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November 2002


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Monday November 4, 2002 Episode #849

A guilt-ridden Miguel confesses to Father Lonigan that he slept with Kay and hasn't told Charity. Mrs. Wallace berates her daughter for her actions and vows to stop her. Beth vows to make Luis her own.

Tabitha warns Cracked Connie and Cecil about causing too much evil in town. Dressed in Halloween costumes, the devious pair ignores the witch's warning and begins spreading misery, starting with Beths mother.

Sheridan tells a shocked Pilar that she saw Luis making love to Beth. Pilar cant believe Luis has moved on so quickly. Gwen fills Sheridan in on the situation with her, Ethan, and Theresa. Meanwhile, Eve fights to save little Ethan, whose heart has stopped. Theresa vows to make a huge sacrifice if God will let her baby live. Eve has bad news for Theresa.

Tuesday November 5, 2002 Episode #850

Theresa is relieved her baby is okay. She confides to Whitney that she isnt quite ready to give up on Ethan. Whitney warns her best friend that he is probably proposing to Gwen even as they speak. Meanwhile, an excited Gwen anticipates Ethan's proposal, but she's disappointed when he instead suggests they turn in for the night.

Antonio informs Eve he knows about his medical condition, and she offers to run some new tests. Pilar feels badly for her son as he assures her that Sheridan's love is enough to keep him happy. Antonio and Luis have a heart to heart. A heartbroken Sheridan reiterates to Pilar that its over for her and Luis.

Grace and Sam reconnect. They rush off to the hospital when they learn Charity is having a medical crisis.

Cracked Connie and Cecil sneak into Charity's hospital room dressed as trick-or-treaters. The mischievous duo tells a horrified Charity that Kay and Miguel slept together. A highly agitated Charity confronts Miguel. Miguel avoids answering her and slips out of the room to angrily accuse Kay of revealing the truth. Grace arrives and immediately suspects Kay of wrongdoing. Father Lonigan senses Tabitha's evil presence and corners her.

Wednesday November 6, 2002 Episode #851

Theresa is thrilled to learn Ethan hasn't proposed to Gwen. She taunts a worried Gwen about the non-proposal. Feeling torn over the two women, Ethan privately struggles with what to do. 

Sheridan reveals to Luis that she saw him and Beth making love; Luis explains he was drunk and thought he was making love to her. The estranged couple finally admits they still love each other, and they get back on track. Antonio vows to fight his condition and has Eve run more tests. Eve sadly informs him that his condition is getting worse. 

Charity tells Grace about her premonition of Miguel and Kay making love in a shower. Grace wonders what her devious daughter is up to. Upset, Charity wanders the hospital looking for Miguel. Meanwhile, a brazen Kay joins Miguel in the on-call shower and tries to seduce him, but he pushes her away. Miguel panics when Charity arrives. 


Thursday November 7, 2002 Episode #
Passions was pre-empted
Friday November 8, 2002 Episode #852

Whitney and Chad shut the world out and share a romantic evening together in her bedroom. 

Liz stops by TC's bedroom and puts her plan into motion. TC is impressed with Liz and the two bond. Meanwhile, a gleeful Cracked Connie and Cecil inform Eve that Liz is going to destroy her and take away everyone she loves. 

Grace and Kay fight when Grace scolds her daughter for trying to seduce Miguel. Sam is shocked to hear about Kay's outrageous behavior, and Grace worries about how to get through to their troubled teen. Simone gives Kay a warning. Miguel and Charity announce to her family that they plan to get married as soon as possible. Kay is crushed. 

Luis and Sheridan make plans to tell Antonio the truth. They celebrate their reunion by making love. Antonio heads to the mansion to tell Sheridan the latest news on his condition, unaware of what he's about to walk in on. Antonio's condition worsens. Beth and her mother face-off once more.

Monday November 11, 2002 Episode #853
Chad and Whitney continue to make love as an unsuspecting Simone and Kay come close to walking in on them. Liz helps Whitney and Chad out. She promises to keep quiet about what she knows. Kay is suspicious when she and Simone find Chad sneaking around the house.

Eve catches Liz and TC in a compromising position. She is deeply troubled over TC and Liz spending time together. Liz gives Eve a warning and shocks her with what she has in her suitcase.

Antonio catches Luis and Sheridan dancing the tango. He once again misreads the situation, letting them off the hook. Luis leaves to gather Eve, Pilar, and Beth so they can be there for Antonio when he and Sheridan tell his brother the truth. Beth is crushed by Luis' news. Meanwhile, Antonio worries about how to break the news to Sheridan about his deteriorating health. Hoping to make love, Antonio hops in the shower to join a startled Sheridan.

Tuesday November 12, 2002 Episode #854
Ethan struggles to decide between Gwen and Theresa. The two women watch from their bedroom windows as Ethan paces outside, trying to figure out who he wants to marry. Gwen vows to accept his choice either way, while Theresa prays he will choose her. Rebecca encourages her daughter to fight. Ethan makes a decision.

Liz shows TC some pictures from her past, as Eve watches, terrified her world is about to come crashing down. Eve is relieved when Luis' arrival interrupts them. Luis asks Liz and Eve for help with his plan to tell Antonio the truth.

Beth goes after Mrs. Wallace with murderous intent, causing Mrs. Wallace to hide in fear. Beth brandishes an axe and vows to get rid of her mother.

Pilar prays for her children. Luis informs his mother that he is gathering everyone to support Antonio when he tells his brother the truth. Pilar tries to change his mind, but he won't be deterred. Later, Sheridan is stunned when Pilar informs her that Luis wants to confront Antonio right away.

Wednesday November 13, 2002 Episode #855
A disappointed Gwen prepares to start a new life without Ethan and accepts a job in New York. Rebecca pleads with her daughter not to assume Ethan has chosen Theresa just because he went to talk with her first. Meanwhile, Ethan and Theresa discuss their relationship and how he needs to be able to trust her. Gwen and Rebecca listen in through the adjoining bedroom door.

Sheridan continues to fret over Antonio's condition, while Luis stays firm in his resolve to tell his brother about their relationship. Antonio demands to know what's going on when all his loved ones gather in the Crane living room. Mrs. Wallace taunts Beth that Antonio will die of shock, and then Luis will be able to reunite with Sheridan. Everyone is shocked to hear about Antonio's latest test results. Eve admits he doesn't have long to live. Luis prepares to drop the bomb.

Thursday November 14, 2002 Episode #856
Despite Antonio's deteriorating health, Luis continues to demand they tell his brother the truth. Sheridan tearfully replies that she just can't do it and rushes off. Pilar begs Luis to reconsider. An emotional Liz tells Antonio why she pushed him away when they were together, and she finally reveals her sad past to everyone in the room. Eve squirms as TC supports Liz. Beth is appalled as Mrs. Wallace purloins expensive items from the mansion. 

Rebecca wants Gwen to fight for Ethan, but Gwen states she is done fighting. Gwen becomes ill. Rebecca panics when her daughter loses consciousness. Once she revives Gwen, Rebecca urges her to use her illness to lure Ethan back. Theresa presses Ethan about his decision, prompting him to open his heart to her. Sheridan bursts in on them just as Ethan is about to propose! 

Friday November 15, 2002 Episode #857
Antonio makes a shocking accusation about Eve. TC defends his wife. In private, Liz and Eve have a tense face-off. 

Sheridan congratulates Ethan on choosing to marry Theresa, but expresses concern for Gwen. She and Ethan lament over their love lives. Sheridan doesn't know what to do and fears her relationship with Luis will be ruined either way. Beth tries to change Luis' mind about telling Antonio the truth, but he won't be deterred. Pilar prays for her sons. Theresa tries to comfort her mother. 

Ethan tells an elated Theresa and Pilar that he and Theresa will have a very important talk as soon as he breaks the news to Gwen. Meanwhile, Gwen tries to be strong as she makes plans to move away from Harmony. Rebecca urges her daughter to fight for Ethan. Gwen puts up a brave front and hides her sickness when Ethan comes to see her. 

Monday, November 18, 2002 Episode #858

TC comforts Liz and promises to help her any way he can.

Rebecca lashes out at Ethan, while Eve examines an ill Gwen. Gwen makes her intention of leaving for New York known. She and Ethan say a heartfelt good-bye. Rebecca turns to Ivy for help.

Unaware that Julian is taking a bath, Mrs. Wallace sneaks into his bathroom looking for something to steal. The two scream in terror when they come face-to-face. Later, Rebecca laments to Julian about the situation with Theresa, and he gets an idea of how to take advantage of the situation.

Theresa and Antonio have a heart to heart. She informs her brother that Ethan is going to propose to her after he breaks up with Gwen. Beth stops Sheridan and Luis from telling Antonio the truth. Antonio demands to know what's going on; Beth covers. Sheridan is wracked with guilt. Luis comes up with a way to help Antonio understand the truth. He leaves and comes back with a mysterious package.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002 Episode #859

Kay advises Simone on what she should do now that she knows Whitney has stolen Chad. Meanwhile, Whitney and Chad share a romantic evening together. Whitney tries to leave to get some rest for her tennis tournament, but Chad won't let her. 

Rebecca and Julian celebrate Theresa signing the divorce papers. Rebecca wants to set a wedding date, much to Julian's dismay.

Ivy tries desperately to talk Ethan out of marrying Theresa. Theresa eavesdrops and is elated as Ethan sticks up for her and stands his ground with his mother. Ethan goes to make sure Gwen is okay. Gwen gets some startling news. Theresa and Ivy have a fierce face-off over the young woman's impending engagement to Ethan. 

Luis shows Antonio a photo album full of Luis and Sheridan's happy moments together. However, Antonio loses his sight before he sees the truth. Sheridan fears that Antonio is near death. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2002 Episode #860

Sam and Grace's reconciliation is short-lived when she once again resists being intimate with him. Sam wants Grace to get a divorce from David, but she refuses, stating that they'll still be married in the eyes of the Church. David informs Grace that John is ill and is asking for her. Sam lashes out at David for his interruption. He tells Grace their family is falling apart. 

Theresa taunts Ivy, who vows to stop Ethan from marrying her. Meanwhile, Ethan is rocked by the news of Gwen's pregnancy. Gwen insists on moving to New York with her baby. She assures Ethan he will be able to visit their child, but he isn't satisfied. 

Eve informs Antonio and everyone else that he could die at any moment. Sheridan is devastated as Antonio puts up a brave front. Mrs. Wallace taunts Beth about Luis and Sheridan reuniting as soon as Antonio kicks the bucket. Sheridan is horrified that Luis still wants to tell Antonio the truth. Liz recalls her past with Eve and continues to plot her revenge.

Thursday, November 21, 2002 Episode #861

Tabitha doesn't feel well and turns in for the evening, only to experience disturbing nightmares about babies. Cecil and Cracked Connie get hot and heavy with each other. The dancing babies make another appearance. 

Grace tends to her ailing son, who is thrilled to have his mother around. David, Grace, and John bond. 

Sam goes off to clear his head after fighting with Grace and runs into a conflicted Ethan. Ethan turns to his father for advice. Sam is shocked to learn his son was going to propose to Theresa but is having seconds thoughts now that Gwen is pregnant. Meanwhile, Theresa happily taunts and teases Ivy and Rebecca about her impending marriage to Ethan. 

Luis insists upon telling Antonio about his relationship with Sheridan. Liz stops Luis and questions his motives in telling his brother the truth. 

Friday, November 22, 2002 Episode #862

Liz lets Eve know how much she hates her. Sheridan tries to stop Luis from telling Antonio the truth. Luis prepares to drop the bomb. Antonio has a special request for his brother. He calls Luis on his feelings about Sheridan.

Sam gives Ethan some heartfelt advice about love. David and Grace overhear Sam admit he would have married Ivy had he known she was pregnant. David supports a devastated Grace. After Ethan leaves, Grace confronts Sam and lashes out at him.

Gwen has a strange experience. Ivy and Rebecca taunt Theresa now that the tables have turned. Theresa is horrified as they gleefully inform her that Gwen is having Ethan's baby. She angrily confronts her rival and accuses Gwen of lying. Ethan arrives to settle the messy situation with the two women.

Monday November 25, 2002 Episode #863

David informs Ivy about Sam and Grace's latest argument. Grace calls Sam on his recent behavior, and stalks off with David. The supposed husband and wife tend to John, who is happy they are all together. Sam is taken aback when Ivy arrives to comfort him.

Eve encourages Liz to open up to Antonio about her feelings. Liz realizes what Eve's real motives are and slaps her.

Antonio shocks everyone when he offers Sheridan her freedom. Pilar and Antonio have an emotional discussion. Sheridan doesn't see how she can accept Antonio's offer to leave him. Luis tries to convince her to take Antonio up on his offer.

Gwen stuns everyone with her decision. Theresa is hopeful things will still go her way.

Tuesday November 26, 2002 Episode #864

At the recording studio, Chad and Whitney spend a romantic evening together and dream of when their love can be out in the open. Meanwhile, Kay and Simone plot to keep the couple apart. However, Simone is reluctant to sabotage her sister's tennis career. When TC calls home to check on his daughters, Kay pushes Simone to get Whitney in trouble by revealing she's still out. Simone is torn.

Eve tries to make peace with Liz. Liz lets her know nothing will repair the damage she's caused.

Beth informs her mother she has a plan to make sure she gets Luis no matter what happens. Sheridan's decision shocks everyone, but leaves Antonio overjoyed.

Gwen and Ethan celebrate their engagement. Theresa begs and pleads with Ethan to get him to change his mind. Ethan tries to comfort a devastated Theresa, but stands by his decision.

Wednesday November 27, 2002 Episode #865

Eve confronts Liz about when she plans to reveal her past. Eve is amazed at how much Liz has changed, how full of hate and anger she is now.

After making love to Chad, Whitney freaks out when she notices the time. Meanwhile, an angry TC wonders why Whitney would be out so late the night before a big tournament. Simone feels guilty about getting her sister in trouble, but Kay pushes her to stick with the plan. TC comes down hard on Whitney when she finally arrives home. Kay takes the plot to destroy Whitney one step further.

Pilar tries to comfort an upset Luis, who was forced to promise Antonio he would stay with him and Sheridan overnight at the cottage. Luis lashes out at Sheridan for staying with Antonio. Sheridan pleads her case.

Julian and Ivy celebrate his divorce from Theresa. Meanwhile, Theresa is devastated by Ethan's choice. Gwen and Rebecca verbally attack her; Ethan stands up for his ex. Julian orders Theresa out of the mansion. Ethan is stunned when he realizes Theresa gave up the Crane fortune to be with him.

Thursday November 28, 2002 Episode #
Passions was pre-empt due to Thanksgiving.
Friday November 29, 2002 Episode #866

Unaware that Kay slipped her a sleeping pill the night before, Whitney struggles as she warms up for her tennis game. Simone feels guilty, but Kay reminds her they need to get TC on Whitney's case so she won't have time to see Chad. Eve is unnerved when Liz shows up to the game. Whitney blows the match. TC explodes with anger and scolds his daughter. Kay wonders what's going on between Jessica and Reese.

Beth has a wild dream of marrying Luis. Meanwhile, Luis has a nightmare about Sheridan and Antonio. Later, he pushes Sheridan away.

Pilar gets a call from her old friend, Maria Celeste Arraras, who wants to do an exposť on the Cranes. Pilar invites Maria Celeste over for Thanksgiving. Determined to win Ethan back, Theresa vows to spend as much time with him as possible before he marries Gwen. Ethan and Gwen discuss baby names. Gwen wants to move away from the mansion, and she questions Ethan's reasons for staying.

Rebecca hints to Julian and Ivy that she may know something about Theresa that will bring about her downfall. Julian continues to stew over Theresa tearing up the divorce papers and swallowing them. Theresa's Thanksgiving plans further upset Julian.