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Monday, June 3, 2002 | Episode #742

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The zombie turns her attention to destroying the lives of Dr. Russell and her entire family. Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney celebrate the fact that they're finally free to be together. At the courthouse, Luis tries to comfort his anguished mother as Theresa is remanded to the state penitentiary until the date of her execution. Later, Theresa tries to reassure her family and herself by clinging to the hope that an appeal will reverse the judge's decision. As a cloud suddenly appears on the horizon, Whitney reminds Chad how her sister will be crushed if they begin openly dating. Timmy notices something different about "Peggy" following a small grease fire in the diner's kitchen. Back in Harmony, Tabitha frets about her little pal but feels powerless to lend a hand. Pilar bitterly accuses Ivy and Rebecca of conspiring to end Theresa's life. "Charity" adds fuel to the fire by cautioning a fuming Simone that Chad and Whitney are already getting hot and heavy. The judge sentences Theresa to die by lethal injection immediately following her baby's birth.
Peggy's nose catches on fire and Timmy realizes she's wearing a disguise. A worried Tabitha tries once more to locate Timmy and figure out who's threatening his life.

Kay questions Simone about Chad and Whitney. Simone still believes Chad loves her. Zombie Charity does her best to rattle Simone's belief that Chad and Whitney are just friends. Meanwhile, Chad wants to move forward with Whitney and to tell Simone the truth. However, Whitney doesn't want to hurt her sister.

Everyone is shocked when the judge orders Theresa to be executed as soon as she gives birth. Ethan swears he'll save Theresa. Luis begs his sister to come clean. An anguished Pilar accuses Ivy and Rebecca of having something to do with this. Ivy and Rebecca rejoice over the success of their plan.

Tuesday, June 4, 2002 | Episode #743

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Inventing a tale about a booking error, Liz asks Nick to leave her hotel. At the courthouse, Luis rails at the judge after Theresa is sentenced to death. Meanwhile, an irate Ethan vows to have the sentence overturned. Watching the proceedings on live TV, Simone is floored to see Chad comforting Whitney in the wake of her friend's verdict. Nick calls Liz's bluff. Meanwhile, "Diana" questions Brian about the hotel's newest guest. Nick realizes that Liz is carrying a torch for Brian. The zombie gleefully adds fuel to the fire by urging Simone to confront her two-timing beau and her treacherous sister. Luis begs his sister to put things right before she pays the ultimate price. Brian reluctantly admits to "Diana" how he helped Nick scam innocent people out of their life savings. Theresa considers spilling the truth but a vision of Ethan being executed forces her to keep mum. Brian warns "Diana" not to believe anything Nick says. Theresa suddenly suffers labor pains.
Brian tells Sheridan about his past with Nick. Sheridan worries that her past and Nick's may be connected. Liz tries to throw Nick out of her hotel. Nick attempts to sweet talk her. The shady schemer sees the truth in Liz's eyes regarding Brian.

Simone is upset by what she sees on TV. Zombie Charity encourages Simone's suspicions. Zombie Charity heads off to cause more trouble.

At the courthouse, Chad tries to comfort a devastated Whitney. Ivy and Rebecca celebrate. Luis and Ethan try to get through to a determined Theresa. Theresa has a horrific fantasy. Alistair is pleased with how things are going.

Wednesday, June 5, 2002 | Episode #744

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As Theresa's labor pains intensify, Rebecca and Ivy are thrilled to think that an execution is imminent. "Diana" sheepishly explains to Brian how she fell so deep into dept at the casino. Ethan, Sam, and Luis throw their combined weight around to ensure that Theresa is rushed to Harmony Hospital's emergency room instead of being returned to the prison for the birth of her child. The zombie gleefully anticipates a long, hot summer. Brian furiously accuses Nick of setting "Diana" up. Tabitha panics to think of Timmy at the mercy of their crazed nemesis. Meanwhile, at the diner, Timmy keeps an eagle eye on "Peggy" as his suspicions grow. With Theresa's contractions coming faster and faster, Pilar shudders to think how the birth of her first grandchild will spell certain death for her beloved daughter. Simone witnesses another tender moment between Chad and Whitney. Ethan cooks up a plan to rescue Theresa. Simone vows to make her sister pay for betraying her.
Tabitha frantically tries to get help for Timmy when she learns Norma escaped from the mental ward. Meanwhile, Timmy fears Peggy is really Norma and sets out to uncover the truth.

Brian is shocked to learn "Diana" is in debt from gambling at Nick's nightclub. Nick wants to collect. Brian threatens him for tricking Sheridan. Nick points out that "Diana" is in real danger.

Chad wants to tell Simone the truth. Simone gets an eye-full of Chad and Whitney. Zombie Charity predicts murder.

Theresa is raced to the hospital. Everyone fears the baby is coming. Ivy and Rebecca are very pleased since Theresa will be put to death once the baby is born. Ethan searches feverishly for a way to prevent Theresa's execution.

Thursday, June 6, 2002 | Episode #745
Timmy and Toto hide in the back room as they see Peggy/Norma walk in and prepare a pan boiling with water. Timmy is convinced that Peggy is Norma as she discovers him and his dog. She says that she is Norma and grabs a hold of him. Next, we see Timmy on a plate with decorations around him as he begs Norma/Peggy to spare Toto's life. She says no and prepares to kill him as he wakes up from his dream. He says that he needs to find a way to reveal Peggy as Norma. He finds Flo and pulls her aside to talk. Timmy explains to her about Norma and how he thinks that Peggy is his psychopathic foe. Flo thinks they should call the police as Peggy/Norma yells for Timmy to come and help her. Flo makes up an excuse as Timmy continues explaining about how him and his princess went to the motel, with a series of flashbacks. Flo thinks he has a huge imagination as he says that his princess is a witch. She is glad that she didn't call the police. Flo goes and takes orders as Timmy figures that he has to prove Peggy's identity on his own. Later, Timmy is preparing Martimmys and goes and hides with Toto. Peggy/Norma walks in to find the batch of Martimmys and has a few drinks as Timmy and Toto continue to watch.

Nick continues to manipulate Brian and Sheridan. He convinces her that he did recognize her, but Brian almost pounds him. Brian tells Nick to leave Diana alone, but he says that he will be back for his money and before leaving, notes that he remembers Diana wearing diamonds. Brian persuades her not to listen. When they arrive in the cafe,' Liz tells Brian about Nick's threats. Brian says that he handled it. Brian searches for ways to pay of Diana's debt as she protests. He says that he will sell his boat. Later, he finds an ad that might become useful to him as Liz protest him doing it.

Chad, Whitney, and Simone:
Whitney searches frantically for Simone before Chad can tell her the truth. Simone finds Chad as he prepares to tell her the truth. He sees Ethan and makes her wait. He discovers Ethan's plan as he tells him not to go through with it. Ethan leaves as Chad gets back to Simone. As Chad is about to tell Simone the truth, Whitney spots them and asks to speak with Chad alone. She asks him not to tell Simone just yet. He agrees and returns to tell Simone that he wanted to thank her for believing in him. She walks off as Whitney thanks her boyfriend.

Ethan, Pilar, Theresa, and Eve:
Pilar tries to persuade Theresa to recant her confession to no avail. Ethan arrives back and Eve tells him that he won't have enough time to write the appeal as Theresa could have her baby anytime now. Ethan is more than determined to go through with the plan now. He asks Pilar to speak with Theresa alone. She allows him as he tells Theresa that he has a plan. They are going to escape. They think it through as she agrees. Eve returns to find Theresa gone from the cubicle. Ethan and Theresa are in his car making a getaway.

Friday, June 7, 2002 | Episode #746
The Diner:
Peggy/Norma is drinking the Martimmys and says "It's so tasty too (From I luv Lucy), just like candy." Timmy spies on her as she continues to gulp it down. She continues to wonder if she had that drink before. Timmy waits until she falls to the floor and passes out, to pull off her mask. He tries using his hands, but that doesn't work. He uses different tools and they don't work, until finally he rips her face off and says that it's not Norma. He says it can't be, he's dead and the camera pans on Julian's (Peggy's) face. Peggy is Julian!

Liz tells Brian that he can't do it again even if he will make enough money. He is persistent as Sheridan/Diana wonders what's up and Brian/Antonio holds up an ad. Sheridan takes it and says Oh My God! It turns out that Brian used to race cars as we see several flash backs of him doing exercises when Liz tells "Diana" that Brian almost died in a race car wreck. Diana is shocked to learn that Brian almost lost the use of his legs. Liz and "Diana" beg him not to do it, but he leaves to make phone calls. Liz tells "Diana" that it's all her fault and that she wishes she died in the ocean. Cue to Sheridan's shocked face.

Ethan's Car:
Theresa and Ethan escape the hospital and are on their way to the Crane cabin. Theresa wants to go back, but Ethan tells her that he wants to help her, no matter the risks. Some sirens blare in the background as Theresa and Ethan prepare to give up. The cops pass them and it looks like they are home free; until they get a flat tire. Ethan gets out to change it as Theresa calls Whitney. Whitney is shocked to learn that Theresa and Ethan are on the run. She tries to persuade her to go back, but she is persistent. Outside, Ethan puts the spare on as Theresa tells Whitney that Ethan still loves her.

The Hospital:
Eve discovers that Theresa is missing as the guards arrive to pick her up. The one guard asks if there is a problem. Eve is speechless as the cop opens the curtains to find no Mrs. Crane. They asks where Theresa Crane is. Sam and Luis arrive and run into Pilar and ask if she persuaded Theresa to recant her confession. She says that Ethan is trying to. He is happy. Eve lies and says that Theresa went in for tests, so the guards leave. Eve goes over and tells Pilar, Sam, and Luis of Ethan and Theresa's disappearing act. Luis and Pilar are reassured, but Sam wants to send out an APB on them. The two guards return and ask Sam if there is a problem with Mrs. Crane. Luis says no, but she'll be back from her tests in a few minutes. The cops take a coffee break as Sam berates Luis for lying. Sam drags Luis off to talk in private. Pilar hopes Theresa is okay and heads off to pray. A nurse brings Theresa's results to Eve and she doesn't like them. Eve says that if Theresa doesn't have her baby in a hospital, both her and her baby will die as Pilar eavesdrops and feels that Theresa's life is falling apart. Sam and Luis talk in an area where no one is around. Sam says that he has to alert the other authorities. Luis says that it could ruin Ethan's life. Sam heads off to put out an APB on them as Luis grabs his arm. He tells him to let go and heads off as Luis punches him. Sam gets up and tells Luis that he'll forget about that since they go way back and tells him to pull himself together as he is going to put a description out on Ethan's car. Luis tells him that he won't let him hurt his sister and punches him in the face again. Sam punches him as Luis does the same again. Sam tackles him into a table as Luis punches him again. Sam gets angry and rams into Luis. How bad will this brawl get? Find out on Monday.

Monday, June 10, 2002 | Episode #747
Tabitha's House:
Tabitha is casting a spell to make Timmy's whereabouts become known. Outside, Norma arrives and dresses up as a nun with glasses. She rings the doorbell as Tabitha answers it. She is shocked to see the nun/Norma and tells her to leave. Norma barges in and explains that she was sent here to convert her. Tabitha doesn't like that idea as Norma says that the good father sent her, this father and pulls out her father's skull. Tabitha screams and runs into the living room with Norma chasing her. Tabitha stands in front of her doors and Norma rampages through into the doors and is attacked by Fluffy. Norma kills/scares Fluffy as she asks where the doll is. Tabitha says safer than me as Norma says not for long and chases Tabitha to the front door. Norma throws her ax as Tabitha's clothes get hit with the ax. She rushes upstairs as Norma gets the ax and finds blood on it. She apologizes to her father.

The Diner:
Timmy is shocked to find that Peggy is Julian instead of Norma. Julian starts snoring as flaps up the mask blow in his face. Next, we find Toto licking Julian and he says that's right, my little dove. Julian wakes up to find the dog as Timmy says that Toto's a dog. Julian gets up as Timmy asks how he escaped his death while Julian is taking the diner clothes off. He explains that he found the drain and climbed into it and landed on the bay and he took off his dinner jacket. Timmy helps Julian take off his bra as he asks who shot him. Julian says that he doesn't know. Timmy names the list-Luis, Ethan, Ivy, Rebecca, Pilar, Theresa, T. C., Eve, but Julian cuts him off. Timmy asks why he hid out and he says because he's stuck there. Timmy says there's the exit, but Julian tells him to try getting out and laughs/cries. Next, Julian makes a salad as Timmy asks where he learned to cook. He says that his father sent him to a teen survival camp. Julian says that he told him all about him, now why is he there. Timmy explains about Charity, in the block of ice. Julian laughs and thinks that he had to many Martimmys. Timmy says that he is going to call Tabitha and she can spread the word that Julian is alive. Julian grabs the ax and says that he isn't calling anyone. Timmy turns around as Julian says that he's not going back to Harmony until his killer is killed.

Nick's Room:
Brian/Antonio arrives and knocks on the door. Nick answers as Brian/Antonio barges in and says that he will have his money any day now, but not Diana, she's his. Brian/Antonio wonders why he would go through so much trouble to get Diana as Nick says because, he knows her. Brian/Antonio tells him to leave him and Diana alone and leaves. Nick vows to get Diana.

The Cafe:
Liz tells Diana that she wished she just died at sea. Sheridan says that she thought she was her friend. Liz apologizes and explains that she always gets into trouble and Brian/Antonio risks his life for her. Sheridan apologizes and realizes that Liz loves Brian/Antonio with a flashback of when they were in love. Liz denies it as Brian/Antonio returns, asking if anyone is thirsty. They say no as he asks what they were talking about. Sheridan says girl stuff and catches up with Liz. Liz thanks her for not telling Brian/Antonio as Sheridan says that she'll make sure Brian/Antonio doesn't have to risk his life for her again.

Nick's Room:
Sheridan arrives and knocks on the door, with Nick thinking it's Brian/Antonio. Sheridan asks if there's anything she can give him besides money, so that Brian/Antonio won't have to risk his life for her. and he says yes. He grabs her hand and pulls her inside.

The Hospital:
Whitney is still on the phone with Theresa. She tells her to come back, but Theresa won't listen. Ethan changes the tire as Theresa tells Whitney that she will spend the rest of her life with Ethan. Whitney tells her to come back to her house, but she refuses and hangs up when Ethan returns. The nurse asks Eve if the results were what she suspected and she says yes, Theresa has preeclampsia, if she doesn't have her baby in a hospital, they both could die. Pilar cries when she learns what is wrong with Theresa. Ivy and Rebecca arrive and ask if Theresa had her baby yet. They say no, but she could have it any minute. Sam walks away as Luis slugs him right in the face. Sam gets up and says that he'll forget that happened since they go way back. Sam leaves to radio the dispatch as Luis punches him again. Sam comes right back and punches him too. Luis punches him for the third time as Sam tackles him into the chairs. Luis falls over as Sam walks away to radio the station. Luis gets up and pulls his gun out, telling Sam to freeze as he doesn't want to shoot him. Ivy asks Eve and Pilar if they should be with Theresa and Rebecca opens the curtain to find no Theresa. Ivy asks where she is as Whitney arrives and says that Theresa escaped. Ivy pulls out her cellphone and prepares to call the police as Pilar says that Ethan is driving the getaway car. Ivy is shocked. Sam tells Luis to put the gun down as he says that he is going to call the station. Luis says that he doesn't want to shoot him. Sam says that he knows what he's feeling, but he used to be such a good cop who followed the book, what happened? Luis says Sheridan died and he doesn't want to lose someone else he loves. Sam pulls out his phone as Luis holds the gun up. Sam tells him that he's taking this too far. Ivy says that this could ruin Ethan's life as Rebecca grabs the phone and prepares to call the police. Sam dials the station as Luis says not to make the call. Sam is about to tell them as Luis tackles him, making his gun go off and Sam falls to the ground. Pilar, Eve, Whitney, and the rest of them hear the gunshot and think it's Theresa and rush to the waiting room. Luis is trying to wake up Sam as Ivy thinks he killed him. Sam gets up and says that he's all right. Ivy asks if they were fighting and Luis says that Sam was going to call dispatch and put an APB out on Ethan and Theresa. Pilar asks Sam how could he. He says it's his job and it's Luis' too. Eve informs them that Theresa has preeclampsia and if she doesn't have her baby in a hospital, both her and the baby could die. Sam says that's more of a reason to call the station. Luis, Pilar, Eve, Whitney, and Ivy beg him to give Theresa and Ethan more time. He finally agrees and walks off. Whitney talks with her mother and asks if Theresa's condition is that bad and she says yes as Pilar overhears. Ivy and Rebecca are gloating about Theresa dying for lethal injection or mother nature. Pilar hears them and slaps Rebecca, calling them both b*tches.

Ethan's Car:
Theresa starts talking about her and Ethan moving to South America as he tells her to slow down first they have to get her to the Crane Cabin. She asks if they can be together, but he says he doesn't know, they just have to deliver her baby. They stop at a store and Ethan goes inside. Theresa starts having contractions as Ethan returns and asks if she's okay. She says yes as we see her grab onto the door handle and squeeze it. Cue on Theresa face as she tries to hide the pain. Will Theresa's pain get worse? Find out tomorrow on Passions.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002 | Episode #748
Tabitha's House:
Norma gets the ax back and blabs to her father. Upstairs, Tabitha runs past a chair where Zombie Charity appears. She begs her for help as Zombie asks what's up. Tabby tells her about Norma as she rushes upstairs and the zombie disappears. Tabitha runs into her bedroom as the zombie appears on her bed. Norman's voice tells Norma that this may be the last thing she ever does as she hacks away at the door. Tabitha begs Zombie Charity for help as the zombie asks if she had a tea party. Zombie Charity reveals her plans to make love to Miguel tonight as she falls onto the bed. Tabitha sees Norma's face in the hole now as Zombie Charity disappears again. Norma tells Tabitha to say her prayers and she says that she's starting too. Tabitha manages to get away from the psycho as the head appears and Norma is distracted by it. The head follows Tabitha and they go downstairs. Norma follows them as they decide to split up. Tabitha goes in the living room while the head goes in the kitchen. Norma corners Tabby as Tabitha prays for a "bloody miracle." Just then, the door is opened by the psych ward orderlies and one of them tries to detain Norma, but she throws them off of her. The others grab her and arrest her. Tabitha asks how they knew where she was and the one says that someone spotted her in the neighborhood and they knew to come here from when Norma attacked her at the hospital talent show. Norma tells them about the floating head as the head listens from the kitchen. The doctors think she is crazy and apologize to Tabitha before they leave. Good-bye Norma, forever! After they are gone, Tabitha asks the head who is putting her Timmy in danger. He says someone from his past. Tabitha wonders who is after her little Timmy.

The Diner:
Julian grabs a knife and tells Timmy that he's not telling anyone. Timmy promises as Julian says that he will not go back until the shooter is found. He accidentally throws his chef hat on the stove and it catches fire. Timmy notices and Julian grabs Sulfite and throws it on the fire which makes it spread. Timmy says that he's scared as Julian says he is too. Timmy asks what are they going to do. Julian says that he doesn't know about him and the little mutt, but he's getting out of there. The fire begins to spread. Julian tries to get out, but the door is locked. He finds a window and breaks it open. He picks Timmy up and sets him out the window and gets himself out too. They are in the entrance to the diner as Timmy says Toto's still in there! We see little Toto barking and clawing at the door. Will Toto get out? Next, Timmy climbs back in and finds a ladder. He puts it up to the window and Toto climbs up and they get out. Julian, Timmy, and Toto get outside as Timmy babbles about getting the demon's horn. Julian and Timmy make a deal; if he doesn't tell anyone that he's alive, he'll help him search for the demon's horn. They shake on it and head off to start there adventure. Starting along a little path and they go into the bushes. We see the moon and there is a shadow of an owl on it. Look for the Wizard of Oz adventure on Friday!

St. Margaret's Church:
Kay and Miguel arrive to pray for Theresa as he thanks her for being there for him. Miguel goes inside as Simone arrives and says that she feels bad for him. Kay says that it's awful. Simone says that she talked to Whitney and she said that her and Chad weren't an item, she was right. Kay says oh and gives Simone a look that makes her suspicious. Simone asks her point blank if Chad and Whitney are an item or not. Kay says no, but Simone asks why she keeps changing her mind as we see a flash back of Zombie Charity predicting Simone to murder Whitney; sistercide. Kay says that she wouldn't want her to be angry at Whitney over some stupid boy or for her to get hurt or to hurt Whitney. Simone says that she wouldn't, unless she stole Chad from her and then, she'd make her pay. Kay calms Simone down as she gets angry and decides to go to the hospital and see for herself. She leaves.

The Hospital:
Whitney runs into Chad as she explains about Theresa and Ethan being on the run. He says d*mn, he didn't think he would do it. She is surprised that he knew as she tells him about Theresa having preeclampsia and if she is not in the hospital when her baby is delivered, they both could die. A nurse walks by as Whitney backs away from Chad, thinking it's Simone. Chad tells her that they have to tell Simone the truth, but Whitney tells him about what her Mom said, Simone could never recover. He tells her that maybe Simone's a lot stronger than her and her Mom give her credit for. He comforts her and they kiss as Simone arrives and hides. She says "Whitney-you b*tch," very quietly. Chad leaves to get him and Whitney some drinks. After he is gone, Simone confronts Whitney and says "D*mn it, Whitney, D*mn you as she slaps her right across the face. Cue shocked look on Whitney. Will Simone ever forgive her sister? Find out tomorrow.

St. Margaret's Church:
Zombie Charity arrives and says that she's going to make love to Miguel tonight. Kay says that she will stop her and they start screaming at each other. Miguel rushes up as Zombie Charity lies and says that they were just talking about Theresa's death sentencing. Miguel hugs Charity and says that he's going inside to pray. He kisses her and goes back in as the zombie says she'll be right in. Zombie Charity grabs Kay's arm with her demon claw and says that she'll kill her whole family, her Mom, dad, sister, and brothers-whole and half if she tries to stop her from making love to Miguel. Zombie Charity goes "inside" as Kay goes up to the church and prays to God, "Dear Heavenly Father, don't let the zombie kill Miguel, because of me. Let him live. I promise that this will be the last thing I'll ask for. Amen (I think)." The statues begin to come to life as Kay turns around and smiles at them. The statues approach Zombie Charity as she is outside and she stares at them.

The Crane Cabin:
Ethan and Theresa arrive as he goes to put the groceries away. She grabs her stomach and tells the baby not to come yet as Ethan walks in and asks if she's having contractions. She says no, she just has a headache. He gets her some food and she lay down and dreams of her future life with Ethan. Five years into the future as her son is five years old. Ethan calls Gwen and tells her that it's over between them. She asks if this is about them making love, they can just be friends. He tells her that he may go to jail and says that he is on the run with Theresa. She tries to persuade him to come home, but he says no. He hangs up. He goes into Theresa's room and notices that she didn't eat. She says that she isn't hungry and he turns out the light. She dreams of her future life again. Ethan goes into the living room as Gwen arrives and says that he doesn't have to face this alone and they hug. Theresa gets up to tell Ethan that she is ready to leave as she sees Gwen in Ethan's arms and begins having more contractions. What will Theresa do? Find out tomorrow on Passions.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002 | Episode #749

TV Guide
Liz entreats Brian not to risk his life again just to pay off "Diana's" debt. Meanwhile, Nick suggests to Sheridan that this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. An enraged Simone slaps her sister hard across the face after spotting Whitney and Chad in a close moment. The zombie finds herself surrounded by a squad of warrior angels. Inside the church, Miguel unburdens himself to Father Lonigan. Though Theresa panics to see Gwen at the cabin, Ethan assures her that his old flame has come to help. Brian explains to a dismayed Liz why he'll do anything necessary to keep his soul mate safe. Nick offers "Diana" the chance to erase her debt and protect Brian at the same time. Gwen begs Ethan to come home before the whole world learns about his reckless escapade. Whitney makes Simone a promise. The zombie manages to elude her heavenly attackers. Whitney's unexpected declaration of love is music to Chad's ears. Out of Ethan's earshot, Theresa and Gwen hurl bitter accusations at one another. Sheridan reluctantly decides to accept Nick's offer.

Liz attempts to talk Brian out of racing cars again. She's hurt by his love for Sheridan. At the same time, Sheridan meets with Nick about her debt. Nick makes an indecent proposal. Sheridan is faced with a difficult choice.

Simone is stunned after having witnessed a kiss between Chad and Whitney. After Chad walks away, Simone marches up to her sister and slaps her. Whitney tries to explain things. Simone gives her sister an ultimatum. Whitney pushes Chad away again.

Kay gets help from above in her quest to destroy Zombie Charity. Zombie Charity escapes.

At the cabin, Theresa is heartbroken to see Gwen in Ethan's arms. Gwen begs Ethan to reconsider going on the run. Theresa orders Gwen out. When Ethan leaves the room, an intense Theresa and Gwen face off.

Thursday, June 13, 2002 | Episode #750
St. Margaret's Church:
Kay and Father Lonigan pray. Kay confesses all when she admits that she used a book of spells to create a Zombie Charity and the real Charity is trapped in a block of ice. Father Lonigan says that all they can do is pray, but Kay doesn't think that will be enough.

Zombie Charity and Miguel walk and talk about Theresa. They wander around until they end up in an unknown place.

The Graveyard:
Miguel asks Charity why they're in a graveyard and Zombie Charity says that they must have wandered into it. He asks Charity if she wants to leave and she says no. They begin to kiss, but he is distracted by thoughts of Theresa. Zombie Charity gets mad and tells him that his family is probably with Theresa. They kiss again, but once again, he is distracted. Zombie Charity makes it rain and we hear drums as does he. She puts him in a trance, telling him to make love to her. She takes off her clothes and reveals a bikini top as he takes his shirt off too. They begin to make love and fall onto the ground.

St. Margaret's Church:
As she is praying, Kay hears the drumming and is interrupted. Father Lonigan tells her to fight it. She keeps praying, but continues to hear the drumming. Finally, she leaves.

The Graveyard:
Miguel and Zombie Charity continue to make love as he hears Father Lonigan praying for his safety. Miguel sits up as Zombie Charity realizes that Father Lonigan is trying to stop them. She orders her demons to grab him and they do as she lays on top of him, continuously kissing him. Kay arrives and watches in horror as the demons hold onto Miguel and Zombie Charity makes love to him.

Nick grabs Sheridan's hand as Brian barges in and tackles him, grabbing him around the neck. Nick grabs a gun and they fight. Brian rams him into the wall and they fight over the gun as Liz walks in. She asks Sheridan what's wrong. Nick holds the gun to Brian and threatens to kill him if he doesn't let go. Sheridan says that she wants to be with Nick as Brian and Liz are shocked. She asks if he asked her if she wanted to be there and he says no. She says that Nick has way more to offer than he does. He can give her more too. He can give her what ever she wants. She asks, "Right Nick." He replies "anything your heart desires." Sheridan says that he even recognizes her. Brian says that Nick is a liar, but Sheridan doesn't care. She says that she is leaving the island with Nick. Brian says that she thought differently earlier, they were going to spend the rest of there lives together. She says "a few hours ago, I didn't know I needed expensive things." She says that she wasn't going to "bite the hand that feeds me." Brian says that he guesses she isn't the person he thought she was and she says "I guess not." Sheridan asks Liz if she is happy as her and Brian leave the hotel room. Nick congratulates Sheridan on dumping Brian, but she says that she didn't want to do it, she loves him, but she had to protect him.

The Hospital:
As Gwen remembers her fight with Theresa at the Crane cabin, Rebecca calls her cell phone. Gwen answers and Rebecca tells her that Theresa has preeclampsia, if she doesn't have her baby in a hospital, he will die. Gwen wants to warn Theresa, but Rebecca tells her not to. Rebecca is shocked when Gwen reveals her whereabouts to her. Gwen makes her promise not to tell anyone and hangs up.

The Crane Cabin:
Ethan contacts the helicopter pilot and asks him to hurry as a storm's approaching. Theresa cries out in pain and holds onto the table. She tries to pour herself a drink, but ends up spilling it. Ethan rushes in and cries out "Theresa, you're in labor!" Theresa says that she's not in labor, she just spilt her drink. Ethan cleans it up as he says that the helicopter is on its way. Gwen walks in and informs them of Theresa's preeclampsia. Theresa doesn't believe her and thinks she's just trying to get Ethan. Gwen begs them not to go, but he says that they have no choice. He walks out the door as Theresa tells Gwen that her lie didn't work. Theresa walks out the door and holds her stomach. How much more pain can this woman take? Find out tomorrow on Passions.

Friday, June 14, 2002 | Episode #751
The Yellow Brick Road:
Julian and Timmy set off through the bushes with Toto. There, they come across a yellow brick road and hear little people singing. Julian decides that things couldn't be worse and they walk down the road. Timmy sees a billboard that has a picture of a wizard on it. Next, they find a hotel, called "The Over the Rainbow Hotel" and Timmy thinks the wizard is inside. Julian and Timmy are shocked to see.....Nothing. Then, little munchkins from the "Wizard of Oz" appear and start dancing around. Julian screams "Booze!" and grabs the booze off of the munchkin and drinks it. Timmy tells Toto, "I don't think were in Harmony anymore."

Tabitha's House:
Tabitha wonders who is a threat to Timmy, if it's not Norma. The scroll appears and opens up to show the head and Tabitha, Julian, Timmy, and Toto. Tabitha screams "Julian!" and the head says yeah. She knows it's impossible, but wishes that they could hear their voices. We hear Timmy and Julian talking about where to go next. Then, they open the bushes to find a yellow brick road. Little munchkins begin singing "Follow down the yellow brick road" or something. Tabitha laughs and says that she's glad, because there is no danger down the yellow brick road. The head says "I'm afraid there is."

The Graveyard:
Kay arrives as Zombie Charity commands the demons to hold Miguel down. She lies on top of him and kisses him as Kay walks in with holy water. Zombie Charity stops and is cornered by Kay. Zombie Charity orders the demons to detain Kay and they do. Zombie Charity makes love to Miguel as Kay is forced to watch. Kay tells Miguel to get up, but he can't as Kay continues watching.

Sheridan feels bad that she hurt Brian as Nick says that they are going to leave. Liz and Brian talk about Nick and "Diana" as Liz says that Diana showed her true colors today. Nick and Sheridan arrive and say their good-byes. Brian is left heartbroken as Liz comforts him. Sheridan and Nick head off as Sheridan, is also heartbroken.

The Crane Cabin:
Gwen can't believe that Theresa didn't believe her. Ethan returns and gets Theresa as they head for the helicopter. It starts storming and the pilot calls and tells them that he has to wait. Ethan takes Gwen and Theresa back inside. Gwen continues to try and convince them that she isn't lying. Theresa and Gwen fight. Later, the pilot radios in and Ethan kisses Gwen good-bye. Him and Theresa rush out. Gwen follows them and arrives at the helipad and there is a big explosion.

Monday, June 17, 2002 | Episode #752
Tabitha's House:
Tabitha says that Timmy is safe now, but the head says that when Timmy reaches the end of the road, he'll die. Tabitha asks the scroll for Timmy's location. It shows her the hotel with all the munchkins and they start dancing around Julian and singing, "Follow the road of the yellow bricks." Tabitha tells the head that it was wrong, but he still says that Timmy will die. Later, Zombie Charity arrives and hears the singing. She tells Tabitha to turn it off.

The Graveyard:
Kay is being held by demons as Zombie Charity kisses Miguel and then, tells Kay that Miguel can't hear her when she tries to wake him up. Father Lonigan arrives as Kay asks him for help. He tells her to pray. He says that she needs to use what she brought after she prays for the demons to let her go. They do and she throws holy water on her and Zombie Charity says that this isn't over and disappears. Father Lonigan tells Miguel that he fell asleep after he wakes up. Miguel leaves to be with his family. Kay asks why she can't tell Miguel. Father Lonigan says because he would never believe her.

The Over The Rainbow Hotel:
Timmy and Julian arrive as he walks in and screams "booze!" as Timmy says that Timmy and Toto are definitely not in Harmony anymore. Julian is shocked by the little people as they say that they are munchkins. Toto runs off as Timmy looks for him. Timmy finds Julian and Toto and asks a munchkin where the wizard is. The munchkins dance around Julian and sing "Follow the road of the yellow bricks." Later, we find a dressing room and hear Julian says that he doesn't want to do this. Timmy says that this is the only way to find the wizard. Timmy walks out, dressed as Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz. Julian walks out as the cowardly lion. Timmy/Dorothy screams "We're of to see the wizard!" Julian/Lion follows him out the door.

Nick and Sheridan leave after telling Brian off, leaving him with a broken heart. Liz takes Brian into the cafe and chats with him. On the dock, Sheridan screams at Nick after he tells her not to be depressed and Brian couldn't give her anything. Liz eavesdrops as Sheridan screams that she loves Brian and is only leaving with him, so that Brian won't have to race again. Liz is shocked and leaves to tell Brian. She tells Brian the truth. Brian arrives and tells Sheridan that he knows why she is leaving. So he won't have to race again. She loves him. Sheridan denies it, but he asks her point blank if everything they had was a lie. She says she loves him as Nick approaches Liz and says that he knows she is behind this. Nick grabs a gun and holds Brian and Sheridan at gunpoint.

The Cabin:
Gwen approaches the helicopter and it explodes, flinging her backwards. She gets up and screams, "The helicopter crashed!" She says that no one could have made it out alive. Ethan and Theresa walk out of behind the plane and he says that Theresa collapsed before they reached the plane. They take her inside. Gwen asks Theresa if she's been having contractions. She admits it and how long she has been having them. Ethan goes outside as Gwen asks if she's in labor. She says yes. Ethan comes in as Theresa screams, "The baby's coming, I can feel it." Gwen tells her to take small breaths as Theresa pants.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002 | Episode #753

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When Zombie Charity sees the scroll and realizes what Timmy is up to, she conjures up a dangerous scarecrow to deal with her "little buddy." As Zombie Charity relishes Timmy's upcoming death, Tabitha pleads for her friend's life. Nick aims his gun at a reunited Brian and Diana and demands his money. Unimpressed by the gun, Brian jumps Nick, throws the gun into the water and a fight ensues. As Brian orders him to set sail, Nick insists that Sheridan pay him what she owes him and later vows to hurt Brian permanently. Nick later remembers who Diana is. At the hospital Ivy worries about Ethan being on the run with Theresa. Rebecca tries to reassure Ivy that Theresa's medical predicament will soon send Ethan back to them. However, she does refuse to tell Ivy where the fugitives are. Worried about Ethan's career, Sam and Luis decide to try to find Ethan and Theresa without letting the guards know that Theresa has escaped. Eve leaks to Beth that Theresa's preeclampsia sometimes causes the victim to have violent outbursts. The guards waiting to take the patient back to prison become impatient. At the Crane cabin Gwen tries to convince Theresa and Ethan to get to the hospital but Theresa refuses. Ethan tries his best to get her to change her mind and when she refuses to budge, Gwen accuses her of hating her unborn baby. Unseen by Gwen, Theresa grabs a pair of scissors and stabs her.

Zombie Charity discovers Timmy is at the Over the Rainbow Hotel and conjures up an evil scarecrow to kill him. Tabitha begs for Timmy's life. Timmy strengthens his resolve to save Charity. In costume, Timmy and his traveling partner skip along the yellow brick road to see the Wizard.

Angered by Brian and Sheridan's reunion, Nick holds a gun on everyone and demands his money. A violent fight breaks out between Brian and Nick.

At the hospital, Ivy worries about Ethan being on the run with Theresa. Rebecca assures Ivy everything will work out in their favor once Theresa dies from the preeclampsia. Rebecca refuses to reveal the fugitives' whereabouts to Ivy. Sam and Luis quietly try to find Ethan and Theresa without tipping off the guards that the two have escaped. Eve tells Beth an unsettling fact about Theresa's condition -- that it sometimes causes sudden, violent episodes. The two guards, who are waiting to take Theresa back to prison, become suspicious.

At the Crane cabin, Gwen tries to persuade Theresa and Ethan to get to a hospital, but Theresa won't listen. Ethan tries to reason with Theresa. A frustrated Gwen accuses Theresa of hating her own baby. Gwen is unsettled when she notes a cold glint in Theresa's eyes.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002 | Episode #754

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As the "Cowardly Julian" attempts to flee, Timmy is menaced by the sinister scarecrow. Nick wracks his brains to remember where he's seen "Diana" before. Rebecca reminds Ivy why she can't tell anyone that Ethan and Theresa are at the cabin. Meanwhile, the suspicious prison guards question Eve about her missing patient. Beth explains to Hank how Theresa's medical condition can cause violent mood swings and psychotic behavior. Fed up with Gwen's carping, Theresa gleefully sinks a pair of scissors into her rival's back. The munchkins attempt to rescue Timmy but are repelled by the evil scarecrow. Sam, Pilar and TC back up Eve's story to keep the guards at bay. Later, when Ethan phones, Eve warns him that Theresa and her baby are in great peril. Julian overcomes his fear and smokes Timmy's attacker just in the nick of time. Gwen's screams finally bring Ethan on the run but Theresa turns her deadly fury on him as well. The zombie conjures up a terrifying Tin Man.

A fearful Tabitha watches as Timmy fights off the evil scarecrow. An unlikely hero comes to Timmy's rescue.

As Sheridan tends to an injured Brian, he insists Nick doesn't really remember seeing her from before. Meanwhile, Nick searches the Internet for "Diana's" true identity. Nick is determined to get Sheridan and destroy Brian.

At the hospital, Ivy gets the truth out of Rebecca. Eve gets an urgent call from Ethan. The two guards begin to doubt that Theresa is still in the hospital taking tests. Theresa's friends and family work to cover for her. Eve gives Ethan critical information. Meanwhile, a psychotic Theresa stabs Gwen with a pair of scissors.

Thursday, June 20, 2002 | Episode #755

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As the munchkins celebrate the fiery demise of the evil scarecrow, Toto senses a new danger nearby. Brian urges "Diana" not to trust a word that comes out of Nick's lying mouth. Meanwhile, Nick triumphantly matches "Diana's" photo to a picture of the "late" Sheridan Crane. At the hospital, the suspicious prison guard reminds Luis he'll have a lot of explaining to do if Theresa turns up missing. As a terrified Gwen clings to Ethan, Theresa rages at her former fiance for leading her on. Though Rebecca remains confident that their scheme will pan out, Ivy fears for her son's safety. Theresa lunges at Ethan with the scissors and manages to wing him. Timmy and Julian come face to face with the murderous Tin Man and his trusty chainsaw. Theresa finally comes to her senses and is alarmed to realize what she's done. The zombie enjoys Tabitha's distress as they watch the Tin Man threaten Timmy and Julian. Ethan tries to reach Eve on his cell phone after Theresa's labor pains intensify.

Sheridan can't help but wonder if Nick really does remember her. Brian is sure he doesn't and tries to distract her. Brian is determined to go back to racing cars to pay off Sheridan's debt. Nick gets his hands on the info he needs and prepares to destroy Brian.

Zombie Charity sends out an evil Tin Man to do away with Timmy. Tabitha watches in horror as the Tin Man hunts Timmy and his companion down with a chainsaw.

Rebecca reassures Ivy all will work out the way they want it to. Ivy fears for Ethan's future. Luis and Sam struggle to locate Ethan and Theresa in time. The guards harass Luis and Pilar. Eve tries to get information to and from Ethan. Ethan and Gwen struggle against a psychotic Theresa. Theresa is stunned by her actions as her labor progresses. Ethan is cut off from Eve. The guards are close to learning the truth.

Friday, June 21, 2002 | Episode #756

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Rebecca berates Ivy for tipping Sam off to Ethan's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Gwen warns Ethan that Theresa's baby is well on the way. Julian makes tracks to escape the Tin Man's chainsaw. The prison guards inform Sam and Luis that they'll face charges for aiding and abetting a felonious flight from justice. Thanks to some timely assistance from Hank and T.C., however, the chief of police and his officer manage to elude their pursuers and head up to the cabin with Eve. "Charity" assures Miguel that he can't remember their night in the cemetery because he was so exhausted he zoned the whole evening out. Julian saves a grateful Timmy and Toto from certain death. Theresa finally brings a healthy baby boy into the world. Timmy meets the wizard, who cautions the boy that his journey home will be fraught with peril. As help arrives, Theresa's baby takes a turn for the worse.

Tabitha is horrified as she watches the evil Tin Man prepare to kill Timmy. Timmy's traveling partner appears to have abandoned him but at the last minute saves the day. Timmy finally finds the Wizard.

Kay keeps Miguel in the dark about what really happened at the cemetery. Miguel and Kay go for a walk, and a determined Zombie Charity decides to tag along.

Rebecca is upset with Ivy for having told Sam and Luis where Theresa is. Ivy won't let Ethan be hurt. Armed with the truth, the guards prepare to arrest Sam and Luis. TC and Hank distract the guards to help Luis, Sam, and Eve get to Theresa. At the cabin, Ethan and Gwen help bring Theresa's baby into the world. Theresa is filled with love as she gazes at her new son. Theresa's life is in danger.

Monday, June 24, 2002 | Episode #757

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Brian and "Diana" enjoy a moonlit swim, unaware that Nick is closing in on a way to expose the "late" Sheridan Crane and rid himself of an old enemy in the process. As Sam attempts to reason with the prison guards, Theresa collapses again into Ethan's arms. "Diana" begs Brian not to return to the race track and risk his own life but he remains determined to pay off her debt. Pilar wonders if Rebecca could somehow be responsible for Theresa's latest round of troubles. As the newborn baby goes into shock, Eve snarls at the guards to lower their weapons before both mother and child perish due to their ignorance. As he ponders how to turn a fast buck, Timmy is disappointed to learn that his traveling companion has no real world skills. After rushing Theresa and her baby to the hospital, Luis thanks Sam for helping save his sister's life. Nick plans a fatal accident for Brian. Julian balks at returning to Harmony until his young wife has been put to death.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002 | Episode #758

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Pilar tries to comfort her weeping daughter as Theresa fears that her baby will die. Nick explains to his henchman how he'll move in on Sheridan and latch onto the Crane millions after Brian meets his "tragic" fate on the racetrack. Meanwhile, Liz and "Diana" worry when Brian decides to immediately start practicing for a big race coming up in the States. Theresa's family and friends rally round when her newborn son takes a turn for the worse. After overhearing an odd remark from Luis's current girlfriend, Rebecca snidely reminds Beth that the two of them have much more in common than she first imagined. Ivy thanks Sam for trying to save their son's reputation. Ethan confides to Chad how holding Theresa's baby changed his entire perspective. Eve struggles to resuscitate the infant after his heart suddenly stops. Later, Theresa happily cuddles her baby as his vital signs stabilize again.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002 | Episode #759

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Brian introduces "Diana" and Liz to a former girlfriend, who advises Sheridan not to let such a great guy slip out of her grasp. Nick eagerly looks forward to watching Brian crash and burn on the track. Sam entreats the guards to give Theresa just a few more minutes with her baby before they take their prisoner back into custody. Meanwhile, Ethan is greatly touched when Theresa decides to name her son after him. Nick pays Randy off to tamper with Brian's brakes. Timmy makes a deal to have Julian wrestle his way into a large paycheck for both of them. Theresa bids a tearful farewell to her mother and brothers while Ethan vows to keep fighting for her freedom. Timmy advises Julian to bulk up before he climbs into the ring with the bad boys of professional wrestling. Later, Julian meets his first opponent and is shaken to realize he'll be up against a lady wrestler.
Sheridan and Liz continue to worry about Brian driving. An old flame of Brian's shows up and ends up offering Sheridan some words of advice. Nick and Stan discuss Brian's end as they plot to tamper with his car.

Timmy moves forward with his plan to make money. Julian vows not to go back to Harmony until Theresa is executed. Timmy shocks Julian with his plan.

Eve has good news about Theresa's baby. Sam persuades the troopers to give Theresa and her baby a few more minutes before they escort her back to jail. Theresa honors Ethan by naming her baby after him. Ethan is touched. Ivy worries about the repercussions for Ethan and Sam. The troopers announce it's time to take Theresa back to prison.

Thursday, June 27, 2002 | Episode #760

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Prodded by his pint-sized manager, Julian is forced to enter the wrestling ring in the guise of "The Masked CEO." Ivy and Rebecca crow at the thought of their mutual enemy walking the green mile to her ultimate extinction. Meanwhile, at the women's prison, Theresa is unnerved by her cynical neighbors on Death Row. Luis thanks Beth for helping him through such a terrible time. While Ethan works on obtaining a stay of execution, Theresa tells Bertha that she's going to live a long and happy life with her baby and the man she loves. Rebecca and Ivy unwind by watching a pro wrestling match between Big Dog and an unlikely-looking newcomer. Ethan demands an audience with the governor, but Alistair beats him to the punch. Ivy and Rebecca are astounded to finally recognize "The Masked CEO." Though Beth urges him to stop blaming himself, Luis wishes he had taught Theresa better about surviving in the real world. Later, Luis delights Beth with his talk of commitment. Big Dog easily makes mincemeat out of her terrified opponent.
A terrified Julian enters the ring as the Masked CEO to face off with a pro wrestler named Big Dog. Timmy urges Julian on, reminding him they need to make some cash.

As Ivy and Rebecca celebrate Theresa's imminent death, they are shocked by what they see on TV that could wreck everything.

Pilar cares for the baby. Luis feels what's happening with Theresa is his fault. Beth tries to comfort him. Luis wants to move forward with Beth.

A death row inmate taunts Theresa. Theresa stays in denial, certain Ethan will rescue her. She fantasizes about the future. Ethan comes up with a way to save Theresa.

Friday, June 28, 2002 | Episode #761

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After tinkering with Brian's car, Nick tells Stan how the vehicle will explode in a enormous fireball once it attains a certain speed. Ethan appeals to the governor for a stay but Alistair pressures the politician into signing an order of execution instead. Father Lonigan comes to Death Row to visit Theresa, who continues to stubbornly insist that her name will be cleared in time. After Big Dog gets the "Masked CEO" in a lethal thigh-lock, Timmy comes to the rescue by sinking his teeth into the lady wrestler's leg. Luis brings his incarcerated sister their family's old photo album for a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Julian and Timmy beat a hasty retreat after collecting their earnings. Luis entreats Theresa to name the person she's been protecting. Meanwhile, the governor shows an appalled Ethan the death warrant he signed for Theresa. Her mother's cruelty makes Beth even more determined to snag Luis. Timmy and Julian encounter a clan of dangerous backwoods types.
Julian is close to losing the wrestling match. Timmy saves Julian's life. The ref wants Timmy to wrestle. Timmy and Julian make a run for it.

Once he finishes the race, Brian wants to go back to Harmony and introduce Sheridan to his family. Meanwhile, Nick and Stan continue to sabotage Brian's car.

At her house, Beth hides a photo of Sheridan she took from Luis. Beth is forced to deal with her bitter mother. Meanwhile, Luis admits to Theresa he's thinking of marriage. Luis and Father Lonigan try to get Theresa to tell the truth. Theresa won't budge and is certain Ethan will save her. Ethan struggles to help Theresa by talking to the Governor. Ethan is shocked by what he learns from Alistair.