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August 2003


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Monday August 04, 2003 Episode #1,037
Gwen's condition stabilizes and her pregnancy is out of danger. She is anxious to get out of there and spend some quality time with Ethan without Theresa lurking around every corner. At the pool party, Theresa is spooked when Fox's buddy decides to hit on her. Fox isn't paying attention. He is on cloud nine because he has wrangled a dance with Whitney and loves having her in his arms. Theresa does her best to put Ethan out of her mind, but she can't help but wonder about the mystery pile of luggage. Julian rushes to the baby's defense when Rebecca lashes out at Tabitha saying the baby attacked her. Tabitha is moved by Julian's words and is surprised when Julian seems to bond with the baby as well. Eve is affected when she overhears Julian promising to be there for the baby. Privately, Tabitha reminds the baby to keep her true demonic nature under wraps. Kay is concerned about her baby girl and gets upset with Grace for not being sympathetic and concerned about this. Remembering Tabitha's assertion that only the forces of good can save the baby, Kay decides to go that route. She tells Father Lonigan that she wants to make a confession. First, though, Kay goes to Tabitha and gives her a heads-up that she'll be revealing that Tabitha is a witch. This is the last thing Tabitha wants. "Death" tells Charity that she has the power to spare the baby's life, but she's shocked when Death tells her she will have to give up Miguel. After some consideration, Charity agrees to the deal. Has she made her decision in time? Luis has a mishap and hurts himself when he is poking around in Beth's basement. Sheridan tries to call out to him when she imagines she hears his voice coming from the basement above the put. Beth is on pins and needles anxious for Luis to leave the basement, while Mrs. Wallace is convinced that the jig is up and that Luis will find out that Sheridan is in the pit.


Tuesday August 05, 2003 Episode #1,038
Gwen has a fight with Dr. Abel insisting that she doesn't want to stay in the hospital one minute longer. The doctor, however, convinces her that she needs to stay one more night just as a precaution. Ethan reassures Gwen of his love and support. Ethan is not allowed to stay at the hospital with Gwen, so Gwen urges Ethan to go get some sleep at the Crane apartment. Meanwhile, Theresa relaxes at the apartment with Chad, Whitney and Fox. Theresa is fixated on Ethan and is convinced that fate will bring him back to her. TC and Liz get especially cozy as they spend a lazy August night together. At the same time, Julian is there for Eve when she is overwhelmed by her troubles with TC and Liz. He is supportive and tender with her as she cries on his shoulder. She is at a loss as to how she can stop Liz from destroying her marriage. Despite heroic efforts Miguel and Kay's baby loses the fight for her life. Kay goes into an emotional tailspin and begins to spill out all her guilt to Father Lonigan, confessing everything she has done wrong in the past. Tabitha is concerned that Kay is about to blow her cover and wants her to shut up. Charity is horrified that she didn't act swiftly enough, but "Death" says she can still save the baby. However, "Death" says she still has to give up Miguel. Charity goes to the chapel and prays for a miracle. Kay's confession is interrupted when Eve announces that, somehow, the baby is alive!
At the end of this episode were no previews, just a picture of Josh Ryan Evans saying rest in peace. August 5th, 2002, Josh passed away, the same day as his character. RIP little guy.


Wednesday August 06, 2003 Episode #1,039
Liz turns up the heat and tries to lure TC into bed by spiking TC's lemonade. TC begins to feel the effects of the alcohol and is drawn to Liz. Liz subtly encourages TC's resentment about Eve's unavailability. Before long, the two kiss. Charity acts quickly and everyone is shocked to learn the baby is alive after all. Kay is still contrite and wants to turn over a new leaf, but Tabitha is afraid that everyone will find out she's a witch. Charity is upset about giving up Miguel to save the baby, but realizes that she has to hold up her end of the bargain. Luis is still confused about why Sheridan would go off to Paris without speaking to him first, or even saying goodbye. Hank tries to reason with Luis and tells him to let it go, but Luis can't. Meanwhile, Sheridan prays that Luis won't abandon his search for her, but Beth dashes her hopes by showing her the doctored DVD Beth and Charlie made to make is seem that Sheridan is in Paris and wants to be left alone. Sheridan crumbles as she realizes there's a very real chance that Luis won't find her. Ethan makes sure Gwen is settled in at the hospital and goes back to the Crane Los Angeles to crash for the night. He doesn't know the place is occupied and strips down, crawling into bed with a sleeping Theresa. He's naked and she's having a lovely dream about being with him. Both asleep and dreaming, they reach for each other.


ThursdayAugust 07, 2003 Episode #1,040
Eve confesses to Grace that she's concerned Liz is out to steal TC away from her and will stop at nothing to do that. Eve thinks Liz will sleep with TC if that's what it takes. Grace tells Eve she has to have more faith in TC. Grace is convinced that TC would never sleep with another woman. Miguel fills out forms with help from Sam and Pilar. When he realizes that his insurance won't cover everything, Grace, Sam and Pilar promise to help. After all, they're family. Eve hopes that TC's support is as strong. Meanwhile, a drunken TC pulls Liz into a passionate kiss. He pulls away, but he has a hard time resisting Liz's seduction. Liz is pleased that her plan is working so well. In Los Angeles, Whitney is concerned about the way her parent's marriage is splitting apart. She's also concerned about Theresa's heartache over losing Ethan. Chad tries to distract Whitney with a little loving. When he realizes how worried Whitney is, Chad encourages to call her mother. Eve is thrilled to hear from Whitney. She assures her daughter that everything is all right, but Whitney isn't convinced. Gwen has a funny feeling something is wrong as she tosses and turns in her Los Angeles hospital bed. She reassures herself that Theresa can't hurt them. At the apartment, still dreaming, Theresa and Ethan start to kiss passionately. Hank tries to talk sense in to Luis by telling him that he'll lose Beth unless he stops obsessing about Sheridan. Luis agrees to be more attentive to a pregnant Beth. He decides to bring her a gift of fresh strawberries right away. Sheridan's medical condition worsens and she goes into labor just as Beth is convinced that she is about to get away with everything. Sheridan begs a disguised Beth for help. Beth starts to panic when she realizes that Sheridan could die, taking the baby with her. Mrs. Wallace and Precious prepare for the baby's birth.


Friday August 08, 2003 Episode #1,041
Fox has a romantic fantasy about Whitney, but tries to hide it. Chad tries to boost Whitney's mood when she gets upset to hear her mother is having problems with her father. Whitney is afraid they will get a divorce. Ethan continues dreaming of Theresa as the two of them unknowingly cuddle in bed after a passionate night together. Chad, Whitney and Fox hear a noise in Theresa's bedroom and rush over to investigate. Grace tells Eve to stop worrying and start fighting to save her marriage to TC. He loves her, not Liz. Sam is encouraged by Grace's ringing endorsement of marriage. Maybe there is still a chance for them as well. Meanwhile, TC is sobering up a bit and tries to keep himself from succumbing to Liz's kisses. His resistance weakens as Liz serves him more spiked lemonade and plays on his resentment about Eve's unavailability. Eve comes home and can't find TC. Figuring he must be outside, Eve heads for the patio, where TC and Liz are now kissing. Luis feels responsible for Beth and tries to become more involved in her life. Meanwhile, Sheridan's labor intensifies and she prays for help for the baby. Mrs. Wallace and Precious work to get things ready for Sheridan to have her baby. Charlie doesn't think Sheridan and the baby will make it. Beth prepares to kill her rival just as Luis and Hank show up at the house. Charlie sends Beth upstairs to get rid of the guys while she deals with Sheridan. Hank heads over to the cafe, but Luis is determined to stick around. Though bound, gagged and blindfolded, Sheridan manages to slip away from Charlie and make her way upstairs. Mrs. Wallace and Precious are stunned to see Sheridan stumble in behind the couch where Luis and Beth sit.

Monday August 11, 2003 Episode #1,042
Tired from their experience at the hospital, Sam, Grace and Jessica return home. Ivy quickly uses the crisis with Kay to earn some points with Sam. Jessica boasts to Ivy, David, Sam and Grace about her new job as a "Mark rep," selling cosmetics for the prestigious company. Grace can't take it anymore when Ivy claims that she went to church to pray for Kay and the baby. Eve almost catches Liz and T.C. kissing in the backyard. Eve confronts her sister about her interest in T.C. Inside getting lemonade for Liz, T.C. can't stop thinking about his growing feelings for her. He returns to the backyard and is caught off guard to find Eve there. Chad, Whitney and Fox are shocked to find Ethan kissing Theresa in bed. The two struggle to figure out why they're in bed and kissing and then tell their audience that they were dreaming about kissing. Theresa claims she was so tired, she didn't know he climbed into bed with her. She then insists that he stay with them so he can be close to the hospital and Gwen. Theresa privately boasts to Whitney about fate bringing Ethan back into her life. Downstairs, Fox accuses Ethan of scheming to be with Theresa. While Luis tends to Mrs. Wallace on the floor of the living room, he senses Sheridan's presence, unaware that his bound and gagged love interest is wandering blindly through the room. Gwen panics when she realizes Sheridan is nearby but Charlie puts Sheridan back in her pit where she cries out that she's in labor.
Tuesday August 12, 2003 Episode #1,043
Grace tells Ivy to save her act for someone else. She doesn't believe for one second that Ivy cares what happens to Kay's baby. David says that Ivy was telling the truth when she said she went to church. Grace is still wary of Ivy. When she is alone with Sam, Ivy suggests to Sam that Kay almost lost her baby because Grace didn't take proper care of her while she was pregnant. TC is upset when he finds out that Eve gave Whitney her blessing to move to Los Angeles. Eve tries to defend her actions, but TC is too furious to listen. TC tells his wife that he feels like he doesn't know her anymore. When Liz gets back to the house, she overhears their argument. Liz thinks she has won and will have a future with TC. Beth is able to prevent Luis from seeing Sheridan and he resigns himself to being with Beth. Luis expresses the desire to have Beth move in with him so they spend the rest of her pregnancy together. Beth thinks that's too close for comfort and wants to keep him away from Sheridan until after she has her baby. Luis wants to practice breathing exercises with Beth. She hopes to keep him at arm's length by telling him the baby is kicking, but he wants to feel it. In the basement, Charlie considers killing Sheridan and her baby as Sheridan goes through labor. Charlie gives Sheridan some tea that's supposed to stop the contractions, but it only slows down her labor. Charlie refuses Sheridan's pleas for help. Whitney lashes out at Theresa for not respecting Ethan's marriage to Gwen and going to bed with him. Fox lashes out at Ethan for betraying Gwen. Theresa and Ethan tell everyone they're innocent. They were sleeping when they were kissing each other and have no idea how they got into bed together. While Theresa is thrilled to have been kissing Ethan, he says he's only interested in Gwen, not Theresa. While Ethan maintains that he has no feelings for Theresa, he does fantasize about kissing her. Fox invites Ethan to stay at the apartment -- provided he leaves Theresa alone. Theresa, meanwhile, is sure that the latest chain of events is further proof that she and Ethan are meant to be together.


Wednesday August 13, 2003 Episode #1,044
Fox does everything he can to get Whitney alone with him. He enlists Vivian's help to tie up Chad so he'll be preoccupied with working with Syd. Meanwhile, Whitney tries to convince Theresa that she is wasting her time going after Ethan. Theresa tells Whitney she's wrong and wonders if Whitney is having trouble with Chad, which is making her pessimistic about love. Kay is grateful her baby survived and is determined to turn her back on the dark side and go back and bond with her family again. Tabitha thinks that's a bad idea and tries to talk her out of it. Meanwhile, Charity realizes she has to break up with Miguel to keep her bargain with Death and almost tells Miguel about the deal she made in order to save his baby. However, Grace interrupts and gives the young couple her support. Luis unburdens his soul to Pilar and talks about how much he loves Sheridan and wants to be with her. He also concedes that it looks like Sheridan wants to be left alone. Pilar is sure that Sheridan will be okay and make a new life for herself as he must do. Meanwhile, Beth makes plans to murder Sheridan once the baby is born. Sheridan is horrified when she unborn baby stops kicking.


Thursday August 14, 2003 Episode #1,045
When Grace finds out that Kay is quitting school, she is upset and wants to know how Kay intends to financial support her baby and herself. Miguel steps in to say that he is also planning to quit school so he can contribute to the support of Kay and the baby. Kay is determined to turn over a new leaf and be a good mother. Kay vents to Tabitha about her mother, Tabitha suggests that Kay stay with her. Death returns and though he's come for someone else, Charity realizes the baby will die unless she makes good on her promise to break things off with Miguel. Sheridan is terrified that her baby's life is in jeopardy because the baby has stopped moving and her own ankles are swollen. Beth goes into a rage when she finds out that Luis had given Sheridan his grandmother's ring again. Beth is filled with such hatred for Sheridan because of this she won't lift a finger to help Sheridan through her labor. Pilar tells Luis to turn the page and concentrate on building a life with Beth. Luis concedes that this is a good idea and asks Beth to schedule an ultrasound because he wants to be more involved in her pregnancy. He's upset when she lies and says already had one. Luis is worried when he can't feel the baby kick. He thinks they should go see a doctor. A naked Theresa thinks Whitney is at the door, but opens it to see Ethan. After he gets over his shock he tells her that he plans to tell Gwen about kissing her. Theresa urges him not to because she is afraid of how much it will upset Gwen and possibly hurt the baby. She suggests that he hold off on telling Gwen until after their baby is born. After Chad leaves for work, Whitney discusses Theresa's situation with Fox. Fox opines that sometimes, people think they're supposed to be with a person other than who they should be with. Though he says he's talking about Ethan and Theresa, Fox thinks of himself and Whitney.


Friday August 15, 2003 Episode #1,046
Theresa is desperate to stop Ethan from telling Gwen about their night of kissing and tries to tell him what a bad idea it is. She says she will go back to Harmony and leave Los Angeles if he will keep their secret. Ethan thinks that's a terrible idea and wants her to stay. Meanwhile, Gwen has a nightmare about Ethan and Theresa. Gwen calls Ethan, who starts to tell her about his encounter with Theresa and then thinks better of it. Whitney and Fox have a conversation about the meaning of true love and how important it is to be with the one you love no matter what obstacles come your way. Chad and Syd bond as they work together more closely. Fox and Whitney stop by the studio to pay Chad a surprise visit, and Whitney's heart drops when she sees just how close Chad and Syd are getting. Fox, however, is privately thrilled. Tabitha advises Kay to do everything she can to keep Miguel -- including use the baby they share. Despite her vow to turn over a new leaf, Kay agrees to Tabitha's suggestion to name the baby after someone dear to Miguel. Miguel and Pilar are moved when Kay tells them she's naming the baby Maria, after Miguel's grandmother. When Grace asks Kay about Maria's middle name, Kay triumphantly announces that it's after someone close to her father... Ivy! This sparks a huge argument between Kay and Grace; Kay maintains that the situation between her father and Ivy was just like that between her and Miguel, while Grace insists they are completely different. Kay refuses to go home with Grace. Charity watches Kay and Miguel bond over their daughter and realizes that she's already starting to lose Miguel. Beth tries to keep Luis at arm's length when he wants to feel the baby kick. However, he does get close and panics when he doesn't feel the baby. He thinks there is something terribly wrong and wants Beth to see a doctor immediately to make sure the baby is okay. Mrs. Wallace is convinced that Beth's lie will be discovered if Luis persists in trying to get her to see a doctor. Luis insists on driving Beth to the doctor's office, where he's mystified when Beth's name doesn't show up in the patient records. Meanwhile, Charlie returns to the Wallaces' house and finds Mrs. Wallace packing to flee.

Monday August 18, 2003 Episode #1,047
Luis is determined to have Beth examined by a doctor and tells Dr. Culver's nurse that he is not leaving the office until he's reassured about Beth's pregnancy. Beth knows that once the doctor sees her, he'll know she is faking and she'll lose him for good. Sheridan goes over her abduction and tries to find out what the motive was for kidnapping her. At the same time, Mrs. Wallace and Precious are determined to get away before Beth's lies are discovered, but Charlie refuses to let them go. Whitney is floored when she sees Syd kissing Chad and demands an explanation. Chad insists Syd just got excited about her music, but Fox is hoping Whitney won't buy that explanation. Ethan can't bring himself to tell Gwen that he was with Theresa, which makes Theresa think that he's ready to come back to her. Ethan, however, insists that he can't walk away from his obligation to Gwen and their unborn child. Theresa won't take no for an answer and insists that Ethan confess to her who he was about to propose to before he found out Gwen was pregnant.


Tuesday August 19, 2003 Episode #1,048
Chad understands Whitney's concern about Syd, but says she is harmless. This is just how people in the music industry act in Los Angeles. Chad swears he loves Whitney and only her. Whitney is won over by Chad's words and tells Chad to get on with the session; she'll be fine. Meanwhile, Fox makes Syd think that Whitney is not good for Chad and a threat to her career as well. Things get tense at the doctor's office when Luis gets loud and demanding about seeing the doctor. Beth is desperate to make Luis shut up and leave, but he refuses to do so. The doctor finally finds the time to see Beth, but another patient interrupts and delays the doctor again. Charlie, Mrs. Wallace and Precious make a beeline for the door after setting it so the place will blow up from a gas leak. Hank, however, comes to see them and delays their departure. Meanwhile, Beth's house continues to fill with gas, and Sheridan is fighting to stay alive.


Wednesday August 20, 2003 Episode #1,049
Chad explains to Whitney how things work in L.A. and assures her of his love. Whitney understands and encourages him to get back to work. Fox manages to get Syd jealous of Whitney and ready to fight for Chad and her career. Whitney assures Fox she isn't worried about Syd and Chad. Theresa and Ethan's conversation turns passionate. Luis continues to make a scene in the doctor's office. Beth struggles to stop Luis but to no avail. Dr. Culver finally agrees to see Beth, but a pregnant patient interrupts Luis' plan.  Charlie, Mrs. Wallace and Precious try to make a getaway but are stopped by Hank. As Beth's house fills with gas, Sheridan struggles for life. 


Thursday August 21, 2003 Episode #1,050
Chad explains to Syd how much he loves Whitney. However, Syd has her own ideas about the future. Whitney figures out Fox is in love with someone who is in a relationship. Theresa tries to get through to Ethan, but he pushes her away, making it clear they'll never be together. Luis won't budge from the doctor's office even after Beth pretends to feel the baby move. Mrs. Wallace tries to dissuade Hank from entering her house, fearing it will explode. Precious manages to stop Charlie's bombs from going off. Hank insists on searching the house, despite Mrs. Wallace's attempts to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Charlie lets Sheridan know she's about to die. Sheridan requests to send Luis a good-bye message. Charlie agrees, seeing a way to make it work to her advantage. 


Friday August 22, 2003 Episode #1,051
Theresa refuses to believe that things are over between her and Ethan. He confessed to her that he loved her. How could he possibly turn his back on her? Meanwhile, Ethan visits Gwen at the hospital room and brings her a picnic lunch. Gwen is touched, but her antenna goes up when she smells perfume on her husband's shirt. Whitney misinterprets Fox's actions and thinks that he's actually in love with Theresa. She encourages him to go after the one he loves, which makes him think he actually has a chance to be with Whitney. He's deflated when he realizes that she's talking about Theresa. Chad gets an eyeful when he comes home and sees Fox with his arms around Whitney. Sheridan's farewell to Luis is delivered to him and he's heartbroken when he sees that she has returned the engagement ring he gave her. Luis still can't accept the fact that Sheridan doesn't want to be with him anymore. Charlie is able to spare Beth from being found out. However, Charlie is upset when Beth appears to be overly concerned about Luis.

Monday August 25, 2003 Episode #1,052
Ethan attempts to dissuade Gwen from returning to the condo once she's released from the hospital. Chad tells a surprised Whitney he believes Fox has fallen for her. Hank gently urges Luis to accept the fact that Sheridan no longer wants him. Down in the pit, Sheridan panics when abdominal pains suddenly return with a vengeance. Charlie angrily accuses Beth of tricking her into helping to get rid of a rival for Luis' affections because she craves the cop herself. Swearing she has no interest in any man, let alone Luis, Beth calms her co-conspirator and convinces Charlie they have a bright future together. Whitney explains to Chad how she figured out that Fox is carrying a torch for Theresa. Meanwhile, Theresa confides to Fox her latest plan to snare Ethan once and for all. Gwen wonders if Ethan's grudge against his half-brother is the real reason he doesn't want to stay at the Crane condo. Beth leads Luis to believe that their "child" will soon arrive. Meanwhile, Sheridan's water breaks.
Tuesday August 26, 2003 Episode #1,053
Kay is thrilled when she gets to hold her baby daughter outside the incubator for the first time. Chad urges his fiancee to remember how her matchmaking never seems to work out but Whitney continues to plan ways for Fox and his dream woman to hook up. Charity fears that her immense sacrifice may have been in vain when little Maria takes another turn for the worse. Down in the pit, Sheridan gasps to feel her water break. Fox cautions Theresa that forcing Ethan to play white knight is bound to backfire. Meanwhile, Gwen wonders aloud why her husband reacted so strongly to her suggestion that his half-brother and Theresa make the perfect match. Luis promises Beth he'll start paying her and their unborn child the attention they deserve. In her dream, Sheridan is happily reunited with her late mother. Edna warns a nervous Charlie that she's going to have to deliver Sheridan's baby because Precious will be useless as a midwife.
Wednesday August 27, 2003 Episode #1,054
As she coos to her baby daughter, Tabitha realizes with a start that she has no way to pay her hospital bill. Meanwhile, one of the nurses in the maternity ward wonders why little Endora gives her the creeps. Eve cautions Maria's frightened parents to prepare themselves for the worst. Gwen presses Ethan to tell her once and for all if he's still in love with Theresa. Beth scrambles to keep Luis from taking her home and walking in just as Sheridan gives birth. Chad asks Fox if Theresa is his mystery woman. Edna frantically surfs the Net in an effort to learn how to deliver a baby. An embittered Kay blames Charity and Grace for her infant daughter's life-threatening condition. Whitney eagerly pushes Theresa to hook up with Fox if she still wants to marry a Crane. In the pit, Sheridan writhes in pain as her contractions grow stronger. Endora begins terrorizing her nurse. After Charlie chickens out, Edna enlists Precious to assist her in bringing Sheridan's child into the world.
Thursday August 28, 2003 Episode #1,055
The frightened nurse accuses Tabitha of black magic as Endora sends diapers and bottles spinning across the hospital nursery. Kay orders Grace and Charity to stay away from little Maria. With Gwen's blood pressure rising dangerously, Ethan is cautioned not to upset his pregnant wife or stress her in any way. Though Charlie insists that Sheridan's bloodcurdling screams are just an act, Edna continues to cram on the Internet for a special delivery. Pressured by Chad to name names, Fox balks at revealing the identity of his mystery woman. Miguel gets nowhere trying to reason with Kay, who adamantly insists that her mother and cousin not be allowed near Maria. Tabitha and her demon child maintain an air of innocence when Nurse Kravitz tries to convince a coworker in the maternity ward that something evil is afoot. Beth keeps Luis busy on the wharf as she nervously awaits word from Charlie. Although cautioned by her mother to cool it, Endora tosses a fireball at the terrified Kravitz.
Friday August 29, 2003 Episode #1,056
At the hospital, Gwen and Whitney talk about Theresa. Whitney tries to assure Gwen that Theresa is now interested in Fox, so she has nothing to worry about. While talking with Chad, Ethan becomes enraged at the idea that Fox and Theresa may become lovers. Chad tells Ethan he shouldn't be concerned about Theresa's love life if he is really committed to Gwen. Theresa might just be considering Whitney's argument, after all. She is yearning to be with Ethan, but when Fox consoles her, she finds herself in his arms. Suddenly, Fox and Theresa cling to each other in a passionate kiss, during which they fantasize that they're kissing the people they love. When they snap back to reality, they quickly reaffirm that they have no romantic interest in each other. Beth fights to prevent Luis from coming inside her house, knowing Sheridan is giving birth. Charlie keeps an eye on Sheridan, who is in agony. Charlie allows Sheridan to come out of the pit and lie on a cot in the basement, warning her not to even consider trying to make a run for it. When Charlie goes upstairs, Sheridan uses the time between contractions to try to call attention to her captivity. Beth assures Luis that the sounds he's hearing are simply the creaks of an aging house. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace and Precious frantically get things ready for the birth of Sheridan's baby.