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January 2003


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Monday December 30, 2002 Episode #887

Charity laments over her broken relationship with Miguel. When Miguel arrives with Pilar at the Bennetts', Sam attacks him. Kay puts her own emotional spin on how she thought Miguel loved her when they had sex. Sam apologizes for condemning Kay, but Grace doesn't believe what her daughter has to say. Miguel lets a disappointed Kay know he will be there for their child, but he still wants to marry her cousin. Sam is hesitant when Miguel asks to see Charity. Grace urges Sam to allow it, which infuriates Kay. Miguel reaches out to Charity.

Tabitha is shocked when a pregnancy test comes up positive. The worried witch envisions a horrifying future.

Sheridan and Luis reunite and make passionate love. Beth is driven to the edge when she spies Luis and Sheridan together in bed.

Tuesday December 31, 2002 Episode #888

Sam and Grace face off. Sam feels Kay is innocent, while Grace continues to doubt their daughter. Ivy takes advantage of the situation to get closer to Sam. Sam admits he can't help but feel anger towards Grace. Meanwhile, David supports Grace in her feelings.

Charity and Miguel connect. Kay uses Charity's values against her to drive a wedge between her and Miguel. Pilar believes Miguel's version of what happened and hurts for all her children. Pilar and Hank know someone will be hurt at the impending double wedding.

Sheridan and Luis make plans to meet up later and elope. Beth is driven to violence by what she sees and overhears. She vows she won't let Luis be with Sheridan.

Wednesday January 01, 2003 Episode #
Passions was pre-empted on January 1. Happy New Year!!
Thursday January 02, 2003 Episode #889

Theresa impresses Ethan on his first day of work. Ethan is worried when he sees how much Theresa trusts Fox, and he warns her about his brother. Pleased with his reaction to the situation, Theresa feels she's getting Ethan back. Fox flirts with an untrusting Whitney.

Mrs. Wallace fears Beth has committed murder. Beth fills her mother in on how she drugged Luis. Meanwhile, Hank awakens a groggy Luis, who then franticly races to meet up with Sheridan at the judge's office. Having waited all night, Sheridan believes Luis chose Beth over her and leaves in tears. Sheridan swears the judge's secretary to silence about her having been there.


Friday January 03, 2003 Episode #890

Thanks to Liz's manipulations, she and TC end up naked in the shower together!

Grace lashes out at Kay. Charity comes to her cousin's defense. She explains to Grace why she can't marry Miguel. Kay is confident she will marry him instead. Charity and Miguel try to put on brave faces despite their agony.

At the church, Antonio prepares for his big day. Pilar prays for a miracle and for mercy for her children. Luis and Sheridan try to prepare for their weddings, both wondering why the other never showed up to elope. Beth keeps them from learning the truth. In private, Gwen tells Sheridan she doesn't trust Beth. Mrs. Wallace wants Luis to know the truth and prepares to expose her scheming daughter.

Monday January 06, 2003 Episode #891

Tabitha bemoans her baby situation. She's touched when she receives a message from Timmy telling her what a great mom she'll be.

The guests arrive for the double wedding. Julian assures his father Luis and Sheridan are finally over for good. Rebecca informs Julian she expects news that will blow Theresa out of the water. Ethan is displeased when he observes Theresa and Fox flirting. Theresa plays it up for Ethan's benefit.

Hank and Gwen separately urge Luis and Sheridan to talk to each other and make sure there were no misunderstandings about the previous night. Hank and Gwen warn their respective friends they are marrying the wrong people. Sheridan decides to talk things out with Luis, but Beth intercepts her and manipulates her into changing her mind. A blissful Antonio shares his joy over his impending nuptials with Liz. Pilar notes Liz's pain and realizes she is still in love with her son. The double wedding ceremony begins. As he watches Sheridan walk down the aisle, Luis finally admits to Hank he can't marry Beth when he really loves Sheridan.

Tuesday January 07, 2003 Episode #892

Tabitha is baffled by her pregnancy and tries to find out the reason why she could be having a baby. She is even more concerned when she receives orders from the evil underworld below to protect her unborn child at all costs. Then, Tabitha has to deal with strange and troubling pregnancy symptoms. The remedy can only be found on the church grounds. Outside the church, Tabitha encounters Julian, who has just argued with Fox over his gambling debts. Julian bemoans the trouble his son has caused him and slips Tabitha his private number. Tabitha privately muses that the child she's carrying will bring even greater pain. Fox overhears, but he's mystified.

Everyone at the wedding makes New Year's resolutions to improve their lives and relationships. Mrs. Wallace is so distraught about Beth's wedding to Luis that she has a heart attack, bringing a halt to the wedding. Luis and a furious Beth head for the hospital. Antonio wants to continue with his and Sheridan's vows. Ethan calls Luis and tells him that he's sure that if he stops the wedding, Sheridan can be swayed from marrying Antonio.

Miguel longs to be with Charity and patch things up with her. He tries to talk to Charity, but Kay interrupts and wants to keep them apart at all costs. Sam and Grace argue as Kay continues to elicit sympathy from her father. Ivy points out to David that Kay's doing more to split up Sam and Grace than they are. Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney slip away for some private time in a limo.

Wednesday January 08, 2003 Episode #893

Miguel is heartsick without Charity and tries to make her understand that they can still be together despite Kay's pregnancy. However, Charity selflessly pushes him towards Kay. Kay has a fight with Grace, insisting that her mother that she's sick of playing second fiddle to Charity all the time. Grace and Sam fight over Kay's pregnancy. Sam thinks Kay is right about Grace and accuses his wife of loving Charity more than their own daughter. Sheridan fantasizes that Luis will step in and prevent her from having to marry Antonio. Meanwhile, Ethan calls Luis at the hospital and urges him to come back to the church and stop the wedding. Ethan assures Luis it is what Sheridan really wants. Luis struggles with what to do. Alistair is concerned that Luis will stop the wedding and presses Julian to make sure Sheridan marries Antonio right away. Simone is suspicious when she can't find Chad and Whitney and goes looking for them. Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney are stealing some romantic time together in a limo outside the church. Their rendezvous is cut short when Simone approaches and Whitney is forced to hide. Fox and Theresa continue to flirt. Ethan comes between them and warns Fox not to ruin Theresa's life. Theresa is inwardly pleased. Liz tells Antonio about a new man in her life. He's taken aback when Liz reveals the man is married. Beth is crushed when Luis leaves the hospital. Blaming Mrs. Wallace for their wedding being halted, Beth contemplates matricide. Alistair calls Julian and alerts him that Luis is on his way to the church. Julian slips out and frantically starts locking all the doors and windows, but Luis finds a way inside. Luis charges in and interrupts the wedding. Sheridan is overjoyed, but did Luis get there in time?

Thursday January 09, 2003 Episode #894

Beth is in a rage about her mother stopping the wedding with a heart attack and tries to kill her. However, Eve and a nurse inadvertently stop her. A frustrated Beth blames her mother for ruining her life. Luis arrives at the church and insists that he can't let Antonio and Sheridan get married! Alas, he's too late. Antonio and Sheridan have already been pronounced husband and wife. Sheridan is shaky as Luis quietly welcomes her to the family. Later, a wedding reception at the Crane mansion gets underway.

Miguel reaches out to Charity, while Kay tries to get closer to the father of her baby. Kay lays on the guilt and tries to make Miguel see that they belong together. Grace and Sam continue to argue over Kay's motivations. David and Ivy take advantage of Grace and Sam constant fights by trying to separate and woo them. With Eve held up at the hospital, Liz continues to inch closer to TC. At TC's request, Reese hooks up a webcast from the mansion so that Eve can watch the reception from work. Beth catches sight of it and is relieved to realize that she still has a chance with Luis.

Ethan is upset having to watch Fox and Theresa together. Gwen wonders if Ethan will ever forget about his ex. Theresa informs Fox she has a surprise that will ensure all the right couples end up together. Theresa has everyone dance with partners "randomly" selected by a computer program, which she has fixed so that the "right" people dance together. Reese and Jessica also conspire to make sure that Miguel and Charity dance together. Kay overhears and quickly punches herself in as Miguel's partner, arousing Grace's suspicions. Ivy fumes as Sam and Grace dance together. Theresa hits the dance floor with Ethan. Liz fills in for Eve as TC's partner, which Eve is less than happy to observe. Luis and Sheridan share an awkward dance. Simone glares as Chad is paired with Whitney.

Rebecca's mysterious plan to get Theresa out of the Crane mansion continues to come together. She cryptically assures Ivy that Theresa is as good as gone. Antonio suddenly collapses in pain.

Friday January 10, 2003 Episode #895

At the wedding reception at the Crane mansion, Grace infuriates Kay and Sam when she does her best to stop Miguel and Kay from getting close. Sam confides to Hank he hopes his relationship with Grace will improve, but he fears that her obsession with keeping Miguel and Charity together will drive him away. When Grace lays down some house rules, Kay declares that she's moving out, much to Sam's dismay.

Rebecca tells Gwen she wants to proceed with their original plan to get Julian to adopt Ethan. Rebecca thinks that this will knock Theresa off her perch as grand lady of the mansion. One way or another, Rebecca promises Gwen that Theresa will be gone soon. Fox overhears this and vows not to let that happen. He finds Theresa and gives her a heads-up.

Theresa waits for her chance and finally manages to get Ethan to dance with her. Gwen watches unnerved from the sidelines. However, Theresa is dealt a setback and is disappointed when Ethan ends their dance and seeks out his wife. Meanwhile, Eve bristles as Liz butters up TC, and Simone is not happy when Chad slips away from her for a private moment with Whitney.

Antonio's medical condition begins to decline rapidly and he collapses. Eve springs into action and he recovers, eager to spend his wedding night with Sheridan. He surprises her with a suite at the Cliffside Inn. Meanwhile, Luis suggests to Beth that they go somewhere that they can talk. As it happens, he still has reservations for a honeymoon suite... at the Cliffside Inn.

Monday January 13, 2003 Episode #896

Kay is determined to move out of the house after she has a big blow up with her mother. But first, Kay angrily confronts Charity and says Charity has ruined her life by keeping Miguel away from her. Grace and Sam argue over Kay's behavior and what should be done. Sam is horrified when Grace insists that Kay should leave if she refuses to stop coming between Miguel and Charity. Sam worries Kay really will move out, and that's the last thing he wants to see happen.

Jessica and Liz encourage Chad and Whitney to tell Simone the truth. It's not fair that she's in the dark about Chad and Whitney being in love. Whitney hates hurting her sister, knowing that Simone is also in love with Chad. However, after much debate, Whitney decides to come clean with her sister. Whitney, Chad and Liz are witness to an ugly confrontation between Kay and most of the rest of her family. Grace and Jessica put the blame for Kay's current predicament squarely on her, while Sam thinks Kay's not solely to blame. Not wanting to alienate her sister, Whitney decides against telling Simone for now.

Sheridan and Antonio arrive at the inn, where he has a romantic dinner set up. Sheridan's heart is breaking, but Antonio doesn't seem to notice because he is too caught up in his own happiness about being with her. Unbeknownst to both couples, Luis and Beth check into the room next door. Luis prepares to let Beth down easy. Beth tells Luis that she still wants to marry him, even though she knows he loves Sheridan. Sheridan and Luis run into each other in the hallway.


Tuesday January 14, 2003 Episode #897

Ivy and Rebecca celebrate what they believe to be Theresa's impending demise. The two women have a run-in with Theresa's staff. Meanwhile, Theresa and Fox bond over their losses. Fox shows a new side of himself.

TC and Eve begin a romantic evening. Liz fantasizes about a future with TC and destroying her sister. Liz interrupts TC and Eve's evening.

Beth plots to stop Luis from ending their relationship. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Luis run into each other at the inn. The couple finally figures out they missed each other at the judge's office. They are devastated to realize they both had wanted to elope that night.


Wednesday January 15, 2003 Episode #898

Theresa orders Ivy and Rebecca out of the mansion after she overhears them badmouthing her and her family. Ethan tries to reason with an irate Theresa. Fox is bemused by the happenings in the house. Julian saves Rebecca from becoming homeless. Theresa won't change her mind about Ivy.

Eve warns Liz to stay away from TC and tries to prove her confidence in his love. The Russells begin to spend some romantic time together, but a frantic call from Sheridan sends Eve back out into the night. TC complains to his wife that he would like to come before her job once in a while.

Sheridan and Luis prepare to tell Antonio the truth. They are horrified to find Antonio unconscious and race him to the hospital. A crazed Beth blames Sheridan for her pain and prepares to stop her and Luis from being together.


Thursday January 16, 2003 Episode #899

Ethan can't reason with Theresa, so he struggles to find some legal recourse to keep Ivy at the mansion. Try as he might, however, he comes up empty. Ivy's hopes are dashed when he admits that Theresa has every right to evict her and he can't stop her. Despite pleas from Julian and Fox, Theresa insists on throwing Ivy out of the house and into a snowstorm. When Ivy resists, Theresa calls the police.

Grace and Sam try to figure out how to best reach out to Kay, and solve this family crisis. Their conversation is interrupted when Sam gets a call from the station and he leaves to deal with the situation at the Crane mansion. Meanwhile, a determined Kay continues to pack in order to move out. Simone tries to talk some sense into Kay, but she is too filled with resentment toward Grace to listen. Jessica warns Charity that Kay is evil. Driving home in the blizzard, Chad, Whitney and Simone get into an accident.

At the hospital, Eve attends to Antonio's medical crisis and tries not to obsess about Liz and TC being home alone. Meanwhile, Liz pretends to be sleepwalking so she can make a pass at TC while he tries to reach Eve at the hospital. When TC tries to diffuse the situation, Liz locks the bedroom door. Luis and Sheridan explain to Pilar and Miguel how Sheridan missed giving Antonio his medication because she was talking to Luis. Pilar is furious and lashes out at Sheridan. Beth works to turn the situation to her advantage, despite her mother's warning that she'll never tear Luis and Sheridan apart.


Friday January 17, 2003 Episode #900

Jessica consoles Charity and tries to make her understand that Grace's problems with Kay are not her fault. Meanwhile, Kay angrily continues making plans to move out. Grace is upset when Sam has to leave in the middle of their talk about how to handle Kay to handle a domestic dispute call. Sam neglects to tell her it concerns Ivy. Grace worries about what Kay might do. Kay is adamant that she's leaving now, despite the bad weather.

Theresa insists that Ivy leave the mansion immediately and no one can talk her out of it. Sam arrives at the Crane mansion, and Theresa orders him to throw Ivy out into the blizzard. Ethan can't believe that Theresa could be so cold and cruel, but Theresa has hit her limit. Sam tells Ivy that she can stay in the mansion if it's okay with Julian. Julian, however, doesn't feel very charitable towards his first wife. Sam informs Ivy that she must leave immediately, or she will be arrested.

Meanwhile, Liz continues her sleepwalking act to get close to TC. At the hospital, Eve worries when she can't reach her husband. Simone, Chad and Whitney are in a car accident in the snowstorm and emerge in better shape than the Russells' car. They make their way to the Russell home to tell TC. Will they discover TC with Liz?

Beth piles on with Pilar and does her best to make Sheridan feel awful about what's happened. Luis tells everyone to back off and tries to comfort Sheridan. Eve has bad news about Antonio, who remains unconscious. She tells them there is little hope he will recover and lets them know they have some tough choices to make.

Monday January 20, 2003 Episode #901

Whitney, Chad, and Simone almost walk in on TC and Liz in a compromising position. However, the threesome goes back out in the storm to get Chad's equipment, which he left at the crash site. Simone gets caught in an avalanche. Meanwhile, TC worries about fending off a "sleepwalking" Liz, who is trying to seduce him.

Sheridan fears what will happen to her and Luis if Antonio doesn't make it. Luis reassures Sheridan of his love. Beth offers her support to Pilar as she takes advantage of the situation. Eve fights to save Antonio's life. Later, Eve has bad news for the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.

Theresa stands her ground. Ivy can't find anywhere to stay. Ethan is blown away by Theresa's behavior, while Gwen is surprised by Sam's attitude. Kay insists on leaving home. Grace tries to reach out to her daughter. Kay listens to what Grace has to say. Later Kay leaves saying she will never come back.


Tuesday January 21, 2003 Episode #902

Grace asks Kay to just listen to her and tries to stop a belligerent Kay from leaving. Kay is in no mood to heed anything Grace has to say and becomes violent towards her mother and pushes her down in front of Charity, David, John, Charity, and Jessica. Later, Kay avoids another confrontation when she slips out of the house and leaves unnoticed. As soon as everyone notices Kay has gone, Grace and the others search franticly for Kay.

Sam takes pity on an evicted Ivy and offers her a place to stay. Theresa tries to stop Sam from taking Ivy in, but he won't be deterred. When Sam shows up at home with Ivy, Grace gets pissed and yells at him for doing this. Ethan looks at Theresa with new eyes. He never imagined she could be so strong and decisive. Julian explains to a steamed Rebecca that he can't divorce Theresa.

Antonio has a message for his loved ones, which he left on video tape. On the tape, Antonio explains that Eve told him about an experimental drug that could cure him, but could also leave him incapacitated. Antonio asks Sheridan not to give him the drug. Pilar is horrified. Eve warns that they are running out of time to administer the drug and Sheridan must make a decision soon. Later Luis admits he wants Antonio to die and Pilar slaps the crap out of him.


Wednesday January 22, 2003 Episode #903

Fox and Theresa celebrate her victory. Fox points out that she may have gone too far. Gwen tries to open Ethan's eyes as to who Theresa really is. Ethan sees his ex in a new light.

Grace is enraged with Sam for bringing Ivy home. Ivy is thrilled at the outcome of her situation. Sam is alarmed at what has transpired while he was gone. He refuses David's help in looking for a missing Kay. Grace blames Sam for the situation and lashes out at him angrily. Charity has an upsetting premonition about her cousin. Meanwhile, Kay is seriously injured and bleeding out in the snow.

Pilar begs Sheridan to give Antonio the experimental drug despite his request to the contrary. Pilar's emotions become violent. Luis tries to reason with his mother. Beth continues to make Sheridan feel guilty. To add to her pressure, Eve reminds Sheridan she has little time to make a decision. This storyline is going no where.


Thursday January 23, 2003 Episode #904

Gwen wants answers from Ethan regarding his feelings for Theresa. Theresa wonders if she may have accidentally done Ivy a favor by sending her off with Sam. Theresa fills Fox in on Grace and Sam's situation. The two of them bond further as they learn more about one another. Fox points out an unpleasant truth about Ethan to Theresa.

The Bennetts are devastated when word of a dead teen matching Kay's description comes in. Graces blames Sam for Kay's apparent death. Ivy sees her chance to win Sam's favor. To everyone's relief, word comes in that the body is not Kay. The Bennetts begin to search for Kay on their own. Meanwhile, Kay regains consciousness having fallen and hit her head. Still bleeding, she heads off in search of shelter.

Beth gloats to her mother that she'll get Luis after all. Mrs. Wallace doesn't buy it. Pilar pushes Sheridan to give Antonio the medicine. A guilt-ridden Sheridan is put in a horrible spot as she tries to figure out what to do. 


Friday January 24, 2003 Episode #905

Ethan checks in on Ivy to make sure she is settled in at Sam's place, and then goes back to enjoying an evening with Gwen. Jessica worries about her parents' marriage. Ivy and Grace square off over their love for Sam. Meanwhile, Sam, David and John continue searching for Kay. Sam comes very close to finding an injured Kay, who is lying unconscious in the snow. Sam does, however, find Kay's scarf.

Tabitha is beside herself because she can't perform the simplest spell. She begs for her powers back. Her "friends" in the basement inform her that help is coming, and she'll have the answer she is looking for very soon. Tabitha continues to experience strange pregnancy symptoms. She manages to find a spell to help her stop hiccuping butterflies, but she immediately starts floating. A groggy Kay, standing outside the house, sees this. Kay says "Oh my God Tabitha is a witch. Reese was right along." Tabitha's secret about being a witch is now exposed to Kay. What will Kay do now?

Pilar continues to push Sheridan to give Antonio the experimental drug, but Sheridan can't help thinking that Antonio insisted he didn't want that drug. Sheridan struggles with what to do. Pilar puts Luis on the spot with her question. Is he hoping Antonio dies so he and Sheridan can be together? Sheridan goes to the hospital to pray for guidance. Fox and Theresa continue to bond. Fox tries to help Theresa see what she's done by throwing Ivy out of the mansion.


Monday January 27, 2003 Episode #906

Ivy plays on Sam's sympathies, hoping that she'll be able to seduce him during her stay at his and Grace's house. Sam jumps to horrifying conclusions when he finds blood in the snow while searching for a missing Kay. Sam, David and John return home and tell Grace about the blood. She crumbles and leans on Sam for support. Sam and Grace's renewed closeness upsets Ivy.

Kay passes by Tabitha's window and is stunned to see her neighbor floating in mid-air with butterflies flying out of her ears. Kay confronts Tabitha and accuses her of being a witch! Though Tabitha denies this, Kay is sure she's right, and threatens to tell everyone. Tabitha suggests Kay go home and get a good night's sleep. When the teen tells Tabitha that she has no intention of going home, Tabitha seizes the opportunity to get rid of Kay. Tabitha offers Kay the use of a sleeping bag -- if she retrieves it from the basement. Kay is wary of entering Tabitha's spooky cellar, with its weird light and strange noises, but reaches for the doorknob.

Even though Ethan is furious with her for throwing out Ivy in the middle of a snowstorm, Theresa assures Fox she'll win Ethan back. Fox is amazed that Theresa thinks that he'll forgive her treating his mother this way, but has to admire her nerve. Fox sees how similar he and Theresa are. At the same time, Fox is impressed by Theresa's maternal devotion. Theresa is about to turn in for the evening when she gets a phone call. Meanwhile, Ethan talks to Gwen about being his own man, career-wise, and she's thrilled. Suddenly Theresa bursts in. Gwen is livid, but a distraught Theresa manages to report that Antonio is in the hospital and that Sheridan is having trouble figuring out what to do. Ethan and Gwen prepare to follow Theresa to the hospital, while Fox notes the connection that still binds Ethan and Theresa.

Beth pretends to befriend Pilar, who worries that Sheridan won't give Antonio the experimental drug. Meanwhile, Sheridan prays for guidance in making her decision. She worries the experimental drug will leave Antonio in a vegetative state, but is also concerned he will die if she doesn't agree to let Eve administer it. Luis tells Sheridan that he'll always love her, no matter what decision she makes. Later, Sheridan announces that she's reached a decision.


Tuesday January 28, 2003 Episode #907 

Grace is worried sick about Kay's whereabouts and blames herself for her daughter leaving. The discovery of blood in the snow makes her fear the worst. Ivy realizes Kay's death could benefit her; David is sickened by the way she tries to twist everything to get Sam back. Charity's premonitions lead her to Kay. Kay lets Tabitha know she's going to tell everyone about her being a witch. Tabitha thinks the only way to shut her up is to kill her. Kay is about to brave Tabitha's basement when Charity shows up, followed closely by Sam, Grace, Kay and John. Sam tries to convince Kay to come home, but Kay is tired of the lies. When Sam presses her, Kay announces that David and Ivy have been working together to break up Sam and Grace. She says John is not Graces son and David was never her husband. Grace tosses her head back not believing her.

Sheridan finally makes her decision, and tells Pilar she's ready to tell her what she will do. Pilar pushes her new daughter-in-law to save her son. Sheridan states she wants to do what is best for Antonio. A desperate Pilar gives Sheridan a harsh ultimatum when she fears that Sheridan has decided not to give Antonio the medication: If Sheridan doesn't give Antonio the medicine, then Pilar will disown Sheridan and Luis. Sheridan finally announces her decision to give the medication to Antonio.

Rebecca and Julian try to get together for a romantic evening, but they can't keep their minds off their hatred for Theresa. Julian blames Theresa for his problems. Rebecca promises the info she's getting on Theresa will destroy her. Julian realizes his young wife may be able to take everything from him.


Wednesday January 29, 2003 Episode #908

Ivy brings David back to reality when she reminds him that they will lose everything if Kay comes back and tells Sam and Grace that they conspired to break them up. Meanwhile, Kay shocks her family when she reveals Ivy hired David to break up Sam and Grace. John lashes out at Kay and runs to get his father so he can defend himself. Grace refuses to believe Kay. David and Ivy panic when John tells them what Kay said. David wavers, caught between Ivy's threats and his desire to be truthful. Ivy challenges Kay, but Kay sticks to her story.

Theresa feels vindicated when Ethan warns her that she's making enemies and playing with fire. She then tells Fox that Ethan's concern for her proves he still loves her. Fox marvels at Theresa's unwavering confidence, but Theresa insists that she and Ethan are destined to be together. Theresa defends to Ethan her decision to throw Ivy out.

Sheridan agrees to have the experimental drug administered to Antonio. Pilar is grateful. Sheridan worries if she has made the right choice. Gwen comforts her friend. Pilar watches hopefully as Antonio is administered the drug. Beth manhandles her mother after Mrs. Wallace threatens to clue Luis in on her daughter's schemes. Mrs. Wallace collapses. Sheridan leaves to be alone and Luis follows her to provide comfort.


Thursday January 30, 2003 Episode #909

Kay won't be quieted and insists she is telling the truth when she says David and Ivy are working together to break up Sam and Grace. The whole story David told was a lie. Ivy denies everything and seems to have the upper hand when Grace refuses to believe the truth. Eve offers Grace support. Later, she tells David that she's looking forward to Ivy going down and no longer being able to manipulate everyone. David points out that Ivy won't be going down alone -- she'll be taking David and Eve with her. Meanwhile, Sam professes his belief in Kay's story, and urges Grace to stand by Kay as well. Grace looks deep into Kay's eyes and decides that she believes her daughter. John is distraught when he hears this.

At the hospital, Mrs. Wallace has another heart attack, while Beth stands by coldly watching her die. It's not long before a nurse enters the room and finds that Mrs. Wallace doesn't have a pulse. The nurse calls a code blue, and Beth watches while the doctors work on her mother. Have they reached Mrs. Wallace in time to save her life?

With Antonio having received the drug, Pilar, Miguel and Theresa wait by his bed and pray for a miracle. Luis and Sheridan spend some time in each other's arms as they wait for word on Antonio. They share one last kiss and return to the hospital.

Theresa explains to Fox that Ivy's downfall will help her get Ethan back because he'll realize how manipulative Ivy has been. Gwen stays near Ethan to keep Theresa away. Jessica, vowing to help keep Charity and Miguel together, encourages her cousin to call Miguel. Miguel reaches out to Charity, but is pushed away. Miguel can't understand why all the loss of love is happening to his family. Theresa encourages Miguel to have faith in love.


Friday January 31, 2003 Episode #910

High drama at the hospital as the doctors and nurses struggle to save Mrs. Wallace's life. They don't think they can save her after this latest attack. Luis comforts an "upset" Beth, who plays on his sympathies and isn't the least bit upset about what's happened to her mother. Mrs. Wallace survives the crisis, and Beth is thrilled when Luis promises to continue to be there for her.

The waiting game is getting to everyone and Sheridan makes an emotional plea to a still-unresponsive Antonio to fight for his life. Pilar thanks Sheridan for her actions. She knows that it wasn't easy to carry the responsibility of this choice for Antonio. Meanwhile, Liz begins to make her move on TC and fantasizes about the outcome.

Eve and David prepare to have their lives destroyed along with Ivy's as Grace begins to believe Kay. Sam lashes out at Ivy, who struggles to defend herself. Grace wavers as she realizes John would not be her son if what Kay says is true. Kay and Sam are hurt and shocked by what they read into this. Grace would rather believe a lie than lose John. Grace points out that the DNA test showed that John is her son, but Kay maintains that the results could have been tampered with. Ivy icily asks if Kay is accusing Eve of manipulating the results.