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July 2003


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Monday June 30, 2003 Episode #1,014
Fox invites Theresa, Chad and Whitney back to the Blue Note for an impromptu bon voyage party. Alistair reminds his disgusted son that they must take full advantage of Sheridan's absence to further their own private agenda. Eve snatches the incriminating photo away from Liz before T.C. can lay eyes on it. Encouraged by Theresa to believe that true love always finds a way, Fox fantasizes about a life with Whitney. Luis' search for Sheridan proves futile but he remains grimly determined to locate his lost love. Liz salivates at the thought of finally repaying Eve for the way she abandoned her kid sister years ago. As Edna wails about being sent up the river, Precious envisions herself as one sorry ape behind bars. Whitney coaxes Fox and Theresa out onto the dance floor, then notes how good they look in one another's arms. Beth attempts to talk the police out of searching her house but Luis stubbornly persists. Unaware that Whitney and her friends are inside the Blue Note, Eve decides to burn down Liz's jazz club.
Tuesday July 01, 2003 Episode #1,015
Simone, Jessica and Charity arrange a surprise baby shower for Kay while she and Tabitha are temporarily out of the house. Blissfully unaware of the danger at hand, Chad, Whitney, Theresa and Fox continue to dance in the otherwise empty Blue Note. Meanwhile, Julian is startled to find Eve standing outside the blazing jazz club with a gas can in her hand. Gazing at the flames, Eve tells Julian she's taken steps to defang Liz before her vengeful sister destroys the entire Russell family. Beth scrambles to keep Luis out of her basement as Edna and Precious hold their breath. Though Julian moves to call the fire department, Eve urges him to let the Blue Note burn before its evil influence corrupts her elder daughter. T.C. admits to Sam how he hasn't been able to rid himself of his rage towards Julian. On the wharf, Kay and Tabitha indulge in a junk food binge to satisfy their cravings. Back at the Lennox house, Miguel confides to John how much he wishes Charity was his baby's mother instead of Kay. Theresa narrowly escapes injury as the fire finally spreads into the interior of the club. Later, Eve is horrified to realize that she's trapped Whitney and her friends in the inferno.
Wednesday July 02, 2003 Episode #1,016
Beth fears the jig is up when Luis again insists on searching her basement. Tabitha reminds Kay that no one must know of the witch's late-in-life pregnancy. Charity has a sudden premonition of a fatal fire. Across town, Eve screams in anguish to see Whitney trapped by the flames consuming the jazz club. Kay feels confident that the arrival of her blessed event will bring Miguel back to her side for good. Her strength ebbing badly, Sheridan prays that Luis will find her in time. As the inferno spreads, T.C. vows to kill Chad for putting Whitney in danger but Liz realizes who truly is responsible for the arson which has threatened four young lives. Kay is delighted to discover family and friends arranging the surprise baby shower, but her pleasure fades when Charity's doom and gloom visions bring the party to a crashing halt. Liz reminds a tearful Eve that her daughter's death will be on her head if Whitney perishes in the fire. Precious has another unsettling daydream about losing Luis forever when she winds up on Death Row.
Thursday July 03, 2003 Episode #
Due to live coverage of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, "Passions" will not air
Friday Juuly 04, 2003 Episode #
Due to live coverage of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, "Passions" will not air

Monday July 07, 2003 Episode #1,017
Certain the jig is finally up, a panicked Edna begins to blurt out a confession to Luis. Kay's baby shower comes to a crashing halt once again when Charity announces that a mother's child is about to die. Across town, Sam and T.C. struggle to find a way to lead the young folks out of the fire as a petrified Eve screams in anguish. Kay rails at Charity for deliberately ruining her shower with her stupid premonitions. Liz continues to snipe at Eve for putting her whole family in mortal peril. Though Kay accuses her mother of taking Charity's side like always, Grace assures the girl that she and Sam are thrilled at the prospect of becoming grandparents. Luis is baffled when Edna falls to her knees to plead for mercy. Later, Charlie triumphantly tells Beth how she sent the phony e-mail under Sheridan's name to throw Luis off the track. Julian holds a frantic Eve back as the roof of the Blue Note begins to cave in on top of its occupants. Ivy snidely reminds Grace that Gwen's baby will be Sam's firstborn grandchild.
Tuesday July 08, 2003 Episode #1,018
Charlie boasts to Beth and Edna how she's made certain that the police won't bother them again. John gawks in shock as Tabitha's heartburn manifests itself in flames pouring from the witch's mouth. Miguel reminds a fuming Kay that though they may share a child they will never share a life. As Eve works frantically to revive her daughter, T.C. attacks Chad. Luis reluctantly calls off the search for Sheridan after reading the e-mail from "Paris." Ivy remarks on Tabitha's expanding girth but scoffs at the possibility that such an old lady could get pregnant. Stung, Tabitha informs the stunned assemblage that she is in fact with child. Hank and Luis try to locate the source of Sheridan's e-mail. Meanwhile, Beth fears that Charlie's ploy will backfire when the message is traced back to her computer. Whitney finally comes to and finds her father and her fianc? fighting again. Kay panics when her water breaks way ahead of schedule.
Wednesday July 09, 2003 Episode #1,019
Whitney admits to Chad how surprised she was when Eve offered her blessing about moving to L.A. At the same time T.C. complains about her betrayal and demands that his wife explain why she gave her okay to their daughter to leave town. Eve can't give him an answer as she realizes she can't tell him her fears Liz would lead her down a terrible path to destruction in Harmony in order to seek revenge. Eve then worries that her sister is getting everything that she wants. Julian points out to Liz that now that she doesn't have the Blue Note, there is nothing to keep her from leaving town. The Fire Marshall announces that the fire that destroyed the Blue Note was arson. When her water breaks, Kay fears that it's too soon for the baby to be born. Everyone tries to help Kay though Miguel blames his argument with her for the early labor. While Grace tries to help her daughter relax, Tabitha finds Charity levitating in her bedroom. Charity has a nightmare about the "demon" that Tabitha is carrying. In the nightmare Tabitha calls her newborn with a forked tail the ruler of the dark side and then proceeds to give it a baby bottle filled with blood. Waking, Charity advises her that there is something wrong with her baby.
Thursday July 10, 2003 Episode #1,020
As the paramedics tend to her sister, Jessica admits to Simone how scared she is for Kay and the baby. Upstairs, Tabitha heaves a sigh of relief when Charity tells Miguel she can't remember much of the last few minutes. Certain Sheridan is still in jeopardy, Luis orders that the search for his sister-in-law be resumed. Outside the charred jazz club, a suspicious T.C. questions Julian about his presence at the scene before the fire broke out. Kay tearfully refuses to go to the hospital unless Miguel accompanies her in the ambulance. Antonio gets nowhere trying to convince his brother that Sheridan is safe from harm in France. Whitney exchanges an emotional farewell with her mother but her father coldly turns his back on her. In the ER, a fearful Grace and Pilar wring their hands when Kay's doctor warns that her baby is in serious distress. Liz demands that Julian pay to have the Blue Note rebuilt.
Friday July 11, 2003 Episode #1,021
Using a borrowed stethoscope, Tabitha proudly listens to her little devil's heartbeat for the first time. Beth shudders when Luis decides to search the Wallaces' basement as the house-to-house hunt resumes. Rebecca cautions Gwen not to let down her guard where the man-eating Theresa is concerned. Sam and Grace wait anxiously for word on their daughter as Kay's labor pains intensify. Even as Chad and his fiance finish saying their farewells to Theresa, Fox continues to fantasize about wooing Whitney away from her intended. Julian offers Eve his consolation when she frets about being fingered as an arsonist. Antonio reminds his determined brother that another search is totally unnecessary. Meanwhile, Beth hurries home with the bad news but Charlie calmly suggests that they simply bump Sheridan off and dispose of the evidence. Stunned to overhear Jessica and Simone snickering about Tabitha's pregnancy, Julian shudders to think he might be the baby's father. Later, Tabitha's unborn "child" goes to great lengths to get a sneak peek at its daddy.

Monday July 14, 2003 Episode #1,022
Julian is stunned to learn that he is the father of Tabitha's unborn "child." Rebecca continues to nag an irked Ethan to admit that he'd leave Gwen in a New York minute if she wasn't pregnant. Antonio begins to wonder why Luis seems so glued to Sheridan's diary. Shaken by a new premonition, Charity warns Miguel that Kay is about to lose his baby. Donning her clown costume, Beth gruffly instructs Sheridan to phone Luis and convince him she's in Paris. Still seething over losing Chad to her sister, Simone plots her revenge. Eve cautions Grace and Sam that Kay and her baby aren't out of the woods just yet. Theresa accompanies Fox, Whitney and Chad to the airport to see them off on their flight to Los Angeles. Ethan adamantly informs Rebecca he will never desert her daughter no matter what. Luis kicks himself for failing Sheridan when she needed him most. Simone furiously confronts Whitney at the airport. Julian gets more than he bargained for when he assures Tabitha that he intends to be a hands-on father.
Tuesday July 15, 2003 Episode #1,023
A shuddering Charity tells Miguel that his baby is going to tear them apart. At the airport, Theresa and Chad leap to Whitney's defense but Simone continues to vent her rage at her sister. John is astonished to see Tabitha's unborn creature reaching out to choke Julian. Luis fears the jig is up when he spots Antonio with Sheridan's journal. Kay bitterly lashes out at Charity for using her stupid premonitions to be the center of attention yet again. Wearing her clown disguise, Beth orders Sheridan to call Luis and assure him she's safe. Tabitha finally convinces her "child" to release Julian and retreat back into her womb. Declaring that she hopes never to lay eyes on her sister again, Simone warns Chad that Whitney will turn on him as well one day. Tabitha haughtily informs Julian that she intends to raise her offspring alone.
Wednesday July 16, 2003 Episode #1,024
Aboard the private jet, Fox, Chad and Whitney share a bon voyage toast as they each look forward to the start of a new life in Los Angeles. Determined to get Ethan far away from Theresa's clutches, Rebecca and Ivy search the Internet for a West Coast specialist to treat Gwen. Inside the pit, a seething Sheridan vows to track down and punish whoever has been keeping her away from the people she loves. Edna fears that her devilish daughter has concocted a new scheme to hold the police at bay. Gwen has a frightening vision about losing her baby and then losing her husband to Theresa. Whitney falls asleep on the plane and dreams about a romantic encounter with Fox. Rebecca triumphantly announces that she's found a way to save her daughter's marriage. Theresa returns to the hospital to find Kay in labor and an anguished Pilar wringing her hands. Later, Pilar urges Theresa to go to California and get her priorities straight but is exasperated when her daughter insists on staying close to Ethan. Meanwhile, Ethan agrees to take Gwen to L.A. for treatment.
Thursday July 17, 2003 Episode #1,025
John commends Charity for supporting Miguel and showing Kay such compassion during this trying time. Meanwhile, Miguel sits with Kay as her contractions begin coming faster and faster. Beth explains to Charlie and Edna how she plans to force their captive to record a message for Luis. John hesitantly admits to Charity how he saw Tabitha's unborn child reach out from the womb to choke Julian. In Los Angeles, Fox offers to show a delighted Whitney and Chad all the sights in true California style. Ivy seethes to see Sam and Grace growing closer as they commiserate about their daughter's predicament. Later, Eve cautions the Bennetts to prepare themselves for the possibility that Kay's baby may not survive. Beth vows to kill Sheridan if she refuses to make the DVD for Luis. Fox assures a self-conscious Whitney that the California girls can't hold a candle to her.
Friday July 18, 2003 Episode #1,026
Fox brings Chad and Whitney to his family's L.A. condo and invites them to make themselves at home. Grace is devastated to realize that Sam blames her for Kay's latest trouble. Meanwhile, Eve cautions a frightened Kay that an emergency C-section may be necessary if complications continue to occur. When Sheridan stubbornly refuses to make a tape for Luis, an exasperated Beth decides to rid herself of a serious liability. Ivy instructs David to use Grace's vulnerable state to move in on her again. Precious daydreams about Luis dumping Sheridan for her. Fox is disappointed when Whitney and Chad decide to share a guest bedroom instead of sleeping apart. Later, Fox secretly arranges for Chad to be called away to the studio. Watching her patient's blood pressure rise, Eve fears that Kay may not survive labor and delivery. As Charlie and Beth decide to fill in the pit and eliminate all evidence of their crime, Edna shudders to think of Sheridan getting buried alive.

Monday July 21, 2003 Episode #1,027
Fox takes full advantage of Chad's absence to get up close and personal with Whitney as they sunbathe together poolside. With Kay's baby in obvious distress, Eve rushes her patient to the OR for an emergency C-section. Charlie gleefully reports to a horrified Edna that she and Beth have decided to bury Sheridan alive. Fox intercepts Chad's call to Whitney when he phones to report that he may have the opportunity to produce a hot new female singer. Miguel stays by Kay's side as the anxious mother-to-be is prepped for her C-section. An exhausted Luis falls asleep at his desk in the precinct house and dreams of Sheridan. Meanwhile, Sheridan entreats her tormentors to let her baby live. Ivy looks on in delight as the rift between Sam and Grace grows even wider. Edna decides to call the police but Charlie announces that Sheridan has finally agreed to make the video. Kay's baby girl is born but complications soon ensue. Sheridan makes a bid for freedom.
Tuesday July 22, 2003 Episode #1,028
Chad is impressed by his first sight of the production studio he'll be using from now on. Back at the pool, Fox continues to fantasize about getting intimate with Whitney. Beth tackles Sheridan as she makes a break for the stairs. Miguel tries to calm a terrified Kay as Eve struggles to resuscitate their newborn baby girl. Luis tells Hank he's finally figured out where Sheridan has been all along. Kay's family and friends gather together to pray for her daughter's recovery. Pilar encourages Theresa to go west and visit Whitney so she won't be tempted to make a foolish play for Ethan. Meanwhile, an unwitting Rebecca and Ivy press Ethan and Gwen to head to California right away. Eve regretfully informs a devastated Kay and Miguel that their child is dead. Later, Sam and Grace cling to one another as the bad news spreads to the waiting room. Beth fears she's killed her prisoner after Sheridan takes a bad spill. Miguel, Kay and all their loved ones celebrate when the baby suddenly begins breathing again on her own.
Wednesday July 23, 2003 Episode #1,029
At the studio Chad works closely with a flirtatious and seductive Syd who quickly realizes she wants to be with him. Meanwhile, Chad can only think about Whitney and surprises her with plans to take her to the Marina, a romantic place on the beach. Hearing their plans, Fox decides to try to ruin their date and is pleased to meet Syd who may be able to help. Relieved that their daughter is alive, Kay and Miguel spend some time with her before she is taken to the neo-natal unit at the hospital. Kay vows to be with her baby and ends up fighting Eve to do it. She's outraged when Charity shows up and quickly orders her to get out. Blaming himself for the early delivery, Miguel insists that Kay is going to make a great mother. Charity worries that she's lost Miguel forever now. David stops Ivy from bothering Grace and Sam. Eve guesses that the baby is not going to survive. Luis heads to Beth's house where he vows to find Sheridan. Beth panics when she assumes that Sheridan is dead. Thanks to her own fear of getting caught and Mrs. Wallace's loud worries, Beth makes plans to escape from Harmony until Charlie reaches down to feel their prisoner's pulse and points out that Sheridan is still alive. They place her back in the pit before she comes to. Luis enters and senses something's different about Beth but is unaware she forget to put her pregnancy pillow back under her top.
Thursday July 24, 2003 Episode #1,030
While Chad and Whitney finally enjoy some quality time in L.A., Fox offers to help Syd find her new producer after hours. Ethan promises a beaming Gwen that she won't have to fret about Theresa once they're on their way to California. As Luis puzzles over why she seems so different, Beth realizes in alarm that she's neglected to reattach the bag of sugar she's been using to fake her pregnancy. Theresa unwittingly books a seat on the same flight as Gwen and Ethan. Whitney and Chad attend a performance by Mya. Syd's raw ambition gives Fox a brainstorm about how to use the up-and-coming singer to drive Whitney into his arms. Precious daydreams about presenting Luis with a bouncing baby boy. Meanwhile, Luis confronts Beth about the sudden change in her appearance. Whitney raises her eyebrows when the seductive Syd greets Chad with an extra warm embrace. Beth assures Luis that his imagination was running wild when he saw her earlier.
Friday July 25, 2003 Episode #1,031
Fretful that her lover is cheating on her, Rebecca trails Julian across town. Aboard the flight to L.A., Theresa confides to her seatmate how she plans to win a married man. Meanwhile, Ethan leaves the first class cabin and wanders back into coach but fails to spot Theresa. As Tabitha indulges her food cravings yet again, Julian arrives and insists that they talk about their baby. Whitney winces as Syd performs a flirtatious song in front of an appreciative Chad. Beth pulls a fuse to keep Luis in the dark about Sheridan but the policeman doggedly continues his search of the Wallaces' basement. The unborn demon attacks Julian again once his back is turned. Fox slyly reinforces Whitney's insecurity about Syd working so closely with Chad. Tabitha covers for her "child" by telling a gasping Julian it was her raging hormones which made her choke him. Later, as Rebecca confronts Julian, Tabitha suddenly goes into labor.

Monday July 28, 2003 Episode #1,032
As Syd continues to flirt openly with Chad, Fox again feeds Whitney's insecurities about her tenuous hold on her fiance. Miguel and Kay sit vigil beside their tiny daughter's incubator in the neonatal ICU. Julian and a flustered Rebecca are forced to tend to Tabitha as her labor pangs intensify. In the Wallaces' basement, Luis hears Sheridan's faint cries for help but Beth convinces him he only imagined the sound. Eve tries to reassure Charity that she is the only woman who holds Miguel's heart. Fox feels confident he'll soon be the apple of Whitney's eye. Ethan and Gwen narrowly miss spotting Theresa as the passengers disembark at LAX. As Julian and Rebecca reluctantly prepare to deliver Tabitha's baby, the house begins shaking violently and demons begin to howl. Chad assures Whitney he'll soon be able to focus all his attention on his future bride. Precious envisions Luis as the hero of her favorite soap opera.
Tuesday July 29, 2003 Episode #1,033
A fretful Grace and Pilar pray for their infant granddaughter as a code blue summons doctors to the NICU. Julian and Rebecca gasp in horror when Tabitha's baby emerges tail first from the womb. Though Whitney urges her to face reality, Theresa confidently assures her friends she will end up with Ethan despite the many obstacles in their path. Meanwhile, an unwitting Ethan and Gwen make their way to the Cranes' L.A. condo. Though Rebecca and Julian cringe to see her polka-dotted offspring, Tabitha happily cuddles her "child" and welcomes all the denizens of the dark to see the new arrival. Grace attempts to comfort Kay as they watch Eve work through the viewing window of the neonatal unit. Later, Kay berates Miguel for leaving their ailing baby to go be with Charity. To Edna's surprise and dismay, Luis buys into the images on the DVD and tells Antonio he now realizes Sheridan is safe in Paris. The head demon gleefully informs Julian and Rebecca that they'll spend eternity in hell.
Wednesday July 30, 2003 Episode #1,034
Kay lashes out at Charity, saying she is responsible for the life and death crisis her baby girl is going through. What she is really upset about is that Charity is keeping Miguel away from her. Eve saves the baby's life for now. Kay is upset when no one takes her side against Charity, and is suddenly struck with terrible pain. Eve tries to calm Kay down, but Kay wants to know if Miguel is going to continue to break promises to be with Charity. Eve instructs Miguel to keep Kay calm, and Miguel gently asks Charity to leave. Charity leaves, but overhears Miguel telling Kay that nothing is more important to him than her and their daughter. Charity wonders if Miguel has room left for her in his life. As Charity walks away, she's followed by a strange man. Julian and Rebecca can't escape their trip to hell with Tabitha and her demon baby. The head demon threatens to keep Julian and Rebecca in hell for their misdeeds, but privately admits to Tabitha that he's just messing with them. The head demon reveals that the baby will be the source of great evil in the world. He takes Tabitha to task for not doing enough to inflict pain and suffering, and warns her that if she keeps failing she will suffer dire consequences. Julian, Rebecca, Tabitha and her baby are magically transported back to Tabitha's house. Julian and Rebecca are happy to buy Tabitha's explanation that they were hallucinating after too many Martimmys. When Tabitha shows them her baby, it looks like a normal human girl -- but when Julian and Rebecca leave the room, the baby briefly changes back into a demon. Theresa and Ethan almost run into each other at the apartment, but manage to miss seeing each other again. Gwen faints as they approach the door and Ethan calls the paramedics to take care of her. Something tells Theresa that she and Ethan are going to see each other again, but when she doesn't run into him, she suspects her instincts are wrong. An ambulance approaches the apartment complex, and Theresa, Fox, Chad and Whitney decide to find out what's going on. Luis has a gnawing suspicion that all is not right with Sheridan even though he saw the DVD, which shows her in Paris. Antonio and Hank do their best to convince Luis that he needs to accept that Sheridan left the country to sort things out. Hoping to discern whether Sheridan is really in Paris, Luis scrutinizes the DVD for clues. Meanwhile, Charlie shows Mrs. Wallace how she edited the tape to make it look like Sheridan was in Paris. In the pit, Sheridan is losing all hope of being rescued.


Thursday July 31, 2003 Episode #1,035
The paramedics take Gwen to the hospital when it seems that she and her baby's life are in distress. Meanwhile, Theresa thinks she sees Ethan's luggage in the hallway and becomes hopeful that he might be coming back to her, after all. Whitney, Chad and Fox convince Theresa that they're better off staying in the apartment for a little while than investigating the ambulance that's arrived. Later, they head down to the pool for some relaxation, while Gwen fervently hopes that she can keep her baby. Julian and Rebecca return from their trip to hell and talk themselves into believing it was just a nightmare. Julian insists Tabitha and their baby get checked out at the hospital, finally threatening to reveal the baby's paternity if she doesn't go. At the hospital, mother and baby are pronounced healthy. Rebecca tries to make sense of the whole chain of events. Miguel tries to calm Kay by saying he'll always make sure her welfare and the welfare of her baby is a top priority for him. Charity thinks this could be the beginning of the end of her relationship with Miguel. Charity meets a mysterious figure and has a premonition of the baby's death when he touches her. Miguel and Kay learn that the baby's condition is grim. Kay finds out that Tabitha is at the hospital and appeals to her to save her baby. Tabitha tells Kay that the Dark Side can't help her. This is something she'll have to take up with the forces of good. Luis tries to get on Beth's good side by offering to do some repairs around her house. He wants to fix the fuses in the basement. Beth is able to quickly conceal the pit where Sheridan is being held so Luis won't see it. A disguised Beth warns Sheridan to be silent or else as she works in the basement. Sheridan agrees so her unborn child won't be harmed, unaware that she is that close to Luis. When Luis heads down to the basement, Sheridan is too out-of-it to realize that he's there.
Friday August 01, 2003 Episode #1,036
At the hospital, Ethan stays by Gwen's side as the two of them fear that their baby won't live. A specialist does what he can to prevent Gwen from losing her baby, but it's touch and go. Theresa is still fixated about the possibility that Ethan will come back to her. To distract Theresa from her romantic fantasies, Fox throws an impromptu Los Angeles pool party.

Tabitha lets Kay know that she can do nothing to save Kay's baby. Only Kay can do that if she changes her ways and becomes good. Meanwhile, Charity encounters a stranger who is Death, who breaks the news to her that he's there for Miguel's baby. When Charity tries to tell Miguel the baby will die, Kay goes after Charity with a vengeance. Eve tells Kay and Miguel there is nothing more that can be done and advises them to contact Father Lonigan about baptizing the baby. Father Lonigan senses Death is there when he arrives.

Mrs. Wallace is convinced that this nightmare is about to end and that Luis will find Sheridan hidden in the pit since he's working on repairs in the basement. As Luis works, he continues to miss Sheridan, but doesn't know she's so nearby. Meanwhile, Sheridan dreams she is Alice in Wonderland.