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June 2000


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Monday, June 5, 2000 | Episode #239
Sheridan heads to the mountain cabin, unaware that she's being trailed by the ever persistent Antoine. A frazzled Timmy guzzles martimmys straight from the cocktail shaker following a frightful night dealing with the things in the basement. Meanwhile, Kay describes for a skeptical Simone how she watched Tabitha's doll come to life as Charity flew around the back yard. Eve nervously urges Sam not to do any further digging into Crystal's past. Jessica scoffs at her sister's warning that their cousin is a dangerous alien from another planet. Unwilling to crush Theresa's hopes, Ethan realizes he'll have to take her along to the honeymoon resort after all. Whitney icily informs Chad that his kiss meant absolutely nothing to her. Sheridan orders her bodyguard to return to Harmony without her. Ethan breathes a sigh of relief when a change in Theresa's work schedule forces her to cancel her travel plans. Eve admits to a shocked Ivy how Crystal knew that she was pregnant with a son years ago. Tabitha and Timmy are startled to overhear Kay plotting to screen her amazing home video. Chad's presence on the tennis court rattles Whitney and ruins her practice session. Theresa sneaks aboard the Cranes' private jet to surprise Ethan. Chad and Whitney share a lingering kiss. Ivy guesses that Chad is the result of Julian's liaison with Eve.
Tuesday, June 6, 2000 | Episode #240
Tabitha and Timmy watch helplessly as Kay prepares to show everyone the videotape of Charity flying and Timmy running. Kay is interrupted when Sam receives a phone call and Tabitha is caught spying on them. Finally, Kay triumphantly plays the tape to expose Charity as Tabitha awaits her downfall. But Kay is embarrassed when the tape is blank and she cant make doll Timmy come to life.

Ethan tries to persuade Theresa that going to Bermuda would be a waste of her time, but gives in when he sees how upset she is at the prospect of not going. On the plane, he helps Theresa get through her first take off. Ethan has a hard time taking his eyes off Theresa.

Eve is stunned when Ivy makes a connection between her affair with Julian and Chads search for his parents. Ivy accuses Eve of giving birth to Julian's son, Chad, and then giving him up. Eve tearfully denies Ivy's accusation, admitting her baby died years ago. Eve slaps Ivy when she says the babys death was probably best for everyone. Later, Ivy questions Eves claim that her son really died after birth. Meanwhile, Whitney pulls back from kissing Chad, claiming she neither wanted it, nor liked it. However, Chad knows otherwise. They argue about Whitneys feelings for Chad, and Whitney angrily tells Chad his family is better off not knowing him. Chad covers his hurt.

Wednesday, June 7, 2000 | Episode #241
Ethan grows nervous about being alone with Theresa as they check out the honeymoon suite. While Theresa fantasizes about being with Ethan, Ethan tries to not be affected by the romantic setting. He assures himself he'll soon stop thinking of Theresa once they leave the island that night.

Luis tells Hank he'll gladly stay away from Sheridan, but he's taken aback when Hank says he wants to marry Sheridan. Hank is surprised to learn Luis still hopes to prove the Cranes had something to do with his father's disappearance. Meanwhile, at the cabin, Antoine fires a shot at Sheridan.

Eve jumps when she thinks Chad calls her "Mother." Rattled by Chad and also Crystal's murder, Eve flies off the handle when she spots Whitney with Chad. Chad assures Dr. Russell nothing romantic is going on between him and Whitney. Sam questions Whitney and Chad about Crystal's murder. Eve becomes tense when Chad recalls how Crystal often spoke of an old friend. Eve panics when Sam decides to use the computer to generate a list of everyone Crystal knew.

Thursday, June 8, 2000 | Episode #242
Kay and Simone plan to win over Grace with kindness in order to go to the prom. Jessica claims their plan will never work, just as Kays plan to win Miguel away from Charity will never work. Meanwhile, Miguel and Charity bond as they plan their wonderfully romantic evening at the prom.

Ethan and Theresa learn from the hotel manager they must stay the night in Bermuda because of bad weather. Ethan takes Theresa shopping for something to wear. He's affected by Theresa as she models each outfit for him. Ethan becomes aware of his feelings when he sees Theresa in a stunning evening gown and so he declines to have dinner with her.

Eve panics when her old mug shot flashes across the computer screen. Ivy tells Eve to stall while she comes up with a plan to save her. She then purchases drugs and arrives at the police station, where she is confronted by Sam. Later, Ivy instructs Eve to plant the drugs among Crystals personal effects, thus diverting the investigation of Crystals murder away from her past. Meanwhile, Sam asks Whitney if Chad could be lying about his involvement with Crystal. Chad overhears as Whitney defends him.

Sheridan is grabbed from behind, and is shocked when she recognizes Antoine and realizes he is involved with the drug cartel. She then attempts to buy her way out of her predicament, but to no avail. Sheridan manages to stab Antoine and escape into the bedroom, where she begins to dial 911. Antoine interrupts as he climbs in through the window. Sheridan slams the window on Antoines fingers and flees.

Friday, June 9, 2000 | Episode #243
Theresa is thrilled Ethan decided to join her for dinner after all. Ethan starts to get caught up in the romance of the island and is drawn to Theresa's exuberance. He brings up Gwen's name as a defense, much to Theresa's dismay. Ethan and Theresa share a dance underneath the stars. Ethan cuts the evening short when he and Theresa are chosen as the most romantic couple on the dance floor. Ethan fights his feelings for Theresa as they say goodnight.

Eve and Ivy worry when Sam lets Chad and Whitney look at the file on Crystal's past. Ivy asks Eve if she's sure Chad is not her son, but Eve insists her son died. The two women panic when Eve's mug shot comes off the printer.

Luis continues to have a nagging feeling about Crystal's scarf and coat. Meanwhile, Antoine ties Sheridan up with a similar scarf and plans to rape her. Sheridan is horrified when she realizes Antoine killed Crystal when he mistook the singer for her. Back in Harmony, Luis suddenly realizes Sheridan was wearing a similar outfit to Crystal's and figures out the hit was meant for Sheridan. Luis calls the cabin and Sheridan and Antoine hear him leave a frantic message warning her she is in danger. Sheridan knocks the phone off the hook and yells for help, but Antoine unplugs the phone before Luis can hear her. Luis decides to head for the cabin, while Antoine decides he has to kill Sheridan right away.

Monday, June 12, 2000 | Episode #244
Theresa dreams about Ethan finally admitting his true feelings for her, but is disappointed when she wakes up to reality. When she steps out for some air, she and Ethan lock eyes and share an intimate moment. Ethan finally forces himself to pull away and go back to his room. Meanwhile, Julian arrives in Bermuda to meet with Suzanne and is mistakenly told she is in Theresas room. As Theresa goes back to bed, Julian prepares to slip into her room.

Sam informs Luis they cant land the helicopter and must turn back, but Luis finds a parachute and jumps out. Meanwhile, Sheridan manages to free herself and makes a run for it, but is again captured by Antoine. He pulls a gun, which leads to a struggle between the two. Luis lands and rushes to the cabin after hearing a gunshot. He finds a bloody Sheridan lying motionless on the floor and fears she is dead. He is relieved when he realizes she is alive, and Sheridan tells him it was Antoine who was shot. Luis hears a moaning Antoine and immediately handcuffs him.

Ivy informs Eve she is keeping the mug shot to ensure Eves continued help in getting Sam. As the two argue over Eves insistence that her baby is dead, Eve gets a feeling Whitney is in danger. At the same time, Chad manages to push Whitney out of the way of falling construction debris, but gets trapped underneath the rubble himself. Eve rushes to Whitney while people begin to gather at the accident site. Simone blasts Whitney for her part in Chad being buried. Sam arrives and begins mounting a rescue effort to save Chad.

Tuesday, June 13, 2000 | Episode #245
At the Crane cabin, Luis admits to Sheridan she gets to him, but the two end up fighting. The local sheriff interrupts their bickering and later asks Luis if he is in love with Sheridan. As the police wheel Antoine away on a stretcher, Antoine suddenly grabs a gun and aims it at Sheridan.

Eve works fervently to save Chad. A horrified Simone lashes out at Whitney and asserts Whitney is at fault for Chad getting hurt. Whitney is consumed by guilt. Ivy continues to wonder if Chad's parents are Eve and Julian. At the hospital, Chad is taken to the emergency room, where he flatlines.

Ethan feels guilty as he updates Gwen on his and Theresa's time at the resort. Confused about his feelings for Theresa, Ethan squirms as Gwen praises Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald. Meanwhile, thinking it is Ethan who is in bed with her, Theresa tells Julian she needs him. Julian happily obliges Theresa's apparent come-on. Theresa lets out a bloodcurdling scream when she finally gets a clear view of Julian. Ethan races into Theresa's room and is about to punch Julian, but stops when he recognizes his father. A shocked Ethan demands to know what his father was doing in Theresa's bed.

Wednesday, June 14, 2000 | Episode #246
Sheridan gives Luis the silent treatment on their way back to Harmony. Luis and Sheridan stop at a diner, where the waitress assumes they are a bickering married couple. Sheridan gets herself into trouble when she makes a regretful decision just to spite Luis.

Theresa writes about her love for Ethan in her laptop computer. Julian sneaks back into Theresa's room in hopes of seducing the young girl and almost sees what she wrote about Ethan. Julian proceeds to hit on Theresa, who is oblivious to his sexual advances. Julian begins to make a move on an unsuspecting Theresa when a livid Ethan bursts in and demands to know what his father is up to.

Timmy looks for an incantation to make Charity love him. The divining rod leads Tabitha and Timmy to the hospital so they can witness the pain and grief over Chad's accident.

Eve is shaken after learning her blood type matches Chad's. An emotional Simone continues to blame Whitney for Chad's accident. Chad's friends gather at the hospital as he is taken into surgery. Whitney vows to tell Chad how he affects her if he makes it through. Simone pleads with Charity to use her psychic abilities to see if Chad will be okay.

Thursday, June 15, 2000 | Episode #247
Kay enacts a new plan to persuade her parents to let her attend the prom. However, Sam and Grace catch on to Kay's charade. Sam and Grace make plans to go sailing. Eve drops by the Bennett house and is put on the spot when Ivy calls her and demands to meet with her right away. Kay urges Simone to take advantage of Eve's distracted state and ask if she can go to the prom. Without realizing what Simone is saying, Eve says yes. Sam and Grace agree to let Kay attend the prom, too since Eve gave permission to Simone. Meanwhile, Charity shares with Jessica her premonition of something terrible happening at prom.

Luis spots one of the gowns Ethan bought Theresa and demands to know where she got such an expensive outfit. Theresa blurts out it was a gift. Theresa and Pilar convince Luis the dress was a hand-me-down from one of the Crane daughters. Luis rants about the Cranes. He claims he never wants to see Sheridan again, while Sheridan tells Ethan she never wants to see Luis.

Ethan is flustered by his conversation with Julian about Theresa. An excited Julian prepares to read Theresa's diary on her laptop.

Whitney fills Theresa in on Chad's accident. Theresa tells Whitney her deep concern for Chad shows how much she loves him.

Friday, June 16, 2000 | Episode #248
Theresa frets someone will read the diary on her lost laptop and discover her feelings for Ethan. Meanwhile, Julian salivates as he begins to read Theresa's diary, but he is interrupted by Pilar. Later, Ethan and Theresa get lost in one another as they look at pictures from Bermuda. Pilar purposely interrupts them before anything can happen. Theresa tells her mother about her leaving her laptop behind, and Pilar mentions seeing Julian with a similar laptop. A horrified Theresa races off to stop Julian from reading her diary. Later, Ethan confides to Sheridan he is drawn to Theresa.

Sam informs Luis and Sheridan that the FBI is taking over and will be in charge of protecting Sheridan. Sheridan and Luis both claim to be glad they're through with each other. FBI Agent Freeman arrives and tells Sheridan she will be assigned a 24 hour bodyguard, much to Sheridan's annoyance.

Eve feels guilty after telling Ivy about Sam and Grace's plans to go sailing. Eve is astonished when Ivy plots to make love to Sam tonight. Ivy orders Eve to prevent Grace from getting on the boat with Sam. Eve balks at the idea of betraying her friend again. A conflicted Eve finally gives in. She drops by to visit Grace and sets the clock back an hour so Grace will miss meeting Sam at the boat.

Monday, June 19, 2000 | Episode #249
Theresa encourages Whitney to tell Chad she loves him. Later, Whitney kisses an unconscious Chad.

At the movie house, Theresa observes Ethan fighting his feelings for her. Over the phone, Sheridan advises Ethan to keep his distance from Theresa. While watching the movie, Theresa becomes emotional as the events on the screen begin to mirror her situation with Ethan. Ethan can't help but comfort herwith a kiss!

Alistair and Julian worry about Luis being assigned to protect Sheridan. The father and son fear Luis and Sheridan will realize someone impersonated Luis and will then uncover other Crane secrets. Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan try convincing Agent Freeman to have someone else assigned to her, but to no avail. Julian arrives and also tries to pull some strings.

Sam sets sail, assuming Grace is the one in the shower. Ivy is stung as she listens to Sam declare his love for Grace. Sam is livid when he discovers Ivy and realizes she somehow prevented Grace from getting to the boat. Ivy pleads with Sam to make love to her, but Sam begins to turn the boat around. Ivy resolves to use this opportunity to make Sam hers. Meanwhile, Eve feels guilty as Grace goes on about what a good and loyal friend Eve is to her. Grace is frantic when she realizes what time it really is and rushes off to the docks.

Tuesday, June 20, 2000 | Episode #250
Sam is furious with Ivy for stranding them at sea with a storm coming in. He gets even angrier when he discovers Ivy has tampered with the radio in order to keep them at sea so she can seduce him. Sam tells Ivy flat out there is no chance he will sleep with her. When she presses, Sam threatens to throw Ivy off the boat. Ivy sabotages Sam's plan to get them back to shore, but in the process, accidentally knocks Sam overboard. Meanwhile, Grace tells Eve of her special connection with Sam and how she senses a force very close to her is attempting to destroy her marriage. A guilty Eve can only watch as Grace suddenly gets a feeling Sams life is in danger.

A depressed Theresa is caught off guard when Ethan pulls her into a passionate kiss. He immediately pulls back and apologizes to a delighted Theresa. Her delight is short lived, however, when a flustered Ethan says he only kissed her to cheer her up over her breakup with Chuck. After Ethan leaves, Theresa vows to make Ethan realize the real reason he kissed her he is falling in love with her. Later, Luis catches Theresa talking out loud about her kiss with Ethan.

Luis denies to Hank he has any feelings for Sheridan and complains about having to guard her 24 hours a day. Sheridan and Julian unsuccessfully try to have Luis removed from the case. Sheridan overhears Julian mutter how much he and Alistair want to keep her and Luis apart, but Julian manages to cover. Sheridan and Hank head back to Sheridan's cottage where Hank receives a mysterious page. A rattled Hank hides his concern from Sheridan. Later, Sheridan is shocked when Ethan stops by and admits he kissed Theresa.

Wednesday, June 21, 2000 | Episode #251
While fixing up the prom boat, Kay finds the perfect place to dump fish guts on Charity at the dance. In order to ensure her evil plans are carried out, Tabitha attempts to mollify Charity's fears about the prom. Charity suddenly screams that evil is coming to the prom.

Luis is stunned by what he finds in a closet at Sheridan's cottage. After years of blocking out the memory, Luis finally remembers how his family used to live in the cottage. He recalls how Alistair and Julian abruptly threw Pilar and the family out after Martin disappeared. Sheridan feels awful when she realizes the Lopez-Fitzgeralds moved out so she could have a playhouse. Luis renews his vow to prove the Cranes were behind his father's disappearance. Meanwhile, two goons attack Hank when he refuses to cooperate with the mysterious man.

Julian, Grace, and Eve wait for Sam to dock his boat. Only Eve is aware that Sam will be arriving with Ivy on board, and she frets Grace's reaction. Ivy tries to tell Sam they had a son together, but he refuses to listen to her. Ivy panics when she sees Julian waiting at the docks and pleads with Sam to help her hide. An unsympathetic Sam informs Ivy he plans to tell Grace about his past with her.

Thursday, June 22, 2000 | Episode #252
Kay and Simone rush to get their finals in on time so they can attend prom. Charity comes to Kay and Simone's rescue. Julian finds Ivy's wet clothes from her adventure the previous night. A suspicious Julian demands to know what Ivy has been up to. Later, Ivy becomes flustered when Ethan asks about her first love. Meanwhile, Julian asks Alistair to keep an eye on his wife's antics.

Whitney sits by Chad's bedside, waiting for him to wake up. Theresa realizes Whitney and Chad shared a kiss, but Whitney insists the kiss meant nothing. Theresa urges Whitney to admit she's in love with Chad. The girls continue to talk about Whitney's feelings for Chad as Chad begins to stir unnoticed in the background.

While having a passionate dream about Luis, Sheridan calls out his name. Luis rushes in, thinking Sheridan is in danger. Sheridan awakens and Luis asks why she was dreaming about him. Pilar walks into Sheridan's bedroom and finds the two on Sheridan's bed. An embarrassed Pilar thinks the two have slept together, but Luis quickly explains he was assigned to protect Sheridan. Pilar fears Luis will start obsessing over the past again now that he remembers living at the cottage. Meanwhile, Alistair warns Julian that Luis must be stopped from investigating the past. Even if it means killing him.

As Sheridan wonders why Hank never returned last night, a severely beaten Hank lies unconscious at the wharf.

Friday, June 23, 2000 | Episode #253
Luis assures Sheridan Hank will be all right. Sam and Luis suspect Hank's beating may not have been a random mugging and that Hank is hiding something. Sam asks Hank if he's in trouble again, but the younger brother swears he's not. Later, Luis tackles a guy when he sees him lurking behind Sheridan. Sheridan recognizes the guy as a friend of hers, and she blasts Luis for being over-protective. Agent Freeman warns Luis that Roger and Pierre may be stepping up their efforts to kill Sheridan.

Charity continues to worry about her premonitions of people dying at the prom. Tabitha comes up with a back up plan to ensure Charity gives into the dark forces.

Chad tells a startled Whitney he heard her confess her feelings. They are interrupted when Simone, Kay, and the rest of the gang drop by. Kay privately notes something was going on between Chad and Whitney. Chad asks Jessica for a favor regarding Whitney.

Ethan is affected by being alone and in close proximity to Theresa. Pilar purposely breaks up the sexual tension between her daughter and Ethan. She privately scolds Theresa for throwing herself at Ethan. Theresa is convinced Ethan is in love with her, but he can't admit it to himself.

Monday, June 26, 2000 | Episode #254
Luis sees Sheridan lying motionless and fears she is dead. When he examines her body, her bikini top falls off, shocking Luis and angering Sheridan, who was just napping. They argue until Luis hears another gunshot and throws himself on Sheridan. When the gunshot turns out to be a truck backfiring, the two turn playful about seeing each other naked.

Hank is unnerved by the gun Les sent him. Sam stops by to question his brother about his beating. Sam presses his brother to admit it wasn't a random mugging and that he is in some kind of trouble, but Hank sticks to his story. Later, Sam nearly finds the gun in the candy box, but Hank distracts him.

Chad presses Whitney about the things she said to him when he was unconscious. Whitney denies having feelings for him. Chad backs off when Whitney accuses him of being in denial about his feelings for her. Simone and Kay overhear, and Simone asks Whitney why she is pushing herself on Chad. Later, Kay tells a thrown Whitney she intends to make sure Simone and Chad end up together.

Ethan begins to kiss Theresa, thinking she is Gwen since she's wearing her wedding dress. Ethan realizes his mistake right before Gwen walks in and demands to know why Theresa is in her dress. Theresa is saved when the dress designer arrives and says Theresa was modeling the dress for her. Theresa is devastated when Ethan again pledges his love to Gwen. Later, Gwen tells Ethan that seeing Theresa in her dress was like looking into the future and seeing Ethan without her.

Tuesday, June 27, 2000 | Episode #255
Kay shows Simone the fake ballots she made which will ensure Miguel will be crowned Prom King and she will be his Queen. Meanwhile, Tabitha creates a pendant with evil powers, which will make Charity susceptible to the dark forces. Tabitha invites the kids over to her house so she can give Charity her evil gift.

Whitney wonders if Chad has feelings for her after finding her picture posted up on his apartment wall. Theresa encourages Whitney to let Chad know she found the picture and tell him she cares about him. Meanwhile, Ivy learns Eve's blood type matches Chad's. Ivy badgers Eve about the possibility of Chad being her son.

Ethan thinks of Theresa while kissing Gwen. Gwen questions Ethan as to why he's suddenly so passionate. Ethan tries to push thoughts of Theresa out of his mind. Meanwhile, Pilar tries to persuade Theresa to give up her dream of being with Ethan. However, Theresa is determined to tell Ethan she loves him the next chance she gets. She later runs into Ethan and Gwen, and Theresa states that Ethan must choose between her and Gwen.

Luis hears a noise outside the cottage. Suddenly, someone bursts through the front door, and Luis tackles him to the ground. Sheridan screams as a gun goes off. Luis finally realizes the intruder is Hank, who gives a flimsy excuse as to why he entered the way he did. Hank is relieved when Luis assumes his own gun went off and doesn't realize Hank was also carrying one. Hank nervously glances over to where his gun went flying, unnoticed by Luis or Sheridan.

Wednesday, June 28, 2000 | Episode #256
Whitney pressures Chad to tell her why he had her picture on his wall. Chad stubbornly insists the picture means nothing to him and tosses it on the floor. A hurt Whitney leaves his hospital room. Elsewhere in the hospital, Ivy is nervous as Sam and Ethan bond over their similar traits. Eve asks Sam what Ivy could possibly tell him that would force him to be a part of her life. Theresa reels from Pilar's slap. Pilar apologizes, but begs Theresa to not tell Ethan she loves him.

While wearing the pendant Tabitha gave her, Charity hears the dark forces willing her to come to their side. Charity freaks when she has a vision of Kay and Simone in hell. Chills run down Kay and Simone's spines when Charity tells them about her vision. Tabitha convinces Charity she just needs to get some rest, and later looks forward to Charity's shift to the dark side.

Sheridan covers for Hank by not telling Luis about his gun. She asks Hank why he's carrying one around and Hank covers. Hank notices Sheridan's intense reaction to the mention of violence as she flashes back to the terrifying night from her childhood. Sheridan and Luis take a weak Hank to the Bennett house. Hank is stunned as Charity has a premonition about his shady life.

Thursday, June 29, 2000 | Episode #257
Sheridan has another nightmare about the body under the sheet, causing her to burst in on a naked Luis, who has just come out of the shower. Sheridan admits she was dreaming about Charitys premonition. Luis advises her to disregard what Charity said, but Sheridan remains troubled. Later, Ethan asks Sheridan if living with Luis is causing her old feelings for him to resurface, something she flatly denies.

Ethan worries about taking Theresa to the prom and tries to talk Gwen out of it, but she insists he go to the dance. Later, Sheridan urges Ethan to avoid temptation and not take Theresa. When Sheridan asks Ethan if he is falling in love with Theresa, he steadfastly denies it. Meanwhile, Theresa prepares to admit her true feelings to Ethan, which Miguel cautions her against. But she claims fate is on her side and heads off to the Crane mansion, where Luis catches her.

Kay is delighted her plan to humiliate Charity at the prom will work when a small amount of fish guts is accidentally spilled on her and Simone. Meanwhile, Jessica and Grace both try to calm Charity after she has another premonition about the prom. Tabitha and Timmy eavesdrop and rejoice Charitys imminent switch to the dark side. Later, as the girls get ready for the prom, Charity decides not to wear Tabithas pendant. Tabitha worries, telling Timmy the pendant is crucial to the success of their plan.

Friday, June 30, 2000 | Episode #258
Crane Mansion/Sheridan's Cottage:
Julian is in his study on the speakerphone with Alistair, who is examining pottery with a magnifying class. They're discussing not liking Luis living with Sheridan, but Julian assures Alistair that he cleaned the cabin out of any incriminating evidence years ago. At the cottage, Luis is examining the bullet. It's an old bullet from a handgun. Sheridan wants to know how a bullet got their in the first place, and Luis says that she hasn't lived their forever -- she was away from Harmony for most of her life, so she couldn't possibly know everything to ever happen in the cabin. But Luis knows where he can find the answers. Julian continues to have trouble with his vision, trying to read a book without reading glasses while talking to Alistair. Luis and Sheridan come in, and before Luis can say anything, Alistair congratulates him for looking after Sheridan so well, and reminds Luis that he met him once when he was a young child. Julian asks Luis why they barged in, and Luis holds up the bullet, and asks how the bullet got in the walls of the cottage. On the other end of the phone, Alistair crushes the vase he was holding in his hand. Luis wants to know who fired the gun, and at who. Alistair wraps up his bloodied hand in a handkerchief, and tells him has no idea why the bullet was there. Julian says there's no way to know how long it was there, and Luis says the lab can find out. He then suggests that the bullet was fired right around the time that Martin disappeared. Alistair says the two are probably unconnected unless Martin was into target practice inside the house, and Luis says his father hated guns and violence. If the Cranes won't help him, he'll do it himself. Alistair says the Cranes would be more than happy to help him. Luis wants to know if Julian keeps a gun in the house. Alistair says of course not, but Sheridan reminds Julian of a gun he always kept in a drawer of his desk. Sheridan points out the drawer that Julian 'always' kept his gun in. He slides open the drawer, and we see a pack of playing cards, a few business papers, a handgun, and the Luis mask. Luis asks to see the drawer, and Alistair demurs. Julian says his business papers are too important. Alistair again thanks Luis, who assures him Sheridan will not be harmed under his watch.

When they leave, Julian tells Alistair that the gun is still in his desk, with the Luis mask. The camera closes-in on an old scar on Alistair's hand while Alistair reams Julian out about keeping the mask. Julian says it could be useful again. Alistair lets the matter drop, and asks Julian how he missed the bullet. Julian told him he had swept the cottage clean after 'the incident,' and tells him they're finished if Luis learns the truth. Alistair tells Julian that Luis won't let it go until he learns the truth -- Luis is smarter than Julian, and with prolonged exposure to the estate, could learn anything. Alistair says the clue to saving themselves is to prey on Sheridan's desperation to be loved -- find her a man to obsess over, and she and Luis will be separated. Back in the cabin, Luis is trying to figure out where the bullet was fired from. Obviously it didn't come through the window. Luis is convinced that if his father wasn't the intended victim, someone in his family was. He doesn't think his father would have just taken off without a word. At Sheridan's questioning, he admits that he thinks either Alistair or Julian pulled the trigger. Sheridan tells Luis she will help him find what happened to his father, but Luis says her safety is his first priority. Julian knocks on the door, and comes in telling Sheridan she has to be at the Seascape restaurant tonight for the Crane's Annual Fourth of July Gala. Sheridan seems pretty happy to be going to the Seascape to get away from Luis, but Luis says she can't go. In the house, Alistair has apparently been waiting for Julian to come back. He tells Julian that if this plan doesn't work, they'll just have to kill Luis. Julian looks very worried. Sheridan tells Luis she IS going to the Seascape, but Luis says no way.

Crane Mansion Living Room:
In the living room, Theresa is giving Ethan the 'it's fate' look again. Gwen, completely unawares, is gushing about how every girl must go to their high-school prom, and how she just knows Ethan and her will have a wonderful time. Ethan keeps trying to butt in, but between Theresa's joy and Gwen's eagerness to help their friend, he can't get a word in edgewise! Gwen tells Ethan he HAS to take Theresa to prom. She was so excited when she told her, and Gwen can't think of any reason why Ethan WOULDN'T want to spend time with Theresa. Listening in the background, Pilar hears Ethan tell Gwen that he already made arrangements for one of the young lawyers in his firm (apparently he no longer works for the Hotchkiss family) to take her. Gwen isn't sure. She wants to make sure that Theresa has a great time, and isn't sure if the other guy will be good for her. Ethan assures her that the other ladies in the office all have crushes on him. Gwen is flipping through a magazine, while Ethan learns that Theresa's blind date has been called out of town by a client. Gwen looks like the cat who ate the canary. When Ethan says it looks like Theresa is going alone, Gwen reminds Ethan what a great and loyal friend Theresa has been. He flashes back to the forced kiss on the docks, but doesn't say no.

Lopez Fitzgerald House:
At home, Theresa picks up her prom dress, and holds it up against her. With a dreamy look on her face, she begins fantasizing that tonight, at the prom, Ethan will apologize for not realizing earlier how much he loved her and wanted to marry her, and proposes to her. She's saying "yes, yes Ethan yes," when Pilar comes in and wants to know what her 'mi hija' is saying yes too, and then has to tell Theresa that Ethan is not coming to get her. Theresa says that Pilar is just trying to make her feel bad. Pilar tells her that she overheard Ethan say he had made arrangements with a lawyer from his office to take her to the prom. Theresa denies it, but Pilar assures her that Ethan says the lawyer was nice, and the girls like him. Theresa says she is going with Ethan. When Pilar tells her that Ethan said he would rather spend the evening with Gwen, Theresa says that now she knows her mother is lying, because Ethan would never say that. He wants to be with her, so he will. Theresa comes into the living room and twirls around, showing Pilar a dress. She looks exactly like she did in her fantasy. Pilar asks Theresa to give the young man a chance, but Theresa again says that she knows it will be Ethan. After all, it was Pilar who told Theresa that fate would rule her life. Pilar apologized for messing up Theresa's life. She goes to get the door, and (surprise, surprise) it's Ethan! Theresa again gives him 'the look.' Theresa grabs her shawl and says they have to get going. Theresa tells Pilar she plans on telling Ethan tonight that she loves him, and Ethan promise to have her home early. Pilar sends a prayer heavenward to keep Theresa safe.

The Hospital:
At the hospital, Whitney is showing Eve the dress she plans on wearing tonight, Eve tells Whitney she'll be beautiful, and when Whitney admits she's going on her own, Eve says that she's making the right decision. They discuss Whitney still feeling guilty about Chad's accident, then Whitney heads in to see Chad. Ivy comes from behind, and snidely asks Eve how many more mother/daughter moments they'll have when Eve is revealed 'to be the ex-slut that [she is].' Whitney opens the door to find Chad dressed in the shirt and pants of a tuxedo -- he's getting ready to DJ at the prom. She asks what he's doing, and he pretends to misunderstand the question by telling her that he needs to be dressed appropriately for black tie. Whitney wants to know how Chad can possibly go to the prom when he almost died a few days ago, and Chad says he's fine. Plus, he can't afford to stay any longer. Whitney tells him not to worry -- her parents will pay for it. He says no way, and what could have been a nasty argument is diverted when she ties his bow tie for him so he'll look 'halfway decent' at the prom. Eve tells Ivy to leave her alone. She's already helped her. Ivy says that's not good enough. She needs to know where Sam is tonight, so she can get Sam back in her bed. Ivy flashes Eve's mugshot, and tells Eve she has no know where Sam is. Eve reminds Ivy that she HAD her chance, and Ivy tells Eve that as soon as Sam remembers what things were like between them, he'll leave Grace for her. Eve wants to know what's different now, and Ivy flashes back to her mental conversation on the boat about Ethan being Sam's child. She tells Eve that tonight could be the night she uses it. Eve tells Ivy that Sam will see through her newest plan, but Ivy is adamant.

Whitney and Chad come out of his room, and Eve wants to know what Chad's doing out of bed (in a nice tux, no less). Eve assures Chad that she and TC will pay, but Chad says no again -- he has to DJ the prom. Whitney walks Chad to the elevator, and Ivy comments that they're a charming couple...unless Chad's her son. Eve tells her once again that her son died, but Ivy says she'll just have to take Eve's word for it that Chad isn't Julian's firstborn. Eve finally breaks and admits that their chaperoning at prom. Ivy flashes back to a special prom she and Sam had, because they couldn't go to the Harmony high prom. (Funny, since she went to boarding school and they first met after they graduated.) Ivy thanks Eve for the information, and says she'll use tonight to relive her prom with Sam. Whitney comes back and asks Eve what's with Ivy, and Eve suggests that she help Whitney get ready from prom. Suddenly, Eve decides that she wants to chaperone with Sam and Grace. Whitney thinks it would be a great idea. Whitney asks Eve about her prom, and Eve flashes back to when she and Julian were teens, entwined on a bed.

Bennett House:
While Tabitha looks on, Grace pricks her finger on Charity's pendant. Sam and Hank come in to make sure she's okay, but Hank heads off to answer the door with a 'the faces look familiar, but I don't think we've met.' Miguel and Reese head into the living room, and Kay and Simone come down. Reese and Miguel present their dates with special prom bracelets. Kay sends Reese off, and she again tells Simone that by the end of the night, Miguel will be hers. On the other side of the room, Tabitha echoes the sentiment. Sam can't get Charity's pendant off either. Tabitha lays a guilt trip on Charity, who says she loves the pendant. Miguel (of course) agrees. Sam tells Kay she looks gorgeous, and Reese says he plans to dance every dance with her. Jessica comes down the stairs, and Hank greets his grade nine niece with a resounding "Babe alert!" Sam tries to take a photograph of Tabitha, and despite her protestations, snaps it anyway. Timmy says their busted -- witches don't show up in photographs! The kids are exclaiming over the photo of Tabitha, while the adults try to figure out why Timmy showed up, but Tabitha didn't. Tabitha says she has no idea how it happened, and Sam figures there's a fluke with the camera. Kay comments again on what a geek is, and Tabitha tells Timmy they have to put Reese on their ten most wanted list. Grace asks Hank who Sam went to the prom with, and Sam says that he couldn't find a date. He swears he was a no show, and tells her he can't even remember who his girlfriend was back then. Luckily Hank, who couldn't have been more than three or four when Sam graduated, tells Grace that he remembers that Sam was really psyched about who he was going with, but didn't tell his baby brother who he was going with. Kay says she and Simone have to make sure Charity is doused by fishguts, and the two agree that if Chad goes to prom, it's because he wants to be with Simone. Jessica asks Charity to talk, and Charity assures her that she's thinking positive, and that she hasn't had any more visions. Timmy thinks Charity is very brave. Tabitha says darkness will win...darkness always wins.

The kids head off into the kitchen for a snack, and Grace tells them not to eat too much -- she's sure they'll have food at the prom. Ivy rings the doorbell, claiming some pretext of looking for knickknacks. She manipulates Grace into talking about the prom. Ivy says she was there with her first true love. Grace says she wishes she could remember her prom (if she even had a prom), and admits that Sam says he can't remember his prom. Playing the 'lonely socialite wife' card (and reminding Grace that she's on the school board), Ivy manages to get herself a chaperone invite. Half-teasing, she tells Grace she may even manage to steal Sam away...for a dance. The kids admire Ivy's powder-blue convertible outside the Bennett house -- the same one that Sam's flashback shows Ivy and Sam doing...something fun in on their prom night. All the kids think it's absolutely tops -- she says she hasn't driven it in years. Sam wants to know what Ivy's up to, and she tells him to just wait and see.

The Harmony High Prom:
Whitney comes into the prom (looking fabulous), and Chad goes over the moment he sees her to compliment her on her appearance. He's rather surprised to see Eve there. Eve, of course, misses the significant looks between Whitney and Chad. Kay and Simone come in, and Simone is thrilled to see Chad there. Kay is distracted by Miguel's entry. He's there with Jessica and Charity. Jessica assures the two that they will win for prom king and queen, and Charity says she just wants everyone to have fun and get home safely. Miguel asks if she still has visions about prom. A look up at the silver ball prompts the same old prom vision...complete with Charity in a silver dress, totally different from the dark one she is currently wearing. Ivy hurries in and comments on Charity's unusual pendant. She picks it up to examine it, and remarks that it made her fingers electricity just forcing through her. Tabitha is elated to see that the pendant is working properly, and that it will make people take risks they normally wouldn't. She says she'll have to keep a close eye on Ivy and Sam tonight, and everyone else...the prom boat will really be rocking tonight. Out of view, Ivy says tonight is the night she will tell Sam they have a son.