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Monday, March 6, 2000 | Episode #174
Eve and Charity:
Eve is sitting on the edge of Charity's bed while Charity sleeps. She is says her worst nightmare is that someone would find out about her past with Julian and now it has come true. She begs the sleeping Charity to tell her how she found out. Eve tells Charity never to tell anyone about her visions of Eve and Julian. She says that no one can ever know the truth, especially T.C.. She says that she loves him very much and that he thinks she's perfect. She says that if he ever found out about her and Julian he would be so hurt and angry that there's no telling what he may be driven to do; who he might hurt, or worse, murder. Charity is dreaming of Eve and Julian. Eve says that she is praying for Charity to forget her visions. She says she can't lose everything she has. Especially her husband. T.C. comes over to the Bennett's and Eve asks what is the matter. She says he need to tell her. He says what he heard Chad and Whitney saying, and Eve gets really nervous. Eve drops a teacup and T.C. tells her he doesn't want to think about what he would do if she were having an affair. Charity sees Julian and Eve in bed again and she says no in her sleep. T.C. tells Eve about the quilt and about the Cranes stealing the farm. T.C. finds a paper that says someone with good powers will see the destruction of a family before it happens. Charity starts talking in her sleep. She keeps screaming to doctor Russell that she doesn't have to and shouldn't sleep with Julian.

Timmy and Tabitha:
Timmy asks if the bird statue is giving Charity visions and Tabby says yes. Tabitha says that Eve is really starting to panic. Tabby tells Timmy that the bird can take some very naughty pictures and tell bad information about Eve and her connection to Julian. Timmy wants to go home, but Tabby says no. Timmy says nothing is happening. Tabby says lives will be torn apart soon. Timmy says he doesn't want to watch, and Tabby says that maybe Kay will play with him instead. Timmy say's he'll stay. Tabby says to fasten your seat belt because all hell is going to break loose!

Whitney, Chad, and T. C.:
Whitney and Chad are at the Book Cafe. Whitney tells Chad he is accusing her mother of having an affair with Julian Crane. He says he didn't say that. He says he just asked if Whitney knew where her mother was last night. He asks Whitney how many pairs of the same shoes could be in Harmony. Whitney says that she doesn't know, that he is way off base, and that her mother is definitely not having an affair with Julian Crane. T. C. walks in and asks what the hell they're talking about. Whitney says that they're not talking about anything, but T. C. asks if he heard her say something about her mother and Julian. T. C. smashes a teapot and demands an answer. Whitney looks embarrassed. T. C. says he wants to know NOW. Chad just stands there staring while no one says anything. Chad says they were just joking and T. C. has more of a cow. Whitney says he's scaring her and Chad explains the shoes.T.C. says it wasn't his wife and Whitney says they know that. Chad says it was dumb to joke about it. T. C. says he should pop Chad one when Whitney grabs him and asks why he is so angry. T. C. says he doesn't want Eve's name dragged through the mud. He says he would rather see all the Cranes dead than see them hurt his family. Whitney says he doesn't really mean that, but he says he does. T. C. leaves, and Chad says he doesn't want to get on her dad's bad side. Whitney tells Chad she was really scared of murder. Chad looks at her like he's going to say whoa...
Whitney tells Chad about the fortune teller and Chad tells her dad is too good of a guy to kill anyone.

Theresa and Ethan:
Theresa confronts Ethan at the book cafe. She says she doesn't understand. Ethan says that she said she heard there was a budding romance between two people in their families. Theresa says that's right; isn't it true? Ethan says no, it's not. He says there could never be a relationship between a Crane and a Lopez-Fitzgerald. Theresa asks what Ethan means. Ethan asks if she heard what he said. Ethan yells at her to just drop it. Theresa walks away like a wounded puppy and Ethan calls to her, saying he shouldn't have been so harsh. He says that he is just upset and Theresa asks if it was her fault. Ethan says no. Theresa asks if he wants to talk about it, Ethan says no, because his aunt wouldn't like it, and Theresa says she hopes Sheridan is okay because she knows Ethan cares about his aunt. Ethan says that he cares very much and that he just wants her to be happy. Theresa says that Luis does too, because he is really a nice guy under his tough exterior. Ethan is like, "Oh Really?" and that she's only saying that because he's her brother. She asks if this has something to do with Luis and then Ethan has a flashback of Sheridan's cottage from earlier that morning when Sheridan told him how bad Luis was last night. Theresa asks if Luis did something to upset Sheridan. Theresa asks if she can help and Ethan tells her he doesn't want other people's problems to come into his and her relationship. Then he goes on to say that if it weren't for her he might not even be marrying Gwen. He says he really does love her. They talk about the ballet they saw together. Ethan says people should be with their own kind. Theresa says that true love should rule. Ethan says someone will only get hurt. Ethan says he has to go. Theresa says that Ethan's wrong.

Julian and the "Luis" Impostor:
Julian says to leave it to his father to provide only the best. He says the resemblance between Luis and the mask is remarkable. The impostor says that Sheridan sure thought so when she heard him on the phone when he was on the wharf. He says she was truly convinced. He says that from what she heard him say she'll think Luis doesn't give a damn about her. Julian says they need Sheridan to think the real Luis really is trying to use her. He says that if she thinks Luis is playing her for a fool that she'll be furious. He says that if she never speaks to Luis again that he and Alistair will get just what they want. Julian tells the guy to clean up and that he wants to see Luis's face when Sheridan confronts him.

Sheridan and Luis:
Luis sees Sheridan at the youth center and asks if she got his message. She says yes, she got it loud and clear and that she has a message for him. She slaps him in the face! Luis looks dumbfounded and asks what that was for. Sheridan tells him to stay out of her life and that she never wants to see him again. Now Luis looks even more confused. Luis asks what that was for. Sheridan screams that he would know. He says he doesn't. Sheridan says she knows what he's after and that she's known all along. Luis asks what he's after. Luis asks for an explanation and Sheridan says he doesn't deserve anything. Sheridan says she doesn't want to look at him or talk to him. Luis asks what this is all about and Sheridan goes into a flashback of last night when Luis was on the phone. She says he knows exactly what she's talking about, and he swears he doesn't. Sheridan says that Luis once said nothing could work between them and that he was right. He says he doesn't think that's true anymore. Sheridan says they can't go together and that it would never work. Luis says he still doesn't know where all of this is coming from. Sheridan says she was using him as a boy toy and that she's sick of him and she's through with him. She says the fun's over. She says she couldn't care less if she never saw him again. Luis finds the card he was going to give her and crumples it up. Ethan finds Sheridan crying. Sheridan says that Luis can never find out she heard him. It would be too embarrassing. Luis is beating the bag when he has flashbacks of Sheridan. He asks how he could have been so stupid. Theresa walks in and asks if he's upset about Sheridan. He says there is no he and Sheridan. He says he thought they were getting along fine but she came in and said terrible things to him. Theresa asks what he did and Luis said he would not bother her anymore. Ethan says he's going to let Luis have it, but Sheridan told him what happened and that she made herself sound bad. Just then the impostor walked into the book cafe and sees Sheridan. Theresa and Luis keep talking. Theresa says nothing will happen between her and Ethan and Luis says that's good. The impostor overhears Sheridan talking about Luis.

Julian and Alistair:
Julian says to the speakerphone Alistair that he still has the mask and Alistair says to get rid of it so Sheridan will never know he got rid of Luis for her. Alistair says that they may have stumbled on the truth about Martin if they had not been separated. Julian says Sheridan will never figure out the scheme. Alistair says he hopes so. Alistair says that Julian should be careful about his past.

Tuesday, March 7, 2000 | Episode #175
The Bennett House:
Charity is screaming in her sleep that Eve shouldn't sleep with Julian, and TC runs up to investigate with a freaked-out Eve right behind him. Charity continues to mumble, but doesn't mention any names this time. Tabitha and Timmy are listening outside the door. The phone rings and TC goes to answer it. It's Miguel calling about Charity and TC reassures him. Tabby and Timmy try to hide, but end up having to go down the laundry chute to avoid being seen! Tabby gets stuck in the wash machine for a while but eventually they make their way back upstairs. Charity wakes up and asks if she said anything in her sleep. They both tell her that she didn't say anything that made sense. TC goes to get Charity something to drink and Charity tells Eve that she has no control over what she says while sleeping...anyway, Eve would never do anything like what she saw. Eve and TC go back downstairs and TC tries to question Eve about Charity's visions, but Eve changes the subject and reminds him that he has a meeting. He looks for his keys all over the place, but can't find them (Tabby has taken them). He goes into Charity's room to look just as she starts talking in her sleep about Julian Crane. He stays to listen and Charity says "Dr. Russell" just as Eve walks in with a horrified expression on her face.

Whitney & Chad:
Whitney and Chad both remember how angry TC got and Whitney is really worried that her dad might kill someone (she remembers the gypsy's fortune earlier in the summer). Chad says at first that TC is a nice guy, but then remembers how TC blew up at him over his knee once and Chad starts to have doubts about TC's temper.

Alistair is talking to Julian about the success of their plans, and Julian mentions that a local girl named Charity has been having visions of him and Eve. Alistair mentions Tabitha's name and hints that he's encountered Tabby in the past. He tells Julian to stay clear of Tabitha and TC, because TC already suspects Julian's involvement in his knee injury and his father's death, and if TC found out about the affair with Eve, he'd kill Julian.

Sheridan & Luis, etc.:
Sheridan is sitting in the Book Cafe, sort of sulking about what happened with her and Luis. Beth comes over and Sheridan tells her that Luis is a heartless bastard! Beth defends him and Sheridan apologizes. They talk a little and Sheridan says she isn't going to go to the party for her at the youth center. Some kids from the center come over and persuade Sheridan to go. Meanwhile, Luis is talking to Hank about how Sheridan changed so quickly and says he's giving up on her. Hank says he didn't want to win this way but he'll take what he can get. The party starts with all the kids and Sheridan comes in. Luis and Hank come in soon after and Sheridan and Luis immediately start giving each other looks. Jessica starts to give Sheridan a plaque, but decides that Luis should give it to her. He does and it says how wonderful and caring Sheridan is...very touching. Sheridan thanks them all and is going to leave, but Kay requests that Sheridan and Luis do the tango. All the other kids want them to do it too and so they start to dance. He tells her how wrong he was about her when he wrote the plaque and she says she's heard enough. He says whatever she heard was wrong but she won't let him explain. They continue to talk and the Luis imposter, who has been following Sheridan, calls Julian and tells him the situation. Julian says they must be stopped from conversing at all costs. The guy agrees and hangs up. He goes behind a doorway and takes out a gun and aims it at Luis!

Kay, Simone, etc.:
Simone once again feels the guilty conscience when she sees how worried Miguel is about Charity. She tells Kay to take the bird from under Charity's bed but Kay says she'll do it when she has Miguel's child. She tells Simone that she can't get Chad without her help and Simone finally agrees to not say anything. Jessica questions Simone about what Kay is up to, but Simone doesn't tell her anything. Kay is trying to get Miguel to dance the tango with her, but all he can think about is Charity.

Wednesday, March 8, 2000 | Episode #176
Youth Center:
Luis asks Sheridan why she slapped him. She flashes back to the conversation she overheard and says she'll tell him exactly why she slapped him. She is about to talk, but suddenly the lights go out. Luis goes to check out the blown fuse. All the kids start to leave and say good-bye to Sheridan. Beth and Hank come up and they chat a little. Sheridan leaves, with the Luis imposter following her.

Beth still suspects that Luis and Sheridan have something going on, but Hank disagrees. After Sheridan leaves, Luis comes back upstairs and tell him that she left. He says he has nothing to say to her anyway. Beth leaves, saying she will always be there for Luis. Hank tries to persuade Luis to hook up with her, but Luis wants to stay away from women for a while. He's frustrated that he was so taken in by Sheridan. He says he doesn't want to get together with her but he just wishes he knew what happened.

Julian/Luis imposter/Sheridan:
Julian warns the imposter what will happen if Sheridan and Luis talk too much. He says don't worry, Luis won't live long enough to get the truth. Julian says he doesn't want Luis dead, just away from Sheridan. The imposter agrees and says he'll take care of it. After turning out the lights, he calls Julian and says it worked for now, but they are bound to run into each other again. Sheridan returns home and goes by Julian. They talk about Luis and she shows him the plaque. She steps closer to the desk, where Julian notices that the drawer with the Luis mask is open and in plain sight. He slowly leads her away from the desk and rips on Luis some more. He asks what Sheridan will do now, and suggests that she go back to Europe or travel somewhere else. She says maybe she should go away and never come back. She leaves and Julian sits back, contemplating the situation.

Kay asks Miguel to dance, but he says he's worried about Charity and not in the mood to dance. She persuades him to dance. They start dancing, but Miguel can't stop thinking about Charity and walks away. When the lights go out, Kay runs to Miguel because she's "scared," but Miguel leaves to help Luis.

Jessica tries to get information out of Simone about what Kay has to do with what has happened to Charity. She says Charity is too good of a person to do this to. Kay comes up and stops the whole conversation. She takes Simone aside and reminds her that she promised to keep her mouth shut. She adds that Simone needs Kay's help to get Chad because he seems more interested in Whitney than her. Simone says she's wrong but Kay begs to differ. Miguel comes back with Jessica and they decide to go to the Bennett's to check on Charity. They are talking in front of the house and rush in when they hear Charity screaming. Kay tells Simone that if she blabs, she'll never get Chad. Simone says none of Kay's plans have worked so far but Kay says Charity is going crazy, isn't she?

Chad & Whitney:
Chad tries to convince Whitney that TC will not kill anyone, and the gypsy must have been wrong. She says she's never seen him as angry as he was at the Book Cafe. He says nothing is threatening his marriage and TC would have nothing to be angry about. He goes back to the music, and she thanks him for listening to her. He says he'll listen any time. Simone looks ticked off in the background. Chad keeps telling Whitney that she has nothing to worry about. They go to the Book Cafe and talk about Eve and TC some more. He gets her some coffee and she thanks him again. He says something about how now she doesn't have a loser image of him. She says he can't take a compliment & she's wasting her time. She leaves and Chad asks himself what's wrong with him.

Bennett House:
Charity says in her sleep that Eve is with Julian. Eve comes in and TC tells her about the visions. Charity wakes up and Eve says that Charity must have just called out to her for help, and Eve wasn't really in the vision. Tabitha (who's listening outside) tries to send psychic waves to Charity, but Charity says she was just hallucinating and lies to save Eve. Tabby is not discouraged, however, because the bird is still under Charity's bed. TC is still really angry and Eve tries to calm him down. She makes up some psychoanalysis stuff and he settles down. Upstairs, Tabitha and Timmy decide to crawl into Charity's room to get the bird statue. Timmy starts fantasizing about being Jimmy Cagney, dodging bullets on a battlefield. He bumps into the bed and Charity sits up. She starts screaming about another one of her visions and TC and Eve are heard going up to investigate. They run in and Charity starts crying and going into hysterics. Tabby and Timmy, who are hiding under the bed, are ecstatic. TC comes in with Eve's bag and she sedates Charity. Miguel comes in and asks what's wrong. Eve says she is going to have Charity admitted to the hospital for observation.

Thursday, March 9, 2000 | Episode #177
Ivy & Julian:
Ivy goes into Julian's study and hears him talking to Alistair all about the Luis imposter. When he hangs up, Ivy yells at him for keeping Luis and Sheridan apart but he says they will destroy the Crane family otherwise. She threatens to tell Sheridan and Julian says she will lose everything. She says she doesn't care, because she doesn't want Sheridan to have a loveless marriage. He brings up their love life, and Ivy flashes back to making love to Sam on her wedding night. She says she's going to blow Julian out of the water, but Julian says what if she loses Ethan too? He says if Ivy brings down the family, Ethan will lose everything as well, including Gwen, the love of his life. Ivy says Ethan believes in things other than a name and he'd want to know about Julian and Alistair's plans. Still, she decides to protect Ethan once again and not tell Sheridan. Julian says Sheridan will soon forget about Luis and Ivy asks if he really believes that.

Luis & Sam:
Luis is at the police station and Sam asks him what's wrong. Luis tells him about Sheridan and says nothing like that will ever happen again. Sam says the Sheridan he knows wouldn't slap Luis and something must have happened. Luis says it must have been her family, but he thought she was tougher than that. Sam says Luis wouldn't be getting so worked up if he didn't care about her. Luis admits that he was starting to care about Sheridan. He says things started to go well after Santa Fe, but maybe his slap in the face was a wake up call. Sam says he knows what Luis is going through and remembers his times with Ivy. Luis questions him about it but he insists that Grace is the woman he loves. He says Luis may never understand why Sheridan did this and he must forget her. Luis says he intends to but Sam says it is tough to forget someone emotionally. Discussion turns to Luis' career and Sam reminds him he is up for detective, but in order to get the job, he must close one more case: the Sheridan kidnapping/death of fake Martin. Luis says fine, he's never let his feelings interfere with his work before. He goes to question Sheridan.

Ethan & Sheridan:
Ethan shows up at Sheridan's cottage and asks why she's going to Europe. She says she has to and he says she can't because he needs her for advice and fun. He tells her to forget Luis but she says she is hurting too much. Ethan hugs her and she says the hardest part of staying in Harmony is the emotional part. Ethan says running away won't change that and she starts to cry. He says he's really angry at Luis for what he did to Sheridan and tells her that if she wants, he can get Luis fired. Sheridan refuses to do that and tries to rationalize about Luis' behavior and says it's her fault. She says she's tired and so Ethan leaves, telling her not to leave until they've talked more. She sits down and starts dreaming about Luis coming to her house, apologizing, and kissing her. There is a knock on the door and it's the real Luis.

The Bennett House:
Eve says they are going to take Charity to the hospital. Under the bed, Tabby and Timmy try to reach the bird. Grace comes in and Eve fills her in. Simone pulls Kay aside and tells her she will rot in hell for this. Kay says maybe Simone is right and she should show Eve the bird. They go back in and Miguel is comforting Charity. Kay says never mind, Charity is doing just fine on her own. Jessica comes up and says Kay is up to something. Kay says she'll tell them what she has to do with Charity going crazy--nothing. Jessica threatens to tell Grace, but Kay says it will only upset her. They get ready to take Charity to the hospital and Kay asks Eve if Charity should be in a straitjacket. Eve says that's not necessary and Grace and Charity leave with Miguel. Simone tells Kay that now that Charity is away from the bird, she'll be fine. Kay gets another idea but says they should see Charity off. Tabby & Timmy come out from under the bed, and Tabby says she can't get to Charity if she's locked up. Suddenly, Kay and Simone come back and Tabby hides while Timmy goes into doll mode. Kay picks him up and says she can use the doll in her plan. She gets the bird from under the bed and says she'll put the bird in the doll and make Charity crazy. She takes a scissors and is about to make the first cut.

The Hospital:
Miguel comes in and Charity says he's been so good to her. He says they'll always be together but Charity tells him to leave and never turn back.

Friday, March 10, 2000 | Episode #178
Ivy reminds her husband that despite his evil machinations Luis and Sheridan will find their way back to one another because true love always triumphs in the end. Meanwhile, Luis reluctantly returns to Sheridan's place to close the file on her kidnapping. Though Charity urges him to keep his distance for his own sake, Miguel promises his worried friend she could never be a danger to him or anyone else. Jessica's timely entrance saves Timmy from being gutted by Kay as part of her scheme to stuff the bird statue into the panicking doll. As she signs off on the police report, Sheridan is surprised to discover that Luis left out any mention of how he rescued her from the phony Martin Fitzgerald on New Year's Eve. Grace inadvertently fuels Eve's guilt by laughing at the idea that her best friend could ever harbor a dark secret. Crouching beneath the bed, Tabitha holds her breath as Kay decides to insert the wooden bird into a stuffed bear instead of Timmy. T.C. tells Sam he would rip Julian's heart out with his bare hands if he ever found the man with Eve. Julian moves fast to prevent Sheridan from confiding in Luis. Kay takes the "special" teddy bear to her cousin's hospital room.

Ivy agrees to not tell Sheridan about the imposter for Ethan's sake. However, Ivy warns Julian that Sheridan and Luis will still end up together because love always wins in the end. Julian panics when he sees Luis' police car parked out at Sheridan's cottage. At the cottage, Luis has Sheridan sign a statement regarding her kidnapping. Sheridan is surprised by what she sees in the police report. Despite their anger, Sheridan and Luis have trouble controlling their mutual attraction to one another. Sheridan agrees to tell Luis why she's angry with him, but Julian interrupts. Luis learns Sheridan is moving to Paris. Sheridan decides she has to let Luis know why she's mad at him.

Kay prepares to rip a hole into Timmy, who's in doll form. She plans to stuff the bird statue inside him and give him to Charity at the hospital, hoping her cousin will continue having hallucinations. Timmy panics as Kay raises scissors to cut him open. Jessica barges in and tells Kay she won't get away with whatever she's doing to Charity. After Jessica leaves, Simone points out that maybe Charity isn't crazy and maybe there is evil lurking around like Faith used to say. Kay mocks her by looking for evil in Charity's bedroom and is about to look under the bed and discover Tabitha. At the hospital, Miguel comforts Charity, who fears she is losing her mind. A psychiatrist, Dr. Watts, completes an evaluation on Charity's mental state and announces her findings to Charity's loved ones.

Eve and Grace discuss keeping secrets from loved ones, causing Eve to feel guilty. Meanwhile, TC tells Sam he'd kill Julian if he were ever involved with his wife. Sam realizes it's better if TC never learns about Charity's visions of Eve and Julian. Later, Ivy watches Sam go into a hospital office alone and formulates a plan.

Monday, March 13, 2000 | Episode #179
Sheridan wonders what happened to Luis, that he became so manipulative. Outside, Luis says he must find out what happened. He looks in the window as Sheridan flashes back to their tango, etc. She throws the plaque across the room and Luis walks away without knocking on the door. Ethan comes in and Sheridan tells him about Luis' visit. She says she is so confused about who the real Luis is. She wants to pack for Europe, but Ethan tries to persuade her to talk to Luis about what happened. She refuses and says she has to start her life over.

Lopez-Fitzgerald Home:
Luis comes home and Pilar talks to him about Sheridan. Conversation shifts to Theresa and Luis goes up to see if maybe they can heal each other. Theresa is fantasizing again about Ethan professing his love and kissing her. Pilar comes in and wakes her up. Theresa says she must learn to live without Ethan. After Pilar leaves, Theresa says it's a good thing Luis never knew she was in love with Ethan. Luis comes in and Theresa throws her Ethan picture away. He asks her about the guy who broke her heart but she doesn't want to talk about it and asks about Sheridan. He says it was never meant to be. He reassures her that someday she will find someone and promises to always be there for her. He goes to get some hot chocolate and Theresa decides that Ethan and her were never meant to be.

The Hospital:
Sam says he doesn't want to hurt Ivy, but he can't be with her. He reminds her of what Julian will say and Grace too. Grace walks by, looking for Sam, and Julian walks by, looking for the mysterious woman. Ivy kisses Sam as the door opens. It's Eve and she starts getting hysterical. Sam tries to explain, but Eve's beeper goes off and she has to leave. Julian approaches Eve and asks if she's seen Ivy. Sam comes out and says he needs to talk to Eve. He leaves to go find Grace. Julian reminds Eve of their past and asks about Charity. He tells her to make sure TC never finds out what's going on. She hints that something is going on (Sam and Ivy) and Ivy comes out. Julian wonders why everyone is acting so strangely and asks Ivy about it. He says she must be angry about what he did to Luis and Sheridan. She says he will pay for that.

Charity is going totally ballistic as Kay and Simone watch. Simone reprimands Kay, but Kay says Charity is really loony. She says she wants to show Simone something. She takes her to the psychiatric ward. Two orderlies come out, looking for an escaped patient and Simone says she hopes Charity never winds up there. Dr. Watts comes into Charity's room and sedates Charity and orders the nurses to put her in restraints. Everyone leaves and looks in the window. Everyone tries to explain Charity's outbursts. Everyone but TC goes down to get some food and TC goes to sit with Charity. She mentions Julian and Eve again and TC gets interested. Eve comes in and tells him to let Charity get some rest. TC leaves and sees a really upset Sam. Eve, Kay, Simone and Grace come around too and Sam feels guilty that he was kissing Ivy while Charity went nuts. Dr. Watts says she's made a decision about what to do with Charity, and it isn't good--she wants to commit Charity to the psych ward. Kay immediately goes to comfort Miguel and Simone looks in the room at the stuffed bear. Sam hugs Grace as Ivy walks in and Eve gives them all a look. TC asks Eve what's wrong. Meanwhile, Ivy goes into Charity's room and hears her talking about Eve and Julian.

Tabby worries that if Charity gets committed, her plan will never work. Just as she is talking to Timmy about how she's lived in Harmony for 300 years, the two orderlies come up and say Tabby must be the psycho they're looking for. They take her and Timmy to her padded room! Timmy watches wrestling and enjoys the cooking while Tabby tries to escape. Timmy does a little dance to celebrate Fluffy's absence. Tabby reminds him that he won't be able to make Martimmys and Timmy starts banging on the door.

Tuesday, March 14, 2000 | Episode #180
Ethan and Gwen are at the Book Cafe talking about Sheridan. Ethan says she's going to Europe and Gwen says they'll have to set a date for the wedding so Sheridan knows when to come. Ethan is hesitant to set a date and Gwen wonders if he's having second thoughts. He says no, he just wants Gwen to be happy. With all the planning involved, he wonders if they can elope, but Gwen says the families are expecting a big celebration. They look at bridal magazines and then decide to go for a walk.

Whitney comes into Theresa's room and briefly tells her about the wrath of TC, and then Theresa shows her how she threw away all her Ethan pictures. Whitney goes under Theresa's bed and pulls out a big portfolio filled with Theresa's drawings of her dream wedding with Ethan. She says Theresa must get rid of this too, and Theresa decides to have a special ceremony to get rid of it and throw it off the wharf into the ocean. They go to the wharf and run into Gwen and Ethan, who see the portfolio, and Gwen thinks it's all of Theresa's plans for Gwen and Ethan's wedding. She takes it home to look at it and Theresa says there are two things bad about that: One, she had a picture in there that says Theresa and Ethan, and Two, she can't bear to have Gwen use her ideas in her wedding.

The Hospital:
Ivy hears Charity talking about Eve and Julian, and starts planning how she will use this new tidbit of information. She hints to both Julian and Eve that she knows a new secret, and notices Eve and Julian talking secretively. After confirming with Dr. Watts that the visions could indeed be real, she says to herself that things will be getting very interesting.

Sam pleads Eve not to say anything to Grace about him and Ivy because it was in the past, but Eve says she doesn't know what to do because Grace is her best friend and she won't keep any secrets from her. Eve also figures out that Sam really was with a naked woman at the ski lodge, and it was probably Ivy. Next Sam tries to talk to Grace, but she's way too upset about Charity.

Miguel is really upset about Charity, especially when he learns that she can't have visitors. Kay comforts him and he gives her some flowers that were meant for Charity (and she somehow thinks that she is getting closer to getting Miguel). Kay has made sure that the teddy bear followed Charity and Simone disapproves.

Tabby and Timmy are in the psych ward and Tabby persuades the nurse to check and see if she is really supposed to be there. She converses with Timmy in the main room and drives one of the patients crazy, and then overhears that Charity will be coming to the psych ward. When the nurse returns, she starts acting nuts so that she can stay, and the nurse changes her mind about Tabby being normal. Tabby and Timmy go back to their room as Charity is wheeled in, and discover they can hear everything in Charity's room through the heating vent. They hear Dr. Watts telling the nurse that Charity is on a new medication that is good for hallucinations, but makes her susceptible to suggestion and a really twisted person could make Charity do anything.

Wednesday, March 15, 2000 | Episode #181
Jessica again presses Simone to stop aiding and abetting Kay in whatever evil plan she's cooked up to hurt Charity. A flustered Theresa explains to her mother how Gwen mistook her wedding portfolio as one she prepared for Ethan and his current fiancee. After T.C. catches her muttering in her sleep, Eve nervously tells her husband she thinks Sam may be having an affair with Ivy Crane. In the psych ward, Tabitha is thrilled to learn that the new drug being given to Charity has a side effect which will render the girl completely susceptible to any suggestion. T.C. reassures Eve that Sam has been through with Ivy for years even though the obsessed woman refuses to accept the truth. Theresa and Whitney decide to hurry to the Crane mansion to retrieve the portfolio. Ivy confides to Pilar how Eve caught her and Sam in a compromising position, then speculates that Dr. Russell is keeping a secret of her own which somehow involves Julian. As Timmy daydreams about rescuing Charity, Tabitha whispers through the vent which connects their adjoining rooms and instructs the sleeping girl to murder Miguel. Though Sam begs her to keep mum, Eve insists she won't lie if Grace asks her a direct question.

Eve tells TC about finding Sam and Ivy together. TC assures Eve the relationship is over as far as Sam is concerned, but Ivy won't give up. Eve believes Sam may still be involved with Ivy. Eve gets nervous when TC talks about honesty in marriage. Later, Sam asks Eve not to tell Grace about him and Ivy, but Eve says she won't lie to her best friend. Meanwhile, both Ivy and Julian wonder what secret the other is hiding. Ivy relates her suspicions about Eve and Julian to Pilar. She also tells Pilar about Eve catching her and Sam together. Pilar warns that a bigger secret threatens to come out if Eve exposes Sam and Ivy's romantic past.

Theresa is devastated by the thought of Gwen using her ideas from her portfolio. Theresa tells her mother how she had to let Gwen and Ethan think the wedding ideas were for their wedding so they wouldn't find out about her dreams of marrying Ethan. Theresa worries Gwen and Ethan will see she wrote her name under one of the dress sketches and figure everything out. Theresa and Whitney race over to the Crane mansion where Ethan and Gwen are flipping through her portfolio. Gwen gasps when she sees something in the portfolio.

Simone is torn between her best friend and her conscience. Simone pulls Kay aside and threatens to take the bird statue out of Charity's room. At the hospital, the doctor administers Charity a drug to stop her hallucinations. Tabitha plots to take advantage of the drug's side effect, which leaves Charity extremely vulnerable to suggestion. While Charity sleeps, Tabitha speaks through the vent between her and Charity's room. Tabitha encourages Charity to kill Miguel.

Thursday, March 16, 2000 | Episode #182
The Psych Ward:
Tabby continues to tell Charity to kill Miguel. Outside, Miguel insists on entering Charity's room. He goes in while Kay and Simone wait in the hall. In her sleep, Charity has thoughts of Tabitha's command to kill Miguel.

Simone scolds Kay for what she's doing, and then they go exploring in the psych ward. Simone wants to get the bird statue, and tells Kay her soul is in danger. They go back in by Miguel and Simone says Kay has an idea about how to get Charity better. Kay is about to take the bird out of the bear, but then Miguel says that he and Charity will be together forever, and she changes her mind and puts the bear closer to Charity. They leave and Simone goes back, claiming she left her bag there. She takes the bird statue out of the bear and assures Charity that it will be all right now. In the other room, Tabby curses Simone and continues to tell Charity to kill Miguel. Dr. Watts comes in and Charity no longer sees the visions! The doctor pronounces her cured and goes to make the necessary paperwork. Tabitha wonders if her messages worked. Charity says she has a strong urge to see Miguel...there's something she has to do. Tabby does a little dance with Timmy to celebrate and an observant nurse says that woman won't get out for a long time.

Crane Mansion:
Theresa finds the picture of her and Ethan when Ethan and Gwen come back and notice Theresa hiding the picture. Pilar urges Theresa to show them the picture, but Theresa throws it in the fire! Whitney covers by saying what a perfectionist Theresa is. Gwen and Ethan gush about how great the portfolio is, and start making plans to use Theresa's dream wedding. Whitney says that maybe they should get a professional, but Gwen says they can just get someone to work off of Theresa's designs. Just then the bridal bouquet arrives, exactly as Theresa pictured it. She fantasizes about marrying Ethan. Ethan says they will use Theresa's plans to the last detail but Theresa says they can't do that. They reply that it will be perfect. They leave to let Theresa think about it and she bursts into tears about the whole situation.

Ivy tells Sam that he must stop Eve from telling Grace what she knows. Sam says he should have told Grace years ago and hangs up. Ivy panics and leaves the house.

Eve says she will tell Grace what has been bothering her. Grace thinks it's about Charity...what else could it be? Sam interrupts and Grace goes to take care of something. Sam begs Eve not to tell Grace. Eve says then Sam should tell Grace himself. Grace comes back and Eve goes to answer her beeper. Sam tells Grace that he has something to tell Grace, and she should hear it from him. He is about to tell her about Ivy when he gets a call from the police station and has to go to work. He leaves and the doorbell rings. Eve answers and it's Ivy. Eve promptly calls her a bitch! She says how deceitful Ivy is and Ivy says she's okay as long as Sam hasn't told Grace anything yet. Grace comes back in and they talk about Charity for a little while. Grace has to go to the shop for a minute and Eve and Ivy are left alone. Eve says Grace will find out and Ivy says no, that won't happen. Eve asks what she is going to do to stop it? Ivy offers her a bribe and says she'll do whatever it takes to protect her family. She says Eve has a lot to lose too and threatens to tell TC about Eve and Julian. Grace comes back and Ivy says Eve has something to say.

Friday, March 17, 2000 | Episode #183
Sheridan is packing and Ethan begs her not to go to Paris. He reminds her of Jean-Luc and Sheridan says Paris is big enough that she won't have any bad memories of Jean-Luc. Ethan says he wants her to be there for his wedding, children, etc., and Sheridan says she wonders when she'll find true love. He says it'll happen and she says it feels like some force is keeping her from finding love. Suddenly she shudders and feels like someone walked over her grave. She finds a watch that belonged to Jean-Luc and says she'll call him because she should give it back. After making the call, she tells Ethan that nothing bad could possibly happen to her in Paris.

Jean-Luc's Apartment:
Pierre and Roger are talking about how the Interpol is getting too close to their drug operation and Roger says Sheridan must be killed. Pierre says maybe Sheridan doesn't even remember them but Roger says they must be sure. They look for documents that connect Jean-Luc to Sheridan. Jean-Luc's phone rings and it's Sheridan. Roger says Jean-Luc is out of town and asks where in America she lives. Sheridan doesn't give any more than her name, and hangs up. Roger says now that they know she's coming to Paris and her name is Sheridan, they can find her and kill her.

Grace asks what Eve wants to tell her, but Eve's beeper goes off (it's about Charity). Ivy wants to go with, and Grace goes to get her purse. Eve says Ivy just doesn't want Eve to be alone with Grace because she'll tell Grace about Sam. Eve says no one will ever believe that she had an affair with Julian, and Ivy asks if she is willing to take that risk? Eve comes back by saying Ethan will be ruined if Ivy is involved in a scandal. She says she will tell Grace everything the first chance she gets, and Ivy has no proof of anything. Grace comes back and they leave for the hospital.

The Hospital:
Dr. Watts says she'll be sure to get Eve to sign the release papers and leaves. Charity is really excited to get home and "give Miguel something." Tabitha listens and says she must be ready to watch Charity do such an awful thing. Grace and Eve come to pick Charity up, but Eve suddenly says she can't allow it. She says she wants to be sure that the medication doesn't backfire. Dr. Watts and Ivy ask what is Eve afraid of? Eve relents and Charity calls Miguel to tell him the good news. Ivy goads Eve about why Eve really wanted Charity to stay. They go back in by Charity, who leaves with the nurse. Grace asks what it was that Eve wanted to tell her? Eve is about to tell her, but Grace sees someone she knows and leaves. Ivy says Eve will never tell Grace and is about to leave, but Eve stops her and vows to tell Grace everything.

Tabitha is about to leave, but Dr. Watts stops her, saying she's not going anywhere. Tabitha protests, but then makes the mistake of talking to Timmy and Dr. Watts says she's heard enough. Tabby puts up a fight and they try to sedate her. They can't get the needle in and so the orderlies come in with a straitjacket. Tabby tries to cast a spell but it doesn't work. She is left alone with Timmy, who tries to undo the straitjacket to no avail. Bright Eyes comes in and says Tabby's plan will never work. Tabitha says this time evil will prevail.

The Bennett House:
Kay asks what Simone has in her bag and says it can't be the bird because Simone would never betray her like that. She says now she can get Miguel...he'll never forget this St. Patrick's Day. Miguel comes in and asks what Kay is talking about. Kay says she just wants him to cheer up instead of moping around. Simone goes over and turns on the garbage disposal, but it makes funny noises and Miguel says he can fix it, postponing dinner. Simone and Kay wait in the living room and Miguel comes in with his shirt off to ask about a wrench. Kay marvels at his body and reveals her plan to get Miguel: she'll put vodka in his drinks and get him drunk. She says if Miguel sleeps with her, he'll have to be with her. She considers getting pregnant. Miguel comes in and says Charity's coming home. Kay says she can't understand what happened if the bird was still with Charity.

In the kitchen, Miguel is making tea and Charity silently walks in. She can hear Tabby in her head, telling her to kill Miguel. She picks up a scissors and moves toward Miguel, who still has his back to her.

Monday, March 20, 2000 | Episode #184
Whitney bitterly tells Theresa that Chad has a major chip on his shoulder which makes him completely unattractive. Unaware that Jean-Luc's killers are lying in wait to claim another victim, Sheridan informs Ethan she won't feel safe until she's back in Paris. The little angel admits to a distraught Timmy that this time she is helpless against Tabitha's powers. Meanwhile, Charity creeps up on an unsuspecting Miguel, wielding a pair of scissors in a menacing manner. Gwen confides to Sheridan how terrible she feels about badmouthing Theresa now that she knows the girl is actually her biggest supporter. Grace listens uneasily to a friend's description of how her marriage fell apart after she caught her husband cheating on her. As Eve and Ivy face off again, Sam arrives and informs both women that he intends to come clean with his wife. The nurses in psych ward are astonished to see Tabitha's "doll" hopping around the room and chatting with his mistress. Ivy drops a bombshell on Sam, who accuses her of casting aspersions on Eve's name in a transparent attempt to silence the good doctor. Sheridan and Luis bump into one another at the Book Cafe. Timmy is removed from a protesting Tabitha.

Luis tries to brush off his feelings for Sheridan. He tells Pilar he is simply going to put Sheridan out of his mind and concentrate more on work. Meanwhile, Sheridan is persuaded she just needs to get away from Luis and go back to Paris where nothing can hurt her. She doesn't realize Pierre and Roger plan to kill her upon her arrival. Sheridan and Luis are affected when they run into each other at the Book Café. Will Sheridan finally reveal what she heard "Luis" say?

Whitney comforts a heartbroken Theresa. Whitney asks Chad if he's ever been in love.

Eve prepares to inform Grace about Ivy's pursuit of Sam. Ivy does her best to talk Eve out of it, but Eve stands her ground. Sam arrives and announces he's planning to tell Grace about Ivy right away. Ivy tells Sam that Eve is having an affair with Julian. Meanwhile, Grace is affected when she learns a friend has had herself committed after learning her husband was having an affair.

From her room in the psych ward, Tabitha sends Charity a psychic message to kill Miguel. At the Bennett house, Charity receives the message and picks up a pair of scissors in a trance-like state. She raises the scissors behind Miguel, who is unaware of her presence. The little angel girl frets, but informs a delighted Tabitha she isn't allowed to interfere. Miguel turns around in time, but doesn't realize what Charity was about to do. He's ecstatic over Charity's release from the hospital. Charity makes another attempt on Miguel's life. Back at the hospital, two nurses overhear Timmy talking to Tabitha.

Tuesday, March 21, 2000 | Episode #185
Luis & Sheridan:
The show starts off when them in the Book Cafe. Luis says so you're going back to Paris? Sheridan says yeah. He says I guess Paris hold more for you than Harmony ever could. She says not really, It'll be easy to go back to Paris, a lot easier than staying here in Harmony. Luis says are you going to see your old boyfriend Jean Luc? She as a matter of fact I do have plans to see him, but I'm not going back to a man who hurt and tried to use me. I hope you don't think I am that weak and pathetic. Luis says there were a lot of things I thought about you that turned out not to be true. I don't know what to think about you. Sheridan says Me!? Well, the feeling is mutual because you certainly aren't the man I thought you were. Luis says again he doesn't know what she is talking about. He says do you think the men in Paris are easier to figure out. She says I don't know and I don't care you might find this hard to believe, but I don't need a man. Luis says ok I see, but I can't for the life of me figure out what you turned on me this way. Sheridan says do you want me to tell you what you did? and he says yes. Sheridan notices that (Heather Nova's "London Rain" a side note if you want that song it is on the Dawson's Creek soundtrack) is playing on the radio and she says that is the same song that was playing the night we were in the pool hall and they both says what a great time that was. Next Scene Sheridan is outside talking about how bad Luis hut her. She walks away and drops a scarf as she leaves. Luis is outside too thinking to himself he doesn't know what went wrong. Next scene he walks by and find Sheridan scarf and starts to remember back to his and Sheridan's first kiss. Then Sheridan walks up and says I dropped something and Luis said yeah I found it. He says I knew it was yours because of the perfume and Luis hands it to her. Their hands touch and they both look into each other's eyes. Luis says good-bye if I don't see you before you go and Sheridan says thanks.

They are in the book Cafe and they are dancing. Ethan pulls away and says what are you doing? Why did you start dancing with me? Theresa says she had to. Then Whitney came in to save her and said Theresa was just testing the song with him for his and Gwen's wedding. He says thanks Theresa your so great. He leaves. Theresa tells Whitney again how she can't stop wanting Ethan. Theresa says I know I have to put him out of his mind, but I see him everyday. Whitney says then quit your job. Theresa says no I need Mrs. Crane to help my fashion career. Whitney says then stay away from Ethan. Theresa and Whitney watch Gwen and Ethan sitting on the couch laughing and talking. Theresa says Whitney you are right I have to stay away from Ethan. I will only go the mansion when he isn't there. Whitney says well are you going to do the wedding and she says yes I don't see how I can get out of it. Gwen answers her phone and says hello and then she says oh no Ethan this is very bad news for us. Ethan says what bad news? Gwen says I have to go to New York because of a business merger that is really important to her. She says I have to go and Ethan says I understand. Gwen tells Theresa about having to leave and she needs Theresa to take over most of the wedding plans. Theresa say of course I will do it. Theresa says I will have to do most of the work at home because of school and Gwen says that could be a problem and Theresa says why and Gwen says because you have to be with Ethan. Theresa looks shocked. Gwen says he will be alone when I am gone he will need your help. You have the same taste as me with the wedding and I trust you with Ethan. Then Gwen says I feel so bad about ever not trusting you. Theresa says to Gwen she will stay with Ethan when Gwen is gone.

Grace asks Eve what she wanted to tell her? Sam says actually there is something I want to tell you and it concerns Ivy. Grace tells Sam about her friend Maureen who was in the psychiatric ward and how her husband cheated on her and ruined her life. Grace says what made it worse is she never expected it. Sam says he couldn't have loved her much to do that to her and Grace says I know. I'm glad I'll never have to through that because I don't think I would handle it much better than she did. Grace says Sam didn't you say you had something to tell me, about Ivy? Sam says Grace I don't think it is a good Idea to become friends with Ivy. I don't think it's good to have the Cranes too involved in our lives. Grace says Ivy isn't going to do anything to hurt our family. I'm not going to confide in her. She is a friend, but she isn't a good friend like Eve. Grace comments again on how she couldn't handle it if Sam ever cheated on her. Ivy says you strike me as a strong woman I don't she how you could ever end up like Maureen. Eve says well, none of us know how we will handle it until it happens. Grace says well, I'll never have to find out. Sam would never keep a secret like that from me. Grace says trust is the most important thing in a marriage. Eve agrees. Grace says Ivy you and Julian have such a great marriage. Ivy says I envy your marriage. Eve takes Ivy by the hand and takes her out of the room. She says there are some things I have to get straight with you right now. Eve says I'm not going to tell Grace about you and Sam because he will not because you threatened me. Ivy says she still believes that Even and Julian had an affair and she is thinking about hiring a Private Investigator to investigate them. Eve says nothing happened. Ivy says I'm sure something did. Ivy says do you think Sam will tell Grace? Eve says I don't know. Ivy says if Sam doesn't tell her will you? Eve says I'm ready to forget the whole thing, but you have to promise not go after Sam anymore. Ivy says no I won't give up on him. Eve says your not serious? Ivy says I absolutely am. Eve says he will never leave Grace. Then Sam and Grace walk in and Grace says Eve was there something you wanted to tell me? and Eve says no, it's not important. Sam and Grace leave. Ivy says I want Sam I always have. Eve says he is in love with Grace. Ivy says all I want is an affair. I don't want to break up his marriage or my own. Eve says that will never happen. Ivy says I have no intention of giving up on Sam. Ivy says all I want is happiness with the one man who I can be happy with. Ivy threatens Eve again and says she can find out about Eve and Julian's affair and she is sure there is proof somewhere. Eve flashbacks to she and Orville talking about the bird and how Eve burned down Orville's apartment with the bird in it. Then she says to Ivy I have nothing to worried about and walks away.

The nurse takes Timmy away and puts him in a room and closes the door. Timmy remembers Tabitha told him to make sure Charity kills Miguel, he says; but how do I do it? Then h falls out of the window that the nurse set him on. Timmy is outside and it is raining. Timmy says Timmy doesn't want to make Charity kill Miguel. Why does Tabitha make Timmy do these things? Timmy hears some alley cats meowing and he says you cants don't scare Timmy, trying to convince himself. Timmy runs and hides from the cats. He says why do they all hate Timmy? He says he has to go find out what is going on between Charity & Miguel. Timmy is looking through the window and says he doesn't want to do this but if he doesn't he will lose Tabitha and be all alone. Next scene Timmy is creeping around inside the Bennett house.

Charity is still in a trace with Tabitha saying Kill Miguel over and over in her head. Kay and Simone walk downstairs. Kay tells Simone about her plan to get Miguel before Charity gets out of the hospital (she doesn't know she is out). Charity is still behind Miguel with the scissors over him ready to stab him. Then Kay walks in and Charity quickly puts down the scissors. Charity says again to herself what am I doing with the scissors. Nobody else seems interested as to why she has the scissors. Then Kay and Simone comment on how great it is that Charity is out of the hospital. Charity and Miguel leave to go to the kitchen to get some hot chocolate and Charity puts the scissors down on the table. Kay says she can't believe how Charity always ruins everything for her. Kay says why did the bird statue stop making her go crazy. Simone has a flashback of when she took the bird statue from the hospital. Simone says move on with your life Kay. Kay comments on how Simone couldn't just move on and forget about Chad. Kay thinks about it and says didn't you see Charity holding those scissors up in the air? What was she going to do with them? She was holding them like she was going to stab Miguel in the back. She is a weirdo. I don't trust her. Simone says she wouldn't hurt Miguel. Charity and Miguel walk in. Kay says are you all right. Charity says I do feel a little strange. Kay says maybe you need some sleep. Miguel says yeah you do. Charity says your right. I really wanted to hand out with you guys, but I am tired I am going to get some rest. Charity leaves to walk upstairs and she slyly grabs the scissors as she is walking out of the room. Kay and Charity walk in to the hallway and Kay comments on how it is weird there are wet footprints by the door because they were all in when it started raining. They both say they didn't hear anyone come in and comment on how strange it is. Charity goes up stairs and Simone goes home. Charity is in her room praying and Timmy is hiding behind a chair in her room. He hears her praying saying that she feels something bad is going to happen to Miguel. Downstairs Kay & Miguel are talking about Charity. Kay says Miguel you have to be prepared things might not work out the way you want them to, but I will always be here for you. He says I know. Then he leaves. Kay tries to talk him into staying, but he says he might as well go because Charity is asleep. Next scene Kay walks into the living room from the kitchen and see Charity's teddy bear. She checks it and sees that the bird is gone. She says someone must have taken it. She calls Simone and Simone says forget about the bird. If she is crazy she will stay crazy without the bird. Next scene Charity is still in her room praying. Timmy is still saying to himself he doesn't want to make Charity kill Miguel. Charity thinks to herself now why did I bring those scissors up here? Then she goes to bed. Timmy walks over to Charity while she is sleeping and says Timmy has no choice. The he whispers into her ear. Charity is dreaming about Miguel and him walking into her room and then she is strangling him. Timmy continues whispering into her ear.

They are in the book cafe talking about love. Whitney says she doesn't need it and Chad says one day you will. Next scene Whitney is listening to the music and Chad says what do you think? and says I wasn't even listening. Chad says I saw your face when I played that love song and Whitney says I didn't feel anything. Chad says your going to be feeling that fire sooner than you think.

Wednesday, March 22, 2000 | Episode #186
The Crane Mansion:
The show starts with Julian dialing a number on his phone then he says hi, is the answering service? I'd like to leave a message for Dr. Eve Russell. Just then Ivy walks in and says well, well. Making some calls Julian? He says what did you hear? She said enough. I know what your secret is you were involved with Eve Russell. Julian laughs and says you have such a vivid imagination. I was just calling Eve about a hospital matter. About a meeting. Ivy comments that Charity has been released from the hospital and Julian says oh then those visions were nothing. Ivy says I walked in on one of her hallucinations. Julian says what was she hallucinating about. Ivy says you and Eve. Julian says she is insane. Ivy says I don't think so I think she has ESP. Julian says nonsense. Ivy says I think she was seeing you and Eve and your sexual past. I wonder what T.C. would do if he knew about it. Julian says you believe a lunatic teenager? She says why are you getting so upset if it didn't happen? He says think twice before you repeat these ridiculous accusation. Keep your mouth shut. TC would destroy this family if he heard these rumors. He leaves and Pilar walks in. Pilar says is he okay? He looked so upset. The phone rings and Pilar answers. It is Eve and she says she needs to speak with Julian Crane and Pilar says I am sorry he just left. Ivy takes the phone and says can I help you with something? Eve says I am just returning his call. She says about the board meeting or something else? Eve says just drop it Ivy! Ivy says she will find out their past and Pilar says and do what? seek revenge? Ivy and Pilar talk about Ivy and Sam being together in the past and how she won't leave Julian or end Sam's marriage. They will just have a love affair. Ivy says I have to find out about Eve & Julian's past. Pilar remind Ivy that you can't hide secrets and to leave Eve Russell alone.

The Hospital:
Eve is in the hospital. Dr. Watts walks up and Eve says are you sure Charity should have been released? Dr. Watts said I'm sure the medication I gave her worked. Eve says what about the possible side effects? Dr. Watts says she is susceptible to suggestions, but that should wear off soon. Eve says and the visions? Dr. Watts says I doubt she will have anymore. (Eve flashbacks to what Charity said when she was having her visions about Eve and Julian together). Eve says what caused them? Dr. Watts says it is unlikely we will ever know. Like I told Mrs. Crane. Eve says Ivy asked you about the visions? Dr. Watts said yes she was wondering if what a person said while hallucinating could be true. Eve says what did you tell her? Dr. Watts said one would need proof that what they were hallucinating actually happened.

Eve is on the phone and T.C. walks in. He eavesdrops on Eve and hears her say who was trying to reach me? and the she says Julian Crane. T.C. remembers back to when Chad said jokingly maybe Eve was with Julian that night in the book cafe. Eve dials another number on the phone. T.C. walks over and kisses Eve. He says I just stopped by to get some health papers for school, baseballs season is starting. So you were calling Julian Crane? She says I had to reschedule a board meeting. He says you talked to Ivy? What did you tell her to drop? Eve says she admitted to me she wasn't going to give up on Sam. Ivy is nothing but a two face bitch. T.C. says wow I never heard you talk like that. She says Ivy just gets to me. He says I don't blame you. If Julian was trying to wreck my marriage I would make him suffer. T.C. gets a call and leaves. Julian walks in and said shouldn't we come to some agreement about this Eve? and T.C. hears them and says what agreement? Julian says just about the board meeting. T.C. says I don't believe you Julian and yells at him about taking his family farm and Julian says he had nothing to do with that. T.C. says leave my family alone and Julian says I understand and leaves. T.C says what is wrong Eve? She says nothing and they hug and T.C. leaves. Julian walks back in from behind a door and says we need to talk. He tells her that Ivy told him about Charity's hallucinations. Julian says Ivy won't give up until she finds the truth. Eve says you don't have the old pictures? He says no. She says the only other ones were destroyed in the fire. He says then there is no proof. All we have to do is deny everything. He says can't we be friends. She says never. She says those photos would just drive T.C. to madness if he ever found them. Julian says well he isn't dangerous.

Kay calls the hospital and asks a nurse if she has seen a bird statue. The nurse says, what? A statue of a bird? Eve over hears and says I'll take that nurse. She says who is asking about a bird statue?

Psych Ward:
The orderly takes the straight jacket off of her and he warns her not to do anything she will regret. Tabitha says I just want the paper and she starts looking through it for the story about Charity killing Miguel and can't find anything and says what happened. She remembers back to telling Timmy to make sure Charity kills Miguel. Could Timmy have failed his mission? Tabitha says I have to get out of here, but how? She comes up with an idea. She stuffs some pillows under her bed sheets and then starts saying; oh, oh, it hurts, it hurts. The orderly peaks through the screen on the door and says are you okay? Tabitha hides beside the door where the orderly can't see her and says I'm ill I need to see a doctor, now! He says what is wrong? She moans. He opens the door and walks in. Tabitha is behind the door and as he walks by she comes out from behind it and sneaks out. She sees a food cart and hides under it. The orderly say she escaped lets lock down the ward. The other orderly says okay I will get rid of this food cart. We have to find her. They empty the trays into the food cart compartment that Tabitha is hiding in and it goes all over her. The orderlies continue to look for Tabitha and they empty the food cart into a dumpster and don't see Tabitha as she falls in.

Bennett House:
Timmy is flash backing to when he whispered in Charity's ear to kill Miguel and how guilty he feels about doing that. He says Charity could never hurt Miguel. Could she?

Charity wakes up and looks over and sees the scissors. Charity holds them in her hand says what am I doing with these? The she remembers back to her dream and then she goes into a trance again; saying Miguel, I have to see Miguel. Then she puts down the scissors and goes to put on a robe. Timmy comes out from under the bed and we see Miguel come to Charity's door. Timmy runs and hides. Miguel says; Charity? Charity says I will be there in a minute. She says I have to see Miguel and picks the scissors back up. Charity leaves the room and Timmy comes out of hiding and says I have to get out of here. He goes to the window and gulps and then he tries to climb down the terrace on the side of the house and loses his footing.

Kay comes down the stairs and lets Simone in. Simone says what is wrong? you sounded crazed on the phone. Kay said Charity was standing over Miguel with those scissors. It was like a scene from scream. Simone says she would never hurt Miguel. Kay says it looked like she was going to. Simone says you are just looking for an excuse to get Charity locked up again. Kay says oh if I'm a liar, then where are the scissors? Simone says what do you mean? Kay says they are gone. I can't find them. Miguel knocks on the door and comes in. He asks about Charity and Kay says don't go near Charity! Kay says I am just worried about you and Charity Miguel. Miguel says I understand. I think your right to be worried. Miguel says thanks for making me realize how worried Charity is about being treated different after this. I have a surprise for Charity I will be right back and walks out of the room. Kay says how can he not think there is something wrong with her. Simone says cause there isn't. Kay says she is trying to kill him! Simone says you better hop he never finds out about the bird. Simone says don't worry I won't tell him. Well, have to wait until Charity wakes up and see how she is then. Miguel walks back in with flowers for Charity. He says I just want Charity to see how much I care for her and will always be there for her. Kay has a day dream that Miguel says she is the only woman for him. Miguel leaves to go upstairs and check on Charity.

Miguel is back downstairs and says I wonder what is keeping Charity? I can't wait to show her my surprise. Kay says maybe she has one of her own. I am really concerned about her. I think the medication has affected her. I think she might hurt you. Then Simone looks out the window and sees Timmy falling to the ground and says what? Just then Charity walks down the stairs with the scissors. Kay said I knew she had them. Don't go near her Miguel! Charity says what is going on why did you scream? Kay says why do you have those scissors? Charity says I don't know. Charity sees the flowers and Miguel says they are for you. Kay says to Simone something is up with her. I need to find that bird.

Miguel and Charity are in the living room talking. He asks her if she thinks the experimental drug might be making her fell weird. She says I feel a little strange. Miguel says I'm sure you will be back to your old self in no time. Then Charity has a vision of Miguel laying on the floor with the scissors through his chest. She stars crying saying what have I done? and then the vision goes away. Charity tells Miguel she is no good for him and to forget about her altogether and she leaves. The credits roll.....

Timmy is outside and says he needs some martimmys, but he can't go into Tabitha's house because Fluffy will rip him to shreds. He says I hope Tabitha gets out soon. Timmy is still sitting on the bench outside Tabitha's house when Tabitha walks up. They go inside. Timmy says please never leave me again princess. I can't hack it on my own. Tabitha says same goes for me. Tabitha asks him if he completed his goal. He says well ... She says what? Timmy says, Timmy told Charity not to kill Miguel. She says how could you? are you trying to ruin me? We need her to kill Miguel before she gets her full powers. We are running out of time. Her powers are growing. Timmy says what do we do? and Tabitha says we have to make sure she kills Miguel!

Russell House:
Simone is back at her house and she says if Kay ever finds out I have this bird I am dead. Why did I ever get involved? She wonders what is inside the bird and looks for a way to open it. She gives up and says it must have just been the paint that Charity had a reaction to. Just then T.C. walks in. He asks about the bird she says it is just some piece of junk she found and was just wondering if it had something inside it. T.C. says let me see it maybe I can get it open.

Thursday, March 23, 2000 | Episode #187
The Crane Mansion:
The show starts off with Ethan & Gwen in bed kissing. Ethan says I don't like that your leaving and Gwen says I have to it's business. He says I know, but I'm going to miss you. She say's I'm going to miss you too, but you are going to be so busy with the wedding and honey moon plans. Ethan says it's going to be lonely with both you and Sheridan leaving. Gwen says that's why I arraigned for you to have some work to do when I am gone and to have someone to help you. Ethan says who? Gwen says Theresa. The next scene Ethan is bringing Gwen breakfast in bed. He says so what is this work you want me to do and how does Theresa fit in? Ethan says wouldn't it be better if you and her just worked on the wedding by phone and fax? He says I am really busy at the law firm and have several very important cases coming up. She says that is another reason it's a good idea for you and Theresa to be working together, Theresa will help and take some of the pressure off you. Ethan says how? Gwen says please, I know it will be a lot of work, but it would mean so much to me to know my future husband helped put together my perfect wedding of my dreams. Gwen says she wants to help us and I owe her so much. He says how do you figure that? Gwen says well, she did give you the nudge to propose to me and it was Theresa's wedding portfolio that mad me realize that I could have my perfect wedding that it was within my grasp and most important I know Theresa isn't interested in you and I can trust her with you. Ethan says all right I will do it, but I don't want her to become consumed with helping me with the wedding. Gwen says she won't. He says well, I don't want her to burdened with all the extra work. Gwen says well, you and Theresa can just squeeze in as much time as you can. That's understood, but try and squeeze in as much time as you can. He says I know you want a spring wedding, but with this time crunch... She say's I know, but with the 3 of us working together it will be done in no time. Gwen says again how she can't believe that she thought Theresa was trying to steal Ethan from her. Next Scene Theresa and Whitney is sneaking into Ethan's room. Whitney says hurry go get your portfolio he will be back any minute. I will go down to Mrs. Cranes room and get your laptop. Theresa gets the portfolio and turns to leave just as Ethan walks back into his room. Theresa says you weren't here and I needed to get the wedding portfolio. He says I thought we were going to work on it here. She says I thought I would work on it at home. He says I can't do that Luis wouldn't let me near your house and he still doesn't know you work for the family. Theresa says we could talk on the phone and fax back and forth. he says well there are some things we have to talk about face to face. He says I get the felling that you are reluctant to work together. Am I wrong about that? She says no I want to work with you he said well then it would make more sense for you to work here. She says I guess so, it won't be a problem.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa is in bed dreaming about she and Ethan working on the plans for his wedding and he tells her how helpful she is being planning his and Gwen's wedding and she tells him it was for she and Ethan's wedding. Ethan says I never dare hope that's you could love me Theresa. He says I want you Theresa, I want to marry you, only you and they kiss. Theresa smiles while still sleeping. Back at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house Theresa is still dreaming. In her dream she and Ethan are still kissing. Ethan says I love you more than I ever loved anyone. Theresa says I put you out of my mind, but I couldn't put you out of my hear. Ethan says be mine, be mine forever and Theresa says yes, yes. Ethan picks her up and says it's time for out honeymoon. Theresa starts talking in her sleep. She says oh Ethan make love to me. Theresa's bedroom door opens and all we see is someone's hand on the doorknob with black gloves on and black pants. Theresa keeps talking saying I love you Ethan. I love you so much. Theresa continues to dream as the black clothed person stands in front of Theresa's bed. Theresa says I want you so much Ethan. In Theresa's dream Gwen calls and Theresa answers. Gwen talks to her about the wedding while Ethan is in bed with Theresa. Theresa says we are working on everything very closely don't worry. Then Theresa suddenly wakes up and we see that the person standing by her bed was Whitney. Whitney says Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald you are wicked!, just wicked! I am so incredibly disappointed in you. She says what? and Whitney says you were talking in your sleep. She says I can't help what I dream about. Whitney says you said you were over him. She says I can't help it. Whitney says it will never happen between you to. They talk about Theresa and Ethan working together and Whitney tries to talk Theresa out of it. Theresa says you right I have to keep far away from him, but I left my laptop and the portfolio at the Crane mansion. Whitney says we will go get it before he even sees us. Theresa calls to see if he is there. Ethan is in the shower and his answering machine picks up. Theresa says he is not there and hangs up. Whitney says good we can go over right now and get it. Then we see Ethan walk out of the shower to get the phone and he says I thought I heard it ring, but there is no message.

The Hospital:
Eve is one the phone saying, a statue of a bird? Kay say's uh huh. Eve say's who is this? Kay hangs up. Julian asks Eve what happened and Eve said they just hung up. Julian says interesting that someone would be asking about a statue of a bird. It's easy to jump to the conclusion that whoever that was they were looking for the same bird that had the pictures in it! Eve said I thought it was burned in the fire. Julian says what if it wasn't and someone found it an opened it? Eve says trust me the bird statue is gone. Julian say's not very convincing. You never saw it burn. She says It's not out there! he says I don't have to remind you what is at stake? She says no you don't. he says our lives are at risk it all rides on the fact that those photos were destroyed. She says they were. He say's you don't know that. She says I was there. He says where? She say's Orville's apartment and she tells him she burned it down. She said I had to, my whole live depended on it. Julian says I wouldn't tell. She say's about the pictures? and he says not only that, but let's just shut up about that (hint: I think they are talking about Chad aka their love child). He says if our past ever came to life my father would disinherit me. Eve says I wish I could erase that part of my life. Julian said I would trade it for everything. Eve says stop it. Julian says you are so incredibly seductive, why don't you come back to my office? Eve says if you don't remove your hands from me I will remove your fingers with a scalpel. Eve says you will never touch me again. He says lighten up. She says never talk about the past again. I am not at all the woman you knew back then. I have a career and self worth and I got it all from T.C. Julian says I haven't talked to anyone else about us except you. Eve says she worries about damaging her daughters because of what she did when she was young. Julian says you don't have to persuade me we are both on the same page. Our past will stay in the past. The phone rings and Eve answers it, it's T.C. He says I thought you would be home by now. She says I just finished. T.C. tells her about trying to help her open something and by the time she gets home he might have it opened.

Julian is in his office drinking like usual. He continues to reminisce about his and Eve's past. The phone rings. It's Alistair. He says what were you thinking of Julian? photographs of you and Eve Russell. What the hell was that all about? He gulps. Julian says what do you mean. He says do you deny there are photos? he says no. All the evidence was burned in the fire I'm sure. Alistair said you better be right or I might have to rethink who will be my heir. Those photos better not show up or I might have to think about if you are fit to be the head of the Crane family.

Russell House:
T.C. is still trying to get the bird statue open. He says there probably isn't anything in here. Simone says I think there is. T.C. continues to fiddle with it and they hear a click sound. Simone says is that it, is it open? He said I heard it too. Simone says that means there has to be away to open it. He says you know honey I love these puzzles, but there is always some trick to opening them. He continues to try and open it. He says I'm sure whatever is inside will be a surprise for both of us. The phone rings. It's Kay and Kay tells Simone about Charity breaking up with Miguel and she says I have to get to him before they hook up again. Simone says stay there I will be right over and hangs up. Simone leaves and TC continues to work on trying to open the bird. He says I will have it open before you get back. Next Scene T.C. is still working on opening the bird when we hear Eve says T.C.? from downstairs. He says come here I want to show you something. Then he thinks to himself, maybe Eve knows how to open this thing. Eve walks up carrying a whole bunch of boxes and drops them T.C. leaves Simone's room to help her and he finds that Eve bought some lingerie. She says I thought I could model this fro you tonight. He said what could have put this in my beautiful but conservative wife's head? Eve says what were you doing in Simone's room? He says I was trying to help her open up this puzzle box. He says she thinks there is something inside, maybe you could help. She says oh I'm good at puzzles let me see. They start to walk into the room and the credits roll...

Bennett House:
Miguel says to Charity what do you mean? Charity says it's best if I don't have anything more to do with you and Miguel says no, you don't mean. Charity says yes I do. Miguel says we have only just begun. Charity says no. He says are you telling me you want to end it. Charity has a flashback to the vision she had of Miguel with the scissors through his chest. She says it's for the best. Kay is the kitchen eavesdropping and smiles. Miguel says don't do this Charity. She says it's over and Miguel says never. She says I can't be around you anymore. I am scared that if I stay with you something bad is going to happen. He says where is this coming from, what happened? Kay talks to herself, saying she is crazy that is what happened. Charity says I just got out of a psychiatric ward, I'm sick. Miguel say no! Charity says I get these things in my head. He says I don't understand, you know none of this makes and difference to me. You have to understand. Kay mutters to herself don't listen to him. Charity says well, it makes a difference to me. All the difference in the world. She says something bad will happen if I stay with you. He says that doesn't make any sense. She says don't make this any harder. He says let's be rational. She says no Miguel just forget about me. (she walks away, and Kay walks in from the kitchen) She say's what's up? Miguel says my whole world just blew up in my face and I don't know why. Kay say's oh, Miguel I am here for you. Miguel tells Kay about what Charity said and he doesn't understand what is bothering her. Kay says well she has been acting strange and lists off all the strange things that she has done lately. Kay says I think it is time we face what is really going on with her. Miguel says she has just been under a lot of stress with her mother dying and everything. Kay says well, I've been thinking we don't know what much about Charity and her past and her mother was a bit bizarre. Miguel says I don't care we have to find out what is wrong with Charity. The next scene Charity is in her room looking out her window crying. She is looking at a picture of her and Miguel. There is a knock at the door. It's Miguel and he comes in. He walks over to her and puts his hand on her cheek. He says why are you crying what is wrong? She says I can't imagine not being with you. He says I want to be. She says we can't be together if you stay with me you will get hurt. Kay is downstairs and says did he close the door? Maybe I should go up. Then Simone walks in. Simone says what is going on and Kay said I told you. Simone says I don't believe you, you have a habit of making more of things than there actually is. Kay says it's true I swear they broke up. Simone says how did you do it? Kay said I didn't do anything. Kay said I didn't even need the bird statue. This girl is certifiable. She has to be to give up Miguel. Simone says, so you don't want the bird statue anymore? She says no. Simone says so does this mean you will leave Charity alone now? Kay says as long as she stays away from Miguel. Simone says how very generous of you. Kay says I still don't know what it was about that bird statue that made her go crazy and I guess we never will. Simone says I don't know someone might be trying to open it as we speak. The next scene Kay continues to gloat. She says this is the happiest day of my life. She says me and Miguel will be together he will be my lover and Charity will be left out in the cold. Simone says I can't believe you won. The next scene. Miguel and Charity are still in Charity's room. He says we can work through this. She says no. If we stay together it will be dangerous for you. he says how? She says I could be the reason that you die. he says no. She says you have to go it's over between us, it's just over.

Friday, March 24, 2000 | Episode #188
Upstairs at the Crane Mansion:
The show starts off where it left off where Theresa just agreed with Ethan to work with him on the wedding in the mansion while Gwen is away. Theresa said well, that's what Gwen wants right? Ethan said right, so let's coordinate your school schedule with my work schedule so we can maximize the time we have to work on the wedding. Theresa said yes we should make the most of time we have together. Ethan notices Whitney standing in the doorway and tells her about Theresa agreeing to work with him at the mansion and Whitney said (sarcastically) oh, how great is that? Then the phone rings Ethan goes to answer it. He leaves the room to talk on the phone and Whitney says Theresa are you totally nuts? I thought you agreed not to work with him. Theresa said well, this is Gwen's idea. Whitney says, yeah but your still in love with him, You have to work on this wedding at your house. Gwen walks in and says I can't believe what I just heard (we don't know what she heard). Gwen says did I just hear correctly? Theresa says what exactly did you hear? Gwen says didn't you promise me Theresa that you were going to help me plan the wedding when I am gone? She says I am. Gwen says what was Whitney saying again about you working at home? Whitney says I was just concerned that Theresa was going to put her school work on the back burner. Theresa says that won't happen she figured out a way to take care of everything. Gwen says so it's all settled? Theresa says absolutely not problem. Ethan walks in and Gwen says she is so happy that Theresa is going to help with the wedding while she is away. Ethan says which is sooner than later I'm afraid. Your office just called they pushed up your schedule. Gwen says well, I already sent my things ahead so all I have to do is go get on a flight. Gwen says well I'm leaving you in good hands. Gwen again thanks Theresa for all the work she has already done on the wedding. Ethan says so is this it? all I get to say good-bye? Gwen says Well, when I get back you will get a long and proper hello and she kisses him. Theresa turns away and looks upset. Whitney says you can't keep putting yourself through this kind of torture and sooner or later Ethan is going to figure out that, that portfolio is for yours and his wedding and his and Gwen's. Gwen and Ethan stop kissing and Gwen says I have to get going and thanks Theresa again for helping out. Theresa says sure no problem. Gwen and Ethan leave the room. Whitney says this moment marks the end of Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald.

The Spa:
Grace says to Sam at day at the spa you are to good to me. She say's what is the occasion? He says it's a just because I love you occasion. Grace walks away and Sam says to himself I love you Grace and only you. Then we see Ivy appear behind a curtain. She says oh, no Sam you still love me I know you do and pretty soon you will know it too. Back at the spa a spa worker named Shelly talks to Grace about what she wants to have done at the spa. Grace tells the Shelley that her husband set up the whole day for her and Shelley says oh that's a good one don't let him get away. She says I'm not letting Sam go anywhere. Shelley says well, be careful I know about this woman Maureen and her husband cheated on her and it sent her over the edge. Grace says you mean Maureen Allen? The talk about her and Ivy is behind a curtain eavesdropping the whole time. Grace says the woman who Maureen's husband cheated with was just as awful as him and what kind of woman would do something like that? Ivy smiles. Back at the Spa Grace and Shelley continue to talk about Maureen and Shelley says you know your right they are both guilty I say skin them both. Shelley walks away to get some nail polish and she opens up the curtain as she leaves. Then Grace sees Ivy. Grace Ivy? and Ivy says Oh, Grace your here? (acting surprised to see her). Ivy walks over and says what are you doing here? Grace tells Ivy about Sam sending her here for the day. Shelley says do you know Maureen Allen Mrs. Crane? Ivy says no, but is that the same Maureen you ran into at the hospital? Grace says, yeah it's so upsetting. Ivy says the man is a swine. Shelley says what about the other woman? Ivy acts disgusted and says the thought of taking another woman's husband is ..... Sam interrupts and says I'm glad to hear you are as offended of the thought of something like that happening as me. Sam comments on how good Grace looks. Shelley says I'm putting your guy up for husband of the year. Sam says when you have a perfect woman it's easy to be a great husband. Sam says we have to go we have dinner reservations. Grace says bye Ivy I hope to see you soon. Ivy says oh you will and smiles. Sam gets a worried look on his face and he and Grace leave. Sam says Grace you didn't tell Ivy where we were going to dinner tonight did you? She says no, why? Sam says no reason and they leave. Then Ivy asks another Spa worker Inga if Grace told her where Chief Bennett was taking her to dinner? Inga said I think they are going to the Seascape. I heard Grace mention something about the best restaurant in Harmony. Ivy says oh you know what I changed my mind. I think I am going to go out tonight. Let's do something with my hair. Shelley says like what? She says something younger, sexier, something that will make a man remember what I looked like say 20 years ago. Shelley says your husband is going to be one happy camper tonight. Ivy said who? She says Mr. Crane. Ivy says, oh yes.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Luis is sitting at the kitchen table looking upset. He remembers when Sheridan slapped him at the youth center and he still can't figure out why she did it. He says what did I do to set Sheridan off like that? I keep going over it over and over. It's just Crazy. Back at the house Pilar walks in as Luis is working on some papers. Pilar notices that the papers are about Martin and she says are you reopening the case. He says no I'm closing the case on papa's imposter. I want to bury this file and never think about it again. Pilar says that was such a horrible night I still have nightmares about it. Luis says I thought it was papa too. He says I don't know if I could have got over the guilt of letting my father die to save Sheridan. Pilar says he did the right thing. he says, but what if it had been him? I would have let my own father die to save someone who is practically a stranger to me. Pilar said because maybe to you she wasn't a stranger maybe it could be because that deep down in your own heart she meant more to you that your own father. Luis just shakes his head. Luis leaves the room to get something for the file and after he leaves Whitney and Theresa walk in. Pilar asks what is wrong? Pilar says is it Ethan? Don't worry you will get over him you just have to be strong ask for god's help if you need to. Luis walks back in and says hi to Theresa and Whitney. Pilar says I have an idea. Luis why don't you use the gift certificate that I won at the church raffle and take Whitney and Theresa to the Seascape? Luis agrees. Theresa and Whitney leave to get ready. Pilar says I hope this dinner take your mind of Sheridan. Luis says I'm just glad the girls are excited about going. In the living room Whitney says to Theresa do you know what the best part about tonight is? Theresa says all the free food? Whitney says not silly it will give you a chance to get your mind off of Ethan and if you are really lucky you will meet some really cute guy at the Seascape and forget all bout Ethan. Theresa slightly smiles like to say she doesn't think that will happen.

Julian's Office:
The show picks up where it stopped yesterday. Julian is still talking to Alistair on the speaker phone. Julian is drinking again (what a surprise). He says your over reacting father. The camera switches to Alistair, we can't see his face though because he is behind a lamp. He slams down his paper and says don't you dare tell me what I am doing! He lifts up his paper and we see he has squished a fly. He continues to tell Julian how careless he was to take photos of Eve Russell. Julian says the photos are destroyed. Alistair says I don't believe in destroyed. Julian tells him about Orville and how they got destroyed. Then we see Alistair take the dead fly and feeds it to his tarantula spider in an aquarium. Julian says again there is no way those pictures survived being burned down in Orville's apartment. Alistair again tells Julian what would happen if those pictures ever surfaced. Julian said they won't. Alistair says if they do he finished. That's the end of Julian in the Crane family and he won't allow him to ruin the Crane empire. Julian says it's all academic. The pictures are kaput. Alistair and Julian talk about how much time it took to break up Luis & Sheridan. Julian says that wasn't my fault. Did I have anything to do with them getting together? Alistair laughs and says that is the one thing that you are not responsible for. Julian says that's unfair. Alistair says what is unfair is my always having to clean up your messes. He says that is all over. He said there will be no more trouble from me. Unlike Sheridan who risked disaster by associating with Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (then we see Sheridan appear in the doorway). Sheridan says what's this about me and Luis! She says what were you two talking about? What about me and Luis? Julian says father and I were just relieved that you were able to finally see Luis for who he really is. Sheridan says well, I do have to admit I was wrong about Luis and she says again that if she hadn't heard Luis with her own ears she could never have believed he would say the things that he did. Julian flashbacks to when he paid the Luis Imposter for the job and the Imposter ripped off the Luis "mask." Then he says I'm glad you over heard that phone conversation Luis had. Then Sheridan says well I just came to tell you that I am leaving for Europe tomorrow and she asks Alistair sarcastically if he heard her. He said yes dear. Julian and Alistair say It's good your going you always seemed more at home there. Sheridan says will I be seeing you there? He says heavens knows I would love to spend time with you but... She says your busy. I can't remember a time when you weren't busy father and turns and walks toward the door. He says I'm sorry it's just a (Sheridan leaves) meeting I can't postpone. Julian cuts him off and says save it father. Alistair says Julian make sure nothing changes her mind. Julian says it will get done. Alistair says don't say that every time you do something goes wrong. Julian says trust me tomorrow night our Sheridan will be dining a Tour D'argent. Alistair says stay on top of the Eve situation. Make sure those photos were destroyed.

The Russell House:
We see the bird sitting on a table in Simone's room. TC says Eve come help me try and open this puzzle box it is driving me nuts. T.C. walks into the room from the hallway and just as Eve is about to walk in she gets beeped. She says it is the hospital and she will be right back. They talk about the romantic evening they will have tonight and she leaves. T.C. goes back to trying to open the bird. The bottom of the bird cracks open and he says so what do we have here? Just as he is about to see Eve calls him from downstairs he says yeah honey and walks into the hallway after putting the bird back on Simone's bed. Eve says I'm sorry I'm needed at the hospital. Eve says we are still going to have that romantic evening you can pick me up as soon as you are ready. He says to the bird you have a reprieve I am going to have to see whatever is in you later because I have a date with a beautiful woman. I will get with you later and he sets the bird back on the table.

Downstairs at the Crane Mansion:
Just as Sheridan is leaving the house Ethan comes down the stairs and says Sheridan your here I have to talk to you. Sheridan says I can't I have to leave. Ethan says Sheridan you can't leave you have to stay here in Harmony. She says you don't ever give up. He says well, this is your home not Paris. She says we have been over this many times and he says and I still don't understand. She says well, I do and that's all that matters. He says well, I miss you what am I going to do without my favorite Aunt? Sheridan says when is Gwen leaving? He says she should be getting on the plane right now. Sheridan says oh these next couple months are going to be hard with her traveling so much he says, well I have a lot of things to do. Plus I have to finish planning the wedding and Gwen arraigned for Theresa to work with me. Sheridan says well at least one of us had good luck with a Lopez-Fitzgerald. Ethan says Luis is still on your mind? Maybe you should go talk to him before you leave? She says no I don't want to ever speak to him again. I don't even want to be in the same room with him. Just then Ivy walks in through the door. Ivy says oh lucky me I won't have to call either one of you and she walks into the living room and calls for Julian. He says you called light of my life. She says yes I want us all to get dressed and go have dinner at the Seascape restaurant tonight. She says I thought we should give Sheridan the proper sendoff. Julian says the Seascape, Ivy? Why? Ivy says well, we can't exactly send her off without a proper good-bye. Ethan says mother, but the Seascape? I'm not so sure Sheridan would want to go there that's where she almost fell through the ceiling and died. Sheridan says it's okay I would love to go. Julian says would you excuse me and he take Ivy away and says I'm not really up for going to dinner tonight I have other things to take care of. Ivy smiles and says well unless you want Sheridan to know that you hired and imposter to break them up you better put on your best toothpaste grin and be a charming host. He says well since you put it that way (he smiles) and they walk back over to Ethan & Sheridan. Ivy says let's go. Sheridan says I have packed all my dresses but I'm sure I could find something. Ethan says I'll go change and they both leave the room. Julian says I know your up to something Ivy and I am going to find out what. he says I know there is a reason you want to go there tonight and it has nothing to do with Sheridan. She says there is a very good reason and you will never find out what it is now go change for dinner. He leaves. Ivy smiles to herself.

Ivy's Room:
Ivy is in her closet looking for the perfect dress. She says here it is and she says this will be an evening you will remember for the rest of your life Sam.

The Seascape:
Sam & Grace walk in he has a tux on and Grace has a black dress. Sam says to himself this is one night Ivy can't ruin and they go to sit at their table. Sam kisses Grace and they sit down. Grace says this has been a perfect day. What could be more romantic? Then the waiters walk over with two vases of red roses. Grace says are those for me and he says with all my love. Grace says Shelley was right you are the most wonderful husband of the year, of the millennium. He says and you are the only woman for me. Next scene Theresa and Whitney walk into the Seascape. Theresa is wearing a pink dress and Whitney is wearing a gray color dress. Theresa remember the last time they were there when their dates got so drunk and Ethan had to take her home. Whitney says don't even start. Then Luis walks in. The maire'd shows Whitney and Theresa to their table. Luis says he has take care of something first. It has to do with the Martin Imposter case so he can close the file. He walks away. Theresa and Whitney are at their table. Whitney says you know what? Four guys noticed you on your way over the table. Theresa says I didn't notice. Whitney said start. This is just what you need. I bet you will meet someone here tonight that will sweep you of your feet and Ethan will be nothing but a distant memory. Theresa says I could never forget about Ethan Whitney says well you have to try and the first steep is being somewhere he isn't. The next scene Ethan & Sheridan are walking into the restaurant. Next scene Grace & Sam are toasting each other and Eve and T.C. walk over to their table and T.C. says now here is a happy couple. They say hi to each other. Sam says he brought Grace here to show here that she is the only woman for him and Eve says well I guess whe're all here with who we are supposed to be with. Next scene Ivy and Julian walk in the Seascape they meet up with Ethan & Sheridan. Ethan tells Ivy that their table will be ready in two minutes and Julian says it's unbelievable that the Cranes have to actually wait for a table. Ivy says it will be worth it, tonight will be unforgettable. Sheridan has a flashback of when Martin kidnapped her and Luis saved her as the Luis Imposter fell through the roof. Ethan says Sheridan if you'd rather not stay just say so. She says no Ivy wants to spend the evening tonight. Ethan says to Sheridan again maybe she should talk to Luis and she said no, it's over. Ethan says well I have ulterior motives if you can get past this thing with Luis maybe you will stay in Harmony. She says no I made up my mind. He says well, I'll miss you. She says I'll miss you too and then she says I have to go outside for a minute. I need some air. He says all right I will meet you at the table. She has another flashback of standing on the roof with Luis just after the Martin Imposter fell through the roof. She leaves. Ethan tells Julian that she will be back in a minute. Julian looks in the restaurant and sees Sam, Grace, Eve & T.C.. Ethan says he is going to go call Gwen and see if she got in all right. He walks in the dinning area and he sees Whitney and Theresa. He says Hi. Ethan said I didn't know you were coming here tonight. Whitney says I can't believe you guys keep running into each other. Ethan says she is right I guess we just can't seem to keep away from each other. Theresa smiles. He says it's so odd we keep running into each other. Theresa says it's serendipity. He say's yeah like a happy accident. She says are you here alone? He says no and says he is with Sheridan and his mother and father. Theresa says when is Sheridan leaving Harmony and he says tomorrow. He says I will miss her terribly. Theresa says I know some people who will miss her too. Ethan says well, I have to go call Gwen and see if she got in all right. Theresa says yeah Gwen. Ethan turns to walk away. He comes back and says Theresa would you save a dance for me for later. She says sure. He says good because I really enjoyed the one we had last time we were here. She says me too. He leaves. Whitney sighs in disgust. She says it is unbelievable that he would be here the same time you were. there says it's serendipity. Whitney says you know what I never heard you use that word before. She says it's in this new book I have been reading. Whitney says do you even know what it means? She says yes like Ethan said it means a happy accident. Whitney says yes an accident, a fluke don't read anything more into it than that. Whitney says I know exactly what your thinking "it's fate." Theresa says I know you hate that word Whitney, but the fact is we came here to find some guy to take mind off Ethan but he shows up here. I'm going to call it what it is fate capital F-A-T-E fate and she smiles. Julian and Ivy continues looking at the Bennett/Russell table and they both say I'll be right back and leave. Eve comments on how funny it is that everytime the go to do something they run into Sam & Grace and Sam says well great minds think alike. Eve gets beeped she says it's the hospital and Grace tries to dial on her cellphone and says the battery is dead so she leaves to use a pay phone and Grace goes with her. T.C. and Grace talk about how glad they are Eve didn't tell Grace about Sam and Ivy and Sam tells T.C. about Maureen and what bad timing that is with their current predicament. T.C. says I know when I think about what Chad said about Julian and my wife I feel like I want to rip Julian's heart out. The leave to go find Eve. The next scene Eve is using the pay phone and someone comes up from behind her and touches her on the neck she smiles thinking it is T.C. It's Julian and he starts kissing her. He says I want you right here right now. She says Julian! Sam can't find Grace and he goes to the coast closet to look for Grace's jacket. Ivy comes up behind him and he tries to get away from her she grabs him and they both fall into a coat rack and land on the floor with Ivy on top of him. Ivy smiles. The next scene Grace comes walking around the corner. Looking for Sam. Then we see Sheridan on the roof by the skylight that the fake Martin fell through. It's been fixed and she is thinking back to when the imposter fell through. Then she turns around and Luis is behind her. He says I guess we both have some unfinished business. She says yes. He says it is better you finish alone and he starts to leave. She says Luis wait no. He says what for? She says there is something I need to tell you before I leave for Paris.

Monday, March 27, 2000 | Episode #189
The Seascape:
Julian tries to kiss Eve, but she resists his advances and slaps him. TC comes down the hall looking for Eve and Julian has to think of something fast to get him out of there, so he takes a tray of food and uses it to cover his face as he slips out of the room. He then slips and spills food all over himself.

Ivy corners Sam in the coatroom and they fall over. Ivy tries to kiss him but Sam struggles away from her. Grace is about to find them when TC intervenes and hastily leads Grace away. Sam tells Ivy to give it up and leaves. He goes back to the table, and Grace gets up to get something. TC and Eve discuss the close call Sam had with Ivy, and Eve notices that Sam has Ivy's lipstick all over his shirt cuff. Suddenly, the waiter comes and tells them that they all have a phone call in the lobby. They go there and Julian and Ivy are there for the same reason. It turns out that it's Alistair on the speakerphone. He tells them that he knows what they've all been up to and since they have such strong marriages in a world full of infidelity, he will pay for their dinners. TC and Sam protest, but Alistair insists. Grace has no idea what's going on and thanks Alistair. After he hangs up, everyone decides to leave.

Whitney tells Theresa that she really has to give up on Ethan, when Ethan comes up and asks Theresa to dance. They dance for several songs, including "Someone to Watch Over Me," the song Theresa had planned for her wedding with Ethan. Whitney tries to stop the music, but Chad stops her and tries to convince her that she can't stop Theresa from being happy with a guy since she's never been in love. He tells her that she has to go with the flow or love will pass her by. Theresa and Whitney finally decide to go home after the music ends.

Sheridan and Luis meet up on the rooftop and Sheridan says she wanted to thank Luis again for saving her life. He says that they have been over this before and he understands. She says she thought her life had changed that night, but it turns out she was just moving backward into her old life. Luis asks what changed between the two of them but Sheridan won't tell him. She leaves and heads back down to the dining room. She talks to Ethan about how she doesn't want Luis to see how much he's hurt her and that's why she can't talk to him. Meanwhile, Luis comes back down and wonders what happened to his relationship with Sheridan. Sheridan asks Chad to play a song and when it comes on, she remembers all the great moments she had with Luis. He seems to be remembering too, but then he gets up and walks right by Sheridan. She says softly, "Good-bye, Luis."

They get ready for bed and Theresa says she is really going to get over Ethan now. They talk a little bit and Theresa gets Whitney to admit that Chad is cute. Theresa goes to sleep and vows not to dream about Ethan. However, she immediately starts having a dream about dancing with Ethan and kissing him. Meanwhile, Whitney starts dreaming about Chad.

They arrive home and talk a little bit about Charity. Grace comments on Sam's shirt and it turns out she gave it to him for Christmas. She leaves to change, and Sam looks at the lipstick on the cuff. He throws the shirt in the garbage and says that Ivy will never ruin his marriage.

They arrive home and TC wonders what Alistair was up to. Eve says it's probably nothing and kisses him. TC says he wanted to work on the "puzzle" and knocks on Simone's door, but she's asleep. He decides to go to bed with Eve instead and the camera flashes to the bird statue in Simone's room.

Crane Mansion:
Julian calls Alistair back and says he understood the message loud and clear, that he shouldn't get involved with Eve. Alistair says the message wasn't meant for Julian. Ivy stops outside the door to listen. Julian says who was Alistair talking about? Alistair says, just know that it isn't you, Julian. He also reminds Julian to keep the bird statue a secret and Julian assures him it's taken care of. Ivy wonders what is so important about the bird statue.

Tuesday, March 28, 2000 | Episode #190
Crane Mansion:
Julian is fooling around with the Luis mask when Ivy comes in and starts yelling at him for what he did to Sheridan. Sheridan comes in and Julian almost gets caught, but he covers his "derriere" once again. Sheridan then leaves for the airport and Julian is very proud of himself. He is really cocky until Ivy mentions the bird statue, and then he gets really upset. Ivy says Julian should be more careful when he's talking to Alistair, and Julian storms out, saying there is no bird. Ivy vows to find it.

Hank comes over to Luis' house and yells at him because Sheridan is leaving for Europe and now Hank won't have a chance with her. He asks what Luis did to Sheridan but Luis doesn't know. Hank persuades him to call and talk to Sheridan, but Luis gets Julian who tells him that Sheridan already left for Europe (Sheridan is standing right there at the time). Luis says he has to leave because he has a date with someone special (he won't say's probably his mom or something).

Sheridan chats a little with a woman named Renee about how a man drove her to Paris. Luis walks up, and Renee immediately says that this must be the guy that drove Sheridan to Paris. Luis says Sheridan never told him that was the reason she was leaving, and what is going on?

Russell House:
Kay calls Simone and reveals her new plan to get Miguel: she will seduce him when they go on the school ski trip without Charity. Simone hears her mom talking to Miguel, and Kay tells her to find out why.

Miguel shows up to talk to Eve and asks if there's anything else they can do for Charity and Eve thinks that Charity has been having more visions. However, Miguel tells her that Charity thinks she will hurt him. Eve decides to go over to see Charity.

Timmy is writing a love poem to Charity, but Tabby pulls him out of his dream world and tells him they have to get Charity to the dark side. Timmy says that Kay can have Miguel and he can have Charity, but Tabby says Charity has to kill Miguel for that to happen. Kay comes over and asks Tabitha if maybe she has a charm that will make Miguel see Kay's face, and then he'll fall in love with her. Tabby almost chokes when she finds out that Miguel and Charity broke up, but she gives Kay a worthless brooch, and Kay leaves. Tabitha tells Timmy that Charity must go on the ski trip so she can kill Miguel.

Bennett House:
Kay is getting beautiful for Miguel, and Jessica comes in to scold her about Charity. Kay says it isn't her fault that Charity is really wacko and maybe Charity has a brain virus.

Charity remembers her vision of dead Miguel and gets scared. Jessica comes in and comforts her. Miguel and Eve arrive and Charity tells Miguel they can't be together. Eve asks to talk to Charity alone and they go into the kitchen. She makes sure that Charity's visions of her and Julian will not be publicized, and then persuades her to go on the ski trip. Miguel comes in, and when Charity turns around, she sees a vision of his face covered with blood!

Wednesday, March 29, 2000 | Episode #191
Bennett House:
Miguel comes in with Kay and Simone to ask Charity if she is coming on the ski trip, but when Charity turns around, she sees Miguel's face soaked in blood every time. She tells Miguel she can't go and won't explain why. Tabitha and Timmy are listening outside and Timmy says subconsciously, Charity wants to stay so she can be with Timmy. Tabitha says he's wrong and wonders why Charity won't go. Charity goes out into the backyard and Timmy/Tabby hide. Kay comes out to "persuade" Charity to go, but of course ends up agreeing that Charity shouldn't go. Kay goes back in the house and tells Miguel the bad news. Miguel goes to cancel Charity's reservation, and Simone scolds Kay for not really trying to persuade Charity to go. However, Kay says she didn't do it to be alone with Miguel...she really thinks that Charity is trying to kill Miguel.

After Kay leaves, Tabitha comes out of the bushes and invites Charity in for tea. When they get in the house, Charity comments that she feels so much love coming from Tabitha's doll. When Charity turns around, Timmy kisses her hand! Tabitha makes up and excuse for Timmy, and then Charity tells her that she always feels so comfortable around Tabitha because she never makes Charity feel different. She tells Tabitha about her vision of a bloody Miguel, and Tabitha secretly rejoices that Charity is still going to kill Miguel. Tabitha tells Charity that she should go on the ski trip because it will change her life.

Crane Mansion:
Ivy is searching on Julian's computer for info about the bird statue when Pilar comes in. Ivy questions Pilar about Eve's past, but Pilar doesn't know what Eve was like before she married TC. Ivy decides to pay Eve a visit.

Russell House:
Eve is cleaning Simone's room when TC comes home. They almost go in the room to look at the "puzzle" but then the timer on Eve's corn pudding goes off. Eve tells TC that she took the day off of work to be with him because she loves him so much. She starts making a dessert of some sort and TC talks to her about how he shouldn't have let Alistair pay for their dinner at the Seascape. Eve asks what TC's problem with the Cranes is, but TC just grabs his leg and tells her that the Cranes are bloodsuckers. They talk a little more about Sam and Ivy, and TC goes upstairs. Ivy comes in and Eve tells her that she refuses to be nice to Ivy when they are alone. Ivy mentions the bird statue and Eve is so shocked that she drops her cooking all over the floor. Ivy is ecstatic that there really is a bird statue that will ruin Eve's life.

Sheridan denies that she is going to Europe. Renee butts in and it turns out that she is the woman Luis is meeting at the airport! Sheridan says that Luis certainly moves fast, and Renee reveals that Sheridan is leaving because Luis used her. Sheridan says she was talking about men in general, and her and Luis start bickering. Renee says they must be in love by the way they're fighting, but they deny it. Hank shows up as Sheridan is about to board and begs Sheridan to stay. Renee tells Luis that he should ask Sheridan to stay, but his beeper goes off and Sheridan starts to get on the plane. Luis tells Renee it's time to go to her new turns out that Renee is a prisoner of Luis' and she's handcuffed to the chair--he has to take her to jail. He and Sheridan lock eyes once more before she gets on the plane. After Luis takes care of Renee, Hank comes up to him and blames Luis for Sheridan's departure. Luis tries to make light of it, but Hank says Sheridan was really special and Luis knows it. Hank says at least he's willing to admit that he will miss Sheridan.

Sheridan's Airplane:
Sheridan sits next to a little girl who is flying to Paris by herself to go to boarding school. The little girl is afraid that she will never meet anyone who will love her, and Sheridan reassures her. The little girl says she misses her mom but whenever she closes her eyes, she sees her mom. Sheridan says that's what happens when you love someone and they love you. She closes her eyes and all she sees is Luis. She decides to call Jean-Luc again but of course gets Roger. After she hangs up, Roger and Pierre agree that Sheridan will be killed as soon as she gets to Paris.

Thursday, March 30, 2000 | Episode #192
Ethan calls Gwen and assures her that he will be working on the wedding with Theresa. Julian comes in and tries to persuade Ethan to sleep with Theresa before he gets married, but Ethan refuses and reprimands Julian for cheating on Ivy. Julian says Ethan will get bored with marriage after twenty years too. Ethan decides to go the Book Cafe and Julian says he will go along. Once they get there, they see Theresa and Julian tries to tell Ethan how great it would be to have some fun with Theresa. Chad and Ethan talk a little bit about the music for the wedding, and Julian comments that Chad looks like someone he once knew. Julian and Ethan talk a little more about Theresa, and then Julian heads home. Chad comes over with the CDs Ethan asked for and Ethan asks if Chad is a college basketball fan. Chad says yes, but he only has a radio to listen to the games. Ethan invites him to come up to his cabin with him so they can watch the game on a big screen TV and Chad accepts. They get up there (they figured out the wedding music on the ride up there) and Chad says it just doesn't get any better than this.

Whitney is remembering her dream about Chad, but Theresa pulls her out of her daydream. Kay and Miguel come in and then Kay leaves to go pick up Simone. Miguel goes over by Theresa and says Charity isn't going on the ski trip so his heart is broken. Theresa says maybe he should ask her to go just one more time. Miguel leaves to go do that, and Whitney says how excited she is about going to the ski lodge. They arrive there and discover that there is no reservation for them--Theresa forgot to mail the check! So Whitney is really angry that Theresa did that, but Theresa says she has an idea...they can stay in the Crane cabin, because no one ever goes up there anyway!

Ivy insists that Eve tell her what all the bird statue business is about, but Eve refuses to tell her. Ivy says she will not leave Eve alone unless she helps Ivy get Sam away from Grace. Eve says she's crazy and tells Ivy there is no bird statue. However, Ivy tells Eve that she overheard a conversation between Julian and Alistair and there is indeed a bird statue. Eve tells her to get out of the house with her lies. TC comes in and asks what's going on, but Eve says Ivy was just talking to her about funds for the hospital. Ivy leaves and TC says he thought Ivy was going to talk to Eve about Sam. TC mentions Simone's "puzzle" again and then says it was a wooden bird statue! Eve is shocked.

Kay comes over to help Simone with her bags, and she finds the bird statue! She forgives Simone for taking it though because everything is still working out the way Kay wants it to. Eve comes in and tells the girls to be careful and don't get in trouble like their friend Deborah who got pregnant last year. They reassure her and when she leaves, Kay says she still plans to lose her virginity to Miguel on the trip. They go out to the bus, and Simone throws away the statue when Kay isn't looking.

Back at the mansion, Julian asks Ivy where she has been. Ivy tells him that she was bird watching and Julian says she will never find out anything.

Tabitha practically persuades Charity to go on the trip but Charity still says she can't go. She runs into Miguel on her way out and she still sees him covered in blood. She says she definitely can't go on the trip and both Tabitha and Miguel try to persuade her to go. Charity says she can't understand why she's having all started with that bird statue, but the bird must be gone by now.

Friday, March 31, 2000 | Episode #193
Crane Mansion:
Julian tells Ivy that there is no bird statue, and even if there was, he would have destroyed it long ago. Ivy refuses to believe him and reminds him of the legendary phoenix, which rose up out of the ashes. She says maybe that bird will show up soon as well. Sheridan calls to talk to Ethan but he's not home so she talks to Julian and he tells her she did the right thing by going back to Paris. He reminds her of how Luis used her and hangs up. Ivy scolds him for what he did to Sheridan too. He says he did what he had to do to protect the family. Ivy leaves and calls the Harmony Herald to place a want ad about the bird statue.

Russell House:
TC mentions the "puzzle" he and Simone were trying to take apart, and then says it was a bird statue. Eve is shocked and when he goes to look for it, she thinks that it can't be the same one she destroyed. Orville appears on the doorstep to thank Eve for setting him up at the retirement home. She tells him that the bird still may exist and he says that would be real bad. Eve gets more and more hysterical as TC looks everywhere for the bird statue. Meanwhile, the garbage man takes the statue away. TC comes back down and says he couldn't find the bird. Orville starts singing and Eve says it must be time for him to go back to the retirement home. Julian calls Eve and tells her not to give in to Ivy's harassing, and Eve tells him that maybe the bird statue wasn't destroyed after all. Julian tells her to keep looking and to call him the minute she finds it.

At the Harmony garbage dump, a homeless man is digging around through the garbage and finds the bird statue. He takes it, saying he could probably get the price of a six-pack for it.

Harmony PD:
Luis is working on his computer when Hank comes in and asks why he isn't at the youth center. Luis says he has a lot of work to do, but Hank doesn't believe him. He says that when Sheridan was there, Luis was always at the youth center, and now that Sheridan is gone, Luis hasn't been back there once. Hank says Luis has too many memories of Sheridan there and that's why he isn't going back. Luis says he can't miss Sheridan because she's gone and it's no use missing someone you'll never see again. Hank says Luis is also talking about his father who left and never came back. Hank says that must mean that Luis was in love with Sheridan. Luis says he liked Sheridan more than any woman he's met in a long time, but love is a little strong. He says Sheridan probably hasn't given him a second thought, and maybe he should find a local girl that he has more in common with. He finishes his paperwork, and he and Hank go out for coffee. Right after they leave, a fax comes in from Interpol about how the French police are looking for anyone connected to Jean-Luc.

Roger and Pierre are cleaning up at Jean-Luc's apartment, and Pierre wonders why Sheridan hasn't called. Roger says don't worry, she will, and they leave.

Sheridan arrives at her old apartment and thinks about Luis when she finds the compact he gave her. A maid comes in with flowers to welcome Sheridan back, and asks why Sheridan is so sad--did she get her heart broken in America? Sheridan says that American men are very deceiving, but she has had her heart broken before. The maid says that Sheridan is strong and it will be all right. She leaves and Sheridan calls Jean-Luc (right after Roger and Pierre leave) and leaves a message on his answering machine. After calling home and talking to Julian, she goes out on the balcony and wonders why she is in Paris, the city of lovers. She remembers some of the great times she had with Luis, but then says that things will be different...she won't ever be involved with men like Jean-Luc and Luis again.

Roger and Pierre return and get Sheridan's message on Jean-Luc's answering machine. They plot to kill Sheridan before she finds out that Jean-Luc is dead.

The Crane Cabin:
Chad and Ethan are watching the basketball game and they talk a little bit about Gwen. Chad asks what it's like to be in love and Ethan says it's great. Ethan says that Chad seems to like Whitney Russell, but Chad says they are too different. Ethan says that shouldn't matter...if he liked someone from a different social status, he'd date her. He says even though he and Gwen are both upper-class, they have their ups and downs. He explains the time that Gwen was jealous of another girl. The game is at half-time and Ethan and Chad head out to get some food.

At the ski lodge, Whitney is still mad at Theresa for forgetting about the reservations, but Theresa says the Crane cabin will make up for it. She also promises to not think about Ethan at the time they get back, Theresa won't even know who Ethan is...even though no one could ever compare to him. Theresa asks Whitney about Chad, but Whitney says there's nothing going on. She says that this weekend will at least get her away from Chad. They take a cab to the cabin, and Whitney agrees that it is wonderful. Theresa goes to the fireplace and remembers the weekend she spent with Ethan. Whitney picks up a picture of Ethan and Gwen and shows it to Theresa. She says that this is who Ethan is marrying, so Theresa should get over it. Theresa agrees and they decide to go take showers before their big sleep over.

Ethan and Chad return with pizza and beer and start watching the game. Suddenly, Ethan notices that some lights are on that he had turned off and the picture of him and Gwen has been moved. He tells Chad there is someone else in the cabin, and they shut off all the lights. They hear a noise coming from the bathrooms, so they each stand on one side of the doorway. Theresa and Whitney come out of the showers with towels wrapped around them, and Theresa hears a noise. She says someone else is here and they go to check it out. When they get to the living room, Chad grabs Whitney and pulls her away. He accidentally pulls off her towel and sees everything! Meanwhile, Ethan grabs Theresa and throws her on the couch, landing on top of her.