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December 2002


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Monday December 2, 2002 Episode #867
Tabitha gets an invitation to spend Thanksgiving with the Bennetts. Clamoring for a holiday feast, Cecil and Cracked Connie coerce Tabby into taking them with her.

Sam is hurt when he sees David has helped Grace get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Grace lets Sam know she doesn't think she can count on him. David reports the marital tension back to Ivy. Kay is irritated when Grace fusses over John. Reese and Jessica share a close moment, but back off when a suspicious Kay questions them.

Pilar's reporter friend, Maria Celeste, continues to flirt with an oblivious Julian to get the dirt on him and his family. Theresa grows nervous as Ivy tries to convince Ethan and Gwen to move out of the mansion. Ethan is impressed with Theresa when she retells how she stopped Julian from divorcing her.

Antonio overhears Luis tell Sheridan he loves her. Beth's quick thinking keeps Antonio in the dark. Luis wishes the truth had come out. Beth privately vows not to let that happen.

Tuesday December 3, 2002 Episode #868
Everyone congratulates Miguel and Charity on their official engagement. Tabitha tells Cecil and Cracked Connie the three of them will be destroyed should the marriage occur. Cecil and Cracked Connie scamper off to cause trouble. Kay lashes out in anger at Grace. When David sticks up for Grace, Kay makes veiled threats against him. A stunned David realizes the scheming teen knows about him and Ivy.

The Russells and Liz arrive to spend Thanksgiving with the Bennetts. TC continues letting Whitney have it for losing the tennis match. Whitney silently suffers as Simone fawns all over Chad.

Father Lonigan nearly tells Antonio the truth. Beth covers and manages to keep the secret hidden. Father Lonigan tells Sheridan he can't marry her and Antonio if she is really in love with Luis. Sheridan lies to keep Antonio in the dark and hurts Luis deeply in the process.

Wednesday December 4, 2002 Episode #869
Kay vents her feelings about Charity and John. She resents both of them. Charity's talk about the upcoming wedding and her choice in a wedding dress makes Kay even more upset. TC lays down the law with Whitney. She can forget about a social life until she starts concentrating on her tennis again. Liz and Whitney find that they have rapport. This upsets Eve, who warns Liz to stay away from her daughters.

Cracked Connie and Cecil do their evil work to spoil the Bennett Thanksgiving dinner. Grace is horrified and blames herself for ruining the dinner. Cracked Connie and Cecil are delighted when their evil deed causes Grace to break down. Sam steps in to console Grace and the two reconnect. Sam assures his wife she means everything to him. David calls Ivy and alerts her to the situation. Ivy hightails it to the Bennett house in hopes of disrupting any reunion. Cracked Connie and Cecil go on a demolition spree in the basement, causing the house to rattle. Charity has a premonition that her wedding will lead to the end of the Bennetts' and the Russells' marriages.

Rebecca is determined that Theresa will be destroyed and not interfere with her plans again. Theresa's conversation with Father Lonigan puts a sudden halt to Ethan and Gwen's wedding plans when she tells him that Ethan is only marrying Gwen because she is pregnant. Concerned that Ethan is marrying Gwen out of obligation, Father Lonigan asks Ethan who he really loves: Gwen or Theresa. Theresa is certain he will choose her. However, Ethan states that he loves Gwen more. Theresa hysterically pleads with Ethan, who can't understand why she keeps humiliating herself like this.

Thursday December 5, 2002 Episode #870
Theresa and Luis lament their lost loves and encourage each other to move on.  Whitney learns Ethan proposed to Gwen and comforts her devastated friend.

Antonio pushes for a double wedding.  Feeling Sheridan has chosen his brother over him, Luis agrees to it.  Beth is delighted.  An angry Sheridan pulls Luis aside to confront him.

Grace, Jessica, and Simone help Charity plan her wedding while Kay quietly sulks.  Recalling her premonition, Charity worries that her marriage to Miguel will cause others pain.  Kay is hurt when Grace gives Charity her wedding gown.  Kay disavows Grace as her mother.
Friday December 6, 2002 Episode #871
Jessica helps Charity with her wedding gown.  She warns Kay not to cause any trouble.  Later, Kay tries to talk Miguel out of marrying Charity, but he reiterates his love for her cousin.  Kay accuses Miguel of using her.

Ethan fills Chad in on Gwen's pregnancy.  Meanwhile, Theresa declares to Whitney that it's not over between her and Ethan. Theresa tries to convince her friend that they can have it all, but Whitney fears she will end up with nothing.

Antonio worries about Sheridan's future and asks her for a promise.  Antonio imagines who Sheridan could end up with after he dies.  Beth is thrilled when Luis accepts her marriage proposal.  Luis attempts to be straight with Beth by gently informing her he would be marrying Sheridan instead if she were free. Beth hides her hurt and in turn, asks Luis if he will end up leaving her for Sheridan once Antonio dies.

Monday December 9, 2002 Episode #872
Charity overhears Kay and Miguel arguing. A delighted Kay thinks Charity has learned she slept with Miguel. However, Charity assumes Kay is upset over another secret; she shocks everyone by announcing Reese and Jessica have been secretly dating!

Eve confirms Gwen is indeed expecting. Ethan feels inadequate when Gwen has to handle financial matters. Meanwhile, Theresa stands up to Alistair. Alistair commends her on her determination. Theresa vows to get what she wants.
Beth excitedly tells Mrs. Wallace about her wedding plans. Mrs. Wallace is horrified to realize she may be forced to live in a nursing home. Elsewhere, Liz and Antonio discuss her sister. A misguided Antonio thinks Liz and Eve could be friends. Meanwhile, Sheridan begs Luis to reconsider and not end their relationship. Luis gives Sheridan a difficult choice.

Tuesday December 10, 2002 Episode #873
Charity and Miguel happily plan for their wedding. Kay tries to push John towards Charity and put doubts in his mind about Miguels love for her cousin.

Chad thanks Liz for all her help. TC asks Liz to bond with the girls. Eve is upset by TCs request. TC thinks something is going on with Whitney.

Gwen shares her concerns with Eve. Theresa resorts to blackmail as she sets her plan in motion to get Ethan back. Ethan is disappointed when the headhunter claims he can't find any jobs for him. Whitney is shocked by Theresa's behavior.

Wednesday December 11, 2002 Episode #874
Gwen is troubled when Ethan informs her that the only job offer he has is in Alaska. Ethan wants to take the job so he can support his family. Meanwhile, everyone is surprised by Theresa's reaction upon learning Ethan and Gwen's wedding reception will be held at the mansion. Rebecca is convinced Theresa is up to something. Pilar fears what trouble her daughter's plan will cause.
Determined to walk again, Ivy steps up her physical therapy. Eve is disgusted when she learns Ivy's motivation is to be able to dance with Sam at Ethan's wedding. Thinking of Liz, Eve goes off on a rant about people ruining loving marriages. Ivy smiles as she realizes someone is after Eve's husband.

Miguel is stunned to discover that Kay, not Father Lonigan, is on the other side of the confessional. Kay lashes out at him and accuses Miguel of using her for sex. John overhears the truth. He ushers Charity and David out of the area, but a suspicious Grace heads for the confessional.

Thursday December 12, 2002 Episode #875
Grace orders Kay to accept Miguel and Charitys wedding. Kay accuses her mother of carrying on with David while ignoring Sam. Charity is stunned to see Kay in a new light.

Theresa plots to make sure Ethan doesn't get the job in Alaska. Pilar is outraged with her daughter, but Theresa wont give up on her plan.

Gwen is suspicious about Theresa's reasons for including her and Ethan as guests of honor at the engagement party she's throwing for her brothers. Gwen tries to comfort Sheridan, who is distraught that Luis is marrying Beth. Gwen voices her suspicions about Luis' new fiancée. Meanwhile, Beth gloats to her mother about getting married. Mrs. Wallace vows not to let it happen. Beth has a disturbing memory about her childhood.

Luis, Antonio, Miguel, and Ethan pick out their tuxes. Ethan hopes they can all be friends even though hes marrying Gwen. The guys assure him they understand. Ethan tries to convince Luis not to marry Beth. Luis stands firm in his resolve to move on.
Friday December 13, 2002 Episode #876
Gwen makes plans for her move to Alaska. Rebecca and Ivy worry about what Theresa may be up to. Since the Alaska position mysteriously fell through, Ethan accepts Theresas job offer at Crane Industries. He worries about Gwen's reaction, but Theresa presses him to stick with his decision. The young schemer looks forward to spending time with Ethan. Mrs. Wallace ruins the fabric for Beths wedding dress.
Sheridan begs Luis to change his mind about marrying Beth, but he wont be deterred. Antonio, Sheridan, Luis and Beth rehearse for the double wedding. Father Lonigan questions Sheridan's feelings and asks her if she's being true to herself. Later, Antonio realizes Sheridan is crying, and she admits she has something to say.

Monday December 16, 2002 Episode #877
Believing the end is near for her and her dolls, Tabitha shops for a casket.

Theresa throws an engagement party at the Seascape for Antonio and Sheridan, Luis and Beth, Miguel and Charity, and Ethan and Gwen.

Charity worries about evil coming between her and Miguel. In private, Miguel coldly warns Kay he'll never speak to her again if she tries anything to stop his wedding to Charity.

Liz tells TC her sister is at the party. Eve is horrified. Ivy thinks she knows who is out to get Eve.

Despite Sams best efforts to make inroads with Grace, she pushes him away.

Whitney is appalled that Theresa plans to have Ethan's employment papers "accidentally" delivered to him at the party. Theresa anticipates an explosive reaction once Gwen finds out Ethan will be working for her. Meanwhile, Gwen assures Ethan she doesn't mind moving to Alaska, especially since they'll be far away from Theresa. Ethan can't bring himself to tell his fiancée about his new job.
Tuesday December 17, 2002 Episode #878

While playing a high-stakes game of poker, a mysterious and cocky young man reveals he has a link to Harmony.

As the engagement party continues, Charity has a premonition about several people trying to tear couples apart. Theresa plots to end Gwen and Ethan's engagement, while Ivy and Rebecca celebrate their children's future together. Kay comes close to revealing David and Ivy's scheme to her parents. Liz starts to tell TC everything. The party is interrupted when Antonio collapses and stops breathing. Eve revives him, but she admits he probably doesn't have long to live. Mrs. Wallace taunts Beth as a weak Antonio is taken back to the cottage to rest. Sheridan has an important question for Luis regarding their future should Antonio die before the wedding.

Back at the party, David reports to Ivy that Kay knows the truth. Ivy and Kay face off. Whitney tries to talk Theresa out of her plan, but Theresa insists she'll be saving Ethan from a lifetime of unhappiness. Theresa realizes she needs to find a sneakier way of getting Gwen to see the employment papers so Ethan won't blame her.

Wednesday December 18, 2002 Episode #879

Mrs. Wallace predicts Antonio will die before his wedding day, and Luis will dump Beth for Sheridan. Beth duct tapes her mother to a chair so she won't have to bring her to Ethan and Gwen's wedding.

Antonio hides his painful headaches from Sheridan. Sheridan presses Luis to tell her if he plans to come back to her or still marry Beth if Antonio dies before the wedding.

Theresa's gracious behavior has Ivy and Rebecca on edge. Once she's alone, Theresa orders her secretary to have Ethan's employment papers delivered to the church so Gwen can receive them by "mistake."

Sam and Ethan bond as Ethan gets ready for his wedding. Sam and Grace share a passionate kiss, much to David's dismay. John admits to Kay he thinks his mother is better off with his father. Kay taunts David. Grace and Kay continue to fight. Charity fears all the weddings in Harmony will be ruined.

Thursday December 19, 2002 Episode #880

Fox starts betting with family heirlooms as his gambling debt increases.

Gwen reads Ethan's employment papers as she walks down the aisle. The ceremony comes to a screeching halt when the livid bride-to-be slaps Ethan hard across the face. Ethan apologizes for not telling her about taking the job, but insists he needs it to support her and the baby. Theresa is thrilled with how her plan is unfolding. Ivy and Rebecca struggle to keep everything on track. Theresa feigns innocence and defends herself. Gwen and Ethan exchange ultimatums regarding his new job and their future. Ethan leaves it up to Gwen to decide whether they should still get married.

Charity fears all the weddings will fail; Kay hopes she's right. Beth learns an upsetting fact about her parents.

Friday December 20, 2002 Episode #881

Gwen and Ethan's reception at the mansion gets underway. Rebecca and Ivy celebrate their victory. Theresa is crushed by the reality of the marriage. Gwen warns Theresa not to meddle in her marriage or she'll regret it. Theresa fires back that she is the one Ethan truly loves, and deep down inside, Gwen knows she only won Ethan because she's pregnant.

Luis won't tell Sheridan what she wants to hear. Pilar spots a familiar face at the party. Simone stays close to Chad. Eve demands Liz stop throwing herself at TC. TC reassures Eve of his love for her.

Grace vents her frustration to Sam about Ivy's constant presence in his life. Eve warns Ivy she could be crippled for life or even die if she pushes herself to dance with Sam. When it comes time for the father and mother of the groom to dance, Ivy amazes everyone as she gets out of her wheelchair. Sam is forced to dance with Ivy while David takes Grace for a spin on the dance floor. Later, Ivy collapses.

Monday December 23, 2002 Episode #882

Liz continues her plan to get closer to TC. TC and Liz bond. With Charity and Miguel's wedding fast approaching, Tabitha prepares for what she is certain is her end. Cecil and Cracked Connie have other ideas and plan for their future.

Charity and Miguel stumble upon a string of bad luck thanks to Kay. A suspicious Grace gives her daughter a warning.

Kay offers Simone advice on how to get Chad. Whitney and Chad's romantic evening is interrupted by a phone call from Simone.

David comforts an upset Grace and tries to make inroads with her. David feels guilty about his actions.

Theresa's hysterical screams interrupt close moments between Ivy and Sam as well as Gwen and Ethan. An intruder brings Ethan to Theresa's rescue. Everyone is shocked by who they find in Theresa's bedroom.


Tuesday December 24, 2002 Episode #883

Tabitha stops Cecil and Cracked Connie from their game of theft. Tabitha vows to protect Timmy's memories. Cecil and Cracked Connie make trouble for Kay. As Charity gets dressed for her wedding, she frets over her premonitions. Kay feels ill as she prepares for the worst day of her life.

Grace finds herself and David in a compromising position. Sam is devastated by what he believes has happened between the two of them. David tries to sneak out.

Gwen and Ethan are interrupted by Fox, who is getting ready for a date. Ethan is not happy when he learns Theresa and Fox are going to Miguel and Charity's wedding together. Ethan worries about Theresa, who is pleased by his reaction. Gwen wonders about her husband's true feelings.

Whitney is alarmed when she realizes she fell asleep and spent the whole night at Chad's. Meanwhile, TC wants to get an early tennis practice in. Liz discovers Whitney isn't home and quickly moves into action. Whitney lets Liz know how grateful she is that Liz saved her. Eve is unnerved by the bond developing between her vindictive sister and Whitney.

Wednesday December 25, 2002 Episode #884

Tabitha faces her friends in the basement. Later, she tries to lure Cecil and Cracked Connie to the basement.

David fills Ivy in on what happened last night with Grace. Ivy is thrilled and is certain she will have Sam in no time. David continues to feel guilty. Ivy thinks he should be thanking her for helping him get Grace.

Kay faints in the middle of Charity and Miguel's wedding. Grace believes Kay is faking it. Eve informs an alarmed crowd that something is truly wrong with Kay. Grace wonders if her daughter made herself faint. Eve runs an important test on Kay.

At the wedding, Theresa and Fox bond. Ethan is not happy with his mischievous brother being near Theresa. Fox and Ethan exchange words. Gwen continues to question Ethan about his true feelings. Theresa is pleased with how things are going. Antonio and Beth both have worries about their own upcoming weddings.

Thursday December 26, 2002 Episode #885

From heaven, the angel girl watches with concern as a Harmony Christmas unfolds.

Tabitha goes to the Bennetts' for Christmas and stirs up a little trouble. Kay gloats about her pregnancy. A heartbroken Charity tries to make the best of things. Grace warns Kay they are going to have a serious talk later. Sam and David grudgingly call a truce for the holidays. The Bennetts try to get into the holiday spirit.

Simone gives Chad a very expensive gift. Liz gives Eve a photo of themselves as children and gets a very emotional reaction from her sister.

Fox's "present" to his parents gets a less than happy reaction. Theresa and Ethan exchange gifts. Gwen is irked at their closeness. Theresa presents her family with a new home for Christmas. Pilar doesn't want to accept the gift at first, but finally relents. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds are ecstatic when Paloma calls.

Friday December 27, 2002 Episode #886

Sam blames Miguel completely for Kay being pregnant. However, Grace believes Kay has brought evil to Harmony. David and John agree with Grace that Kay is involved. Sam hits the roof in defense of his daughter.

Kay gloats happily about her victory. Charity wants answers about the circumstances under which Kay and Miguel made love. Kay recites her version of the events to her devastated cousin.

Miguel plans to take responsibility for his child but refuses to marry Kay. Pilar is upset by Miguel's choice, while Theresa cheers her brother along. Miguel asks Hank how he should approach Sam.

Gwen tries to help an anguished Sheridan decide what to do about her predicament with Antonio. Eve's news isn't what Sheridan hoped to hear. Gwen and Eve find Beth's behavior odd, but Sheridan maintains that Beth is a good person. Meanwhile, Beth threatens her mother with physical harm.