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September 2003


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Monday September 1, 2003 Episode #1,057
Unaware of how close Fox and Theresa have become, Ethan argues with Chad that Theresa is not the type of woman Fox is attracted to. He then warns Chad to keep an eye on his half-brother since he feels he can't be trusted. Once they're done talking, Chad is once again convinced that Fox instead has set his sights on Whitney. Meanwhile, still trying to keep Theresa away from Ethan, Gwen approaches Whitney for help connecting Fox and Theresa romantically. At the same time Fox and Theresa discuss their mutual interests and agree to form a partnership to help each other get what they want. When Luis refuses to leave as Beth has urged him to do, Charlie and Edna decide to put their own plans into effect to keep him from finding Sheridan in labor, about to deliver their baby. Freed from her pit so that she can give birth, Sheridan realizes that this may be her only chance to escape her captors. In spite of the pain, Sheridan tries to figure out how to escape. Charlie decides that the only way to end the threat of Luis is to kill him.
Tuesday September 2, 2003 Episode #1,058
Reminding Charity that she'll always be the one he loves, Miguel coaxes her to accompany him to a Red Sox game so they can take their minds off their troubles for a few hours. Gwen begins to fret about Sheridan after realizing that she hasn't heard from her pregnant friend in quite a while. Back in Harmony, Sheridan fights off the pain from her contractions and crawls to the basement door. Tabitha prepares to take little Endora home from the hospital, a move enthusiastically endorsed by Nurse Kravitz. Theresa explains to a dubious Fox how he can help her win Ethan by pretending to fall for her himself. Meanwhile, Chad again cautions his fiancee to stop playing matchmaker but his warnings fall on deaf ears. Beth struggles to keep Luis from falling into Charlie's lethal hands. Kay promises Tabitha nothing will stop her from breaking Miguel and Charity up. Endora inflicts more pain on the hapless Nurse Kravitz. Kay foils Miguel and Charity's plans for a day at Fenway.
Wednesday September 3, 2003 Episode #1,059
Tabitha looks forward to taking her baby daughter home before the hospital staff realizes just how "different" Endora really is. Simone accuses Kay of pushing up Maria's discharge date simply to interfere with Miguel's plans for Charity. Whitney encourages Fox to take Theresa up on her offer. A worried Gwen reminds Ethan that Sheridan's due date has arrived with no word from her at all. Nurse Kravitz has another frightening run-in with Endora and her doting mom. Later, Kay triumphantly reports to Tabitha how she finagled an evening with Miguel and squeezed Charity completely out of the picture. Pilar is distressed to discover that Ethan and Gwen are out in Los Angeles along with Theresa. Fox considers playing along with Theresa's scheme after he learns it will mean spending more time with Whitney. As her labor steadily progresses, Sheridan prays that Luis will find her in time.
Thursday September 4, 2003 Episode #1,060
Kay vows to stop Miguel from taking Charity to the Red Sox game. Theresa is excited when Fox finally agrees to court her in order to make Ethan insanely jealous. Meanwhile, Ethan again bristles after Gwen raises the issue of his half-brother's apparent interest in Theresa. Chad cautions an irked Whitney that her matchmaking efforts could have some unintended and unforeseen consequences. Precious indulges in another fantasy about the man of her dreams. Beth breathes a sigh of relief when Luis assumes that the woman's voice he heard calling out his name belonged to Pilar. Kay cheerfully reminds Miguel of all the fun they used to have together at Fenway Park. Meanwhile, both Tabitha and Simone wonder what ploy Kay is pulling now. Ethan is awash in guilt when Gwen voices her certainty that he would never lie to her about his feelings for his ex. Pilar and Grace throw a surprise baby shower for Beth. Kay deliberately takes a spill down the stairs to keep Miguel close.
Friday September 5, 2003 Episode #1,061
Kay gloats when Miguel offers to cancel his trip to Boston following her tumble down the stairs. Theresa reminds Fox how they'll both benefit from her scheme to make Ethan jealous. In the hospital, Gwen encourages her uneasy husband to meet his friends for dinner at the marina rather than keep her company all evening. As Beth basks in all the attention at her baby shower, a nervous Charlie and Edna scramble to prevent Sheridan's pained cries from reaching the ears of their unexpected guests. Meanwhile, Precious dips into the punch bowl before being sent back downstairs to see to Sheridan. After examining a blindfolded Sheridan, Charlie is dismayed to realize that the baby is breeched and will require special handling before it can be safely delivered. Kay plays another ace in the hole to keep Miguel from going off with Charity. Beth decides to pump Eve for information about breeched births. Ethan is alarmed to see Fox and Theresa clinging to one another on the dance floor.

Monday September 8, 2003 Episode #1,062
At the beach restaurant, Chad worries about what could happen as a result of Whitney's matchmaking efforts. Theresa and Fox share a passion-filled kiss to make Ethan jealous. TC vows to keep his mind off of Liz and fight for his marriage. Meanwhile, Liz plots to destroy TC's marriage to Eve once and for all. A loving Tabitha tells her baby daughter about Timmy, who sends a message from above for Endora. Tabitha heads over to Beth's to see if Sheridan and Luis will finally be separated for good. While Sheridan struggles through a difficult labor in the basement, Beth subtly tries to get information out of Eve about breeched babies. After hearing Eve report how dangerous the delivery can be, Mrs. Wallace accidentally blurts that Sheridan and her baby will die. Everyone at the baby shower is taken aback. Charlie tries to figure out what to do for Sheridan as she is giving birth.
Tuesday September 9, 2003 Episode #1,063
As they dance, Ethan tries to convince Theresa not to date Fox. Theresa is delighted her plan to make him jealous is working. However, Whitney cuts in on them in an effort to send Theresa in Fox's direction. Fox and Syd reach an understanding about their similar goals. Fox and Theresa turn on the fireworks once more for Ethan's benefit. Beth sweats it out as Eve attempts to contact Dr. Culver. TC wants to talk to Eve about their marriage as Liz waits to drop a bombshell. Having just come back from Paris without finding Sheridan, Antonio tells everyone he thinks his wife really was kidnapped. Tabitha visits Sheridan, who has passed out from the pain.
Wednesday September 10, 2003 Episode #1,064
At the restaurant, Syd does her best to get close to Chad as he tries to distance himself. Ethan insists to Whitney and Theresa that Fox is no good, but neither will listen. Theresa lets Ethan know where they stand. Theresa and Fox enter a sexy dance contest to get Ethan's attention. Fox hopes Whitney will also take notice. TC is infuriated by a newspaper article about Whitney. Eve chooses her profession over her husband once more when she hears a baby crying somewhere around Beth's house. Liz takes this opportunity to go after TC. Beth and Mrs. Wallace panic as Luis and the others try to figure out where the baby cries are coming from. In the basement, Charlie keeps Sheridan away from her baby and prepares to kill the Crane heiress.
Thursday September 11, 2003 Episode #1,065
Ethan watches in disgust as Fox and Theresa do some dirty dancing. Ethan lashes out at Theresa about her behavior with Fox. Whitney calls Ethan on his attitude. Syd uses an interview to keep Chad at her side. At the Youth Center, TC continues to fume about Eve's treatment of him and about Whitney giving up tennis. Liz puts the moves on TC and vows to make him hers even as he tries to push her away. Back at Beth's, Grace encourages Eve not to give up and to keep fighting for TC. Everyone is tricked into believing Precious was responsible for the crying baby sounds. Charlie finally lets Sheridan hold her baby. Beth promises Charlie they will kill the blonde soon. Antonio now believes Sheridan really was kidnapped.
Friday September 12, 2003 Episode #1,066
Gwen is troubled by bad dreams about Theresa seducing Ethan and stealing him away from her. Gwen is determined to put these doubts out of her mind while Ethan and Theresa are -- unbeknownst to them -- taped kissing passionately on the beach. Ethan pulls away, insisting that he loves Gwen, and Theresa does her best toplay it cool. Fox pretends to be upset by how close Theresa and Ethan are. He seeks "comfort" from Whitney who is only too happy to comply. TC does his best to fend off Liz's persistent seduction moves. Eve tells Grace that she is very frustrated over Liz trying to steal TC away from her. Grace tries to reassure Eve that TC won't fall for Liz's games. He is loyal to her and their marriage. Meanwhile, Julian confesses to Rebecca that there's someone else he's in love with. Sheridan is horrified when her baby is snatched from her arms. Charlie takes the baby from a devastated Sheridan. Beth realizes she must fake delivering her baby very soon in order to pass off Sheridan's baby as her own. Antonio continues to worry about Sheridan. He thinks he's found proof of what's happened to her.

Monday September 15, 2003 Episode #1,067
Appalled to see the video of Ethan in a passionate clinch with Theresa, Gwen's nurses hope their patient won't ever know how badly her husband has betrayed her. Julian admits to Rebecca that the woman he adores is already married. Turning on the crocodile tears, Liz cons T.C. into comforting her again. Displaying the heirloom ring he found in Luis' jacket, Antonio roughly questions his brother. Sheridan warns Charlie that she won't get away with her horrific crime. On the beach, Theresa appeals to Ethan to give her young son the right role model he so desperately needs. Fox basks in some extra attention from Whitney as she encourages him not to give up on his true love. Gwen's doctor sternly instructs her not to watch any television if every little news item is going to upset her. Beth suggests to Antonio that his wife may indeed have been kidnapped, then urges Luis to help his brother conduct a thorough search throughout Harmony. Ethan swears to Whitney that he will never turn his back on his wife and child. Rebecca gives Julian an ultimatum. Liz plants a kiss on T.C. as an appalled Eve looks on.
Tuesday September 16, 2003 Episode #1,068
Certain his half-brother is too decent to go back on his marriage vows, Fox warns Theresa to give up but she grimly vows never to surrender until she's won Ethan. Down in the Wallace's basement, Charlie wrenches the baby out of an anguished Sheridan's arms and gleefully informs her that she'll never lay eyes on him again. Upstairs, Edna berates Beth for literally robbing the cradle to serve her own evil purpose. Alarmed to see her husband in a liplock with her sister, Eve recoils in horror from the scene. Meanwhile, T.C. pulls back from Liz's kiss and again reminds her that he's a married man. After T.C. departs, Eve vents her rage on Liz. Charlie grabs a huge handgun and heads down the basement stairs, vowing to end the problem with Sheridan, once and for all.
Wednesday September 17, 2003 Episode #1,069
A sneering Liz tells Eve how easy it was to seduce T.C. Ignoring the doctor's warning, Gwen eagerly prepares to leave the hospital and surprise her husband at the Crane condo. Meanwhile, Theresa's latest tactics seem to be paying off when Ethan succumbs again to her kiss. After a computer expert views the DVD, Hank, Antonio and Luis learn that the video of Sheridan in "Paris" was indeed a fake. Down in the pit, Sheridan continues to pray that Luis will find her and their child in time. As she takes possession of the baby, Beth explains to an appalled Edna how she intends to shed her dangerous and unpredictable partner in crime. Rebecca fears she's losing Julian to his mystery woman. Though Eve vows to fight for her troubled marriage with every ounce of her remaining strength, Liz snidely assures her sister that she's already lost the war. Later, Julian finds Eve sobbing on the wharf and tries to console her. T.C. retreats to the shower to think things over but is jolted when a naked Liz suddenly joins him under the spray. Realizing she doesn't even know her child's gender, Sheridan begs Charlie to tell her if she has a son or a daughter.
Thursday September 18, 2003 Episode #1,070
Fox plays on Whitney's sympathy by pretending to be heartbroken about Theresa's fixation with Ethan. Hank tells Luis he may have seen the person who kidnapped Sheridan. As Beth coos at "her "baby," Edna reminds her demented daughter that she will never get away with her heinous crime. Down in the basement, Sheridan begs Charlie not to pull the trigger. Luis asks Hank to give a police sketch artist a full description of the crazed woman he met on the wharf. Puff Dog informs a bristling Chad that he intends to sign Syd to his own label. Theresa dashes out onto the terrace just in the nick of time when Gwen arrives at the condo to surprise her hubby. Beth frantically orders Precious to hide the baby after Antonio comes knocking on the Wallaces' front door. Chad coaxes Whitney back out onto the dance floor. Close to hysterics, Edna gives Antonio an earful about the "monsters" who kidnapped Sheridan.
Friday September 19, 2003 Episode #1,071
Fox can't get his mind off his steamy dance and kiss with Whitney and has a romantic fantasy about living happily ever after with Whitney. Meanwhile, Syd is confronted by Puff Dog who wants to control her career. Chad defends Syd against Puff Dog, who wants her to sing for his label -- or not at all. Chad and Puff Dog's confrontation turns violent when Whitney arrives and arouses Puff Dog's interest. Ethan and Theresa find out about Gwen's surprise visit just in time to break their clinch and scatter. Theresa hides so Gwen won't find her in Ethan's bedroom, but she has to listen to Ethan and Gwen as they talk about their relationship. Theresa inadvertently alerts Gwen to the fact that there's someone else in the apartment. Julian does the right thing and encourages a tearful Eve to fight for her marriage, even though his own love for her is apparent. He promises to be there for her, no matter what happens. TC fights off a seductive Liz, determined to turn over a new leaf. Liz changes tacks, suggesting that Eve might be involved with another man -- Julian, perhaps. TC shrugs off the suggestion and heads home. Liz gets a lucky break when she and TC see what look like Eve in the arms of another man. Beth freaks when Luis and Hank want to ask her some questions about a suspect. Antonio misunderstands Mrs. Wallace's warning, thinking her talk about "monsters" simply indicates a deteriorating mental state. Antonio tells Beth about the doctored DVD. Luis and Hank arrive with the sketch of their suspect, Charlie. Beth denies having seen Charlie, but Precious seems to indicate that she's in the house. Charlie, frustrated with waiting to kill Sheridan, ponders shooting Luis while she has a chance.

Monday September 22, 2003 Episode #1,072
Punching Puff Dog repeatedly, Chad furiously warns him not to ever come near Syd or Whitney again. Liz continues to feed T.C.'s suspicions about Eve taking comfort in the arms of his worst enemy. Dr. Abel phones the Crane condo and tells a startled Ethan how Gwen left the hospital without permission and without her necessary medication. Julian confides to Eve how often he's wished that they could have shared their lives as a happily married couple. Beth struggles to dissuade Charlie from shooting Luis and Antonio. Dr. Abel cautions Ethan that his wife's condition is even more fragile than they first believed. Julian makes a noble gesture by sending Eve home to work on saving her troubled marriage. Luis, Hank and Antonio begin distributing the police sketch and quickly encounter a woman who claims to know Charlie. Meanwhile, Beth reminds Charlie why the killing of Sheridan must be done in such a way as to leave no telltale clues at the scene of the crime. To Edna's dismay, her daughter decides to take Sheridan to the ocean and feed the blonde to the fish.
Tuesday September 23, 2003 Episode #1,073
Edna shudders to hear Beth outline her latest plan to eliminate Sheridan. Chad again warns Puff Dog to keep his distance from both Whitney and Syd. A seething Gwen demands that Fox tell her where Theresa is hiding. Hastily covering his tracks, Fox claims he's met a local girl with the same name and was eager to tell Ethan all about her. Beth informs her horrified mother how much she's looking forward to getting even with Sheridan for all the years she was forced to live in the rich blonde's shadow. Meanwhile, Charlie pulls an exhausted Sheridan out of the pit and promises her hostage a nice, long bath. Beth rails at Edna for setting such a lousy example as a mother. Whitney's eyes widen in dismay when Puff Dog reminds Chad how he used to be the kind of guy who disposed of women like used Kleenex. Sheridan tumbles down the basement stairs during a scuffle with Charlie.
Wednesday September 24, 2003 Episode #1,074
Charlie tries to shake Sheridan awake following her fall down the stairs. Puff Dog chides Chad for losing his street smarts, then begins caressing a shuddering Whitney. Though Fox reminds her that Ethan will never leave his wife, Theresa becomes even more determined to win back the man of her dreams. Meanwhile, Ethan persuades Gwen to return to the hospital, where Dr. Abel orders complete bed rest until the baby is born. Chad attacks Puff Dog again. An incensed Charlie relates for Beth and Edna how Sheridan cut her when she attempted to help her prisoner up. Later, Sheridan bids her baby a tender farewell. Fox daydreams about a blissful future with Whitney. Beth and Charlie drive Sheridan to the shore but panic when a police cruiser pulls their vehicle over. A puzzled Ethan gets the cold shoulder from Gwen's nurses. After eluding the police, Charlie and Beth head for the wharf and drag an unconscious Sheridan onto a fishing boat. Puff Dog decides to teach Chad a lesson he won't forget. Gwen is shocked to see the footage of her husband and Theresa sharing a passionate moment on the beach.
Thursday September 25, 2003 Episode #1,075
Ethan explains to Fox and Theresa how any amount of stress could endanger Gwen's life as well as her baby's. Meanwhile, at the hospital, an enraged Gwen watches the video of her husband rolling around on the beach in a passionate clinch with Theresa. As they prepare to shove off in the stolen fishing boat, Beth secretly plots to get rid of Charlie the minute Sheridan becomes shark bait. Ethan reminds a devastated Theresa why they can never be together again. Grimly determined to teach her rival a lesson, Gwen sneaks away from the hospital. Whitney inadvertently fuels Fox's hunger for her when she offers her lovelorn friend a sympathetic shoulder. Gwen decides she must have been mistaken about seeing Ethan in Theresa's arms because the woman in question is 3000 miles away. Later, however, Gwen comes face to face with her worst enemy at the condo complex. Beth and Charlie toss Sheridan overboard.
Friday September 26, 2003 Episode #1,076
Fox is seething over Ethan's seeing Theresa while Gwen is in the hospital having his baby. He lashes out at him and tells him that he is the real black sheep of the family. All these years Fox has been saddled with that label. Ethan tries to defend himself, but Fox's words hit home. Fox challenges Ethan to decide who he really wants to be with. Luis has the terrible feeling that Sheridan is dead. Antonio sees how upset Luis is and questions whether Luis is in love with Sheridan. Meanwhile, Sheridan sinks to the bottom of the ocean floor and begins to lose her fight to live. In heaven, Sheridan realizes she's dying and begs her mother for help. Realizing all that she would leave behind, Sheridan resolves to fight for her life. Having gotten rid of Sheridan, Beth starts to put in motion a secret part of her plan. Beth has decided to kill Charlie to eliminate all loose ends so she can live happily ever after with Luis and the baby. Meanwhile, at the apartment pool area, Gwen and Theresa face off in their nastiest encounter yet. Theresa tries to explain that she had no idea that Gwen and Ethan would be in L.A. Gwen grows even more furious as she realizes how close Theresa has been to Ethan this whole time.

Monday September 29, 2003 Episode #1,077
Theresa reminds a seething Gwen that she's putting her unborn child at risk by getting so upset. In heaven, Sheridan tells her mother she can't bear the thought of her child growing up without her. Whitney voices her approval when Ethan decides to move his family away from Harmony once the baby is born. Gwen continues her attack on Theresa until crippling abdominal pains drive her to her knees. Beth's first attempt to knock Charlie off goes haywire. Sheridan begs her mother not to lead her into the eternal light but help her instead to return to the land of the living. Though Hank urges him not to break Antonio's heart, Luis remains determined to tell his brother the truth about Sheridan's true love. Fed up with Gwen's barrage of insults, Theresa fires back with cutting remarks of her own. To Pilar's relief, Luis decides not to open Antonio's eyes after all. Charlie and Beth are astonished to see their "drowning" victim struggling back towards the surface. Gwen takes a nasty fall while struggling with Theresa.
Tuesday September 30, 2003 Episode #1,078
A frustrated Luis wonders if he'll ever lay eyes on Sheridan again. Ethan and the others race to check on Gwen as she lies unconscious near the pool. Though Simone reminds her friend that Miguel does have a life, Kay grouses about her child's father neglecting her and the baby. Aboard the fishing vessel, Charlie plants a kiss on a startled Beth to celebrate the fact that they've finally seen the last of a certain blonde bimbo. Charity admires Tabitha's infant daughter but is astonished when the adorable child suddenly morphs into a demonic creature. Theresa frantically attempts to explain to Ethan how she was forced to defend herself when Gwen tried to choke her. Beth and Charlie sail back to the wharf, where they find Luis, Hank and Antonio searching for the stolen boat. Charity's wild tale about little Endora baffles Miguel.
Wednesday October 1, 2003 Episode #1,079
Enraged to see T.C. and Eve embracing, Liz redoubles her vow to destroy her sister completely. As Dr. Abel examines an unconscious Gwen in the ER, Chad and Fox try to calm Ethan but he kicks himself for lying to his ailing wife. Realizing how Beth used her, an incensed Charlie begins to throttle her deceitful partner in crime. As she coaxes Sheridan's baby to drink down his bottle of formula, Edna recalls her own child's early days. Luis enlists assistance from the Coast Guard and the Navy in his search for Sheridan. Beth tries frantically to convince Charlie that she hates Luis, then turns on the crocodile tears to win her point. Julian steps in to prevent Liz from interrupting Eve's romantic evening with her husband. Theresa hesitantly admits to Ethan how Gwen learned about their kiss on the beach. Liz warns Julian that nothing will stop her from taking her revenge on Eve. Ethan furiously reminds Theresa that she should never have fought with his pregnant spouse.
Thursday October 2, 2003 Episode #1,080
Edna triumphantly reminds her daughter that it will be impossible for her to fake childbirth no matter how devious she is. Puff Dog informs one of Chad's old flames that her ex is back in town. Tormented by guilt, Ethan tells Theresa it was his residual feelings for her that put his wife in jeopardy. Later, one of Gwen's nurses snipes at a cringing Theresa for endangering a helpless pregnant woman. Luis resumes his dogged but futile search for Sheridan. Dr. Abel cautions Gwen that her unborn child is in serious distress. Julian badgers Liz as she continues to spy on Eve and T.C. through the windows of the Russells' home. Beth sends Luis a message stating that she's gone into labor at home. Though the Coast Guard decides to call off the search, Antonio vows to return in the morning to keep looking for his wife. Meanwhile, Luis hurries to the Wallace house, where a beaming Beth hands him his infant son. T.C. and Eve head for their bedroom, eager to seal their new beginning with a night of lovemaking. Sheridan finally bobs to the surface of the water.
Friday October 3, 2003 Episode #1,081
Latoya finds Chad and confronts him about what transpired between them in the past. She's so upset with him that she slaps him in the face. Chad is stunned to see Latoya. Fox and Whitney are there to witness the encounter and Whitney feels that she doesn't really know Chad as well as she thought she did. She can't believe that Chad was ever with Latoya. Fox is privately thrilled, certain that the situation will send Whitney into his arms. Luis is choked up when Beth presents him with his son. His heart is still breaking over Sheridan's demise, but he can't help but feel drawn to the baby. Meanwhile, Charlie plots to kill an unaware Luis as he bonds with his son. Though Beth appears to talk Charlie out of her murderous plans, Charlie vows to Mrs. Wallace that Luis will die tonight. The doctor does what he can to save Gwen's baby, but it appears he is fighting a losing battle. As Ethan pleads with a higher power to give him a chance to make it up to Gwen and swears that he'll steer clear of Theresa from now on, the doctor appears to give Ethan some tragic news. Gwen's condition has taken a turn for the worse, and Ethan must now make a choice: save Gwen's life, or save the life of their child.