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Monday, July 5, 1999 | Episode #1
It's a beautiful day in Harmony as brothers Luis and Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald drive through town. After dropping Miguel off at the docks, Luis, a cop, finds a couple in the throes of passion who have set an illegal fire on the beach. He is angered to learn that it is Ethan Crane, a member of the powerful Crane family, and his long-time girlfriend, Gwen Hotchkiss. Luis has hated the Crane family since his father disappeared years ago, after leaving to go to work at Crane Industries. Luis also resents that his mother, Pilar, has been their maid for years. Luis and Miguel's teenage sister, Theresa, fantasizes about the future she believes she will have with Ethan. She has never actually met Ethan, but she has dreamed about him for as long as she can remember. Theresa tells her best friend Whitney Russell that one day she will marry Ethan. What will Luis do when he finds out about his sister's secret love for a man he hates? Whitney has her own dream of becoming a successful tennis player-a dream that is encouraged by her father, TC. Sam Bennett gets ready for his first day as Harmony's chief of police while his wife, Grace, dreams about a little girl who warns her that danger is near. Sam confesses to Grace's best friend, Eve Russell, that he is concerned about Grace. Meanwhile, in Paris, Sheridan Crane, Ethan's aunt, is distraught as she thinks about how her good friend, Princess Diana, lost her life right after finding true love. Sheridan believes that because she and Diana were so similar, she will die now that she's found love. A stalker watches her. Is Sheridan in danger?

Tuesday, July 6, 1999 | Episode #2
Luis tries to arrest Ethan and Gwen for starting a fire on the beach, but Sam tells him to let them go, much to Luis's dismay. Luis thinks the Cranes can get away with murder, just because of their powerful name. Gwen and Ethan share a romantic goodbye before she leaves for Paris, where she promises to visit Ethan's beloved aunt, Sheridan. Meanwhile, Theresa reiterates to Whitney that she will marry Ethan. Grace faints after "seeing" the little girl. Eve goes outside to look for the little girl, but only finds Tabitha, the Bennett's eccentric next-door neighbor. Tabitha privately says that the little girl is going to have a big impact on her family and that they should beware. Later, Tabitha comes face to face with the little girl, who tells her she will not get "their souls" this time. An evil Tabitha cackles that their souls will be hers. Are the Bennetts in danger? Kay Bennett reveals to her friend Simone Russell she has a crush on Miguel. Kay's little sister Jessica overhears. Will she spill the beans? Meanwhile, in Paris, Sheridan is sad when she sees a book about her friend Princess Diana. When she gets in her car, she realizes the paparazzi are following her. She speeds to get away from them.


Wednesday, July 7, 1999 | Episode #3
Ethan arrives at the carnival on the Harmony pier, having been convinced by Gwen to get to know the people of Harmony. Theresa accidentally spills a can of paint on Ethan's head. She argues with him about getting paint on her new sweater, completely unaware that this is the man she loves. Ethan thinks she's crazy. Later, Theresa learns Luis almost arrested Ethan and is upset to discover Ethan was with Gwen on the beach. Luis also breaks the news that he got Theresa a summer job at the Burger Hut. Grace hears the little girl call to her again. She screams when her husband, Sam, touches her shoulder. Sam looks around but doesn't find anyone. Tabitha watches from the window and then comes face to face with the little girl. Grace and Sam's daughter, Kay, worries that her little sister, Jessica, will tell Miguel about her crush on him. In Paris, Sheridan fears entering the tunnel where Princess Diana dies. Her car crashes in the tunnel as the paparazzi chase her. The ambulance arrives before they can take pictures and she's rushed to the hospital, where she hears Princess Diana calling to her. Ethan is devastated when he receives a call about Sheridan's accident.


Thursday, July 8, 1999 | Episode #4
Grace goes up to bed after taking a sleeping pill. While sleeping she levitates to the window and floats down to the little girl, who warns her of the evil around them. Meanwhile, Tabitha tells the doll she's sewing that "it's beginning" and then tries to eavesdrop on Grace and the little girl. After catching Theresa fantasizing about Ethan, Luis reveals he once dreamed of going to college. Despite their moment of closeness, the underlying tension between them about the Cranes does not go away. A worried Ethan calls Gwen, who is at the hospital, for an update on Sheridan. He tells his parents, Ivy and Julian, about the accident but Julian is only worried about how this will affect the family image. Ethan is annoyed at his father's cold attitude. Sheridan remains unconscious and reaches out toward the light, where she believes Princess Diana is. Diana tells her to "go back" to living. Meanwhile, Sheridan's boyfriend Jean-Luc, calls another woman, Mimi, and tells her he will be able to spend all night with her.


Friday, July 9, 1999 | Episode #5
Luis upsets Pilar when he encourages her to take her husband's name off the deed to the house. Luis asserts that his father's been gone for ten years-he either abandoned them or he's dead. Pilar refuses to believe him. Ivy denies Ethan's suggestion that she seemed unusually interested in Julian's conversation with Sam Bennett, but it is clear that the mention of Sam's name greatly affected her. When Ethan leaves, she takes out a locket and listens to a song that obviously holds great meaning for her. Julian walks in and the two bitterly argue over Ethan's priorities. When Julian walks away, Ivy fingers a revolver. What does she have in store for her husband? Theresa confides in her mother that she dreams Ethan will show up at their door, just as, unbeknownst to her, he arrives to update Pilar on Sheridan's condition. Luis intercepts him, and brusquely tells him he'll pass along the message. Theresa flips when she learns Ethan was at the house, but when she calls out to him, he's already gone. The next morning she tells Whitney that her dream came true. Sheridan wakes up, determined to leave the hospital and live life to it's fullest. She calls Jean Luc, who is in bed with Mimi. Gwen calls Ethan and tells him the good news about his aunt. After sending a swarm of bees after an eavesdropping Tabitha, the little girl tells Grace to be strong and pray. Sam and Jessica find Grace in the backyard. She looks around for the little girl and wishes she could remember her past. Tabitha finishes sewing up Timmy, the doll, and it comes to life! Much to Timmy's dismay, Tabitha tells him he's going to the Bennett house.


Monday, July 12, 1999 | Episode #6
Theresa reluctantly decides to take the job at the Burger Hut which Luis arranged for her. Ethan shows up at the Burger Hut and recognizes her as the girl who spilled paint on him. She tries to explain but winds up spilling milkshakes, and then barbeque sauce, on him. Sheridan leaves the hospital, against doctor's orders that she stay longer. She and Gwen have a heart to heart about true love. They make a bet about who will get engaged first. Jean Luc arrives to meet Sheridan at "their café" as his other girlfriend, Mimi watches from a distance. Mimi is angered to see that Sheridan is beautiful, since Jean Luc had sworn she was unattractive and assured Mimi he was just using her for her money. Tabitha arrives at the Bennett home with a present-Timmy! Tabitha is horrified when Grace suggests they use the doll as a prize at the carnival, but she has no choice but to agree. At the police station, Sam and Luis discuss their distrust of the Cranes. Sam goes on the internet to try to find information about Grace's past. A woman who looks just like Grace has a nightmare about running through the forest. At the same time, Grace feels like she's running from evil. The Grace-lookalike stares at a picture of Grace and says how much she misses her.


Tuesday, July 13, 1999 | Episode #7
After hearing Theresa call him by name, Ethan is convinced she's a stalker who's been spilling things on him on purpose. He storms out of the Burger Hut leaving Theresa devastated. After getting fired, Theresa throws down her visor in the kitchen, inadvertently causing a fire! She is horrified when she realizes what happened, and even more horrified when Luis tells her she's going to have to work at the Cannery now. Kay tells Simone she plans to lose her virginity to Miguel...soon. Sheridan, deliriously happy and in love with Jean Luc, calls Ethan and encourages him to propose to Gwen. Meanwhile, Mimi confronts Jean Luc-he lied about Sheridan being ugly. Jean Luc reassures her he's using Sheridan for her money. Later, Jean Luc takes Sheridan on a carriage ride, as Mimi follows them. Sheridan happily accepts Jean Luc's marriage proposal. Mimi vows revenge. Gwen returns home from Paris and confides to Ethan she was afraid he'd fall in love with someone else while she was gone. He assures her of his love. Much to his chagrin, Timmy becomes a prize at the carnival and is won by a little girl named Rosie. Meanwhile, Tabitha dresses up as a fortune teller at the carnival and Theresa and Whitney enter her booth. Faith sees Sam's message on the internet that he's looking for information on a woman named Grace who was rescued from a fire twenty years ago. She replies under the name "Seeker." After Sam coaxes "Seeker" for more information, Grace gets scared and turns off the computer-it could be one of "them." Later, she's about to sign on again when the room gets cold and she sees the doorknob turning.


Wednesday, July 14, 1999 | Episode #8
Faith's door opens and it's her sixteen year old daughter, Charity. She asks her mother why they're always moving from town to town. Charity wishes she could go to school and have friends like normal kids. Faith reveals she has a sister named Grace-Charity's aunt. Charity tries to persuade her mom to go public with her search for her sister, but Faith mysteriously says she can't. Finally, Charity convinces her to go to the carnival in Harmony. Dressed as a fortune teller, Tabitha tells Theresa that Ethan is in bed with another woman. The girls are horrified when Tabitha says if Whitney continues to pursue her tennis dream, her father will commit murder. Whitney runs out and Theresa follows her. TC finds out the fortune teller upset Whitney (but not what she said) and angrily goes off to confront her. Theresa is devastated when she sees Gwen in Ethan's arms at the carnival. Timmy is dragged off by Rosie, the little girl who won him as a prize. He shoves her ice cream cone in her face and then "frames" her for knocking over ceramic animals. Rosie tells Timmy he doesn't like him; Timmy responds by kicking her and saying he doesn't like her either. Terrified, Rosie kicks him off the pier into the water but Timmy manages to escape. After Sheridan accepts his proposal, Jean Luc tells the carriage driver to hurry-he has another surprise for Sheridan. Mimi calls after them, trying to stop them, but Jean Luc ignores her. Jean Luc surprises Sheridan with a gown-they are going to a ball to celebrate their engagement. Sheridan calls Ethan and Gwen and tells them the good news. A furious Mimi figures out he's taking Sheridan to the ball.


Thursday, July 15, 1999 | Episode #9
As Timmy hides in the background, TC tells Tabitha (dressed as a fortune teller) that no one upsets his daughter and gets away with it. Tabitha shocks TC by recounting information about his past that TC has never told anyone-that TC resented his father for working at the country club until he realized he did it for TC and his mother. Tabitha also says TC's father died young because of the events surrounding TC's leg injury. TC agrees with Tabitha when she says he would kill whoever caused the injury. He demands to know who's responsible but Tabitha says he'll find out in due time. A shaken TC leaves. Meanwhile, Whitney tells Eve that TC went to find the fortune teller. Eve arrives at the booth just after TC leaves. Eve is upset when Tabitha talks about knowing a secret from Eve's past. Sheridan and Jean Luc go to the ball. Mimi arrives, determined to tell Sheridan the truth about Jean Luc. When Jean Luc moves off to take a call, Mimi has the waiter tell Sheridan to meet her on the terrace. Miguel sees Theresa crying and realizes she saw Ethan and Gwen kissing. Luis tells Theresa he got her a job at the cannery. Kay reveals to Simone her plan for getting Miguel-she's going to have a Mr. Harmony contest at the carnival and the winner gets dinner with a mystery date. Of course, Miguel will win and she will be the mystery date. Jessica overhears Kay's plan. Luis agrees to be in the contest, not knowing what it's about. With Gwen's encouragement, Ethan also agrees to be in the contest.


Friday, July 16, 1999 | Episode #10
On the phone, Jean Luc tries to end his association with Roger, his contact in the drug business, but Roger tells him that's not the way it works. The waiter approaches Sheridan with Mimi's message. The door is locked to the terrace, so the waiter directs Sheridan to another door. Just when Sheridan moves off, Jean Luc approaches Mimi and angrily tells her to leave. Sheridan calls out but Jean Luc covers Mimi's mouth and locks her in a storage closet. Jean Luc leads Sheridan back into the restaurant and tells her he's going to take her to his country house. Jean Luc stops at his apartment, where Roger and a thug are waiting for him. Roger demands the money Jean Luc owes him. Gwen is upset when her fortune cookies says her love will be threatened by someone close. Ethan reassures her and then calls Sheridan for advice. Sheridan encourages him to propose to Gwen. Eve runs from Tabitha's fortune teller tent after Tabitha threatens to say Eve's secret out loud. Theresa goes back to the booth and Tabitha tells her she's going to be Mrs. Ethan Crane someday. Theresa is thrilled but when she leaves, Tabitha tells Timmy that Theresa will hurt those she loves. Theresa tells Miguel her good news. Grace asks Sam if the little girl could be telling Grace about a long lost sister. Sam tells Grace about the person called "Seeker" on the internet. Charity and a reluctant Faith arrive at the carnival. Miguel mistakes Faith for Grace and talks to her about the carnival. Charity gets her mom a t-shirt that says "Seeker" on it and on the way back bumps smack into Miguel. The two are instantly attracted to one another. Charity convinces her mom to go to a fortune teller (Tabitha). When they arrive, a panicked Tabitha tells Timmy "they" have arrived.


Monday, July 19, 1999 | Episode #11
Jean Luc's business partners are not happy about being cut out of the loop and they plot to make Jean Luc pay. Unfortunately, Sheridan--still unaware of Jean Luc's real dealings--heads over to his apartment while the final transaction is going down. Instead of running off with the man of her dreams, she runs into the man who plans to crush her dreams--and take her life. Roger and Pierre know they must kill Sheridan so that she will never be able to identify them and while the happy couple is making plans to elope, Roger is making explosive plans of another kind.

It seems no one wants to see these two succeed as Mimi, freed from the maintenance closet, races after Sheridan and Jean Luc to his country house. She is not going to let Jean Luc go on with his charade. At Jean Luc's romantic country home something will be sizzling, but its anything but romance.

Back in Harmony, mayhem has turned on Tabitha. Upon innocent Charity's arrival Tabitha and Timmy find themselves spinning in thin air. The Gypsy's magic amuses and amazes Charity, while her mother, knowing that the magic is not a special effect, urges that they leave before something else takes off. Who are these women and why is Tabitha helpless in their presence?

TC, Eve, and Whitney still feel the effects of Tabitha's spine-tingling predictions and visions. While Eve and TC hope that their pasts don't come back to haunt them, Grace is on her way to find the gypsy. Maybe she'll find some clues to the past that's haunting her.
Not everyone received a reading of disaster from the fortuneteller. Theresa has newfound hope for her life with Ethan when the gypsy sees a new "Mrs. Crane" in the crystal ball. But just as Theresa tells Miguel how her dreams will come true, she sees Ethan proposes to Gwen. With Ethan down on his knee in front of Gwen all of Theresa's wishes turn to dust-or do they?


Tuesday, July 20, 1999 | Episode #12
At the carnival, Sam and Grace are getting closer to the gypsy tent and Grace's sister. Within feet of each other, Grace and Faith are closer than they know to the happy ending of their investigations. The mystery grows, however, when both the tent and its inhabitants disappear. Charity has other concerns. She has run into Miguel again. The young couple is love-struck and an oblivious Miguel assumes that Faith is Grace Bennett.

Gwen surprisingly rejects Ethan's proposal, but he's sure she's teasing him because it took him so long ask her. Gwen knows that Ethan is only proposing because he feels pressured; she tells him she won't marry him until the proposal is from his heart.

Too bad Theresa hasn't heard there will be no wedding bells ringing. For, devastated by the belief that Ethan will marry Gwen, she rips her photos of Ethan and his opulent life off her wall. She tries to let go of her dream life with Ethan and accepts a humble job at the Cannery.

Ivy and Pilar meet at the Carnival while Ivy awaits Julian's arrival. Seeing his limo, she goes towards it and almost catches Julian and Suzanne in the throes of passion. Despite Julian's cover-up story her suspicions persist.

In Paris, disaster follows Sheridan to the country. Pierre prepares the bomb that is meant to take Sheridan and Jean Luc's lives. Mimi climbs in through a window and confronts Jean Luc about his lies. She tells him that he must finally choose which woman he wants. As Jean Luc professes his love to Mimi, Sheridan discovers them, and the three seem to be destined for an explosive denouement.


Wednesday, July 21, 1999 | Episode #13
Theresa is on her first shift at the Cannery, but it seems that this will be a more eventful night than she imagined. As she mourns the loss of her love, Ethan, he and Gwen are on their way to inspect new equipment at the Cannery. A distraught Theresa avoids being seen by an unsuspecting Ethan and the girl Theresa thinks is going to be his wife, until fate intervenes and love proves to be a messy business.

Pilar has come back to the Crane mansion to finish up some work and check on the family. Luis resents the fact that his mother is so concerned about the Crane family. He knows they don't deserve his mother's care.

Julian's affair with Suzanne becomes more heated and Ivy confirms her suspicions. She vows not to let him shame her again. She takes matters--and a revolver--into her own hands.

Miguel and Whitney arrive at a popular hangout and discuss Theresa. They're sure she's having a terrible time at the cannery, but when Luis arrives he assures them that she seems to be getting over her fantasies. At another table, Kay and Jessica are at it again as Kay worries that Jessica will reveal her secret to Miguel.

An enraged Sheridan leaves Jean Luc to Mimi while Pierre explains to Roger that the bomb he's planted will detonate when the ignition is turned on. Sheridan gets in her car resolute not to let Jean Luc deter her. Car trouble plagues her departure as Jean Luc, who knows he can't lose Sheridan and the protection that her family offers, pleads with her to stay.


Thursday, July 22, 1999 | Episode #14
At the Book Café, Kay and Simone fix the "Mr. Harmony" contest. Kay is sure she can capture Miguel's heart after he "wins" a date with her. Jessica does some plotting of her own when she discovers the identity of Kay's secret admirer--Reese Durkee. Jessica is going to make sure that Kay ends up with the school nerd, Reese, instead of the new "Mr. Harmony" hunk, Miguel.

Theresa discovers that Gwen and Ethan aren't engaged. Once again her hopes rise and she seizes an opportunity to set the record straight with Ethan. Who could predict she'd spill her guts?

Ivy sends Pilar home after they talk and Ivy gets down to business. Gunshots in the Crane mansion catch Luis off guard, and he bursts in--only to find himself included in the Crane's sordid sex-capades.

Jean Luc decides to go after Sheridan, who has driven away despite his pleas. Mimi won't let him go after her alone and their confrontation escalates to an explosive finale.


Friday, July 23, 1999 | Episode #15
Tabitha tells Timmy of Charity's innate powers which may foil their evil plans. She knows Faith and Charity must disappear if Tabitha is to live. Tabitha casts a spell which seems to summon beasts from hell...

Faith stops Charity from leaving the house to help what she thinks to be an animal. A curious Charity presses Faith for reasons behind their transient lifestyle. Faith expresses concern for Charity's safety as she places a cross around her daughter's neck. Unaware of her powers, Charity focuses on warm memories with Miguel. Charity heads for bed with happiness thinking of a life in Harmony, while an apprehensive Faith is startled by strange and terrifying sounds at their door...

Covered in fish guts, an outraged Ethan demands to know who is responsible. Theresa quits the Cannery seconds before she is fired. Later, as Ethan and Gwen return home, he is alarmed at the presence of a police car outside the house. Meanwhile inside the house, Ivy shoots at Julian and Suzanne with what are later revealed to be blanks. Ivy futilely attempts to cover up the gun shots heard by Luis who plans to arrest them. Ethan and Luis butt heads while Julian makes an important call to the Mayor. Following orders, Luis leaves. After dismissing Suzanne, Ivy turns down Julian's sexual advances and reminds him of a pact they made years ago. Ethan questions what really happened that night...

Jessica blackmails Kay for her beeper to keep quiet her negative opinion of Reese. Theresa privately tells Whitney that she lost her job at the Cannery. Whitney suspects Theresa still fantasizes about Ethan despite her recent statement to the contrary. Theresa fears Luis' reaction to her losing yet another job. Jessica lies to Reese until he believes Kay is interested in him. Miguel is oblivious to Kay's flirtation. He and Charity are first in each other's thoughts.


Monday, July 26, 1999 | Episode #16
Despite teasing from Jessica, Kay believes she will land Miguel. She brags about seeing him in the shower and revels in her plan to win his heart.

Theresa avoids Luis to delay his anger at her losing the Cannery job. She tells an annoyed Whitney and Miguel of her dream with Ethan. Ethan searches for the identity of his "stalker". Later at the carnival, the guys are persuaded to join the contest even though they disagree with it. Theresa enters the locker room, unaware that only Ethan awaits...

Awaking from her fantasy about Miguel, Charity finds her mother lying on the floor. Faith awakens blaming the incident on "evil forces." Faith agrees to go to the carnival for Charity's sake. Charity hides the animal claw she found imbedded in the door for Faith's sake.

After bringing cookies to Grace, Tabitha heads for home and reveals her plan never to let the sisters meet. But her spirit board suggests something different...


Tuesday, July 27, 1999 | Episode #17
A heartbroken Sheridan tears up pictures of Jean Luc. After some prompting, Sheridan tells Gwen of her broken engagement and spirits. Sheridan agrees to come home immediately based on Gwen's promise not to tell Ethan of her break-up. Roger is unconvinced of Sheridan's death and orders Pierre to find her...

Kay reveals her plan to declare Miguel the winner of the bogus Mr. Harmony Hunk Contest. Kay pretends to look for Charity, with whom Miguel is preoccupied. Jessica's plans to embarrass Kay with Reese are running smoothly. Whitney and Miguel discuss the disastrous consequences resulting from another meeting between Theresa and Whitney as they realize it is almost probable.

Theresa accidentally rubs sports liniment on Ethan's back as they soon realize each other's identity. Ethan drives Theresa to tears with angry words as Whitney tries to enter the fray. Theresa still believes her intentions will set things right between her and Ethan.

Ivy and Pilar have an intimate discussion of family which leads to a job offering for Theresa. Pilar later tells Theresa of the job and then retracts the offer, saying that it would not be healthy for her. Theresa feigns acceptance, but privately expresses her intentions to Whitney...

Faith and Grace each feel a special bond. Charity's eyes lock with Miguel's during the Contest. Tabitha discovers that her life is dependent on Grace never meeting Faith. With malice in mind, Tabitha and Timmy ride to the carnival...


Wednesday, July 28, 1999 | Episode #18
Kay congratulates Miguel for winning the Mr. Harmony Hunk contest, but he is more concerned with Charity. Jessica's plan comes to fruition when she urges Reese to meet Kay for a date at the Lobster shack. Kay tells Miguel to be at the Lobster Shack for a mystery date. Miguel agrees to go thinking Charity is the mystery date. Kay excitedly misinterprets Miguel's positive response as a sign of interest. Both Kay and Miguel prepare for their dates...

Ivy shows concern for Ethan's apparent stalker. They vow to deal with this girl when they find out her identity. Theresa has everyone convinced of her level-headedness as she sneaks out to personally apologize to the Cranes. Ivy takes an instant liking to her and leads an apprehensive Theresa to Ethan's room for introductions...

Charity and Faith stay the night at a local inn after missing their bus. Faith agrees to go to the carnival tomorrow despite her feeling of palpable evil in the town.

Tabitha believes she has found what will kill Faith and Charity...


Thursday, July 29, 1999 | Episode #19
Pierre and Roger comb the airport for Sheridan who is waiting for her plane home to Harmony.

Ethan and Gwen put off meeting Theresa momentarily while Ivy shows an awestruck Theresa the mansion. Theresa accepts Ivy's job offer just as Ethan and Gwen approach...

Kay walks into Jessica's trap as Sam and Grace stand aghast at Kay's provocative clothing. Kay's dream of seducing Miguel transcends her parents' request that she change her outfit.

Miguel tells Whitney of his excitement at seeing Charity. He tells Whitney that her tennis dreams may be preventing her from dating. Whitney and Miguel question the whereabouts of Theresa.

Tabitha takes control of a sleeping Charity from the convenience of her home. She beckons Charity to a water-filled sink where a hand reaches out to choke her. Tabitha and Timmy attempt to pull her into the water while a choking Charity gasps for help...


Friday, July 30, 1999 | Episode #20
A broken hearted Sheridan acquaints Ethan with the details of her break up with Jean Luc. Both she and Ethan know the pains that come with the Crane name. Ethan vows to make an example of the girl that's stalking him - Theresa, who instead of keeping a low profile is working her way into the mansion and into more trouble.

Tabitha loses her grip on Charity when Grace comes to call; the interruption may have saved Charity, but only until Tabitha regroups.

Though Charity thinks she was dreaming, Faith knows evil is chasing them.

A smitten Reese pursues Kay who continues to chase Miguel. If the truth comes out, there will be more than one broken heart in Harmony. But Kay seems to have passed down her deceptive talents to her younger sister; Jessica's plan continues smoothly as she convinces Reese he's Kay's nerd in shining armor. Meanwhile, a dreamy Miguel waits for his mystery date, which he hopes is Charity.

News of Jean Luc's death is on the street and in the papers. Roger and Pierre have to catch up to Sheridan before she has a chance to blow their cover. It might be too late by the time Sheridan realizes the danger creeping up behind her.


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