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February 2003


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Monday Feb. 3, 2003 Episode #911

Beth pretends to be concerned about her mother's second heart attack and plays on Luis's sympathy. He assures Beth that he'll be there for her. Beth takes this as a commitment by Luis to her, even though that's not exactly what he meant. Sheridan wonders if she has the strength to be faithful to a comatose Antonio. Pilar has faith in her and is certain she will.

Tabitha tries to convince the dark side to get her powers back, but they refuses to grant her request. They also tell her, however, that they will send her help soon. A suspicious Sam finally speaks up and says he still feels Ivy and David may have been working together. Ivy taunts Eve about her sister. Meanwhile, Liz pretends to be Eve and tries to seduce a sleepy TC.

Kay's frustration grows as Ivy does everything she can to convince everyone that Kay is lying. In order to make her case, Ivy suggests that Grace's best friend, Eve, conducted the DNA test that proved John was Grace's son, which means David could not possibly be a fraud. A guilt-ridden Eve grows nervous, but everyone agrees with Ivy's logic. However, despite the fact that he trusts Eve, Sam still isn't convinced that David and Grace were married. Kay refuses to back down from her story, contending that the Cranes have enough money that Ivy could have hired an imposter. A distraught John begs Kay to put an end to this, but she maintains that she knows that Ivy and David are in cahoots to break up Sam and Grace, just as surely as she knows that Tabitha is a witch!

Eve leaves, privately hoping that she can get to TC and tell him about her sordid past before someone else does. She's stunned to find TC in bed with Liz.

Tuesday Feb. 4, 2003 Episode #912

Kay damages her credibility when she insists that Tabitha is a witch. No one believes her and that only makes everyone think that she is also wrong about Ivy and David plotting against Sam and Grace. Kay is frustrated when everyone assumes that her head injury is making her delusional. Sam apologizes to David and asks a reluctant Grace to apologize to Ivy. Kay is adamant that she's telling the truth -- about David and Ivy as well as Tabitha.

Julian and Rebecca make plans to pay off a mysterious informant who will supply them with damning evidence against Theresa that will turn Ethan off for good. Later, Ethan, Fox, Theresa and Gwen walk in on Rebecca and Julian having one of their kinky intimate moments rolling in dough. The scheming duo covers when everyone wants to know why they have a million dollars lying around. Ethan announces he wants to move out of the mansion right away. Theresa isn't happy to hear this. Fox eavesdrops as Rebecca tells Gwen what she plans to use the money for.

Simone becomes furious when she spies on Chad and Whitney, who look like they are closer than ever. Vowing that Whitney won't steal Chad from her, Simone picks out a large knife. Eve plans to tell TC the truth about her past, but is stunned to find her husband and Liz in bed together. A groggy TC tries to explain what happened to a furious Eve. He thought he was in bed with her! He explains that Liz was sleepwalking. Eve doesn't think it's quite so innocent, however. Eve wakes Liz up by dumping water on her face and accuses her of trying to seduce TC -- quite consciously.

Wednesday Feb. 5, 2003 Episode #913
Grace and Sam apologize to Ivy and David, and infuriate Kay because they don't believe her. They try to calm down Kay and ask her to come back home, but Kay refuses and makes it clear she won't unless Grace leaves. Kay wants to stay with Tabitha and blackmails her into letting her stay by threatening to prove to everyone that she's a witch.

Rebecca convinces Gwen that it would not be a good idea for her and Ethan to leave the mansion. Gwen tries to explain to Ethan why she suddenly doesn't want to move out, but he is confused by her change of heart. After overhearing Rebecca, Fox tells Theresa about the informant. Theresa is certain nothing will come of it and is thrilled to learn that Ethan won't be leaving.

Simone interrupts Chad and Whitney's romantic moment by waving a knife at them. Whitney makes up a quick excuse for being with Chad; Simone doesn't buy it, but continues to pretend that she doesn't know that Chad and Whitney are secretly seeing each other. Eve doesn't believe Liz's sleepwalking story, but TC assures Liz he doesn't blame her. Once they are alone, Liz threatens Eve. Eve tells Liz she's going to come clean with TC so she won't have a hold on her any longer. Liz tells TC, Simone and Whitney about how hard her life became once her sister left, and how badly she wants revenge; however, she's not ready to tell them who her sister is. Simone privately decides to use Liz's story to her advantage. Eve and TC are patching things up when she's called to the hospital.

Thursday Feb. 6, 2003 Episode #914
Kay strong arms Tabitha into letting her move in and gets settled into Tabitha's place. Tabitha realizes she can't do away with her obnoxious house guest without raising suspicions that Kay could be telling the truth about Tabby being a witch. Kay searches for ways to prove Tabby is a witch to insure the fact that she keeps the upper hand, reasoning if that she can prove that she was right about this then she can prove that she was right about Ivy and David's scheme. Frustrated, Tabitha asks the friends in the basement when her new helper will arrive. The friend inform her that her helper is already here -- it's Kay Bennett!

Grace is upset with the fact that she has had to welcome Ivy back into her home and tries to deal with Ivy living there. Sam tries to get through to Grace about their relationship and wonders if she'd rather be with David. Grace is sure Ivy is after Sam, but she doesn't believe David is involved. Despite the uncomfortable accommodations, Ivy plans to stay at the Bennetts' forever -- or until she can force Grace out of Sam's life. Ivy asks Sam for help getting out of bed, then makes sure that Grace sees them. Grace privately tells Ivy that her plan has backfired -- Grace isn't fooled, and she and Sam want Ivy out of there today!

Beth is secretly delighted when she believes her mother is dead. But that's not the case and when she hears that she is still alive, Beth lashes out at her mother for disappointing her. Luis catches Beth trying to smother her mom, but she makes up a story to cover her evil deed, brushing off Mrs. Wallace's attempt to warn Luis that Beth is not as good as she seems. Sheridan and Luis pray for a miracle. Pilar apologizes to Sheridan for her harsh words, and tells Sheridan and Luis that she realizes that their relationship hinges on what happens to Antonio. Suddenly, Antonio takes a turn for the worse.

Friday Feb. 7, 2003 Epispde #915
Grace confides in David that she is sure Ivy is trying to drive her and Sam apart, but that she doesn't believe for a moment that David would hurt her. In fact, she feels as if he was one of the few people she can trust. Grace and John share a sweet Mother-Son moment. Ivy tries to make up with Sam, and makes some headway. Sam lets Ivy know that nothing could come between himself and Grace.

Tabitha is getting used to sharing her space with Kay, and soon discovers that Kay is to be her new partner in crime. Kay plans to use the evil in the basement to win back her family's trust -- and Miguel -- by proving that she wasn't making up the accusations about Tabitha or about David and Ivy. Over Tabitha's objections, Kay calls everyone over from her parents' house so that she can prove her case.

Antonio takes a turn for the worse, and Sheridan is feeling worse than ever for giving him the experimental drug. Pilar stands by his side as Luis comforts a distraught Sheridan. Luis and Sheridan consider leaving Harmony if Antonio dies, and Beth vows not to let them go. Beth fervently hopes that Antonio will live but remain in a coma, thus ensuring that Sheridan will stay by his side. The doctor reports that the drug seems to be having some effect, but the next few hours will be critical. Antonio suddenly opens his eyes.

Monday February 10, 2003 Episode #916

Liz subtly tries to cause more problems between Eve and TC. She convinces TC that he and his daughters are being neglected. The confrontation between TC and Eve leaves Eve feeling guilty and insecure. Then, Eve decides to clear her work schedule to make more time for TC and the girls. No sooner has she decided this, however, then she gets a call from the hospital regarding Antonio. When she hears about Antonio's condition, Liz insists on going to the hospital as well.

Just when everyone is ready to give up hope, Antonio's eyes open. However, everyone is alarmed when he doesn't respond and they realize he is still in a coma. Selfish Beth prays Antonio stays a vegetable for the rest of his life so she can have Luis. A distraught Sheridan stays by Antonio's side, while Luis realizes that this means that he has truly lost Sheridan.

Having recovered from her head injury, Kay tries to convince everyone that Tabitha is truly a witch. She states her case to David and Ivy. Sam begins to wonder if Kay is really telling the truth. Ivy and David fear their lives are about to be destroyed. Tabitha interrupts Kay and privately admits to her that she is indeed a witch, but her life will be miserable if she tells anyone. Using a magical bowl of water, Tabitha shows Kay a future in which Miguel has married Charity, leaving Kay miserable. While Kay absorbs this, Tabitha shows her a future that's more to her liking -- which, Tabitha tells her, can be hers if she withdraws her accusations and agrees to work with Tabitha. Kay readily agrees. She rejoins her parents and apologizes for all the accusations she's made. It doesn't take long for David and Ivy to realize that Kay's still suspicious of them, though.


Tuesday February 11, 2003 Episode #917

Ethan watches disapprovingly as Theresa yawns and bumbles her way through a crucial business meeting at Crane Industries. Though Miguel wonders if Antonio wouldn't be better off dead than living as a vegetable, Pilar clings to the hope that her eldest son will recover some quality of life in time. Fox warns Theresa that Ethan will never forgive her for evicting his mother. Ivy returns to the mansion for her belongings and tells Rebecca she's never going to leave the Bennetts' place now that she's so close to winning Sam back. Meanwhile, Grace reminds her husband how Ivy's continued presence under their roof is making an already chaotic situation even worse. Sheridan bemoans the fact that Antonio's pitiful condition may mean she and Luis will never be together. An exhausted Theresa nods off during Ethan's presentation to their important clients. Rebecca promises an impatient Gwen that she'll soon have enough ammunition to send their mutual enemy packing. Ethan suggests to a bristling Theresa that she's incapable of handling both motherhood and a fast track career.
Wednesday February 12, 2003 Episode #918
Grace prods Sam to evict Ivy from their house but he refuses to concede that his old flame has been trying to wreck their marriage. At the Crane mansion, Gwen points out to a sputtering Ivy that she's been behaving exactly like her worst enemy by attempting to break up the Bennetts. In the ICU, Pilar has second thoughts about forcing Sheridan to promise that she'll spend the rest of her life caring for an invalid husband. Meanwhile, Beth listens hopefully as Sheridan urges Luis to go find happiness with a new love. Ethan icily reminds Theresa that they have no future together following her heartless behavior towards his mother. Rising to Theresa's defense, Fox relates for his half-brother how badly Ivy treated the children she shared with Julian. Luis entreats Sheridan to understand that he has no life without her. Gwen cautions her mother to rid herself of Ivy before the vengeful woman drags Rebecca down with her. Ethan accuses Fox of inventing his sad childhood stories to score points with Theresa. Grace tells a crestfallen Ivy she's found a downtown apartment for her.
Thursday February 13, 2003 Episode # 919
Shattered when Grace orders her to leave, Ivy appeals to Sam to save her from a second eviction. Fox looks on as Ethan consoles a sobbing Theresa following the arrival of bad news about her eldest sibling. Beth continues to eavesdrop as an anguished Luis tells Sheridan he refuses to accept her decision to set him free. Afterwards, sitting by Antonio's bed, Luis explains to his comatose brother how Sheridan will be stuck in limbo forever if he lingers permanently in his vegetative state. Meanwhile, Beth works to convince Sheridan that Luis will never be happy waiting for her and wasting his life away. Grace confides to David why part of her wishes Kay's accusations about Ivy were true. Ethan commends Gwen for putting aside her feelings about Theresa long enough to offer the rest of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds her support in their time of need. Later, Gwen and Ethan are thrilled by the first sonogram of their unborn child. Sheridan orders a shocked Luis out of her life.
Friday February 14, 2003 Episode #920
Theresa burns silently as a thrilled Ethan and Gwen marvel over the sonogram of their unborn child. Insisting she would die in a nursing home, Ivy entreats Sam and Grace not to turn her out into the street. Eve explains to an irked T.C. why she must remain at the hospital to care for Antonio. Sheridan advises Luis to forget about her and marry Beth. Ivy is forced to tell the Bennetts that she's too broke to afford even a cheap motel room. As Beth eavesdrops from her hiding place, Sheridan vehemently insists to Luis that she cannot break her wedding vows. T.C. blasts Eve for neglecting him and their children. Meanwhile, as she sits vigil beside Antonio's bed, Liz vows to expose her sister's every sin to T.C. Gwen tries to console a gloomy Sheridan while Ethan advises a shocked Luis to cut his losses and move on. Theresa does a sudden about face and invites a surprised Ivy to move back into the Crane mansion.

Monday February 17, 2003 Episode #921

David encourages Eve to tell the truth about her past. Thinking his wife is busy at work, TC is stunned when he catches Eve and David looking cozy at the Book Caf. TC angrily confronts Eve, much to Liz's delight. David tells Liz he knows she's Eve's sister and is trying to cause trouble.

As part of her plan to expose Ivy's true colors, Theresa "apologizes" to Ivy and invites her to come home. Secretly not wanting to leave Sam's house, Ivy refuses to return to the mansion. Ethan is stunned and Theresa is confident her plan is working. Fox admires Theresa's tactics.

Sheridan promises a still-comatose Antonio that she'll always be at his side. Meanwhile, Luis informs Beth that Antonio's condition has not changed and so Sheridan is forcing him to move on. Afraid Beth is about to get what she wants, Mrs. Wallace prepares to reveal her daughter's schemes to Luis.

Tuesday February 18, 2003 Episode #922

Kay pesters Tabitha to teach her how to use her evil powers. Tabitha proudly admits she is the source of much heartache and pain in Harmony. Kay gets a glimpse of Tabby's powers.

Eve begins to tell TC the truth about her past. Liz is stunned. Talking about herself in the third person, Eve recounts how much Liz's sister loved her. Liz is momentarily moved by her sister's words. Julian is shocked when he overhears Eve recounting her past. TC thinks he's figured everything out.

Mrs. Wallace's home care nurse confronts Beth with the shocking accusations her mother has made against her. Luis defends Beth. Mrs. Wallace insists Beth is trying to kill her and is keeping Luis and Sheridan apart.

In an attempt to frame Theresa, Ivy goads the young woman into a shouting match at the top of the Bennetts' staircase. Everyone is horrified when they hear the two women fighting and then see Ivy and her wheelchair come crashing down the stairs. Ivy is seriously injured and knocked unconscious. Theresa is stunned when she realizes everyone thinks she pushed her. She looks even guiltier when she claims she set Ivy's wheel locks, and Fox finds the locks weren't on. Ethan is furious with Theresa.

Wednesday February 19, 2003 Episode #923

Eve continues to try to tell TC the truth about her past. Eve explains that Liz's sister ran away to become a singer and had intended to come back for Liz once she made it big. Liz doesn't believe her sister ever loved her. Julian gives his take on the situation. TC learns a surprising fact about Liz's sister.

Kay's actions put her life in grave danger. Tabitha doesn't want to save Kay, but after a little nudge from her guardian angel, she rescues the bratty teen.

Beth tries to kill her mother for trying to tell the truth, but Mrs. Wallace's nurse unwittingly saves her life.

Ethan blames a stunned Theresa for Ivy's accident and vows to make her pay. Theresa pleads with everyone to believe in her innocence. Sam and Ethan fight to save Ivy's life, but she is pronounced dead. Ivy has an out-of-body experience.

Thursday February 20, 2003 Episode #924

Beth decides to kill Sheridan so Luis can never go back to her. Mrs. Wallace is horrified when Sheridan arrives at the house and Beth picks up a syringe. Unaware of the threat to her life, Sheridan talks to Beth about Luis.

Eve asks TC if he could forgive Liz's sister. Julian and David offer Eve their support and encouragement. Liz is not happy with TC's answer. Eve steadies herself to tell TC she is Liz's sister.

Tabitha shows Kay what's going on with Ivy. Kay fears she will go to hell, too. Sam struggles to revive Ivy, whose spirit is meanwhile being sucked into hell. Grace is hurt by Sam's feelings for Ivy. Fox begs Ethan to save their mother. Ivy screams for help, but no one can see her.

Friday February 21, 2003 Episode #925

Liz vows to expose Eve and lashes out at Julian as well. David questions Liz about her actions. Grace begs Eve to find a way to get Ivy out of her house. In private, Ivy orders Eve to keep her at Sam's. Sam questions Theresa, who stands by her innocence. 

Hank tells Luis he should abide by Sheridan's wishes and move on. Meanwhile, Beth prepares to kill Sheridan. Sheridan learns about Beth's motives through Mrs. Wallace's nurse.

Monday February 24, 2003 Episode #926

Hank encourages Luis to stop pressuring Sheridan and move on with his life. Luis refuses to give up on being with his true love. Meanwhile, after talking with Mrs. Wallace, Sheridan slaps Beth across the face. Sheridan angrily confronts Beth about her attempts to kill her and Mrs. Wallace just to win Luis. Beth talks fast to convince Sheridan that Mrs. Wallace is crazy. 

Ivy accuses Theresa of attempted murder, claiming she pushed her down the stairs. Theresa denies the accusation and tries to explain herself. Sam and Ethan believe Ivy, while Grace stands up for Theresa. 

Tuesday February 25, 2003 Episode #927

Simone continues plotting how she'll tear Chad and Whitney apart. Whitney fears her relationship with Simone will end up like Liz and her sister's. Chad thinks Simone is stronger than Whit gives her credit for. Whitney decides to tell Simone the truth, but then makes a frightening discovery. 

Liz tells everyone about the devastating things that happened to her after she was abandoned by her sister. Eve is horrified by the news. Ivy works to keep Evešs past in the dark for her own benefit. 

Just as Beth convinces Sheridan to leave town with a comatose Antonio, Sheridan learns her husband has begun to show signs of waking up. Beth is furious. Everyone gathers excitedly as the doctor examines Antonio.   

Wednesday February 26, 2003 Episode #928

Sam prepares to arrest Theresa for attempted murder. Grace tries to reason with Sam and argues his feelings for Ivy are clouding his judgement. Whitney tells Theresa about her and Chad's break up and Simone's startling behavior. 

TC doesn't think any man could forgive Liz's sister. Hoping to continue blackmailing Eve, Ivy pressures her not to tell anyone she is Liz's sister. Julian shows concern for Eve, who agonizes over what happened to Liz. 

Everyone but Beth celebrates Antonio waking up. Antonio announces he has his sight back. Luis and Sheridan grow tense when Antonio says he heard them talking while he was unconscious. 

Thursday February 27, 2003 Episode #929

Kay is obsessed with having Miguel for her own and she sets out to learn as much as she can about witchcraft to cast some spells that will break up Miguel and Charity for good. Tabitha tries to convince Kay that she's playing with fire, explaining that she has a lot to teach Kay about evil before Kay can use her powers properly. Their conversation is interrupted when Simone arrives and ecstatically confides in Kay that she faked a suicide attempt so that Whitney and Chad would be guilted into breaking off their affair. Meanwhile, Miguel and Charity grow closer as they celebrate Antonio's recovery. Though Charity is firm that they won't be getting back together, Miguel vows never to give up on Charity.

Eve is blackmailed into going along with Ivy's scheme and agrees to keep her from being sent to the hospital. Grace is upset Ivy will continue to stay at her home, making Eve feel guilty about betraying her friend. Eve decides that the best way to keep Liz from destroying her marriage is to stick close to TC. Meanwhile, TC offers Liz a ride.

Things look grim for Theresa and she is arrested. As handcuffs are placed on Theresa, she and Whitney both try hard to get Ethan to see that Theresa didn't push Ivy down the stairs. Theresa insists Ethan doesn't know what his mother is truly capable of. Ethan remains unconvinced. Eve works on Ivy, threatening to take Ivy to the hospital if Ivy doesn't retract her accusations that Theresa tried to kill her. Faced with the possibility of leaving Sam's house, Ivy quickly tells everyone that it might have been an accident after all. Theresa is grateful to be freed, but she's suspicious of Ivy's motives. Ethan can't help but wonder if Ivy really is trying to come between Sam and Grace. Furious with Ivy, Theresa decides that the way to protect her son from the Cranes is to bring down the Crane empire once and for all!

Friday February 28, 2003 Episode #930

Theresa is able to duck the bullet and keep from being arrested. Relieved not to be going to jail, but looking to seek revenge on the Cranes, Theresa announces to Fox and Whitney plans to give the family fortune away. Julian and Rebecca hope the informant will call soon with the goods on Theresa. Julian balks at Theresa's plan, but he and Rebecca can only stand by as Theresa goes to work doling out money to charity.

Miguel and Charity find common ground and begin to repair their fractured relationship. Then, Miguel and Charity start to work things out; they are interrupted when Kay has an "emergency." Has she pushed things too far by making Miguel think that she's suicidal? Eve insists on giving Kay a sonogram, and Kay asks Miguel to join her. While Kay and Miguel see their baby for the first time, Charity wonders if there's any room for her in Miguel's life.

Antonio is on the road to recovery and nothing seems to be standing in the way of Sheridan and Luis living happily ever after together. At the cottage, Luis and Sheridan happily celebrate their reunion. Beth plots to kill Sheridan and Luis for the pain they've caused her -- and to make sure that no one besides her can have Luis. After making sure that Mrs. Wallace can't escape to warn anyone of her plan, Beth proceeds to set fire to Sheridan's cottage.