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Monday, April 1, 2002 | Episode #697
The Book Cafe:
Eve & TC prepare written statements for Sam that will explain their whereabouts the night Julian was murdered. Eve shocks him by announcing that she believes that the DNA test will reveal that John is not Grace's son! As TC goes to pay the bill, Eve gets a threatening phone call from Ivy. She refuses to help Ivy and hangs up. She tells TC that it was a patient calling.

The Bennett House:
Kay spies Miguel and the zombie outside, locked in a passionate kiss, and deliberately goes outside to disturb them. When Miguel goes home, Kay and her creation begin arguing, but stop when Grace comes outside to see what is going on. They all go inside, and the two deny that they were arguing. A hurt Kay goes to her room rather than help Grace & Sam plan "Charity's" party. The zombie meets her in the hall, where a furious Kay tells her once again to stay away from Miguel, and that she is going to use the Book of Spells to make her disappear! A sneering zombie defies her to try, and Kay slaps her across the face! Downstairs, Sam & Grace argue about putting John & David on the guest list, and Grace wonders what will happen if the DNA reveals that John is NOT her son. They then hear a commotion between Charity and Kay, and go upstairs to find the two fighting on Charity's bed. The two claim that they were just having a pillow fight, and promise to be quiet. When they leave, Kay again warns the zombie away from Miguel, and she replies that she will not sleep with him if Kay promises to stop trying to make her disappear, which Kay refuses. The zombie then says fine...she would give Miguel a night of passion that he'd never forget! The pair then promise each other, and as soon as they part, they each refuse to keep their promises.T.C. and Eve arrive with their statements, and Eve tells Grace privately that she is going to tell TC everything, and Grace wonders why now. In the kitchen, Sam and TC discuss the cost of finding out the truth about John's DNA. Ivy phones Eve, and is refused yet again. Eve tells Grace that it was the hospital, and they would not have the test results until the next day. Upstairs, the zombie plots her seduction and destruction of Miguel.

Tabitha's House:
Timmy questions Tabby if she loves him more than the Book of Spells, and Tabitha remains evasive, saying WHY she burned the book doesn't matter, as long as it's GONE! Timmy and his princess see the zombie crawling down the trellis, and realize that she's on her way to seduce Miguel. Kay comes to find the book, and Tabitha tells her that it's only a gag gift, and she has no idea where it is, as the book appears over Kay's head.

The Boat:
Diana asks Brian if he thinks she's crazy to believe the flashes of her past life, but he says he liked the way that one went, with them getting married and everything. Diana sees a plane, and Brian tells her that it's heading to the same place they are. The two begin to spin fantasies about the plane's passengers.

The Plane:
Luis gets hit on by a stewardess until Beth takes her seat, and the two discuss the trip, each hoping for something different, as Luis tells her that he guesses he can't hold on to Sheridan's memory forever, and she tells him how happy she is to be with him again. As they toast each other, Beth wonders aloud if they have 1 room or 2, and a laughing Luis tells her that they will ask for 2.

Luis and Beth are forced to get a single room due to a shortage. Diana and Brian just miss seeing them as they are also forced to share a single room--- right next door to Luis and Beth! A bellhop is stunned when he spots the deceased Sheridan Crane --- as Beth calls for Brian to hold the elevator please!

Tuesday, April 2, 2002 | Episode #698
Tabitha's House:
A nervous Tabitha sends Kay to the attic to look for the book, so that she doesn't see it floating above her head. Timmy grabs the book, and it begins to fly him around the room. Tabitha tries to swat it down, and Kay, hearing the commotion, comes downstairs to ask Tabitha if she is all right. Tabitha fabricates a story about falling off of a chair while trying to sweep cobwebs off the ceiling. Kay believes the story, and thanks Tabitha for showing her that going after what she wants is not wrong, and she is going to fight Charity and win Miguel. Timmy thinks to himself that it's too bad that Kay is going to lose Miguel&Miguel is going to lose his life. After Kay leaves, Tabitha tells Timmy the importance of keeping the book away from Kay.

The Bennett House:
Grace asks Eve to call the hospital and request that a messenger be sent over with the DNA results, and a reluctant Eve complies. Grace then calls David and tells him that the results are being sent over, and David tells her that he & John will be right over. An elated Grace assures everyone that she is positive John is her son. They arrive soon after, thanking her for letting them know. When the doorbell rings, they assume it's the messenger, but when Sam opens the door, a frantic Ivy wheels in asking him if he knows the truth. He asks her what she's talking about, and she covers, saying she was talking about Julian's murder. Grace tells her what is going on, and she again assures everyone that in her heart she knows who her son is. Ivy reminds Eve that if she doesn't change the results, she will tell T. C. everything. David tries to prepare John, but the young man is determined that Grace is his mother.

Luis & Beth miss seeing Sheridan when Brian is unable to hold the elevator. Luis feels uncomfortable when Beth begins unpacking lingerie. Trying to relax, Luis goes down to the desk to get some champagne. A nervous Diana tells Brian to take the bed and she will take the couch, but Brian picks her up and lays her on the bed instead! He tells her he just wants to make sure that she gets a good night's rest, and HE will take the couch. She tells him that there is plenty of room for him to sleep in the bed also, but knowing he'd never be able to keep his hands off of her, Brian takes the couch. In the lobby, the bellhop tells the desk clerk the story of when Sheridan disappeared, and that a body was found, but he just saw her! When Luis comes looking for a bottle of champagne, the bellhop says how thrilled he must be to have found his old love! At first Luis thinks he means Sheridan (which he does) but then comes to the mistaken conclusion that the man meant Beth. In the room, Beth fantasizes about Luis falling in love with her. When he returns with the bottle, Luis is startled to find Beth in sexy lingerie. They drink the champagne, and Luis says they better get to bed so they can get plenty of rest. Later, unable to sleep, both Sheridan & Luis go out onto their balconies, only inches apart!

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
The zombie spies on Miguel outside his window, plotting her seduction. She taps on the window, and a happy Miguel lets her in. As the two share a passionate kiss and her motives become apparent, Miguel wonders what brought this on, and tells her that he's not comfortable making love in his mother's house. He says that Reese's parents have a cabin on the lake, and he'll go call to see if they can use it. Before he can go out the door, it slams shut, and he can't get it open. The zombie tells him not to worry about the door, but he might want to open the window because it was about to get really hot in there. He says that he loves her but wants to make sure that she is really ready. She insists that she is, and refuses to wait until her birthday. The two wind up kissing on the bed, where she begins undressing, as Miguel loses all restraint, and closes his eyes in passion as she climbs on top of him. Their shadows on the wall show her turn into a winged demon.

Wednesday, April 3, 2002 | Episode #699
Tabitha's House:
Timmy refuses to give up on the Book, which has hidden under a chair. Tabitha tells him to stop it or else the zombie will hate him more than she already does. The book floats out from it's hiding place & Tabitha grabs it & Timmy gives chase. A desperate Tabitha throws the book to Fluffy, and a brave Timmy actually begins fighting the cat for it! A totally disheveled Timmy comes back to the living room bookless, and Tabby bandages him up. She apologizes for doing what she did, but said that she did it to keep him safe.

Luis speaks to Sheridan as the two are on their balconies, and she feels the voice is familiar. He goes back inside, but is unable to rest because he is haunted by memories of Sheridan, and decides to go for a walk on the beach. In her room, Sheridan is also restless, and emerges just as Luis passes. Luis finds the bottle that he put the letter in, as down the beach Sheridan reads the letter again. They each tell themselves they are crazy to believe the other is alive. Luis draws their initials in the sand and walks away. Sheridan comes upon them, and flashes to when Luis carved them on the rail at the wharf. Meanwhile, as he tries in vain to forget her, Luis sees Sheridan & runs toward her!

The Bennett House:
John & Grace can't wait for the results of the DNA test to prove their relationship, while Sam & TC regretted the hurt that the truth is going to cause Grace. Ivy asks Eve how she can possibly hurt her best friend. Reese arrives, bringing a book on mythology, which features a picture of a sucubus, which is a female demon that seduces and murders mortal men. Kay then realizes what it is she's responsible for summoning from the depths of hell! Kay envisions the demon torturing Miguel, and decides to go upstairs and confront the false Charity. Eve asks David why he doesn't just tell the truth, and he confesses that he can't bear to destroy John & Grace's happiness. Kay finds the zombie's bed empty and realizes that she's gone after Miguel. A frantic Kay goes to try and stop the demon, wondering how she can stop what's going on without implicating herself. Tabitha drags Timmy over, waiting for the reaction when the test results come. Reese grills the two about their occult knowledge, and the duo feign ignorance. Eve tells Ivy that she's had enough and that she feels it's time everyone faced up to their pasts and lies, especially Ivy, who, once the truth comes out, will be faced with Sam's hatred and contempt. The DNA results arrived.

Thursday, April 4, 2002 | Episode #700
"Diana" is sad and distraught to see the initials in the sand washed away by the tide. Luis runs down the beach thinking he sees Sheridan, but it turns out to be a stranger. Brian comes upon Diana and she tells him about the initials and the feelings of familiarity she's been having. Beth comes looking for Luis, and finds him standing by a tree that bears a plaque he'd had made for Sheridan. He apologizes for thinking about Sheridan all the time, and an understanding Beth tells him that she knows Sheridan will always have a special place in his heart. They then decide to go back to their room. Brian & Diana come upon the tree seconds later, and she gets a strange sensation when she stands in one of Luis' footprints. They go back to their room, where Brian puts on some music to relax her, and it flashes her to dancing with Luis to that very same song as next door, Luis hears and recognizes the tune, also.

The Bennett House:
Eve prepares to open the test results. Timmy, saddened by all of the events he knows about, is told by Tabitha that he now knows why she wanted him to remain a doll and spare himself all the hurt. The two discuss the chaos that the truth will cause, and a delighted Tabitha tells him that no one will be spared. Timmy is still worried about Miguel, and still laughing Tabitha tells him that she has no doubt that the Zombie will complete her seduction and kill Miguel. An angry Timmy tells her that she doesn't need to be so happy about it, and she reminds him that she IS a witch, and that's what she does! As a shaking Eve is about to read the results, David asks her to wait. He tells Grace what a wonderful person she is, and tries to tell her the truth. Grace stops him, and tells him that she knows in her heart that John is her son and that God would never take another son away from her. Ivy tells Eve that Grace can't bear to lose another child, and Eve agrees. Ivy believes that Eve is agreeing to change the results, but Eve tells her no way. Tabitha tells Timmy that all hell is about to break loose.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Miguel & the zombie continue to grow closer to making love, as Kay stands outside the window, regretting creating the zombie because she knows that it will be her fault if Miguel dies. Kay wonders if she could have been wrong about the zombie being a sucubus until she peeks in the window again and sees the demonic transformation. Miguel stops yet again, this time saying he wants to make her first time everything she's ever dreamed of. The zombie spots Kay, and tells Miguel that she's still insecure about him & Kay. Miguel tells "Charity" that he considers Kay one of the guys, not girlfriend material, while outside Kay asks why Miguel can't love her.Whem Miguel leaves the room for something, the zombie opens the window, and taunts a furious Kay, telling her that she is right about her being a succubus, and that not only will she sleep with Miguel, but when it's over he will die, and there is nothing Kay acn do except blame herself! Kay ducks out of sight, as Miguel comes back into the room bearing a flower for Charity. The two begin making love yet again, as the demon prepares to end Miguel's life.

Friday, April 5, 2002 | Episode #701
The Music Studio:
Chad almost gives upon his opportunity because of Whitney's refusal to sing for him. Ethan persuades him not to, saying that Whitney will admit her feelings for him and for music sooner or later. Chad then decides to return the favor, talking to Ethan about his love for Theresa, saying how sad it is to see two people that love each other not together. Ethan agrees, but says that no matter how much he loves Theresa, she lied to him so many times that he can't be with her.

The Bennett House:
As Eve opens the test results, she is given a reprieve when the station calls Sam to report that Pilar's house is on fire! Ivy is happy about the development, because it causes everyone to leave, and uses the opportunity to threaten Eve once again. She tells her that if she doesn't change the results not only will Ivy destroy her life, but Eve will destroy Grace's life as well. Eve tells her that at least she will have the pleasure of seeing Ivy destroyed in the process, and David tells Eve that she has his full support. David goes to see if he can be of some help at Pilar's, and as Eve tries to leave, Ivy grabs her and demands that Eve hand over the envelope containing the results, Eve refuses, and goes to the door. Ivy calls to her, and Eve turns around to find Ivy pointing a gun at her, telling her that if she won't hand over the envelope, she'll have to kill her!

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
As the zombie begins the seduction yet again, Kay goes to desperate lengths to create a distraction, setting a small fire that quickly gets out of control! Theresa attempts to get into the house, insisting that there may be someone trapped inside, as Whitney fights to keep her friend from danger. The Bennett's and TC arrive, and while waiting for the fire trucks, go in search of a garden hose, unaware that Miguel is trapped inside. Kay tries to get Miguel to see the flames, but sees the fire is getting inside and goes in search of help. Miguel finally sees the flames, and a surprisingly nervous zombie screams that they need to find a way out! The zombie is shocked to discover that she & Miguel are trapped inside the flaming house. A desperate Theresa, realizing that Miguel is inside, tries valiantly to get into the house, catching fire to herself in the process. Kay races to her father and screams to a shocked Sam that Miguel is inside! A desperate Miguel attempts to get out his bedroom door, and is thrown back by the flames, as the zombie screams!

Monday, April 8, 2002 | Episode #702
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Aiming the gun at Eve, Ivy orders her to comply. In Bermuda, Luis tries to enjoy a romantic dinner with Beth but is overwhelmed with memories of a similar evening with Sheridan. Across the room, "Diana" and Brian take their seats at another table. A terrified Kay tells her parents that Miguel is trapped inside his burning house. Eve vents her fury on Ivy, who realizes in despair that she cannot pull the trigger after all. Theresa's coat catches fire as she struggles frantically to rescue her brother. Meanwhile, Miguel and the zombie search for a way out of the inferno. Tabitha gleefully reminds Timmy how the real Charity will die if the zombie perishes. Ethan smothers the flames just in time to spare Theresa and her unborn child from harm. Peering through the smoke, Sam and Grace are shocked to see a scantily clad "Charity" in Miguel's bedroom. Feeling totally forlorn, Ivy contemplates ending her own life. TC furiously orders Chad away from Whitney. Miguel and the zombie escape at last through a window. Later, the zombie threatens to send Kay straight to hell.

Brian and Sheridan have dinner at the hotel restaurant, where Beth and Luis are also eating. Luis is haunted by memories. Luis and Beth reminisce and share a dance near Brian and Sheridan's table...

A gun-toting Ivy threatens to kill Eve if she doesn't hand over the test results. Eve calls Ivy's bluff and tries to convince her the jig is up. A desperate Ivy contemplates suicide.

Theresa is put in grave danger as she tries to get inside her burning home to rescue Miguel. A heroic Ethan saves Theresa from the flames. TC is furious when he spots Chad comforting Whitney. Timmy is happy Zombie Charity might die until Tabitha explains what that will mean for the real Charity. A petrified Zombie Charity starts showing her succubus form as she and Miguel struggle to find a way to safety. A guilt-stricken Kay watches as the house burns. Pilar is horrified when she realizes her son is inside. Grace and Sam are shocked to learn Charity is in Miguel's bedroom and are taken aback when they see she's scantily clad. Miguel and Zombie Charity make a daring jump.

Tuesday, April 9, 2002 | Episode #703
The Hospital:
Gwen & Rebecca are shocked to find Ethan and Theresa locked in a passionate kiss. Theresa tells Whitney that Ethan kissed her back because he still loves her and she has no doubt that they will be back together in no time. Ethan decides to move back into the mansion and Theresa is crushed to hear him invite Gwen to spend the night. Theresa tells Whitney that she's through talking, and is going full ahead with the plan. She then tells a nurse that she'll pay her own bill because she's Mrs. Julian Crane. Whitney, who presumes that Theresa will be staying with her, asks if she's ready to go. A determined Theresa tells her that she is ready to go, but that she'll be going to Her house--the Crane Mansion!

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Tabitha tries to persuade Grace to open the envelope. Ivy follows Eve everywhere, trying to get her attention. Sam & Grace are concerned about Charity's being with Miguel in her state of undress. T. C. comforts Pilar, who tearfully admits she has no insurance because she missed some payments, and they canceled the policy. Rebecca arrives, and is delighted to find everyone there and the envelope in Grace's hand. Rebecca calls everyone over to read the results, as she taunts Ivy that her time is almost up. When Kay, Charity and Miguel come back, Sam notices a disheveled Kay, who was thrown up into a tree by the zombie. She tells him that she was rescuing a cat, and got stuck but Miguel saved her. Arrangements are made for Miguel to spend the night at the Bennett's, after Sam reminds an embarrassed Miguel to keep his hands to himself. Miguel tries to tell Charity that they have to cool it, but she prepares to continue the seduction after everyone is asleep. Eve prepares to read the test results.

The bellhop tells the waiter that he is determined to get Luis and Sheridan back together. Luis hopes that time will heal his pain, while Sheridan, who is sitting across the room, feels that the key to her past is so close she can touch it. Both brothers startle the waiter when they order a dish prepared in an unusual way. The waiter tells the bellhop that he thinks the two men are brothers, and that he should not get involved. On the way back to her room, Sheridan gets a memory of her & Luis and desperately asks the bellhop if he remembers her. After a brief hesitation, he tells her that he's sorry but he can't help her. A disappointed Sheridan tells Brian that she was so sure...Her cough gets worse, and Brian takes her back to their room. Luis & Beth decide to make popcorn in their room, and Luis goes to get ice for the soda. Beth is optimistic about the future. On the way back to his room, Luis sees a woman's scarf sticking out of a door, and knocks. Beth goes onto the balcony, and sees as well as speaks to Antonio, as Sheridan prepares to open the door to Luis!

Wednesday, April 10, 2002 | Episode #704

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Eve remains torn as the time draws near to reveal the DNA test results. In Bermuda, Brian entreats Beth not to utter a word to his brother about seeing him. As Luis slides the scarf through the door to Sheridan, a shock of static electricity runs through them both. Ivy hisses at David to spare John from pain by persuading Eve to lie. An exasperated Whitney warns Theresa she's insane if she thinks moving into the mansion will rid her of Rebecca and Ivy. Grace is puzzled to overhear her niece's harsh tone as "Charity" confronts Kay. Brian explains to Beth why he doesn't want to face Luis again following their bitter reunion in Harmony. Grace dispenses some motherly advice to "Charity" about dealing with her raging hormones by postponing sex until she's truly ready. Theresa undergoes an ultrasound and is horrified when the baffled doctor spots a pointy little tail on the fetus. Beth reluctantly keeps Brian's secret. Tabitha advises Timmy to stop antagonizing the zombie.

Zombie Charity confronts Kay about starting the fire. A concerned Grace talks to "Charity" about having sex. The evil zombie is still determined to sleep with Miguel.

Eve is determined to tell the truth as she prepares to read the test results to everyone. Ivy tries to get through to David. John and Grace are confident all will be fine.

Theresa's decision to move into the Crane mansion shocks Whitney. Theresa vows to get what she deserves. A sonogram reveals something shocking about Theresa's baby.

Beth recognizes Antonio. Brian is shocked that Luis is in Bermuda. Beth can't wait to tell Luis, but Brian begs her to keep quiet. Sheridan and Luis almost come face-to-face when Luis knocks on her door to return a scarf. Luis and Sheridan experience a shock when their fingers touch.

Thursday, April 11, 2002 | Episode #705
After Beth tells him that Antonio is in the room next door, Luis decides to go talk to him to work things out and take him home to Pilar. Beth tells him that Antonio is convinced that Luis hates him, and he begged her not to let Luis know he was in the next room. Luis tells Beth that he feels like a real jerk for treating his brother the way he did. In the next room, Sheridan feels an inexplicable surge of jealousy when she learns from Brian that his brother is in Bermuda with "another " woman! Brian tells her about Beth, and that Luis lost the love of his life just a short while ago. Luis goes to Antonio's room, as out on the balcony, Sheridan prays that the two brothers can make peace with each other.

The Bennett House:
Miguel feels the heat from the zombie's flashing eyes. The zombie persuades him to sleep on the couch and away from Kay, as he's puzzled by the verbal dueling between the girls. Upstairs, Kay again threatens the zombie, as they each try to get the other in her room first. The zombie plots her seduction in Charity's room, as Kay plots to trick Miguel into sleeping with her instead. The two sneak out into the hall, and run into each other, and a fight ensues. Miguel hears the ruckus, and as he looks to the top of the stairs, he sees the shadow of the succubus!

The Lopez-Fitzgerald Lawn:
Ivy deliberately falls out of her wheelchair to divert attention from the test results. A concerned Ethan asks Eve to check her out, and Ivy threatens to turn Whitney and Simone into drug addicts if she doesn't change the results. Eve tells Ivy that her daughters would never take drugs, and Ivy admits that she's the one who had Whitney drugged! A shocked Eve has a horrible fantasy of what Ivy will do to her girls, and realizes that she has no choice but to give into Ivy's demands. She announces that she is ready to read the results, and tells grace that John is, indeed, her son! A furious Rebecca screams that it can't be and rips the envelope away from Eve.

The Crane Mansion:
Theresa takes a room for herself, as the maid rushes to try and stop her from taking over Ivy's room! Theresa tells Phyllis the maid that she's now the boss, and outlines how much better life will be for the help with her in charge. Theresa begins making changes in the room immediately. Whit tells her that it seems as if she's in denial about the baby. Theresa tells Whitney to try and put herself in Theresa's place, having to give birth to Julian's baby, as she tearfully admits that she's scared. Whitney tells her friend that she understands, but if she's not connecting with the baby because she's afraid it will turn out like Julian, she can relax because the baby will be surrounded by love, and will be nothing like Julian. When a shipment of designer clothes arrive for Mrs. Julian Crane, Theresa tries to claim them for her own. Whitney tells her that she needs to be home in bed, and Theresa says that she is home and curls up in Ivy's bed. Whitney takes the rack of clothing out the door. Theresa wakens in horrible pain, and screams for Whitney, who tells her that her water's broken. Theresa gives birth to a demon child!

Friday, April 12, 2002 | Episode #706

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Zombie Charity and Kay both have the same idea on how to seduce Miguel and don their sexiest lingerie. However, when they both come to the head of the stairs and see how they're dressed, the two get into a shoving match and end up falling down the stairs. Miguel quickly hurries to see if anyone is hurt and then mentions the terrible monster he saw at the top of the stairs only seconds ago. Both women try to ease his worries with a story about what he did or didn't see. Thanks to Beth, Brian and Luis come face-to-face and begin arguing about the past. Sheridan is surprised to feel jealous but doesn't know why. Meanwhile, Beth worries if she has done the right thing. After Theresa suffers from a terrible nightmare about her baby, Whitney is there to comfort her friend. She suggest to Theresa that her nightmares and other problems might end if she left the mansion but Theresa won't consider it. To protect Whitney and Simon, Eve lies for Ivy. Rebecca tries to expose the truth but fails. TC finally tells Rebecca off and then apologizes to David and Grace. Ivy is thrilled when she finally gets what she wants.

Both dressed in sexy lingerie to seduce Miguel, Zombie Charity and Kay get into a shoving match and end up falling down the stairs. Miguel rushes to the girls. Kay and Zombie Charity try to explain to Miguel why he thought he saw a monster at the top of the stairs.

Brian and Luis come face-to-face and begin to hash things out. Sheridan can't shake the feeling of jealousy. Beth hopes she did the right thing.

Theresa has a terrifying nightmare about her baby. Whitney comforts her friend. Whitney tries reasoning with Theresa about staying at the mansion. Theresa won't back down.

Eve lies for Ivy to protect Whitney and Simone. Rebecca tries unsuccessfully to expose the truth. Grace trusts Eve. TC tells Rebecca off and apologizes to John and Grace. Ivy is happy to get what she wants.

Monday, April 15, 2002 | Episode #707

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Ivy and Rebecca hammer on the front door of the mansion as a triumphant Theresa gloats in the foyer. Miguel explains to an angry Sam why the chief of police walked in on what appeared to be a compromising situation for his daughter and niece. Meanwhile, Grace scolds Kay and "Charity" for throwing themselves at Miguel in such an obvious and suggestive manner. Enraged to find Chad with Whitney, TC punches out the young man. The magic scroll floats back within reach of a curious Tabitha and Timmy. Miguel describes for Sam the winged "monster" he saw at the top of the stairs. The zombie and Kay manage to pull the wool over Grace's eyes once again. Eve and Whitney jump between Chad and TC to prevent further bloodshed. Phyllis loads her shotgun to protect her new employer but Theresa entreats the vengeful maid not to take out her rage on Ivy and Rebecca with buckshot. As Theresa lifts the gun out of Phyllis' hands, Ethan rushes in and lunges for the weapon as it accidentally discharges. Tabitha hastens to hide from Timmy the truth of the scroll's terrible message.
Tabitha and Timmy talk about the pain and chaos that is about to explode in Harmony. The magic scroll has a message for the duo.

A stunned Sam and Grace walk in on Kay and Zombie Charity competing to seduce Miguel. Grace reprimands Kay and "Charity" for their behavior. The girls make excuses. Miguel tells a startled Sam about the demon he saw.

Chad gets Whitney to listen to a song he wrote for her. An angry TC goes after Chad when he finds the young man with his daughter. Eve is torn since she knows Chad didn't drug Whitney, but she can't say anything about Ivy. TC warns Chad to stay away.

Theresa barricades herself in the mansion. Ivy and Rebecca bicker as they struggle to get inside. Theresa is alarmed when an overzealous maid, Phyllis, prepares to use a shotgun to defend her new mistress of the manor. Theresa talks Phyllis into handing over the gun, but Ethan bursts in and assumes Theresa is about to shoot his mother and Rebecca. Ethan races to get the gun away from Theresa and it accidentally fires right at him!

Tuesday, April 16, 2002 | Episode #708

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Kay's day hits rock bottom when her father brings the fire marshal over to question her about the suspicious blaze which badly damaged the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. In Bermuda, Luis tells Beth he's looking forward to their scheduled breakfast with Brian and his lady. Next door, "Diana" assures Brian she's feeling well enough to meet his brother. As Theresa enjoys breakfast in bed, Pilar walks in and scolds her daughter for continuing to play the grande dame. Downstairs, Ivy and Rebecca again brainstorm about the best way to remove a pregnant obstacle from their path. Worried about how far her mother might go, Gwen cautions an exasperated Rebecca to tread lightly. Meanwhile, Ethan informs a triumphant Ivy that her divorce from Julian could be ruled invalid. Irked when Kay's name is cleared of suspicion, "Charity" pitches a fit until Sam agrees to keep investigating the fire. Ethan presents his settlement offer to an elated Woodrow.
Kay feels rejected by Grace. Zombie Charity taunts her "cousin." Sam and the fire chief have some questions for Kay regarding the fire at Pilar's house. Zombie Charity throws a fit to keep the investigation open.

Theresa is thrilled to receive a note from Ethan, but is disappointed by what it says. Pilar tries to reason with her daughter, but her efforts fall on deaf ears. Rebecca and Ivy get a sinister idea about how to stop Theresa. Gwen is appalled when she suspects what her mother is planning. Rebecca warns Gwen that Theresa is plotting to get Ethan back. Ethan has good news for Ivy.

Sheridan and Brian and Luis and Beth all get ready to have breakfast together. Brian fusses over Sheridan, who isn't feeling well. Sheridan is excited to meet Brian's brother. Meanwhile, Luis tells Beth he's finally starting to move on with his life. He is eager to talk with his brother.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002 | Episode #709

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Tabitha continues to shield Timmy from learning the terrible fate the scroll predicted for him. Woodrow advises Theresa to accept Ethan's generous settlement offer. Luis and Beth wait in the hotel restaurant for Antonio and his lady friend to come down to breakfast. Timmy wonders why his princess is being so nice to him all of a sudden. Ignoring her attorney's advice, Theresa informs Ethan she has no interest in settling her claim for a mere ten million dollars. "Charity" suggests to Sam and the fire marshal that Kay knows more than she's telling about how the blaze got started. Later, Kay and the zombie face off once again. Tabitha tries in vain to dissuade Timmy from mounting a rescue mission to save his fair Charity. Brian convinces a feverish "Diana" to go back to the room and lie down instead of meeting his brother as planned.
Timmy wants to save Charity and Miguel, and destroy Zombie Charity. Tabitha warns him not to because of the danger. Meanwhile, Zombie Charity points an accusing finger at Kay. Sam questions a nervous Kay about the fire. Zombie Charity backpedals. The two girls exchange threats. Zombie Charity considers murder.

Confident he can win his mother's case, Ethan offers a settlement of $10 million to Theresa. Everyone is stunned when Theresa refuses it. Ethan, Woody and Pilar try to reason with her, but she won't listen.

Luis begins losing his patience as he and Beth wait for Brian and Sheridan. Beth does her best to keep Luis calm. Luis thinks of the past. Sheridan is eager to meet Luis, while Brian is apprehensive. A fever sends Sheridan back to her hotel room as Brian goes on to meet Luis by himself.

Thursday, April 18, 2002 | Episode #710

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Beth asks Antonio why he left his home and family so long ago without so much as a word of explanation. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Luis are blissfully reunited. Theresa explains to a worried Pilar that all she really wants is Ethan back in her life. Downstairs, Gwen has trouble convincing Ethan that his former fiancee isn't motivated by greed but by a broken heart. Beth hesitantly reveals to an astounded Antonio how his kid sister became entangled with their family's worst enemies and wound up carrying Julian Crane's baby. Ethan asks Theresa straight out if she's pursuing her lawsuit in order to win him back. Sheridan tearfully tells Luis she can't bear to be torn away from him again by circumstances beyond their control. Later, "Diana" awakens and is devastated to realize that her lover's return was only a dream. Watching from afar as Theresa makes her move, Alistair decides to get back in the game.
Ethan doesn't understand Theresa's behavior. Gwen points out Theresa's true motives. Ethan goes to talk to Theresa. Gwen wonders if he'll ever get over her. Pilar tries desperately to get Theresa to take the money and leave the Crane mansion. Theresa wants it all, including Ethan.

Beth questions Brian, but he won't open up. She fills him in on what's been going on with his family. Brian feels guilty about Theresa and states he's glad Julian is dead.

Luis and Sheridan reunite. Sheridan doesn't want to go through the pain of losing him again.

Friday, April 19, 2002 | Episode #711

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Tabitha reminds Timmy that their local zombie is here to stay so he better get used to it. Kay, however, vows to rid herself and Harmony of the ersatz "Charity" before any more damage is done. Ignoring her mother's warning, Theresa dreams of becoming a billionaire and giving Ethan back the inheritance which was ripped from him by Ivy's lies. Down in Bermuda, "Diana" chases after a familiar-looking man in the halls of the hotel. Tabitha presses her publisher for an immediate advance on her royalty check. Woodrow instructs Theresa to play the role of the pathetic pregnant widow to the hilt when she appears in court to plead her case. Beth reminds Luis how much he and Antonio truly do have in common. Brian assures "Diana" that her "sighting" was due simply to her feverish state. Beth promises a grateful Luis she can wait for him as long as it takes. Ethan reminds the judge that in the absence of a corpse Julian can't be declared legally dead for another seven years. Timmy is horrified to see his own demise foretold by the magic scroll.
Tabitha continues to worry about Timmy's safety and warns him again to leave the book of spells alone. Tabitha makes travel plans. She begs Zombie Charity to spare Timmy's life. The evil zombie plots her next move. Kay is determined to destroy Zombie Charity. Kay and Timmy team up to get the book of spells away from Fluffy. Kay and Timmy both search for the spell they need.

Brian goes to check on Sheridan. Sheridan thinks she sees the man she loves and just misses catching up to Luis. Brian comforts Sheridan as she tells him about how she dreamt she was reunited with her love. Meanwhile, Luis thinks he knows how to get Brian to come home to Harmony.

Theresa is confident she will win the entire Crane fortune. Pilar tries to reason with her daughter and claims she is ashamed of her. Alistair keeps tabs on Pilar and Theresa. Theresa's lawyer preps her for court. Ethan is sure he will win. He makes one last attempt to stop Theresa. The showdown in court begins.

Monday, April 22, 2002 | Episode #712

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"Diana" decides the time has come to commit herself to Brian. Next door, Beth is thrilled when Luis finally feels ready to put the past behind him and make love to her. Ethan causes a stir in the courtroom when he unexpectedly calls Theresa to the witness stand. Though Woodrow advises his client to lie through her teeth, Pilar sternly reminds her daughter she must testify honestly in front of God and the judge. Annoyed by her inability to locate the elusive Timmy, the zombie vents her fury on a hapless Kay. Meanwhile, Tabitha explains to Timmy how she bargained for his life but was unable to convince the zombie to spare her little pal. Under questioning from Ethan, Theresa confesses under oath that she still loves him and never intended to marry Julian. Brian decides to postpone romance until "Diana" is fully recovered. The zombie cons Kay into entering Tabitha's basement. Unable to dissuade Timmy from playing hero, Tabitha locks him in the attic for his own good. Alistair orders the judge to issue a certain verdict. Timmy escapes from the attic and hits the road hitchhiking.
Sheridan decides to move forward with Brian. However, Brian wants her to feel better before they make love. Meanwhile, Luis begins to make love to a delighted Beth, but they are interrupted by a maid.

Zombie Charity searches the house for Timmy, determined to kill him. Zombie Charity attacks Kay and later tricks her into going into Tabitha's basement. After the magic scroll shows him a disturbing image of the future, Timmy fears for his life. Timmy sets out to destroy Zombie Charity, but Tabitha locks him up in the attic in order to protect him.

Ethan calls a surprised Theresa to the witness stand. His questioning puts her on the spot. Ethan gets what he wants from Theresa when he forces her to admit she didn't realize she was marrying Julian and that she loves him.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002 | Episode #713

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Tabitha shudders to think what will happen to her little pal if the zombie finds Timmy before she does. Meanwhile, a kindly woman picks up Timmy after spotting him hitchhiking late at night. Pilar commends her distressed daughter for telling the truth on the witness stand. In Bermuda, Sheridan decides to join Brian at the masked ball despite her lingering sore throat. As they drive across the state, Tanya encourages her young passenger to tell her his troubles. Woodrow attempts to negotiate a new settlement with Ethan. A triumphant Ivy assumes her victory is a foregone conclusion, while Theresa dares to hope that her confession means she still has a chance with the man she loves. The zombie discovers an important page missing from the book of spells. Tanya gets more than she bargained for as Timmy tells the psychologist his bizarre life story. Ethan reminds a deflated Theresa that they are through. Timmy finds himself abruptly deposited back on the side of the road.
Zombie Charity continues searching for Timmy. Tabitha worries when she realizes Timmy escaped from the attic. The devious zombie is happy Timmy is gone and plots her next move. Zombie Charity discovers a missing page in the spell book that could spell the end of her. Meanwhile, Timmy catches a ride and then tells the skeptical driver his story.

Theresa laments her decision to tell the truth on the stand. Pilar is proud of Theresa, although Woody feels they've lost the case. Theresa's lawyer approaches Ethan about a possible deal. Ivy and Rebecca gloat. Gwen realizes Theresa truly loves Ethan. Theresa thinks she can still get Ethan back. Alistair has a meeting with the judge and orders him to deliver the verdict he wants.

Brian, Luis, and Beth meet up at the costume ball. Brian is disappointed that Sheridan is still sick. Sheridan arrives at the party to surprise Brian, but she has trouble finding him since everyone is wearing masks.

Wednesday, April 24, 2002 | Episode #714

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Acting on Alistair's orders, Judge Matthew rules that Julian's entire estate goes to his one true widow---Theresa. Luis and Sheridan come face to face at the masked ball and struggle to understand why each seems so familiar. As he tries to thumb another ride, Timmy comes under attack from an enormous bird of prey sent by the vengeful zombie. Brian tells "Diana" that he and his brother have often been mistaken for one another. Later, Luis and Sheridan take a spin around the dance floor but remain clueless about one another's real identity. Theresa and Woodrow celebrate their victory as Ethan protests and Gwen fumes in frustration. Timmy takes refuge in a roadside restroom as the evil Bird of Mordred attempts to peck down the door. Warmly welcomed by the mansion's domestic staff, Theresa gleefully orders an outraged Ivy out of her home. Tabitha takes on the giant bird in hand-to-wing combat while Timmy dons a new disguise.
Tabitha is horrified when she learns Zombie Charity has sent the Bird of Mordred to kill Timmy. Meanwhile, a frightened Timmy takes cover from the vicious bird. Tabitha calls Timmy on his cell phone and comes up with a plan to save him.

A masked Sheridan and Luis come face-to-face. Brian thinks he knows why Luis seems familiar to "Diana." Luis and Sheridan share a dance with each other. Luis continues fighting memories of Sheridan.

While waiting for the judge to deliver his ruling, Ethan worries about Theresa. Convinced she's lost, Theresa wishes she'd lied. Rebecca and Ivy continue to gloat. The courtroom erupts when the judge declares Theresa as the true Mrs. Julian Crane. Alistair is pleased. Ethan vows to appeal as Theresa basks in her triumph.

Thursday, April 25, 2002 | Episode #715

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Her maternal instincts aroused, Tabitha warns the Bird of Mordred she'll never let him harm a hair on Timmy's head. Styling in his new leathers, Timmy wanders into a biker bar in search of a ride. Though Ethan appeals to her not to throw his mother out into the street, Theresa reminds Ivy and Gwen they have five minutes to pack. In Bermuda, the moment comes for the unmasking at the ball but Sheridan suffers a coughing fit first. Meanwhile, Beth confides to Brian how hopeful she is about a future with his brother. Inside the cave, the zombie gleefully informs the frozen Charity that she's only a hair away from seducing Miguel. Timmy contemplates getting a tattoo to fit in with the other bikers. Pilar warns Theresa she will never be happy in the Crane mansion. Still wearing her mask, "Diana" is escorted upstairs by a worried Brian. Gwen cautions her mother and Ivy she won't let them hurt Theresa. Tabitha finally polishes off the giant bird. Timmy ticks off a large biker named "Crusher" but his moves on the dance floor save him from a beating and turn him into the life of the party instead. News from Harmony force Luis and Beth to cut short their island vacation. Theresa finally agrees to let Gwen and Ivy stay.
Zombie Charity taunts the frozen, real Charity as she waits on word from the evil bird. Zombie Charity later leaves to make love to Miguel. Tabitha and the Bird of Mordred face-off, and she manages to kill it. In his search for a ride, Timmy ends up in a tense situation with a very angry biker.

Ethan tries to reason with Theresa. She won't budge and demands that Ivy and Rebecca get out of the mansion immediately. Ivy and Rebecca plot Theresa's end. Gwen steps in and vows to turn them in if Theresa ends up hurt. Pilar tries desperately to get through to Theresa but she won't listen. Theresa stops Ethan in his tracks.

Brian and Beth talk about their respective futures with Sheridan and Luis. As everyone is about to take off their masks, Sheridan becomes even more ill. Brian and Luis help Sheridan.

Friday, April 26, 2002 | Episode #716

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Theresa again rebuffs Pilar's efforts to talk her into leaving the mansion. Meanwhile, Gwen reminds her mother and Ivy that she'll turn them in if they make any move to hurt Theresa or her unborn child. Luis tries again to reach Antonio by phone before he and Beth board their flight for Harmony. Back at the resort, Brian urges "Diana" to get some rest but can't stop wondering why his brother left without a word. Rebecca employs her feminine wiles to charm one of the Cranes' security guards into doing her bidding. Luis repeats his promise to Beth but privately continues to pine for Sheridan. Theresa decides upon a course of action to lure Ethan back into her arms but the scheme backfires badly when Gwen intervenes. Rebecca tells Ivy that Theresa will face the death sentence for Julian's murder.
Brian puts an ailing Sheridan to bed. She can't stop thinking about Brian's brother. Sheridan wants a future with Brian. Brian is hurt and angry when he learns his brother and Beth have left the hotel without saying good-bye. Luis and Beth wait at the airport hoping Brian and Sheridan got their note about the disasters back home. Luis can't stop thinking about Sheridan, but promises Beth he does want a future with her.

Pilar is not happy with Theresa's actions. Theresa lets a shocked Ivy and Rebecca stay in their rooms. Rebecca knows the real reason for Theresa's generosity. Gwen warns Ivy and Rebecca not to hurt Theresa or her unborn baby. Rebecca comes up with a plan to get rid of Theresa and puts it in motion.

Monday, April 29, 2002 | Episode #717

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Brian treats "Diana" to breakfast in bed but can't stop wondering why his brother left Bermuda without a word. Meanwhile, back in Harmony, Luis storms into the Crane mansion and demands to see his sister. Unaware that Luis' note of explanation is lying on the floor of their room, Brian tells Sheridan he thinks his brother still hasn't forgiven him for deserting the family. Pilar tries again to persuade her daughter to leave the poisoned atmosphere of the mansion but Theresa refuses to give up the luxuries she's so quickly grown to love. Rebecca instructs Ivy to place a call to the governor concerning the investigation into Julian's murder. Pilar sheepishly admits to a startled Luis that she had no insurance on their badly damaged home. Brian and "Diana" dreamily discuss their future. Luis relays good news to his mother about his island encounter with Antonio. Rebecca shows a shocked Ivy a videotape which appears to incriminate Ethan.
Brian is hurt and angry over Luis' sudden disappearance. Brian feels his brother must still be mad at him, but Sheridan thinks there is a reasonable explanation. The couple remains oblivious to Luis' displaced note.

Theresa enjoys the high life at the Crane estate. Pilar tries to reason with her and begs her daughter to leave. Luis barges into the mansion, hell-bent on dragging Theresa out of there. Theresa argues that they have no home to go to anyway, but Pilar and Luis refuse to stay at the Cranes'. Luis is shocked when Pilar informs him she doesn't have insurance for their house. Luis has news of his own.

Rebecca furthers her plot to get Theresa convicted of Julian's murder. Ivy is hesitant to go along with the plan. Rebecca receives a bombshell of a tape.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002 | Episode #718

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Tabitha polishes off another "turkey" sandwich as the zombie wonders what happened to her Bird of Mordred. In need of some moral support, Timmy's prayers are answered when a stray dog suddenly strolls up and affectionately licks his hand. Theresa digs in her heels when Luis demands that she move out of the mansion. Though Tabitha encourages her to curtail her pursuit of a harmless boy, "Charity" insists that Timmy is one dead duck. Timmy is surprised to find tears rolling down his cheeks as he pets his new four-legged friend. Brian and "Diana" share a romantic moment on the beach. An outraged Ivy accuses Rebecca of using the videotape of Ethan as blackmail to get her out of the picture. Pilar balks at allowing Theresa to use the Crane fortune to rebuild her house. Rebecca assures Ivy she intends to use the incriminating tape against their mutual enemy. The zombie secretly listens in on Timmy's phone call to his princess. A face from Brian's past returns to haunt him. Ethan enlists an unlikely ally in his quest to prove that his mother is Julian's true widow.
Zombie Charity waits impatiently for word on Timmy. Tabitha tries fruitlessly to get Zombie Charity to leave Timmy alone. Meanwhile, a sad and lonely Timmy makes a new friend. Timmy places himself in danger when he makes a phone call home to Tabitha.

Sheridan tells Brian that despite her memories of her lost love, she is ready to move on with him. Brian and Sheridan share a romantic picnic. A mystery man watches Brian.

Luis does all he can to get Theresa to leave the mansion, but his sister stands her ground. Pilar won't allow Theresa to use her new money to help the family. At the same time, Ethan works to get the judge's ruling overturned.

Ivy is shocked when Rebecca shows her the videotape. Ivy misunderstands Rebecca's motives and attacks her partner-in-crime. Luis has some questions for the ladies about Julian's murder.

Wednesday, May 1, 2002 | Episode #719

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Kissing Brian fondly, "Diana" tells her grateful companion she's finally ready to forget about her lost love and move on with her life. Meanwhile, the mystery man reports to his cohorts that he's finally tracked down the elusive Brian O'Leary. The zombie gets Tabitha in a headlock but the steadfast witch stubbornly refuses to betray her Timmy. Hearing scuffling noises from within, Luis hurries into Tabitha's house to check on his elderly neighbor. As the zombie ducks into hiding, Tabitha covers with the cop by offering to read his tea leaves. After Crusher reveals that he's allergic to dogs, Timmy reluctantly prepares to bid his canine companion farewell. Unable to say goodbye, Timmy dubs the dog "Toto" and decides to hit the road with his four-legged friend in tow. Tabitha relates for Luis how she saw him and Sheridan together on the Titanic.
Zombie Charity tries to kill Tabitha, but is thwarted by an oblivious Luis. Tabitha tells Luis about the tea leaves she read for Sheridan. In Bermuda, Sheridan admits she is no longer desperate for her past and is truly happy with Brian. Sheridan remembers her past life with him. A mystery man spells danger for Brian. Sheridan senses something could cause her and Brian pain.

Ethan reflects on his and Theresa's lost love. Ivy is relieved but confused to learn the truth about the tape. Rebecca has a plan to destroy Theresa and assures Ivy that their rival will be sentenced to death for Julian's murder. Theresa gives Ivy and Rebecca the third degree. Ethan is sure the ruling will be overturned.

Thursday, May 2, 2002 | Episode #720

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Whitney drops in on her best friend and is surprised to find Theresa killing Ethan with kindness even as he prepares a new court case to have her name and fortune stripped from her. Beth shows Luis the website on the Titanic and clicks on the photo archives. Meanwhile, down in Bermuda, Brian and "Diana" visit an Internet cafe to surf for clues about a past life. Timmy and Toto try to find a warm place to spend the night. Rebecca explains to a dubious Ivy how the doctored videotape will provoke Theresa into taking the fall for Julian's murder. "Diana" is astonished to see her own face on the Titanic web page, while back in Harmony Luis gasps to recognize Sheridan among the photos of the doomed ship's passenger list. A trio of teens out for trouble trick Timmy into helping them rob a mini-mart. Brian finds his own lookalike on the Titanic's list of officers. Timmy realizes too late he's been conned.
Timmy worries about the message he read in the stars from Zombie Charity. Timmy wants to lend a hand when he meets up with three teenagers.

Theresa continues to throw her weight around. Whitney tries to get her friend to see reality but to no avail. Theresa is certain she'll get Ethan back. Ivy is unsure of Rebecca's plan. Rebecca is confident Theresa will take the bait.

Luis can't understand why he hasn't heard from Brian. Luis and Beth go on-line to find out if Luis and Sheridan really were on the Titanic. In Bermuda, Brian and Sheridan do the same. Sheridan and Luis are in for a shock when they both discover Sheridan's picture among the passengers on the Titanic. Sheridan and Brian find their connection on the Titanic as well.

Friday, May 3, 2002 | Episode #721

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The teenage robbers remind an alarmed Timmy that he's already an accessory to their crime. At the Crane mansion, Theresa receives a mysterious videotape along with a cryptic message from a stranger. "Diana" and Brian are intrigued to unearth information about the son they shared in a previous life. Back in Harmony, Beth poses an important question to Luis. "Diana" and Brian learn that Franklin Liva has passed away. Desperate for leverage with their unwitting accomplice, the boys threaten to kill Toto unless Timmy cooperates. Kneeling by Frank's grave, Sheridan recalls several happy moments with "her" son ages ago. Luis assures Beth he still wants to share a life with her. The little angel pays a visit to Timmy as he ponders his precarious predicament. Theresa finally views the tape of Julian's murder and is horrified to see Ethan pull the trigger.
Timmy realizes he's dealing with bad guys. He tries to stop them from robbing a convenience store, but his good deed puts him in danger.

Beth and Luis search for answers to what happened to Sheridan in her last life. Sheridan and Brian track down their son from their past life together only to find he's dead. Sheridan and Brian grieve for their son. Sheridan has memories of her son from her past life. Beth has a question for Luis.

Rebecca's henchman delivers the videotape to Theresa. Rebecca and Ivy watch happily as Theresa takes the bait. Whitney shows up and endangers Ivy and Rebecca's plan. Rebecca thinks fast to get Whitney to leave.