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Monday Mar. 3, 2003 Episode #931

Ivy seems to have won the battle with Grace and persuades Sam to let her continue to stay at the Bennett garage apartment. Grace is convinced that Ivy's presence is a threat to her marriage and her fears escalate when she has a premonition of Sam and Ivy making love. Sam is starting to get concerned as well and quietly confronts Ivy, warning her not to try to steal him from Grace. Grace also tells Ivy to stay away from Sam.

Theresa bugs Julian and Rebecca when she continues donating the Crane fortune to various charities. Julian and Rebecca realize that the only way to stop her is if their informant gives them valuable information against Theresa. Rebecca finally get a call from her mysterious informant. Meanwhile, Beth is determined to destroy Sheridan and sets the cabin on fire. Luis and Sheridan find themselves in grave danger as they get trapped inside.

Chad confides in Ethan and he and Whitney are history. Ethan can see his friend is hurting and encourages Chad to talk to Whitney and not give up on their relationship. Meanwhile, Theresa says the same thing to Whitney, but Whitney doesn't want to hurt her sister Simone by continuing her relationship with Chad. Theresa comes up with a plan to help Whitney and Chad stay together. However, Whitney sees through Theresa's proposal to establish scholarships in Whitney's and Chad's names, and wants no part in it. Later, Chad finds Whitney and lets her know that he got an offer for a job in L.A.; though he loves her, if he doesn't have a future with Whitney he's prepared to leave Harmony.

Tuesday Mar. 4, 2003 Episode #932

Chad decides to push things to the limit with Whitney. He tells her that he will leave Harmony for a job in Los Angeles unless she agrees to go public with their romance. Whitney is pained to say it, but she tells Chad it's best if he leaves town and takes the job. Then, Whitney breaks into tears. Julian is there to lend a shoulder to cry on. As they are talking, one of the staff comes in to inform Julian of the fire at Sheridan's cottage. When she realizes that Chad is probably at the scene, Whitney rushes down to the cottage.

Theresa seems unstoppable as she throws millions of dollars at charitable causes. Ethan admires her unselfish motives, but Gwen thinks Theresa is just trying to impress Ethan and win him over. Rebecca arranges to have a secret meeting with an informant who could have incriminating evidence against Theresa. The informant greets Rebecca and Julian with a gun. Meanwhile, Grace warns Ivy to steer clear of Sam, but Ivy tells Grace she has no intention of being threatened by her.

Luis tries to free Sheridan, who is trapped under a beam, so they can escape from the burning cabin. Beth, who set the fire, prays they both die. Luis refuses to leave without Sheridan. Chad, Gwen, Ethan, Theresa and Fox race down to the cottage and try to put out the fire. They spot the gasoline can and realize this is a case of arson. A surprising hero comes to Luis and Sheridan's rescue when Fox risks his life to save them. Whitney realizes that she really does want to be with Chad, and promises him that she'll tell Simone about them as soon as possible. Luis and Sheridan go to the hospital, where Sheridan collapses. Beth shows up and innocently asks what's going on. Luis vows to find out who tried to kill him and Sheridan by setting the fire.

Wednesday Mar. 5, 2003 Episode #933

TC is disappointed when Eve gets caught up at the hospital. Liz plays on TC's sympathy to get some attention. 

Chad and Whitney happily reconnect after he almost gets hurt in the fire. They head back to the recording studio to make love. 

At the hospital, Eve works on an unconscious Sheridan as Luis waits worriedly. Beth hopes Sheridan will die. Antonio learns what happened and rushes to his wife's side. Everyone wonders who is trying to kill Sheridan. 

Julian is shocked when he realizes Rebecca's informant is Tom Joyner, a disgruntled ex-Crane Industries employee. Tom holds a gun on Julian, looking to make him pay for his past misdeeds. Rebecca tries to convince Tom not to kill Julian and to go through with their deal. The information about Theresa stuns Julian. 


Thursday Mar. 6, 2003 Episode #934

While Sheridan waits for tests to be done, she and Luis spend some time together. Antonio nearly walks in on them. 

TC and Eve argue over Whitney's future, but then turn to more romantic matters. Meanwhile, Liz gets a surprise visitor from her past. Liz explains her plan to Tom. 

Chad and Whitney happily celebrate their reunion as they make love. Tabitha sends a clueless Simone to see what Chad is up to at the recording studio. Tabitha and Kay watch the events unfold in a magic bowl of water. Simone gets the shock of her life! 

Friday Mar. 7, 2003 Episode #935

Mrs. Wallace frantically tries to save the day. Beth's plans to kill Sheridan are foiled again. Beth goes after her mother. 

Tabitha watches gleefully as events with Simone, Chad, and Whitney explode. Tabitha is stunned when a new dancing baby arrives. Kay realizes Tabby is pregnant. At the studio, Simone lashes out hatefully at Whitney. Chad tries to tell Simone the truth, but she won't listen. Whitney fears how her father will react. Meanwhile, TC and Eve argue over Whitney and her life. TC won't believe Whitney wants anything but tennis. Liz continues to plot, and Tom gives her a warning.

Monday Mar. 10, 2003 Episode #936

Theresa sees another side of Fox as they bond. Fox is concerned his father and Rebecca might pose a real threat to Theresa, but she refuses to worry. Meanwhile, Julian and Rebecca celebrate, having finally gotten the information to bring down Theresa. 

Sheridan has a nightmare about what the truth will do to Antonio. Luis tries to reassure her. Sheridan is in grave danger as Beth runs around the hospital with a syringe, plotting to kill her. 

TC and Eve are stunned when they find a crazed Simone destroying Whitney's bedroom. They are shocked further when Simone reveals she walked in on Chad and Whitney having sex. Chad and Whitney arrive and are forced to admit they are a couple. Simone lashes out at her sister, and TC explodes with anger.

Tuesday Mar. 11, 2003 Episode #937

Grace and Sam finally sit down and attempt to work out their problems. Ivy tries to stop them from reconciling by causing an interruption. A frustrated Grace complains about Ivy to David. 

TC blames Chad for everything and goes after him. Eve works to calm her husband down. Whitney tries to explain she didn't mean to hurt her sister. Simone turns to Liz for support. 

At the hospital, Sheridan runs for her life as Beth, disguised as a nurse, attempts to stab her with a syringe. Luis and Antonio find Sheridan and begin to look for the person who tried to kill her. 

Wednesday Mar. 12, 2003 Episode #938

Grace is irritated when Sam has to help Ivy out, and Sam bristles when John interrupts with some news. Later, Sam walks in on David and Ivy arguing, but they cover. Once she and Sam are alone, Ivy flirts shamelessly with her old love. 

Through the magic bowl of water, Kay and Tabitha watch the Russell family fall apart. Yet another dancing baby appears. At the Russells', TC accuses Chad of playing both his daughters and lunges for him. Chad tries to tell a disbelieving Simone he never loved her and that Whitney did not try to seduce him. TC forbids Chad from seeing either of his daughters again. Liz watches happily as Eve's family falls apart. Once she gets Chad to leave, a furious Eve lets TC know she does not approve of the way he handled things. over. Once she and Sam are alone, Ivy flirts shamelessly with her old love. 

Luis and Antonio search for the person who was after Sheridan, while Beth hides. Antonio thinks Sheridan might have imagined everything, but she insists a nurse wearing squeaky shoes was chasing after her.   

Thursday Mar. 13, 2003 Episode #939

Beth informs her mother she is more determined than ever to kill Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace fears Beth is also planning to murder her home care nurse. Meanwhile, Sheridan has another nightmare. 

TC tries to act like nothing has changed. Eve is stunned that her husband refuses to face reality and lashes out at him over his behavior. TC pushes Whitney to get ready for a match, but she finally breaks down in tears. Eve puts her foot down and states Whitney is not playing in the tennis match. TC is taken aback. 

Theresa gets ready for her big press conference to announce all the Crane money she's giving to charity. Meanwhile, Julian puts his plan in motion. A frantic Ethan tells Theresa she's been fired from Crane Industries. A furious Theresa calls Alistair, who demands an explanation from his son. Julian drops a major bomb regarding Theresa. 

Friday Mar. 14, 2003 Episode #940

Julian and Rebecca hit a bump in the road in their efforts to get rid of Theresa. Meanwhile, Theresa presses ahead with her plan to give Crane money to charity. Ethan lends Theresa a hand, assuring her that she is on firm legal ground, and she finds herself falling for her ex all over again. Gwen warns Fox he doesn't know what his step-mother is really like. While Theresa talks to a reporter about her charitable donations, Julian and Rebecca get a visit from Julian's old friend Bruce.

TC won't let up on Whitney and badgers her into playing in the tennis match despite the fact that her heart isn't in it. Eve tries to reason with TC arguing that Whitney is too upset to play tennis. TC and Eve have a terrible argument, as Whitney suffers emotionally. TC lashes out at Eve and blames her for everything that has happened.

Beth finds the perfect new nurse for her mother, but Mrs. Wallace balks after meeting Precious, the orangutan. Luis and Sheridan begin to tell Antonio the truth about being in love with each other. Pilar worries about how Antonio will take the news that his brother and his wife are in love.

Monday Mar. 17, 2003 Episode #941

TC accuses Eve of neglecting her family and being too obsessed with her work. He says she is undermining everything he's done to turn Whitney into a tennis champion. Liz overhears TC's conversation and is delighted that Eve and TC are on the rocks. Later, Liz tries to comfort an emotional and guilt-ridden Whitney. Eve overhears and private warns Liz not to interfere with her family.

Antonio is in complete denial when Luis and Sheridan try to tell him they are having an affair -- so much so that he completely misses the point. Luis and Sheridan are frustrated and don't know what to do next. Meanwhile, Beth plots to murder Sheridan if she tells Antonio the truth. Mrs. Wallace goes after her daughter, insisting that she'll never be happy with Luis. Beth gets a call from Antonio, asking her to come to the hospital.

Theresa appears on live television and tells the audience that she plans to donate millions of Crane dollars to charities. Meanwhile, Julian and Rebecca get a report from Bruce that will get control of the Crane fortune away from Theresa. Julian interrupts Theresa's interview and blows her out of the water with a stunning announcement: He and Theresa were never married! Ethan puts a stop to the interview and Julian orders Theresa out of the mansion.

Tuesday Mar. 18, 2003 Episode #942

Liz takes great joy in rubbing it in with Eve telling her that TC will dump her soon enough to be with Liz. That also means Liz will have a ready-made family when that happens -- Eve's. That's when Eve loses it and lunges at Liz in a rage. Eve and Liz's fight becomes physical. Liz declares that Eve's daughters are taking after their mother, and she'll have to be the one to save them.

Mrs. Wallace doesn't want to be left alone with her unorthodox nursemaid, Precious. Beth is less than sympathetic and ignores her mother's protests. Instead, Beth runs off to see Antonio. Mrs. Wallace and Precious end up getting into a major food fight.

At the hospital, Luis and Sheridan continue to try telling Antonio the truth. Sheridan backs out and runs off. Luis doesn't want to break the news about their relationship to Antonio without Sheridan. Beth finds Sheridan, who tearfully reports that Antonio has so completely missed the point that he now thinks that Beth is in love with someone else and planning to leave Luis. Sheridan is fearful that at this rate, she'll end up married to Antonio forever. Beth tracks down Antonio and tells him that if he does what she says, they'll both get what they want.

Theresa is stunned by Bruce's news, but doesn't want to give up what she has. Julian tries to throw a furious Theresa out of the mansion. Ethan feels sympathetic toward Theresa and defends his ex, which upsets Gwen. Theresa produces the marriage certificate, which Ethan says is valid, but Julian claims to have the proof to back up his accusations against Theresa. Julian tears up the marriage certificate, laughing hysterically.

Wednesday Mar. 18, 2003 Episode #943

TC tells Sam all about the problems he is having at home with Eve and blames Chad for everything that has gone wrong. He insists that he will make sure the "street punk" stays away from his daughters. Chad calls Whitney when he learns she forfeited her tennis match. Whitney is upset that she has messed everything up. Chad reassures her that nothing will come between them. Chad heads over to the Russells' house and starts to climb the lattice up to Whitney's window. TC, meanwhile, tells Sam that if Chad comes near his family again, he'll kill Chad!

Liz lashes out at Eve, accusing her of being a bad mother. Eve is devastated when she realizes that Liz knew that Whitney and Chad were having an affair long before she knew. Liz thinks Eve is getting what she deserves since she destroyed their family by her actions. Liz relates the painful story of how their family was torn apart by a young Eve's determination to sing. She wants Eve to feel the same pain that their mother did.

At the Crane mansion, Julian calls security to have Theresa thrown off the Crane estate. Ethan and Fox defend her. Theresa calls Alistair, who demands that Julian tell him what's going on. Julian turns to Bruce, who steps forward to tell the story.

Luis helps Sheridan prepare herself to get through to Antonio and tell him she loves Luis and he loves her. That's the last thing Beth wants Sheridan to do and tries to play mind games with Antonio, who anxiously waits for Luis and Sheridan to tell him the secret they are keeping from him. Luis and Sheridan join Beth and Antonio, but before they can tell Antonio the truth, Sheridan starts to have trouble breathing. A nurse rushes in and tells Sheridan that she needs to be calm, especially in her condition. Everyone is stunned to learn that Sheridan is pregnant.

Thursday Mar. 20, 2003 Episode #

Due to coverage of the U.S. military mission in Iraq, Passions has been pre-empted today.  

Friday Mar. 21, 2003 Episode #

Due to coverage of the U.S. military mission in Iraq, Passions has been pre-empted today.

Monday Mar. 24, 2003 Episode #944
Liz reminds Eve how she's disgraced yet another set of family members just as she did years ago. T.C. and Sam nearly catch Chad sneaking in through Whitney's bedroom window. The news of Sheridan's pregnancy brings a smile to Antonio's face but sends shock waves through the rest of the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan. Liz continues to taunt Eve about her daughters' complete lack of trust in their absentee mother. Beth hopes that Sheridan's dilemma will drive a permanent wedge between her and Luis. Certain she's lost Chad forever, Simone complains bitterly to Kay about her misfortune. Sam warns an enraged T.C. to stop uttering death threats all over town. Though Whitney tries to dissuade him, Chad insists on clearing the air with her dad. As Antonio celebrates impending fatherhood, Luis realizes that his brother might be an uncle instead. T.C. viciously attacks Chad as Whitney screams for him to stop. Bruce explains to Alistair and the others how he staged a fake wedding to trick Julian and Theresa into thinking they were married.
Tuesday Mar. 25, 2003 Episode #945

Ethan is stunned by Bruce's story that backs up Julian's claim about the marriage to Theresa being a cruel joke. Still, Ethan confronts Julian demanding to know if what Bruce is saying is true or another one of the Crane family hoaxes. He puts a call in to Bermuda right away, and Bruce's story holds water. Theresa reels as she tries to digest the truth. She is stunned to consider that her marriage to Julian was nothing but a scam. It was never legal. Theresa realizes that she has no claim to the Crane fortune and that her last link to Ethan has been cut. Devastated, Theresa collapses.

Antonio overwhelms Sheridan with his enthusiasm for her pregnancy, but Sheridan conceals the fact that she's not sure who her baby's father is. Antonio looks forward to the future. Luis wonders if it is his baby and if he has the duty to step aside if the baby's is Antonio's. Beth is sure she won't lose Luis now.

As TC and Chad fight, Liz goads Eve about the mess she's made of her family. Eve has a terrible fantasy about TC facing off with her on TV's Divorce Court, calling their family and friends as witnesses to testify about the havoc that Eve's lies have wreaked on their lives.

Wednesday Mar. 26, 2003 Episode #946

As the awful truth sinks in, Theresa faints dead away into Ethan's arms while Gwen rolls her eyes in disgust. Luis throws a damper on Sheridan's bliss by reminding her that her baby's paternity is in question. Meanwhile, Beth reels to overhear their conversation but a clueless Antonio tells his mother his happiness is complete now that he's about to become a dad. Eve and Sam finally step between T.C. and Chad but the combatants continue to shout at one another. After convincing Chad to go, Whitney screeches at her father for his brutal behavior. Miguel uneasily plays along when an exuberant Antonio talks of their children growing up together. Theresa's day gets even worse when Alistair informs her she no longer has a job at Crane Industries. Simone spits out her hatred for Whitney while T.C. rips into Eve for neglecting their children. Julian repeats his demand that Theresa leave the mansion immediately. Luis assures Sheridan nothing will change the way he feels about her.

Thursday Mar. 27, 2003 Episode #947

Eve is needed at the hospital when it's flooded with patients from a gas refinery explosion. However, Eve insists on staying home with her family to work out their problems. TC is relieved, while Liz fumes. The family meeting goes badly when Simone refuses to listen to Whitney. Eve is torn when the hospital calls again, claiming her help is desperately needed.

Pilar fears Sheridan's baby will destroy her family. Sheridan and Luis try to tell Antonio the truth. Luis is pained when he hears Antonio and Sheridan discussing baby names.

Julian orders security guards to escort Theresa off the grounds. She's horrified when Julian refuses to let her take Little Ethan with her. Ethan warns Julian he can't keep a mother from her child, but Julian produces a writ of temporary custody.

Friday Mar. 28, 2003 Episode #948

When Tabitha exhibits some strange pregnancy symptoms, Kay conjures up some magic to help her. Simone is so upset by her argument with Whitney that she goes to cry on Kay's shoulder. Imagine her surprise when she sees an image of Whitney and Chad making love in Tabitha's magical bowl! Kay and Tabitha manage to convince Simone that didn't actually see anything in the bowl, but Simone is still shaken. Kay and Tabitha push her to bring TC to the studio, just in case Whitney and Chad are there.

Meanwhile, Sheridan can't bring herself to tell Antonio about her love for Luis when he seems so jazzed about them having a baby. Luis tries to help Sheridan see that they can't avoid leveling with Antonio any longer. Before they can tell him, though, they're interrupted by a phone call from Pilar, alerting them to Theresa's situation.

Theresa refuses to leave the Crane house and locks herself in the bedroom with Little Ethan. Julian tells his goons to bust down the door if Theresa won't come out. Using the adjacent door from his bedroom, Ethan sneaks in to see Theresa, but she knocks him out by accident. Gwen is upset Ethan is getting involved in his ex's mess. Theresa's family comes running to the mansion to help her. Once Ethan comes to, Julian gives him an ultimatum: Open the door, or be fired from Crane Industries! Gwen urges him to think of his family's financial security. Ethan finally agrees to help Theresa legally, but that's it. Theresa still refuses to come out. Julian waves the custody order, challenging Luis to uphold it. The security guards prepare to take an axe to the door, but Antonio, Luis and Miguel stand in the way. Luis informs Julian that if he chops down the door, he will be arrested for domestic violence. As it appears the situation is about to get ugly, Theresa opens the door.

Liz is delighted when TC confides that he and Eve have grown apart and their marriage is on the rocks. Liz is only too happy to console TC and makes sure he knows that she's there for him. At the hospital, Eve worries about Liz taking advantage of her absence. Meanwhile, Chad comforts Whitney at his recording studio, and they begin to make love. TC gets a call from an anonymous tipster -- really Kay, disguising her voice -- alerting him to the situation at the studio.