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Monday, May 6, 2002 | Episode #722

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Desperate for the truth, Luis does all he can to try to make contact with Sheridan's son from the past life. Meanwhile, after seeing a photo of the man Sheridan loved, Beth worries that Luis will somehow learn that Sheridan and Brian were together in their previous life. Hank is rocked when he finally finds out what Beth and Luis have been doing. Defending his strange actions, Luis insists that learning everything he can about Sheridan's past life will help him move on with his current life and the pain that affects him every day. Learning more and more about their "son" Franklin Jr., Sheridan and Brian grow closer. They eventually kiss and afterwards, they both have a vision about what their wedding from their past life looked like. Hoping to stop the teen thugs from robbing the convenience store, Timmy manages to hit the silent alarm notifying the police who quickly nab the kids along with Timmy. The three kids are quick to blame Timmy for the attempted robbery and tell a convincing story. Theresa stares in disbelief at the doctored video tape and then makes a deal with Rebecca's hired henchman to protect Ethan. As their plan starts to fall into place perfectly, Rebecca and Ivy are thrilled. However, as Rebecca boasts of her certainty that Theresa will take the bait, Ethan arrives and threatens to uncover their plan.
Luis tries to make contact with Sheridan's son from a past life. After seeing a picture of the man Sheridan loved, Beth worries Luis will learn Brian and Sheridan were together in their previous life. Hank is stunned to hear what Beth and Luis have been up to. Luis thinks learning about Sheridan's past will help him move on. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Brian bond as they learn more about their son, Franklin, Jr. The two share a kiss after they have a vision of their wedding from their past life.

Timmy triggers a silent alarm to stop the teens from robbing the convenience store. The cops show up, and the kids try to stick the blame on Timmy.

Theresa is shocked and upset when she watches the videotape. Theresa makes a deal with Rebecca's henchman to protect Ethan. Rebecca and Ivy watch with glee as their plan unfolds perfectly. Rebecca is certain Theresa will take the bait, and they will be rid of her. Ethan almost stumbles upon the plan.

Tuesday, May 7, 2002 | Episode #723

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Luis does his best to find out all he can about Sheridan's past life but eventually runs into a dead end leaving him with plenty of questions but few answers. Hearing what Beth has discovered about Antonio, Hank urges her to keep it secret from Luis. In Bermuda Sheridan is taken back to her past life and remembers how wonderful and fulfilling it was. She and Brian enjoy their time together unaware of the potential danger they may face. Ethan comes close to seeing the incriminating tape that Theresa has but doesn't. When Ivy realizes what could happen if Ethan were to view the tape that fingers him as a killer, she threatens Rebecca. Rebecca tries to calm her down and assures her that this plan is going to work. Theresa manages to grab the tape before Ethan can watch it. Later, Whitney and Ethan question an anxious Theresa and as they do so, Ethan insists that Theresa tell him the truth.
Pilar is overjoyed when her prayers are answered with a call from Antonio.

Luis' search for answers about Sheridan's past life reaches a dead end. Hank tries to persuade Beth not to tell Luis what she found out about Antonio. In Bermuda, Sheridan remembers her past life and how happy and full of love it was. Brian and Sheridan remain unaware of a potential threat.

Ethan nearly sees the incriminating tape. Ivy panics and threatens Rebecca. Rebecca assures Ivy the plan is on track. Theresa manages to get the tape away from Ethan. Whitney and Ethan question a nervous Theresa. Ethan wants the truth.

Wednesday, May 8, 2002 | Episode #724

Theresa gets interrogated by Whitney on the wharf, but Theresa won't open up. Whitney tells her that she is really starting to scare her, and Theresa says that she is really scared herself. Whit suggests that Theresa go and talk to Luis, but Theresa tells her that he is the last person she can talk to. Whit then suggests Fr. Lonigan, Theresa finds this as a great idea. At the book cafe Ethan and Chad are talking about Chad's music. Chad thanks him again for all the help with the recording studio, but tells him that he wishes he had a singer to bring his lyrics alive. Ethan knows that he is talking about Whitney. But Chad tells him that Whitney just wants to play tennis, and follow what her parents say, and will probably marry a guy from a good family. Ethan tells Chad that Theresa has been acting very strange. Chad tells him that's he is pregnant and it could just be her hormones playing with her emotions. But Ethan tells him that he thinks it is something different, something is hurting her inside. Ethan leaves and heads back to the Crane mansion. Chad meets up with Theresa and Whitney on the wharf. Chad and Whitney talk, and Theresa asks him where Ethan is. He tells her that he had to go to the Crane Mansion, and do something relating to Julian's murder. Theresa who believes that Ethan killed Julian, gets more upset. She leaves Whitney and Chad and goes to the church to talk to Father Lonigan. At the church she prays to the statue of Mary, while holding the tape of Julian, and Ethan. Father Lonigan comes in and begins to talk to Theresa. She tells him that it is a life and death situation. He hears the fear in her voice, and tells her to continue.

The Bennett's House:
The Bennett's are setting up for Charity's 18th B-Day party, and of course the whole gang is there to help. Except Charity who is at Tabitha's. Tabitha who is doing some spring cleaning, is subjected to Zombie Charity's plans. Zombie Charity tells Tabby ho she plans to ruin everyone's life, including Timmy and hers. Back at the Bennett's Kay is as usual upset with the big commotion for Charity especially since it is not Charity. Charity comes back from Tabby's and her and Miguel hug and kiss, and she tells him that she can't wait till they make love. Miguel not knowing that it will kill him. Charity then offers for her party to be a joint celebration of Jon's welcoming to the family. Jon feels a little weird about it, and doesn't want to take away form her day, but she insists, and tells him that it is her way of making up for her actions when they first met. Grace thinks it is a great idea. Sam is forced to move up the investigation into Julian's murder. Eve and David share there similarity of being blackmailed by Ivy. David tries to find out what Ivy has on Eve. He tells her that Ivy is holding his past against him and now has brought his son into the mess. Eve tells him that she knows exactly how he feels. David asks her why she just didn't tell Grace the truth about Jon not being her son, and Eve tells him that it was to save her daughter's future. They both remain guilt ridden, and feel as though there is nothing they can do. Timmy remains an outlaw and continues to run from the police.

Thursday, May 9, 2002 | Episode #725

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As Timmy expresses to little Toto his hopes for a better life "over the rainbow," the police find him and place him under arrest for the attempted robbery of the convenience store. Grace is a wreck as her niece's birthday party gets underway. In spite of Kay's warning that she won't let her seduce Miguel, Zombie Charity goes after Miguel as the birthday party picks up speed. Kay senses what Zombie Charity is trying to do and realizes she may not be able to save Miguel. To make the party a bit livelier, Zombie Charity decides to drop a few bombshells that will shock and surprise the citizens of Harmony. However, she pulls a fast one when she lies and claims that she anticipates that there will be an arrest in the Julian murder case soon.
A cop finds Timmy.

Miguel and Zombie Charity anticipate making love after the birthday party. Kay worries about what is going to happen and feels powerless to stop it. Zombie Charity plans to drop several bombshells at the party. The zombie fakes a premonition about an arrest in Julian's murder case.

Rebecca and Ivy try to clue Ethan in on Theresa's true motives. Rebecca plants seeds of doubt in Ethan's mind about Theresa and makes an accusation. Theresa goes to Father Lonigan for advice. Father Lonigan urges her to go to the police. Theresa refuses and wants desperately to protect Ethan. Theresa is frightened by what Father Lonigan is planning to do.

Friday, May 10, 2002 | Episode #726
Timmy and his dog friend Toto, are on the run. Timmy sees himself on TV and realizes that he has been caught on tape, and knows that if Zombie Charity sees it he's doomed. Meanwhile back at Tabby's Zombie Charity and Tabby are watching the TV with Timmy on it. Zombie Char gets in touch with the "Lawmen" and finds out where Timmy is. She heads up to the attic to work on a potion to kill Timmy and his dog. Tabby stays in the living room, and watches Timmy through a mirror. She tries to contact him by calling his cell phone, but can't reach him. Unable to watch her doomed Timmy any longer she heads upstairs to see what Zombie Char is doing. Timmy still on the run with his dog, stops to rest, and think about how he will save the real Charity. Tabby tells Zombie Char that she couldn't watch her poor Timmy any more, and she plans to leave the house to get away from it. Zombie Char has other plans for her though, and locks her in the attic with her so that she can watch her position kill Timmy. Zombie Char releases a very powerful spell on Timmy, and before he knows it he and his dog are surrounded by alligators, lizards, and poisonous spiders all ready to kill him.

Whitney catches up with Theresa who is outside of the church. Whit tells her that Charity had a premonition about Chief Bennett making an arrest in Julian's murder, and it would be someone close to him. Theresa begins to freak out about the news, and Whitney wonders why, but Theresa refuses to tell her anything, and Theresa runs to the police station to stop Chief Bennett from arresting Ethan. At the police station Sam tells Luis that he wants to take him off the case. Luis tells him that there is no reason to, and that he nor his mother or sister killed anyone. Sam tells him that he can stay on the case. Luis realizes that Sam was just testing him, and Sam says that he was, because he wanted to see if there was any guilt in his eyes, and there wasn't. Sam tells Luis that the governor is putting pressure on him to make an arrest. Sam and Luis get ready to start interviewing the suspects again. Theresa makes it to the police station and just as she enters she hears Sam talking about Ethan as a suspect, and decides to stay outside and figure out what she is going to do. She does not know though that Rebecca's henchman is looking on. At the mansion Rebecca got a scare when she couldn't find the tape with Ethan killing Julian on it. It was at the bottom of her purse, and she found it. But the scare got Ivy thinking that Theresa may just tell the police that Ethan was the killer and there plan would blow up in there faces. Rebecca's henchman calls the Crane mansion and tells Ivy and Rebecca that Theresa is outside of the police station right now. They both head down there to watch Theresa crack. Theresa sees Sam and Luis getting ready to leave the police station and she decides that she has to stop them from arresting Ethan. She bursts into the police station crying and telling them that she can't let them do it. Theresa fears that if Ethan is arrested it will be her fault, since he killed Julian for her. Sam starts to grill her, and Luis pushes her to answer Sam's questions. With Ivy and Rebecca secretly looking in from outside Theresa cracks and says that she killed Julian.

Diana and Brian are getting ready for there night of dinner and dancing to celebrate Brian's birthday. Diana has a flashback of her and Brian dancing, and drinking champagne in there other life time. She is sadden by it, and is afraid of losing him. Brian tries to reassure her, but she tells him that she has lost everything, her family, her memory, and her first love. Brian kisses her passionately. He stops and apologizes for kissing her, but she tells him that he never has to apologize for that. He kisses her again, and the next thing you know, both of there clothing's are thrown on the floor, the light is turned off, and Brian and Diana are in bed together, kissing.

Monday, May 13, 2002 | Episode #727
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Though Luis tries to talk some sense into his impetuous kid sister, Theresa stubbornly insists that Sam place her under arrest for the murder of Julian Crane. Surrounded by crocodiles and giant tarantulas, Timmy screams in terror. Meanwhile, back in Harmony, Tabitha watches helplessly via the zombie's crystal ball. Still half asleep, Ethan plants a kiss on Gwen as she leans over his bed. Brian and "Diana" begin to make love but are interrupted by a chambermaid. Ivy congratulates Rebecca on her brilliant plan to force Theresa into taking the fall for a crime she didn't commit. Another untimely distraction prevents Sheridan and Brian from consummating their love. Timmy and Toto manage to escape with their lives as a relieved Tabitha looks on. Ethan and Gwen take a nostalgic walk down memory lane before sharing a lingering kiss. Timmy and Toto take refuge in a garage but quickly come under attack again from the zombie's minions. Ethan and Gwen make love. A distraught Luis begs Theresa to recant her confession. Brian's enemies plot their revenge.

Brian and Sheridan begin to make love but are repeatedly interrupted. The two head off to celebrate Brian's birthday, unaware they are walking into a trap.

Theresa stuns Luis and Sam with her confession. Despite Luis' objections, Theresa insists Sam place her under arrest for murdering Julian. Ivy and Rebecca watch happily as their plan unfolds before their eyes. Ivy tries to hurry Theresa's arrest along.

A distraught Tabitha watches as Zombie Charity sends vicious animals to kill Timmy. Timmy manages to outwit the animals and get away. Tabitha and Zombie Charity face off.

Gwen and Ethan bond as they reminisce about old times. Later, they share a passionate kiss...

Tuesday, May 14, 2002 | Episode #728

Ethan finds out that Theresa confessed to killing Julian by overhearing Rebecca gloating to Ivy. He says there is no way she could have done it. He says that nothing could convince him that she did it. Rebecca said Theresa is a "Black Widow" and could kill someone if she could take everything from a poor helpless woman in a wheelchair (Ivy). Ethan questions Rebecca why she is so happy about Theresa's "confession." She says she isn't happy, she is relieved that Ivy will get everything back and that Gwen and Ethan can finally be together. Ethan asks what she means by that and both Ivy and Rebecca say that are glad Ethan & Gwen can be 'friends' without Theresa interfering. Gwen tells Ethan that she wishes that their lovemaking could erase all of the feelings he had for Theresa but knows that isn't so but she will always be there for him. Ethan says he wants to hear from Theresa's own lips that she did it and tells everyone that Theresa could use a lawyer, he leaves for the police station. Gwen questions Ivy and Rebecca as to what they are up to and says that she is going to keep an eye on them. Gwen says she is not going to take advantage of Ethan because of this bad situation. Ivy worries about all of the things that could go wrong and Rebecca reassures her that Theresa will be out of their lives for good -- six feet under where she belongs.

Grace gives John a birthday present for each year that she missed with him. Kay sees the negligee that Miguel has bought for "Charity" as a present. Miguel questions Kay as to why she is so against "Charity" and he making love. He tells her that she helped them get back together and should be happy for them. Simone tells Kay to give up her pipe-dream and says that once Miguel and Charity make love they will be together forever. Kay tells Simone that he is going to die if they make love but then says she means SHE will die if they make love. Kay says that there isn't anywhere for them to make love and Simone says that if they want to they will and she has lost him. Kay then finds the key to the hotel room that Miguel has reserved for the night. Kay tries to explain to Miguel the truth but Miguel hears pounding coming from Tabitha's and runs out the door before she can finish.

Zombie keeps tries to kill Timmy with a Lawn mower. Tabitha is devastated and says her worst nightmare is coming true, not being able to help the one she loves. She says she has never felt pain like this in all the centuries she's been alive. Timmy and Toto escape when the lawn mower crashes through a door and hits a statue outside. Tabitha is relieved and Zombie Charity is furious. Zombie resorts to magic by putting on a 'snake charmer' hat and makes a garden hose come to life and chokes Timmy with it. Tabitha tries to summon up enough powers to blow down the door that she is locked behind but is unable to and starts pounding on the door. She finally gets enough wind to blow down the door and blows Zombie off the chair. Zombie chases Tabitha through the house telling her that she is going to kill her. She uses magic to put a rope across the stairs and Tabitha falls into a heap at the bottom of the steps. Timmy wakes up with the hose wrapped around him with a bad feeling about Tabitha. Kay and Miguel walk in on Charity slapping a "dead" Tabitha.

Sam starts to question Theresa about Julian's murder. She confesses on tape that she did it. She tells Sam that she was angry about what Julian had done to her. She says she followed him to the cannery in Pilar's car. She said she found a gun in the hallway of the mansion like someone had left it there for her to find. Luis says he is having a hard time believing any of it. Theresa says she left the gun under a bush on the grounds. Sam sends two squad cars over to the mansion to search the grounds. Luis keeps telling her that he knows she didn't do this. When Theresa gives Sam the gloves that she was wearing that night she fired the gun, Luis grabs the evidence bag and tries to get Theresa out of the station but Sam stops him. He tells Luis that he can take himself off this case, everyone will understand. Luis tries to hand over his gun and badge. Luis figures out that she is covering for someone else and badgers her as to who it is.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002 | Episode #729
Brian and Diana watch the band, Seven In the Sun, at a nightclub. She wishes him a happy birthday and gives him a kiss. They celebrate with champagne. She tells him that she is going to make his night so special he will always remember it. Meanwhile two strange men watch him and plan his downfall. One says that Brian owes him big money and he is going to collect on it. Brian tells Diana how much she means to him and she tells him how he has given her hope for the future and it is all he thinks about and cares about. The strange guys talk about how Brian crossed him and made him lose his operation. They say how sweet it will be to make him pay. Diana orders a bottle of very expensive champagne but Brian then tells the waiter to bring two glasses of house wine. He explains that they don't have much money and she apologizes for having expensive taste and they talk about whether she was rich or not before she lost her memory. The two strangers talk about how Diana is the key to getting at Brian. Diana tells Brian how much she wants to get a navigational system for the boat he is restoring and he tells her no because it costs big money. While they are dancing, the waiter tells Brian he has a phone call. Brian then runs into the guy who has been watching him. They walk out to have a "chat" or else he said that he will involve his lady love. The other guy tells Sheridan he has a way she can make money.

Ethan tries to help Theresa but she keeps telling him to go. He asks why she is doing this because it would be impossible for her to kill anyone. Ethan and Luis both tell Sam that she is covering for someone. Sam asks her if it is true and she wont say anything. (She has a flashback of the video when Ethan shoots Julian.) She finally says again that she is the one who killed Julian. Luis and Ethan both say she is lying. Sam asks Ethan how he can be so sure that Theresa is innocent and Theresa tells Ethan it is best this way and to just let it go. Ethan tells Sam that she could never do such a thing and that even though she hated Julian, she is a good person. Luis then tells Sam that Theresa is lying to protect him ... he killed Julian Crane. Sam asks why and Luis tells him all the reasons he hates him (Sheridan, what he sis to Theresa). Theresa tells Luis not to take the blame for what she did. Luis tries to tell her that he has already lost Sheridan and he can't lose her. Sam says he can't accept his confession because he knows he is just trying to protect Theresa. Sam then arrests Theresa because she kept telling everyone she did it and doesn't want anyone to protect her. Sam then reads her, her rights and fingerprints her and takes her pictures.

Eve examines Tabitha and finds a weak pulse and everyone asks Charity what happened. Kay gloats that everyone will find out about Charity being a zombie. Zombie tells her that Kay will also be exposed as conjuring her up from a book of spells. Kay says she is happy anyway because Miguel will be safe. As Tabitha comes to, she keeps saying to stop that zombie who is trying to kill her and to save Timmy. Reese keeps saying she is witch. Everyone stares at Zombie and she says she wasn't doing anything. Kay and Miguel tell everyone that they did see Zombie smacking Tabitha. When Tabitha wakes up Zombie tells her to say that she was running to the phone too fast and fell down the stairs and that Zombie was trying to revive her by slapping her cheeks. Reese asks again why Tabitha was talking about a zombie trying to get her. Miguel tells Zombie he is sorry and hopes she can forgive him. They talk about how excited they are about making love that night.

Zombie explains that she must have been talking about a drink that she had a party called a zombie that made her sick. Eve and Grace tell Tabitha that maybe she should stay home from the party. Zombie then tells Kay how everyone loves her and no one would believe Kay anyway. Zombie tells Kay she is helpless and Miguel is good as dead.

Thursday, May 16, 2002 | Episode #730

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Eve attempts to help Grace as she writhes in pain but Father Lonigan declares traditional medicine useless against the forces of evil. Meanwhile, the zombie ups the ante as she holds the voodoo doll of Kay's mother over an open flame. Whitney visits Theresa's jail cell and urges her friend to recant her confession. Sheridan's new pal encourages her to keep gambling, then rigs the game to ensure that she'll continue to win. Theresa envisions an elderly Ethan wasting away in prison, then reels to think that the man she loves could even pay the ultimate price by being executed for his crime. After Kay finally relents, the zombie halts her manipulations with the voodoo doll and Grace's torture suddenly comes to a complete stop. As they play an unfriendly game of pool, Nick reminds Brian that he's become trapped behind the eight ball with no way out. "Diana's" lucky streak comes to an end.

As "Charity's" party gets underway, Tabitha makes a deal with Zombie Charity to spare Timmy's life. However, the evil zombie doesn't plan to keep up her end of the bargain. Kay tries to tell Miguel the truth about "Charity." Father Lonigan and Grace sense evil nearby. Zombie Charity threatens to kill Grace to keep Kay from telling the truth.

Sheridan unknowingly steps right into a trap, while Brian is confronted by his past.

Luis calls Whitney for help with Theresa. Luis and Ethan try one last time to get through to Theresa but with no luck. Theresa stands firm to protect Ethan. Whitney is horrified to learn the possible consequences of Theresa's confession. Theresa is put behind bars.

Friday, May 17, 2002 | Episode #731
Zombie Charity tortures Grace using a Voodoo Doll so that Kay wont tell Miguel she is really evil. As Grace withers in pain, Kay begs her to stop and says she will do what Zombie wants. Zombie finally stops torturing Grace and Grace is then fine. Everyone gathers around her and tells her how worried they were. Father Lonigan says that evil may have left Grace's body but he still feels it's pretense. Chad thanks Grace for letting him DJ the party and tells her he has some of his own original music. TC gets upset about Chad being at Charity's 18th birthday party and accuses him of drugging Whitney again. Zombie tells Charity that she needs to read the tea leaves. David talks to Eve about their predicament with Ivy. Eve says she will ruin her life if she tells on Ivy. Zombie tells Tabitha to make it "memorable" with the tea leaf reading and gives her some of her powers back. Eve sees a fight with Whitney in the bottom of the cup. Father Lonigan asks Kay if she invited Evil into Harmony. He reminds of the consequences of doing so. Zombie flirts with Miguel about how excited she is for tonight.

Brian talks with Nick about the past. Brian tells him there is nothing that he can take away from him anymore and Nick shows him video of Diana with his partner and tells him that there is something very precious he can take away from him. They then talk about Brian's options in the 'game' of pool that they are playing. Diana keeps 'winning' at black jack as planned by the 'boss'. All of a sudden she loses everything and borrows money from the house after she is convinced that she will get back on a winning streak. Brian comes out of the pool room looking for Diana and gets in a fight with Nick when he can't find her.

Theresa tells Whitney that she is glad that she has someone to confide in. She tells Whitney that all of this is her fault and that she has no choice but to confess to Julian's murder. Theresa has flashbacks of Ethan saying he could kill Julian and how he would die for the woman he loves. She says that Julian wouldn't be dead if it wasn't for her. Whitney wants to know who she is covering for. The guard brings Theresa food as she sits in jail. Whitney tells her to tell the truth and she has a vision of Ethan being 80 years old in jail. Whitney keeps pushing her to tell the truth. Theresa then has a vision of Ethan being put to death by lethal injection. Theresa says she wont recant her confession and that she killed Julian. Whitney keeps telling her that she will die if she doesn't undo her confession. Whitney tells Theresa that she wont let her best friend be executed for a crime she didn't commit. Whitney figures out that she is covering for Ethan.

Ethan again tells Sam that Theresa couldn't have done it as a policeman brings in the evidence of the gun found on the Crane Estate with a slug missing.

Monday, May 20, 2002 | Episode #732
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Insisting again that she killed Julian, Theresa orders Whitney to drop the subject. A clueless "Diana" sinks deeper into debt at the casino. Staring into her teacup, Eve gasps in horror to see a vision of her husband choking Chad to death. Meanwhile, the zombie chortles to Kay about how she's manipulating the poor souls of Harmony into foreseeing their terrible futures. Ethan calls in the Cranes' high-powered attorney to defend Theresa. Later, Ethan is mystified when Whitney asks if Theresa is covering for him. Miguel presents "Charity" with a sexy negligee for her birthday. Tabitha does another tea leaf reading for a rattled Pilar. As Mr. Davis arranges for a bail hearing for his client, new and damning evidence emerges which incriminates Theresa even further. Later, Alistair quietly reminds Davis that he wants Theresa to pay dearly for her crimes.

Whitney tries to figure out who Theresa is covering for, but Theresa won't budge. Whitney confronts Ethan, but only reaches a dead end. The evidence against Theresa mounts. A Crane attorney tries to help Theresa, who is worried about getting the death penalty.

Kay and Zombie Charity continue to argue over the zombie's plot to sleep with and kill Miguel. Eve is shaken when she looks in the tea leaves and sees a vision of TC killing Chad. TC tries to reassure his wife that everything will be okay. Zombie Charity lets loose more evil through Tabitha's tea leaves. Pilar sees a horrific sight in her teacup.

Sheridan continues to lose big as she gambles to win enough money to buy a nice birthday gift for Brian. She remains unaware she is falling into Nick's trap. Meanwhile, Brian realizes "Diana" is in danger. Nick warns Brian he intends to collect the money he cost him when Brian ruined one of his scams.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002 | Episode #733

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Staring into the tea leaves, Pilar has a horrifying vision of her daughter being executed by lethal injection. Brian's mad rush to leave Bermuda mystifies "Diana", while Nick feels confident that he'll soon have his revenge on an old enemy. T.C. keeps an eagle eye on Chad as the birthday party progresses. Alistair instructs Davis to make sure his client receives the death penalty. Meanwhile, an unwitting Theresa feels certain that her high-powered attorney will save the day. Eve and David wonder how they can possibly put their lives back together after Ivy is through tormenting them. "Diana" encourages Brian to open up about his past. As she waits for her bail hearing to begin, Theresa happily daydreams about being freed and reconciling with Ethan. Pilar storms into the courthouse and slaps her daughter, then orders a stunned Theresa to recant her confession.

Brian is eager to leave Bermuda, but Sheridan wants answers from him before she'll leave. Brian, touched by Sheridan's concern, finally relents and prepares to tell her about his past. Meanwhile, Nick swears he'll make Brian pay.

Pilar sees a horrifying future for Theresa. Zombie Charity enjoys the pain she's unleashed. Eve and David continue to commiserate over their situations. Kay vows to stop Zombie Charity.

Theresa is confident she'll get off with a light sentence now that Alistair and the Crane lawyers are behind her. However, she doesn't realize Alistair has ordered the attorney to make sure she is sentenced to death for killing his son. Theresa goes to her bail hearing. She has a fantasy about what she thinks will happen.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002 | Episode #734

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Brian looks for the fastest way off the island following his encounter with Nick. Luis tries to calm his hysterical mother as Pilar demands that Theresa tell the truth. The zombie reminds Tabitha that Timmy will suffer the consequences unless she plays ball. Though Kay pleads Miguel's case, "Charity" declares that she will finish off her intended victim just as soon as they're done making love. Brian calls Liz and asks her to fly over to Bermuda to pick him and "Diana" up. Frantic to save her daughter, Pilar confesses to killing Julian and shrilly insists that she be placed under arrest. Miguel and "Charity" slip away from the birthday party and head to an inn for their romantic rendezvous. Theresa gasps when the judge sets her bail at ten million dollars. Reese wonders how to prove that Tabitha's stunt with the tea leaves is the result of witchcraft. Sheridan guesses that Brian is hiding something from her. Grace's tea leaf reading gives her the shakes. Alistair posts Theresa's bail.

Brian calls on Liz for help. Nick spells danger for Sheridan. Nick is sure he has Brian right where he wants him.

Reese is persuaded Tabitha used witchcraft to create the violent images in the tea leaves. Zombie Charity forces a reluctant Tabitha to do a tea leaf reading for Grace. Kay begs for Miguel's life, but Zombie Charity sticks firm to her plan. Zombie Charity and Miguel sneak out of the party so they can make love at a country inn.

Pilar bursts into the courtroom and makes a scene at Theresa's bail hearing. Theresa is stunned when her mother slaps her, and orders her to admit she didn't kill Julian. Luis tries to calm his mother. Alistair agrees to pay Theresa's $10 million bail.

Thursday, May 23, 2002 | Episode #735

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Miguel and "Charity" eagerly check into their room at the inn. Liz presses Brian for the whole story about his hurried departure from Bermuda. Disclosing how his past caught up to him, Brian confides his fear that Nick will hurt "Diana" to exact his revenge. Shaken by the vision she saw in her tea leaves, Grace demands that Kay tell her what's really going on between her and her cousin. Brian explains to Liz how he fell in with Nick years ago but blew the whistle on his crooked scheme when he realized what his associate was really up to. Meanwhile, Nick boards a flight to St. Lisa's. "Charity" and Miguel slip into a bubble bath. As Tabitha coaxes John to play her party game, David frets that his son will finally learn the awful truth. Brian tells a dejected Liz he's sure "Diana" is his one true love. Later, Sheridan gives Brian a romantic birthday surprise.

Brian levels with Liz about the danger he and "Diana" were in. Brian admits he knows Sheridan is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Liz hides her hurt. Sheridan turns up the romance as she gets ready to make love to Brian. Nick heads to St. Lisa's.

Grace is upset as she sees a vision of Kay and "Charity" fighting in the tea leaves. Grace questions a hurt Kay. John is confused by the image he sees; David worries the vision will reveal the truth. Reese continues with his accusations. Jessica searches for evidence.

Kay thinks Miguel is safe as she looks up at Charity's bedroom window and sees the zombie's shadow move about the bedroom. However, she doesn't realize she's looking at just a shadow and that the zombie has left. Meanwhile, Miguel and Zombie Charity begin to make love.

Friday, May 24, 2002 | Episode #736

Brian is touched by Sheridan's surprise. Sheridan and Brian make love.

Luis tries to comfort an extremely upset Pilar. Pilar worries about her children's futures and frets over what she saw in the tea leaves. Beth reminds Luis how accurate the tea leaves can be.

Reese comes up with a plan to expose Tabitha. Jessica tries to reason with him. Kay is horrified to realize she's been tricked. Kay franticly tries to find Miguel, determined to save him. Zombie Charity has a truth-revealing reaction to the berries Miguel put in the tub. The zombie struggles to keep Miguel from seeing her in demon form.

Monday May 27, 2002 Episode #737
At Tabitha's, Tabitha is so worried about Timmy that she searches through her attic for a special trunk. She finds the trunk, opens it, and out pops a head wearing a wig from the 1700s. She asks him where Timmy is, and the head laughs at her for actually loving someone. He says she has grown weak, but tells her that Timmy is in grave danger from someone from his past wielding a blade.

Timmy and Toto end up at a diner where they meet a nice waitress named Flo, and hear the bad tempered cook Peggy. Flo explains that Peggy hates everyone, and has the worst temper. When the busboy quits because he can't work with Peggy, Timmy asks Flo if he can have the job, because he's low on cash. She thinks Peggy would chew him up and spit him out, but Timmy thinks she can't be any worse than Hecuba, Zombie, or Norma. Flo agrees to hire Timmy, so he goes back to the kitchen to meet Peggy. Peggy, who is Norma in a red wig and some face make-up, claims she knows Timmy, and raises a meat cleaver as if she was about to kill him!

After Zombie Charity takes Kay's car keys, Kay hotwires her car and takes off again. As she is driving, she hears a news report about Theresa's arrest. The news report than changes to a report from Zombie Charity, tell Kay that she'll never save Miguel in time from the hot sex they are about to have. Kay's car has a blowout, and she's forced to run to the hotel on foot. At the hotel, Zombie is ready to get it on, but Miguel continually stalls because he thinks the night needs to be more romantic. He gives her a massage, reads her poems, and then wants foreplay. Meanwhile, Kay arrives at the hotel and searches for their room, only to end up in a space-time trap set by Charity in which every door she approaches is room 215. Kay breaks out of the trap, and finally gets to their room, 220, at the moment Miguel and Charity are about to make love. She stops them, and tells Miguel that she came because his sister confessed to Julian's murder and has been arrested. Miguel tells Charity he must go, and he's sorry. Kay is relieved, but Charity assures Kay that she will have hot killer sex with Miguel!

Beth and Luis return to Beth's house. Beth checks on her mom, and then she and Luis discuss the past. Both realize they have had great responsibilities to their families. Beth tells Luis that he needs to open up again, he needs to stop using his family as a crutch. Luis feels he needs to be there for Theresa, but Beth says there will always be an excuse, he needs to start thinking of himself. Luis says the last time he opened his heart up was to Sheridan, and he lost her. Beth knows that was painful for him, and she sees how tense he is becoming. She gives him a massage, and tells him that she knows every inch of him. He smiles and says he remembers every inch of her. She asks him if they had stayed in Bermuda, would they have made love? Luis says yes, so Beth suggests they pretend they are still in Bermuda.

Down on the island, after making love, Sheridan and Brian go for a swim. Both are extremely happy, and talk about spending the rest of their lives together. As they do so, Nick spies on them and plots revenge.


Tuesday May 28, 2002 Episode #738
At Tabitha's, Zombie Charity continues shifting from demon to CHarity due to Miguel's juniper shade bath. Zombie vows to kill Kay, because she stopped her from having hot sex with Miguel. Zombie wonders what else could go wrong, and then finds Tabitha's floating head. She thinks that Tabitha is trying to find another way to kill her, and begins shooting lightening at Tabitha! Meanwhile, Reese sees a strange light in Tabitha's attic and decides to investigate. Back in the attic, Tabitha says she used the head to find Timmy. The head says that is right, and that Timmy is going to die anyways. Charity is thrilled that Timmy is going to die and she no longer has to worry about him. Tabitha tries to think of a way to save Timmy, and thinks she has found a way. Tabitha puts on her witches outfit, and decides to use what little powers she has left to cast this spell. SHe begins casting the spell as Reese climbs up a tree outside to peer into the window. He sees Tabitha chanting, and Charity turn into a demon. He thinks Tabitha really is a witch, and can't wait to tell everyone. Nothing happens from her spell, and Charity laughs at her. Tabitha wishes she knew who was after Timmy, and realizes it must be Norma. Tabitha calls the hospital to check on Norma, and learns Norma escaped! Meanwhile, as Reese tries to climb back down the tree, he ends up falling and knocking himself unconscious!

At the diner, Flo walked in right as Peggy was about to kill Timmy, so she had to stop. Timmy and Flo thiks PEggy was just having another fit. Later, Norma looks at the Harmony Herald and vows never to be taken back there. She looks for a new way to kill Timmy, and decides to poison him. Timmy goes back to see Peggy/Norma, who acts like she is very glad to see him. She apologizes for her behavior earlier, and gives him a cup of hot chocolate she made him. As timmy is about to drink it, Toto begins growling. Timmy looks at Peggy and thinks she looks a little familiar, and he asks her how she knew his name? Timmy realizes he never told her it. Peggy/Norma says she heard him and Flo talking in the diner. Peggy/Norma then tries to get Timmy to drink his drink. He sips it, and passes out! Norma grabs a knife and decides to finish the job!

At Beth's, Luis and Beth make love, and fall asleep. Luis dreams of Sheridan, and calls her name out. Beth hears this and is furious. Beth says someday soon he will forget about Sheridan, the woman who took him away from her, and his dreams and thoughts will only be of her! Luis gets up and Beth pretends to wake up and comfort him. SHe tells him she is always here for him to talk to and confide in. She says even though they haven't been together for awhile, she's always been here for him. Luis hugs her and says he's so lucky to have her back in his life. After Luis goes to get a bite to eat, Beth vows to replace Sheridan in Luis' heart!

Down on the island, Brian wants to make Diana/Sheridan's wishes come true to thank her. She claims she is thirsty, so he says he'll go get them some lemonade and meet her back in their room. Nick confronts Brian in the kitchen, and Brian slams him against a cabinet. Brian warns Nick if he goes near Diana, he will kill him! Nick claims he didn't come here to see him, he didn't even know he was here. Brian asks him what he came here for then? Nick says someone on this island owes him money, and he's here to collect. Brian asks what how he scammed this person? Nick says the person lost a lot of money in one of his card games and didn't pay up. Nick offers Brian a chance to repay his debt by collecting the cash this person owes him. Brian says no way, and if he comes around her or his girl, he will make him pay! Brian leaves, and Nick says if Brian doesn't pay then he will have to heart Diana. Brian returns to Diana, and she realizes something is bothering him. Brian says that someone on this island is just in real trouble.


Wednesday May 29, 2002 Episode #739
Hank comes over to Beth's place the next morning to ask if she knows where Luis is? Beth says Luis stayed here. Hank is happy for them, but Beth says Luis still has Sheridan on his mind. Upstairs, Luis continues to dream of chasing Sheridan through the fog. Luis wakes up and comes downstairs to find Beth with Hank. Luis asks Hank what he's doing here? Hank says he was coming to see if Beth knew where he was, he heard about Theresa and thought he could use a friend. Luis says Theresa didn't kill Julian, and he'll do whatever it takes to get her out of this mess. Beth tries to hide the morning papers from Luis, but he eventually sees them, and his sister all over the covers. Luis becomes upset and thinks the entire world has already condemned his sister. BEth goes to make them some coffee, and Hank talks to Luis about his dreams. Luis says he did dream about Sheridan, and they make him wonder if she could still be out there somewhere, alive. Hank tells him that Sheridan isn't alive, and he has a woman who is alive who wants to move on with him. Still, Luis wonders what if Sheridan could come back. However, he says he know she can't come back, and right now he has to focus his energy on getting Theresa out of the mess she is in.

Down on the islands, BRian and Sheridan/Diana wake up in each other's arms. After getting dressed and starting the day, Brian talks to Liz about Nick. Brian says Nick claims he is here to collect money from someone else, and whoever it is, he feels sorry for them. Liz is worried, but Brian says he knows how Nick operates. Brian says he won't let himself get hurt by Nick, or go anywhere near Diana. Liz realizes how serious Brian and Diana are becoming. Brian tells Liz that he and Diana were meant to be together, and he tells her about their past life. Brian says they are destined to be together, that is why he felt he knew her when they first met. Liz asks if there is anything that could stop them from having a future? Brian says if Diana found out who she was, it might stop him from being a part of her life.

In the cafe, Sheridan/Diana serves Nick coffee! Nick stares at her and tells her that she looks so familiar to him, he knows he's seen her before. Sheridan/Diana says she doesn't know him, but Nick swears he knows her somehow, especially when he sees her face in the sunlight. Diana explains she has amnesia and has no idea who she is or where she came from, and he is the first person who thought they recognized her. Nick says he thinks it has been a few years, and he is reminded of Europe, possibly Paris or London. Nick is positive he knows her from Paris, but he can't figure out who she is. However, he says it will come back to him eventually. Diana becomes excited, and runs off to find Brian so he can meet this man. Diana goes to Brian and tells him that a man in the cafe recognized her and is trying to remember where they met! Diana says she might finally be able to find out who she is! When Brian sees the man is Nick, he tells Diana to stay away from that man and not listen to a word he has to say. Liz thinks big trouble is coming their way.

At the mansion, Theresa has one of her fantasies that she gets off, and that Ethan professes her love to her and thanks her for confessing to protect him. Theresa says she couldn't let him die for loving and protecting her, she had to protect him. Whitney snaps her out of her fantasy, and warns her that she is headed straight for prison or even death, not a happy life with Ethan! Theresa says it will all work out, Alistair will protect her. Whitney says this is not a game, and she knows she didn't kill Julian. Theresa says she can handle this and walks out. She tells herself that she can never let anyone know the truth.

Rebecca and Ivy read the morning papers and discuss, over the phone, how well their plan is going. They come up with a wicked little plan to get Theresa sentenced as soon as possible. Theresa shows up in the living room, where Ivy is, and Ivy invites her to stay and have some coffee with her. Theresa asks why, so she can gloat? Ivy says no, out of everyone in this world, she probably understands better than anyone why she did what she did. Ivy says Julian was a pig and the world is better without him. As they talk, Ivy tells Theresa that she is afraid for Ethan's state of mind, if this sentencing drags on and Ethan begins to feel more and more helpless, he might grow desperate and confess himself in order to help her! Theresa says she can't let that happen!

Pilar and Ethan talk and both fear the worst. They try to find out who Theresa could be covering for. Pilar says aside from her family, the only person she would cover for is him. Ethan says he did not kill Julian, and if he did, he would not let Theresa protect him. Pilar says the only people who will profit from this would be Rebecca and Ivy, but Ethan doubts they have anything to do with this. Ethan says he won't give up until he finds a way to help THeresa, and he thinks he can have her confession thrown out. Pilar thanks him, and he says he doesn't want anything to happen to Theresa in spite of what they've been through. Whitney shows up and says she's worried about Theresa. Pilar explains that Ethan is working to help Theresa right now.

Davis shows up to meet Theresa, and he tells her, and everyone else, that Theresa's sentencing hearing has been set. Ethan thinks they are going to have a lot of time, but Davis says they don't have much time at all. Davis says Theresa is to be sentenced this afternoon!


Thursday May 30, 2002 Episode #740
At the Bennett's, Zombie and Kay argue over Miguel's fate. Kay vows to stop Zombie from making love to Miguel. When Zombie begins to morph back into a demon, she runs off. Kay then surprises Miguel with breakfast. Kay ends up daydreaming about Miguel, and later the two find Reese moaning in the bushes. Reese recalls what happened last night, and says Tabitha is a witch and changed Charity into a demon! Miguel tells Reese that he is nuts, even if Tabitha was a witch, Charity is not a demon. Kay suggests they humor Reese and check this out. Miguel agrees, so they head over to Tabitha's.

Zombie runs to Tabitha's house, and Tabitha offers her a deal. If she can help her control her transformations, she wants Zombie to spare her and Timmy's life. Tabitha looks up some information and learns that the transformations will stop after 24 hours when the effects where off. Suddenly, Reese and the others show up, and a partly transformed Zombie runs to the attic to hide. Reese and the others storm in, and Reese tells her that he knows she turned Charity into a demon! Tabitha accuses Reese of being on drugs, but Reese says he know what he saw last night in her attic. Tabitha says there are no demons in her house, but Reese refuses to leave until he finds demonic Charity. Reese heads to the attic door, and Tabitha orders him to leave of she'll call the police! Reese doesn't care, and Kay says if Tabitha just shows them the attic they can put this to rest and leave. Reese ends up breaking down the door,

At the diner, Flo wonders where Timmy is because his dog is crying for him. Peggy claims she hasn't seen Timmy. Timmy is still out from Norma's hot chocolate, and she's covered him up with a rug. Timmy eventually wakes up, and Flo saves him from being knifed by Peggy. Flo wonders if Peggy drugged Timmy's hot chocolate, but she says she didn't. Peggy decides to quit and move on, because she thinks she is going to be caught soon thanks to Timmy. FLo says she's not going anywhere until she works off all the dishes she's broke since being here! When Flo threatens to call the cops, Peggy begs her not to do that. Timmy begins to think Peggy looks awfully familiar, but Peggy claims she's never met him before or heard of this Harmony place. Timmy goes to work, and begins to wonder where he knows Peggy from.

At the Book Cafe, Eve and TC discuss whether Theresa is guilty of murder. TC says they don't know what love could have pushed Theresa to do, which is why he is not going to let Whitney get mixed up with Chad. Suddenly, Chad walks into the cafe! TC gets all fired up and says he thought he told him to leave town! Chad says he refuses to do so because he lives and works here. Chad and TC go at it, and Beth stops things before a fight breaks out. Beth tells Chad that he can't let people get to him, but Chad says TC drives him crazy with his accusations.

At the mansion, everyone is shocked when they learn Theresa's sentencing hearing is scheduled for today. Ethan says the defense doesn't have time to pull together a case, which makes Ivy realizes Theresa will get the death penalty for sure! Everyone begs Theresa to petition for a postponement, but Theresa says she wants this over with as soon as possible. Pilar begs her daughter to stop this insanity, or she could be executed! Ethan says that if anyone deserves to die it should be the person who really killed Julian. Theresa blurts out "no, I don't want that!" Everyone realizes Theresa is covering for someone, Theresa claims she killed Julian and nothing can change that, so she is going to do what she has to do. Davis tells Ethan that postponing the hearing really won't make a difference, and Ivy tells everyone to leave Theresa alone, this is what she wants! Whitney refuses to stand here and watch Theresa do this to herself, and so she leaves. Later, Ethan tries to change Theresa's mind, but she refuses to budge. She says the sooner she is sentenced, the sooner Alistair will get her out of jail.

Whitney runs to Chad and tells him that Theresa is being sentenced today of killing Julian, and she fears she might get the death penalty. Chad comforts Whitney, and knows she wanted to see him. Whitney claims she was just here, but Chad knows that isn't true. He asks her why he's so afraid of her when he knows she loves him and he loves her. He asks her to come into the Book Cafe with him so they can talk, and she agrees. Unfortunately, TC sees them together, and he lunges for Chad's throat! David tries to stop them, but ends up hurt. David tells Eve that she has to put and end to this. Eve puts an end to the fight and says that Chad didn't drug Whitney, she knows for a fact that he didn't do it!

Friday May 31, 2002 Episode #741
Out in the street, Eve stops TC from beating up Chad by claiming one of her patients drugged Whitney. She claims that one of her patients was angry Eve wouldn't not refill their prescription, so they drugged Whitney. Eve claims she can't tell them who without breaking doctor-patient confidentiality, and she could probably get in trouble for telling them this much. TC apologizes to Chad, but he refuses to accept it until TC and Eve promise not to blame him the next time something goes wrong in their lives. They agree, and he accepts their apology. He also wants permission to date Whitney, and they also agree. Chad and Whitney are happy, but when Chad suggests she sing for him tonight, Eve forbids it. Whitney and Chad don't get what she has against music, and Eve says she just wants Whitney to focus on tennis. Whitney says she will, and later David wonder why Eve doesn't want her daughter to sing. She tells him to stay out of her past and she'll stay out of his.

At Tabitha's, Reese insists he saw Tabitha turn Charity into a demon, and a floating head. Charity stands behind a chest because her hand is still a demons claw, and Kay realizes something is fishy. Charity claims she was just up in the attic helping Tabitha clean. Kay realizes Zombie is hiding something, so she says the chest is so interesting and she'd love to see it in more light. Zombie Charity insists she not move it because she and Tabitha have a system going up here, but Kay moves it anyway. Unfortunately Zombie turns back to Charity fully right as Kay moves the chest, so her secret is safe. Reese still says he saw a floating head, and finds the floating head, but it is lifeless. It sat itself on a dressmakers dummy, and Tabitha claims that is all he saw, a mannequin. Miguel notices that Reese's hands are stained, and he says he was researching the berries Tabitha put in the tea. Everyone comes to the conclusion that Reese hallucinated everything, so they leave. Zombie is furious that Kay tried to expose her, and vows to make her suffer. The floating head then warns Charity that the veil of evil in Harmony is being weakened! He says Eve told the truth, and now Chad and Whitney are back together and in love. Charity says she'll just have to make Eve pay by destroying the entire family!

At court, Theresa is confident she will get off. Alistair calls the judge to blackmail him, but the judge seems unwilling to go through with Alistair's bidding. The DA states her case against Theresa, and asks for the death penalty. Davis paints Theresa out to be a victim and says this is a crime of passion. Pilar, Sam, Ethan, and Father Lonigan all testify in Theresa's behalf, and Davis begs the judge to give Theresa probation because this was justifiable homicide. The judge thinks it over and says this ruling is very easy. Suddenly, Alistair opens the courtroom door and looks at the judge! The judge hands down the death sentence, stunning everyone!