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Monday, August 2, 1999 | Episode #21
Theresa finds herself trapped in the lap of luxury. Her confession to Ethan may not get her the desired results as it seems Ethan is even more intent in his crusade against those who target the rich, beginning with his stalker. Ironically, he hopes Pilar's daughter will be able to give him some leads. This may be the least of Theresa's dilemmas: Luis and Pilar know about her real connection to Ethan--just wait until Ivy finds out.

Tabitha's spirit board spells trouble again for Faith and Grace, the separated twins, as she tries desperately to keep them from discovering each other. Their spirits seem to find strength from each other, so even Tabitha may not be able to keep them from meeting at the Lobster Shack.

Grace and Faith aren't the only ones about to rendezvous. Kay figures out that her date is with Reese while Miguel hopes his dream date Charity will turn up.

Sheridan narrowly escapes Roger and Pierre, but even as she passes smoothly over the Atlantic, Roger and Pierre are working to learn her identity and send her to death.


Tuesday, August 3, 1999 | Episode #22
There's a peculiar tornado blowing through Harmony... and Tabitha seems to be at it's core. To keep the sisters from meeting, Tabitha drives Faith away with a storm. Unfortunately for Miguel, she also drives away the girl of his dreams. As for Kay, she schemes to salvage her evening, even if it means ditching Reese. In the calm before the storm, Grace seems at peace as the warmth of her sister's spirit gives her joy.

Theresa flees from the Crane's before being discovered by Ethan. At home, she's incensed at what she believes is Ethan's innate snobbery - but can she give him up?

Ethan knows he overreacted, but his fury at Jean-Luc's betrayal makes him overprotective of Sheridan.

Sheridan, just off the Concorde and in a rush to be at home, makes Luis' acquaintance with quite a bang.


Wednesday, August 4, 1999 | Episode #23
At home, Ivy and Ethan talk about relationships. Though they're talking about Sheridan's ill fortune in love, there may be more to her own story than Ivy is divulging.

Sheridan finds herself a jailbird after flying down the highway. This time Sam backs Luis up on the arrest, but Ethan is indignant at not being able to release his aunt from jail.

Having decided to turn down the job offer following Pilar and Whitney's strict advice, Theresa makes her way back to the mansion. Ethan is still down at the station with Sheridan to Theresa's relief. However, not being around Ethan doesn't stop Theresa from losing her head. Ivy makes Theresa an offer that evokes all her years of dreaming. Who could refuse?

A search ensues for Miguel's missing date. But Charity is on a search of her own. Following the sounds of a lost child may bring Charity right into Tabitha's clutches. As Faith and Grace pray, unknowingly close to each other, Tabitha stands on the verge of winning.


Thursday, August 5, 1999 | Episode #24
Charity helps look for Tabitha's "granddaughter." Tabitha and Timmy may have the upper hand now, especially if Charity doesn't watch her step.

Faith and Grace ask the help of the same priest . . . if only he could see the connection between them.

Sheridan finds out that Gwen turned Ethan's proposal down. Gwen explains that she wants Ethan's love to be a true one. Sheridan has decided that she's going to look for a love like Ethan and Gwen's; neither one of them has to worry that the other is after them only for money.

Ivy and Julian demonstrate their disgust for each other once again, when Julian threatens to fire Pilar for her son's behavior toward the Crane family. Ivy refuses to let him do it-Pilar is a friend. Will Julian cross Ivy again?

Theresa's departure from the Crane Mansion proves to be filled with obstacles. When she runs into Ethan she is finally able to talk to him face to face. Her explanations may land her in jail, though. Now, she's on the run from the Cranes--and their not so little dogs, too.


Friday, August 6, 1999 | Episode #25
Faith and Grace cross each other's paths again in the church, but Charity's disappearance prolongs their meeting. Faith's fears for her daughter make her miss her sister once again.

Rescuing Charity, Miguel finally finds the girl he's been looking for-she seems to have fallen for him, too. Tabitha and Timmy's plans are thwarted, but she isn't giving up yet. The gruesome two-some won't cease until they have taken care of Charity and kept Faith and Grace apart.

Gwen wishes she hadn't turned Ethan down. If she could get him to put the ring back on her finger, she could be rid of that regret. Are Ethan's intentions the same?

Luis pulls up to the Crane Mansion at the trigger of the alarm. Despite the harsh greeting from Ethan, his presence is welcome; he is the vehicle of Theresa's escape.


Monday, August 9, 1999 | Episode #26
Still lost in lust, Kay makes plans for a morning trip to the pier where Miguel will be working. But Kay is caught spying, and she has to come up with a fishy excuse for being down at the docks. Her meeting with Miguel doesn't go in Kay's favor when Miguel dreamily tells her that he found Charity. Playing the nice girl, Kay tells Miguel that she'll help him find Charity. Scheming Kay may be disappointed again as Miguel gets ever closer to Charity who plots to return to Harmony.

Charity can't find the will to make her powers surface. Despite her mother's efforts, Charity may be headed back into Tabitha's clutches.

Theresa wants to change her look. If she's going to work for Mrs. Crane, she's got to keep Ethan from recognizing her. No amount of Whitney's warnings makes Theresa waiver. Ethan and Ivy are determined to send Ethan's stalker behind bars. Even with sketchy evidence against her, Theresa's in for some trouble-if Theresa goes to the Crane Mansion, she may also be heading to jail.


Tuesday, August 10, 1999 | Episode #27
Charity is going the distance for love. She's travelling to Harmony on her own to find Miguel. Kay would do anything to impede this meeting. If Jessica would not intervene it would be a lot easier to keep the two apart.

Theresa doesn't have a change of heart about her job with Ivy Crane-she's got a change of clothes. No matter what Theresa and Whitney try there's no way Ivy isn't going to notice the change. It can't be too long before Ethan notices too. More importantly, will Theresa's plan work in the face of Frank Lomax's artistic investigation?

Dreams of a handsome stranger and promises of true love deliver Sheridan into Luis' arms. Ever since the crash their cars and their lives have become entangled. Now even Sam suspects that the two are closer than they'd like to appear.


Wednesday, August 11, 1999 | Episode #28
Before she can leave "the big house" for another large residence-the Crane Mansion-Sheridan has another run in with Luis. This time he's hit her where it hurts. Never ask a broken hearted woman about the man who's broken her heart.

At the police station Frank asks around about Ethan's stalker. This may be the only time Luis' disdain for the Cranes helps Theresa's campaign. But Theresa's masquerade may be over soon despite her deceiving disguise when Ethan finally meets her. Can Theresa satisfy Ethan's request-to help him find his stalker-without turning herself in?

If Kay had it her way Charity would be on the other side of Harmony looking for Miguel, but Jessica ruins this conspiracy. Charity and Miguel find each other again, even if it is only to say good bye. Is there any way that Charity could stay?

The search party is not the only group looking for Charity-Tabitha and Timmy continue their hunt. On her return to Harmony, Charity's luck might run out, as Tabitha is more determined than ever to give Charity a reason to say farewell.


Thursday, August 12, 1999 | Episode #29
Narrow escapes seem to be Theresa's forte. Ethan doesn't recognize her as his stalker despite how familiar she seems. Pilar is nervous though; this job could mean the end of more than Theresa's dreams of becoming a millionaire if her brother or Ethan learn what she's doing. Confident Theresa is not yet ready to give up her purpose.

Kay and Simone can't seem to separate Charity and Miguel, though they try again and again. Charity is spending the day in Harmony. She may stay longer if her mother finds the person she's looking for. Miguel suggests that Mrs. Bennett may be of help-little does he know that they're talking about Mrs. Bennett's own sister.

Grace's lunch invitation to Tabitha may be a dangerous proposition. Too bad Tabitha doesn't see the potential.

Sheridan's childhood memories haunt her. As she runs from her history with the Cranes, she recreates her not so distant past. It seems as if she just can't stop running into Luis.


Friday, August 13, 1999 | Episode #30
Whitney's future is the question at hand with TC and Eve. What if she doesn't make the Olympic team, Eve wonders? Are family relations doomed to wane if Whitney's career does?

Luis and Sheridan finally agree. They have decided they want to be as far from each other as possible. Sheridan's planning a move again. However, Ethan's intervention keeps Sheridan in Harmony while Pilar's birthday party draws her closer to Harmony's citizens-even the ones she doesn't want to be close to. The birthday party may mean trouble for Theresa too. Unexpected guests leave Luis embarrassed and Theresa with cake on her face.

Charity and Miguel's romance grows hot with the samba moves, Latin music, and some special chilis. Kay, on the other hand, is on fire with jealousy-she's stuck with Reese while Charity and Miguel dance the night away. But Charity will get burned when she learns time really does fly.

Time isn't on Charity's side, but for Grace tardiness proves to be fateful tonight. If she hadn't been late for Pilar's she may have missed the momentous phone call-from her sister. Faith and Grace are only a telephone line away!


Monday, August 16, 1999 | Episode #31
Missing her bus forces Charity to take a cab home. Thanks to a helpful Kay, Charity has enough money for the cab and can take off right away, but that means she can't say goodbye to Miguel. That's not the worst of Charity's troubles; with Tabitha in the driver's seat she's in for a bumpy ride.

Faith and Grace make a connection-a phone connection. Now that they've talked, will they ever meet?

It's Pilar's party and there are plenty of party games. Theresa and Ethan play their familiar cat and mouse game, while Luis may be playing with fire. Sheridan and Ethan's arrival is the surprise of the evening: topped only by the surprise kiss of the evening.


Tuesday, August 17, 1999 | Episode #32
Charity has a knight on a shining motorcycle. Miguel, upon hearing Father Lonigan's concern about the young girl's safety, rushes to save Charity. Tabitha plans to nip her problem with Charity and Faith in the bud by hitting Charity on the head. Her opportunity to get rid of Charity is stopped with Miguel's arrival. Miguel and Charity say their good-byes outside Charity's house while Tabitha and Timmy watch. Though Charity tries to be hopeful Faith insists they must move away.

Sam and Julian meet about the Police Department budget and Sam pretends he doesn't know Ivy. Julian is suspicious when Ivy decides to attend the Police Picnic, she says it's for Ethan's sake. Are old memories going to be too much for both Sam and Ivy?

TC's knee gives him grief again. A friendly game of basketball proves painful, but TC isn't willing to own up to it. There are even more aching memories to go with the hurt in his knee. TC's secrecy is worrisome for Eve.


Wednesday, August 18, 1999 | Episode #33
Luis and Sheridan have finally found some common ground-at the beach. Is there a friendship in the works? Not when Julian gets involved. Though Julian is against using sexual harassment as Sheridan's defense in court (the publicity could be detrimental), he makes a call to the mayor claiming a complaint.

Sam lets Luis know about the complaint; they think it's Sheridan's doing. Luis wonders how he could have let himself be fooled by her charms. There's no way he's letting her go free now.

Theresa enjoys her day at the country club until she runs into Frank. The investigator puts her in the hot seat, but she's able to throw him off the scent by telling him the stalker has moved. He doesn't stay fooled though. While Theresa's gotten quite proficient at avoiding Ethan, she has to hone her skills in evading Frank-he's on to her.

Whitney is offered a corporate sponsorship from Crane Industries for her tennis career. Considering the cost of playing tennis, Whitney is thrilled. TC's not quite as happy. Tension reigns when Julian and TC meet and TC rejects the offer. Ivy's observation of Julian's stress during the meeting leads her to wonder.

Eve's wondering about a few things too. She can't seem to unlock TC's shed or his secrets.


Thursday, August 19, 1999 | Episode #34
Whitney, intimidated by the club and its snooty members, doesn't plan on working there any longer. Theresa proves to her that they both belong and before long this will be their life-only they'll do it right. Theresa has always thrived off her aspirations of fortune and fame. A day at the country club makes Theresa feel like she's living out her dreams, but today her dreams may be shattered: Frank Lomax is on the prowl and he knows she's lied to him.

Sheridan thought Luis would soften his case against her, after all, they seemed to have connected. Luis thought so too, but he's convinced Sheridan had ulterior motives behind being so charming; she wanted him to go easy on her. After Sheridan's punishment is assigned-100 hours of community service at the Youth Center-she plans to make arrangements with the director of the Center. She's in for another surprise when she finds out who the director is.

Miguel can't stand to let Charity leave. He convinces Grace to meet Charity's mother and try to talk her out of it. Charity tells him not to bother; her mother's mind is made up. She can't bear to leave without seeing Miguel once more and leaves for Harmony with a good luck charm for Miguel. This is nothing but bad news for Tabitha and Timmy. They celebrate, thinking Charity and Faith are moving away. While Charity's last minute visit to Harmony is their worst nightmare, it may be the answer to all of Faith and Grace's prayers!


Friday, August 20, 1999 | Episode #35
Tabitha and Timmy's celebration is cut short by Charity's return to Harmony. Charity is on the verge of finding Grace and reuniting with Miguel. When there's no answer at Pilar's, is the opportunity lost? Miguel's persistence may save the day.

Conflict rises out of confusion for Sheridan again. The handsome hunk on the road, a harmony native, charms her. They have more in common than they think-a certain Harmony cop is a mutual acquaintance. When they part, unwittingly it's for the same place to see the same person: the director of the Youth Center, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Hank is back in Harmony and his appearance can complicate the clash between Luis and Sheridan.


Monday, August 23, 1999 | Episode #36
Charity and Miguel are excited to search for Charity's aunt. Now that they know she's in Harmony, Grace will definitely be able to help. They have no idea how much.

Family life for the Bennetts is a surprise a minute. Kay pays Jessica back for her schemes against her. Jessica can't get out of this one, but she won't stop helping Charity and Miguel stay together. As Charity gets closer to Grace, Grace is getting closer to remembering her past. No matter how draining the venture to find her family has been Grace plans to continue. Her biggest clue comes today. Sam reunites with family too-his brother, Hank. Sam soon discovers Hank hasn't changed, he's only in Harmony so he can rest before his next set of adventures.

Sheridan thinks she's washed her hands of Luis and of the community service assignment. Hank lets her make a donation in lieu of giving her time. Too bad it wasn't his decision to make. There's money in it for the Center and romance in it for him-why not?

Luis is finding some romance too, with an old flame. But he's still not rid of Sheridan--wait till he finds out about her donation.


Tuesday, August 24, 1999 | Episode #37
Grace and Faith's connection on the Internet begins to shed light on Grace's past and the evil she has to fight. Timmy thinks he's doomed now that Tabitha lies lifeless on the couch. When he revives her she's fired up and resolved to stop Charity and Grace from meeting.

Luis learns of Sheridan's assignment. Sheridan, fearing charges of bribery, takes the check back. Despite Luis' efforts to reassign Sheridan, it looks like the two of them are ordained to suffer each other's company. Hank places himself strategically in the middle-he makes a date with Sheridan.

Theresa and Whitney convince Ethan that the search for his stalker should not continue. Ivy and Frank, however, are going to continue with the investigation. Will the girls be able to hide the truth much longer?


Wednesday, August 25, 1999 | Episode #38
Faith continues to tell Grace about the forces which are after her. Tabitha will stop at nothing to keep Grace ignorant of the truth. Using her manipulative powers of evil, Tabitha gives everyone a good scare.

Miguel and Charity are so close to meeting up with Grace. But with so many obstacles, Charity is ready to give up. Miguel isn't willing to lose Charity that easily.

Luis and Sheridan realize it's going to be a rough life for the both of them. Hank fails as moderator since the both of them are so determined to hate each other. Sheridan is going to prove Luis wrong-she can handle the Youth Center.

Ethan stops Frank from questioning Theresa and Whitney. Theresa thinks she's safe for good with Ethan on her side. Whitney's not so sure. And her fears are not unfounded: Frank knows the girls are lying and he's determined to expose the truth.


Thursday, August 26, 1999 | Episode #39
Tabitha may have stopped Grace from discovering Faith and Charity, but she can't hide all her secrets. Especially one named Timmy.

Kay realizes Charity may be Grace's link to her past, but if Charity stays Kay will never be with Miguel. So Kay knows her mother and Charity should not meet-her love life is on the line. But when Faith is on the line, Kay finds Charity and Miguel. Charity is able to override Faith's hysteria. Everything will be all right; Charity's spotted her aunt in Harmony!

Theresa thinks she's in the clear. There's no reason for Ethan to be suspicious and Frank is off the case-or is he? Theresa's got her guard down and Frank is on the prowl.

Gwen tries to get Ethan's mind off his stalker. The case is closed and she thinks he should concentrate on other things-marrying her for instance.


Friday, August 27, 1999 | Episode #40
Whitney and Theresa don't know how lucky they are. Frank, beeped by Ethan, had to leave his post. His lookout tells him neither of the girls was frumpy. Will Frank put the clues together? Ethan, having taken care of the stalker case, is put on the spot by Gwen. He lets her know he will ask her to marry him when the time is right. Theresa still fantasizes about Ethan falling for her-could it ever happen?

Grace tells Eve what she's discovered about her past. Eve is joyful at the news. Grace may discover even more when the spirit board begins to move. Sam even has a crazy idea-he thinks finding Charity will get them closer to the truth.

Tabitha's heart attack scene has served its purpose: Grace didn't meet Charity and she never will. Tabitha is contented once again. Charity has to leave Harmony; Faith demands it, she's in terrible danger. Kay prevents Simone from showing Charity a picture of Grace. Charity and Miguel go back to his house to get his bike and get her home. Theresa and Whitney try to convince him to keep her in Harmony.


Monday, August 30, 1999 | Episode #41
Sheridan continues to be haunted by memories of her past. Ms. Crane believes her tendency to make bad decisions and choose the wrong men stems from that terrible night all those years ago. Pilar tries to comfort her, but even she has a hard time denying that people will turn away from Sheridan if the truth came out.

Pilar is convinced she married the right man and that her husband did not really abandon her and the family. Conversely, Hank asks Luis about his father and brother, Antonio, but quickly realizes the subject is still a sore spot for his friend.

Sam and Grace put the pieces together and realize Charity is probably Grace's niece. Grace fears that the dark forces Faith talked about really are keeping her and her sister apart. The Bennetts race home, but Charity has already left. While Sam and Grace try contacting Faith on-line, Simone tries convincing Kay to tell her parents that Charity is at Miguel's. Meanwhile, Miguel's motorcycle won't start. Will Kay tell her parents the truth before Charity leaves town? Or will she keep Charity's whereabouts a secret to keep Miguel for herself, and thereby destroy her mother's last chance to discover her past?


Tuesday, August 31, 1999 | Episode #42
Ethan worries about Sheridan's date with Hank. Since Hank is not from their social class, he could be using her. Sheridan explains that she just needs a night out of the house, away from the memories. Sheridan's date with Hank gets off on the wrong foot when he shows up at her cottage on the Crane estate against her wishes.

Luis gets ready for his date with Beth, not knowing that he's on yet another collision course with Sheridan Crane. Pilar's plea for Luis to go easy on Sheridan falls on deaf ears.

Sam and Grace watch helplessly as the key to her past rides away on the back of Miguel's motorcycle. Grace and Pilar pray for things to work out. Elsewhere, Faith also prays, but her candle is mysteriously blown out by the wind and howling is heard from outside. Sam comes up with an idea to help his wife, but it's risky.

Miguel and Charity stop at a roadside garage when his bike breaks down. Miguel fears he will never see Charity again and so he asks her to do something that he's wanted to do since the first time he saw her.


Wednesday, September 1, 1999 | Episode #43
Luis and Beth reminisce about their high school romance. Their date unhappily becomes a double date with Sheridan and Hank when they are forced to share a table at The Lobster Shack.

Miguel realizes that once he sees Charity's mom, he'll be able to identify her twin in Harmony. Unfortunately, Tabitha comes to the same conclusion when she spots Charity on the back of Miguel's motorcycle, and she follows them home. Charity tries to convince a distrusting Faith to meet with Miguel, who is waiting outside. However, Tabitha creates more evil havoc, causing a terrified Faith to promise to leave town tonight.

The Little Girl cryptically warns Grace, "All will happen tonight." Grace must be strong or else all will be lost for her and her family. Eve and TC are concerned when Grace insists that the statue of the little girl came to life, but they are overjoyed that Grace communicated with her twin sister. Grace worries something terrible will happen to keep her and her sister apart. Jessica can't wait to tell Kay that Charity is their cousin.


Thursday, September 2, 1999 | Episode #44
Kay apologizes for slapping Simone. Simone informs her that not only did Kay lose Miguel, but she's also lost her best friend. Kay tearfully explains why Miguel means so much to her and that she's tired of going to dances alone.

Over the phone, Miguel excitedly tells Charity that Grace Bennett is her aunt. Charity stuns her mother when she claims she has Faith's twin sister on the phone. Faith hesitates to talk to Grace, fearing that the dark forces are deceiving her. Grace struggles to find a way to prove that she is telling the truth. While Grace is on the phone, Tabitha drops by the Bennett house and is shocked by what she hears. She vows to put a stop to the sisters' reunion.

Sheridan has a horrifying experience while participating in a magic trick. Tormented by memories of her past, Sheridan says too much when Luis and Hank come to her rescue.


Friday, September 3, 1999 | Episode #45
Theresa assures Whitney that her problems are solved since she's convinced Ethan and Frank that the stalker has moved to South America. Little does she know that Frank is determined to follow Whitney and Theresa around until he discovers the truth. Theresa teases Whitney about her feelings for Frank. While Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald runs an errand, Frank catches up with Whitney. Whitney becomes flustered when Frank questions her about her love life. She becomes even more nervous when Theresa shows up. Whitney signals for her friend to leave, but Theresa doesn't understand. Will Theresa finally get caught?

Kay is devastated when Jessica gleefully confirms her worst nightmare - Charity is their cousin. Kay lets it slip that she knew all along and didn't tell anybody. Jessica blasts her sister for being so awful and threatens to tell their parents and Miguel about Kay's treachery.
Sam arranges for Grace and Faith to talk face-to-face over the computer. The twin sisters have a tearful reunion, but Faith tells Grace she'll explain everything in the morning when the power of the dark forces is weaker. Once they are reunited tomorrow, nothing can tear them apart again. Sam and Miguel vow to protect the women they love.

Miguel and Charity plan her future in Harmony.

A terrified Timmy waits while Tabitha mysteriously strengthens her powers in the basement. After hearing dreadful noises from the basement, Timmy is horrified by what he sees when the basement door creaks open.


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