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May 2003


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Monday May 5, 2003 Episode #974
Kay lashes out at Grace for her disgraceful hypocrisy. Fox questions Julian after overhearing him digging for information about his son. Chad again urges Whitney to trust in their love and come to Los Angeles with him. Julian warns Fox that his curiosity could prove lethal. Tabitha "comforts" a sobbing Grace following the ugly scene with Kay. Meanwhile, Kay exhorts a startled Ivy and David to work harder at breaking up the Bennetts' marriage. After Sheridan has another fainting episode, Eve cautions Luis that both she and her unborn child could succumb to high stress levels. Julian continues to hunt for clues to the disappearance of Eve's infant son years ago. Though David is taken aback by Kay's venomous attitude towards her parents, Ivy realizes she may have found a staunch ally. Fox does a good deed for a grateful Whitney. Rebecca gives Julian an ultimatum.
Tuesday May 6, 2003 Episode #975
Theresa stumbles over a small piece of Julian's research and fears he's planning to take little Ethan away from her. Across town, Eve happily embraces Julian after he discloses that their son may be alive after all. Fox tries to plant seeds of doubt in Whitney's mind by suggesting that Chad may never be ready to settle down. Meanwhile, Chad visits a jeweler's to look at engagement rings. Sam is outraged when Grace refuses to let David lie on the annulment papers. Eavesdropping as Julian tells Eve how he's unearthed new information on their long-lost son, Liz schemes to have T.C. overhear the rest of their intimate conversation. Stung by Grace's actions, Sam angrily accuses her of driving the last nail into the coffin of their marriage. As her father storms out of the house, Kay realizes too late how much damage she's done. Fox tells Theresa he's the son Julian has been investigating. T.C. convinces Sam to have another heart-to-heart with Grace but the Bennetts' second try at communicating ends just as badly as the first.
Wednesday May 7, 2003 Episode #976
Beth explains to her horrified mother how she plans to abduct Sheridan and take her baby before knocking off her prisoner. Meanwhile, Sheridan awakens screaming from the same nightmare about two clowns stealing her baby from her. Fox thinks fast after overhearing Chad making plans to pop the question. Liz lures T.C. back to the house in hopes of having him catch his wife embracing Julian. Fox convinces Whitney not to pressure Chad into making a commitment. Later, Fox slyly suggests to Chad that he might scare Whitney off if he proposes too soon. Julian ducks into hiding just before T.C. enters the room. Afterwards, Eve warns Liz she won't let her sister's perverted thirst for vengeance tear her family apart. Mrs. Wallace reminds her daughter that Sheridan will be able to finger her kidnapper should she manage to escape. Whitney confides to Theresa how she's decided to track down Chad's parents as a gift to the man she loves. Meanwhile, Julian is amused to discover that he shares an unusual preference with Chad.
Thursday May 8, 2003 Episode #977
Luis calms Sheridan's fears. Ethan readies a surprise for a wary Gwen. Unaware of her friend's true agenda, Theresa commends Fox for trying to help Chad and Whitney work out their problems. Meanwhile, on the wharf, Julian shows his kinder, gentler side to an appreciative Whitney and Chad. Liz sets another trap for Eve but T.C. jumps to the wrong conclusion yet again. Theresa assures Fox that she will manage to woo Ethan back in due time. Luis and Sheridan talk dreamily of the baby they hope to share. Julian encourages Whitney after she confides how she hopes to track down Chad's birth parents. Gwen is delighted to discover that Ethan has arranged a baby shower for her and their unborn child. T.C. tells Liz how emotional Eve would get every time he mentioned during her pregnancies that they might have a son. Theresa presses Fox to name his lady love. Liz slyly suggests to T.C. that his wife may have had another pregnancy without his knowledge.
Friday May 9, 2003 Episode #978
Gwen and Sheridan are shaken by a sudden dark cloud which descends upon them and brings a vision of Beth, Antonio and Theresa. Fox continues to stonewall when Theresa pushes him to name the woman he loves. Whitney wishes Julian success in finding his long-lost son. Meanwhile, Eve sadly admits to a stunned T.C. that years ago she gave birth to a baby boy who was stolen from her. Sheridan tells Luis she fears the vision was an omen of terrible things to come. Liz senses victory within her grasp but is taken aback when a sympathetic T.C. offers Eve his support. Ethan promises Gwen he won't let anyone come between them. Theresa entreats Julian not to put her through the same pain he felt when he "lost" Ethan. Though Sheridan feels Luis should be with Beth and his child, Gwen suggests that her rival's pregnancy is too conveniently timed to be credible. Chad tells Julian how his father was a racist who refused to marry his pregnant black lover. Later, Julian encounters a heartbroken Eve weeping on the docks.

Monday May 12, 2003 Episode #979
Chad is pleased and touched when he learns that Whitney has been trying to find his birth parents. On the docks, Julian consoles an agitated Eve as she fears her whole life may have just been ruined. Luis once again finds himself the object of Precious' affection, much to the amusement of Ethan and Hank. Sheridan overreacts at the sight of a newspaper advertisement featuring a pair of circus clowns. On the heels of the Bennetts' latest quarrel, Ivy prods David to strike while the iron is hot. Mrs. Wallace attempts to warn Sheridan about the danger she and her unborn child are in but Beth silences the old woman by threatening to place her in the state hospital for the mentally defective. T.C. demands some answers after coming upon Eve and Julian together yet again. Gwen feels even more certain that Beth's alleged pregnancy is nothing more than a fabrication. John encourages his father to pursue Grace, while Sam receives a visit at the precinct house from his estranged wife.
Tuesday May 13, 2003 Episode #980
Whitney confides to Theresa her fear that something is always bound to come between her and Chad. As Eve weeps, Liz triumphantly informs T.C. that his wife had a son before Whitney and Simone were born. Gwen stuns her friends at the Book Cafe by opining that Beth isn't pregnant at all. Grace tearfully declares her love to Sam but he icily reminds her that her own actions tore their marriage apart. Cornered, Beth hastily invents a plausible sounding story to explain why she hasn't received any prenatal care. Astounded to learn that her mother had another child, Whitney joins T.C. in consoling a sobbing Eve. David comforts Grace following the ugly scene with Sam. Ivy reminisces about her first love. Certain Beth is still lying, Gwen again points out why her "pregnancy" is doubtful. T.C. wonders why Liz knew all about Eve's big secret when her own family had no clue. Meanwhile, Fox suggests to a startled Chad that he could be Eve's long-lost son.
Wednesday May 14, 2003 Episode #981
Sheridan confides to Gwen how her happiness at being a mother-to-be is tempered by her doubts about her child's paternity. Mrs. Wallace insists on accompanying Luis and a shaky Beth to their first prenatal appointment. Stunned by Eve's story, a frantic Whitney tells Theresa she fears she may have been sleeping with her own brother. Meanwhile, Fox gleefully feeds Chad's anxiety about his possible blood tie to Whitney. As they prepare for their first natural childbirth class with Ethan and Antonio, Gwen again cautions Sheridan that Beth is undoubtedly faking her pregnancy. T.C. encourages a hysterical Eve to tell him the rest of her tale, while Julian berates Liz for her monstrous behavior. At the doctor's office, Beth attempts to convince Luis not to wait with her but he insists on staying put. Julian rushes to Eve's rescue after she begins hyperventilating.
Thursday May 15, 2003 Episode #982
Fox reminds an anguished Theresa why Chad's relationship with Whitney now seems hopeless. Meanwhile, Whitney tearfully pulls away from Chad when he tries to console her. As Julian helps Eve recover from a bout of hyperventilation, Liz hints to an astonished T.C. that he was not the father of his wife's baby boy. Gwen again explains to Ethan why she's so certain Beth is faking her pregnancy. Sheridan panics once more after spying another advertisement featuring a pair of circus clowns. Charlie impersonates a physician to get Beth out of a jam. Julian assures a grateful Eve he'll help her face her husband and take whatever consequences come for the mistakes they made together years ago. Precious nearly blows Charlie's cover when she recognizes the phony "doctor." Later, Beth privately assures a jealous Charlie she has no interest in Luis but only wants to exact revenge on Sheridan.
Friday May 16, 2003 Episode #983
Beth eavesdrops as Luis assures an anguished Sheridan that they will find a way to be together. Meanwhile, Charlie triumphantly displays for a horrified Mrs. Wallace and Precious the clown costumes she and Beth will employ to overpower Sheridan. David promises Grace he'll get out of her life forever if their nostalgic trip doesn't jog her memory. Liz hopes that T.C. has finally bought a clue about the paternity of Eve's son but she's disappointed when he assumes his wife miscarried the baby boy. Antonio decides to play matchmaker to ensure that Luis and Beth tie the knot. Certain her dad is right about Eve's miscarriage, a relieved Whitney tells Chad they could not be brother and sister after all. Grace explains to a baffled Sam how in order to save their marriage she's going away with David. Charlie begins excavating in the Wallace's basement. Antonio explains to his flustered brother why it's in his best interest to marry Beth right away. Sam warns Grace that her weekend jaunt with David will end their marriage instead of saving it. Fox begins to wonder about his father's fondness for Eve.

Monday May 19, 2003 Episode #984

Charlie continues to dig a hole in Beth's basement while Mrs. Wallace wonders what exactly Beth is planning. Edna wishes she could protect Sheridan. Meanwhile, Antonio tries to help get Beth and Luis married. Beth is overjoyed while Luis and Sheridan scramble for excuses. A frustrated Luis explains he can't marry Beth because of Sheridan. Antonio is taken aback as Beth seethes with anger. Sheridan collapses from the stress.

Kay and Tabitha look into the magic bowl and watch as David and Sam physically fight over Grace. Livid over Grace's decision to go away with David, Sam blames Grace for the destruction of their marriage.

Charity has a curious vision about Kay. Jessica believes her sister is behind her parents' problems. Meanwhile, Kay feels guilty and wants to tell the truth, much to Tabitha's concern. Kay panics when she thinks Charity has figured everything out.

Tuesday May 20, 2003 Episode #985

Kay and Tabitha fear Charity's vision may have told her everything. Jessica thinks Kay is responsible for all the trouble in their family. To Kay's relief, Charity blames herself for all that's gone wrong. Miguel tries to convince her she's not to blame. Charity shocks everyone when she announces plans to leave Harmony.

TC tries to reason with a fed-up Sam. Eve begins to tell her friends about Ivy's scheme, but she can't go through with it. David and Sam get into another brawl, and John jumps in to stand up for his father. Ivy encourages David to keep going after what he wants. John tells his father to fight for Grace. Sam believes his marriage is over as TC tries to console him. In private, Eve stuns Grace when she admits she kissed Julian. Meanwhile, Julian laments over the past and wishes he'd chosen a different path.

Sheridan's health takes a hit due to all her stress. Antonio and Luis fuss over her, and Luis decides Sheridan won't be able to handle the pressure of telling his brother the truth. Gwen remains suspicious of Beth, especially when Beth won't let her touch her stomach.

Wednesday May 21, 2003 Episode #986

Kay wants to do the right thing and tell everyone the truth. Tabitha tries to talk her out of it, but Kay thinks of her unborn child and feels guilty about everything she's said and done. Tabitha asks Kay if she can live without Miguel.

TC tries to talk Sam into not giving up on his marriage. Eve presses Grace to admit that a part of her wants to be with David. Grace insists she doesn't, but Eve doesn't buy it. Feeling like a lousy friend, Eve tries to come clean with Grace about what Ivy is really up to. Meanwhile, a confident Ivy insists to David they will get exactly what they want.

Beth manipulates Antonio to her advantage. Sheridan tells Luis they aren't meant to be. Luis tries to stop her from giving up, but she's done trying. Beth readies her plan to kidnap Sheridan.

Thursday May 22, 2003 Episode #987

David gets ready to take off with Grace and John wishes him luck. Grace hopes someone will help her and Sam find a way to work things out. Kay shows up to expose the truth, but bristles when Grace unintentionally insults her. Kay tells a shocked Ivy she wants to inform her parents about the plot to break them up.

Julian continues to reflect on his past. Rebecca tries to make wedding plans, but Julian's mind remains elsewhere.

Fox tries to cause trouble for Whitney and Chad. Fox acts fast when Chad confides he's going to propose to Whitney right away. Theresa worries about losing Little Ethan.

Beth has to think fast when Luis finds Charlie digging up the basement. Mrs. Wallace celebrates when she thinks the jig is up. Beth is upset when Luis asks her to go to Antonio and tell him she wants to call off the wedding.

Friday May 23, 2003 Episode #988

Theresa and Julian face off over Little Ethan when Julian wants to hold him. However, a suspicious Theresa won't let Julian near her son. 

Antonio continues to fuss over Sheridan, but ends up putting more stress on his wife when he asks her for help with Beth and Luis' wedding. Sheridan doesn't see how she and Luis can be together, but Luis fills her in on his new plan. Meanwhile, Charlie goes into a fit of rage when she overhears Beth say she's going to marry Luis. Beth lies and insists it's all part of her plot to get back at Sheridan. 

Sam tells Grace it's over between them if she leaves with David. TC and Eve can't believe what's happening. Grace begs Sam to understand she's only going with David to prove she doesn't have feelings for him. Believing she's doing what's best for her relationship with Sam, Grace leaves with David for their trip. Jessica lashes out at John. Kay feels guilty but Tabitha reminds her to stay focused. Eve accidentally says too much to Sam.

Monday May 26, 2003 Episode #989

Kay purposely interrupts Miguel and Charity's romantic evening by asking him to take her to Lamaze class. Kay's plan goes sour when Miguel invites Charity to come with them. Tabitha tags along to the class and tries to hide her own pregnancy. 

Grace struggles with whether or not she's doing the right thing by going away with David. David offers to take her home but she refuses. Meanwhile, Jessica tries to comfort her dad. Eve doesn't want to leave Sam alone for fear that Ivy will get her hands on him. TC tells Eve he blames Grace for the situation. Ivy gets ready to make her move on Sam. 

Julian gives Theresa permission to leave the estate with Little Ethan, but vows to be a part of his son's life. A shocked Theresa doesn't trust Julian and vows to keep him from his son. Whitney thinks her mother has a lot to do with Julian's change of heart. 

Tuesday May 27, 2003 Episode #990

When Grace and David stop off for the night at the place where she supposedly spent their honeymoon, Grace is put off by the fact that there is only one room left for them to share. She begins to wonder if David somehow staged this whole thing, but David covers. Grace agrees to share the suite. Meanwhile, Ivy is sitting pretty when she and San decide to go out together for the evening. She sets out to keep Grace's trip with David in the front of Sam's mind.

TC and Eve have a heart-to-heart talk over a dinner at the Lobster Shack about the past and decide to leave in the past talk about any former lovers they may have had. They cite the problems it has caused their friends, Grace and Sam. Things are going so well between them that Eve considers telling TC about her past with Julian. Meanwhile, Fox grills Julian about how he and Eve are linked. Julian forcefully tells Fox to back off, which only heightens his suspicion. Julian sets out to warn Eve that Fox may be on to them. Chad and Whitney celebrate not being brother and sister and have a romantic evening. Elsewhere, Alistair destroys information about Chad's parents -- evidence that proves that Chad's parents live in Harmony.

Luis presses Beth to back up his story, so she reluctantly tells Antonio she doesn't want to get married just yet. Luis and Sheridan are relieved that their relationship still has a chance of succeeding. Antonio is not convinced and presses Beth for an explanation. She confesses that Luis persuaded her to say this because he doesn't feel ready to get married now. Antonio tells Beth he'll have a talk with Luis. He's determined that Luis and Beth will be married sooner rather than later. Charlie overhears and lets out a moan of despair.

Wednesday May 28, 2003 Episode #991

Eve feels guilty when a clueless TC says he's glad she doesn't have a past he has to worry about. Julian hurries to the Lobster Shack to warn Eve about Fox getting too close to the truth. Fox pursues the secret his father is hiding about his past. 

Sam and Ivy have a romantic dinner together and take a trip down memory lane. TC and Eve believe Sam and Grace can work everything out but are then shocked to see Sam with Ivy. At the hotel, David and Grace grow closer as he pretends to try sparking a memory for Grace. 

Mrs. Wallace giddily awaits her daughter's punishment for all her crimes. A murderous Charlie searches the Crane estate for Beth. Luis, Antonio and Ethan search frantically for the intruder on the grounds, certain it's the person who is after Sheridan. 

Thursday May 29, 2003 Episode #992

Chad and Whitney are determined that no one and nothing will ever drive a wedge between them again. Chad's life takes a major turn for the better when he finds out that a record label has a deal for him and wants him to come to Los Angeles right away. Chad is overjoyed and wants Whitney to come with him so they can start a new life together. Whitney happily agrees.

Grace is taken aback when David slips up and starts calling her Ivy. David talks his way around it, however. David bribes a violinist to claim to remember the couple from their honeymoon. Grace is swept up in the romantic scene, and as she dances with David, they kiss.

At the Lobster Shack, Eve takes Ivy aside and warns her to stop trying to take Sam away from Eve. Ivy tells Eve to mind her own business. Meanwhile, TC takes Sam aside and tells him he should be working on his marriage, not seeing Ivy. Unaware that Fox is tailing him, Julian finds Eve. Julian and Eve are more concerned than ever about Fox figuring out about their affair. Julian does his best to assure Eve that their secret is safe. Fox is stunned to see Julian and Eve in a passionate kiss.

As the search for the intruder continues, Charlie narrowly misses being caught by Luis. Sheridan is more jittery than ever about the commotion at the estate. Meanwhile, Charlie sets up outside Sheridan's bedroom window and vows to destroy her for turning Beth against her. Beth panics when she fears Charlie's capture will destroy her grand plans and expose her as someone out to get Sheridan. Charlie sneaks into Sheridan's room and knocks her out.

Friday May 30, 2003 Episode #993

David and Grace finally share a passionate kiss and Grace has to reluctantly admit that she does have lingering feelings for David. However, she's not sure what that means in terms of her marriage to Sam. David takes this as encouragement and he tries to find a way to break down Grace's heart. Realizing that Grace thinks his life is much more exciting than hers, he offers to take her on an adventure. Grace accepts.

Eve and Julian are in each other's arms and kiss, but Ivy sees them together. Ivy blasts Eve accusing her of having been carrying on with Julian for years. Also seeing them kissing, Fox is stunned at the thought that he might be Whitney's brother. He's relieved when that idea is squashed by Eve and Julian's denial of Ivy's accusation. Julian hides when TC comes looking for Eve and it appears Ivy is going to tell him all about what she witnessed. However, she only makes mention of reigniting passion with lost loves, which TC takes as a reference to Ivy's situation with Sam. TC warns Ivy to give it up and privately asks Eve to stay away from Ivy. Meanwhile, Fox puts two and two together and realizes that Ivy didn't reveal Julian and Eve's secret because one of them must have something to hold against her. Julian orders Fox to forget what he overheard tonight. When Fox doesn't agree to do so, Julian lunges at him.

Whitney is thrilled for Chad and agrees to go with him to Los Angeles. Charlie attacks Sheridan in her bedroom and confronts Beth about her lies. Beth tries to get through to a furious Charlie, who wants to speed up the plan to kidnap Sheridan. Charlie wants to do things her way, and Beth is afraid that she will not listen to reason. Charlie declares that if they don't take Sheridan now, she'll reveal Beth's plot to Luis.