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Episode 852 Monday, November 11, 2002

Ethan struggles to decide between Gwen and Theresa.  The two women watch from their bedroom windows as Ethan paces outside, trying to figure out who he wants to marry.  Gwen vows to accept his choice either way while Theresa prays he will choose her. Rebecca encourages her daughter to fight.  Ethan makes a decision.

Liz shows TC some pictures from her past, as Eve watches, terrified her world is about to come crashing down.  Eve is relieved when Luis' arrival interrupts them.  Luis asks Liz and Eve for help with his plan to tell Antonio the truth.

Beth goes after Mrs. Wallace with murderous intent, causing Mrs. Wallace to hide in fear.  Beth brandishes an axe and vows to get rid of her mother.

Pilar prays for her children.  Luis informs his mother that he is gathering everyone to support Antonio when he tells his brother the truth.  Pilar tries to change his mind, but he won't be deterred.  Later, Sheridan is stunned when Pilar informs her that Luis wants to confront Antonio right away.

Episode 853
Tuesday, November 12, 2002

A disappointed Gwen prepares to start a new life without Ethan and accepts a job in New York.  Rebecca pleads with her daughter not to assume Ethan has chosen Theresa just because he went to talk with her first.  Meanwhile, Ethan and Theresa discuss their relationship and how he needs to be able to trust her.  Gwen and Rebecca listen in through the adjoining bedroom door.

Sheridan continues to fret over Antonio's condition, while Luis stays firm in his resolve to tell his brother about their relationship.  Antonio demands to know what's going on when all his loved ones gather in the Crane living room.  Mrs. Wallace taunts Beth that Antonio will die of shock, and then Luis will be able to reunite with Sheridan.  Everyone is shocked to hear about Antonio's latest test results.  Eve admits he doesn't have long to live.  Luis prepares to drop the bomb.

Episode 854 Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Despite Antonio's deteriorating health, Luis continues to demand they tell his brother the truth.  Sheridan tearfully replies that she just can't do it and rushes off.  Pilar begs Luis to reconsider. 

An emotional Liz tells Antonio why she pushed him away when they were together, and she finally reveals her sad past to everyone in the room.  Eve squirms as TC supports Liz.  Beth is appalled as Mrs. Wallace purloins expensive items from the mansion.

Rebecca wants Gwen to fight for Ethan, but Gwen states she is done fighting. Gwen becomes ill.  Rebecca panics when her daughter loses consciousness. Once she revives Gwen, Rebecca urges her to use her illness to lure Ethan back. Theresa presses Ethan about his decision, prompting him to open his heart to her.  Sheridan bursts in on them just as Ethan is about to propose!

Episode 855 Thursday, November 14, 2002

Antonio makes a shocking accusation about Eve. TC defends his wife.  In private, Liz and Eve have a tense face-off.

Sheridan congratulates Ethan on choosing to marry Theresa, but expresses concern for Gwen.  She and Ethan lament over their love lives.  Sheridan doesn't know what to do and fears her relationship with Luis will be ruined either way.  Beth tries to change Luis' mind about telling Antonio the truth, but he won't be deterred.  Pilar prays for her sons.  Theresa tries to comfort her mother.

Ethan tells an elated Theresa and Pilar that he and Theresa will have a very important talk as soon as he breaks the news to Gwen.  Meanwhile, Gwen tries  to be strong as she makes plans to move away from Harmony.  Rebecca urges her daughter to fight for Ethan.  Gwen puts up a brave front and hides her sickness when Ethan comes to see her.
Episode 856 Friday, November 15, 2002

TC comforts Liz and promises to help her any way he can. Rebecca lashes out at Ethan, while Eve examines an ill Gwen.  Gwen makes her intention of leaving for New York known.  She and Ethan say a heartfelt good-bye.  Rebecca turns to Ivy for help.

Unaware that Julian is taking a bath, Mrs. Wallace sneaks into his bathroom looking for something to steal.  The two scream in terror when they come face-to-face.  Later, Rebecca laments to Julian about the situation with Theresa, and he gets an idea of how to take advantage of the situation.

Theresa and Antonio have a heart to heart.  She informs her brother that Ethan is going to propose to her after he breaks up with Gwen.  Beth stops Sheridan and Luis from telling Antonio the truth.  Antonio demands to know what's going on; Beth covers.  Sheridan is wracked with guilt.  Luis comes up with a way to help Antonio understand the truth.  He leaves and comes back with a mysterious package.

Most Memorable moments on Passions!!!!
Jerry Springer on Passions April 27, 2001

Robin Strasser leaves her role as Hecuba on Passions April 16th 2001.

August 15, 2001
Theresa & Julian realize they are MARRIED!!

August 5, 2002~~~~
Josh Ryan Evans died at 20 years old. Ironic that the day he died was the day his character Timmy died in the show.
August 9 and August 12, 2002~~~~
Josh Ryan Evans last airdate as Timmy. At the end of his final scene Timmy got his wings and became an angel. A very touching ending for  Timmy.