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June 2003


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Monday June 2, 2003 Episode #994
Grace tells a deflated David she won't accompany him around the world. Meanwhile, Ivy encourages Sam to unburden himself to her. A seething Julian orders Fox to leave Harmony for good. After making love, Whitney and Chad discuss how best to break their big news to the rest of the Russells. At the cottage, Charlie chloroforms Sheridan as Beth looks on. David works to convince Grace that she loves him and not Sam. Realizing that his father is head over heels for Eve, Fox grows even more determined to ferret out the rest of Julian's secret. Beth and Charlie struggle to remove an unconscious Sheridan from the Crane estate without having their movements detected. Ivy cautions Sam that Grace seems to have lost her heart to David. Fox casts about for some way to stay in town so he can pursue Whitney. Later, however, Fox is floored when Chad happily reveals how Whitney has agreed to move to Los Angeles with him.
Tuesday June 3, 2003 Episode #995
Ethan, Luis and Antonio scour the Crane estate for Sheridan's stalker but find no trace of any intruder. Meanwhile, at the cottage, Beth and Charlie have their hands full trying to wrestle an unconscious Sheridan out the back window. Ivy continues to plant seeds of doubt in Sam's mind about Grace's feelings for David. Appalled to find David seemingly shooting up, Grace furiously accuses him of hiding a heroin addiction. Determined to have Whitney for himself, Fox again tries to dissuade Chad from rushing into marriage. Meanwhile, T.C. informs a dismayed Eve he'll close the door on Whitney forever if their daughter chooses Chad over her own family. Charlie ducks into hiding when Gwen arrives at the cottage and questions a nervous Beth about Sheridan's strangely deep slumber.
Wenesday June 4, 2003 Episode #996
As Ivy again points out all the clues that indicate Grace has fallen for David, Sam decides to prove her wrong by calling the inn. Meanwhile, David interrupts Grace's tirade by explaining that the medication he was injecting is legal and prescribed by a doctor to treat his debilitating chronic illness. Outraged to find Chad with Whitney, T.C. orders the young man out of his house. Charlie tries to drag Sheridan's limp form out the window as Beth struggles to keep Gwen, Ethan, Luis and Antonio at bay. Whitney informs her shocked family that she's moving to L.A. and marrying Chad. Sam is perturbed to learn that Grace is sharing a room with David. Simone rages at her sister for selfishly ruining the lives of the entire Russell clan. Feeling guilty for misjudging David, Grace decides to nurse him back to health. T.C. furiously informs Whitney he will never allow her to wed Chad.
Thursday June 5, 2003 Episode #997
Charity has another disquieting premonition about impending doom for the good people of Harmony. Unable to dissuade Sam from going up to the inn, Ivy decides to accompany him. Meanwhile, Grace disrobes and climbs into bed next to a shivering David in an effort to ease his fever. Whitney explains to her family why she must follow her heart but T.C. again orders Chad out of the house. The Cranes' security guards accidentally nab Theresa and Hank while searching for Sheridan's stalker. A short distance away, Charlie finally manages to drag her unconscious victim into the back seat of her car. Later, a flat tire threatens to put the brakes on the kidnapping until Miguel and Charity happen along and offer Charlie their assistance. Fox confronts Liz about her real motives in trying to destroy the Russells' marriage. As Miguel changes Charlie's tire, Charity begins getting strong vibes about Sheridan being in danger. Using the maid's pass key, Sam walks in on Grace and David.
Friday June 6, 2003 Episode #998
Though Grace begins to stammer out an explanation, Sam icily insists there's no mistaking why she's naked in the honeymoon suite with David. Fox and Liz circle warily around one another as it becomes clear that they share similar goals. T.C. warns a crushed Whitney she'll be totally disowned if she leaves town with Chad. Charlie tries to throw Charity off the track as the worried girl warns Miguel that Sheridan is nearby and in jeopardy. Fed up with T.C.'s constant insults, Chad takes a swing at the older man but Fox hustles him outside before any punches can connect. As a delighted Ivy looks on, Sam informs Grace that it's over between them. Eve attempts to get through to her daughter but Whitney reminds her why she cannot give up the man she loves. Luis decides the truth must come out and begins to confess to Antonio. Gwen interrupts, however, and forces Luis to change his story.

Monday June 9, 2003 Episode #999
Devastated by Grace's "betrayal", Sam kicks himself for letting her play him for a fool. Meanwhile, a gloating Ivy rubs salt in Grace's wounds. Fox hopes for the best as Whitney prepares to announce her final decision. Feeling at the end of her rope with the cops closing in, Charlie decides to cut her losses and do away with Sheridan right there and then. Luis and the others at the cottage finally realize that Sheridan is not on the premises after all. Whitney tearfully tells her parents how much their love and support has meant to her all her life. Charlie drags Sheridan from the car and pulls her towards the edge of a cliff. Charity explains to Luis why she believes Sheridan's life is in imminent danger. David urges Grace to track Sam down and work things out. T.C. and Eve are dismayed when Whitney declares that she will marry Chad and move to L.A. Ivy seeks to take full advantage of Sam's moment of despair.
Tuesday June 10, 2003 Episode #1,000
Ivy repeats for a skeptical Sam the story Grace told her about trying to use body heat to help an ailing David. Outraged when Whitney elects to move away with Chad, Simone blasts her sister for being such a selfish slut. Gwen suddenly suffers abdominal pains at the cottage and is forced to accept advice from Theresa on relieving stress during pregnancy. Edna passes the time playing cards with Precious until a call from Beth sends her mother back into fervent prayer. Grace tries in vain to reduce David's fever even as he urges her to go after Sam before it's too late. Though Whitney explains why she must follow her heart, an unforgiving T.C. coldly declares she will no longer be his daughter if she goes off with a worthless punk like Chad. Charlie drags Sheridan back to the Wallace house. After calling a doctor for David, Grace hurries to Harmony to try and mend fences with Sam. A weeping Whitney leaves home.
Wednesday June 11, 2003 Episode #1,001
Crushed when her father declares she is dead to him, Whitney sobs on Chad's shoulder. As she drags Sheridan down to the Wallaces' basement, Charlie explains to a shuddering Edna why all blonde bimbos deserve to die. Concentrating in an effort to locate Sheridan, Charity suddenly declares that Beth knows the answer to the mystery. Stunned by Whitney's "desertion," Eve blasts T.C. for driving away her elder daughter. Charlie laughingly reminds Edna that she's just become an accomplice to kidnapping. Liz looks on with smug satisfaction as T.C. and Eve hurl bitter accusations at one another. Pressed by Luis, Beth frantically insists she knows nothing about Sheridan's disappearance. Meanwhile, Charlie dumps her prisoner into the pit. Recalling happier times with her family, Whitney wavers in her decision to leave Harmony.
Thursday June 12, 2003 Episode #1,002
Whitney regrets not coming clean with her sister long ago about her feelings for Chad. Back at the Russell house, a tearful Simone tells T.C. she never wants to lay eyes on Whitney again. Fed up with Liz's vicious insinuations, Eve slaps her sister hard across the face. Edna warns Charlie that her lost earring will be her undoing. Meanwhile, at the cottage, Beth spots the errant piece of jewelry and fears that her whole evil plot is about to be exposed. Chad offers to take Whitney home but she decides to stick to her original decision. Liz continues to gloat over the destruction of Eve's picture-perfect family. Beth manages to pocket Charlie's earring before Antonio stumbles over the telltale clue. Edna reminisces about raising Beth, then vows to do whatever she must to save her daughter from the fires of hell. Eve hauls off and hits Liz again. Beth encounters renewed suspicion from Luis, Gwen and Charity.
Friday June 13, 2003 Episode #1,003
Declaring her love, Whitney assures Chad he's all she needs from now on. Eve insists that T.C. evict Liz so their family can focus on healing its wounds. Forced into a corner, Beth concocts another lie to wiggle out of trouble with Luis and the others. Peering down into the pit, Edna is aghast to see a large rat menacing the still unconscious Sheridan. Desperate to take suspicion off herself, Beth tells Luis that Sheridan decided to go off alone to alleviate all the stress she's been feeling. Grimly determined to stay in Harmony until her sister has paid for her crimes, Liz scrambles to find another place to live. Theresa congratulates Whitney and Chad on their engagement, then encourages her friend to believe that T.C. will come around in time. Sheridan finally comes to and finds herself living her worst nightmare. Gwen suddenly suffers another bout of severe cramping.

Monday June 16, 2003 Episode #1,004
Liz renews her vow to strip her sister of everything she holds dear. With a panicking Rebecca in tow, Ethan rushes Gwen to the emergency room. Chad attempts to comfort Whitney as she rues the fact that her parents and sister have turned their backs on her forever. Though Antonio feels certain his wife left town to sort things through, Luis stubbornly insists that Sheridan must have been abducted because she would never just take off on her own volition. Meanwhile, a terrified Sheridan screams for help as a leering clown peers down at her from the edge of the pit. Theresa laughingly confides to Whitney and Chad how Fox seems to have fallen head over heels in love with some mystery woman. As Eve works on Gwen, Julian reassures an anxious Ethan that his pregnant wife couldn't be in better hands. Charity and Miguel knock on the Wallaces' door to inquire about the screams emanating from within. Liz tells Fox she has a score to settle with someone in Harmony. Hank scrambles to cover for Luis' slip of the lip with Antonio.
Tuesday June 17, 2003 Episode #1,005
Liz realizes that Fox has fallen hard for Whitney. Though Chad and Whitney both urge her to understand that Ethan is committed to his wife and unborn child, Theresa remains confident that she will have the man of her dreams someday soon. Meanwhile, in the ER, Eve informs a worried Ethan that Gwen and her baby are still in peril. Luis and Antonio continue to argue about the reason for Sheridan's vanishing act. Edna tries to dissuade Charity and Miguel but they insist on searching her house from top to bottom to locate the source of the screams. After declaring Gwen out of danger, Eve cautions Ethan that his wife must not be stressed for the duration of her pregnancy. Fearing the worst when Charlie decides to handle two pesky teens herself, Edna convinces her to remain in the basement to guard Sheridan. Stepping up her plan to destroy Eve, Liz purchases the jazz club from Fox.
Wednesday June 18, 2003 Episode #1,006
As he begins to regain his strength, David again urges Grace to go after Sam and set the record straight. Beth panics when Luis insists on searching the Wallace house to ensure that Sheridan's stalker isn't menacing anyone there. Ivy attempts to convince Sam that Grace isn't worth losing sleep over. Kay and Tabitha peer into the magic bowl to watch Charity and Miguel interacting with Edna, who yearns to tell the teens the truth about her "guest" in the basement. Ivy persists in pushing Sam to give up on Grace now that she's proven herself to be hopelessly in love with David. Charlie sends a musical warning to Edna to seal her lips. Later, Edna manages to convince Miguel and Charity that the screams they heard came from Precious when she was temporarily deprived of the shopping channel.
Thursday June 19, 2003 Episode #1,007
Miguel urges Charity not to let her premonitions get her so upset. Watching the couple via the magic bowl, Tabitha advises a melancholy Kay to use her growing advantage to lure Miguel away from her sugary sweet cousin. Grace is appalled to walk in on what appears to be a close moment between Sam and Ivy. Antonio continues to believe that his brother is mistaken about the reason for Sheridan's absence. Meanwhile, Sheridan cries out from the pit for help, causing an agitated Charlie to consider killing her prisoner to avoid detection. Upstairs, Beth attempts to dissuade Luis from searching her basement. Sam tries to explain himself to Grace but she furiously accuses him of carrying on with his old flame behind her back. Kay coyly invites Miguel to join her on a project preparing for their baby's arrival but her plot fails when he elects to spend time with Charity instead. Edna shows Beth how Charlie cut up her wedding gown in a fit of jealous rage.
Friday June 20, 2003 Episode #1,008

Eve tells TC he has to be more reasonable about Whitney. Give her a little time and space and don't cut all ties with her. TC won't accept Whitney back unless she comes home soon -- and alone. Eve wants TC to tell Liz to leave. TC is about to break the news to Liz when she announces that she's bought the Blue Note and will be staying in town. She asks if she can stay on until she gets the club up and running. Whitney is pining away for her family, but won't leave Chad. Chad and Theresa try to convince Whitney to contact them, but she's reluctant to do so. Having decided to move to L.A. to be close to Whitney, Fox talks up the city to her and Chad. Chad wonders if Fox is so set on moving because the woman he loves lives there. Theresa learns that Ethan is at the hospital, and she and Fox leave to check in. Rebecca upsets Gwen and makes her blood pressure shoot up when she warns her daughter that Ethan will leave her for Theresa if she doesn't have his baby. Eve tries to get Gwen to calm down and chastises Rebecca for risking Gwen's health with her comments. Later, Rebecca makes sure that Gwen sees Theresa and Ethan embracing. Julian asks Alistair if he knows anything about Sheridan's disappearance. Alistair denies, but Julian is still suspicious. Eve tells Julian how relieved she is that Liz will soon be gone. Sheridan prays Luis will find her. Feeling hungry and dizzy, she collapses in the pit. Luis is convinced that Sheridan is near and prepares to have the police force search every house in Harmony for his true love.

Monday June 23, 2003 Episode #1,009
Eve confides to Julian how relieved she is that her vengeful sister will soon be out of her hair and her home. Meanwhile, Liz plays on T.C.'s sympathy to convince him that she can't afford to move out now that she's purchased the Blue Note. Rebecca shows Gwen proof that her hold on her husband is more tenuous than she thinks. Deep inside the pit, Sheridan imagines Luis mounting a heroic rescue effort. Ethan explains to a sympathetic Theresa how his wife's pregnancy has been threatened by a sudden medical crisis. Liz easily twists T.C. around her little finger but he later wonders how to break the news to Eve about their houseguest staying on. Fox informs an appalled Julian that he's sold the jazz club to Liz. Rebecca again warns her daughter she has no chance of holding on to Ethan if she miscarries. Luis grows frustrated by his inability to find Sheridan. An agitated Gwen orders Theresa to keep her distance. Fox is stung when Julian refuses to give him a second chance.
Tuesday June 24, 2003 Episode #1,010
Ivy reminds a guilt-ridden David that the Bennetts' break-up is for the best. Sam and Grace recall happier times as they contemplate the mess their marriage has become. Rebecca presses an appalled Ethan to admit that he's secretly hoping Gwen will suffer a miscarriage so he'll be free to be with Theresa. Meanwhile, a furious Gwen orders Theresa to keep her hands off of Ethan or else. Certain she's back in the catbird's seat, Liz jeers at Eve for losing another round in the siblings' ongoing battle. Ethan snipes at Rebecca for accusing him of having such despicable thoughts. Theresa attempts to convince Gwen that she bears no ill will to the child her rival is carrying. Liz tells a seething Eve how she intends to ruin Whitney's life through the Blue Note. Rebecca again prods Ethan to confess his feelings for an old flame.
Wednesday June 25, 2003 Episode #1,011
On the heels of her latest set-to with Liz, a shaken Eve confides to Julian how her sister is determined to ruin her life even if it means destroying Whitney's future in the process. Walking in on the tail end of his wife's heated argument with his old girlfriend, Ethan is startled to hear Theresa admit that she wants him back. Harmony's mayor orders Luis to call off the house-to-house search immediately. Though Eve cautions that he could well become Liz's next target, Julian promises his former love he'll handle her scheming sibling. Ethan scolds Theresa for upsetting his pregnant wife. Luis argues with the mayor about his tactics in the search for Sheridan. To Theresa's dismay, Ethan promises Gwen that he no longer loves her rival. Angry when Antonio repeats his assertion that his wife left town voluntarily, a seething Luis considers revealing the truth about his romance with Sheridan. Julian tempts Liz with a blank check in exchange for her leaving town but she rejects his offer. Rebecca poses a difficult question to Ethan.
Thursday June 26, 2003 Episode #1,012
Ripping up the blank check, Liz furiously informs Julian that she has no intention of accepting his bribe. Gwen tearfully demands that Ethan admit he's still fantasizing about Theresa. Decked out in clown masks, Beth and Charlie return to the basement to install soundproofing but are alarmed to see Sheridan lying motionless at the bottom of the pit. Luis pulls a gun on Sam when the police chief orders him to pull the plug on the house to house search. An embittered Liz reminds Eve that she's going to use the Blue Note to expose her sister's sordid past and ruin her niece in the process. Charlie climbs down into the pit to check on her prisoner. A gunshot from inside Sam's office brings Hank, Antonio and the mayor on the run. Assuring everyone he's fine, Sam claims that Luis' gun accidentally discharged while he was cleaning the weapon. Eve and Julian share a lingering kiss which is secretly captured by Liz's digital camera.
Friday June 27, 2003 Episode #1,013 (Passions Musical)
Thrilled to catch her sister in a compromising situation, Liz can't wait to show T.C. the picture of Eve kissing Julian. As Chad begins packing for the move to L.A., Theresa and Whitney grow teary-eyed thinking about parting from their best friend. Panicked to learn that the Harmony police department will be conducting a house to house search, Edna warns Beth and Charlie that the jig is up. Finally pulling back from Julian's embrace, Eve thanks her old flame for all his moral support but reminds him that she's committed to her marriage and family. Luis explains to Sam why he's so certain Sheridan has been snatched by a killer. Charlie reminds a trembling Edna that she's an accomplice to kidnapping. Julian tells Eve how her essential goodness has changed him for the better. Edna fantasizes about being sent up the river with her daughter, Charlie, and Precious. The musical, "I Ain't Sorry"