and Sam looks shocked. Sam asks what shes talking about and Grace tells him that hes leaving and that he shouldnt be staying there with her and the girls.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan asks Luis what question he wanted to ask her. Luis says that the question hes about to ask will change both their lives. Sheridan says the sooner he asks the question the sooner she can give an answer. Luis says he wants to do it the old fashioned way but not there and he and Sheridan go to the bedroom and Luis sets her on the bed and gets down on one knee. Luis tells Sheridan he loves her and she says the same and Luis talks about what she means to him and says that if she thinks its corny she can stop him at any time; Sheridan says shes waited her entire life to hear this and Luis says in that case and takes out his grandmothers ring and she interrupts him and tells him about her dream. Luis asks about the dream and she if the man is the same. Luis hears a noise and asks what it is and Sheridan says a cat and Luis says he thought she said they didnt have cats on the estate and Sheridan says one must have come in from the outside and tells Luis that they need to continue. Sheridan says that he was going to pop the question and to pop away. Luis gets up and tells her to hold the answer to his question and he begins to leave and Sheridan asks where hes going and he says hell be right back. Sheridan gets mad at herself and lays on the bed.

The Crane Mansion:
Jules and Rebecca are playing Baron and maiden and Becky says if only the kids could see them now and talks about if she knew then what she knew now that this would be her house and bed. Becky talks about how Gwen in pinning away for Ethan and Jules tells her to set Gwen straight and go for the money. Jules talks about Sheridan and that shes gonna crazy and how money gets you happiness and love brings you heartache. There is a knock at the door and Gwen comes in and asks Becky what shes wearing. Becky asks whats wrong and Gwen says that she heard on the news that there was an explosion at the Bennett house and that Ethan was there and asks her mother if she knows what happened. Jules says they do because they were there and says that it was a bizarre evening. Jules leaves to get more champagne and Gwen asks her mother if she saw Ethan and if hes okay and Becky says hes okay. Becky says the real explosion in Ethans life is when he finds out that Theresa knew he wasnt a Crane and didnt tell him and its one she cant wait for. Rebecca goes on and on about her plan and how its all going to happen and Becky says that Jules denies her nothing and that shell get him to adopt Ethan. Gwen says she doesnt care what he is she just wants him to love her again and Becky says for her to just sit back and relax. Gwen wants to know how long and Becky says not long and goes over the plan again and how no one will ever know that she sent it. Becky says that Gwen should check out where Ethan and Theresa are and get in their way and Gwen leaves. Jules comes back and asks if Gwen is all right and Becky says shes obsessed and how she cant think of anything but Ethan. Jules says hes been thinking of separate Luis and Sheridan and Becky says his idea is a good one and Jules says that this time it should work and she will never forgive Luis. Becky says she might leave town and Jules agrees and says that he then he can give his full attention to his favorite playmate and Becky corrects him and says wife to be. They decide to play a new game; night watchman and cat burglar and she meows. Rebecca and Jules are outside and she meows and Jules is looking for her with a flashlight and asks if thats an alley cat he hears and Becky tells him he hasnt lived till his been in her alley. They continue to play and Becky meows again. Jules and Becky are outside the cottage and listen and Jules realizes that Luis is about to ask Sheridan to marry him. Becky and Jules overhear Luis leave and decide to use this to their advantage.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Ethan and Theresa are on the bed and Ethan tells her she is beautiful and Theresa says she loves him and she is his now and forever. Ethan stops and tells Theresa he has a confession to make. Theresa asks what confession and Ethan tells her that he must confess that hes always been thinking how can he love a woman so unconditionally and he decided to do a through analysis and he cant come up with one thing about her he doesnt love. Ethan starts going over Theresas body parts and how much he loves all of them and she wants to kiss him and Ethan says hes not finished yet and what makes her his Theresa is her heart, mind and her honestly. He tells her she is everything to him and all he ever wanted and his dream come true. Theresa asks if now she can kiss him and he says she may and they kiss. Ethan tells Theresa that he loves her and she says she wishes she could put into words what she if feeling and Ethan promises to always be open and honest with her and he will never betray her love and Theresa flashes back to her conversation with Pilar and how she forbade her to sleep with Ethan and she then kisses Ethan passionately. Theresa and Ethan talk about how much they want each other and Gwen shows up and looks through Theresas window and sees Ethan and Theresa in bed. Theresa and Ethan are into it and Gwen dams her and Ethan stops and Theresa asks if she did anything wrong and Ethan says no and when two people love each other they way they do they can do nothing wrong. Ethan says he foolishly forgot something and mentions protection and that he doesnt have any and says that the way things are and mentions that the dont have any money and the last thing they need right now is a baby and says hell go get some condoms and Theresa agrees and Ethan tells her to stay right there and hell be right back and Theresa says okay. She says to herself she cant wait till they make love and that theres so much she wants to tell him. Theresa hears a noise and asks if he forgot something and Gwen comes in. Theresa asks Gwen what shes doing there and she says she came to see how Ethan is. Gwen mentions how Ethan was in a big hurry and Gwen asks what shes doing and they trade barbs. Theresa tells Gwen that she and Ethan will be married, have children together and grow old together and Gwen tells her not to count her chickens before they hatch and that shes a long way from the alter. Theresa tells Gwen she has nothing to worry about and Gwen says doesnt she and why is she so nervous and Theresa says shes not. Gwen says its because she knows its not gonna happen; her secret is gonna come out and shes going to lose him.

Wednesday, May 9, 2001 | Episode #475

Tabithas House:
Sam cant believe that Grace doesnt want him to stay there and Tab says that Grace is blowing it. Grace explains to Sam, that Tab only has two guest rooms and Sam says he doesnt care how many beds are there hes not leaving his family. Tab tells Sam that hes more than welcome to stay on the couch and Grace says he doesnt need to worry about the girls and Jessica is upset and goes to her father. Sam tells everyone to excuse them and they go to the kitchen. Jessica is upset and Charity tries to console her and Kay takes advantage and throws herself in Miguels arms. Tabitha is happy about whats going on and Timmy is sad and they discuss it and Tab tells Tim that Sam and Graces marriage will be on the rocks in no time. Sam doesnt want to leave and Grace suggest that they meet for dinner and Sam says shes talking about a separation and Grace says she is. Sam cant believe this is happening and says the love each other. Grace says they need time apart and Sam tries to tell her that theyve come through hell and that it should draw them closer. Sam continues to try to convince her that he doesnt love Ivy and begs Grace not to shut him out. Jessica says she cant stand to see her parents fighting and Charity reassures her that her parents love each other and they will work things out; Simone tries to help too. Reese mentions that his mother says that Ivy Crane always gets what she wants. Tab tells Tim that geek boy is right on the money and Ivy will get exactly what she wants; she, Ethan and Sam will be a family. Grace tells Sam that she cant just forget the past and what happened and he and Ivy need to find closure and Sam says he doesnt need closure. Grace tells him unless he can prove to her something different Sam asks if she thinks this is the right thing to do and Grace says its the way it has to be and Sam says hell do it. He will resolve his past with Ivy and it wont take long and then hell come back to her and theres nothing to stop him from loving her and hell love her forever and he leaves. Sam goes into the living room and tells the kids that he realized that their Mom is right and the kids try to persuade him to stay but Sam says that its not what they think and hes not leaving their mother. Grace comes in and hears the kids trying to persuade him to stay and he says he wont be away for long and that he loves their mother and nothing can separate them and they belong together and Grace says shell be waiting. Sam offers to give Kay and Miguel a ride and she says no and goes over to Simone and tells her she can use the moonlight to get Miguel in a romantic mood. Simone tells her shes disgusting; she asks her how can she think about that when her parents are about to split and doesnt she have a heart or soul and then says thats right she doesnt and moves away. Sam hugs the girls goodbye and then walks to the front door and goes back to Grace and kisses her goodbye and tells her he loves her and leaves. Miguel goes to Charity and says he doesnt want to leave her tonight and Charity says shes fine and she and Miguel share a hug and Miguel says shes shaking all over and whats wrong. Charity thinks back to her premonition and then tells him shes just upset about Sam and Grace. Simone tries to tell Kay not to do this and Kay says shes just letting the chips fall where they may and shes gonna use this time to make Miguel believe that Charity doesnt exist. She moves over to Miguel and says that shes tired and they should get going and Miguel and Charity kiss goodnight and promise to talk to each other first thing in the morning. Jessica tells Charity not to worry and no matter what happens to their family she and Miguel will always be together as Simone watches guiltily. Tim and Tab are in the kitchen and Tabitha is upset that the Bennett's are in her house and Tim says he has to pretend to be a doll all the time and how hell be the only man in the house; but then perks up when he thinks that Charity will be there and Tab says maybe hes right. Tab talks about how Kay is probably putting then moves on Miguel right now and then mentions Sam and Ivy and how it wont be long before the Bennett's are finished. Simone and Reese leave and Grace suggest they go to bed but the girls dont want to leave her alone; Grace says they need their sleep and tells them goodnight and they go upstairs. Grace walks to Tabs window and looks out at the place where her house used to be. Charity comes down to talk to Grace and Grace has a premonition of the future and tells Charity that she thinks it might be the beginning of their troubles and Grace says she saw that those that she be together will be apart. Charity says that Miguel wont leave her, he loves her too much and Charity mentions that Sam loves her and hes gone now. Tab listens and says that things are gonna get much worst and pain and suffering will split Harmony wide open.

The Harmony Park:
Ivy writes Sam a love letter and Pilar comes across her. Ivy talks about what happened tonight and she thanks God that everyone was saved. Pilar asks Ivy if she really believes Sam will come back to her and Ivy says yes and tells her about how Grace is pushing Sam away. Pilar wants her to listen but Ivy says that she thinks that Sam never stopped loving her and she, Sam and Ethan can be a family and shell do whatever she can to make it come true. Ivy talks about her and Sams secret stop and Pilar asks her how she can delude herself and she needs to face reality and if she tries to win Sam back she will get her heart broken all over again. Pilar tells Ivy to let this go and Ivy says she never will and Sam will love her again. Pilar tells Ivy that Sam loves Grace and always will; Ivy says shes trying to be cruel and tells her that Sam, will meet with her and go back to Grace and how nothing will separate them. Ivy asks what about her and Pilar tells her hat she will be left alone and bitter. Ivy tells Pilar now she is being cruel and Pilar says she doesnt want to hurt her but she needs to face reality and move on with her life. Ivy says without Sam shes not sure she has a life. Ivy thinks about what Pilar says and says she doesnt want to end up alone and bitter and Pilar tells her she will find love again with someone who loves her and only her. Pilar says they should concentrate on helping Theresa and Ethan and if they get married Ivy says that of course they will and theres nothing to stop them and Pilar says that it was just a figure of speech and of course Ethan and Theresa will be married. Miguel and Kay run into Pilar and Ivy and Miguel mentions that he asked Kay to stay with them and Ivy asks if everyone else is staying there and Miguel tells her that Sam will be at the police station. Miguel and Kay leave and Pilar warns Ivy again and ivy says shell take her chances, now that Sam and Grace arent living together she can win him back and she walks off. Sam arrives at the station and goes into the back room and looks out the window; he picks up the phone but then sets it down again and looks over at the pictures of his family. He picks one up of him and Grace and says he swears he wont let their marriage be destroyed. Theres a a song playing and Sam is thinking of Grace and Ivy watches Sam through the window and says they will finally be together.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Gwen continues to badger Theresa and tell her that shes using sex to get what she wants and mentions her secret and Theresa asks her if she knows she has a secret and asks her who told her she has a secret and how does she know. Gwen claims to know because Theresa just told her and Theresa tells Gwen she doesnt have a secret and Gwen goes on to tell Theresa the reason she thinks she wants to sleep with Ethan. Gwen accuses Theresa of stringing Ethan along by not giving him sex and says thats how she kept Ethan all this time but now she wonders why all the sudden Theresa wants to sleep with Ethan now. She goes on to tell Theresa that shes in big trouble and says when Ethan finds out the truth he will leave her. Gwen continues to rant at Theresa and Theresa asks her to leave. Gwen tells Theresa shes making a mockery of her and Ethans love and if she really loved Ethan she would tell him her secret whatever it is and when her secret comes out she will lose Ethan. Ethan comes in and asks whats going on and Gwen looks at Theresa and asks her if she wants to tell him or should she. Theresa and Gwen look at each other and Ethan asks Gwen if there was something she wanted to tell him. Gwen covers and says that she just came by to see how he was; Ethan says hes fine and mentions that Sam saved the day. Gwen says its strange to here him talk about Sam like that and Ethan says he saved his life and he was wrong to hate him and he sees things more clearly. Gwen asks Ethan if he really thinks hes seeing things more clearly and Ethan asks her if theres something she thinks hes not seeing clearly and Gwen smiles smugly at Theresa. Gwen covers and says that he seems like hes changed and Ethan agrees and says that one thing he knows for sure is that he belongs with Theresa and Gwen lies and says all she wants is for him to be happy and to end up with the love he deserves. She reaches for Ethans hand and pulls him into a hug as Theresa watches on. Gwen prepares to leave and then says she knows how hard this must be on him and shell always be there for him and how shell never let him down; she moves over to Theresa to threaten her one more time and then leaves. Ethan tells Theresa that was weird and mentions how Gwen seemed to think that something is gonna happen; Theresa agrees but looks worried and Ethan asks her whats wrong and what happened and if Gwen said something to her. Gwen calls her mother from outside and talks about Theresas reaction and that they are gonna completely blow her out of the water and that all she has to do is make sure that Ethan and Theresa dont make love tonight. Ethan tells Theresa shes upset and she thinks back to Gwen telling her that shes a conniving little number and Theresa says its not what Gwen said its what shes been thinking and Ethan realizes that Theresa changed her mind and says its okay. She asks Ethan is hes disappointed and Ethan says no; they will wait till their wedding night and he hugs her and Theresa starts to cry.

Thursday, May 10, 2001 | Episode #476

Tabithas House:
Tim asks Tab why she got him out of bed and she tells him she couldnt sleep; the equilibrium is all off with all the Bennett's there. Tim says all he can think about is Charity being in the room next to him and him sneaking in to give her a goodnight kiss. Tab tells him to keep his hormones under wraps and no one can find out hes alive. Suddenly Reese pops out and says see Charity I told you Tabitha was a witch and Tim is alive. Tab tells him to wait just a damn minute and Reese tells her to wait and its payback time. Reese goes over all the disasters and Tim mentions that she killed Charitys mother and Reese says that he accuses her of practicing witchcraft and sentences her to death by fire and he leads her to the window where Jessica is standing by the stake with a torch. Tabitha wakes up and she tells Timmy about her dream and she mentions that she couldnt sleep with all the Bennett's in the house and Timmy tells her its her fault. Tab agrees but said she had to cover when Reese caught her eavesdropping and Timmy says that its not so bad with Charity next door to him and Tab tells him to forget about Charity and that they have to do something about that Reese kid. Tim tells her at least hes not staying there and theres a knock at the door. Tab opens it and its Reese with Charity and she has muffins that she brought from the B & B. Tab asks Reese what hes doing there so early and he says he came to check on the Bennett's but he notices Timmy and yells out your doll. Tab asks what about Timmy and Reese mentions that hes wearing pajamas and a robe and Tab asks if there is a law against her changing her dolls clothes. Tab tells him he probably thinks its silly an old woman doting on her doll and Charity says they think its cute and tells Reese its none of their business what she does with her doll. Jessica comes in and so does Miguel with coffee and the paper; Kay comes in too with Simone and Reese grabs her for a hug. Everyone decides to go to the kitchen when Jessica reads the paper and it says that the house was swallowed by a sinkhole and they neighbors say they are all crazy. Miguel says it doesnt matter; they know what happened and Reese says they should call in the national media. Jessica says they all saw it; why does no one want to believe them; Tab says to herself thats been her greatest weapon over the centuries; no one wants to believe in evil. Miguel suggests they all go eat and they head to the kitchen; Reese asks if Kay is coming and she says that they will be there in a minute. After everyone leaves Kay tells Simone that Charity makes her sick and Simone tells her to just give up and Kay says no and mentions her dream and that Miguel said he loved her too and by the time she gets through Miguel will forget about Charity and be all hers. Jessica is on the phone with her father and mentions where her mother is and then hangs up very upset. Charity comforts her and tells her it will be okay and Jessica says no it wont and she didnt think this could happen to their family and she feels like her whole world is falling apart. Timmy is crying and saying poor Jessica and Reese looks over and says that her Timmy doll is crying and says that he is effected by Jessicas pain and for Tab to admit her doll is alive. Tab tells Ross not to be ridiculous and that he just had some pancake batter on his cheek and she washed it off and for someone whos supposed to be so smart he really isnt very bright and everyone knows that dolls cant cry. Reese says that of course everyone knows that and that Timmy is alive. Miguel tells him to let it go and that the girls are upset about their parents and dont need any more trouble and Reese says sorry. Jessica says shes going upstairs to shower and she thanks everyone and leaves. Kay asks Simone if she wants to hear more about her dream and Simone jumps on her for her attitude. Simone asks what about her and if she bothered to asks if she had a dream about Chad and Kay says sorry and asks her. Simone admits she did but every time she does Whitneys always there and she cant shake the feeling that something is going on between them. Charity and Miguel talk about Jessica and how shes feeling and how sad it is and Miguel says that it made him think about marriage and he wants to talk with her about it and Charity asks what kinds of things she wants to talk about. Tab tells Tim she doesnt like the sound of it and Timmy says neither does he and Tab mentions if they do marry they will make love and if that happens its over for them. Charity asks Miguel what he wants to talk about and he tells her that he was thinking about the age when people should marry. He mentions Luis and Sheridan and that they are older and then mentions Ethan and Theresa and how Theresa is only a year older than him and they are getting married any day now. Charity says yeah and not to get her wrong she loves Theresa, but sometimes she wonders if shes mature enough to get married and Miguel agrees. Miguel says that he thinks they are both more mature than Theresa or at least they are more mature than their ages. Tabitha tells Timmy that the conversation is taking a turn for the worse and they are talking marriage and they will have their work cut out for them keeping them apart. Miguel asks Charity what she thinks about the double wedding turning into a triple one instead. Tab says no she cant allow this and mentions the problem again.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis is leading Sheridan into the gazebo and she tells him its beautiful and this is where he ran off to early and Luis says she told him about the dream and he wanted to make her dream come true and its time to ask the question and he gets down on one knee. Luis tells Sheridan he cant imagine his life without her and he never wants to live without her and will she be his wife. Sheridan says yes she wants nothing more than to be his wife and they kiss. Sheridan was dreaming and Luis comes in with breakfast for her and mentions the smile on her face and asks what she was dreaming about and she says about something she wants very much. Luis says its breakfast in bed and Sheridan laughs but says as long as it isnt eggs Benedict and Luis says he learned his lesson the last time. Sheridan tells him breakfast smells delicious and Luis lifts the lid and says flapjacks and Sheridan says they look great. Luis says not as good as she looks and then asks if shes all that hungry and she says breakfast can wait and they kiss. Luis and Sheridan are in bed and Luis asks about what she was dreaming about and Sheridan tells him. And Luis says he will make that dream come true along with a surprise and Sheridan tells him he doesnt have to do all of that; all he has to do is ask and it will be her dream come true. She encourages him to ask now and he says no; he wants to make her dream come true and he loves her so much and they kiss. Luis is up and Sheridan asks where hes going and he tells her to heat up breakfast so they can have it in bed. Sheridan tells him not to bother; shell come with him and Luis agrees and starts to leave. Sheridan picks up his shirt and the ring falls out and she picks it up and looks at it and admires it and says this must be the surprise he was talking about. Luis comes in and sees her with it and Sheridan says she didnt mean to spoil the surprise but its such a beautiful ring. Luis says at least she likes it and she tells him its perfect and Luis takes it from her and says that she wont see it again till her proposes. Sheridan tries to get him to ask her again and he looks at her.

The Russell House:
Whit is in bed and Chad shows up and kisses her cheek; she awakens and asks Chad what hes doing. Chad says he couldnt sleep and he was thinking about how they were kissing earlier and Whit asks why hes there and Chad tells Whit he loves her. Whit asks if he does and Chad says he knows that they talked about it already and how she wanted to wait and Whit agrees. Chad tells her he was thinking about how she was acting compared to what she said and she wanted him to make love to her. Whit says they just got carried away and it would be wrong if they made love and Chad asks if she really believes that. Whit says she likes him and Chad says she more than likes him and that shes the best thing that every happened to him and he loves her and he wants to make love to her and moves in for a kiss. Whit tells Chad they cant do this and Chad asks why not and Whit mentions Simone and Chad says hell make things right with her but it wont change how they feel about each other and Whit says she cant have sex with him. Chad says he does understand and mentions everything she said that she wanted and he wants to be there for her for the rest of his life and they share another kiss and Chad says he loves her and he always will. Suddenly Simone comes in and asks what in the hell is going on. Simone says Chad is her boyfriend and asks Whit why hes in her bed when the phone rings. Whit tries to explain but interrupts and tells her that he loves Whitney and he never did love her and Simone says thats a lie and Whitney took him away and damns her sister and asks her why couldnt just let her be happy. And she starts to cry and the phone rings again. Whitney wakes from her dream and answers the phone. Its Theresa and she apologizes for waking her but telling her she wont believe the dream she just had and Whit mentions hers too and Theresa asks her to come over and Whit says shell be there soon.

The Gym:
Ethan and Chad are on the bike and Ethan asks Chad what he wants to do next and Chad says hit the free weights and they both head over. Chad asks Ethan what stopped him from making love to Theresa and Ethan says he doesnt know exactly; he guesses she changed her mind. Ethan mentions that Gwen showed up and it broke the mood. Chad asks why Gwen showed up and Ethan tells him and Chad says that would certainly but a damper on the romance and Ethan starts to tell him more but then says he cant keep talking about his or hell go crazy. Chad agrees and says they should think about something else and Ethan agrees and mentions the tabloid and how hes going to find out who knew he wasnt a Crane and didnt tell him and when he finds out who it is; he will make them pay.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa thinks back to when she told Whit she would give Ethan her most precious gift and then she tells Ethan that she cant wait. She knows she said she wanted to but she just cant and Ethan goes to her. Kay tricks Miguel into holding her and he does and says he wants to get some sleep and hes sleeping in Luis room and if she needs something to let him know and Kay says there is something she needs and Miguel asks what and she kisses him. Ethan picks Theresa up and lays her on the bed and kisses her. Miguel pulls away from Kay and asks her what shes doing; Kay asks if he feels the physical connection between them and Kay tells him all the stuff that he said and says that she loves him too and not the way you love a friend; shes in love with him. Miguel says hes with Charity and Kay tells him not now hes not; and she goes on to try to convince him that he can have her. Theresa and Ethan are in bed kissing and Ethan tells her he loves her so much and he never knew it could be like this and Theresa tells him she loves him too and they begin to make love but it was a dream. Theresa slowly awakens by calling Ethans name and saying yes and says it was just a dream but what a dream and she has to call Whit. Theresa says if her dream was anything like the real thing she cant wait to make love to Ethan and she prepares for her day. Theresa is carrying in breakfast and Whit says she doesnt look any different and Theresa asks why she should look different and Whit says that she and Ethan made love last night. Theresa says they didnt and Whit is happy about it. Theresa mentions her dream and Whit asks her about it and Theresa says it was amazing. Whit says there must be something in the water and Theresa asks what she means and Whit tells her she had a dream too about the same thing. They talk about it and Theresa asks how it was and Whit mentions that Simone came barging in and tells her about what happened. Theresa tells Whitney she has to tell Simone right away before she finds out for real and then asks her about how her dream was before Simone came in and she and Whit laugh. Theresa tells Whit she cant believe that she and Chad got so hot and Whit says she couldnt believe it either but that it was starting to scare her; she couldnt believe she would just lose herself that way. Theresa tells her that its perfectly normal and asks Whit why she stopped; Whit says because they decided to wait till they got married. Theresa mentions that they were kids when they said that and Whit says she may have changed her mind but she hasnt. Whit asks her why she stopped and Theresa tells her that they were so close but then Gwen showed up and Whit asks why she was there. Theresa tells her what Gwen said and Whit asks what Ethan had to say and Theresa tells her everything that happened and what Gwen said. Whit tells her that this is crazy and asks Theresa if she thinks Gwen does know her secret and Theresa says she doesnt know. Whit tells her if she thinks Gwen knows she better tell Ethan the truth before Gwen does or tells someone else. The phone rings and Theresa answers it and its a call for her to come to the mansion. Theresa is pale and Whit asks who it was and Theresa says that Ivy wants to see her as soon as possible and worries that Gwen told Ivy and if she did then she will lose Ethan forever.

Friday, May 11, 2001 | Episode #477

TV Guide

Grace has second thoughts about dismissing Sam from her life. Unable to shake a premonition of doom, Sheridan frantically begs Luis to propose before anything else gets in their way. Meanwhile, Julian reminds the Luis impostor that he isn't getting paid to sleep with Rebecca but simply to ensure that Sheridan never marries her unsuitable suitor. Rebecca reminds her impatient daughter not to make her move until after Theresa and Ethan tie the knot. Blissfully unaware of events swirling around her, Theresa cheerfully assumes that Gwen poses no real threat to her future happiness. Turning a deaf ear to his sweetheart's pleas, Luis insists on setting up the perfect time and place for his big moment. Chad has to restrain a seething Ethan when they spot a certain tabloid reporter working out at the gym. Later, as Ethan listens in, Chad tries to trick the reporter into revealing his source. Sam's soft words reduce Grace to tears but she remains adamant that he resolve his issues with Ivy.


Ethan vows revenge on whoever leaked his paternity to the tabloid. Ethan is incensed when he spots the tabloid reporter at the gym. Chad holds Ethan back from approaching the reporter and tells Ethan he has a plan Grace worries she'll lose Sam. Meanwhile, Ivy looks forward to spending time with her first love. Sheridan can't shake the feeling something will come between her and Luis. She asks Luis to propose to her right away. A confidant Luis declares their love can overcome any obstacle, but Sheridan remains anxious. Luis insists he wants everything to be perfect when he proposes. Hank drops by to help Luis with his plans. Julian and the Luis imposter work out the details of Julian's plan to break up Luis and Sheridan. Julian questions Rebecca's enthusiasm to play the "other woman" opposite the hunky imposter. Rebecca tries to cover her lust for the young man. A nervous Theresa arrives at the mansion after being summoned by Ivy. She fears Gwen really does know her secret and has told her future mother-in-law. Theresa is relieved when she learns Ivy called her over to meet with a dressmaker. Ivy explains the dressmaker will rework her old wedding dress into any style Theresa wants. Theresa is convinced Gwen was bluffing about knowing her secret. Pilar and Whitney warn Theresa to tell Ethan the truth right away. Gwen promises Rebecca she won't expose Theresa until the wedding, but a vengeful Gwen remains a loose canon.

Monday, May 14, 2001 | Episode #478

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis thanks Hank for helping him and thinks to himself that everything will be perfect when he proposes. Sheridan is looking at a picture of her and Luis and says she cant wait till he proposes and hopes that nothing stops him. Luis comes in and Sheridan says that she is ready to go and Luis says who says they are going anywhere and they talk about it. Luis tells her that he hopes he makes this one of those memorable days of her life and they decide to leave. Luis has blindfolded Sheridan and leads her to the garden and then takes off the blindfold and Sheridan says its just like in her dream. Luis asks if she likes it and Sheridan says she loves it and tells him he shouldnt have done this. Sheridan hears music and asks where its coming from and a couple of guitar players come out and Luis asks her to dance. Sheridan and Luis finish their dance and the guitarist leave and Luis tells her that the present should be delivered any minute now and Sheridan asks what present. A butler comes in and hands Luis a box and Sheridan mentions its just like her dream and Luis tells her to open it and inside is his grandmothers ring. Sheridan says its beautiful and Luis says its no secret why there are there and before he asks her the question he wants to tell her why shes the most wonderful woman in the world. Luis gives Sheridan a speech about what she means to him and then gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Sheridan says yes and Luis places the ring on her finger and they kiss. Luis and Sheridan share another kiss and rose petals fall from the sky and the two proclaim their love for each other and share another kiss.

The Gym:
Chad ask if the email is traceable and Mort says yes. Chad asks Mort when hes gonna finish the rest of the story on Ethan and exposed the person who sent the email. Mort says he thought about it and hes working on it right now. Chad flatters Mort and offers to help him. Mort says hell use Chad if he can and Chad is happy. Chad continues to get next to Mort and Mort falls for it but then says that Chad is really gung ho about finding out about Ethan Crane and he gets suspicious and asks whats really going on here. Chad tells him that this isnt about Ethan Crane its about him becoming a top reporter and maybe he can help him out and get him an in with the paper. Mort falls for it and tells Chad hes got guts and if he helps him out with this hell make sure hell get the credit he deserves. Mort says that hes going to call his editor and hell tell him about the new angle hes working on and that hell catch Chad later; Chad says hell catch him later and Mort leaves. Ethan goes over to Chad and tells him he was awesome and Chad says soon enough they will find out who sent that email. Ethan says when he does, he will destroy their life just like their destroyed his.

The Crane Mansion:
Ivy is on the phone with Sam and Pilar begs her to hang up the phone. Sam tells Grace he doesnt need closure and he wants to hang up. Ivy is asking if Sam wants to meet her and Sam continues to beg Grace not to make him do this. Gwen slams the door and Theresa tells Whit thats the same look that Gwen had when she saw her with Ethan last night. Jules, Rebecca and the fake Luis toast to breaking up Luis and Sheridan and Rebecca continues to flirt with the fake Luis. He takes off his mask and Becky says Sheridan will never be able to tell the difference between the fake one and the real one. Jules says they need to put the plan into action before Luis proposes and Becky says that they should figure out what position Sheridan will find them in and she wants to try out a few and let Jules tell them which one will work. Jules tells her before then finalize the plan hes going to make a change and he moves her away and tells her he will get another woman to play the part of Luis lover. Sam begs Grace again to reconsider and she says this is what she wants and Sam asks if Ivy is still there and that they should meet and talk and Pilar asks her again not to do this. Sam asks ivy where she wants to meet and Grace has a vision of Sam and Ivy kissing in the book café and Sam says they should meet today and they make arrangements. Theresa asks Gwen what shes doing there and Abigail leaves and Whit asks her what shes doing there. Gwen asks if thats her wedding dress and Theresa says no and that its just a style. Gwen tells Theresa shes surprised that shes not wearing a copy of her dress and mentions the wedding book. Theresa says she thought they were past this and Gwen says their not and that shes ready to tell Ethan the truth to keep her from getting married just like she kept her from getting married. Theresa and Gwen start to talk and Abby interrupts and says she has other wedding dresses and bridesmaids material. Gwen tells Theresa this isnt over not by a long shot and she leaves. Becky is upset that Jules wants another woman and asks why and Jules pulls her to the side and berates her for manhandling the help. Becky tries to change his mind and Jules wont listen and Becky says she only wanted to do it so that he wouldnt have to hire a two bit tart and keep her quiet. Jules says Becky was hot for his body and Becky claims its not true. Sam tells Ivy hell meet her at the book café and Grace suddenly gets upset and Sam asks her why she wants him to meet with Ivy and asks what the matter is. Grace says nothing and Sam mentions her wanting to get the honesty back in their marriage and Grace says yes and mentions her premonition. Sam, tells her theres no way that will happen and Grace says that Ivy still loves him and he still loves her and Sam again tells her he loves her and only her. Sam wants to call Ivy and cancel. Ivy is very happy and Pilar begs her again not to do this and that her attempts to win him back will destroy his marriage. Ivy says that this is what Grace wants and Pilar tells her she doesnt love Sam only herself. Ivy says its not true and she wants them to be a family with Ethan. Pilar says that her wanting to get Sam back is the devils work and if she doesnt stop she will lose her very soul. Becky tries to convince Jules that shes there for him and willing to do anything for him and Jules says if thats the case why argue about him hiring someone else. Becky claims even animals check out their mates before doing the deed and she offers to show him that the fake has no effect on her at all and goes over to him and kisses him. Becky is floored and a little wobbly and says see there, nothing and he dismisses the fake Luis and tells him he will hire another woman and the fake leaves. Jules says hell make some calls and theres a knock at the door and its Gwen and she says she needs to speak with her mother and Jules says fine and Becky goes out and Gwen asks if things are going fine with Jules. Becky reassures her and then asks whats wrong. Gwen tells her mother she cant wait any longer; she wants to tell everyone Theresas secret and she wants to tell them right now. Theresa tells Whit that Gwen was very angry and Whit agrees; Pilar comes out and tells her that if Gwen knew anything she would have told someone by now. She tells Theresa to tell Ethan the truth and mentions Sam and Grace and tells her to think about what she said and for her to tell Ethan now before he finds out from someone else and she leaves. Grace tells Sam she needs him to meet with Ivy and resolve his past; its the only way shell trust him again and in the long run its whats best. Sam says he spoke with the insurance company and that they are giving them the money to rebuild the hose exactly the way it was and soon they will have a house to go home too and he leaves. Grace says but will they have a house to go home too, but will they have a marriage. Ivy is looking at her locket and says that soon she Sam and Ethan will be a family again. Rebecca asks Gwen if shes sure and Gwen says she is but Becky tells her to reconsider and maybe Ethan will blame her as well. Gwen says that once Ethan sees how Theresa manipulated him shell be the only woman hell want; Becky agrees but tells her shell cheat herself out of seeing Theresa in unbearable pain. Theresa says she knows what to do and Whit asks what and she tells her that Gwen is only a threat if she knows the secret and Whit asks how shell know if Gwen if bluffing or not and Theresa tells her shell see. Gwen starts to leave and Theresa calls her name and tells her that she cant leave without telling her how the dress looks on her. Gwen cant believe Theresas nerve and they exchange a few words. Theresa goes off on Gwen and tells her that she doesnt know anything and shes a pathetic, vindictive bitch! Becky decides to come on to Jules and says he always knows whats best. Jules says its taken care of and they should forget about it. Becky claims she was trying out her acting lessons and Jules tells her that her acting fooled him. Becky tells him there is no other man in the world for her and compliments him and Julian falls hook, line and sinker. Becky continues to stroke Jules ego and he decides to fool around now. Pilar arrives to see Grace and begs her to stop this foolishness and she doesnt want Sam to resolve his feelings for Ivy; she begs her to call Sam and tell him to come back before it destroys her marriage and her family. Sam arrives at the book café and sees Ivy waiting for him. Theresa taunts Gwen and tells her to tell her what she knows and when Gwen says nothing Theresa tells Whitney that she told her that Gwen knew nothing because there was nothing to know; she continues and says that Gwen is just a spoiled rich girl whos mad because she lost Ethan to her. Gwen says fine shell tell her and the whole world her dirty little secret. Becky wants Jules to slow down and asks him what about Luis and Sheridan and Jules says he hasnt proposed yet and they have plenty of time and they lie back on the couch.

Tuesday, May 15, 2001 | Episode #479

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan is happy and says she cant believe they are engaged and that Luis has made her so happy and they exchange I love yous and a kiss. Sheridan thanks Luis for giving her these wonderful memories and Luis toast to his future wife and they kiss. Sheridan and Luis are in the cottage now and it is decorated and Sheridan asks how he did this and Luis tells her Hank and they sit down to eat. Sheridan says she feels like a princess and Luis says she grew up a Crane and hasnt she always felt like a princess and Sheridan says not like this and he makes her feel loved and Luis says hell make sure she stays that way. Sheridan mentions that she cant believe all of this and that shes engaged and Luis says so is he. Sheridan mentions being scared earlier and Luis tells her not to worry about it and they are engaged and no one can do anything about it when there is a knock at the door. Its Jules and Becky saying they are there to celebrate their engagement and Sheridan doesnt look too happy. Sheridan asks how they know and Jules mentions Alistairs call and claims that he was happy and he and Becky toast the couple. Luis tells Jules to cut the bull and tell him whats going on; Jules mentions a party and says they have something very special in store for both of them.

Graces Shop:
Pilar picks up the phone and tells Grace to call Sam and cancel his meeting. Grace says she cant and mentions the lies that Sam has told and she cant trust him until he resolves his feelings. Pilar tells Grace that Sam has proven his love for her over and over again and Grace says if he didnt have feelings for Ivy then why did he lie to her. Pilar continues to beg Grace to let it go and if she doesnt shes going to destroy her marriage and her life. Grace says she has to take the risk and Pilar asks how she can be so stubborn and stupid and continues to berate Grace about her actions and what she went through being without her husband. Grace tells her that she hates to see her like this but she must think there is a chance between Sam and Ivy and Pilar says all she knows is that Sam had many opportunities to be with Ivy but he didnt and doesnt that tell her how much he loves her. She begs Grace not to be stupid and throw her husband into the arms of another woman or she will regret it for the rest of her life. Pilar tells Grace she has to forgive Sam and he wants to save his marriage and all she has to do is forgive him. Grace asks if shes just supposed to forget about Ivy and Pilar says that Ivy is spoiled and that shes lived her life knowing that her actions have cost her Sam and Ivy will do whatever she has too to get Sam. Grace asks her again if she thinks Ivy will get him and Pilar says she doesnt know but she needs to look in her heart and forgive him. Grace says shes already forgiven Sam, but she cant forget and that shes caught them together so many times and she didnt believe her eyes. Pilar says she shouldnt blame Sam and Grace mentions the mineshaft and that she asked him point blank if he had a relationship with Ivy and Sam lied to her. Pilar tries again to persuade her to go to Sam before its too late. Grace asks Pilar what it was like when Sam and Ivy were in love and Pilar tells her and Grace says thats why shes afraid. Pilar says no and mentions that Ivy has thrown herself at Sam and hes never stopped loving her and Grace says how does she know Sam didnt think about Ivy and want her. Pilar says she doesnt but shes playing a dangerous game; on one hand shes the woman throwing him away and on the other heres one telling him she loves him the way he is and if she were a man what would she do. Grace tells Pilar that shes got it all wrong and tells her why she feels the way she does. Pilar says that she hopes she isnt making a mistake and she leaves. Grace flashes back to her premonition and prays for God to bring Sam back to her.

The Book Cafe:
Sam has arrived and Ivy tells him hello. Sam continues to say that hes only there because of Grace and he doesnt need closure. Sam prepares to leave and Ivy tells him that isnt all there is too it and that he wonders what might have been. She asks him if he can still feel the sparks between them and she grabs his hand and asks him when he will stop denying it. Ivy tells him that they would still be together if her father and Alistair wouldnt have come between them. Sam tells her that shes a grown woman and that she made her choice. Ivy claims it was a mistake not to tell him about Ethan and Sam says she should have come to him and Ivy agrees and says that he would have married her if she would have told him she was pregnant and goes on to tell him that she never stopped loving him and she doesnt believe that he stopped loving her either. Sam says again he has no feeling for her and Ivy tells him he can tell Grace anything he wants but she wont believe him. Sam says what in the hell is he supposed to do and how can he convince Grace hes over her and Ivy says convince her first and if he does then she will tell Grace. Sam mentions the way Ivy lies and why would she tell Grace the truth and Ivy says because she loves him and if he can convince her then she will tell Grace that its over between them, but he will have to convince her first. Sam asks how hes supposed to convince her and Ivy says start by treating these meetings the way Grace wants him too and to talk to her not at her and he should talk to her. Sam wants to talk about Grace and when they first met and Ivy says she wants to talk about Ethan. Ivy takes out some pictures and they talk about Ethans childhood; Ivy presents Sam with a picture of the three of them and Sam says she shouldnt have done that and wants to leave. Ivy gives Sam an album of Ethan growing up and asks him to look at it. Sam opens it and sees Ethan in a baseball uniform and they talk about Sam and Ethans love for the game and begin to bond about Ethan. Sam and Ivy continue looking at the pictures and discuss Ethan.

The Gym:
Chad and Ethan are in the locker room discussing the plan and Ethan says when he finds out who did this to him they will wish they had never been born. Ethan and Chad talk about how they will get the info and they shake hands and Mort sees them and asks if they know each other and berates both of them and Mort taunts Ethan and says they will find out who sent the email when the who world finds out on the front page of his newspaper and Ethan grabs him and throws him against the lockers and tells Mort that he will tell him who sent the email and who ruined his life. Mort threats to sue and Ethan tells him to go ahead he cant win enough money to buy a drink and Chad mentions that he could press criminal charges and Ethan says that he doesnt care and that his father is the chief of police and Chad agrees. Mort says the joke is on them and they will never know who sent that email and he leaves. Chad and Ethan talk about the reporter finding them together and Chad mentions Sam and how Ethan could asks for help but Ethan says no. Chad mentions that he is probably right and says that the two of them have to follow certain rules and that he isnt required too and that they will find out who sent that email.

The Crane Mansion:
Jules and Rebecca are finished with their romp and Becky compliments him and talks about being his future wife. Jules tells her hes more convinced than ever that she wont play the other woman and Becky tries to reassure him and asks him what if he cant find the right woman and the phone rings. Becky doesnt want him to answer it and Al says hell have to have those blankets cleaned the next time he comes home. Gwen tells Theresa that the whole world is going to know what shes done. Theresa says shes bluffing if she knew anything she would have told the whole world already and Gwen tells her she knows everything. Jules asks Al why he called and Al tells him he wants to know whats happening with Sheridan and Luis and Jules says yes and he will put a stop to it before Luis pops the question and Al informs him that hes a day late and a dollar short and hes already proposed and Sheridan accepted. Jules says that Luis has already proposed and Al tells him that if he would keep his head from Becky ample bosom hed know what was going on. Jules and Becky talk about how Al knows what going on and Al berates Julian for telling Becky his plans and Becky says that shes going to be Jules wife and he can trust her completely and Al says he knows he can count on her to keep her mouth shut and if she tells anyone shell wind up dead and Becky is shocked. Theresa tells Gwen again shes bluffing and shes trying to ruin her wedding day. Gwen continues to tell Theresa that Ethan wont be fooled by her and Abby comes in and wants her to try on other wedding dresses but decides to leave when the ladies wont stop fighting. Whit tries to tell Theresa to be careful and Theresa tells her that shes not worried and has things under control. Gwen tells Theresa shell tell her what she knows and she will expose her for the lying, manipulative bitch she really is. Al tells them to hurry up and get dressed and go to the cottage; he tells Jules and Becky that if this doesnt work then he and Rebecca will have to kill Sheridan and Rebecca looks shocked. Al tells her thats right, if she wants to be the wife that Ivy never was then she will have to prove it and help Julian kill Sheridan. Theresa tells Gwen if anyone is a liar it is her and Whit is trying to intervene and Rebecca shows up and pulls Gwen to the side and warns her this is not the time. Gwen says she has to leave and she does. Jules asks what this is all about and Theresa tells him and Becky tells her there will be a new Mrs. Crane who might just take something back from her and she and Jules leave. Whit wonders what Becky meant and Theresa says that she sounded so evil. Whit tells Theresa that whatever Becky is talking about she can be sure it wont be good for her. Theresa tells Whitney that the only thing they can take away from her is Ethan. Whit asks Theresa if shes sure that neither Gwen or Rebecca found Ivys papers on her laptop. Theresa says no and that there is no way they can take Ethan away from her. Whit tells her they have to know something and Theresa says they dont they cant know her secret or they would have said something already. She goes on to say how they both believe that she stole Ethan away from Gwen. Whit mentions that they have good reason to think that and Theresa says no; if Ethan had really loved Gwen he wouldnt have given her a second look. She says that Ethan loves her and that Gwen and Rebecca are just bad losers they dont know anything and they are just trying to spoil things for her and she wont let them or anyone else come between her and Ethan. Abby and her assistant come back in and asks if its safe now and can they get on with the fittings; Theresa says yes and Abby tells her shes going to have the most beautiful dress on the eastern seaboard and Theresa agrees and they all head out. Meanwhile Gwen was listening to the entire thing and says to herself for Theresa to enjoy it while she can because her on her wedding day shell wish she had never been born.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001 | Episode #480

Sheridan's Cottage:
Jules encourages the engaged couple to drink up and Becky mentions the party that Al wants to throw a party. Luis is wondering whats up and Sheridan thinks that maybe they have accepted them and Luis says no way they are up to something. Rebecca tells Jules they are buying this and Jules says he doesnt have a choice and Becky goes over their plan again and Jules says he can play Sheridan like a fiddle and they will be at the party. Becky is worried and says that they last time they used the imposter it only worked for a little while and Jules says shes a turncoat but Becky says that she has all the confidence in the world in him and asks if she can help. Jules says no and why would anyone miss a party thrown in their honor. Luis thanks Jules for throwing the party but they wont attend; he knows hes up to something. Jules doesnt believe it and tells Luis they should discuss it. Luis mentions how Al knew they were engaged and Jules covers and says that Al wants Sheridan to know that he supported her and he loves her. Sheridan is deeply affected and happy to hear this and Luis pulls her to the side and tells her not to buy into it but Sheridan wants to believe its true. She comes around to Luis thinking and they go back and she tells Jules no they wont come to the party. Rebecca asks Jules to step outside and says she wants a moment alone with them and Jules leaves. Luis tells her she wont change their minds and they wont go to the party. Al calls Jules outside and asks if they are going to come and Jules says things arent going as planned and Al says that doesnt surprise him. Jules tells him that he better hope his little floozy can persuade them to attend the party tonight or Sheridan will be one dead woman and he and Becky will be the ones killing her. Al asks Jules whats going on now and can he hear anything; Jules says he left his spy kit at home and Al berates him and tells him he better hope that she can persuade them to go to the party. Jules says that Becky usually gets what she wants and Al opens a file on her and says she does have a way of doing just that. Becky asks them to hear her out and says that the party is coming from Jules and Als heart. Becky mentions their feelings when they found out the truth about Ethan and Sheridan mentions that they cast Ethan out and Becky tells them to just accept it as an offer of love. Becky lies to Sheridan and tells her that her family is willing to accept Luis as her husband because they dont want to lose her. Luis tells her that they will throw their own party and they will invite Al and Jules but they wont accept a party thrown by them. Becky starts to leave and turns to Sheridan and tells her that if they change their minds to tell her. Rebecca goes outside and tells Jules that Luis wont budge but that she thinks she played Sheridan pretty well. Al says thats it; he wants Sheridan dead right away and they two of them are going to kill her.

Graces Shop:
Sam arrives back at Graces shop and takes out the pictures of Ethan, himself and Ivy and places them in his pocket and goes inside. Grace wonders to herself if she was wrong to make Sam spend time with Ivy and Sam comes in and Grace asks him what happened and if he still has feelings for Ivy. Sam tells Grace that he doesnt and he loves her and he made that clear to Ivy. Grace is happy to hear that and asks if he really means it and she and Sam hug. Grace tells Sam she was worried and Sam says she doesnt have to worry but them Grace has the premonition again of Sam and Ivy kissing and pulls away. Sam asks whats the matter and she tells him; Sam says thats not what happened and he told her what he said to Ivy and then she asks if thats all they talked about or is he keeping more secrets from her. Sam tells her again that he only loves her and to stop pushing him away before they do some real damage to their relationship. Grace says she doesnt want them to break up but since she found out he lied shes been lost. Grace mentions her lost memories and that she needs him to be completely honest with her and Sam hugs her and tells her not to cry. He takes a hanky out of his pocket and the pictures fall out and Grace asks what they are. Sam tries to tell her its nothing but Grace insist on seeing them. Sam reluctantly gives the pictures to Grace and she cant believe what she sees and she moves away. Sam calls her name then follows her and tells her the pictures mean nothing; Grace mentions the picture of him Ivy and Ethan and Sam says that he was going to throw them away and Grace tells him not too. Sam says that they mean nothing and Grace says they dont and that shes not sure that Ivy is in his past and mentions what her (Ivys) father did and Sam tells her it doesnt matter. Grace asks him if he hid the pictures because he still has feelings for Ivy. Sam says he does have feelings for her but they are resentment and anger. Grace says she wants to believe him but the pictures brought back all the pain and heartache and Sam asks what he needs to do and Grace says she doesnt know but shes scared of losing him and they hug.

The Hotchkiss Mansion:
Gwen tears up a picture of Ethan and Theresa and mentions that Ethan will hate Theresa when he finds out that the email came from her computer and says that her wedding day will be her worst nightmare. Gwen calls her mother and she doesnt answer and leaves her a message and tells her that she wants to blow her out of the water now and she better hurry. Gwen has a fantasy of blowing Theresa out of the water and Ethan leaving Theresa and marrying her. She says that her mother is right and Theresas wedding day is the perfect time to expose her and she cant think of a more perfect wedding gift. Gwen says she found the perfect way to pass the time before Ethan and Theresas wedding and throws darts at a picture of Theresa.

The Crane Mansion:
Theresa comes into the living room and tells Whit shes all set for her wedding dress and Whit mentions that Theresa is a lot happier than she was earlier and Theresa says that Gwen doesnt know her secret. Whit asks Theresa how shes so sure and Theresa says that if she knew she would have thrown it in her face and nothing will spoil her wedding to Ethan. Ethan and Chad arrive at the mansion and Ethan mentions how weird it is coming back and they discuss finding out the truth; Chad says between the both of them they will find out the truth. Ivy is in her room going through the photo album and Pilar comes in and Ivy tells her that her and Sam had a great day and goes over some memories. Pilar asks if thats all and Ivy tells her that he said he still loves Grace but that will change and she bets Sam, is thinking about her right now. Ivy is happy and asks Pilar cant she be happy for her and Pilar says no and she cant approve of her actions. Ivy says Grace is the one pushing this and Pilar says shes confused and shell regret her actions. Ivy says she cant control what Grace says and Pilar says thats true but what shes doing is wrong and she wont support her. Ivy says shes sorry she feels that way but she wont change her mind. Theresa and Whit decide on Whits dress and talk about Theresas wedding. Whit mentions that Theresa is still keeping a secret from Ethan and if he finds out from someone else he will be furious and Theresa says theres no way and they discuss Rebeccas attitude. Theresa wont listen and tells Whit shell tell Ethan when the time is right and Whit asks when thats going to be and Theresa says shes not sure but he doesnt need to know now. Ethan comes in on the last part of the conversation and asks Theresa what doesnt he need to know. Theresa covers and says he doesnt need to know about her wedding dress and Ethan sees the other dresses and says its too late now and Theresa informs him that those arent her dresses and hell just have to wait. Ethan says whatever she wears shell look beautiful and she and Ethan share a kiss. Whit and Chad tease them about kissing and then tell them what happened with the tabloid reporter. Chad talks about how he played the guy and Theresa wonders if he can find out who sent the email; they guys assure her they can and Theresa is excited and tells him thats fantastic news; Theresa whispers to Whit that the truth will come out and Ethan will know it wasnt her. Pilar continues to berate Ivy for all her actions over the past year and Ivy says that was different and then she just wanted to have an affair with him. Pilar asks whats different now and Ivy says she wants it all; she wants to be a family with Sam and Ethan. Pilar asks what about Sams family with Grace and Ivy again mentions Graces wishes and Pilar berates her again and Ivy says she has a chance with Sam and he will be hers. Pilar asks Ivy again to listen to her and Ivy says no that she and Sam really connected today and mentions the picture that she altered. Pilar asks how she could do that and Ivy says he was affected and hes still interested in him and Pilar says no he was interested in Ethan. Ivy says thats a matter of opinion and Pilar tells her to leave Sam alone or shell cause herself and everyone else pain. Ivy mentions to Pilar how she felt when she was in love with Sam and they decide not to fight anymore and Ivy mentions that they should be happy because of Ethan and Theresas wedding and they decide to go see if Theresa needs anything else. Pilar stays back and looks at the album and comes to a picture of Theresa and Ethan and says that Ivys actions will affect everyone in Harmony. Theresa is excited and Chad tells her not to get to far ahead and tells her about how the reporter found them together. Chad says they wont give up and they will find out who did this and Theresa says shell be happy when they find the truth and then they can move on with their lives. Ethan says that he needs to make some phone calls to find them a place to live after the wedding and he leaves. Theresa tells Chad and Whit that this is wonderful news and Chad warns Theresa that it doesnt change the fact that she knew. Theresa says that Ethan will find out she had nothing to do with it and everything will be fine and Whit says shes hopes shes right. Chad tells Theresa to tell Ethan the truth now and Theresa says that she doesnt have to tell him now; once he knows who sent the email he will know she had nothing to do with it. Ivy and Pilar come in and they start talking about he wedding dress and Chad leaves to find Ethan. Ivy asks if Ethan is there and Chad says yes and Ivy tells him to tell Ethan that she wants to see him before he leaves; Chad agrees to pass the message on and heads out. Ivy asks if Whit found a dress yet and Whit says no but mentions they found some great things on the web. Ivy looks at the fabric that Abigail left and Whit tells her they are out of her price range; Ivy offers to pay for Whits dress and Whit says no thanks and Ivy suggest that she and Theresa take a look at the website. Whit goes to Pilar and says she hopes she didnt hurt Ivys feelings but her parents will kill her if she let her pay for the dress. Pilar is worried about Luis and Theresa and their involvement with the Cranes and Whit tries to reassure her but Pilar says she worries that both her children will be destroyed. Whit tells Theresa again to tell Ethan the truth before someone else does. Chad finds Ethan in his room and its being redecorated and Ethan says its like he wasnt even here and that hes going to make the person pay who ruined his life.

Thursday, May 17, 2001 | Episode #481

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis tells Sheridan its a good thing that Becky and Jules left because he was closing to throwing them out. Sheridan tells him she doesnt know why hes so upset. Luis mentions how they have treated her and now they expect her to believe they care. Sheridan mentions the party was for him too and Luis says like shed believe they had a change of heart because they were afraid of losing her. Sheridan asks him if he really believes theres any chance they are being sincere and Luis says no; he doesnt trust either of them and she shouldnt either and theres no way they are going to any party they throw. Julian tells Al surely theres another way and Al tell him it isnt open for debate, he mentions that Rebecca said Luis wont come to the party and if they dont then the plan cant work and without that they have nothing. Jules agrees and Al says the only way to stop them is to kill Sheridan now before any more damage can be done to the family and tells Julian to take care of it. Alistair tells Jules to kill Sheridan or he will kill both of them. Sheridan asks Luis if he wont even consider going to the party and Luis says no. He mentions all the things that her family has done to her and Sheridan says she knows what theyve done and she lived it. Luis asks her if they have ever reached out to her before; Sheridan says no but maybe the situation with Ethan made them change. Luis tells her no and mentions that Al didnt come to her funeral and Sheridan doesnt want to hear it and says they shouldnt underestimate Alistair and Luis says he doesnt care who he is they arent going to the party. Luis tells her he needs to protect her and his instincts say that something is wrong and they arent going to the party. Al tells Jules he wants them to kill Sheridan and Jules tries to back out and Al tells him not to think about it. Jules wants to find another way to break them up and says that killing her should be the last resort. Al says hell consider what he said and that they will wait for now but if they cant make the party happen, Sheridan will die and he better come up with a plan of action or he and Rebecca will never see their wedding day. Sheridan tells Luis he knows hes trying to protect her but Al is her father. Sheridan tells Luis how she felt after her mother died and that she cant remember Al giving her one hug or kiss and he never did. Luis tells her that he was off making more money and that he hasnt changed. Sheridan agrees but she thinks theres a chance he did change and Luis says no. Sheridan tells him hes always had love and he doesnt understand; Luis says he does and mentions Martin being gone. Luis finally agrees to go to the party since it means so much to her and Sheridan gives him a hug. Rebecca and Jules are trying to listen to Sheridan and Luis when Rebecca says they are coming; she and Jules move away from the window and engage in some small talk when they come outside. Sheridan tells them they will allow them to throw a party for them and they are both happy. Becky asks if they have set the date and Sheridan tells them they will have a double wedding with Ethan and Theresa. Rebecca is thrilled and says that it will be one hell of a day.

Graces Shop:
Kay is watching Simone do her work and mentions to Kay that it is unbelievable that her mother but all this work on her today. Simone tells Kay that if shes not careful shell break a nail on one of the boxes. Kay says she wont and then starts in about Charity and how shes just sitting on Tabs couch snuggling with Miguel. Simone reminds Kay that Charity was up at the crack of dawn cleaning the bed and breakfast and then she cooked, served them and got a hair cut. Kay says like she hasnt done all of that before and Simone asks her when; when has she ever worked. Kay says she was going to but her bed was cozy and she was having a great dream about Miguel and flashes back to it. Simone tells her shes tired of hearing about the dream and cant she find something else to talk about; Kay says no and Simone tells her its a dream and thats all it will ever be. Kay disagrees and says somehow and some way she will shell make Miguel hers. Simone tells her that Charity and Miguel are in love and its the real thing; she doesnt stand a chance. Kay says shell show her and Simone asks how; Kay says that she has a plan and by the end of the summer shell be wearing Miguels ring on her finger. Sam tells Grace that they will have to sit down with the kids at one point and Grace agrees but says she doesnt wasnt them to see them arguing. Simone is finishing Kays work and Kay asks if she wants to hear her plan about getting Miguel. She goes on to explain what shes going to do and about getting pregnant with his baby and Simone cant believe it. Simone tells Kay that she can see shes serious and tells her she cant do that. Kay says why not and Simone tells her its wrong and Kay says so what. Kay goes on to say that women having been doing it for years and what better way to hold on to Miguel than to let him get her pregnant. Sam and Grace come in and hear the word pregnant; Sam repeats it and Grace asks her what she is talking about. Sam asks her if shes trying to get pregnant and Kay covers and says that they were talking about Ivy Crane. Sam says that they will talk about this but now isnt the time. Kay continues to go on about it and Grace tells her they will talk and Sam agrees and says now isnt the time. Grace asks them to do something for her and they go to do as she asks. Simone tells Kay that she cant believe she said that to her parents and she really doesnt have a soul; cant she see that her parents marriage is on the verge of breaking up and Kay says they will pull it together. Grace and Sam are discussing him and Ivy again when Charity and Miguel come up and tell them they have decided to get married this summer. Sam, Grace, Charity and Miguel go back inside the shop and Sam asks if they are sure and they both say yes. Kay and Simone come in and asks whats going on and Charity tells her that she and Miguel have decided to get married this summer and Kay hits the deck.

Tabithas House:
Miguel and Charity are on the couch talking about their plans for later. Tab and Tim listen and Tim says he cant stand to watch and Tab tells him they have more to worry about than his pinning away for Charity and mentions what they were talking about earlier. Tim asks if its about Charitys new look and Tab tells him about them getting married and they havent even graduated from high school yet. Tim says they were just kidding and Tab says they sounded deadly serious and Tim says if they get married his chance with Charity would be doomed. Tab tells him as if he has a chance anyway and mentions what they should worry about is if they do get married they will make love if it happens Charity will come into her full powers and they will be destroyed. She tells Timmy to put his thinking cap on and come up with a way to stop them from talking about marriage or they will be doomed. Tim and Tabitha is listening to Charity and Miguel talking about where they want to get married and tells Tim they must talk them out of getting married. Sheridan goes into the living room where they are and asks what they are talking about and Charity mentions a wedding. Tab asks if they are really thinking about getting married and Miguel says yes and mentions that they want to get married now and Tab says isnt it too soon. Miguel mentions that Theresa is getting married this summer and shes only a year older than him. Tab says to herself that if they only knew the half of it; Miguel asks what she said and Tab covers. Miguel and Charity insist that they are getting married this summer. Tab tells them that a wedding takes a lot of preparation and they agree and say they will have a double wedding; Tab then ask about where they will live and they tell her they will live in the married dorms and they have scholarships to college. Miguel says the more he thinks about it the more he thinks its a good idea and they leave to tell the Bennett's. Tab says again that if they get married they will be doomed. Tim and Tab talk about how they need to stop Charity and Miguel from getting married when they hear a noise. Tim mentions its coming from the closet and Tab goes and opens the door. Its the divining rod and Tab tells Timmy that it will help her find a way to keep Miguel and Charity from getting married; she grabs it and tells Timmy to fasten his seat belt because its going to be a bumpy ride and they head out.

The Crane Mansion:
Chad tells Ethan he needs to take it easy; Ethan tells Chad that someone ripped away his life and he wants him to take it easy; he tells Chad that it cant happened until he finds out who sent the email. Chad tells Ethan that they need to talk and Ethan says no his focus is finding the person who sent the email and making them pay. Chad tells him he understands and he has problems too but he cant let this drive him crazy; he has to get prospective. Ethan says that someone betrayed him and they might as well have stabbed him in the back. Chad says that he understands how he feels but hes got this hate thing going; hating anyone who knew he was a Crane and didnt tell him. Ethan tells Chad that he keeps bringing that up and why; does he know something or someone who knew he was Sam Bennetts son and didnt tell him. Chad flashes back to encouraging Theresa to tell Ethan the truth and to threatening to tell Ethan the truth himself. Chad admits to Ethan that he does know someone who knew the truth; someone very close to him. Theresa is looking over the wedding dresses and Whitney mentions that this is driving her crazy. Theresa tells Whit shes handling it and things will be all right. Whit tells Theresa the only way things will be all right is if she tells Ethan the truth; she tells her that Ethan will understand and Theresa asks will he. Whit tells her she cant go into a marriage keeping this secret; it will ruin their relationship and for her to tell Ethan the truth before someone else does. Theresa tells Whit she is worried about nothing and Ethan wont find out about her secret. Whit tells Theresa she is making a mistake and Theresa refuses to listen. Theresa tells Whit she knows what she thinks and who else would tell Ethan her secret. Ethan asks Chad who else knew he wasnt a Crane and didnt tell him. Chad tells Ethan that his mother and Pilar knew and that he keeps saying that someone who loved him wouldnt have been careless and he knows that neither Pilar nor Ivy would have done that; and he still wants to be angry. Ethan says maybe hes got some misdirected anger and Chad says he doesnt want to see him leave someone who he loves just because they knew. Chad goes on to tell Ethan that anyone who knew was trying to protect him by not telling the truth. Ethan says hes right and but he cant believe that the tabloid found out by accident; the person that sent the email did so maliciously and he will destroy the life of the person who sent the email. Chad and Ethan come into Ivys room and Ethan asks whats going on and Theresa says wedding things; she tells Ethan that he needs to pick out a gift for his best man and Chad cant look. Chad motions for Theresa to come with him and she and Whit go into the hallway with Chad. Chad tells Theresa that he persuaded Ethan not to hate everyone who knew and she should tell Ethan she knew now. Theresa disagrees and says its wonderful news and now when Ethan finds out who sent the email; then shell tell him she knew. Theresa and Whit continue to look for a dress for Whit and the guys watch. Theresa calls Ethan over and they go back to the groom site and Chad and Whit go out of the room. Whit worries about Chad doing something illegal to help Ethan and Chad reassures her and tells her not to worry. Rebecca and Jules are back at the mansion and they toast their victory and to breaking up Sheridan and Luis. Becky mentions that shes glad that they agreed to the party and if they had to kill Sheridan. Jules says that he doesnt want to talk about it now and they discuss the look on Sheridans face when she sees Luis in bed with another woman. Someone comes in the room and Julian is upset and asks what they are doing there. Theresa and Ethan are finished getting the attendants gifts and Ethan asks about her wedding gown; Theresa tells him that it will be perfect and Ethan says just like her and their relationship and they share a kiss. Chad mentions to Whit that Theresa is biding her time and Whit agrees. Chad tells Whit that the person who needs to worry is the one who sent the email; Whit says that she still has a bad feeling about this and that she wont feel good about Ethan and Theresa until they are happily married.

Friday, May 18, 2001 | Episode #482

Sheridan's Cottage:
There is a knock at the door and its Pilar. Luis and Sheridan tell her that they are engaged and about the party. Pilar doesnt say anything and then she ask Luis not to do this. Luis asks what she means and Pilar says shes happy they are engaged but the party concerns her and that Al and Jules cant be happy they are going to marry and if they go the Cranes will destroy them. Luis says that he decided to go for Sheridan and Sheridan tells her that everything will be okay and that Becky said that Al and Jules were sincere. Pilar says she can see why she wants to go and Sheridan leaves to take the dry cleaning to her room and Pilar asks Luis if hes crazy and why he would want to go to a party thrown by Al and Jules; he knows they hate him with every fiber in their being. Luis tells his mother that he couldnt refuse Sheridan and Pilar mentions that they are playing on her neediness. Luis says that he cant tear him and Sheridan apart and Pilar tells him that if Al wants to tear them apart he will and that shes feared that her children would get involved with the Cranes and it has come to pass; she says thanks goodness Miguel is in love with Charity and he wont cause her any worry. Pilar begs Luis not to go to the party and Luis says that the Cranes cant do anything. Pilar mentions how he thought that Ethan marrying Theresa would cause problems and what makes him think its any different with him and Sheridan. Luis says because he is a man and Pilar tells him so was his father. Sheridan overhears everything and says if the people she trusts are worried then maybe she should be too. Sheridan wants to go to the mansion and Luis suggest that they all go and Pilar begs Sheridan; if she feels anything is wrong not to go to the party and they all head out.

Graces Shop:
Sam is checking on Kay and then TC and Eve come in and Miguel tells them what happened. Kay sits up and says shes fine and TC asks Sam and Grace about Charity and Miguel getting married. Charity tells Miguel that Sam and Grace dont seem to happy and Miguel says all they have to do in convince them that they are ready. Kay tells Simone this changes everything and she needs to get pregnant as soon as possible; theres no way shell let Miguel marry Charity. Everyone tries to persuade Charity and Miguel to wait and Eve mentions that sometimes the person you love now isnt the person you end up with and she flashes back to her relationship with Julian. Sam wants to find a middle ground and says that if they are eighteen and they can support themselves they can do whatever they want but they dont think they should get married so young. Miguel says he will prove them wrong and he and Charity are in love and they will always be together. Kay tells Simone she will do whatever it takes to come between them; whatever it takes. Grace asks Eve if she was thinking about Jules and Eve says yes and says they didnt get married but she would have if he had asked her and mentions her baby. Grace says she hates to see her that way and is she sure she cant talk to TC about it and Eve says no shed lose her husband and her family. Miguel tells Charity as soon as she turns eighteen they can get married and Kay watches and tells Simone she doesnt have much time and Simone says why cant she let them be happy. She mentions to Kay that every time she tries to break them up that something bad happens and Kay says she has to get Miguel into bed and fast. Eve and Grace talk about the situation with Ivy and she asks Grace if she is willing to lose Sam forever. TC is telling the same to Sam and Sam says that hes not pining for Ivy and he only loves Grace; hes not lying to himself. Miguel and Charity are walking through the shop and Sam and Grace watch them and Sam asks Grace if it reminds her of someone and mentions their beginnings. Grace says that was then and Sam tells her they can get it back again if she will say shell try. Simone tells Kay she cant believe her plan and Simone says its wrong and Kay says it will work.

Tabithas House:
Tim and Tabby are flying over Harmony (to the superman theme) and hope that its leading them to the evil that will break up Miguel and Charity. Tim and Tab are headed for the Crane mansion and Tab says that all of Harmony will be rocked to its very core. Tab is upset that the key to breaking up the teens is in the house and tells Timmy to help her steer the rod away or they will crash into the Crane living room.

The Crane Mansion:
Jules asks Ivy what shes doing there and Ivy says she lives there; she ask what they are celebrating and Jules tells her about the party. Ivy wants to call and then realizes that something is up and asks Jules whats the plan. Jules plays dumb and asks Ivy what she means and Becky pipes in. Ivy doesnt believe them and says she thinks that Jules and Al are taking advantage; Jules reminds Ivy that she was willing to break them up but Ivy says that she did that to protect her son. Jules says it didnt work and he and Al will keep their word about Theresa and Ethan and Becky says to herself that its all her doing and shes not done yet. The phone rings and Ivy goes out to take it. Becky asks Julian how he stayed married to Ivy so long and Jules says by ignoring her and compliments Becky on her wiliness to help. They talk about Als plan and they dont want to murder Sheridan and Becky says her life will be ruined but at least shell be alive. Ivy comes back in and Jules tells her that nothing will happen to Luis and Sheridan and Ivy doesnt believe them. She asks who they are inviting and Jules says the whole town and Ivy says the two snobs are willing to mingle with the local folks and says something is definitely up. The suddenly hear screaming and Tim and Tab crash into the Crane living room. Tab says she hopes they dont mind her dropping in unannounced and everyone else looks shocked. Ivy asks Tabby if shes all right and Jules is freaking out about the doll and tell Becky that its alive and hes talked to it. Ivy asks Tabby if shes sure shes okay and Tab says yes but asks for some water and Ivy leaves to get it. Tab goes to Tim and asks him if hes okay and he says yes but what now. Tab mentions that something is hidden in the house and they need to find it. Tim says he needs a martimmy and he leaves to go find someplace to make some. Ivy comes back and she asks Tab what made her decide to drop in and Tab says her divining rod. Tab covers and says her divining rod often leads her to hidden treasures and Jules says there are no hidden treasure there; they are all out in the open and then he asks Tab where her doll is. Timmy is wondering down the halls and remember coming there to get the pouch for Tabby and says that the library has a well stocked bar and heads there. Tim is in the library and says jackpot and heads to the bar to mix Martimmys. Jules asks where the gnome is and looks all over the living room for it and Becky asks whats wrong with him and Jules says the doll is alive and since he isnt there then hes on the loose and leaves to find him. Ivy asks Tabby can she have one of the drivers take her home and Luis, Sheridan and Pilar all come in and she congratulates them. Luis asks what happened and Tab says she barged in and she congratulates them and says to herself that she wishes them all the happiness in the world but shes seen their futures and this summer will bring them nothing but pain. Becky tells Jules that the stress it taking its toll on him and Jules says that the doll is around somewhere and Becky offers to get him one of her blue pills and Julian says he wont rest till hes found the doll and opens the library door and says ah ha! Pilar and Ivy discuss the party and Ivy tells her not to worry and then mentions that its a perfect time to spend time with Sam. Becky doesnt see anything and Jules see the martimmy and says thats the drink the doll makes. Becky is worried about Jules and he says hes fine and decides to drink the martimmy instead. Jules finds a button from Timmys glove and heads out to find out find him. Becky says to herself that she could always have him committed after they are married and she calls Al. Becky says she wanted to talk to him about the engagement party and she has some ideas she wants to run by him and he tells her hes listening. Timmy comes back to the living room with a martimmy and asks how Tabby feels and she says fine now that she has a martimmy and asks him if he found anything that could keep Charity and Miguel apart. Jules comes back in and Tim says that Jules is drinking his martimmy and Tab tells him to go into doll mode. Sheridan asks Jules if hes really throwing the party to celebrate their engagement and he sees Tab with the martimmy and asks where she got it and she says she made it. Sheridan asks who invited and Jules says the whole town and Tabitha takes that moment to invited herself and Timmy. Pilar berates Ivy and Ivy says shell be there because of Sheridan and Ethan and Pilar says that she is doing the same thing to Sam and Grace that the Cranes did to her and how can she cause so much pain. Al compliments Becky on her plan and says if it works hell welcome her into the family with open arms. Becky is thrilled and says that Luis and Sheridans relationship is as good as dead. Julian cant believe that Tab is coming to the party and bringing Timmy. Tab tells Luis and Sheridan that it will be a great party because they are a lovely pair and Luis and Sheridan excuse themselves. Luis and Sheridan talk about Tabby coming to the party and Sheridan mentions that she feels silly for worrying and that nothing will go wrong. Tab says that shell use tonight to find what shes looking for and that the party tonight will have some major evil.

Monday, May 21, 2001 | Episode #483

Graces Shop:
TC and Eve mention that they dont want to attend a party at the Cranes again and TC apologies for what he thought about Eve and Julian and how great their marriage is. Eve tells him to let it go and TC mentions that he hopes that Sam and Grace can get their marriage back. Sam continues to beg Grace to take him back and Grace says she wants that but she needs him to spend more time with Ivy. She tells him just to resolve his past with Ivy; its the only chance they have for their future. Sam asks if there is another way and Grace says no and tells Sam he would have married Ivy and they would have been a family if it hadnt been for other people. Luis comes in and tells them the news and everyone is happy for him. He goes on to mention the party and everyone agrees to come until they hear where its held. Luis tells them he doesnt blame them if they dont want to go and TC says that hed rather beat the hell out of Jules than look at him but hes been a good friend and they will be there. Luis tells Grace that he doesnt expect her to come and Grace thanks him for understand and tells him to give Sheridan her best wishes and Luis says he will and leaves. Sam tells Grace hes not going either and Grave tells him yes he is and she insists that he does. Sam doesnt want to go and Eve agrees and says theres no reason to continue to push him towards Ivy. Grace tells him he will go to the party tonight and spend time with Ivy and see if he feels one spark of the love he felt for her. Sam doesnt want to and Grace asks what hes afraid of and for him to go and if he comes back and says he doesnt feel anything she will believe him. Sam agrees and Grace tells him to go into it with an open mind and let whatever happens, happens and use the time to resolve his past. Sam tells TC that theres nothing left to resolve and TC asks him if hes sure about that; and TC tell him that he knows him and that whos to say what they had before isnt burning deep inside him and he owes it to himself and grace to find out the truth. Eve starts in on Grace about Sam when Pilar calls; she mentions the party and Grace says she wont go and Pilar says shes relieved and that she and Sam arent coming and Grace corrects her and Pilar begs her to reconsider. Grace says that if Sam cant be with Ivy for one night then they have nothing and Pilar gets off the phone with Grace and says to herself that shes making a terrible mistake when Ivy comes in and catches her. Eve tells Grace that she has a very bad feeling about tonight and Grace mentions her past with Jules and warns Eve that secrets have a way of coming out. Eve mentions that Sams did and Grace says she doesnt have a choice; she has to know if Sams heart belongs to her or Ivy.

The Book Cafe:
Ethan is talking about Chad becoming a private investigator and Chad is being modest. Gwen meanwhile is listening to every word and Chad and Ethan go to get refills and Theresa says a huge weight has been lifted off of her because they are going to find the person who sent the email and shell be in the clear. Gwen says to herself that she wouldnt be so happy if she were her; the email came from her computer and Ethan will think she sent it. Ethan tells Chad he will use every legal resources he has to track down that email and Chad says if it doesnt work hell use his illegal resources to find out who it is and whoever sent the email is slime. Whit notices Gwen and tells Theresa if looks could kill; Theresa says Gwen doesnt scare her and Whit tells her to tell Ethan the truth. Theresa tells whit shes right and Ethan and Chad come back and Whit gets Chad to leave with her so Theresa can tell the truth when Sheridan comes up and tells them her news. They are all happy and Theresa mentions now they can have their double wedding and Gwen says to herself that Ethan is never going to marry her. Sheridan shows Theresa her ring and Theresa mentions its her grandmothers and they discuss the proposal. Theresa is very happy and Sheridan invites them all to the party and Gwen shows up. Sheridan invites her too and Gwen says she will come and that her mother and Jules are hosting it and Ethan cant believe it. Ethan asks her why shes let Julian throw the party and Sheridan says he said he changed and Ethan doesnt trust it. Sheridan says she doesnt blame him but all she can do is take them at their word and theres nothing they can do now. Whit says shes happy that Theresa is going to tell Ethan the truth and Theresa says she cant right now but she will tell him. Gwen says to herself for Theresa to enjoy it now because shes going to do to her exactly what she did to her. Luis comes in and the guys congratulates him and Sheridan asks if everyone is coming and Luis tells her everyone but Grace and Sheridan mentions how she told them that nothing can stop them now. Ethan tells Chad that Jules is up to something; theres no way that Al and Jules would accept them as a couple let alone them getting married.

Tabithas House:
Miguel and the others are talking about how sad it is that they all arent staying together and he suggest that they watch a video. Simone and Kay move away and Kay says shes sick of Charity always being at Miguel side; Simone tells her to get used to it and Kay says no she doesnt have to and once again mentions her plan. Simone tells her that her plan is stupid and Kay says that theres no way Miguel will marry Charity if shes pregnant with his child. Tim and Tab are back home and Tab has told the teens that Sheridan and Luis are engaged. Miguel mentions how they wished they should make the same announcement and Tab wonders why they have to wait and Miguel tells her why and Tab gets up to make them a snack. Tim is happy that they arent getting married and says they dont have to go back to the mansion and Tab says yes they do and once again says if Charity and Miguel sleep together they are doomed. Tab is back with the snacks and tells them about the engagement party and Kay mentions how she doesnt have anything to wear and gets snotty with Charity and them apologizes. Miguel says he cant wait to congratulate Luis and Kay and Simone move away and Kay mentions how its a perfect opportunity to seduce Miguel and Simone is disgusted she tells Kay to drop it and Kay says not a chance and they she and Miguel will have the cutest baby and maybe they will let her baby-sit sometime. Tim and tab discuss the party and Tab says that bad times are coming. Miguel tells charity that true love always wins out and when its real nothing can stand in its way and Kay says hes right and mentions her plan again to Simone. Tab tells Timmy its going to be one hell of a party, hell being the operative word.

The Crane Mansion:
Pilar starts in on Ivy again about using the party to get closer to Sam. She asks Ivy how she can behave the same way as Al and Jules and begs her to leave the Bennett's alone. Sheridan asks Luis are they okay and Luis says yes and Sheridan mentions him agreeing to go to the party and still believes that maybe Al and Jules have changed. Luis tells her he hopes shes right and Sheridan says why else would they be throwing them a party. Rebecca is still on the phone with Al when Jules comes in. Jules says of course the plan will work and he pours himself a drink while Becky goes over the plan again. Meanwhile Jules is looking out the window at Tab and Timmy and Becky says thank God shes leaving and Jules says not for long; shell be at the party. Jules says thats a good idea and theres something about tab and her doll. Becky says hes not going to start again about the doll being alive and Jules says something about him give him the creeps. Tab realizes that they are looking at them and Tim doesnt want to go to the party but Tab says he will and that something is in the Crane house that will break up Miguel and Charity. Becky says shes worried about him and Jules insist that Timmy is human. Becky suggest that maybe he had a few too many drinks and then mentions the mineshaft and everyone was seeing things and Jules says hes real and thats that. Becky mentions the plan again and says its good that they dont have to murder anyone and Jules says killing his own sister is where he draws the line. Luis tells Sheridan they have a party to get ready for and Sheridan wants to find Ethan and Luis wants to go see Sam and grace and mentions that they might not want to go. Sheridan agrees and Luis mentions that most of the people wont want to attend a party at the mansion and Sheridan says this is about them and Luis mentions how much the party means to her and hell do his best to make her happy. Ivy tells Pilar that she had Sam first and he loves Ethan. Pilar tells her thats no justification for what shes doing and Ivy say shell see. Its not like shes stealing Sam away its more like shes handing him to her on a silver platter. Becky is giving Jules a massage and Becky says she cant wait for the party to be over and Jules says why wait they can have a pre party, party and Becky says there is no time there are details to be finalized and Jules mentions that they need to contact the imposter with the time and place. Ivy has ordered her dress and Pilar mentions how nothing she says gets through to her and what shes planning is a mistake. Ivy tells her she doesnt see it that way and says that looking at Sheridan and Luis will remind him of what they had together. Ivy leaves to get herself ready and Pilar looks upset. Becky is talking to herself and the phone rings and she answers it. Its Gwen and she asks why they are throwing the party and Gwen asks whats shes doing and Becky mentions that Luis wont marry Sheridan anymore than Theresa will marry Ethan and she knows exactly what shes doing. Gwen tells her mother that Theresa is talking about her double wedding and her mother says they will blow her out of the water and Gwen mentions that Ethan is driven to find out who sent the email and Chad is helping him. Becky says thats wonderful and says that they will find out the truth and it wont trace it back to them. Ivy is upset with Pilar and Pilar tells her that grace isnt coming but Sam is and Ivy says that shell have him all to herself. Pilar says that Sam is coming only to prove his feelings for her are dead and Ivy says they arent and shell prove that tonight. Jules comes back into the library and Becky says she wasnt expecting him so soon; Jules tells her everything is set and they share a laugh over the heartache they are about to cause Sheridan.

Tuesday, May 22, 2001 | Episode #484

Tabitha's House:
Charity and Jessica are in Tab's attic and going though her trunks looking for clothes to wear. The talk about the house and Charity doesn't want to think about it she's just happy that they all survived. Charity mentions that she will be planning her own engagement and Jessica says that it's so romantic and mentions Theresa and Ethan; Sheridan and Luis and mentions her parents and Charity tells her that her parents will be find and that nothing will come between her and Miguel. Tim and Tab are getting ready and Tim mentions that Charity will be impressed with him in a tux. Tab reminds him that is not why they are going to the mansion and mentions being there when evil strikes. Tab is telling Tim that tonight will be as good as watching the Bennett house sink in the ground and she has a feeling that what happened to the Bennett house will be nothing compared to what will happen at the mansion. Tim asks Tab if she's sure that Charity will come into her full powers if they make love and Tab says yes and that Charity will destroy her. Tim asks what makes her think that the mansion is evil and tab reminds him of everything that happened there and says that if that's not what he calls a house of evil what would he call it. Jessica and Charity are dressed and compliment each other and talk about Tabitha and Charity says she doesn't think she means any harm. Tab is listening and says wrong and Tim mentions that she looks beautiful and Charity has a premonition. Jessica asks what's wrong and what she sees and Charity says she sees herself and she's wearing a veil; she's wearing a wedding dress and Jessica says that must mean everything is okay. Charity tells her that she doesn't see Miguel anywhere but it must mean she's going to marry Miguel and Tab says don't count on it. Jessica mentions that her visions usually come true and how happy does it make her to be marrying Miguel and Charity says again that she didn't see Miguel. She does tell Jessica that if Miguel asked her to elope right now she would. Tab says that tonight will change her and Miguel tonight and they will find the evil in that house if she has to tear the place apart and says again that they will be destroyed if Charity and Miguel sleep together and when they find what they are looking for that will be the end of them. Charity overhears the last part and asks what will be the end of whom. Tab covers and says that she meant that it would be the end of her and Timmy if they didn't get to go to the party. Charity says it will be exciting and asks Tab if anyone told her that something bad was going to happen and Tab says not that she's aware of. There's a knock at the door and it's Miguel and Kay is right behind him. Miguel tells Charity that she looks beautiful and says the same to Kay and Jessica. Charity tells Miguel about her premonition and Miguel says that the groom would be him; who else could it be. Miguel is upset and says he trust her premonitions and he wants to know why she didn't see him at the church. Charity tells Miguel that she's not worried about it but he says he is. Charity tells him that the only one she will ever love is him and Kay says to herself that she won't be the only girl that Miguel loves. Charity says she wants them to hurry up and turn eighteen so they can get married already and Kay says that's a wedding that will never happen; she won't let it. Tab turns away and says to make that double for her; they will find the evil in the mansion to make sure that marriage never happens.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Simone and Kay are over at her house finding a dress to wear for the party and Miguel walks past her room and Kay tells Simone to pinch her and says that Miguel is going to spend his life with her. Theresa and Whit are getting ready in Theresa's room and they mention what's happened in the past year and Whit tells Theresa again to tell Ethan the truth before they get married. She warns Theresa that if Ethan finds out the truth before they get married she will be furious. Theresa says she will probably tell him before they get married and mentions to Whit that she needs to tell Simone the truth and Whit turns it back on her. Miguel is with Pilar and Luis and they talk about the party and the fact that it's at the crane mansion and Luis says that Sheridan wants to go and mentions that Jules is never not up to something. Whit is ready and Theresa tells her that Chad will love it and tells her again to tell Simone before Chad sees her and freaks. The phone rings and it's Chad he talks to Whit and asks if she's ready and Whit says yes and mentions that Theresa is telling her to tell Simone and Chad says she's right. Whit thinks that Simone will hate her and Chad tells her that she will get over it. They both decide that Simone needs to be told and Whit says she'll tell her. Simone asks Kay about her dress and Kay says she'll look great and mentions Chad only has eyes for her. Kay goes into the close and brings out a nightgown and mentions that Charity doesn't have anything like it and when Miguel sees her in it he'll say Charity who. Simone says she wouldn't count on it if she were her and Kay says that she has a premonition of her own and she and Miguel will be together. Simone tells Kay her and Miguel will never happen. Miguel asks Luis why he agreed to the party and Luis says because Sheridan wants to go and says that Jules and Al can't break them up. Pilar says that it's not like Jules to be so generous and he's up to something. Miguel says that he and Charity want to get married but Chief Bennett said they had to wait and Luis agrees. Luis tells Miguel how does he know she's the one he wants to spend his life with and Miguel says he knows and Luis mentions about her premonition and about them being dragged into hell. Miguel tells Luis he loves her and Luis says that's great and that love at 17 looks a lot different at 20 or 25 and he hopes he's ready to make a commitment to her. Kay and Simone go out and overhear Miguel talking about Kay and Simone wants to leave and Kay says no way. Miguel tells Luis that there was a time when he thought that he and Kay might be together but when Charity came to town everything changed and that he's never felt that way about any other girl. Luis says he's persuaded and he leaves to pick up Sheridan. Simone forces Kay to leave and not listen anymore and Kay tells Simone that nice guys finish last and she will get Miguel. Whit once again tells Theresa she must tell Ethan and realizes that she thinks she might lose him. Theresa says she will tell him and that fate has been on her side and she's going to marry the man of her dreams. Whit tells her to go ahead and tell Ethan when he gets here and Theresa says she will tell him when the time is right. She talks about everything that Ethan has been through and that she's sure that everything will be fine and fate is smiling down on them. Theresa is playing around walking down the aisle and Whit mentions that she's being doing that when since she was a little girl and Theresa asks hasn't she. Whit says she's been practicing when she wins at Wimbledon and they joke around with that and Theresa asks her again if she hasn't practiced walking down the aisle and Whit has a fantasy of doing just that. Pilar tells Miguel she can't believe that he is old enough to get married and they discuss his age and maturity. Pilar says she can't bear the thought of all her children leaving her so soon and Miguel says she will still see them all the time and Pilar says who will be there to lick the bowl when she makes a cake and Miguel says give him a call and he will and he leaves to get Charity. Kay says that Miguel is leaving to get Charity and she has to go and Simone can't believe that she won't wait and Kay says sorry and leaves. Chad arrives at the door and Pilar tells him he looks good; Chad worry's about the corsage for Whitney and Simone is listening and thinks it's for her. Whit hears Chad and heads out herself and Simone makes herself known and tells Chad that corsages are cool and it was sweet of him to bring it and Whitney watches it all. Chad tries to tell Simone that it's not for her when Ethan comes in to see Theresa and he heads to her room. Simone shows the corsage to Whitney and then asks Chad how he knew that she was there and Chad and Whit look at each other.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Ethan and Sheridan are getting ready and Ethan mentions that he's without money and that being a Crane he never thought about where he would work or live. Sheridan asks if he's scared and he says yes but it feels good and he knows what he really wants and whatever he achieves he'll be his own man. He mentions finding an apartment and Sheridan offers to help and he says no but he needs to find something quick; he has to find somewhere to put his bride and Sheridan tells him that Theresa would be happy in a one room shack as long as she's with him. Ethan mentions all the changes that she has to go thorough and Sheridan says she'll deal with it. Sheridan says that after tonight she hopes that Jules will be nice to Luis and want to get to know him. Ethan tells Sheridan not to hold her breath and Sheridan says that maybe Jules just wants her to be happy and Ethan tells her he knows how they think and why would they suddenly drop their reservations about Luis. Ethan talks to Sheridan about Theresa's belief in fate and that he can't live without knowing who emailed the letter to the tabloid; he goes on to tell her what happened at the gym. Sheridan tells him to let it go and Ethan says he can't, not until he finds out who did this to him and he will find out who else knew the truth and when he does he will destroy them. Sheridan says that Ethan is right about Jules and Al but there's nothing that they can do to break them up, Sheridan mentions that she thinks they love her and Ethan says they do in their own way. Sheridan says that if her family did anything and she lost Luis she would die. Ethan is leaving and runs into Luis and they mention that Theresa is right and they are having a double wedding and Luis agrees and Ethan heads out. Luis and Sheridan talk for a minute and share a kiss and Sheridan asks him to tell her that everything will be all right and he hugs her. Luis tells Sheridan that everything will be okay and she tells him that she doesn't doubt him and he says he'll never give her any reason to doubt him and they share a kiss.

Wednesday, May 23, 2001 | Episode #485

Tabithas House:
Tim and Tab toast each other and Timmy says he feels like James Bond. Tab tells him she hopes hes ready to snoop because thats what they have to do at the party. Tim asks her how she knows the object is there and Tab says because the diving rod lead her there and mentions that Charity and Miguel will be destroyed forever and four of Harmonys couples will be overcome with pain. There is a noise and Tab goes to the door and its Reese and he says hes there to pick up Kay and Tab asks if there was something wrong with the front door and Reese says that he knows shes a witch and hes going to prove it. Jessica and Charity are getting ready and Miguel helps her on with a necklace and Kay says for her to enjoy her time because after she seduces him tonight hell be all hers. Theres a knock at the door and its Sam and Eve and TC are behind him and Eve says she hopes Grace tells Sam not to go and TC goes off again about Jules. Reese starts in on Tab and she rushes him out and then tells Timmy that she must find a way to keep him from the party and no one will stop her from find the object to break up Charity and Miguel. Grace tells Sam to come in and he does and says hi to the girls. Sam says they all look beautiful and Miguel agrees. Reese still has the magnifying glass and is looking around at a mirror. Tab says that its a good thing Reese doesnt have powers like Grace and Charity and says that it enhances the powers of anyone who possess it. Tab moves over to Reese and hits him with Timmy and then apologies and says they need to head out. Tab tells Timmy she has to do something about Reese and goes to brush off his jacket and pulls out some of his hair and then she goes upstairs to freshen up. Kay wants to go but Sam says that theres something he wants to say and everyone else head to the kitchen and Sam asks Grace again if he has to go to the party. Tab is searching for something and tells Timmy its a doll and Timmy gets nervous and Tab tells him its a different kind of doll and brings out a voodoo doll and says that shes use it to keep Reese out of her hair. She once again talks about Charity and Miguel getting married and how they will be destroyed and then sticks a pin in the dolls throat and Reese starts choking. Kay goes over to charity and mentions her vision and Charity says that they will be together forever and Kay says thats what she thought about her parents and look at them. Sam once again tells Grace that Ivy means nothing to him and Grace says those are just words; she tells him again to spend time with Ivy. Sam agrees and then asks her to dinner and she accepts. TC comes down and tells Sam they need to go and they head out; Grace stops Eve and tells her shes worried about TC and her being close to Julian and Eve says she will keep them away from Julian. Charity watches as Grace helps Sam with his tie and tells Kay that she knew everything would be okay when she has a vision of Ivy and Sam kissing passionately and Grace walking in on them. Kay asks her if she had another vision and Charity says yes but it cant be right and tells Kay what it is. Kay says that cant be true and then taunts her by saying that maybe her marrying Miguel isnt true either. Tabitha cant get the hat pin in the doll any deeper and tells Timmy that Reese probably only has a tickle in his throat. Tim asks what they are going to do and Tab says just stay away from him; she goes on to say that there is pain in store for everyone in Harmony.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis and Sheridan discuss their upcoming wedding and they say their I love yous. Luis tells her she needs to change for the party and Sheridan says before she does theres something she wants to give him and she kisses him. After the kiss Sheridan suggest that they be fashionably late and Luis says shes one naughty girl. Sheridan tells him he hasnt seen anything yet and tells him to come help her get dressed and they head for the bedroom. Sheridan and Luis are lying in bed and mention that the party must be in full swing; Sheridan says her family has never supported her before and Luis says hell never let them hurt her again.

The Crane Mansion:
Jules is in the library and listens to a tape of Eve singing and has a flashback of her singing and them in bed. Jules says to himself that what he would give to have Eve again when the phone rings and Al tells him to stop thinking about Eve and stay away from TC. Jules says hes concentrating on the mission and he doubts that Eve will be at the party and Al tells him they will be. He tells Jules to think about Luis and Sheridan and keep his mind off Eve. Chad and Whit arrive at the mansion and they discuss her telling Simone the truth when Simone comes up and rushes them inside. Theresa, Ethan and Pilar arrive and Ethan mentions how hes never been a guest before at the mansion and Theresa tells him it will be okay and Pilar says she hopes there are no surprises and Theresa tells them both that its a night for love and Ethan says if she says so it must be true. Theresa reminds him that soon they will have a double wedding with Luis and Sheridan and they head for the front door. Gwen comes out of hiding and says that shell never let her marry Ethan. Everyone else goes inside and Ivy mentions that Chad is in charge of the music and they move inside. Theresa and Ethan arrive and Ivy speaks to them and then tells Ethan she knows that this is hard for him and they then discuss the tabloid and Ethan once again says when he finds out who sent the letter he will destroy them. While Al is telling Jules he better not screw up, Becky comes in and says that their special guest have arrived. Al says that nothing better go wrong or they will have to kill Sheridan. Simone is going on and on and Chad mentions that as soon as she gets Simone alone he needs to tell her the truth. He says that shes the only girl for him and he hopes shes the only guy for her and Whit says he is. Ethan asks his mother what Jules and Al are up too and Ivy says they are always up to something and Ivy tells him if Sheridan and Luis have the love that he and Theresa do then they have nothing to worry about. Ethan mentions how much he loves Theresa when she shows up and Ethan tells her he was just telling his mother how much he adored her and they share a kiss. Gwen is watching and says again that she cant wait to destroy Theresas life. The imposter and DeeDee come in and Jules flirts with her and goes to kiss her hand when Rebecca steps between them and suggests they all get down to business. Jules questions DeeDee and Rebecca pulls him to the side and says that she should be the one in bed with the imposter and when shes through Sheridan will want to kill Luis. Ethan leaves Theresas side to get them something to drink and Gwen goes over to Theresa and tells her that shes surprised that she let Ethan leave her side. Theresa tells Gwen that Ethan will be right back and then says she has something to ask her; she mentions what Becky said to her and then asks Gwen if her mother was threatening her. Jules tells Rebecca that she wont play the part of the other woman and that his father hired DeeDee. Rebecca says that she should give the tart some tips and Jules tells her he doesnt think she needs any. Becky says that she doesnt have her way with men and then moves over to the imposter and pushes DeeDee out of the way and tells her to watch and learn. She kisses the imposter and Jules pulls her away and Becky says no thanks necessary shes glad to help, she goes on to tell Julian that tonight they will break up Sheridan and Luis. Chad tells Whit that this is crazy and Whit says that shell tell her when she comes back. Simone comes over and tells Whit thanks for keeping her boyfriend company and mentions that she wants the first dance. Chad says hes a workingman and he doubts he will have time for dancing and he moves away to tend to the music. Simone wants to go with him and Whit stops her and says that there is something she wants to tell her. TC and Eve arrive at the door and Jules welcomes them; TC tells him that he doesnt want to be there and the only reason he is, is for Pilar and Luis and moves inside. Jules stops Eve and tells her he could kiss her luscious lips right now and Eve tells him if he does TC will make him a soprano and she moves inside. Gwen tells Theresa that she doesnt know what her mother meant and she has better things to do than discuss it. Theresa tells Gwen that she and her mother will have to accept that Ethan is hers and theres nothing they can do about it. Gwen tells Theresa they will just see about that and moves away. Ivy is looking for Sam and Pilar begs her again to stay away from him and Ivy says she cant she loves him. Pilar says thank God that Grace wont be there tonight and Ivy concurs. Pilar says that she has a feeling that either her or Grace will be hurt tonight. Jules and Becky are back in the library and they suggest some playing around when the phone rings and Al tells them to keep an eye on Tabitha and hangs up. Becky says she doesnt know what the problem is with an old woman and her doll but she better not keep them from their plans tonight. Theresa and Ethan are together and Ethan says that he hopes that Luis and Sheridan's party goes better than theirs did and Theresa said it will and more good times are ahead and soon they will have their double wedding. Gwen once again comes out from hiding and says she wont allow Theresa to marry Ethan. The teens and Tabitha arrive at the party and Jules says to himself that he will keep an eye on Tabitha; Reese overhears this and tells Jules that will make two of them and Julian asks who he is. Reese tells Julian to just consider him his partner in crime, winks and moves inside. Sam walks into the door and Jules says if it isnt his wifes law-enforcing lover; Sam tells Julian he doesnt want to be there and he wont be staying long and moves inside. Chad asks Whitney if she told Simone. Whitney tells him that she didnt have the chance because her parents showed up. Chad tells Whitney that this is a bad scene and that he will tell Simone himself. Simone goes over to Kay and tells her she was wrong about Chad and Whit and says that he picked her up from the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Kay mentions to Simone that Whitney was there too; Simone says so and says that Chad gave her a corsage and that he is her boyfriend now and forever. Kay says whatever and then tells Simone about Charitys vision of being a bride. Simone tells her she better be ready to be a bridesmaid because Charitys visions always come true. Kay says no and mentions the other vision Charity had about her mother, father and Ivy and says that Miss Goody Two Shoes can just hang it up because she wont be marrying Miguel she will. Ivy has run into Sam and tells him she has some more pictures of Ethan to show him. Sam says it better not take too long because hes taking Grace out to dinner later. Ivy says no; they just started to work through their feelings for each other; Sam again tells Ivy that he has no feelings for her and prepares to move away when he smells her perfume. Ivy tells him he smells it and mentions that its jasmine; his favorite and she wore is especially for him. Meanwhile Grace is standing at the mirror back at Tabs house and she smells it and wonders where its coming from. Charity also smells it and asks Miguel if he does. Miguel says no and Charity has the vision of Sam and Ivy again and tells Miguel she has a bad feeling about tonight. Luis and Sheridan are outside the door and Sheridan asks for one more kiss before they go inside; the head inside the house and everyone is applauding. The imposter and Dee come out of hiding and says that all they have to do is wait for the signal now. Dee tells the imposter she cant get over how much he looks like Luis. The imposter tells her thats the plan; Sheridan will see Luis in bed with her and think she betrayed him. While everyone is clapping for Luis and Sheridan, Tabitha decides that now is the time for her and Timmy to go look for the object and they head out as Reese watches. Sheridan and Luis move into the living room and everyone follows; Jules and Becky remain behind and Jules tells Becky that Luis and Sheridan should celebrate now because this will be one very short engagement.

Thursday, May 24, 2001 | Episode #486

The Engagement Party:
Luis thanks everyone for coming and hopes they all have a great time. Whitney tells Chad that they need to tell Simone and how much it will hurt her but Chad says she has to know right now. Simone talks about how she cant wait to dance with Chad and Kay talks about being with Miguel. Tim and Tab decided that they need to go hunt for the object and Tab says again that if Charity comes into her full powers they will be destroyed and they head out. Reese prepares to follow them when Jessica stops him and tells him he has to stop this. Reese says shes a witch and hes gonna prove it and he and Jessica go after Tabitha. Charity tells Miguel again about her vision and Miguel says it cant be true because Grace isnt gonna be there. Charity says she knows it doesnt make sense but something bad is gonna happen and she keeps smelling Jasmine and Miguel says he doesnt smell it and everything will be fine. Ivy tells Sam again about her perfume and Sam is caught up in the moment. Pilar, TC and Eve all talk about Sam and Ivy and TC says that the mansion gives him the creeps; its like evil lives there; TC goes on to say that the Cranes ruin everything they touch. Jules looks back at Eve and Eve looks at him and repeats TCs last words. Theresa and Ethan head over to Luis and Sheridan and the women talk to each other as Luis and Ethan speak. Ethan mentions again about Jules and Luis says hes been warned. Luis says its possible that its a setup but nothing they can do can separate them. Rebecca and Jules go outside and see the fake Luis and Dee and Becky says again how much he looks like Luis. Jules asks Dee if shes feeling amorous this evening and she says always; the imposter says hes gonna rock her world and Jules says whatever, as long as the final curtain comes down on Luis and Sheridan's relationship.

Chad sees Simone and wants to go tell her but Whit stops him and says they cant tell her at the party. Chad agrees and says hes tired of hiding their relationship from Simone and Whit says she is too but she cant do it tonight and they agree to tell her tonight. Simone is going on about how Chad loves her and Kay mentions that its like Miguel is chained to her; Simone tells her to leave them alone and her plan is disgusting. Kay says the means justify the end and if charity hadnt come to town theyd be together. Simone reminds Kay about what Miguel said and Kay says that once she gets him in bed hell change his mind. Charity smells the jasmine again and tells Miguel its not only that; its temptation and its wrong. Sam and Ivy are looking deeply into each others eyes and Eve wants to call Grace and TC says no whatever happens, happens. Theresa tells Sheridan that Luis always said she was a hopeless romantic but she told him there was a perfect woman for him and Sheridan says that would be her. Al comes over the speakers and thanks everyone for coming but he wanted to call and wish Sheridan and Luis all the happiness in the world; he goes on to say that he loves her very much and her happiness means everything to him. Dee tells the imposter that he should lose the voice but he says he has to stay in character. He goes on to talk about the Cranes and how wonderful they are; Dee says that Jules is a hypocrite and hes going on about how he loves his sister but he wants to ruin her life. Back inside Jules tells Becky it wont be long now; that smile Sheridan has will be gone.

Tab and Timmy are upstairs and Tim asks her if she has a plan and she says she doesnt have a clue what shes looking for. She says if it wasnt for the diving rod she wouldnt even know what they are looking for was in the mansion. Tab says they must stay open to the powers of darkness and let them lead them; suddenly Kays soul begins to glow. Al continues to talk about how wonderful it is that the house is filled with happiness and mentions that Luis has had his differences with the Cranes but tonight will be the first step in welcoming him to the family. Al says he must go and that he knows that the party will be a night shell never forget and he hangs up. Jules moves the party into the solarium and Sheridan thanks him for everything and he tells her to enjoy; its her night. Everyone has moved off and Becky says no problems so far and Jules says it will be as smooth as a babys bottom and mentions that everyone will be talking about the party for years to come.

Tim and Tab are now in Ivys room and Tab says where could it be and Timmy says beats him. Tab says whatever it is it must be in somewhere in the house and they need a sign. Tab sniffs and says she smells evil; she says they are in Ivys bedroom and the evil is strong in hear and Ivy must be plotting something. Tab says she doesnt have time to deal with it right now and says even if she doesnt have her powers she knows its somewhere under her nose and Kays soul continues to glow. Ivy and Sam watch Luis and Sheridan dance and asks Sam if they remind him of anyone and Sam flashes back to his time with Ivy. Pilar, Eve and TC talk about how happy Luis looks and Eve notices Sam and Ivy. Pilar says only if Sam had told Grace the truth and Pilar says that secrets in a marriage always come out and TC agrees and says he doesnt know why husbands and wives cant be honest with each other; meanwhile Eve and Jules catch each others eye again. Theresa and Ethan come in and Theresa tells him the room is beautiful and romantic and Ethan tells her they will have that only not on such a grand scale. Theresa says it will be wonderful no matter what it is and mentions their double wedding. Ethan tells Theresa hes not sure he can do this; he cant go through with this and Theresa looks upset.

Luis and Sheridan continue to dance and Theresa asks Ethan if hes saying he wants to call of the wedding and Ethan says no. Theresa says he said he couldnt go through with this and Ethan apologizes and says that hes talking about being back at the mansion. He talks about his room being redecorated and it hurts; being in the house is tearing him apart and that its reminding him that hes not a Crane anymore. He says he misses his home and he knows that they should stay there and he will but it still hurts. Tab wonders again where the object can be and that she has a feeling that its somewhere right in front of her and the vial suddenly rises and then says the vial is leading them to the object they need. Timmy says he doesnt understand and Tab says she doesnt either but she has a theory and says that the forces of darkness are communicating through Kays soul and all they have to do is follow the vial. The vial is leading Tabitha and Reese comes in and catches her.

TC and Eve are at the punch bowl and TC says hes married to the most beautiful woman in the world both inside and out. Eve asks him what brought that on and TC says guilt and tells her that hes kept secrets from her. Things that have happened in his past that he hasnt talked about; Eve says hell tell her when hes ready. TC says that none of it had to do with another woman and Eve says theres no reason for him to feel bad and hell tell her when hes ready. TC compliments her again and says he doesnt know if hed be as understanding if she was talking about another man and mentions that thats a joke; Eve once again looks a Julian and Julian returns the look. Ivy moves outside with Sam and tells him he never answered her question. Sam says yes that Luis and Sheridan remind him of them, the way they were and that theres nothing between them now. Sam says that they wouldnt be if it werent for her family and Sam says no; she had a chance to let Ethan be raised by his real father and she went for the cash. Ivy says theres nothing she could do but they could have it again. Sam tells her she wants it both ways. Chad and Whitney come over to Ethan and Theresa and asked if anything is wrong and Ethan says nothing. Theresa suggest that they go for a walk and Chad thinks thats a good idea and Whit mentions that he invested in a computerized DJ system and he can spend time with the woman of his dreams. Simone overhears this last part and says she thinks its wonderful he wants to spend time with her. The other teens come over and Ethan says hes thought of the perfect place to go and says that its a place where people that are meant to be together are and where lies and liars are revealed. Theresa, Chad, and Whit all look uncomfortable and Miguel and Charity say lets go and they all head out. Jules, Rebecca and Dee are all standing around and Jules says they need to talk and Dee says that shes all ears; well, maybe not all ears and Jules looks at her and he sees her point. Rebecca moves his face back to her and says they need to get on with it. Reese says he saw her vial floating and Tab says it wasnt. Jessica comes in and tells Reese hes making a fool of himself and Tim and Tab move out into the hallway. The vial glows and floats again and leads them to a wall and the wall opens and they go inside; they hear a noise and Tim wonders what it is. Tab says she doesnt know but they suddenly fall through a trap door.

Tim and Tab land in something that looks like the mineshaft and Tim asks Tab if shes okay and she says shes been better. Tim asks where they are now and Tab says underneath where they were before; she realizes where they are and the vial floats and glows again and they follow. Tim wonders why Hecuba's liar is there and Tab says that she was there long before the Cranes. The spot the map of the maze and mentions the chaos for couples who went into it and says it will be great if some of the people from the party stumble into it and she pities anyone who goes beyond that gate. Ethan and the others arrive at the maze and Ethan tells them he was a kid the last time he was there and Theresa says that maze seems so fun and then tells Whitney that shes afraid that Ethan will find out her secret and Whit worries about the same in the matter with Simone. Ethan once again informs them of what the maze will reveal and asks everyone if they are sure they want to go inside. Sam says that his feelings are in the past and if they really had true love no one would have been able to tear them apart. He goes on to say that he hopes that Luis and Sheridan have true love and he hopes that Sheridan will stand by Luis no matter what her family tries to do. Sam tells Ivy that she let her family tear them apart and destroy what they had together. Jules goes up to Luis, Sheridan and Pilar and asks for Luis help in moving his gun collection and Luis agrees. Julian suggests he leaves his jacket there because hell be doing some heavy lifting and he does and he and Luis head out. Becky tells Dee to make the call and Luis cell phone rings. At first Sheridan doesnt want to answer the phone and then she thinks it could be the FBI or the station and goes ahead and answers it. She says hello and Dee asks where in the hell is he; he promised he would make some time for her at the party tonight. She goes on to asks when hes going to dump the spoiled rotten debutante bitch to spend some time with her; he promised they would make love tonight; and Sheridan looks shocked.

Friday, May 25, 2001 | Episode #487

The Engagement Party:
Tab and Timmy are still in Hecubas lair and the vial starts to float again and Tab again mentions the maze and what it will do to the couples who enter. Tab talks about all good times she had with Hecuba and the potions. Tab hopes they can find the potions and that the couples find the maze and mentions that relationships will be damaged beyond repair. Chad asks Ethan again what the maze is supposed to do and he tells him. Theresa worries to herself if Ethan will find out her secret and Kay tells Simone the same. Ethan wonders whats wrong and asks if they want to go in. Ethan says that the maze is fun and its just a legend and dont be afraid to go in. Everyone agrees and Theresa asks how long its been here and Ethan says since before the Crane Mansion is built. Ethan tells them that its a game for lovers and Theresa tells Whit that its just an old wives tale and it will be fun. Ethan tells Chad that he guesses he hasnt told Simone the truth yet and Chad confirms this as Simone comes over and says that shes ready to go into the maze with her boyfriend. Sam wants to leave and Ivy stops him and he tells her that he doesnt have any feelings for her. Ivy doesnt believe him and tells him if he convinces her then shell tell Grace. Sam says hes not sure if theres anything else he can do and Ivy tells him to come up to her bedroom. Jules hands Luis some gun cases and tells him where to take them. Luis leaves and Al calls Jules and Julian tells him that everything is going as planned. Meanwhile DeeDee continues her speech to a very stunned Sheridan.

Kay asks Ethan how the maze can tell if couples are in love. Ethan tells them that the first couple that gets to the love square first will live and love together forever. Sam doesnt want to go to Ivys bedroom and Ivy tells him that shes not trying to seduce him; she wants to show him more pictures of Ethan. Sam asks if thats all and Ivy says she promises and Sam agrees, but tell her if this is another one of her tricksIvy says no tricks and they head out. Dee says for Luis (not by name) to meet her where hes supposed to and Sheridan asks whats going on and who is this. Al asks Jules if his modifications are going to plan and Jules says yes and Luis doesnt have a clue what they are up too, Luis overhears this last part and says he knows exactly what they are up too.

Dee tells Rebecca that Sheridan wants to know who she is and Rebecca tells her to asks who she is; Dee does so and when Sheridan answers she hangs up. Luis tells Al and Jules that people warned him they were up to something and that he believed them. Jules says after throwing this party this is the way he responds. Luis says that they are trying to make nice with him and get him to forget about his fathers disappearance and hes putting them on notice, if he finds out they had something to do with it then heaven help them and he leaves. Al says that Luis thinks he can threaten but hes still in the dark and after tonight hell never be this close to the Crane family again and hangs up. Jules sits and plays Eves tape and flashes back to her singing. Julian says if only his father hadnt torn them apart. TC asks Eve if shes having a good time and she says as good as a time as she can. TC promises not to embarrass her tonight and he will keep his temper in check unless he walks in on her and Julian making love. TC goes over thinking she had an affair with Julian again and Eve flashes back to being in bed with Julian. Luis comes back and tells his mother that he had a heart to heart with Jules and Al. Pilar asks if he made them angry and Luis says so what if he did; Pilar tells her son that if they werent planning to break him and Sheridan up before they will be now. Luis says theres nothing they can do and Sheridan comes over and asks Luis if he asked some woman to meet him at the party.

Ivy goes to a safe in her room and Sam asks about them and Ivy says there are some things she doesnt want Julian to see. Ivy takes out a picture of Sam and Ethan and Sam asks when it was taken. Ivy tells him she had Pilar take him to the summer carnival and Sam asks why Pilar and she says that she was afraid if he saw her with Ethan he would figure out he was his. Ivy talks about the picture and how it was all she had in the world. Ethan asks if everyone is ready and Ethan says that they cant go in as couples; they have to go in separately. Chad says the games getting a little tough isnt it and Ethan says no one said true love was easy. Simone and Kay talk about the men they love and she moves over to Chad and kisses him on the cheek. Ethan asks if everyone is ready and Theresa spots the plaque and reads it; she looks nervous, as does Kay. Jules goes up to Eve and tells her that he was listening to a tape of her singing; Eve asks where he got a tape of her singing and Jules says that he had it made; he was going to promote her career. Eve wants him to get rid of the tape and Julian says that its one of his prized possessions and he listens to it when he wants to be brought back to the past. Eve tells him to leave the past alone and leave her alone and walks off. Julian says to himself that if only he had the courage to stand up to his father. Sheridan asks him again about the woman and Luis says the only people that have his number are his family or the station. Luis asks her if they asked for him by name and Sheridan says no; Luis thinks it could be the guys at the station and he makes the call. Rebecca looks over and says looks like trouble in paradise. Tim and Tab arrive at the door to Hecuba's lair and they go inside. Tab tells Timmy that this is the place where they can ruin the lives of everyone in Harmony.

Ivy tells Sam that she doesnt have to keep the rest of the pictures in her safe anymore and she brings out pictures of her and Sam. Sam gets upset and Ivy says she was just showing him some pictures. Ivy tells him instead of getting so angry he should wonder why they make him so mad; maybe hes afraid the pictures can spark the fire he used to feel for her. Becky is watching Luis and Sheridan and says hes desperately trying to explain the phone call; Luis hangs up and says it wasnt the station house. Sheridan says she doesnt know what to think now and Luis asks if Pilar is okay and she says shes fine and she leaves to mingle. Luis tells Sheridan that some guy out there is in trouble and Sheridan agrees and says shes glad she can trust him and they kiss. Becky gets upset and says this was supposed to cause a fight; Jules says it seems to have brought them closer together. Tim and Tab look around and Timmy grabs a bottle and Tab stops him and tells him to be careful and that if he breaks the wrong one then it could kill them both. Tab mentions what great memories she had and Tim says its stuffy down there and Tab says that when they find the object they can go. Suddenly the door closes and Tab says theres no other way out and they are trapped. Tim says does it mean they cant separate Miguel and Charity and Tab says that they could be trapped for all eternity.

Sam says again there are no feelings and she needs to let go of the past. Ivy says that she cant it was the best time of her life. Sam says that his best times are with Grace. Sam and Ivy argue and Ivy says that she wanted to keep his love with her and Sam says again he doesnt have feelings for her anymore. He takes the pictures and tells her they belong in her safe and its over. Ethan asks if everyone is ready and he says hes going in first and everyone can follow; Ethan tells Theresa that hell see her in the love square and they kiss and he goes inside. Ethan says that Theresa is next and she goes inside. Simone says she cant wait and she goes in; Whit tells Chad she hates this and he agrees and says that he wants to see her smile and she does and Chad heads into the maze and she follows. Charity tells Miguel that it will be fun and he agrees and Ethan asks if everyone is in and Miguel says almost. TC comes over to Eve and says he saw her talking with Julian and Eve tells him it was hospital business. TC says he was touching her arm and Eve tells him to calm down; TC relents and says he needs to get out of there and Eve says shell join him in a minute and TC leaves. Luis leaves to get himself and Sheridan something to eat and Becky is upset because they arent fighting and Jules says that they are laying the foundation. The imposter comes up without the mask and Jules asks where it is. The imposter says that it was getting to hot and he goes to put it on. Timmy is panicking and says he needs to find a window and he knocks over a bottle; Tab is upset and tells him to forget all eternity; they could be dead in a matter of minutes.

TC goes into Julians library and sees the trophy that he should have won and gets upset. He sits on the remote and throws it and the tape begins to play and TC says that voice. Eve is outside the door and says that Julian must have left the tape playing and she has to stop it before TC hears it; shed never be able to explain how Julian has the tape. Ivy tells Sam that it wasnt a fantasy, it was real and he remembers what it was like between them and its real and they are very close to kissing. Ethan asks if they are all in yet and they say they are coming; Miguel kisses Charity and says hell see her in the square and he goes in. Kay pushes her way in front of Charity and says shell go in next. Meanwhile Tabitha recognizes the mist and tells Timmy when it hits above all the couples can kiss their romances goodbye. Up above the mist has started to come up when Charity walks into the maze; it hits her and she sees a vision of Kay and Miguel kissing. Jules asks Becky whats wrong and she tells him that so many things can go wrong; Julian tells her that the plan will work and Luis and Sheridan are history; he wishes he could see the look on Sheridans face when Phase 2 kicks in. Sheridan is waiting for Luis and says to herself she wonders who that crazy woman is that called Luis and that some poor guy is gonna get an earful when he gets home. Sheridan moves to the doors and spots the imposter and DeeDee arguing and she looks devastated.

Monday, May 28, 2001 | Episode #488

The Tabloid Office:
The reporter and his editor talk about the story and the editor is hesitant to go with the story and Mort says that he wants to expose the person who turned him in. The editor finally gives in and tells Mort to go for it. The editor tells Mort he wont get the info that easy and Mort says hell just call the providers and realizes that its too late. The editor tells him that hell get lucky tonight and tells him about the Crane engagement party and Mort heads out to go to the party.

The Crane Mansion:
Tim and Tab talk about what couples would be stupid enough to go inside the maze and when the mist makes it up to the Crane mansion every couple will be unhappy. Charity makes her way inside the maze and has the vision of Kay and Miguel kissing. She stops and asks herself why shes seeing that? Kay and Simone run into each other and Simone says meeting in the square is a legend and mentions Kays plan to her again and then tells her not to be surprised when she and Chad meet in the love square first. Theresa and Whit run into each other and Theresa tells Chad that she hopes they meet in the square first. Chad and Ethan call out to Whit and Theresa and they look for the girls. Theresa tells Whit she feels better now that she knows that Ethans focus in on the person who sent the email and he wont be mad at her when she tells him the truth. Rebecca and Jules run into Gwen and Gwen request to speak to her mother and they move away. Gwen holds up a copy of the tabloid and asks her mother where the story is about Theresa and she cant wait any longer. Luis is getting drinks for himself and Sheridan and runs into Hank. Hank asks why the Cranes are throwing the party and Luis says thats exactly what he wants to find out. Meanwhile Sheridan sees the fake Luis and makes her way over to him and DeeDee and wonder that woman is Luis is talking too. Jules is watching and his cell rings and its Al; Al wants to know whats going on and Julian tells him and they discuss the plan.

Tab is waving the mist upward and Timmy asks whats so special about the maze and tab says that it was created to concentrate negative energy in one place and says once Charity and Miguel come out of the maze their chance of making love will be nil. Charity is still at the front gate; she says to herself is she doesnt go inside the maze her premonition wont come true and Miguel call out for her and she tells him shes still outside. Miguel tells her to come in and as she heads in she has the vision again. Hank asks Luis why the Cranes are suddenly welcoming him into the family and Luis tells him why but mentions that Sheridan was happy and it was the least he could do. Sheridan continues to watch the imposter and Dee and thinks back to the phone call. She says that she thought it was a wrong number and says shes sure Luis can explain. Jules tells Al that Sheridan is about to confront Luis and Al tells him he better hope it succeeds or its back to plan A and Julian says he will not have to kill his sister.

Charity is slowing making her way around the maze and hears Simone call out to Chad and has a vision about Whit, Chad and Simone; she says to herself whats going on and why is she having these visions. Kay is trying to find Miguel and Simone starts to move out of the way and Kay asks where shes going. Simone tells her that she and Chad will get to the square first and then they will start taking her relationship with Chad seriously and Kay says something about Whit and Simone says they straighten it all out and that Chad is her boyfriend. Chad asks Ethan how he should tell Simone the truth and Ethan says hes not sure and Chad says how will Simone take it when he and Whit get to the love square first. Ethan tells him that he wont have to worry about that because he and Theresa will make it there first and takes off. Chad says, Says you chump and takes off after him. Theresa and Whit discuss telling the truth to Simone and Ethan and then they head out. Gwen complains to her mother about watching Ethan and Theresa together and Rebecca tells her to calm down and the tabloid is looking for the person who sent the email. Gwen says that was them and Becky says again that they will blame the person who owns the computer and for Gwen to be patient. Gwen says shell try and Becky says she must leave and she does; leaving Gwen alone again.

Tab is upset that they cant get out and Tim says he cant believe there isnt another way out and starts looking. Tab says hes wasting his time and Hecuba made sure that her liar was secure against any trespassers. Tab says shed give anything to be at the party watching the mist take effect. The mist continues through the grounds and Sheridan hears the imposter and DeeDee arguing. Sheridan recognizes the voice and asks why Luis would lie to her. Luis and Hank come out and Hank says maybe Jules and Al had a change of heart and Luis tells him no way; he caught them in the middle of a phone conversation. Luis says hes gonna marry Sheridan and find out if they had something to do with his fathers disappearance and Hank leaves to go mingle. Becky finds Jules and asks what she missed and Jules tells her and Becky says such a short engagement and she hopes she enjoyed it while it lasted.

Charity continues through the maze and wonders where the mist is coming from and has a vision of Ethan and Theresa breaking up. She wonders what they would have to fight about. Mort is at the party and the editor mentions if he remembered to bring a copy of the email and Mort says yes and he cant wait to see the look on the persons face when they find out theyve been ousted. Theresa and Whit run into each other and Chad asks if whit is okay and she says yes and Simone yells out shes okay too and asks if he knows where they are. Whit says the mist is creepy and Theresa agrees and Whit asks if shes sure that its not Becky and Gwen giving her the creeps and they discuss the fact that they might know the truth. Gwen is looking around for Ethan and Theresa and cant find them and says that Theresa has probably lured Ethan to a romantic spot and is trying to seduce him and she continues to talk about Theresa and Hank comes up on her and asks if shes threatening his best friends sister. Tab is still upset and mentions that if Miguel and Charity are broken apart then maybe the forces of darkness will give her enough of her powers back. Tim says maybe she wont have to wait that long and he has on a scourers hat and wand. Tim says he wants to leave and Tim says maybe he can cast a spell. Jules says he cant find Tabitha and her doll and Becky tells him that shes just a harmless old woman. Tab is chasing Timmy and says hes gonna cast a spell and he tries to cast a spell and he does and at first it doesnt work but he manages to get Jules in the liar with them.

Tim calls Jules name and Jules gets mad and says how did he get here; Jules says he has proof hes alive and says hell (Timmy) come with him and starts chasing Tim around and Tim manages to send Julian back to Rebecca. Becky has her back turned and is talking to Julian when he appears. Jules tries to tell her what just happened but Becky interrupts and says dont tell her its about Tabitha and Jules continues to explain and Becky says shes cutting him off now and takes away hes drink. Becky humors Jules and starts to take him to the library when Luis shows up and asks where Sheridan is. Luis leaves and runs into Sharon and they discuss his happiness. Sheridan is calling out for Luis and heads out to find him and says shes going to find out why he lied to her.

Tab says she warned him to put the wand down and Tim says he made magic and if he was able to get Jules down there then he can get them out of the liar. Tab says that hes lucky he didnt get them into any more trouble and tells him to put down the wand. Tim wants to try one more thing and changes Tabitha into a mouse. Charity is still walking through the maze and she runs into Miguel; Charity says the mist is making it hard to see and Miguel says hes glad shes okay and she tells him shes not having fun. She goes on to tell him that shes having premonitions and tells him about them; she starts to tell him the one about him and Kay when Kay and Simone show up. Theresa is walking around alone and calls out to Ethan and tells him she found the love square; Whit tells Chad to follow the sound of Theresas voice and shell meet him there. Theresa shots no fair and she and Whit run into each other; Whit wonders if that means they will be together forever. The men show up together and Theresa, Whitney and Chad all think theyve won and Ethan says no they havent found it and they tease each other about getting there first. Theresa says that she has a feeling that the four of them will be as happy forever as they are now and she and Ethan share a kiss. Hank tries to sympathize with Gwen and offers to give her some advice; he tells her that Luis is protective of Theresa and dont get any ideas about giving Theresa a hard time. He tells her shes a beautiful woman, to forget about Ethan and move on with her life and he leaves. Gwen gets mad and says Luis needs to be worried about her and she runs right into the reporter. Mort asks her not to rat him out to anyone and Gwen says shes happy that hes there. Jules, Becky, DeeDee and the imposter are together and Jules tells him to take off the mask. Dee asks if hes happy with her acting and he says yes and he and Becky move off to watch Sheridan and Luis. Luis finds Sheridan and Sheridan asks him why hes lying to her and she saw him talking to that woman.

Tuesday, May 29, 2001 | Episode #489

The Crane Mansion:
Tim is trying to undo the spell that turned Tabby into a mouse and Tabby is reading him the riot for turning her into a mouse. Timmy offers her a bite to eat and at first she goes for it but then tells him to turn her back right now! The teens notice the fog and Miguel tells Charity if shes having visions then maybe they should give up. Kay mentions that she looks upset and Charity decides to just go back to the game but Kay wants to know what she saw and she has the vision of Kay and Miguel again. Theresa, Ethan, Chad and Whit are teasing each other of finding the love square first and Theresa tells Chad and Whit that she wants them to win and Ethan calls her a turncoat and Theresa tells Ethan that they are about to be married and nothing will come between them. Mort asks Gwen if she hates him and she says no, shes glad to see him. Mort wonders why Gwen is being so nice to him and she blows off the question. Gwen asks why hes there and he tells her about the follow up story. At first Gwen thinks that he knows but he says no but hell call his contacts tomorrow and find out and Gwen has a flashback and is smiling and Mort asks her if theres a name to go with that smile. Timmy is still trying to come up with a spell to change Tabby back and he says mistakes happen and mentions that she got them locked into the liar. Tab says at least she knows how to undo them but she wants to see whats going on above ground. Kay asks Charity again to tell them what she saw and Charity says its just stupid and Miguel tells her to sit down with him on the bench. They go over and Simone wonders what she saw and Kay says she bet she saw her and Miguel and thats why she wont admit it. Kay says that its gonna be true; Simone says she can try all she wants but she and Chad will make it to the square first and everyone will start taking them seriously and realize that they are the couple that will stay together forever. Whit and Chad talk about telling Simone the truth and Chad says first thing tomorrow they will tell her the truth. Theresa says they should just concentrate on tonight and they all agree. Theresa says that she wonders if anyone has ever been happier than the four of them; Chad tries to warn her about tempting fate, but Theresa refuses to be swayed. Mort asks Gwen again if she knows who sent the email and she says theres only one person who sent the email and its someone hed never expect. She warns Mort that the name shes about to give him will be an even bigger scandal than Ethan not being a Crane.

Reese is stalking around to the music of the Pink Panther and Jessica comes up behind him and tells him that hes got to stop. Reese says he knows shes part of the cauldron club and Jessica asks how hell prove it and he says hell catch her doing something witchy. Jessica wants to go back to the party and Reese says hes gonna find her and prove shes a witch. Timmy is still trying to change Tab and is having no luck and says hes run out of spells. Tab tells him he cant leave her a witch and Tim tries one more time and changes her back. Tab says she must see whats going on. Theresa, Whit, Chad and Ethan are all looking for each other and Miguel says it sounds like they are having fun. Charity apologizes for keeping him from the game and Miguel says hes happy just being with her and they decide to go back to the game. Kay says that Charity is gonna lose and more than just the game; shell make it to the square first with him and then hell be hers. Mort asks Gwen to tell him who she thinks sent the email and hell verify it with the email providers and expose them. Gwen says shell tell him and then tells him that it was Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Tab says there has to be another way out but she cant think of where it is, Timmy tells her to think he cant live without his Martimmys and TV! Tab says that she wishes if they have to be stuck she wishes that she could at least watch whats going on. Tab remembers the pool and tells him that it was Hecubas pool was the mirror to the world above and that all she has to do is getting the pool up and running. Tim suggest he cast a spell with the wand and Tab says no but finds some dust and sprinkles it in the pool and sees Reese trying to find her. She tells Tim that the fog is getting thicker on the Crane estate and shes gonna give Reese such a fright that hell never bother her again. Mort cant believe that its Theresa and then asks Gwen why she would do that and doesnt she love him and Gwen says why doesnt he asks her. Theresa and Ethan come back and they run into Gwen and Ethan asks Gwen to join them and she says no but goes and gets Mort. Ethan wants to throw him out but Gwen says hes there to tell him who sent the email. Gwen tells Ethan hes sure hell recognize the email address; shell stake her future on it and Ethan says to show it too him and Mort hands him the paper with the address on it.

Ethan looks at the paper and then says this cant be that theres no way the email came from this address. Mort hands him the email and Ethan hands Theresa the paper and she asks if this is some kind of joke and Mort says no. Theresa says it couldnt have and Gwen asks Theresa if something is wrong. Theresa says that hes saying it came from her and Ethan reads the email and tells Theresa he never wants to see her again. It was all a fantasy and Mort asks Gwen again for the name and says once he gets confirmation he can expose them. Gwen says shell tell him but something seems to have taken her over. Theresa and Ethan run into each other again into the maze and Ethan tells her the rules and Theresa says they will just have to go their separate ways but only after one more kiss; Ethan says she doesnt have to twist his arm and they kiss. The teens decide to go back to the game and they separate and Charity sees Miguel and Kay and then closes her eyes and theyre gone. Simone asks if Charity is okay and Charity asks what happened to Miguel and Kay and Simone tells her. Tab wants Jessica to get out of the way and watches as Jessica tells Reese shes going back to the party and asks if hes going with her. Reese says no and hell prove that Tab is the wicked witch of Harmony. Tab says to hell with you four eyes and places another potion into the pool and makes a cat appear, Tim says he doesnt understand and Tab says he will and to watch this. Reese hears the cat and talks to it and it changes into a lion. Tim cant believe it and Tab says their feline friend will keep Reese out of her hair for a while.

Mort asks Gwen what shes waiting for and Gwen says its only a hunch she cant prove anything. Mort says hell check it out and Gwen stops and says that the more she thinks about it she doesnt know anyone who would do it; she suggest he talk to Ethan. Mort says he doesnt want to but Gwen says shell persuade him to talk with him and leads him out to the garden maze; she says to herself that she cant wait to see the look on Theresas face when shes caught. Tab laughs about what happened to Reese and then notices that Charity is in the maze and watches as she walks through. Charity sees another vision of Miguel and Kay and she calls out to them; Tim says he doesnt see them why does Charity. Tab says the maze causes people to see their worst fears and thats why shes seeing them. She sees Chad, Whit and Simone and Tim says that it looks like they are coming together and Tab says yes and that something evil is about to begin. Whit sees a door and wonders why its there; Tab says she cant wait to see Whit open the door. Chad runs into Simone and she tells him that they cant go in the maze together and Chad says that he cant help it he wants to be with her. They spot Ethan and Tim wonders what hes fear is; they spot Gwen and Mort and Tab says that the fog has something in store for them. Mort wonders how they will find them in the maze. Gwen goes inside and the bushes open for her and she goes in and Mort follows and wonders where she went. Tab tells Tim to watch where Gwen ends up and she runs into Ethan and he asks why shes there and she says shes not sure. Mort is looking for Gwen and runs into Theresa; Theresa knows who he is and he wants to ask her some questions. Tab says to ask her about the email and Tim says Theresa has no idea shes being setup; Tab tells Timmy that its wonderful all this misery and mayhem.

Reese runs out and tells Jessica that they have to get out of there and mentions the lion. The cat comes out and Jessica says its a house cat; Reese thinks that Tab was trying to kill him and Jessica tells him to get a grip. Reese says okay and Jessica says that he was wrong about this and maybe hes wrong about Tabitha and Reese says no. Jessica gets him to calm down and go back to the party and they leave. Tab says her ploy worked and decides to see what else is going on in the maze. Chad is chasing Whit and he runs into her and says he loves her and kisses her but its Simone. Whit opens the door and it looks like Chads room and she sees him sitting on the bed. She goes to him and says that this is so weird and talks about the fog and the maze; she asks Chad if hes listening. Chad asks what shes doing there and that they agreed never to see each other again. Charity calls out for Miguel and sees him and Kay on a bench. Ethan asks Gwen what shes doing there and she says that she has someone he needs to talk to him and Ethan says he will when they get out. They hear voices and its Mort talking to Theresa; Ethan realizes its the reporter and he stops to listen.

Wednesday, May 30, 2001 | Episode #490

The Crane Mansion:
Tim tells Tab that the pool is evil and Tab ask why he would say that and tells him she thinks its marvelous. Timmy says it would be if they werent stuck in Hecuba's liar without any Martimmys! Tab tells Tim that this was a major source of their entertainment; they would send up the fog and watch the happy couples be miserable. Tim says that they are still stuck and Tab says when the fog dissipates then they will find a way out. Tab sprinkles some more dust into the pool and watch as Sam and Ivy argue; she says the fog is getting closer to them and when it hits them who knows what will happen. There is a repeat of Fridays show with Sam and Ivy and they are close to kissing. Grace is tossing and turning in her bed and the fog enters her room and she has a vision of seeing Sam and Ivy kiss. Jules and Becky watch Luis and Sheridan and Jules mentions that Sheridan isnt happy with Luis and Becky says she should be; she just saw him have a lovers spat with another woman she asks Jules if its always such a rush to play God with other peoples lives. Jules has a flashback of dancing with Eve and tells her that when its happening to you and youre the one losing love it can be quite painful. Eve has a flashback of singing and then talking with Julian earlier that night; she says she has to get that tape. TC says that voice. Becky asks Jules why he got so maudlin all of the sudden and Jules flashes back to Eve singing once again. Jules says its nothing and they should see what Luis and Sheridan are up too, DeeDee shows up and Jules tells her to be careful, Luis might see her. Becky says that Luis is in trouble and DeeDee agrees. Sheridan asks Luis again who the woman is he was talking too and Jules says this is it; Luis and Sheridan are finished.

The fog comes into Ivys room and she and Sam almost kiss when Sam pulls back and says this isnt right. Ivy says yes it is and he still loves her; Sam tells her to stop it, shes trying to trick him. Ivy says its not a trick and Sam says their relationship is over, its been over for years. Ivy tells Sam he is fighting the way he feels and she wont stop till he tells her he loves her too. Tim says Ivy will never be able to tempt Sam and Tab says that the fog is pure evil and it brings evil to everyone it touches and Sam doesnt stand a chance. Tim says that shes wrong; Sam is resisting and Tab says maybe now but it wont last and the fog will work on Grace as well. Grace is still having the same vision and she wakes up and says that she must get to the Crane Mansion and stop Sam. Eve comes in the door and sees TC and asks him what hes doing in there. Becky says she can tell by Sheridan's body language that she is livid and Jules says the end is near. Sheridan ask Luis again who he was arguing with and Luis says he wasnt arguing with a woman, he tells her he was in the solarium with Hank. Sheridan is surprised at first but then she spots the lipstick on his collar and asks where he got the lipstick smear from Becky, DeeDee wonder where it came from too. Julian says wherever it came from it couldnt have come at a better time, Luis will have a hard time talking his way out of this one and that Luis and Sheridan are through.

Sam asks Ivy how many times does he have to say that he loves his wife and shes the only woman he wants in his life. Ivy says hes wrong; she saw the way he looked at the pictures and he remembers what it was like to hold her in his arms. Sam is effected and Ivy plays the song If Only You Believed and Sam flashes back to dancing with Ivy; Ivy tells him he does remember and shes the woman he loves, the one his still loves and hes never forgotten her just like shes never forgotten him. TC asks Eve if she hears that voice, he gets up to get a drink and tells her that why he came into the library. He was starting to cool down but all he could think about it how he wants Julian dead, Eve says not to say that. TC says he accidentally turned on the stereo and he heard that voice and asks Eve why Jules would have that tape. Luis says that it was Sharon and explains about her congratulating him, giving him a kiss and about her purple dress. Sheridan stops and says that the dress was gold and describes the woman. Luis says he knows why she thought she saw him arguing with a woman. Rebecca worries that Luis has figured everything out and Jules tells her she better hope not or they will be forced to go to Alistairs plan B and they will be forced to kill Sheridan.

Luis leads Sheridan inside and she tells him if he has an explanation of whats going on then shed like to hear it. Luis tells her that she saw someone who looked like him and thought it was him; he goes on to mention the fog and that you cant see in front of you. Becky says she cant hear whats going on and Jules tells DeeDee to go and hell call her when hes ready. Sheridan says he believes it was the fog but Luis says that maybe theres another reason and maybe she doesnt trust him. He mentions the wharf and what she saw then and she tells Luis that she believes him and he tells her maybe she does only on the surface but maybe she doesnt trust him enough for them to get married. Becky tells Jules that she doesnt know what happened and Jules says it doesnt matter by the time the night is over they will be finished. TC is very upset and sees the box that the tape came in and looks and sees there isnt a name, he then checks the tape and theres no name there either. Eve is surprised but TC goes on to say that he knows why Jules has the tape and just the thought fills him with rage. Tab decides to change the scene and watches as Grace arrives at the mansion still having visions of Sam and Ivy together. Ivy tells Sam to dance with her and hes effected but pulls away and says no and turns off the music, he tells her that he doesnt want anything from her and then says wait that isnt true he wants her to leave him the hell alone. Ivy says fine she hears him and shell leave him alone and never bother him again. Sam says good and prepares to head out but Ivy says shell never bother anyone again. Sam asks what she means and Ivy goes to the window and says that if she cant have him then she doesnt want to live and she goes out onto the ledge and Sam yells Ivy no!

Eve asks TC what makes him think he knows where the tape is from. TC says because its in Jules library and the woman whos singing is in pain. He goes on to say that it wouldnt surprise him if Jules used the woman and threw her away; he wants to find the woman and help her. Eve tries to tell him hes letting his hatred of Jules run away from him, TC goes on a tirade and then says hell find Luis and Sheridan and tell them goodnight and Eve says thats good and shell meet him. TC leaves and Eve takes the tape and rips it up and then damns Julian. Tab is laughing and says that the fog is causing Ivy to jump to her death, Tim says that its only two stories high and hes fallen from that far and he didnt die. Meanwhile in the pool we see Sam trying to talk Ivy off the ledge. Tab reminds him hes a doll and the worst that can happen to him is his stuffing comes out, humans can die from that far or at least Ivy will break her neck. The channel changes and Tab wonders why and then she sees TC and wonders whats going on with him. TC is walking in the fog and mentions how thick it is and he trips. TC comes too and gets up and sees his father and his dad tells him not to blame the fog; hes the one who tripped. His dad says he has some questions for him and one is what in the hell hes doing at the Crane estate. Tim says TCs dead father and Tab says yes, Tim wonders whats going on and Tab says pain, delectable evil and pain.

Luis tells Sheridan if she has any doubts or she doesnt trust him; Sheridan says she does trust him and hear heart and her head trust him completely. She says maybe shes a little confused and Luis asks if shes sure and she says yes. Luis tells her he hopes she believes him; he loves her and he would never lie to her and asks if she trust him. Sheridan says yes and that she feels the same way and Luis cell phone rings, Luis answers it and then tells Sheridan its the station house and they need him there right away and he says hes sorry. Becky is upset and wonders how they will get Sheridan to catch him. TC asks his father whats going on and he knows hes dead, his father says that he saw Sheridan Crane dead too. TC says thats different and his father says that what in the hell hes doing there and doesnt he realize that the place is evil. He goes on to tell TC that he has clues and he just doesnt want to accept it but he better come to grips with it or it will destroy his entire family. Eve is walking through the fog and sees Grace and Grace tells her that shes there to see Sam and has she seen him. Eve says she thinks he left but then changes her mind and says that hes with Ivy and Grace leaves to find him. Eve says shell stay there in case Grace needs her and shell find TC and let him know. She walks and then arrives in the hospital and wonders whats going on. She recognizes the hospital and says its where she had her first baby. Tim asks Tab how Eve arrived at the hospital and Tab says its the fog and for him to pay attention; she says life doesnt get much better than this and the fog has transported Eve back to one of the most painful times in her life. Sam is trying to talk Ivy down and she tells him she has nothing to live for and she just wants to die. Sam wants her to come in and Ivy says no whats he gonna say; that he loves her now; she has nothing to live for and she doesnt want to feel like this; she just wants to die. Sam is saying Ivy no when Ivy takes a header off the ledge.

Tim and Tab watch Eve walk though the hospital and she wonders how she got there. A nurse comes up to her and asks where she got the clothes and Eve what shes doing there and the nurse tells her shes there to have her baby. Eve says that was twenty years ago and the nurse tells her that the pain medicines are strong and she knows why shes up she wants to see her baby; Eve looks shocked and says her baby is still alive. TCs father is telling him that he knows that Julian has not only hurt him but his family too and he knows something else that Julian Crane needs to be killed. It appears that Sam managed to catch Ivy and drags her back from the window and he tells her that she has too much to live for. Ivy says no without him she has nothing to live for and shes in his arms, we see the fog come in and Sam then takes Ivys face in his hands and tells Ivy he thought he was going to lose her. Ivy tells Sam he could never lose her; never and they lean in for a kiss when Grace opens the door. Becky and Jules watch Sheridan and Luis kiss and Luis tells Sheridan hes sorry he has to leave and she asks if someone else could cover for him. Luis says no its an emergency and says sorry again. Sheridan says her too and Luis says hell be back as soon as he can and says sorry again; she tells him its all right, if shes gonna be a cops wife shell have to get used to it and Luis tells her shes the most wonderful woman in the world and they kiss. Becky and Jules join the imposter and DeeDee and Becky says that their planned is ruined and wonders how they will get Sheridan to believe that Luis is in bed with DeeDee when shell know hes at the station? The imposter pipes in and says yeah, what happens now, DeeDee tells Julian hed better come up with another plan and Julian tells them to all calm down. He arranged for Luis to be called away and Becky asks why and Jules says its all a part of the plan; it doesnt matter if Luis goes to the station of the moon by the time theyre finished tonight Luis and Sheridan will be torn apart permanently; just wait and see.

Thursday, May 31, 2001 | Episode #491

The Crane Mansion:
Tab puts some more dust into the pool and they proceed to watch Eve in the hospital but Tab tells Tim this time will be different from the way she remembers it. We see a repeat of yesterday when Eve is talking with the nurse and Eve asks the nurse again if her baby is still alive and the nurse says he is and goes to get him for Eve. Eve says to herself this can't be happening and her son died. The nurse comes back with the baby and Eve holds him and she's ecstatic and tells him she missed him and she'll never let him go. Timmy says that's sweet and Tab says not to go all sappy, she tells Tim that the fog is playing tricks with her mind only this time there will be a twist. Tab goes back to TC and tells TC that the fog is taking him back in time and to watch. TC says this isn't happening and asks father how can he be there; his father asks him how he can be at the mansion. His father tells him that he needs to make Julian pay with his life; Julian must die and he must be the one that kills him. TC says he can't and his father says he will kill Julian Crane. Tim asks Tab what Jules did to make TC hate him so much and Tab tells him that what happened filled TC with hatred and maybe what happens tonight will make him act on his rage and kill Julian. Tab looks at Simone and Timmy thinks it's in Simone's mind and Tab tells him that this is real and that they fog is working it's magic and confusing Chad and making him think it's Whitney he's kissing. Tim asks about Whit and we see her in the pool going to the door that led to Chad's room. Tim asks how Chad can be in two places at once and Tab tells him that this is happening in Whit's mind; it's warning her of a secret that could tear them apart. Whit talks with Chad once again and he tells her that they agreed to never see each other again. Whit says that everything was going so well but Chad says it's over. Tim says that this is terrible and doesn't the fog do anything good and tab tells him for Ivy it could bring her Sam Bennett. We see Sam holding Ivy and Tim asks if it's real and Tab assures him it is. We see Sam tell Ivy he was going to lose her and he's about to kiss Ivy and Grace opens the door. Tim yells no Chief Bennett and Tab tells him to calm down and before the night is over they will see some of these people's lives destroyed. Sam turns away and Ivy says that he felt it to and she knows he did. Sam starts to speak and Ivy tells him to remember how much he loved her and Sam flashes back to some times with Ivy. Ivy tells him it can be like that again; she loves him and she knows he still loves her. Grace says to herself please no, Sam don't. Julian is walking on the grounds and talks about the fog and the bizarre happenings. Tab says tonight will prove to be beyond bizarre and dangerous. TC asks his father if he really wants him to commit murder and he reminds TC of his tennis career and TC is back in the car he had in high school. His father is telling him about his feelings and that all he has to do is beat Julian Crane. TC says he knew he could be him and everything was coming true; he couldn't wait to get home and share the news with him. His father tells him that everything changed in a matter of seconds and then another car comes at TC. Eve is holding her baby and the nurse comes to her and says that she needs to go back to the room. Eve says okay as long as she can keep her baby with her and the nurse says she'll take him back to the nursery for a diaper change and then she'll bring him back. She takes the baby and Eve says to herself that her baby died and maybe she can turn back the clock and save her baby; she runs through the hospital and says she has to save her baby; she has too.

Chad is kissing Simone and he tells her he loves her and only her and kisses her again. Timmy says that Chad is gonna be surprised and Tab says try shocked. Tim asks how Whit and Chad will be able to explain this to Simone and Tab says they won't be able too, it's gonna blow up in their faces. Tim mentions Whit and that what she's seeing is in her mind. Tab says it doesn't matter that all of this is in her mind; it will leave her very unsettled about her relationship with Chad. Whitney asks Chad why it has to be over for them and she doesn't understand. She talks about all the things they've been through and then mentions Simone will come around. Chad says there's no reason for her to come around because they are finished. Whit says he said he loved her and she's never felt about anyone the way she feels about him; she's in love with him. Chad tells her don't and they promised never to see each other again and Whitney asks Chad what she did. Chad hands her a piece of paper and Whit reads it and says oh my God; he's right they can't be together. TC is in the now wrecked car and says he can't move his leg; he's trapped and this is what happened years ago. His father is now beside him and tells him this is where it ended and he wasn't able to play Julian the next day; he was never able to play tennis again. TC says his father died of a broken heart because of it; TC's dad tells him to take his hand and leads him out of the car. He asks TC if he wants to see who did this to him and TC says yes he wants to know and he leads TC to the other car and he looks inside.

Whitney is very upset and says she doesn't understand any of this; something is just off and she's not even sure this is Chad's room. She calls Chad's name and he's gone; she goes back outside the door and it closes on her; she says to herself she's back in the maze. She heads out and starts looking around and sees Chad kissing Simone and calls his name. Chad stops and says Simone and looks over at Whitney. The baby is crying and Eve says she's coming; mommy's coming and she won't let him die. Tim asks Tab if Eve's gonna make it will she save her baby and Tab says to keep watching. Eve arrives at the nursery and talks to the baby through the window and says her baby is fine. She sees a man come into the nursery and at first she thinks it's Julian she watches the man take the baby and tells him to stop and she yells for help. TC's father tells him to look inside the car and see who's responsible for destroying his life. We see Julian and TC says he has the proof he's been looking for; Tim tells Tab to come quick and Julian is the one who ruined Julian's life. Tab says is he or is he the one TC sees in the other car because he has always blamed him. TC goes off and says that he's gonna kill Julian and starts to choke him. Ivy tells Sam they can be a family again and Sam flashes back to another time with Ivy. He looks at Ivy and sees the girl she was and says he can't lose her and Ivy says it will never happen and she will love him forever. Sam tells Ivy he loves her and he always will and kisses her passionately as Grace watches on saying no.

Eve calls out and says he took her baby and the nurse says she's sorry and that the baby is dead; Eve says she saw the man take him and the nurse says that there was no man; her baby died. The nurse calls for a sedative and they give it to Eve and Eve keeps saying she has to save her baby. Eve is on the ground and saying her baby is alive. Tim asks Tab if it's true and Tab says there are some that suspect that it is and that the baby is Chad. Tim mentions that if he is that makes Chad, Whitney's brother and that's terrible. He asks Tab if that is what was on the paper and why he said that he and Whit couldn't be together and she tells him to look and see. Chad says what just happened and Whit goes over to him and tells him what she saw. Chad says he wasn't in his room and Whit says and now he's there with Simone. Simone goes on to talk about how romantic it is and that they couldn't tear themselves away and they can tell everyone that they love each other. Chad is shocked and looks at Whit very surprised and he says he can't even explain this right now. Simone says what is it to explain they love each other. Grace calls out Sam's name and he turns around Grace leaves and Sam goes after her. Tim says that Sam doesn't know what he's doing and it's the fog; Tab asks if he's certain of that, did the fog really make Sam kiss Ivy or did he just give in to what was in his heart all along. Tim says Sam is crazy about Grace and Tab says she's not sure; was it the fog or is Sam Bennett still in love with Ivy Crane.

Simone tells Chad she has to go find Kay and that it's been the best night of her life and she kisses Chad on the cheek and leaves. Chad wipes his mouth and tells Whitney he knows what she thinks butWhit tells him she knows what she saw. Chad says that everything is real strange right now and that the fog is so thick that he thought he was kissing her. He didn't know he was kissing Simone; Whit tells him he's right; this is all a mistake; she can't be with hi and it's over. Grace is running on the grounds and she runs into Eve, Eve comes too and she tells Grace that her baby is alive and they have to save them; a man took him. Grace asks what she sees and Eve tells her about her experience, Grace says she fell down and hit her head; it was a dream just a dream. Eve says it felt so real and Tab says if only Eve knew how close to the truth she really is. Sam runs after Grace but runs into TC; he asks him what's he doing and TC goes into his experience and that Julian was driving the car that caused his accident. Sam asks what he's talking about and Sam tells him to look at what he's doing and TC is choking a statue. TC gets upset and says what happened, where is Julian, where is the car.

Chad tells Whit that he's sorry but he swears he was kissing her; he wouldn't kiss Simone he has no feelings for her. He goes on to tell her he loves her, he wants to tell Simone now and Whit says there's nothing to tell Simone and it's over. Chad asks why and she says she doesn't know but she has a feeling that something is really wrong and she can't be with him and she runs off. Eve says she must have imagined it happened and Grace says she's sorry and Eve says that it's coming to the mansion that's stirring up all the bad feelings. Grace says she didn't have a choice, her vision of losing Sam was too strong and she couldn't stay away. Eve tells her that Sam loves her and only her and Grace says she wishes that were true; she just saw Sam kissing Ivy and she's lost him. TC asks Sam where Julian went; he was just there Sam asks if he's okay and TC mentions the car and the accident. He tells Sam his father was just there and he'll tell him; Sam tells TC his father is dead and TC says no and wonders where his father went. Sam tries to calm TC down and TC says no Julian was the cause of the accident and he's going to kill him and he takes off and Sam yells for him to wait. Tab is happy about all the chaos and Tim says it's cruel and to make the fog go away and Tab says no, the fog is just getting started and it's only going to get better. They've just had a taste of the pain and suffering to come, they still have to get back to Luis and Sheridan, not to mention Kay and Charity. And of course there's Ethan and Theresa, they have so many more lives to destroy, she tells Timmy to fasten his seatbelt because things are going to get worse, much, much worse.

Friday, June 1, 2001 | Episode #492

The Crane Mansion:
Charity is walking through the maze calling for Miguel when she sees him on the bench with Kay kissing; she says this can't be happening. Kay is telling Miguel she wants him and Miguel says he's never wanted anyone the way he wants her. Kay says she's waited forever for this and Miguel says sorry for taking so long; Charity says that Miguel loves her and not Kay and she has to find out what's going on. Rebecca and the others talk about the plan and how Sheridan won't have a clue. Luis asks Sheridan if she's enjoying the party and Sheridan says it's the happiest day of her life and she feels nothing can go wrong. Julian is talking with the cop he bought off and he asks when he'll get his money; Jules tells him in the morning if everything goes right. Becky and the other continue to talk about the plan and how delicious it is. Sheridan doesn't want Luis to go but he tells her that the sooner he goes the sooner he'll get back and they'll spend the rest of the night in each others arms and they kiss. Mort runs into Theresa and asks her to answer some questions. Theresa tells him he destroyed Ethan's life on purpose and he's a liar. Ethan wonders where he's heard that voice before and realizes it's the tabloid reporter and wonder who he's talking too. Ethan heads over and sees Mort and asks what he's doing; Mort is going on about the power he felt and gloating, Ethan is furious about his attitude and says that the person he's talking too is probably his accomplice and he'll kill them both right now and heads out. Tab is gloating about the fog and the havoc it's cause and Timmy disagrees. She says thanks to the fog the lives of the people in Harmony will be wrecked forever and she doesn't want to miss a minute of it.

Tab says Charity is up next and if Tim doesn't want to see her suffer he should close his eyes now. Charity says she has to talk to Miguel and Kay is saying that she knew if Miguel made love to her once he would never leave her and that Charity is just a nice girl but that's all she is, a girl; she's the woman that can give him what he needs. Charity watches as Kay unbuttons his shirt and turns away and they hear a noise and turn to look at Charity. Ethan jumps on the reporter and wants to know who sent the email; he asks Gwen if she remembers and she says that she does and she wanted to tell him that she would love him no matter what but he wasn't hers to comfort. Mort threatens to slap Ethan with a lawsuit and Ethan says not if he's dead he won't and Theresa jumps out and begs Ethan not to do it; Ethan asks Theresa what she's doing there. Sheridan and Luis are telling each other goodbye and Jules says this is turning out to be a piece of cake and DeeDee and the imposter head out. Sheridan stops kissing Luis and asks him if he heard that and he says no and she flashes back to answering Luis phone. She tells Luis that's the voice of the woman she heard on the cell phone and Luis says he thought they worked that all out and Sheridan says she knows but she wants to see who she is and she heads out.

Miguel says charity and Kay asks what she's doing there; Charity asks Miguel how he can do this to her and he said he loved her and he lied. Miguel says he didn't lie and in a way he still does; he says that he knew he had feelings for Kay but he didn't know they were so strong. Kay says sorry but her boyfriend is hers now and they have something that a girl like her couldn't understand. Charity asks what he's talking about and Miguel says that she wouldn't have sex with him and Kay will and Kay tells her that it's all about sex. Charity says this is so wrong and Tab says sorry Charity but Kay is so right; Tim says it's the fog and Tab says that she has scene what the future could bring and it isn't pretty. Sheridan asks Jules if he was talking to a woman and he tells her just Becky. Tab talks about how Sheridan would have turned on her own family and do everything possible to help Luis find out about Martin. Tim asks what happened to him and Tab says that if Sheridan had seen the imposter it would have meant the end of the Crane dynasty. Sheridan says she could have sworn she heard another woman's voice and Rebecca tells her that it's probably just her imagination and mentions the fog. Tab says that she can't wait to see if Julian's plan works out. Ethan asks Theresa again what she's doing there and Gwen says that she's must be her accomplice and Theresa looks shocked. Tab tells Tim that it looks like Gwen has run out of patience and Tim says that Theresa didn't send the email; Rebecca did from Theresa's computer and Gwen knew. Tab tells him not to feel sorry for Theresa, she knew Ethan wasn't a Crane and didn't tell him and it's time for her to face the music. Mort tells Ethan if he kills him his obit will be on every major newspaper in the country; Ethan says he doesn't have time to waste on him and asks Theresa again what she's doing there. Gwen says it's obvious, Theresa is the person he's been looking for and Theresa says me?

Charity tells Miguel she doesn't understand, he said he loved her and he wanted to grow old with her. Miguel says he's sorry and Charity mentions their plan to get married and asks him if he's willing to give all of that up for sex. Tim is telling her not to cry and Tab tells him not to forget that if Miguel and Charity make love she will come into her full powers so the more pain for her the better. Miguel tells Charity he's sorry but he can't help how he feels and he needs Kay and Kay says sorry; you win some you lose some. Charity says that this can't be happening and Kay says it isn't one of her premonitions Miguel is hers, he's all hers. Jules asks if they are leaving and Rebecca says to herself that Julian is playing them. Luis says that he must go to the station and Jules says that he has something to say to him and that he's going to be family soon and he hopes they can get along. Sheridan thanks him and says this means so much to her and it will be a new start. Becky says that after tonight nothing will be the same again; Luis says that he thought something would go wrong but it hasn't and Becky says the night will only get better and Luis leaves. Ethan asks Theresa if Gwen is right and was she talking to the reporter. Gwen says that she's his accomplice and Theresa says that this is her he is talking too of course she didn't help Mort. Ethan asks her if she's ever had any contact with Mort before their engagement party and Theresa says no she's never seen him before in her life. Gwen keeps saying that it's Theresa and that she and Mort seem chummy; she asks Theresa why Mort would go on and on about how great is was to her of all people. Theresa tells Ethan she was going along with Mort, hoping he would tell her more. Gwen again tells Theresa to just admit she was the person who sent the email and Ethan asks her if that's true; is she the person who ruined his life.

Theresa looks at Ethan and Ethan tells her he loves her but he just wants to know the truth; did she send the email. Theresa says of course not, why would she do that to her. Gwen claims that she did it because the Cranes wouldn't let Ethan marry the housekeeper's daughter. Theresa says that she would never do that; Ethan asks Mort if he knows who sent the email and to tell him. Mort says he's not telling him a damn thing; Ethan tells Theresa to tell him if she didn't send the email once more; he'll believe her. Theresa swears on everything that is scared that she didn't send the email. Gwen asks her if she would ever lie to Ethan and she says no so she asks her if she knew that Ethan was a Bennett before and Theresa flashes back to when she found out the truth and then says no and Gwen looks kinda surprised. Tab says Gwen is building an expressive case and that her mother is right; Theresa's wedding day is the perfect time to expose her. Timmy says no he loves wedding; Tab tells him tough cookies, Theresa dug her own grave by lying to Ethan point blank and he'll never forgive her for that. Julian is giving the imposter instructions and the imposter says that it didn't work the first time they tried to break up Luis and Sheridan but it will work this time. Kay is telling Charity that Miguel is hers and then they disappear, Kay comes out of the bushes and asks Charity is something wrong. Charity says of course something is wrong; Miguel comes out too and tell her they've been looking everywhere for her and she's here. Charity says she's been there and for him to stop lying to her; Miguel says he would never lie to her and Charity says he's lying right now she knows he is and that the two of them are in love with each other.

Charity says she can't stand them lying to her right now and Kay says she's wrong they weren't there and Miguel says they certainly weren't kissing. Miguel says she saw the statue and her mind is playing tricks on her; she's probably just tired. Charity says so he really loves her and he says yes and he's going to love her for the rest of his life. Timmy cheers and Tab says wrong; the seeds of doubt in her mind and it will cause her worst fears will come true. Tab suggest they check in with Ethan and Theresa and wonders if the seeds of doubt in his mind or will he believe her. Ethan goes to Theresa and tells her he's sorry; he mentions that she's shaking and says he's sorry for upsetting her. Theresa says it's okay as long as he knows she didn't send the email and Ethan says he does. He goes on to say that he doesn't know what happened and tells Mort to get the hell off of Crane property. Mort tells him he's not a Crane and Ethan says that may be but the police chief is his father and he grabs him and tells him to get the hell of the property now and throws him. Ethan goes back to Theresa and asks if she's okay and she says yes, as long as they are together. Gwen says to herself that she and Ethan won't be together for long. Julian is going on about how much he likes Luis and he knows that he's the man for Sheridan and he mentions the fog; Sheridan decides to call the station to see if Luis is okay and she does. Officer Packer picks up the phone and Sheridan asks to speak with Luis, the officer gets up and sees Luis outside but tells Sheridan that he isn't there and he doesn't know who called him. Sheridan hangs up and tells Julian what she heard and he tells her Luis probably is driving slowly because of the fog and she shouldn't worry; Sheridan says she can't help it and runs out. Julian tells Rebecca that everything is going as planned. The imposter and DeeDee arrive at his house and he places the tuxedo jacket on the seat like Jules told him too; he tells DeeDee that Sheridan will see his car under the street lamp and the jacket and think that he's there. He and Dee make their way to the front door and she asks him if he's going to use the Luis voice and he says yes. She says good because she can imagine doing all kinds of naughty things with Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Charity asks Miguel if he really only loves her and he says yes, he doesn't know how she could have doubted that and he hugs her. Kay says to herself that Charity got a glimpse of the future and he's going to be all hers. Ethan tells Theresa that he never really doubted her, it's the fog; it's like the Santa Anna winds in California it makes people see things. Theresa asks really and he says yes; he knows she would never lie to him and he takes her in his arms. Gwen says to herself that Ethan doesn't know how wrong he is; his little fiancee just lied right to his face. Tim tells Tab that Hecuba's fog must not be as powerful as she thinks it is; Ethan and Theresa are in love. Tab tells him he just doesn't get it Theresa's lie is going to cause all kinds of pain. The imposter puts on the Luis mask and he and DeeDee undress and says that Sheridan should be there at any minute; Dee says good; cuz when Sheridan gets there she's going to be in for the shock of her life. Rebecca compliments Julian on his performance and tells him he could give lessons on how to break apart a couple in ten easy steps. Julian says he hopes his father was watching and then tells Rebecca that he needs to do something that will be the icing on the cake and they head out. Sheridan is outside now and says she'll just go to the station this once; she knows she can't go every time Luis is late but something just isn't right and she heads out. Tab says she wishes she had some popcorn and Tim asks why; she tells him she kinda knows how this little play will end but the fun is watching how they get there. Timmy says that it's going to be a hell of a ride.