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Monday, September 2, 2002 | Episode #805

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Julian is unnerved by a warning. Later, he remarks to himself on the wonderful adventure he shared with the now-dead Timmy. After slapping Grace, Kay raises her hand to strike again but David arrives and stops her. After Grace rushes from the room, David lectures Kay about her actions. However, Kay becomes suspicious when David lets slip that John will never know his real mother. Rebecca fine-tunes her plan to get Theresa out of her life for good. Gwen tries to get Ethan to go see what Theresa is doing. Theresa continues to manipulate an unsuspecting Ethan. Gwen quietly accuses Theresa of using her baby to lure Ethan back to her. Theresa responds with the boasts that Ethan's heart still belongs to her. Eve sadly tells Pilar, Luis and Sheridan that Antonio is dying and doesn't have much time left to live. She goes on to warn that the shock of finding out about Sheridan and Luis could kill him. Luis insists that he wants the truth to be told. Meanwhile, Miguel and Antonio are reunited.
Sam gives Julian a warning. Later, a wistful Julian reminisces about his dear friend, Timmy.

A furious Kay is about to slap her mother for a second time when David comes to Grace's aid. David sternly lectures Kay after a stunned Grace rushes out of the room. Kay's suspicions are raised when David lets it slip that John will never be lucky enough to know his real mother.

Rebecca continues to work on her plan to get rid of Theresa. Gwen tries to get Ethan to see what Theresa is doing. Theresa continues to manipulate her ex. Gwen pulls her rival aside and accuses her of using the baby to win Ethan back. Theresa gloats that Ethan's heart still belongs to her.

Eve gently informs Pilar, Luis, and Sheridan that Antonio is dying and doesn't have much time left. Eve states that the shock of finding out about Luis and Sheridan could kill Antonio. Luis still wants the truth to be told. Meanwhile, Miguel and Antonio are reunited.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002 | Episode #806

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Kay overhears David and Ivy arguing in the park and is intrigued to realize that the two have been in cahoots. Charity has a vision of a deadly encounter between Luis and Antonio. Meanwhile, Luis demands to know from Sheridan if she intends to carry her charade into his brother's bed. Unaware of some recent events in his family's affairs, Miguel tells an outraged Antonio that Sheridan is already engaged. Charity interrupts just in time and urges Miguel not to say another word to his brother until she speaks with him. Eve cautions Luis and Pilar that Antonio has only a few weeks left. Sam reminds Grace that it's not David's job to protect her or to discipline their children. Later, keeping her real agenda to herself, Kay offers Grace and David an apology. Charity has another premonition about the Lopez-Fitzgerald brothers.
Sam tries to reassure Grace about Kay. Grace and Sam vow to not let anything break apart their family. Meanwhile, Kay is shocked when she overhears Ivy and David arguing over the plot to split up the Bennetts.

Charity has an upsetting premonition about Luis killing another man. Meanwhile, Miguel accidentally tells Antonio about Sheridan being engaged to someone else. Antonio angrily demands the truth. Luis makes some demands of Sheridan regarding Antonio. Sheridan refuses to put Antonio's life at risk. Luis wants to somehow tell Antonio the truth, but Pilar won't have it.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002 | Episode #807

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Kay gleefully looks forward to exposing David and Ivy's treachery in front of Sam, Grace and John. Whitney reminds Chad how devastated her kid sister will be once the truth comes out. An incensed Antonio demands some answers from Sheridan. Tabitha explains to the zombie how Kay may be about to disrupt a finely tuned plan to wreak havoc on all the loving hearts in Harmony. Meanwhile, Grace is suddenly struck by a terrifying vision of pain and grief descending on her household. A guiltridden Miguel decides to come clean with Charity about his accidental indiscretion. Simone intervenes, however, and urges Miguel not to destroy his girlfriend with the truth. Later, hearing of Miguel's dilemma, Chad and Whitney realize his sad tale hits too close to home. Kay encourages a startled John to make Charity a kissing cousin. Luis is crestfallen when Sheridan tells Antonio that her former fiance is no longer alive.
Tabitha worries Kay will ruin her plans when Zombie Charity informs her that the teen is about to reveal David's deception to her parents. Tabitha tries to think of a way to stop it. Kay prepares to expose David and Ivy in front of Sam, Grace, and John. Grace has an upsetting premonition. Kay suggests John hook up with Charity; John is taken aback since Charity is his "cousin." Kay presses forward, determined to bring about misery for her parents.

Whitney confides to Chad that she's not ready to tell Simone about their relationship.

A guilt-ridden Miguel decides to tell Charity he slept with Kay. Worried about Charity's health, Simone advises Miguel to wait.

An ailing Antonio demands to know the truth about Sheridan's other engagement. Sheridan painfully tries to tell Antonio what he wants to know as his condition deteriorates. Eve tries to intervene, but he won't be put off.

Thursday, September 5, 2002 | Episode #808

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Blissfully unaware of the short future he's facing, Antonio reminds Sheridan of the long and happy life they're about to start together. Theresa and Gwen face off yet again on the subject of who holds the key to Ethan's heart. Pilar tries to console Luis as he bemoans the cruel fate which is about to separate him once more from his beloved Sheridan. Meanwhile, Tabitha worries that her carefully laid plan is doomed to crumble in the face of Kay's thirst for revenge. Theresa decides to throw a party at the mansion to celebrate Sheridan's return from the dead. Luis speculates that evil has invaded his life to deprive him of the woman he loves. Sam assures a fretful Grace that Kay's obnoxious behavior is simply part of being a teenager. In the kitchen, the zombie eggs Kay on as she concocts a new plan to win Miguel. Ethan and Sheridan are joyfully reunited. Kay's sudden about-face puzzles her mother but delights Tabitha. Eve and Pilar quietly give Theresa the tragic news about her brother's terminal condition.
Upon hearing of Sheridan's return, an excited Ethan searches for his former aunt. Believing she will get Ethan back, Theresa gloats to Gwen and points out a disturbing truth to her rival.

Pilar begins to grieve for her torn family. Luis fills Hank in on the situation and painfully vows not to tell Antonio the truth in order to keep him from dying. Luis feels evil is causing all of this. Antonio reassures Sheridan everything will be fine.

Tabitha is upset by the prospect of all of her evil plans going up in smoke, but Zombie Charity isn't so sure they will. Kay prepares to drop the bomb, while Ivy reminds David what will happen if the truth comes out. Grace confronts her daughter. Kay tries to explain things, but Grace won't listen. Kay blows up and decides to let the lies continue. The scheming young woman vows to get Miguel and devises a plan.

Friday, September 6, 2002 | Episode #809

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Determined to drag Miguel away from Charity, Kay urges him to go to his sister's party and celebrate Antonio's homecoming. As Theresa begins to decorate for her bash, Ivy and Julian are appalled to find pinatas and colorful streamers festooning the Crane mansion. Tabitha sadly reminisces about happier days with Timmy by her side. Luis fumes as Antonio moves his belongings into Sheridan's cottage. Though the zombie encourages her to create another Timmy, Tabitha insists that her little friend is irreplaceable. Theresa reminds everyone to keep quiet about Luis' fiancee in front of Antonio. Tired of watching his brother fawning over his woman, Luis persuades Sheridan to slip away with him for some private romance. A scheming Kay convinces Miguel to leave Charity in John's capable hands. The zombie seeks special help from down below to put together a new sidekick for Tabitha. Alistair shocks his family by appointing a delighted Theresa vice-president of Crane Industries. Luis walks in on Antonio and Sheridan in bed.
As Tabitha grieves, she tearfully remembers happy times with Timmy.

Miguel watches over Charity at the hospital. Kay tries to persuade him to attend Antonio and Sheridan's party, using his family as a guilt-trip. Miguel finally agrees to go, while John stays behind and gets to know Charity better.

Theresa decorates for the party as Ivy, Rebecca, and Julian gawk in horror. Theresa and Ethan warn everyone against telling Antonio the truth. Rebecca has other ideas, but Gwen stops her. Julian tells Alistair his plan regarding Antonio. Pilar, Sheridan, and Luis help Antonio get settled back at the cottage. Luis hates what he sees, and decides to steal Sheridan away. Sheridan and Luis share some passion.

Monday, September 9, 2002 | Episode #810

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Zombie Charity seeks help from Tabitha's "friends" in the basement who send smoke into the nearby doll. As she sleeps, Tabitha dreams about happy days with Timmy. When she wakes her, the zombie gleefully introduces Tabitha to her new living doll Connie but Tabitha insists that nothing can replace Timmy. Later, after downing a pitcher of martimmys, Tabitha panics when Connie starts to strangle her. Alistair's decision to make Theresa vice president sends shockwaves through the family as Julian, Ivy and Rebecca try to figure out what Alistair is up to. When Ethan admits he's impressed with the way Theresa has moved up the corporate ladder, Gwen is disturbed. However, Pilar worries that her daughter is setting herself up for a big fall. Meanwhile, Theresa guesses that she can use her job to win back Ethan. Luis walks in as Antonio tries to make love to Sheridan. Upset by the charade, Luis decides it's time to tell his brother the truth but Sheridan stops him.
Zombie Charity asks the "friends" in Tabitha's basement for a favor. Tabitha is annoyed with the zombie's surprise.

Theresa demands an executive position at Crane Industries. Alistair shocks everyone by agreeing to hire her. Julian, Ivy, and Rebecca try to figure out what Alistair's true motive is. Gwen is irritated when Ethan expresses his admiration for Theresa's nerve. Pilar worries her daughter is setting herself up for a fall. An elated Theresa anticipates using her new job to get Ethan back.

Luis walks in as Antonio attempts to make love to Sheridan. Sheridan tries to put Antonio off, and Luis steps in before anything can happen. An enraged Luis decides to tell his brother the truth.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002 | Episode #811

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Due to special news coverage of the 9/11 anniversary, "Passions" will not air on Wednesday, September 11. Tabitha decides to dismantle "Connie" but is viciously attacked by the crazed doll. Reese and Jessica step out together for the evening. Hank advises Luis to give the welcome home party a miss but he refuses to pass up a chance to be near the woman he loves. Meanwhile, Sheridan concocts another excuse to avoid making love to Antonio. Mrs. Wallace hisses at Beth that she is pure evil to think about stealing a man from another woman. Jessica is pleasantly surprised when Reese rues the way he tormented poor Tabitha. Sheridan receives a call from Liz and begs her friend to come to Harmony. Beth gleefully threatens to send her mother to a notorious nursing home unless she toes the line. Reese fails to catch on to Jessica's hopeful signals. Later, Connie warns Tabitha she's dead meat if she lets on to Reese and Tabitha that anything is wrong. Beth forces Mrs. Wallace to decline Luis' gracious invitation. Connie and the zombie take Reese's dad's sports car out for a joy ride.
Mrs. Wallace taunts Beth and vows to stop her from getting Luis. Beth threatens to put her mother in a home if she doesn't stay out of her way. An angry Beth questions her Mom about her father's identity. Later, Beth receives a welcome invitation.

Luis laments to Hank about his predicament. Hank suggests Luis stay away from Antonio and Sheridan's party, but Luis explains that the party will at least allow him to be near his love. Sheridan continues to put off Antonio's advances without raising his suspicion. Later, she reaches out to a friend for help.

Reese shows off his dads sports car to Jessica. Jessica hints at her feelings for Reese, but he remains in the dark. Reese admits he was wrong about Tabitha. He feels guilty about the way he has treated Tabitha in the past and wants to make it up to her. Meanwhile, Tabitha is attacked.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002 | Episode #

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Due to special news coverage of the 9/11 anniversary, "Passions" will not air on Wednesday, September 11.
Passions was preempted due to special September 11th programming.

Thursday, September 12, 2002 | Episode #812

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When his father's car is stolen, Reese boasts to Tabitha and anyone else who will listen that a doll got behind the wheel and drove away. Jessica doesn't believe him but Tabitha realizes that it was probably Connie who stole the vehicle. Meanwhile, a smiling Connie drives Zombie Charity through the streets of Harmony, laughing about how much damage they will do to the unsuspecting citizens. Concerned about what Connie may do, Tabitha offers to take the kids to the party herself. When T.C. again starts pressuring their daughter about playing more tennis, Eve worries about how Whitney will handle it. Simone unknowingly ruins Whitney's plans for the evening and takes great pleasure in donning the dress Whitney was planning to wear. Simone is thrilled as she prepares for her first real date with Chad.
Reese starts throwing accusations around when his father's car is stolen. A worried Tabitha takes Reese and Jessica to the party at the Crane's so she can keep abreast of what's going on. Zombie Charity prepares to make trouble.

Eve worries about Whitney when TC puts more pressure on their daughter regarding tennis. Simone unknowingly messes up Whitney's plans. Chad is put in an awkward position. Simone is ecstatic about her and Chad's first real "date," while a glum Whitney watches in silence.

Sam and Grace get romantic, but Grace pulls back since they are not officially married yet. Ivy orders David to make sure the Bennett's show up at the party. Sam is irritated when David interrupts a private moment.

Rebecca tries to coax a wary Julian to attend the welcome home party for Antonio and Sheridan. Julian fears for his life, but chooses to make an appearance. He immediately regrets his decision when Sheridan accuses him of trying to have her killed.

Antonio has a difficult question for Beth. Beth manipulates Antonio to get what she wants. Beth's mother sets out to stop her daughter. Luis and Sheridan steal a few romantic moments together at the party.

Friday, September 13, 2002 | Episode #813

The Crane Mansion:
Tabitha wonders where that Zombie ghost from hell is when Zombie Charity reappears. As Tabitha is chasing the zombie, Connie hits Tabitha and runs. Tabitha catches Cracked Connie as the zombie asks what Tabitha is doing with her new pal. Tabitha calls this a sick, twisted game as Zombie Charity leaves and Tabitha chases Connie. Inside, Simone is stuffing food into Chad's mouth as he and Whitney stare at each other, longingly. Eve notices it as she pulls TC aside. Simone leaves to see if they have more food as Chad heads for Whitney, but Simone comes back and pulls Chad onto the dance floor. Eve sees this and questions TC about him pushing Chad and Simone together. He denies it as they get in a fight and argue. Meanwhile, Julian runs into Tabitha, talking about their rump and wants seconds. Tabitha declines and rushes off as the band crowds around Julian and he tells them to leave him alone. TC rushes off as Eve looks upset and Julian sees her. Upstairs, Theresa looks through her dresses and dreams of Ethan seeing her in her dress. Whitney comes in and vents about Chad. Back downstairs, Antonio talks about what a perfect couple Beth and Luis make as Luis apologizes to Beth. Phyllis greets Mrs. Wallace at the door, who says that her daughter will be very happy to see her. Mrs. Wallace brushes past Phyllis and sees Beth who is talking to Hank and Luis as Hank says that he will be dancing with her. Mrs. Wallace tells "Bethie" to be prepared. Julian stumbles upon Eve in the library as they talk about their love, their son, and their departure. Julian feels bad about their son, but they can't change what happened. She remembers the vision of a man (Jack) stealing her baby and tells Julian. He talks about wishing he had stood up to his father. TC bursts in and yells at Julian and he and Eve leave. Simone talks about how Chad wants to find his parents and offers to help him. Theresa tells Whitney that she needs to tell Simone the truth, but Whitney disagrees. Theresa tells Whitney about "getting" Ethan back and getting the position at Crane Industries and she is vice president. Whitney blasts her for still keeping hope that Ethan wants her and wishes that she never met Ethan Winthrop, she never worked for Ivy. Theresa is shocked to hear Whitney says this. Ethan and Gwen talk about how hard it must be to lie about an engagement. Ethan promises never to let anything come between them again as he walks off to help Chad with Simone. Gwen vows not to let Theresa win. Beth talks about everything being perfect as Antonio tells Sheridan that Luis is lucky to have Beth. Mrs. Wallace makes her presence known as she waves to an embarrassed Beth. Mrs. Wallace walks up to Beth and Luis and Hank greet her, but Beth takes her aside and asks "what the hell are you doing here?" Mrs. Wallace is upset that she isn't happy to see her. Sheridan asks Antonio who the woman is and he tells her about how Beth takes care of her mother and stuff. Mrs. Wallace thanks Luis for his offer as they chat with Beth looking unhappy. Mrs. Wallace talks about how daughters turn out to look exactly like their mothers, but Beth says that she won't. Later as Luis watches Antonio and Sheridan, Mrs. Wallace warns him to hold onto her.

Hecuba's Lair:
Connie arrives and looks around and smashes a pot. A weird fog comes out of the pool and a miniature version of Hecuba appears. Hecuba asks who dare to disturb her as Connie wonders who it is. Hecuba and Connie introduce themselves as she talks about Tabitha's last doll, Timmy. Connie claims to be nothing like him, but Hecuba doesn't care. Tabitha arrives and listens as she hopes Connie didn't disturb Hecuba. Hecuba can see how evil Connie is, so she makes a deal with her. Connie has to go and get the bottle and open it and then, she will help her cause pain and suffering. Tabitha urges Connie not do it as Hecuba asks if Cracked Connie's decided.

Monday, September 16, 2002 | Episode #814

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Whitney cautions Theresa that her never-ending quest to win Ethan's heart is verging on the pathetic. As a seething Beth looks on, Mrs. Wallace urges Luis never to let anyone come between him and his true love. Tabitha anxiously listens in while Hecuba offers Connie a deal with the devil. T.C. apologizes to Eve for the way he overreacted when he found her chatting with Julian. Antonio misinterprets Sheridan's odd remark and reassures his fiancee that they're destined to grow old together. Theresa reminds Whitney how she's always known she and Ethan were meant to be together against all odds. Beth cringes when her mother announces that she's just wet herself in the middle of the Cranes' living room. Chad explains to Ethan how difficult it's been to keep up the facade with a clueless Simone. Gwen assures Sheridan that Beth is no competition for Luis' love. Ignoring Tabitha's pleas, Connie gleefully elects to uncork Hecuba's evil potion.
Whitney and Theresa get ready for Antonio and Sheridan's homecoming party. Whitney lays into her friend about her focus on Ethan. Theresa refuses to give up on Ethan and believes were it not for him, she wouldn't have her son. Whit declares both Theresa and Ethan would have been better off if they had never met. Meanwhile, Gwen vows not to let Theresa steal Ethan away from her again.

Simone offers to help Chad step up his search for his parents. Chad is grateful for her offer, but becomes increasingly uncomfortable with her devotion to him.

TC and Eve make up. Eve is troubled by her past with Julian.

Antonio's words rattle Sheridan. Sheridan worries Luis still may have feelings for his first love Beth. She wonders what might have been had Luis married Beth. Gwen tries to reassure Sheridan that Luis loves her. Luis is pained as he observes Sheridan in the arms of his brother. Mrs. Wallace plays on Luis' jealousy in an effort to push him towards Sheridan and away from Beth. Beth is mortified when her mother has an "accident" right in the middle of the Crane living room. Julian is outraged.

Despite Tabitha's best efforts, Hecuba gets what she wants when an evil potion is let loose on the Crane estate.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 | Episode #815

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Hecuba howls with laughter to think how her "what if" spell will wreak havoc in Harmony. Sam finds Ivy crying in a secluded corner of the Crane mansion as she reads an old letter which never reached her former flame. Theresa urges Whitney to fight tooth and nail for her man the way she intends to battle for Ethan's heart. As the green mist wends its way through town, Theresa has a disturbing vision of playing housekeeper to a blissful Gwen and Ethan. Meanwhile, Sheridan envisions her life with Antonio while Luis and Beth enjoy their own successful marriage. The green mist has Sam seeing how his life would have been if he and Ivy had married and raised their son together.
Hecuba watches with delight as the green mist begins working its evil magic. Several partygoers begin having visions of "what might have been." Tabitha frets more evil will come about than even Hecuba can anticipate.

Ivy is upset when she discovers a letter she wrote to Sam that her father intercepted. Sam stumbles upon a tearful Ivy and comforts her. As Sam and Ivy discuss what might have been, the green mist causes them to get a glimpse of their life had they stayed together.

Convinced fate is on her side, Theresa remains determined to get Ethan back. Thanks to the magical mist, Theresa has a devastating vision of a future in which she and Ethan had never gotten involved.

Sheridan is rocked by a vision of her happily married to Antonio and Luis to Beth. Sheridan sees how happy the four of them are as a result of her meeting Antonio first and falling in love with only him.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002 | Episode #816

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John impresses Charity by reciting a romantic poem he penned himself. Connie and Hecuba jeer as they watch Sam and Ivy share a lingering kiss. Kay tells a dismayed Simone how much she's looking forward to inflicting pain on her parents as payback. Meanwhile, David offers Grace a sympathetic shoulder as she bemoans the fact that her teenaged daughter has gotten completely out of control. As the green mist from Hecuba's spell envelops her, Whitney envisions Chad and Simone as a happily married twosome with a family of their own. Grace and David also share a glimpse into the life they might have led if circumstances had been different. Sam reminds Ivy that she could never have been content clipping coupons and attending PTA meetings. Charity assures John that his one true love will come along when the time is right.
At the hospital, John and Charity bond over poetry. Charity is touched by a poem John wrote. She assures her "cousin" he will find someone to love someday.

From the lair underneath the Crane estate, Hecuba and Tabitha watch the emotional havoc caused by the evil green mist.

Whitney has a vision of being a tennis champion and of Chad and Simone being happily married.

Simone is stunned when an angry Kay states she hopes David and Ivy will break up her parents. At the same time, David comforts Grace, who is upset by Kay's behavior. David admits to Grace that he's in love with her. The mist swirls around the two of them, and they have a vision of being happily married.

Provoked by the images of their life together, Ivy and Sam share an impassioned kiss. Sam cant believe Ivy would have been content being a cop's wife. Ivy tries to convince Sam the happy vision they shared is really how it could have been. She implores Sam to make love to her.

Thursday, September 19, 2002 | Episode #817

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Tabitha stifles a yawn as a chortling Connie and Hecuba review the havoc they've wreaked on the loving couples in Harmony. As Chad urges Whitney to dismiss the vision she's had, Simone happens along and is outraged to find her "boyfriend" embracing her sister. Meanwhile, Charity fears her premonition is coming true when she spies Kay and Miguel sharing a lingering kiss. Theresa reminds Ethan that they were meant to be together for eternity. Sheridan asks a startled Luis if she's preventing him from being with his one true love. Outraged to find his wife kissing David, Sam goes on the attack and punches out the interloper. A seething Simone rails at Whitney and Chad for deceiving her so cruelly. Miguel hovers anxiously over Charity after she collapses from the strain of her latest vision. Ethan firmly reminds Theresa why they will never again be a couple. Grace learns about a close encounter between Sam and Ivy. Luis fears that Sheridan is pushing him away because her feelings for him have changed.
Chad assures Whitney her vision won't come true. Simone angrily confronts her "boyfriend" and sister after seeing them in an embrace. Simone won't listen as they try to explain, and she declares that she'll hate them both forever.

Charity is devastated when she and John arrive at the party and find Miguel and Kay kissing. Kay is delighted with her cousin's timing. Charity spots the green mist and realizes evil is at work.

Sam explodes when he sees David and Grace kissing. Grace tries to explain what happened. Ivy sees how much David loves Grace. Sam worries his wife wants to be with David.

Off her vision, Sheridan worries she's keeping Luis from having a happy life with Beth. Luis tries to reassure her of his love for her. Luis then wonders if Sheridan's feelings for him have changed.

Theresa can't get her vision out of her mind and begs Ethan to give her another chance. Ethan again explains to her that its over. After Ethan leaves, Gwen confronts her rival.

Friday, September 20, 2002 | Episode #818

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Beth has a disturbing vision of the future. Upset about her sister and Chad, Simone jumps into the car and speeds off but smashes straight into the Cranes' garage. After hearing Charity's story about the green mist spreading evil thoughts that night, Simone gushes apologies to Chad for her "mistake." As the misunderstanding between the Bennett's grows more convoluted, Sam accuses Grace of carrying a torch for David. Meanwhile, Ivy gloats to see another wedge driven into the police chief's marriage. Intrigued to spot Luis and Sheridan in a passionate clinch, Mrs. Wallace sends Antonio in their direction. Later, Antonio is shocked to see his fiancee and his brother embracing.
Hecuba is surprised that her mist didn't destroy Luis and Sheridan but is still happy with its results. Tabitha is upset all her work has been undone and yells at her nemesis for unleashing uncontrollable evil.

Chad and Whitney try to reason with an outraged and emotional Simone. Simone won't listen to either of them and ends up crashing a car into the Crane garage. Kay prepares to tell Charity about her and Miguel sleeping together, but is interrupted by the car crash. Once Charity tells her about the evil mist, Simone forgives Chad and Whitney. Chad tries to tell the truth but Whitney stops him.

Sam tries to explain his and Ivy's kiss to Grace. Grace is upset by what she hears. She demands Sam apologize to David. Grace explains the problem with their annulment. Sam accuses Grace of wanting to be with David.

Beth continues to plot to get Luis. Beth encourages Antonio to elope with Sheridan, but Mrs. Wallace talks him out of it. Beth is horrified by a vision she has of her future; Beth's mother is delighted. Luis thinks Sheridan wants to be with Antonio, but she explains she just wants Luis to be happy even if it means he's with someone else.

Monday, September 23, 2002 | Episode #819

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Connie and Hecuba continue to watch enthralled as the effects of the green mist cause misery for the residents of Harmony. T.C. growls to Eve about Julian returning from the dead. Meanwhile, Julian becomes lost in sentimental memories about his fling with Eve years ago. Stunned to see his fiancee in his brother's arms, Antonio collapses on the floor. Ignoring her mother's efforts to force her to face reality, Theresa stubbornly insists that Ethan is the "real" father of her infant son. Rebecca rents a burro and eagerly looks forward to playing a new sex game with Julian, but she's crushed when he shows absolutely no interest in her. Tabitha attempts to question the mysterious babies about their parentage. After coming to, Antonio demands the truth from Luis and Sheridan. Eve snaps at Julian after finding him listening to one of her old tapes. Alistair reminds Theresa that her work at Crane Industries must always take top priority in her life. Surrounded by the green mist, Julian and Eve have a vision of what their lives would have been like if they had stayed together.
Hecuba taunts Tabitha about the parentage of the mysterious fourth baby.

Theresa promises little Ethan he will have his "real" father soon. Pilar tries to get Theresa to face reality, but after her earlier vision, she is more determined than ever to get Ethan.

Rebecca tries to seduce Julian, but is annoyed when he is not in the mood. Julian listens to his tape of Eve singing and wistfully recalls the best time of his life. Meanwhile, Eve grows uncomfortable as TC rants about his hatred for Julian. Later, Eve catches Julian listening to her music and lashes out at her former lover.

Beth is horrified by what her mother has done and rushes off to stop Antonio from making a potentially fatal discovery. Antonio passes out after finding Sheridan and Luis in an intimate situation. After he comes to, Antonio demands they explain what's going on. Luis decides it's time for the truth to come out.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002 | Episode #820

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Despite warnings from Gwen and Pilar, Theresa remains confident that her post at Crane Industries is her ticket back into Ethan's heart. Eve and Julian are shaken by a shared vision of their son. Beth blames her mother for Antonio's relapse. Ethan admires Theresa's spunk as she steels herself for a tough assignment from Alistair. Chad reminds Whitney why they must stop lying to her sister. An agitated Antonio refuses to seek medical attention until he's heard a proper explanation from his brother. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace slyly advises Luis and Sheridan to come clean with Antonio about the true depth of their relationship. Whitney decides to seek help from her dad before broaching a painful subject with Simone. Julian's trophy room brings back anguished memories for T.C., who has another vision of his late father. Antonio apologizes to an uneasy Luis for thinking he would ever make a move on Sheridan.
Theresa receives her first assignment from Alistair. She is pleased as an eager Ethan gets caught up in helping her with the challenging project. Gwen is uneasy when she finds the two of them working closely together.

Chad and Whitney struggle with what to do about her sister. Whitney decides she should tell her father everything so he can help smooth things over with Simone. Meanwhile, TC's anger is rekindled when a certain room at the Crane mansion reminds him of the past. Tabitha casts a spell to make TC's father appear to him once again.

Eve and Julian have more happy visions of what could have been. However, the image of their son worries them. Eve frets the identity of their son could ruin her life. The former lovers share some tender moments. Julian admits his love for Eve and asks her to admit her love for him.

Luis and Sheridan try to revive an unconscious Antonio. Beth is outraged with her mother for sending Antonio to find his brother and Sheridan together. Pilar fears the worst. After regaining consciousness, Antonio demands the truth. Luis and Sheridan struggle with what to do. A scheming Mrs. Wallace offers the couple some "good" advice. Luis and Sheridan decide to tell Antonio they are in love.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002 | Episode #821

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Beth hisses at her mother to stop causing trouble for Antonio. Whitney is rattled to find her father weeping in the Cranes' trophy room. Eve screams to see Chad's face strangely obscured like the face of her son in her vision. T.C. tries to reassure Whitney that he's fine. Chad calls for help after Eve faints dead away. Absorbed in his own personal drama, T.C. fails to hear Whitney's real concern about Simone. Antonio reminds Luis how much he's looking forward to having his brother be best man at his wedding. Later, Luis and Sheridan secretly exchange a passionate kiss behind Antonio's back. T.C. explains to Whitney why he's always been so intent on her becoming a great tennis champion. Eve comes to and clings to a startled Chad as she croons to her son.
Mrs. Wallace tries again to get the truth out. Beth threatens to put her mother in a home in order to keep her quiet. Luis feels guilty as Antonio apologizes for jumping to the "wrong" conclusions. Later, Luis steals a passionate kiss with Sheridan and insists they come clean with his brother tonight. Sheridan stuns Luis by saying they can't be together anymore.

Whitney is shocked to find her father crying. She tries to comfort him, but he insists nothing's wrong. Whitney tries to tell TC about her problems, but he is too wrapped up in his own world. TC tells his daughter about his tragic past. Meanwhile, Eve is horrified when she runs into Chad. Thanks to Hecuba, Chad's face appears to be covered by a strange film, just like Eve's son in her vision. Eve passes out. A worried Simone takes off to find her father as Chad wonders what made Dr. Russell faint.

Thursday, September 26, 2002 | Episode #822

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As Eve regains her senses, Chad speculates that the strange green mist was responsible for her thinking he was her son. At the cottage, Antonio gets in the mood for romance. Simone hesitantly admits to her parents how she wrecked one of the Cranes' cars. Mrs. Wallace rubs salt in Luis' wounds, then eggs him on to make a stand against his brother. Meanwhile, Sheridan desperately invents excuses to stay out of Antonio's arms. Fed up with her meddling mother, Beth warns the old woman she's pulled her last dirty trick. Pilar entreats Luis not to burst Antonio's bubble. Eve asks Whitney if she's in love with Chad. Mrs. Wallace rapidly retaliates after Beth announces that she's sending her mother to a home. Chad is crestfallen when Whitney shakily tells her sister and parents that tennis is her one and only love.
Whitney realizes how important TC's dreams for her really are. Chad thinks he knows why Eve called him "son." TC and Eve are shocked when Simone lets it slip about crashing Julian's car. Simone tries to explain what happened. Eve has a request of Whitney.

Beth's mother does her best to ruin Beth's plans for the evening. Luis spots a romantic dinner being taken to the cottage and becomes enraged when he learns his brother ordered it as a surprise for Sheridan. Luis sets out to stop Antonio. Pilar pleads with her son. Meanwhile, Antonio expresses his love as he tries to romance a nervous Sheridan.

Friday, September 27, 2002 | Episode #823

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Pilar tries once more to convince her daughter that she's chosen the wrong path yet again in her endless quest to snare Ethan. Sheridan admits to Luis how she tricked his brother into taking a sleeping pill so she could slip away. Whitney's declaration that tennis is her only love stuns Chad but cheers Simone. Waking from a nightmare, a woozy Antonio staggers off in search of Sheridan. Turning a deaf ear to her mother's warning, Theresa insists that she and Ethan were meant to be together. Meanwhile, a fuming Gwen redoubles her vow to prevent Theresa from sinking her claws into Ethan. Chad demands an explanation from Whitney. Luis and Sheridan enjoy a stolen night of romance. Julian urges Ethan to choose wisely when it comes to finding the woman with whom he will spend his life. Though Whitney tries to reassure her secret boyfriend that she does love him, Chad declares that it's over between them.
As Julian recalls his visions from earlier, he thinks sadly of what might have been with Eve. Meanwhile, Eve pushes Whitney to tell the truth about whether or not she loves Chad. Whitney decides she can't let her father down, and TC is relieved when she claims tennis is the only thing that matters to her. Chad is crushed by her words. TC and Eve take Simone to task for her actions.

Ethan continues to help Theresa with her report. He almost catches Theresa admitting her plan. Pilar warns her daughter of the consequences of her actions. Theresa brushes her mother off and focuses on getting Ethan. Gwen is ready to do battle for her man. Julian has some surprising words of wisdom for Ethan.

Luis sneaks Sheridan away for some time alone. Sheridan worries about what the situation will do to their relationship. Luis and Sheridan make love. Antonio awakens from the sleeping pill Sheridan tricked him into taking and begins searching for the woman he loves.