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The return of Hecuba!
On Friday, September 13, Cracked Connie stumbles upon the underground lair of Tabitha's old nemesis, Hecuba. When Hecuba realizes that Connie is one devilish doll, she comes up with a plan-she'll help Connie wreak havoc if Connie gets her out of her bottle! But who exactly is Hecuba? And what kind of trouble has she previously caused for the folks of Harmony? Remember When?" takes you back in time in "Passions" history to catch up new viewers and refresh the memories of long-time viewers. This installment brings you up to speed on Hecuba! 

"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall"
In the mineshaft, Kay and Miguel stumbled into a cave inhabited by a witch named Hecuba. Hecuba gleefully welcomed her visitors and invited them to look into her magic mirror, in which the two teens each saw different visions of their future. Kay saw herself making love to Miguel, while Miguel saw Charity trying to kill him! Later, Tabitha and Timmy also stumbled into the cave. But Tabitha and Hecuba were not meeting for the first time; rather, the two witches were archenemies. In fact, Tabitha was the one who trapped Hecuba in her underground lair in the first place!

"A Deal with the Devil"
The citizens of Harmony may have been rescued from the mineshaft, but Hecuba was certainly not through with them. Hecuba knew she had struck gold when she met Kay Bennett-Kay's wicked heart could definitely be used to Hecuba's advantage. When Kay found herself in a terrible bind, Hecuba appeared to Kay and offered her a deal-she would help Kay out of her troubles in exchange for Kay's soul! But when Hecuba's evil deeds proved to be too much for Kay, the teen begged for her soul back. And so, Hecuba struck another deal-she would give Kay back her soul if Kay helped her get rid of Charity! Kay was reluctant, until Hecuba pointed out that if she got rid of Charity, then Miguel would be hers for the taking. A desperate Kay agreed to the bargain. When Tabitha learned that Hecuba was in possession of Kay's soul, she feared that her nemesis would win favor with the evil "friends in the basement" by destroying Charity.  

"Highway to Hell"
In order to take care of Charity once and for all, Hecuba conjured up the flames of hell in Charity's closet! As Kay silently looked on, Hecuba saw to it that Charity was sucked in by the demons. After Charity was trapped in the hell-fires, Kay demanded her soul back from the evil witch. But unbeknownst to Kay, Hecuba had no intention of ever giving it back! Meanwhile, Hecuba decided to "celebrate" finally getting rid of Charity by transporting Tabitha and Timmy to her underground cave. But this was one celebration Tabby and Timmy were not meant to enjoy. Once there, Hecuba planned to get rid of the dynamic duo...forever! But before she could do that, Tabitha and Timmy managed to trap her in a bottle and cork it. Tabitha and Timmy hightailed it out of the mineshaft sporting a new accessory-Hecuba in a bottle!

Timmy proved his heroics by rescuing Charity, Kay, and Miguel from the hellfire (much to Tabitha's chagrin). Later, Tabitha came across the vial containing Kay's soul and decided to use it to her advantage. But Timmy once again played the hero, and gave Kay back her soul. And what became of nasty Hecuba? Tabitha made sure she could never cause trouble taking the bottle she was trapped in and throwing it into the basement! But obviously, Tabitha should never have counted Hecuba out...