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October 2003


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Monday October 6, 2003 Episode #1,082
As he holds his son, Luis continues to wish he could find Sheridan. Chad's old girlfriend attacks Whitney with fists flailing. Dr. Abel presses a horrified Ethan to make his choice before he loses both his wife and his baby. Reminding Ethan about the teachings of their church, Theresa urges him to save his child instead of Gwen. Tabitha shows Kay the fate Sheridan has suffered and advises the girl to follow Beth's lead by eliminating her own competition. Charlie lunges at Luis with a scalpel but misses her target completely and has to invent a story to cover for her clumsiness. Puff Dog joins the fray to take on Fox and Chad while the women continue to throw punches. Theresa calls home to consult with her mother, who berates her for endangering Gwen's baby. Meanwhile, in the hospital chapel, Ethan begs God to take his life instead of punishing his wife and unborn child. Fox finally rescues Whitney from the knife-wielding Latoya, who makes a shocking claim about Chad. Baby Endora continues to bedevil Kay.
Tuesday October 7, 2003 Episode #1,083
Ethan asks Dr. Abel to save Gwen even if it means sacrificing the life of their unborn child. Latoya's shocking announcement stuns Whitney but secretly thrills Fox. Pilar urges Luis to stay with Beth and their newborn son so their little family can begin to bond. While walking on the wharf with Miguel, Charity realizes that her premonition means Sheridan is close by. Whitney adamantly denies Latoya's claim that she is Chad's wife. Death informs a sobbing Charity that he's come for Sheridan. Theresa presses Ethan to do the right thing and choose his child's life over that of his wife. Charity reports her premonition to Luis, who rushes out to look for his lost love. Chad reluctantly confirms for a horrified Whitney that he and Latoya were indeed married at one time but dissolved their union long ago. Charlie and Beth fear that their crime may be about to come to light. Latoya triumphantly informs Chad that she never filed the divorce papers he signed.
Wednesday October 8, 2003 Episode #1,084
As a crowd of onlookers and media flacks gathers on the wharf, Luis dives into the water to retrieve Sheridan's limp body. Back at the Wallace house, Edna triumphantly informs Beth and Charlie that their entire sordid plot is about to unravel. Meanwhile, aboard the Coast Guard cutter, Charity cries out to see Death stalking over the ocean to claim Sheridan. As Theresa vows to help Ethan raise his motherless child, Dr. Abel hastily explains that Gwen is still hanging on to life but her baby girl did not survive. Luis struggles to breathe life back into Sheridan as he pulls her onto the boat. Mourning the loss of his daughter, Ethan wonders how he can break the tragic news to Gwen when she awakes. Charlie and Beth are appalled to learn that their prisoner didn't drown after all. As Luis and Antonio rush Sheridan to the hospital, Death advises Charity that they will meet again---and soon. Determined to support the man she loves through this crisis, Theresa refuses to leave the hospital despite the icy glares emanating from most of the staff. Charlie entreats Beth to flee with her before Luis gets on their trail. Gwen comes to and eagerly reaches into the bassinet to touch her newborn child.
Thursday October 9, 2003 Episode #1,085
Fox eagerly offers Whitney a shoulder to cry on as she reels from the shock of learning that Chad is already married to another woman. Gwen shrieks in horror to discover that her baby isn't breathing. Ethan races in and tries to calm his hysterical wife, then is forced to break the tragic news about their daughter's death. Whitney tearfully thanks Fox for helping her through a turbulent time. Chad declares that he'll be starting divorce proceedings immediately but Latoya reminds him with a passionate kiss what he'll be throwing away. Beth announces to Edna that she and her infant son are going to stay in Harmony and live happily ever after. Meanwhile, Luis vows not to rest until he's found Sheridan's missing baby. Chad roughly shoves Latoya away but she refuses to take no for an answer. A weeping Theresa tells Whitney and Fox about the latest turn of events in Ethan's life. Charlie implores Beth to hit the road with her before they're both arrested. Death assures Charity that Sheridan's child is alive.
Friday October 10, 2003 Episode #1,086
Ivy is still working to split up Sam and Grace so she can have Sam all to herself. She pressures David to carry out his end of their bargain by seducing Grace, threatening to tell John the truth about his father if David doesn't comply. However, Sam realizes he has to make a big move to get Grace's attention. He professes his love and desire to make things right between them. This puts a damper on David's seduction moves. Antonio is taken aback when a semi-conscious Sheridan calls out for Luis, instead of for him. Beth goes into a frenzy as the police close in on her and begin a wild search for Sheridan's baby. She starts to panic as the officers ask for a DNA sample from "her" baby. Charity is concerned that Death will take the lives of those she cares about. While Eve works to save Sheridan, Charity reports Death's presence to Luis, who calls for Death to take him instead of Sheridan. Death decides to take them both. Ethan tries to tell Gwen it's all for the best and that he couldn't let her die. He does his best to be a source of comfort to Gwen, but she seems to be pulling away from him. Gwen has trouble remembering the details of what's happened. The doctor advises Ethan to keep Gwen calm. Whitney does her best to keep Theresa away and to stop her from making a bad situation worse, but Theresa wants to explain her side of the story. When Whitney is elsewhere, Theresa goes to check out what's happening with Ethan and Gwen. Gwen sees Theresa and tells Ethan that she now remembers everything.

Monday October 13, 2003 Episode #1,087
The police officers inform an anguished Beth that Luis has ordered every newborn in Harmony tested to make sure it doesn't belong to Sheridan. Meanwhile, Pilar and Miguel gasp to see Luis suddenly collapse on the floor of the ER. Theresa tries to explain her actions to the disapproving hospital staff but Gwen's nurse furiously orders her to leave. Edna tries to tip off the cops about her daughter's kidnapping scheme. Ivy prods a reluctant David to score extra points with Grace during her low moment. Eve struggles to resuscitate her patient after Sheridan flatlines again. Later, a gloating Death reunites Luis and Sheridan's spirits but they vow to fight for another chance at a life together with their child. Sam tells Hank he's determined to prove to Grace that he's the only man for her. Chad attempts to smooth things over with an angry Whitney while Fox looks on with smug satisfaction. Gwen wracks her brain in an effort to remember how her encounter with Theresa ended. As Luis appeals to God to save him and Sheridan, the little angel appears and gives the couple back their lives. Ivy listens in on Grace's private conversation with Eve. Gwen's memory returns with a vengeance as she glares at a shuddering Theresa. Sheridan tells Luis about her ordeal at the hands of a female kidnapper. Sam sees red after spotting Grace in David's arms once again.
Tuesday October 14, 2003 Episode #1,088
T.C. has trouble shaking memories of his erotic encounter with Liz in the shower. Luis' slip of the lip causes more concern for Antonio. In L.A., Chad, Fox and Whitney all try to console a guilt-stricken Ethan. Meanwhile, Gwen viciously attacks Theresa as she vows to avenge her baby daughter's death. Promising his brother that Sheridan's child will be found, Luis initiates a search for the house with a pit in its basement. At the Wallace house, Beth nervously continues to stall the police from taking a DNA sample from "her" infant son. Though Theresa begs her to stop, a seething Gwen punches and throttles her longtime nemesis. Eve tearfully admits to Julian how Sheridan's ordeal has brought back painful memories of their own child's abduction years ago. Liz again puts the moves on a jittery T.C. Ethan finally pulls his wife off of Theresa just in the nick of time. Edna takes a spill down the basement stairs. Eve fears that Liz will pull out all the stops in her quest to steal her sister's spouse.
Wednesday October 15, 2003 Episode #1,089
Gwen bitterly reminds Ethan that his little floozy is responsible for killing their baby. Liz trots out her usual sob story to play on T.C.'s sympathy, then urges her brother-in-law to grab for all the happiness he deserves by accepting the love she's offering him. Beth talks fast to prevent the police from going down into the basement to check on her injured mother. Recalling how she saw her husband rolling around on the beach in Theresa's arms, Gwen tears into Ethan with fire in her eyes. Sheridan struggles to remember details about her abductors and the pit where she was confined for so long. Julian again lends a grateful Eve a sympathetic shoulder as she frets about her scheming sister's vendetta. Meanwhile, Liz continues to press T.C. to give in to his true feelings and the hunger they both share. The cops question a nervous Beth after finding a cot in the cellar. Gwen orders Ethan and Theresa out of her sight. Eve and Julian fall into a passionate kiss.
Thursday October 16, 2003 Episode #1,090
Liz suggests to an incredulous T.C. that the baby Eve lost years ago was actually fathered by another man. Meanwhile, Eve explains to Julian why she can't return the affection he's shown her. Immersed in guilt and grief, Ethan tells a devastated Theresa he never wants to see her again. The police officers handcuff Beth and inform her she's being arrested for violating a court order. Though Theresa frantically insists she had no choice but to defend herself against Gwen's attack, Ethan reminds her that his innocent baby daughter died because of her actions. Sheridan remembers more details about her kidnappers. After convincing the cops to uncuff her so she can change the baby's diaper, Beth locks herself and the child in Edna's bedroom. Pulling back from Julian's kiss, Eve again reminds him how dedicated she is to saving her marriage. Liz plots her next move but the scheme hits a snag when T.C. has a sudden flash of insight about his new friend's real motivations in badmouthing Eve.
Friday October 17, 2003 Episode #1,091
Whitney is feeling as if Chad betrayed her feelings for him and wants to know if he really loves her or is just using her. Chad is horrified at the suggestion that he is toying with her feelings. Whitney says she feels as though she doesn't know Chad any more and walks away. Fox is thrilled that there is trouble between Chad and Whitney. He can't wait to sweep in and comfort her. Gwen is still reeling from the loss of her baby, but won't let Ethan comfort her in her time of intense grief. Ethan pleads with Gwen to let him be with her. It was his baby, too, and he feels her pain. Gwen physically attacks Ethan, but finally gives in and allows him to comfort her. With all the clues pointing to Beth's neighborhood as the place Sheridan was held captive, Luis tries to reason with Beth to get information about where Sheridan's baby could possibly be. Beth is evasive and won't give Luis a straight answer so he begins to lose his patience and demands answers from her. Beth is in a panic wondering how she can keep Luis and the police from taking away "her" baby. Luis wonders why Beth won't let him take a DNA sample from the baby. In her hospital bed, Sheridan dreams of the moment she said goodbye to her baby. Elsewhere in the hospital, Eve is still rattled by Liz's threat to reveal another secret. Julian counsels Eve not to let Liz torment her, and promises to do whatever he can to keep Liz from coming between Eve and TC. Meanwhile, Liz is about to tell TC the secret when they're interrupted by a phone call about Sheridan's rescue. TC turns his attention to news reports from the hospital. While TC is out of the room, Liz sees Julian comforting Eve in the background of one of the broadcasts. Liz immediately plans to use this to her advantage.

Monday October 20, 2003 Episode #1,092
T.C. reminds Liz that he loves his wife. Later, spotting Julian and Eve on a live newscast, Liz hopes to prove to T.C. that his "better half" has betrayed him with his worst enemy. Chad assures a fuming Whitney that he's going to divorce Latoya at his earliest opportunity. Pilar tries to console Sheridan when the distraught young woman realizes that she doesn't even know if she gave birth to a boy or a girl. Beth tells Luis she doesn't want their baby subjected to a DNA test. Unable to make any inroads with Whitney, Chad asks Fox to plead his case for him. Ethan offers Gwen his heartfelt apology while Whitney reminds a tearful Theresa that she warned her not to meddle in the couple's marriage. Precious decides to score points with Luis by leading him to the telltale pit in the Wallaces' basement. Beth hastily intervenes, however, to prevent the orangutan from spilling the beans. Ethan asks a priest to baptize baby Sarah posthumously. Afterwards, Ethan sadly kisses his daughter goodbye but Gwen clings desperately to the baby's tiny body.
Tuesday October 21, 2003 Episode #1,093
Liz lures T.C. to the hospital in hopes that he'll catch his wife in a compromising position with Julian. Though Ethan and the nurses try to cajole her into surrendering the baby, Gwen stubbornly clings to her infant daughter's lifeless body. Meanwhile, Fox spots Theresa hovering on the edge of the tragic scene and hurries to whisk her out of sight. An inebriated Latoya begins toying with a loaded gun as she muses about how to get Chad back into her life for good. Julian promises Eve he won't rest until he's learned what happened to their son. Whitney icily reminds Chad how toxic secrets become when lovers keep them from one another. A seething Gwen grows violent as she again accuses Ethan and Theresa of causing her beloved Sarah to die. Liz stirs up more trouble for her sister. Dr. Abel is forced to sedate Gwen, then vents his fury on a whimpering Theresa. Latoya draws a deadly bead on Whitney. Theresa tells Fox that despite it all she still believes fate intends for her to end up with Ethan.
Wednesday October 22, 2003 Episode #1,094
Over the phone, T.C. launches into an apology to Chad but is startled to hear a sudden gunshot. Meanwhile, Latoya stands triumphantly over her victim as she reminds the wounded Whitney that she'll never have Chad now. Pilar prevents Luis from blurting out the truth to Antonio about his real relationship with Sheridan. Beth's blood runs cold when Charlie unexpectedly makes a return appearance at the Wallace house. Fox gets nowhere trying to convince Theresa that she could be mistaken about fate meaning for her to wind up with Ethan. Chad races outside and is horrified to find Whitney lying in a pool of her own blood. Liz suggests to Julian that the best way to win Eve back is to locate the son who was stolen from them long ago. Charlie makes plans to hit the road again but with Beth and the baby in tow. Meanwhile, Beth makes some lethal plans of her own. Sheridan tells Luis she remembers who took her newborn baby.
Thursday October 23, 2003 Episode #1,095
Beth plots Charlie's demise as Edna fears that her murderous daughter is about to strike again. Sheridan tells Luis and Antonio she remembers the woman who held her prisoner and stole her baby. Liz gloats to Julian as T.C. blasts Eve for letting their daughter move to California to live in sin. At the Los Angeles hospital, Theresa, Chad and Fox are greatly relieved to learn that Whitney's wound is only superficial. Meanwhile, Latoya decides to check on her victim and is enraged to discover that Whitney survived the shooting with barely a scratch. Julian tells Eve her husband had no right to lash out at her. Luis is frustrated when Sheridan passes out again before she can reveal any clues to her abductor's identity. Precious prevents Beth from stabbing an unwitting Charlie. Later, Charlie is stung to overhear Beth badmouthing her. Fox calls T.C. back to reassure the Russells that Whitney will make a full recovery but slyly hints that someone connected to Chad was responsible for the shooting. Charlie blasts Beth for leading her on.
Friday October 24, 2003 Episode #1,096
Tabitha stops trying to prevent her daughter from experimenting with spells and decides to harness her enthusiasm instead. She gives her daughter lessons in witchcraft. Kay begins to regret her walk on the dark side and tries to figure out a way out. Chad is in a rage over Whitney's shooting and goes off to get revenge. This is the opening that Fox is looking for and he plants himself at Whitney's bedside. TC blames Eve for Whitney getting shot, and Liz couldn't be happier to hear it. Rebecca shows up at the hospital and is stunned when Liz says Julian came to see the woman he loves. Sheridan begins to piece together the events surrounding her kidnapping and it seems to point to Beth. She remembers more and more and fills Luis in on the details. Meanwhile, Beth frantically tries to stop a murderous Charlie, who feels that Beth is trying to pull a double-cross.

Monday October 27, 2003 Episode #1,097
Rebecca blasts Julian after overhearing him offer his private jet to Eve for a fast flight to L.A. Whitney fears that Chad has gone back to his wife when she discovers that he left the hospital right after she was shot. Tabitha is astonished to catch a glimpse of Timmy scampering through her house. Precious narrowly escapes Charlie's wrath as the orangutan holes up in the bedroom with a trembling Beth and Edna. Sheridan tells Luis she's certain the face in the police sketch is the woman who stole her baby. Chad pretends to be smitten anew with Latoya in order to get his estranged wife to incriminate herself. Meanwhile, Ethan begins to wonder why Fox is so concerned with the status of Whitney and Chad's relationship. T.C. balks at accepting a ride from Julian. Tabitha sadly admits to Kay how losing Timmy broke her heart. Beth scrambles to barricade the door as Charlie begins hacking it down with a hatchet. Timmy reappears and assures a tearful Tabitha he'll always love his Princess. Eve persuades T.C. to accept Julian's offer but fumes when Liz comes along for the ride. Latoya realizes she's been conned by Chad and turns to Puff Dog for help.
Tuesday October 28, 2003 Episode #1,098
Fox and Ethan decide to track down Chad and make sure he's safe but Theresa insists it's too dangerous to face down Puff Dog. Meanwhile, Puff Dog pulls out his gun and warns Chad he'll never let his cousin take the fall for Whitney's shooting. During the flight to L.A. on the Cranes' private jet, Liz enjoys watching T.C. berate Eve for allowing their daughter to move to California in the first place. As Charlie continues to break down the door with her trusty axe, Beth finally phones in a SOS to Luis and he begins mobilizing his forces to catch Sheridan's kidnapper. Later, Charlie flees the scene before the authorities arrive. Ethan questions Fox's alleged devotion to Theresa. Latoya reminds Chad how good it could be for them again if he would just cut his uptown girl loose once and for all. Liz slyly slips Rebecca proof of Julian's obsession with his old flame.
Wednesday October 29, 2003 Episode #1,099
Chad reminds a bristling Latoya that they are through. Meanwhile, Fox and Ethan peer anxiously through the window as Puff Dog pulls a gun on Chad. Rebecca pops the mystery tape into the stereo system aboard the Crane jet, then watches as both Julian and Eve jump with a start. Luis presses a jittery Beth for answers about her encounter with the babysnatcher. At the hospital, Pilar comforts Sheridan as she waits for word on her child. Realizing that the cops are closing in, Charlie vows to take her partner in crime down with her. To Liz's delight, Rebecca nags Julian to name the singer who so entrances him. Beth stalls Luis to give Charlie time to escape but Edna eagerly volunteers a description of the getaway car while Precious provides an extra punch by spelling out the license plate with her alphabet blocks. Ethan and Fox talk their way past Puff Dog's home boys. Eve tries to break up a fistfight between T.C. and Julian which threatens the lives of everyone on board.
Thursday October 30, 2003 Episode #1,100
Puff Dog warns Chad that even the arrival of his white bread posse won't save him. Sheridan and Pilar watch a live newscast as Luis races after Charlie in a high speed car chase. Aboard the plane, T.C. and Julian both scramble to save Eve after she's sucked out of the open door and clings to the edge for dear life. Precious draws Beth and Edna's attention to the televised drama taking place on Harmony's highways. Drawing on his skills as an attorney, Ethan attempts to convince Puff Dog to free him and his friends. Whitney sadly tells Theresa that she and Chad will never marry. An embittered Gwen vows to take revenge on Theresa for causing her baby's death. Though Beth hopes that Charlie will make a clean getaway, Edna roots for Luis to collar the crazed kidnapper. Later, Charlie heads into the warehouse district with Luis hot on her heels. Gwen attacks Theresa with a bedpan as an astonished Whitney looks on. T.C. loses his grip on Eve.
Friday October 31, 2003 Episode #1,101
Gwen goes after Theresa with a vengeance. She berates her for ruining her relationship with Ethan and being responsible for the death of her infant daughter. Gwen grabs a bed pan and starts to attack Theresa with it. She is releasing all her anger and frustration as her as continues to beat up Theresa. The guys struggle to save their necks as Puff Dog moves in for the kill. Luis is knocked out but quickly recovers and resumes his pursuit of Charlie. Beth worries Luis will catch Charlie and learn the whole truth about her evil schemes. The turmoil in the air continues and Eve is in danger of falling to her death. Rebecca is stunned when she sees Julian risks his life to save Eve, who is desperately hanging on to the outside of the plane. She is chilled by the thought that Julian is so attached to Eve.