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Monday, May 1, 2000 | Episode #214
In the airplane, Sheridan slaps Luis for chloroforming her and whisking her back to Harmony against her wishes. She accuses him of trying to control her life. An irritated Luis claims he was only trying to save her life. An upset Sheridan asks a stewardess for a favor.

Ethan and Theresa get into a playful fight. They slip and fall on top of each other just as Pilar walks in. Pilar expresses concern over Theresa and Ethan's closeness. Pilar is skeptical when Theresa says Ethan is giving her signs that there is a chance for love between them. Theresa assures her mother she won't go after Ethan she'll just let fate do the work for her.

In order to destroy Whitney and Chad's relationship, Kay "innocently" informs Eve how she and Simone found Chad with a naked Whitney up at the cabin. Eve is outraged. Simone and Whitney pull Kay aside and blast her for her betrayal. Kay spills more details about Whitney and Chad's adventures at the cabin. Ivy taunts Eve about her daughters following in their mother's trampy footsteps. TC arrives in time to hear about Whitney's injured leg. He explodes and lays into Whitney, especially when he assumes Chad had something to do with her injury. Whitney tries desperately to explain, but TC vows he'll kill Chad. Just then, Chad shows up. Whitney and Simone fear their father's reaction.

Tuesday, May 2, 2000 | Episode #215
The Lopez Fitzgerald's:

Ethan tells Theresa he will pick her up later, and says that they will have fun. But Theresa says yes..but not as fun as the cabin. He comments on how fun that was. Ethan tells her she can bring a friend, and then leaves. So then Whitney comes over and says what's up. Theresa is all excited and goes to get a dress. The song that Whitney sang to Chad comes on, and she has a flashback of when she sang to him. She flashes out've it, and then Theresa comes in with the dress that she wore for New Year's Eve, saying that it was at midnight that Ethan held her in his arms..So then Theresa tells her that Ethan invited her to the charity and stuff. So they talk and Whitney reminds Theresa how she made a promise to God that she wouldn't go after Ethan and Theresa says she isn't. She says that Ethan asked her to go. Then Whitney zones out, and Theresa asks what's wrong. Whitney tells her about Chad and what Kay said and stuff. She says that she thought her dad was gonna kill Chad when he showed up at her house, and she says she can't stop thinking about what that fortune teller said about her dad killing someone. Theresa tells her that its not true and that she should come with her tonight, Whitney finally agrees.

The Russells:
Eve is standing in the living room thinking about what to do about Ivy..Then TC comes in and tells her he knows why she is acting all weird, and she says why. He says it is because of Ivy. Then they start talking about Whitney and Chad. Then TC says that Chad is a good kid, he just jumped to conclusions. He says that he is a decent man, but when it comes to someone doing anything to his family, he just looses it. Then the doorbell rings, and Sam and Ivy come in. They tell them that they have arranged a special night for them. And that they haven't gone out together in a while. So Eve agrees to go, that it'll take her mind off of things for a while, and says she'll be right back and she just has to call her voice service, so they know were she is. So she leaves and Sam and Grace say that they wanted them to celebrate with them. TC asks for what? and Sam and Grace tell him about them getting married again. So TC is happy. Eve comes back out and says she's ready to go. Sam says he'll take his car and they'll follow there. They leave, then TC turns to Eve and says they should just try and forget everything tonight, and try to have fun.

The Cranes:
Julian walks in the room and ask Ivy how the love of his life is. She says Spare me and he says considers yourself spared. So she asks why he is in such a good mood, and he says he has no reason to not be. He starts talking about the "No" bird. But Ivy says that he would be shocked very shocked. He says that there is not bird and leaves. She talks to herself saying that Eve hasn't called yet. So she calls Eve and gets her messenger service, and the lady tells her that Eve is at the Lobster Shack. Then Julian comes back in with a bottle of some wine. He pours her a drink. He keeps asking her why she is such a good mood. But she tells him that if he takes her to the Lobster Shack then he will see. Julian says okay but why the Lobster Shack? why not the club or the Seascape? Ivy says she doesn't want to dress up. He says okay. So she goes and gets her coat.

The Police Station/Boston P.D.:
Luis is talking to Sheridan and they are arguing. Luis asks Sheridan why she is doing this? and she says because he chloroformed her and took her back to harmony..or tried. He says no before all this, you have been mad at me for weeks now. Sheridan flashes back to the wharf. She tells at him saying like you don't know! he says he doesn't. He says he tried to save her, and he did save her. He says that he thought he knew her, but he didn't. Now he knows that she is spoiled rich snob. Sheridan says to knock it off, and stop trying to make it seem like he is the victim. So Luis asks again for her to tell him, she says for him to think about it. Luis tells her to look into his eyes, and tell him if she thinks that he would ever do anything to hurt her, or do anything wrong by her. Sheridan starts getting mad and saying that she thought she knew him. And ends up storming off. Luis goes and sits in the chair next to the man. Sheridan goes over to some lady and she asks if Sheridan wants some coffee. Sheridan says no thank you. The lady says she is sorry for butting in her conversation but she heard most of her conversation with Luis. She says that she isn't siding with him because he wears a badge. But she could tell that he wasn't lying. So Sheridan says well she doesn't know him.
Luis and the man are talking and the man says that it is hard to do this to another fellow officer. Luis says he wouldn't be mad if he was really kidnapping her, but Luis says he did it for her own good. He tells the man about everything that happened in Paris on how he saved her, and that he had to kidnap her to get her back because she wouldn't come. He says he even paid for her ticket. And he asks the man if he even makes that kinda money because he doesn't. The man obviously says that he doesn't. The man asks Luis if he knew her and he says what's it to you? and the man says that it just seems it. Luis says there never was nor will there ever be anything between him and Sheridan. Neither of them have feelings for each other.

The lady cop goes over to Sheridan and asks her if she wants any ice cream. Sheridan says yes please and she gives her chocolate. Next she goes over to the other cop "The Pastachio Man" Then she sees one left and asks Sheridan if her friend would like one? Luis says no thank you. Sheridan then gets up and says that he wants one he only said no because she said that she'd want one. She says that Luis loves ice cream. He says she doesn't even know him. She says no but she knows he loves ice cream, and that he even went out in the middle of winter to get some. And that they even argued about something. Luis says it was sprinkles. He has a flashback of when they went on there date, Luis ends up eating the ice cream with Sheridan, he says its not the same without sprinkles. The lady cop calls over Sheridan and asks for her signature to take Luis to jail. She looks at Luis.

The Lobster Shack:
Eve TC Sam and Grace all show up. They are sitting there talking for a bit. They ask Eve a question and she is zoned out. TC asks her is she was thinking about Whitney and Chad. Eve says no and that it was all just a big misunderstanding. Sam asks that if she's still thinking about the blackmail, and TC says what black mail? She tells him about her "patient." Then Julian and Ivy come in.

The Book Cafe:
Chad is listening to the same song that Whitney was listening too in the beginning and he says that Whitney wouldn't know anything about a broken heart, she just knows how to break em. Ethan walks in and talks to Chad. He tells Chad that he is taking Theresa to a Charity Benefit. Which interests Chad. He says that Theresa has been kind enough to let him drag her to these things. Then they talk about Chuck and how stupid he is for letting her slip away. Chad says yeah sometimes things are just right under your nose. But he says that he wish he could find someone like Theresa. He says what about Whitney. Chad says that Whitney doesn't want anything to do with him. Ethan asks him if he never wants to see Whitney again, Chad says he doesn't want to see him again, all she cares about is tennis! Ethan asks Chad to come with him tonight, it will let him clear his head. He says why not! its better than sitting here doing nothing thinking about Whitney all night!

The Seascape:
Ethan and Theresa are inside and they are talking about how nice it is. Then Theresa sees Ethan and walks up to him, and then Chad walks in and makes eye contact with Whitney.

Wednesday, May 3, 2000 | Episode #216
The Boston P.D.:
Sheridan looks at the complaint, and then at Luis. Luis tells her that if she signs that complaint she is messing with his entire career. Sheridan says that policemen are supposed to protect people, not kidnap them. Luis tells her that if he hadn't, she'd be dead. Luis tells her to at least have the decency to admit that he saved her life, but she says the only thing he's done is try and control her life. Luis tells her she can screw up her life all she wants, but he won't let her screw his. Sheridan tells Luis she can do whatever she pleases. Luis tells Sheridan fine, if she wants to sign the complaint the she should go ahead and do it. Tina thinks they can settle this without signing any complaints, all that is needed is a little apology. Luis is willing to accept an apology, but Tina says Sheridan wants him to apologize to her. Luis refuses and says she owes him an apology. Sheridan refuses to apologize to Luis and calls him a chauvinistic cave man. Luis asks to be taken away before he does something he regrets, and Sheridan is glad to help him along by signing the complaint against him. Tina apologizes to Luis, and he is taken away. Luis gets to place his one phone call, and calls Sam. Sheridan tells Tina that she had to teach Luis a lesson, and asks if they can just tear up the complaint? Tina tells Sheridan that there is no taking it back. Tina gives Sheridan hell and tells her that she just had to win this contest, and if she wasn't so stubborn she would see how much alike she and Luis actually are. Tina tells Sheridan that there is nothing else she can do here, she should go back to Harmony. Sheridan asks Tiny if Luis is going . . . Tina tells her yes, Luis is going to jail. Luis is booked, and Sheridan feels terrible. Before he is taken away, Sheridan stops him and says she has to tell him something. Sheridan says she is sorry, but Luis says he doesn't want to hear it! Luis tells her to go celebrate, she got what she wanted. Sheridan says she just wanted to teach him a lesson. Luis says she did teach him a lesson, he'll never trust him again! Both Sheridan and Luis tell the other that they never want to see the other again. Before Luis leaves, Luis tells Sheridan not to let her guard down, just because she's home doesn't mean those guys aren't coming after her.

The Bridal Show:
Chad and Whitney are shocked to see one another, and Whitney thinks Theresa and Ethan set her up. They swear they didn't know the other was coming. Whitney refuses to stay if Chad is, so Chad says he will leave. Unfortunately, the planner of the show enters Ethan and Theresa and Chad and Whitney in the Perfect Couple Contest. Ethan says they are only friends, but he says friends make the best couples. To make matters worse, the contest is being broadcast on TV! Whitney and Theresa end up getting dressed up in bridal gowns while Ethan and Chad get dressed up in tuxes. The first contest begins, the brides have to tie their grooms bow tie. Whitney refuses to do this, and Chad thinks that Whitney only does things she is good at. Whitney says she can tie a simple bow tie, and begins to tie Chad's tie. They both win the contest, and move on to the next event. They are forced to put on a blindfold, and feed wedding cake to one another. After the contest, Whitney and Chad both apologize to one another for snapping at the other. Chad tells Whitney that he'll talk to her pops and make sure he knows there is nothing going on between them. Later, all the contestants dance. Whitney and Chad sit it out, because Whitney's leg is still hurting. However, they are informed if they don't dance, they will forfeit the prize, and then the coordinator forces them to dance like people in love, not strangers.

The Lobster Shack:
Fred Ferguson, the owner of the Lobster Shack, is delighted that Julian has shown up at his little restaurant. Meanwhile, Grace leaves when she sees a friend, and TC goes into a rage when he spots Julian. Sam tells TC that they can leave, but TC says he can control himself. Grace returns, and they all talk about the wedding, and other things. TC wants to plan a big surprise for Eve, he wants to find her family for her and have a big party. Grace loves the idea, and says they could even find some old photos of Eve and friends and blow them up. Later, Sam gets a call from Luis, who has been arrested. Sam asks Luis what in the hell is wrong with Sheridan Crane? Sam says he will get him out of there somehow, he won't let Sheridan get away with this. Meanwhile, TC wonders what is taking Eve so long, so Grace offers to go see what is holding her up.

In the bathroom, Eve refuses to help Ivy break up Sam and Grace's marriage. Ivy tells Eve that is fine, but when she shows TC these photos he will probably kill Julian, and then TC will spend his life in jail because of her, unless Alistair uses his influence to get him the death penalty. She also says when her daughters learn about her past, they will probably follow in her footsteps. Ivy turns to leave, but Eve asks her to wait. Ivy asks if she has changed her mind? Eve says no, she wanted to give her another chance to give her back the photos. Ivy refuses, and doesn't know why Eve would want to wreck her marriage for Grace, the yard sale queen. Eve "how dares" Ivy for insulting Grace, and she tells Ivy that Grace is a good woman and was a second mother to her girls. Eve gets down on her knees and begs Ivy to have a heart, have some humanity. She begs Ivy to tear up the photos and not ask her to stab her best friend in the back. Ivy tells Eve that with or without her help, she is going after Sam and won't stop until she gets him. Ivy tells Eve that she can't protect Grace's marriage, but she can save her own. Eve asks God to forgive her, and agrees to help Ivy. Eve asks for the photos, but Ivy says she won't get them until she has Sam in her bed. Eve accuses Ivy of being a cold, hateful, despicable woman, a desperate mother, and a horrible wife. Ivy asks Eve what kind of friend she is? Eve says nothing, and Ivy says perhaps they aren't so different after all. After Ivy leaves, Eve touches up her makeup, and Grace shows up. Grace is crying and tells Eve that she knows all about her helping Ivy go after Sam, she heard the whole thing! Grace says she thought she was her friend! Eve says she had no choice. Grace tells her that she thought she knew her, but now she's sorry they ever met! Of course it was all a nightmarish daydream. Grace comes in and never heard a word of what went on.

Ivy returns to Julian, who wonders what took her so long. Meanwhile, Grace and Eve return to Sam and TC, and when Grace sees Ivy and Julian, she thinks they should ask them to join them. TC and Sam refuse, claiming the table is only big enough for four. Later, a contest is held to find the captain and first mate of the Lobster Shack, and Julian and Eve have the winning lobsters! They have to wear ridiculous hats, and Julian thanks Ivy for dragging him here. Grace hopes Eve isn't mad at her, because next to Sam and the girls, she means everything to her. As they are all leaving, Ivy whispers to Eve that she'll be in touch.

Thursday, May 4, 2000 | Episode #217
The Charity Bridal Show:
Ethan and Theresa, Chad and Whitney dance a slow dance at the charity competition. Ethan talks to the judge asking if Chad and Whitney are on the list to win. He replies saying yes, along with some other perfect couples. Ethan turns back to Theresa and pauses for a moment looking at her. He then comments on how beautiful she looked with the light on the eyes and hair. They continue to dance, looking at each other deeply and emotionally. Then one judge announces a chance for them to rest as they count up the marks and get ready for a surprise event -- a Garter removal and throwing contest. Theresa is pleased to hear of this and smiles as she thinks to herself that that it is a chance for her to show Ethan that she is sexier than Gwen. Whitney however only comments to herself that Chad is NOT going to touch her. Both Theresa and Ethan share a look.

When the contests begin, music plays and Theresa does a seductive dance placing the garter on her leg and keeping eye contact with Ethan, she moves slowly to him and places her leg up on a chair in front of him. Ethan is engrossed and keeps looking at her while he licks his lips. Finally she calls to him -- "Come here husband, there's a garter here with your name on it." He moves and kneels before her. Meanwhile, after being cleared by the announcer and after Chad states that the contest is only for women who know how to tease and please their man -- she makes her move. She walks up to him, gets his attention, then does a seductive dance and sits before him pulling up her dress. They are all unaware that the entire event is being televised live!

Timmy and Tabitha:
Timmy and Tabitha try to sneak around the Bennett household but are discovered by Kay. She covers by saying that she was looking for her. Kay explains what she did to Whitney at the Russells. She explains that Simone was very angry but she thought that by now she must have forgiven her. She tells Tabitha that she has a new plan to split Charity and Miguel. She needs Simone's help to get her and Miguel crowned king and queen of the prom. Tabitha smiles at Kay's deviousness as Timmy comes back to life and comments how bad Kay was being.

Kay walks in the house in time to hear Simone saying that she is going to help Charity and Miguel win king and queen of the prom. She shows them how they should stand, as Kay fumes her anger inside. Simone asks if Kay would vote for Charity and Miguel. Tabitha and Timmy observe everything from outside. As Kay and Simone go up to Kay room, Simone says their friendship is over. Tabitha sends Timmy up to Kay's room to eavesdrop.

Timmy listens as Simone quarrels with Kay. Tabitha gets worried. Simone blows up at Kay that she betrayed her and she would never forgive her. She takes back all her gifts saying she will give them to her new best friend - Charity. Kay is stunned. Simone further says that she is going to help Charity and Miguel make love on prom night. Timmy hears this and falls from the window to the floor. Tabitha runs to hear what went on and when he tells her, she freaks. She looks in as Charity and Miguel kiss and promises to stop Simone's plan from coming true. Meanwhile, Simone sees the charity event on TV as Kay switches it on. She watches as Chad stares up at Whitney he begins to remove the garter.

Ivy and Julian:
Ivy and Julian arrive home and Ivy is disgusted that he won 'Captain of the Lobster Shack.' He says that he only went because Ivy promised him a night of passion afterwards. He reminds her of a time that they had in the past playing a sex game - Caterpillar and a rose. At first Ivy is turned on, then she comes to her senses and stops. She throws her suspicions of him and Eve in his face. He gets upset and runs to the liquor cabinet. He opens a drawer and finds the gun shot pillow. He questions Ivy about it and she claims that it was his previous shot at her that caused it. Julian does not fall for this saying that his shot was in another direction to where the pillow was seated. Ivy claims that it ricocheted. Julian still does not believe. He gives up though and changes the subject, saying that he is going to bed. He asks her to follow but she sends him away, saying that if he wants comfort, go to the bottle!

The Bennetts and the Russells:
The Bennetts and the Russells arrive at the Russells' house commenting on how strange it was for Eve to be crowned "first mate" at the Lobster Shack with Julian Crane. T. C. smiles as he comments on Eve's facial expression when she won. Grace then realizes how tense Eve is and she asks about her upset mood. She denies that anything is bothering her. Grace then suggests that she is worrying about her 'patient's blackmailing problem. Grace, Sam, and T.C. try to persuade her to get her 'patient' to talk to Sam. He promises to keep the secret. She replies that her 'patient' is afraid of what her 'patient's family will think of what she did in her past. T.C. comments that if it were Eve, he would, he would forgive her for anything, then says that he is happy it is not her. They send Grace and Eve into the sitting room where Grace comments that she is lucky to have Eve as her friend. She knows she could trust her with her life. Eve cringes at the thought of what she said to Ivy, but covers up.

Grace and Eve talk about the kids' upcoming Prom and how they'd need new dresses. She says Charity will go with Miguel, Kay with Reese and asks who Whitney and Simone will go with, suggesting Chad. Eve freaks out saying 'Over her dead body!" Grace apologizes.

When Simone and T.C. return, Ethan becomes confident that her husband would understand what is in her past. She receives a call from Ivy 'her new best friend,' Eve states over the phone that they have to talk because things have changed!

Friday, May 5, 2000 | Episode #218
The Russells:
Eve hangs up the phone with Ivy and thanks T.C, Sam and Grace for helping her tell her 'patient' about how to deal with the blackmailing situation. She tells them that she is going to meet the person and prepares to leave. T.C asks if she would like him to come along, but she turns him down and leaves saying that she will be back shortly. Eve has a flashback to what happened between her and Ivy as she begged for the pictures in the bathroom, as Grace mentions how terrible it must be to be blackmailed. Eve then leaves to meet Ivy in the park. Sam then calls Sam to the computer as Grace leaves the room to show him the picture of the two people in bed with their faces blocked up. He wonders why someone sent it to him and states that there is something about it that nags at him. Sam says that he will try to find a way to trace back to the origin of the email. Meanwhile, Ivy is wondering why Eve's attitude suddenly changed. She thinks that it may be because she already has an idea as to how she can get Sam back for her. She thinks to herself that if Eve tries to back out of their agreement, she can always flash her 'ace in the hole.' Ivy meets Eve with a smile and asks tells her that she has a plan that she needs her help with. Eve says that there has been a change of plans stating that she is no longer agreeing to help her get Sam away from his wife. Ivy looks back at her with a smug attitude and says the Eve has lost her mind. Eve does not give in, saying that she knows that she could trust her husband to forgive anything that happened to her in the past because he loves her. She throws the fact that Ivy has no idea what love is, because she spends her time chasing after another woman's husband. Ivy becomes angry stating that Eve has no right to give her such a 'holier that thou' attitude when she slept with her husband. She asks if Eve actually come out with the truth to her husband, telling him that she slept with Julian. Eve says no, but she knows that he will forgive her. Ivy again laughs, stating that T.C. would never forgive Eve for sleeping with the one man that he truly hates. Eve says again that she is not willing to help Ivy. Angry, Ivy dials T.C.'s phone number and threatens to tell him everything. Eve takes the phone and talks to T.C. building up as if she really will tell him, until he brings up the photo on the computer and that he doesn't think anyone can forgive their 'friends' for doing something so horrible. Eve backs out of telling T.C. and gives Ivy back the phone, agreeing to once again help her get Sam. Ivy smiles and says that all she has to do is tell her when Sam is out and all alone. She thanks Eve with a smug look on her face, leaving her as she walks away. Later, we see Ivy in her bedroom as she receives a phone call from Alistair. She is shocked to hear him call her on her private line. He asks her what she has been up to, if she went for a walk. She confirms this and he asks if she has been up to anything bad. She says no, beginning to feel afraid. Alistair warns her that he is and will always be watching her. She has a responsibility as a Crane and he will make sure that she upholds it! Eve goes home and tells T.C. that things with the 'patient' did not go very well. She tells him that she will be up to bed soon. We see Eve take up a picture of her family as T.C. goes upstairs and we hear her say as she cries, "I am so sorry Grace. So very sorry!"

The Charity Bridal Show:
The announcer explains that the competition presently going on is the Garter removal contest. We see Ethan kneeling before Theresa, staring up in to her eyes as he slowly removes the garter. Theresa stares at him smiling and says to herself "One day Ethan, you will realize that you love me not Gwen." Finally he gets it off and Theresa does another little dance for him before putting her leg back on the chair in front of him. Meanwhile Whitney is dancing for Chad, moving slowly around him as she glides her hand over his shoulder. She moves and takes a seat in front of him, crossing her legs and slowly pulling up her dress to reveal the garter. Chad kneels before Whitney and while keeping eye contact with her, removes the garter from her leg. Later they learn that they have won the garter competition and have $1000 towards their favorite charity. Meanwhile, Ethan is still kneeling before Theresa in a daze, unaware that the contest is over. Theresa brings him out of it by telling him that Whitney and Chad won. He is happy. He asks where they are. Theresa points out that they are both on opposite sides of the room, and that Whitney must have been shaken up by all of this. Ethan says that it is so obvious that Whitney and Chad have feelings for each other but he doesn't understand why they don't see it. Theresa feels that if they are crowned Perfect couple, Whitney will wake up to how she really feels about Chad. Ethan then says that when a person is denying their feelings, sometimes they need a little shock to wake them up. All this time, Theresa is smiling up at Ethan, hoping that he wakes up to how he truly feels about him. Finally she goes over to see Whitney, while Ethan goes to talk to Chad. Chad points out that Ethan and Theresa looked great dancing together and that maybe he is the one who needs a 'push.' Theresa tells Whitney that she likes Chad and Ethan likes him also. She tells her that she thinks he is a good guy and that if Whitney does not wake up, she may loose him. She should stop pushing him away. They all await the results of the perfect couple competition, and are surprised when they hear that Theresa and Ethan and Chad and Whitney both won. Theresa is happy and she reminds Ethan of what he said earlier, about sometimes people need a push to realize how they feel. Ethan says that he remembers but does not catch on to Theresa's point. Finally he says that this only proves that you cannot trust even a judge where matters of Love are concerned, since she and Ethan are merely friends. Theresa shows her disappointment. Whitney is approached by one of the judges who says that she was routing for her and Chad from the beginning. She says that it is so obvious that they are both so in love, along with Ethan and Theresa. Whitney corrects the lady, saying that she and Chad are not a couple in love. The lady is stunned but tells Whitney that she should go after Chad because if she doesn't, she will be losing out on the best thing in life. Chad is approached by a reporter of the local newspaper who wants an interview. He agrees only if the reporter helps him with something. The reporter asks about Chad's parents and he tells him about the situation. The reporter says he will see what he can do to help.

Kay's Bedroom:
Simone stares at the Television screen, looking at the charity show where her sister is staring into Chad's eyes as he removes her garter. Kay rubs it in as she asks Simone if she still thinks that Whitney has no interest in Chad. Simone is furious, wondering what Chad is doing with her sister and how they found themselves on the local access channel. Kay probes further telling Simone that it does not matter, what does matter is that her sister is getting her 'hooks' into Chad. Simone cries back that Whitney said she was not interested in Chad. Kay interrupts saying that Whitney obviously lied. Simone starts to cry. Kay uses the opportunity to say that if she thinks that she can get Chad on her ownGood luck. She points out the way that Chad and Whitney are looking at each other and says that Whitney is definitely competition for Simone. She says that the only way Simone can win Chad back and that she can get Miguel is if they team up and work together, they should forgive each other. Simone stares TV. She stands up and exclaims that she can't believe Chad is doing that and that Whitney is letting him! Kay says that Whitney is loving it. Just then the announcer comes on and says that they have a winner for the Garter removal competition - Whitney and Chad! Simone watches on horrified that her own sister could do this to her, while Kay keeps rubbing it in. Then Simone notices that Whitney walks away from Chad to the other side of the room. She thinks that this shows that Whitney really has no interest in him and that it is all a big misunderstanding. Kay convinces her otherwise, by asking if she was blind to all that they saw before and asking if Chad ever had his hand on her leg. Simone comes to the realization that Kay may be right. When she hears that Chad and Whitney have won Harmony's Perfect Couple, along with Ethan and Theresa, she finally agrees to make up with Kay. This makes Kay happy and she promises to help Simone get Chad.

Tabitha and Timmy:
Tabitha and Timmy stare into the Bennett house looking at Miguel and Charity kissing. She remarks that this is catastrophic, they can't allow Miguel and Charity to get any closer, far less allow them to make love on Prom night. Timmy asks if it is tradition for kids to go to the Bonfire on Prom night and make love. Tabitha says yes and Timmy says that if Miguel and Charity make love, Charity will come into her full powers. Tabitha is aware of this and in a frustrated voice tells Timmy that they have to figure out a way to stop this, or else Charity will recognize her as the enemy and destroy her. Timmy becomes upset because he doesn't want anything to happen to his beloved Princess. She says that she has to come up with something very bad to take care of Ms. Goody Good. They look in to see Charity and Miguel kissing again and Timmy remarks that he is tired of watching Miguel kiss his girl. He tells Tabitha that he is going in to confront Miguel. Tabitha laughs at Timmy's idea, saying that it will take more than a bunch off stuffing to frighten Miguel. She tries to think of something that will strike terror in Miguel's heart, something that will keep him away from Charity for good. When Grace and Sam arrive home, Tabitha and Timmy hide in the bushes and Tabitha figures out a way to spit Charity and Miguel up for good. She approaches Grace and points out that she wishes she could go back to her own prom. Grace suggests that she help chaperone the kid's prom and she accepts.

Charity and Miguel:
When Charity and Miguel break away from their kiss, Miguel remarks 'wow' as he is surprised at how amazing it was. Charity agrees and asks if he has ever kissed anyone like that before. Miguel says no and she replies that she has never kissed anyone like that either. He tells her he knows, he could tell. He says that's why they should practice more, after all, Practice makes perfect. Charity smiles as they lean in for another kiss. Miguel and Charity talk about winning Prom King and Queen. Charity feels funny thinking about it. He convinces her otherwise and they practice their walk and wave if they win. Meanwhile Grace and Sam walk to the door and see them through the window. They smile and talk about being chaperones for the Prom. Grace is happy to go because she does not remember if she ever went to her own Prom. Charity and Miguel stop walking and they kiss again. Suddenly, Charity pulls away, stating that she got a strange chill. She thinks that someone is in emotional turmoil and that they are about to make a decision that would affect their lives forever. Then she has another premonition about Miguel and Kay. She tells Miguel and he hugs her.

Monday, May 8, 2000 | Episode #219
He goes over to the Lopez-Fitzgerald House, and tells Pilar that he plans to go to Paris to court Sheridan. Pilar tells him that Luis is in Paris, with Sheridan. He is shocked naturally. He figures that Luis just went, because he thought Sheridan was in danger. Hank goes to call Sam, to check on a room, when Pilar knocks over his jacket, and finds a big wad of money falling out of the pocket. Hank finds that Luis is in prison in Boston.

Sheridan regrets signing the complaint on Luis. Tina tells Sheridan that she should be home asleep, not at the police station. Tina tells Sheridan that she would have done what Luis had done to get her out of Paris. Tina then tells Sheridan that she was so frustrated with Luis, because she hadn't got him into her bed. Sheridan tells Tina that the last thing that could happen between her and Luis would be romance. Hank drives up to Boston, and talks with Tina. She is surprised to know that Luis and Sheridan weren't romantically involved, especially considering he's Luis's best friend.

The Jail Cell:
Luis has a nightmare about the occurrences of rescuing Sheridan from Roger and Pierre. Sheridan greets him as he awakes.

The Bennett House:
Miguel tells Charity that her premonition was false, they are madly in love. They are convinced nothing will ever ruin their relationship. Charity describes the prom to Charity, as she fantasizes about it. In Kay's room, Kay tells Simone that they will soon be with the ones they love. Kay tells Simone that she has a plan up her sleeves to ruin the prom for Charity. Miguel tells Kay that if she wasn't with Reese, and he wasn't with Charity, they would probably be going to prom together. Kay tells Simone that Miguel just admitted that if Charity hadn't been in their life, they would be with each other. Miguel kisses Charity goodnight. They talk to each other on the phone, as they fantasize about the prom one more time.

At their house, Tabitha tells Timmy that she will help Kay ruin the prom, as she will be chaperoning. Timmy fantasizes about Charity kissing him at the prom. Timmy tells Tabitha that he always gets good ideas from movies, which gives an idea to Tabitha to find a movie that is very horrific, and use it's idea to get rid of Charity. She plans to give Kay the movie, so she gets an idea to break up Miguel and Charity. Tabitha tells Timmy that he will have to climb up to Kay's room and put the movie in Kay's room. He sneaks it in.

Kay finds the video, and it is "Carrie," the worst prom night movie ever. Simone is convinced someone put it there, and decides to look around. Little does she know, Timmy is beneath the bed.

Tuesday, May 9, 2000 | Episode #220
Eve is in her bed dreaming, inside her dream she dreams that she wakes up and Julian is in her bed on top of her. She tries telling him to get out and that TC is right there, but he says he wont. He says he wants to re-live what they used to do. Eve then says that she wishes that she never would have gotten into bed with Julian that night. She dreams of that night, with a twist now they are at the Jazz Club. Eve is singing for a while. When she is done she walks by Julian, and he says he wants to make love to her. She says no. He says that she can't say no because he is Julian Crane, and that he gets what he wants. Julian says that he will make her a proposal. She asks if he is proposing to her to get married? He says no! He says that he wants her to be his mistress. She says she won't have that, she wants to get married and be in love, and have children, and have a lot of friends who respect her. She says that one day there could be pictures of them, and his wife could blackmail them. Suddenly, Ivy shows up at the club and tells Eve nice try, but she can't rewrite history. Eve asks them both to go away and leave her alone, but Ivy says that won't do any good, she already has the photos of them in bed. Ivy pulls out a huge photo of them in bed together. Suddenly, TC, Sam, and Grace show up. A bed then appears out've nowhere so Julian pulls Eve on the bed to make love to her. Grace then tells Sam that TC isn't going like this one bit. TC notices the photos in Ivy's hands and looks at the pictures. Eve explains that Ivy is blackmailing her, and that she is making her choose between showing the pictures to TC or getting Sam into bed with Ivy. Grace is outraged, and Eve begs for her forgiveness. Ivy tells Eve that it is far too late for apologies. Then everyone starts to show up first Tabby pups up and says that everyone makes mistakes. Then TC says that he can't believe what his wife has done! Charity shows and says no wonder why she didn't want her to say anything about her visions of her and Julian in bed. Simone shows up with Kay, and Kay says that she can't believe what her mother has done. And Simone says that she can't believe her mother, and that she is gonna grow up to become a tramp just like her! Eve then wakes up from her nightmare, screaming! TC asks he what she was dreaming about she says she can't tell him. He says he knows what it is, he was dreaming about Blackmail and Ivy.

Kay is upstairs at the Bennetts with Simone. Simone is asking Kay how the movie got there. Kay says that it was a sign from God. They keep talking. Timmy eventually jumps out've the window and into Tabby's arms. Timmy tells Tabitha "Mission Accomplished."

Charity and Miguel are talking on the phone about the prom, when all of a sudden Charity gets up and says oh no...and walks out've the room. Miguel is calling for her, but she can't hear him she is in a trance. She goes downstairs. Miguel ends up saying that something is wrong and he is going to go find her.

The Bennett House:
Kay and Simone are watching Carrie downstairs. Tabitha and Timmy are spying on them through the window. Timmy asks to watch but Tabitha says no, then she finally gives in and lets him take a peek. Timmy looks and can't watch. Charity them comes downstairs still in her trance. While Kay is rambling on about the movie. Simone tells her to look. Charity then walks over to the VCR and pulls the tape out. She then slams it on the ground yelling "EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!!" she gets something from the fire place and starts whacking it. Then Sam and Grace come down and ask what's wrong. They see Charity on the floor and Grace rushes over to her, and cuddles her. Timmy says he feels bad for Charity Kay goes over and replaces it with Sound of Music. Miguel shows up and tells Sam what happened while they were on the phone. Simone warns Kay that she better be careful, Charity does have those visions. Kay asks when Charity's visions have ever had anything to do with real life? Charity snaps out of her trance and remembers nothing that happened. Grace says that Charity must have just been sleepwalking. Charity says she feels fine now. Later, Kay tells Simone that if she thought Carrie's prom was bad, wait till she gets a load of Charity's. Back upstairs, Charity has nightmares about the prom.

Luis is in his jail cell still having that nightmare that Sheridan gets shot. He then half wakes up calling for Sheridan, She shows up at the cell and says she's right here. He finally wakes up and runs over to her and kisses her through the bars! Hank then walks in. He is very hurt. They both kiss for quite a while. Then Luis backs away saying that he doesn't know what he was thinking. "I guess I was dreaming" She asks if he was dreaming about her, but he says he doesn't remember. They then start arguing again, as Sheridan tries to apologize. Hank sneaks out. Sheridan tries to apologize to Luis for putting him in jail but he doesn't listen. Luis says he wouldn't be surprised if she filed another complaint on him. She asks what he is talking about, and he says that she will probably file some complaint against him for assault because he kissed her. She says she is trying to be nice. He says if she is trying to be nice. Then don't be! 'She says she is sorry that she ever let him kiss her. Luis says he was probably dreaming of someone else. She asks who and he says someone like Beth. She says that she feels sorry that she would ever get involved with him. He says don't worry. Sheridan is furious as she leaves. Luis is in his cell thinking of why he kissed Sheridan, he says that he shouldn't care what happens to her. And that there is nothing between them. Sheridan goes back in the lobby place, and finds Hank. She asks why he is here. He says that he heard about Luis getting arrested from Sam, and came down to see if he could help. She admits to Hank that Luis saved her life. Hank then asks questions. He asks if he saved her life then why did he have him arrested? Sheridan says she wanted to teach him a lesson. Hank doesn't buy it, he thinks she did it for payback. Sheridan tells him about the kiss. She doesn't think that they will ever clear the air between them. He asks if that bothers her. She says she doesn't know, that she is really confused. She asks if Hank would go and talk to him. Hank looks down then finally says he would do anything for her. He leaves to go visit Luis and Tina comes out. She asks Sheridan how it went, if she told Luis. She said she didn't get to it. She tells Tina that Luis kissed her. She is shocked! But she tells Sheridan that she has to admit that her and Luis are meant for each other. Sheridan says there not. Hank walks up the cell. Luis says he isn't really up for anymore visitors. Hank just comes out and asks why he did it? Is he in love with Sheridan? Luis says he already explained it before, he is not in love with her. Hank says he wants to know because he needs to know if he has to compete with Luis anymore. Luis says go for it. Hank asks if he wants him to pass something on to Sheridan. Luis says yes, to stay the hell away from me! Hank then leaves. Sheridan walks up to him and ask him if he talked to Luis. He says that Luis is still pretty upset. She asks if he told him how sorry she was. He says he couldn't get to it. He then tells her that the other thing he doesn't know if she wants to hear. She says she does. He says that Luis says that he is sorry he ever went to Paris to find her, and that he never wants to see her again! Sheridan says fine! and leaves. Hank smiles as he drinks from his coffee.

Wednesday, May 10, 2000 | Episode #221
Theresa gets her hopes up when Ethan says he wants to perform one more wedding ritual with her. Theresa is disappointed as he lifts her up and carries her across the threshold. Ethan jokingly tells Pilar he and Theresa were married, leaving Pilar speechless. Pilar dampens Ethan and Theresa's joyful evening when she informs them about Sheridan having Luis arrested.

Whitney insists Theresa and Ethan could never get together since they come from such different worlds. Chad asks her if the same reasoning applies to the two of them. Whitney warms up to Chad and apologizes for insulting him in the past. Chad tests Whitney to see how she feels about him. Whitney turns to leave when Chad suddenly says he needs to tell her something.

Eve awakens in a panic from her nightmare. TC tells her he knows she was dreaming about blackmail and Ivy. TC assumes Ivy is being blackmailed. Eve tries to set TC straight, but he angrily blasts the Cranes and anyone who would help them.

Sam runs into Ivy at their old secret meeting place. Ivy is thrilled, thinking Sam has come to their special place to be with her. Sam reiterates his devotion to Grace as Ivy presses him to revive their past romance.

Thursday, May 11, 2000 | Episode #222
Hank drives Sheridan back to Harmony. Sheridan feels guilty about having Luis arrested for kidnapping. Hank tells her that it wasn't her fault that she just did what she had to do, but Sheridan still feels guilty. Hank tells her that even though he has good motives, when Luis gets in this 'Tarzan' mood, there's no stopping him. She tells him to stop the car and turn it around. She wants to go back to try to reverse what she has done. Hank tells her that she already tried to no avail, so it makes no sense going back. Sheridan asks Hank if Luis asked about her. If he told Luis that she was sorry, but Hank lies and tells her that he only left the message that he doesn't want her in his life ever again, even though he remembers Luis asking about her. Sheridan makes a firm statement saying that if that's what he wants then she agrees. If she ever sees Luis again, it will be too soon. Hank stops the car and asks her if she is serious about what she just said. She confirms it and then says that she feels so much better. She tells him that she doesn't feel guilty anymore and wants to go out instead of going home. Hank is happy about this and tells her to sit back because this will be a night she will never forget. They go to the Harmony Jazz Club where they sit and have drinks and dance. Hank stares at Sheridan and tells her that he loves it when she laughs. That this is the Sheridan that he remembers. Later that night, Hank drops Sheridan off at the Crane mansion at her little house. She brings up Luis again, then tells Hank that she is sorry when she notices Hank's changed expression. He says that it is okay. Sheridan goes into a daze remembering her first date with Luis and how he kissed her goodnight. When she comes back into reality she just tells Hank that she is jet lagged. She tells him that normally when she's like this she doesn't get any sleep. He then suggests that he stay over and keeps her company. Sheridan politely turns down his offer. She thinks about Luis again and tells Hank that it will just take some time. He then pulls her into a kiss.

The Russell House:
Simone and Kay arrive in the kitchen and Kay tries to think of a plan to spoil Prom night for Miguel and Charity. They remember when Charity destroyed the Carrie tape. Kay is still upset saying that she could be studying the tape now. Simone then remembers seeing Whitney dancing with Chad on television and gets upset when she realizes that her sister lied to her again. Kay then says that they should tell her parents about what they saw stating that this would ensure that Whitney and Chad never see each other again. Simone doesn't think it's a good idea because she remembers how close her father came to 'losing it.' Meanwhile, Eve listens to a song over the radio, which causes her to remember her past at the Jazz Club in Boston. She remembers talking to her friend Crystal, telling her that she got pregnant and she has to leave Boston. They talk about how she got herself in the situation, but when Crystal asks about the 'father' she tells her that she can't discuss that. Crystal asks what she is hoping for -- a little girl who can sing like an angel just like her mother? Eve says that she is hoping for a boy. Just then, T.C. comes down the stairs and brings Eve back into reality saying how music has a way of taking you back in time. He makes a comment about the song, saying that it is sad to lose a child. He tells her that he remembers when they were trying for their third child -- a son and how he knew that no son could ask for a more perfect mother. He then asks her if she wants to try again! She says that the timing is not right for them, but that doesn't mean that they can't still make love. Outside, Whitney tries to convince herself that it is good that Chad is leaving town, he upsets her family too much. She thinks that she can't go against her mother because she is her hero and the best role model in the world. She looks through the window and sees her mother in the sitting room and wonders if she saw her with Chad a few minutes earlier. She decides to go around to the back and enter through the kitchen, where she meets Simone and Kay chatting. They look over at Whitney and smile. Simone asks what Whitney is doing sneaking in the back door. She covers by replying that she saw their mother in the room and did not want to answer a set of questions. Simone then asks her why. Whitney turns to Kay and says that if she thinks everything is cool between the two of them that she is wrong. Kay plays innocent and Whitney reminds her of what she did. Simone comes in and agrees that Kay does tend to shoot off her mouth and that she does ask embarrassing questions, but that she has an uncanny way of finding the truth. Whitney is confused, then Simone clarifies and says that she saw her at the Charity function with Chad. Whitney tries to deny this but when Simone says that she saw her on television, Whitney begins to panic and ask if her parents saw it too. Simone says she doesn't know, but that it may be the reason why they are still awake this late. Again, Whitney panics and begs them not to tell her parents about it. Just then Eve and T.C. walk into the kitchen and ask what is going on. Whitney coves saying that she didn't want them to know that she had an incomplete project. They believe this excuse and after stating that it she shouldn't hide this from them, Kay asks if they watched any television. They said no and leave to go back to bed. Simone again questions her sister about what really happened at the cabin, believing that her sister had been lying to her all this time about how she feels about Chad. Whitney denies that she has any change of heart, then blurts out that Chad will be leaving Harmony and leaves the room. Simone gets upset and begins to cry, asking Kay what they are going to do. Kay says that they will find a way to keep Chad in Harmony, by helping him to find his family. Whitney goes into the sitting room and tries to convince herself again that it is a good thing that Chad is leaving.

The Jazz Club:
Chad listens intently to Crystal and she sings and asks the bartender who the 'friend' is that she dedicated the song to. He says that she always says the same thing every time she sings the song, but she never names the friend. After singing, Crystal goes to the bar to have a drink. Chad approaches her and compliments her singing. She thanks him but as he offers to pay for her drink, she gives him a cold shoulder, thinking that he was just trying to hit on her. Chad makes a comment about a twist that she gave the song while singing. She dismisses it as part of the song, but becomes interested when she realizes that he knows about music. She turns to face him, saying that if he heard her 'friend' sing that song, it would definitely move him. Chad continues to probe Crystal about her friend, asking her questions about her name, if she singsbut Crystal gives only roundabout answers. She says that she hasn't kept in touch with the friend and that even though she keeps her eye out on the music market, she never sees her name. She tells him that her friend really had a great voice, and that she could have made it very big in the music business. Chad then asks what happened. Crystal looks at him and says that her friend got pregnant. Chad asks if she could have picked up the act after she had the baby but Crystal says that things were very confusing for her friend. She tells him that her friend caught a lot of bad breaks. Chad tells her that he can understand that because his life was the same way. He tells her about his life in L.A. and how his producer cheated him out of recognition. He eventually tells her that he will make it in the music business. She then tells him about her life. She asks him his name when he says Harris, she seems shocked, telling him that her last name is also Harris! Chad becomes very excited and tells her that the reason he came to Harmony was to find out about his parents. Crystal becomes a little closed up, then she tells him that she is not from Harmony so she might not be able to help him. When he eventually tells her his first name, she is stunned. Chad picks up on this and asks what is wrong. She tells him that a long time ago, someone asked if they could use her maiden name, and then asked her what her father's name was Chad!

Friday, May 12, 2000 | Episode #223
The Crane Mansion:
Ethan relates to his mother what happened to Sheridan and that she is back in Harmony. Ivy is stunned to know that Sheridan had Luis arrested for kidnapping when he was responsible for saving her life on more than one occasion -- what a mess. She worries about Pilar being upset. Ethan then leaves to see if Sheridan has arrived back at her cottage. Ivy enters Julian's study and finds him listening to a tape of the jazz song that Eve used to sing. He is talking to himself saying 'Sing my love, sing!'. Ivy asks who he is talking to. Being shot into reality, Julian bolts up from his chair and asks Ivy what she is doing there. He suggests that she go read a book and stop bothering him. Ivy then questions him on who is singing the song. He replies that he doesn't know what she is talking about. Then she replies, never mind she knows who it is. This leaves Julian shocked as he wonders to himself if Ivy really knows something. Then Ivy replies that it must be one of his concubines. Julian is relieved, he then asks her what she is doing in his study. She tells him that she wants the Governor's private line phone number and that she knows he keeps it in his desk. He leaves her to find it herself. As Ivy rummages through the desk, she finds the 'Luis mask' still lying in a drawer. She asks him why he still has it lying around. She gets angry at him telling him that he destroyed Sheridan's one chance at True Love with Luis and has no regrets. Julian lashes back that she knows nothing about True love and that Luis could never make Sheridan happy. He says that he did what he had to do to ensure the safety of the Crane family. It was his duty. Ivy then threatens to go and show Sheridan the mask. Julian grabs the mask out of her hand and tells her that he also did it to secure Ethan's future. Ivy settles down and becomes quiet. Julian smiles satisfied. Ivy then takes the phone number and leaves the room. Julian goes back to the tape, but as he presses the play button, the tape stretches. Julian becomes upset and pulls the tape out of the player and says that wherever Ivy is, bad luck follows. He notices the article about Crystal in the paper and decides to go the Jazz club to hear her. When he arrives, he remembers the place where he first met Eve. He moves over to the bar to have a drink. Meanwhile, Hank continues to kiss Sheridan at the cottage and she begins to get into it as she dreams that she is kissing Luis. She remembers when they kissed on the pier and she wraps her arms around Hank's neck. When they finally break apart, Hank smiles and comments how amazing that was. Sheridan however realizes that she just kissed Hank and not Luis. She closes up and tries to send Hank away, saying that she is tired and jet lagged. Hank is disappointed, saying that he thought she was going to ask him to stay. He then comments that she is still sorry that she had Luis arrested. Just then, Ethan walks in, happy to see his favorite aunt. Hank excuses himself and leaves. Ethan asks if really saw what hat he thought, referring to seeing Hank and Sheridan kissing. Sheridan tells him that it is not what he is thinking. She says that she has no romantic feelings for the Hank. Ethan then says that it is because her heart is still with Luis. Sheridan tries to deny it saying that Luis is just like all the other men that she has been with. He is just out to use her. She remembers the night that she saw and heard 'Luis' talking on the phone on the pier. She comes back into reality and Ethan asks her what she would do if she learned that Luis never said that he was using her. She replies that it would change everything. Ethan tells Sheridan that she should follow her heart when it comes to Luis. Then he tells her to spend the night in the mansion. She agrees and they head off. At the house, they stop in the study for Sheridan to leave a message for Pilar. The mask of Luis is peeking out of the top draw as Sheridan draws closer, wondering what secrets the desk holds.

Tina brings Luis something to eat and she tells him that Sheridan left with Hank. He seems disappointed, but when Tina asks him how he can be so calm about her spending time with his best friend, he denies having it bother him. He tells her about his past with Sheridan and how they met. She is shocked and tells him that he should find out why things went bad. She tells him to find out what he did to her for her to slap him. He says that he doesn't care anymore and that Hank could have her. Tina tells him that he should face the fact that there is definitely chemistry between them and that he loves her. Luis denies but then goes silent.

The Jazz Club:
Chad is still talking to Crystal. She is on the verge of telling him what he wants to hear about his real parents, when his cellular phone rings. It is Simone. Chad is in a rush talking to her. She asks him if he is really leaving town, then he replies that he was planning to, but something has come up. He may have a lead on his family. Simone is ecstatic. He then tells her that he is in the middle of something and that he has to do. She, with Kay's probing, asks where he is. He replies hurriedly that he has to go and says good-bye. He turns back to Crystal and apologizes for the interruption, however, soon after the bartender comes up and tells her that it is time for her to go back on stage. Chad begins to panic, but she replies that she will tell him what she knows after she is finished singing. He calms down and tells her that he will wait for her. All that he has right now is time. Crystal goes up on stage and dedicates the next song to new friends. Chad smiles a bit to himself and as he listens to the song, a tear rolls down his face. A little while later, Simone shows up to Chad's surprise. They move to a table where he asks her what on earth she is doing there. He asks why she is dressed like that, but before she could respond, he withdraws the question and says the he is happy that she came. He tells her that Crystal knows about him and can possibly tell him about his parents. When Crystal finally finishes singing, she heads over to the table. Chad asks her to sit and continue telling him what she knows. Crystal hesitates, first asking who the girl is and then saying that it probably wasn't the right place or time to be talking about it. He tells her that Simone is a very good friend and that she has been trying to help him find his family since he got to Harmony, she can be trusted. Crystal relaxes and sits down. Chad asks her again if she really knew who his parents were. She says yes. She thinks she can probably tell him something about both his parents. Just then, Eve enters the Club and searches for Crystal.

The Russells House:
Back in Simone's room, Kay tells Simone that she has to go to the Jazz Club and be with Chad. Simone is reluctant because she is under aged and that her mother would kill her if she found out that she snuck out of the house to go there. Kay finally convinces her and says that she already has a plan. Kay dresses Simone up in a long black wig and make up. They come downstairs, unaware that Eve is awake in the kitchen reading the newspaper. Kay picks up Eve's makeup bag and applies more blush to Simone's face. Simone still is insecure about doing this. As Kay reaches to put the bag back on the center table, it slips and falls off. Eve hears the noise from the kitchen and calls out who's there. The girls run and hide as Eve comes out into the sitting room. She does not see anyone, but notices the bag on the floor. She is suspicious about what is going on. She picks up the bag and puts it back into her purse and heads back into the kitchen. Simone uses the time to sneak out the door. Back in the kitchen, Eve talks to herself trying to forget about her friend Crystal, thinking that she is nowhere near Harmony. Then, she sees the article announcing the guest singer at the Harmony Jazz Club - it is Crystal. Eve panics, thinking that if Crystal decides to say anything to the wrong person about her past, Eve's life would be destroyed! She heads over to the Club to try to talk Crystal into leaving town before it is too late.

Monday, May 15, 2000 | Episode #224
Timmy and Tabitha:
Tabitha walks into her living room and meets Timmy practicing ballroom dancing to impress Charity. She walks around the room using a 'witches' stick' to try to find out where trouble will occur in Harmony. She believes that someone's life will be ruined and she wants to be there to witness everything. She gets a vibration on the stick and she and Timmy head out to the Harmony Jazz Club. When they arrive, Tabitha looks around and notices Julian with Eve and not too far away, Chad and Simone talking to Crystal. She smiles and expresses her excitement to the possibilities of things that could happen there tonight. She takes Timmy and they go have a seat. She orders two drinks from the waiter who stares at doll Timmy. He brings back the drink and an empty glass for Timmy. He turns his back for a minute and when he turns back, he sees the empty glass full. As he leaves the table he looks back in time to see the glass empty. He questions Tabitha on what happened to the drink and she replies that Timmy was very thirsty. The waiter walks away, shaking his head.

Tina comes into the jail and questions Luis about his kiss to Sheridan that she saw on the security cameras. She tells him that she thinks he loves her despite what he says. He brings up the fact that it was Sheridan who went off the deep end for no reason. She asks him what made her slap him but Luis didn't know. Tina suggests that maybe the family did something to persuade Sheridan to turn against him. He denies this possibility, telling her that Sheridan was not one to listen to what her family says. She does what she wants and in fact, if they told her what to do, she would do the opposite just to prove a point. She tells him that the kiss she saw between the two of them was definitely love. She takes out her cell phone and dials Sheridan's number, telling him that she is going to find out. The phone on the other end rings, but before anyone could answer, Luis takes the phone and hangs up. He tells Tina that he has no interest in Sheridan.

The Crane Library:
Sheridan continues to search Julian's desk for a pen and paper to write the note for Pilar, unaware that the Luis mask is close by. Just as she was about to reach the draw, Ethan pulls a pen out of her handbag. She writes the note as Ethan remembers how much he feared being anywhere in or near the library room as a child. Sheridan gets up and says it had the same effect on her. He says that whenever his father called him to the room he would be terrified because he knew it meant that he did something very wrong. However, Pilar would touch his head and give him a reassuring smile that always made him feel better. They both thanked God for Pilar, who made childhood bearable for both of them. Ethan then comments on how unfortunate it was that Luis was nothing like his mother. Sheridan then said that there was a time when she did think Luis had those qualities. Ethan asks if she is certain that it was Luis that she saw on the pier that night. Sheridan gets upset and confirms that she is sure. Ethan apologizes and remarks that he had never been in the room without Julian or Alistair before. Sheridan comments that she has and remembers kissing Luis in front of the safe as Julian walked in. She relates the story to Ethan who is in awe that she would trust Luis enough to bring him in the room and risk being caught by Julian. She explains that she did it to prove to Luis that her family had nothing to do with his father's disappearance. Ethan remarks once again how she could have judged Luis so wrong. He asks if maybe she made a mistake. She tells him no and he comforts her as her cell phone goes off in her purse. She answers, but no one is on the other end. She hangs up and turns to see Ethan yawning. They agree that it is time to go to bed. They fix the room back to its original state and leave.

The Harmony Jazz Club:
Chad, Crystal and Simone are chatting in the Club as Eve walks in, looking for Crystal. She tells Chad that she can tell him about both his parents, but it is complicated and she wants a while to get everything straight in her head. Chad gets overly excited, but Simone calms him down. Chad then asks Crystal to tell him what his mother was like. She hesitates. Chad asks if his mom was dead, seeing Crystal's eyes fill with color. Crystal says no, she is alive, but she was in so much pain when she knew her. Her manager interrupts saying that the manager of the radio station was there to meet with her. She leaves Chad and Simone saying that it is important, but she'll be back. Chad understands. Simone then expresses how happy she is for him. He thanks her for always supporting him since he arrived in Harmony. Simone then excuses herself and goes to the Ladies' room. Chad thinks to himself about his mother being in 'pain.' The Luis imposter bounces into Julian at the Harmony Jazz Club. Julian is surprised to see him since he was told to leave town. He asks if what he did was successful. Julian confirms that Sheridan left town because of him, so it did work. Julian remembers seeing the imposter take off his mask that night. The imposter remarks that it should then be no problem if he stays in Harmony. He then asks if Julian wanted anything else from him. Julian gets nervous but says no. He remarks that if he needs him, he has his cell phone number and he will call. Just then, Julian notices Eve sitting at the bar not too far from him. He is pleasantly surprised. Meanwhile Eve thinks back to when she asked Crystal to keep her secret, saying that if the wrong person found out, her life would be ruined. Just then, Julian appears behind her, whispering her name. She is shocked. Then he asks what she is doing there -- speaking up soon after, saying that he already knew. Eve gets scared. He tells her that she misses the excitement of her old life. He asks what he can do for her. She turns to face him, and says that there is one thing that only he could give her. Julian is amused and very interested. He asks what it is and Eve replies sternly - Privacy! She stands up and asks the bartender for a phone. She then heads off towards the pay phone, next to the lady's room, where Simone stands in line. They narrowly miss each other. Later she returns to the bar, followed by Julian. He teases her again. Eve picks up a nearby hand knife on the counter and points it at a now shocked Julian. She warns him that she is under a lot of stress now and that he should leave her alone. Julian backs off as Eve stands up and walks across to Crystal. Simone and Crystal later return to the table. Crystal asks Chad if they could reschedule because she has other appointments and the club was too distracting. Reluctantly, Chad agrees, giving her his phone number and escorting Simone out. As they reach the stairs, Simone points out that she forgot her house keys on the table and had to return for them. Chad asks her to check her bag again, then they head back to the table. Meanwhile Eve approaches Crystal who is surprised to see her old friend. Eve keeps to the point though, and bluntly asks Crystal to leave town tonight! On the way, Chad reaches in his pocket and realizes he has her keys. He hands them to her and they turn back to the exit. Simone asks Chad what was wrong. He replies that he's thinking about what Crystal said about his mother in 'pain.' He remarks that he hopes it wasn't because she was pregnant with him. If it was because of his father though, he hopes the man never crosses his path!

Tuesday, May 16, 2000 | Episode #225
Chad excitedly informs Ethan how Crystal is going to tell him all about his parents. Meanwhile, Crystal has second thoughts about telling Chad about his parents, fearing he will be hurt by the truth. Later, Chad suspects Ethan may be having doubts about marrying Gwen. Chad suggests to Ethan that he may be falling in love with Theresa. Ethan denies loving anyone other than Gwen, but he's clearly rattled by the idea.

Theresa is convinced Ethan will soon realize his love for her. She encourages Whitney to acknowledge her feelings for Chad, but Whitney stubbornly insists Chad is not even her type. However, Whitney lights up when Chad arrives. Whitney is thrown when she thinks Chad is staying in town because of her.

Luis is released from jail when Hank arrives and announces that Sam has posted bail for him. Luis is outraged over Sam having to put up money for his release since Sheridan shouldn't have had him arrested in the first place. Tina advises Luis to talk to Sheridan about what made their relationship go wrong, or he could be missing out on the love of his life. Luis' anger grows when Hank informs him he has been suspended without pay from the police force until the kidnapping charges are dropped. Luis decides to confront Sheridan, but Hank advises against it, hoping to keep the two apart.

Sheridan blasts Alistair and Julian over their lack of concern for her safety. The father and son duo worry Sheridan is softening towards Luis.

Wednesday, May 17, 2000 | Episode #226
Theresa encourages Ethan to think of the woman with whom he is going to spend the rest of his life. He is disturbed as his fantasy about kissing Gwen turns into a fantasy about kissing Theresa. While still fantasizing, Ethan kisses Theresa for real. The kiss gives Theresa hope about Ethan's feeling for her, which she subtlety tries to get him to admit. Instead, Ethan hurriedly leaves and later guiltily begs Gwen to come home soon.

Chad calls Whitney on her feelings for him when she assumes he is staying in town because of her. When Chad reveals he was talking about Crystal, an embarrassed Whitney claims she has no interest in what Chad does. However, she later drops her cover as she joyfully reacts to the news that Crystal could lead Chad to his real parents. Meanwhile, Eve breaks down when she looks at a babys outfit and rattle hidden in a box in her closet.

Julian and Alistair plot to make sure Luis and Sheridan never figure out who was behind their breakup. Sam stops by to plead Luis case and nearly catches Julian with the Luis imposter mask. Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan continue to argue over his arrest. Luis demands to know why Sheridan suddenly became resentful of him and she prepares to tell him the truth.

Thursday, May 18, 2000 | Episode #227
Theresa and Whitney:
Whitney quarrels with Theresa, telling her that she has no interest in Chad and that the only reason Ethan kissed Theresa, was because of the conversation he had with Chad. Theresa however, is confident after her kiss with Ethan and tries to convince Whitney that she has feelings for Chad, by 'asking nature.' They pick a yellow flower and begin to remove the petals, as Theresa says -- she loves him, she loves him not. It ends with Theresa saying that Whitney loves Chad. Whitney smiles, but tells her that it is ridiculous, since if she did it again, it would show quite the opposite. Theresa denies this, saying that Fate would not allow that to happen. Whitney gets upset at the mention of Fate again. They sit down on a nearby bench and talk. Theresa tells Whitney that Chad was planning to leave Harmony, when he suddenly gets a lead on his family, it's Fate. Whitney does not believe. Then, Theresa tells her that Chad's parents could possibly be friends of her parents already! Whitney tries to hide a smile and says that there is a one in a million chance that Theresa could be correct. Theresa then tells Whitney that if she does not admit her feelings to herself, she may lose him to somewhat else -- like Simone. Whitney tells Theresa that Simone only has puppy love for Chad and that he would not get involved with someone like that. He would want someone more mature. Theresa interrupts and says maybe like you. Whitney again denies this, but with less affirmation. She then tells Theresa that she should stick to daydreaming about her and Ethan. At the mention of his name, Theresa jumps up from the bench leaving her scarf behind and drags Whitney off to the Book Café.

The Book Café:
Chad walks up to Eve when he sees her crying and says that he finally understands what is bothering her. He tells her that he knows why she is crying -- that she had a loss in her past. She asks him how he knows about her loss and he replies that no one told him, but he saw it in her eyes. The song had quite an effect on her. Eve is a bit relieved that he doesn't really know. Chad then says that he thinks Eve likes music more than she wants to let on. He says that music gets to him as well, and he thinks about all that he has lost in his past. Eve speaks up, saying that sometimes, looking back to the past does not always give you the answers you are looking for. She stands up and walks away, leaving Chad with a confused expression on his face. Later, Theresa and Whitney arrive at the book café and Whitney, nervously looking around, asks her what they are doing there. Theresa replies that she has to check up some books and magazines on love to give her ideas on how to get a man to realize that he is in love. They walk over to the bookshelf as Whitney still looks around. Realizing Whitney's nervousness, Theresa remarks that she is afraid or disappointed at not seeing Chad. Whitney denies this, then says that Chad is probably following up on the connection to his family. Theresa then reaches over and hands Whitney a book with the title "AN IDIOT'S GUIDE TO LOVE." Whitney is offended, saying that she does not need a book to tell her what her love is -- it is Tennis. Theresa then goes back to the books telling Whitney that she is determined to get Ethan to realize that he is really in love with her. Whitney again tries to tell her friend that Ethan does not love her, that he is in love with Gwen. Just then, Chad comes out of a back room and notices Whitney and Theresa talking. He walks up to them and asks how they are doing. Theresa, with a smile on her face, replies that things are great. They all talk and it comes up that Eve was in the café earlier and she and Chad talked. Whitney is surprised at this, especially when she realizes that her mother was crying. Chad tells her that Eve was affected by something in her past that she kept to herself and that the Jazz song reminded her of it. Whitney does not believe that her mother would keep something that painful to herself. She gets sad. Chad notices this and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that her mother is her role model and that when she is sad, it makes her sad. Chad then remarks on her eyes, and that they are just like her mother's except for the sparkle that are in them. Theresa walks up and listens as Chad talks about love and how music has such an effect on people, making them realize feelings that they previously couldn't see. Theresa takes this to heart and decides to use music to open Ethan's eyes.

The Crane Mansion:
Ethan is in the living room deep in thought, when Sheridan walks in, nervous and worried about Julian's whereabouts. She asks Ethan if he has seen him, relating to him what happened when she spoke to Julian earlier. She tells Ethan that she is worried that Julian would go to Luis and just make things worse. Sheridan tells Ethan that she went over to see Pilar and bounced into Luis. She was surprised to see him out of jail, but he reacted very badly to seeing her. He told her that he couldn't trust her any more and that he didn't want her in his life anymore. Ethan sees her expression and asked her if she is worried about Luis. She says no. She wanted to show him that he had no right to Chloroform her and drag her back to Harmony without her permission. Ethan defends Luis saying that it was under extenuating circumstances, there were two assassins on the lose from the drug cartel who wanted to kill her. He saved her life. Sheridan agrees with him, but remarks that Luis still had to right to do what he did. They sit down on the couch, and she remarks that she should return to Harmony, but Ethan persuades her to stay. She remarks that she could help with the wedding. Ethan gets back into his pondering mood and remarks to Sheridan, that Theresa has already taken care of everything. Sheridan says that Gwen must be happy to have Theresa here to set up everything for her. Ethan then remarks that he misses Gwen and wishes that she were here. He thought that she would want more to do with her wedding. Sheridan notices that something is bothering him. She asks about it. Ethan finally replies that he is afraid that he may lose Theresa's friendship. Sheridan is confused, until Ethan confesses that he kissed her. A surprised Sheridan asks Ethan how that happened and he explains that Theresa had come up with the idea that he and Gwen should leave the church in a horse-drawn carriage. She told him to close his eyes and picture himself with the woman he loves, then he pictured himself kissing Theresa. He opened his eyes and realized that he was really kissing her. Sheridan repeats that Ethan was kissing Theresa when she told him to think about himself being with the woman he loves. She asks him why that is. Ethan gets a bit defensive and says that he loves Gwen. Then heads out the door, followed by Sheridan. They head to the park. There, Ethan notices a scarf on a bench and picks it up. He holds it in his hands and touches it. He remarks to Sheridan that it is Theresa's scarf. He says that it is strange how he'd be the one to find it. Sheridan is confused. Ethan then tells her that Theresa believes in Fate and he wonders what she would say if she knew that he found her scarf on that day. Sheridan then remarks that it's the same day that he kissed her. Ethan comes back into reality and gets a bit on edge. Sheridan then says that she only wants him to be happy. He replies that he loves Gwen and that he probably only kissed Theresa because of his talk with Chad Harris earlier that day. Things calm down and Sheridan thinks about Luis and says that since she does want to see him and he obviously does not want anything to do with her -- things between them are over.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Luis opens the door to see Julian standing there. He gets upset and asks why he's there. Sam tells Luis to calm down because he doesn't need anymore trouble on his hands. Luis again asks Julian what he is doing at his front door. Julian says that he is not in the habit of discussing business matters at the door. He tells Luis that he may have a solution to his problem. Sam interrupts and asks Julian what could have changed from earlier that day when he asked him to talk to Sheridan about dropping the charges on Luis. Julian replies that he understands how easily family members can disagree and that he could make it so that Luis' charges disappear. Luis does not believe him. Julian replies that he does not like to come to this side of the track but he was thinking about Pilar and how they would have to duck her pay on the days that she will not come to work but go to see her son in prison. Reluctantly, Luis lets him in. Julian explains that he has connections in high places and that he would get Luis' record cleared. Luis replies that there must be something in all of this for him (as there always is when it comes to the Cranes). Julian denies this at first, then says that there is one thing that Luis could do. He will have to stay away from Sheridan for good, having absolutely no contact with her. Luis turns down the offer, saying that Julian is only using this opportunity to bribe him again. Sam pulls him away and tells him to accept the offer, since he already agreed to himself that he didn't want anything to do with Sheridan again. Luis replies that agreeing to this means that he would be getting in with the Cranes and he did not want them to win. Sam tells him to think of it as getting something for nothing. He'll be rid of the Cranes for good, and besides, he needs the money to send Theresa and Miguel off to college. Luis turns and walks up to Julian, finally agreeing to the proposal. Julian is happy. As he is about to leave however, he tells Luis that there is a condition to the agreement. Their conversation must not be disclosed to anyone, especially Sheridan. Meanwhile, in Paris, Roger and Pierre enter a storage room to hide out. They remark that Interpol is definitely after them and that Sheridan is now all the way in America. Roger remarks that they will find Sheridan and get rid of her, because she is the only one who can link them to the drug cartel.

The Russell House:
We see Eve pull out a box of baby's clothes from a closet and start to cry as she holds them. Later she picks up the phone to make reservations as the Harmony Jazz Club, and asks the manager if Crystal will be there. The man replies that he does not know. He tells Eve that Crystal has not showed up and he thinks that she may have already left town. As Eve hangs up, she thanks Crystal and moves over to look out the window. At the Jazz Club, the manager hangs up the phone and turns to see Crystal walk in the club. She says that she is not planning to leave now, no matter what.

Friday, May 19, 2000 | Episode #228
Eve is relieved, assuming Crystal has left town. She doesn't realize her friend is still in Harmony because she feels obligated to tell Chad about his past. TC is troubled when he walks in on an emotional Eve. Eve is affected while comforting a patient who is reeling from the loss of her child after giving it up for adoption. TC notices how deeply Eve is affected by the woman's situation and devises a plan to get his wife's mind off her work.

Theresa plans to use music to make Ethan realize he loves her. Theresa and Whitney search TC and Eve's bedroom for a song with the perfect lyrics. The two are puzzled when they stumble upon Eve's secret box of unused baby clothes. Theresa and Whitney also find a tape of songs, not realizing Eve is the singer. Theresa finds the perfect song on the tape to awaken Ethan's feelings for her. Meanwhile, Ethan continues to be affected by Chad's suggestion that he is falling in love with Theresa. He makes a slip about marrying Theresa. Ethan also fantasizes about dancing with Theresa when Chad tells him to imagine dancing with the woman he loves.

While the kids plan the high school prom, Tabitha vows Miguel will not survive prom night. Kay pushes the committee to approve a site for the prom where she can best torment Charity. Tabitha observes as Charity has a disturbing premonition about the prom. Charity murmurs that the prom must not take place on a boat. Tabitha plots to use this piece of information to her advantage.

Monday, May 22, 2000 | Episode #229
Theresa asks Crystal to sing the song she found, which she hopes will cause Ethan to realize he is in love with her. Crystal agrees to help Theresa. The singer is introduced to Whitney and realizes she is Eve's daughter. Later, Simone is angry when she arrives at the jazz club with Kay and finds Whitney with Chad.

Hank is surprised when Luis informs him Julian had the kidnapping charges dropped. Luis further explains his deal with Julian. Hank tries to hide his excitement over Luis having to stay away from Sheridan. Luis confides he is ready to commit to a relationship. Hank encourages Luis to date Beth. Meanwhile, Sheridan is suspicious of Julian when she learns her brother arranged for Luis' charges to be dropped. Julian tells Sheridan Luis made it very clear that he didn't want to have anything to do with her. Sheridan resolves to confront Luis the next time she sees him.

Eve gets emotional as she remembers being in the hospital, sobbing over how shell never see her baby again. Eve has dinner with TC and the Bennetts and later lies to Ivy that she doesn't know Sam's whereabouts. TC plans to surprise Eve by taking her to the jazz club.

Tuesday, May 23, 2000 | Episode #230
At the jazz club, Eve is shocked to learn Crystal is still in town and will be performing in a few minutes. A nervous Eve unsuccessfully tries to persuade her friends to leave. Meanwhile, Chad begs Crystal to tell him about his parents, but she's hesitant after seeing Eve in the audience. Crystal promises to tell Chad everything after her performance. Eve confronts Crystal. Crystal tries to warn Eve of a threat to her secrets being exposed.

Ivy arrives at the club looking for Julian, but she is pleasantly sidetracked when she spots Sam. Ivy confronts Eve for lying to her. Ivy proceeds to insinuate herself into Sam, Grace, Eve and TC's evening.

Kay tells Simone she suspects Ethan and Theresa are trying to hook Whitney and Chad up. Theresa is hopeful about Ethan realizing his love for her once Crystal sings her song.

Sheridan prepares to tell Luis why she became angry with him. However, Julian purposely interrupts before she can say anything. Julian reminds Luis to keep up his end of the deal by staying away from Sheridan. Sheridan asks Julian to leave so she can continue her conversation with Luis.

Wednesday, May 24, 2000 | Episode #231
Miguel tires to reassure Charity when she recalls her premonition about impeding disaster on the prom boat. He points out how safe the boat is and how all the kids in Harmony grew up around water and on boats. Later, as Charity and Miguel discuss ways to rid the world of evil, her growing powers cause the things Charity says to actually happen to a horrified Tabitha.

Ivy is shocked when Eve tells her the blackmail is over because she has decided to tell TC everything about her past. Eve later changes her mind when Ivy plays on her fears about Simone and Whitney following in their mother's footsteps. Meanwhile, Sam and Grace take Simone and Kay home after catching the girls at the jazz club. Kay and Simone are devastated when they are grounded and told they cannot attend the prom. Ivy manipulates things so she can spend time with Sam.

Chad anxiously awaits to speak with Crystal, who tells him not only were his parents not married, but they were involved in an interracial relationship.

Ethan is affected by dancing with Theresa at the jazz club. When he spots a leering Julian, Ethan becomes all too aware of what he is feeling and leaves the club. This causes Theresa to realize Ethan does indeed have feelings for her.

Thursday, May 25, 2000 | Episode #232
Sam declines Ivy's proposal of spending one night together. He reasserts his life is with Grace and his family. Frustrated with not being able to get through to Ivy, Sam gets rough with her. Grace walks in and is shocked by Sam's behavior. Later, Grace confronts Ivy about a secret affair. Sam walks in and finds his wife close to tears.

Chad reels after learning his white father wouldn't marry his mother because she was black. An angry Chad vows to make his father pay. Whitney comforts Chad and the two fight their unspoken desire.

While dreaming about Theresa, Ethan pulls a woman into his bed. Ethan, thinking he's making love to Theresa, finally pulls back and says it's not right. He's startled when he realizes he was kissing Gwen, who has just returned to Harmony. While Ethan and Gwen share a shower, Theresa slips into Ethan's bed, unaware he already has a bed companion for the night.

Unable to get Sheridan off his mind, Luis seeks advice from Sam about the Cranes. Meanwhile, Sheridan wanders around the wharf thinking about Luis.

Fearing Eve is hurt, TC tries to bust down the door to the ladies room. Eve and Julian become frantic about TC catching them together. Eve decides to confess to TC about her past with Julian and lets him in the restroom.

Friday, May 26, 2000 | Episode #233
Eve worries Crystal will expose her past. Crystal stands up to Julian when he threatens her to keep quiet about the past. Eve overreacts when she spots Whitney at the jazz club without Ethan and Theresa. Chad is able to slip away before Eve sees him with Whitney. Julian fears Crystal will reveal his relationship with Eve when TC approaches her. Crystal tells TC she has many secrets to reveal, secrets that can destroy a lot of people in Harmony. Later, Crystal tells Chad she's going to her hotel room to retrieve papers about his parents. She promises to tell him his parents' names when she gets back.

Theresa is horrified when she realizes Gwen is in the shower. She is frozen in place as an oblivious Ethan and Gwen kiss and fall onto the bed. As Ethan and Gwen begin to make love, Theresa slips off the bed. She manages to escape from the bedroom undetected, but not before she is forced to hear Ethan and Gwen declare their love for one another. A devastated Theresa sobs in the hallway, where Ethan and Gwen catch her.

Luis fantasizes about kissing Sheridan. Hank and Sheridan interrupt, and Luis is tempted to tell Sheridan he was thinking of her. However, the two end up bickering. Antoine spots the threesome on the wharf and aims his gun at Luis and Sheridan.

Monday, May 29, 2000 | Episode #234
Tabitha's House:

Tabitha is going through her ancient books, trying to find out a way to appease the demons in the basement, when Timmy comes in with his hair sticking up. Tabitha tells him to cut the Don King act, but Timmy says ever since their encounter with the basement demons, he can't fix his hair. He realizes that he has no pulse and no heartbeat--he must be dead! He faints. Tabby continues working and Timmy comes to. He says he's like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense--he's dead and he doesn't know it...and since Tabitha can hear him, she must be dead too! Tabitha says the only reason he has no pulse or heartbeat (or brain) is b/c he's a doll. She begins whipping up a potion and when she's finished, she takes it to the basement steps. She tells the demons she knows that her work isn't up to par lately, but she will keep trying. She pours the potion down the stairs, but the demons get even more angry and begin shaking the house! Timmy suggests that Tabby whip up a devil's food cake quickly, but Tabitha knows that the demons are very angry and will not be appeased until Charity is on the dark side. She tells the demons that if the ruckus continues, people will begin to ask questions...perhaps Father Lonigan might even come over. The shaking stops and Timmy is relieved, but Tabby says this is the calm before the storm and soon there will be hell to pay--literally. She blames the whole situation on Grace Bennett, saying that if Grace had died in the fire twenty years ago, everything would be fine.

The Harmony Jazz Club:
Eve breaks down in front of TC, telling him that she can't hold everything inside any longer. TC thinks she is talking about her patients and tells her that she has to stop getting so involved in other people's problems. Eve insists that they are her problems, but TC doesn't listen. Eve's phone rings and she has to leave to be the medical examiner for a shooting down at the wharf. As she is leaving, Eve says to herself that she almost told TC everything and she can't ever do that again.

Chad and Whitney are still at the Jazz Club waiting for Crystal to return. At first Chad is angry at his father for being a racist, and then says he is angry at his mother too for abandoning him. He says that when he was on the streets in LA, he knew kids whose parents just threw them out like that. Whitney suggests that maybe Chad's mother wanted a better life for Chad, but Chad says that only happens in the movies. He tells Whitney that his new parents only cared about getting high and had no love for him at all. His mother didn't send him to a better life...she only sent him away to get rid of him. Whitney goes to call Theresa, and Chad talks to TC about his parents. TC says he can't believe that Chad's parents were racist and Chad says that he wishes that his parents would have been like Eve and TC or Sam and Grace. TC leaves to go check on Eve, and Chad tells Whitney that she can go home if she is tired. Whitney says she will stay unless Chad wants to be alone, but Chad tells her that he is grateful for her being there. The door to the club opens and Chad says it must be Crystal and now he is going to find out all about his parents.

The Bennett House:
Sam gets into bed with Grace and they talk about how upset Eve has been since her case with Charlotte. Grace says she can't imagine what it is like to lose a child and Sam says he could never imagine having a child and not knowing them or being able to see them and be a part of their lives. The phone rings and Sam tells Grace he has to go because a woman has been shot dead at the wharf. Grace goes downstairs to read after Sam leaves, and feels the ground shaking. She notices that it is coming from Tabitha's house and goes over to investigate. As she steps to the front door, she prays to God that Tabitha is okay.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa asks Luis about his "bad feeling," and he says he feels like someone has just walked over the grave of someone he loves. She says maybe it is Sheridan, and he thinks about the warning he gave her on the wharf. He says that Sheridan is the farthest thing from his mind right now. Theresa goes up to her room and Whitney calls. Theresa tells her how awful it was listening to Ethan and Gwen make love, and Whitney apologizes. Theresa says now that she has missed her chance at Ethan, she doesn't want Whit missing out on love. She tells Whit to admit her feelings for Chad before it is too late, but Whit says she just feels sorry for Chad because no one should have to go through what he is going through. Meanwhile downstairs, Luis answers the door and it's Hank. Luis says he thought Hank was with Sheridan, but Hank says he left when Sheridan said she wanted to be alone. They start a game of chess and Theresa comes back down. She offers to make a cup of tea and Hank notices that she is troubled. She says she is just unlucky in love and Hank says it must run in the family. Theresa says that next time Hank goes away, she will go with him and asks what he does on his trips. Hank says it's nothing exciting and Luis adds that it's obviously nothing illegal since Hank's brother and best friend are cops. The phone rings and Luis learns that a woman has been shot on the North side of the wharf. Hank says that's where he left Sheridan, and Luis says this can't be happening. They leave for the wharf and Theresa decides to call Ethan.

Ethan and Gwen are kissing on his bed when Ethan suddenly sees Theresa in bed with him instead of Gwen! He pulls back and Gwen asks what's wrong. He only tells her that he missed her so much and she says well, she won't ever leave until after the wedding. They begin kissing again and all Ethan can think about is Theresa. Gwen again asks what's wrong, but he brushes it off and they make love. However, after Gwen is asleep, Ethan can't stop thinking about Theresa. He wonders why he keeps thinking about her and decides not to do it anymore. He repeats to himself over and over, "I love Gwen, not Theresa," when suddenly the phone rings. It's Theresa, and she tells Ethan that there has been a woman shot on the wharf. She says the woman is dead and it may be Sheridan. Ethan says he'll meet her at the wharf right away.

The Wharf:
Antoine tries to get a clear shot at Sheridan, but she pulls her hood up when it starts raining and his view is blocked. He finally gets a clear view and shoots. His target falls face down onto the street and Antoine runs to her. He tells Roger that Sheridan Crane is finally dead, and Roger assures him that there will be a large bonus in his paycheck. Antoine leaves and a cop shows up. He checks the victim's pulse and radios that there has been a shooting and a woman is dead. Eve comes and when the body is turned over, she can't believe who has been killed. She says that she knew the victim. Sam comes and he can't believe it either. Ethan and Theresa arrive, but can't cross the police line. Ethan tells Theresa that if the woman is his aunt, he won't know what to do. Theresa tries to comfort him by hugging him. Luis and Hank show up, and Luis learns that the victim was blonde, but no one seems to know who it is besides Sam and Eve. He crosses under the tape and unzips the body bag, remembering the time he picked up Sheridan for their date at the Lobster Shack. Once he sees who it is, he murmurs "Oh my God!" and turns away.

Tuesday, May 30, 2000 | Episode #235
The Harmony Jazz Club:
Chad and Whitney are still at the jazz club waiting for Crystal. Whitney asks Chad if maybe he already knows all that he needs to know about his parents. She explains that what he knows so far has only made him hurt and angry. Chad tells Whitney that he needs to know everything he can about his parents and he wants to understand who he is and where he came from. Chad gets very anxious waiting for Crystal and can't imagine what is taking her so long as she had plenty of time to go to her hotel and get the papers and come back to the club. The manager of the club walks by and Chad asks him if Crystal has come back yet. He explains that she is not here and the last time he saw her she was down at the wharf on her ways back to the club. Chad then remembers TC telling him that there was a shooting at the wharf and hopes it wasn't Crystal. He tells Whitney he has to get to the wharf and find out who the woman was. Whitney runs after Chad.

Charity is praying to God asking him why she gets premonitions as she has another vision of the prom. She tells God that she just wants to go to prom and dance with Miguel and laugh and have fun wish her friends and that she doesn't want people to talk about her behind her back and make fun of her anymore. She also thanks God that she has a boyfriend as sweet and loving as Miguel who has saved her life many times. She says that Miguel never makes fun of her for having premonitions, he only tries to comfort her. She knows that Miguel could have any girl and she is very happy that he chose her but she doesn't know how long he will be able to continue to worry about her and have to listen to her crazy premonitions. She then tells God that she doesn't know what her future holds but she trusts in Him, before going to sleep. After she is asleep she gets up and sleep walks to Tabitha's house and down to the basement.

Tabitha's House:
The noises from the basement are getting louder and Tabitha and Timmy think that this is the end. Timmy puts chairs and tables in front of the door but Tabitha tells him that it will not stop the forces from destroying them. Grace is still outside calling for Tabitha. Finally Grace lets herself in and beings looking for Tabitha. Timmy tells Tabitha that he hears Grace Bennett. Tabitha is not to happy about having Grace in her house. She finds Grace and Grace gives her a hug and thanks God that she is all right. She asks Tabitha what all the noises are. Tabitha at first says that she doesn't hear anything that she has bad hearing. Grace tells her it sounds like a lion in the basement and Tabitha tells her it is only her cat Fluffy trapped in the basement. Grace sees the table shaking and says that it could not be Fluffy. Tabitha quickly covers and says that it is the bad plumbing in her old house. She asks Grace not to tell Sam as he would want to fix the pipes and she wouldn't want to inconvenience him. Grace tells Tabitha it would be no problem and goes to check the pipes herself. Tabitha stops her and telling her that the basement is a complete mess and doesn't want her to see it. Grace says she doesn't mind, but Tabitha insists. She tells Grace thank you for being such a kind neighbor and shoves her out the door. Tabitha and Timmy are glad that Grace is gone and did not go down to the basement. Later Timmy is making Martimmys when they hear something strange, they find that it is Charity sleep walking towards the basement. The tables and chairs move away from the door as Charity stands and watches the door.

The Wharf:
Luis looks at the body and finds that it is Crystal not Sheridan. Hank also looks at the body and is glad that it is not Sheridan either. He tells Luis he is going to call her just to hear her voice. Luis finds Ethan with Theresa and tells him that the woman was not Sheridan but the woman who sings at the Jazz Club. He asks why Theresa is there and she explains she was worried that the woman was Sheridan and also about Luis since he was so upset when he left. Luis tells her that is late and to go home. Later Sheridan comes to the wharf and asks Luis what is going on. Luis smiles at her and is about to hug her when Hank walks up and hugs her and tells her that he was so worried the woman was her. Luis tells Sheridan that she needs a bodyguard, but she tells him that she will get one when she feels that she is in danger. Luis goes on about the drug dealers coming to Harmony to look for her and Sheridan disagrees saying that she isn't a threat to them while in Harmony. Luis says that he doesn't want to do what he is about to but she has left him with no choice. He tells Sheridan that she is under arrest for purposely putting her life in danger as he handcuffs her.

Eve, TC, Sam, and Chad:
Eve is sorry that Crystal is dead but is also thankful that her secret is now safe. TC tells her about the papers she Crystal was bringing Chad and Eve asks what they were about. He tells her they were about Chad's past. Eve wonders if Crystal had the papers on her. Chad shows up and Sam tells him that the woman is Crystal. Chad is very upset. He asks Sam if Crystal had any papers on her because she was on her way to deliver them to him. Sam says everything that she had on her is in the evidence bag and that after they examine all the evidence if their is anything belonging to him he will make sure he gets it. Chad talks with Eve and TC and tells them that no he will never know what Crystal was going to tell him about his parents. Eve asks what he already knows and Chad says nothing she would want to hear as his parents were not upstanding citizens of the community. Eve tells TC that she wants to check the body one last time and tells him to go home and that she will be right behind him. Eve goes to the body and sees a cop with the evidence bag. The cop goes to look for something and leaves the evidence bag on top of the body. Eve looks in the bag and sees an envelope with Chad Harris written on it.

Theresa, Ethan, and Whitney:
After Luis tells Ethan that the body is not Sheridan's, Ethan tells Theresa he needs to get home to Gwen. Theresa's says of course and that she knows that no Gwen is back they probably won;t see each other as much. Ethan stares at Theresa for a while and finally says probably not. Then he tells Theresa goodnight and leaves. Whitney then arrives and asks Theresa why she is there. Theresa tells her she was with Ethan. Whitney thinks that Theresa only called Ethan and told him it was Sheridan because she wanted to be with him. Theresa explains the phone call Luis got and Hank telling her that is where he left Sheridan. Theresa tells Whitney that she has given up on Ethan. She says she only needed a little more time to realize he loves her but it is too late, Gwen is back for good. She also tells Whitney she knows that she is in love with Chad but Whitney says she just feels sorry for him. She says she doesn't want to be in love because she sees how miserable Theresa is. but she also realizes that her Mom and dad and grace and Sam are happily married and in love. She says that she wants that kind of love when she is older. The only thing she cares about right now is Tennis.

Ethan and Gwen:
Ethan comes home and explains to Gwen that he thought Sheridan was shot at the wharf. Gwen is happy that it is not Sheridan and if it was then she would have stayed in Harmony. Ethan asks her what she means and she tells him she has to leave again on business. Gwen tells Ethan that he needs to spend more time with Theresa while she is away finalizing the plans for the wedding. Ethan has flashbacks of him and Theresa dancing. He tells Gwen that he cannot live without her and begs her to stay in Harmony and get someone else to finish the project. Gwen does not want to disappoint her family and says that the company's future depends on this deal. She asks what is wrong and what happened while she was away. Ethan tells her that he just realized that absence does make the heart grow fonder and knows now just how much he loves her. Gwen is happy to hear it. She goes to type a memo to New York and Ethan asks her what is more important to her, her career or him. Gwen realizes that Ethan is serious and Ethan tells her that he is very serious.

Wednesday, May 31, 2000 | Episode #236
Eve manages to take the file on Chads parents from Crystals belongings, but faces a new problem when Sam tells Chad the murder investigation may uncover new evidence concerning his past. Later, TC comes upon Eve as she is about to read Crystals file on Chad. Meanwhile, Theresa encourages Whitney to admit her feelings for Chad and reach out to him.

Ethan, who can't stop thinking of Theresa, is caught off-guard when Gwen announces she knows the reason why he is resisting her return to work. However, she wrongly assumes Ethan is worried about fate coming between them in her absence, which she claims wont happen. Later, Gwen asks Ethan to continue working on the wedding with Theresa while she's gone, which makes him uncomfortable.

As Charity, who's still in a trance, starts to enter the basement, Tabitha gloats to Timmy that Charity is no match for the evil forces and will be killed before coming into her full powers. Later, the three demons escape the basement and prepare to kill an unknowing Charity.

Luis arrests a shocked and livid Sheridan for refusing to get a bodyguard, thus putting herself and others in danger. Later, at the police station, Sheridan struggles to prove Luis wrong by insisting there is no threat to her life in Harmony. At the same time, Antoine prepares to shoot her.

Thursday, June 1, 2000 | Episode #237
Chad thanks Whitney for her support. He hopes information on his parents turns up in the investigation into Crystal's death. Whitney does her best to restore Chad's hopes.

Gwen thanks Theresa Ethan's been especially loving to her since she's been back and she's sure it's due to Theresa's influence. Ethan squirms at Gwen's comments. Theresa tries to conceal her joy when Gwen tells her she's going out of town again and won't be back until right before the wedding. In private, Ethan admits to Chad he's been having fantasies of Theresa.

Kay can't believe her eyes as she watches Charity floating in the night sky. She grabs a video camera so she can prove to everyone what a freak Charity is. Kay starts filming and is stunned yet again when she spots Timmy running around the yard trying to catch Charity with a trampoline. As the winds holding Charity up begin to die down, Timmy panics that Charity will fall to the ground and die. To Tabitha's chagrin, a heavenly white light saves Charity and carries her safely to her bedroom. Kay comes to the conclusion that Charity is an alien, and she can hardly wait to expose her cousin. Meanwhile, the white light attacks Tabitha.

While Luis and Hank aren't paying attention, Sheridan attempts to sneak out of the police station, not knowing Antoine is waiting outside to shoot her. Sam questions Luis about his motives for arresting Sheridan. He encourages Luis to acknowledge how much Sheridan means to him. Hank worries Luis and Sheridan are still in love.

Friday, June 2, 2000 | Episode #238
Ethan is surprised, but relieved to find Sheridan with a bodyguard. While Antoine lurks outside the Crane mansion, Sheridan insists she's not in danger. Antoine takes aim at Sheridan, but her bodyguard unknowingly gets in the way. Later, Sheridan unwittingly places herself in danger. At the police station, Sam encourages Luis to figure out if he is in love with Sheridan.

A suspicious Theresa notices Whitney and Chad acting differently around each other. Whitney grudgingly admits Chad kissed her on the cheek. Theresa is even more convinced Whitney is in love with Chad. Whitney still refuses to acknowledge her feelings, but makes a slip about how she really feels. Whitney turns cold on Chad to prove she doesn't love him.
Later, Theresa tells Whitney she's sure Ethan will realize his feelings for her while they check out a romantic island resort for his honeymoon. Meanwhile, Ethan confesses to Sheridan about thinking of Theresa while making love to Gwen. Sheridan advises her nephew to check out the honeymoon resort alone and leave Theresa behind. Ethan prepares to tell Theresa he's going by himself when an excited Theresa shows up on his doorstep ready to go.

Eve mourns Crystal, but has to cover her feelings in front of TC. Meanwhile, Sam finds a connection between Crystal and another Harmony resident.