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Monday, August 7, 2000 | Episode #282
The Crane Mansion:

The show opens up with Ethan in bed and dreaming of Theresa. He is seeing her in all of the past times they have been together. they are showing all of Ethan's flashbacks and dreams that he has had of Theresa. These are very good! Ethan is still dreaming and whispers 'Theresa, Theresa.' Next we see Ethan in bed and he is having a dream about being in the park and he comes to a fork in the path. He looks to his left and points to it and says no and he goes right. He sees Theresa and goes up to her and she says I knew you would make the right choice! as they stare into each other's eyes. The dream closes and they show Ethan lying in bed. Theresa walks into Ethan's room and sees him sleeping. She aloud what are you dreaming about my love? We see Ethan dreaming of him and Theresa in the park where we last left off at and he tells Theresa he loves her!!!!! and he picks her up and they twirl! We see Ethan lying in his bed and we go back to his dream. He and Theresa stop twirling and Ethan again tells her that he loves her and they kiss. We hear Theresa call Ethan's name. Ethan fully wakes up and see Theresa staring at him. He says her name and grabs her to sit next to him on the bed. Ethan: Theresa you were right. I do love you. Theresa and Ethan kiss and FALL TO THE BED!!!!!!

The Russell House:
In Whitney's room all of the girls are standing around waiting to see who Chad says he loves. the camera is on Chad as he tries to focus on Simone but again sees Whitney as she asks him who does he love. Chad reaches out for Simone and grabs her and pulls her in for a kiss as he says it's you. The camera pans the room and shows all the other girl's reactions. Theresa is very upset and Kay is flashing a smile as poor Whitney looks like she was smacked with a baseball bat in the stomach. They all watch Chad and Simone kiss. Whitney says" See I told you Chad didn't love me, he loves Simone. We see Simone kissing all over Chad and Whitney can't stand it and leaves the room. Theresa goes after her tells her to not let what they saw in there bother her because it doesn't mean a thing. Whitney says except that Chad is in love with her little sister! Theresa tells her that Chad is just very sick and didn't realize what he was saying. Whitney says nice try but she's not buying it, and like it matters because nothing is going on between her and Chad. She also says she is very happy for both Simone and Chad. Theresa says yeah right like I am happy for Ethan and Gwen right? Theresa: You just told me not even an hour ago that you liked Chad. Whitney says that Theresa misunderstood her. Theresa says she is only saying that because she is hurt. Theresa tells Whitney that she thinks Chad thinks he was kissing Whitney instead of Simone! Next we see Chad lying in bed and Simone is staring at him. Kay comes up to her and tells her she is so lucky that the one she loves, loves her back. Chad says "I love you Whitney" Simone asks did Chad just say something? Kay says she is not sure so Simone goes up to him and he says I love you. Simone says this is a dream come true and that Chad is an amazing kisser. She asks Kay if she looks any different because she feels different. Simone says this is the happiest day of her life. Kay tells her not to say that too loud, because didn't you see the look on your sister's face when she tore out of here? When Chad said he loved you and kissed you she looked like she had been hit by a bus! Kay says she wouldn't be surprised if Whitney was crying her eyes our right now. Simone says she wouldn't give Whitney such a hard time about it because she never felt that Whitney had feeling for Chad, only for Tennis. Kay tells her to wake up because Whitney is still after Chad, just like Charity is after Miguel! Theresa explains to Whitney that Chad is was so out of it that he had no idea who he was kissing let alone declare his undying love to. Whitney tells her to stop because she doesn't care who Chad loves. Theresa tells her she can't lie to her best friend. She knows she is upset. She has to fight for what is meant to be like with her and Ethan. Whitney tells her to forget about Ethan too because he is going to marry Gwen. Theresa tells her no he is not. Whitney tells Theresa then why was Ethan in her room tonight? It was to tell her to stop loving him wasn't it? Theresa tells her that deep down Ethan know he loves her and all he needs is a push. And she is going to give it to him. Eve has just called the girls to let them all know what has happened. Kay is upset about her dad being down there so she goes home to be with her mother. Theresa goes to tell Ethan what has happened about Sheridan. Whitney asks her if she thinks that is a good idea. Theresa tells her it is not about that. Theresa tells Whitney it is about when you love someone you want to be there for them in their time of need. Off she goes and Whitney peaks into her room to see Simone kissing Chad's hand and telling him she loves him too. Whitney is talking to Simone about her room and where she is going to sleep tonight. Simone tells her to just sleep in her room since she will be up all night with Chad. Whitney is very upset because she has a morning practice. Simone tells Whitney it would make her happy that if she was happy for her because of Chad and she knows her parents aren't going to be too happy about it. Whitney says she doesn't know and Simone begs her to be. Simone tells her is has always been so jealous of Whitney all her life because she is more prettier than she and she is so great at tennis etc. No wonder you're Dad's favorite! Whitney denies it but Simone says she is not blind. She knows it is true. She knows that dad loves her but he only focuses on Whitney. Whitney says she had no idea that Simone felt that way about her. Simone says she is not as angry anymore not after tonight. Simone goes over to the bed and sits next to Chad. She has someone who finally loves her for her first for once. She tells Whitney that she has tennis and she has Chad and that they both have what they want. Whitney is standing over Chad and has a flashback of when her and Chad kissed on the tennis court. When the flashback is over she says aloud Is it really Simone you love? Simone comes into the room and tells Whitney thanks for staying there while she was gone.

The Wharf:
Sheridan has a gun pulled on the hitman while the hitman tells her which one is he going to shoot first? The hitman says he is going to shoot both but he says as he points towards Luis and Sheridan. Luis yells at her to shoot but Sheridan screams she can't she is afraid she is going to hit Luis instead. Luis yells at her to just shoot damn it! Hank is sitting down next to Eve, as she gets up a shot is heard coming from the direction of the warehouse. Sam comes running up and says it's Luis and Sheridan. Hank can't believe it no he says. Sam calls the police station to see if Luis has called for backup. He find out he hasn't and tells them that he wants all the men on the site to help because they may have an officer down. Sam runs off to the warehouse. Hank starts to go and Eve stops him telling him he is still too weak to go. Hank tells Eve that if no one has heard from Luis that means he and Sheridan are in trouble or could be Eve tells him to not think that. Eve says that he needs to stay there and she has to go in case someone needs medical attention. Hank tells her not without him because if anything has happened it's his fault! We see Sheridan and the gun is smoking. She calls out to Luis to please answer her and he doesn't. OH GOD what have I done she says. she runs over to him and picks up his arm. She sees the blood spot and sees she has shot him. She says he is dead. Sheridan is upset because Luis is not breathing. She gives him CPR and he starts to cough. Thank God you are alive where did I shoot you she says. Luis tells her he is fine and that she shot the hitman. Luis tells her she did great but he should be reading her the riot act because she wasn't supposed to have followed him and she came too close to being shot herself. She begs him to not yell at her now. Luis says but if you hadn't of come down here I'd be a goner. You saved my life! Sam comes running in and asked if they are okay. They say they are and that Sheridan has shot the hitman. Eve and Hank come in and Eve rushes in to tend to the hitman. Luis tells the hitman he has to ask him a few questions. Luis is very upset and tells everyone that the hitman better stay alive long enough for them to get the information out of him they need about who he was working for. Eve says he is losing a lot of blood. Sheridan says she is worried about Hank because he looks bad. Hank tells her that is just wanted he wanted to hear from the most beautiful woman in the world. Luis can't believe that almost an hour ago he was almost dead but Hank still has enough left in him to flirt! Sheridan says she is so sorry because this is all her fault. Luis tells her it's not, that it is whoever he was working with's fault and Luis isn't going to stop until he finds out who it is. Eve tells the hitman to be still as he comes to. Sam goes over to them and tells the hitman that he is going straight to jail. Luis asks him who is was working with, who helped him try to kill Sheridan? Luis asks him how did you know Ms. Crane was going to be on the wharf tonight? We see Hank's face and he flashes back to when the hitman tells him he has to get Sheridan on the wharf to save his nieces' lives. The hitman points at Hank and Hanks gives the most 'shocked' look as he looks around to his friends. Hank has that look still while the hitman points at him. Luis says: Why are you pointing at him? I asked you for the name of the man you are working with! The hitman starts to gasp and Eve tries to save him. Luis grabs the hitman and Sam makes him get off of him. Sam asks Hank any idea of why he was pointing at you? Luis says it was probably because he remembers him from the wharf. Hank chimes in saying yeah that's it. Luis asks Eve if she can bring him around again. Sam says don't worry there is plenty of time to find out who was working with him. Eve says it's no use. Sam asks her what she meant. Eve says he is dead. Sheridan freaks out. Oh my God! I've killed him. Hank looks so happy! Sheridan freaks out saying that she didn't mean to kill him, as they put a sheet over the body. Luis tells her she had no choice. Sheridan says that no one has the right to take another's. Sam tells her that the hitman would have killed her and Luis. She saved their lives! Eve asks if Sheridan has to stay. Sam says no and Hank says he will take her home. Sheridan walks away towards the body and Hank and Luis talk. Luis says that too bad that guy died before he could give up the name of the guy he was working with, so now Sheridan is still in danger. Sheridan is sitting next to the body when she touches the sheet and gets blood on her hands. She flashes back to when she was a little girl with blood on her hands. Sheridan freaks out at the blood on her hands and that it has happened before. She starts screaming! Sheridan screams again and they all rush over to see what's wrong. They get her away from the body and Eve gives her something to help wipe off the blood. Luis tells her she didn't do anything wrong and she knows that right! Luis asks Eve why won't she say anything? Eve says she is in shock and she takes Sheridan over to the side and tells her she will be okay and everything will be fine. Sam says she will be okay and that he has been a cop for years and he stills gets a reaction everytime he pulls the trigger. Sheridan can't seem to get the blood off of her hands and she again flashes back to when she was little. Luis says that he thinks it is more than just that.

The Park/The Bennett House:
Tabitha and Timmy are watching Charity pick poisonous mushrooms. Charity turns around and sees them. Her eyes glow red and she has the 'evil' voice. Charity: I'm picking mushrooms to destroy goodness. To kill Miguel. Miguel was so happy when I told him that I would make him a special quiche. Do you think I should have told him I was going to make it out of handpicked poisonous mushrooms? Charity goes back to picking the mushrooms and Timmy tells Tabitha that he is scared of Charity. Tabitha says that Charity is scary looking but she's never liked her better. Tabitha is so happy because now she is going to finally kill Miguel! Timmy tells Tabitha that she better be careful because what if Charity gets all those powers and she turns on them like Grace did? Tabitha says she's not worried about that at all. Just then Charity turns around and looks at them pulls her arm back and throws a ball of wind at them and they fly against the brick wall. they both stand there staring at Charity. Charity is calming the winds and tarts walking over to Timmy and Tabitha. Timmy says he doesn't want to die he wants to live. Tabitha tells him she doesn't think it matters now because Charity doesn't care or the demon inside her doesn't. She tells Timmy it's been nice knowing him. Charity: {in an evil demon voice} You have failed Tabitha! You failed to bring Charity over to the dark side like I ordered. Now I must take matters into my own hands. Bring Charity over to the dark side of evil by myself. If I were you I'd stay out of my way. And Charity walks away. Tabitha is all excited and tells Timmy they have to go and see Charity serve Miguel her homemade mushroom quiche. Timmy refuses to go and stays in the park while Tabitha goes off to watch. Timmy hears an owl and freaks and runs after Tabitha. Grace is getting the quiches out of the oven and in comes Miguel. He is looking for Charity and they don't know where she is. They talk about how they pray for Sam and Luis as they are cops every night before they go out to work. Miguel comments on how if Charity ever decides to become a cop he wants to talk her out of it. Miguel says that Charity has never said she wants to be a cop but she may because she is always so nice and sweet. Next we see Charity walking up to the house and her eyes glow red as she smells the mushrooms. Up come Timmy and Tabitha behind her to spy through the window as Charity goes into the house. Charity goes in the kitchen. And Miguel is so happy to see her. He asks her where she was and she tells him getting those mushrooms for his special quiche! Miguel hugs Charity and says see aren't I the luckiest guy in the world? Tabitha and Timmy are at the window and Tabitha says Miguel won't feel so lucky after he tastes his special quiche! The only thing he will feel is dead! We see Charity cutting up the first of the poisonous mushrooms and putting them on top of the quiche. She puts it in the oven and in walk Grace and Miguel. Grace says she wonders if she should make another quiche and asks Charity if there are any more mushrooms. Charity tells her yes that they are in the fridge. Charity hugs Miguel. Tabitha tells Timmy of course there are plenty of mushrooms left over because Charity used the 'bad' ones! Miguel asks Charity where her cross is and she tells him that is was too fragile looking. Miguel asks her if she is sure she likes it and she says of course, and she will put it back on now but she has to take off the pendant and Miguel helps her. Timmy tells Tabitha that Miguel just saved his own life. Now that Charity is not wearing the pendant. Tabitha tells Timmy that Charity has no memory of making that quiche the way she did and after Miguel eats it and dies she will then realize it and it will be too late. Miguel will be dead and long gone! Kay is told her mom and Miguel about the whole Luis, Hank, and Sheridan thing and in comes Charity to hug Miguel after hearing that his brother is all right. Tabitha is at the window and says that Kay is livid about this and says not to be sorry for her because Miguel is not going to be around long enough to be with either one of the girls! Grace comforts Kay because she can see how upset she is. But Grace thinks that Kay is upset from her dad and uncle Hank being in such a mess. The timer dings and Kay asks what is her mother cooking? Grace tells her that is Charity's. Charity tells Kay it is special for Miguel and Miguel says he can't wait to eat some but he wants to call his mom first to see if she knows that Luis is OK. Charity goes with him and Grace watches as they leave. Kay looks at the quiche and she has a bad look in her eyes like she is going to pull something! Charity and Miguel come back into the kitchen and he says he wants an extra big piece because he is so hungry. Kay is watching very closely! Outside looking through the window Tabitha is so happy! She says this is it the moment of Miguel's death that she has been waiting for! And she wants a ringside seat. So in she goes into the kitchen. Tabitha tells Grace that she knows it is late but she smelled such a wonderful smell that she just had to stop by. Grace tells her that it is the quiches that her and Charity have made. Grace says as a matter of fact I have one extra one why don't you take it Tabitha? Tabitha of course says she can't but she does and Grace pushes her out of the house almost. Oh well Tabitha says so I don't get my ring side seat I can watch from out here as Miguel has his last tortured moments. She smells the quiche and says it not her favorite but it's something to snack on. Inside the house Miguel is giving his piece of quiche and Charity and Kay sit and watch. Tabitha is outside and saying I've done it! Miguel is finally about to die! Timmy and Tabitha are eating the quiche and they say it is so good. {I have a feeling they are eating the wrong quiche} They both get another piece and Timmy says he wishes he has a pitcher of martimmys to go with the quiche. Tabitha says that will go good with when they get their powers back and they watch as Miguel eats his quiche. Miguel eats the quiche and he starts to choke and cough.

Tuesday, August 8, 2000 | Episode #283
The Wharf:
They are around Sheridan as she still freaks out from shooting the hitman. She has another flashback of when she was little and Luis thinks she is freaking out for another reason other than just shooting the guy. Sheridan says she didn't mean to kill, she didn't mean to do it again. They all look at her. Sheridan freaks out and Luis goes to her and she repeats again that she did it again and she is sorry and she goes over to the body. Eve goes up to Luis and tells him Sheridan is in shock and she has no idea of what she is saying. Hank and Sam come over to Eve and Luis and they all debate on what Sheridan is talking about. Luis says no matter what it is when Sheridan is better he will find out what it means. Eve walks over to Sheridan and comforts her saying she is going to be better. Sam tells Hank and Luis that just because this guy is dead doesn't mean Sheridan is safe because he wasn't working alone. Sam and Luis talk about whomever this guy that was working with the hitman they will find him out. Hank says it was his fault and Luis tells him he is a hero and took the bullet but he never should have left the estate. Hank says I know, and Luis asks why then. Hank has a flashback of the hitman telling him to get Sheridan down to the wharf. And Sam tells them both that they can have this talk at home. They all leave as Sam stays with the body. Luis and Hank have brought Sheridan home and tucked her into her bed. Luis asks her what she meant by when she said she didn't mean to do it this time. Sheridan says she doesn't remember saying that and hank tells him to lay off. So Luis says goodnight to her and they go into the other room as Sheridan goes to sleep. Hank says poor Sheridan will remember this night forever! Luis asks Hank again why did he bring Sheridan down to the wharf after he told him not to leave the house. hank says he is just not as strong as him and he caved under the pressure. Luis asks from who? Hank says if he tells him he will hate him but he has to get it off his chest and tell what he did! Hank lies about why he took Sheridan down to the wharf. He says because he likes her so much and when she asked he just could not say no. Luis says he knows how Sheridan can be and now she has said she feels sorry for what she did and she says she won't ever do it again. Hank says see exactly. But then Luis goes No I think it is something from her past because she said it when she was at the youth center and she had red paint on her hand. next we see Sheridan getting out of bed. And she goes outside. Ethan runs up to Eve and Sam and asks where Sheridan is. they tell him that Hank and Luis took her home. Ethan says this is all Sam's fault and that he should have put more police on her like he said. Sam said it has been in the FBI's hands and he has nothing to do with, Sam tells him that Hank took a bullet tonight for Sheridan and Ethan asks where was Luis? Sam says he was catching up on paperwork and Ethan goes off again blaming Sam. Sheridan walks to the main house and stands in the spot where she had the flashbacks at. Theresa comes down the stairs and sees Sheridan and goes over to her asking if she is all right. Ethan sees the body under the sheet and asks if that is a body. Sam tells him yes that who Sheridan killed. Ethan asks if Sheridan saw it like that. Yes, they tell him and he says he has to go and help her now. Sam tries to stop him but Ethan tells him to leave him alone. Sam turns to Eve and tells her he thanks God that Ethan is not his son. Sam also says he hopes Luis can keep cool when Ethan goes over there to see Sheridan. Luis and Hank are talking and Luis says that sooner or later something is going to blow the lid off of his father's disappearance. Theresa is talking to Sheridan and asking her if Luis is there. Sheridan is just looking at the floor. Sheridan says the body the blood! Theresa asks her whose body and blood?

The Bennett House:
Miguel is coughing up a storm asking for water. Kay tells him to not die. Grace gives him water and he says there was too much salt. Kay says in her mind that Miguel will think twice before he eats anything Charity makes again, and she hides the salt that she used. Tabitha is at the window just chowing down and remarking to Timmy who is in doll mode that it won't matter that she added the salt it is already poisoned. and he will die soon. Charity says her quiche couldn't be too salty she only added a pinch. She looks at the quiche and notices that the quiche Miguel was eating isn't the one she made so Grace must have given it to Tabitha by mistake. Charity and Grace are talking about how the salt may have gotten into the quiche. Kay goes it's a mystery. Grace tells Charity she is sorry for giving her quiche to Tabitha. Tabitha is outside the window listening to them laugh inside about how Grace made the quiche so salty and Tabitha says they call her cruel. So Tabitha gets up to see what's going on. Bloody hell she sees that Miguel is fine and she realizes that she is eating the poisoned quiche after her stomach starts hurting. She grabs her stomach and goes oh no Grace must have given me Charity's quiche and poor Timmy ate some of it too. Tabitha is rolling on the ground in pain and she remembers that eating grass with be the antidote for poisonous mushrooms. while she is down eating the grass out comes everyone from the house and catch her. She says she is eating Dandelions and they tell her no it was grass so Tabitha plays it off as she ate them all and then went onto eat the grass. She grabs Timmy and goes home and they all laugh. They all stand outside and remark how Tabitha is good but is different from them all. Charity gets a chill and says she feels like a dark force crossed over them. Kay rolls her eyes and Miguel tells Charity that she is just cold. and then we see the pendant glow.

Julian is playing a fantasy sex game with his girlfriend. She is a cable guy and she came to hook him up. They discuss when Julian got caught by Ivy in her room looking for the papers and how when he left he overheard her on the phone with someone talking about how safe the papers would be. He just has to figure out who has them. Julian and his girlfriend are in bed and Julian says all this is fun but he has to find those papers. His gal suggests maybe Ethan knows. Julian says if Ethan did he wouldn't tell him. So she suggests maybe one of her friends. Julian says her friends at the country club Ivy couldn't care less about. Julian says there is only one person that Ivy truly confides in isof course he says. She could be the only person! and he gets out of bed. Julian and his girlfriend get dressed and Julian can taste revenge in his mouth and this is what he needs to have father put him back in his will again and his girlfriend says once he gets rid of Ivy she can be the head housekeeper and they can play a different game every night! And off they go.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Ivy is at Pilar's seeing that the Papers are safe. Ivy tells Pilar that Julian knows about them and tells her that she caught him in her room looking for them but who told him about them? Ivy says if Julian finds out about these papers then all the years she has stayed in this awful marriage so Sam's son could get the Crane empire will be wasted. Pilar tells then there is only one thing they can do. Pilar tells Ivy she has to burn the papers that way only she and Ivy know the secret. Ivy tells her that Eve now knows to, because when she went to go and change Ethan's birth record Eve caught her and then when Eve was trying to change the birth record in came Sam. Eve told Sam that Ethan was born premature which means he wouldn't be Sam's son and the last time Ivy and Sam made love was on Ivy's wedding night to Julian which Ethan was born nine months later. So now at least Sam thinks that Ethan is not his son. Pilar can't believe that Eve lied for Ivy. Pilar tells her to destroy the papers now so it won't hurt Ethan in the long run. Pilar lights a match and tells Ivy to burn them now. The papers are all that is left to prove Sam is the father of Ethan. Ivy blows out the match and tells her she can't do it. This is all she has left of the past and passion her and Sam had. Pilar tells Ivy she must get rid of the papers and ivy tells her that someday when Julian and Alistair are dead she will go to Sam with the truth and these papers are all she has to prove she is telling the truth. All the dreams she has for Ethan will be gone if Julian gets a hold of them. Just then the doorbell rings and it's Julian Ivy hides in the hall as Pilar gets the door. When she opens the door it's Julian and he says he came for Ivy's attaché case. Pilar has that punched in the stomach look and Ivy can't get to the papers without Julian seeing her there. they are on a table in the next room and if Julian sees them all is lost.

Ethan's Room:
Ethan and Theresa were kissing and Ethan realized who he was kissing and he stops and play it of like he was asleep. Theresa tells him that he was telling her that he loves her and he says no he was dreaming about Gwen and he told Gwen in his dream that he loved her. Theresa asks him why he can't just admit he loves her. Theresa tries as hard as ever to get Ethan to admit that he loves her and he keeps telling her he loves Gwen. He always will love Gwen and he is going to marry her. Theresa tries and tries and even brings out the picture again of them when they were little. He tells her he doesn't love her and he doesn't know why he said he did except for the fact that he was asleep. The go on and on about this for a few more minutes. Theresa tells Ethan that is sounds like he is marrying Gwen only to please his family. Ethan goes on about how much he does love Gwen and Theresa says that the whole world is out there waiting for Ethan to show her on how to love. Theresa tells Ethan what happened at the wharf with his Aunt Sheridan. He goes off to see if she is okay. Ethan tells Theresa to go home but Theresa says she is not going anywhere so they can finish their talk.

Wednesday, August 9, 2000 | Episode #284
Sam tells Eve he is glad Ethan isn't his son because of the way he behaved after Les' shooting. Eve shares with Grace and Sam her worries about TC's hatred of Julian. Sam goes to talk to TC, who is just coming out of his mysterious shed, and a startled TC nearly hits him. Sam then tries to get TC to open up, but TC refuses. Meanwhile, Grace tells a guilt-ridden Eve she is glad the people in her life have no secrets.

At Pillar's house, Julian informs her he has come for the attach case, as an unseen Ivy looks on in fear. Pilar manages to persuade an agitated Julian to leave, but he hides out in his limo, vowing not to give up. At the same time, Ivy vows to keep the evidence that Ethan is Sam's son just in case she and Sam were to ever reunite. Later, Julian spies Ivy in a window and realizes Pilar must have the attach case after all.

A sleepwalking Sheridan breaks down and recalls killing someone, as Theresa watches. Meanwhile, Ethan lays into Luis about Sheridan being on the wharf in the first place, and almost reveals Sheridan's secret. When Ethan discovers Sheridan's missing, he heads to the mansion with Luis and Hank in tow. When the three arrive, Theresa quickly hides to avoid being caught by Luis. Sheridan then starts to reveal her secret, but Ethan knocks over a vase, waking her up. After Ethan ushers Sheridan out, Luis vows to find out what she is hiding, while Ethan urges Sheridan to keep quiet about her nightmares. Later, as Ethan and Luis square off, Sheridan wonders if she really did kill someone all those years ago.

Thursday, August 10, 2000 | Episode #285
The Russell House:
Whitney is in her room looking at Chad, she is thinking about when he told Simone that he loved her. Kay walks in. she sees Whitney looking at Chad and says that someone has it bad. Of course Whitney, denies this, Kay then tells her that she knows it is killing her to know that Chad loves Simone. She tells Whitney that she has never had Chad, and never will. Whitney demands Kay to leave her alone! Theresa then walks in and asks what is going on. Kay simply tells her, that she is just reminding Whitney that Chad doesn't love her, that he loves Simone. Theresa tells her that she is stupid for thinking that, they all know that Chad doesn't know what he was talking about, that he needs to be in the hospital but he cant afford it. Whitney again demands that they not talk about it. She then goes to get ready for tennis practice. Theresa tells Kay that they are going to have a little chat, just the 2 of them. Kay tells Theresa that she knows that she wants the best for Whitney, but Chad loves Simone, fair and square. Theresa tells Kay that she has known her, her whole life, and nothing has ever been fair and square. She tells her that Chad doesn't know what he is talking about, that he is in shock. Kay then tells her that she lives in a dream world. And that she heard that she was trying to marry Ethan Crane. That she has no solid grip on reality. Simone then walks in. she tells them that she has brought a muffin and juice for Chad, and it was the first time she has brought breakfast to the man who loves her. Chad wakes up a little, only to see Whitney's face instead of Simone's face and grabs her hand. She says that love is wonderful. Chad isn't very responsive so she says that she is going to bring the breakfast down to the kitchen. Meanwhile, Theresa is telling Whitney that Chad has no idea who he is talking to, that he probably thought it was she. Whitney tells Theresa that it doesn't matter, that her life is fine the way it is. Theresa begins to tell Whitney about last night when she went to see Ethan. She tells her that he said he loved her, and he wanted her and that he wasn't going to marry Gwen. And that today was the day he was going to tell her that they were not going to get married! Whitney finds this hard to believe and is insinuating that Theresa was dreaming, Theresa then tells her that Ethan was a little asleep when he said all of those things, but that she knew that they were true. Whitney then asks her how is it different when Chad tells Simone that he loves her, and when Ethan tells you that he loves you? She says that it just is, that she cannot hold Chad to anything that he says, and that she knows he loves Whitney and not Simone. She tells Whitney that she is the girl of Chad's dreams. Whitney doesn't buy this and tells Theresa that she is living in a dream world, to let her feelings go. Theresa ignores Whitney and says that she has to go get fitted for the maid-of-honor dress, that she has to keep Ethan close to her for him to realize that he loves her. Theresa leaves to go to the Crane's. Whitney gets something from her closet when she hears Chad ask where he was. She tells him, that he is in her room and to lay back. That Simone and Kay found him at the wharf, and he had lost a lot of blood. She asks if he remembers any of this. He tells her that it is all hazy; Kay and Simone then come in to find Chad waking up. Kay begins to ask Chad if he remembers who he told he loved, if he remembered which girl that he had kissed. He then says that he is starting to remember and he thinks about seeing Whitney's face.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan is tossing and turning in bed when Luis comes in to check on her. He asks her what her secret is, what is haunting her. She just continues tossing in bed. He then goes into the living room, as there is a knock at the door, it is Sam Bennett. He tells Luis that he just stopped by for a minute to bring pictures from the crime scene so that he could write up his report. He asks Luis how he is feeling, he tells him okay, and then chief Bennett asks about Sheridan. Luis tells him that Sheridan had a little trouble last night with sleepwalking. That she walked to the mansion and was kneeling on the floor saying, "I did it again, I killed him, I didn't mean to do it again." Sam tells him that this is understandable, that she went through a lot last night. Luis doesn't think that this is the case; his gut is telling him it is something else. He tells Sam about Ethan coming over and knowing exactly where Sheridan would be. Sam explains this by saying that Sheridan probably just wanted to talk to Ethan. Luis doesn't agree with this either. He tells Sam that he knows it is something else, that something is pulling at his subconscious. He tells Sam that he is going to do what it takes to uncover the truth. Sam tells him that this isn't a good idea, that the Crane's will put a stop to it. Just then, they hear Sheridan in the bedroom, yelling, "no, I did it again, I am sorry" they rush in there. Sheridan is dreaming about when she is older and she sees a bloody sheet, and lifts it up to see the face. Luis begins to comfort her, telling her it is okay, that he is there. As they exit the room, Luis then again tells Sam that he is going to find out what is going on, that his cop instinct is telling him that there is more to the story, Sam asks him if it is really his cop instinct or his love for Sheridan. He tells Sam that he thinks that this case involves him that he has to find the answers. Sam just thinks that this is a way to get Sheridan closer to Luis, and he asks Luis if he wants his advice on the situation. Although Luis says no, Sam still gives it to him. Sam thinks that he should drop Sheridan, that they have nothing to connect her to any murders, and he really doesn't want to get involved with a Crane. That they are bad people, he asks Luis why he would want to get involved with a Crane seeing how he held them responsible for his fathers death. Sam tells him that he is going to risk everything he has for a Crane if he pursues Sheridan. Luis justifies this by telling Sam that he is just drawn to mysteries. Sam tells him that no one should get involved with a Crane, that they have too much baggage; Luis lets Sam know that this doesn't bother him. As he begins to leave, he warns Luis once more to watch out, and Luis tells him that he can take care of himself and walks him to the door. As he turns around, he sees Sheridan standing there in her negligee looking at him.

The Crane Mansion:
Ivy is making a cup of coffee when Julian walks in and asks her if she slept well, being extremely sweet to her. She catches on and asks why he is smiling so big, and being so nice. He tells her that he just wants to be nice to his wife. Ivy knows that there is something else and asks if it was because of one of his maids. Julian begins to tell her yes, but instead says it isn't important what he did last night, what was important is what she did last night. and the secret behind her attaché case. Ivy tells him to forget her secret and worry about Sheridan because she is having those nightmares again, and if someone were to find out what lie behind those nightmares, it would bring down both Julian and Alistair. She then tells him that with Luis on the job, he is sure to uncover the secret. Just then, the phone rings, it is Alistair. He tells Julian that he needs to talk to him alone, Ivy leaves the room. Alistair begins asking about Sheridan's dreams and why she is having them again, and what are they going to do about it. Julian tells his father that he doesn't know what he is going to do. Alistair suggests the obvious, to kill Luis so that he doesn't find out anything because if he did, the whole Crane empire would fall. Julian tells his father that they cant kill anyone, not yet anyway, but he doesn't have any other idea. They have tried everything sending Sheridan to Paris, having the best psychologist brain wash her, when she came back she got involved with Luis so they sent her to Paris again only this time Luis followed to "protect" her from the drug cartel. He also reminds Alistair, that he is no longer the heir and that he has better things to do right now, like finding Ivy's attaché case and uncovering her secret. That it is time to throw in the towel and take the punishment. He then tells Alistair to call his heir to do the work but he has better things to do and hangs up on him. He then begins thinking of how he could get into Pilar's house without it being breaking and entering. He then decides that a walk will clear his head. Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Pilar asks Ivy where Julian was, she tells her that he is in the living room talking with Alistair that she has nothing to worry about, Alistair will keep him busy. Pilar tells her how afraid she is. And seeing how he came to her house last night, he must know something. Ivy tells her that there is nothing to worry about, Julian wont find the attaché case if it is hidden at her house. Elsewhere; Theresa walks into Ethan's room, she tells him that she loves him and begins to unbutton his shirt, they begin to kiss and slowly make their way to the bed, Ethan then decides that he cant do this, he cant love her, he is telling her this over and over when suddenly he wakes up to find Gwen shaking him. She is asking him what cant he do, who can't he love. She wants to talk about the dream. She tells Ethan to tell her what is going on and to tell her now! He says that he has a confession to make and that he hopes that she understands. He begins to tell her his confession. He tells her that lately he has been getting cold feet, hard-core pre-wedding jitters. He tells her that he loves her and she is the only one he wants. Gwen is a bit shocked; she asks if that is all he had to tell her. He says yes, and she tells him that having cold feet is perfectly normal, that there isn't anything wrong with him. Then, Ivy comes into the room with a load of gifts for the happy couple. Gwen is very excited. Ivy tells her that the Crane-Hotchkiss union is going to be the wedding of the century. Pillar reminds Ivy that Ethan isn't a Crane and if Julian finds the attaché case, everyone will know. Once again, Ivy tells her to not worry about it. But they don't know what is going on downstairs. Theresa walks into the mansion just as Julian is getting ready to walk out. He asks her what she is doing there and Theresa explains that she is doing Gwen a favor and being her maid of honor. Julian finds this somewhat amusing, he says under his breath, "That's my boy, having both of his women at the alter" Theresa asks him what he said, but he blows it off. Theresa then rushes upstairs and into Ethan's room. She sees he and Gwen opening gifts and tells Gwen that she is there to be fitted for the maid-of-honor dress. Gwen tells her that it might not be needed, because Ethan has cold feet. Theresa just looks at Ethan, wondering what he told Gwen. Back downstairs, Julian notices that Theresa left her purse on the table, if you ask you shall receive is his comment to this. He begins going through it and finds the key to the Lopez-Fitzgerald house.

Friday, August 11, 2000 | Episode #286
Julian surreptitiously removes Theresa's keys from her purse and heads to the Lopez-Fitzgerald house to search for his wife's attache case. Laughing about her fiance's prenuptial jitters, Gwen tells a delighted Theresa how Ethan has apparently been dreaming about a mystery woman. Luis encourages Sheridan to explain her curious remarks about taking another life. Simone is crushed when Chad claims he can't recall telling anyone that he loved her. After Kay reminds him how he kissed Simone and declared his deepest feelings, Chad realizes his mistake but tries to cover his embarrassment. Ivy casually dismisses Pilar's words of warning about Julian. Alone with Whitney, a hopeful Chad asks if she might be a bit jealous of the kiss he evidently planted on her kid sister. Sheridan becomes overwrought again after glimpsing a photo of Les' corpse. Pilar scolds her unrepentant daughter for continuing her shameless pursuit of Ethan. Later, a clueless Gwen presents Theresa with an expensive gift to thank her for filling in as maid of honor. Ethan pays a call on Chad and makes a Freudian slip while discussing his bride-to-be.

Monday, August 14, 2000 | Episode #287
The Russell House:

Chad and Ethan did agree on the bet. Chad said that Theresa will be so thrilled when he tells her he does not want to marry Gwen, and that's what he should say. Ethan told Chad again that he does NOT want to marry Theresa. Chad told him that he does inside, he is marrying Gwen because it has been planned, but he denied it again. Simone wanted to know what Kay heard, and she said she dropped it because she could not hear anything, but anxious Simone went to get a different glass. Meanwhile, Chad told Ethan that he HAS to tell Gwen his true feelings for Theresa, and when he does. There is no turning back. Kay continued to listen in on them. While Kay tried to stop Whitney and Simone to go to see Chad, Chad called and told them he had something to tell them.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Pilar walked in on Luis helping Sheridan, at the point when Sheridan agreed to let Luis help her. Pilar wanted to talk to Sheridan alone. Pilar told her that she should not go back to the past. Her father and brother would not allow it, Also, it is not worth it. Sheridan denied it saying it is part of her life and she wants to know what it is. Sam came to the door and he started to tell Luis that he thinks Luis is falling for Sheridan and he needs to stop because the Cranes will never see the end of it, for his own good. Luis just did not listen and said he is going to help Sheridan. When Pilar and Sam left, Luis asked Sheridan if she was ready to start.

The Crane Mansion:
Julian had the Attache case on his desk when another maid came in and handed him a note. He read it, screamed and Alistair called. Alistair took the rights away from all of Julian's jobs as Chairman on all of the boards. Alistair explained that it is his fault for not worrying about his family when they Cranes could crash. Ivy later walked in and she told him to Drop the idea on the Attache case, that it does not exist, Julian made a point to Ivy that made her think he has it. Alistair told her good-bye and he would not want anything to happen to her. While Julian is trying to open the Attache case, he told his father he does not care about the family secret anymore now that he is not Alistair's heir, and Alistair told Julian he is an idiot for stealing a case from a Cops house, when Julian hung up on him.

Ethan's Bedroom:
Theresa and Whitney also made a pact. That is Chad did have feelings for Whitney, she would believe Ethan had feelings for her. When Whitney and Theresa are talking about a wedding not happening, Gwen walked in and said she heard them. When Gwen got to Theresa she told her that they have to talk. Gwen later told her that she is nervous about Luis finding out about her being the Maid of Honor. Whitney told her how lucky she is and how stupid she is for making Gwen believe she is her friend, while trying to steal her man. Ethan came back and told Gwen and Theresa they needed to talk about something that may cause tension and change.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000 | Episode #288
Julian tries to open the attaché case, but Ivy interrupts him. Julian smiles smugly as Ivy taunts him about not being able to find any dirt on her. Pilar announces Sam's arrival at the mansion. Ivy rushes out to greet Sam, thinking he's there to see her. She's about to kiss Sam as Pilar and Julian approach them.

A nervous Kay attempts to interrupt Chad as he prepares to tell Whitney and Simone he has feelings for Whitney, not Simone. Kay is relieved when Eve interrupts. Whitney begins to wonder if Chad really meant to say he loved Simone. Kay scolds Whitney for trying to ruin Simone's happiness.

Ethan tells Theresa and Gwen he has something important to say that will change all of their lives. A hopeful Theresa is positive Ethan is about to declare his love for her and break things off with Gwen. Gwen assumes Ethan is trying to own up to pre-wedding jitters, but Ethan is determined to let Gwen know what's been going on with Theresa. Ethan prepares to tell the truth.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000 | Episode #289
Luis and Sheridan come upon a gazebo on the Crane estate, and Luis recalls his father building it for the Cranes. This causes Luis to remember how painful it was when his father left. He tells Sheridan he doesnt want her to experience that kind of pain and wonders if she should pursue her nightmares. Sheridan questions Luis' feelings for her, but Luis deflects by vowing to find the person responsible for his fathers disappearance and making them pay, which frightens Sheridan.

Miguel surprises Charity with a homemade swing. As Grace watches the two teens, she suddenly senses great evil is afoot. She remembers her visit from the little angel girl, and she concludes she really did see an angel and wasn't dreaming. Grace shares this with a disbelieving Eve, and then says she should have been on the lookout for the evil she was warned about. Meanwhile, as Tabitha and Timmy recover from the poison quiche, the demons in the basement lash out. Tabitha realizes she must bring Charity over to the dark side or face the demons wrath. Tabitha spies Charity with a cross around her neck and contemplates how to get it off her. When she tries, Charity thinks Tabitha wants to wear the cross and hands it to her, causing the cross the burn Tabithas hand.

Gwen worries about Ethans pre-wedding jitters and the reason he asked to see her and Theresa. Meanwhile, Ethan demands to know what Sam did to cause Ivy to faint, which leads to an argument. While passed out, Ivy imagines both Julian and Ethan turning on her when they discover her secret. Later, Ivy comes to and worries out loud about Sam learning Ethan is his son. Sam questions Ivy as to why she keeps making the same claim, but Pilar manages to cover for her. Meanwhile, as Julian attempts to unlock the attaché case, Alistair calls and demands Julian abandon his crusade and concentrate on keeping Sheridan quiet. Julian tells Alistair that since he is no longer heir, he has no interest and hangs up. Julian continues trying to pry open the attaché case, as Ivy looks on in horror.

Thursday, August 17, 2000 | Episode #290
The Russell House:
While watching Whitney taking care of Chad, Kay vows not to let Simone find out the truth. If she does, she wont help her with Miguel. Kay wonders what it was that Ethan was going to have to be honest about. Kay finds a CD with a love song on it and she starts playing it while whispering Simones name to a sleeping Chad. (Is subliminal mind control her gift or what?) Simone catches her and assumes that Chad doesnt love her if he did Kay wouldnt have to stoop to using the same tricks she used on Charity. Kay explains that this isnt true, shes just trying make Chads love for her deeper. Meanwhile Chad is dreaming of telling Simone and Whitney the truth, that he made a mistake; that he thought he was kissing Whitney and telling her he loved her. Simone goes to his bedside, confident that he is dreaming of her and that he really loves her.

The Crane Mansion/Ethans Room:
Theresa urges Ethan to tell her and Gwen what he really wanted to say. She doesnt believe that it was just pre-wedding jitters. Ethan says he will tell both of them the truth. Ethan says that he wanted Gwen to do something that would change her life he wanted her to aim for Theresa when she threw the bridal bouquet. Theresa asks if that is all he wanted to say. Ethan says that he knows that she loved a man and lost it, but maybe she never really had it. He says that maybe she will find love one day. Gwen thinks that Ethan is sweet for worrying about Theresa so much and trying to make her feel better. Gwen remembers an appointment with her mother and she leaves Ethan and Theresa alone. When alone, Ethan tells Theresa that he knows what he said wasnt what she wanted to her. Theresa tells him that it was no accident that he kissed her, he loves her and wants to marry her. She says that she loves him and he loves her. Ethan flashes back to Chad but tells Theresa to there is no "us," and to forget about her feelings. He leaves Theresa crying.

Sheridans Cottage:
Sheridan tells Luis that maybe they should just leave the past alone, people could get hurt. Luis tells her that he only wants to help her, that nothing about her past could make him think any less of her. Sheridan has a flashback of her as a girl with blood on her hands. Luis tells Sheridan to sit down, sensing her distress. He says that they will record their talk and listen to it later. Maybe they can pick up on something they missed. Luis dims the lights. Sheridan flashes back to looking at a coffin with a voice that sounds like Alistair telling her she is a wicked, wicked girl. Ethan arrives at the cottage and questions Luis about what hes trying to do to his Aunt. Sheridan explains that she wants Luis to help her, and asks Luis to leave wait outside why she explains it to Ethan. Ethan urges her to see a professional, anyone but Luis. She urges him to admit his true feelings, to marry for love, not out of his duty of being a Crane. Meanwhile Hank arrives at the cottage where Luis is waiting outside. He questions Luis about whether it is the case he wants to make progress on, or is it Sheridan. Luis says it is both.

The Mansion/Julians Study:
Julian tells Ivy, Sam, and Pilar that he knows Ivy has secrets hidden in her briefcase. Sam says he doesnt have time for it and starts to leave. Julian urges him to stay telling him that he can sell what he learns to the Tabloids. He can use the money to pay for his children's education and still have money left over. Julian asks if Ivy is going to give him the combination or is he going to have to ruin the briefcase. Ivy tells Sam to arrest Julian for breaking & entering, theft of personal property, and for being a total Jackass. Sam questions Julian about how he got in the house and he admits to taking Theresas keys. Sam arrests him and puts the handcuffs on him. Julian threatens the three of them. Sam asks Pilar if she will press charges and she says she wont. She has to think of her family and their safety. Ivy urges her to press charges, but she wont. Julian tells Pilar to consider her Christmas bonus doubled and that he will give her money to make home improvements like new siding and lights that you can clap on and off. Sam has to let him go, and he goes for the briefcase again. Pilar tells him she will give him the combination. Ivy ask Pilar is there no limit to her betrayal. Julian opens that case and looks through the papers. What the hell is this he asks.

Friday, August 18, 2000 | Episode #291
Ethan tries to convince Sheridan that she shouldn't tell Luis about her dreams. He thinks that it will cause harm to the family and unwanted stress. Sheridan agrees with him but tries to reason that Luis might be able to help her and get things off her chest. Meanwhile, Luis has been talking to Hank outside telling him that Sheridans dreams might have something to do with his fathers disappearance. When the two decide to go back in, Ethan tells Sheridan that they cant let anyone know about it. Luis hears and asks what it is that shouldn't be known. Ethan doesnt answer right away so Luis walks over to him and asks more forcefully. They are about to get into a fight when Sheridan orders Ethan to get out. After hes gone, Luis is mad at Sheridan because shes going to let her family push her around making it impossible for her to get to the bottom of things. Sheridan lets him know that shes not going to let anyone push her around and they will continue to find out what her dream is about

Julian looks through the case and at the papers. He asks Ivy to explain and she grabs Pilar and asks her how she could betray her. Ivy remembers a talk she had with Pilar in which Pilar told her to burn the papers but she refused to because it was her last connection to Sam. Ivy turns back to Julian and is about to explain the whole messy ordeal when Pilar steps in and tells him that she now keeps her financial records in the attaché case. When this is said, Sam is tired of the whole Crane soap opera and thinks its about time the Crane empire came down but Julian is convinced that Ethan wont let that happen. Sam retaliates saying that Ethan is arrogant and better not get in his face. Ivy is grateful to Pilar for switching the papers but Pilar isnt so happy. She tells Ivy to stop pursuing Sam and burn the papers but Ivy wont listen. Then Julian overhears them whispering and asks what theyre doing. Theyre about to answer when Sam pops in and tells Pilar to call him if she wants to press charges. She doesnt but she wants Theresas keys back. Julian reluctantly hands them over but when Sams gone, he makes a point to tell Pilar and Ivy that he knows whats going on and he wont stop until he finds out what it is. Ivy, ever the cocky one, says to let it go and give up because he wont find out. Besides, by following this instinct, hes being stupid and wasnt it his instincts that got him disinherited? Ivy is excused and leaves. On the way to the mansion, Ethan runs into Sam Bennett. Ethan orders him to get Sheridan a new bodyguard but, of course, Sam wont listen. He wants Ethan to check the police records that he brought for Julian. Ethan wont listen either and they are about to fight when Sam says that they said things in anger and should just make peace. Ethan doesnt care and starts a long tirade on how hell get Sam fired. Just then, Ivy comes out and orders Ethan to get inside. An angry Ethan storms in complaining about Sam Bennett but Pilar calms him and tells him they should check out wedding gifts. Ethan then says something about his mothers attaché case and her secret that Julian overhears. He asks Ethan what the secret is about and Ethan answers him because the papers are about himself. Julian wonders about this

Grace/Eve/Angel Girl:
Grace and Eve are talking when Grace tells her that the angel was very real to her. She also senses that something's being kept from her but Eve brushes it off as if its nothing. Grace also wonders why everyone hates Ivy. She feels that Mrs. Crane is just a very lonely woman who has no true friends. She even compliments Eve on how great a friend she is but Eve feels embarrassed because she really isnt that great of a person; the reason being, shes helping Ivy to get closer to Sam. Grace leaves her to find her camera so she can take a picture of Charity and Miguel on the swing. She goes into her bedroom and sees the angel again who warns her to have faith because grave things are coming to Harmony. Theres also a threat to her marriage because someone close to her is working against her. That is when Grace demands to know who it is

Tabitha tells Timmy about how she has to get Charity to wear the pendant. Thats when Charity comes over and tells Tabitha she knows why she wants her to wear the pendant. Its because she looks pretty in it and Tabitha wants to make her more beautiful for Miguel. Tabitha lies and says thats exactly why. They go into Charitys room where the pendant has been glowing, begging Charity to come to the dark side. She slips into it and the powers begin to kick in. The evil Charity tells Tabitha she has failed again and she is useless to the dark side. The dark side decides to kill her using Charity as the instigator. The evil Charity keeps trying to strike Tabitha who grabs Timmy and hides behind a chair

Monday, August 21, 2000 | Episode #292
Sheridan vows to do whatever it takes to find out what happened to her that mysterious night in her childhood, much to Luis satisfaction, but Hank cautions the two to be prepared for what they may find. Later, the duo begin to delve into Sheridans memory. When she appears to be upset, both Hank and Luis suggest taking a break. While Sheridan goes to change, Luis tells Hank that no matter how much he wants to get at the truth, he wont hurt Sheridan to do it. Sam tells a horrified Ivy that Ethan is becoming just like Julian. Sam then questions Ivy about what was in her attaché case, and she breaks down and admits that the truth could destroy her and everyone she loves. Sam questions how Ivy could stay married to a man she hid secrets from, but then concludes it is because of Ethan. At the same time, Pilar panics when Ethan tells Julian he knows all about what is in the attaché case. Ethan explains what he believes, that the papers are for a memory book wedding present for he and Gwen. Julian, however, doesnt buy this explanation. Meanwhile, Grace begs the Little Angel Girl to elaborate on who is out to hurt her, but to no avail. Grace then promises to fight evil when she is warned an event connected to Sams son will rock her family to its core.

Evil Charity, who is wearing the pendant, informs Tabitha and Timmy that she will kill Miguel tonight, but not before killing them for failing the demons. As Miguel prepares to enter Tabithas house, Timmy is struck by a lightening bolt and frozen in doll mode. Both Tabitha and Timmy watch in anticipation and fear as Evil Charity turns to face Miguel, unaware of the danger to his life!

Tuesday, August 22, 2000 | Episode #293
The Docks:
Down at the docks, Sheridan is pleased to receive her favorite flowers from Luis, but the two are knocked over as a skater flies by, as Hank watches, his heart slowly breaking as he realizes his suspicions about Luis and Sheridan are true. Luis apologizes for whipping her to the ground -- after all, there are a lot of hitmen out there. He offers to replace the ruined flowers, but Sheridan says he doesn't have to. It looks like the two might get friendly, but then Hank interrupts them with a reminder that they're there for ice cream. They go around the corner to McFarlands, somewhere that both Luis and Sheridan remember hanging out at as children. Luis remembers how his father used to take him there for banana splits after ball games. He's hated his father so much for so many years, but now he's stopping to think about the good times, and wondering if maybe his father was forced to leave. Sheridan suggests that they return to the college and start searching in earnest for answers. Hank knows that this search for 'the truth' will do one of two things -- either teat them apart, or force them together.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan is ready to start 'recalling' her past. Luis has turned on the tape recorder, and is walking Sheridan through her explanation. He wants to know about her nightmares, when they began. Sheridan tells him that she remembers getting ready for bed that night, and she was a lot happier than she usually was, before immediately dropping off to sleep. She heard a noise and awoke, going downstairs to a dark living room. She saw something, a shadow, but suddenly she begins to see a face. She knows who it is! Luis wants to know if it was his father.

The Bennetts:
Grace is lying on the floor when a shocked Eve finds her. She wants to know what happened, is Grace all right? Grace tells Eve about the angel appearing to her, warning her about bad things happening. Suddenly Sam is there, and Grace explains her tale over again. Both pretty much think she's out of it. Eve is looking for scientific evidence, and Sam is looking for more concrete evidence, but Sam is willing to just believe her -- she's his wife! Eve suggests that Grace get more rest -- she is under a lot of stress, and that's probably what caused her 'vision.' Grace tries to convince her that the angel was real, that her family is in danger, and people are keeping secrets from her. But of course she knows that Eve and Sam would never keep secrets from her...even though the angel told her they were doing it for (what they think are) the right reasons, but would hurt her no matter what. But if it isn't them, then who? Sam wants to know more, and she says that the angel said it had something to do with his son. Sam says Noah is fine, but Eve realizes that the angel was referring to Ethan. Grace goes out for air, and Sam tells Eve they need to talk. Eve sends him to Grace. Once alone, Eve realizes that the angel was real. Grace reassures herself that Noah is fine by talking with him, then the three are together again. She comments that Sam's right, everything's fine...unless he has another son. Eve ends up choking on a sip of her drink. Grace leaves again, and Sam wants Eve's assurance that Sam is NOT Ethan's father...assurance which she readily gives.

The Crane Mansion:
Ivy is distressed to walk in on Ethan and Julian plotting Sam's downfall. Julian jokes that Ivy doesn't like it when they talk about getting Harmony's citizens, and Ivy counters by telling Julian that she raised her son better than Alistair and Julian. Julian and Ethan head into the other room, and Ivy starts pumping Pilar for information. What the heck happened? Pilar tells her that Julian was questioning Ethan about the papers in the case -- he almost figured out the truth! She again begs Ivy to destroy the papers, but Ivy again says no. Eve is the only other person who knows the truth, and she won't betray them. Pilar tells Ivy to be careful -- she did a lot to make Eve vengeful. Ivy calls Eve to make sure she'll stay quiet -- Eve says she will, but there's a problem. She tells Ivy about Grace's vision, but Ivy thinks she's making it up, that she has told Sam the truth. Eve says she hasn't, and the two find Grace's vision a little creepy. Eve says the angel seems to know quite a bit, buy Ivy is willing to team up with the devil himself to keep her secret hidden.

Julian's Study:
Julian and Ethan continue their plot against Ethan when Alistair calls. He is proud of Ethan's actions, and wants Ethan to go for the jugular in his charges against Sam -- to completely demolish him! He muses that he should have made Ethan his heir earlier, but Ethan tells him that Julian should have been the heir -- Ethan could have learned so much from him. Alistair says Julian is incompetent, and would stab them both in the back if the opportunity arose, something Julian assures him he wouldn't have done. Alistair reminds Julian about his single-minded obsession with Ivy's so-called secret. Again the discussion turns to Sam's failure to hire more guards to get Sheridan, and Ethan tells them about Sheridan's decision to pursue the truth about her past with Luis' help, but says he talked her out of it. But he thinks she needs to know the truth, and he wants to know as well. Are her nightmares true? Ethan falls hook, line, and sinker for Alistair's assurance that they're not, then comments that were Sheridan to mention her suspicions to Luis, their family could be irreparably damaged.

The Crane House:
Ivy asks Ethan not to go after Sam, but Ethan tells her he will do as his father and grandfather, and protect his family. Ivy tells him that he's better than them, but Ethan says he is a Crane, and will protect his family no matter what. He leaves, and Ivy swears she won't let her son turn into Alistair Crane. She starts going on about fighting God and the angels all the way to Hell if she has to, and Pilar tells her she shouldn't talk like that.

Elsewhere, Julian is telling Ethan that he is proud of the way he handled himself today, and for speaking up to his grandfather about his father as the Crane heir. Ethan says that the older he gets, the closer he feels to Julian -- despite their differences, he does love him. The two embrace, and Julian says Ethan is a true Crane.

Tabitha's House:
Evil Charity says that now Miguel is gone, and they can play another lightening round, but just then, Miguel is back with a pitcher for the lemonade. Tabitha says she'll just have water, but Non-Glow Charity says it's no trouble. Tabitha tells Miguel that she'll just DIE if he goes to the trouble, and Miguel accepts it. He brings her the water, and wants to know what's with the doll's hair? (Timmy thinks, 'What's up with your sideburns, Zorro?') Tabitha says she just washed it and hasn't combed it yet, and Charity thinks it's cute. The two head off to try out the swing, and Tabitha tags along -- if Charity is going to kill Miguel, she wants to see it! On her way out, Charity looks back to say good-bye to Tabitha and Timmy...and her eyes are again glowing!

While sitting on the porch eating cookies, Tabitha figures they're safe for now. Evil Charity will get Miguel before coming back for them. As Miguel pushes Charity on the swing, her pendant begins to glow, and Evil Charity gives Tabitha her evil smile.

Wednesday, August 23, 2000 | Episode #294
Evil Charity tells Tabitha and Timmy their lives will be spared if they help her plan Miguels death tonight! Later, as Tabitha realizes that she cant control Evil Charity and she and Timmy must obey her, Evil Charity finalizes her plans for Miguels death. Meanwhile, Grace discusses what the angel said to her and makes both Eve and Sam uncomfortable when she asks Sam if he has a son with another woman. Sam covers, but both are relieved when Grace later tells them she doesnt believe the angel was real.

Theresa tries to convince a skeptical Whitney that Chad was thinking of her when he said he loved Simone, while Simone anxiously waits for Chad to tell her again. Though Whitney tries to make Theresa believe she has no interest in what Chad feels, when she learns Chad is asking to see both her and Simone, she becomes nervous. Meanwhile, Kay lies to Chad that Simone has an eating disorder that only his love can cure, and that Whitney ridiculed him for being so open with his feelings, so Chad wont tell Simone the truth. Later, Chad lies that he cant remember what he said.

Sheridan recalls seeing a man in the room with her that night, but when Luis pushes her, she cant breakthrough. Hank chastises Luis to go easy on Sheridan, but she tells them both she is committed to finding out the truth. But when Sheridan breaks down crying because she cant remember anything more, Hank tells both she and Luis that he may have another way for Sheridan to finally learn what happened that night.

Thursday, August 24, 2000 | Episode #295
The Crane Mansion:
Ethan tells Larson to let the trustees know that he plans to be at each and every one of the future board meetings. Gwen enters the room and Ethan asks her whats she so happy about. She says its him, because he is going to be the heir to the entire Crane Empire. She cant believe she is going to be the wife of an heir. Ethan tells her that it wont happen for a while. When Gwen asks why, Ethan says that it is because of a rare talk that he had with Julian. As different as the two of them are Ethan believes that they absolutely share the responsibility and privilege of being a Crane and all that comes with it. Gwen tells him that she knows this is important to him. Ethan says that it is in his blood and it is in his fathers blood. Ethan says that Julian would shrivel up and die if he was stripped of this and it is for this reason that he has asked his grandfather to reinstate Julian as head of all Crane boards. Gwen asks how he could do this. Ethan wonders why she doesnt want Julian reinstated. She says that it is because she believes that he is going against Alistair's wishes, because he obviously felt that Ethan was capable of running the Crane Empire. Ethan says he wants no part of taking power away from his father. Gwen says he is risking everything by making this decision. Ethan doesnt want to discuss it any further. She agrees and they leave to visit Chad.

The Russell House:
Theresa tells Chad that he has always told her to have courage in her convictions. She tells him it is time for him to be straight up about his feelings for Whitney. As Whitney waits outside of her room, Kay and Simone walk up. Kay tells Whitney to give it up, that Chad isnt going to call her in there to tell her he loves her. Whitney tells her that she is waiting for Theresa not that its any of her business. Simone wants to know what Theresa has to talk to Chad about. Kay tells Simone not to worry about it that its probably some last ditch, lame-o attempt by Whitney to convince Chad that hes attracted to her. Whitney says that Kay has no idea whats in Chads mind. Kay says that it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out, Chad has shown that he loves Simone by kissing her and by saying he loves her. Whitney says that Chad didnt even remember any of it. Simone says that he didnt deny it either. She says that hes a little shy and she wonders why Whitney wants to ruin the one thing that makes her happy. Shes convinced that Chad loves her. Theresa tells Chad to call Whitney in and tell her how he feels because they both know he loves her. She tells him he is a hypocrite. She remembers how thing were at the ski lodge. Chad says that things have changed a lot since then. He has gotten to know the Russell sisters - Simone has a crush on him and Whitney cant stand to look at him. He says Whitney doesnt give a damn about anything but tennis. Theresa tells him that he knows this isnt true. Simone tells Whitney that she doesnt blame her for not recognizing true love when she sees it, since she has never experienced it. Kay says Whitney has probably never even been kissed. (Whitney flashes back to her and Chads kiss) She says she wouldnt tell Kay if she had. Whitney says she is tired of Kays attitude and her attempts to stir up trouble between her and Simone. Simone says that Kay is her friend and is trying to help her. Whitney says she feels sorry for her if she believes this. She says that Kay is only helping her because theres something in it for her. Kay tells Simone not to believe it; Whitney is only trying to rattle her. Chad says he doesnt understand women, their inability to say what they want. Theresa says Whitney would love to hear him say that he loves her. He questions her about the progress with Ethan. She tells him that Ethan says he loves Gwen and wants to marry her. Chad asks if shes kidding. Theresa wonders why, does he know otherwise? She tells him not to holdout on her. Ethan, Gwen, and Whitney come in before he can answer. Whitney, Theresa, and Gwen leave Chad and Ethan alone; Gwen goes downstairs to admire a wall hanging. Chad and Ethan argue about neither of them saying what they really feel to Theresa and Whitney.

Miguel On His Motorcycle:
Miguel wonders if he can persuade Charity to go on a long ride after his visits Chad.

The Bennett House:
Charity tells Tabitha and Timmy that this is the night that they kill Miguel. Timmy says he wants to go home. Charity tells him not before he and the "old bat" has done their (evil forces) bidding, if they can do anything without botching it up. Tabitha says it is not entirely their fault. Charity tells her to stop with the excuses, they will do exactly as she says. She says that if Miguel doesnt die tonight, they will. Miguel arrives and he and Charity leave to visit Chad. Timmy says that if Charity knew what was going to happen to Miguel that she would die. Tabitha says that after Miguels death Harmony will be all hers. They follow them to the Russell house.

Outside The Russell House:
Charity and Miguel arrive and run into Whitney, Theresa, Simone and Kay. After inquiring about Chad, Miguel goes to check the motorcycle. Tabitha and Timmy watch. Whitney tells Theresa that Chad didnt have any feelings for her. Theresa says that Chad is in love with her, the same way that Ethan is in love with her. Whitney says she is delusional. Theresa says that Gwen cares about Ethan, but she cares more about his money, his influence, and his last name. She says Gwen doesnt love Ethan the way she does. Gwen comes out of the house at the last of the conversation. Miguel works the motorcycle and Charity helps. Timmy is worried about how Charity will feel when she realizes what she has done to Miguel. Tabitha says that it will pull her over to the dark side. As they watch they notice the pendant is glowing again. Charitys eyes are red as she prepares to hit Miguel with a wrench.

Whitneys Room:
Chad tells Ethan he is going to marry Gwen knowing that he really loves Theresa. He says he will regret it when he looks back. Ethan tells him he will too. Chad says maybe its not too late for either one of them.

Outside The Russell House:
Gwen didnt hear the conversation and she compliments Whitney on her parents art collection. Gwen offers to help her get a museum exhibit. Miguel gets up before Charity can hit him. She tells him to go and dance with Kay, there is a song playing that she knows Kay loves. Charity, Timmy, and Tabitha prepare to work on the Motorcycle while they dance. Chad comes outside with Ethans help. Simone asks if he is planning to move out of their house. He says they will talk about it later. Gwen goes inside to make a call. Chad tries to find a song to play to get Ethan and Theresa together. As it begins playing, Ethan flashes back to Jazz club where he and Theresa danced. (Its the same song)

Sheridans Cottage:
Luis contemplates going into Sheridans session with Eve but Hanks warns him not to. Luis is worried that if it gets to heavy for her, there wont be anyone there to stop it. Hanks says that Sheridan is doing this voluntarily and that she and Eve know what they are doing. He says that if they prove there is a connection to Sheridans nightmares and his fathers disappearance he could finally get the answers hes being waiting for. Luis worries that he and Sheridan might find out the truth and regret it. Eve tells Sheridan that hypnosis can be very exhausting. She tells her the reason she cant remember what happened is that she has probably blocked it out. Hypnosis breaks down the barriers and frees that mind. Sheridan says that she and Luis both need to know the truth. Hank tells Luis not to worry because they dont know what Sheridan will remember. Luis says that if the shadow she sees in her dreams turns out to be his father, Sheridan could have been the last one to see him alive. He tells Hank he cant get over his fathers leaving. He has always been afraid that he would turn out to be just like Martin. Thats why he didnt marry Beth he was afraid hed do the same thing to her that his father did to his family. He needs to know the truth so he can he can go on with his life. Sheridan tells Eve that she is scared. She believes that the events of that night are the reasons behind her bad choices with men and her inability to find true love. She says that if that finding out what really happened that night helps her to find happiness and true love that it will be worth going through the hypnosis. Eves asks her what if it doesnt. Sheridan says it is a risk she has to take. Luis says there has to be a connection between that night and his fathers disappearance. He has to know the truth. Eve prepares to hypnotize Sheridan and tells her that she will take her back to the beginning of that night. They are recording the session because Sheridan wont remember anything that she has said while she is under. Sheridan wants Luis to hear it too. Eve puts her under and then goes out to get some water. Luis asks if he can look in on her and Eves says for a moment only. Luis goes in and tells Sheridan he wont let anything happen to her. Eve returns and Luis leaves. Eve takes her back to the night in her dreams. She asks her how she feels and she says she is scared. She sees a shadow but no face. She is hiding so he wont see her. She remembers holding a letter opener she took off the desk, and then she doesnt have it anymore. Eve asks where it went. The next thing Sheridan remembers standing over the body with blood on her hands. She cries out and Luis wants to go to her but Hank stops him. Eve tells her to calm down and gets her some water. Eve wonders if Sheridan killed someone and then Sheridan starts saying "I did it" over and over again. Sheridan flashes back to the voice telling her she is wicked, warning her to never tell anyone what happened. Meanwhile Hank asks Luis what he will do if Sheridan witnessed some kind of violence against his father. Luis says he will track them down and make sure they suffer the same fate he did. Eve asks Sheridan who was under the bloody sheet. She says she cant. Eve asks if she cant remember or if she cant tell. Sheridan says she promised to never tell anyone. No one will love her if they find out. Eve tells her she is safe, but Sheridan says is all her fault, she killed him. Luis and hank hear her.

Friday, August 25, 2000 | Episode #296
Outside The Russell House:
Timmy is outside working on Miguel's bike, trying to sabotage it. Tabitha is kissing up to Bad Charity, congratulating her on her wonderful ideas. And Good Charity will think she's responsible. Bad Charity says that by then it won't matter, because Charity will be on their side. The dark side! (They exchange high fives.) The demons tell Tabitha that if she'd done her job, they wouldn't have to possess Charity -- this is her and Timmy's last chance. They mess this up, they'll be dead just like Miguel will be. Tabitha rushes over to give Timmy a pep talk -- he better get this right, or they're dead! Timmy assures her that he's getting the job done. Suddenly oil starts spouting out of the bike!

Bad Charity looks like she's about to do something nasty when Miguel interrupts. He can't believe what he's seeing! Timmy, under his bike, covered in oil, with a wrench in his hand? Tabitha says she noticed oil on the driveway and used Timmy to save the cement, then put the wrench in his glove. Charity doesn't remember this, and Tabitha says she was listening to the music. Miguel says he's going to fix this -- working on his bike is his favorite thing to to spending time with Charity. The two head off. Timmy comes back to life and asks Tabitha to help him get clean, and for a breath mint. Suddenly Charity has miraculously reappeared, and two voices come out of her mouth! (The deep one, and the chirpy happy one, and an even deeper one.) The demons are sick of playing second fiddle -- they'll kill Miguel themselves. They don't need Tabitha and Timmy anymore!

Charity is about to do away with the two of them when Miguel reappears. He says they'll dance together when he's done and clean. Charity says she's going to get some sodas, as T&T watch Miguel fix the bike. Tabitha says once Miguel dies and Charity comes over to the dark side, she'll have her powers back! Miguel says he's fixed the bike, and Tabitha manages to guilt Miguel into checking on Charity, then sets Timmy back to work re-sabotaging the bike. Timmy moans about having to work, but stops when the demon gives him heck. Bad Charity tells Charity that this is their last chance (squeaky voice), and that if they screw it up they'll wish they'd never been born (REALLY deep voice), and that he'd better hurry up and turn the motorbike into a killing machine (deep woman's voice). Timmy is finished re-sabotaging the bike, and Tabitha is full of glee. Now to find Miguel, and send him on a bogus errand.

Theresa approaches Ethan, and looks at him longingly (flashback to the bridal show). Ethan just looks at her, no particular emotion. Theresa asks him if he remembers the song, but he doesn't. He's heard it on the radio, but it means nothing to him. Theresa tells him that the song is very important to them, and begs him to dance with her. He says he shouldn't, and Theresa says that it's because he loves her and not Gwen. He tells her he doesn't love her. She says that then he should dance with her. He tries to dissuade her and let her down gently, telling her that he doesn't want to lead her on. Theresa keeps pressuring him, telling him that if he doesn't dance with her, she will know he's in love with her, because he is afraid to be close to her. Ethan looks like he's getting tired of the discussion. He agrees to dance with her, telling her that he has no romantic feelings for her. She says his dancing with her proves he loves her -- he finds her irresistible. He gives her the indulgent smile one would give a child, and tells her she's incorrigible. Ethan tells Theresa again that he is going to marry Gwen (she says he can't when he loves her, then interrupts when he tries to tell her that he doesn't love her). Theresa tells Ethan that if he can tell her he doesn't love her, she'll never pressure him again. If he doesn't love her, she will never bother him again. (Ethan flashbacks to his mother talking about the love between him and Gwen.) He tells her he doesn't love her. She tells him she's lying, but he says it's the truth -- he doesn't love her. Finally, reality starts to sink in, and Theresa realizes that he's telling the truth, and he's not in love with her. Viewers watch her heart break on screen as she realizes that all her lies and manipulations have gotten her no where -- Ethan is still in love with Gwen. As reality sinks in, Theresa runs off, seen by Tabitha and Timmy.

Miguel tells Kay she's a great dancer, and tells her that she's a woman -- a beautiful woman. She turns away, and he thinks he embarrassed her. Who knows what would have happened if Charity hadn't come to Harmony...and now Kay loves Reese! Kay turns to him, shocked, and Miguel excuses himself to go look for Charity. Simone comes up, and Kay tells her what just happened -- Miguel as much as said that if Charity hadn't come to Harmony...Simone tells Kay not to give up. Kay helped her get Chad, so now Simone will help her get Miguel. Suddenly Simone asks why Chad is over there with Whitney. (Kay has a flashback of overhearing Chad admit that he was thinking about Whitney when he said he loved Simone.) Kay tells her there's nothing to worry about.

Whitney wants to know why Chad insists on pushing Theresa and Ethan together when there is no hope. Chad says that the song influenced them last time...and they weren't the only ones. (Whitney has a flashback of dancing with Chad at the bridal show.) She says she has no idea what he's talking about, and he tells her that just because she has no idea what love is and doesn't believe it's worth fighting for, it doesn't mean he and Theresa don't. Whitney wants to know what he's talking about. Chad tells her to forget it -- he doesn't want her to think he's a wimp. Whitney wants to know where Chad got an idea like that (flashback to Kay telling Chad that Whitney laughs at touchy-feely guys).

Simone says she's going to go over there, but Kay stops her. She says to let them argue -- Whitney will drive Chad away on her own! Simone embraces Kay, and thanks her for being such a great friend and helping her get Chad. Kay thinks to herself that it was lying that did it, and she hopes that Chad and Whitney never uncover her lie about the eating disorder. Then Simone will lose Chad for sure, and Kay will lose Simone's help in getting Miguel. Watching Chad head inside, Kay tells Simone that she just knew that Whitney would drive Chad away, and pushes Simone toward the kitchen (and Chad).

Chad sees Ethan and Theresa dancing, and notices Gwen is about to come out. He rushes into the kitchen to stop Gwen from interrupting his manipulations. Whitney is left wondering what he was talking about. Kay tells her she knows all about it -- they talked about guys who tell girls they like them, and Chad said he hated those kind of wimps. Whitney doesn't believe her, but Kay says take it or leave it. She says that Chad hates pushy girls who always ask questions -- they're just after sex. That's why he likes Simone! (Flashback to Whitney asking Chad in the hospital why he risked his life to save hers. Flashback to Chad and Whitney fighting over Chad manipulating Ethan to be with Theresa in the Book Cafe.)

Gwen makes a joke about the caterer beeping her every minute, then goes to head out to where Theresa and Ethan are dancing. Chad grabs her and tells her she can't go out there, and she wants to know why. Chad acts all friendly, telling her that he wants her to tell her all about the Russells African art. She would be happy to (she loves African art), and they are heading off when Simone comes in and says she knows all about it. She takes them off to show them the pieces.

Theresa runs into Whitney, telling Whitney that Ethan has told her he doesn't love her. And he was so cold and matter of fact when he said it! She continues to run off, and Whitney says she needs to find Chad -- this is all his fault! Theresa continues to run, and sees Miguel's bike...Chad wants to know what just happened, and Ethan says he told Theresa the truth, that he doesn't love her. Chad says he just made the biggest mistake of his life...Chad wants to know what he's talking about. Miguel comes out to notice his bike is missing. T&T are shocked, and Bad Charity is less than pleased. T&T don't know where it is, but they do know it's a death trap.

Chad makes up some junk about Ethan saying he didn't want to throw the garter, and Gwen says that they should do it. She thinks Ethan should throw the garter to Chad, so he can find new love. Gwen asks Ethan to come inside so she can show him the Russells African art collection (TC is going to have kittens when he finds out Ethan Crane was trooping through his house). Chad tells Ethan not to make the mistake they talked about. Ethan looks like he's sick of dealing with the situation, and heads into the house to be with Gwen. Chad hobbles off, where Whitney confronts him, and tells him what happened. Chad says he knows, and he feels real bad about it. Whitney says this is all his fault. Chad is the one who manipulated the situation -- Chad might as well have put a gun to her heart and pulled the trigger!

Timmy is calling for the bike ('Here, bikey bikey. Here, bikey bikey.') Bad Charity wants to know what the hell happened. How do you lose a motorcycle? Miguel comes out and says there's no sign of it. Maybe someone borrowed it to ride around the block. He asks Charity to help him look for it. Timmy says that nothing on the bike works, and the two look very worried.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Hank asks Luis what he'll do if he finds out Sheridan's nightmares are connected to his father's disappearance, and Luis says that he'll make sure the person suffers the same fate that befell his father. Eve is pressing Sheridan for the name of the person and the full events of what happened that night, but Sheridan just keeps saying it's her fault. Suddenly Luis lunges for the door -- Hank tries to hold him back, to keep him from upsetting Sheridan more. He bangs on the door, telling Eve to stop. Sheridan keeps crying 'I killed him! I killed him!' Eve realizes that if Luis learns that Martin could be connected to Sheridan's nightmares, it could ruin their chances to be together (like her dating Hank won't?), and says she can't let that happen -- she needs to wake Sheridan up. The two burst in -- Hank says he tried to stop him, but Luis says he wants to know what she said.

Eve asks how much they heard, and is relieved to learn it was nothing specific. She explains that Sheridan's reaction is totally normal, and reams Luis out for bursting in. Hank tries to get Luis out of there, so Eve can do her job and 'cure' Sheridan's nightmares. They leave, and Eve tells her to relax -- she'll be back in a moment, and they'll find out the truth about that night. Eve leaves Sheridan's room and heads over to lecture Luis -- she can't do her job if he keeps interrupting. He says fine, as long as she tells him what happens in there. Eve says that normally doctor-patient privilege would preclude that, but since Sheridan has waived it, she will tell her when she's finished -- she wants to have the whole story first, but Luis is trying to force her to spit it out. Hank interjects, telling Luis that Eve wants the whole story first. He tells Eve that Luis backed away from Beth because he was worried he'd run out on them like his father did on their family. Luis says that now he thinks his father was killed, and whoever did it will be punished. Sheridan is wandering around crying, saying, 'I killed him!'

Eve tells Luis to stay out of Sheridan's room -- as her doctor, she will handle it. Again Luis tries to force Eve to talk. Hank tells him to calm down -- Eve has said she wants to get the whole story, and Luis needs to respect that. Hank is obviously still being betrayed by his best friend and girlfriend. Eve tells Luis no more interruptions, and goes back into Sheridan's room, where she is still crying by the window. Eve tells Sheridan they're going to go back to that night, so Sheridan can tell her exactly what she sees. Again she asks, 'Who was under the sheet?' (Flashback to the bloody hands.) Sheridan keeps saying it was so horrible, and Eve says she hopes remembering doesn't destroy Sheridan. Eve again pushes Sheridan for the identity of the person under the bloody sheet. Sheridan says she knows him, she knows the person she killed. Eve tells Sheridan that everything is riding on this -- who's the dead guy under the sheet?

Hank confronts Luis about his feelings for Sheridan (he is clearly angry to learn that his girlfriend and best friend are two-timing him). What will Luis do when Sheridan uncovers her past? Luis thinks they'll be better around each other. Hank wants to know if Luis thinks it will give him a clean slate...Luis says that no matter what, this will change everything. Eve wants to know who Sheridan saw. She says he used to come to the mansion all the time to talk to Julian and Alistair. She saw him almost every day! (Flashback to young Sheridan pulling the sheet back to look at the body's face.) Sheridan cries out that she killed Martin Fitzgerald!

On A Street In Harmony:
Sobbing too hard to be paying attention to the road, Theresa is driving Miguel's motorcycle (helmetless). Theresa is clearly not paying much attention to where she's going, and is driving in the wrong lane. Suddenly a car honks, and Theresa looks up. There's nothing she can do! She screams as the headlights of the other vehicle are on her. (Freeze frame on her shocked face.)

Monday, August 28, 2000 | Episode #297
Sheridan's Cottage:

Sheridan remembers what happened and who she killed. She tells Eve that Martin Fitzgerald was under the sheet. Eve went thru the details with Sheridan and what happened after she saw Martin under the bloody sheet. Sheridan said she looked around and when she looked down the body was gone. Sheridan also said that Alistair and Julian said she was dreaming. After Sheridan was put to bed she heard voices and went to the top of the stares. She saw the Foyer take the coffin away. Meanwhile, in the living room Hank and Luis are arguing about who Sheridan will date when she gets better. A while later Eve comes out and tells Luis and Hank to sit down for the news about Sheridan's nightmares and Martins disappearance.

The Russell's House:
Whitney yells at Chad for putting ideas in Theresa's head. Gwen tells Chad to play a love song that expresses his love for Whitney. Charity and Miguel dance. Miguel then finds out that Theresa's gone and took the motorcycle. When Whitney is still yelling at Chad Ethan hears them talking about Theresa on a motorcycle. Ethan goes to find her. The demon inside Charity has to come up with another plan because Theresa took the motorcycle. Timmy gets mad and rips the pendent off Charity's neck. Later Whitney dreams off Chad kissing her and then she wakes up and starts walking toward Chad. Before she could get there Kay came running to her. Kay said that Whitney's phone was ringing and she went inside. Kay went to Chad and told him that Whitney said she hated the song he was playing. Charity who was totally out of it said she sees death.

The Accident:
Theresa got hit by a car. The person who hit the motorcycle called 911. Ethan finds the motorcycle and speeds to the hospital. Theresa is in the hospital. Ethan gets to the hospital and finds Theresa under a sheet.

Tuesday, August 29, 2000 | Episode #298
Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan is alone and is still crying and saying she killed Martin. Eve is ready to tell Luis and Hank what happened that night. While Sheridan is still under hypnosis Eve begins to tell Luis and Hank the beginning of Sheridan's nightmares. Luis is eager to find out what happened if there was a connection between her nightmares and the disappearance of his father. Eve continues the nightmare and before she could finish Julian barges in the door. Luis is shouting at Julian. Julian is shouting at Luis. As they are fighting Sheridan comes out of the bedroom and demands to know what she said.

Tabitha and Timmy:
Timmy made himself and Tabitha a martimmy while they talked about Charity. Tabitha decides to take out her magical cards. She picks up the first card. It is a joker. She puts the card to her head and the card tells her that Ivy and Julian are fighting again. The card begins to shake she puts it to her head again it tells her that Julian and Alistair are terrified of something. Then a card moves toward Tabitha she picks it up. It is the princess card. The princes on the card was crying. Tabitha detected it was Sheridan. Another card moved toward her know it was the two headed owl. Tabitha told Timmy she sees Ethan at the Alter with a bride but doesnt know who it is. One more card moves toward her. it is the blood card it says there was blood in the past and the future of Sheridan's life.

The Accident:
Ethan is sad and half crying because Theresa is dead. Ethan is blaming himself for her death. While he telling Theresa how he feels about her, that she is caring beautiful sweet and innocent he hears her calling his name he turns the corner and Theresa isnt dead!!!!! The nurse told Ethan that he was the only one who could save her. The nurse asked him if she broke up with her boyfriend. He said sort of. When the nurse goes to get the doctor Ethan tells Theresa he loves her in her ear.

Wednesday, August 30, 2000 | Episode #299
The Bennetts:
Miguel, Whitney, and Chad worry about Theresa. Chad blames himself for Theresa taking off. Charity has a premonition that someone's life is slipping away, that someone is dying. Chad and Whitney fight over love and feelings. Charity says someone's gonna die in Harmony. Whitney calls the hospital to ask about Theresa. Miguel, Charity, Chad, Whitney, and Gwen rush off to the hospital when they find out Theresa was in a Motorcycle accident.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan asks Eve to tell her what she said while Hypnotized. Julian tries to stop Eve from telling Sheridan what she said while hypnotized. Sheridan argues with Julian. Sheridan tells Eve to tell her everything. Julian threatens Eve. Julian and Sheridan continue arguing. Julian wanted to leave, but Luis told him to stay incase a crime was committed that night. Alistair calls Eve and she tells him about it. Alistair tells her to go ahead with it.

The Hospital:
Ethan tells Theresa he loves her. Theresa than wakes up and doesn't believe he meant it. She wishes she was dead. Theresa gets weaker. The nurse says if Ethan doesn't tell Theresa he loves her she might die of a broken heart. She says Theresa's lost the will to live. Ethan tries to make Theresa believe that he does love her. Ethan kisses her, but she still doesn't believe him. She closes her eyes Ethan tries to wake her up than Kisses her just as Gwen, Miguel, Charity, Whitney, and Chad walk in.

Thursday, August 31, 2000 | Episode #300
Sheridans Cottage:
Luis brings Sheridan a cup of herbal tea to calm her nerves. Sheridan says she is sorry for causing so much trouble. Hank tells her that anybody would be shaken up after going through hypnosis. Julian agrees and says that he doesnt put much stock in such useless mumbo jumbo. Sheridan says that she would do it all again because finding out the truth behind her nightmares is more important than anything else to her. Luis tells her that no matter what happened, its not her fault because she was just a little girl. He says that when Eve comes out they will see if she remembered who was under the sheet. Julian says its all pure hogwash, but Luis disagrees. He tells Julian that if he finds out who is responsible for his fathers disappearance, they will suffer the same way his family did. Sheridan flashes back to the blood on her hands and drops her teacup. Julian tells them that this farce has gone on long enough. He says that Sheridan is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He says that Luis' job is to protect people, not harm them. He also tells him that his father abandoned his family after he was caught stealing from the Cranes, but Luis doesnt buy it. Julian says he doesnt want Luis dragging Sheridan into his family's embarrassment but Sheridan defends Luis by saying it was her idea. She tells Julian that she doesnt believe it is a coincidence that her nightmares started the same night that Martin disappeared. Julian says that Sheridan didnt see anything that night, that it was just a nightmare. Luis says that Julian is terrified of the truth coming out. Julian and Luis almost come to blows. Julian starts playing the concerned brother and Hank and Luis go out for some air. Julian tries to talk Sheridan out of talking to Eve but she wont listen. Outside Hank tells Luis that he thinks Julian is right and Luis asks him which side is he on. Hank thinks that they are headed for trouble. Hes worried that Sheridan will have a breakdown, not a break through. Luis believes that Sheridan witnessed something between Alistair, Julian, and Martin. Hank tells him he doesnt stand a chance against the Crane's. Luis says that they will wish they were dead if he finds out that they had something to do with Martins disappearance. Sheridan comes out and Hank leaves. He tells her the story behind the roses that his father planted outside of the cottage. He thanks Sheridan for going through the hypnosis and tells her how brave she is. He also tells her she is different from the rest of her family and that he respects her. He says he hopes she is always a part of his life. Luis hopes that they can move forward after putting this behind them. Julian tries to leave but Luis spots him. Sheridan leaves them alone. Julian tells Luis that he knows what he is up to. He says Luis is using Sheridans weak spot to get her inheritance. He offers to pay him off to forget everything. Luis says that bribery will count against him when the truth comes out. He tries to get Julian to tell the truth. Julian says that he wasnt trying to bribe him. He says that his family's privacy is worth a lot to him. He says he just looking out for Sheridan. Luis tells him hes not stupid. He says Julian only looks out for one person, Julian. Inside, Hank tells Sheridan that Luis doesnt believe she did anything wrong that night and that he agrees. He tells Sheridan that he will be there for her and she thanks him. Sheridan says she wonders what might have happened between her and Luis if there wasnt any bad blood between their families. Hank tells her he doesnt share Luis' opinion of her family. She kisses him on the cheek as Julian and Luis open the door. Julian tells Luis that it looks like Sheridan is making time with his best friend and laughs. Meanwhile Alistair tells Eve to revel what she learned it Sheridans session which surprises Eve. She thought he was calling to threaten her. Alistair tells Eve that Sheridan and Luis have a right to know what happened. Eve tells Alistair that he doesnt know the extent of what Sheridan remembered, but he says he does. He repeats to Eve exactly what Sheridan said and then he tells Eve that Sheridans memory was probably jogged enough that she remembers the name of the victim, Martin Fitzgerald. Eve cant believe that Alistair knew the truth all this time. He says it is time Luis knew the truth, that Sheridan killed his father. Eve tells him that what happened all those years ago was murder and that he and Julian will go down for hiding the truth. She says that once this story breaks it will be all over the news and Alistair says he is prepared for the truth to come out. Eve plans to tell Luis everything. Before she hangs up Alistair asks a favor, he wants her to be gentle with Sheridan. Eve says she is glad to hear him says that and that she is glad that he can accept the consequences of his actions. Alistair tells her that he is happy someone shares the same value system that he does. He then talks about her old addictions and the baby she gave up. He says that her family will have to suffer the consequences as his family. Eve calls him a bastard and tells him to go to hell. Alistair accuses her of hypocrisy and says she is no better than he is. He tells her to go tell the truth. He wonders which will cause the biggest commotion, the murder or that fact that Eve use to be a common whore. Eve comes out of the room to face Sheridan and Luis. Sheridan asks her to tell her what she remembered.

The Hospital:
Ethan tells Theresa that she must believe that he loves her. She tells him not to try to make her believe that he loves her when she knows he doesnt. Theresa slips back into unconsciousness. Ethan tells her she cant die and that he needs and loves her. He tells her he truly loves her and starts kissing her. Whitney, Chad, Miguel, Charity, and Gwen arrive and see the kiss. They all stand around looking in shock. (Chad is smiling) Theresa comes to and Ethan tells her she has got to get better. Miguel says Theresa has waited her whole life for this. Ethan says he loves her again and Gwen leaves. Ethan starts to go after her but Theresa asks him to stay and he does. After a few minutes Ethan tries to leave but the nurse urges him to stay. Charity tells Miguel that Ethan saved Theresas life by telling her he loved her. (The pendant starts glowing) Charity says that Gwen heard everything and that theres no way she will marry Ethan now. Miguel asks her if she thinks that Ethan will marry Theresa instead. He tells her that this is the real world and that if Theresa gets her heart broken again, he doesnt know what will happen to her. Charity tells him that nobody can stop love, but Miguel says the Crane's will never accept Theresa. Charity becomes quiet and tells Miguel that something bad is going to happen. The feeling passes and Charity says she still believes that true love will win out. Miguel says that the Crane's reaction to Theresa and Ethan will be nothing compared to Luis'. Chad is happy that things are working out for Theresa, but Whitney doesnt believe it. She is afraid that Gwen will go after Theresa instead of Ethan. Ethan finds Gwen and tries to explain, but she says she knows whats going on. Ethan tells her she doesnt understand. Gwen tells Ethan that she talked to the nurse and that she does understand. She thinks its wonderful that Ethan was there for Theresa. She thinks that Theresa was so out of it that she thought Ethan was Chuck. She says she is lucky to be marrying a real hero. She tells him he saved Theresas life. The nurse tells them that they all can go home, that they should let Theresa rest. Chad cant believe what Gwen has said. Ethan says that he loves both of them. He says that what he feels for Gwen is not the same as what he feels for Theresa, but it is real and it means something to him and Gwen. He says he cant just call off the wedding and tell Gwen that he loves Theresa because it would break her heart. Chad says there is only one way to resolve it. Ethan says he has to think it through, but Chad tells him to follow his heart. Ethan and Gwen leave. Whitney goes to check on Theresa and Chad follows. Theresa is saying Ethans name over and over. Chad says that Theresa thinks about Ethan all the time, even in her sleep. Chad tells her that Ethan said he loved both Gwen and Theresa. Whitney is afraid that Ethan will choose Gwen and break Theresas heart. Chad is not sure, he doesnt think that Ethan can give Theresa up now that he has admitted that he loves her. Meanwhile Gwen wonders why Theresa took off on the motorcycle. She tells Ethan he looks a million miles away and he says he has a lot on his mind.

Sheridans Cottage:
Sheridan wants to know what happened and Eve says she needs to get a cup of coffee first. Sheridan tells Luis that this is it, they will soon know the truth. Eve tells Julian that she was talking to Alistair. Julian thinks that Alistair beat him to getting Eve to change her mind. She tells him that Alistair wants her to tell the truth about what happened. Julian doesnt believe it until she says that Alistair will tell TC everything if she tells Sheridan the truth. Julian is happy that this has been taking care of, but Eve says that all Alistair has made her more determined than ever to tell Sheridan and Luis the truth. Julian is speechless.

Friday, September 1, 2000 | Episode #301
Despite Alistair's threat to expose her past, Eve informs Julian she still intends to tell Sheridan everything she wants to know. Eve has Sheridan recount what she remembers about "that" night. Sheridan recalls raising a letter opener above her head. Luis reacts when she says the next thing she remembers is having blood on her hands.

Gwen stumbles upon her mother trying to undermine Theresa's wedding arrangements. Gwen assures Rebecca Theresa is not a threat to her relationship with Ethan. Rebecca is stunned when Gwen tells her mother about walking in on Ethan declaring his love for Theresa and kissing her. Gwen explains how Ethan was only trying to save Theresa's life, but Rebecca stalks off, determined to finally put Theresa in her place.

Pilar arrives to be by her daughter's bedside, and Whitney fills Pilar in on the accident and Ethan's kiss. Pilar frets that the Hotchkiss and Crane families will destroy her own family if Ethan chooses to be with Theresa. Meanwhile, Ethan confides to Chad how Theresa's near death made him realize he loves her. But he loves Gwen, too. Determined to resolve the matter as soon as possible, Ethan reaches a decision about Theresa and Gwen.