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April 2003


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Monday Mar. 31, 2003 Episode #949
Sam tells an astonished Grace about the terrible quarrel he witnessed between the Russells. At the hospital, Eve has her hands full dealing with burn victims but finds herself fretting over the sticky situation she left behind her at home. Disguising her voice, Kay calls T.C. and informs the appalled coach that his elder daughter is having sex with Chad at that very moment. At the Crane mansion, Luis, Antonio and Miguel form a united front to defend their sister from Julian and his goons. T.C. bursts in on Whitney and her lover and lunges for Chad with blood in his eye. Luis punches Bruce out for the cruel trick he played on Theresa. Meanwhile, Gwen entreats Ethan not to endanger his career by doing any further meddling in the battle between Theresa and Julian. The fight at the recording studio draws a crowd as Liz, Hank, Tabitha, Kay and Simone arrive. Grace and Sam rehash their marital problems. T.C. orders his daughter to come home but Whitney stands firm beside the man she loves.
Tuesday April 01, 2003 Episode #950
After Sheridan offers her cottage as a safe haven for mother and child, Ethan explains to a sputtering Julian how Theresa can legally retain custody of the baby as long as she remains on the estate. T.C. warns his daughter not to choose a common street punk over her loving family but Whitney refuses to turn her back on Chad. Meanwhile, Eve phones home and grows worried when no one answers. Beth swipes a Physician's Desk Reference and heads to the hospital chapel. Though the Lopez-Fitzgerald family commends Ethan for finding the perfect legal loophole, Gwen fumes to watch her husband continually playing white knight for his old flame. Sheridan reveals her good news to the folks gathered at the Crane mansion but Antonio bristles when Julian wonders aloud who fathered the child. While perusing the pages of the PDR for the perfect poison, Beth is alarmed when a statue of an angel suddenly moves towards her. T.C. gives Whitney a final ultimatum.
Wednesday April 02, 2003 Episode #951
While admiring the babies in the hospital's nursery, Luis suddenly has an uneasy feeling about the future. Meanwhile, Sheridan tells Theresa it might be easier on everyone if she simply left town. A weeping Whitney fears she's lost her father and her family forever. T.C. informs an anguished Eve that their elder daughter has chosen her worthless boyfriend over hearth and home. Gwen snarls at Ethan for repeatedly siding with Theresa and jeopardizing his own career at Crane Industries. Outraged to find her wedding china in pieces, Beth threatens to kill both Precious and Mrs. Wallace unless they clean up the remnants of their food fight. Whitney refuses to let Chad badmouth her dad despite everything that transpired between them. Liz rubs salt in her sister's wounds by quietly reminding Eve that she's finally getting the punishment she's due. Sick of her husband always putting Theresa first, Gwen threatens to leave Ethan unless he changes his ways.
Thursday April 03, 2003 Episode #952
As Whitney continues to bemoan her severed relationship with her father, Chad tries to reassure his unhappy lover. Meanwhile, T.C. bitterly blames Eve's negligence for driving a wedge between their daughters and themselves. John tells his father how he was the inspiration for a story he's written about a man on the horns of a moral dilemma. Sam gives an astonished Ivy the news about Julian and Theresa's bogus marriage. Liz looks on with satisfaction as Eve and T.C. escalate their quarrel into a shouting match. John's innocent view of his dad forces David to reflect on where his life is really heading. Grace and Sam again rehash how their marriage hit the rocks and agree to work on the problems which have beset them in recent months. Chad encourages Whitney to have faith that she will reconcile with her father once he cools down. David angrily informs Ivy that he's through lying and scheming for her. Liz becomes curious about T.C.'s mysterious shed.
Friday April 04, 2003 Episode #953

Grace has a change of heart and refuses to press David to sign the annulment papers. This is the last straw for Sam, who tells Grace that he wants a separation. Grace pleads with Sam not to give up on them. She just needs more time. He finally agrees to stay together as long as they remove all outside threats to their marriage.

John is upset and saddened when he when he finds out that David is planning to leave Harmony. David considers telling John that he and Ivy have conspired for months to break up Sam and Grace. Having eavesdropped on Sam and Grace, Ivy warns David not to go and informs him how close they are to getting what they want. Once back in her room, Ivy is thrown off-guard when Sam tells her that he's going to speak with Ethan about moving her back into the Crane mansion. When she balks, Sam assumes it's because she'd be uncomfortable living under the same roof as Julian and his current love. Ivy doesn't think anyone will take the place of Julian's first love in her ex's heart; when Sam asks who that is, she refuses to tell him. Meanwhile, Grace approaches David about the annulment.

Chad is offered a dream job in Los Angeles and thinks it would be a perfect new start for them. Whitney isn't sure that this is the time to leave Harmony. She still hasn't given up on making peace with her family. Liz tries to find out what TC has in his shed, and narrowly escapes being caught snooping. Later, she offers to help TC get through this difficult time.

Meanwhile, Eve gets into a car wreck and finds comfort and support from an unlikely source when it turns out that she's crashed into Julian. Seeing how upset Eve is, Julian takes her to a roadside diner and provides a friendly ear. Eve sobs out story of her family's current troubles, distraught that the life she worked so hard to build is about to come crashing down. She's stunned when Julian blames himself for leading her down the wrong path so many years ago, and says that he wants to be there for her now.

Monday April 07, 2003 Episode #954
Liz eagerly fuels T.C.'s anger towards Eve. Mrs. Wallace tries to call 911 to turn in her homicidal daughter but Precious quickly unplugs the phone. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Beth puts her hands on a lethal drug as she plots to eliminate Sheridan and her unborn child. Julian's genuine sympathy and sincere offer of support surprises Eve, who wonders if the decency she saw in him years ago has started to resurface once again. Liz counsels T.C. to give his wife enough time and space to come to her senses. Reminding Eve how she was the love of his life, Julian asks her to let him make up for all his past mistakes. T.C. offers to show an excited Eve what he's doing out in his shed. The woman who watched Beth steal medicine from the hospital trails her home and spies on her through the window. Luis urges a worried Sheridan to come clean with Antonio before any more time passes. Precious has another mishap with the blender which leaves her and a sputtering Mrs. Wallace covered in fruit smoothie.
Tuesday April 08, 2003 Episode #955
Luis complains to Theresa about being forced to hide the truth from Antonio. Thrilled that the stranger found her SOS, Mrs. Wallace begins to blurt out her long-suffering tale of woe. At the diner, Julian tells Eve how Chad reminds him of a Crane in many surprising ways. After hearing about Eve's fender bender, Liz spots a golden opportunity to drive another wedge between her sister and T.C. Chad cajoles Whitney to come to California with him and make a fresh start together. Julian asks Eve if she thinks it's possible that Chad could be their long-lost son. Luis loudly objects when Antonio announces that he and his wife are going to bed. Eve assures Julian she has DNA proof that Chad is not her child. Later, Julian confides how he hired a PI to find their boy. Beth tries to end her mother's tirade but the stranger decides to call the police and report her for stealing drugs. Liz gleefully schemes to have T.C. find his wife with his worst enemy. Luis slips back into the cottage to see Sheridan on the sly.
Wednesday April 09, 2003 Episode #956
Appalled by Beth's cruelty, Charlie becomes determined to stop her and phones 911 as a jubilant Mrs. Wallace praises God for the wondrous turn of events. At the cottage, Sheridan assures Luis she wouldn't really leave Harmony because she couldn't bear being separated from him. Unwilling to pass up a golden opportunity for his dream job in L.A., Chad urges Whitney to come with him but she balks at departing before she mends fences with her estranged family. Liz smirks in smug satisfaction as an enraged T.C. lunges at Julian. While on hold with the police, Charlie listens to Mrs. Wallace badmouthing Beth at great length and with excessive venom. Though Eve begs her husband to stop, T.C. continues to pummel Julian. Charlie has a change of heart and hangs up the phone, then coldly informs a shocked Mrs. Wallace that she reminds her of her own hateful mother. After another man breaks up the fight, Eve explains to a skeptical T.C. how Julian was only consoling her after the accident.
Thursday April 10, 2003 Episode #957
Mrs. Wallace reels in shock when Charlie insists that Beth is a victim whose hatred of Sheridan is the correct and logical conclusion to a life of maternal abuse. Certain the "intruder" is out to kill Sheridan, Antonio fires through the window of the cottage. T.C. demands to know why Julian was holding Eve when he entered the diner. Precious comes to Mrs. Wallace's rescue after Charlie threatens her. Later, Charlie offers to help a surprised Beth kill the blonde bitch who's been ruining her life. Julian claims he was sucking up to Eve to avoid a nuisance lawsuit following the fender bender. Mrs. Wallace begins to suspect that Charlie's fondness for Beth goes beyond mere friendship. Meanwhile, Precious relaxes in front of the shopping channel. Liz grinds her teeth in frustration after T.C. buys into Julian's lie. Antonio, Sheridan and Theresa are relieved to learn that Luis was unhurt by the bullet. Using a "borrowed" credit card, Precious purchases a cartload of jewelry from the shopping network.
Friday April 11, 2003 Episode #958
As Tabitha brews up a foul-smelling concoction, Kay informs her hostess she intends to snare Miguel without the use of witchcraft. Meanwhile, Jessica tells Reese she's come up with a way to reunite Miguel and Charity. Certain Julian is still in love with Eve, Liz suggests they work together to break up the Russells. Whitney is deeply touched when Chad plays a recording of the romantic ballad he wrote just for her. Eve and T.C. come to the recording studio to speak with Whitney. Buoyed by the sight of a shooting star, Miguel hopes the celestial event is a good omen which signals a new beginning for him and Charity. Fighting back tears, Eve apologizes to her elder daughter for failing to be more present in her life while Whitney was growing up. Julian rejects Liz's proposed alliance and vows to stop her from hurting Eve. Later, Julian offers Liz a large check if she'll stay away from her sister forever. Eve asks Whitney to move back home. Simone warns Kay that Reese and Jessica are playing matchmaker. Liz rips up Julian's check.

Monday April 14, 2003 Episode #959
Tabitha brews up another special potion for the inhabitants of Harmony. T.C. scoffs at Chad after the young man reveals how he plans to return to Los Angeles to take his dream job in the recording industry. Liz assures Julian that her own secrets are too well hidden to become fodder for his blackmail. Kay surreptitiously doses Miguel's popcorn with Tabitha's concoction. Donning Eve's negligee, Liz daydreams about becoming T.C.'s bride. Whitney incurs her father's wrath when she admits that she's considering accompanying Chad to California. To Kay's dismay, Reese gobbles down the altered popcorn before Miguel can take a bite. Julian's sudden melancholy sets Rebecca wondering who really holds the key to her fianc?'s heart. Eve reminds T.C. that Whitney is of age and no longer needs their consent for any major life decisions. Jessica is startled when Reese advises her to lay off of Kay. Liz's new candle begins speaking its mind---and controlling hers. Rebecca spots Tabitha's expanding stomach and tells a stunned Julian she thinks the old woman is pregnant.
Tuesday April 15, 2003 Episode #960
Continuing to deliver her tainted gifts, Tabitha next pays a call at Sheridan's cottage. Liz is shocked by her first sight of the interior of T.C.'s mysterious shed. Whitney considers taking her mother's advice and waiting another six months before joining Chad in Los Angeles. Mrs. Wallace cautions her daughter that Charlie will never let her new partner in crime hook up with Luis because she wants Beth all to herself. Eve reminds T.C. that his desire to totally control every situation can only drive another wedge between them and their daughter. Luis confides to Hank how Sheridan's pregnancy has only complicated an already complex situation. Beth decides to use Charlie's fondness for her as a means to an end. Though Chad urges her not to cave in, Whitney decides to stay in Harmony as per her parents' wishes. Later, however, Whitney weeps in frustration when T.C. immediately pushes her to start practicing for the next tennis match.
Wednesday April 16, 2003 Episode #961
As Miguel and Charity blissfully celebrate their reconciliation, a desperate Kay presses Tabitha for another dose of her special potion. Though Luis assumes the old woman is addled, Mrs. Wallace repeats her dire warning in a frantic effort to make the police officer see her daughter for what she really is. At the cottage, Sheridan has a horrifying dream about being set upon by two ghoulish clowns. Hank quizzes Kay and Tabitha after overhearing them speaking of witchcraft. As Mrs. Wallace introduces Luis to her new "nurse", Precious takes an instant shine to their handsome visitor. Theresa shakes Sheridan awake and assures her trembling friend that the clowns existed only in her nightmare. Precious daydreams about a romantic tango with the object of her affections. Beth manages to pull the wool over Luis' eyes yet again when he asks about her mother's accusations. Tabitha invents a cover story to throw Hank off the track but gets miffed when he comments upon her recent weight gain.
Thursday April 17, 2003 Episode #962
Theresa has a terrifying nightmare about her baby vanishing from his crib. Hank comes upon Charlie smashing blonde dolls to smithereens and advises the agitated woman to find a healthier way to relieve her stress. Mrs. Wallace crows to Beth about opening Luis' eyes to the truth about her homicidal plans. Meanwhile, a shuddering Sheridan confides to Antonio the details of her eerie dream. Luis appeals to a clingy Precious to give him some space so he can concentrate on the tension between Beth and her mom. Forced to watch "The Boozebournes" in her dream, Theresa gasps to realize that her son has grown up as part of a foul-mouthed family of drug-addled rock stars. The killer clowns return to torment Sheridan as she lies in bed with Antonio. Hank snickers to see an embarrassed Luis fending off Precious' advances. As Theresa watches more reality TV, Little Ethan advises his birth mother to take a flying leap. Holding a knife to her mother's throat, Beth orders the old woman to clam up.
Friday April 18, 2003 Episode #963

Miguel and Charity continue to bask in the glow of their reunion as they hash out their problems from the past. Kay is livid as she watches them cuddle and coo and plots to get Miguel back. Sheridan has a hellish nightmare in which she is kidnapped, gives birth, and has her baby stolen by clowns. Antonio tries to comfort her. Theresa's horrible nightmare about someone kidnapping her little boy appears to come true when she can't find Little Ethan. She becomes hysterical while searching for him. Meanwhile, Ethan and Gwen have some romantic time together as Ethan reassures her of his love. The couple rushes to help Theresa when they hear her screaming. Luis and Hank discount Mrs. Wallace's claim that Beth is homicidal and sympathize with Beth, who is "upset" about her mother's accusations. An angry Charlie continues to rage against blondes and blonde dolls. Mrs. Wallace uses a new tactic to hurt Beth by sending Charlie to find her and Luis together.


Monday April 21, 2003 Episode #964
Rebecca brings Julian to a musical hot spot, then is startled to learn that her escort has been a regular at the Blue Note for years. T.C. commends Eve for stepping up to the plate to convince their daughter not to move to L.A. with Chad. Meanwhile, Whitney confides to Liz how worried she is that Chad will lose interest in her while they're apart. Terrified of losing her son, Theresa convinces Ethan to help her fight for custody. Later, a fuming Gwen reminds her husband that their marriage must come first in his life. Swearing Liz to secrecy, Whitney reveals how singing professionally has become her dream. After Ethan leaves to tend to his young namesake, Gwen furiously tears into Theresa for toying with his emotions. Rebecca's curiosity is piqued when a waiter at the Blue Note explains how Julian always order champagne for two and waits for a companion who never appears. Hoping to upset her sister, Liz encourages Whitney to actively pursue a singing career. Rebecca guesses that the woman Julian has been pining for at the jazz club was the one true love of his life.
Tuesday April 22, 2003 Episode #965
At the Blue Note Rebecca takes advantage of the setting to try to find out who is in Julian's heart. Meanwhile, Fox and Chad take turns discussing the ups and downs of falling in love. Fox decides that he wants to try to run the club. Accusing her of bringing Whitney to the Blue Note to hurt Eve, Julian confronts Liz. Chad tries to persuade an apprehensive Whitney to take to the stage and sing a song. At the same time when Eve learns that Liz has taken her daughter to the club, she guesses what's her plan and rushes to the Blue Note to try to protect her daughter. Luis tells Hank that he hears that in spite of all they have been through, he now believes that his relationship with Sheridan is doomed. At the cottage Sheridan can't stop feeling worried because of her frightening nightmares and in spite of Antonio's soothing words, she can't shake the feeling of impending doom. Finally unable to take the feeling that the walls are closing in on her, a desperate Sheridan runs off into the night. Beth can't stop worrying about Charlie who continues to act very strangely. Beth rethinks her plans and is shocked when Charlie talks about killing Luis.
Wednesday April 23, 2003 Episode #966
Thanks to Chad's persuasion, Whitney takes the stage at the Blue Note and starts singing. She thrills the crowd with her vocalizing while Fox can't believe his ears and stares in disbelief. Eve is shocked to find her daughter singing and panics that she's doing it in public. Liz takes great pleasure in taunting Eve about what her daughter is doing, guessing that she'll be following in her mother's footsteps. Eve finally rushes to the stage and blasts Whitney for degrading herself in front of everyone. Whitney is caught off guard and asks her mother what she means. Hank and Antonio search desperately for a missing Sheridan who has run off, frightened by her recurring dreams. Luis is also worried about Sheridan and vows to kill anyone who might harm her. Mrs. Wallace then warns Beth that if Charlie manages to kill Sheridan as she has threatened to do, Luis will learn the truth about what Beth has been doing. Beth insists that she can control the very strange Charlie. They're both unaware that Charlie has found Sheridan at the wharf and has decided it's time to kill her.
Thursday April 24, 2003 Episode #967
Gwen and Ethan are overwhelmed with emotion as they feel their unborn baby move for the first time. At the same time Theresa worries about losing her son. Pilar helps care for Little Ethan while thinking about the troubles that face her children. Embarrassed by her mother's outrageous actions at the Blue Note, Whitney lashes out at Eve and announces that from now on, she's doing what she wants, not what her parents want. Eve tries to convince her daughter she's making a mistake but Chad is there to stand up for Whitney. Julian steps in and tries to help the troubled family. Hoping to cause even more trouble for a devastated Eve, Liz tricks T.C. into stopping by the Blue note. Amazed by her beautiful singing voice, Fox tries to comfort a shaken Whitney. At the wharf Antonio, Luis and Hank search for the person who might be trying to harm Sheridan. Luis and Hank realize that the person who frightened Sheridan is the same strange lady Hank encountered earlier. Almost caught by the three, Beth hides out with Charlie and tries to come up with an escape plan. As she hides, Hank and Luis come close to discovering her.
Friday April 25, 2003 Episode #968
Finding Ethan and Theresa together, Gwen quickly jumps to the wrong conclusion. Meanwhile, Theresa begs Ethan to help her retain custody of little Ethan and he assures her that he will be there for her. Gwen reacts to what she's seen and lashes out at them. Chad and T.C. get into a bitter fight about Whitney singing at the Blue Note. T.C. accuses an outraged Chad of taking advantage of his young daughter but Chad denies it. Fox stands up for his new friends. Liz is curious when she can't find Eve. Meanwhile, in the alley outside the Blue Note, Eve confronts Julian about turning this club into an exact replica of the Blue Note in Boston where they first met. Julian confesses that he wanted to have a place that would remind him of the wonderful time they had there. Touched, Eve grows closer to Julian. She finally admits to an overwhelmed Julian that she did love him back then. At the wharf Luis confronts Beth who was hiding but Beth is able to fast-talk her way out of the situation. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace tries to give Luis a clue as to what's really happening. Sheridan remains unaware that her life is in danger when she ends up alone with Beth and the determined Charlie who is waiting to jump out of her hiding place and kill Sheridan.

Monday April 28, 2003 Episode #969
Chad tries to help a devastated Whitney deal with her anger after Eve ruined her singing debut at the Blue Note. He suggests that she leave town and go to L.A. with him in order to pursue a career as a singer. Liz helps T.C. search the club for Eve in hopes that they will find her sister with Julian. Meanwhile, Fox does just that and catches Julian and Eve in a compromising position. T.C. soon arrives but before he can see Eve with Julian, Julian hides in the dark alley so that he can't be seen. Fox then covers for Eve and Julian. Antonio vows to protect Sheridan from the woman who is out to kill her and makes a promise to her that he will never let anyone come between them again. Hank then encourages Sheridan to stop worrying about other people and how they'll react to the truth coming out. At the same time Antonio senses that his loving wife isn't telling him something. Worried that she is about to lose Luis, Beth stuns him with the shocking news that she is pregnant and carrying his child.
Tuesday April 29, 2003 Episode #970
Still dazzled by the memory of Whitney's performance, Fox is unable to hide from Theresa the fact that he's finally fallen in love. Eve forbids her outraged daughter to pursue a singing career. Spying Sheridan and the others approaching, Beth turns on the crocodile tears and loudly reminds Luis that the child she's carrying is a symbol of their love. After hearing from Fox how Whitney's debut at the Blue Note ended in another family feud, Theresa hurries off to find her friend. Though Sheridan is devastated by Beth's "news", a clueless Antonio congratulates his brother on his impending fatherhood. Alistair brushes aside his son's questions about the fate of the baby boy Julian created with Eve years ago. Chad tries to console a sobbing Whitney as she envisions a future without music. Liz warns Eve she'll alienate her daughter forever if she bans Whitney from singing. Fox begins to suspect that Julian may have another male heir besides himself and little Ethan. Later, Alistair orders Fox to sell the Blue Note at once.
Wednesday April 30, 2003 Episode #971
A tearful Eve clings to Julian as she thinks about the son they lost. Chad reminds Whitney that as long as they have one another anything is possible. Meanwhile, Fox hides from Theresa the identity of the woman with whom he's been smitten. Confiding why he believes their child may have been kidnaped years ago, Julian tells Eve that Alistair could hold the key to the answers they seek. Oblivious to Sheridan's pain, Antonio continues to congratulate Luis and Beth on their upcoming blessed event. Pulling her daughter aside, Mrs. Wallace hisses a warning but Beth remains convinced that faking a pregnancy has sealed her hold on Luis once and for all. Though Julian tries to convince her that a singing career wouldn't necessarily be the end of the world for Whitney, Eve fears her daughter will wind up making the same mistakes she did when she was part of the club scene.
Thursday May 1, 2003 Episode #972
Though Kay bemoans the fact that Charity and Miguel have reunited, Tabitha assures the girl that the happy couple will no doubt be on the rocks once again before long. Meanwhile, a beaming Charity tells Grace her news. Beth and her mother are stunned when a truckload of purchases from the Shop and Drop TV shopping network is delivered to their door. Sheridan glumly confides to Gwen how Beth's pregnancy has thrown a monkey wrench into her future plans. Meanwhile, Luis tells his mother that another grandchild is on the way. As Precious admires her new possessions, Mrs. Wallace wonders how her credit card wound up with such extravagant charges. Pilar reminds Luis how his own father would never have shied away from his responsibilities. Kay fumes to hear her mother offering Miguel and Charity her wholehearted support. An irate Charlie blasts Beth for leaving her on the wharf. Sheridan sadly decides to tell Luis that he must be there for Beth and her child. Mrs. Wallace drops a bombshell on Charlie.
Friday May 2, 2003 Episode #973
Sam informs a startled Ivy that the time has come for her to leave. Meanwhile, Grace gently reminds David that she wants him to go through with the annulment. Charlie grows enraged after learning from Mrs. Wallace how Beth hopes to land Luis. At the cottage, Sheridan icily informs Luis she never wants to see him again. Beth complains to Antonio about the heavy burden her mother has become in recent years. Ignoring Tabitha's advice about letting cooler heads prevail, Kay remains determined to take her revenge on her mother. Sam turns a deaf ear to Ivy's pleas and advises her to start packing. Oblivious to the chaos swirling all around her, Precious kicks back in front of the TV to enjoy her soaps. Invoking memories of their past lives, Luis reminds Sheridan how they've fought to be together throughout the ages. Kay reads Grace the riot act. Beth talks fast to convince Charlie that they're still "Thelma and Louise."