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February 2002


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Monday, February 4, 2002 | Episode #658

The Crane Mansion:
Sam is questioning Rebecca about what happened the night of Julian Crane's murder. He found her gun and he wants to know if she used it that night to kill Julian. She claims that she shot a rat that was running across the floor but, Sam tells her that she would have to be an awfully good shooter to make a shot like that. She explains how she is the best shooter at the club by telling him that she can shoot the wings off of a fly from forty feet away. She even tells him to ask some of the guys at the police station since they go to the club and they know how good she is with a gun. Sam tells her that if she can make a shot like that than it would be no problem for her to shoot Julian from where she was standing at the cannery. Rebecca comes back with questions if Ivy put him up to grilling her. He told her no that it was all routine and not to leave town or anything. She asks him where she would go, she thinks to herself that she would never leave town, at least not until Ivy gets what is coming to her. Rebecca says to herself that Ivy's pain may seem bad now but its nothing compared to what she will feel when she is done and that tonight is a good night to give Ivy exactly what she deserves. Ivy, David, TC, and David are in Ivy's room while Eve examines Ivy. Ivy complains about how bad the pain is, David thinks that she's overdoing it a little bit to get to Sam. Ivy asks David and TC to leave the room because she wants Ivy to be in as less pain as possible. Eve tells Ivy that her blood pressure is a little high but, nothing to worry about and that she wants to run a test. Ivy gets defensive telling her that the pain is very real. Eve tells her that she believes her she just wants to see the degree of pain Ivy is in so that she knows the best way to treat it. Ivy tells her that the pain is as real as the pain in her heart for Sam. Outside of Ivy's room TC tells David that he suspects that he is somehow involved with Ivy. He tells David that if he is to run, and that the Cranes are notorious for ruining peoples lives. Eve tells Ivy that she will give her stronger pain medicine but, threatens to put her back in the hospital if she misuses it so Eve can watch her. Ivy agrees and asks her to send David in so she can apologize. Eve walks outside and sends David into Ivy's room telling him that Ivy wants to apologize. David goes in and Ivy and TC stand outside of her door. TC tells Eve that he believes that David and Ivy are up to something. Eve tells him that they better go find Grace and Sam and they exit. In Ivy's room David tells Ivy to stop the plan because they are close to being caught. David asks her how many lives have to be ruined until she stops. She tells him that she won't stop until she has Sam in her arms and that's final.

Sheridan/Diana keeps fading in and out and Liz, Brain, and Doc look confused. Doc tells them that its the force of the Bermuda triangle is getting stronger. Sheridan fades from the three and is with Luis. They share a special moment and they kiss. Luis is still in shock, he tells Sheridan that he doesn't know how and he doesn't care but, he will never let her go again. Back in Bermuda Brian sadly tells Liz that he hopes Diana is happy and that he will just let her go back to her first true love. Luis tells Sheridan that he will never be away from her again as he slips his handcuffs on her arm and his as they begin to kiss again and hug.

The Dance:
Zombie Charity pushes Miguel around at the school dance. She provocatively dances with John as she watches the pain in Miguel's eyes. Tabitha and Timmy are sitting at a table watching everything that is going on. Tabitha is ecstatic about how well Kay's plan is working as Timmy's conscience starts to get the best of him. Kay is dancing with Miguel and watching Charity dance with John. He doesn't understand why Charity is acting like this and he is very saddened at her new behavior. Meanwhile Chad looks like he is having a very nice time dancing with Kelly.

Tuesday, February 5, 2002 | Episode #659 

The Crane Mansion:
Ivy continues to threaten David to help her get Sam back. David tells her that she is trying to break up two people who love each other, and using him and his son to do it. He tells her that it is over, and Ivy tells him that he better do everything she tells him to or she will destroy him. Rebecca is listening outside the door, and hears everything. Ivy tells David that she decided everything, and he has to follow it. David tells her that he has never meant anyone as evil as her, and that she will one day be sent to hell. He leaves, Rebecca hides, but wonders what is going on with David and Ivy, and says that it might be exactly what she needs to bring Ivy down. Rebecca goes into Ivy's room, who is beginning to fall asleep. Rebecca tells Ivy that she just came into say hi, and that she was thinking that Ivy was really in pain. Ivy tells her of course she is in pain otherwise she wouldn't be lying in bed. Rebecca tells her that she thought it was just another scheme to get Sam back, but that not even she is a good enough actress to pull this off, and that she would never left Sam see her looking so horrible. Rebecca tells Ivy that she is going to make her life a living hell. Ivy tells Rebecca that if she doesn't leave then she is going to call Sam and have her arrested and that she has no reason to be there. Rebecca says she knows that she isn't because she marriage was not official, because Julian annulment with Theresa didn't go threw. But reminds Ivy that Julian divorced her months ago, so she has no right to be there either. Rebecca changes the conversation to Sam. She says what a coincidence it was that her interview about Julian's murder was stopped because she was in pain. Ivy tells her that she answered all the questions she could, and that she never mentioned her name to Sam. Rebecca doesn't believe her because if she didn't say anything then Sam wouldn't be grilling her. Rebecca tells Ivy about her horrible experience with Sam. How she dropped her gun, and then fell. Ivy said the only thing worse is if a bullet was missing from her gun. Rebecca gives her a look, and Ivy starts laughing realizing that there was a bullet missing. Ivy tells her how guilty she must have looked. Ivy tells Rebecca that she didn't say anything to Sam, she has too much on her mind. Rebecca says of course she does, David for instance. Ivy tells him that she hired David to take pictures at the New years Eve party. They both remind each other of pictures that were taken of them both glaring at Julian with hatred. Rebecca tells her that she is still not clear why David was in her room. Ivy tells her that he came with Grace and Eve. Rebecca tells her that they are downstairs and that her and David were chatting like old friends. Rebecca tries to get the truth about David out of Ivy. Ivy is reminded with her conversation with David. Ivy tells her that she liked the job that David did at the party so much she hired him to photograph the mansion and the yards. Ivy tells Rebecca that she thought it would be a nice present for her since she will be thrown out of the mansion soon, and what a pity it was that she didn't get a settlement from Jonathan, and that her marriage to Julian never went threw. Rebecca tells her that she is not going to let her in on it yet, and that she is going to out chaos into her life. Downstairs Sam, Grace, TC, and Eve talk about Ivy. Sam tells TC that all of them has been hurt by the Cranes, including Ivy. But that not even Ivy could scheme while she is in so much pain. Grace reminds them how Ivy got hurt. Trying to help there kids when they were stuck on Warlock Island. Grace tells them that she will be right back and leaves the room. Grace tells TC and Eve that he is so lucky to have her. (Grace) And that when he thinks about all the horrible things that happened in this house, and how he almost lost her. TC tells him that Ivy was behind all of that. Sam tells him that, that was back then. TC tells him that Ivy will never give up until she gets him back. Sam tells him that she is in too much pain, and that he is always aware of Ivy. David listening in tells himself, "if you only new Sam" Sam asks TC how long it's been since Ivy tried something. TC tells him not long enough. Eve tells TC that Sam is right, Ivy hasn't tried anything for a while. TC reminds them about New Year's Eve, and the tabloid reporter. Sam says that it was true though, Theresa is really pregnant with Julian's child. TC can't believe Sam is defending Ivy. Sam tells TC that he think he hates the Cranes so much he doesn't think any of them could do good. Eve tells TC that Ivy would have to be the devil himself to be in that much pain and be cooking something up. David finds Grace in another room of the mansion. Grace tells her that Eve told them about the pain pills that Ivy tried to make David give her. David says that he has never seen anyone in so much pain, and yet be so focused on what they want. Grace tells David that she is no fan of Ivy's but she understands the pain she is in, and once lashed out at Ivy badly. Grace has a flashback of her putting a curse on Ivy after she lost the baby. David tells her that she is a good person. Grace tells him that when there is a threat of losing the person you love you will do anything no matter how low, and that includes her. Grace walks away. David says to himself "and me." Grace tells David that the threat of losing someone makes you do terrible things. She apologizes to David for the way she was acting. Grace tells him that she knows how painful it must have been when she disappeared years ago, and that he has handled the fact that she wants to stay with Sam and her family so well. Grace tells him that he has done a wonderful job raising John, and what a wonderful person he is. Grace commends David on never doing anything underhanded to her and Sam, like trying to break them up, and that she really appreciates that. David thinks to himself how Grace would despise him if he really knew what he was doing.

Brian continues to look for "Diana." Doc and Liz try to reason with him. They tell him that she is gone, and with her lover. Brian says that it is impossible. Doc tells him that he told him that the powers were very strong tonight, and that Diana crossed over to her lover. Brian tells Doc that if it is possible that she did "cross over" then he'll never see her again, but he isn't going to give up hope. That is she has crossed over to her lover then she could come back. Doc tells him that anything is possible. Brian tells both Liz and Doc that him and Diana have a connection, maybe not as strong as her and her lover, but it was growing. Liz asks him what he means, he tells her that he is going to try to pull her back. Liz asks Doc if Diana could really come back. He tells them that he really doesn't know. It depends on were Diana is. That could be back in her former life were he lover is living, or if her lover is dead then she could have crossed over to the other side. Liz brings Brian a shirt and they start to talk about Diana. Liz tells him that there is a possibility that Diana might not come back, and that he has to be ready to deal with that. Brian says that she will come back he can feel it. Liz tells him that even with her amnesia, she still remembers the love she had for this man, and that it was one of those one time loves, that was so strong, it could get through time and space. Liz tell him that she doesn't mean to be insensitive, and she is just telling him because she cares. Brian tells her that she doesn't want to force her to come back because that wouldn't be right. But he is still gonna pray for her to come back. He wants her to come back because she wants to. And that if her happiness is with this other man, so be it, but if it is with him then he will never let her go. Doc comes down and tells them that the lights are almost out, and that if Diana isn't back on the island before the lights go out she will never be back. Brain looks up at the sky and tells Diana that he loves her and to come back to him.

The Crane Gazebo:
Luis finishes putting the handcuffs on him and Sheridan. She tells him to hold her, and never let her go. He tells her that nothing can ever come between them. They kiss. Luis tells her that he still can't believe this has happened, that she has really come back to him. She tells him that she has missed him deeply and longed to feel his arms around her. Luis says that he knows its really her, but asks how this could be happening, how she could come back to him. Luis asks Sheridan how this is possible. She says that all she knows is that all she knows is that she is back in his arms. Luis asks her to tell him where she has been this whole time. She tells him that she was in a wonderful place, relaxing, sweet smelling, and so peaceful. Luis says that it sounds like paradise. She says it was. He asks her what its called, but she doesn't remember, he says that its okay, and that they will talk about it later. He asks if she is okay, she seems like she is in a trance. He starts to think she was dead, and wonders if the paradise was heaven. Luis tries to bring Sheridan out of the trance, and asks her if she remembers how they use to dance. She says that she doesn't. He tells her that he is going to show her. They begin to dance and Sheridan has a flashback of them dancing. Luis asks her what she remembers, she tells him that it was wonderful, everything was wonderful. Luis asks her if she knows where she is right now. She tells him that she is with the man she loves in his arms again. Luis tells her that she is never gonna let her go, but he wants to bring her to the hospital to get checked out. She refuses and says all she needs is to be in his arms.

Wednesday, February 6, 2002 | Episode #660 

The Crane Mansion:
Grace thanks David for being so kind to her when he's had every reason to be hurt by her decision to stay with Sam, and for being so respectful to Sam. David flashes back to Ivy's threats to him, then tells Grace that he's not the man she thinks he is. Grace protests and says that she knows that he is a wonderful man. David can't bring himself to tell Grace the truth, instead he begs her to promise him that she'll be careful not to let anything come between her & Sam...and that he hopes she stays this happy. Grace promises and hugs David as Sam walks in the room. Sam asks what is going on, and Grace says she was just thanking David for being so caring, then tells Sam what David said. Meanwhile, upstairs in Ivy's room, Rebecca continues to annoy Ivy by telling her she knows Ivy is up to something and will do whatever's necessary to find out what it is and bring Ivy down. Ivy continues to protest that she is in too much pain to be plotting and scheming anything. Ivy then shifts the conversation to the fact that she hopes that Rebecca is indeed the one who killed Julian...That way not only is "that pig" out of the way, but soon Rebecca will be, also, because Sam will put her in prison. Rebecca leaves Ivy's room. David comes back upstairs to talk to Ivy. He tells her that no matter what she does she will never break up Sam & Grace because their marriage is too strong. Ivy says every marriage has it's weaknesses, and to just make sure that he keeps doing his job, and eventually everyone will be happy. David tells Ivy that she is evil, and she responds that he should remember that he's as guilty as she is. In the hallway outside Ivy's room, Rebecca wonders what David could possibly have that Ivy might want...then comes to the conclusion that it's Sam she wants, and puts all of the pieces in place of Ivy's plan..completely. David isn't really Grace's husband...Ivy hired him! Laughing, Rebecca says that lightning may have struck Ivy once, but now it's HER turn to strike...and strike I will, Ivy!

The Gazebo/St.Lisa's Island:
Sheridan & Luis, magically connected by the powers of the Bermuda Triangle, desperately held & kissed each other as the lights got dimmer in the sky. While on the island, Brian was pleading for his love, "Diana," to come back to him, and telling Liz and Doc that it was out of his hands now, and it is up to the powers that took her away to begin with. Doc reminds Brian & Liz that once the lights in the sky go out, whichever side Diana is on at the time is the side she will stay on. As they watch, the lights in the sky go out completely, and Brian says he's lost her forever. In Harmony, Luis is thrilled that Sheridan is still with him when the lights disappear. He says this must mean that they are back together forever. Suddenly, the lights in the sky come back stronger than ever, star bursts explode as Luis says that it must be Heaven and Earth celebrating their reunion! As Luis looks up to watch the light show, Sheridan begins to fade and transparently appears on St. Lisa's as well. Doc tells Brian to go to her and fight to keep her. Brian says NO. He doesn't have the right to try and force her to stay with him if she wants to be with her first love. Luis sees that Sheridan is fading, and says, "I won't let you go! Please don't leave me again!" and he begs God to please let them be together. Sheridan doesn't want to leave, and tells him she will always love him, and says she can't remember his name...please tell me your name! He calls out "Luis!" as she fades completely. The lights go out again as Sheridan appears in the flesh on St. Lisa's Island, where she collapses in Brian's arms. Luis frantically calls for Sheridan as Hank comes upon the Gazebo. Luis tells Hank what happened and Hank does not believe him. Luis says he knows it was the strange lights that made it possible, and that he's thought of a way to bring her back for good. They go to see an astronomer, and Luis demands that he explain what those lights were, and where they came from! The scientist tells Luis that he cannot do that, because as far as he knows, this happens only once every century, and he doesn't know where they came from or how to get them back. Luis refuses to hear that and says he's gotta figure out how to get those lights back so that he can get Sheridan back. Back on the island, Diana wakes up and tells Liz, Brian, And Doc what happened, but she thinks it was a dream. Doc tells her that it really happened, and that she crossed over to be with her love. Diana is thrilled at first to know it wasn't a dream. Liz says that maybe there is a chance that she could rejoin him, but Diana says she doesn't think so, as tears fill her eyes, She says she thinks its was the last time she will ever see him....that she's lost him. Liz asks Doc if it is possible for Diana to go back, and Doc says No, The power is gone now and Diana is on the island to stay. Brian tells a sleeping Diana that he loves her, as she tells Luis to hold her (in her dream), and Brian thinks she is talking to him. Back at the astronomers, Hank tells Luis that Sheridan is dead and that he needs to deal with that, and stop imagining these things. Luis goes outside and talks to the sky, Telling Sheridan that he knows it was real...and that he loves her.

Thursday, February 7, 2002 | Episode #661 

Youth Center/Valentines Dance:
Kay and Miguel dance, as Reese, Jessica, and Simone watch. Reese begins to get jealous and tells Jessica and Simone that Kay is his girl. Charity dances with John. Tabitha and Timmy talk about Zombie Charity, and the real Charity. Tabitha tell Timmy that she loves Kay;s plan. Timmy tells Tabby that he likes the real Charity better, and that he thinks it is wrong to break up two people who love each other. Tabby tells him that if the real Charity was here, then they would be destroyed. John tells Zombie Charity that he isn't comfortable dancing like that. (dirty dancing) and tells Charity that they are related. Her aunt Grace is his mother, she tells him to lighten up, and ask him if he has never heard of kissing cousins. Chad witnessing Charity's behavior tells his new girl Kelly, that Charity is not acting like herself. Miguel stops dancing with Kay and says that he has had enough. Miguel goes over to John and tells him that he doesn't like how he is dancing with his girl. John tells him apologizes. Charity tells John not to apologize to him. Charity tells Miguel that she thought she already told him that she doesn't want to be with him. And that he is on a date with Kay, and to go be with her. Miguel tells her that her premonitions are wrong, and that he will never love Kay he loves her. She tells him that they have a problem then, cause she doesn't want to be with him, and to leave her alone. She walks away. Kay comes over to Miguel and tells him not to let Charity spoil his night. He apologizes and tells her that he just can't think of anything else. Jessica tells Reese that she just doesn't understand why Charity is acting this way. Miguel walks away. Ethan meets up with Chad at the dance. Ethan tells her that Gwen wanted to come. Chad tells him that Theresa still loves him. Ethan tells him that sometimes love isn't enough, he asks if Whitney is there. Chad tells him that he is the last person she would want to see. Timmy gets asked to dance by a girl. Reese starts up with Tabitha about Timmy being a doll. John says good-bye to Jessica and Simone and tells them that he has a lot of studying to do. They ask if that is the real reason why he is leaving. He hints that it he is leaving because of Charity, and they tell him that she doesn't act like this, since just recently. Kay pulls Charity over to the side. Charity asks her what her problem is. Kay tells her that she is supposed to help her get Miguel and not make him so upset. Charity tells her that she did everything she has told her to do. Kay comes up with a new trick for them.

Theresa is reminded of her and Ethan's love. Whitney finds Theresa. Theresa tells Whitney that she finally talked to Ethan. She told him how much she loved him and how much she was sorry. But he couldn't forgive her, even though he still loves her. Whitney tells her that maybe that is just how things have to be right now. Theresa beats herself up about lying to Ethan. Whitney tells her that maybe in time he will forgive her. Theresa tells her that it is over, Gwen is back in his life. Theresa says that her whole life is to be with Ethan. Whitney tells her that she can't say that anymore since she is pregnant, and that she has to be strong since she is gonna be a mother soon. Whitney tells her that her life isn't over. Theresa can't believe she is going to be a mother. Whitney tells her that she has to keep her focus on her baby. And Whitney gets her out of the cold weather, and that she still as her and her family. Theresa tells her that she let everyone down. Theresa and Whitney go to the Cafe. Whitney tells her that she has to be strong, and that she never meant to sleep with Julian. Whitney tells her that it wasn't the fact that she slept with Julian, it was the fact that she lied to Ethan. Theresa tells Whitney that she wishes she has never been born, and goes through all of her mistakes. Whitney tells her that you only get one chance in life, and that she herself learned that the hard way.

The Crane Mansion:
Grace tells Sam that she thinks Ivy has changed her ways and has stopped trying to break up there marriage. David and Ivy talk in her room. David tells her that he didn't care what she did before to Sam and Grace because he didn't know them, but now that he does he sees the trust and love they share. Ivy tells him that she will break up there marriage with his help. Sam was hers long before he was Grace's, and now that David has already told the lie to his son, everything will work out. He can marry Grace, and John will have a mother. And she can get Sam back. Grace and Sam goes to Ivy's room to bring her some tea. While David hides. They asks if she was feeling any better, and that if she needs anything to let them know. Grace tells her that if she ever needs any company to let her know, and she will come over and talk. Grace sits down with Ivy and apologizes for being so mean to her, after she (grace) lost the baby. She tells Ivy that losing her baby was horrible, but it was not her fault, and she shouldn't have lashed out at her like that. And the thing that has helped her the most was meeting John the son she never knew she had, and how he has helped her to put the worst night of her life behind her. David still hiding, and listening, says to himself, "How does it feel Ivy, or are you to heartless to feel." Grace continues to tell Ivy that the anger she felt towards her doesn't matter anymore now that she has John. Grace asks Sam to give her and Ivy a moment. He tells Ivy to feel better and leaves the room. David says to himself for Ivy not to hurt her anymore. Grace continues to apologize to Ivy and asks for her forgiveness. Grace says that she cursed her, and that she feels that she has a lot to do with why she got hit by lightning. Grace tells her that she has this gift and if she uses it in the wrong way she hurts people. Ivy tells her doesn't she think she deserves what she got, after she made her life a living hell. Grace tells her that, that is true but she think she has learned her lesson. David tells himself, that if only Grace knew the truth. Grace tells her that she doesn't want any bad feelings between them. Ivy forgives her. Grace wishes her the best and says that she hopes she finds the same happiness she has. David says that Ivy has a heart of stone. Downstairs Rebecca has a ball with the truth about Ivy. And says that Ivy is going down. Rebecca overhears TC, and Eve talking in the living room. TC is still suspicious of Ivy and says that she learned from the best, and that at least Julian isn't around anymore. Eve warns him not to talk like that while there is a murder investigation going on. TC says that he doesn't care if everyone knows that he hates him. Eve tells him that Julian is gone and that he can't hurt them anymore. TC agrees with her about that but says that Ivy can, and is doesn't like that fact that Ivy is trying to break up there best friends. Eve tells him that Grace and Sam can take care of themselves, TC agrees but says that he still doesn't trust her. Rebecca still listening in is happy that TC hates Ivy as much as she does, and may have just found her means to a perfect end. Eve tries to get TC to calm down, but he says that being in that house just makes his blood boil. TC tells Eve to be thankful that she didn't have to much to do with Julian. Eve tells him that Julian will never hurt them again, and leaves the room to check on the kids. Rebecca joins TC in the living room. He tells her that he is waiting for Eve. Rebecca tells her that she never knew Eve was a saint. Ivy has been difficult before, and now that she is in pain she must be worse, and that she would rather sit in a corner and eat worms then be with Ivy more then she has too. TC tells her that at least someone agrees with him. Rebecca (acting like she knows nothing) tells him not to tell her that he sees through Ivy to. TC tells her that he always has and always will. Rebecca tells TC that she overhead a very interesting conversation between David and Ivy. TC says he walked in on them to. They both tell about there suspicion. Rebecca tells him that there is something fishy going on, and asks TC if he thinks that Ivy is using David to break up Sam and Grace, and what a coincidence it was for David just to come into town like he did. Rebecca tells her that, that can't be. TC tells her that she could be right, and that Ivy will do anything to get what she wants, and that Sam had his suspicions about David when her first came to town and did a check on him. Rebecca said tells him that the evidence he fund could have been manipulated by Ivy sine she is a Crane, and has all the money, but that a DNA test is something that can't be manipulated even by a Crane. Rebecca stops herself and tells him that her imagination must be getting the best of her. She says goodnight, and leaves. TC is left with a feeling that she could be right. Eve comes back in and tells TC that she couldn't get in touch with the girls. Sam comes into the living room. Eve asks where Grace is. Sam tells them that Grace is upstairs apologizing to Ivy for putting a curse on her awhile back. Sam tells them that Ivy deserves what she go and more. TC asks them what if Ivy isn't done trying to break them up, and what if David really isn't her husband. TC tries to get Sam and Eve to believe his theory. Sam tells him that the only person who would be able to get away with something like that is someone with a lot of money and power. TC tells them that Ivy has all of that. Rebecca listening on, rejoices.

The Book Cafe:
Gwen and Ethan talk. Ethan tells her that he doesn't have to worry about him he is fine. Gwen tells him that he thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with Theresa, it would be hard for anyone. Ethan tells her that what Theresa did was like a stab in the back. Gwen asks him what she said to him. He tells her that Theresa asked him to forgive her, but he said he couldn't. Gwen tells him that he has forgiven her before, what makes him think he won't do it again. Ethan tells her that he forgave her before but promised him that there was noting else that she wasn't telling him, but learning that she had sex and got pregnant by Julian, he just can't trust her. Gwen says "so you can't forgive her." Ethan says that maybe he can, but forgiveness is a lot different then knowing if they can have any life together, and that, that dream is over.

Friday, February 8, 2002 | Episode #662 

Theresa and Whitney continue to talk about there men. Theresa realizing her chances of getting back with Ethan are slim to none, begins to urge Whitney to go for Chad. Whitney doesn't think she should because she believes it is too late. After all Chad seems to have a new girl in his life. Theresa pushes her more and tells her to learn from the mistakes she has learned form her and Ethan. She talks Whitney into going for Chad, before it really is too late.

Valentine's Dance:
Kay comes up with a new plan to help her get closer to Miguel. Kay sets it up so that Zombie Charity and Miguel share a dance. Kay hopes that this will get Miguel to want to be with her, and not be so upset about Charity dissing him. Ethan and Chad talk about there new women and old women. Ethan tells Chad that Theresa just lied to him too much, but tries to get Chad together with Whitney. Chad believes that Whitney is the last person who wants to see him. Reese starts up with Tabitha yet again. About Timmy being a real life doll and her being an old witch. This all leads Tabitha and Reese into a dance. Timmy who is now a real boy is also showing off his moves on the floor.

The Crane Mansion:
TC tries to get Eve and Sam to believe his theory about Ivy setting Sam and Grace up yet again. He tries to convince them that David may not be Grace's real husband, and that John isn't her son. He pushes more and more for a blood test to be done, knowing that, that is one thing that not even a Crane can fake. Rebecca who is secretly listening into Sam, Eve's and TC's conversation is very happy at the job she did. Telling TC about David is the perfect way to bring Ivy down. David who is also listening is also overjoyed since Ivy will finally get what she deserves. And will no longer hurt Grace, or her family, and David can finally get out of Harmony. He goes and tells Ivy the situation and she panics knowing that her plan is beginning to fail. A David reports to Ivy, who panics. Grace is shocked by what she hears.

Monday, February 11, 2002 | Episode #663
TV Guide
David readily agrees to have his son tested in hopes that Ivy's cruel manipulations will finally come to light. Theresa and Whitney arrive at the Valentine's dance and are dejected to see the men they love in the arms of other women. After "Charity" flattens Kay, Miguel rushes to help his injured friend while Tabitha looks on approvingly. Grace assures Sam she's amenable to the DNA test if it will ease his mind and silence all doubts. Meanwhile, Rebecca gleefully rubs salt in Ivy's wounds. As Kay enjoys Miguel's tender ministrations to her swollen face, Simone speculates aloud about the reason for "Charity's" bizarre behavior. Eve accuses Ivy of hiring David to break up the Bennett's happy marriage. Miguel commends Kay for being so forgiving towards her cousin. Ivy threatens to reveal Eve's sordid past unless the doctor agrees to alter John's DNA results. As the zombie Charity issues a chilling warning to a trembling Timmy, Grace has a sudden premonition of doom.
Whitney is stung when she sees Chad with Kelly at the dance, while Theresa deals with coming face-to-face with Ethan and Gwen. Everyone is stunned when "Charity" marches up to Kay and socks her in the face. Miguel tends to an injured Kay, who plays on his sympathy. Tabitha is pleased Kay's plan is working. Simone suddenly announces she knows why "Charity" hit Kay. Kay fears she's about to be exposed.

TC remains persuaded Ivy hired David to split up Sam and Grace. David surprises TC when he agrees to have John take a DNA test to prove he is Grace's son. David privately hopes the test will put an end to Ivy's deception. Sam tells his wife they don't need to have the test done, but Grace feels it's necessary to put any doubt to rest. An eavesdropping Ivy is nervous she's about to be exposed while Rebecca gloats happily. Ivy is full of rage when she realizes Rebecca is responsible for clueing everyone in on her scheme. Later, Ivy summons Eve to her bedroom, and Eve makes a shocking discovery.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002 | Episode #664

Valentines Dance:
Kelly tells Whitney she wants to talk about Chad. Whitney tells Kelly she has nothing to say to her about Chad. Kelly tells her that she does. Kelly tells her that she is tired of Whitney showing up every time her and Chad are on a date. Her and Chad are broken up, she didn't want him, and that Chad is with her now. Whitney asks if she is finished. Kelly tells her no, and that when they were in High school, Whitney never went out with boys, and obviously she doesn't know how to act around boys since her life was just tennis, tennis, tennis, and to leave Chad alone. Whitney sees Kelly and Chad kissing, and asks herself, it is worth always being so good. Jessica hears Whitney talking to herself, and they begin to talk. Whitney asks if she is being stupid keeping her promise to Simone about Chad. Jessica said that if she knew how she felt about things would be different. Jessica tells her that Chad loves her, and she loves him. Whitney tells her that she had to give up the one thing she loved so that her sister would be all right. Jessica tells her not to do anything she regrets. Whitney tells her that she always does what her parents tell her too, and that she does everything that everyone that everyone else wants her to do. And that she can't have a relationship with a guy that she really wants. She walks away. With a smiling Kelly watching. Whitney's drink is drugged by Marty. Theresa sees Ethan and Gwen dancing and wonders how Ethan could have gotten over her so easy. Miguel finds Theresa and tells her how Charity hit Kay, and how Charity has changed and told him that it is over. Theresa asks Miguel what is wrong with there family, they all seem to get there hearts broken. Theresa begins to wonder if love is even real. Miguel tells her that she has always believed that love can conquer anything, and that things with Ethan could change. Theresa sitting outside realizes she left her coat inside. Just then Ethan comes over and puts her coat around her. Theresa thanks him, and Ethan tells her that he is so use to watching out for her she didn't want her to get sick, or the baby. Theresa tells him that he still loves her he says yes. Theresa grabs him and hugs him, and tells him that her prayers have been answered and that there is still hope for them. Ethan tells her that nothing has changed, and that she has to move on with her life. Ethan leaves. Simone tells everyone how Charity shouldn't have done that, and Jessica tells them that they should tells mom. Kay tells them that Charity just lost her temperature, and tells them not to tell mom, and that it was probably just her premonitions. Miguel tells Kay that she is a really good person for caring more about Charity then she does herself. Miguel tells Kay that he saw his sister come in and she looked a little upset, he leaves to go find Theresa. Jessica and Reese dance, and Simone apologizes to Kay. She tells her that she is sorry for thinking that Kay was trying to get Miguel away from Charity, and that tonight proved her wrong, and how Charity has really changed. Kay and Charity talk about another plan. Kay tells her that she will just keep playing the victim, and (Charity) will just get more evil. Kay and Miguel meet up again, and Kay apologizes and says that she never thought it was gonna turn out like that. And that she really thought that seeing them together she would come to her senses. Miguel begins to grow closer to Kay. Miguel tell Kay that he is so lucky to have her in his life.

The Crane Mansion:
TC has it out with David. David tells TC that he know he has no reason to trust him, but he doesn't want Grace to get hurt, and tells him what a caring, and good person she is, and that he is tired of all that games and that he just wants her to be happy, cause she is what's most important. TC asks if he could have gotten him all wrong. And that David got caught up in the story, and that he is in love with Grace. David tells him that he is right, he is in love with Grace. David asks TC how she couldn't fall in love with Grace, she is wonderful, and that any man would be lucky to have her as his wife. TC tells him that the question is, was he ever that lucky? TC asked him if he knows how the DNA tests are gonna turn out. David says he knows. TC asks him what they are gonna say. David tells TC that he wouldn't believe him anyway, and he better way for the test. TC tells him that he can never get Grace away from Sam, there marriage is to strong. David tells him that he only wants Grace to be happy. TC tells him that she believes him, and that it is the look in his eye, and he doesn't know how he didn't see it before. TC tells him how Eve is his life, and that there is nothing that can come between them. TC has a flashback of him talking to himself about Julian, and how it is over for him (Julian.) David tells him that they have something in common because he isn't expecting answers from him either and he doesn't trust him. TC has a flashback of looking for Julian to kill him. TC picks up a picture of Julian and tells him that he is glad he is dead. Eve listening in says that she is glad he is dead to. Grace and Sam are outside in the Gazebo when Grace gets a premonition. She tells Sam that she feels like something horrible that can hurt them, and that the worst isn't over. Grace knows that something is wrong but she doesn't know what it is, but that the worst isn't over. Grace says that she doesn't know how Charity can deal with the premonitions, just begin a teenager and all. Sam tells her that Charity has Miguel and them, and what a good couple they have. Sam asks Grace what she thinks about Kay and Reese, and him they are serious. They both decided that they are just friends, and how Kay is so persistent, and how Kay will go after the guy she loves with full force. Grace and Sam have a loving moment in the Gazebo. They talk about the murder investigation. Sam tells her that Julian had a lot of enemies. Graces asks if he is thinking of TC. Sam says yes. Sam tries to get rid of the thought, since TC is his best friend. Sam and Grace go over the list of suspects. Ivy tries to get Eve to do her dirty work. Eve tells Ivy that maybe it is time she is was truthful with her husband, and that her and TC love each other. She tells her Ivy that she is tired of her holding her past against her, and warns her to be careful because she can lose a lot. When Ethan finds that she has been blackmailing people and is scheming to wreak up Sam and Grace he will finally know what a horrible person she really is. Eve then asks her what's its like to be backed up in a corner. Eve starts to leave. Ivy asks where she is going, Eve tells Ivy that she is going to tell Grace and Sam that David is working for her. Ivy holds the fact the Eve changed Ethan birth records, and how she is going to lose her license, family and friends. Eve tells her that it doesn't matter, because the DNA tests will show that John is not Graces son, and that she better watch out, when Sam finds out she has been messing with his life, she will be in more pain then she is now. Eve tells Ivy that she can't believe how Ivy has hurt Grace. Ivy tells her that Grace was devastated when she lost her baby, and John has filed a void. Eve tells Ivy that she is evil, and how she can't believe how someone who is suffering so much could come up with such a plot. Ivy tells her that, that is how much she loves Sam. Eve tells her that without her she has nothing on her, and no way to use her to get what she wants. Ivy tells Eve that she is going to tell Sam she saw her with a gun that night and that she murdered Julian. Eve asks her how she knows she had a gun? Ivy tells him that she just told him. Eve tells her that she has no proof, and that she saw her with a gun that night to. Ivy tells her that thetas a lie. Eve tells her to prove it. Ivy tells her that she will just deny everything. Eve tells Ivy that she is at the top of the suspect list. Eve gets a call from Simone who asks if she can stay at the dance longer, and that Whitney is there. Eve reminds her daughter not to drink, or do drugs, or anything of the sort. Eve gets off the phone, and tells Ivy that she has lost and that everyone will see who she really is. She leaves, and Ivy throws a glass at the door, and says "Damn you!" Ivy (talking to herself) says that Ivy is not gonna get away with this. She is reminded of Eve telling Simone, "No drinking, smoking, or doing drugs. Ivy makes a call to Marty and tells him that she has something very important for him to do.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002 | Episode #665

The Crane Mansion:
T. C. apologizes to Eve for suggesting that David is working with Ivy to destroy Sam & Grace's marriage, because he knows that Eve really believes that David is Grace's husband. An angry Eve almost tells T. C. the truth, that she knows David is a fraud! Eve covers by saying she's just giving credence to TC's ideas, then nervously suggests they leave the mansion because they've been there too long, which is music to TC's ears. He tells Eve that he has a surprise for her and happily leads her out the door.

The Valentines Dance:
Tabitha goes back to the dance in search of Timmy, who, unbeknownst to her, has gone to the cave to rescue the real Charity. Whitney, sipping a drugged drink, is asked to dance but declines, while Ivy's henchman smiles and says just wait, sweetheart! Soon you won't know what hit you! Zombie Charity tells Kay that she senses something wrong, but that she will take care of it, and have a lot of fun in the process. Whitney asks a guy to dance, and as the drug she ingested begins to take effect, she begins to dance suggestively, Which Kelly makes sure to point out to Chad, who finds an errand to run that gets him away from the spectacle before him. After the song ends, Whitney grabs another guy and tells him she feels like partying! Reese shakes his head in astonishment as he sees this, as Simone and Jessica ask him what's up. He tells Simone that he never knew her sister had such a wild side to her. Simone laughs and says, Whitney's never had a wild day in her life. Reese says, "Well she sure has now!" and points to the dance floor, where Whit's dirty dancing now has the attention of everyone in the room. Tabitha, still searching for Timmy, sees Whitney and is shocked, wondering what's happened to Miss Goody-goody, as she notices the man Ivy hired. Concentrating her psychic energy, she is able to see the conversation Ivy had with him, giving him the instruction to drug Whitney, whose dancing gets even dirtier. Simone begins to panic, knowing something is wrong with her sister, who is now surrounded by groping guys! Asking if they think they can handle her, she gropes back. Simone tries to put a stop to it, but Whit pulls away saying everybody always tries to spoil her fun, and goes back to all her new "friends." Simone begins to cry and tells Reese & Jessica how scared she is, while they agree that something is definitely wrong. When Kelly announces that the music is taking a short break until Chad comes back, Whitney, through her drugged haze, says she'll show Kelly! She goes to the microphone and begins to sing a sexy song to all her admirers, as Simone decides to take drastic action. She calls Eve in tears and tells her what Whit is doing. She then begs Eve to come and get Whit.

The Cave:
Timmy, although afraid of Zombie Charity, valiantly tries to remove the rocks blocking the entrance to the cave. He succeeds, and enters, trying to figure out a plan to get the real Charity out of the ice, because her goodness could erase all the badness. He begins to chip away at the ice with a stick, getting discouraged because he feels he's making no progress. He hears a faint sound behind him, and turns around expecting to find the Angel Girl. Instead, he confronts Zombie Charity, demonic eyes and all, who laughs as Timmy screams! She tells him he can't get away from her and not to even try. She demands he give her the stick and Timmy refuses, saying that he IS going to rescue Charity! The zombie responds with a bolt of lightning, as Tabitha enters the cave and tells her to leave Timmy alone! Zombie laughs and says she's got a lot of surprises in store for this town, beginning with Timmy & Tabby! Lightning flies from her hands, directed at the twosome. Then she tells them she's got a lot of pain in store for them, while Tabby tells her to stop frightening Timmy. Zombie laughs and tells Tabby that there is nothing she can do to stop her, so don't even try or you'll be sorry, Tabitha says she doesn't frighten easily, a the zombie laughs and says that Tabby is about to be more frightened than she's ever been in her whole long, miserable life, and that there is a lot that Tabby doesn't know yet. She then asks if Tabby is feeling brave enough to know what is coming her way.

After leaving the dance (and witnessing none of Whitney's antics), Kay and Miguel walk near the cave, talking about the changes in "Charity"Kay says all the right things, and Miguel starts seeing her in a new light, telling her how different she's become from "just one of the guys." He tells her that he really appreciates what a good friend she's been, and that he wishes he could find out what's happened to Charity? He then confesses that he can't help but wonder if Evil has come back into all their lives......and maybe taken over Charity! He asks a stunned Kay what she thinks, and she stammers that she's sure it's something else. Kay notices a light coming from the cave, and tries to get Miguel to start walking back to town with her before he sees it, also. Miguel turns around and sees the light and runs toward it! Meanwhile, Eve fills T. C. in on Simone's call, and they both head to the dance!

Thursday, February 14, 2002 | Episode #666 

The Cave:
Zombie Charity torments Tabitha and Timmy. Tabitha wonders how bad Zombie Charity can really be. Zombie Charity's fingers light up. Miguel sees a light form in side the cave, and hears someone talking. Kay has a flashback of her checking up on charity to make sure she is still frozen. Miguel goes to investigate the cave. Zombie Charity tries to zap Tabby and Timmy. They hear Miguel calling out. Kay tries to stop him from going into the cave. Miguel thinks he hears Charity. Zombie Charity comes up with a plan on how to handle Miguel. Miguel begins to dig out the rocks in order to get to the cave. Zombie Charity finds a way to stop Miguel, and Tabby realizes Charity has more powers then see imagined. Kay tries to decide what she should do. Stay and keep Miguel for going in, or make a run for it. Zombie Charity seals up the holes so that Miguel can't get into the cave. Miguel keeps calling out to see if there is someone in the cave. Zombie Charity makes a couple appear to get Miguel to stop looking in the cave. As the couple passes, Kay says that they must have been what he heard. The couple disappears with only Kay walking. Kay gets Miguel to leave. While inside the cave Tabby, and Zombie Charity have it out. Zombie Charity asks Tabby if she knows what in store for her. Miguel worries that there is still someone in the cave. Kay tries to get him to stop worrying about it. Zombie Charity zaps Tabby and makes her go flying into the wall. Tabby tells her that Zombie's don't usually have those powers. Charity tells her that her friends in the basement gave her, her old ones.

The Youth Center:
Eve and TC are on there way, while Whitney is still singing. Simone begins to get more and more worried about her sister, and calls Chad and tells her about Whitney. Chad heads back over to the dance. Chad gets there and realizes that there is something wrong. Kelly tries to talk Chad out of helping her. Simone calls her parents again to see where they are. She tells them that she is doing things that she has never done before, and that Chad is trying to help. The phone starts to cut out and TC mishears Simone's message, and thinks that Chad hurt Whitney. Whitney sees Chad and has a flashback of them together. She begins to sing to him. She has another flashback of seeing him and Kelly skating together. She puts on a song that tells how she really feels, and starts dancing very sexy. Chad tries to take Whitney home, but she refuses to leave. Eve and TC arrive at the dance. TC misunderstands Chad intentions. Eve tells TC that they don't know what is going on. TC says he knows and heads over to Chad. Whitney comes on to Chad, and TC punches him out! Simone tries to get to her father to tell him that he has it all wrong. TC begins to yell at Chad, Chad has flashbacks of being a child, and being yelled at and hit. Chad finally gets up, and tackles TC. Ivy is finding out what is going on with Whitney through her henchman who is watching everything at the dance. Marty begins to worry about Whitney's well being. Marty tells Ivy that TC punched Chad.

St. Lisa's Island::
Liz asks Brian how Diana is. Brian has a flashback of Diana talking about being with her lover. He wonders if she will ever be able to move on. Diana dreams of her and Luis being together. Liz tries to talk Brian out of going into Diana's room. Brian and Liz go downstairs. While in the room Diana knows her lover is out there, she just has to find him. Brian and Liz come back upstairs and finds Diana missing. Diana is walking around the island, and she knows that the man she loves is out there. Brian and Liz find Diana the island, and she says that she is not sleepwalking she just wanted to be close to the water, and close to her lover. Diana tells them to go on back to the hotel, and she will be there soon. Liz leaves and Brian stays (of course) Brian tries to convince her that the man she loves is not dead and what that what she say was not real. Diana tells him it was, and he could be looking for her right now.

The Book Cafe:
Beth gets a package from Sheridan.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis has flashbacks of being with Sheridan earlier and putting the handcuffs on her so he wouldn't lose her again. He doesn't understand how he could lose her again. Hank comes in to help Luis. He tells her that he will never get over her death, if he stays in the cottage. Luis tells him that Sheridan is still alive. Hank asks him where he is gonna find her? Luis tells him that he isn't giving up. He begins to go through all the memories they had. Hank tries to knock some since into him. Beth call Luis phone, and Hank picks up because Luis didn't want to. Beth tells Hank he needs to talk to Luis and heads over to the cottage. Luis starts to believe that Beth has something that will lead him to Sheridan. Hank tells Luis that he is getting hi hopes up for no reason. Luis tells him that he saw Sheridan twice that night, and she is real and alive. Beth arrives at the cottage. Beth gives Luis the package.

Friday, February 15, 2002 | Episode #667

The Youth Center:
TC and Chad continue to fight. Simone tries to get to her father to let him know that Chad didn't hurt Whitney, but Reese and Jessica keep her from him. Eve tries to get control over Whitney, who has no control. Whitney is still flirting and trying to make out with every guy she can. Kay and Miguel come back to the dance and Miguel and Reese try to stop TC from beating up Chad. They finally stop them from fighting. Miguel, and Simone try to convince TC that Chad had nothing to do with it. He doesn't believe him. Kelly and Simone take Chad outside. TC confronts Whitney, and she tells them to calm down she is just having fun. TC and Eve take her home against her will. Chad now talking to Simone can't believe what just happened. He doesn't understand how he could have hit TC, and doesn't understand why TC would hit him. He loves Whitney and would never hurt her. At the Dance, Miguel asks Jessica and Reese where charity is, they tell them that they haven't seen her in a while. He begins to worry that maybe he really did hear Charity's voice in the cave. Kay tries to talk him out of it but it doesn't work. Miguel, Reese, Jessica, and Kay all head back to the cave to try to find another way to get in. Eve and TC get Whitney home and try to find out what is wrong with her. Ivy's henchman is standing outside looking in the window because he fear he gave Whitney to much of the drug and it will kill her. Eve and TC have no idea what is wrong with Whitney, TC still blames Chad, but Eve tells him to calm down, cause they don't know what happened. Whitney dances around the house, and gets near the front door and passes out. Making Eve, TC, and Marty worry about her health.

The Cave:
With the threat of Miguel entering the cave gone, Zombie Charity thinks it is a fine time to get rid of Tabby and Timmy. She explains to them how Tabby's friends in the basement gave her Tabby's old powers, and wants her to destroy Tabby with them. Timmy and Tabby try to stall Charity, but she does get a few zaps at them. Timmy pleads to her, and begins to list Tabby's accomplishments, such as the sinking of the Titanic. Tabby asks her how she is going to destroy the lives of the people in Harmony when she doesn't even know the whole story. Zombie Charity, pulls out a copy of the "Hidden Passions" book, in paperback. She tells them they she has read the book, and knows everything she needs to know. Tabby try's to convince her otherwise, and asks her about Luis and Sheridan. Charity tells them that, that is old news and that Sheridan is on an island in Bermuda where Luis' brother if falling madly in love with her, and Luis is still in Harmony hoping that she will come back. And she tells Tabby that she already knows about the whole Titanic story. Tabby tells her that she may know about that but she doesn't know about there past life in ancient Egypt. This intrigues Zombie Charity and buy's Tabby and Timmy more time. Tabby begins to tell Zombie Charity about the story of Anotonito, and Cleopatra.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis opens to the package that Sheridan sent to Beth. It turns out to be a scrap book of there relationship. Beth tells Luis that Sheridan came to her right before they were getting married and asked for her help putting together a scrap book, and that the book just came back from the book place. Luis doesn't understand why Sheridan would do that, and wonders if she thought that they weren't going to spend there lives together. Beth tells him that Sheridan was afraid something was going to happen to her, and that she did want to spend her life with him, but she as afraid that she wasn't going to make it. Hank tells him that it was as if she got a sort of premonition. Luis tells them that he still believe Sheridan is alive and he just has to find his way back to her. Hank and Luis fill Beth in on the reuniting of Sheridan and Luis, in the pool and the Gazebo. Beth finds an ad for the movie Titanic and asks Luis about it. He tells them about the fortune teller at Sheridan's birthday party and how the teller told her that her and Luis had many past lives together.

Monday, February 18, 2002 | Episode #
Tuesday, February 19, 2002 | Episode #668
The Russell House:
Eve and TC try to wake Whitney up, after she passes out on the floor. Marty relays all the event's to Ivy on the phone. Marty begins to worry that he may have given Whitney to much of the drug, and could have killed her. Ivy try's to blame Marty for everything if she dies, but Marty reminds her that she hired him, so they are in it together. Whitney begins to come to. Eve and TC bring her over to the coach to lie down. TC still blames Chad for getting Whitney drunk. And asks Eve if she thinks Whitney will be all right for there tennis math in the morning. Whitney who is in and out of consciousness begins to sing, which shocks both of her parents but for different reasons. TC can't believe his daughter has such a talent but also doesn't know where she would get it from. No one in his family can carry a tune, so he questions Eve about her background. Eve tells him that she did a little singing in high school but nothing professionally. (Eve has a flashback of her singing at a nightclub.) TC tells her that Whitney's voice reminds him of the tape he heard Julian playing, but he never got to see who the singer was. (it was Eve) TC continues to tell her that he guesses he will never find out who the singer was now that Julian is dead. He leaves to go and make some coffee. Eve looks after her daughter and wonders how a couple of drinks could have made her go so wild, and she wonders if it could be something else. Eve has another flashback of a man giving her some pills, and telling her that they will make her feel real good. Eve decides to take some blood to Whitney to have tested. Marty still watching from outside, calls Ivy and tells her that Eve is taking some of Whitney's blood and that if she tests it she will find out what drug it is and come and tear her (Ivy) apart. Ivy starts to get nervous. TC comes back into the living room to find Eve taking blood from Whitney. He asks what she is doing and she tells him that she thinks it could be something else that is effecting Whitney. TC asks her if she thinks Whitney is on drugs.

Sheridan/Diana is still holding the rose she found washed up on shore, she sees it as a sign but Brian tries to tell her differently. Sheridan tells Brian that she was with her lover tonight, she felt his heartbeat, and felt his arms around her. Brian tells her that he doesn't understand how her lover could be dead and then be alive again. He then tells her Doc's theory about the Bermuda Triangle and the effects it had. Sheridan tells him that, that must be the reason why tonight was so different, why she could really feel him, and not just remember him. Brian tells her that he knows that she loved this man, and that even through her amnesia she remembered him, but maybe it was just all her mind playing tricks on her. She snaps back at him that she was with her lover tonight, she doesn't know how but she was. She begins to tell Brian about her visions, about her and her lover having past lives together. Brain looks at her like she has really lost it. Sheridan goes on to tell him that they are more like snap shots of them, as if there love as been growing throughout the ages. Brian tries to tell her that the past lives thing is nonsense and that he knows she loves this man but maybe it is time to move on with her life.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis finishes telling Beth and Hank about what the fortune teller told Sheridan when she was just a little girl. Beth tells him that it must have been awful for her. Luis agrees and tells them that the fortune teller told her that she would find her love but never find happiness with him. Beth tells him that, that is exactly what happened. Him and Sheridan were supposed to get married and then everything got messed up, and then she died. They go through the scrap book, and Hank asks Luis what he thinks Sheridan was trying to tell him when she made it. They come across pictures of them dancing and at the Crane pool. Hank tells him that, those were all the things that happened that night. He had visions of being with Sheridan at the pool and dancing. He tries to convince Luis that maybe what he saw tonight was just him reliving his memories of being with Sheridan. At the end of the book is the letter that Sheridan wrote to Luis in case she died. (The one that was delivered to him from her lawyer) Luis has a flashback of reading the letter and talking to his mother about it. And telling his mother that Sheridan wants him to go on with his life, but he doesn't know how he can. Beth tells Luis that she is sorry she has to leave but she has to get back to the book cafe. Hank tells him that they will all go, Luis has to get out for a little while. As they are leaving Hank stops Luis and tells him to think about what Sheridan was trying to tell him when she made that book for him. Hank is hinting to Luis that Sheridan wanted him to move on with his life. At the book cafe Luis is still looking through the scrap book and Hank comes over with some coffee, and tells Luis that he should move on.

The Cave:
Inside the cave Tabithia tells Zombie Charity about how she broke up Sheridan and Luis when they were Cleopatra and Marc Antony. Tabitha tells her how she was "Cleopatra's" most trusted servant, and that she was going to kill her. Timmy who was a soldier stalled Marc Antony from going in to see the queen. They spoke about love. "Luis" tells Timmy how important love is, and how much he loves "Sheridan" He tells Timmy that one day he will meet his true love too. Timmy tells him that he thinks he already has. A young girl looks at Timmy in a very sweet way. (it was Charity, with black hair) Timmy continues to tell him that one day he will get enough courage to ask to girl to marry him. Inside Cleopatra's room, Cleopatra tells her trusted servant, Tabithia about how her and Marc Antony are going to run away together, and she is just going to give up the thrown. And they will be together. Tabitha goes to a basket that she was carrying. The basket has apples in it, and a rattle snake, ready to bite Cleopatra. Cleopatra puts her hand into the basket and pulls out an apple and begin to eat it. Tabitha takes the basket away and asks the snake what is wrong with it and why it didn't bite? (The snake talks just to let you know) the snake tells her that it is not just something he can turn on and off, she tells him that it is his job to bite people. Cleopatra continues to get ready to see Marc Antony. Tabitha goes outside to stall Antony some more. When she goes back into the room she take the snake out of the basket and holds it up to Cleopatra. The snake bits her in the neck, leaving to little teeth marks, and putting Cleopatra on the floor dying. Antony come in, while Tabithia is still holding the snake. He runs over to his dying Cleopatra, and asks her what has happened. She tells him that it does not matter anymore, and tells him that she loves him and that he wants him to move on with his life. He tells her that he can't, but she tells that he must, and she dies. Antony stand up, and walks over to Tabithia holding the snake, he takes out his sword, and swings it at Tabithia. The snake falls out of her hands in too pieces. Tabithia is still holding her neck, because she thought Antony was coming after her. Antony takes the sank and throws it and then asks Tabithia what happened. She tells him that it was terrible, she tried to stop Cleopatra from taking her own life, but there was nothing she could do. Antony asks her why Cleopatra's would ever take her own life, they were going to be together. Tabithia tells him that it was because she couldn't give up her thrown, it was just too much for her. Antony walks back over to Cleopatra and asks himself what he has done, and says that he cannot go on. He takes out his sword and stabs himself. Timmy yelled out to stop him but it was too late, he had already killed himself. He fell on the floor next to Cleopatra with there hands touching. Zombie Charity praises Tabitha for being so good. She thought Telling Antony that Cleopatra took her own life was genius. Meanwhile outside Miguel, Kay, Reese, and Jessica are set out to find the cave. Kay tries to talk Miguel out of it, but he insist that they find it, thinking that it could be Charity. Kay has a flashback of being in the cave and checking on Charity to make sure she was still frozen. Kay tries to get the gang to go the other way to buy her more time. She insists that the cave is the other way. They decide to follow her. Except they figure out that they are going to wrong way to fast and turn back and reach the cave. Kay continues to try to get Miguel to take her back home, and tells him that she is really cold. Reese starts up his gadget to find out if there is a cabin on the other side of the wall. The gadget tells them that there is. Inside the cave Timmy notices that there is water dripping, and that Charity's heart is glowing form beneath the ice. He finally gets Zombie Charity's, and Tabithia attention. They both scream at the same time. Miguel, Reese, Kay, and Jessica all hear the scream form outside the cave.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002 | Episode #669

The Cave:
Charity's heart begins to melt the ice surrounding her, as Tabitha & the Zombie Charity notice & Scream! Outside the cave, Miguel, Reese, Jessica & Kay hear them. The Zombie Charity asks Tabitha why the ice is melting and blames Timmy. Tabitha tells her to leave Timmy alone-how could he be to blame? She says to just look at how Charity's heart is glowing--there is your answer as to what's melting the ice! The Zombie Charity tries to figure a way to stop Charity from defrosting ... and shoots ice breath at Charity! A sad Timmy says he was hoping that his sweet Charity would escape----when all of a sudden, her heart begins to beat & glow stronger that before! The Zombie Charity is too busy to notice this because she is bragging about all of the other evil she's brought to Harmony (without being specific, of course) as Tabitha laughs and says at the rate the ice is melting, Charity will be free in no time! The Zombie Charity gives Charity another icy blast, but instead of freezing the ice, rose petals begin to rain down into the cave! Outside, Jessica says that she can smell roses, and that the smell is coming from inside the cave! Soon all of them can smell it, as the boys and Jessica frantically try to remove the rocks that are blocking the cave entrance. Jessica sees that Kay isn't even trying to help and accuses her of not wanting them to rescue "Charity." Tabitha tells the Zombie Charity that it is Miguel's love that is saving Charity yet again, as Timmy says that it's his love, too, and that the Zombie Charity will see that true love conquers all! Tabitha says that the Zombie Charity had better do something to stop Charity from melting, while Timmy smiles. Outside, Jessica asks Kay again why she won't help, as Miguel & Reese search for another way into the cave. Inside, Zombie Charity tells Tabitha that it's no wonder the friends in the basement gave her Tabitha's powers -- because she's too stupid to make good use of them! Timmy tells her to stop dicing Tabitha, and the Zombie Charity laughs and says anyone who believes that love is strong enough to make charity's heart glow & melt ice deserves to be dissed! They hear what appears to be digging, but Zombie Charity insists that is not what it is, and conjures up a magic ice ball so she can see outside -- and discovers Tabitha's right again! Timmy says again that true love conquers all, as Tabitha says that if the ice keeps melting and Charity gets free, all 3 of them are in for it. Zombie Charity rolls her eyes and says that Tabitha is WRONG. Tabitha says that Miguel will save Charity as usual, and then the Zombie Charity will be the one in the "hot seat" with their friends in the basement! While outside, Miguel & Reese have almost broken thru the barrier. Zombie Charity says so a few rocks fell, they'll never get in, and besides, Charity is still trapped in the they turn to look, they see Charity's heart, which has already melted the ice considerably, glow brighter than ever, as it causes a large chunk of ice to break away!

The Book Cafe:
Hank tells Luis to read Sheridan's letter again and he'll see that she wanted him to move on with his life. Luis tells Hank that for the last time Sheridan is NOT DEAD -- he just held her in his arms, for God's sake! Hank insists that it was Luis' mind playing tricks on him. When Hank needs to leave, Beth promises to 'Keep an eye" on Luis, who thanks her for the book. He tells her that he can't let Sheridan go, and that his head is telling him one thing, and his heart another. He gets up to leave.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Hank sees Pilar struggling with groceries, and carries them into the house for her. He tells her how worried he is about Luis, because now he's seeing Sheridan! Pilar thinks that it's her fault for encouraging him to believe that she's coming back to him, as she believed Antonio was coming home to her. She says that it seems she was wrong about both things, and fears that she's hurt her son by having blind faith. Hank tells Pilar that Beth wants Luis back. Pilar tells him that Beth is a nice girl, but Sheridan is Luis' soulmate. Hank argues that he thinks Beth would be the best thing for Luis. Luis walks in the kitchen, and asks Hank what is going on. Hank leave s without answering, because he realizes that Luis knew exactly what was going on. Pilar tells him that she feels like she gave him false hope and that it's time for him to let go. She says maybe if she had remarried, he wouldn't have felt like he needed to take care of the family, and maybe he would have a family of his own by now. She tells him that Sheridan would want him to move on, while he insists she's alive. Pilar says if he feels that strongly about it, that he should try to reach her and ask what she wants him to do. Luis goes outside, and Pilar goes to her room, where she sits talking to a picture of Antonio. When she goes to put it back, she drops it between her nightstand & bed. When she retrieves it, she finds the Medal that Antonio dropped there Christmas Eve! She says this is proof that she was right, that he was there at Christmas...It was a miracle, and maybe Luis really was with Sheridan!

St. Lisa's Island:
Sheridan, angry and sobbing, demands to know why Brian insists that she give up the idea she was with her dead lover, because she doesn't think he's dead and can't bear to think of a life without him! Brian tells her that he knows she believes that, but he doesn't think the guy is coming back, and that he doesn't want her to wake up one day and find her whole life behind her. He presses her to make a decision-the man or him. She talks out loud to Luis, as he talks out loud to her, from his backyard in Harmony. They both say that they are two halves of one whole, and that they can't live without the other, as they ask each other what to do...should they give up hope, or wait for the other to come back?

Thursday, February 21, 2002 | Episode #670

The Russell House:
Sam and Grace go over to the Russell's after hearing about Whitney. Chad tells them that Chad got Whitney so drunk that she did things in front of people that he doesn't even want to talk about. Sam can't believe that Chad would do something like that, and that, that doesn't sound like the Chad that he does. TC tells them that Chad better be on the next bus out of town. Eve tells them that Simone never told them that Chad had anything to do with Whitney. TC tells them that he saw him taking advantage on Whitney. Outside Simone begs Chad no to go into the house and just give it till tomorrow. He tells her that he has to see Whitney and make sure she is all right, and tell TC that he had nothing to do with what happened to Whitney. They go back and forth about it for a while. Chad and Simone go into the house. TC hears the front door form inside the kitchen and says that it must be Simone. Him and Sam go out to great Simone, only to find Chad with her. Chad tries to explain to TC what had happened, but before he could even get a word out TC grabbed him about to beat him all over again. Sam grabbed TC and got him off of Chad, while Grace and Eve came running in from the kitchen. Chad tries to explain to them what happened. But Sam tells him just go home, while he was still holding back TC. Chad tells them he has no where to go, he lives above the garage. Grace tells him to go to the B&B. He again tries to explain but they tell him just to go. He leaves. TC tells Sam that he should have arrested him. Sam tells him that he will question him tomorrow after he talks to Whitney. Sam's phone rings, and it Jessica, who tells him to come over to the park, they can't find Charity. Sam tells TC that he needs his help. TC refuses to go at first because he wanted to go after Chad, but Sam tells him that anything he has to say to Chad can wait until tomorrow, and that he needs him right now. The two of them leave. Simone begins to look for Chad since he wasn't at the B&B where he was supposed to be. Chad climbs through Whitney's window to check on her. Whitney wakes up and gives Chad a big kiss. While downstairs Eve and Grace discuss there children. First Whitney, now Charity. Grace asks Eve if she believes that Chad had anything to do with what happened to Whitney. Eve tells her that she doesn't know. And maybe Chad got so desperate to be with Whitney that he did slip something into her drink, to try to take advantage of Whitney just like Julian did to her. Grace tells her that she cannot compare Chad and Julian, Eve tells her that she knows, and they decide to go up and check on Whitney. With Chad still in Whitney's room.

The Cave:
Miguel and Reese continue to try to break into the cave while the real Charity begins to thaw out more and more. Timmy tells them that Charity's love for Miguel is so strong that she is melting the ice. Zombie Charity, looking more disgusted then anything tries to come up with a new idea. The ooze that she had put on the rocks to seal them begins to disappear. She tries to use a bit of lighting, but her powers fail on her. Tabitha asks her what she is gonna do now. Outside Miguel and Reese continue to take down the rocks but decide to take a big log to break through easier. Kay getting very worried that they will succeed has to come up with a new way to get them to stop. As Reese and Miguel begin to run with the log to break through the rocks Kay kicks a rock right in front of Reese which make both him and Miguel fall. They both are okay though. Zombie Charity rejoices inside, but Tabitha reminds her that, that will not keep Miguel for long especially if he thinks that his Charity is in the cave. Zombie Charity begins to whisper "help me Miguel help me" over and over. Outside the cave (Zombie) Charity;s voice draws Miguel, Reese and Jessica into the woods, thinking that Charity is in the woods instead of the cave. Jessica calls her father for help. Zombie Charity blows some more cold air on Charity to keep her frozen for a little longer. Tabitha asks Zombie Charity how they are going to get out of the cave. Miguel and the gang will be back once they don't find Charity in the woods. Zombie Charity beginning to get sick of Tabby's nagging decides to leave Tabby and Timmy in the cave. She turns herself into a puddle and slips right under the rocks that were barricading the cave entrance. Her puddle ends up right next to Kay who stayed behind. The puddle begins to talk. Kay sees Zombie Charity's reflection in the puddle. She tells Kay that she better come up with another plan or they are doomed. Kay tells her that she is doing the best that she can. Zombie Charity tells her that she better try harder, and warns her that her "boyfriend" is approaching. Miguel asks Kay who she was talking to. Kay gets tongue tied, and Miguel looks downwards toward the puddle.

St. Lisa's Island:
Sheridan/Diana talks to herself about Luis. She asks him what she should do, and tells him that she is so confused. While Brain looks on. Back in Harmony Luis is doing the same thing, while Beth looks on. Luis tells Sheridan that if there was even a chance of her ever coming back then he would wait for years, but if there is not he doesn't know what to do. They both continue to ask each other what they should do. If they should hold on or let go. Luis hears Beth behind him. She apologizes for intruding, and tells him that he just looked so upset when he left the cafe she wanted to make sure he was okay. He tells her that it is okay and that it would be nice to talk to someone. He tells her that he just doesn't know what to do, and doesn't know how to let go of the greatest love he has ever felt. Realizing what he just said, he apologizes to Beth, and tells her that he is such a jerk. She tells him that it is all right, and that it is no secret how he felt for Sheridan, and that they just didn't work out. Beth tells Luis to think about what Sheridan would want him to do in the same situation. If he had died would he want her to move on, or grieve for the rest of her life. Brian comes over and sits next to Diana. She tells him that she is so confused. He apologizes to her, and tells her that he never meant to shatter her hopes. She tells him that it is okay, and that he was just trying to talk some sense into her. He tells her to do what her heart tells her to do. She tells him that she can't because her heart is telling her something that just isn't possible. That her love is out there somewhere and to hold on. Brian tells her to think about what she would want him to do in this situation. Beth goes inside and leaves Luis alone for a bit. He tells himself/Sheridan that if it were him he would want her to be happy. Luis then has a montage of memories of him and Sheridan together. Them dancing, taking a bath, getting engaged and making out. In Bermuda Sheridan who now sits alone has the same memories, and asks him (her love) has sent them to her, and why. What was he trying to tell her? To let go or to never give up. Luis decides to let go of Sheridan because that is what he would want her to do. And tells her that no matter where she is he hopes she finds happiness. Sheridan feels Luis letting her go, and begins to cry. And tells him that if that is what he wants her to do then she will release him to, and try to move on. But that she would have waited for him forever. They let go of each other. Beth comes out of the house with a hot drink for Luis. He tells her that he finally let go of Sheridan, and just hopes that he did the right thing. Brian who is now at the hotel pulls a picture of him and "Diana" and tells her (the picture) that he knows he could love her just as much as her lover did. He hears Sheridan coming around the corner and puts the picture away. He asks him she is all right and she just hugs him and cries more.

Friday, February 22, 2002 | Episode #671

St. Lisa's Island:
Sheridan cries on Brian's shoulder, and tells him that she finally let him go. She tells him that it was so hard, but what made it easier is that she felt like her love was letting go of her too. As if he were giving her permission to move on. The great love of her life is over. She doesn't understand how she is supposed to move on and forget about him. Brain tells her that it will get easier and she will be able to move on. Sheridan tells him that she doesn't think she will ever get over it. Brian tells her that he thinks she is taking the first steps in moving on. Sheridan wonders what if she starts a new relationship and the love of her life comes back. Brian gives her a weird look, and she knows that he doesn't think they could ever happen because he thinks her lover is dead. Brian hopes that he is part of Sheridan's future and her life, and he believes that he can make her forget about her other lover. (he thinks this all to himself) Sheridan apologizes to Brian for dragging him through all this. Brain tells her that he will always be there for him. He tells her that she has to make a decision on whether or not she can give him up. Sheridan realizes that she isn't going to be with her lover ever again, and decides to move on with her life.

Luis tells Beth that he let Sheridan go. Luis tells her that he still feels a connection to her like she was telling him to move on. Beth tells Luis that she wishes she could do more for him, but he tells her that just begin there is enough. Luis begins to realize that Sheridan is really gone. Luis tells Beth that he kept thinking that Sheridan was alive. Beth tells him that, that is a normal reaction. Luis says good-bye to Sheridan. Beth tells Luis that maybe the scrapbook and the letter were Sheridan's way of telling Luis to move on. Luis doesn't know how she would have known then. Beth brings up the fortune teller that was at Sheridan birthday, and tries to tell Luis that he may have just released Sheridan from coming back over and over again and experiencing the pain. Luis begins to say that he hope Sheridan's finds happiness but then stops himself when he realizes that he doesn't want her to find happiness with another man. Beth tells him that he is the only one who can release her. Luis tells her that if he knew Sheridan was happy then he could let her go, and try to move on with his life, but it is to hard to think of a future without her. Beth calls Luis selfish because he doesn't realize that Sheridan wants him to move on. Luis understands what Beth is saying and thanks her for listening, and tells her that she is always there when he needs her. Beth tells him that she thinks he has made the right decision and that somewhere out there, someone wonderful is waiting for him. They say goodnight. Beth leaves. Luis tells himself ... "you really are wonderful Beth."

The Cave:
Sam and TC begin to look for the kids in the woods. TC says he wants to go back because Chad could be there. Sam threatens to arrest him. TC asks him if he is going to arrest him for protecting his daughter. Sam reminds him that he and a lot of people saw him beat up Chad at the Youth Center. TC tells him that he will stay and help, but as soon as they are done he is going to bust Chad up. TC and Sam find Kay and Miguel and see Charity's reflection in the puddle and they try to figure out how that could be. Jessica, and Reese meet up with them. When they all turn to look at Jessica and Reese, the puddle and the reflection disappear. TC, Sam, and Miguel tell Jessica and Reese what they saw. Inside the cave, Charity begins to melt more and more because of her glowing heart. Tabby tells Timmy that Zombie Charity better get Miguel and the rest of them away form the cave before the real Charity is completely melted, otherwise she will be exposed as a witch. Tabby watches everything that is happening outside through her ball of ice. Tabby thinks it is over for her and Timmy. Tabby wonders how Zombie Charity is going to explain her reflection in the puddle. Tabby sees that Zombie Charity has disappeared. Another block of ice falls from Charity, and her eyes and head begin to move. Timmy roots her on. Charity begins to defrost more and more. She begins to say Miguel's name, and moves her eyes, and head more. Everyone inside and outside of the cave hear (Zombie) Charity laughing, but they don't know where it is coming from. Jessica asks Charity where she is. They hear her say "up here" When they look up they see Charity in the tree. They all begin to question her on how and why she did that to them. She tells them that she was never behind the rock wall. She tells them that it was just a practical joke. Charity keeps laughing even though they are trying to get answers form her. Sam tells her that he doesn't understand why she would make they worry so much. Charity tells them to lighten up, she said she was sorry. They asks her how she got her reflection in the puddle, and she tells them that she was up in the tree, and she saw her reflection in the puddle. TC and Sam decide to leave since everything seems to be all right. Charity decides to leave since it is late and she is bored, and she starts to walk away. Reese, Jessica, and Kay decide to leave. As Kay passes Charity, Charity tells her that she will walk with her. Miguel pulls Charity back and he tells her that she isn't leaving until he gets some answers form her. He asks her why she has changed so much, and what is going on with her. She tells him that she doesn't have to answer his questions. Miguel tells her that they are not leaving until they do.

The Russell House:
Whitney is still kissing Chad in her room. Chad keep trying to stop her, and asks her what is going on with her because this isn't like her. Chad continues to try to stop Whitney. Chad tells Whitney that they can't do this, and that he doesn't know her right now. Whitney tells him that is about time he did, and rips off Chad's shirt and then rips off her own. Outside her room Eve and Grace talk about Whitney. Grace tells Eve that she can't believe Chad would do such a thing because he seemed so sincere when he was here before. Eve tells her that she doesn't want to believe it either, but if it is true TC won't be able to do anything to Chad because she will have already got to him. Eve has a flashback of Whitney doing a sexy dance with Chad. Grace tells Eve that maybe she shouldn't go into her room, she should just let her rest. Eve tells her that she doesn't want Whitney to have to deal with the same things she did. She doesn't want her to have to hide things from her family. Whitney has her talent, and is even better then she is. Grace tells her that just because she has her talent doesn't mean that she is going to do the same things. Grace tells her that Whitney is strong, and she is not going to let anyone take advantage of her. Eve reminds her that nobody thought Theresa was going to get pregnant before she got married, but it happened. Grace tells her that Whitney is strong and level headed and wouldn't let that happen to her. Eve and Grace go into Whitney's room, and find them without shirts on. Chad tries to explain, but Eve begins to hit him over and over again. Eve sees Julian as she is beating up Chad, and hits Chad more. She accidentally calls him Julian as Grace pulls her off of him. Chad asks her why she just called him Julian. Sam and TC arrive back at the house, and TC and Sam go to check on Whitney.

Monday, February 25, 2002 | Episode #672

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Fending off Eve's blows, Chad wonders why Whitney's outraged mother keeps calling him "Julian." TC arrives and demands some answers from Chad, who repeatedly insists he's done nothing wrong. Pilar feels certain that Antonio was in the house over the holidays. Miguel accuses "Charity" of playing a cruel trick on all their friends. Meanwhile, inside the cave, Tabitha and Timmy watch the real Charity rapidly defrost. Sam is forced to pull TC off Chad once again. Simone rushes in to protect the man she loves and reminds her father how Chad saved Whitney's life on more than one occasion. Theresa sadly tells Pilar she believes she has nothing left to live for and not even the baby on the way can change that. Whitney wakes up and is startled to find so many people in her room. Questioned by her parents, Whitney tearfully admits that the whole night is one big blur. The zombie informs Miguel that Kay has been pathetically pursuing him for months on end. Later, Charity emerges from the icy cocoon and comes face to face with her evil double. Theresa decides to end it all by throwing herself off the docks.
After finding the medal Antonio left for her, Pilar realizes her eldest son did return home for Christmas. Later, Pilar tries to comfort a despondent Theresa, who is devastated over losing Ethan. Theresa declares she has nothing left to live for and blames Julian for what has happened.

Chad continues to question Eve as to why she called him Julian. Before Eve can respond, TC arrives and explodes in a fit of rage when he finds Chad in Whitney's bedroom. TC is further infuriated when he sees Whitney is only half-dressed. Sam prevents his friend from attacking Chad. Chad is stung when TC launches into a tirade against him. TC orders the young man to stay away from his daughters. Simone sticks up for Chad, while Whitney finally awakens. Will she be able to clear Chad?

Zombie Charity and Kay try desperately to get Miguel away from the cave before he discovers the real Charity. Miguel demands to know why "Charity" tricked everyone into believing she was in the cave. In order to distract Miguel, Zombie Charity accuses Kay of being in love with him. A mortified Kay runs off in tears. In the cave, a groggy Charity begins to call out Miguel's name. Tabitha fears the young girl will soon become aware of her and Timmy's presence.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002 | Episode #673

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Ethan thanks Gwen for a pleasant evening which successfully distracted him from his worries. At the mansion, Rebecca reminds Ivy that the DNA test will soon expose her manipulations. Pilar fears that her daughter is about to make a tragic mistake. Meanwhile, on the wharf, Theresa tearfully reviews recent events and decides she truly does have nothing to live for anymore. Ivy and Rebecca trade insults and accusations about Julian's murder. Inside the cave, Charity informs the zombie that her reign of terror is about to come to an end. Miguel tenderly offers Kay his sympathy following her "cousin's" cruel outburst. Charity blasts Tabitha for bringing evil down upon the good people of Harmony. Though Timmy howls in protest, the zombie begins to use her powers to cause Charity pain. Rebecca and Ivy both urge Gwen to sink her claws into Ethan without delay but are puzzled when she elects to play fair instead. The zombie returns Charity to the deep freeze.
Miguel comforts Kay over what happened with "Charity." Kay is pleased by Miguel's attentiveness. The real Charity emerges from the ice block and confronts Zombie Charity, Tabitha, and Timmy. Charity declares she knows what's going on and insists goodness will win over evil. Zombie Charity intends to prove Charity wrong.

Ethan and Gwen continue to grow closer. Rebecca and Ivy face off once more. The women accuse one another of murdering Julian. Ivy and Rebecca are shocked by Gwen's unwillingness to scheme to get Ethan back. Pilar is horrified when she realizes what Theresa is planning to do. She races off to find her daughter, hoping she's not too late. Down at the wharf, Theresa goes over everything that has happened, and after a discouraging fantasy, she prepares for a final exit.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002 | Episode #674

The Bennett House:
Sam and Grace arrive home, and talk about tonight's events. They still cannot believe that Chad would get Whitney drunk. Grace says that Chad cares about Whitney, Sam agrees and says that there had to be something to make Whitney act that weird. Grace begins to get a weird look, and Sam asks her about it. She tells him that she was thinking about John, and TC's suspicions. Sam tells her that it is a simple DNA test, but she still feels bad about asking him to take it. He tells her that it will erase any doubt. Grace tells him that she knows John is her son, and doesn't need the proof. She tells him that she can't lose another son. At the Bed & Breakfast, David comes it to check on John. He asks him how the dance was. John tells him about how weird Charity was, but that everyone else was great, and that he is crazy about his mother, and his new family. He thanks David for bringing him to Harmony. John looks out the window and sees that Sam and Grace are home, and decides to go and say hello to her. He talks David into going over to the house with him. John and David walk in on Sam and Grace's conversation about the DNA test. John asks Grace about the test. John tries to find out what is going on. Sam tells him that they are just taking precautions. Grace tells him that there has been some questions about her and David ever being married, and that there is a suspicion that Ivy hired David to pretend to be her husband to break up her and Sam. John tells her that David is to honorable to lie. John asks Grace if she thinks Ivy hurried him to? And if Grace believes him? Kay calls her father, and tells them that they think Theresa tried to commit suicide. Sam tells them what happened, and Grace, John go to help. John tells Grace that he loves her, and he knows that she doesn't doubt them. David stays behind, and tells himself that if John takes that test Ivy will burn and so will he. Sam calls Ivy to tell her that Ethan just jumped int other water after Theresa. Ivy calls for her car, and Rebecca asks what happened. Ivy told her that Ethan could die in the water.

The Cave:
Charity, Tabitha, and Timmy watch Kay and Miguel walking together through there "ice ball" Timmy tells them that he is not going to give up on his Charity. Zombie Charity tells him that nobody that can survive her evil. She shows Tabby and Timmy, a picture of Ivy and Rebecca plotting together. Tabby asks Zombie what is going on after she hears that Theresa is dead. Zombie Charity tells her "who cares" and leaves Tabby and Timmy in the cave again. Tabby and Timmy watch as Theresa floats in the water and they try to figure out what is going on. Timmy tells Tabby how horrible it is that Theresa is going to kill herself. Tabby and Timmy watch Theresa in hell. She tells Timmy that Theresa isn't going to Heaven she is in hell, and that Theresa brought it on herself. Timmy stands up for Theresa and tells Tabby that it wasn't her fault. Tabby tells Timmy that they have bigger problems. He tells Tabby that Julian seems to have a lot of powers in hell. She tells him that it is very strange that he does. Timmy tells Tabby that Julian deserves everything Theresa gives him. Tabby is reminded that she no longer has her powers and that her and Timmy are trapped Tabitha wonders if Julian made a deal with dark side, cause his powers are so strong. He tells Tabby that Theresa is falling for what Julian is saying. Tabby tells him to watch what the dark forces have in store for her now. Tabby figures out that the dark forces are using Julian to try to bring Theresa back to pursue Ethan in Harmony it will bring more pain, and chaos. Timmy tells her that he thought she loved pain. She says that she does but nobody will be spared if the dark forces do what she thinks they will.

The Crane Mansion:
Ivy and Rebecca wonder if Theresa is dead. They discuss how much pain Theresa has put them through. They talk sarcastically about what a tragedy it would be if she was dead. They say how Theresa will be out of Ethan's life, and everyone else's and Gwen and Ethan can marry. They toast to her death. With Theresa out of the picture Ivy and Rebecca try to fight over who is really Mrs. Crane now. They both tell each other that they are not moving out of the mansion. Rebecca reminds Ivy that she has something on Ivy, and she should admit that she is the real Mrs. Crane cause if she doesn't then she will destroy Ivy, by revealing her plan. Rebecca tells her that Ethan is going to find out what she did to get Sam back. And that maybe Ethan will even think that Ivy pushed Theresa to committing suicide. She asks Ivy if she is willing to risk losing her son, and everything. Rebecca tells her to back off, or she is going to take everything form her.

Theresa floats in the water and realizes that it is over and she has nothing to live for. Theresa sees Julian's face in the water. He tells her that he is waiting for her, and to let herself go. Theresa begins to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Theresa ends up in hell and is greeted by some ugly looking demons. She begs for them to let her go. She takes a trip through hell. The demon tells her that he has been waiting for her. Theresa's ride ends. She begins to look around at the demons, and they disappear in front of her. A door begins to open, and she can't understand what it is. She walks into the room, and the doors close behind her. She turns around and the room is filled with people lounging around drinking tea. She meets up with S\Adolf Hitler and Mussolini. She asks them what's going on? And the welcome her to hell. She asks them why they aren't burning, they tell her that they are the guest of honor. They tell her that she has a friend here, and a demon appears. She tries to get away but they are holding her, and she tells them that she doesn't know who that is. The demon then turns into Julian. Theresa tells Adolf, and everyone else that Julian is the reason that she is there, and that he took everything from her, she begins to choke him. Julian gets away from Theresa and tells her that he is making her angry. Julian turns back into a demon, and hold Theresa down and tells her to listen to him, she agrees. He lets Theresa up, and turns back into Julian. Theresa asks how listening to him is going to help her. He tells her that she could have had Ethan back but she gave up to soon. Theresa tells Julian that Ethan said that they weren't going to be together again. Julian tells her that she was a Crane and should have fought like one. She asks him what she could have done differently. Theresa tells him that it is too late, she is already dead. Julian tell her that it is never to late in hell and that there is a way. He tells her to listen carefully. Ethan, Pilar, and Gwen all search for Theresa. Ethan calls Theresa's cell phone but there is no answer. They run into Miguel and Kay, and they catch Miguel up on Theresa threat to kill herself. Miguel said he saw her just a little while ago, and has a flashback of Theresa being on the ledge, and telling Miguel that there is no tomorrow for her. Miguel shows them where he last saw Theresa. Ethan asks him if he is sure. Miguel tells Ethan to just go home, they would even be in this situation if he hadn't broken up with her like he did. Ethan tells him that, that isn't fair. Gwen and Pilar stop them from yelling at each other, and they all begin to look and call out for Theresa. Ethan begins to get a strange feeling that Theresa is in danger, and prays to God to let her be all right. Ethan asks if they think she might have jumped. they begin to look in the water and call out. Two women hears them yelling, and they tell them that they saw her jump into the water, and they just called 911. Ethan jumps into the water to look for Theresa. Kay and Pilar hold back Miguel from jumping.

Thursday, February 28, 2002 | Episode #675

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As Eve tosses and turns in a fitful sleep, TC wonders why his wife is crying out Julian's name in her dreams. Sam, Miguel and Ethan jump into the water to search for Theresa. Meanwhile, down in hell, Julian easily coaxes Theresa into affixing her signature--in blood--to a deal with the devil. After the deed is done, Julian gleefully informs his appalled former bride how the rest of the contract actually reads. Sam tries to pull his son and Miguel out of the frigid water but Ethan dives deeper and finally spots Theresa's apparently lifeless body. Julian reminds Theresa how giving in to evil will let her enjoy revenge against all the people who made her previous existence so miserable. Though the paramedics pronounce Theresa dead, Ethan refuses to give up and frantically continues the CPR himself. Eve shudders when TC remarks on how he hopes their daughters will emulate her completely. The zombie Charity reveals for an astonished Timmy and Tabitha how she impersonated Julian to lure Theresa over to the dark side.
Eve has a nightmare about her past with Julian. She shouts out Julian's name in her sleep, while a concerned TC tries to figure it all out. TC comes to the wrong conclusion regarding Eve's dream. Ethan, Miguel, and Sam dive into freezing water to save Theresa. Meanwhile, in hell, Theresa makes a chilling deal with Julian to get Ethan back and signs a contract in her own blood. Theresa is horrified when Julian fills her in on the details of his plan. She protests, but then considers the revenge she'll be able to enact on Ivy and Rebecca. Theresa must decide whether to go along with Julian's plan or remain in hell for eternity. Later, Ethan manages to pull a lifeless Theresa out of the water. While watching the events unfold from the cave, Tabitha notes Theresa's decision will unleash great evil in Harmony.

Friday, March 1, 2002 | Episode #676

The Youth Center:
Ethan meets up with Chad at the youth center. Chad fill Ethan in on what happened to Whitney. He tells Ethan bout how Whitney was dancing sexy and coming on to him among other people, and that someone must have spiked her drink. Ethan asks him who would do such a thing. Chad tells them that the Russell's think he did. Ethan gets angry and doesn't understand how the Russell's could think Chad would do such a thing. Chad tells him that if he found out who did that to Whitney he would rip them apart, especially if Whitney was given to much of whatever she was given. Ethan tells Chad that he really loves her, and Chad tells him that after last night he really thinks that Whitney loves him. Chad also lets Ethan in on the fact that he believes that Whitney's true love is singing not tennis. Ethan tells Ethan about her suicide attempt. He tells Chad that he still loves her but he can't be with her after all her lies. If she was honest with him he could have forgiven her, but he knows that he can't be with her. He still acres about her though. Chad tells him that it wasn't his fault what happened. Ethan says that maybe he should have helped with deal with there breakup, he never thought that she was so fragile. (Zombie Charity/Tabby/Timmy watch Theresa through the Crystal ball, Zombie Charity tells them that Theresa will do what she says. There is a flashback of Zombie Charity appearing as Julian and then changing back into her.)

Theresa wakes up and is trying to figure out what happened the night before. She has flashbacks of being in hell with Julian and signing something to get Ethan back. She looks at her finger to see if there was blood taken, and she screams. Pilar comes in and tries to confront Theresa and asks her if she had a bad dream. She tells Pilar that she was in hell last night with Julian, and he made her sign something. She starts to tell Pilar all about what she saw in hell, and that Julian said he was waiting for her. Pilar asks her what Julian wanted from her? Theresa decides to keep her deal with Julian quiet from her mother, and tries to figure out another way to get Ethan back. She tells Pilar that she doesn't remember, but she was scared. (Tabby/Timmy that the blood thing wasn't real.) Pilar asks if Julian said who killed him, but Theresa tells him that he didn't. Pilar tells Theresa that she hope Theresa knows that trying to kill herself was a mortal sin, and that she never does anything like that again. Theresa tells her mother that it was stupid and she would never do it again, and that the pain of losing Ethan was just so bad she wanted it to stop. Pilar tells Theresa that she has to let Ethan go, and start her new life. (Timmy tells them that she doesn't think Theresa is as sold on the plan as she was last night. Zombie Charity decides to pay her another visit. She transforms herself back into Julian. "Julian" tells them that Theresa agreed to do evil, and that is what she is going to do. She leaves. Timmy tells Tabby that she is worried for Theresa. Tabby tells him that she is worried for all of them.) Pilar leaves to make some breakfast for Theresa. Alone Theresa tries to decide what she should do, while she brushes her hair. She is greeted by "Julian" who appears in her mirror. He again tries to persuade Theresa to follow through with his plan. (Timmy roots for Theresa) He shows Theresa pictures of her and Ethan together, and tells her that this is the life she could have. If she doesn't follow through then Ethan will marry Gwen, Rebecca and Ivy will win, and she will be unhappy for ever. She keeps telling him that she wants to be good, and that maybe her and Ethan will be together again, without "Julian's" plan. (Tabby reminds Timmy that the dark side is there side. Timmy tells her that he is on the good side, and that he feels sorry for Theresa) She tells him that he pressured her to agree to his plan, and that she will not use his plan. She throws her brush at the mirror, and smashes it! There are only a few pieces of glass left on the mirror, and yet Julian's face reappears again. He tells her that she needs his plan, or she won't get Ethan back. She tells him that she doesn't want to be deceitful, she wants to be good. (Timmy goes to get the magic scroll so that he can see what will happen next. It appears next to him, and he thanks Tabby for finding it. When he turns around Zombie Charity is the one who has it, and she tells him that she had it the whole time. He can look at it but she doesn't think he will like what it says. Timmy decides to put it to the side for now.) Theresa gets dressed, and goes out to the living room to eat breakfast. Pilar tells her that whatever was asked of her was evil, and that she shouldn't follow through with it. Pilar leaves to go get ready for work. She leaves and Ethan arrives at the door. (Zombie Charity watches Ethan arrive at the house, and knows that it is Theresa's moment of truth.) As Theresa walks to the door she realizes it's Ethan and tries to decide quickly if she should follow Julian's plan or not. She decides that she has to go by how Ethan acts. She opens the door, and Ethan tells her that they need to talk.

The Russell House:
Whitney wakes up not being able to remember anything from the night before. She goes to get up out of bed, and gets dizzy and has a flashback of dancing sexy with two guys. She can't believe she would do such a thing. She gets dressed and goes downstairs. TC asks her how she is and she tells him that she isn't feeling so good. Eve begins to ask her, angrily, what happened last night. Whitney tells them that she doesn't really remember, only bits and pieces. They asks her about drugs and drinking, she tells them that she would never. TC tells her that it is Chad did something to her. Simone stands up for Chad, and tells her parents that Chad would never do anything like that. Whitney agrees. TC tells them that Chad was the only one who could have done it. Simone tells her parents that it wasn't his fault Whitney was acting like trash. TC and Eve tells both Simone and Whitney to stay away from Chad. They trust them just not other people. Eve gets a phone call about the test she did on Whitney. She finds out that Whitney had drugs in her system. Eve begins to lecture the girls about how influenced they can get and after that one drink, or pill, it can ruin there lives. (secretly going through the events of her own past). Eve has to leave for the hospital, but she warns the girls one more time to stay away from Chad, and that she hopes they learned a lesson form all this. Eve leaves. Once outside she says that she is not going to let Chad ruin her daughters life like Julian ruined her's. Now alone Simone gives it to Whitney. She tells her that she hates her for ruing everything. Now she can't be with Chad, Simone leaves. There is a knock at the door, Whitney answers it. Chad and her exchange looks.