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Monday, September 30, 2002 | Episode #824

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Gwen reminds Theresa how her own infantile behavior has doomed her chances to reconcile with Ethan. Listening to his old tape of Eve, Julian sadly advises Ethan not to let Ms. Right slip through his fingers. Though Whitney begs him to reconsider, Chad insists it's over between them now that she's put her father's tennis dream ahead of him and their love. Ethan is mystified by Julian's show of sentiment. Meanwhile, Eve begins to wonder if she chose the right path in marrying TC Sheridan again happily accepts Luis's proposal and his engagement ring. When a woozy Antonio approaches, however, Sheridan is once again confused about how to resolve her dilemma. Simone makes a confession to an angry Julian, whose threat to send the girl to jail raises Eve's ire.

Gwen taunts Theresa about how she just made love to Ethan. Theresa sees through Gwen's bravado and realizes Gwen feels threatened by her. Julian offers some words of wisdom to Ethan about marrying the right woman. Later, a melancholy Julian reminisces about Eve and plays his tape of her singing. Eve panics when she, TC, and Simone hear the music. Later, Julian is outraged when he sees the damage done to his car and garage.

Chad ends things with a devastated Whitney. Whitney tries to get Chad to listen to her, but he insists she chose her father's dreams over him.

As a romantic gesture, Luis restates his marriage proposal to Sheridan and she happily accepts. Luis slips his grandmother's ring back onto Sheridan's finger. Their magical moment is broken when they hear a groggy Antonio call out for Sheridan. Luis begs her to stay with him, and Sheridan is torn once again between the two brothers.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002 | Episode #825

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Eve scolds Charity for endangering her recovery by leaving the hospital without permission. Grace eyes with suspicion Kay's sudden family feeling for her ailing cousin. Ethan assures a jealous Gwen that he and Theresa are just friends. Ivy is puzzled to learn that Julian failed to blow a gasket following Simone's mishap with his expensive sports car. Antonio recognizes Sheridan's engagement ring as a Lopez-Fitzgerald family heirloom. Gwen rolls her eyes in exasperation as Theresa plays helpless to con Ethan into working closely with her to fix an urgent business problem. Tabitha and Connie have their hands full with an errant baby on the loose. Kay looks forward to dropping a bombshell on Charity. Grace notes with interest Eve's new and improved attitude towards Julian. David assures a pleased Ivy that they share the same goal. Miguel prevents Kay from telling Charity they had sex.

Ivy is shocked at Julian's laid back attitude over his damaged car and wonders if he still loves Eve. Later, Ivy calls David to step up her plan to get Sam.

Eve lectures Charity about sneaking out of the hospital. Charity and Miguel explain about the weird premonitions. Grace confronts Kay about her latest scheme. Kay lashes out at Grace and vows to look out for herself. Grace worries about losing her daughter.

Tabitha has a hellish time keeping her seeds of evil under control.

Ethan assures Gwen of his love, and the two make plans to spend the day together. Their plans are put on hold when a disaster hits Theresa. Ethan helps save Theresa's neck. Gwen is not happy with what she sees.

Antonio discovers Sheridan's engagement ring. Elsewhere, Beth makes Luis breakfast, but is upset when he finds an excuse to visit Sheridan. Luis and Beth surprise Sheridan and Antonio. Antonio gets closer to the truth.

Wednesday, October 2, 2002 | Episode #826

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TC and Sam relax with a game of hoops but the "fun" turns ugly when David joins in. Julian eavesdrops as Grace and Eve discuss the recent changes in the head of the Crane clan. Sheridan reminds Luis why they can't tell his brother about their engagement. Beth encourages Antonio to run off with his fiancee and elope that very night. A shrieking Charity hides beneath the covers as the evil baby jumps up and down on her hospital bed. Meanwhile, Tabitha watches helplessly while the other three babies wreak havoc in the witch's house. Gwen hopes that Theresa is about to fall on her face but is sorely disappointed when Alistair congratulates his daughter-in-law on her excellent work. Kay hunts for the dancing baby through the halls of the hospital. After getting an eyeful through his neighbor's window, Reese tries to convince Jessica that Tabitha is dealing in black market babies. Beth secretly sabotages Sheridan's birth control method in an effort to have her rival impregnated by Antonio.

Theresa fears Alistair is unhappy with her report when she learns he's in a bad mood. Gwen is privately pleased. However, everyone is shocked by Alistair's words of praise for Theresa's work. Ethan is thrilled for Theresa.

Luis' frustration about hiding his love for Sheridan grows. Sheridan tries her best to placate him. Meanwhile, a sneaky Beth subtly persuades Antonio to elope with Sheridan. Beth freezes when Antonio says he thinks he knows why she doesn't want Luis to know about the elopement.

Sam and David face off in a game of hoops. Meanwhile, Julian eavesdrops as Eve and Grace discuss Julian's good behavior. Grace doesn't believe it's real and questions Eve's feelings for Julian.

Tabitha chases the dancing babies around her house and demands answers from them. Reese is stunned when he glances in Tabitha's window and sees what's going on. Reese drags Jessica over to confront Tabitha, who orders Cracked Connie to hide the destructive babies.

Miguel begs Kay not to tell Charity about them sleeping together. Charity is horrified when the escaped dancing baby appears at the foot of her hospital bed. Miguel tries to reassure Charity, who claims the baby is evil. Kay chases after the tiny tot.

Thursday, October 3, 2002 | Episode #827

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Simone commends Chad for helping out at the Book Cafe. Tabitha explains to Connie why the appearance of a fourth baby has upset a delicate balance. Whitney's lackluster performance during tennis practice irks T.C., who guesses that her inability to focus stems from sheer exhaustion. Beth deliberately hides from Luis the real motive behind his brother's decision to take Sheridan on a long drive into the country. Liz arrives in Harmony. Tabitha admits feeling an odd attachment to the fourth baby as it runs amok through the streets of the town. Upon arrival at the inn, Antonio secretly finalizes arrangements for his surprise wedding. Mrs. Wallace fears that Beth has finally gained the upper hand. Chad turns a deaf ear to Whitney's entreaties. Tabitha's antics at the Book Cafe baffle the other patrons. Mrs. Wallace prays to the saints for help stopping her wicked daughter. Liz offers Whitney some advice for the lovelorn.

Tabitha tries to chase down the fourth baby. She admits feeling a connection to it. Tabitha makes a scene in the Book Cafe.

TC is not happy with Whitney's efforts at practice and thinks he knows what's wrong. Whitney tries to cover her pain, as Simone flirts with a distracted Chad. Whitney tries to talk to Chad but he rebuffs her.

Beth and Luis spend time together. Mrs. Wallace tries to ruin Beth's time with him and prays for help. Antonio and Sheridan have a romantic day in the country. Antonio continues to secretly make plans for a wedding. A worried Liz makes her way to Harmony in search of her friends.

Friday, October 4, 2002 | Episode #828

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Theresa settles into her new office at Crane Enterprises. Ethan assures Gwen his heart belongs to her. At the inn, Sheridan's heart sinks when Antonio springs his surprise. Liz can't resist meddling in the triangle formed by the Russell sisters and Chad. Later, Luis encounters a familiar face and is startled to learn about Liz's longstanding friendship with his brother. Theresa daydreams about having it all-- corporate success, a healthy baby boy, and a marriage proposal from Ethan. Luis explains to an astonished Liz how complicated Antonio and "Diana's" romance has become. Mrs. Wallace casts about for a way to derail Beth's latest scheme. Whitney admits to Theresa how crushed she was by Chad's rejection. Meanwhile, Simone's constant hovering begins to grate on Chad. Beth surreptitiously deletes an urgent message Sheridan left for Luis. Watching Liz's reaction to the news about Antonio's failing health, Luis guesses that his guest is in love.


Monday October 7, 2002 Episode #829
Cornered, Sheridan hesitantly affixes her name to the marriage certificate alongside Antonio's. As Chad accuses Whitney of destroying their relationship, Theresa attempts to mediate for the battling couple. Ethan finds himself explaining to a clerk at the jewelry store how he's been torn between two women but has made his final choice. Unaware of Beth's latest machinations, Luis begins to wonder why he hasn't heard from Sheridan. Meanwhile, at the country inn, Antonio senses that his bride-to-be isn't entirely happy with the wedding arrangements. Ethan insists on purchasing a ring for Gwen despite the clerk's reluctance to help him woo the "wrong" woman. In the studio, Chad tells Whitney he still loves her but won't play second fiddle to her father's dreams. Luis gets wind of Antonio's elopement and makes a beeline for the inn.
Tuesday October 8, 2002 Episode #830
Ivy presses David for an update on his progress in breaking up the Bennetts' marriage. Whitney tearfully entreats Theresa to stop her infantile daydreaming long enough to help out a friend in need. Luis and Liz fear they're too late when they arrive at the tail end of a wedding ceremony at the inn. David suffers pangs of conscience as he weighs his desire for Grace against his distaste at the prospect of destroying a family. A miserable Chad confides to Ethan why he's giving up on the woman he loves. Luis lashes out at his brother, then realizes that another couple was actually tying the knot. Ethan advises Chad to try and see things from Whitney's perspective. Pleased to think that his brother arrived just in time, Antonio asks Luis and Beth to stand up for him and Sheridan. Sam and Grace argue again about David's place in their lives. Meanwhile, Ivy warns David she will resort to murder if necessary to get what she wants. Sheridan assures an anguished Luis she loves only him.
Wednesday October 9, 2002 Episode #831
Whitney panics to find herself trapped in an elevator with Julian. Remembering Luis' words of warning, Liz keeps mum when Antonio happily chatters on about his bright future with Sheridan. Sam again attacks David as an anguished Grace looks on. T.C. finally pulls his friend off David, who reveals that he stated he did not love Grace when he filled out the annulment papers. Ethan and Theresa urge Chad not to give up on the woman he loves. Luis berates Sheridan for failing to explain to his brother the real reason she cannot marry him. After recovering from his latest collapse, Antonio tries to reassure a fretful Liz. Sam apologizes to David for jumping to the wrong conclusion. Following the men's departure, Eve quizzes Grace about her feelings for her first husband. Julian and Whitney's predicament grows even more precarious as the elevator's cable starts to fray. Sheridan reminds Luis that it will kill Antonio if she refuses to tie the knot. Father Lonigan's request puts David on the spot. Julian manages to get an SOS through to Ethan, Chad and Theresa.
Thursday October 10, 2002 Episode #832
After Grace reminds him why he can't commit a mortal sin, David admits he lied on the annulment papers because he does still love her. Despite Luis' entreaties, Sheridan insists on going through with her marriage to Antonio. Connie disobeys Tabitha's orders to straighten up the house and elects to watch her favorite NBC soap instead. Julian and Whitney hold their breath as the fraying elevator cable continues to unravel. Father Lonigan tells the Bennetts he cannot annul Grace's first marriage. Luis scrambles to find a way to stop his brother from tying the knot. Afterwards, Beth brightens when Antonio suggests they turn the ceremony into a double wedding. Sam angrily accuses Grace of deliberately sabotaging the annulment. Theresa, Chad and Ethan mount a rescue effort but are forced to abandon their plan when it proves too dangerous. Later, Ethan decides to rappel down the elevator shaft. Meanwhile, Whitney sees a kinder, gentler side to Julian as he comforts his frightened companion.
Friday October 11, 2002 Episode #833
Luis again interrupts his brother's wedding. Ethan receives a large shock from the sparking cable and falls down the shaft, landing with a thud on the roof of the elevator. Sam continues to snarl at Grace for halting her annulment. Assuming that Luis was just playing a prank, Antonio asks the justice of the peace to go on with the ceremony. Julian reassures Whitney that she will live to set things right with the man she loves. Later, Julian confides to the sympathetic young woman how he was cruelly separated from his own true love years ago. Liz's collapse brings Sheridan's nuptials to another dead stop. Sam, T.C. and the others rush over to Crane Industries following an urgent call from Chad.

Monday October 14, 2002 Episode #834
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Charity is unable to stop thinking about the mischievous yet somehow malignant dancing baby. After Liz is pronounced healthy enough to leave the ER, Antonio suggests to Sheridan that they resume their nuptials but is irked when his brother again objects. After the elevator cable finally snaps, everyone watches in alarm as the car plummets towards the bottom of the shaft. Kay assures a suspicious Simone she had nothing to do with the appearance of the mysterious baby. Liz tries to convince Antonio that Luis simply doesn't want his mother to miss their wedding. Julian protects Whitney from falling debris as the elevator finally shudders to a stop. Luis, Sheridan and Antonio rush to Crane Enterprises following an urgent call from Sam. Eve and T.C.'s fears for their daughter intensify after they learn with whom Whitney is trapped. Grace tries to calm Theresa, who trades insults with an enraged Ivy. Later, Theresa takes desperate measures to rescue Ethan.

Miguel tries to reassure a frightened Charity about the evil dancing baby. He promises her that nothing will split them apart. Simone takes Kay aside and accuses her of conjuring up the baby. Kay is stung by her friend's words.

At the hospital, Antonio questions Luis on why he is so against him marrying Sheridan. Liz intervenes. In private, Luis begs Sheridan not to marry Antonio. Sheridan doesn't know what to do. An emergency call from Sam puts the wedding plans on hold.

Everyone watches in horror as Julian and Whitney's elevator plummets with an unconscious Ethan on the car's roof. Theresa is hysterical with fear over Ethan. To everyone's relief, the car gets wedged in the shaft and comes to a stop. Eve and TC are alarmed to learn Julian is in the elevator with Whitney. Julian helps a frightened Whitney and protects her from getting cut by glass. Grace tries to calm Eve, Ivy, and Theresa. Theresa and Ivy face off.

Tuesday October 15, 2002 Episode #835
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Miguel hesitantly prepares to reveal a secret to Charity, while Kay feels certain the tide is about to turn her way. Theresa springs into action and leaps onto the elevator cable in a desperate effort to save Ethan. Inside the elevator, Julian's continuing kindness begins to convince Whitney that the man has hidden depths. Theresa loses her grip and lands on the roof of the car next to an unconscious Ethan. Grace suggests to Sheridan that she seems more concerned about Antonio than Luis. Ivy picks a bad time to threaten Eve with exposure of her history with Julian. Charity fails to get the gist of Miguel's halting confession. Sam and David argue about the best way to rescue those in danger. Julian risks his own life to save Whitney's as their situation goes from bad to worse. Sam overhears Grace telling David she's torn between two loves.

A nervous Miguel tries to tell Charity he made love to Kay. Kay is thrilled with the idea of Charity learning the truth. Charity misunderstands what Miguel is saying.

Ethan's life hangs precariously in the balance. Theresa takes a flying leap in order to save Ethan, but her actions put everyone in more danger. Julian panics when he sees Ethan near death and admits his real feelings about his former son. Julian continues to reassure Whitney, and she begins to see him in a whole new light. Ivy taunts Eve about her past with Julian. Theresa manages to keep Ethan from sliding off the roof of the car and falling to his death. Antonio and Luis struggle to rescue Theresa. Sheridan's reaction surprises Luis, and Grace questions Sheridan's feelings. The rescue crew arrives. David goes in search of an alternate plan. Whitney and Julian face a new danger.


Wednesday October 16, 2002 Episode #836
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Connie visits the boys in the basement. At Crane Industries, Gwen (returned Liza Huber) is alarmed to hear how Ethan was electrocuted but grows even more frantic when Sheridan reveals what lengths Theresa has gone to in an effort to save him. Meanwhile, David's quick thinking prevents a disaster after the chain breaks and sends the elevator hurtling down the shaft once again. Kay gapes in shock as Charity and Miguel happily announce their engagement. Later, Simone gloats when the beaming bride-to-be asks Kay to be her maid of honor. Connie works to free Hecuba from her bottle but Tabitha intervenes just in time. Kay pulls Miguel aside and angrily reminds him why he cannot marry her cousin. Ethan, Theresa, Julian and Whitney are finally pulled to safety following their long ordeal. Tabitha pays a call on Charity, who reduces the witch to tears by letting her listen to Timmy's heart still beating in its new home. Kay tearfully declares her love to Miguel.

Cracked Connie agrees to keep her end of the bargain with Hecuba. Tabitha stops Cracked Connie from setting Hecuba free. Hecuba gives them a warning. At the hospital, Miguel has a special question to ask Charity. Simone stops Kay from interfering. Kay is stunned when Charity and Miguel announce they plan to marry around Christmas. Charity has a request of Kay and Simone. In private, Kay lashes out at a confused Miguel.

On top of the elevator car, Theresa cradles a still-unconscious Ethan. Eve worries about Antonio's condition as he and the other men struggle to hold the elevator up with a chain. A frantic Gwen arrives and is horrified by what she learns. The chain breaks, sending the elevator plummeting to the ground. David's heroics save the day. One by one, all are rescued from the elevator. Gwen and Theresa fret over a seemingly dead Ethan.

Thursday October 17, 2002 Episode #837
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Kay's fervent declaration of love catches a clueless Miguel off guard. David kisses Grace as she tends to his wounds. Meanwhile, Luis looks on as Antonio pulls Sheridan into a passionate kiss. Certain Julian took advantage of Whitney during their time together in the elevator, an enraged T.C. batters his old enemy mercilessly. Whitney finally comes to and explains to her astonished father how Julian actually risked his own life to save hers. Connie eggs Tabitha on to do Charity in but the witch is unwilling to stop Timmy's beating heart for all time. Though Miguel swears he never meant to lead her on, Kay tearfully reminds him of the night they made love. Sheridan encourages Gwen to fight for Ethan. Listening to Whitney's story, Eve is touched to realize how much Julian truly cared for her years ago. Connie reminds Tabitha why Charity must pay for luring Timmy to his death. Gwen gloats when Ethan tells a crushed Theresa for whom the diamond ring was intended.

Charity thanks Tabitha for giving her Timmy's heart. Despite herself, the witch is moved. Cracked Connie tries to convince a reluctant Tabby that she still has to kill Charity. Meanwhile, Kay confesses her love to Miguel, who is shocked to learn the truth. A hurt Kay lashes out. Miguel feels guilty but stands firm in his choice to marry Charity.

Sam continues to deal with the shock of hearing Grace say she loves David, and Ivy encourages Sam to stay away from his wife for the time being. Grace and David grow closer.

Theresa gives Gwen some upsetting and shocking news. Sheridan encourages Gwen to go after Ethan. Antonio wants to continue with the wedding.

TC beats up Julian for his supposed actions. Everyone is shocked by what Whitney has to say when she comes to Julian's defense. Eve tends to Julian's injuries.

Friday October 18, 2002 Episode #838
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At the cottage, Luis explains to a stunned Sheridan why he's taking himself out of the picture and allowing her to live out her life with Antonio. Charity questions her fianc? after finding him kissing Kay. Theresa pleads with Ethan not to marry Gwen but he insists he is going to pop the question at his earliest opportunity. Mrs. Wallace gleefully reminds Beth that she's fated to stay single forever in order to take care of her aging mother. Sheridan begs Luis to understand that she has not chosen his brother over him. Tabitha fills Connie in on her latest scheme to avenge the loss of her beloved Timmy. Ethan reminds a shattered Theresa how she's betrayed his trust over and over again. Ignoring her mother's ranting, Beth plots to lure Luis back into her bed. Miguel again contemplates coming clean with Charity. Luis turns a deaf ear to Sheridan's tearful entreaties. Later, Beth secretly drugs Luis' glass of beer as he works to repair her kitchen sink.

Tabitha and Cracked Connie watch excitedly as it appears the truth about Kay and Miguel is about to come out. Miguel decides to tell Charity the truth. Tabitha makes a plan to avenge Timmy's death.

Ethan tells Theresa the truth about the engagement ring. Theresa, crushed by what she's learned, begs Ethan not to marry Gwen.

Beth devises a plan to lure in Luis. Beth's mother lashes out at her over her sinful actions. Luis makes a decision about his future with Sheridan. Sheridan tries to change his mind, but Luis stands firm in his choice.

Monday October 21, 2002 Episode #839
At the hospital, Whitney tries to tell Chad how much he means to her, but Simone interrupts. With an eye to Chad, Whitney recounts how Julian advised her not to let love get away. Chad still brushes Whitney off. Meanwhile, TC wonders who Julian's true love was. His words solidify Eve's worst fears. Unaware of TC's presence, a groggy Julian tells Eve he wants to talk about the love they shared; Eve covers. She worries when TC and Simone realize the singer Julian always listens to is probably the woman he loved.

A worried Mrs. Wallace watches as Luis drinks the beer Beth laced with medication. Beth is ecstatic when Luis reveals he broke things off with Sheridan because he believes she really loves Antonio. The effects of the drugged beer begin to take its toll on Luis. Mrs. Wallace fears Beth will win Luis after all and tries to get him to leave.

Sheridan prepares to tell Antonio the truth, but Pilar arrives before she can say anything. In private, Sheridan informs Pilar that Luis broke up with her. Pilar is sympathetic, but tries to convince her to keep her feelings for Luis a secret. Fearing she'll lose Luis forever, Sheridan thinks of a way to break the news to Antonio.

Tuesday October 22, 2002 Episode #840
TC and Liz meet and get to know one another. Liz is surprised by who TC says Chad is dating. Julian lays his heart on the line for Eve. She rebuffs him and lets Julian know where they stand. Meanwhile, Whitney tries to convince Chad of her love for him. Chad wants proof. Simone overhears Whitney's declaration of love and becomes enraged. Kay stops Simone from confronting her sister and makes her think before she acts.

Sheridan wants Antonio to know the truth and takes him to Beth's house so she and Luis can tell him together. However, she is devastated when she looks through Beth's window and sees Luis and Beth locked in a passionate kiss. Antonio tries to comfort a distraught Sheridan. Confused by her emotional distress, Antonio turns to Gwen for help. Meanwhile, Beth continues to take advantage of Luis by giving him more drugged beer.

Wednesday October 23, 2002 Episode #841
Gwen assures Sheridan that Luis loves her and that he probably has a reasonable explanation for kissing Beth. She convinces her friend to go back to Beth's and talk to Luis. Beth overhears this and rushes home to make sure Sheridan gets an even bigger surprise when she arrives. Mrs. Wallace tries to influence Luis' thoughts while he sleeps off the effects of the drugged beer. She is appalled when Beth informs her that she plans to have Sheridan witness her and Luis making love.

Kay lectures Simone on how to handle the situation with Chad and Whitney. Simone wants to go after her sister, but Kay points out some sobering facts. She warns that if Simone attacks her sister, her parents may forbid either sister from seeing Chad to stop them from fighting. Meanwhile, Chad insists Whitney's parents and Simone be told the truth immediately. Whitney has other ideas, but Chad refuses to go along with her.

TC assures Liz that Eve will be happy to let her stay in their garage apartment. Meanwhile, Eve's suspicions are raised when Julian makes a slip about his past with TC. Julian bares his soul, and Eve is moved by his words.


Thursday October 24, 2002 Episode #842
Liz and Eve are stunned when they run into each other at the hospital. Liz slaps Eve hard across the face. Dr. Russell is shaken to see this face from her past in Harmony, but she is paged before she can question her. TC meets up with Liz and is amazed at how angry she is. She explains she just ran into a despicable woman from her past, and TC wonders if he knows her.

Sheridan is devastated by what she sees at Beth's house. Beth is thrilled that her plan worked. Antonio tries to help a heartbroken Sheridan, but she won't tell him what's going on.

Pilar comforts a devastated Theresa. Theresa doesn't know how she is going to go on now that Ethan intends to marry Gwen. Gwen and Rebecca pass by, and Pilar and Rebecca end up having a violent altercation. Later, Rebecca seeks revenge on Pilar by using Antonio.

Friday October 25, 2002 Episode #843
Chad voices concern about Whitney's plan to continue deceiving everyone for a little while longer. Meanwhile, Kay helps Simone figure out how to handle her sister. Simone vows to do whatever it takes to stop Whitney from stealing Chad. The two girls plot to spoil a special moment between Chad and Whitney.

Eve is privately horrified when TC introduces Liz as the woman he invited to stay at their home. TC remains oblivious to the tension between the two women. His interest is piqued when Liz shares that the vile woman from her past has somehow managed to become a respected part of Harmony's community. A cold and angry Liz prepares to drop a major bombshell.

Chad gives some advice about marriage to Ethan. Ethan prepares to go home and pop the question. Meanwhile, Theresa is sure she'll never fall in love again. She decides to check up on Ethan at the hospital.

Luis is stunned when Beth lies and tells him they made love; he apologizes for his actions. Beth tries to hide her hurt when Luis again declares his love for Sheridan. Meanwhile, Ethan encourages Sheridan not to give up on Luis. She decides to tell Antonio the truth. However, she doesn't realize she's too late as Rebecca "helps" Antonio figure out the truth. A furious Antonio goes to confront Sheridan, but faints dead away.


Monday October 28, 2002 Episode #844
Liz prepares to tell TC the truth about Eve. TC thinks the woman from Liz's past should be exposed. When he is called away, the two women have a heated argument. Liz vows to destroy Eve's life the way Eve destroyed hers.

Ethan is confused when he fantasizes about proposing to Theresa. Theresa pleads for Ethan's forgiveness and asks him to take her back. Gwen is appalled when she overhears her rival trying to win Ethan back, and she and Theresa face-off.

Devastated over Luis, Sheridan tells Antonio he's the only man for her. Luis is heartbroken when he arrives at the cottage and overhears Sheridan make a commitment to his brother. Beth goes after a devastated Luis, who believes he has lost Sheridan forever. Antonio learns the truth about his condition when Sheridan lets it slip that he's dying.

Tuesday October 29, 2002 Episode #845
TC wonders who the woman from Liz's past is. Eve tries to convince TC the woman has probably changed, but to her disappointment, he declares people never change. Eve is horrified when Liz arrives at her house to accept TC's invitation to stay with them. Liz coldly informs her that she will expose what a lying slut she is to TC, Whitney, and Simone. Eve tries to run her off, but Liz won't be deterred.

A worried Grace tries to track down Sam, who is upset over seeing her in David's arms. David offers comfort to an upset Grace. Meanwhile, Ivy tries to be there for Sam and pushes his buttons.

Theresa asks God to help her win Ethan back. Whitney offers support to her friend. Meanwhile, Gwen excitedly awaits for Ethan's proposal. However, Ethan can't stop thinking about Theresa. Rebecca has a celebration ready for Ethan and Gwen.

At the Lobster Shack, Beth tries to comfort a devastated Luis. Tension arises when Antonio and Sheridan also show up at the restaurant. Luis and Sheridan are forced to watch one another with their "new loves". Antonio pushes Luis and Sheridan to dance together.

Wednesday October 30, 2002 Episode #846
Eve and Liz continue to argue about the past, as Eve tries to get the upper hand. Liz refuses to leave and stays focused on her quest for revenge. Liz makes her enemy squirm by bonding with TC and Whitney. Eve makes a desperate plea to Liz.

David continues to offer support and comfort to Grace, who worries about her marriage. She's shaken when she sees Sam drive off with Ivy. Sam helps Ivy home after her wheelchair "breaks". Ivy tries to get closer to Sam as he continues thinking of Grace.

At the mansion, Ethan prepares to pop the question as Gwen awaits his proposal. Ivy and Sam accidentally interrupt their special moment. Rebecca and Theresa clash. Realizing Ethan is about to propose to Gwen, a defeated Theresa tries to accept her loss. Later, Theresa panics when she can't find her baby.

Thursday October 31, 2002 Episode #847
Tabitha mourns Timmy on Halloween night. Cracked Connie does her best to snap Tabitha out of it and makes a shocking request. Cracked Connie plays scientist!

Grace heads for the Crane mansion after learning Sam is there. David insists on accompanying her. Grace has an upsetting premonition. Ivy puts a plan into motion after David tips her off that Grace is on her way over. Ivy tricks Sam into getting undressed.

Luis and Sheridan struggle with their separation, while Antonio wonders what else is wrong. Antonio wants to talk to Eve about his condition. Beth and Luis reminisce.

Ethan is about to propose to Gwen when they are interrupted by news of a medical crisis. A horrified Theresa watches as Eve struggles to help her baby, who has a high fever.

Friday November 1, 2002 Episode #848
Tabitha enjoys an old movie as she laments the loss of Timmy. Cracked Connie makes a creation of her own. 

Grace is rocked by the sight of Ivy and Sam in bed together. David confronts Ivy about her manipulations, informing her they will never work. 

Eve works to save little Ethan, while Theresa fears the worst. Ethan and Whitney discuss the strength of Theresa's love. 

Gwen comforts a distraught Sheridan. Meanwhile, Luis and Beth talk about broken hearts, their pasts, and the future. Luis isn't sure he will ever move on and Beth admits she never has. Beth is even more determined to get Luis.