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Monday, July 1, 2002 | Episode #762
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At the jail, Ethan regretfully informs Theresa that no time exists for an appeal because her execution is set for the very next day. Beth assures a grateful Luis that she'll always be there for him no matter what. As the young people's conversation turns to the bonds of deep friendship and affection, Mrs. Wallace salivates at the thought of ruining her daughter's big moment. Randy thinks fast to convince a worried Brian that a special addition under the hood of his race car is designed to boost fuel performance. Ethan's vow to save her gives Theresa false hope that the man she loves is going to confess to Julian's murder. Meanwhile, Alistair tours the death chamber to see where his daughter-in-law will meet her end. Nick reminds Stan how easy it will be to move in on Sheridan as he consoles her following Brian's fiery death. Beth bitterly blames her mother for interrupting an apparent marriage proposal. Luis faces off with a scornful Alistair.
Brian is concerned by what he finds under the hood of his racecar. Randy assures him everything is fine. Lurking in the shadows, Nick and Stan are relieved Brian hasn't discovered their sabotage.

Beth does her best to help a frustrated and worried Luis relax. Beth's mother eavesdrops as Luis and Beth reminisce about their past. Mrs. Wallace gleefully considers ruining the moment by showing Luis the picture of Sheridan that Beth tore up. As it looks like Luis is about to propose, Beth's mother interrupts. Beth stifles her anger.

Ethan has bad news for Theresa. Theresa faints when Ethan gently informs her she will be executed tomorrow. Ethan vows to a devastated Theresa that he will save her. Theresa's hope is renewed as she mistakenly thinks Ethan will come forward and admit he killed Julian. In the death chamber, Alistair is pleased when he surveys the preparations for Theresa's lethal injection.

Tuesday, July 2, 2002 | Episode #763

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Dismayed to discover that the real Charity is defrosting, the zombie frets that Timmy may be closing in on the Demon's Horn. Meanwhile, Julian sweats through a close encounter with a new admirer and a bottle of moonshine liquor. Ethan's last ditch effort to obtain a stay of execution falls short of the mark. At the prison, Whitney begs Theresa to understand that she has only one final chance to clear her name. Julian spots a headline about his young "widow" facing lethal injection. Luis and Miguel pay a last visit to the women's prison to say a sad farewell to their sister. The zombie concocts a new scheme to lure Miguel into her bed. Julian and Timmy get stuck in a varmint trap after drawing too close to the Demon's Horn.
Julian and Timmy find themselves in a very backwards place. Julian has an unusual admirer. Someone offers to take Timmy right where he needs to go to get Demon's Horn. Julian learns from a newspaper that Theresa is to be executed for his murder.

Zombie Charity theorizes Charity is unthawing because Timmy is close to finding the Demon's Horn. Kay offers her support to Miguel, who is distraught over his sister. Zombie Charity comes up with a new plan to seduce Miguel.

Theresa's friends and family struggle as they worry about her execution. A desperate Ethan tries to find a way to stop Theresa's execution. At the prison, Whitney begs Theresa to tell the truth. Theresa refuses to believe Ethan won't save her. Everyone prepares for Theresa's execution.

Wednesday, July 3, 2002 | Episode #764

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Peering at the scroll, Tabitha gets a chilling look at Timmy's latest predicament. Rebecca and Ivy arrive early at the prison to make sure they get good seats down front for their mutual enemy's execution. As she cuddles her infant son, Theresa tearfully promises to watch over him from heaven as he grows to manhood. Brian suggests to Diana that they travel back to Harmony after the race. Meanwhile, Nick pulls a gun to prevent Brian's mechanic from reporting an aberration with the engine. Theresa's family and friends weep as they say their last goodbyes. The zombie advises Tabitha to get out her best black dress because Timmy's funeral is imminent. Alone with Theresa, Father Lonigan reminds the doomed young woman that she'll burn in hell for all eternity if she dies with a mortal sin on her soul. "Diana" decides to take Brian's race car out for a spin.
Sheridan and Liz grow more anxious as the race time grows closer. They express their worries about Brian driving, but he still insists on racing. A mechanic realizes Brian's car has been tampered with, but Nick and Stan prevent Brian from being warned.

Zombie Charity, realizing Timmy is near his goal, prepares to kill him. Tabitha stalls her. Zombie Charity gives Miguel bad news. Kay promises Miguel she'll be by his side during Theresa's execution.

Rebecca and Ivy show up to watch Theresa die. The two women acknowledge they will be going head-to-head next for the title of Mrs. Crane. Friends and family say a tearful goodbye to Theresa. Theresa remains confident a miracle will occur. Father Lonigan warns Theresa what will happen if she dies and tries to get her to be honest.

Thursday, July 4, 2002 | Episode #
Due to live coverage of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, "Passions" will not air Thursday and Friday, July 4 and 5.

Friday, July 5, 2002 | Episode #
Due to live coverage of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, "Passions" will not air Thursday and Friday, July 4 and 5.

Monday, July 8, 2002 | Episode #765
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Though Tabitha pleads with the evil creation to spare Timmy's life, Zombie Charity casts yet another spell to try to finish off the little guy. Thanks to the spell, Timmy and Julian face certain death as the ground beneath them begins to swell in the dangerous trap. Realizing their time is short, Timmy seeks help from Toto who manages to rescue them. Meanwhile, the real Charity continues to "melt." A worried Liz tries to stop Brian from racing but he insists that he will be fine and assures her that once he wins, it will be his last race. Also worried about Brian, Sheridan decides to take Brian's car out for a test drive to make sure that it is safe. Brian, Liz, Nick and Stan panic when they realize what Sheridan has done. Her sentence about to be carried out, Theresa is escorted to the "death" chamber where she is strapped down in preparation for the lethal injection that will end her life. While her friends and family members nervously wait for the final moment, Theresa keeps telling herself that this is not the end of her life. She tries to cheer those around her and encourages them to have faith as she does. Ivy's impressed and wonders if she could do the same. As the injection procedure gets underway, Theresa is relieved when the governor calls.

Tabitha begs for Timmy's life as Zombie Charity casts a deadly spell. A frantic Timmy and Julian struggle to escape from the trap as the ground ominously swells beneath them. Timmy calls on Toto to save the day. Meanwhile, Charity continues to defrost.

Liz tries to persuade Brian not to race. Brian assures Liz all will be fine. Sheridan secretly takes Brian's car for a test spin to make sure it's safe. Nick, Stan, Brian and Liz are horrified to realize what Sheridan is doing.

Theresa is brought to the death chamber, where she is strapped down for the lethal injection. Theresa stays in a firm state of denial as friends and family brace themselves to watch her die. Theresa tries to reassure everyone that all will work out. She imparts a special message to her loved ones. Ivy wonders if she could make such a sacrifice. As the lethal injection process gets underway, the Governor calls. Theresa is confident this is her reprieve.

Tuesday, July 9, 2002 | Episode #766

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Still testing Brian's car to make sure it's safe, Sheridan drives faster and faster around the track. Fearing for her life, Brian makes a daring rescue attempt. Meanwhile, Nick fears that he may never be with Sheridan again. Tabitha watches in horror as Timmy's life remains in danger, thanks to Zombie Charity's spells. Timmy and Julian face certain death again when a giant serpent rises from the ground and threatens them both. Tabitha can take it no longer and puts her own life in danger as she tries to stop the spell. While pretending to be supportive of a devastated Miguel, Zombie Charity enjoys the fruits of her labor by watching in the viewing room as Theresa is injected with the first of the deadly drugs designed to end her life. Meanwhile, as Theresa realizes the procedure has begun, she wonders why Ethan hasn't stood up and taken the blame for Julian's death. She finally realizes that she is going to die. While Ivy begins to feel sick over what she has done, Rebecca gloats as the drugs flow. Eve tells herself that she will keep her secrets. As Father Lonigan prays for Theresa, Whitney realizes how much she needs Chad who is comforting her.

As Sheridan drives faster and faster, unaware of the impending danger, Brian risks it all to stop her. Nick worries he may lose any chance of getting Sheridan.

Timmy finds the Demon's Horn. Tabitha watches in horror as Timmy's life is threatened once more. Julian and Timmy recoil in fear as a giant serpent emerges from the ground. Tabitha risks her life to save Timmy.

Zombie Charity gleefully observes the pain in the viewing room as she pretends to be there for Miguel. As Theresa is injected with the first drug, she wonders why Ethan isn't speaking up to save her. Theresa is horrified to realize she really is going to die. Rebecca gloats while Ivy begins to feel squeamish. Eve reaffirms her resolve to keep her secrets. Father Lonigan comes to a sad conclusion. Whitney realizes how much she needs Chad as he comforts her. The end draws near for Theresa.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002 | Episode #767

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Timmy sets off on his own after Julian balks at returning to Harmony. A grieving Miguel, Luis and Pilar cling to one another as Theresa's life ebbs away in front of them. As Timmy purchases a bus ticket for home, Julian is astonished to hear a TV news report that his "widow" has been executed for his murder. Though Rebecca urges her co-conspirator to savor their victory, Ivy has a sinking feeling that this time she's gone too far. Kay consoles Miguel as the zombie looks on. Meanwhile, Alistair orders that Theresa's body be sent to the Crane mansion to lie in state. The zombie cheerfully advises Kay to remember that no one can save Miguel from his fate. Rebecca panics to realize that the videotape of Ethan "committing murder" is no longer in her possession.

Timmy is thrilled now that he has what he needs to save Charity and wants to head home. Julian doesn't want to go back and tries to stop him. After seeing news coverage about Theresa, Julian decides he wants to go home after all. Timmy finds out just how much Julian knew about the happenings in Harmony.

Theresa's friends and family grieve for her. Gwen consoles Ethan. Pilar is devastated. Zombie Charity makes plans to seduce Miguel and prepares to use Charity's essence to do it. Kay vows to stop her. Miguel turns to Kay. While Rebecca wants to celebrate, Ivy fears they went too far. Ivy worries what Rebecca might do to her to win the Crane fortune. Alistair shocks everyone with his request.

Thursday, July 11, 2002 | Episode #768

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Standing next to her best friend's open casket, Whitney tearfully recalls all the wonderful times she shared with Theresa. Alistair enjoys Ivy and Rebecca's distress as they fear that the doctored videotape might have fallen into the wrong hands. Gwen attempts to console Ethan but realizes that even in death Theresa is still standing between her and the man she loves. Luis tells Beth he's determined to find out who set his sister up. Sam reminds a grateful Ethan he can lean on him any time he needs some moral support. A grieving Miguel rebuffs "Charity's" attempt to lure him into bed as Kay watches with smug satisfaction. Pilar pops a videotape into the VCR after her infant grandson finally falls asleep. Clinging to Chad for comfort, Whitney wonders aloud what she would have ever done without him in her hour of need. Ivy distracts Pilar just in time to prevent her from viewing the incriminating video.

Everyone gathers at the Crane mansion, where Theresa lays in a coffin in the living room. Ethan struggles with feelings of guilt. Gwen tries to comfort him and reassure him he did all he could. Luis believes someone set his sister up and vows to get to the bottom of it. Sam is there for Ethan. Miguel pushes Zombie Charity away as Kay gloats. Luis and Beth grow closer. Whitney admits to Chad how much she needs him.

Alistair torments Ivy and Rebecca. Ivy and Rebecca are horrified to realize the tape of Ethan shooting Julian is missing. Pilar finds the tape, and unaware of the explosive contents, prepares to watch it. Rebecca and Ivy panic when they spot Pilar with the tape.

Friday, July 12, 2002 | Episode #769

The angel girl gives Timmy a warning about what awaits him in Harmony. Timmy is touched by the angel's praise. Meanwhile, Kay begs for her life as Zombie Charity prepares to kill her. Kay's quick thinking saves her. Zombie Charity vows to kill her one day and is certain her trick will lead to Miguel's downfall as well.

Sheridan worries about Brian's safety. Brian assures her they will have a life together. Nick anticipates Brian's racecar blowing up once he hits a certain speed.

Luis laments not being able to protect the women in his life. Luis wants to move forward with Beth. Beth and her mother face off.

Whitney continues to grieve as she leans on Chad for support. Chad vows to always be there for her. Whitney lets Chad know how much she needs him.

Gwen confronts Ethan about his behavior and feelings for Theresa. Gwen gives Ethan an ultimatum.

Rebecca is successful in preventing Pilar from learning the truth. Ivy feels bad for Pilar. Rebecca celebrates. Pilar confronts Rebecca.

Monday, July 15, 2002 | Episode #770

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Liz can barely hide her pain as Brian gives a giggling "Diana" a washer to wear in lieu of a ring to commemorate their engagement. A tearful Simone tells her mother she has to find a way to make things right with Whitney. Meanwhile, Whitney suffers a case of the guilts after making love to Chad just hours after seeing her best friend executed. Ivy and Rebecca have a terrifying vision of Theresa bolting upright in her coffin and announcing that she's returned to take them both back to hell. Luis promises a thrilled Beth he's totally committed to her now that he's put Sheridan behind him for good. Simone's remarks about losing a child hit too close to home for Eve. Beth's mother tries to humiliate her at a special moment. Theresa continues to haunt her horrified enemies. Liz and "Diana" watch anxiously from the pits as Brian takes the lead in the race. Beth's mother vows to ensure that Luis never forgets Sheridan. Chad declares his love to Whitney.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002 | Episode #771

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Ivy and Rebecca fear that they're damned to eternal hellfire. "Diana" and Liz watch in horror as smoke begins pouring out of the back of Brian's vehicle. Meanwhile, Brian battles the flames beneath his dashboard but winds up slamming the car into a wall. Watching the inferno, Nick gloats to Stan that the end is near. Pilar forces a terrified Rebecca over to Theresa's casket and orders her to admit that she was responsible for the young woman's death. Luis and Ethan commiserate about losing Theresa. Simone explains to Kay why she's so determined to make up for falsely accusing her sister of chasing Chad. At the recording studio, Whitney and Chad make love once again. "Diana" weeps as the paramedics struggle to stabilize Brian. Father Lonigan reminds Kay that the real Charity must be released from her icy prison if the evil in Harmony is to be overcome.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002 | Episode #772

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Timmy phones home to thank his princess for a timely rescue. Father Lonigan reminds Kay that she must turn away from the dark side forever if she hopes to vanquish the evil she's brought down on Harmony. Miguel and Luis wonder how their mother will go on in the wake of Theresa's execution. As Liz and "Diana" keep a vigil in the hospital's waiting room, the doctor cautions them that Brian may never regain consciousness. Theresa slips into Pilar's room and cuddles her infant son. Tabitha warns Timmy that returning to town will seal his doom. Simone prepares to enter the recording studio as an oblivious Chad and Whitney make love once more. Luis fumes to think how Antonio has ignored his family's suffering yet again and kept his distance at a crucial time. Later, Luis breaks some big news to his surprised kid brother.

Thursday, July 18, 2002 | Episode #773

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Declaring herself ready to become a woman, Simone urges a flustered Chad to make love to her. Father Lonigan advises Kay to dispose of the vial before the zombie uses it to increase her powers. Standing over her sleeping mother, Theresa warns Pilar that terrible danger lies ahead. Chad reminds Whitney the time has come to tell her sister that they are a couple. "Diana" breathes a sigh of relief as Brian finally regains consciousness. Luis explains to Miguel why he believes Julian had a hand in Sheridan's death. The doctor explains to "Diana" how Brian's accident may have triggered some memories in her. Meanwhile, Liz begins to wonder if Brian's brother could be the "Luis" his girlfriend has just remembered. Luis encourages Miguel to patch things up with Charity. Later, Pilar shakily tells Luis how Theresa came to her in the night with an urgent message.

Friday, July 19, 2002 | Episode #774

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As she searches high and low for the vial, the zombie describes for Kay how she intends to use Charity's essence to seduce Miguel. Brian and "Diana" make plans to go back to Harmony so she can meet the rest of the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan. Luis gently reminds his mother that she must have imagined her visit from Theresa. Whitney climbs out onto the ledge to prevent her sister from finding her in the recording studio. Luis continues to seethe over the fact that his big brother always makes himself scarce whenever the family is in crisis. Chad attempts to convince Whitney that her sister must hear the truth. Miguel rebuffs "Charity's" advances, explaining that he no longer feels the same way about her. Luis break his big news to Pilar. Brian's doctor is disturbed by his patient's latest test results. Meanwhile, Brian phones home. Jessica unearths a secret which she reluctantly keeps from Simone. Kay and the zombie struggle for control of the vial.

Monday, July 22, 2002 | Episode #775

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Timmy reminds Julian that Theresa's relatives may not look kindly upon him showing up alive and well in Harmony after watching their loved one die by lethal injection for his "murder." As Charity continues to thaw inside her cave, Miguel finds the zombie impostor quarreling with Kay. Pilar elects not to mention Theresa's execution when Brian asks how the rest of the family is doing. Miguel confides to Kay how he hopes "Charity" will seek therapy to deal with her anger. Julian decides to barricade himself inside the Crane mansion to avoid the wrath of the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan. Tearfully apologizing for her jealousy, Simone swears to a flustered Whitney that she's going to do everything in her power to be the best sister possible. Kay tricks the zombie by substituting a cross for the vial. Brian's doctor privately warns him that he's seriously ill and could in fact die. Luis is startled to see his late sister sit up in her casket but Pilar convinces her son it was just wishful thinking. Kay douses herself with the contents of the vial containing Charity's essence.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002 | Episode #776

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Rebecca holds a mirror under Theresa's nose as she lies in her casket and is relieved to see no condensation forming on the glass. Julian sneaks back into the mansion and orders the startled maid not to say a word. Hearing a noise from the foyer, Rebecca flees upstairs and barricades herself in Ivy's bedroom. As the last of the ice melts away, Charity turns to face her zombie nemesis. Meanwhile, the essence from the vial has Miguel believing that Kay is her cousin. Timmy and Tabitha are happily reunited. Charity and her evil double engage in a battle royal. Lighting one of his beloved Cuban cigars, Julian settles into a hot bath as Theresa prepares to wreak her revenge. Kay lures Miguel into her bed. Tabitha locks Timmy in the attic to prevent him from losing his life in a futile effort to save sweet Charity.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002 | Episode #777

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As Tabitha makes plans to flee Harmony with her friend, Timmy slips out of the attic and makes a beeline for Charity's cave. Rebecca happily welcomes Julian back into her bed after ascertaining that her "late" lover isn't actually a ghost after all. Charity and the zombie continue to fight tooth and nail to determine if evil can truly triumph over good. Timmy arrives with the Demon's Horn and chants an incantation to try and eliminate the zombie. Julian is puzzled when Rebecca suddenly begins screeching that Theresa is standing in the doorway glaring daggers at them. Jessica is stunned to find her sister in bed with Miguel, who swears he thought he was making love to Charity. Julian tries to convince his agitated mistress that Theresa is cold and dead. After his henchman returns the "corpse" to her casket, Alistair drives a dagger through Theresa's chest to make sure she won't wander off again.
Tabitha prepares to leave Harmony with Timmy, unaware that he has escaped from her attic. Timmy races to the cave to save Charity. Zombie Charity and Charity continue to do battle. Timmy arrives with the Demon's Horn, and he and Charity fight to destroy the zombie.

Jessica is shocked by what she walks in on.

Rebecca and Julian are reunited and begin to make love. Rebecca continues to be haunted by Theresa as a confused Julian tries to put her at ease.

Thursday, July 25, 2002 | Episode #778

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Harmony is rocked by a major quake as the zombie vows to punish all of Harmony's citizens. Nick tries to cover his surprise at seeing Brian alive and well following the accident at the racetrack. Toting Toto through the tremors, Tabitha hurries to the cave to rescue her Timmy. Brian pays Nick every cent he owes him, then informs his former employer that the police are investigating the crash. Sheridan continues to have flashes of memory about Luis. Miguel, Kay, Jessica and Tabitha work together to move the boulders blocking the entrance to the cave. Ivy meets up with her "late" ex-husband as Julian peers into Theresa's casket. Later, Julian ducks into hiding when Pilar and Luis enter the living room unexpectedly.
Nick is stunned to find Brian alive. Brian pays Nick off and informs him the police are investigating his crash.

Charity and Timmy continue to struggle against the zombie, who releases an earthshaking spell. Tabitha, Miguel, Jessica, and Kay struggle to enter the cave. Miguel finally sees Charity and the zombie side by side.

Gwen continues to comfort Ethan over Theresa's death. Luis races to check on his family as the earthquake continues. Alistair does his best to make sure Theresa is dead. Rebecca continues to fear Theresa. Julian and Ivy face off.

Friday, July 26, 2002 | Episode #779

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In the ER, a frantic Tabitha begs Eve to save her Timmy. Meanwhile, Grace and Sam rush to the hospital to check on their injured niece. Brian and "Diana" board a plane bound for Harmony. An enraged Luis makes a beeline for Julian after the "late" Crane is revealed to be alive and well. Miguel tells Simone and Jessica he's sure he saw a second Charity inside the cave and a third one in his bed who turned out to be Kay. Ethan and Luis hurry to put out the fire after Theresa's casket bursts into flames. Charity's lab results thoroughly baffle Eve. Simone lashes out at Kay for tricking Miguel into making love to her. Brian is puzzled when "Diana" seems to recall certain people and places from his home town. Alistair springs a surprise at the mansion, leading to a joyous reunion between the very much alive Theresa and her thrilled family. Eve regretfully informs Grace that Charity and Timmy probably won't survive the night. Theresa is reunited with her infant son as Alistair explains how he prevented the execution. Meanwhile, a rattled Ivy and Rebecca retreat to the patio to lick their wounds.
Grace and Sam arrive at the hospital with the critically injured Charity and Timmy. Miguel tries to figure out what happened to Charity. Tabitha is beside herself with worry for her Timmy. Eve finds something shocking in Charity's blood. Simone and Jessica know Kay played a part in this. Kay tries to be there for Miguel.

Brian makes plans to marry Sheridan and prepares to introduce her to his family. Sheridan continues to have memories about Harmony. Luis and Ethan struggle to protect Theresa's body. In a blind rage, Ethan and Luis both go after Julian. Alistair has a wonderful, yet shocking surprise for everyone.

Monday, July 29, 2002 | Episode #780
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Simone snarls at Kay for seducing Miguel. Tabitha and Toto sit vigil beside Timmy's hospital bed as Eve struggles to resuscitate Charity's frozen and failing heart. Alistair assures Julian that when he's through the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan will be in shambles. Watching Ethan and Theresa coo over the baby, Gwen fears she's losing any chance at winning the heart of the man she loves. Luis wonders if he could be blessed with a second miracle following his sister's astonishing return from the "dead." Hurrying along the wharf with "Diana" in anticipation of a reunion with his family, Brian suddenly suffers a twinge of pain. Alistair and Julian are startled to learn that Sheridan is still alive and back in Harmony. Ivy and Rebecca shudder to think what will befall them once Theresa exposes their crimes. Timmy takes a turn for the worse. Brian is stunned to find his family home in ashes.
At the hospital, a suspicious Simone questions Kay. Eve struggles to save Charity's life. Miguel, Jessica, Hank, Sam, and Grace watch in horror as Eve tries desperately to restart Charity's heart. Charity has a grim prognosis. Meanwhile, Tabitha keeps a tearful vigil by Timmy's bed. Timmy struggles to hang onto life.

Alistair plots to destroy the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. He and Julian get shocking news about Sheridan. Gwen fears Ethan is slipping through her fingers once again. A nervous Ivy and Rebecca know they are in deep trouble.

Luis wonders if another miracle could happen for him and Sheridan. Meanwhile, Sheridan's memory continues to return as she and Brian travel through Harmony. Brian and Sheridan excitedly go to meet his family. Brian's illness begins affecting him.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002 | Episode #781

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Sitting beside Timmy's hospital bed, a sobbing Tabitha wonders how she'll go on without her best friend. Simone hisses at Kay for all the pain her cruelty has caused her family and friends. Warning that Charity may be irretrievably brain damaged, Eve gently suggests to a horrified Grace and Sam that it might be kinder to remove their niece from life support and let her go. "Diana" tells Brian how the Crane name seems to ring all kinds of bells for her. Pilar urges her son not to jeopardize his career by thrashing Julian and Alistair but Luis vows to prove that the slimy Crane men were behind Sheridan's death. A panicking Ivy and Rebecca ponder how to avoid long prison terms for their indiscretions. Eve regretfully informs a devastated Tabitha that there's nothing more they can do for her beloved Timmy. "Diana" wonders why the Crane cottage seems so familiar. Theresa finally tells a shocked Ethan why she confessed to Julian's murder. Pilar happily welcomes Antonio home.
A tearful Tabitha stays close to Timmy as he bravely fights for his life. Simone gets in Kay's face about what she's done. Kay begins to realize what her actions have caused and is wracked with guilt. Eve gives very grave news to the Bennett's. Sam and Grace are forced to make a painful decision.

Gwen worries about losing Ethan. Rebecca and Ivy are afraid they will be exposed as the ones who doctored the tape of Ethan shooting Julian.

An enraged Luis goes after Julian and Alistair. Luis swears revenge if he ever learns what really happened to Sheridan and his father. Julian's past comes back to haunt him as Brian and Sheridan approach the estate. Alistair warns his son he will make sure Julian takes the fall if the truth comes out. Sheridan has memories of the Crane mansion.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002 | Episode #782

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As Timmy's condition deteriorates, Eve regretfully advises Tabitha to prepare herself for the worst. Brian tells a grateful Pilar how desperately he wants to reconcile with his estranged brother. In the cottage, Luis stares in shock at the vision of Sheridan standing before him. Eve encourages a grieving Tabitha to sit with Timmy and say her goodbyes. Theresa explains to Ethan why she felt compelled to confess to a crime she didn't commit. Miguel bristles when Kay tells her parents she believes the best thing for Charity is to let her die. Shocked by Theresa's tale about an incriminating videotape, Ethan warns his mother he'll never speak to her again if he learns she had anything to do with the bizarre scheme. Sheridan and Luis are blissfully reunited as her memory returns. Miguel tearfully entreats the Bennetts not to disconnect Charity from life support. Frantic to save her Timmy, Tabitha resorts to prayer. Ethan is deeply moved to learn of Theresa's sacrifice on his behalf.
Eve gives Tabitha devastating news. Tabitha struggles to say goodbye as she holds desperately onto hope that Timmy will pull through. The Bennett's struggle with the painful and difficult choice of what to do about Charity. Kay reaches a new low with her lies. Jessica and Simone are disgusted with Kay. Miguel doesn't want to let go.

Ethan is stunned when he learns about the infamous tape. Ivy and Rebecca squirm as the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place.

Pilar and Antonio have a joyous reunion. Brian wants to make peace with Luis.

Thursday, August 1, 2002 | Episode #783

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Although thrilled to be reunited with Luis, Sheridan realizes she has no memory of her time away from Harmony. Miguel begs Sam and Grace to give Charity a chance to recover. Meanwhile, Simone hisses at Kay for bringing evil down upon her innocent cousin. Gwen fears she's lost any chance at Ethan after hearing Theresa's saintly story about going to the death chamber to save her man. Certain his ex was behind the fake videotape, Julian enjoys tormenting a nervous Ivy. Brian describes for Pilar how blissful he's been since "Diana" agreed to become his bride. Whitney dreads the pain her sister will suffer if she learns about Chad's new lover. Though his friends urge him to let Charity go, Miguel refuses to surrender hope even when Father Lonigan arrives to administer last rites. Rebecca pushes Gwen to fight dirty to keep Ethan hers. Tabitha reminds a badly weakened Timmy how he's changed her life. Brian apologizes to Pilar for running out on the family so long ago.
A triumphant Julian turns the heat up on Ivy and Rebecca. Rebecca encourages Gwen to fight for her man.

Whitney is riddled with guilt as she thinks of how Simone will react once her sister learns she and Chad are together. Chad tries to reassure her that everything will be okay.

Simone continues blasting Kay for her actions. Kay asks Simone a pointed question about Chad and Whitney. Kay vows to help Miguel move on. Miguel desperately fights to persuade everyone not to give up on Charity. Sam and Grace try to reason with an inconsolable Miguel. Father Lonigan arrives to give the last rites. Tabitha professes her love for Timmy and admits how much he's affected her life. Timmy fights bravely to hang on.

Sheridan is faced with a puzzling situation. Meanwhile, Antonio tells Pilar about "Diana." Pilar is impressed and eager to meet her. Brian has a question for his mother.

Friday, August 2, 2002 | Episode #784

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Pilar gives Brian the astonishing details of Julian's "murder" and Theresa's "execution." Though Ivy and Rebecca sputter denials, Ethan presses his mother to reveal what part she played in framing Theresa. Although Eve warns him that Charity's heart is too badly damaged, Miguel stubbornly insists that the Bennett's allow their niece the chance to find her miracle. Chad scurries into hiding when TC knocks on the door of Whitney's bedroom. Father Lonigan attempts to help Miguel understand why it's best to let Charity move on. Meanwhile, Tabitha begs Timmy to fight for his life. TC regretfully informs Whitney that Charity is going to be removed from life support. Luis and Sheridan blissfully make love. Julian finally meets his infant son. Kay's indifference towards her cousin's plight sickens Simone. Father Lonigan administers last rites to Charity. As Theresa orders Julian never to touch her baby again, Brian strides in and punches out his brother-in-law. A desperate Miguel grabs Sam's gun and threatens to shoot if anyone harms Charity.
TC almost catches Whitney and Chad in bed together. TC has bad news for Whitney. His words make Whitney feel guilty. Simone continues believing in Chad's love. Simone sees Kay for what she truly is. Kay vows to make Miguel happy. Father Lonigan and the Bennett's all try to persuade a grief-stricken Miguel to let go of Charity. Tabitha tends to an ailing Timmy. Charity is given her last rites.

Pilar fills Antonio in on what's been going on with the family. Antonio's anger at Julian rises. Ethan tries to piece together what happened. Ivy and Rebecca squirm to make up a story. Julian holds his new son for the first time.