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Monday, July 3, 2000 | Episode #259
Alistair instructs Julian to have Luis killed. However, Julian convinces him to set Sheridan up with another eligible man before resorting to such desperate measures. Meanwhile, Luis learns Roger has hired another hitman to kill Sheridan and refuses to allow her to attend the Fourth of July dance at the Seascape. Sheridan angrily protests. She later gives in, only to sneak out when Luis steps out of the room.

Ivy calls Julian to inform him she wont be attending the Seascape party. He is livid. Later, when Ivy touches Charitys pendant, its powers make her corner Sam, and she prepares to tell him about Ethan being his son. Julian, who comes to take Ivy off the boat, interrupts them. Thanks to Tabitha's machinations, Julian and Ivy head in the wrong direction to leave the boat. Ethan confronts Sam, and they clash over Luis protection of Sheridan.

Theresa tells Ethan fate brought them to the prom together and that later, while they dance, she has something to say to him. Whitney cautions Theresa against admitting to Ethan that she loves him. Chad tells Whitney she is afraid of being close to a man.

Charity admits to Miguel she is still having premonitions, which Miguel discounts. Later, Charity remembers being on the Titanic with Miguel in a previous life. Meanwhile, Kay anxiously awaits Charity being humiliated by her plan.

Tuesday, July 4, 2000 | Episode #260
Whitney and Chad eavesdrop as Theresa prepares to tell Ethan she loves him. Whitney attempts to interrupt Theresa so she won't get her feelings hurt, but Chad stops her and accuses her of being a control freak. Eve spots Whitney and Chad together and asks her daughter if she has feelings for Chad. Later, Simone asks Chad to dance. Theresa notes how bothered Whitney is by the sight of her sister in Chad's arms.

Ivy pulls Ethan aside for a dance before Theresa can reveal her feelings. Later, Sam and Ethan get into a heated argument over Sheridan's protection. Ivy tries to smooth things over, but almost lets the truth slip out. Ethan tells Ivy he won't put up with Sam's resentment towards their family.

Miguel comforts Charity and tries to convince her that her premonition of someone dying won't come true. Kay replaces the Prom King and Queen ballots with her fake ones. Jessica notes Kay's suspicious behavior. Timmy takes matters into his own hands. Kay is shocked and angry when the title of Prom Queen is announced.

Roger's latest hitman takes aim at Sheridan, who has ditched Luis to attend a party at the Seascape. Before the hitman can pull the trigger, Luis arrives and lays into Sheridan for sneaking out. An angry Sheridan unwittingly gives the hitman a clear shot at her. Sheridan's high society friends take an interest in Luis.

Wednesday, July 5, 2000 | Episode #261
Luis frantically looks for Sheridan in the crowd at the Seascape party. He's stunned when he finds her kissing Warren, her old friend. Phoebe, an older socialite, pulls a surprised Luis into a kiss, which Sheridan unhappily witnesses. The hitman's ears perk up as a hurt Sheridan coolly tells Luis Warren will be taking her home. Sheridan and Warren dance the tango as Luis watches in disappointment. After the dance, Sheridan and Warren lose Luis and take off in her car. The hitman follows.

Gwen's mother, Rebecca Hotchkiss, arrives at the Crane mansion. Rebecca is aghast to learn Gwen made Ethan take Theresa to the prom. She blasts her daughter for being foolish enough to trust beautiful women around her fiancée. Gwen defends her actions by pointing out how much work Theresa has put into her wedding. Rebecca finally convinces her daughter Theresa is a threat, and Gwen high-tails it to the prom boat.

Whitney and Chad continue to spy as Theresa prepares to tell Ethan of her love for him. Whitney is positive Ethan will reject Theresa while Chad is sure Ethan will return her love.

Tabitha slips magic herbs into Julian's drink while cursing him and the rest of the Cranes. Meanwhile, Charity picks up doll Timmy and dances around the floor with him. Kay releases the fish guts, and Charity screams in terror as the fish rain down on her and Timmy. Everyone looks on in horror. Eve and Grace try to clean a shocked Charity, who stands eerily still. The evil pendant Tabitha gave Charity begins to glow and Charity murmurs under her breath that everyone on the boat will die. Tabitha gets Charity alone and urges her to join the dark forces and destroy the good people of Harmony. The pendant begins to glow while evil seeps into Charity.

Thursday, July 6, 2000 | Episode #
Passions Was Pre-Empted Today Due To Wimbledon Tennis.

Friday, July 7, 2000 | Episode #
Passions Was Pre-Empted Today Due To Wimbledon Tennis.

Monday, July 10, 2000 | Episode #262

Luis covers Sheridan with his body then looks around and gets off of her certain that no one is around. Sheridan's confused because first someone shoots at her then Luis throws himself onto her body. Luis tells her to grow up because someone's after her. Sheridan sees and inscription on a tree that says LLF + BW and she gets jealous because it says Luis and Beth. She looks up again and then it says LLF with another name on the other side of the tree. She tells Luis that he knows his way around Lover's Point. Sheridan asks if Luis pretends that every he brings there is in trouble and in order to get cheap feels he throws himself on top of the unfortunate girl. Luis whispers "Shut up." Sheridan tries to get up but Luis stops her. He sees the car parked out in the open and he devises a plan as a gunman lurks in the woods. Sheridan is mad because there is no one in the bushes and her dress ruined. Luis is like shut up but she won't listen. He tells her that a hitman won't announce his presence but she won't listen. Sheridan points to her shoe and exclaims that the other one is missing. He takes off her shoe and throws it far across Lover's Point and she becomes angrier. She tells him she can't walk so Luis carries her away while the hitman follows. They get in the car and drive off. When they arrive home, Luis looks around for danger. Sheridan wants to get cleaned up but he tells her to wait until he calls the police. Ignoring him, she goes into her room where the hitman is waiting.

After TC sees Julian all over Eve, he begins to beat him up. TC shouts to him saying that his wife is important and he hates Cranes. Eve manages to stop TC by reciting a lie in which she was about to fall over when Julian saved her. TC believes his wife but threatens Julian that if he ever comes near her he'll die. Julian whispers aside that TC will regret this. Eve coaxes TC to get back inside and she helps him ice down his hand. When Sam sees this he asks how it happened. TC tells him he was beating up Julian and Sam is appalled but Eve explains. Sam hopes Julian doesn't mess with TC later on but TC doesn't care. Sam asks where Grace is and tries to find her.

Ivy confronts Sam again but he is convinced that they will never be together. Ivy still tries to hold on to the fact that destiny will bring the two together. Sam tells her that nothing she says or does will bring them together again. Ivy replies that she what she has to say WILL bring them closer but Sam doesn't want to hear it. When he's gone, Ivy knows that Ethan's his son and Sam will come back to her before they get off the boat. Ivy sees the drunken Julian and tells him he looks terrible. They get into a small spat while Julian tells Ivy how he got into a fight with TC. She is furious and wonders what Alistair will think because he probably knows what everyone is doing. Julian also figures that Alistair knows why Ivy's on the boat and he can't wait to find out what the reason is. Meanwhile, Grace is all alone as the window burst open and cabin fills up with water. She's very frightened and she tries calling for help. Sam asks the prom party if they've seen Grace. Everyone says no but Ivy thinks about how she locked Grace up. She tries to tell him the secret but he won't listen. Sam asks Ivy if she knows where Grace is and she unconsciously says yes. He drags her to look for Grace. They reach her but the door is jammed and Sam warns Ivy that he will kill her if anything happens to Grace.

The Teens/Timmy/Tabitha:
Kay talks to Miguel trying to persuade him to dance because he's prom king, but he reasons that he should be with Charity since she's prom queen. Miguel wishes he knew what happened to her because she just disappeared, while Kay reminisces about how she embarrassed Charity by dumping the fish guts on her. She tells Miguel that trouble follows Charity around and if he stays too close then he'll get hurt. Tabitha agrees with Kay but Timmy knows that she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Still, Tabitha's convinced. Charity blows a strong wind and the whole group wonders where the wind came from. Reese thinks it's weird because the rest of Harmony has calm weather but the ship doesn't. Miguel checks the deck below but no one has seen Charity. Simone tells Kay that this is not going well. Then a bolt of lightning hits the floor inches away from Kay. Simone is convinced that it is a sign and they are going straight to hell. In his travels to find Charity, Miguel talks to Gwen and she informs him that she saw Charity but she was in a strange trance. He then goes after her. Miguel gets to Charity but she can't hear him due to the evil and he struck down by lightning. Tabitha and Timmy are entertained by what is going on but soon a big wave threatens to dampen their party.

While rowing towards the prom boat Gwen thinks about what her what her mother said. She vows that Theresa won't win the fight for Ethan. Back at the boat, Theresa confesses her love and Ethan believes she loves him as a friend. Theresa confirms that she does love him with all her heart. Ethan tries changing the subject but to no avail because Theresa knows the kiss between them was a lover's kiss. While watching this, Whitney gets upset saying she knew that this would happen yet Chad assures her that Ethan's probably figuring out how to say he loves Theresa and everything will work out. "There's many types of love you can feel" says Ethan. He believes it's infatuation but Theresa has the love men & women feel for each other. She puts his hand to her breast but Ethan's merely flattered. He says she's just a young girl. Theresa exclaims that she's in love with ONLY him and she senses he feels the same way too. Gwen docks her rowboat and climbs aboard the ship. She's eager to see what's going on with Theresa and Ethan. Meanwhile, Ethan tells Theresa he cares for her yet he can't love her. He says that he's thankful that Gwen isn't there or she would have gone ballistic. The seas are getting choppier and he suggests they go back inside. Theresa tells him they need to talk because she's too in love. Theresa wants to know what he feels for her. Then Gwen interrupts their embrace. Whitney is startled and tells Chad she has to save her best friend but he makes her go back inside. Out on the deck, the boat rocks and Gwen is thrown overboard. Ethan catches her in time but Theresa's right on his tail. She tells him not to risk his life because she can't live without him.

Tuesday, July 11, 2000 | Episode #263
Sheridan struggles with the intruder in her bedroom. Sheridan manages to get the attacker off of her as Luis rushes in. Both are shocked to see the intruder is Hank. Hank tries to explain his actions.

Charity remains in a trance due to the pendant. When Miguel tries to help Charity, he is struck by lightning. The dark forces successfully ward off help from above. Meanwhile, everyone on the prom boat panics as the storm worsens. Huge waves rock the boat and Tabitha and Timmy are knocked overboard. Tabitha is distraught when she can't find Timmy. Timmy hitches a ride on a shark, thinking he's on a dolphin.

Theresa and Ethan manage to pull Gwen back up onto the boat deck. Despite the mounting chaos, Gwen demands to know whats going on between Ethan and Theresa. Ethan is put on the spot when Gwen asks him if Theresa is in love with him Sam, TC, and Eve work feverishly to get Grace out of the locked stateroom. The danger to Grace intensifies as the water in the stateroom rises higher and higher. Eve rips into Ivy for putting Grace's life at risk. Grace is finally rescued, and Ivy is stung by Sam and Grace's emotional reunion. Everyone on the boat is horrified when they realize the boat is sinking.

Wednesday, July 12, 2000 | Episode #264
Sheridan's Cottage:
After Luis left to check on the prom boat, and left Hank and Sheridan alone, Hank receives a phone call from the thugs. They tell him that he has to kill Sheridan tonight, or it is his funeral. Sheridan is changing into different clothes. She walks in and asked if the phone call was Luis about the prom boat. Hank then tells her that he has gotten a proposition. She asks if he was going to take it and he says he can't make up his mind. And he also can't refuse. Sheridan then goes to make coffee for the 2 of them. Hank pulls the gun out and begins to go into the other room to shoot Sheridan when there is a knock at the door. Hank then answers the door. It is Pilar, she asks if Luis is there because she got a phone call from Ms. Crane saying that the boat was in a huge storm and to send help. Sheridan tells Pilar that Luis went to the harbor to see if he could help out to the boat. Everyone is confused as to how there is a storm out at see, but very a very clear sky in Harmony. They are worried that something did happen because Luis isn't back yet. They all proceed to go to the harbor.

The Harbor:
Luis is speaking to the wharfmaster about the prom boat. The wharfmaster says that there is no storm showing up on the radar. The sky's are clear tonight he says. Luis tells him that his brother and sister are on the boat and he wants to take the patrol boat out. The wharf master tells him no, that the boat is not even showing up on the radar. He tells Luis that he is worrying for no reason. Luis asks the wharfmaster to call the boat to see if they are okay. He does but gets no response. He says that the music is too loud and the captain probably didn't hear the call. The wharfmaster tells Luis to take out the helicopter, Luis tells him that it is being used to look for a bank robber elsewhere. Luis then asks if he can take out Sam's boat. The wharfmaster denies him this. Luis punches him and he falls over. He is unconscious. Luis sits him up and proceeds out on the Amazing Grace, Sam's boat.

The Church:
An angel is talking to the priest about the powers of evil taking over. She can't do anything, then disappears. The priest goes and prays that the people of Harmony will be saved.

The Dock:
Charity is in an evil trance. She is saying Kill them, kill them all, in a demonic voice. Miguel is laying on the ground beside her, presumably dead. Tabitha is excited about Miguel being dead, because that will bring Charity over to the dark side. Timmy sees Miguel move and tells Tabitha. She then begins to send Charity subliminal messages to kill Miguel. Miguel gets up and puts arms on Charity saying it will be okay. Charity looks at Miguel and her eyes turn a glowing red. She begins to choke Miguel. He is telling her to stop and crying for help. Tabitha and Timmy are looking on and Timmy doesn't think that Charity would ever hurt Miguel. Tabitha tells him that because of the pendant that no good will be here only evil. Miguel is still asking Charity to stop choking him. As Tabitha and Timmy look on, she expresses her excitement, because once Miguel is gone, Charity will come to the dark side and she will be able to get her powers back. Timmy is asking her to not make Charity kill Miguel, but Tabitha says she has to for her to get her powers and Timmy to not be stuffing for a pillow. Charity is still choking Miguel when the priest walks up and says that he knows someone is around, he can sense their evil. He walks to Charity and Miguel, while Tabitha is saying that it is too late to help them. The priest rips off Charity's evil pendant and throws it. She releases Miguel. She is still in a trance. Miguel is asking what happens. Tabitha tells Timmy that the pendant has already made her evil in her subconscious. At the same time, something is happening out at sea.....

On The Sea Breeze:
The storm has begun to get worse, water is rushing in from everywhere, people are being tossed around. Sam tells everyone that they must get off the boat. He tells them that if they can't get into a life boat then to use their life vest to swim to shore TC and Eve are asking where Whitney is. They are told that she and Chad jumped over board to swim to shore. They are very worried. Simone hopes that Chad will be okay. While the boat is being evacuated, Theresa is still trying to convince Ethan that he loves her and that her love is true love. She tells him to kiss her. That if she is going to die she wants to die with a kiss from the man she loves fresh on her lips. He tells her that there is no time for this that they have to get off the boat, all the while Gwen is looking on. After more convincing Ethan looks at her and goes in for the kiss. Gwen walks in and asks what they were doing, Theresa tells him to tell Gwen that he loves her (Theresa). Gwen goes into an angry fit, saying that she knew it, that she was a fool to ever leave Theresa alone with Ethan. And she wants to know what is going on with them and why they were looking at each other like they were. Water rushes in and sweeps them all over board before anything could be answered or said.

Meanwhile, further out in the ocean, TC, Eve, Grace, and the girls are on a life boat. Simone and Kay are talking about how they would all laugh about this when they were married to Miguel and Chad. That they were meant to be with them, and that God was testing them. Sam then swims to the life boat and gets in.

Chad and Whitney are in the ocean and he sinks under water. He then comes to the surface of the water and calls out to Whitney. No response. He then sees some type of flotation device and grabs it, as Whitney swims up to him, after subconsciously hoping that he could swim. Chad and Whitney continue to swim until she gets a crap and doesn't think that she can go on. Chad tells her that once she sets her mind to something she can do it. He wants to talk about "them." Whitney tells him that this is not the time or place and he says he isn't going on unless she talks. She tells him that maybe she does want someone in her life. And that he was right about her hiding behind her tennis. Suddenly the storm stopped.

Elsewhere in the ocean, Ethan and Gwen are floating when Ethan hears Theresa calling his name for help. He goes to help her and Gwen gets angry. And tells him that he cant leave his fiance for Theresa. He goes and gets her. Theresa knows that he did it because he loves her and not Gwen. As they swim back towards Gwen, Luis hears them calling out and goes to them in Sam's boat. The 3 of them get on the boat, to safety. He asks about Miguel, and ask if everyone got off the boat. Gwen and Ethan then realize that they weren't sure if Ivy had gotten off of the boat and begin screaming her name....

Back on the life boat, Grace thinks that she hears someone calling Sam's name. What she doesn't know is that is Ivy Crane, needing help and also determined to tell Sam about Ethan before she dies. Suddenly, a board hits her in the head, about the same time that she is recognized by Grace. Sam jumps out to go save her.

Thursday, July 13, 2000 | Episode #265
The Harbor:

The story begins on the harbor with Hank talking to one of the thugs. He tells Hank that he has to kill Sheridan, tonight. Not because he wants it, but because the drug dealers from France don't like Sheridan. He tells Hank that if he doesn't kill her then he is going to be killed. He asks Hank if he still had the get well present sent to him in the hospital, the gun. Hank does. Hank tells the thug that he is not going to kill Sheridan, and that if he could only get a little more time, he would get the thugs their money. The thug tells him that he is out of time, and that he is the perfect guy to do the job because no one suspects him and he and Sheridan have a good relationship. Tells him to do it tonight.

The thug then leaves Hank's presence and goes to Pilar and Sheridan, who are waiting to hear something or find people from the prom boat. Sheridan ask who he was talking to, was it Luis, something about the prom boat. He says no, that the thug was just a concerned citizen, worried about the boat himself. Sheridan ask Hank to take out another boat to go find Luis, and Pilar objects because Luis left him in charge of Sheridan's life. But elsewhere on the dock....

Miguel and Charity are still standing in silence, until Miguel tells Charity so say something and asks why she choked him. Across the way, Tabitha and Timmy look on. Tabitha quietly warns Miguel to not ask why, because he would be sorry if he did. Timmy is curious as to if Charity could still be nice because the pendant is not around her neck. Tabitha tells him that the seeds of evil are planted in her subconscious. All she needs to do is to kill Miguel for real then she will be ours.

The Ocean:
Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney still struggle to make it to shore. Whitney's cramp is ongoing. Chad tells her to stay calm and they will make it. Whitney thinks that they are going to drown. They both wonder where the rescue boats are at. As they continue to fight, Whitney tells Chad to leave her there, and to save himself. He refuses numerous times, and tells her that she is not getting rid of him that quickly. Whitney responds with the remark that if they stay together then they are both going to drown. She is then told to shut up, and to trust him, and do as he says. She says that she will try to stay calm. Then the kiss! After the passionate kiss, Whitney complains that she is too tired to go on. Chad demands that she stay awake, that they will let the current carry them to shore. In order to keep Whitney awake, he tells her to look at a star as he sings "twinkle twinkle." He then request her back up singing. Together they sing....

Rescue Boat:
Grace is steadily yelling for Sam, she gets no response. She hopes that he finds Ivy and that they are both okay. Simone is telling Kay that she is scared, that she thinks that everyone is going to die. She is also questioning if Charity really does have powers like on Carrie. Kay thinks that she is crazy. Suddenly, Simone shouts that she sees someone in the water. As the row up to it, they find out it is Reese. Kay's date for the night. He told them how a huge wave knocked him over board and he lost his glasses and the only thing that he could find to hold on to was Kay's jester hat. Everything seems fine, until someone notices that the raft is leaking, they don't know what to do. Everyone is worried.

Amazing Grace (Sam's Boat):
After being rescued by Luis, Ethan, Gwen, Theresa and Luis are worried about the others, especially Ivy. Ethan and Gwen constantly are calling her name, hoping for a response while Theresa talks to Luis. Luis asks her what is going on with her and Ethan. He asks if she has a crush on Ethan, and tells her that the Crane's are no good. That what he and their mother do are only jobs, and when he finishes guarding Sheridan's life he is completely through with the Crane family. Theresa ask why, when it is so obvious that he and Sheridan have feelings for each other. He tells her that Sheridan and Hank have a thing going on. Then suddenly, they hear singing....Chad and Whitney. They pull up to the singing swimmers and they get on the boat. Chad and Whitney are really cold and Luis tells Ethan that they can't stay out and look for his mom, he has to get them to shore. Ethan is reassured by Gwen and Theresa, that his mom will be okay, she is a strong person and will make it. They head to shore.

The Dock:
All have arrived at the dock safely, except Ivy and Sam. Charity is now out of her trance and doesn't seem to remember anything about the boat, or how she got to shore. Miguel takes her hand and tells Eve that she hasn't been herself. Kay and Simone look on and hope that she doesn't remember about the fish guts. Kay then decides that she is going to lay off of Charity and Miguel. Still Timmy and Tabitha look on to the crowd of saved people. Timmy thinks that Kay is afraid of Charity. Charity then decides that she wants to talk to Kay and Simone about what happened on the boat. Although the only thing she wanted to know was how she got to shore, Tabitha and Timmy think that she might know something about the fish gut episode. Then when she doesn't, Timmy thinks that Tabitha's plan is spoiled, that she wont turn evil. Charity then notices the hand marks on Miguel's neck and remembers that she did it to him and profusely apologizes to him. As Kay and Simone talk about how no one will find out that they did it, Kay spots Charity's pendant and begins to take it to her, until the evil comes into her. After she decided she would leave Charity and Miguel alone, she changes her mind, due to the evil necklace.

As Luis and the occupants of the Amazing Grace arrive, they are greeted by Pilar, and Sheridan. They ask about Ivy and if she is okay. Ethan continues to look out to sea, and wonders if he will be able to spot Sam and Ivy. Luis decides that he is going to take the boat out again to see if he can spot them. Before he goes he makes sure that Hank can stay with Sheridan for the night, they both agree. Ethan wants to come along, as well as Grace. He tells her she cannot go, to stay on shore and wait. Gwen is then confronted by her mother who is happy to see her, but worried about the situation between Ethan and Theresa. Gwen tells her how he left her to go get Theresa. Her mother is angry and goes to talk to "the housekeepers daughter." She tells Theresa that her services are no longer needed. That Gwen can take over the wedding plans. After the confrontation between Theresa and Gwen's mother, Pilar talks to Theresa about staying out, she tells her mother that no one can keep her from Ethan, that he loves her. Elsewhere, Ethan tells Gwen that he didn't mean to hurt her when he went to help Theresa, he just couldn't let her drown.

Once again, Whitney has to thank Chad for saving her life. He tells her that it was no problem and he wouldn't hold anything she said against her.

Before the departure from the dock, Hank has another run in with the thug, who once again tells him that he has to kill Sheridan tonight. Now they all wait for information on Ivy and Sam, having no clue as to what is going on further from shore.

The Ocean:
Besides Chad and Whitney trying to make it to shore, there was Sam trying to get to Ivy to rescue her before she drowned. He calls out to her loudly. He spots her and tells her that he is almost there to hang on. He rescues her just as she wakes up. He tells her to hold on while they get to shore. Ivy responds with..."I knew you loved me." Once again, Sam tells Ivy that he only loves his wife, and that he only saved her because she was drowning. Ivy begins to remember her wedding night which she was with Sam, she tells him that he also saved her on her wedding night, and that he was the only man she ever loved. Sam snaps at her to stay in the preset. all of that is behind them. On their way back to shore, Ivy is worried about them and their big house and kids. Sam reminds her that they are not married, and that they have no kids. Ivy says that she has something to tell him .. they look at each other. Sam says that there is no time to talk that if they want to live they have to save their strength. Ivy begins to frantically ask where their son is. Is he okay? Did he get off the boat? Sam thinks that she is talking about Noah, who is at school, away. Ivy then tells him that they have a son together.....Ethan.

Friday, July 14, 2000 | Episode #266
The Dock:
The story starts out with Kay and Simone talking, Kay is still holding the pendant. She tells Simone that she still wants Miguel and she will do what ever it takes to get him from Charity. Simone remembers Kay telling her that she would give it a rest, obviously she has changed her mind. Kay wants to push Charity until she goes to the loony bin, all the while Simone thinks that Kay is the one who should be committed. Kay isn't worried about her dad, only getting Miguel. She doesn't believe Simone when she tells her that it was because of their bad karma that the storm happened and everyone was almost killed. Tabitha and Timmy look on and see the evil in Kay and Tabitha thinks that the pendant is working wonderful, while Timmy is scared, because Kay is already a really mean person.

Charity is much better now, she and Miguel are discussing why she would ever choke him. He is not angry, he knows she wasn't herself, he just doesn't know how "not herself" she was. Eve comes to check on Charity and suggest that they go home, she then recommends that all of the girls go home, but there was no one to go home with them. All of a sudden, Tabitha pops out, with Timmy, the doll and says that she will take the girls home. They all proceed home.

As Luis and Ethan get ready to go look for Sam and Ivy, they are bombarded with people telling them to be careful. They are given life vests, and blankets to take out. They then leave to go searching.

Gwen and her mother begin to talk about How Mrs. Hotchkiss confronted Theresa and that Gwen will be taking care of her own wedding plans. She tells her that she doesn't trust Theresa and that she (Gwen) should keep her eyes open.

Theresa is upset about the confrontation, but not discouraged. Whitney tells Theresa that they nailed her, and that she should stop. Pilar, her mother, tells Theresa that she was warned. Theresa doesn't listen to either of them. Deep in her heart, she knows that Ethan loves her, and when he gets back, she is going to make him chose, either her or Gwen. She tells them that she knows he will choose her. They both think that she is crazy. Pilar then begins to get a little angry, she tells Theresa that he loves Gwen, that their marriage has been planned since they were little kids and their families will not let anyone come in the middle. Theresa tells her mother that she knows that, but Ethan only went along with it because he hadn't met her yet.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hotchkiss and Gwen are talking about the situation. Mrs. Hotchkiss thinks that Gwen needs to talk to Theresa and set her straight. Tell her that she is not giving up her man to anyone. Gwen wants to talk to Ethan first. Mrs. Hotchkiss thinks that she should first talk to Theresa and if Gwen wouldn't than she would and storms over to Theresa. She grabs Theresa's arm and spins her around. She then tells Theresa to stay away from Ethan, that she has already warned her once. That they know what she is up to. This makes Pilar very angry, she then tell Mrs. Hotchkiss to not put her hands on her daughter, or she wont be happy. Mrs. Hotchkiss ask how dare you talk to me, you are only Ivy Crane's house keeper. And she asks if Pilar was threatening her, Pilar responds with the cliche: I don't make threats, I make promises... Mrs. Hotchkiss storms away. She then returns to talk to Gwen, she (Mrs. Hotchkiss) says she cannot believe the nerve of her acting like that. Gwen is still really worried about Ethan, being out at see. But then her mother persuades her to go and talk to Theresa, to settle this once and for all. She does. Theresa notices her approaching and tells Whitney and her mother that she will do whatever is necessary to stay close to Ethan. Gwen asks her "are you in love with Ethan" Theresa acts shocked and responds with no, why do you ask? Gwen tells her that besides all of the past times she wants to know why, when she came on the boat, Theresa was in Ethan's arms. And how she is always by his side. Theresa, acting really innocent, tells her that she doesn't know what she is talking about, that she insisted that Ethan take her to prom, and that she was always helping with the wedding plans so that Gwen could have the wedding she has always dreamed about. Pilar looks on and notices all of the lies Theresa is telling, and how she got to be like that. Theresa then apologizes to Gwen, and told her she was happy to help after Gwen agrees with her. After Gwen tells her mother this, she insist that Gwen is clueless.

The Ocean:
Luis and Ethan see people in the distance, floating. Ethan recognizes that it is Sam and his mother. Sam hollers to them. Ethan throws out a flotation device. While Sam and Ivy were on their way to the boat, Ivy tells him that Ethan is his son, he questions it. How could he be my son, he is Julian's son is what he tells Ivy, she refuses his answer, and tells him to not tell anyone, because Julian will ruin all of their lives. They climb onto the boat. Ethan ask if she is okay, she tells him yes, that he hasn't lost his mother or father. Ethan is happy to see that his mother is alive but angry because she has an abrasion on her head. He begins to get very hostile towards Sam. Secretly Sam wonders how Ethan could be his son. Ethan tells Sam that the disaster could have been prevented if the Harmony PD would have done more work. He blames the storm on Sam and his crew. He says that when they get back he is going to make sure nothing like this ever happens again, that people are going to lose their jobs, meaning Sam Bennett. Luis jumps in, angry that Sam is taking this from a rich punk like Ethan. Sam tells him to let it go. Ethan tells them that is the forces job to protect the citizens and whether they like it or not, his mother is one of them. Suddenly, Ivy tells Ethan to stop arguing. He is your -- and she passes out. Ethan asks what she is talking about. He is my what, he asks. He then tells Sam that this could have been prevented if they would have been in sync with the harbor master. After fighting back and forth, they decide that they need to get Ivy to shore. Sam is going to call for a car when Ethan snatches the phone and says he will do it, that she is nothing to him.

Back On Shore:
Grace suddenly hears a loud foghorn and knows that it is Luis with the others. Excitement goes through the crowd. As the boat unloads, everyone expresses their concern. Grace tells Sam how happy she is to see him. And Gwen, her mother and Eve gather around Ivy to make sure she is okay. She is, she just needs to be checked out at the hospital. Sam tells Grace that he is sorry that he worried her, but he is okay now. Eve then interrupts, she asks Grace if she would get blankets for them. She asks Sam about what Ivy had to tell him. He tells her that Ivy did tell him something but that he couldn't talk about it. While Grace is getting blankets, she runs into Luis, he commends her on her husband ability to control his temper. Grace asks why, he tells her about the spat between he and Ethan. She finds it a little weird because when they got into it on the boat, he didn't hold back, he got really angry. She wonders what happened to make him change his attitude, and goes back to Sam and Eve. They feel like it is time to get Ivy home and dry so Gwen, Ethan, Ivy and Mrs. Hotchkiss leave to go to the Crane Mansion. Theresa tells her mother that she is not a little girl anymore and that she is also going to the Crane Mansion, to convince Ethan that he loves her and not Gwen.

The Bennett House:
Miguel and Charity sit on the couch. Jessica offers to make hot chocolate for everyone. She then gets a phone call, it is her mother telling her that Sam, her father is okay and to go check the bed and breakfast. Kay then goes to make hot chocolate. Tabitha notices that Kay still has the pendant and says that it is marvelous, the evil will make Kay the biggest bitch in Harmony. When she comes out of the kitchen, Charity is asleep as well as Tabitha. Jessica then comes into the house just as Miguel is taking Charity to her room and tells Kay and Simone that she needs help at the b&b. They go to help. Kay, still having the pendant, hangs it on the coat hook. They leave. When Kay and Simone leave, Tabitha and Timmy are gone, as well as the pendant. She is angry that Jessica tricked them so that Charity and Miguel could have alone time and then she notices a rash on her hand, in the shape of the pendant and decides that she is going to make Charity going crazy her full time job, buy doing little things to push her to the edge. She and Simone begin to look for the pendant. What Kay doesn't know is that the pendant is on its way to Charity's room. It is slowly floating up, and right after Miguel leaves the room, it goes in...Tabitha and Timmy are outside looking up at the window when they see it start to glow a red. Timmy recognizes the glow as being from the pendant. Tabitha is excited that evil is going to take over. Floating over Charity's bed is the pendant, and coming from it is a demonic voice..."come to evil Charity, now is the time, come with us, evil, evil, evil" Suddenly Charity's eyes pop open, instead of being brown, they are the same glowing red that they were on the dock, when she tried to kill Miguel.

The Church:
The blind priest walks into the chapel where he kneels in front of the angel statue, the statue forms into a real angel and he tells her that he did it, he conquered the evil that came into Harmony. She tells him no, it is still here. It is trying to penetrate a heart and soul now. She tells him that they are at war and no one is exempt from the evil. That he has to be prepared, it is going to test all souls.

Back At The Bennett House:
Evil is still trying to penetrate a heart and soul...Charity's.

Monday, July 17, 2000 | Episode #267

The show starts out on the dock with Theresa and Whitney and Pilar. Theresa tells them that she is going to go to the Crane Mansion to tell Ethan that she loves him and make him chose between she and Gwen. Whitney tells her that she is crazy and Pillar, her mother tells her that if Gwen and her mother found out that they would really tear Theresa apart. She then forbids Theresa to go to the Crane Mansion. She tells Whitney to take Theresa home and when she gets back from checking on Ivy, she wants to find Theresa home in bed asleep. She then leaves to go to the Crane Mansion. Theresa begins to walk away when Whitney stops her and asks her where she is going; Theresa tells her that she is going to the Crane Mansion to tell Ethan that she loves him. Whitney says no, you cant but they go in that direction anyway.

The Crane Mansion:
At the Crane Mansion Julian has already arrived and as the rest of the family comes in, he comes down the stairs dry and dressed. Mrs. Hotchkiss and Gwen are talking about the episode earlier. Mrs. Hotchkiss tells Gwen that she must go and talk to Ethan about Theresa. She tells her mother that she is sure that Ethan would not keep secrets from her and she is sure that they will work it out. She then goes to talk to Ethan; she tells him that they need to talk about what happened earlier with Theresa. He tells her that he is going to go help his mother up the stairs and he will be right back down to talk to her. Gwen says that if he tells her that Theresa was after him she would go to her house and rip the girl apart. Then Pillar walks in Julian asks why she is there, Ethan tells him that she is here to check on mother. and at least someone cares about how she is. He tells Pillar to go on up, mother would love to see you.

Ivy is in her room looking at a locket with a picture of Sam in it and a picture of a baby in it, most likely Ethan when Pillar knocks at the door. She comes in and ivy tells her how happy she is to see her. She tells her about how Sam risked his life for her, which means that he still loves her and that he will soon be hers. Pillar is a bit confused and asks what she is talking about. Ivy tells her that she told Sam that Ethan was his son. Pillar is very upset. She tells ivy that Sam will never leave grace. Ivy tells her that Sam now has a reason to love me like he never loved grace. Pillar thinks that ivy has sealed her own fate.

Elsewhere down stairs, Julian is speaking to his father. Alistair is telling him that he was supposed to stay clear of eve, and that he deserved what T.C. gave him. Julian then tells the same story that eve told T.C. that the boat rocked and he fell onto her. T.C. knew everything he would kill you (Julian). He then tells Julian that he be a disgrace to the family name. That this is just added to the long list of screw-ups that Julian has done. Julian tells his dad of the conversation that he had with Tabitha's doll, and how the doll was making "martimmys." Alistair then asks Julian why he was even on the prom boat; he was supposed to be introducing Sheridan to guys at the Seascape to distract her from Luis. He tells his father that he went to look for his wife. All-star ask why she was on the boat, he says because grace asked her to chaperon the prom, and that he was supposed to be keeping an eye on her. Julian's father then says that he is coming to see things for himself and Julian tries to persuade him not too. He then tells Julian that he has made his decisionhis decision to make Ethan heir to the Crane family. Julian fights this by saying that he is his son; he can't take that away from him. At the same time, Pillar and Ivy are downstairs listening to Julian talk to Alistair. This bit of information excites Ivy. She tells Pillar that everything is falling into place. Pillar tells her that Sam is an honorable man and he will tell Ethan that Julian isn't his father and Alistair will not leave anything to Sam or Ethan if he knows this. And that she has just given Julian the power to crush her and Ethan. Ivy then realizes this and is very worried.

Back in Ethan's room, he and Gwen are discussing the situation with Theresa. Gwen asks Ethan if there is anything going on between them. She asks if Theresa told him that she loved him. He asks what Theresa said about all of this, Gwen tells him that Theresa said that she was only doing what Gwen asked her to do, go to prom with Ethan, help with the wedding. Ethan agrees with what Theresa says and tells Gwen that there is nothing to worry about. Gwen then realizes that she was wrong to assume something like that after Ethan tells her the only reason she is thinking like this is because of what her mother said and how all of her mothers friends at the club and work were. How they always think that some little girl is after their husbands. Gwen gives Ethan a hug and tells him she is sorry to please forgive her, he tells her that e loves her and that there is nothing to forgive. She then decides that it is time for her to go, and says she will take the back stairs out. As she gets to the stairs, she realizes she left her purse and goes to get it from his sisters room.

The Bennett House:
T.C. is taking to Sam about what Ivy said to him, he asks what it is. Sam tells him he cant talk about it now, not until he knows if it is true or not. T.C. replies with, if it is coming from Ivy Crane then it probably isn't true.

In the kitchen, Grace and Eve are talking about the night. Grace tells Eve that she was worried about Sam, and she is glad that everyone is okay. She says that she couldn't believe that Ivy was in danger and Julian never came to help her. She tells Eve that she is glad that she and Sam have a better relationship than that and that she knows that Sam would never keep any secrets from her. She knows everything about Sam that there is to know. They go into the living room to have tea with Sam and T.C. In the living room, they are talking about how much they all hate the Cranes. How all of them have a reason to hate them. T.C. thinks that Julian is definitely to blame for his injury, and how he also took their families farm away in the 19th century. Sam say's that all of the Cranes are poisoned, with the exception of maybe Sheridan and Ethan. Grace then says that Ethan seems familiar to her, like he reminds her of someone, she just cant think of who. This worries Sam. T.C. and Eve then begin to leave to go home. Just as they do, the phone rings, it is Sam's son. Grace calls to Sam and tells him that his son is on the phone, he responds with Ethan? Grace tells him no, Noah. He talks to Noah for a minute and Grace asks him why he said Ethan, then she tells him she knows why. Because they were all just talking about Ethan and he was still on Sam's mind. He agrees. Grace then tells Sam that she knows who Ethan reminds her of, Noah, that Ethan has got the Bennett eyes. Sam looks very distraught.

The Russell House:
As T.C. and Eve lie in bed, T.C. wonders what Ivy could have told Sam to upset him so much. She says that she doesn't know, but she also asked Sam what she had told him. T.C. wonders why Ivy wants to be so close to Sam and he thinks that she might be having him followed. But then says that nothing will come between Sam and Grace.

The Crane Mansion:
Theresa and Whitney wait outside for Gwen to leave. Whitney tells Theresa to call her when she needs to get bailed out of jail. That when Gwen finds them she is going to tear Theresa apart. Theresa doesn't believe it. They then proceed to go upstairs and after Gwen leaves, she is going to go into Ethan's room and make him decide who he wants to be with. As they sneak up to Ethan's door, they hear Gwen tell Ethan that she is going to go out through the back stairs the go to the back stairs having no where else to go. They both think that they are going to be killed when Gwen finds then. Then they hear Gwen say she left her purse and go to get it. Theresa tells Whitney that fate is on her side and now is the time to make Ethan decide. She goes into his room. Ethan comes out of the bathroom and to his surprise sees Theresa standing there. She tells him that he never had a chance to tell her how he felt about her. She then tells him again that she loves him, they slowly get close to each other. While they are close, Gwen is in the hallway, she decides that she wants to give Ethan one more good night kiss, and tell him again how sorry she is for thinking things about he and Theresa

Tuesday, July 18, 2000 | Episode #268
The Bennett House:
Grace tells Sam she knows what's going on with him -- he's having trouble solving a case! Relieved, Sam agrees with her, and she cheers about their internal closeness, and offers to give him a hand. She asks him what the case involves, and an inner voice reiterates Sam's question about Ethan's parentage. He tells Grace now isn't the time to talk about the case -- maybe later. Grace presses for more information as to why Sam is so upright -- she loves him, and knows he wouldn't keep something important from her that would affect their family. Sam tells her that she means everything to him, and that it would kill him. Suddenly, Grace says she knows why Sam is so upset. He's worried about Hank -- his muggers are still at large. Sam admits that the mugging is bothering him. He worries about Hank's relationship with Sheridan -- the Cranes have a nasty habit of ruining people's lives. Grace asks how true love can hurt -- imagine Hank marrying Sheridan. Grace thinks it would be fun to have the Cranes (excepting Julian) as in-laws, even though Ivy's only a Crane by marriage. Sam says Ivy is just as bad as the rest of the damn Cranes, and Grace wants to know what he has against her. Sam says Ivy's getting bad, and Grace says that is even more reason for Hank to marry Sheridan -- if the Bennetts marry the Cranes, it will be good for the whole town. Sam says that she's a wonderful person, and Grace assures him that she doesn't envy the Cranes -- she has everything she could ever want. She tells Sam that she understands why he envies Julian, because he has something Sam wants more than anything -- two sons. Sam turns and yells at her that he doesn't need Ethan as his son. He covers himself by saying that they'd been talking about Ethan all night, and Grace chalks it up to her remark that Ethan and Noah could be brothers. She apologizes for talking up a blue streak, and tells Sam that he doesn't have to pretend he isn't upset that they didn't have another son. He tells Grace that she is the best wife he could ever have, and that he loves her and their family (including surrogate daughter Charity). He doesn't need another son (but he looks longingly at Ethan's photograph on the newspaper). Grace tells Sam she's headed to bed. He tells her he'll be there in a second, but wants to check in at the station first. He says he can't rest until he KNOWS if Ethan's his son, and decides to check the Internet for information. Immediately, a picture of Ethan loads up.

The Docks:
On the docks, Luis tells Sheridan he would rather be safe than sorry -- she's to go home with Hank, and he'll be there soon. Hank tells Les that there's no way he'll kill Sheridan, but Les tells him he has no choice. If he kills her, he'll have money in his pocket, and no debt with Les. If not, the consequences will be enormous. Hank heads over to Luis and Sheridan, and Luis tells Hank to take her home. Sheridan takes Hank's arm and says she trusts Hank with her life. Hank looks over to Les, who aims an imaginary gun at his head and pulls the trigger. The two leave.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Arriving back at the cottage, Sheridan tells Hank she feels very safe with him -- she and Luis just rub each other the wrong way. Hank tells her Luis is just the way he is. Sheridan wonders why Luis would risk his life to save her or Ivy, and Hank says that's the way Luis is -- he does the right thing instinctively. Sheridan flashes back to the kiss on the docks before the she overheard the Luis imposter. She goes to get coffee. Hank says he wishes he was more like Luis, who always does the right thing. Sheridan says he is, and Hank says no, not always.

Luis calls Sheridan at the cottage, and she tells him there are no hitmen in sight. In the background, Hank looks worried. They argue over the phone, and Sheridan hangs up. Sheridan looks at Hank and says he looks extremely tense. When she presses, he says her safety is all he can think about. The two embrace, and Sheridan feels the gun inside his inner pocket. She takes it out and asks him what he's doing with it.

He asks her not to tell Sam and Hank and places the gun on the table, but she blasts him for saying he'd get rid of it then lying to her. He tells her he didn't feel right protecting her unarmed. She apologizes for doubting him, but says that she hates violence. Hank rubs his forehead, tense. She tells him that sometimes people have to do things they wouldn't normally do. A desperate Hank agrees with her -- sometimes people get backed into corners and have to do things they know are wrong. Sheridan asks him if he's one of those people -- she knows he's not telling her something. He tells her he doesn't want to talk about it, then backtracks by telling her he was just speaking hypothetically. She tells her that if he needs to talk, she's there for him. When she leaves, Hank admits to himself that this whole mess is his fault. (Flashback to Les telling him that there are consequences if he doesn't do it.) Torn, Hank reaches for the gun, but puts it back down. Instead, he grabs a vase and throws it against the wall. He's obviously close to breaking down. Sheridan rushes out to ask what's wrong. Hank has tears in his eyes as he looks away.

Hank says sometimes things are Just more than he can handle, and collapses in a nearby chair. He doesn't know what to do, but he can't tell Sheridan. She tells Hank she understands -- first he's beaten, then the prom disaster. Hank looks desperate and exasperated, tears still in his eyes. Sheridan says the gun was his way of getting back in control -- control over whether she lives or dies. Sheridan continues to try to cheer Hank up, but from the way he is rubbing his neck, it's obvious he's getting more worried and more tense by the minute. Sheridan makes a joke that the only reason she would be in danger is if Hank was coming to get her. Before Hank can say anything, his pants ring. It's Les on the phone -- he wants to know if Sheridan's alive or dead. Hank excuses himself to take the call. He tells Les there is no way he will kill Sheridan. Les tells Hank that if he doesn't kill Sheridan, he will go after his family -- his brother, his sister-in-law, their kids...if he doesn't kill Sheridan, Les'll start thinning out the Bennett clan. With the same tortured look he's worn all night, Hank realizes he's caught between a rock and a heartache.

The Docks:
On the docks, Luis is talking on the phone to the station, telling them he's almost done. Agent Freeman shows up and asks where Sheridan is. Luis says she's with Hank, and Freeman wants to know if he's lost his mind. Freeman asks about Hank. Who is he, how long has Luis known him...Luis assures him that Hank's safe -- he's the police chief's son, and they've known each other all their lives. Freeman says safety is debatable -- they've just gotten a tip that there is a new hitman on the job, and he's a local boy.

The Crane Mansion, Downstairs:
As Julian listens, his father tells him that he's out as the next head of the Crane family empire -- the role will go to Ethan. In the hallway, Ivy laments that by telling Sam he's Ethan's father, she has put all of her dreams for Ethan and his future in jeopardy. She knows Sam will want Ethan to know the truth, and that Ethan won't take what isn't his by birth. Pilar says that's not all Ethan will lose -- he'll be destroyed when he loses his identity as a Crane, and Ivy's lust for Sam is to blame.

Julian tells Alistair that Ethan isn't ready, and he wants another chance, and Alistair castigates him for his tone. In the hall, Ivy tells Pilar that she's right -- she can't believe what her obsession with Sam has done to her. She acknowledges for the first time her irrational hope that Sam would fall back in love with her, but now she just wants Sam to keep quiet. Pilar says there's no way to fix it, and reminds Ivy that Sam is such a loving father he won't be able to stay away from his son. Ivy knows that Julian learning the truth will be the kiss of death for Ethan. Julian asks Alistair what he's done to justify his disinheritance, and Alistair says the fact that he doesn't know proves it, and that Ethan will now be groomed as the heir. In the hall, Ivy says she has sacrificed everything for Ethan, her urges and needs, and stayed away from Sam. She could have had other men, but she hasn't -- she was fine until the day that Sam Bennett walked through the door as police chief to talk to Julian about Luis. Suddenly, she became crazed with her obsession for him, lost decades of self-control, and ruined everything.

Julian goes out into the hall, and finds Ivy and Pilar there. He confronts Ivy, and she admits that she heard everything. He tells Pilar to take off, and drags Ivy into the library. He accuses her of loving this, seeing him out on his ear and Ethan in charge, but he won't give up. He damns her, and his father, and says even his son won't take his rightful place. Ivy gives him heck for using the speakerphone. He blames his problems (the prom boat, being drugged) on her, saying it's her fault. He tells her that she didn't go on the boat to chaperone, she had an ulterior moment. When he learns her secrets, he'll stop her and Alistair from using Ethan against him, no matter who gets hurt. Behind Ivy, Julian is pacing. He needs to find some way to get himself a reprieve. He latches on the solution -- Ivy. He'll get Alistair so worried about what Ivy is up to that he'll forget about him. Ivy, meanwhile, is holding onto her open locket. He comes up behind her, and surprises her by bellowing "Out with it woman!" He tells her that when he learns her secret, Alistair will forget all about him. Seeing Pilar, he comments that no doubt Pilar knows her secret. But he knows she won't tell him. Ivy tries to leave, but Julian begs the question, 'What about Ethan?" Maybe he knows his mother's dirty little secret. She says there is nothing for Ethan to know. A furious Julian grabs Ivy, and pulls on her. He wants the secret, and he wants it now. When he pulls her, Ivy drops the still-open locket containing Ethan and Sam's pictures on the floor. As Julian manhandles Ivy, she looks truly frightened for the first time.

The Crane Mansion, Upstairs:
Upstairs, Theresa approaches Ethan, and tells him she returned to know whether or not he loves her. Gwen leaves Ethan's sister's room, talking out loud about how she can't believe she was so irrational about Theresa. One more goodnight kiss, and she'll head home. Inside, Ethan asks Theresa to kiss him, saying that will tell her everything.

Ethan tells Theresa kissing her won't solve anything, but he has something to tell him. Theresa interrupts him, telling him to speak his heart. In the hall, Gwen is headed into the room when her mother calls on her cell phone, asking her if she made Ethan see Theresa for the 'scheming social climber' that she is. Gwen continues to reassure her mother that neither are betraying her, but Rebecca says a man can't recognize a gold-digger -- and Gwen better get rid of her before it's too late! Ethan admits that he does have feelings for her -- deep feelings of friendship. Theresa tells him that friendship is the cornerstone of any marriage, and she knows their marriage will last forever.

Ethan says he doesn't have the words, and Theresa tells him they have all the time in the world. In the hall, Gwen says she trusts Ethan completely. Rebecca says men can't be trusted around women like Theresa, and that Gwen should do everything she can short of killing Theresa to make sure she stays away from Ethan. Theresa tells Ethan she's so glad they'll be spending the night together, there's so much she needs to say. Ethan tries to speak, but she interrupts him. Theresa tells Ethan that he has to tell her he loves her. She continues to push Ethan to tell her how he feels, but he says nothing. Gwen tells Rebecca she's overreacting, and Rebecca says it's good that she (Rebecca) sees what Theresa really is. Gwen still doesn't believe Theresa is a threat, but makes clear that she won't stand for anyone trying to steal Ethan. In the bedroom, Theresa continues to push Ethan to tell her he loves her. He says nothing, but leans in to kiss her.

Gwen knocks on the door, interrupting the two before their lips can meet. Ethan rushes to the door, and asks Gwen what she's doing there. He kisses her, and Gwen mentions that her mother phoned and tried to get her to see that Theresa was a social climber. Again, she apologizes for her behavior, and Ethan says there is no need for her to apologize. Gwen asks Ethan why he is standing in the doorway, not letting her see in. In the background, Theresa edges toward the bathroom. Ethan opens the door to let Gwen in. She walks into the room, then starts laughing. She can't believe she let her mother get to her again. Gwen says that her mother almost had her believing that Theresa had snuck into the house and Ethan's room after she left. Imagine, Ethan and Pilar's daughter. In the bathroom, Theresa has a petulant look on her face, and is thinking, "You bitch. I should pull your blonde hair out by it's black roots and choke you with it!" Gwen asks Ethan if her mother is just being paranoid -- Ethan and Theresa would never go behind her's back, would they? Does he have romantic feelings for her? Ethan tells her no. They kiss, and Gwen is ready to leave, when Theresa makes a noise in the bathroom. Ethan tells Gwen there was no noise -- her mother has her acting paranoid. Gwen and Ethan kiss again, then Gwen leaves. Theresa comes out of the bathroom, and tells Ethan she almost wishes Gwen had found them together. Ethan thinks she can't be serious. Theresa says it tore her up to hear him tell Gwen he felt nothing for her, and Ethan tells her he didn't mean what he said to Gwen. Theresa again pushes him to tell her he loves her, and places a hand on his bare chest. She has to know, and she has to know now.

Wednesday, July 19, 2000 | Episode #269
Outside The Bennett House:
Timmy and Tabitha are outside the Bennett house, watching Charity's window. Inside, the pendant is flying in the air above Charity, who is tossing and turning in her sleep. Timmy's exhausted, but Tabitha wants to stay. Suddenly Timmy gasps -- he's afraid he'll dream about the prom disaster. (Flashback to Timmy riding around on the shark.) Tabitha draws Timmy's attention to the glow in Charity's room, and says that something evil is about to happen in the Bennett house...and the person to be affected this time will be Grace. Like Charity and the rest of the Standish clan, Grace has ESP powers, albeit weak ones, and tonight, she will see the future! Suddenly Grace screams. Timmy wants to know why, and Tabitha tells him he's going to climb up the trellis to find out, despite Timmy's pleas not to. Timmy calls down that Grace had a nightmare about a woman in a hood taking Sam away from her. Tabitha says it's just the beginning -- the Cranes, Bennetts, and Russells will all be destroyed, and Tabitha starts doing a happy dance about destruction and devastation. All of a sudden, Timmy falls to the ground! Tabitha picks him up, and starts a new dance about ashes.

Inside The Bennett House:
Downstairs, Sam looks at the picture of Ethan on the computer screen. (Flashback to Ivy's confession in the water.) He asks aloud if it's possible for Ethan to be his son. In their bed, Grace dreams that she and Sam are embracing when a mysterious cloaked woman and child show up, saying that Sam is hers, and that he has always loved her. She wakes up screaming, and Sam rushes upstairs. She continues to scream, waking the girls, who rush out into the hallway. Charity says Grace is having a premonition. Sam tells the girls not to worry, and heads into the bedroom. Kay tells Charity that there is nothing wrong, like her dad said, it's just a bad dream, not a premonition. Sam tells Grace she was Just having a bad dream, and she begs him not to leave her [Grace] for her [dream woman]. Sam says 'Her? You know?' Grace says she saw everything -- a woman in a hood, coming to take Sam away, to tear the Bennett family apart. Sam embraces her. He tells her that nothing could ever come between him. Grace says that the woman just swept down and stole Sam away. He tries to reassure her that it was a bad dream, and leans in to hug her, but she pushes him back. There was something else...the woman had a little boy with her. Sam draws back, shocked.

Kay opens the door to a 'concerned' Tabitha, telling her that Grace screamed because of a bad dream. Charity says she hopes it wasn't a premonition, and Kay tells her that she was wrong, and she's not worried at all. Jessica notes that Charity, Faith, and Grace have premonitions...she finds it interesting that it runs in the family, probably passed through Grace's side of the family, and wonders if she and Kay will start having premonitions too. Kay tells her to shut up. Tabitha tells Timmy in an aside that Grace saw into the future, because someone will come for Sam, and her whole family will be ripped apart. Suddenly Grace and Sam come downstairs, and she embraces her daughters, assuring them that it was just a bad dream. Jessica goes to the kitchen for milk, and Tabitha tells Grace that they were all so worried. Sam wants to know what Tabitha is doing there, and she says she heard the screams. Jessica asks what the dream was about, and Grace tells her about the cloaked woman, then says it was just foolishness. Tabitha tells Timmy that the woman in the cloak was Ivy, and that Sam is Ethan's father, and Ethan will come between Grace and Sam. Suddenly, Grace notices Ethan's picture on Sam's laptop, and wants to know how it got there. He says that he wants to know everything he can about Ethan in case Ethan rips into him in front of the police review board. His daughters are indignant -- they think that is terrible! Sam tries to fix the situation. When Kay tries to say it's unfair, he interrupts her, and tells them it's none of his business. Suddenly Grace comments on how much Ethan looks like a Bennett. Jessica agrees, but both Sam and Kay insist there's no resemblance. Charity says nothing, but looks between Sam and Ethan with a thoughtful look on her face. Tabitha says that Charity is plotting something, and evil will be there soon.

Tabitha tells them she has to head off, and Kay mentions the rash she received from the pendant. Tabitha tells her she was probably allergic to the metal, but Kay says they'll never know because the pendant has disappeared. Upstairs, the pendant floats over Charity's bed, as she comments on the resemblance between Ethan and the Bennetts. Kay says she's headed to bed. Over at the computer, Jessica tells Sam she agrees with him -- Ethan DOES look like a Bennett. Sam tells her to head to bed, but Jessica says she's not tired. Sam admits that he wants to find out all about Ethan, and Jessica offers to help him look -- there's nothing you can't find on the Internet. Outside, Tabitha says that the revelation will change Sam's life. Upstairs, Grace continues to dream. The little boy grabs Sam's arm, and pulls him out of an embrace with Grace. Sam embraces the mysterious woman in the red cloak, with the boy by their side.

Upstairs At The Crane Mansion:
Ethan tells Theresa not to get upset. He didn't mean it when he said he had no feelings for her (he didn't want to hurt Gwen), and says he would be crazy not to have feelings for her. Theresa throws her arms around him and says she knew it, she knew he loved her. Ethan looks uncomfortable, and it's clear he's not about to make a declaration of love. She backs off, telling him that she knew fate was on her side, and now they'll get married. With a surprised look on his face, Ethan tries to speak, but she interrupts him. She says Gwen will see they're meant to be together. He tries to speak again, but Theresa interrupts. He finally gets out that he is committed to Gwen, and will not hurt her. Theresa tells him that they'll both go to Gwen, and that Gwen will give him up when she realizes how much Ethan loves Theresa. Ethan clearly has something to say, and the look on his face says Theresa won't like it, but suddenly, he 'hears' something. He grabs a shirt and heads to the hallway, where he hears his parents arguing. Pilar tells him to head downstairs. He goes, and Pilar is shocked to see her daughter has disobeyed her and come to the mansion. She tells her it is the worst possible time for Theresa to be here. She tells Theresa that she told her not to come here, but Theresa said she had to talk to Ethan, and assures her mother that Gwen didn't see her, but that it doesn't matter anymore. Pilar says of course it does, but Theresa says now Ethan is hers, and she's going to make sure he stays hers. Pilar assures that Gwen and Rebecca will fight even harder than her Theresita will. Pilar asks Theresa if Ethan has told her he loves her, and she has to admit that he has not, but she knows he will. Pilar tells her that she is playing with fire. Love is powerful, and stealing Ethan from Gwen will only hurt her. Nothing good comes from love gotten from secrets and lies, and when people in love keep secrets, it always comes back to haunt them. Theresa clues in that it's not just about her, and asks her what it IS about. Theresa asks her if it's the fight she's worried about, the Cranes. Pilar denies it, but Theresa continues to push. She says if it has to do with Ethan she has a right to know. She can't forget about the Cranes because she's going to be one of them. Pilar says she will never be a Crane -- it will be a disaster. Pilar tells her she never should have lied to Gwen -- you can't win a man by lying. She says it may take years for Theresa's lies to become known, but when they do, the walls will come tumbling down around her. Theresa tells her mother that she doesn't know what she's talking about -- her love for Ethan is too pure. Pilar tells her she's seen it happen before, and she doesn't want it to happen to her daughter. She's seen things like this happen, and she doesn't want to see it happen to her daughter. Theresa asks her if there is a secret here that would destroy the Cranes marriage. If there is a secret having to do with Ethan, Pilar has to tell her. Pilar Just tells her to stay away from Ethan -- both Gwen and Rebecca will go after her. They will hound Theresa until the truth about her lies to Ethan come out, because Rebecca is relentless. Theresa says she's not afraid, but Pilar points out that Pilar has kept too many secrets from Ethan. He won't Just laugh it off -- men hate being lied to, especially men like Ethan. Theresa said the past won't matter once Ethan is in love with her, but Pilar points out that it may never happen. Theresa says she won't leave until he says he loves her. Pilaf tells Theresa that if she loves Ethan, she will go home right now. Theresa tries to refuse, but Pilaf insists. The Crane family is falling apart, and Theresa being there will only cause more pain.

Downstairs At The Crane Mansion:
As the locket lies open on the floor, Julian asks Ivy if she has any idea how it feels to have something taken from him that he's waited his entire life for. Pilar continues to watch the two from the hallway, knowing that if Julian sees the locket, he'll know the secret. Julian continues to shake Ivy as he demands to know her secret; he says if he goes down, he'll! take her with him. He demands she tell her secret then, releasing her, and saying that her secret will save him in Alistair's eyes. Ivy says Alistair has never looked favorably upon Julian, and he says he hasn't spent his life kowtowing to Alistair for nothing -- if he has to destroy Ivy to restore his birthright, he will. Suddenly, Julian has an epiphany -- Ivy has always sacrificed everything for her son, and he realizes that whatever her secret is, it has to do with Ethan. Suddenly, Pilaf rushes in, and Julian roars at her to get the hell out (she runs). Ivy insists she has no secret, and Julian says he'll rip it out of her.

Ethan arrives downstairs and tells Ethan to let go of his mother. He wants to know what's going on, and Julian says it's time they both know the truth. Ivy says nothing, and Ethan tells his father to calm down, Ivy's been through a lot. Julian says that's nothing compared to what she's going to go through. Suddenly Julian changes tactics and apologizes, saying he's had a bad night. Then he lays the bombshell on Ethan -- Alistair has put him out to pasture, and Ethan is now the Crane heir -- all because of certain things that happened on the prom boat, which Julian blames on Ivy. Ethan doesn't understand. Julian starts talking about dark alleys, and Ethan is still clueless. Julian tells Ethan maybe he knows why Ivy has been so secretive lately, maybe HE knows why Ivy went on the prom boat. Ethan says he certainly won't push Ivy, she has a right to her privacy. Julian taunts Ethan about being on some moral high ground. Ivy says, again, that there is no secret, and Ethan takes her at her word. Julian starts giggling. Ethan says there is no way that Ivy was up to anything, and Julian says he's naïve; Ivy does nothing without an ulterior motive. He wants to know why Ivy is associating with the low-rent crowd. Ethan comes between them and says he knows exactly why Ivy has been doing what she's been doing. Ivy has been involving herself in the community to drum up local support for his political future. Julian says if Ethan wants to run for something, he'll buy the election. Ivy says she will do anything for HER son. Julian corrects her, saying 'Our son.' She merely replies, Whatever! Ethan assures Julian that he did not ask Alistair to bypass him, and he will only run Crane industries after Julian has been in charge for a long time. He assures Julian that being a Crane means everything to him, and Julian says that together, they will run Crane industries and be a force to be reckoned with. Julian tells Ethan to ask Alistair about it at his wedding to Gwen. Ethan looks like he just remembered suddenly that he was engaged to Gwen. Julian asks Ethan if there's a problem with the wedding -- Alistair would be furious if the wedding didn't go off as planned. Ethan assures his father that of course he'll marry Gwen, he just has to take care of a few things. Ivy tells Ethan that she's sure Gwen is just having pre-wedding jitters. Julian says he's sure it will all work out -- Ethan is his son, his heir, blood of his blood. Ivy gives him a look over her shoulder. Ethan tells Julian that he owes Ivy an apologize. Julian does, but says his suspicions are logical. Ivy says she was only trying to help her son, and accepts the apology. Ethan tells Ivy she should go to bed (she demurs), and that the whole prom thing was Sam's fault. Julian agrees. Ivy says Sam went out of his way to save lives, and Ethan says it's up to the police board to decide. Julian agrees. Ethan blames their argument on Sam Bennett -- if it hadn't been for him, Alistair would never have disinherited Ethan. Julian takes the ball, and says he doesn't see why he should be punished for Sam Bennett's dereliction of duty. Ethan says that Ivy needs to spend less time with the community, and Ivy agrees, after telling him that everything she's ever done has been for him. From now on, she's going to concentrate on his marriage to Gwen, and says she's so happy that Ethan is marrying the woman he loves. Plus, it's what Alistair wants. Ethan excuses himself. Julian tells Ivy that his apology was just an act, and now he wants her to drop HER act. What secret is she so zealously guarding? He assures her that he'll find out sooner or later. Ivy tells Julian he's gone from amusing to a bore, but Julian says she hasn't answered his question. Is the truth to much to ask from his wife? He tells her he'll be watching her, and if he finds out his disinheritance is her fault, he'll destroy her. He leaves, and tells Pilar she better get in there to see to her mistress as her most trusted confidante, and heads up the stairs. Pilar asks Ivy if she's okay, and Ivy complains about Julian and Ethan's bonding, and Julian is hell-bent on uncovering her secret, and Ethan will lose everything. So she'll just have to keep quiet forever. Pilar points that she already told Sam that Ethan was his son, and Ivy says that with luck, Sam will chalk it up to her being delirious.

The Docks/Ethan's Bedroom (split scene):
Theresa phones from the docks, and gets Ethan's answering machine. She tells him how much she loves him, and that she knows he loves her. He doesn't want to hurt Gwen, but knows that together they can do anything. Listening in his room, Ethan has a thoughtful and slightly irritated look on his face as Theresa goes on about how they'll be together forever.

Thursday, July 20, 2000 | Episode #270
Crane Mansion:
The story starts out with Pilar and Ivy in Ivy's room. Ivy has a stack of letters and things that remind her of Sam. She tells Pilar that all of those things are proof that Ethan is Sam's son. Ivy hopes that Sam doesn't take what she said seriously and hopes that he has forgotten all about it. Pilar doesn't think that he has or will.

Bennett House:
Sam is looking at a picture of Ethan and Grace is asleep in the bed. Sam wonders to himself if Ethan is really his son. He then decides that he has to find out if he is. He has to ask Ivy about what she said and get some answers. He takes off to her house.

Back At Crane Mansion:
There is a knock at the door, Pilar asks who it is, to she and Ivy's surprise, it is Sam Bennett. Pilar opens the door while Ivy tries to stay out of his line of vision. Sam tells Pilar that it is really late, Sam realizes this but tells Pilar that he really needs to talk to Ivy about something and it cant wait. He tells Pilar to wake her up, he wants answers. They both run up to Ivy's room. Sam goes in followed by Pilar, Ivy is pretending to be asleep in the bed. He then asks Pilar if she knows any thing about Ivy's secret. He knows that she is Ivy's closest confident. He tells her what Ivy told him in the water, that Ethan was his son, not Julian's son. Pilar pretends to know nothing about what he is talking about. And Sam tells her that he wont force her to betray Ivy that he will be back in the morning to talk to Ivy. He then notices something on Ivy's table. Sleeping pills, Pilar tells him that she takes them sometimes when she cant sleep, that she took a few tonight. He then begins to leave and tells Pilar to make sure Ivy knows he will be back in the morning. As soon as he is gone, Ivy jumps up. She asks Pilar what she needs to do? Pilar tells her that there is nothing that she can do, that this is going to destroy her life. That she has got to destroy everything that can connect her, Sam and Ethan. She tells Pilar that she doesn't want to get rid of the stuff, it her time with the 2 of them. It is also the only proof that Sam is Ethan's father, and if someone finds it all of their lives would be destroyed. She asks Pilar what she has done. Elsewhere is the Crane Mansion Ethan is still listening to Theresa on the answering machine, telling him that they will both break it off with Gwen, that she will understand because it is love, and love is everything. And nothing can come in the way when 2 people love each other as they do, that they will be together forever. Ethan picks up the phone, and asks if she is still there. He realizes that he really needs to talk to her and goes looking for her.

The Harbor:
Theresa is at the harbor when she hangs up with Ethan's answering machine. She thinks back about the kiss that took place in that very spot, the first kiss. She then decides that she has to tell someone about her good fortune. She is on her way to tell someone.

The Book Cafe:
Whitney walks into the book cafe and sees that Chad is working, she asks him if he thinks he needs to be working. He responds, but Whitney is too busy thinking about the kiss that she and Chad shared in the water after the boat sank. He tells her to not worry about it, it will all work out. She ask him what he is talking about, and he tells her the question that she is thinking about in her head. She asks him if the guy feels the same way about the girl. Chad tells her that the guy is crazy about the girl. He is sure that the guy feels the same way. That when the 2 of them are in the same room the temperature goes up like 100 degrees. He says that he is talking about Ethan and Theresa and asks her if that is who she was talking about. With tons of disappointment in her voice that those were the 2 people she was talking about. He notices the disappointment in her voice and asks her if she was thinking about the 2 of them. And she tells him no, but he knows differently because he tells her that she is such a bad liar. She tells him that she doesn't know what he is talking about. She says that she is only worried about Theresa. Just then, Theresa walks in and sits down with Whitney. Whitney ask her what the smile is for, did Ethan tell you he loved you. She begins to tell Whitney that he was going to, but they were interrupted but she could tell by the look in his eyes that he loved her. Whitney disagrees with her. She tells Theresa that if Ethan loved her, then he would have told her by now. That his answer is obvious. Theresa says no, you didn't see the look, it is for real. Whitney tells Theresa that she is dreaming, that it will never happen. Chad overhears Whitney's negative remarks and tells her to not discourage her friends to keep them to herself. He asks what she would do if someone tried to persuade her to quit tennis because there was no hope of her becoming a pro. She tells him that there is the chance of that, but there is no chance of Ethan leaving Gwen for Theresa. He tells Theresa to not give up on Ethan, that she has been trying to hard to quit now. Whitney tells Chad that love isn't a game, that lies hurt in love. And he tells her that sometimes white lies are okay. They continue to argue about petty things when Theresa cuts in and asks them if this was about she and Ethan or the 2 of them. Theresa and Whitney decide that it is time to leave the coffee shop. But what they don't know is that Ethan is out looking for Theresa to talk to her and not long after they leave, Ethan enters the coffee shop. He asks Chad if he doesn't think that he has been through enough. Chad asks Ethan why he is out this late prowling around, he tells Chad that he is looking for someone. Chad tells him that Theresa just left with Whitney, and he knows that Theresa told him that she loved him and that Ethan needed to decide who he was going to spend the rest of his life with. Ethan realizes this and tells Chad that he has to find Theresa, she has to be the first one to know and runs out of the coffee shop, as he does this, Chad grabs his side in pain and makes his way over to a chair to rest. And he then realizes that his side is bleeding.

The Dock:
Luis is talking to another officer from the PD. He is told that a local guy has been hired to kill Sheridan. The officer asks Luis what If it was Hank that was hired to kill Sheridan? He is confused as to why someone would think it was Hank, he is crazy about Sheridan. The officer tells Luis that it was just a hypothetical guess, but it wasn't a guess that someone in Harmony was the real hitman. That they cannot trust anyone, but Hank could be scratched from the list. Luis tells the officer that he needs to get back to the job, although it was a tough one, seeing how Sheridan was so stubborn, and the only way it would be easier to handcuff Sheridan to him. The officer makes a suggestion that they deputize someone to help Luis. And he mentions Hank's name. Luis tells him that Hank doesn't have a bad bone in his body. And he begins to leave.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Hank is still guarding Sheridan and he gets a phone call, the thugs tell him that this is his last chance to kill her or the price will be high. Hank asks what will happen if he doesn't kill her, because he really doesn't want to kill her, the thug tells him that he has a lot of family in Harmony and he will start taking out his family if Sheridan isn't killed tonight. The thug hangs up. Sheridan asks Luis if she could put on some music and he says it is fine. He is eyeing the gun. As the music is playing, Sheridan is thinking of when she and Luis were dancing she then walks to the window and begins looking out, in a daze. Behind her, Hank picks up the gun, points it at hershe then turns around and tells him not to shoot. She thinks that he was pointing the gun at someone out side and she tells him that there is no one outside and he plays along with her, saying that he thought he saw something. she tells Hank that she is so stressed about all of this and he begins to rub her neck. She makes a comment that if Luis was here, he would think that you were trying to strangle me. Hank thinks it over. Just as this episode is over, Luis comes in the door. He tells them that he needs to talk to Hank, Sheridan leaves the room, Luis tells Hank that, he has been deputized to help keep an eye on Sheridan. Hank tells him that the timing is no good. But Luis knows it will be fine. Sheridan comes in and is told the news that she will now have Hank and Luis, she seems a little upset that it wont always be just her and Luis.

Bennett House:
Just as Sam is returning from Ivy's house Grace is awakened by another dream/premonition about Sam being taken away from her. As she screams for Sam, the pendant is seem on her bedside table, glowing. Sam comes in and she tells him that she knows where he was at. That he went to see "her." She suddenly doesn't remember anything, and asks what is going on. Sam tells her that she had another nightmare. That he will always be there for her. She asks how someone with such a perfect life have nightmares and she falls back asleep. Sam goes to look at the picture of Ethan again.

Elsewhere In Harmony:
Ethan is out looking for Theresa, he goes to the dock, to the place where they first kissed. She isn't there, so he leaves. Whitney and Theresa show up at the dock and Theresa tells Whitney that this is the place where she and Ethan kissed. Theresa asks her why she is not willing to take a risk with Chad, that if it was her she would go back up to the coffee shop and talk to him. Whitney tells Theresa that there is a big difference between the 2 of them and that she has to get home. She leaves Theresa alone at the docks. Theresa stays there and begins thinking about the person she loves, Ethan. Also others in Harmony are doing the same. Ivy looks at her locket and then goes out to look at the stars. Sam looks at the picture of Ethan and goes to look at the stars. Ethan has some coffee and thinks about Theresa. Whitney goes to the coffee shop and looks in the window, trying to spot Chad, no luck. She walks away thinking about him. Chad gets out of the chair and goes to the window thinking about Whitney. Sheridan is looking at Luis out of the window, she turns away and he looks in. as she begins to look at him again, Hank walks in and sees Sheridan eyeing Luis and walks out. Love is in the air in Harmony

Friday, July 21, 2000 | Episode #271
The Bennett House:
Hank is lying all snug in his bed when the bedside phone rings. It's Les, and he wants to know why Sheridan is still alive. Hank tells him that between his phone calls and Luis' interruptions, he didn't have time to shoot her. Les warns Hank to quit stalling -- he has two pretty nieces, especially the elder one. Hank tells him to leave his niece Kay out of this, surely he wouldn't kill a cop's kid? Les tells Hank not to try pushing him -- he won't like the result.

The Bennett Kitchen/Window:
At the kitchen table, Sam is looking at Ethan's picture in the paper, and wondering if he could be his son. Grace is wandering around, wearing the pendant, and again comments on the Noah/Ethan resemblance. (Outside, Tabitha and Timmy are listening to the conversation. Tabitha wants to see how evil will strike in the Bennett house. Timmy points out to her that Grace is wearing the pendant, and it's glowing.) The pendant works it's magic on Grace, who says that she feels very strongly that Sam is keeping something from her that could change their lives forever. Sam assures her that nothing could ever do it. The two discuss the pendant, which Grace says just 'showed up' on her night-stand that morning. She was going to return it, but a little voice in her head told her to put it on. Sam is no sooner out the door, though, then Grace is adversely affected by the pendant. She knows Sam is keeping a secret from her, and she doesn't like it one 'damn' bit. (Outside, Timmy is shocked that Grace said the bad word.) Hank walks in the door to say good morning, and Grace just turns to look at him. He asks her if she's okay. She shakes off his concern with a smile, and tells him she'll make him some breakfast. When he tries to tell her not to, Grace suddenly turns a little mean, and snaps at him. Hank quickly agrees to eat the eggs, and has a perplexed look on his face when she turns back to the stove. Kay comes down from upstairs, kisses Grace on the cheek, and tells her not to worry about breakfast, 'cause she's going shopping today. Hank does his best to dissuade her from going, telling her he's concerned about the aftereffects of the prom thing, and thinks she should get her rest. Kay kisses her uncle and gives him a quick hug, saying she'll be fine, before she takes off. Grace comes over to the table, and Hank examines her pendant, saying he's seen things like it, when he was in Spain. He reaches forward to examine the pendant, and it continues to glow. Grace mentions to him that Sam is hiding something, and he tells her that he's going to take care of Sheridan. He heads off to the Crane mansion, and Tabitha comes rushing inside, with a book in one hand, and Timmy in the other. She lays the book on the counter, and tells Grace that the book will be able to decipher her dreams. Grace demurs, saying that Father Lonigan always told her that only witches use books like that. Tabitha scoffs at Grace's comments, and begins to press Grace about her dream. Finally, 'mean' Grace spits out the details, and Tabitha, after looking through the book, tells her that the dream means Sam has a son with another woman. Suddenly Grace, who was standing very still at the counter, starts to glow. She turns around, and suddenly demons start speaking through her, demanding that Tabitha bring destruction to Harmony. Possessed-Grace begins strangling Tabitha!

The Book Cafe:
Theresa is anxiously waiting for Ethan to call her. Surely as soon as he heard her message on the answering machine, he would be calling to tell her he loves her! Karen (a waitress) is wandering around wondering what's going on -- Chad is supposed to be covering for Beth, who had to go out of town. They're not sure where he is. Suddenly Karen notices blood on a chair, and calls the two girls over to look at it. None know where it came from. They go back over to the sofa, while Karen tries to call Chad. He finally picks up, only to tell her that he has stuff to take care of and won't be in today. He says that the blood is from some guy who was at the Book Cafe late last night. Whitney and Theresa talk more about Ethan and Chad, with Theresa encouraging Whitney to go see Chad. Theresa tells Whitney she's going to take off -- she wants to be home in case Ethan calls. After thinking for a moment, Whitney gathers her stuff together and heads off.

Chad's Apartment:
Chad is in serious pain. He reopened the wound in his side, and it's bleeding heavily. He's been floating in and out of consciousness. Outside his door, Whitney knocks, and calls out to him.

Crane Mansion/Ethan's Room:
In Ethan's bedroom, he replays the message Theresa left for him. With a determined look on his face, he says they need to settle this -- today.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan has gone looking for her book, and notices it's on the couch...and so is a scantily clad (possibly nude!) Luis. She reaches over to get it, and Luis pulls her down on top of him just as Ethan walks in. Ethan demands to know what Luis is doing holding on to his aunt. The two spring apart from each other, Luis holding the sheet in place around his hips. After trading a few barbs, he heads off to shower, so he can get to work. Ethan agrees to stay until Hank gets there. He begins telling Sheridan about his problems with Theresa, but Hank shows up before he can say 'Yes' or 'No' to Sheridan asking him if he's in love with Theresa. Ethan heads off, saying he needs to solve his own problems. Hank receives a call from Les, telling him that it's either Sheridan or Kay. Hank thinks he's bluffing, but Les reveals that he's looking at Kay at that very moment. Hank touches the gun he is still carrying...

Police Station:
Sam has looked up Ethan on his computer. Luis notices, and wonders why Sam is so interested in knowing Ethan's DOB and his parents' anniversary. He tells him the same thing he told Grace -- better safe than sorry after the prom disaster. Luis starts talking about how much he hates the Cranes, and how he wants to destroy them. Sam snaps at him to leave Ethan and Ivy alone. Luis wants to know why the sudden change of heart, and Sam says it's because he's making an effort to get along with them -- it's a small town. Luis leaves, and Sam picks up the phone to call Ivy.

Crane Mansion/Ivy's Room:
Pilar finds Ivy in her room, going through some old photographs and momentos of her relationship with Sam. She continues to encourage Ivy to destroy these things. Ivy bemoans her problems, and says that if she could get Sam to 'forget' that she told him Ethan was his son, she'd be home free. Pilar tells her that's not her only worry -- Julian offered her a great deal of money. She assures a worried Ivy that she turned him down, and Ivy tells her that she's her only real friend. Ivy continues to bemoan and bewail her current status -- if she had just kept quiet, Ethan would be the Crane heir. Now, Pilar says, Sam will make sure that Ethan knows he's a Bennett, because Sam would never walk away from his own child. Pilar again tells Ivy that the only way she can be sure her secret will be safe is to destroy the portfolio. Ivy says she can't do that -- there are just too many memories there. That picture is all there is to prove that the love she and Sam once shared was real. Suddenly, she gloms on to a solution -- she'll give it to Pilar! She knows Julian will tear the mansion apart looking for proof of her past, but she can't just destroy everything. Pilar doesn't want to take it, because she knows that her own livelihood is on the line here, but she finally agrees. Like Ivy, she will do anything to protect Ethan, to ensure that Ethan takes his rightful place as head of the Crane empire. Ivy knows she's not out of the woods yet though. She needs to make sure that all the facts point to Julian being Ethan's father, and she's worried Sam will dig into the issue of Ethan's paternity all on his own. Suddenly she gets a call from Sam, telling her he's coming over. After hurriedly dressing, she instructs the maid to make sure Sam is told she is unavailable. Unfortunately, he's already there, standing in her doorway. Ivy dismisses the maid, and Sam closes the door. He grabs her, and demands to know the truth. She tries to tell him that she doesn't know what he's talking about, but he wants to know if Ethan is really his son.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Pilar is standing at the fireplace, attache case in hand. Theresa comes home, and recognizes it as Ivy's. Pilar tells her it's none of her business. Theresa brushes it off, and asks Pilar how long she'll be home. Pilar wants to know why, and Theresa says it is because Ethan is on his way over, and she knows he will want privacy when he tells her he loves her. (Pilar sends up a prayer.) Pilar tells her that like as not, Ethan only wants to let her down gently. Theresa says Whitney told her the same thing, but she knows they're both wrong. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Theresa opens the door to see Ethan standing there. He says they have to talk...about their future. In the living room, Pilar is saying more prayers.

Monday, July 24, 2000 | Episode #272
Sheridan's Cottage:

Luis is on the phone with Sheridan, telling her that he is glad that the FBI let him have back up. And they were both glad that it was Hank, someone that they could trust, and someone that knows Sheridan well. While Luis and Sheridan are on the phone, Hank is also on the phone, with the thugs. The thug is threatening to kill Kay if Sheridan is not dead within 30 minutes. Hank tells him to not hurt Kay, to leave her out of it; she had nothing to do with any of this. To let Hank know that he was serious, he goes and asks Kay for the time, while Hank is still on the phone. Back inside Sheridan is asking why she cannot go out, and why Luis is releasing Hank. He tells her that she has to stay safe and it just isn't safe going out in public. They end their conversation with Hank coming inside after he also ended his conversation. Sheridan notices that Hank is looking at her strangely and she asks him why. She gets no answer. He reaches for his gun and Sheridan ask what is wrong with him, if it had something to do with his phone call that he got. He tells her yes, that a friend of his is in trouble and he does not know what to do. Sheridan wants to know more. He tells her that the friend doesn't want to do what he was told to do, which is hurt someone he cares about, but he doesn't want anyone in his family to get hurt, which is what will happen if he doesn't do what he is told. Sheridan tells him that he must go to the police. Hank tells her that the friend cannot do that, and he promised that he also would not go to the police. Sheridan then tells him that the friend should do what he was told, not knowing that it was her life that was in jeopardy, that family is more important. He reaches for the gun, telling her, that maybe she was right.

The Crane Mansion:
Sam comes in to talk to Ivy about Ethan. He tells her that he is here for answers and wants to know if Ethan is his son. He demands the truth! Ivy tells Sam that she doesn't know what he is talking about. She reminds Sam that she almost drowned, was knocked on the head, all in one night. That maybe she thought she was talking to Julian. Sam tells her that he doesn't buy it. He wants the truth. Ivy then tells him that Ethan is not his son. That he is Julian's son. Sam then asks her about being on the prom boat, when she told him that she had something to tell him, that would make him be a part of her life. And that he knows that is what it was, that Ethan was my son. Ivy tells him that is not what she was going to tell him. She was just going to tell him that she still loved him, that she just wanted him to be a part of her life, a little part. That it wasn't possible for Ethan to be his son. Sam tells her that he checked Ethan's birthday on the internet, that it was exactly 9 months after her wedding night, which was the last time that they were together. In a scurry to make same believe that Ethan was not his son, she tells him that Ethan was one month premature. He was conceived weeks after they were together. Sam takes this as the truth and begins to leave, he then tells Ivy to stay the hell out of his life, and his family's life, that he wants nothing to do with her. As he walks out he thinks to himself, a relief that Ethan wasn't his son, while Ivy is thinking to herself that she has to keep the attaché case hidden, that if anyone finds it both her and Ethan's life would be ruined! She then calls Pilar to make sure she has it hidden away.

Ethan and Theresa are talking, Theresa tells Ethan that she wants to know how he feels about her. She tells him that she told him that she loves him and now wants to hear that he loves her. Ethan tells her that is why he came over, to talk about their future. Theresa is convinced that he loves her. He tells her that he has always had feelings for her, but they were feelings of friendship, as he is sure that her feelings are the same. He tells her that she is confused. He tells her that he never wanted to hurt her, but Gwen is the woman that he is going to marry. He also tells her that she will one day make a man very lucky, that she will make a good wife. She tells him, that she only wants him, she loves only him and will forever. Ethan tells her no, that she only thinks that, he remembers how upset she was whenever she and Chuck broke up. That they would always talk about that. That when he kissed her, it was out of sympathy, and he is sorry that he confused her, but he takes full responsibility for it. Theresa tells him that she is not confused, that she knows that she loves him. He tells her that he knows she is confused because she is one of the most honest people that he has ever met, and he knows that she wouldn't lie to him. Ethan tells her that her feelings are only a few weeks old, that they are rebound feelings. Theresa tells him, that she has to tell him the truth. Just then, he gets a phone call, it is Gwen, he chooses to take it outside. While Ethan is outside, Pilar comes in and tells Theresa that she has heard everything. Theresa tells her mother that when Ethan comes back in, that she is going to tell him the truth, that there was never a Chuck. Pilar tells her that she cannot do that, that the Crane's and Hotchkiss have been planning this wedding for a long time, that it wouldn't be possible for Theresa to ever marry Ethan, even if he did love her. She begs Theresa to not tell Ethan. He comes in. Theresa asks her mother to leave them alone. Theresa tells Ethan that she has something to tell him. He tells her that he has to go, that he values their honest friendship, and Gwen has finally realized that Theresa was not after him. She asks him to not go, she really has to tell him the truth. He says that he knows she would never keep anything from him and gives her a hug. He asks if she will be okay, she says yes and he begins to leave. Ethan tells Theresa that he will talk to her later, and leaves. Pilar comes back and tells Theresa that she told her all of her dishonesty would come back to haunt her. And then Theresa faints. When she comes to, she is upset, she is wishing that Ethan was not a Crane, if he was anybody else, he would be able to marry her, is what she tells her mother. He mother then gets a phone call.(Ivy, as you know from earlier, making sure the attaché case was safe.) Theresa then decides that she has to get out of Harmony, she cannot sit around and watch Ethan marry Gwen and goes to the closet. The attaché case falls, and all of the letters fall out, Theresa notices one with Ethan's name on it

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis comes in while Sheridan and Hank are discussing Hank's "friend's" problem. Luis asks what is going on. Sheridan tells him. Luis recommends that Hank go to the police, once again, Hank tells that he cannot go to the police that he swore he wouldn't. Just then he remembers hearing a bell. Sheridan asks if it was a church bell, he tells her no. Then Luis asks if it was a ship's bell. Hank then realizes that Kay is around the harbor and the thug is also, he tells Luis yes, that is what it was and rushes out to go help his "friend."

The Harbor:
As Hank runs he hears a scream and knows that it is Kay, he rushes over to her. She is on the ground. Hank picks her up and checks to see if she is okay, and he asks what happened. Kay tells him that someone ran past her and pushed her down, that he didn't apologize or anything. Hank checks her out, she is okay, except for a cut/rip in her shirt. Hank tells her to go home and make sure she is okay. She does as he says and heads home. Hank then looks for the thug, when he finds him, he threatens to rip off his head. The thug tells him that if he does that then he will get both of his nieces. That he better get Sheridan today, or he will rip Kay next time, and not just her shirt.

Elsewhere at the harbor, Sam sees Ethan sitting down and looks at him as Ethan looks up. Ethan asks what is going on. Sam tells him that he was just thinking about what someone told him earlier. Ethan tells him that he wants to talk to him, face to face. He tells him that he is gong to get a review of the police board. He doesn't think that Sam is doing his job. Especially when it comes to Sheridan, he put Luis on the job, but Ethan thinks that Ethan has feelings for Sheridan. Sam reassures him that even if he did, he knows not to cross the line. Luis is the best man on the force, and the best one for the FBI also.

The Bennett House:
Grace is glowing. She is choking Tabitha, Timmy is begging her to stop. While she is choking Tabitha, she is saying "bring on destruction, bring it on, bring on destruction on Harmony." Timmy is yelling at Grace to stop, that she is going to kill his princess, Grace turns around and slaps him. He falls backwards. Timmy is trying to think of a way to get Grace to stop, but he says that he cannot think with the light glowing, then gets an idea. He goes to Grace and rips of the pendant. The glowing stops, and she stops choking Tabitha, they both fall. Timmy rushes over to Tabitha, he thinks that she is dead. But then she starts to get her breath back. She knows that something is really wrong, that someone really wants her, she tells Timmy that she is scared. As they talk Grace begins to come to. Tabitha rushes to her. She sets Grace in a chair, Grace asks what happened and what happened to the pendent. Tabitha tells her that she fainted, and that the pendent must have fallen off when she fell. Grace tells her that she needs to look for the pendent, Tabitha tells her that she needs to rest, and get something to eat. As Tabitha goes to get the pendent, Kay comes in and asks what is wrong with her mother. She is told how she fainted and Grace tells her that she is feeling better now. Grace asks what happened to her shirt, Kay tells her about how she was pushed at the dock and then sees the pendent. She asks her mother if she could wear it later on, it will look really nice with her new outfit. Tabitha and Timmy are leaving when they hear Grace tell her it is okay. This really upsets Tabitha, she thinks that if the pendent gets into the wrong hands it could cause destruction to her. She tells Timmy that she is really scared, for the first time in over 100 years.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan walks in the living room to find the lights off, and Luis sitting on the couch. He tells her to come sit down, that he has a surprise for her. She is reluctant to do so at first, then she finally sits down. Luis goes and turns on the side projector, Sheridan seems a little upset that the surprise was only a slide show of Spain. Luis pours the 2 of them something to drink and turns on the music, Sheridan is then impressed. They begin to look at the slides, as they come to a certain one, Sheridan tells him that this one is her favorite place, that she wants to one day take Luis to the exact spot where this was taken. She then tells him what the locals say about this spot. That you have to share this spot with someone that you love. As he looks at her, she says, that whoever you take, you have to love, they continue to look at each other

Tuesday, July 25, 2000 | Episode #273
The Bennett House:
Charity is packing a picnic basket for the beach. Kay can't wait for Miguel to see her in her new bathing suit! Charity wants to know if Whitney's coming to the beach, and Simone says she's probably hanging out with Theresa.

The Beach:
Timmy and Tabitha are relaxing at the beach, while Timmy ogles the bikini-clad girl who just walked by. Tabitha says the two needed a day off -- evil is getting out of hand in Harmony. (Flashback to kitchen scene with Grace.) Timmy wants to know what's going on, and Tabitha says she doesn't know -- the pendant is turning out to be much too strong. Timmy reminds Tabitha that sun-bathing is bad for her skin, and she tells him that she's not going to let him ruin her day. Timmy tries to convince her that they would be better off at home, but Tabitha says she can't go home until she figures out how to appease her basement friends. Suddenly Timmy and Tabitha hear voices, and Timmy goes to investigate -- it's the teen gang, and Kay is wearing the pendant! Tabitha says there's nothing she can do to stop the pendant from emitting evil. Kay takes off her sweater, and the pendant comes off with it, landing in the sand. Reese is very appreciative of his girlfriend's body, and even Miguel approves. She asks Miguel to put some sun block on her, but he hands the bottle to Reese. Kay is in seventh heaven...until she realizes that it's Reese rubbing her! Reese says he's figured out that there is no chance that it was an accident, and Miguel says he thinks he knows why the fishguts fell on Charity. Someone obviously forgot to empty the fish guts after the last charter. Simone comments that Charity's premonitions mean that maybe she does have some kind of power. Reese comments that years ago, Charity probably would have been burned at the stake. (Tabitha looks incensed when Reese says witches don't exist.) He thinks Charity's premonitions are just coincidence. All the teens head off to get more wood (it's suddenly dark and Charity is cold), and Charity notices the pendant in the sand. She picks it up and puts it on. (Tabitha and Timmy are not pleased.) Charity is looking deep into the fire, and suddenly she sees something there -- her mother, Faith! Faith tells her she came back because she made a terrible mistake -- she wants her to be evil, not good! (Tabitha and Timmy watch in horror. Faith died trying to save Charity! Tabitha says it's the influence of the pendant.)

Chad's Apartment:
Whitney brings the super to Chad's door. He doesn't want to let her in to Chad's apartment, but she tells him she's worried about him, because he was recently injured. Inside, Chad is writhing in pain on the bed. The super says he can't let just anyone in, but he does have a soft spot for lovers. Whitney tells him she's his girlfriend, and he says $10 will get her inside. When she balks, he says NOT being Chad's girlfriend would cost her $50. Whitney pays the man, and heads into the room, where Chad is up, and pulling on a shirt. He snaps at her, and wants to know what she's doing there. She almost leaves, but he wants to know how she got it. She tells him she paid $10, and he says she must have told the super she was his girlfriend -- he normally charges $50. He asks if that's what she did -- claim to be his girlfriend. She said that was the only way she could get in -- she was concerned about him. Karen found blood on the chair at the Book Cafe, and she wanted to make sure he was okay. Whitney brushes off his 'some guy' explanation, and says she thought it might have been his. Chad brushes off her concern, and Whitney tells him she figures he wouldn't ask for help. And he couldn't even be bothered enough to answer when she called him? Whitney's tired of his abuse, and leaves. Chad falls into a chair, and berates himself for not stopping her, but knowing she would have 'harangued' him about going to a doctor he couldn't afford.

Ivy's Bedroom:
Pilar tells Ivy to calm down. Ivy says no -- if anyone finds those papers, Ethan will lose everything. Pilar tells her not to worry -- the attache case is in the closet, and no one will ever find it. Ivy tells Pilar she has to go when Gwen knocks on the door. The two embrace, and Gwen asks where Ethan is. They have to go get their blood tests for the marriage license, and admits that she's having pre-wedding jitters. Gwen tells Ivy about her mother's Theresa/Ethan fears, and Ivy tells her that is ludicrous -- there is no other woman in Ethan's life, especially not Theresa -- that idea is just laughable. She tells Gwen that all she has ever wanted for Ethan is love and happiness -- namely, Gwen. Ivy says Gwen won't have to fight for Ethan -- he knows that Ethan loves her more than he could ever love any other girl, especially Theresa. Suddenly Pilar is at the door (how'd she get there so quickly?), and Gwen says that there's a lot to do before the wedding, and leaves. Pilar asks Ivy if Sam believed her when she told him Ethan wasn't his. She says there is no way Gwen's family would allow Gwen to marry the police chief's son. She thinks Sam believed her, but Pilar reminds her that Sam is a policeman. Ivy says there is no evidence of that...but then remembers that there is proof Ethan wasn't premature.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa is saying that she has to get away, and if Ethan wasn't a Crane he would marry her. She opens the closet, and the attache case falls on her head. It opens, and she finds a piece of paper with Ethan's name on it. Pilar walks into the front hall, and finds Theresa rifling through the attache case. (Flashback to scene in the Crane house.) Pilar tells Theresa to stop, and gathers up all the papers, locking the attache case. Theresa wants to know why Pilar has the papers, and she tells her she's keeping some documents for Mrs. Crane. Theresa says if it's about Ethan, she has a right to know. Pilar tells her they're none of her business, and that she is not to touch those papers again. She wants to know what Theresa was doing in the closet, and Theresa tells her she's leaving home. There is no point for her to stay in Harmony, because she can't have Ethan. Pilar embraces her and tells her she will eventually get over it. Theresa says Ethan has to marry Gwen because he is a Crane, she KNOWS he loves her more than he loves Gwen. Pilar tries to tell her that isn't the only reason he's marrying her, but Theresa refuses to believe that Ethan actually WANTS to marry Gwen. Pilar leaves, and Theresa asks herself 'Why can't Ethan love me?' She knows she can't leave Harmony, but she doesn't know how she'll get through the rest of her life. All she will ever have are her memories of her times with Ethan. Whitney comes in, sees Theresa on the ground, and wants to know what's wrong. She says she's lost Ethan, lost him. If only he weren't a Crane! Whitney asks Theresa what Ethan said, and she says he told her he only liked her as a friend, and that he thinks she is only rebounding from Chad. But she KNOWS he loves her. Whitney asks why, then, he's marrying Gwen, and Theresa says that it's because his family is forcing him to. If Ethan wasn't a Crane, he would admit that he loves her and not Gwen, and they would elope. Whitney says that Ethan is a Crane, and Theresa has to accept that he's marrying Gwen. Theresa doesn't understand how love could hurt so much. Theresa tells Whitney that Ethan never said he didn't love her -- just that he didn't think SHE loved HIM, and that he was marrying Gwen. That just proves to her that Ethan DOES love her. But she's realized that if her whole relationship with Ethan is based on lies, he might never forgive her. She says there is only one thing left for her to do! Whitney wants to know what plan she's come up with now. Theresa says she has to stay away from Ethan, and never see him again.

The Book Cafe:
Chad is back at work at the Book Cafe, when Ethan comes in, and wants to know if he's all right (he says he's tired). He asks Ethan what happened with Theresa, and Ethan says he talked to her this morning. He says he loves Gwen, and that her 'feelings' for him were just a rebound crush -- she was upset, but understood, and Ethan made it clear to her it was Gwen he wanted. Chad tells him he's making a mistake he will regret for the rest of his life. Chad tells him he doesn't love Gwen. Ethan thinks that's bunk. So Chad changes tacks, and says he loves Theresa more, and those feelings aren't just going to go away, and he'll be ruining two women's lives. Ethan wants to know what Chad means. Hurt BOTH women? Chad says that by being in a marriage he's not committed to, he'll ruin both women. Ethan tells Chad that he loves Gwen and will be happy with her -- Theresa will get over her crush. Neither noticed Gwen standing there. She wants to know what Chad means by saying the marriage will be a mistake.

On The Street In Harmony:
Sam tells Ethan to get off his case. Ethan assures Sam he's not bluffing -- he will put Sam in front of the police board. Sam assures he takes him seriously. Ethan wants to know why Sam is giving him a weird look, and he says he's just trying to figure out who he really is. Ethan doesn't get it. Sam says that sometimes Ethan's a decent guy, but other times, he's a full-throttle Crane stereotype, ordering people around like he's the king of Harmony. He tells Ethan that money doesn't entitle him to special privileges, and Ethan counters by saying the Cranes are entitled to what everyone else gets, and goes back to blaming Sam for the storm. Sam tells him it was a freak storm, that the boat passed the inspection, and he (Sam) doesn't have a damn thing to hide. Ethan says they'll see about that. Sam tells Ethan that he's not afraid of him OR his father Julian. Suddenly he looks contemplative, and Ethan shows concern for Sam's well-bring. Sam tells Ethan he's disappointed in him, and Ethan assures Sam that he's proud to be a Crane. He demands Sam prepare a report on the boat disaster for the police review board, and walks off. TC comes from behind Sam, and wants to know just who the hell that arrogant little bastard thinks he is. Sam says he's just like Alistair and Julian. TC wants to know why Sam's done a 180, and Sam says he was so wrong to ever defend Ethan. Until a few hours ago, he thought Ethan was his son. He explains to TC about Ivy's confession in the water. Even Grace thinks there's a family resemblance between Ethan and the Bennetts. He even admits that he was starting to buy into it, to get excited about having another son, no matter what the problems. He tells TC that Ethan was born nine months after they made love on her wedding night (TC says that means Ethan IS his son). He says that Ivy told her that Ethan was premature. He says he just has to accept Ivy's word that Ethan isn't his son. TC says that he thought people told the TRUTH when he was delirious. TC said it all hinges on Ethan's birth, and Sam realizes that hospital records hold the answer!

The Hospital:
At the hospital, Eve notices that someone is in the records room, and heads in to check. Ivy is in the back looking through files. Ivy calls out to Eve and tells her not to call security. Eve comes around to the back and wants to know what Ivy's doing there, and she tells him she's looking for Ethan's birth records...she has to alter them. Eve wants to know why Ivy wants to do so, and why she thinks he would let her. Ivy says it's absolutely vital that she finds those records -- for her son's sake. From one mother to another, Ivy begs her to not let her son's life be ruined. Eve tells Ivy no -- if she's caught, her career is over. She takes Ethan's records from Ivy, and flips through them. What's Ivy so worried about? Ivy says her (and Ethan's) whole world will fall apart, and she's terrified Sam will see them. Out in the hall, Sam looks at the door to the records room, and heads toward it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000 | Episode #274
The Book Cafe:
Chad is telling Ethan that he knows that he loves Theresa, that he is making a big mistake when Gwen walks in. She hears Chad say that Ethan is making a huge mistake. She asks Chad what he is talking about. If he was saying that Ethan was making a mistake about marrying her. Ethan steps in and tells Gwen that they were talking about the music, that he was mistake about which songs to play. Gwen takes that as the truth. She goes to sit down and Chad tells Ethan that if he marries Gwen then he is going to make 2 women very unhappy. That every day he will wonder about what it would be like to have married Theresa. Gwen brings up the wedding announcement that was in the paper. She reads it and tells Ethan that is sounds more like a business deal than a marriage, but that would make her mother happy. Ethan asks her if that was all her mother thought about, Gwen tells him that she would marry him even if he didn't have a penny, but since he does they wont talk about it. Chad plays a song and they begin to dance, then Gwen gets a phone call.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa and Whitney are sitting down talking, Theresa tells Whitney she knows what she is going to do to get over Ethan, she is going to be a nun. Whitney is shocked! Theresa tells her that she has lost Ethan and that she will never find another man to love, and she will never have her heart broken again. She begins thinking about what it would be like to be a nun.she is praying and puts on lipstick, when another nun walks up, Whitney, and tells her that this isn't for her, that she should find something else to do. Theresa then realizes that it isn't for her, that she wouldn't do well. She then decides on the army. Whitney tells her that she cannot leave Harmony, that Ethan has made his choice and he chose Gwen and that Theresa has to get over it and move on. Whitney tells Theresa that she needs to think about her future, her career in fashion design. Theresa then tells her that she has, but having Ethan as her husband was in all of her future thoughts. She tells Whitney that it isn't fair, Ethan was programmed to marry Gwen, and if he wasn't a Crane he could marry her. Whitney reassures her that he is a Crane and that they cant change that. She also tells Theresa that she will find other love. Theresa then tells Whitney that if she cant have love in her life, then Whitney needs it. She needs to love Chad. Whitney tells her that Chad doesn't care about her, that when she went to check on him he wouldn't even let her in, and when the superintendent did, he acted like she was bothering him. Theresa says that they have to find out. They leave to go to the coffee shop.

The Book Cafe:
As Gwen is taking her phone call, Theresa and Whitney walk in. Theresa sees Ethan and hears the song that Chad is playing, it was the song that they danced to at the jazz club. Whitney begs Chad to turn the song off, she tells him that it is stirring up bad memories with Theresa, that Ethan chose Gwen. Chad tells her that she is wrong, he wants to stir up the feelings so that Ethan realizes that he really loves Theresa. As Theresa and Ethan look at each other, Gwen walks up and tells Ethan that her maid-of-honor has the measles and wont be able to come to the wedding. She says that it is too late to find someone else, just then she spots Theresa. She tells Ethan that she will ask Theresa. She rushes over to her and tells her that she is the same size as Bailey and asks if she will do it. Theresa doesn't know what she is talking about, but Gwen quickly tells her. Theresa is speechless. Ethan talks to Gwen about this, he tells her that he doesn't think that Theresa would want to do it, that she would think it was humiliating. But Gwen tells him that it is perfect, it would show Theresa how thankful they are to her, and ease her mothers fears. She tells Ethan to ask her, because Theresa cant refuse anything Ethan says. He does. He tells Theresa that she doesn't have to do it, that he knows it is an awkward situation but if she doesn't do it, Gwen might start to think things again. Theresa tells Ethan that she cannot be a witness to his marriage, not with her loving him so much. Obviously he doesn't tell Gwen this, he tells her that Theresa thought it would be too awkward, that they would have time to find someone else. They leave to go get the blood test done. Whitney comes over to Theresa and tells her that she did the right thing with Chad right behind her saying that she did the wrong thing, that she should stay right in Ethan's face because he is real close to realizing that he loves Theresa. This makes Theresa excited and she calls after Ethan and Gwen, telling them that she would do it.

The Beach:
Kay, Simone, Miguel and Reese are out getting firewood while Charity stays at the fire to get warm. While she is there, she finds the pendent that Kay drooped and puts it on. Timmy and Tabitha look on, they see the pendent start to glow, and then the fire gets really big. In the middle of the fire is Charity's mother. She is telling Charity that she must embrace evil. Charity doesn't understand this. Her mother keeps telling her that she must turn evil, she must bring destruction. Timmy and Tabitha wonder if she will listen to her mother. Tabitha hopes that she will because if not, then the 2 of them are done for. Again Charity asks her mother if she should do evil, her mother tells her yes, to follow her heart, to not be afraid of the powers. To spread harm. Just then, the others come back. They notice that the fire is really high and Miguel ask Charity if she is okay. The fire then goes down. Kay notices that Charity has on the pendent that she dropped and tells Simone that she stole it. Simone reminds her that it was Charity's to begin with. Miguel again asks Charity if she is okay and she tells him that she doesn't want to talk about it. But she then decides to tell him that she saw her mother in the fire. He tells her it was probably because her mother died in a fire. He asks what her mother said. Charity tells him that she said horrible things. Miguel tells her that he is going to take her to a place that will make her feel better. Still Tabitha and Timmy look on, and the overhear Simone tell Kay that all of this frightens her, Tabitha says that she has every reason to be scared. They all leave.

The Church:
Miguel takes Charity to the church. He tells her that he thought she would like to sit and think about her mother. She goes to pray at the angels feet. Tabitha and Timmy follow the gang and peak inside the church. They see Charity praying and they hope that she wont turn away from evil, because if she does, evil will come after them. Charity is praying for answers, she wants to obey her mom, but doesn't want to do evil, just then she hears a voice saying that it wasn't her mother, but the voices of evil. Charity looks up and sees that the angel is alive. The angel tells Charity that the forces of evil are fighting for her soul. That she must be strong and resist the forces. Charity asks how she needs to do this. Kay notices Charity talking to the angel and tells Simone that she is a whacko. And that she hopes that Miguel sees how crazy she is. Still Charity talks to the angel, seeking answers to her questions. The angel tells Charity that she has to be brave. Charity then tells her that sometimes she feels like something has taken over her. Still she must be brave. Outside, Timmy and Tabitha hope that the angel cant prevent Charity from turning evil, if she does, they are doomed. The angel wished Charity luck and they all begin to leave. As they leave, Tabitha notices that the pendent is glowing around Charity's neck. She is excited. She tells Timmy that the angel has lost. The angel then appears to Tabitha, Tabitha tells her that Charity is coming over to the dark side, that the pendent is in control. The angel is aware of this, but thinks Charity can fight it. Meanwhile, the erie glow, the evil glow returns to Charity's eyes

The Hospital (Records Room):
Ivy is trying to persuade Eve to change Ethan's birth records. Eve doesn't understand why Ivy wants them changed so bad, she then remembers that Ivy said that she had something on Sam that would make him leave Grace, then it hits her. Sam is Ethan's father, not Julian. She tell Ivy that she is going to tell Sam, that she cant keep it from him. Ivy tells her that she told Sam that Ethan was premature because she didn't really want him to know, because it would ruin all of their lives. And she wants Ethan to inherit the Crane empire. Eve asks how she could keep such a thing. That Sam deserves to know the truth, that he has another son. Ivy defends herself by telling Eve that she was not thinking clearly that night. That if Ethan is head of Crane industries, that would be her payback to the entire Crane family for making her so unhappy all of these years. She again begs Eve to change it. She also threatens Eve, she tells her that she will tell her kids that she gave birth to Chad when she slept with Julian. Suddenly Sam walks in the records room after having a run in with Julian Crane about going in front of the police board. Julian told him that Ethan will make things happen. But that wasn't as surprising as seeing Eve in the room. He questions why she is in there. Her answer is that she is looking for someone's records. He tells her that he also needs to finds someone's records, Ethan Cranes'. After she tells him that if it isn't official police business, then she cant let him look, he tells her what Ivy told him. He tells her that he just wants to see what is true, if Ethan was really born premature. Eve sees Ivy in the distance, hiding, mouthing "please" she tells Sam okay and pretends to look for the record, which she already has in her hands. When she comes back to Sam she tells him that Ethan was premature. And she asks how he feels about it. Sam tells her that he is a little disappointed, that he was hoping that maybe he had another son. He then tells her that Ivy is evil, Eve suggests that nothing is said to Grace, seeing how it isn't true. Sam agrees and leaves. Ivy pops up and thanks Eve profusely, Eve tells her that she is a bitch, and the only reason that she did it, was for her children. She also hopes that everyone finds out, and that Sam and Ethan both hate her. She leaves the records room, only to find Julian out in the hall way ready to catch her in a scheme. Being that Alistair told him, that he might reconsider everything if Julian could catch Ivy up to something. He slyly asks her what she was doing in the records room and waits for an answer

Thursday, July 27, 2000 | Episode #275
The Book Cafe:
Gwen, Theresa and Ethan are discussing Theresa being a maid of honor. Theresa tells them that she would be honored. Gwen tells Theresa that it is so wonderful, not knowing Theresa has ulterior motives. Gwen suggests that they all go out to dinner, Ethan doesn't feel that this is a good idea, Theresa then suggests that they should come to her house for dinner, that she would make Ethan's favorite dish. Ethan still tries to decline, but Gwen insists. She then goes to get the car and Ethan talks to Theresa alone. He tells her that she doesn't have to do it, that Gwen can find another maid of honor. Theresa tells him that she wants to do it, that it wont hurt her. Ethan then hears Gwen honking the horn and before he leaves, Theresa confirms dinner.

Whitney comes to Theresa and asks her why she is doing it, while Chad is telling her that she is doing the right thing, that she needs to follow her heart. Whitney tells Chad to stop egging her on, that when her heart gets broke, it will be his fault. Theresa and Chad know that it will all work out. They all head out to Theresa's house to begin dinner.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis and Sheridan have fallen asleep watching the slides from Spain. Sheridan is dreaming of the 2 of them in Spain. In her dream, Luis is telling her that he has never seen anything more beautiful, meaning her and the scenery. They then kiss. In reality, they move closer together on the couch. Then Luis dreams of the same thing. He gives Sheridan a rose, and kisses her again, but this time they really kiss, on the couch, as this happens, Pilar walks in and sees them. They both jump up really quickly and try to play it off. Sheridan notices that Pilar brought muffins and she goes to put them away while Pilar and Luis talk. Luis tells his mother that they have just fallen asleep watching the slides. She tells him about how his father was going to take her to the very spot that was on the slides. Then he disappeared, but she doesn't want to talk about that. Luis tells her that when he finishes guarding Sheridan he is going to search for the truth about his father. His mother then begins to tell him to not get involved with Sheridan, because he has been hurt before and she doesn't want to see it happen again. He tells her that it wont because Sheridan isn't even interested in him. As Sheridan comes in, Pilar tells them that she has to leave to go to the main house.

Luis and Sheridan begin to talk about Pilar's birthday. And Luis thinks that he has the perfect gift. He gets on the phone looking for a company that can teach him the dance that his mother wanted to do with his father when Sheridan asks what he is doing. He tells her and she says that she knows someone that can teach him the dance, her. They begin to dance. As they dance, and giggle, they playfully fall onto the couch.

The Hospital:
Julian is trying to get the secret out of Ivy. She tells him numerous times that there is no secret when a nurse spots her. The nurse comes over and introduces herself as the nurse that assisted with Ethan's birth. She tells Ivy that she remembers it so well. She remembers Ivy calling out for the baby's father but she couldn't remember his name. Ivy immediately jumps in with Julian, he is my husband. The nurse refuses to believe that was the name she was calling out, but she said she still couldn't recall it. Julian tells Ivy to get rid of the nurse, they then spot Ethan and Gwen, and go to talk to them.

Julian and Ivy realize that the 2 of them were there to take a blood test for the wedding, and they go to take it. Julian walks away and Ivy overhears a nurse on the phone talking to Dr. Russell about going to the lobster shack to have dinner and that the reservations were under the name Bennett. Ivy gets a clever idea to go eat at the Lobster Shack, she says Sam's name and the other nurse hears her and comes over telling Ivy that she now remembers the name she was calling out, it was Sam, Ivy tells her no, just as Julian returns. He asks Ivy what her plans for the night were and she tells him that she has a craving for lobster. He then assumes that her secret was that she was pregnant. She laughs at this idea. Then Ethan and Gwen return and Julian invites them all out for dinner at the seascape, they refuse, already having plans. He then decides that he will go with Ivy, to keep an eye on her.

The Bennett House:
Hank, Sam and the girls are talking in the living room when Grace comes down to talk about Kay's rip in her shirt. She tells her mom that it isn't a big deal, someone just ran into her. Hank tells them that he has something to tell them all about the incident. He tells them that someone pushed Kay down and he does not think that the girls should be allowed down at the docks without supervision. Sam agrees with Hank. Soon after, Sam, Grace, T.C. and Eve all go to dinner at the Lobster Shack. Hank stays with the girls

The girls and hank are playing cards when Hank notices the thug outside the window. He suggests that they go into the other room but the girls say no. The thug aims the gone in the window, Hank is very nervous.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Whitney, Theresa and Chad go in to start making dinner. The girls go into the kitchen while Chad looks for treys in the closet. He happens to take out the attaché case that belongs to Mrs. Crane and uses it to hold the door open. Theresa and Whitney are talking about Ethan while Chad is doing this. Then there is a knock at the door, Chad answers it, it is Ethan and Gwen. Chad goes in to tell Theresa that they are here, and she rushes out to meet him. Ethan notices his mothers attaché sitting by the closet he goes to get it and Theresa walks in. he asks her why it is there, she tells him that she doesn't know why, but she does know what is in it she begins to tell him while Pilar looks in.

Whitney and Chad are in the kitchen, Whitney goes out to pick some vegetables from the garden. While she is doing this, Chad notices that he is bleeding again. He takes tissue to soak up the blood and throws it away before Whitney comes back in. he sits down. When Whitney comes in, she asks him if he would go out and get a tomato from the garden he tells her he doesn't know how to pick tomatoes but she tells him to anyway. He tries to get up without Whitney noticing him being in pain, but she does and she asks him if he is okay. He tells her yes and goes outside, in a whole lot of pain. Whitney goes to throw something away and notices the bloody tissue and begins to wonder

Friday, July 28, 2000 | Episode #276
Sheridan's Cottage:
While dancing the tango, Sheridan and Luis fall, and end up squished together on the couch. They're lying on the couch together and about to kiss when suddenly the phone rings. It's that dance school for Luis -- they found someone to teach him the dance he wants to learn for Pilar's birthday tomorrow. He smiles and says no -- he's going to let Sheridan teach him. Martin once promised to take Pilar to Spain to dance the paso doba (?), but he was gone before Pilar ever had a chance to see Spain. The two begin dancing, and they're getting closer and closer together. Sheridan and Luis continue to dance, and suddenly Luis has a flashback of being in the cottage years ago and watching Pilar and Martin [played by Bill Bumiller] dance (Luis is played by a different child than in the birthday flashback, even though this memory is from the same time period). The two dance for a brief moment, then Martin goes over to Luis and ruffles his hair, asking him what he thinks of his old man and his mama. They make a good team, don't they? In the present, Luis pulls away from Sheridan, and she asks him what's wrong. He says he's remembering something, from when he was a little boy, living in the cottage. The flashback continues. Martin promises that, someday, they will go to Spain (Pilar has never seen Spain), and dance the night away -- the whole family. In the present, Luis says he remembers his father and mother dancing, right there in the cottage, just before he disappeared and Julian and Alistair kicked them out -- he says he'll never forgive the Cranes for that, and one day, he'll find a way to make all the Cranes pay. "Including me?" asks Sheridan. She says she realizes that his hatred for their family will always come between them.

The Bennett Kitchen:
Hank is leaning over Kay and Jessica, looking out the window. The two want to know what he's doing. (Looking at Les, who is standing outside with a gun -- how can Kay and Jessica miss him?) He gives them a swift hug, practically knocking their heads together, and says he loves them. He continues to glance over his shoulder. Kay thinks it has something to do with him not wanting them to beat him at poker, and he quickly agrees -- he's a sore loser. He looks over his shoulder again to see Les motioning to him. Kay tells him to calm down, and Hank says they shouldn't be playing poker anyway -- they're too young. Kay says "But you taught us!" Hank apologizes, and says he is a bad influence. He forces them into the living room and tells them to turn on the TV while he orders some pizza. They go, and he heads out to talk to Les. He heads for him, but Les draws his gun before Hank can get too close. Hank begs Les to shoot him, to leave his nieces out of it. Les tells him that he has to kill Sheridan Crane. Hank tells him to give him some time -- he'll get Les the money he owes him. Les tells him he's out of time -- either he kills Sheridan TONIGHT, or he starts killing off the Bennett family. First the nieces, then Sam, then Grace (no mention of Noah)...Hank has tears in his eyes, begging Les to leave his family out of it. Hank says he can't do anything tonight -- Luis is with Sheridan tonight. Les isn't accepting that excuse. He'll be back later for Hank's answer -- Sheridan, or the nieces. Les leaves, and Hank heads back inside, where he makes sure the doors and windows are closed, locked, and shuttered. Kay and Jessica come into the kitchen, telling Hank there's no ball game on tonight. He's still looking worried, and still has tears in his eyes when he rushes over to embrace his nieces, telling him how much he loves them. It's almost like he's saying good-bye. He doesn't want anything to ever happen to them, not ever. Both girls are confused. Jessica and Kay asks Hank if he's sure he's all right. He deflects their concern and tells them to order the pizza. Suddenly his pants ring -- it's less, and he's outside, 'to get something from his car.' Les pokes a gun in his face and asks him if he's going to kill Sheridan Crane. He says he can't! Just then, Kay opens the curtains and the window. Les imitates Regis ('okay, if that's your _final answer_'), and points his gun at Kay. Hank looks back and forth between Les and the gun. It's obvious that he's nearing the end of his rope.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald Living Room:
Ethan is curious about why Pilar has his mother's attache case, and goes to open it. Pilar tells Ethan that Ivy will be upset if Ethan looks in the attache case. Gwen tells Ethan not to do it -- she's figured it out! Ivy gave Pilar all that stuff about Ethan as a surprise. Ivy obviously gave Pilar all that stuff so that she could make a memory book for the two of them! Something to give to them at their wedding, something like Greg and Charlotte Luckenbill had made for them -- a history of their life and their relationship. Ethan asks Pilar if that's true. Pilar almost answers, but Gwen tells Ethan to ask no more questions. Chad and Whitney come in with food. Theresa pulls Pilar aside, and asks her what she's hiding. Pilar tries to tell her the line about the memory book, but Theresa discounts that theory right away. Pilar tells her that none of this stuff is any of her business, then Pilar tells Theresa she is furious with her for just inviting Gwen and Ethan over without even talking to her. What if Luis comes home? Theresa says she can't make them leave -- it would be too suspicious. Pilar warns Theresa that pursuing Ethan will only bring pain. Theresa insists that Ethan loves her, which will only bring happiness. Pilar disagrees -- it will bring pain and suffering for everyone. Over in the corner, Gwen and Ethan are talking. Gwen says the food is excellent, and it's obvious how loved Ethan is in that house. Ethan feigns stupidity, and Gwen says that it's clear how much 'she' loves Ethan. (Chad eavesdrops in the background.) Ethan still feigns stupidity, and Gwen says it's obvious how much Pilar loves him. She heads off to see if Whitney needs help in the kitchen. Chad comes over and again tells Ethan that he is in love with Theresa. Ethan again tells him that he loves Gwen, not Theresa. Pilar hands Theresa the attache case and asks her to put it in the closet. She finds an old family photo album that she's never seen before. Apparently the kitchen is located next to the closet because Gwen is suddenly right there. The two ooh and ahh over the photo album for a moment, and Gwen asks Theresa if she minds that Gwen looks through it. She says sure, and hands her the album. Theresa closes the closet door and is walking away when Ethan walks up to her, and says they have to talk about this 'crush' of hers. She swears it's not a crush, but Ethan tells her she's wrong. He knows that she THINKS it's love, but it isn't. It can't be -- love takes time to develop. Look at him at Gwen -- they've known each other since they were 12. Their love has grown over time. He and Theresa only just met. They're friends, but nothing more. So he thinks what Theresa feels is only friendship. He asks her if she understands. Theresa asks Ethan if he would believe her feelings were real if they had known each other longer, and he says yes -- if they had been friends for years, like he and Gwen, he would believe her. So he knows it's only a crush. But they'll always be friends. He leaves, and Theresa reiterates her obsession to get him. Pilar walks into the living room and sees Gwen looking at the photo album. She tells Whitney that there is something in there Theresa can't see. It would give her just MORE reason to think she can have Ethan. (So why leave it in a photo album that is merely on the shelf in the front hall closet?) Whitney asks her what it is. Pilar says that there is a photo in there she has always hidden from Theresa. She goes to get the album from Gwen, and when she grabs it, a picture falls out. (It's crystal clear clarity.) It's a picture of Theresa and Ethan taken outside Sheridan's cottage -- she's holding a rag doll, and he's smiling down at her. (It must have been taken after Martin disappeared and they moved out of the cottage, because she looks about 5 -- so this is about the same time that Gwen and Ethan met at school.) Both Ethan and Theresa are shocked to recognize their younger selves. Gwen asks for verification, and Ethan says he's never seen the picture before. None of them realized that they had met so young -- Theresa looks like she's just had her belief that Ethan loves her proven. (Pilar looks like she's about the throw up.) Whitney notices Chad moving sluggishly, and asks him if he's all right. He bites her head off, and she says she's just concerned. He starts acting like a jerk, and she walks off. In the background, they're discussing how old Ethan and Theresa would have been at the time (Ethan thinks he might have been around ten or eleven), while Chad checks his bleeding. Gwen says that maybe Theresa and Ethan have known each other longer than she's known him! Theresa says that it just proves that they've known each other for ages. You just know that if this was cable, Ethan (who looks very uncomfortable) would be cussing right now.

The Lobster Shack:
Grace has invited Julian and Ivy to dine with her, Sam, Eve and TC, and Ivy happily accepts, just to be near Sam. She and Ivy are the only ones pleased with THIS arrangement. Ivy and Eve head off together, and Sam and Grace head off together, leaving TC at the table, and Julian against the wall. TC gets up from the table, a murderous look on his face as he gazes at Julian, sitting there drinking a martini. Suddenly Grace and Sam come over, and Grace comments on how busy it is tonight. Suddenly Julian's phone rings, and he heads off to answer it (TC hopes he doesn't return). It's Alistair -- he wants to know what TC is doing having dinner with the locals, when he should be keeping an eye on Julian and Sheridan. Julian tries telling Alistair that he's only there because the FBI is forcing him to, but Alistair doesn't buy that. Sheridan already offered to help Luis uncover the mystery surrounding his father's disappearance once. Who's to say she won't help her Latin lover a second time? Julian seems to be trying to protect her when he assures Alistair that they're not lovers, but Alistair thinks it's only a matter of time. Julian asks Alistair just what he expects him to do, and Alistair says he needs to keep them apart. With a smirk on his face (which still shows TC's bruises from the prom debacle), Julian tells him to get Ethan to do it. After all, Ethan is his new heir. From now on HE can do Alistair's dirty work -- Julian's busy discovering Ivy's secret. He knows it's something big! Alistair (twirling a cigar in his hands) tells him to forget it. If Luis uncovers the cottage's secrets, it could bring down the entire Crane empire. Julian doesn't care -- since he's been disinherited, he no longer has a vested interest in what happens. Alistair tells him that there is something in it for him -- a prison term. Remember that bullet in the cottage? Julian tells him that he would never let his son go to jail. And what about him? Alistair says it would never happen. No one even know who he is, and besides, people like him don't go to jail. Alistair tells him that he'll have a long, hard time in prison. Not that he'll be lacking for companionship...Julian asks him what he means, but Alistair doesn't have to explain it, because the look on his face tells viewers that Alistair's oblique reference to the prison 'girlfriend' system clues in. Julian says he isn't going to prison, and Alistair says if Luis learns the Crane secrets, he won't have a choice. Julian says only he and Alistair knows what happened to Martin. He says he has to go -- the dinner from hell is about to begin. Alistair again tries to tell Julian to keep an eye on Luis and Sheridan, but Julian tells him that it's not his problem unless Alistair reinstates him as his heir. He hangs up on him. Eve and Ivy are talking in the bathroom. Ivy asks Eve if she's in for another lecture about being there in the hospital. Eve tells Ivy that she doesn't appreciate having to lie to Sam that Ethan was born prematurely. She feels dirty and used -- she can't believe she helped Ivy hide her secret. Imagine keeping a son from his father. Ivy is blase as she says that he'll get over it. Eve says that if it wasn't for the information that Ivy had on her...Ivy reminds her that, yes, she knows about Eve's affair with Julian, the man TC hates more than anything. Eve counters with 'imagine what Julian would do learning that Ethan was not his son.' Ivy says they both have a lot to lose, as does Grace. Imagine learning that Sam had lied to her all those years, that Sam had a child with another woman. Another son, with Ivy. From the doorway, Grace asks, "Another son? What are you talking about Ivy?" Eve and Ivy look like two kids with their hands caught in the candy jar. Ivy asks what she overheard, and she says she heard Ivy mention something about another son. That explains everything! The tension between her and Julian -- they were arguing about having another child! Ivy quickly agrees. Grace says she felt the same thing when Noah left for school. The girls were still there, but she says she felt the twinges of empty nest syndrome. Ivy must feel the same way -- Ethan's getting married, her other children are off at school, and she wants another baby -- something to mother. Ivy agrees that children are adorable (but her look says otherwise). Grace says she understands why Julian might not like the idea, and Ivy asks her not to mention it. Eve asks Grace if their table is ready, and Grace says yes, and that the maitre'd has presents for the two of them (Ivy and Eve). Eve wants to know what kind of presents. Grace says they should go see! She promises to keep quiet, then leaves. Eve tells Ivy that was too close. Ivy says Grace will never learn the truth if she and Ivy keep their mouths shut. The six adults at the Lobster Shack are standing there, when the Maitre'd comes to tell them that their table is almost ready. He gives them their 'present' -- pictures taken of their children at the wedding planner function, held at the Lobster Shack (I thought it was at the Seascape?). Grace motions Sam over to look at the pictures of Ethan -- she says it's the closest likeness she's seen yet. Julian asks her what she's talking about -- Grace says that, especially around the eyes, Ethan looks like he could be a Bennett. Julian looks like he's just had an epiphany. Ethan wants to know why Grace thinks *his* son looks like a Bennett. Grace says he just does, especially around the eyes -- if she didn't know better, she'd say Ethan was his son! Grace and Ivy look uncomfortable, and Julian looks like he's about to spew his martini, he's trying so hard to keep from laughing.

Monday, July 31, 2000 | Episode #277
The Lobster Shack:

The Bennetts, Russells, and Cranes are eating dinner at the Lobster Shack. Grace is looking at a picture of Ethan, she tells the others that she cannot get over how much he looks like a Bennett. She says that Ethan could be Sam's son. Tension runs through the crowd of people. Julian doesn't believe that his son, Ethan could be anything but a Crane. Sam completely agrees with Julian, saying that he is Crane through and through. Julian agrees with him, and says that he senses tension in Sam's voice, and he tells him that he would be like that too if Ethan was calling for an investigation of the PD too. He tells Sam that the PD had better be as clean as possible, because if there is anything to find, Ethan will find it. T.C. steps in this conversation saying that he only hopes that Ethan doesn't manipulate the facts, that the Crane's are good at doing that. Grace then jumps in with; she knows why Ethan has so many Bennett features. Ivy, Sam and Eve get very nervous, she tells them that somewhere down the line, a Bennett and a Crane got together and that the genes have just been passed along. T.C. says that illegitimate kids are conceived all of the time. T.C. and Eve begin to look at the pictures that were given to them by the restaurant. They are noticing how nice Whitney looks in the wedding gown, and that one day she will be wearing one. Eve then notices that Chad is standing with Whitney, Eve begins to get upset. She is wondering why he is with her. T.C. says that it probably isn't anything serious, that they probably just ran into each other. Eve tells him that she just doesn't want Whitney to get involved with the wrong person, that if she did it could follow her throughout her life. She looks at Julian. After this talk, Eve and Ivy are talking. Ivy tells eve that she is a poor unfortunate soul while she is, and always has been rich and fortunate. Eve tells her she doesn't know how she is so fortunate, being married to Julian. They begin to talk about the situation between them. Eve tells Ivy that it wont be long before Grace finds out Sam is Ethan's father. And Ivy tells her, that she was supposed to let her know where Sam was at all times, if she wanted her secret to be kept. She then asks her about Chad, and Eve tells her to not bring that up again, her son died at birth. Eve then tells her that she can't blackmail her anymore, because she will tell everyone her secret. They then return to the table. Sam and Grace see friends pass and go talk to them. While Grace is talking, Ivy comes up and tells Sam that she is surprised that he is being so rude to her. He tells her that she is lucky that he is civil to her after what she put him through. And if Ethan was really his son, then he would have shouted it from the roof tops, and told everyone, including Ethan. Back inside, Ivy has a clever idea to show Grace the picture of Chad and see if she could tell who his parents were, because he has been looking for them. Grace looks at the picture, then at Julian but says that she cannot tell who his parents are. That she had an idea but it was crazy. They then get ready to order.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Gwen, Ethan, Theresa, Whitney, Chad and Pilar are having dinner. Gwen, Ethan and Theresa look at a picture that Gwen found, of when Ethan and Theresa were little kids. This picture gives Theresa hope, hope that she can finally make Ethan believe that her love is real, that she has loved him forever. Chad asks if anyone needs anything and goes into the kitchen. He notices all of the blood that is coming from his wound. Whitney asks Pilar if that was the picture that she didn't want Gwen to see. She tells her yes, that she didn't want Theresa to get false hopes. Gwen then asks to look at Pillar's other albums. And says that it is good that she and Ethan didn't know each other back then, because she and Theresa would be fighting for his heart. Theresa questions why her mother never told her about this, that she has known Ethan forever. Pilar tells her that it means nothing. Theresa thinks differently, she tells her mother that she was the one who brought her up to believe in fate. And that this picture will shake Ethan up and he will realize that she has loved him forever. Whitney then tells Theresa that if Gwen catches her looking at Ethan the was she was, she was going to be in trouble. And she asks if she is going to look at him like that whenever she was at the alter with Gwen. Pilar knows nothing of this and asks what is going on. Theresa tells her that Gwen wanted her to be the maid of honor because her best friend backed out. Pilar tells Theresa that this is a bad idea, that she will never get Ethan, as she tells her this, Gwen who was outside comes in. She asks Pilar what she was talking about, why she told Theresa that Ethan would never be with her. Theresa steps in and says that she was going to go buy her a thank you gift and wanted Ethan to come with her, but momma said that he is too busy, and I could never get him to come with me. Gwen takes this as the truth. Meanwhile, Chad is in the kitchen talking to Ethan, Ethan is worried about Chad and suggests that he go to the hospital. Chad refuses. They then begin to talk about Theresa and Gwen, Chad tells him that he is making a huge mistake. Ethan tells him, that he loves Gwen, and that is who he is going to marry. Chad's response is it is your life. They exit the kitchen. Gwen tells Ethan and Theresa that she wants to talk to them about the reception. While they do this, Pilar says that Theresa is going to get her heart broke, and Chad chimes in saying that, maybe Theresa knows what she is doing, and everyone is poring cold water on her plans and dreams. Whitney tells him that he is clueless on how the Crane's work, Pilar has worked for them for years and she knows that they would never let Ethan marry an outsider. Chad says maybe and tells them that he has to leave. He heads out. Whitney leaves after him, then Gwen and Ethan leave, as they are leaving, Ethan looks back and sees Theresa holding the picture, then kisses it. He walks out.

The Wharf:
Whitney hollers for Chad, he is barley making it. She catches up to him and tells him that he heard what he told Ethan before he left, that he was making the wrong decision, but that it was his life. She tells him that the more he talks to him, the more that Theresa is going to think that she has a chance. He tells her that he knows that Ethan will change his mind, if not before the wedding, then at the alter, that his and Gwen's wedding is going to turn this town on their ear! Whitney completely disagrees with him, she says that there is no way that he would leave Gwen at the alter, that she will talk Theresa out of this as long as he stays out of the way and she storms off. Chad tries to walk along, but falls from the pain

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis and Sheridan are talking. Sheridan tells Luis that she knows that he hates her family, and every time he looks at her, he sees the Cranes. That he blames her for his fathers' disappearance. He says no, and that it is time he tells her how he feels. He tells her that every time they do something, it turns into more, like the dancing. He apologizes for falling on her, and she tells him that she didn't mind. That things are bringing them closer together. He then thinks back to his dad, he tells her that he knows it isn't her fault, that they were only kids, she then thinks back to the little girl with bloody hands. She asks what is wrong and he decides that learning the dance for his mother wouldn't be a good idea. That it would only hurt her. She tells him that it will probably make his mother happy, it would remind her of the good times, but that it was up to him. He then decides that it would make her happy, and that he wants to continue to learn the dance. They then begin to dance with a look of love in their eyes.

The Bennett House:
Hank is outside talking to the thug, he tells him that he is not going to hurt Sheridan, that he is not a killer. The thug tells him that he can help him out. Hank wants to know what the catch is. He tells him that he has to set Sheridan up, all the while, the thug has a gun pointed at Hank. Hank still refuses, and he fights for the gun and gets it. He then turns it on the thug and says that things have changed. Just then, more guys jump out of the bushes and grab Hank. He gives the gun up. The thug says that he either helps set Sheridan up or he starts knocking off his nieces. He points out that he has a clear shot at Kay. After considering this, Hank agrees to help set up Sheridan

Tuesday, August 1, 2000 | Episode #278
The Bennett House:
Les threats have finally gotten to Hank. He agrees to get Sheridan to him, if only he will leave his family alone. Les tells him that this will square his debt, and keep his hands clean. Suddenly Hank tells Les that he's just going to go to his brother and tell him everything. Les just laughs at him. Hank insists he'll do it -- he would rather die than have Les hurt his nieces or Sheridan. Les points out that Hank's death would leave his nieces more vulnerable than ever, and wouldn't change the drug cartel's plans to kill Sheridan Crane. Besides -- why would Hank waste all his time and energy on someone who is dating him, but in love with his best friend? Still in denial, Hank tells Les that's not true. Sheridan's not in love with Luis. Les tells him to get over it. After all, HE'S not shooting Sheridan. Hank says that isn't going to alleviate his guilt. Kay suddenly calls out to Hank, and Les and his two henchmen disappear into the night. Kay comes out and tells Hank that it's so incredibly hot -- she and Simone are heading off to get a drink. Hank tries to persuade her not to go (there are sodas inside, he says), but she just blows him off and heads. Les comes back out of hiding, and tells Hank that if he does what he's asked, his nieces will be safe. Hank is obviously resigned to his fate, and asks Les just what is it he wants him to do. Les tell him just to get Sheridan down to the wharf, and that's all he needs. Yeah, right, Hank says. Like Luis is just going to let them wander out of the Crane cottage? Les tells him to use his influence with Luis to get Luis to off, so he can take Sheridan out of there. After all, Luis trusts him. It's obvious that Hank isn't happy, but he knows this is the only way he can save his family.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan and Luis are still practicing the paso doble, when she stops to correct him on the way he is holding his arms. After showing him the correct posture, she gets back in his arms. Suddenly and without warning, the two are playing some major tongue tag. (Easily the hottest kiss in months! The screen was just sizzling.) Luis pulls away, but Sheridan is still a little wowed by the passion of the kiss. She starts muttering about the passion of the dance, and getting carried away. It's clear that Luis is more than a little disappointed by the way she's just brushing it off, but he shakes it off, grins, and agrees with her. Sure, that's what happened. It was a tad too passionate. Sheridan urges him to continue the dance lesson, but Luis just can't do it. It's not because of the kiss, or because he doesn't want her to teach him. He just doesn't think that it's right for him, as her bodyguard, to be involved with her in that way. He's supposed to be protecting her, but he doesn't know if he can be objective if he's involved with her. Sheridan's not happy, but she agrees. She offers to feed him, but Luis says he's not hungry right now. The camaraderie broken, Sheridan goes right back to whining and complaining about being stuck there. It's too hot, she says. It's too boring, she says. She begs Luis to just let her out of the house. Luis says no way -- it's too dangerous. She doesn't even care if they leave the grounds. She just wants to get out of her living room! Luis refuses her again. He just doesn't feel right unless she is with him or Hank.

The two are interrupted when someone's at the door. Luis goes to answer it and, surprise surprise, it's Hank. He comes in, and offers to relieve Luis. Luis says no, but Hank encourages him to go. Sheridan chimes in her two cents. Finally Luis agrees to take off for a little while, but only because he knows Hank will be with her. Sheridan says something about being fine with Hank, but by the look on his face, it's obvious he's preoccupied with something else, but it looks like it's Luis and Sheridan he's preoccupied with, not Sheridan's future. Luis leaves, and Sheridan begs Hank to take her out. Initially he agrees, and she's thrilled. Suddenly he changes his mind. Sheridan begs him to let her go out, and he asks her where she wants to go. The wharf, she says. She wants to smell the ocean. Hank is obviously mulling it over, but is still preoccupied with Les' commenting on the fact that Sheridan is dating Hank, but in love with Luis. He finally caves, and the two get ready to head out.

The Wharf:
At the wharf with Chad, Whitney is sick and tired of listening to his ramblings. She knows that if he knew the truth about Theresa's actions, and if he would stop to think about how much this will hurt Theresa, he wouldn't be encouraging her so much. She turns her back on him and walks away, and Chad continues to stumble around, until finally he collapses on the wharf. On the other end of the wharf, Kay and Simone are complaining about the heat. Simone thinks she sees something, someone on the wharf, but Kay says it's probably just a drunk. They start heading away from the body, then Simone notices that the person is wearing a familiar shirt. It's Chad! They go over and try to wake him up. Kay is obviously very worried, but Simone doesn't seem to be too concerned, even when she realizes Chad is oozing blood. Kay is worried that Chad could even be dead! (Again, Simone doesn't look too concerned.) Chad starts to come around, and Kay says they need to get him to the hospital, but he says no -- he can't afford it. Simone says Eve will handle everything, but Chowderhead refuses to take charity. He just needs to go home and rest. Kay and Simone wonder where to take him, and Simone figures her house would be the perfect place. Eve will look after him! The two pick Chad up and begin helping him to the Russell home. They narrowly miss running into Les, who is already down at the docks waiting for Hank to show up with Sheridan. Les is watching person after person wander by, and he's getting more and more impatient as he waits for Hank to show up. The sooner he can tell Roger and Pierre the job is over, the happier he'll be.

The Crane Mansion:
Gwen teases Ethan about the picture of he and Theresa together as children. She thinks it's obvious that as a toddler Theresa was in love with Ethan. Ethan looks uncomfortable at the whole analogy, and tells Gwen that they're only children in that picture. He doesn't see how two young children could be in love. Gwen says she knows love, and she saw it on the face of the young children in that photograph. But she knows that Theresa's crush is long over with. Suddenly Rebecca is there, saying that not only is it not over, it's not a crush. Gwen tells her mother to back off. Ethan excuses himself to check his voice mail, and Rebecca wants to know what's going on. Gwen doesn't want to talk about Theresa, so Rebecca tells her that she spoke to Bayleigh's mother, and learned that Bayleigh has the measles. She thinks it would be perfect if Gwen asked Allison Granville to be her maid of honor -- having her at the wedding would be a social coup! (Hello? Sheridan? Remember her? The original maid of honor?) Gwen knows she's in for a lashing -- she look like she just set the house on fire when she explains to Rebecca that she already found a replacement -- Theresa. Rebecca says it's clear she's the only intelligent person left in the whole wedding. How can Gwen not see through that gold-digger? Again, Gwen sticks up for Theresa. She trusts her. Theresa would never hurt her and Ethan like that. Ethan returns from the living room, and Gwen asks Ethan to reassure her mother that Theresa is not a threat to them. Ethan assures Gwen that he loves only her, and he's going to marry her. Ethan and Gwen tell Rebecca that Theresa is their friend. It's inconceivable that she could be stabbing them in the back by plotting to break up their wedding. Gwen tells Rebecca she's going to drive her home before she completely loses it, and Ethan realizes he has to talk to Theresa after seeing a photograph of them in Bermuda together. Rather than call her, he decides to head over there.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Pilar tells Theresa again that she must drop out of the wedding. Her heart will be broken when Gwen and Ethan walk down the aisle! Theresa doesn't think that the wedding will go off as planned, but Pilar tells her it will, and the whole town will realize how Theresa feels about Ethan. Theresa tries to tell Pilar that the existence of a fifteen-year-old photograph proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ethan and her have been in love since they were children. Pilar tells her that they were just children, but Theresa says the existence of the photograph proves that Ethan loves her and not Gwen. Suddenly Whitney is at the door, there to check on Theresa. Pilar tells Whitney she hopes she can get through to Theresa. They head into the living room, but Theresa tells Whitney not to even start with her. She knows what she wants to say. Whitney asks Theresa how she will be able to take Ethan standing there and saying his vows to Theresa? Whitney and Pilar are being very logical with Theresa, but she's ignoring them, because she's beginning a new fantasy...

It's Ethan and Gwen's wedding day. There's an Anglican priest, Gwen, Ethan, and Theresa standing behind Gwen. The priest asks Ethan if he takes Gwen to be his lawful wedded wife. With a self-serving smirk on his face, Ethan callously informs the priest that no, he doesn't. His expression is cruel and his words vicious as he smirks at Gwen, telling her that he doesn't love her, he's in love with someone else. Behind Gwen, Theresa bursts into a huge grin, as Gwen's heart breaks on screen. Ethan begins moving past Theresa to get to Gwen when suddenly Rebecca appears, and tells Theresa that she's not letting a gold-digger like her ruin her daughter's wedding day. Gwen tries to pull Rebecca off of Ethan and Theresa. Suddenly Pilar is in the mix, then Whitney. Pilar attacks Rebecca, while Whitney attacks Gwen, allowing Ethan to sweep Theresa up in his arms and carry her off...

Theresa reluctantly comes back to the present, where Whitney is telling her that she's all for dreams, but this is one that can never come true. Theresa says she knows it will, because there's a voice that is telling her so. Whitney tells her that it's not fate, it's Chad, and Chad knows nothing about love. Theresa again tells Whitney that she knows it's true love with her and Ethan. Didn't Whitney see the picture? Whitney says that a picture of a toddler with a prepubescent boy can't prove love, but Theresa doesn't even listen. As far as she's concerned, Ethan fell in love with her when she was still practically a baby.

Theresa goes upstairs to get ready for bed. She's lying in bed dreaming that Ethan comes in the door to her bedroom, and tells her that she's the one for him. While she dreams, Ethan is knocking gently on her window (he doesn't want to wake Pilar). When he gets no answer, he crawls in, and heads over to her bed, where he calls her name. In her dream, Ethan and Theresa are in the middle of a kiss. She wakes up to see Ethan at her bed, and grabs him for a kiss. He doesn't push her away, but he doesn't put his arms around her either.

The Russells House:
Kay and Simone have managed to get Chad into the Russell home, and into the hallway outside Simone's room. The set him down in a chair in the hallway, and seemingly oblivious to his presence, start talking about what Simone plans on doing with him. They head into Simone's room, leaving Chad in the hallway. Once in Simone's room, the begin planning the perfect seduction scene, setting the lights, lighting a scented candle...

Outside in the hallway, Chad rouses himself a little, and begins lurching down the hall, seemingly with no real destination in mind. In her room, Whitney is undressing for the night, standing there in only a bra and her pants. Chad continues to lurch down the hall until he finds a door, and heads in. Whitney hears him when he closes the door, and hurries to hold a shirt up in front of herself. What's he doing there? Chad is obviously delirious, as he begins asking Whitney what she's doing there at his place. She tries to tell him this is her room, but doesn't manage to get through to him before he collapses...right on top of her!

The Harmony Park:
Gwen and Rebecca are wandering through the park, drinking iced cappuccinos. Rebecca continues to warn Gwen about Theresa, and to tell her to keep an eye on Ethan. Gwen tells her that she trusts Theresa, and she trusts Ethan. She knows Ethan would never cheat on her -- he's too honorable for that.

Wednesday, August 2, 2000 | Episode #279
The Harmony Park:
Show opens up with Ivy walking in the park saying to herself about how much she misses Sam. She has a flashback of about a month or so ago when she was talking to Sam about how they use to leave notes to one another under the rock that she is now sitting on. Sam tells her he doesn't remember. Ivy tries to get Sam to remember how good their love was then. Sam reminds her yes. It was THEN not now. She married Julian and he married Grace and if she truly had loved him nothing and no one could have made her marry someone else but she did and it was long ago and he reminds her of it being way OVER! Ivy comes out of her flashback and says to herself that she thought telling Sam that Ethan was THEIR son would bring him back to her but she never thought that it would destroy Ethan's future. She says thank God she could convince Sam that she wasn't telling the truth and now Ethan's future is safe and hers is empty. Ivy wonders if there is a way to bring Sam back into her life. She says there must be a way! But how? Gwen and her mother are walking through the park and Rebecca tells Gwen that making Theresa her maid of honor is the stupidest thing she has ever done. She tells her that Theresa is a wolf in sheep's clothing and Gwen stands up for Theresa. Telling her mother that yes Theresa had the whole thing planned out. she hunted out the maid of honor and injected her with the measles. Her mother tells her she knows what she is talking about. Theresa is after Ethan she says to Gwen. Ivy was sitting on the rock still when she saw Rebecca and Gwen coming. She stands up and gets away from it. Gwen says she is happy that they ran into her there because her maid of honor is sick and she won't be able to make it, so she tells Ivy that Theresa is going to be the maid of honor. Ivy says how nice and Rebecca chimes in "NICE?! That girl is after Ethan!" Ivy tells her that is impossible and Gwen tells her see I told you. Rebecca tells Ivy that she is just as naive as Gwen is. Rebecca tells them -- "I am telling you that the housekeeper's daughter wants Ethan all to herself!" Gwen's mom says she doesn't doubt Ethan's love for Gwen it's just that she doesn't trust a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Gwen says it's done and she is off to talk to Theresa about her hairstyle for the wedding. Gwen tells her mom to talk to Ivy about it to calm her fears. When Gwen leaves Rebecca turns to Ivy and tells her that no one better muck with her daughter's wedding esp. The housekeeper's daughter. Rebecca and Ivy are having girl talk about when Rebecca was home from boarding school and she was at the park and made out like mad with a local boy. she so wanted him to make love to her but she was afraid of getting pregnant and becoming an outcast. She asks Ivy if she ever had feelings for one of the local boys since all the girls were doing it back then. Ivy asks if she ever saw him again. Rebecca says she didn't dare because she knew she wouldn't have been able to resist him and he just oozed sex. Ivy asks what about now? Like if she saw him now would she be able to resist him now? Well, Rebecca says that depends on the situation. Ivy says if she could have a long term affair and no one would get hurt then would you do it? Rebecca asks if she is talking from experience? Ivy says Excuse me? Rebecca says she just seems so interested she wonders if she has an old flame from the past in mind. Hardly, says Ivy, Julian would divorce her in a minute. Rebecca says her husband is the same, a pig. But for that boy she made out with that summer coming back into her life she doesn't know what she would do. Rebecca: Speaking of studs look at that hot one over there. wouldn't you like to get under the sheets with someone like him? It's Sam and he is carrying a note. Ivy as a look of fear on her face. Ivy wonders why Sam is there. She wonders if he has had a change of heart and wants to see her again. She is happy. Rebecca tells Ivy to stop drooling over him because she hears he is happily married and has three children and a niece. Sam wonders how Ivy is going to react to his letter. Ivy sees that Sam has a note for her and she is all happy and grins from ear to ear. Rebecca sees this and tells Ivy-Really Ivy what if Ethan sees you looking at some beefcake like Sam Bennett? Sam put a note under the rock and Ivy is so happy. Rebecca sees this and says she thinks that Sam is having an affair. Ivy says it is none of their business and Rebecca says speak for herself and she is going to see who that letter is for. Ivy tells her no she can't. Rebecca tells her again that she is going to find out who it is, it may even be someone they know!

The Russell House:
TC and Eve come into their home. TC asks her how can she deal with Ivy Crane? The way Ivy throws herself at Sam and how she had lied to try to get him back. TC says he would go crazy if anything ever was to hurt his family. Eve pulls out pictures of Whitney and Chad from the benefit and TC asks her if she is STILL upset about those photos? Eve says that Chad just seems way too familiar with their daughter. Even though he has saved her life two times that doesn't give him the right to expect things in return. TC tells her to relax because their daughters are good and they always will be with her as their role model. He tells her that they should go upstairs and say goodnight to the girls. And off they go. Simone and Kay walk out of the room and Simone says she can't wait to give Chad a sponge bath. Kay tells her they will compare notes after since she saw Miguel naked in the boys locker room. Kay again tells Simone that she needs to keep Chad away from Whitney even though she says she has no feelings for him she says she know that she will try to take him away as soon as her back is turned! Simone looks around and realizes that Chad is gone. Where is he we left him right here? Chad falls on top of Whitney and She tells him to get off of her. Chad struggles to get up but falls back on her. Whitney has Chad on top of her still and she asks him why he is acting like this? Are you on drugs she asks him. No, he says, I'm on you! Out in the hall TC and Eve run into Kay and Simone. Simone tells her mom and dad that she has something to tell them. Chad is in the house and the parents freak HERE? they say. Simone starts to explain when they all hear a scream coming from Whitney's room. They run to see what it is. TC and Eve are in the doorway and TC turns on the light and sees Chad lying on top of Whitney on her bed. TC jerks Chad off of Whitney and tells him If he thinks he can force himself on his little girl and get away with it. Simone yells at her dad to not hurt him while Whitney gets her shirt on. Simone yells that Chad is hurt and Eve tells TC to wait. Simone yells that Chad's side is bleeding and Chad falls on the bed. Whitney says that is why Chad fell on top of her he was weak from losing blood. Kay tells them that they found him on the wharf half awake and he refused to goto the hospital so that is why they brought him to the house. Eve tells them to leave while she examines him. Whitney and Chad stare at each other as she leaves the room. TC comes in and asks how Chad is. Eve tells him she thinks he reopened his stitches from swimming from the sinking of the prom boat and he now has a fever which means infection and he has to goto the hospital now. Chad says no hospital he has no insurance and he won't take handouts. Whitney come into the room and says that she and Theresa were shown blood on a chair that Chad was sitting at the cyber cafe and she didn't know if it was his. Simone gets upset and tells her why didn't she help him? Whitney tells everyone that she went to Chad's apartment to see if he was okay and he wasn't there. Kay pipes up asking Whitney if she went to Chad's apartment that means she knew how to get there. TC asks Whitney if she has been to Chad's apartment before. Whitney explains that she has been to Chad's place before. She says that Jessica asked her to goto his apartment and get clothes for Chad after the accident and since he saved her life she thought it was the least she could do for him. TC says that is okay then and Eve agrees. Kay remarks that she knew Jessica would try to play matchmaker. Eve says that Chad can stay in there house because he may just try to leave the hospital. Simone says it is just too good to be true. She wants Kay to help her find something sexy for her to wear for when Chad wakes up. Whitney asks if Chad is going to be okay. and her mom asks her why she is trembling is it because of Chad? Why would you think like that mom Whitney says? Eve wants to know how Whitney really feels about Chad. Eve asks again what is Whitney's feelings towards Chad. Whitney says she just feels grateful towards him for saving her life that is it. Eve hopes that is all it is. Trust me Whitney says. Simone comes into the room and Eve asks her what is she wearing? Oh just another top she says and Eve tells her to go and change. Simone asks where Chad is going to be sleeping after mom redoes his bandage? So they all want Chad to stay there and Eve seems a little upset. Eve knows why Simone wants Chad to stay and she says they will have a little talk about it later.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan tells Hank it is such a beautiful night out she wants to get out of the house. She wants to walk on the Wharf and Hank asks her if she is sure that is where she wants to go. She says they won't stay long and if Luis gets back before they do it will be too late for him to do anything about it anyway. Hank says all right. Luis is looking in the window watching Sheridan and Hank. He looks away from the window and says he has to stop worrying about Sheridan. He says Hank will take care of her as he goes to the police station. And he takes one more back glance at the house. Hank says okay let's go down to the wharf, I just hope that Luis doesn't pop back in and find us gone then he'll come searching for us. As they go towards the door Hank's cell phone rings. It's Les and he tells Hank if he doesn't get Sheridan down there now he can kiss both of his nieces good-bye. Sheridan asks if the call was important. Hank tells her it was this guy he works for and he just thinks that he owns Hank. Hank says let's go and on the porch Sheridan makes the remark that tonight is just simply to DIE FOR! Luis comes in the house and is calling for Sheridan. He can't find them and goes to the bedroom and knocks on the door and opens it and finds it empty. He is going off and screaming for them everywhere. He is outside yelling for them.

The Harmony P.D.:
Luis goes into the police station and goes up to Sam and Sam is shredding papers. Sam asks Luis what he is doing there. Luis tells him that Hank is watching Sheridan so he can catch up on paperwork. Luis sees that Sam is shredding Ethan Crane's File and asks Sam why? Even more importantly WHY does he even have it? Sam flashes back to being in the hospital talking to Eve about Ethan and Eve tells Sam that Ethan was born prematurely. Sam is relieved that Ethan is not his son. The flashback ends and he tells Luis that he was doing research on Ethan in case Ethan was going to have him fired for the prom boat sinking. Sam says it was a waste of time because he found nothing in Ethan's past that interests him. Luis says that Ethan can be a bastard sometimes can't he? Sam says what do you expect with a father like Julian and Ivy for a mother. Sam says that the Cranes stop at nothing to get what they want. Sam tells Luis that he thinks those Cranes can just do whatever they want. Luis says he doesn't know how or why but somehow his father got in their way and the Cranes got rid of him and that he doesn't trust the Cranes anymore than Sam does. Sam asks him that includes Sheridan. Luis says that she is stubborn and Sam says aren't we all, but Sheridan is basically a good kid and so is Ethan because he is not as evil as Julian or Alistair but he can be mixed up at times. Luis asks about Ivy and Sam says she may have been a totally different person if she hadn't of married Julian but she did so now at best she is just a lost soul searching for something that she will never find. Sam says that all those years being married to a Crane he thinks she has turned into one. There is no telling what she will do he says. Sam asks Luis if Theresa chance that him and Sheridan will get together. Sam says if he could wipe the slate clean and forget that she is a Crane would they get together? Luis tells him that Sheridan is a beautiful woman and that even when they fight he looks at her he sometimes thinks she is the one and thinks about their lives and how it would be great. Luis says but it is just a dream and no matter what she is a Crane, and he can't shut his eyes to who she really is. Luis tells Sam that if Sheridan wasn't a Crane he would run after her and catch her and never let her go. But it is just all wishful thinking. He says she even lives in the cottage that use to be his family's house. It always seems that the past comes back to break them up on any chance they might have had. Sam tells him when he is done guarding Sheridan that he needs to make a clean break from her. Luis says that maybe he should put it in writing that way it is clear both to Sheridan and to him on how he feels. Sam says that might be the only way.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa is lying on the bed and she sees Ethan. I knew you would come for me she says and they kiss. Ethan pushes her away and Theresa asks him if the reason he came was to tell her that he loves her. Yes, he says. Ethan tells Theresa that he came to tell her that he loves her and Theresa throws her arms around him and says she knew it. Ethan grabs her arms and tells her wait that she didn't let him finish. Ethan: I came to tell you I love you as a friend. Not as a girlfriend, or a future wife, but someone I care about and I want to be happy. Theresa asks him why did he come then and tell her something he knew she didn't want to hear? Ethan tells her he didn't have a chance to explain to her in private how he felt. Theresa says to Ethan that she doesn't want to hear how he doesn't love her so he might as well leave. Ethan tells Theresa that it's important for her to know how he feels now that she is going to be the maid of honor and he can't marry Gwen if she is standing next to them dying inside while Gwen and him are exchanging their marriage vows. Theresa begs Ethan not to ask her to stop loving him because she can't. Ethan says it's all his fault because he kissed her on the wharf that one night. Theresa gets the picture of them when they were little and she tells him no that she has loved him ever since then. And that the picture proves that they are meant to be together and deep in his heart he knows it too. Ethan tells Theresa that she is wrong that the photo means nothing, and it proves nothing too. Theresa says she can see the love between them there and can feel it now. She says she loves him, everything about him esp. the way he looks at her. Ethan doesn't get it. Theresa says he looks at her with love in his eyes. Ethan tells her yes it's love but, it's not romantic love, it's him loving her as a friend and if she can't tell the difference between the two then maybe she shouldn't be the maid of honor and it would upset him to see her get hurt. Maybe she should go away with Whitney and forget about him. Theresa tells him she can't forget about him because she loves him can't he understand that? Ethan tells Theresa that he is committed to Gwen. Theresa asks why did he kiss her that night? Ethan says he was wrong that night and he was just carried away. Theresa tells him to kiss her now and then he will see that it is her that he wants. Gwen is at Theresa's front door and it is open so she just goes on in and calls out for Pilar and Theresa. She thinks that Theresa is asleep and that she needs to wake her up because the wedding is too close and she wants to get this out of the way. Meanwhile Ethan and Theresa are about to kiss. Gwen show up and calls out to Theresa. Ethan says she will never understand why he is there so could Theresa please go see what she wants because he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Theresa goes out of the room and asks Gwen why she is there and she says that she wants to see how she is going to do her hair for the wedding and she wants to see the sketch for the dress she will be wearing. The sketch is in the room and Gwen wants to go in there and see it. Ethan is dying in the room and goes out the window. Theresa and Gwen are in the room and Theresa notices that Ethan left. She wishes he had stayed so Gwen would have called off the wedding when she saw him. Gwen looks at the pictures and sees that everything is fine. and they have the hairdos all done now. Everything is all smooth now until the wedding. As Gwen leaves Theresa's House Ethan is trying to beat her to the front of the house and it doesn't work. Ethan is caught by Gwen! She asks what is he doing here? Theresa is in the house and sees that Gwen has caught him. Perfect she says as she thinks this will be the end of them.

The Wharf:
Sheridan and Hank are finally on the wharf, Sheridan walks away and Les calls to Hank. Get her into the light and step away so I can get a clear shot Les tells Hank. Hank begs him to not do this as Sheridan is a good person and Les reminds him it's either her or his nieces. Hank walks over to Sheridan as she seems to get cold. Hank sees that Sheridan is cold and gives her his jacket. She mentions that Maybe they should go back because Luis might be trying to call the cottage and if he knows they aren't there he will never trust Hank to be alone with her again. Hank says don't worry about it and takes her into the light and tells her to try to just live in the moment and to make it last, as he kisses her and steps away from her, and he is just waiting for Les to shoot her. Sheridan notices that something is wrong and asks Hank what is it. Sheridan asks Hank again what is wrong as Les is getting ready to shoot her.

Thursday, August 3, 2000 | Episode #280
Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa is looking out the window, listening to Gwen and Ethan. Gwen is asking Ethan what he is doing there, and why he was coming around from the back. Ethan is speechless; he doesn't know what to tell Gwen. Pilar comes down and asks Theresa what is going on. Theresa tells her that tonight is going to be wonderful, that the truth is finally going to come out. Pilar is confused and asks what she is talking about. Theresa, very eagerly tells her that Ethan came to her room, then Gwen came and he had to hide so he snuck out and outside Gwen saw him and now she wants to know what he is doing there. Theresa tells her mother that she knows that Gwen is going to call off the wedding and they will finally be able to get married. Outside, Gwen asks Ethan if he came to pick her up, not having an answer, he tells her yes, that is what he was doing. She then realizes that he had no way of knowing that she was there, and demands to know why he was there. Pilar, inside, starts to go to the door when Theresa tells her to stop, that tonight Gwen will know that Ethan loves her and call off the wedding. Pilar rushes outside and tells Gwen that the reason that Ethan was there was because she had heard her voice in Theresa's room and she called Ethan to tell him that she was there. Gwen accepts this as the truth and raves about how much she loves Ethan and Gwen then leaves. Ethan tells Pilar that he owes her one and leaves. Theresa is angry with her mother; she asks Pilar why she is trying to destroy her future. Pilar tells her that the Crane's would never let Ethan marry anyone besides Gwen. They go inside. Theresa goes upstairs and returns a few minutes later, seeing her mother with Ivy's attaché case. Theresa asks her why she has it, and what is so important about the papers that are in it. Pilar tells her to not worry about it. To forget that she has ever seen it! Theresa apologizes for having it fall out of the closet and says to herself that she wishes that Ethan wasn't a Crane, because if he wasn't, then he could marry her, and not have to marry Gwen. She then tells her mother that she is going to go to Whitney's house. Before she leaves, she sits outside and asks for a miracle. She asks that Ethan be made free to marry her, because if he doesn't marry her then they are both going to be miserable! She hopes that Ethan is thinking of her the way that she is thinking of Ethan.

The Harmony Park:
Rebecca and Ivy are looking on as Sam puts a note under a rock. He thinks back to when he and Ivy were talking and she asks him if he remembers when they used to leave notes for each other under that same rock, in his thoughts he tells her no. As he snaps out of his thinking, he hears something. It is Ivy and Rebecca, Rebecca is telling Ivy that they have to find out who Sam's mistress is. Ivy thinks that it is a bad idea that they should leave, then they hear Sam. Ivy walks from behind the tree. Sam asks her what she is doing here, and she tells him that she just wanted to get out for a walk. Before their conversation goes any further, Sam gets a phone call. The person on the other end days something about a shooting and Sam runs off Just then Rebecca pops out from behind the bushes and tells Ivy that they have to read the note to find out who the mistress is. Ivy strongly tries to persuade Rebecca against this but she gives Ivy a guilt trip. She tells Ivy that when they were young she used to be so much fun, but lately she has been so careful as if she was hiding something. Ivy tells her that was ridiculous, she just has a million things to do and it was late. Rebecca picks up the note from under the rock and reads it out loud. "Stay away. There will never be anything between us. I will never hurt the ones I love." Ivy asks if there was a name, Rebecca tells her no, but the field was now open, that if Ivy played her cards right, she could get Sam. She tells Ivy that she saw the look he was giving her when they were talking. Ivy denies this saying that Rebecca needs glasses. Rebecca then says (sarcastically) that Ivy could never have a fling with Sam, that it would be scandalous, that if Julian found out, he would divorce her and leave her with nothing, and she knew that Ivy wouldn't risk everything for a fling.

The Russell House:
Kay, Simone, Whitney and Eve are in the hallway talking about Chad. Kay asks if he is going to be okay. Eve reassures them all saying that his wound reopened when Chad was saving Whitney on the prom boat. She tells the girls that since Chad doesn't have insurance, he can stay with them until he gets well. Simone asks her mother if Chad is going to stay in Whitney's room. Her mother tells her of course, that he doesn't need to be moved. She then gets a phone call and the person on the other line tells her that she needs to go to the wharf. She tells the girls that she has to leave and for Whitney to take care of Chad, to clean his injury and for the other girls to stay out of her room, that she will be back soon. As she leaves, Kay tells Whitney that she set it up so that she could sleep with Chad. Whitney begins to argue with her, saying that she would never just hop into bed with some guy. Kay reminds her that Chad is not just some guy. Whitney tells her that sex is meaningless without love behind it. She goes into the room t begin cleaning Chad up. Kay and Simone know that they cannot let Whitney be alone with Chad. Inside the room, Chad is dreaming of the prom boat, he is saying (to Whitney) to hold on, that he wont let her drown. She tells him that she is safe, that she is here to take care of him. Meanwhile, Kay is looking in, she tells Simone that if Chad was hurt on his side, then why is Whitney holding his hand and rubbing his face. Simone looks in. Kay then tells her that her sister is a liar, that she just wants to be alone with Chad's naked body, that they have to go in there to stop it. Simone tells her that Whitney has to take care of Chad, but is pushed in the room by Kay. Whitney turns around as they come in, she tells them to get out and Simone turns to leave but is stopped by Kay. Kay tells her to go ahead and talk to her sister. Simone cowardly asks if she needs any ice. Whitney tells her that she is using something else to cool him down, Kay steps in and says that it looked like she was trying to get him hot! Whitney again demands that the 2 of them get out or she is going to throw them out of her room, this time they do. Out in the hallway, Theresa walks up and asks where Whitney is at, Kay tells her that she is in the room with her boyfriend. This confuses Theresa and she asks 'her boyfriend?" Kay tells her to go see. Theresa walks in, and Whitney, thinking that it was Kay and Theresa yells for them to get out. Theresa responds with you move fast. Whitney asks her what she is talking about, that Chad just needs rest and she is taking care of him. Theresa tells her that this could be her golden opportunity, that in romance novels, the hero gets hurt and the heroine takes care of him and they fall in love. Whitney reminds her that her life is not a romance novel, and she asks Theresa to watch over him while she goes to get gauze. On her way out, she meets Kay and Simone. Kay then begins to argue with her again about the situation. Simone asks her what is going on, and Whitney tells her nothing, but they will talk when Chad is better, and that Kay has an ugly imagination. Inside the room, Theresa is talking to Chad, he asks her how it is going with she and Ethan, she tells him that she is not giving up, and she asks him how he and Whitney were doing. He shakes his head and she tells him that wasn't good enough, that if he loves someone he needs to tell him. With this she rushes downstairs to tell Whitney the good news. As she does this, Simone walks in and kneels by the bed, Chad looks up, and sees Whitney's face, he mutters "I love you, I love you" this really excites Simone, not knowing that it was meant for Whitney. Downstairs Theresa tells Whitney that she is in for a big surprise when she goes back up. She tells her that she wants her to be happy just like she is, Whitney asks why she is so happy. Theresa tells her that Ethan came to her room tonight, she tells her that she came over to talk her out of loving him, but the real reason that he came over was to tell her how he felt. That her love is getting to him, and he know that he cant live without me.

The Crane Mansion:
Julian is upstairs with Suzanne (maid) they are talking about Ivy, and how Julian can catch her, and her secret. That he has to find it out to get Alistair to reconsider replacing Ethan as the heir. Suzanne tells him that she knows of the attaché case and that it has important papers in it. He tells her that he has to find that case and goes to look in her room for it. Downstairs he runs into Ethan and Gwen. They are talking and Gwen tells him that she needs to not listen to her mother, and Ethan tells her that he loves her and she is the one he wants to marry. She asks him why he always says that, like he is reassuring himself. They are interrupted by Julian asking if they had seen Ivy anywhere. Gwen tells him that she was in the park taking a walk, but that they have to go. This is good news to Julian, he rushes to her room. He begins looking around the room, searching for the attaché case when Ivy walks in. She asks him what he is doing in her room. He tells her that he is trying to find what her secret is. She tells him that there isn't one, that there is nothing in the room that concerns him. He asks her about the attaché case. She tells him he doesn't know what he is talking about. She then tells him that he needs to not start trouble where there isn't any especially with Ethan's wedding right around the corner. He tells her that she is right, that Ethan needs to be kept as an alliance. She agrees with him as she pushes him out telling him that he needs as many friends as he can get. Ivy quickly goes to call Pilar, she asks her if the attaché case is safe. Pilar tells her yes, that no one will find it. Little does Ivy know, Julian is outside her door listening. Elsewhere in the Crane Mansion. Gwen and Ethan are in the bed, before they fall asleep, she tells Ethan to dream about her. He begins to dream about the wedding. When the preacher tells him to kiss the bride, the woman he loves, he goes to lift up the veil and it is Theresa. She tells him that the reason that he is dreaming about her, is because she is the one he needs to marry, and wants to marry her. He then begins to hear chanting, "Marry Gwen, you are a Crane, marry Gwen" in his sleep, he keeps saying, no I cant, I cant. Gwen wakes him up and tells him that he was having a nightmare, and she asks what he cant do. He just leans over and gives Gwen a hug.

The Wharf:
Hank and Sheridan are walking along. Les is in the corner, getting ready to shoot Sheridan. Hank sees him, but knows he has to do it. Suddenly he shoots, Hank then runs in front of Sheridan and pulls her down. They lay there in silence for a minute. She then gets up and notices that Hank has been shot, someone comes and tells her that an ambulance has been called. Sam rushes over to Sheridan, Luis then comes along with him is Eve. Sheridan is okay, but she is worried that Hank is not going to be okay. She completely blames herself. Luis takes her to the side and asks her what she was thinking, he told her that he said to not go anywhere, that her life was in danger, but since she is a Crane, she thinks she can do whatever she wants, at everyone else's expense! He tells her that she thinks that all of this is a game. While they are checking out Hank, Sam tells the men from the force to go look for the shooter, they quickly come back with a lead. They say that he has blond hair, Sam asks Hank if that man fits the description, he says that he doesn't know, he didn't get a good luck at the man. Luis goes to look for the man. Sheridan runs after him, she says that she couldn't live with herself if something happened to him. He goes to the warehouse where the men said that they spotted someone, before he goes in, he calls Sam to tell him that he has spotted someone. As he walks in, he looks around, he is ready to shoot, Les (the thug) spots him and gets up to shoot him, he points the gun at Luis

Friday, August 4, 2000 | Episode #281
Russell House:
Whitney tells Theresa that Chad isn't in love with her. All his posturing, it's just a big game, something to amuse himself with. Theresa keeps pressing Whitney to admit she's interested, and Whitney says that, yes, okay, maybe she'd like to go to a movie or something. Theresa is thrilled that she was right -- Whitney has feelings for Chad! Theresa still thinks Chad loves Whitney -- after all, he's not dating anyone else, and he couldn't possibly be interested in another girl. Whitney reminds Theresa that Simone has always been interested in Chad, but Theresa discounts that theory. Chad isn't interested in Simone. Besides, Simone is just a CHILD. She and Whitney are WOMEN. (Someone should remind Theresa that Simone is the same age right now as Theresa was when she started stalking the Crane fortune.) Meanwhile, upstairs, Chad looks up to see Whitney, and tells her that he loves her. Unfortunately, it's not Whitney who is looking back down at Chad. Simone is overjoyed that Chad has confessed his love for her. When she tells Kay, Kay is although thrilled for her friend, although she wishes she'd heard it. Simone again nudges Chad, and once again Chad sees Whitney (flashback to their kiss at the tennis courts) and tells Simone he loves her. Kay is absolutely thrilled for Simone -- she has been in love with Chad for over a year, and he returns her love! Simone says she feels so grown up, like a woman. Suddenly Simone quiets, and apologizes to Kay for being so happy, when Kay is waiting for Miguel to tell her he loves her. Kay assures her that Simone can be as happy as she wants, and that it's great that Chad loves her. She's confidant that Miguel will one day be hers, and then they will both be with the man they love. Whitney and Theresa come in to see Simone happy as a clam, and the two are shocked to learn that Chad has told Simone he loves her. Theresa immediately says that Chad must have been delirious. There is no way that he could have meant what he said. Simone is obviously hurt. Why couldn't Chad be in love with her, she asks? She wants to know why Theresa is insisting that the only way Chad could ever say he loved her was if she was delusional. Kay gets in on the act too, defending her friend from Theresa's left-handed attacks. Suddenly Whitney tells them all to leave, because she needs to check Chad's bandages. She has remained silent on the 'I love you' issue. Chad stirs while she's checking him, and he has a flashback to the time in the Crane cabin when they danced. Theresa is still in the room, and still insisting that Chad couldn't possibly have known what he was saying when he said he loved Simone (all this, while Simone is standing right there!), and Kay castigates Theresa for her selfishness and hurtful comments, telling her that she (Theresa) is a sore loser, and she and Whitney are the queens of sore loser hood. Whitney denies it, because she had nothing to lose -- unlike Theresa, she does not claim that Chad would have to be delusional to love Simone. Chad is stirring on the bed, and Theresa insists that they ask him right then and there, so she can prove that he is not in love with Simone. Whitney thinks they should leave him alone, but Theresa is eager to be proved right, Kay is eager to prove to Theresa that Chad wouldn't have to be delusional to love Simone, and Simone just wants to hear the words again. She asks Chad who he loves, and he says it's her (thinking again that she's Whitney). Simone leans forward to kiss Chad, and soon the two are engaged in some hot lip-play while Kay cheers for her friend, Whitney feels her heart breaking, and Theresa can't believe she's not right.

Tabitha's House:
Tabitha is looking through her spell books trying to find a way to get Charity over to the dark side. Suddenly Timmy appears in combat gear, informing Tabitha that Charity is making goggle eyes at Miguel, sans pendant. Tabitha isn't thrilled with that information, but feels a little better when Timmy says that Grace isn't wearing the pendant either. Suddenly they look out the window, and notice that the pendant is glowing.

Charity's Room:
The pendant is lying on Charity's night stand, next to a picture of Charity and Miguel. As the pendant pulses with evil light, the glass in the picture frame splinters.

Tabitha's House:
Tabitha tells Timmy they need to get next door. She dilly-dallies for a moment, but suddenly the forces in the basement are the ones giving the orders. She and Timmy pack up and head over to the Bennetts.

Lighthouse Park:
Miguel and Charity are walking through the park, arm in arm, with Miguel wearing one of Luis' old T-shirts from the police academy (class of '92). She's convinced that there are evil forces trying to keep them apart. Miguel tries to talk her out of it, then tries to distract her when he sees some mushrooms in the ground. He goes to pick them, joking about how Pilar makes the best mushroom omelet. Suddenly Charity looks horrified, and pretty much body-tackles Miguel to the ground. He lands in the bushes, and looks up at her, curious. She tells him that he's going to die! He's suitably shocked, and she explains that those mushrooms are poisonous -- something she learned from her mother. Miguel thanks her, but she says he's saved her too many times to count. He thinks it's a sign that someone is watching over them. To cheer her up, Miguel gives her a present. He was going to save it for Christmas, but he thought she could use it now (luckily he was carrying this huge box around in his pocket). He shows her a large, ornate cross on a gold chain -- a gift he received from his grandmother as a little boy. He says she told him to give it to the girl he loved, and now he has. She is touched by the gesture, and he puts it on her. Suddenly, she has a feeling she needs to get home...Grace needs her.

The Bennett House:
Grace is chopping vegetables for a quiche in the Bennett kitchen when Tabitha comes in, doll in tow. She's got a lot of work to do -- she's behind on her charity work, and she needs to make the quiches for some snack baskets. From the laundry room comes the sound of the washer shutting off, and Grace excuses herself to switch the clothes over to the dryer. Tabitha tells Timmy to go off now and find the pendant. He won't need to though -- the pendant floats into the room and lands on Timmy's neck. He starts chanting "Kill Fluffy! Kill Fluffy!" in a deep and demonic voice, but the moment is over once Tabitha removes the pendant. Suddenly Miguel and Charity are there, and tell Grace they saw some poisoned mushrooms in the park they thought should be reported. Miguel drops a hint about mushroom quiche, and Grace says she'd be glad to make him one...if he'll take a look at the garbage disposal. While he's busy, Charity goes over to talk to Tabitha, who tells Charity that she's disappointed that Charity isn't wearing her pendant, claiming she found it on the kitchen counter. Doesn't Charity like it? She assures her that she does, but that Miguel gave her a gift she wants to wear. Once Tabitha looks at the cross, her eyes begin to burn. Were it not for Timmy grabbing her arm, her eyes might have burned right up! Charity smells smoke, and Grace checks the quiche, but it's fine. Charity figures it might have been the trash compactor. Grace cons Miguel into going over to the B&B to check a slow-draining sink. Tabitha cons Charity into removing the cross by claiming the clasp looks lose -- Charity thinks she would just DIE if she lost Miguel's grandmother's cross. Suddenly, Charity is obsessed with the urge to wear the pendant, so Tabitha helps her put it on. She decides to start making Miguel a mushroom quiche right away (he has assured her that he'll just love it -- to which Tabitha responds, "Gag me with a spatula!"). Grace tells her the mushrooms are in the fridge, then goes back to check her laundry. Suddenly, Charity has a sudden urge to go out. She leaves the mushrooms on the counter, taking off with a ziplock baggy. Tabitha and Timmy follow. Miguel comes back into the kitchen, wondering where Charity went.

Lighthouse Park:
Charity heads over to the poisoned mushrooms, and begins picking them to put in her bag, much in the manor that Ivy would pick up trash in the park -- lightly and delicately, with a slightly arrogant look on her face. Tabitha and Timmy talk amongst themselves, trying to figure out just what exactly it is that Charity is doing. Suddenly, she turns to them, eyes aglow, seriously creepy smile on her face, and says she's picking them to destroy goodness. She's picking them to kill Miguel!

The Wharf:
Eve is tending to Hank, trying to dab antiseptic on his back and assure him that Sam (who apparently took the other cops with him when he went for back up) will be back soon. Suddenly Sheridan feels this great urge to take off after Luis, and jumps up, racing toward him. Even though he's obviously in a lot of pain, Hank moves to stop her, telling her the hitman is still out there, but Eve restrains him. Luis is hiding on the docks, playing a game of cat and mouse with Les, not realizing that Les has a bead on his back until Les tells him he has him in his sights. Suddenly Les is distracted by Sheridan's appearance. Luis manages to get back into hiding, and calls to Sheridan to get away. He can handle this, and she shouldn't be putting herself in more danger. Sheridan doesn't listen to him (surprise, surprise), and comes closer. Suddenly she is grabbed from behind! Eve is tending to Hank's wounds, telling him what a wonderful guy he is. Hank is telling her that, no, he isn't such a wonderful guy, but Eve continues to gush. She hopes that someday, her girls can find a man just like Hank Bennett. She certainly wouldn't want them falling for the wrong guy. "Someone like Chad?" asks Hank. Eve wonders if she's so transparent, and Hank tells her she is. He obviously thinks that Chad would be a decent match for one of Eve's daughters. Luckily Sheridan's grabber is just Luis, dragging her to safety yet again. He reads her the riot act about being stupid enough to come here. Les is taunting him about rescuing a hated Crane, so Luis has to deal with not only Sheridan, but now Les as well. He tells Sheridan to keep Les talking while he doubles around to get to him. Les is in the middle of a tirade about Sheridan's boyfriend Hank (Les: "How do you think I knew to come to the wharf?" Sheridan: "You followed me from the cabin!" Viewers: "Oh, come ON!"), when Luis jumps him from behind. Luis' gun flies behind him, and Les' gun ahead of him. Pacing toward the dock with her back to Hank, Eve tells Hank that Chad is just the wrong kind of boy for her girls. She has worked too hard and sacrificed too much to see her daughters end up with a street kid with no family, no past, and no resale qualities. Hank asks her if she's sure she's okay -- it seems like something is wrong. Les and Luis scuffle on the docks, each trying to get to Les' gun, while Luis continues to tell Sheridan to take off. Trying to lecture Sheridan is slowing Luis down, because Les manages to get his gun back. He's holding his gun on Luis, with his back to Sheridan, assuring both that he'll kill the other. Luis is still telling Sheridan to go. Suddenly Les hears the sound of a cocked pistol. Sheridan has picked up Luis' police issue revolver (tiny little thing!), and is pointing it at the back of Les' head. Les does a really neat move, and manages to get his arms around Luis. He tells Sheridan to back off, and Luis keeps telling her to do it, to shoot Les. Sheridan swears she can't -- she might hit Luis! Hank and Eve are still talking on the wharf when the night silence is shattered by the sound of a gunshot coming from the area where Les, Luis, and Sheridan are!