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Monday, December 31, 2001 | Episode #634
At the hospital, Tabitha and Timmy flee in horror as Norma escapes from the psych ward and hunts them down with an axe. While racing through the corridors, Timmy collides with Julian and Reese. Timmy slips away, but Julian and Reese are hot on his trail, determined to prove the doll is alive. Tabitha and Timmy hide in a storage room, but are unaware they are not alone...

The people of Harmony gather at church for midnight mass. Theresa is startled when Father Lonigan wants to talk to her and Ethan about a baby...Chad reaches out to Whitney...Ivy happily awaits for the last piece of her plan to arrive. David is unhappy about hurting Grace..."Charity" hurts Miguel's feelings... Pilar pleads with her daughter not to go through with the abortion. A mysterious person comes to town...

Luis continues to pray for a miracle. Recalling how he was reunited with Sheridan last year, Luis heads for the church. Meanwhile, Sheridan is deeply affected by being at the Harmony wharf. She decides she wants to go to midnight mass. Brian/Antonio is hesitant as he thinks back to times with his family.

Tuesday, January 1, 2002 | Episode #

Wednesday, January 2, 2002 | Episode #635

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David snarls at Ivy for her latest cruel trick. Timmy breaks free from Julian and Reese, who give chase while Tabitha flees from Norma. Theresa tells a dismayed Pilar she's sticking to her original plan to end her pregnancy and keep Ethan. Luis' hopes for a second miracle are dashed when his Christmas wish fails to come true. Meanwhile, "Diana" is puzzled by Brian's reluctance to attend midnight Mass. Thrilled to discover that he is no longer a doll, Timmy scampers off to avoid being dissected in the name of scientific curiosity. Later, the orderlies from the psych ward manage to tackle and sedate Norma just in the nick of time. Jessica's thoughtful gift to her half-brother touches Ethan, while "Charity's" thoughtlessness wounds a distraught Miguel. David's son arrives in Harmony. Timmy's astonishing transformation into a flesh-and-blood boy amazes Tabitha's friends and neighbors. John introduces himself to a startled Grace. Brian returns to his childhood home.
Timmy is unable to turn back into a doll when Julian and Reese catch him. Timmy is overwhelmed with joy as he realizes his Christmas wish has been granted ­ he's a real boy! Reese and Julian want to dissect Timmy. An axe-wielding Norma corners Tabitha and Timmy as Reese and Julian look on in confusion. Norma is caught once again. Eve and TC are stunned when Julian shows them that Tabitha's doll is alive.

Luis is saddened when he doesn't get his Christmas wish. Sheridan wonders why Brian would not go into the church. Pilar still believes Antonio will return. Pilar's hopes are dashed when Theresa decides to stick to her original plan. Ethan bonds with his half-sisters, and he is touched by their gift. Kay subtly places doubt in Miguel's head about Charity's love.

Sam and Grace look to the future. David is enraged by Ivy's latest scheme and wants out. A son is reunited with his family.

Thursday, January 3, 2002 | Episode #636

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Ivy enjoys watching Grace's shock as David introduces John to his long-lost "mother." Kneeling by Pilar's bed, Brian asks his sleeping mother for her forgiveness. Down the hall, Theresa invites Ethan into her bed but decides she can't make love to her fiance until she confesses about her pregnancy. Pilar dreams about welcoming Antonio home at long last. Timmy has trouble convincing Tabitha that he is a real live boy until a cut from a shard of a broken martimmy glass draws blood from the former doll's hand. A tearful Grace embraces her "son," explaining to John how she lost her memory more than twenty years ago. Tipped off by a neighbor about a possible intruder, Ethan scours the Lopez-Fitzgerald house and finds Brian in Pilar's bedroom. The little angel reappears and tells Timmy his Christmas wish came true because of his good, pure heart. Ethan grapples briefly with Brian, who manages to flee through a window before his mother and sister can recognize him. An incensed David hisses at Ivy for forcing him to lie to his own son.
Timmy is ecstatic as he makes plans for his future as a real boy. A grumpy Tabitha doesn't believe it at first, but the little angel girl confirms Timmy is real.

Sam and Grace are stunned by the new arrival in town. An angry David is forced to go along with Ivy's most devious plan yet.

Ethan and Theresa begin to make love. Theresa starts to tell Ethan about her pregnancy but is stopped by a knock on the door. Ethan and Theresa search the house for an intruder. Brian/Antonio visits his mother while she sleeps. He tells an unaware Pilar he loves her and begs for her forgiveness. Pilar dreams of Antonio. Ethan discovers Brian in Pilar's bedroom and the two men come to blows.

Sheridan wanders around Harmony. In the same area, Luis sadly thinks about how he wasn't granted another miracle this year. Sheridan has a memory flash and sees someone familiar. Luis senses Sheridan is near.

Friday, January 4, 2002 | Episode #637

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As he makes big plans for his new life as a real boy, Timmy informs Tabitha he has no more use for any witchy weirdness. Brian has a nightmare about Luis slamming the door in his face when he tries to see his mother. Grace happily tells Sam she believes John might be the answer to the prayers she offered God after she miscarried last year. Meanwhile, Ivy awakens gasping to find a seething David closing his fingers around her throat. Brian tells "Diana" about his aborted attempt to visit Pilar. Ethan blithely assumes that Theresa's weight gain is the result of her mom's bountiful holiday cooking. The magic scroll shows a delighted Tabitha how the new year is going to bring increased suffering for the good people of Harmony. John breaks some astonishing news to his newfound sisters. Ivy reminds David why he must follow her orders despite the pain it will cause his son. Certain his family is better off without him, Brian decides he must leave town. As Ivy issues invitations to a New Year's Eve party, Tabitha gleefully predicts that a murder will mar the festivities.
Timmy enjoys his first morning as a real boy. Tabitha and Timmy receive news from the scroll. The scroll reveals pain and disaster for many in the near future. Timmy is horrified when Tabitha appears to have been shot.

Brian has a nightmare about seeing his family. A concerned Sheridan offers him advice. Brian feels he's caused his family enough pain and wants to leave town. Meanwhile, Pilar is confident Antonio was the one who broke in the night before. Luis insists that's impossible. Luis tells Theresa Antonio is not welcome in the house.

Theresa is upset when she realizes her pregnancy is beginning to show and panics when Ethan notices her pants won't zip. Ethan comes to the wrong conclusion. Theresa feels she must act quickly.

Kay and Jessica receive shocking news.

David is ready to kill Ivy and wants no part of her plan. Ivy plans a party with a sinister intent.

Monday, January 7, 2002 | Episode #638
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Angered to receive a call from his long-lost elder brother, Luis reads Antonio the riot act. Tabitha and Timmy decide to crash the Cranes' New Year's Eve party. Grace proudly introduces her firstborn son to her astonished friends and neighbors. Theresa tearfully reminds Whitney why she must go through with the abortion. Meanwhile, Ivy issues new instructions to her private investigator after he spots his prey at the clinic. David reluctantly keeps mum as he watches Grace grow more attached to a beaming John. Ivy manipulates Ethan into inviting his fiancee and her entire family to the New Year's bash at the mansion. Urged on by "Diana," Brian tells Luis he wants to make amends for the pain he's caused their mother. Later, Luis hesitantly invites Antonio to come to the Cranes' to see Pilar. Julian and Rebecca's latest sex game makes them the laughing stock of the party. John coaxes his parents to share a dance. TC's late father materializes and berates his stunned son for letting Julian go unpunished.
Brian reaches out to his family. Over the phone, Luis grudgingly agrees to let his brother see Pilar and informs Brian that their mother will be at the Crane mansion. Sheridan lends her support as Brian has second thoughts about reuniting with Pilar. At the Crane estate, Luis is troubled by more memories of Sheridan.

Tabitha and Timmy hope to crash Ivy's New Year's Eve party by tagging along with the Bennetts.

Ivy receives information from her private investigator about Theresa and plans to expose the young woman at the party. Ethan plans on spending New Year's Eve with Theresa, but he is unable to locate her. Meanwhile, Theresa arrives at the clinic to have an abortion. Whitney offers her support.

A frisky Julian and Rebecca are humiliated at Ivy's party.

Tuesday, January 8, 2002 | Episode #639

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While Brian recalls the bitter confrontation he had with Julian on the night he left Harmony, Luis and Sheridan once again nearly stumble over one another as they stroll the grounds of the Crane mansion. TC's late father exhorts his son to avenge his death by killing Julian. Watching Grace and John together, David sorely regrets ever acquiescing to Ivy's demands. Pilar fears that her daughter has already undergone the abortion. Meanwhile, Ivy decides to enlist an ally in her new scheme to ruin Theresa's life. Brian and "Diana" share a tender kiss as the new year arrives. Sam admits to Eve how John's arrival has caused another ripple in the Bennett's marriage. TC's father claims he has proof of Julian's guilt in the car crash. Sheridan has flashes of memory about meeting her lover in a familiar looking cottage.
Brian, with Sheridan by his side, arrives at the Crane estate to see Pilar. Brian relives a confrontation he had with Julian right before he left Harmony. Unaware his lost love is nearby, Luis struggles with his grief. Brian and Sheridan share a New Year's kiss.

Thanks to Tabitha's evil magic, TC's father appears to his son and insists Julian be killed for ruining their lives. TC is stunned when his "father" states he can provide proof of Julian's involvement in the car accident.

Julian confides to Rebecca that he misses having Ethan as his son.

At the party, an exuberant Tabitha surveys everyone's pain. David feels guilty as he's forced to go along with Ivy's hurtful scheme against Grace. Armed with a picture of Theresa entering the abortion clinic, Ivy prepares to destroy her son's fiancee. Pilar is horrified when she realizes where her daughter has been. Ivy enlists the help of an unlikely person to expose Theresa.

Wednesday, January 9, 2002 | Episode #640

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As "Diana" wanders closer and closer to her former home, Luis returns to the cottage where he and Sheridan first fell in love. Sickened by the display of greed and deceit he's been witnessing at the Cranes' soiree, Timmy decides to strike out and find some fellow humans to whom he can better relate. Ethan icily informs the tabloid reporter that Theresa is not pregnant. At the New Year's party at the youth center, Miguel confides to Reese how troubled he is by his girlfriend's bizarre behavior. Meanwhile, egged on by Kay, the zombie Charity comes on to every boy in sight. Sam finally pulls an enraged T.C. off of Julian. Later, Eve is baffled when her husband insists that his late father came to him with an urgent message. Julian scurries out to the garden, where he runs smack into a brooding Brian. Chad and Ethan try to hustle the reporter away while Ivy gleefully warns Theresa that the jig is up. Realizing that his old nemesis has failed to recognize him, Brian decides to jog Julian's foggy memory. Timmy makes a splash with the other kids at the teen center.
The tabloid reporter publicly announces that Theresa is pregnant, but an angry Ethan refuses to believe him. Ivy looks on happily. Before the reporter can reveal more, Chad and Ethan try to physically remove him from the mansion. Theresa fears the worst. Tabitha revels in the chaos, but a sickened Timmy heads off to spend New Year's Eve with other kids.

At a New Year's Eve party at the youth center, Zombie Charity continues to push Miguel away. She hurts Miguel's feelings as she shamelessly flirts with several guys. Timmy is overjoyed to be welcomed by the other kids.

Sheridan has more memory flashes of her and Luis. Feeling a strong connection to the Crane mansion, she decides to explore the estate. Luis is overwhelmed with grief as he visits Sheridan's cottage. Meanwhile, Brian's blood boils as he thinks about the last time he was at the Cranes'. Brian longs to correct the past and be with his family.

A furious TC strangles Julian. Sam breaks up the melee. Sam, Grace and Eve are worried and confused as TC recounts how his father gave him proof of Julian's guilt. Julian flees one dangerous encounter and runs right into another one as an angry Brian confronts him.

Thursday, January 10, 2002 | Episode #641

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Dismayed by "Charity's" cutting remarks, Miguel presses his girlfriend to explain herself. Brian takes out his pent-up anger on Julian. Ethan asks a trembling Theresa to tell the tabloid reporter that she is not pregnant. Though T.C. waves the new evidence he found, Sam, Eve and Grace all remind him that he must have only imagined his conversation with his dead father. Timmy greatly enjoys his time at the dance party but decides he must tear himself away and try to rescue Charity. Julian threatens to ruin the entire Lopez-Fitzgerald clan if Brian doesn't back off. Kay issues new instructions to the zombie Charity, who sickens Miguel by seductively rubbing up against two eager and willing male admirers. In the face of his fiancee's silence, Ethan jumps to his usual wrong conclusion and assures Theresa he's thrilled that she's expecting their first child. Timmy receives the answer to another prayer. The reporter drops a second bombshell on the partygoers at the Crane mansion.
Timmy is a hit at the youth center party. However, he misses his beloved Charity and decides to go rescue her from the block of ice. A baffled Miguel argues with "Charity." Per Kay's orders, Zombie Charity pulls a shocking stunt to drive Miguel further away.

Sheridan is surprised by her familiarity with the Crane estate. Luis and Sheridan almost meet once more.

Sam, Grace and Eve try to reason with a distraught TC. TC wants to kill Julian, but Sam persuades his friend to go home. Meanwhile, Brain beats up Julian and prepares to kill him. Julian threatens Brian/Antonio and orders him to leave town.

Ethan realizes Theresa really is pregnant. Theresa fears everything will come out. Ivy is thrilled when Ethan seems to have figured out that Theresa is carrying Julian's child. However, Ethan comes to the wrong conclusion and is excited that Theresa is expecting.

Friday, January 11, 2002 | Episode #642

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Gazing up at the frozen Charity, Timmy wishes he could rescue the girl he loves. T.C.'s strange tale gives Eve new hope that the son she lost might still be alive after all. Meanwhile, T.C. renews his vow to punish Julian for his many sins. Luis and Ethan bristle when the tabloid reporter announces he has proof that Theresa underwent an abortion. Brian and "Diana" are pleasantly surprised when Liz and Doc arrive in Harmony unannounced. Miguel furiously accosts "Charity", who snarls back as Kay watches with undisguised glee. The little angel reappears and assures Timmy he can save Charity but only if he renounces Tabitha and her evil ways. After the reporter produces photographic evidence of his claim, Ethan turns to a terrified Theresa for the truth. Brian admits to Liz how someone powerful is keeping him from being reunited with his family. Eve bitterly accuses Julian of having their infant son abducted years ago. Theresa tells an astounded Ethan that the baby is not his.
Timmy professes his love to a frozen Charity and wishes she could love him, too. The little angel girl tells Timmy he can save Charity, but he must make a choice between the two women he loves.

Miguel is outraged when he sees Zombie Charity dancing sexually with two guys. "Charity" and Miguel accuse each other of having changed. Kay is pleased with how well her plan is going.

Liz and Doc surprise Sheridan and Brian by showing up in Harmony. Sheridan admits she hasn't remembered who she is. Brian reveals a little more about his past.

TC thinks about his conversation with his "father" and promises to make Julian pay. Eve realizes TC might not have been hallucinating and realizes something about her own past. Eve accuses a stunned Julian of having their baby kidnapped.

At the Crane party, Ethan and Luis are ready to kill the tabloid reporter when he declares Theresa had an abortion. The reporter stuns the group with the picture of Theresa at the abortion clinic. Ethan demands the truth as a fearful Theresa knows she's been caught.

Monday, January 14, 2002 | Episode #643

The Russell House:
TC says that Julian Crane took his dreams away and it's time for him to pay for what he's done for them and his father says he's right and Julian must pay. He tells TC that Julian has gotten away with things for much too long and it's time for them to destroy the man who destroyed their lives. TC says no she's still a little woozy from the sedative that eve gave him and his father tells him that he was headed for the big time and TC says he knows and his father tells him that he was the best and Julian took it all away and now he has the proof of what he did and TC damns Julian. His father tells him that isn't all and that's there's more of what Julian's done and he can't let him get away with it and TC asks what else he's done; but his father says all he needs to know right now is he needs to make Julian pay and TC says he's right and takes off. TC is in his car and says it's payback time and Julian Crane is going to get what's coming to him once and for all.

Beth's Boat:
Liz and Doc prepare to go and find a hotel room for the night and Sheridan and Doc move up to the deck and Liz stays behind and tells Brian that she's never seen him like this and he tells her not to worry; he just wants to get the boat back to the owner and then go back to the island. Liz asks him if that's what he really wants and Brian has flashbacks of talking with Julian and says that's a very good question. Liz and Brian move up on deck and Sheridan tells them goodnight and they leave. Sheridan says it's cold up there and she's going to head down below and she leaves. Brian says maybe he does know the answer and holds a gun and says he's not going to run anymore and it's time to put his past behind him. Brain closes the chamber and dams Julian and says he robbed him of his family and that's all going to change now and Liz and Doc come back. Sheridan pops up and goes back down to get Doc's bag and then says they won't have to worry about the cold weather anymore and says they are heading back to the island. Sheridan mentions her feeling of being connected to Harmony and she was hoping she'd get her memory back and Doc says she still might. Sheridan is washing dishes and Brian comes in and says he'll take care of that and encourages her to go to bed and she asks if he is too and he says he can't sleep and he's going to take a walk. Sheridan says she's sorry but she has a feeling that everything will work out for both of them and Brian tells her goodnight and she says the same and heads to her room. Brian goes back on deck and onto the pier and flashes back to Liz asking him about his family. He then looks down at the gun and says everything will be different if Julian Crane was out of the picture and it's time he's done something about it and someone grabs his shoulder. It's Liz and she says she needs to talk to him alone and she saw the gun earlier and he tells her not to get involved and she tells him he'll ruin his life. Brian says he has to do this and the only way to get back to his family is to get rid of this guy. Liz suggests he go to the police and he tells her he won't do any good and Liz begs him not to do this. Brian tells her he's been running too long and it's time for him to get his life back. Liz says what can she say to get him not to do this and he tells her nothing and asks her to stay with Diana. He tells her he saw his mother and his sister at the man's house tonight and he has a feeling that the man is hurting his mother or sister and if he finds out it's true he will destroy him. Liz is on deck and Sheridan comes up and asks where Brian is; Liz tells her he went for a walk and Sheridan mentions a dream. Liz asks her about it and Sheridan tells her that someone is about to kill someone else and she doesn't know who the man is but he's done some terrible things and Liz asks if she knows who's going to kill the man and Sheridan says she does; it's the man she loves.

The Crane Mansion:
Eve holds the gun and flashes back to telling Julian he ruined her life. Eve says if her family finds out about her past she'll lose everything and she has to stop him. Grace comes in and says she thought she took TC back home and Eve says she did. Grace says good; he was so angry she was really afraid he'll kill Julian. After a repeat from Friday Julian comes in and Luis and Ethan say Julian and go after him and Ivy says Theresa's life is as good as over and Julian's life is just plain over. Tabitha says that the scroll was accurate and the lucky winner is Julian Crane. Julian asks what's going on and Ethan says the only thing that's wrong is that he's still alive. Pilar and Chad stop Julian and Luis and Julian asks what's going on and Ethan tells him he took advantage of Theresa and then got her pregnant and Julian is surprised to learn that Theresa is pregnant. Grace asks Eve why she came back there and Eve explains to Grace what happened. Eve says if what happened to TC was real then what happened to her months ago was real and says she saw her past but a different version of it and she watched someone steal her baby. Grace says if that was true who would have stolen her baby and Eve says Julian. Eve says she confronted him but he says the baby died and she's crazy and that Julian is going to tell everyone about their affair. Grace asks if she's sure and Eve says yes; Julian is going to destroy her and she's going to lose everything and she takes off. Grace stops her and sees the gun and says she can't do this; she'll lose everything; Eve says she won't let Julian destroy her life and she leaves. Grace stops her again and says that she can't do this and Julian has to know that TC will kill him if the finds out about the affair. Grace says maybe he won't because he knows that it will destroy her and her family. Eve says she knows she's always trying to find the good in everyone but Julian is a monster and needs to be stopped. Pilar and Chad try to stop the guys but Julian claims he doesn't know what they are talking about and Ethan tells him again. Julian says they may have slept together but they were married and it was their wedding night; it's only natural they would have consummated their union. Ethan says he's a liar and Julian then tries to blame Theresa and Theresa calls him a pig and says she could kill him. Julian claims Theresa was hot to trot and she was all over him and Ethan says he's a liar; Theresa would never do that and Luis says he's not listening to another word out of his filthy mouth and jumps him. Meanwhile Ivy turns and watches Theresa with a smile. Grace says maybe it's time for Eve to tell TC about her past and Eve says no; he'll kill Julian without a second thought and Grace says why doesn't she get Sam; maybe he can help her and Eve says no she doesn't have to get Sam she just needs to calm down and she puts the gun back in the drawer. Grace smiles and asks if she's sure she's okay and Eve says yes and she's probably right; Julian is just threatening her and he won't tell and Grace wants her to go with her to get Sam and Eve says she'll clean up and be right with her and Grace leaves. Eve goes back for the gun and says she won't let Julian ruin her life. Luis and Ethan are pulled away from Julian and he takes off and they take off after him. Ivy tells him to give it up; he's not getting out of this one and Mort says he's going to get the story that will make his career; Billionaire Murdered and he takes off. Theresa and Whitney continue to watch and Theresa asks her friend what has she done. Eve and Grace head to the foyer and they go outside and see Theresa and Whitney and Theresa tells her what's happened. Theresa says she's lost everything and Grace says that maybe they can find Ethan and they can talk. Theresa says they went after Julian and it's all her fault and Eve says this isn't her fault and Julian takes advantage of young women and he uses them and doesn't care how he ruins their lives. Whitney says her mother is talking like he's done this before and does she know another woman who Julian got pregnant. Julian is running and Ethan is after him when Chad stops him and tells him that he can't do this. Ethan says he claimed he was his father for twenty years and he watched Julian use women his whole life and he never did anything about it. Chad says he knows it's tearing him up inside but he won't change anything by killing him. Ethan says that if this happened to the woman he loved would he be acting any different. Pilar catches up to Luis and says for her not to try to stop him and Luis says that he's failed as a brother. Pilar says no it's Julian's fault and Luis agrees and says Julian has to die for what he did. Pilar begs him to let the law handle it but Luis tells her the law can't do anything; he mentions that the Cranes will turn this around to make Theresa sound like a whore; she heard Julian in there; he's already trying to blame Theresa. Pilar says she knows but, Luis stops her and says no more; Julian won't live to do this again. Whitney repeats her question and Eve covers and Theresa says she doesn't understand; she really thought she could keep Ethan from finding out the truth and everyone warned her but she didn't listen now she's lost the man she loves. Eve says she'll be right back and Grace goes after her and asks what she's doing and Eve says she heard her and he's ruined her life and he's not going to get away with it. Ivy is drinking tea and then Tabitha decides to have some fun; she starts over to Ivy and then reads her tea leaves and then tells her about the fact that Julian will die and Ivy says that doesn't concern her and Tabitha tells her it does if that person is her son and Ivy looks shocked. Ethan repeats his question to Chad and he admits that if someone did this to his woman he would kill him. Ethan says then he understands what he has to do; Chad tells him he grew up on the streets and he lives by a different set of rules; Ethan says he didn't grow up on the streets but he knows what he has to do and he takes off. Pilar begs Luis not to do this and says if he kills Julian he's life will be over and Luis says he's life is nothing without Sheridan and he is going to make Julian pay. Pilar again begs Luis not to kill him and Luis says the best thing for him to do is to find Julian and then he's going to kill him and he takes off. Eve says now that Theresa's secret is out she's lost everything just like she's going to lose everything and she can't let Julian rob her of her husband and her children and Grace asks what she's saying. Eve says she's not going to let Julian tear her life apart and the only way to make sure he doesn't his to stop him; tonight and she leaves. Tabitha taunts Ivy and tells her she never thought her little scheme could backfire and Ivy asks who she knows these things. Tabitha says she doesn't know anything she only read what she sees; Ivy panics and says she can't let Ethan kill Julian and she takes off. Tabitha says she better hurry; she knows what they say about the best laid plans and she chuckles. Ethan is looking for Julian who's hiding behind a bush and he says that his life must be spared and he talks about how he has to hid till cooler heads can prevail and he thanks God that TC went home and says that's one less nut cast for him to worry about. Meanwhile TC has arrived on the grounds and again says that he won't leave till Julian has breathed his last. Brian arrives on the estate and says that he and Julian are going to talk and he takes out his gun and says this time he's going to listen. Ethan stops Luis and asks has he seen Julian. Luis says no and Ethan tells him he knows he's a cop but he's telling him right now and that when he finds Luis he's going to kill him. Luis takes out his gun and says that tonight he's not a cop; he's a brother who wants revenge and says that tonight no one is responsible for what they do.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002 | Episode #644

The Crane Mansion:
Rebecca is asleep when Gwen comes in and wakes her up. Rebecca doesn't want to get up at first but Gwen asks her what's going on and Rebecca tells her Ivy threw a New Year's Eve party and then flashes back to being embarrassed in front of everybody. Gwen tells her mother she's sorry and then talks about how bored she was at the club. She goes on to say that she hates the holidays and has every since she and Ethan broke up and Theresa got him. Rebecca tells her that she will persuade Julian to adopt Ethan and she'll get him back but Gwen says that it's over; after all the lies that Theresa told and secrets she kept Ethan still loves her and she has to accept that and move on. Rebecca says thank goodness there was no hanky panky after the wedding or Julian would have never been able to annul his marriage to Theresa. Theresa spots her mother and goes on about how it's all her fault and Tabitha over hears this and says that it's not only Luis and Ethan who are looking for Julian, there are many people who want to see Julian dead. Eve is looking for Julian too and flashes back to Julian threatening her and she says she'll kill Julian before she lets him find out about their past and says she knows where TC is and he should be home fast asleep and she wonders where Julian is. TC is running and runs right into his father who tells him to make sure he gets this done and TC says he's going to pay. TC's father tells him to settle the score once and for all and he disappears and TC says that Julian Crane is a dead man. Julian starts to move but then hears Luis and Ethan say he's going to pay for forcing himself on Theresa. Rebecca is dressed and wonders where Julian has gone too and Gwen says that she's sorry she was embarrassed tonight but at least something happened. She talks about how she hates the holidays since Theresa got Ethan. Gwen says that they need to give it up; Theresa has won and she even got Julian to marry her. Rebecca says that she's glad there wasn't any hanky panky after that drunken wedding or Julian's could never get an annulment from Theresa and Gwen says then her marriage would be off the books. Rebecca tells her not to give up and Gwen says she has to move on; after everything Theresa has done Ethan still loves her and she has to move on; Theresa will never do anything that will make Ethan stop loving her. Luis and Ethan continue to look for Julian and Luis tells Ethan even though he wants to kill Julian, Theresa is his blood and family honor demands that he kill him. Julian says his only chance is to run and he moves and Luis and Ethan hear a noise in the bushes and Ethan wonders what it is and Luis points his gun and says I got him. Rebecca and Gwen head out and Tabitha stops them and says it's time to move thinks along and offers them some champagne. Rebecca thanks her and Tabitha says it's a pity she wasn't down there earlier and she missed all the excitement and Rebecca says that she thought she and Julian were all the excitement. Tabitha takes Rebecca's side and continues to tell them that Theresa is pregnant and Gwen says that if Theresa is pregnant with Ethan's baby then she'll never get him back. They wonder who the father is and Tabitha tells her it's Julian. Ivy is in her room and takes out a gun and says that Ethan can't kill Julian if she kills him first and she knows exactly what he's going to do to escape and she's gong to stop him. Luis approaches with his gun drawn and runs right into TC and TC hides his gun and asks what's going on. Julian runs when he gets the chance and Luis runs off. TC wonders what happened and Ethan tells him and says that Julian ruined his life and TC says he's not alone and Julian destroyed his dreams too and tonight Julian will die. Julian is running and says there's a nest of vipers gunning for him and Eve has her gun out and wonders where he is. Luis puts on his gloves and spots someone and says you're going to pay damn you and tackles someone in the bushes. Rebecca says it can't be true and Tabitha says it is and Rebecca says she doesn't believe it. Gwen is happy and takes off to torture Theresa. Rebecca says Julian's name and Tabitha says he's the one Mrs. Hotchkiss and Rebecca asks her if she knows what that means and Tabitha says her life sucks huh? Gwen comes inside and Whitney warns her to back off but Gwen starts in on Theresa and Whitney tells her to stop it but she tells Theresa that Ethan will never have anything to do with her and she does realize that. TC tells Ethan what happened to him and says he has the proof and Ethan says he understands and that baby that Theresa is carrying is proof that Julian doesn't give a damn about anyone and suggest that he and TC split up and find Julian. Ethan tells him to give a shout if he finds him and T! C nods his head then moves away and says he won't tell Ethan first because Julian is all his. Ethan runs into Eve and she tells him he won't stop her and Julian has to pay. Ethan asks what Julian has done to her but Eve volleys and says that he is capable of great evil. Eve mentions that he's been very hurt tonight and tells him not to let Julian destroy his happiness; Theresa loves him more than anything and she's a victim in all of this. Ethan says there were other victims and Eve tells him to forgive Theresa and move forward; don't look back; don't abandon her. Luis and Brain get up and Luis says you aren't Julian and Antonio says his name. Luis says his name too and says so you did come back and he says yes. Luis tells him to do the family a favor and go away and never come back. Julian says guns to the left of him and guns to the right of him ready to pump him full of holes and then spots something and says finally a way to escape and takes off. Tabitha tells Rebecca she knows what's she's going through and she knows that Theresa and Julian annulment was set on the fact that they never slept together but it was and so Theresa is still Julian's wife which means she is not and Rebecca drinks down her champagne. Pilar says that she won't let her badger her daughter and Gwen talks about how she wishes she had seen the look on Theresa's face and Gwen continues and Pilar tries to push her out of the door but Gwen continues her rant. Ethan says that Theresa kept another secret from him and she broke her promise and how can a man love a woman he can't trust. Antonio tells Luis that he knows he's upset but he doesn't know the whole story and Luis says he left them to fend for themselves and she had to send Paloma to their aunt because she couldn't support them all and he says he's sorry and Luis says he doesn't want any apologies he just wants him to leave. Antonio wants to know why he's so upset and Luis mentions Theresa's name and Brian asks what about her and Luis tells him not to worry about it and for him to leave Harmony and never come back and he says he's going to get Julian and he leaves. Brian says that Julian took him away from his family and he hurt them even more when he left and he doesn't deserve to live and he won't. Julian arrives in the garage and turns on the light and sees Ivy pointed a gun and she tells him that he's not going to drive like hell; he's just going to hell; she tells him he's not getting out of her alive so for him to just say his prayers and she cocks her gun. Rebecca says she's not Mrs. Crane and Tabitha agrees and Rebecca says that little slut of Theresa is Mrs. Crane and Tabitha says she must shoulder some of the blame but says that Julian is really to blame. She talks about how he was working both sides of the street and Rebecca gets more and more upset and Tabitha calls her Mrs. Hotchkiss and then says she can't call her Mrs. Hotchkiss anymore and then reminds her that she divorced her husband and wanted no alimony and then tells her that she only want the Crane money and Julian could have arranged this whole thing and the result is now she's penniless. Pilar damns Gwen and she says she'll leave but then she spots the pictures of Theresa in the abortion clinic and says Ethan hates abortion and now he hates her. Eve continues to talk to Ethan who says that there is no relationship for him and Theresa and then he spots something and says that he told TC to let him know when he saw Julian and Eve says that TC is there and she says she has to find Julian and she takes off. Ethan says that Julian has destroyed more lives than he knew but no more. Luis and Antonio continue to argue and Luis tells him to leave and he takes off. Antonio says sorry but he's got some business with Julian Crane and he leaves. Julian gets Ivy to lower the gun and then tells her that this entire thing has her fingerprints all over it and when it's finished he's going to destroy her and make sure she stays penniless and Ivy tells him he should be worried about his own life because it is about to end and she will happily end it and place her finger on the trigger. Whitney moves towards Gwen and warns her and Gwen says she doesn't know how to street fight but she does know that Ethan is through with Theresa and Whitney tells her she's really looking to get hurt and Gwen moves towards Theresa and says that Ethan is all hers. Tabitha continues to prime Rebecca and she's angry and says Julian lied to her and she's going to make him pay. Tabitha offers to get her some more to drink and then says to herself that if she wants to kill him then the line forms outside. Ethan, Luis and TC run into each other continue on their hunt for Julian together, Antonio comes up from behind and says I'm sorry little brother but I'm going to be the one to! kill Julian. Julian tells Ivy she doesn't want to do this think of Ethan; she would be a jailbird and she doesn't want that; Ethan doesn't want that. Ivy tells him that if killing him is what it takes to protect her son she will happily spend the rest of her life in prison. After all, she'll have a roof over her head and three square meals a day and what does she have to lose since he's said he was going to destroy her and leave her penniless. Julian says it was only in the heat of the moment; Ivy says she will get the satisfaction of knowing that she was the one who killed him and tells him she hopes he said his prayers because his time is up and she points the gun at a very scared Julian.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002 | Episode #645

The Teen Scene:
The teens arrive in the park heading for the cave and Kay tells Zombie Charity that have to stop Miguel from going into the cave. Timmy tells the angel that he wants to help but he doesn't know how to persuade Tabitha to help him. The angel tells him he has a good heart and that's why his wish came true and tells him she doesn't think there is a way to persuade Tabitha to help. She considers Charity her mortal enemy and besides she has different things on her mind tonight. Miguel tells the group he's going to check it out and Kay tells Zombie Charity that they have to find a way to keep Miguel from going into that cave. Zombie Charity asks how and Kay says she doesn't know but tells her to stall them and she's going to check it out. Zombie Charity sees the pond and says how about a little icebreaker and she moves towards it and picks up a rock and falls into the water and screams for help. Miguel says that's Charity and everyone but Kay goes running. Kay heads for the cave and Timmy asks the angel girl what Tabitha is up too tonight and she tells him sadly he'll find out soon enough; they hear Kay coming and they hide. Timmy says that's Kay and she's evil and she's done some terrible things. The angel says yes she has and she brought evil to Harmony and since she's cast that spell she's caused a vein of evil that will cause the people of Harmony more pain for years to come. Zombie Charity continues to call for help and Miguel arrives and says they have do something and he tells Reese to hold his legs so he can pull her out. Kay arrives at the Kay and sees the rocks are moved and says how did this happen? Did the real Charity escape and wonders where the light is coming from. She sees that Charity is still frozen and says all she has to do is close it back up again. Kay gets the rocks back in place and says that should hold Charity as long as it takes and wonders what her zombie did to distract Miguel and she heads for the skating pond. Timmy comes out and tells the angel and says that he guesses Kay won this time and there's no way Miguel can save Charity and the angel says she sees death hanging around those kids. Miguel pulls Zombie Charity out and Jessica says she was lucky and a guy comes along and looks over and Zombie Charity winks at him and Reese asks if she's okay. Zombie Charity shakes him off and says she's okay but she'll be a lot better in a minute and heads over to the guy. Miguel falls in and the others yell for help. Kay shows up and says it sounds like her zombie is doing her job. Zombie Charity moves over to the guy and he says she must be freezing and she says no she finds it quite stimulating. Kay comes up and says she thought she heard some screams and Zombie Charity says she didn't hear anything and the guy goes to get her some hot chocolate. Kay asks what she did to distract Miguel and she tells her it worked didn't it and Kay turns around and sees Miguel is in the water and panics. Kay asks what happened and she told her to distract him not kill him. Zombie Charity says she guess he fell in after he saved her. Kay moves over to help and Zombie Charity heads off to her guy and Reese gets Miguel out. Kay goes to Miguel and makes sure he's all right. Miguel moves away and spots Zombie Charity with the guy and asks her what she's doing. Zombie Charity tells the guy to give them a minute and he leaves. Miguel says he doesn't understand and Zombie Charity asks what's wrong and Miguel says every time he looks up she's flirting with another guy; he thought they had something special. Zombie Charity tells him "had" is the word and she's out grown their relationship; she wants more than a Disney movie and a milkshake. She wants action and she doesn't see herself getting it from him. Kay watches with a smile. Timmy says there has to be a way for him to save Charity and the angel says there is; he can save her. Timmy tells her that she won't tell him how and she says she can't and apologizes and says he has to realize it for himself. Timmy says what if he can't figure it out; the angel tells him he's a real boy now and to think harder than he's ever thought. She leaves and Timmy yells for her to wait and says he needs her help and he needs to figure out how to save Charity. Miguel tells Zombie Charity that she can't be serious and she says she is serious and then says she's had enough fun and asks who has a car to take her home. Everyone watches and is shocked and Reese finally says he has his car and she says how about giving her a ride. Reese stutters and says he guesses and she interrupts him and says good lets go and she leaves. Reese asks Miguel if he's going to be okay and Simone says she can't believe that Charity would say those things to him and Kay interrupts and tells them they should just go home. Kay stays behind with him and says she's sorry and Miguel says he doesn't understand what happened and Kay lies and says she doesn't either and but she's there for him. Miguel says she knows she is and thanks her and she says she's sorry and hugs him with a big smile on her face.

The Crane Mansion:
Tabitha is walking through the mansion and says that everything the scroll predicted is coming true and more and tonight Julian Crane pulled the lucky number and she decides to look in a mirror and see all the suspects. Tabitha throws some dust on the mirror and sees Theresa and Pilar and says did Theresa really think she would get away with it all. Gwen starts in on Theresa again and tells her that she brought this on herself and she goes down the list of what Theresa did and tells her he'll never love her again. Pilar tells Gwen that's enough and can't she see the way she's suffering. Gwen says what about the way she suffered when Theresa lied and manipulated her way into Ethan's life and stole him from her. Theresa says she didn't - Gwen tells her to save it and at the end of the day she's the winner and Ethan will never love her again; she swears it and she leaves. Tabitha tells Gwen not to get ahead of herself; there's more trouble brewing, just asks her mother. Gwen is now with her mother and asks what's wrong and Rebecca tells her that she knows what's wrong; Theresa and Julian slept together. Gwen says she knows; isn't that wonderful and Rebecca tells her to forget about Ethan this is about her. Rebecca tells her that if they slept together then their annulment is invalid which means her marriage to Julian is null and void. Gwen says so she's not legally married to Julian and Rebecca says no and she isn't married to her father either which means she has nothing and she damns Julian. Tabitha is laughing and looks again and sees Eve searching for Julian and she runs into Chad. Chad asks what she's doing out there and she says that she's looking for that rat Julian and her husband. Chad says he's looking for Ethan and has she seen him and she says no and Chad says he's trying to stop him from killing Julian. Eve says that he's not the only one mad enough to kill Julian Crane and flashes back to Julian threatening to tell TC the truth. She tells Chad she has to find Julian and says she has to go and she leaves. Chad wonders what Julian did to Eve to make her so mad. Tabitha says he'll find out one day soon and it will rock his little world. Luis, Ethan and TC are looking for Julian and they talk about where Julian is and Ethan says he's going to make Julian pay for what he did to Theresa and Luis says the same. TC says that they will have to stand in line because if he finds him first he swears and he sees his father telling him to get revenge on Julian. TC tells his father not to worry he's going to get Julian and Ethan asks what TC said and he tells him that when he finds Julian he's going to make him pay and Luis says they have to find him first and they go off searching. Brian is behind them and says that he has his own reasons for killing Julian and to let him find him first. He's going to regret the day he took him away from his family. Tabitha says all these angry young men hungry for Julian's blood. She says you may be too late boys; Julian's life hangs in the balance even as we speak and she looks in on Ivy and Julian. Julian tells Ivy she can't kill him and Ivy says she can and she will and his death is long overdue. Tabitha says so much anger and so much hatred and we see everyone walking around with their guns. Ivy says goodbye Julian and pulls the trigger and Julian shouts no and the gun misfires. Julian grabs the gun from Ivy and Tabitha is upset but says there are more opportunities coming his way and she says she's thought of a way to up the ante. Ivy damns Julian and says she won't Ethan kill him. Julian taunts Ivy and says that she didn't think that her precious son might be the one to kill him. Ivy says she has to be the one to kill him she won't let Ethan go to prison. Julian says nothing's as she planned; he's still alive and he plans on staying that way. Julian runs to the window and Ivy spots Luis and says oh yes the man who's sister you defiled; she tells him he's not going anywhere; he's a dead man walking and Luis will shoot first and ask questions later and she screams for Luis. Julian runs to her and covers her mouth to keep her quiet. Tabitha says her nose is leading her to the place where she can cause move evil and she opens a picture that has guns in it. She names everyone who has a gun and then says there are others that need a gun too and she stokes the guns and says which of you will take Julian's life. Chad comes back inside and Theresa asks if he found Ethan and Chad says he couldn't stop him from going after Julian. Theresa gets upset and her mother tells her has to calm down. Theresa says she has to do something this is all her fault. Chad says no she didn't seduce Julian Crane and Whitney says this is Julian's fault and Chad agrees. Theresa tries to calm down and says she will lie down and Whitney and Chad take her to the library. Pilar says that Whitney and Chad are right and this is all Julian's fault and she won't let him get away with it; she won't let her son kill him and go to jail; she'll take care of Julian herself. Rebecca reminds Gwen that when she divorced her father she didn't ask for anything. She thought once she married Julian she'd have access to the Crane money but Julian lied to her and she isn't taking this lying down and she pulls a gun out of her thigh holster and Gwen asks what she's going to do with that and she says Julian won't get away with doing this to her. Julian has tied Ivy up with jumper cables and gagged her and says sorry poison Ivy but I won't let you throw me to the lions and he gives her a kiss on the cheek. He calls his father and tells him he has to help him and Alistair laughs and says does he have any idea of how many people are trying to kill him. Julian begs Alistair to call out the National Guard and get him out of this and Ivy moves over to knock over some things and Luis hears it and realizes that Julian is making a run for it. Gwen tells her mother she doesn't like this and Rebecca tells her the only one who's going to get hurt is Julian. Tabitha comes out and says good show and notices that someone else is coming. Theresa, Whitney and Chad come down the hall and Theresa says she's all right and tells Chad and Whitney they can go and she'll rest in the library. Whitney says she doesn't think she should be alone right now but Theresa says she's okay. Tabitha places a gun on the table and Chad tells Theresa they will go find Ethan and come check on her later and she says okay. They leave and Theresa turns around and sees the gun; she picks it up and says Whitney is right Julian let her think that he'd help Ethan but he got her drunk and pregnant and if it wasn't for Julian she'd still have Ethan. Ethan and TC join Luis and asks if he found Julian and Luis says he thinks he's in the garage. Ivy is still struggling and Julian places a bucket over her head and tells Alistair he has to help him. Alistair tells him no help he's on his own this time. Julian says that they want him dead and Alistair says this is his mess and he'll have to find a way out of it. Julian says then he'll call for the chopper himself and Alistair tells him it won't do him any good. He's told everyone to stand down and not help him in any way. Julian says does he want them to kill him and Alistair says he wants him to act like a man and find a way out and hangs up on him. Luis yells for Julian to come out, Julian says he's about to take a page out of her book and he gets into his car and drives through the garage and tells Luis he's coming out right now. Luis and the others get out of the way and Brian says thank goodness Luis is okay. Luis damns him and Eve shows up and says that's got to be Julian. Now Rebecca and Gwen are out looking for Julian too. Ethan hears his mother and goes get her loose and realizes that Julian did this to her and tells her that he will make Julian pay for that and hurting Theresa too and he takes off and Ivy yells no and tells him to let Luis kill him. Ethan says he's sorry and he takes off. Ivy bends from her wheelchair and picks up her gun and checks the chamber and says this time Julian you won't be so lucky and she takes off. Julian has crashed the car and he gets out and takes a gun out of the car and then drops it; he goes to pick it up but then hears Luis and he takes off without the gun. The others follow and Pilar comes out and asks what the noise is and Luis tells her and he and TC take off with Brian watching and he says for Pilar not to worry; he'll get Julian for her. Pilar asks Whitney where Theresa is and she tells her and Pilar says she came from there and she's not there. Chad wonders where she could be and while they are talking Tabitha places a gun at Pilar's feet. Whitney and Chad take off to look for Theresa and Pilar sees the gun and picks it up. She says she's had enough of Julian Crane making her family suffer and she won't let her children go to jail and she'll put an end to the evil herself. Ethan finds Julian's car and spots the gun and picks it up and says it must be Julian's gun; good and he takes off. Theresa is also outside and hears Luis says that he is headed towards the wharf. Theresa takes out her gun and says you took Ethan away from me Julian and now you're going to pay. Tabitha watches and says she's done her job and there's guns for everyone and says Julian won't live through the night. There are scenes with everyone with their guns all looking for Julian who's running.

Around Harmony/Cannery:
Julian is running on the wharf and he hears Luis say this way and TC says he can't get far unless he jumps into the sea and Julian spots the cannery and says they won't find him in there and he heads inside. Whitney and Chad walk past and Chad says there's no sign of Ethan and Theresa and Whitney says she's getting a bad feeling about this and Chad tells her to just concentrate on finding Ethan and Theresa and they leave. Tabitha sees them and says too late kiddies Julian Crane will die tonight. Theresa comes out and says she's lost everything and it's all Julian's fault and she damns him. Ethan wonders where Julian is and says he won't get away; not this time and he takes out his gun and takes off. Next is Pilar and she says that he took her daughter's innocence and she takes out her gun and says he will pay. Luis says Julian won't get away with hurting his sister and tonight he will forget he's a cop and he takes out his gun and takes off. Next is Brian who says that Julian took away his family and says he will pay and he takes out his gun. Eve has her gun out and says this is it for you Julian and she'll make sure he'll never hurt anyone again. Rebecca has her gun and calls Julian a cockroach and says he slept with that little tramp and now he has nothing. Ivy is wheeling her way down the wharf and has her gun and says Julian made her life a living hell for over twenty years and now it's his turn and she's going to send him to hell where he belongs. TC comes out and says finally pop he's going to make Julian pay for what he did to them; he took his life and now he's going to take his. Julian gets to the cannery door and gets inside and says no one will think to look for him and he'll bide his time till everyone cools off and he'll take the first jet out of the country. Julian hears a noise and thinks they have found him, Julian starts to hide and then realizes that it's just a cat. Someone is moving towards the cannery and goes inside and is look for Julian. Julian says he's trapped and decides to go up the catwalk as he is walking up someone points a gun but he's gone before they can shoot. Julian is up on the catwalk with a pool of tuna below him and he didn't know it was so high up and tells himself to stay calm. Julian continues to walk and looks down at the sterilization vat and gets a little nervous. He looks around and someone have him in their sights and they fire the gun and shoot Julian!

Thursday, January 17, 2002 | Episode #646

The Crane Mansion:
Tabitha arrives at Hecuba's old liar and she sprinkles some dust to see what's going on in Harmony and the pool says murder; murder most foul and she sees Timmy running for her but says he'll have to wait till the main event and sees Julian. Tabitha watches Julian fall and says thank Hades that Hecuba's pool has a slow motion feature. Timmy comes in and wants help and Tabitha says he'll have to wait and he sees Julian. Tabitha says yes and that Julian's deeds are about to catch up to him and he's going to give the words tuna melt a whole new meaning. Tabitha is watching Julian about to fall and Timmy says he can't watch and Tabitha says she can't take her eyes away and says the countdown begins and Julian Crane is as good as dead. Tabitha watches Julian fall and Timmy says Julian's gone and Tabitha says yes Timmy Julian Crane is dead at last. Timmy says maybe he's not dead and just holding his breath and Tabitha says of course he's dead and Timmy say! s who shot Julian Crane and Tabitha says so many people were out tonight with guns looking for Julian Crane and any one of them could have done it. Rebecca asks Ivy what she's doing there and she thought she was out looking for Julian and Rebecca asks if she found him and she says no. TC and Eve come in and everybody asks if they found him and everyone says no and Gwen says that so no one found him. Theresa, Pilar and Luis come in and Luis asks why everyone is there. One by one they start to question each other and wonder who could have killed Julian. Ethan goes to Theresa and tells her that they need to talk about what Julian did to her; to them and Theresa says she can't talk about it right now. Ethan sees she's upset and asks her if she's okay; did something else happen tonight that she's not telling him and Theresa says what else could have happened the night is already a disaster and she moves away from him. Each of them is looking at the other and Gwen mentions that she doesn't understand how all of them could have been looking for Julian but non of them found him and Pilar asks why she's interested. Rebecca claims Pilar is touchy and asks if she saw Julian and one by one they all claim they haven't. Ivy says that Julian probably called Alistair and he rescued him once again and the others agree that Julian is long gone and they will never see him again. Suddenly the phone rings and everyone looks at each other and Ivy answers the phone. It's Alistair and he wants to speak to Julian; Ivy says that Julian isn't there and asks where in the hell is he and no one says anything.

Around Harmony/Cannery:
After a repeat of yesterday; Julian flashes back to everyone who wants to kill him and he yells no and falls over into the tuna sterilization tank. Before he hits the water he manages to grab onto something to keep from falling and he asks for a reprieve and says surely someone will come to his rescue. He flashes back to all the things in his life he did. Julian says his life is passing before his eyes and that only happens when someone is about to die. He says surely he's behaved badly on occasion who hasn't but he doesn't deserve to die. Julian says if only he can hold on a little longer but one of his hands slips and he calls out for help. Julian says why is this happening to me and he flashes back to everyone threatening to kill him. He hears their voices and says stop it and says no one is coming to help him and he's going to die and his other hand slips and in he goes. Brian arrives at the water and throws his gun in and Sheridan stands at the wharf. Eve hides her gun and so does TC and he comes up behind Eve and asks what she's doing there. Pilar throws her gun down a well and says God forgive her and Luis comes up behind her and asks if she's okay and she says she's fine. Pilar says she thought he was looking for Julian and Luis says he calmed down now and takes her back to the house. Theresa runs and falls and says what has she done and she hides her gun. Rebecca arrives at the mansion and puts her gun down and pours herself a drink. She takes her gun and places it back in its holster. Ivy rolls into the foyer and a maid asks if she can do anything for her and Ivy says leave her alone and she hides her gun in a vase. Ethan takes his gun out of his pocket and places it in some bushes and meanwhile Julian's hand comes up out of the water and slowly goes back down. Brain arrives back at the boat and Liz asks if he's okay and he says he's fine and she sees Sheridan and asks where she's been and she says she's not sure where she was. Brian asks if she's okay and she says yes she thinks so and says she must have been sleepwalking and Liz says that they both smell like fish. Sheridan says she doesn't know what was happening but she kept having this flashes of herself seeing someone dead feeling as though she killed them. Gwen is asleep and wakes up and asks her mother where she's been and Rebecca says out. Gwen asks if she found Julian and Rebecca panics and says no and Gwen goes to give her a hug and says that she smells like fish and Gwen asks if she's okay and she says she'll be just fine now. Ivy pulls off her gloves and Ethan startles her and Ivy says that she was worried about him and she thought he actually killed him and Ethan says not to mention it again. Ivy says she won't and Ethan says Julian is dead. TC asks Eve if she's okay and she says she's g! lad she found him and TC says he woke up and she was gone. TC tells her about his father again and says he was so filled with rage he came back to confront him. Eve hugs him from behind and says he has a gun in his pocket and asks if he saw him. TC says why does she asks and why has she come back. Eve says she just wanted to tell Julian off and TC says he's glad she didn't run into him and she won't have to worry about Julian again. Theresa is on her knees saying what have I done when her bother and mother come up and asks what she's talking about. Theresa covers and says she meant her life and what she's done to them and Ethan. Luis tells her that Julian will never bother her again and Theresa says she knows he won't. Timmy says they all look so guilty and Tabitha says that's the fun of it all and decides to look in the cannery to see what's going on. Two workers talk about grinding up the fish when one realizes that the gate was left open on the catwalk. The other talks about the damn Cranes and how they don't care about their safety. The other says well if someone fell in there they are long gone and the other one agrees. Sheridan says she saw someone dead and she doesn't know what happened tonight and it scares her. Liz says maybe it's connected to the nightmare she had and Brian says he's sure that's what it is. Liz agrees and goes to the galley to make her some tea. Sheridan asks Brian if he's all right and he says he's just worried about her and she asks him where was he when she was sleepwalking and he says confronting his past. Sheridan asks some more questions and Brian puts her off. Ivy asks Ethan what he means that Julian is dead and he says he's dead to him. Ivy says after what happened tonight they won't have to worry about it and Ivy says she could use a drink and they move inside the living room. Timmy and Tabitha watch and Timmy says they all look so guilty and he can't tell who killed Julian Crane. Tabitha says all of them wanted too and they were all armed. Timmy asks how they all got guns and Tabitha says with a little help and Timmy says he knew she had something to do with it. Tabitha tells him it doesn't matter; the scroll said that Julian was going to die tonight regardless. They look back at the cannery to see what's going on and the workers start the machine to chop up the tuna and Timmy yells that Julian is in there and they have to do something and Tabitha says too late and that so many people wanted a piece of Julian and now all of them should get their wish. Liz brings back the tea and asks Brian if he found the guy he was looking for and Brian asks if she ever found herself so upset that she did something she wouldn't normally do. Liz tells Brian that he's scaring her and what did he do. Brian says he only wants to give the boat back so they can leave. Liz says leave or run away. Sheridan comes back and Brian says that he knows who the boat is supposed to go to and that the man is his brother. Sheridan says she wants to be with him when he takes the boat back because she has a few choice words for his brother and she can't wait to see his face. Timmy says again he can't figure out who shot Julian and Tabitha says one of these people shot him and shows all the suspects. Back at the cannery the workers decide to take a break and the guy says if someone did fall in there they are chopped to bits now and they leave but we see Julian's tuxedo jacket ripped to pieces and stained with blood.

Friday, January 18, 2002 | Episode #647

Tabitha's House:
Tabitha is upset after listening to the news and Timmy comes in and asks what she's doing up so early and Tabitha says there's no news of Julian's murder and Timmy says that maybe last night was a nightmare. Tabitha says no that he's dead and one of the goodie goodies in Harmony killed him. Timmy doesn't want to talk about it but tells Tabitha about his visit from the angel girl and that she said he and Charity were like Romeo and Juliet and Tabitha scoffs. Timmy continues on but Tabitha stops him and tells him that he should be proud of all she has accomplished he should be happy for her and not harsh on her parade. Tabitha continues and Timmy tells her he's tired of her hurting people and he wants to devote his life to helping people. Tabitha tells him that he promised her when he became a real boy that he wouldn't abandon her; is he going to keep his word? She gets up and leaves and says she'll be back for his answer. Tabitha comes back in to check the radio and says there must be some news on Julian now but it only talks about a storm that's headed that way. Timmy says maybe no one has found his body yet and Tabitha says that's no excuse and she decides to help things along and makes a phone call and tells the person on the other end that she wants to report a murder and that Julian Crane is dead. She tells Timmy that should shake things up a bit.

Beth's Boat:
Inside both Sheridan and Brian are having coffee and Liz comes in and she has coffee and Danish and says she bet that no one sleep very much last night and they could all use the caffeine and Sheridan says she was afraid to go back to sleep after finding out she'd been sleepwalking and then tells Brian she heard him last night. She mentions a dream and him calling out about killing someone and Liz looks nervous. Brian says that the two of them having the dreams about death has something to do with the death of their dreams and Sheridan says it makes sense to her and she goes to get something else to put on because she's cold. Liz asks Brian what he did last night and she remembers him mentioning about killing someone. Liz asks him again what happened after he left with the gun and Brian says he doesn't want to talk about it and he's going to turn the keys over and leave Harmony. Sheridan comes back in and Brian says that he's going to make a phone call and check on flights back for later today. Sheridan says so soon and Brian says he told her he was going to turn the boat over today and they are heading back. Liz says she'll go round up Doc and tell him to get packing and she leaves. Brian tells Sheridan he's sorry and she says it's okay but she was so sure that there was something here for her and how could she have been so wrong. Brian tells her she will remember someday and everything will be fine. Brian comes back in and says he'll just find out where his brother wants him to drop off the keys and they can go. Sheridan says she'll be ready whenever he says and he says that he's a cop so he'll just drop them off at the station. Sheridan asks can she come and Brian says yeah if she wants and she says that she can't wait to see his brother and tell him what a jerk he is.

The Wharf:
Ethan is on the wharf and he's still in his tux and he thinks about everything that happened the previous night. He takes out pictures of Theresa and Sheridan and tells Sheridan that he wishes she were there to tell him what to do. Liz arrives next to Ethan and talks about how wonderful the sea is that time of day and she notices that he doesn't look like he wants company and tries to leave. Ethan tells her it's okay and she asks if she can help him; does he want to talk. Ethan talks about losing Sheridan and he drops the pictures and Liz picks one of the pictures up and says oh my God. Ethan asks what's wrong and Liz turns the picture around and says is this the woman he was talking about (it's Theresa)? Ethan says no that's his fiancee and Ethan explains what happened and says he doesn't think he can get past it. He says he wants to forgive her but he doesn't know if she can trust her again. Liz says she hears him and Ethan says he loves her so much but how can he Liz says it's hard to have a relationship with someone without honesty and Ethan says it's not like he blames her. The man who did this used her and was a total bastard. Liz says he said past tense is he dead and Ethan says he is to him. Brian and Sheridan and now on the wharf and Brian says isn't that Liz over there and Sheridan says where and she sees her but says she's alone. Brian says he guesses the guy she was talking too just wanted directions. He asks Sheridan if she wants to wait right there and she says no way; there's no way she's missing the chance to talk to his brother and like it or not he's going to listen.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Miguel and Luis come in and Pilar says she didn't know they went out and Miguel says that Luis told him what happened last night. Pilar says thank goodness that no one has to deal with Julian Crane anymore and Miguel says she sounds like Julian is dead and Pilar says no one knows for sure but that she's sure that they'll never hear from Julian again. Miguel asks about Theresa and Pilar says she isn't up yet and mentions Julian. Luis says that everyone knows the truth now thanks to this and shows Pilar the tabloid headline. Pilar puts it away when Theresa comes in and says that she had the worst dream last night and she only wants Ethan to hold her and tells her that everything is okay; they are about to be married. Miguel asks if she and Ethan are okay after last night and Theresa says to tell her that last night wasn't real and she runs into the kitchen and yells Ethan's name and Pilar tells her that Ethan didn't sleep there last night. Theresa asks what the paper is Pilar has and she says it's nothing but Theresa takes it from her and reads it. She then begins to berate herself and say she's destroyed her family's name and Ethan. Both Miguel and Luis tells her that it's okay and she continues on and Miguel tells her it's not her fault it's that pig Julian Crane's fault and he doesn't deserve to live. Luis says we won't have to worry about him anymore and Miguel asks him how he could know that. Luis says that he only means that Julian is a coward and he know she's in trouble and he won't show his face there again. Miguel wonders where he could have gone and Luis says he's probably in hell where he belongs. Theresa says that Ethan must feel so betrayed and Miguel tells her not to do this to herself. Theresa says she can't help it and Pilar suggest the boy goes on with their day and let her talk with Theresa. The guys go to the kitchen and Miguel says what if Theresa is right and Ethan never wants to see her again. Luis says that's possible and Miguel says isn't that what love is and aren't you supposed to accept them mistakes and all. Luis says that's the ideal but that people are human and sometimes when someone hurts you bad enough you can't take it anymore. He goes onto tell Miguel that if Theresa would have leveled with Theresa then Ethan probably could have forgiven her. He asks how he and Charity are and Miguel tells him the story and says what happened to them all and says they were all happy. He says that he and Charity were supposed to be engaged on her 18th birthday and now he doesn't know if they will even be together then. The two continue to talk and Miguel says that he knew that Antonio wouldn't come home. Luis tells him that he did come home and that he told him that he told him that if he didn't intend to stay then he should go back and not see their mother. Miguel asks his brother if he knows what this means? It means that miracles can happen and ifLuis tells him to stop right there; he appreciates what he's doing but he has to face reality and that Sheridan isn't coming back to him. Miguel starts asking questions about Antonio and Luis says he didn't stick around long enough to get the answers. He tells him it was different for him and Theresa and they were young when Antonio left and Miguel says he always thought he had a good reason. Luis says well if he did he doesn't know it and he's probably long gone by now. Theresa tells her mother that she's lost Ethan for good and her mother gets up and says that she had a young daughter named Theresa and talks about how she believed in her love for Ethan. Theresa says that no one believed that he would notice her much less love her back and Pilar says that her daughter believed in the impossible. Theresa asks her mother if she really thinks there's a chance for her and Ethan and Pilar tells her to fight for her love and to fight for Ethan. Theresa tells her mother that she's going to do what she said and fight for her love and for Ethan but then says what if he won't talk to her; what if he sends her away. There's a knock at the door and Pilar asks who it is and it's Ethan. Pilar kisses Theresa and then goes to open the door and tells Ethan to come in. Ethan steps inside and he and Theresa look at each other and Pilar says that she will be in the kitchen and Ethan and Theresa continue to look at one another.

Monday, January 21, 2002 | Episode #648

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Determined to give Brian's brother a piece of her mind, "Diana" accompanies her friend down to the police station to meet Luis. John wonders if his dad some special connection to Ivy Crane. Theresa races into Ethan's arms when he shows up unexpectedly at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Tabitha waits impatiently for the news about Julian's demise to break. David reluctantly continues to lie to John. Though Theresa hopes that her fiance has come by to say that all is forgiven, Ethan informs her he's simply come to pick up his things. Meanwhile, Ivy encourages Gwen to fight for Ethan's love now that Theresa has been exposed as a lying slut. Desperate to keep Ethan, Theresa plays her last card and reveals that she did not go through with the abortion after all. Tabitha and Timmy head to the tuna cannery and fish Julian's bloodstained jacket out of the tank.


At the police station, Luis learns someone is coming to meet with him. He doesn't realize the person he is waiting for is Antonio, who is on his way over with Sheridan. Sheridan spots Luis from behind and senses something familiar about him.

A frustrated Tabitha takes matters into her own hands and reports a murder to the tabloid. Later, she drags Timmy over to see Chief Bennett. Timmy is forced to contend with a plate of tomato soup cake. Tabitha tries to cause a stir by getting Sam to realize a murder has taken place.

Sam and Grace deal with another problem. David continues to feel guilt over what he's doing to someone he loves.

Gwen is surprised by what Ivy has to say regarding Ethan. Gwen promises to fight for Ethan. Theresa is hopeful when Ethan turns up on her doorstep, but he reiterates they are over. Ethan is blown away by Theresa's admission.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002 | Episode #649

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Luis heads to the station house with Sam and admits that he still senses that Sheridan is near. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Brian wait at the station house where she intends to tell off Brian's brother. However, the two never get a chance when they're forced to return to the boat to pack for their flight out of town. Sam thanks Grace for all of the support she has shown Ethan and hopes to return the favor sometime. He's also relieved to hear that David is planning to leave town. Sam confides in Louis his fear the past few months that "an evil force" is out to ruin his relationship with Grace. Grace can't help but shedding a few tears as she says goodbye to David. Later, Ivy blackmails David into staying in Harmony. However, he also realizes that he may have something he can use against Ivy. Tabitha and Timmy complain as they wait for someone to find Julian's dead body. Theresa tries to convince Ethan to give their relationship another chance but he announces that he is tired of her lies and wants nothing to do with her. Gwen is thrilled that Ethan is finally free of Theresa until she realizes what her actions have done. While Ethan is surprised to find Gwen crying, Pilar offers her sympathy to a devastated Theresa.


As Luis nears the police station, he confides to Sam that he still senses Sheridan everywhere. At the stationhouse, Brian and Sheridan continue to wait for Luis to return. Sheridan plans to tell off Brian's brother, but she and Brian have to leave before she has a chance.

Sam is grateful for how supportive and accepting Grace has been of Ethan and hopes he can return the favor. He is relieved David is planning on leaving town. Sam tells Luis he feels like evil is out to get him and Grace. Grace shares a tearful farewell. Ivy blackmails David into staying in town. David realizes he may have something on Ivy.

Tabitha and Timmy skulk around, waiting for someone to find evidence of a murder.

Theresa tries to persuade Ethan to give her another chance. Ethan has had enough and breaks it off for good. Gwen is happy until she comes to a realization about her own actions. Ethan finds Gwen crying. Pilar attempts to comfort her daughter, but Theresa blames herself.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002 | Episode #650

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Still smarting from his break-up with Theresa, Ethan thanks Gwen for being a true friend to him despite all they've been through. As she boards the boat, Sheridan regrets that her brief sojourn in Harmony led to no clues about her past. Grace is troubled by photographic evidence of a close friend's rage. Meanwhile, Eve nervously suggests to T.C. that they get rid of the gun he keeps locked in a desk drawer. Tabitha shows Sam the dinner jacket she fished out of the tuna tank at the cannery. Grace asks Eve if she knows anything about Julian's disappearance. Chad makes it clear to Whitney that he wants them to be a real couple and come clean with Simone. Pilar reminds Theresa how her lies have gotten her into trouble time and time again. When Whitney balks at breaking her promise to her sister, Chad announces that he's going to move on with his lifealone. Luis and Liz meet again. Tabitha is thrilled to find Julian's signet ring inside a can of Fluffy's favorite tuna fish.


Chad wants to move forward with his and Whitney's relationship. Whitney won't break her promise to Simone. Chad decides it's time to move on. Whitney wonders if she's done the right thing.

Troubled by a photograph that David took, Grace questions Eve.

Theresa wants to go after Ethan. Ethan renews his friendship with Gwen and tells her it's not her fault that Theresa lied. Gwen still feels guilty, as she keeps mum about her revenge on Theresa.

Believing Sheridan was the one who dropped off the keys to Beth's boat, Luis pounds on the door of the boat cabin. He's shocked when he sees who answers the door. A misunderstanding leads Luis to believe he was on the wrong track. Sheridan rushes after Luis. Brian, Sheridan, Doc and Liz head back to the island.

Tabitha brings physical evidence of foul play to Sam. She is delighted when Sam begins an investigation.

Thursday, January 24, 2002 | Episode #651

On The Plane:
Sheridan is talking in her sleep, while Brian and Liz talk to each other. Liz and Brian talk about Harmony. Brian has a flashback of his confrontation with Luis, and Luis telling him to do the family a favor and go back to where he came from. Liz then brings up the idea about Sheridan being Luis' fiance. Brian quickly dismisses the idea, and says that there is no way they could be the same person. His brothers fiance is dead, and so is the man that Diana/Sheridan loved. Sheridan still sleeping begins to sleep walk, and runs int o the flight attendant, where is begins to mumble about someone talking everything from her and she took everything from him. The flight attendant begins to get freaked out about Sheridan's mumbling and begins to think she did something terrible.

The Police Station:
Luis and Sam continue to try and figure out what happened to Julian Crane. Tabitha and Timmy comes in with Julian Cranes ring. The ring has the initials JC on it. Tabitha tells Sam that she found the ring in a can of tuna. Sam asks her where she got it from it was stamped today it hasn't has time to get onto the shelves. Tabitha tells him that one of the cannery workers gave it to her. Tabitha and Timmy leave the police station and Tabitha begins to celebrate because with Julian's death, numerous lives will be ruined. Meanwhile back in the police station Luis and Sam begin to make up a list of suspects. People who had a motive, and the ability to kill Julian Crane. TC, Ethan, and Theresa are the first on the list. Rebecca and Ivy, TC, and, Eve quickly follow. Sam and Luis, begin to go over everyone's motives for killing Julian. Sam asks Luis if he knows anyone else who could be a suspect. Luis then has a flashback of his conversation with Antonio. Antonio says that he won't let Julian Crane hurt his family anymore, and Luis tells him to just leave town. Luis rights his own name on the board with the rest of the suspects. Sam tells Luis that if he has any information about Julian's disappearance he should hire himself a lawyer.

The Crane Mansion:
Ivy and Rebecca begin to fight about who the real Mrs. Crane is and who will be thrown out of the mansion. Ivy goes to call Ethan to find out where, and how he is doing. Rebecca informs Ivy that Ethan is with Gwen. Which makes both Ivy and Rebecca happy. As they begin to celebrate about the fact that Theresa is out of the picture, Pillar walks in on them and asks them what they did to her daughter. Pillar threatens to throw Ivy off a cliff, if she hurt Theresa. She is the only one who would use the knowledge of Theresa's pregnancy against her. Rebecca begin to laugh, and Pillar quickly shuts her up. Pillar and Rebecca go at it. Pillar then shows Ivy and Rebecca the newspaper. Rebecca says that both Ivy and Pillar were angry enough to kill Julian. Pillar reminds Rebecca that she was angry to. Rebecca then has a flashback of holding a gun a looking for Julian. Ivy has a flashback, of holding a gun and threading to kill Julian. And Pillar has a flashback of holding a gun and threatening to kill Julian Crane. Pilar throws out the newspaper with Julian's death announcement, and says she meant what she said, she would do anything to protect her children. Rebecca pulls out a gun and says that she is glad he finally got what he got. Ivy still in the other room, says that she should have done it a long time ago.

TC continues to crumble up the picture of him glaring at Julian. Which scares Eve, and Grace. They begin to think that TC killed Julian, until TC informs them that the radio said that Julian Crane might be dead. Eve, and Grace become relieved. TC then find a picture of Eve glaring at Julian and questions her about it. Then TC answers the question himself, and says that she must have been looking at Julian that way because she was mad at Julian about what happened to TC. Grace begins to think that Father Lonigan is right. That there is and evil presence that could have made them do something horrible that they wouldn't normally do. Like commit murder. Grace finds Sam a list of suspects and can't believe the fact that so many of there friends could have committed such a crime. Eve goes to confession and says she has done something terrible. TC still at home, holds a picture of his father and says that they finally got there revenge.

In the Park:
Theresa finds Ethan and Gwen sitting on a bench together. Whitney runs into Theresa and beings to tell her about what happened with her and Chad. They then see Chad walking in the park with his new woman Kelly. Ethan sees Chad and begins talking to him about Whitney. Chad tells Ethan that he can only be turned down so many times by Whitney. Gwen and Ethan leave the park and head over to the Cafe. Theresa follows them there wanting to talk to Theresa. Ethan gets a phone call while at the cafe. While he is taking it Gwen runs outside to stop Theresa form talking to Ethan. They have a confrontation, where Gwen basically class Theresa a slut, and that she has no right to go near Ethan. Gwen also remind Theresa that her marriage to Julian is still valid since she got pregnant by him. Gwen says that she is with Ethan as a friend, but still wants him back. Theresa's tells Gwen that Ethan feel out of love with her, and happily came to her. Gwen tells Theresa to stay out of Ethan's life before she hurts him anymore. Gwen goes back into the Cafe to join Ethan, while Theresa standing outside comes to the realization that she lost Ethan. Back at the park Whitney watches Chad and Kelly ice skate, and is reminded about the times when her and Chad where skating there together. Whitney witnesses Kelly kiss Chad. Tabitha sees another suspects face in her Martimmy. Sheridan Crane's. Tabitha again celebrates about ruining so many people's lives.

Friday, January 25, 2002 | Episode #652

At The Park:
Timmy, Reese and Miguel talk about how strange Charity has become. Reese, and Miguel walk around the park to try to figure out what happened to Charity. Miguel ends up at the entrance to the cave and has a vision of when Charity was good, and then when she was bad. Reese meets up with him, and Miguel says that he knows what happen to Charity. They head over to the Bennett's. Timmy who is conflicted with his loyalty to Tabitha and his own conscious gets a visit from the Angel Girl. She tells him that he has a great connection with Charity. She tells him that he will do the right thing. The Angel girl disappears and Timmy catches Mogul and Reese heading over to the Bennett's, Reese informs him that Miguel thinks he know what happened to Charity. Timmy is happy because he thinks that Miguel has figured out what happened, and the real Charity will be saved. At the Bennett's Miguel informs Kay and Zombie Charity that he knows what is going on.

The Bennett House:
Kay tries to bond with Zombie Charity. Zombie Charity tells Kay that she loves to see Miguel suffer. Kay begins to realize that Miguel really may not love her. Kay then blames the real Charity for causing Miguel all his pain in suffering. Miguel, Reese, and Timmy arrive at the Bennett's.

On The Plane:
Diana/Sheridan is still sleepwalking and mumbling that she took everything away form someone. The flight attendant is becoming more and more alarmed. Brian and Liz get Sheridan (still sleep) back to her seat, and convince the flight attendant not to inform the pilot. Liz and Brian talk about the past together, and his and Dina's future. Brian vows to Liz and Doc, that he will protect her always so that nothing bad will ever happen to her again. Doc tries to persuade Liz to figure out who Diana really is, this way Diana can go back to her family, and Liz and Brian can be together again.

The Police Station:
Sam and Grace talk about the suspects for Julian Crane murder. Luis overhearing Sam and Grace, has a flashback of holding a gun and wanting to kill Julian. Sam finds the pictures of Eve and TC glaring at Julian. And wonders if they are the killers. Grace try's to talk him out of it, but Sam says he still has to keep them as suspects. Luis has a flashback of his conversation with Antonio, and how nobody knew he was in Harmony. Grace shares her feelings about evil coming back to Harmony. Grace informs Sam that she saw a picture of Ivy glaring at Julian. Sam and Luis leave to start there investigation. Tabitha goes over all the suspects names on the board, while Grace listens on. Grace finally stop Tabitha, and leaves the station. Tabitha remains overjoyed.

The Book Cafe:
Gwen and Ethan bond. Ethan meets with a man who might have a job for him. Ethan gets the job, but then turns it down because Gwen recommended him for the job, and because he feels he got it because he use to be a Crane. The man is impressed with Ethan, and gives him his card in case he changes his mind. Ethan tells Gwen that he can't be in a relationship right now, and they vow that they are just friends.

The Crane Mansion:
Pilar has a flashback of wanting to kill Julian Crane. Rebecca also has a flashback of looking for Julian to kill him, and says that her gone "has served its purpose" While Ivy is happy that she never has to deal with him again. Theresa vows to tear Gwen, Rebecca, and ivy apart for what they have done to her. She heads over to the Crane Mansion. She sees Rebecca and Ivy toasting, and walks in on them. Pilar, Theresa, Rebecca, and Ivy have it out. Theresa blames Ivy and Rebecca for her break up with Ethan. Both Ivy, and Rebecca claim to be Mrs. Crane. Theresa then reminds them that she is the real Mrs. Crane. She is still married to Julian because she is still pregnant, cause she couldn't go threw with the abortion. Pilar is a bit revealed that her daughter did not terminate her pregnancy. Sam and Luis arrive at the mansion and hear The women fighting in the living room. Luis learns that Theresa didn't have the abortion. Luis begins to get into the fight, but then Sam stops them. Theresa blames Rebecca and Ivy for Julian's murder. Rebecca turns it around on Luis. They all begin to accuse one another. While Sam tries to begin his investigation.

Monday, January 28, 2002 | Episode #653
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Sam and Luis begin to question suspects in a possible murder investigation. Kay shudders when Miguel tells "Charity" he's finally figured her out. Relief quickly sets in, however, as Miguel speculates that his girlfriend's sixth sense has made her overprotective towards the people she loves. "Diana" tells Brian, Liz and Doc about a terrible dream she had on the plane. Kay issues new instructions to her zombie, who proceeds to read a devastated Miguel the riot act. Pilar, Theresa, Ivy and Rebecca all point fingers at one another as Sam attempts to get to the bottom of Julian's disappearance. Tabitha keeps close tabs on Harmony's turbulent teens. Ivy takes a tumble out of her wheelchair as she tries to reach for her medication. Doc encourages Liz to find the man from "Diana's" past so she can have Brian all to herself once again. Theresa and Pilar admit to a shocked Luis how they both went after Julian with guns.
Kay worries when Miguel announces he knows why Charity is behaving strangely. Miguel theorizes that Charity is pushing him away to protect him from her terrible premonitions. Zombie Charity dismisses Miguel's assertion and claims he's smothering her. Miguel is convinced he's right and asks Reese to help him find answers. Kay comes up with a new plan. Meanwhile, Tabitha fears Timmy will blab to Miguel about the real Charity being trapped in ice.

Sheridan confides to Brian and Liz that she dreamt she took someone's life. Brian reassures her as she fears she may have killed someone. Doc warns Liz she may never win Brian back if he continues to bond with "Diana."

Sam and Luis question Theresa, Pilar, Rebecca and Ivy about Julian's murder. Accusations fly between the four women. Ivy and Rebecca point out Luis also wanted Julian dead. Luis is thrown by Theresa's admission.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002 | Episode #654

The Bennett House:
Zombie Charity pretends to be having a premonition. She tells Miguel that she she's him and Kay, married, and happy. She also tells him that Kay is his real love not her. Tabby and Timmy are outside the door listening on. Tabby comments on how good Kay's plan is working out and how she is finally gonna get Miguel. Timmy still feeling remorse for Miguel and Charity, tells Tabby how he hates seeing Miguel so upset and the real Charity frozen in a cave. Tabby then reminds him that if Miguel and Charity make love it is the end for her, and him. Just then Jessica sees Tabby outside the door, listening on. Jessica asks Tabby what she is doing. Reese, Miguel, Kay and Charity here Jessica in the hall. Reese goes outside and immediately calls Tabby a witch. Tabby gets out of the situation by telling them that she wasn't listening on she just came over to tell them all how grateful she was for being so nice to her nephew Timmy. And that she heard Charity inside having her premonition and didn't want to startle anyone. Jessica apologizes for jumping to conclusions. They go back into the room. Charity snaps out of her premonition and asks what happened. Miguel tells her that she say him and Kay together. Miguel tells her that he loves her and only her, not Kay, and that he knows its her self conscious pushing him away, because she is afraid he will be hurt by her premonitions. Miguel promises to prove it to her, and goes down stairs to research stuff online with Reese. Kay and Charity are left alone, while everyone else goes downstairs. Kay asks what is she gonna do? Zombie Charity tells her to cast another spell, but Kay doesn't want to. Then Charity tells her that maybe someone else will help out, Kay asks like who? Charity tells her that there is evil all around. Down stairs Tabby asks Miguel to talk. She tell him that he should ask Kay out. Miguel dismisses it, and says that he could never do such a thing. Tabby tells him that maybe Charity seeing him with another girl (Kay) will snap her out of it, and she will realize how much she loves him. Kay and Charity join the gang downstairs. Miguel goes over to Kay and asks her out on a date, with Zombie Charity smiling in the background.

The Crane Mansion:
Luis, Theresa and Pilar are talking about the murder of Julian Crane. Luis tells them not to volunteer any information, especially that they both had a gun. Because it would make them suspects just like him. Pilar tells him that everyone they know is a suspect. Pilar begins to go through the list and Luis adds in Ethan. Theresa automatically says it wasn't Ethan. Luis asks her how she know and if she knows who the killer is? Theresa goes to answer but Luis stops her and says he doesn't want to know. He begins to ramble on about how the Cranes have been hurting there family for years. First with there father, then Antonio. He says "Damn this whole family" Alistair, Julian, Ethan. Theresa reminds Luis that Ethan is no longer a Crane. And how Ethan means everything to her, just like Sheridan was everything to him. Luis tells them that Pilar was right they should have never gotten mixed up with the Cranes, because they only got there hearts broken. Pilar asks Luis what he means by that, and if he regrets meeting Sheridan. Luis tells them how he is in so much pain and intentionally knocks Sheridan's picture off the mantle. He then kneels down to the picture, and the broken glass and asks himself what he has done. He looks at the picture and says how he would give anything just to hole her and kiss her. Theresa says that she knew Luis couldn't abandon his feelings for her. Luis takes the picture into his jacket and tells them that he is going for a walk. Theresa begins to tell Pilar that she should have listened to Luis. She has a flashback of her and Luis dancing, and Luis telling her to respect love, and not to drink until she is 21. Theresa tells Pilar that if she hadn't drunken the champagne she wouldn't be in the mess. Pilar reminds her that Julian took advantage of her, and the situation. Theresa and Pilar sit down and begin to go over what Luis told them, about not volunteering any info. They also reminisce about the good times. Theresa reminded of everything that has happened says she is glad Julian is dead, and that someone finally killed him.

Brian's Room:
Diana/Sheridan enters Brian's room. She climbs into bed with Brian and tells him over and over again to make love to her. They begin to kiss, then she says "Make love to me like you use to" Brian then realizes that she is sleepwalking. He gets her to lay down with him. Liz finds Doc outside looking up at the stars. Doc begins to tell her how the powers of the triangle are very powerful and that strange and terrible things will occur. Liz tells Doc that it is just a bunch of wives tales, and that the triangle has no power. Doc tries to convince her and tells her that it does have power, power that can make things that are real, unreal, and things that are unreal, real. Liz tell Doc she is going to go and get some coffee and begins to walk away. She turns around to ask Doc if he wants any. When she turns around she is in a completely different place. A garden. There is a mysterious man standing behind the bushes. "Glad you decided to come" the strange man says to her. She replies "you bastard," and tells him that the only reason why she came was to tell him that she was leaving but that she will never forget what he did. When she turns to walk away she is grabbed, but by Doc. Doc asks her what happened? And tells her that she just stopped walking and began to yell. Liz tells him that she was remembering something form her past, but that it wasn't just a memory that she was actually there. Doc tells her that it is the power of the Bermuda Triangle. Luis goes to Sheridan's cottage. He has flashbacks of them being together, and kissing. He asks himself why can't he let her go. "where did you go?" "Where are you?" Sheridan still sleepwalking and still in Brains room sits up, and says "I am here, I am right here," and begins to cry. Liz standing outside the door hears Diana crying. Doc sees Liz at the door. Doc tells Liz that she is never going to get Brian back if she keeps letting them bond like this. Liz tells him that Diana is crying, and that they can't be bonding that much. Liz and Doc knock and walk into the room. Brian informs them that she is sleepwalking again, and how she came in and told him to make lover to her "like he use to." Doc tell them that she is creating a reunion with the man she lost. Diana/Sheridan is still repeating "i am right here" At the cottage, Luis lights a candle that is on the mantle. He then has a flashback of Sheridan lighting the same candle, and then turning around and kissing him. In Brian's room, a candle lights by itself, with Doc, Liz, Brian, and Diana watching it. Diana then says "Your here, I knew you would come to me." Doc tells them that its the triangle. Brian says that it is impossible, the man she loves is dead. Luis figures out a way to help him deal with Sheridan death, he blows out the candle and leaves the cottage. The candle in Brian's room goes out at the same time. Liz notices how strangely the candle went out. As if someone blew it out. Brian tell him that he had lit the candle before and it probably just didn't go out all the way, and the reason it went out was because of the breeze. Diana says "no don't leave, I'll come with you" and runs out of the room. Doc says that she has to find her lover, they all run after her. Luis goes to the Crane pool for a swim. He goes to turn on the light but it doesn't work. He notices some strange lights in the sky, and thinks that a storm is probably coming. He jumps in the pool, and begins to swim. On the island, Doc, Liz, and Brian see the same strange lights in the sky as they begin to look for Diana. They find footprints in the sand leading out to the water. They starts calling for her. Diana jumps into the water, and begins to swim. Luis then sees Sheridan at the other end of the pool. They begin to swim to each other and are reunited! A maid then walks into the pool room, and says that she knew she heard voices, but there is nobody in the pool. You then see Luis and Sheridan in another body of water, neither one of them knowing how they got there, and not caring because they are finally together. They hug, and kiss!

Wednesday, January 30, 2002 | Episode #655

The Crane Mansion:
Ivy who is experiencing some pain is comforted by Sam, who gets her pain pills for her. Ivy tells Sam that she thinks Ethan's future is at stake. Sam asks if its because of his break up with Theresa. Ivy tells him that she is happy about the whole situation Sam tells her that she was wrong about Theresa, and that Julian took advantage of her. Ivy tell him that she doesn't want to fight. She just wants him to know that she is happy that Ethan has the support of a father. Sam says he will always be there for Ethan, all he has to do is call, and that Grace is there for him to. Ivy tells him what a wonderful father he is, and how Julian was never a good father, and was never there for his children. Ivy says that she would kill for Ethan, which makes Sam suspicious. Sam asks her what she is saying. Ivy tells him that its just an expression. Sam tells her that he doesn't want to interview her about Julian's murder because she is in pain, but because he is a cop he can't ignore what she just said, and asks her if she has any information about his death. Ivy tells him that she wasn't thinking of Julian when she said she would kill for Ethan. Sam tells her that when she talks about Ethan it is the only time when she seems open and honest. Ivy tells him that she accepts him and Grace and she knows she has done some terrible thing in the past. But she's over it. Ivy tells him that she wants Ethan to be close to his father. Sam tells Ivy that Grace, Ethan and his family are the most important thing to him. Ivy tells him that it would be nice to be able to call him once and awhile. And that it gets lonely in the house sometimes, and she doesn't even know if she will ever get out of the wheelchair. Sam leaves and tells Ivy he will check up on her later, and if she needs anything just to call him. Ivy now alone, goes to take more pills and drops them, she goes to reach for them, and falls out of her chair. Sam comes back in and finds Ivy on the floor. Ivy tells him it hurts. Sam hold her.

Ethan and Gwen are eating and talking about Sheridan. Ethan says that he really misses Sheridan. A waitress comes by and says hello to Ethan and asks where Theresa is. Ethan tells her that there no longer together. Gwen tells Ethan how she admires her strength, about the whole thing. Ethan and Gwen reminisce about the old times. When they get up to leave he gets a call from Sheridan's attorney. He tells Gwen that it was Sheridan's wish to auction off her wardrobe for charity, but he has been putting it off. But it is Sheridan's wish and he wants to do it for her. Gwen offers to help him. They head over to the cottage. Gwen and Ethan begin to pack Sheridan's clothes away.

The Crane Pool:
Theresa goes to the Crane pool where she sees the maid, and asks her what's wrong with the lights. Theresa asks the maid if she has seen Luis. The maid says that she hasn't, and only found this robe, but that she thought she heard someone in the pool. The water splashes in the pool. Theresa notices the strange lights. Theresa and the maid still can't get the lights to work. The maid leaves to go get maintenance to fix them. Theresa finds Luis wallet, and calls out for him. Theresa starts to think that maybe Luis has drowned.

Brian, Liz, and Doc are still looking for Diana. Brian goes into the water to after Diana/Sheridan. Liz yells for him not to go and tries to go in after him. Doc tells her that maybe she shouldn't because if Diana doesn't come back then her and Brian could be together again. Liz tells Doc that's a horrible thing to say, and that she is going to help him. Doc sees the strange lights in the sky and the shooting stars, he says how powerful the triangle is tonight, "Dimensions, time, there will be no barriers." In the water Luis and Sheridan are still holding each other and kissing. They tell each other how much they missed each other. They don't know where they are and they don't care. Brian and Liz meet up in the water, they see Diana in the water with someone, but they can't make out who. Luis and Sheridan hear Brian calling out for her. Sheridan tells Luis that he is has come for her. They then hear Theresa calling for Luis, but they don't know it is her. Theresa fears the worst for her brother, and continues to call his name. Brian still swimming towards Diana keep calling out her name. Doc still on shore comments on how so much is happening and how powerful the triangle is, and that maybe Diana has found her lost love but if she hasn't it could take them both. They might end up dead. Sheridan tells Luis that she doesn't want to leave him and grabs him. Theresa begins to worry more, and sees Luis in the water she thinks, but can't get him to turn to her. Hank comes in and asks what's wrong. Hank tells Theresa that he called and that Luis is still upset about Sheridan's death. Theresa tells Hank that she prays every night for a miracle to bring them together. Hank leaves to go check on the fuse himself. Theresa then sees Sheridan and Luis in the pool together. Brian grabs onto Diana, she tells him to leave her alone. Hank hears Theresa say something and comes back into the room, she tells him that she saw Luis in the pool for Sheridan. Sheridan disappears, Luis ends up the Crane pool again. Hank grabs him and tries to pull him out of the pool. At the same time Brian tries to pull Diana back to shore, but she disappears. Hank is still trying to get him out of the water. Sheridan and Luis are being pulled from too different directions and are still trying to hold onto each other. Luis and Sheridan struggle to hold onto each other. Luis disappears, and Brian and Liz get a hold of her. Brian tells Liz that it looked like she disappeared a couple of times, he could feel her arm but couldn't see her. Liz wonders if it is possible that Doc was right, about the strange occurrences and the Bermuda Triangle. Luis is back at the Crane pool. Hank and Theresa make sure he's all right. Luis asks them him they saw what happened. He had Sheridan, and lost her all over again. He tells them that it wasn't here, the water was warm and there were waves. (The lights come back on.) Luis tells them that he was with Sheridan, and holding her in his arms. Theresa tells him that just for a second she thought she say Sheridan in the pool. Hank tell him to look in the pool, there is nobody there now. Luis says that he is loosing his mind. Hank tells him that he's actual not. Luis asks Hank if there is something that he's not telling him. Hank tells him when he was pulling him out of the pool, he couldn't see him for a little while. He could still feel him but couldn't see him. Luis tells them that he was bother here, and there. it was the ocean. Hank tell s him that it is getting to weird, he is talking about traveling across space, and that they have to find a logical explanation, it was probably the reflection of the light s and that why he couldn't see Luis. Theresa asks Hank about what she say, and how that was possible. Hank tells her that she prayed for a miracle, and that maybe her mind was playing a trick on her. Luis tells them that he was with Sheridan and that it wasn't in his mind. Theresa tells him that Sheridan is gone. He says he knows, but asks why he is having these strange visions. Hank tells him that maybe Theresa's subconscious was seeing Luis and Sheridan together because she Theresa herself misses Ethan so much. Hank and Theresa decide to get Luis out of the room. Luis asks "where are you Sheridan." The maintenance man and the maid come back, but the lights are already on. Luis, Theresa and Hank go to the cottage. They run into Ethan and Gwen who are carrying boxes of Sheridan's clothes. Luis asks them what they are doing with them. Ethan tells him that they are doing what she wanted, to sell her clothes to charity like her lawyer said. Luis tells them that they can't do that. Ethan tell him that he misses Sheridan to, and that maybe this isn't a good time. Hank tells Ethan that Luis has had a rough night. Ethan and Theresa exchange looks. Ethan and Gwen leave. Luis sits on the couch looking at Sheridan's clothes. Theresa looks out the window and Ethan and Gwen. Hank asks Theresa why she didn't speak to Ethan, she tells him what could she say. Hank tells her that its obvious that she still loves him and that form his reaction its obvious that Ethan still loves her, and that she should go and talk to him, before he walks out of her life forever. Theresa asks Hank if he really thinks she should talk to him. Hank tells her that is she still wants to hold on to him to do it, and what does she have to lose. Theresa goes outside to talk to Ethan. She asks Ethan to talk and he tells her that he doesn't think it is the right time, but Theresa gets him to talk alone. She tells him that's he want's him back and asks him if there is any chance of them getting back together. Luis has flashbacks of Sheridan and him together, as he goes through her clothes. He says that he can't believe he will never see her wear them again. Luis tells Hank that he keeps seeing her, like she is still out there somewhere alive. Brian, and Liz get Diana back to shore. Brian tells them that he was trying to pull her but she kept resting like she was holding on to something else. Doc says is the triangle, and he bets that Diana made contact with her dead lover. They take her back to the hotel. Brain, Liz, and Doc get Diana back to her room. She wakes up and asks why she is so wet. They tell her that she was sleepwalking and that she went into the ocean. She tells them that she doesn't remember anything. Liz tells her that when she was in the ocean it was a s if she was clinging to someone. She has a flashback of being in the ocean with her dead lover (Luis) They ask her what she remembers, she tells them that its fuzzy, and that all she remembers is being in the water with her lover. Liz says that they better go and let her get some rest. Brian asks Doc to examine her out and make she is okay. Doc checks her pulse, and tells her that it is strong. Sheridan sees Luis in his white tux, come into her room. She says "It's you" They smile at each other.

Thursday, January 31, 2002 | Episode #656

The Bennett House:
David comes over Graces house with some pictures of John when he was little. As Grace goes through them Eve tells David that she thought he said he lost everything in a boating accident years ago. David tells her that, that is true but that was right after Grace disappeared, these pictures were taken afterwards. Grace goes to get some coffee for David. On her way to the kitchen she sees a picture of her and Sam together. Then has a vision of Sam holding Ivy. She drops her cup, and David and Eve come running over to her, she tells them about the vision. She doesn't understand why she would see such a thing when she knows Ivy has given up her schemes of trying to steal Sam. David then has a flashback of a conversation with him and Ivy. In his flashback he remembers Ivy telling him to go into Graces house and tell her that him and John have decided to stay in Harmony. David tells her that he doesn't want to she is blackmailing him to. Just like she blackmailed him to lie to his own son (John) about Grace being his mother. Grace doesn't know why she is having these visions. She stopped having them when she knew Sam wasn't gonna leave her for Ivy. Eve tells them that she never has trusted Ivy, and probably never will, and that she doesn't stop until she gets what she wants. Grace starting to feel bad, says that she is in a wheelchair, Eve tells her that it was because she had to be near Sam during a lightning storm. Eve tells Grace that she knows she wants to see the best in everybody but some people just don't deserve it. And she asks David what he thinks. He tells them that he really doesn't know, he doesn't know Ivy all that well.

The Crane Mansion:
Ivy is lying in bed and Sam asks her if she is always in this much pain. Ivy says she will be fine if he would just give her back her pills. Sam tells her no, because she has already taken to many. Ivy has another shooting pain, and Sam goes to call for some help, Ivy begs him just to stay with her. Sam sits down and holds her. Ivy agrees to let Sam call her doctor. Ivy begs him to hold her hand, and he does, as he calls Eve. Sam tells Eve that Ivy needs her, and to hurry, there in Ivy's bedroom, and he would let security know she was coming. Grace overhearing the conversation asks Eve who it was, she tells her that it was Sam, and he needs her to get over to the mansion right away. Something is wrong with Ivy. Grace tells Eve she is going with her, and David offers to drive them over. They all head over to the mansion. Sam tries to comfort Ivy and tries to keep her awake until Ivy get s there. Eve walks in, Sam tells her that he didn't know what to do she was in so much pain. Grace and David walk in after her. Sam sees Grace and asks her what she is doing here, Grace tells him that Eve was at their house when he called. Eve asks Sam what happened he tells her that he was in the library interviewing Rebecca about Julian murder, he heard a noise and found that Ivy had fallen out of her wheelchair trying to get her pills. Sam tells Eve that he thought she was getting better, Eve tells him that she thought so to. Eve looks at the bottle of pain pills and realizes that she didn't subscribe them, and realizes that Ivy has been doubling up on her pain pills. Sam tries to explain to Grace about the whole thing but stops him, and tells him that he doesn't have to, and that nobody should have to be in that much pain. David talking to himself makes a comment about Ivy getting what she deserves, Eve over hears it. Sam tells Grace that he knows something is bothering her. She reluctantly tells him about the vision of him and Ivy, and Ivy trying to take him away. Eve confronts David about his comment. He tells her that some people say that pain is caused by something spiritual, and that he barely knows Ivy at all, and he's not one to judge her. Eve accepts it, but remains suspicious. Ivy grabs Eve and tells her that she needs more pills. Eve tells her that, that is the last thing she need, and that they are gonna get her back on track. Eve leaves to go make a few phone calls, and that Ivy could use some quiet. They all leave, but Ivy asks David to get her some water before he goes. David goes to get a glass near Ivy's bed, she grabs him and tells him not to think he is off the hook, he still has to break up Sam and Grace. Sam and Grace have a heart to heart outside. While inside the room David asks Ivy how she can be so evil.

Theresa asks Ethan if there is a chance of them ever getting back together. Gwen comes up to them and asks Theresa how much longer she's gonna be, she only said she needed Ethan for a minute. Theresa tells them that there not done yet. Ethan tells Gwen to give a little while longer and he will catch up with her in a few. Gwen tells Ethan that as long as Theresa isn't hassling him she will go. Gwen leaves. Ethan tells Theresa that he is thrown from her question. He ended there relationship because he thought it was the best thing since she lied to him over and over, and that he can't trust her. Theresa tells him that she doesn't blame him for feeling that way, because she knows she abused his trust, but she only did it because she loved him, she never meant to hurt him, and she was afraid of loosing him. She asks him about the love he had for her, and if she has completely destroyed that to. Gwen watching Ethan and Theresa asks herself why Theresa can't just admit its over and leave him alone. Ethan tells Theresa that its not about how much he loves her and it never has been. Ethan begins to walk away but Theresa stops him. She tells him that there is still a chance then, and that is they hold on to the love they had they can get through anything. Ethan tells her that he is wrong, and that sometimes love isn't enough. Theresa tells him that love is the most important thing on Earth. Ethan tells her that the same thing can be said about trust, and that romantic history is full of couples who were in love but they were hurt so badly that they couldn't stay together. Theresa tells them that they didn't try hard enough to make things right again, and that true love should be able to make anything right. Ethan tells her that he thinks it works better on paper then in real life. Theresa still pleading asks Ethan that if someone knows that they made a mistake and are willing to do anything to make up for it, and the love is still there, then why can't it work? Ethan tells her that he just doesn't see how he could forgive her. She tells him that she can change. She tells him that she is sorry, and Ethan believes her and tells her that "only if that was enough." Theresa begs her to give her one more chance for Sheridan's sake. Ethan asks what Sheridan has to do with it. Theresa tells him that Sheridan died before her and Luis could marry. But that her and Ethan don't have to go through the same pain, they are here and alive and if he could just forgive her then they cane be happy. Theresa gets down on her knees. Hank come outside and asks Gwen what's going on. She tells him that she doesn't know, and that contrary to his belief she is not one to eavesdrop on personal conversations. Hank tells her not to get so defensive, he was just wondering that since Ethan meant so much to him she might have an opinion about all this. Gwen tells him that she does but she doesn't watch his every move. Gwen tells him that she doesn't understand why Theresa just can't let him go. Hank tells her that it is for the same reason she can't, cause Ethan still means the world to her. And that Theresa isn't the kinda person to just walk away from things. Gwen and Hank start to talk about love. Gwen admits to hank that she actually feels sorry for Theresa because she knows what it is like to lose the most wonderful man in the world, But Theresa lied to Ethan over and over again, and not she has to deal with it. Gwen tells Hank that sometimes people seem like the perfect match, but there really not, and that nobody van judge if two people are really meant to be together. Hank tells her that he understand that. Gwen tells him that it sounds like he's been there. Hank says more times then he cares to think about. Ethan gets Theresa off her knees and tells her to pull herself together. She begs him to forgive her, he tells her that he loves her more then anything. She tells him that, that is all she needs to hear, and says its not. Ethan tells her that love has to do with trust, and she isn't capable of that, and that something tore inside him, that can't be fixed, just because they want to. He meant what he said, its over, and he hope that she moves on with her life and finds happiness. He walks away from her. Hank comes over to Theresa to make sure she is okay. She tells him that she has lost him. Hank tells her that he should have never encouraged her to talk to him. She tells him that it was good to cause she had to know. Ethan meets up with Gwen who is know crying. Ethan asks what wrong? She tells him everything. The look on Luis' face when they were holding Sheridan's clothes and knowing that he was never gonna see her again, and Theresa, and how she feels sorry for her. She tells Ethan that she wouldn't wish the pain that Theresa is feeling right now on anyone, and how sorry she feels about all the mean things she says. She asks Ethan why love has to hurt so much. Ethan hugs her. Hank tells Theresa to give Ethan some time. Theresa thanks him for his help, and that she needs some time alone. Hank leaves to go check on Luis. Gwen tells Ethan how guilty she feels now, and how Theresa really isn't a bad person, and that Theresa just made some mistakes. Ethan tells her that he almost forgot what a beautiful person she was inside and out, and promises her that he will never do that again. As Theresa looks on, she realizes that she has lost him.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis tells Hank that he knows Sheridan is dead but he can't understand why he keeps seeing her over and over again. Hank tells him that he loved her, it takes time. Luis tells him that when he was in the pool at the Crane estate it was like he wasn't in the pool. The water was salty it was more like the ocean. Hank tells him that he still thinks it was just his imagination. Luis tells him that it must have been, but he still feels so close to Sheridan. Luis has a vision of them dancing together, and that it feels like he can reach out and touch her. Meanwhile in Bermuda, Sheridan sees Luis on her balcony and tells him that she knew he would come for her. Luis tells her of course he did, and that he's never gonna let her out of his sight again. (This all going on with Liz, and Doc, looking on) Brian comes into Diana's room and sees the stranger (Luis) behind her curtains. Sheridan gets up and begins to walk over to Luis. Brian seeing this asks Liz and Doc who that is, they tell him that they don't know, but Doc knows that it is Diana's lost lover. Brian tells him that it is impossible, we all know he is dead. Doc tells them that if that is so then he has come back from the grave for her. Sheridan tells Luis that she hoped and prayed, and always knew that he would come back for her. At the cottage Hank tells Luis that it will get better with time. He agrees that, that is what they say. He asks Hank if Theresa is talking to Ethan, and how hard it must be for her to come face-to-face with him. Hank tells Luis not to underestimate how strong his sister is. Luis asks Hank if he will go outside and check on her. Hank leaves to check on her. Luis (talking to himself) says "what I would give for one more night with you." The lights in the cottage go out. He goes to the window and sees the strange light again in the sky. When he turns back around Sheridan appears, dressed in her black dress. She walks over to Luis they smile at each other. Meanwhile at Sheridan room in Bermuda Brian goes to stop the mysterious man from hurting Diana. Liz tells him that she doesn't look very afraid. Brian tells them that she has been through a lot tonight and doesn't know what's going on. Brian goes to stop him and he disappears. Doc tells Brian that this isn't something that he can fight with fists. Liz asks Doc where the mystery man went, she didn't see him leave. Doc tell her that is because he didn't he is still here, and that he doesn't see him either nut obviously Diana does. Liz, Doc, and Brian see another media shower in the sky. Brian asks who Dans thinks she is dancing with. Liz tell him that he knows the answer. Liz, Doc, and Brian do not see "Luis" only Diana dancing. Luis and Sheridan dance. Brian says that she must be sleepwalking. Doc tells him that she isn't, and that it would hurt her if he rips them apart, and what her and her lover had must have been very powerful to reach this far. Luis and Sheridan are dancing at the cottage. He asks her how she got here, she tells him no talking. She begins to disappear. He begs her not to leave. Luis on "Diana's" balcony begins to fade also. She tells him "please no." Brian asks Doc what's happening, he tells him that she must be losing her connection. Luis begs Sheridan not to leave, and that he couldn't bear to lose her again. Sheridan disappears and the lights come back on. Luis disappears. "Diana" faints and keeps saying not to leave her. Brian asks Doc to help her, but he says that there is nothing he could do, she is devastated by losing her lover. Doc tells them that the triangle does strange things, and that even they saw Diana's lost lover. Brian s says that he's not so sure about that. Liz tells him that they definitely saw someone. Brian tells them that it could have been an illusion. Liz tells him that it is obvious that Diana saw her over in the ocean and again here. Liz tells Brian that he just doesn't want to admit what he saw because of how he feels for Diana. Brian tells her that Diana can't even remember her lovers name when she is in a conscious state. Liz reminds him that she has an=mnesia and she is trying, and to be honest with himself if not with her. Brian tells Liz that he will fight Diana's old memories with new ones. He will fill her life with joy, and happiness, so she won't want to revisit her past. They all leave Diana's room, where she begins to talk in her sleep. Asking for someone to help her. Hank walks in on Luis, asking how she is gonna get her back. Hank asks him who she was talking to he tells her Sheridan. He tells Hank that she was just right here in the cottage. Hank tells Luis that he needs some sleep. Luis tells him that he isn't tired and he thinks that it all has to do with the strange lights in the sky. He shows Hank. Luis tells him that he thinks thetas why he can feel and see Sheridan. Luis hears Sheridan's voice, asking for help. He asks Hank if he heard it. Hank doesn't. Luis begins to think that he is losing his mind. But Hank tells him that he isn't and that he just misses her. Luis tells him that it is one thing to miss her and another thing to think she is alive. Luis tells Hank that he has this feeling that he has this chance to meet up with Sheridan and if he doesn't do it he will lose her forever. In Bermuda Brian comes back into Sheridan's room and watches her sleep.

Friday, February 1, 2002 | Episode #657

TV Guide

Luis reminds Hank how he somehow made a magical connection with his "late" fiancee twice in one evening. On the island, Doc tells Brian and Liz he believes "Diana" has been pulled through time and space to reconnect with her dead lover. Though Reese cautions him not to take advice from the neighborhood witch, Miguel decides to follow Tabitha's plan to make Charity jealous by dating Kay. Meanwhile, a suspicious Jessica and Simone corner Kay and accuse her of plotting against her cousin. David decides to remove himself and his son from Harmony toot suite but Ivy vows to destroy him if he fails to finish the job she hired him to do. Rebecca listens in as the Bennetts discuss Sam's continuing connection to Ivy. With a skeptical Hank in tow, Luis heads back to the gazebo in an effort to locate Sheridan's elusive spirit. Rebecca sheds crocodile tears after Sam informs her that Julian is presumed dead. "Charity" defends Kay to Simone and Jessica.


At Tabitha's urging, Miguel and Kay go on a "date." Miguel hopes this will prompt Charity to recognize her feelings for him again. Kay enjoys getting close to Miguel, while Reese looks on unhappily. Simone and Jessica confront Kay. Kay defends herself.

David wants to leave Harmony with his son right away. Ivy orders him to stay in town and finish the job. Rebecca eavesdrops on Sam and Grace as they talk about Ivy.

Luis and Sheridan tell their skeptical friends about the connection they made and both are determined to find one another again. Luis visits the gazebo on the Crane estate in hopes of reconnecting with Sheridan again.