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Monday, August 5, 2002 | Episode #785

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Luis and Sheridan continue to enjoy their blissful reunion during a moonlight swim. Up at the mansion, Brian warns Julian he's going to suffer the consequences for his rotten behavior. Later, Brian is reunited with his kid sister and admires his new nephew. Though Timmy grows steadily weaker, a tearful Tabitha implores her best friend to fight for his life. Brandishing Sam's service revolver, Miguel warns the others to stand back. After the gun accidentally discharges, Pilar finally convinces her son to surrender the weapon before anyone is hurt. Certain her prayers will not be answered, Tabitha calls upon Lucifer instead to save her little lad. Grace and her family say their farewells to Charity but Miguel refuses to surrender hope even as the girl he loves is disconnected from life support.
Theresa orders Julian to stay away from her baby. Antonio rushes in to protect his sister and threatens Julian. Antonio is happily reunited with Theresa. A furious Julian vows to get rid of the newly returned Lopez-Fitzgerald. Rebecca and Ivy wonder what Julian did to Antonio in the past. Ivy lets Julian in on the cold, hard truth.

As Timmy gets weaker, Tabitha begs him to keep fighting. Timmy says good-bye to Tabby and Toto. Later Timmy dies.

Miguel holds Sam and the others at gunpoint in order to keep Charity alive. Sam tries to reason with a desperate Miguel. The distraught young man sees no reason to live if Charity is gone. A gunshot is fired.

Tuesday, August 6, 2002 | Episode #786

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Julian tells Rebecca why he must seal Luis and Antonio's doom. In the ICU, Pilar reminds her grieving son that Charity's fate is now in God's hands. Ethan shares with Brian his memories of Sheridan. At the cottage, Luis and Sheridan make love again. Afterwards, Sheridan has flashes of memory about her time on the islands but is unable to piece together a coherent frame of reference. Correctly guessing how Kay once again tampered with the forces of good and evil, Father Lonigan sternly reminds the girl how much pain and suffering her actions have caused. Charity regains consciousness but Eve cautions Miguel that his girlfriend's prognosis is still grim. Sheridan continues to recall happy moments shared with another man even as she and Luis enjoy their long overdue reunion. Rebecca urges Gwen to use devious means to snare Ethan. Sheridan suddenly realizes she's engaged to Brian. Father Lonigan refuses to forgive Kay for embracing evil. Beth's mother vows to stop a wedding.
Gwen and Theresa continue to face-off. Ethan tells Antonio about Sheridan while Antonio raves about "Diana"; the two men don't realize they are talking about the same woman. Julian fills Rebecca in on what's happening with Sheridan and how he plans to handle it. Antonio plans to make peace with Luis.

Sheridan remembers two key people from her recent past, but she's not sure what they mean to her.

Miguel continues to cling to hope that Charity will pull through. Father Lonigan states evil has returned to Harmony. Kay makes a confession to Father Lonigan. The priest has harsh words for Kay. Grace says a tearful good-bye to her niece. Charity opens her eyes.

Wednesday, August 7, 2002 | Episode #787

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Father Lonigan informs Kay she will only be granted absolution if she confesses to Miguel all the terrible things she's done. As Beth eagerly anticipates a visit from Luis, her mother prays fervently for Sheridan to return from the dead and put a fast end to the nuptials. Charity and a grieving Miguel exchange tender declarations of love. Brian comes to the cottage and is stunned when "Diana" unveils her true identity. Meanwhile, Luis tries to find a way to gently break some big news to Beth. Sheridan is badly shaken to discover that Brian and Luis are brothers. Tabitha bitterly vows to make everyone in Harmony suffer for depriving her of her precious Timmy. Charity's friends and family members weep as Eve pronounces her dead. Luis drops a bombshell on Beth.
Tabitha vows to bring pain and heartache to all of Harmony. Grace and Jessica offer their support to an indifferent Tabitha. Charity slowly slips away as she and Miguel pledge their love to each other. Father Lonigan warns Kay she will pay with her soul for her actions. Kay won't listen to his warning.

Beth continues making wedding plans. Beth's mother prays Sheridan will return and taunts Beth. Luis heads over to give Beth some very bad news.

Sheridan finally recovers all of her memories. She has shocking news for Antonio.

Thursday, August 8, 2002 | Episode #788

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Mrs. Wallace chortles with glee to hear Luis explain to a devastated Beth how Sheridan has returned from the dead. At the hospital, Miguel begs Charity to come back to him but Pilar gently reminds her son that the girl is at peace now. Meanwhile, Eve receives stunning news about her patient. Ignoring Simone's harsh criticism, Kay prepares to be Miguel's source of comfort in the days ahead. Brian is pleasantly surprised to learn how close Sheridan has been to the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Choking back her anger, Beth tells Luis she understands why he's breaking their engagement. Tabitha realizes that Charity's demise means her own powers will be restored by her "friends" in the basement. Eve succeeds in reviving Charity, then announces to the Bennetts that their niece will receive a heart transplant. Sheridan shudders when Brian expresses a hope that he can finally mend fences with Luis. Tabitha employs her newfound powers to cause a blackout which once again threatens Charity's life. Rebecca urges Gwen to play dirty against Theresa.
Luis gently breaks Beth's heart, as her mother watches, pleased. Beth tries to be understanding.

Still reeling from the shock of regaining her memory, Sheridan fills Antonio in on who she is. She's privately struck to realize Antonio and Luis are brothers.

Charity is reunited with her mother. Miguel mourns over his loss. Kay thinks of her future with Miguel. In a heartbreaking twist of fate, Eve makes an exciting discovery and fights desperately to save Charity.

A vengeful Tabitha gets her powers back!

Friday, August 9, 2002 | Episode #789

The Crane Mansion:
Ethan and Theresa are talking as Gwen comes in, telling Ethan that she needs to go to bed. Phyllis comes in as Ethan Martin is crying. She informs Theresa that the baby may need a bath as Ethan offers to help. Theresa asks Phyllis to bring them tea as they go to give the baby a bath while Gwen and Rebecca are angry. Gwen wonders how to get rid of Theresa as Rebecca says I have two words "Drug her." Gwen is shocked as Rebecca calls Theresa dangerous while wishing that she was her own daughter. Gwen asks if she is invisible as she finally agrees, wondering how they will "sedate the little slut." Rebecca pulls three pill bottles out of her bra as Gwen says "Mother!" Rebecca picks the orange bottled pills as Phyllis returns with a tray of tea. Phyllis yells for Mrs. Crane and Theresa yells "Thank you." Phyllis leaves as Gwen pops open the cap and begins breaking the pills up. Phyllis realizes she must have forgotten to plump Mrs. Crane's pillow. Phyllis secretly returns and watches through the door as Gwen breaks up the pills. Gwen stirs the tea around as her and Rebecca laugh. Phyllis enters and plumps the pillow as Ethan and Theresa return. Ethan tells Phyllis that she was right, the bath made Ethan M. calm down. Rebecca suggests they have tea as Phyllis secretly tells Theresa about Gwen and Rebecca drugging the tea. Theresa makes a plan and tells Phyllis to do something when she signals her. Theresa goes to get the tea when Phyllis "accidentally" trip and everyone acts concerned. Theresa switches her cup and Gwen's cup while Phyllis claims she's okay. Gwen hands Theresa "her" cup as Theresa hands Gwen her cup. Ethan grabs a cup and toasts to Theresa while Gwen and Rebecca drink their tea. Theresa tells them that she's wide awake as Rebecca yawns. Gwen gets uneasy.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis finds Antonio and punches him. Antonio asks what that was about as Luis tells him that he was never there for the family and now he's acting like he cares. Luis hits him again as he falls to the floor. Antonio gets up and asks Luis to let him explain. Meanwhile, Sheridan hops she didn't pass Luis up. Luis doesn't give Antonio time to explain and he punches him again. Antonio gets angry and punches Luis in the gut and the face as Luis tackles him, breaking Sheridan's table. Sheridan hears crashes and rushes back to her cottage. Antonio and Luis roll around on the ground. The brothers get up as Luis throws him into the sofa and it tips backwards. Sheridan walks in as the two are fighting and yells at them for trashing her place. Antonio and Luis apologize as Sheridan says that she'd heard of buffalos making a bigger mess. Sheridan gets the two brothers to reconcile as they decide to be each other's best man. Sheridan is shocked as Luis says that they should have a double wedding. Sheridan gets nervous as she tells Antonio to get his nose cleaned off as it has blood on it. He kisses her as Luis watches. Antonio leaves for the kitchen as Luis says that his brother has no right kissing her. He says "I'm going to go punch him in the nose again" as Sheridan tells him not to. He asks what's going.

The Russell House:
Chad and Whitney lie in bed after making love for the second time. They go downstairs and find something to eat as Chad kisses her. They talk about Simone and the truth as Chad tells her not to worry. Chad goes outside to get something for her as Whitney continues making food. Simone rushes in (More about her at the hospital below) to tell Whitney about Theresa. Whitney also has to tell Simone something as she begins to, but Chad walks in with flowers. Simone takes them as Chad tries to tell Simone the truth. She reads a note, saying "Oh, my gosh." Whitney and Chad try to explain as Simone talks about Chad being her boyfriend.

The Hospital:
Eve works to bring Charity back as TC and Sam look for flashlights. Outside, Tabitha continues shooting lightning at the hospital. TC and Sam return as Miguel asks Pilar and Father Lonigan to pray with him after Pilar tells him about Theresa. Jessica returns with batteries for Hank as he fixes it. He says that it won't last long. TC and Sam rush outside to fix the electricity as Eve can't bring Charity back to life. Kay and Simone argue as Grace, Jessica, Pilar, Father Lonigan, and Miguel pray. Simone rushes home to tell Whitney about Theresa. Back outside, TC and Sam work on the backup generators. Tabitha shoots lightning at them as Timmy appears. Tabitha is happy to see him, but he tells her that he's not back to stay. She can come to heaven though. Tabitha refuses. Back inside, Eve gets Charity's respirator working, but it turns off when Tabitha shoots lightning. Hank comes out as Tabitha is furious and refuses to let Charity live. She shoots lightning at TC, Sam, and Hank as Timmy begs her not to.

Monday, August 12, 2002 | Episode #790
The Russell House:
Chad is trying to tell Simone about him and Whitney. Simone goes on and on about how beautiful the flowers are and reads the card. Whitney is trying to tell Simone about her and Chad. Simone tells Chad that she is glad that he doesn't want to wait until her 18th birthday to make it official. Chad gets upset and says that they are just flowers and no sense in upsetting her parents. Simone then tries to get Chad to "fix" Whitney up with one of his good looking friends. Simone then suggests making a toast. While she is getting the glasses Chad and Whitney discuss telling Simone the truth. Whitney goes on about how they should have been honest from the start and says that she is going to tell Simone the truth for sure this time.

Tabby and Timmy are still arguing about whether Charity is going to live or die. Timmy is pleading with Tabby to spare Charity. He tells her that if she kills Charity she will be killing him since it is his heart that will be going into Charity. She is trying to destroy the last generator when Timmy steps in front of her. He says that if Tabby wants to kill Charity she will have to blow his soul to smithereens. Timmy goes on about how Charity is a beautiful girl and that she only wants to grow old with Miguel. Tabby asks what about her. She says that she will get nothing as her Timmy is gone. Timmy says that he is never gone and that he will always be there for her. She admits that she loves Timmy. Tabby gives into Timmy and he says that he is glad that she didn't kill all the power. Timmy starts to disappear and Tabby begs him to stay. Tabby is mad at herself for letting her love for Timmy get in her way of destroying Charity. She is thinking about Timmy when we see Timmy with Angel Girl. Angel Girl gives Timmy his special wings. This is Josh Ryan Evans last episode after he died.

The Hospital:
Miguel is pleading with Dr. Russell to keep Charity alive. Sam and TC get the generator up and running. Charity is put back on the life support and Eve tells them that they probably saved her life. All the while Kay is damning Charity. Charity is then taken to the OR. Grace thanks Sam and TC and says they saved Charity. Pilar and Miguel talk about how Charity is a miracle. Pilar fills TC and Sam in on Therese and Julian. Miguel tells Pilar to tell Theresa he is so happy she is alive. Jessica teases Kay about Charity making it to surgery. Kay and Miguel are praying in the waiting room. After praying Jessica goes and asks Kay if she was praying for Charity to die.

The Crane Mansion:
Rebecca, Gwen, Ethan and Theresa are drinking tea. Theresa tells Rebecca and Gwen how awake she is. Rebecca asks Gwen about the sleeping pill. Gwen says she put it in there. Theresa asks Gwen if she wants to go to bed she claims she looks exhausted. Rebecca tells Gwen she must have drugged the wrong one. She claims she didn't. Rebecca then asks Theresa if she switched the tea cups. Theresa tells Ethan he should get Gwen to bed and tells Rebecca she should help him. Gwen falls right into Ethan's arms asleep. Ethan carries her to bed while Phyllis and Theresa gloat. Theresa tells Ethan she would give anything for him to be the father of her baby. He says that is impossible because she was on birth control. She then asks him to be the baby's Godfather. All the while Rebecca was spying on them. Theresa then shuts the door in her face.

Brian/Antonio, Sheridan and Luis are now talking. Brian/Antonio goes to leave and kisses Sheridan which really makes Luis mad. Luis wants to punch him in the face again for it. Sheridan tells Luis not to and to go outside with her so they can talk. Outside, Luis cuts a rose off the rose bush for Sheridan. They sit and talk. Sheridan tells Luis that so many things have happened. She tells him to remember that she had absolutely no memory. She admits she couldn't remember him. Luis goes on about how incredible their love is. Pilar goes to the cottage looking for Luis but finds Antonio instead. Antonio tells Pilar that Diana is really Sheridan Crane. Pilar gets really quiet. Sheridan tells Luis about the wonderful man that saved her. She goes on about him not giving up on her when she was ready to give up on herself. She tells Luis about falling in love with this man. Pilar tells Antonio that Diana can't be Sheridan that Sheridan is dead. She runs off to find Sheridan and Luis. Sheridan tells Luis that the only reason she fell in love is because she didn't remember him. She tells Luis that her and Antonio's were in love and engaged to be married. Pilar runs up to Sheridan. Luis is upset. Sheridan is telling Pilar everything when they hear a loud bang and go running. They find Antonio lying unconscious on the ground with Luis standing over him. Sheridan looks at Luis and yells at him.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002 | Episode #791

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Clinging happily to Chad, Simone babbles to Whitney about how wonderful it is to have a boyfriend. As the rest of the Bennett family prays for Charity, Jessica quietly accuses her sister of hoping that their cousin will die on the operating table. Luis explains to a horrified Pilar and Sheridan how he found Antonio lying senseless on the floor. Reese decides to investigate the roots of Harmony's evil, while Father Lonigan warns Kay her only salvation lies in full confession. Simone finally delivers stunning news to her sister, who's thrilled to learn that Theresa is alive and well. Following the heart transplant, Eve cautions Grace and the others that the next 24 hours will be critical for Charity. As Antonio is rushed into the ER, Luis' friends are amazed to see Sheridan back among the living. Later, Sheridan uneasily admits to Luis that she and his brother did make love.

Charity's loved ones hold a vigil as Eve performs the heart transplant. Jessica and Father Lonigan try to get through to Kay. The determined teen stays focused on getting Miguel. Reese wants to get to the bottom of why evil has returned. Whitney tries to tell Simone the truth, but her sister's words make it difficult. Simone has amazing news for Whitney and Chad. Sheridan and Pilar are horrified by the condition in which they find Antonio. Luis comes under fire. An unconscious Antonio is rushed to the hospital. Everyone is amazed to see Sheridan alive and to hear of Antonio's return. Luis fights pangs of jealousy as Sheridan struggles with her impossible situation.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002 | Episode #792
The Russell House:
Simone is asking Chad why he wants to go with Whitney. Flashback to Chad and Whitney talking about having to tell Simone about them. Simone keeps asking Chad about going with Whitney to the Crane Mansion. Whitney walks in and asks Simone if she is sure that Theresa is alive. Flashback to Chad and Whitney making love. Simone thinks that she has finally figured out why Chad wants to take Whitney to the Mansion. She thinks he is so sweet for wanting to make sure that Whitney is okay. Simone places Chad in front of Whitney and tell them to hug. Chad and Whitney hug and then Simone leaves to go back to the hospital. Chad tells Whitney this is bad and that Simone isn't the only one to lose.

Sheridan tells Luis that she and Antonio made love. She says that he needs to Know the truth. Luis says he will kill Antonio. Antonio asks for Diana. He keeps asking for his fiancee. He then tells Eve that he is engaged to Sheridan Crane. Eve thinks he hit his head harder than she thought. Luis is very angry. He thinks Antonio used Sheridan for revenge against him. Sheridan keeps telling Luis that she had amnesia and that they didn't know. She tells Luis about coming to Harmony at Christmas. Eve is trying to cover up her suspicion about Antonio and Sheridan. Antonio thinks that Eve feels that he is from the "wrong side of town" while Sheridan is an "uptown girl." Sheridan tries telling Luis that he and Antonio need to make up. Luis accuses her of loving Antonio. Antonio tries to get up out of bed to find Sheridan when Eve has Pilar go and get her. Luis asks Sheridan if she is in love with Antonio but they are interrupted by Eve and Pilar. Pilar tells Luis and Sheridan that Antonio wants to see both of them. Sheridan goes to leave to visit Antonio when Luis says that it is Antonio's turn to wait. That he has made this family wait long enough for him to return now it was his turn. Pilar tries convincing Luis that Antonio needs him. Sheridan tells Luis about the car wreck. She says that she blames herself. She tells Luis that the only reason he raced was to pay off her debt. After Sheridan leaves Luis says that she is in love with Antonio. Sheridan goes in to see Antonio and Luis tells Pilar that Antonio has only brought pain to this family. Pilar asks him how he can be so angry when the miracle he has been praying for has come true. Luis then tells Pilar that he is going in to tell Antonio about him and Sheridan.

Reese, Miguel and Jessica are in the hospital chapel praying for Charity. Kay walks in and the statues start going after her. They are telling the Evil to go away. The other 3 turn around and see Kay slapping at the air. Kay is yelling at the statues to leave her alone. Miguel and Reese check out the statues and tell Kay that they haven't moved. We see Kay run out of the Chapel and then have a flashback of her making love to Miguel. Father Lonigan asks Kay what is wrong. She tells him about the statues. Father Lonigan tries to get Kay to tell the truth to Miguel. But Kay thinks her soul is a small price to pay to be with Miguel. Father Lonigan asks Kay what kind of relationship could be based on a trick. Kay still refuses and she thinks Miguel will be with her. Kay is professing her love for Miguel to Father Lonigan when Miguel walks in and asks what is wrong. Miguel asks Kay what the statue thing was all about. Miguel and Kay are talking about when they made love. Miguel apologizes to Kay about thinking she tricked him in to bed. Miguel says he thought she was Charity.

Thursday, August 15, 2002 | Episode #793

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Kay is crushed when Miguel reminds her that he must have been under an evil spell when they made love. As Gwen snores in the next room, Theresa enjoys a bit of quality time with Ethan and the baby. Pilar enlists Hank's help in talking some sense into an infuriated Luis. Rebecca digs into her private drug supply once again in an effort to rouse her dozing daughter. Watching Ethan cooing over her son, Theresa expresses a hope that they are finally forming a cozy little family. Antonio tells Eve how blessed he's been to have Sheridan in his life. Although Luis is determined to set his brother straight, Hank warns him that this is not the time to settle old scores. A weeping Kay tells Father Lonigan she knows now Miguel doesn't love her. Theresa's face falls when Ethan reminds her why they have no future together. Rebecca's ministrations bring Gwen around but fail to get her safely on her feet. Eve cautions Sheridan not to risk upsetting Antonio.

Miguel professes his love for Charity and theorizes evil is to blame for him and Kay sleeping together. A hurt Kay breaks down in tears when Miguel apologizes for making love to her. Kay comes to a devastating realization when Miguel leaves to be with Charity.

Ethan and Theresa continue to bond as they care for the baby. An excited Theresa talks about their future together as a family. Ethan sets a devastated Theresa straight. Meanwhile, Ivy feels she and Rebecca have lost to the housekeeper's daughter. Rebecca's attempt to rouse a sleeping Gwen has amusing results.

Antonio tells Eve all about his and Sheridan's love. Just as Sheridan is about to tell Antonio about her relationship with Luis, Eve warns her not to upset him. Antonio reassures Sheridan that he's fine. Luis is determined to tell Antonio the truth. Pilar and Hank try desperately to stop him. Hank's words finally sink in and Luis relents.

Friday, August 16, 2002 | Episode #794

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Tabitha mourns the loss of her best friend as she recalls happier days with Timmy by her side. Sheridan freezes when Luis insists that she either tell his brother the truth--or he will. A tearful Kay wonders why Miguel wants Charity and not her. The zombie returns from hell with a proposition for Tabitha. Simone reminds Kay how her obsession with evil makes her less than appealing to a boy like Miguel. Sheridan hastily concocts a story to prevent Antonio from learning the truth about her double engagement. Simone warns Kay that Charity is bound to tell Miguel how her cousin tried to eliminate her from the competition. Sickened by the sight of Sheridan and Antonio holding hands, Luis storms out of his brother's hospital room. Tabitha and the zombie select their next victims.

Tabitha struggles with her grief over losing Timmy. Zombie Charity reappears to a furious Tabitha with a request. Miguel comforts a very weak Charity. Kay confides in Simone. Simone lays it on the line for Kay and tries to get her to see the truth. Luis puts Sheridan in a difficult situation. Antonio wants answers. Sheridan thinks fast to protect Antonio. Luis fumes as Antonio reminisces about his time with Sheridan on the island.

Monday, August 19, 2002 | Episode #795
Theresa and Ethan are talking. She says "I knew you would come back to me!" Gwen walks inon Ethan and Theresa---Ethan tells Gwen it is Theresa he loves. Gwen attacks Theresa...Ethan rushes in to chenk on Theresa when we realize that was only a dream. Theresa hugs Ethan and tells him it was a dream come true. Ethan gets up to get the baby. There is a knock at the door and it is Whitney and Chad...Theresa and Whitney are so excited to see each other. Chad and Ethan go to the kitchen to get the baby a bottle. Gwen overhears Whitney and Theresa talking about Ethan. Theresa says that Gwen has only given him sex while she has given him a family and she was going to die for him. Ethan and Chad are talking and Chad asks when they are going to get back together. Ethan says that they're not going too. He says that Theresa is still the same person that lied to him all those times. Ethan is tending to the baby while Chad keeps asking how he can't forgive Theresa. Especially when she walked the "green mile" for him. Ethan says there is no way he could go back to the way things were. Gwen overhears Ethan tell Chad that he might be getting back with Gwen. Chad says that that is not fair to Gwen. Theresa tells Whitney that she was willing to die for him and that they will be a couple. She says that she will not give up on him.

Kay and Simone are looking in on Charity and Miguel. Miguel comes out and tells Kay that Charity wants to see her now. Charity tells Kay that she remembers. Kay tells Miguel not to push Charity with her memories. Charity says she remembers being frozen and hearing Kays voice. kay is trying to make up excuses and Charity seems to be buying it. She thanks Kay for thinking of her. Kays says they should leave and let Charity rest. Miguel tells Kay that he feels that Charity and him have a happy life to look forward too now. Charity's hospital room gets dark and smoke starts coming in.

Mrs. Wallace yells at Beth not to cry over spilled milk. Beth tells her to be quiet. Mrs. Wallace keeps taunting her . Telling her that she wasted her life waiting for Luis. Antonio tells Pilar that he is glad that Sheridan wasn't already taken. Eve sees how bad Antonio's tests are...She orders a consult. Luis asks Sheridan who she is an dif she loves him or Antonio. Sehridan tells Luis that when she wa sDiana she loved Antonio very much. Luis asks where she is now...Sheridan tells him that she thought she lost him. Beth and her mom are fighting over Luis' picture. Beth goes to start Mrs. Wallace's bubble bath as she is chasing ehr and taunting her when she suddenly falls. Beth takes her to the hospital. Eve says thtye will take care of her. Beth sees Antonio and goes in and talks to him. Beth asks if he brought Diana back with him and he says of course. Luis asks Sheridan who she loves again. They talk about their past lives on the Titanic. Sheridan tells Luis about him dying and about her marrying Antonio in her past tife. Sheridan tells Luis that he can't give her ultimatums. He tells her that he is glad she was honest with him. Antonio is talking with Mrs. Wallace and Beth. He tells them that he is actually going to marry Sheridan Crane...Mrs. Wallace wants to know what Luis thinks of that. Antonio tells them that he and Luis are going to have a double wedding. Antonio and Sheridan and Luis and Beth. Beth tells Antonio that he must be really confused. Eve has the other doctor look at Antonio's test results and he confirms that Antonio is gravely ill. Beth asks Antonio when the last time he spoke with Luis was. He tells her just that morning. Mrs. Wallace wnats to set Antonio straight. Sehridan tells Luis that she loves him. Luis tells her that the only way out of this mess is to choose.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002 | Episode #796

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Eve confers with a colleague, who confirms her fears about Antonio's prognosis. Miguel tells Kay he's looking forward to a lifetime of happiness with her cousin. Meanwhile, the zombie drops in on Charity bearing a special gift. Although thrilled to learn her friend is alive, Whitney is exasperated to discover that Theresa is still plotting to get her hooks into Ethan. As Gwen eavesdrops, Ethan reminds Chad why he can't be with a woman he can never wholly trust. Luis insists that Sheridan choose between him and his brother. Eve prevents Mrs. Wallace from spilling some distressing information to Antonio. Chad confides to Ethan how close he and Whitney have become in recent days. A fretful Sheridan tells Luis she fears any decision she makes will hurt his family terribly. Kay casts doubts on Simone's theory about Chad's true love.

Luis demands that Sheridan choose between he and Antonio. Sheridan fears whatever choice she makes will rip apart the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. An angry Luis wonders how much Antonio really knew about Sheridan's identity. Meanwhile, Beth's mother almost lets the cat out of the bag to an unsuspecting Antonio. Beth covers quickly. Eve gets bad news about Antonio's health and learns he must not get upset under any circumstances.

Whitney tells Theresa about sleeping with Chad, but admits she feels she must break up with him. Meanwhile, Chad questions Ethan's feelings, and Gwen is hurt by what she overhears. Chad confides to Ethan that he and Whitney have taken their relationship to the next level. Ethan advises Chad to come clean with Simone. At the same time, Kay questions whether Simone's loving message from Chad was really meant for her.

At the hospital, Charity receives an unwelcome visitor - Zombie Charity! The evil doppelganger has a "gift" for Charity.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002 | Episode #797

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An embittered Tabitha vows to break hearts all over Harmony. Luis is delighted when Sheridan assures him he's the only man with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life. Meanwhile, Pilar fears the consequences once Antonio learns he's lost his "Diana" for good. Chad asks Ethan if he can really live without Theresa. Upstairs, Gwen eavesdrops as Theresa vows to roll right over her rival in order to make Ethan hers. The zombie shows Charity a glimpse into a terrifying future. Beth hopes that Sheridan's entanglement with Antonio means Luis is back on the market. A shuddering Charity tells Kay and Miguel more suffering is on the way for the good people of Harmony.

A vengeful Tabitha stirs up trouble as she plots to ease her own pain by bringing pain to Harmony's lovers.

Zombie Charity shows Charity a devastating future. Miguel tries to comfort his anguished girlfriend. Kay is excited by the zombie's predictions. Later, Kay challenges Simone to consider what lengths she would go to in order to keep Chad.

Theresa urges Whitney to not let her guilt about Simone stop her from being with Chad. Meanwhile, Chad presses Ethan about his feelings for Theresa. Ethan admits he still loves her, but they can't be together because he doesn't trust her. Gwen vows to fight for her man when she overhears Theresa say she won't let anyone stand in the way of getting Ethan back. Gwen catches Theresa in yet another lie and confronts her in front of Ethan.

Sheridan makes her choice. Pilar fears for her family and tells Sheridan that Luis and Antonio may very well kill each other. Sheridan and Luis plan to tell Antonio the truth. Beth is positive this new situation means there is still hope for her and Luis.

Thursday, August 22, 2002 | Episode #798

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Pilar urges Luis to come clean with Sheridan about his engagement to Beth before she hears it from someone else. Meanwhile, a disapproving Mrs. Wallace eavesdrops as Beth eagerly drops a bombshell on Sheridan. Ethan confronts Theresa with her lie while Gwen looks on with a triumphant smirk. Charity tells her aunt about her latest troubling vision. Later, Grace attempts to reason with Kay, who blasts back at her mother with pent-up rage. Antonio begins to suspect that his family and friends are keeping a secret from him. Theresa appeals to Ethan to understand that her motives were pure. Eve cautions a shaken Pilar that Antonio could die. Sheridan angrily accuses Luis of using a double standard to measure her actions against his own. Ethan bitterly reminds an anguished Theresa how her lies have ruined every chance they've ever had.

Miguel reassures Charity that everything will be okay. Charity fills Grace in on the vision she had of Miguel leaving her for Kay. Aware of her mischievous daughter's feelings, Grace pulls Kay aside to question her. The mother and daughter have a heated face-off when Kay voices her long-held resentment.

Ethan is furious when he learns Theresa has lied to him yet again. Gwen is triumphant. Theresa struggles to explain herself.

Antonio realizes everyone is keeping something from him and becomes determined to find out what it is. As she waits for confirmation, Eve warns Pilar just how fragile Antonio's condition may be. Pilar presses Luis to tell Sheridan about how he was engaged to Beth. However, Luis is too late as Beth "innocently" shocks Sheridan with her news. A disapproving Mrs. Wallace observes her daughter's manipulations. Sheridan lays into Luis.

Friday, August 23, 2002 | Episode #799

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Eve reminds Pilar how the shock of learning the truth about Sheridan could prove fatal for Antonio. Mrs. Wallace vows to blow Beth's latest plot clear out of the water. Grace is stunned by the depth of Kay's anger and bitterness. Whitney and Chad try to calm Theresa, who fears she's lost Ethan once again. Charity attempts to make Miguel understand how much negative energy still surrounds them. Sheridan berates Luis for judging her so harshly when he committed the very same "crime." Though Grace demands respect from her daughter, an enraged Kay continues with her harsh recriminations. Luis ends his argument with Sheridan by planting a passionate kiss on her lips.

Ethan walks out on Theresa. A desperate Theresa begs Ethan to listen. Ethan's words sting Gwen. Theresa is determined to get Ethan back for both her and her baby.

Pilar presses Eve for the truth about Antonio's condition. Eve relents and tells Pilar Antonio will die if he experiences any emotional trauma. Antonio continues to search for answers. Mrs. Wallace plots to ruin Beth's plans by having Antonio learn about Luis and Sheridan. Meanwhile, Sheridan lashes out at Luis over his behavior. Luis tries to explain himself, but she demands an apology. The couple's anger turns to passion.

Charity senses someone close to her is out to get her and Miguel. Miguel tries to comfort and reassure Charity. Meanwhile, Kay viciously lashes out at a stunned Grace. Grace tries to get through to her daughter.

Monday, August 26, 2002 | Episode #800

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T.C. demands some answers from his troublesome teenaged daughters. Sam comforts Grace following the ugly scene she endured with Kay. Antonio is upset to find his fiancee hugging Luis. Anxious to keep her patient calm, Eve hastily concocts a story to explain Sheridan's embrace with his brother. Julian grows determined to learn Ivy's latest secret. Grace's sixth sense picks up on Tabitha's vow to torture the good people of Harmony. Ivy orders David to get back to the business of destroying the Bennetts' marriage. Luis bristles when Antonio insists on spending the night with Sheridan. Meanwhile, Beth accuses her mother of working behind the scenes to keep her and Luis apart. Julian is genuinely saddened to learn of Timmy's passing. Whitney winces when T.C. gives a beaming Simone permission to start dating Chad. David offers Grace a sympathetic ear.
An angry TC announces he is tired of all the lies and wants the truth out in the open. Chad and Whitney fear their relationship has been discovered. However, they are taken aback when they learn Simone has told her father that she and Chad are dating.

Sam tries to comfort Grace, who is upset over her fight with Kay. She wonders if she has indeed ignored her daughter in favor of Charity. Grace has a frightening premonition of things to come. Meanwhile, Ivy pressures David to break up Sam and Grace. David doesn't believe it's possible, but Ivy remains certain of Sam's love for her. Julian nearly catches Ivy plotting with David.

Antonio catches Sheridan and Luis in a compromising situation. Antonio demands to know what's going on. Eve thinks fast to protect Antonio. Luis objects when his brother states he's going to spend the night with Sheridan. Beth berates her mother for manipulating Antonio and trying to ruin her chance to be with Luis.

Tabitha continues plotting against the people of Harmony.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002 | Episode #801

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Pilar reminds Luis how important it is not to upset Antonio by revealing the truth about Sheridan's dilemma. Simone demands to know if her sister has been sneaking around with Chad behind her back. Saddened to learn of Timmy's demise, Julian decides to pay his respects to Tabitha with a condolence call. An unwitting Antonio asks his brother to look after Sheridan and make sure no other guys try to hit on her. A miserable Grace pours out her troubles to David. Tabitha waits impatiently for a chance to take her revenge on Julian as he sits in her parlor. Ivy attempts to convince a suspicious Sam that she was blameless in the plot to frame Theresa for murder. As he and Sheridan enjoy a romantic evening, Luis pledges that no one will separate them ever again. Tabitha and Julian see each other in a surprising new light.
Eve is confused when she learns Chad is dating Simone, not Whitney. Simone confronts her sister and Chad about why Eve would think they are dating. TC and Eve give Chad and Simone their blessing.

David comforts an upset Grace, hoping for a chance to seduce her. Grace comes to a shocking conclusion about her and Sam. David jumps at his chance to drive a wedge in her marriage. Meanwhile, Sam questions Ivy about what happened to Theresa. Ivy does her best to convince him she and Rebecca did not create a faked videotape to trick Theresa.

Antonio asks Luis to look after Sheridan while he's in the hospital. Later, Luis and Sheridan spend some romantic time together. Luis vows to never let anything separate them again, not even Antonio.

Julian pays Tabitha a condolence call. Determined to have her revenge on the Cranes for burning her at the stake, Tabitha prepares to kill an unaware Julian.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002 | Episode #802

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Sam icily reminds Ivy that Grace is the one true love of his life. Meanwhile, Grace shudders at a premonition of her husband leaving her for his old flame. Overcome with lust, Tabitha and Julian play a series of bizarre sex games. Sheridan and Luis make love. Grace decides that she and Sam must stop living as husband and wife until their marriage can be officially sanctioned by the church. Eavesdropping on Ivy and Sam, Theresa wonders what her nemesis is up to now. Antonio slips away from the hospital and heads to the Crane estate. Disgusted by the latest turn of events, the zombie interrupts a bout of Tarzan and Jane to ask Tabitha if she's lost her mind. Sheridan fears Antonio has caught her in bed with his brother but he shakily reveals that he went blind just as he reached the cottage. David reports a victory to Ivy. Tabitha receives a heavenly message from Timmy. Antonio's vision slowly returns to normal.
Ivy does her best to get closer to Sam, but he firmly states Grace is the love of his life. Ivy backtracks to make sure Sam doesn't suspect she's still after him. Theresa overhears their conversation and realizes she and Ivy are strangely alike. Theresa confronts Ivy. Meanwhile, David continues comforting Grace in order to endear himself to her. Sam is rocked when he arrives home and Grace tells him she doesn't want to live with him anymore as husband and wife.

Zombie Charity gives Tabitha a wake-up call.

Luis and Sheridan continue to make love in her living room. Having left the hospital, Antonio arrives at the cottage and receives an unwelcome surprise. Sheridan and Luis are shocked when they answer the door to Antonio.

Something wild and bizarre takes place in Harmony.

Thursday, August 29, 2002 | Episode #803

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Sheridan explains to Pilar and Eve how Antonio suffered a bout of temporary blindness. Whitney urges Theresa to let Ethan go and get on with her new life. Badly hung over, Tabitha wonders what she could have been thinking when she welcomed Julian into her bed. Meanwhile, Julian comes to and congratulates his latest lover for teaching an old dog some exciting new tricks. Antonio tells Luis his brother is the only man he can trust around Sheridan. Julian gets a terrifying glimpse of Tabitha's "friends" in the basement as he takes his leave. Gwen admits to a skeptical Ethan how she fears Theresa is still plotting to pull them apart. Later, Ivy and Rebecca see light at the end of the tunnel after Julian orders Theresa to vacate the mansion. Tabitha and the zombie open a door into the future and are greeted by four unusual babies. Stubbornly refusing to move out, Theresa instead demands that Julian give her a high-paying position at Crane Industries.
Sheridan fills Eve and Pilar in on what happened to Antonio. Eve insists Antonio return to the hospital. Luis almost tells his brother everything. Antonio vows to kill anyone who tries to take Sheridan from him.

A disappointed Whitney tells Theresa how TC is happy she doesn't have a boyfriend. Theresa warns her friend she should have told Simone the truth. Theresa continues to plot to get Ethan. Gwen worries what Theresa might try next.

Rebecca orders Julian to make a choice. Julian orders Theresa out of the mansion. Ethan reminds everyone Theresa is the legal Mrs. Crane.

Zombie Charity admonishes Tabitha for her actions. A flustered Tabitha can't explain what happened. Later, the witch mysteriously says she has something to show Zombie.

Friday, August 30, 2002 | Episode #804

The B&B:
David is watching Sam and Grace on his little TV thing when the phone rings. It's Ivy and she wants to make sure Grace and Sam slept apart and he confirms that. Ivy wants David to go over there and seduce her and he is about to call her a b*tch, but she hangs up. After he is done talking to her, John walks in and wants to see his "Mom." David agrees and John and him leave.

The Bennett House:
Sam and Grace are talking about the sleeping arrangements and Kay's behavior. When he learns that she almost said the "f" word, he goes to ground her, but Grace tells him to go and question Julian. He leaves as Miguel asks Grace if he can take a shower. She agrees as Kay eavesdrops and says that she is going to take one too, so she heads upstairs. Miguel goes into the bathroom and opens the curtain to find a naked Kay. He turns his head as she explains that she wanted him to find her there as Grace walks in. Miguel tries to explain that it was his fault, but Grace figures that it's Kay's fault as Kay tries to lie and says that Jessica was in her bathroom. Grace tells Miguel to use the one down the hall and then, tells him about Antonio being in the hospital. Miguel rushes off as Grace tells Kay to come downstairs.

The Crane Mansion:
Julian is shocked that Theresa wants a job as she continues to insist it. Ivy calls David (See above). Ethan is awed by it as Rebecca pulls Gwen aside and tells her to do something. Next, the doorbell rings and Phyllis answers it as Theresa says that when she was Ivy's assistant she learned that Crane women bring the stores to them and Ivy is shocked. Carla, the jeweler brings in a table of expensive jewelry as Ivy is shocked, because she is Mrs. Crane. More people come with Theresa's clothes and then, baby clothes as Theresa mostly looks at jewelry through the whole show. Sam walks in and is shocked as he and Ethan talk about Theresa. Julian tells Theresa to hurry up and buy something as she tells them that she wants everything, leaving Sam, Ethan, Rebecca, Gwen, Julian, and Ivy shocked. Julian looks at the cashier as he adds it up and Julian passes out at the sight of the money. Sam throws water on him and Julian gets up. Julian and Sam go to the library. Sam tells Julian that if he almost sent Theresa to the death chamber, then he could be the one to be killed. Theresa and Rebecca face off after she gets a call and warns/threatens Theresa. Gwen tries to get Ethan to figure out that Theresa is doing this, because of him. Carla and the workers take the clothes away as Theresa looks pleased.

Back At The Bennett House:
Grace comes in the door followed by John and David as he asks if they came at a bad time. Grace says "no" as Kay comes down and sarcastically trashes Grace. John asks Kay if she wants to go for a spin in the car, but she says "no," so he leaves and goes himself. Kay yells at Grace, sarcastically as David keeps interrupting. Kay says that "b*stard" describes her and "b*tch" describes Grace. Kay walks away as Grace grabs her. Kay, plainly slaps her across the face, leaving David and Grace shocked.

The Hospital:
Antonio asks Luis what he wants to tell him and Luis sits down and tells him that he's been wanting to tell him this. Eve interrupts them and tells Antonio that he has to get a iv test as Hank walks in. Eve takes Luis, Pilar, Sheridan, and Hank out as she tells them that she lied to them. She tells Hank to keep Antonio happy as she takes the others to a private room. Hank talks to Antonio as he wonders if he knows the secret. Antonio asks Hank point blank if he knows the secret. Eve tells Luis, Sheridan, and Pilar that Antonio is dying as we speak.