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Monday, October 4, 1999 | Episode #66
Simone's crush deepens on an unsuspecting Chad as she helps him look for a jacket at the Police Benefit. Eve is concerned when she spots Simone with Chad. Stay away from Chad, Eve warns her daughter. He looks like trouble. However, Simone can't resist the new boy in town and disobeys her mother. Simone is forced to choose between her father's happiness and her attraction to Chad.

Sheridan enlists the LA Lakers' Robert Horry to help her teach Luis a lesson. Robert is astonished by Sheridan's determination to learn basketball in order to show up Luis. Sheridan makes real progress, fueled by her desire to pay back Luis for humiliating her. Luis arrives at the gym, and Sheridan tries to hide Robert.

Charity reacts badly to Miguel's presence. Kay secretly rejoices, and Tabitha is pleasantly surprised. Miguel is baffled by Charity's reaction while Kay pretends to be Charity's friend. A bemused Tabitha watches Kay in action. Tabitha realizes Miguel could become a problem in her quest to destroy Charity. Tabitha also worries that Grace is starting to remember too much about her past. The hospital staff catches Timmy.


Tuesday, October 5, 1999 | Episode #67
Pilar warns Ivy that if she tries to see Sam again, she will bring disaster to the entire Crane family. Ethan overhears as Pilar pleads with Ivy to retract her dinner invitation to the Bennetts and Russells. Ivy manages to cover. Ethan announces that Theresa has agreed to come back to work for Ivy. Ivy is overjoyed while Pilar masks her concern.

Theresa daydreams about Ethan. Whitney thinks Theresa is making a big mistake by returning to the Crane mansion. She fears Theresa is slipping back into her little fantasy world. Theresa defends her actions - she's only returning to work so she can make contacts to assist her fashion career. Pilar warns Theresa that people who get too close to the Cranes ultimately get hurt.

TC and Chad have a heated confrontation when TC accuses Chad of stealing his bomber jacket. Chad swears he paid for the jacket, but he has no receipt. Chad becomes angry when he thinks Chief of Police Sam is unfairly siding with his friend, TC. Chad refuses to give up the jacket. Simone stops dead in her tracks when she sees her father with Chad. Simone is put on the spot when TC asks his daughter why she sold his jacket when he specifically asked her not to do so. Chad and Whitney have a run-in.

While Robert Horry hides from Luis, Sheridan tries to cover for why she is at the gym. Sheridan feels guilty when Luis apologizes for making her look bad and offers to teach her basketball so she can coach a girl's team. The two momentarily let their guard down, but miscommunication sets off another battle of words. Sheridan angrily challenges Luis to a rematch.


Wednesday, October 6, 1999 | Episode #68
Miguel frets about how Charity will react to seeing him again. Theresa consoles her brother. Kay anxiously arrives at the hospital to make sure Charity hasn't remembered anything. Eve asks Charity if she knows anyone named Miguel. Miguel and Kay both wait nervously for an answer, but hope for very different responses.

Simone informs Kay she has met the boy of her dreams. She is determined to get to know Chad better. TC teasingly lets Eve squirm about his jacket since she didn't tell him she took it to the flea market to sell. Eve confronts her daughter when she realizes Simone went against her wishes by hanging out with Chad. Eve tenses when TC makes a comment about her perfect past. Chad and Luis get into a fistfight. Luis begins to arrest Chad, and Chad reveals this isn't the first time he's gone to jail. Luis decides to let Chad go when he realizes Chad didn't mean to attack him. Luis invites Chad to grab some food and get cleaned up at the youth center.

Sheridan tells Ethan she wants to teach Luis a lesson for being so arrogant. Luis and Sheridan prepare for their one-on-one rematch game. They decide to make a wager.

Ethan and Theresa get to know each other better. Theresa hugs Ethan when he offers to help her with some work.


Thursday, October 7, 1999 | Episode #69
Simone and Kay plan a romantic dinner with their respective dream guys. Kay squirms when Eve promises to find out why Charity is afraid of Miguel. Eve has Grace introduce herself to Charity, but Charity confuses Grace for her mother. Charity is devastated to learn her mother is dead.

Simone desperately tries to keep Chad from leaving town. She helps him search for any relatives in Harmony.

Theresa tears up when Ethan talks about marrying Gwen. Ethan tells Theresa he knows why she is crying. Theresa is floored when Ethan calls her beautiful. Theresa admits she is in love with a boy, but he doesn't how she feels about him. Ethan asks her the identity of her crush. Will she tell him? Gwen eavesdrops on Ethan and Theresa. She is troubled when she spies the closeness between them.

Luis is amazed by Sheridan's victory over him. Hank informs Sheridan how Luis made many personal sacrifices to support his family. Sheridan softens. Ms. Crane feels even worse when Luis presents her with a special gift. Luis catches Sheridan with Robert Horry and becomes incensed. Unbeknownst to Sheridan, bigger trouble is brewing for her overseas. Her more recent past is catching up with her. In Paris, Roger and Pierre (the men who murdered Jean Luc) continue to look for clues to Sheridan's identity and whereabouts. They must get rid of her so she can't link them to Jean Luc's death. Roger and Pierre set a trap for Sheridan.


Friday, October 8, 1999 | Episode #70
Ivy overhears Ethan ordering an engagement ring. She's thrilled that Ethan is planning to propose to Gwen. When Ethan responds enigmatically, Ivy jumps to the conclusion that Ethan intends to marry another woman. Ivy warns her son not to marry out of their social class. Meanwhile, Theresa believes she still has a chance with Ethan as long as he doesn't marry Gwen. She's convinced Ethan has been brainwashed into believing he loves Gwen. Pilar tells Theresa that Ivy would never approve of Ethan marrying the housekeeper's daughter. Theresa is stunned when Ivy announces Ethan's intention to propose to Gwen. Ivy encourages Ethan to take Theresa to the ballet.

Whitney is still bitter about Chad ripping her favorite jeans when he bumped into her the other night. She doesn't share her sister's high opinion of him - she thinks Chad is bad news. Chad and Whitney have another argument when he offends her by calling tennis a white man's sport. Chad goes on the defensive when Whitney refuses to believe he produced songs.

Miguel has second thoughts about leaving Charity's side to have dinner with Kay and Simone. Eve confides to Grace that she finds it hard to connect with Simone.

Timmy is grateful Tabitha came to his rescue. Tabitha worries about Charity, whose powers are growing with each passing day. Tabitha comes up with a new plan to destroy Charity. She resorts to a needle and thread since her powers are gone, and disguises herself as a nun.


Monday, October 11, 1999 | Episode #71
Tabitha orders Timmy to dig a grave for Charity. Tabitha hopes to convince Charity to leave the hospital and then kill her when she's vulnerable. Dressed as a nun, Tabitha pays Charity a visit at the hospital. Tabitha finds Father Lonigan by Charity's bedside and tricks him into leaving. Father Lonigan senses Tabitha's evil presence. Will he discover Tabitha before she carries out her evil plot?

Whitney threatens to call the cops if Chad doesn't pay for her jeans. Whitney angrily warns Chad to stay away from her. Kay and Simone prepare their romantic dinner with Miguel and Chad, who do not suspect the girls' ulterior motives. Miguel can't get his mind off Charity, much to Kay's dismay. Simone freaks when Chad arrives at her house while her mother is still home. Kay and Simone work hard to prevent Eve from seeing Chad.

Julian is thrown when Ethan announces he's escorting Theresa to the ballet. Julian assumes Ethan is going out with Theresa to sow some wild oats before marrying Gwen. Julian heartily gives Ethan his blessing. He's never thought of Theresa in that way, Ethan insists. Meanwhile, Theresa is in heaven as Ivy dresses her in an elegant gown and stunning jewelry. Theresa's lifelong dreams are finally coming true. Ivy encourages Theresa to keep pushing Ethan to marry Gwen, but Theresa has other plans. Ivy predicts tonight will be a night to remember for everyone as she thinks about her plans for Sam. Pilar predicts disaster for everyone. Ethan is impressed when he sees a stunning Theresa makes her entrance. Taking note of the way Julian eyes Theresa, Ivy warns her husband not to go after the young girl. Julian ponders Ivy's motives for tonight's dinner party.


Tuesday, October 12, 1999 | Episode #72
After her conversation with a disguised Tabitha, Charity is convinced her mother may still be alive. Tabitha lifts a hypodermic needle and some drugs from the hospital. She follows a disoriented Charity as she heads for Castleton. Tabitha tells Timmy she's going to reunite Charity with her dead mother.

Enchanted by her surroundings, Theresa feels compelled to confess her love for Ethan. However, Theresa is interrupted when the ballet begins. Inspired by the story of Cinderella, Theresa reveals her feelings for Ethan in the darkened theater.

Kay and Simone's dinner plans go awry. Kay lies to keep Miguel from calling the hospital to check on Charity. Meanwhile, Whitney and Chad have a nasty confrontation after Whitney finds Chad in her house. Chad is shocked to learn Whitney and Simone are related. The Russell sisters argue over Chad. Whitney answers the phone when Eve calls. Simone fears Whitney will tell their mom about Chad.

Grace is alone in her enthusiasm for having dinner at the Cranes. Sam worries about Ivy's motives. Meanwhile, Ivy anticipates being around Sam again. Ivy accuses Julian of boycotting her dinner because he is afraid of TC. An awkward and tense evening ensues. Grace is awed by the elegance of the Crane mansion while Sam, Eve, and TC can't wait to leave. Grace is surprised by Ivy's dinner plans. Ivy makes Sam uncomfortable with her games. Julian decides to join the party to keep an eye on Ivy. Eve and TC are unhappy to see Julian for reasons unknown to other.


Wednesday, October 13, 1999 | Episode #73
Theresa's evening becomes an emotional rollercoaster. During the ballet, Theresa pours her heart out to Ethan. She's disappointed when she realizes Ethan didn't hear a word she said. Theresa is hurt when Ethan says he doesn't believe people from two different worlds could really fall in love. However, Theresa's hope is renewed when Ethan encourages her to not give up on her dreams.

Tabitha tries to run Charity down with her car. Charity hitches a ride to Castleton. Tabitha refuses to give up her quest to destroy Charity. Kay learns Charity is missing, but keeps the truth from Miguel.

Simone is forced to let Whitney play chaperone. Whitney is furious when she becomes the victim of Simone's cooking experiments.

Pilar purposely interrupts Ivy as she flirts with Sam. Pilar reminds Ivy how much she and Sam will lose if she continues to pursue him. Ivy seethes when she sees Sam and Grace kiss. Julian and Eve conspire to keep their secret from TC. Eve fears she will lose everything if TC discovers what happened between her and Julian. TC recalls an unpleasant incident from his and Julian's past. Eve is puzzled by a tense exchange between Julian and her husband.


Thursday, October 14, 1999 | Episode #74
Pilar tries to boost Sheridan's spirits. Sheridan wonders if anyone will ever love her. Sheridan complains about the way Luis treats her. Pilar tries to help Sheridan understand her son better by explaining what drives Luis. Hank notes that Sheridan affects Luis in a way no one else does. Later, a patrolling Luis encounters Sheridan on an evening walk. He warns her to go home - a mugger is reportedly in the area. Sheridan haughtily tells Luis she can protect herself. The mugger attacks Sheridan.

Eve and TC catch Simone with Chad when they arrive home. Eve scolds both her daughters for deliberately lying to her. Simone stands up to her mother for the first time. When Eve questions Chad's background, Simone points out how she's never met any of Eve's family. While the women argue, TC and Chad have an awkward chat. Chad asks TC and Eve if they know anyone in Harmony with the last name of Harris. Eve covers her reaction to the name, but says she doesn't know anyone by the name Harris. Simone accuses Eve of ruining her life.

Miguel is distraught over Charity's disappearance while Kay tries to conceal her joy. Miguel correctly guesses Charity went looking for her home in Castleton. Kay hides evidence to support his theory. Miguel learns Charity was spotted in Castleton. Kay insists on going with him to look for Charity, while secretly vowing to thwart his search. Charity begins to remember the fire. While Charity rummages through the debris of her house, Tabitha plunges a needle into the young girl. Tabitha gets a devilish idea when she hears a train whistle nearby.


Friday, October 15, 1999 | Episode #75
Theresa's glamorous night continues. Ethan gets a kick out of Theresa's excitement. Theresa charms and impresses the high society crowd. She's excited when a newspaper photographer takes a picture of her and Ethan. However, Theresa panics when she realizes Luis will find out she's working for the Cranes when he sees the picture in the paper.

Luis and the mugger struggle. Sheridan tries to help, but ends up knocking out Luis. Luis regains consciousness before the mugger can harm Sheridan, but the mugger gets away. Luis blasts Sheridan for interfering. Now, the mugger is free to attack someone else thanks to her. Sheridan insists on driving home Luis, who is still recovering from Sheridan's "help." Sheridan affects Luis as she attends to his wounds. Luis and Sheridan argue when Luis declares that rich people and poor people are incompatible. Sheridan unknowingly jeopardizes Theresa's secret.

Kay and Miguel get into an accident when Miguel's motorcycle spins out of control and crashes. Kay worries she killed Miguel since she purposely slashed a tire to slow down Miguel's search for Charity. Kay fears she's been caught when Miguel inspects his tire. Kay fakes an injury to win Miguel's attention and distract him from his search.

Tabitha and Timmy drag Charity's unconscious body to the train tracks. They rush to get Charity to the tracks before the train arrives.


Monday, October 18, 1999 | Episode #76
Ethan destroys the pictures taken of him and Theresa so Luis will never know they were together. However, Luis arrives at the party with Sheridan and is incensed when he catches a glimpse of Ethan with his sister. Theresa freaks when she spots her brother. Ethan helps Theresa evade Luis before he can track them down. Luis is determined to find out why his sister is with Ethan Crane.

Whitney and Simone argue again. Whitney thinks their mother is right - Chad is bad news. Simone accuses Whitney of being jealous of her because Whitney has no boys in her life. Whitney worries about Simone's bad attitude. Meanwhile, Chad's temper flares when he's provoked at a bar. Chad later comes up with a way to earn some fast cash so he can get out of Harmony.

TC thinks Eve was too hard on Simone. Eve almost says too much about her past, but covers. TC unwittingly makes Eve feel guilty. Whitney makes a confession to Eve and is taken aback by her mother's reaction.

Kay tries to convince Miguel to give up his search for Charity. Miguel spots a clue on the ground. Tabitha and Timmy struggle to move an unconscious Charity onto the train tracks before the train arrives. Timmy makes a mistake, which threatens their evil plans.


Tuesday, October 19, 1999 | Episode #77
Eve tries to get TC to open up about his past. She wants to know what's bothering him, but TC insists nothing is wrong. TC tenses when Eve asks if the Cranes have anything to do with his mood.

Luis throws open a dressing room door expecting to find Theresa, but is shocked to find Gwen instead. Luis is still adamant about seeing his sister with Ethan and angrily accuses Ethan of hiding her. Sheridan and Gwen work to keep Luis from spotting a hidden Theresa. Once Luis leaves, Theresa sneaks out a back door, and Ethan has his chauffeur drive her home. An angry Gwen demands answers from Ethan. She wants to know why she caught him with another woman. Meanwhile, Sheridan stalls Luis in order to give Theresa enough time to get home. Ms. Crane has fun irritating an impatient Luis. Theresa panics as the chauffeur fixes a flat tire. Will she get home in time to prevent Luis from discovering the truth?

Simone sneaks out of the house to look for Chad on the bad side of town. Whitney attempts to track her sister down before she gets into serious trouble. Chad's life is threatened. Simone screams when she sees Chad fighting with a guy armed with a knife. Whitney finds Simone with an injured Chad. Simone refuses to go home with her sister.

Tabitha and Timmy rejoice when they finally get Charity onto the train tracks. As the train approaches, Timmy's foot gets stuck in the tracks. Tabitha and Timmy are forced to hide when Kay and Miguel arrive near the tracks. Kay is shocked when she sees Charity lying on the train tracks, but she hesitates to tell Miguel. Miguel finally spots Charity on his own and races to save her from the oncoming train. Kay screams in horror as the train whizzes by.


Wednesday, October 20, 1999 | Episode #78
Eve and Whitney discuss TC's peculiar visits to the shed. Eve conceals her concern from her daughter. Eve worries about her past, especially when she runs into Julian at the hospital. Julian is happy to see her, but the feeling is not mutual. Whitney promises TC to focus on tennis, not boys. Assuming TC knows about the previous night, Chad begins to reveal that Whitney and Simone were with him at the pool hall. Whitney freezes when she sees Chad talking to her father.

The previous night's debacle notwithstanding, Tabitha is determined to eliminate Charity. She now realizes she needs help in getting rid of the young girl. Tabitha heads over to the Bennetts.

Jessica is stunned when she overhears Kay confess to seeing Charity on the tracks and doing nothing to help her. Jessica blasts her sister for almost letting their cousin die. Kay swears she would have told Miguel in time. Jessica and Simone are awed by Kay's new "love nest." Kay reveals that her new bedroom is designed to seduce Miguel.

Grace questions Charity as to why she left the hospital. Grace is puzzled when Charity mentions being visited by a nun. Charity still feels uneasy around Miguel. Grace and Sam decide to have Charity move in with them.


Thursday, October 21, 1999 | Episode #79
Gwen dreams about Theresa taking Ethan away from her. A nervous Gwen asks Ethan if anything happened between him and Theresa last night. Ethan assures Gwen that Theresa means nothing to him, but Gwen is still upset. Gwen eavesdrops as Julian asks his son if he ever thought about bedding Theresa. Gwen thinks Theresa is interested in Ethan, but a na´ve Ethan isn't convinced.

Theresa is on a high as she recounts her magical evening with Ethan. Despite Pilar and Whitney's warnings that Ethan will not return her love, Theresa is convinced Ethan has feelings for her. Whitney cautions Theresa to be wary of Gwen, who probably won't give Ethan up very easily.

Miguel receives shocking news when he calls the hospital to check on Charity. Kay is forced to do some fast talking when Miguel overhears her say she's glad Charity is gone. Meanwhile, Charity recognizes Tabitha, but she doesn't remember how. Tabitha fears Charity will remember her as the nun. Tabitha recalls the fire she set twenty years ago to kill Grace. The Bennetts recount how Sam saved Grace from the fire. Miguel is shocked to find Charity at the Bennett home, while Kay hides her fury. Charity thanks Miguel for saving her life, but she is still inexplicably afraid of him.


Friday, October 22, 1999 | Episode #80
Julian urges Ethan to sleep with Theresa before marrying Gwen. Julian suggests Ethan plan a romantic dinner with Gwen to quell Gwen's jealousy over Theresa.

Gwen catches Theresa admiring Ethan's picture. Gwen tries to discern Theresa's true feelings for Ethan. Theresa tries her best to conceal her love for Ethan, but Gwen remains suspicious. Theresa misunderstands Ethan's motives once again when he asks her to prepare a romantic dinner for two.

Timmy devises a plan to get rid of Fluffy, while Tabitha comes up with a new plan to get rid of Charity. Tabitha finds herself an ally in Kay. She hopes to push Kay over the edge by manipulating Grace into taking something valuable away from Kay.

Kay's heart drops when she learns Charity will be living at her house permanently. Kay has a fit when she observes Jessica contriving to get Miguel and Charity alone. Kay receives some crushing news as Tabitha and Timmy gleefully anticipate her explosive reaction.


Monday, October 25, 1999 | Episode #81
Theresa, Ethan, Gwen:
Theresa helped Ethan prepare a romantic dinner *for two* thinking it was for her and Ethan, Gwen heard Ethan telling Theresa how beautiful her eyes were... Gwen walked in, Theresa realized the dinner was meant for Gwen, not her. Gwen asked her why she was so dressed up, Ethan explained it must be because she has a date with the man she's in love with, Theresa says yes that's it and walks out of the room. Gwen starts questioning Ethan's true feelings for Theresa, while Theresa is still out in the hallway listening in on their conversation, Ethan tells Gwen he has no feelings for Theresa, Theresa gets upset and runs up into Mrs. Cranes room crying, saying she wishes she were never born, Pilar walks in and tells her not to say such a thing... Meanwhile, downstairs, Ethan and Gwen are dancing and he accidentally calls her Theresa, Gwen gets really angry and leaves... Theresa comes downstairs, and as she's coming she falls, and Ethan catches her. Gwen realizes she was being stupid while standing outside and decides to come back in and see Ethan, and sees Theresa in Ethan's arms...

Luis, Sheridan, Pilar, Hank:
Pilar and Sheridan are discussing Theresa and Ethan's picture in the paper, Pilar is upset saying Luis must not see it, Sheridan goes early to the community center to get the paper away before Luis reads it, Sheridan did get to throw it away before leaving for coffee with Hank, but Luis found it anyway in the trash. Hank asked Sheridan out on another date, and Luis still had the same attitude he always has with Sheridan.

Kay, Miguel, Charity, Tabitha:
Tabitha and Timmy were hiding behind the hedge fence listening in on Kay's conversation with Simone, planning on how to get Kay to help them destroy Charity while Miguel and Charity and Jessica were playing video games in *Kay's room* Finally Tabitha comes to Kay saying she needs help getting a dish out of her cupboard that she cant reach and she needs Kay to do it since she's so tall. Kay eventually goes over to help Tabitha and she and Tabith sit down to talk about boys and how Tabitha once was in love with a boy but he wanted this goody goody girl, who really ended up being bad for him. Tabitha goes on to say how she never loved any man the same again and she hopes that Kay doesn't let the same happen to her, that she should fight for the boy she loves. Tabitha gives Kay a silver jewelry piece and tells her everytime she looks at it to remember how much she needs to fight for her man, and Kay decides nothing will stand in the way of her and Miguel being together. Kay left Tabitha's and Simone asked her how it went and Kay tells her how its amazing that she finally has somebody who understands and that she'll be going back over for more visits, maybe she'll get some cool stuff from Tabitha.


Tuesday, October 26, 1999 | Episode #82
Chad, Simone, Whitney:
Simone and Kay were walking down the street, Whitney saw them and asked what Simone was doing out. She told her she didn't feel like covering for her again and to stay away from Chad, Simone said all she was going to do was have dinner at Kay's house, but Simone and Kay ended up going back to the pool hall to visit Chad, Chad decided he wanted to go *hang out* somewhere so they went outside walking, and ran into Whitney, Whitney did the usual yelling at Simone telling her to stay away from Chad, Simone got all embarrassed when Whitney said her parents forbid her from seeing him at all. Simone and Kay left, while Chad told Whitney off about how the only reasons she yells at everybody so much is because she loves being bossy, and because she's so unhappy with her own life, as Chad walks away Whitney keeps yelling *I AM HAPPY*....

Theresa, Ethan, Gwen:
Gwen stormed away mad from the Crane mansion, Ethan chased her in his car. Finally, Gwen decided to pull over and hear what Ethan had to say. After Ethan explaining what happened with Theresa falling down the stairs and reassuring her once again that he has no feelings for Theresa, Gwen decides not to accept Ethan's offer to go back and finish their dinner, and to go home and think. Luis over heard them fighting but decided he didn't care while, and he continued on to the coffee shop, and later Theresa overhears them while hiding behind pay phones.

Luis, Hank, Sheridan:
Sheridan was worried about Luis getting the newspaper from the coffee shop, so Hank made a phone call to Beth telling her to hide the papers from Luis. Sheridan asks Hank why he isn't questioning her as to why she's so upset about the paper, Hank tells her its because he figured if she wanted him to know she would have told him. He does say though that Luis is his best friend and he wants to make sure that he's not helping her hurt him, she says no, but if Luis sees the paper it will hurt two other people very much.


Wednesday, October 27, 1999 | Episode #83
Theresa and Whitney (and a little Ethan):
Theresa and Whitney had a conversation on the tennis court about Simone and how Whitney thinks she needs to stay away from Chad, Theresa questioned Whitney about why she thinks Chad is such bad news, Whitney said he has a really bad influence on Simone and she's going to do everything she can to protect her family. Theresa reassures Whitney that the crazy fortune teller was wrong and that her father or any other member of her family isn't going to kill anybody. She also tells her that once she is in love she will realize that people do crazy things for love and maybe that's why Simone is being so bad. Theresa says she'd do anything for Ethan and she decides to try to work more days at the Crane mansion just to see Ethan more. Whitney doubts she'll ever fall in love. Whitney leaves for school and Theresa sits down and looks in her date book and thinks about the Cranes and Ethan. She sees Ethan playing tennis on another court and thinks to her self once again how she's meant to be with Ethan, she goes over to him and says hi, asks him why he's not playing on a court at the estate, he says he needed to get off the grounds for a while, and tells Theresa that she needs to stay away from the Crane mansion...

Ethan, Ivy, and Julian:
Ivy overheard Ethan and Julian talking about Theresa again and Ivy got mad when she heard what Julian was saying. She didn't like Julian saying things about Theresa having sex with Ethan and how its okay for the rich to cheat. Julian explained that Gwen probably already knew how its supposed to be and that its ok for Ethan to have a little something on the side. Ivy kept yelling that Julian will not corrupt her son. Ethan walked in on their conversation and couldn't believe what he was hearing and said he didn't know what kind of people he was living with. Later, alone, Ivy looked into her locket at a picture of Sam.

Kay, Miguel, Charity:
Kay got upset at Jessica for being in the bathroom so long, Sam came to tell Jessica to hurry up and told Kay to stop yelling, Kay said they need another bathroom because she already had to wait for Charity and now she has to wait for Jessica. Sam went down to breakfast, and Charity walked up to Kay to say good morning, wearing an outfit from Grace. Kay was upset because it was the outfit that she was trying to get her mom to buy for her and she wouldn't. At school Kay went to talk to the school clerk to make sure Charity got all the hardest teachers and have no classes with Miguel, but too bad for Kay, Jessica got to the school clerk first and make sure Charity and Miguel have the exact same schedule.

Chad & TC:
Miguel talked Chad into applying for a job working for TC. They went to his office and Miguel explained to TC that the music at all the events is too prehistoric and they need somebody younger to liven things up... TC asks if Chad can speak for himself, Miguel goes to class, and TC and Chad sit down to talk. TC tells Chad he sees he's not the type of guy who wants to be bossed around and follow a lot of rules, Chad agrees and says he'll be fine as long as he gets credit for his work. TC says that wont be a problem. TC tells Chad he once had dreams too and he tells Chad not to forget about his dreams, just put them on hold for a while. Chad accepted the job, and as he was leaving TC's office he ran into Whitney and she is shocked that he's going to be working for her father.


Thursday, October 28, 1999 | Episode #84
Ethan & Theresa:
Ethan tells Theresa to stay away from the crane mansion, she questions why and Ethan says its for her own good. she begs him to tell her why, but he gets a business call and goes off to the side to talk, Whitney comes along and sees Theresa and sees Ethan near by and goes behind Theresa telling her that she's happy that her persistence is paying off with Ethan, but then realizes Theresa is crying. Whitney comforts her and then tells her about Chad working for her father. she says she's going to do everything she can to keep her parents from getting stressed. Theresa asks if she can help, Whitney says not unless she knows a way to get Chad out of town.. Ethan comes back, Whitney says she better go.. Ethan and Theresa talk again. Theresa asks him if he wants to her leave because of Gwen, he says no, Theresa makes sure he explained to Gwen that it was just an accident when she fell down the steps and Ethan caught her, Ethan says yes but Gwen is still insecure. he tells Theresa again that Gwen isn't the reason, the reason is that he's been away from harmony for a long time and now that he's there hes getting to learn things about his family that he doesn't like and he doesn't want Theresa to see those things. Theresa says she's sure she can handle whatever it is. Ethan says it wouldn't be so hard for he to do this if he didn't care about her. he tells her he'll find her another job with any other of the crane's business' that'll even pay more money. she tells him its not about the money and she explains why she likes working at the mansion so much. she says its because of the fashion and the wonderful parties, she doesn't mention its because she loves him. Ethan says he'll get his mother to have one of her friends hire her. he doesn't understand why she needs to be working at the Cranes. she says she doesn't want another family and she wants to keep working for his family because all her dreams are in his house. Ethan decides because it means so much to Theresa she can keep her job, they hug just as Gwen walks in, but Gwen didn't see them because she was saying hi to somebody else.

Miguel, Kay, Charity:
Miguel asks Kay to the dance, then gets called into the school office by Mrs. Ramsey, Kay tells Simone of the good news, Simone says if its true she's happy for her, Jessica doesn't believe a word of it, so her and Kay make a bet that if Miguel takes Kay to the dance Jessica gives her all her allowance for the month, and if he doesn't take her, then Kay gives Jessica all her allowance. Miguel comes back from the office, Jessica asks him if its true that he asked Kay to the dance. he says yes, but he explains that the reason he wants to take Kay is because charity is still afraid of him, and he figured Kay could bring charity along with her so they'd all get to hang out. and then as soon as charity felt comfortable enough, Kay could leave them alone. miguel sees Kay is upset, he says he cant believe he's been so stupid, that he knows how much she wants to go out with Reese, he tells her its okay that he will work something out and fix a double date up with Reese and her and him and charity. Miguel goes to class and Kay tells Simone she really thought Miguel was going to take her to the dance. Simone tells her she should give up on Miguel. Kay makes a plan to keep charity away from the dance. charity comes up to Kay and Simone and charity is worried because she's never been to a dance and she's afraid she doesn't know how to dance. Kay explains to her that its all right because the boys don't want to dance anyway. they all want to make out, she tells her some of the girls don't leave with all their clothes on, and she tells her that some of them even go all the way. charity decides she doesn't want to go to the dance. Miguel and Kay talk again and he says he's sorry for making her miss going to the dance with Reese, Kay said she can give up one night to help out her cousin. Jessica runs into charity in the hallway and offers to help her find a costume for the dance, charity says she doesn't want to go because she heard what goes on at those things. charity explains. Jessica tells Charity that's not how it is and tells Charity if she feels uncomfortable she can wear a costume with a mask. Charity asks Miguel and Kay if she should go. they both say yes. Everybody leaves for class, except Kay and Simone. Kay is angry and says one of these days she's going to push Jessica in front of a moving car, Simone tells her to give it up, Kay says no.

Luis, Sheridan, Hank:
Hank asks Sheridan to go to a Halloween dance with him, Sheridan says she doesn't do Halloween but if she did she'd want hank to be the one to make her enjoy it. Gwen comes in and talks to Sheridan alone about how Ethan isn't in love with her anymore. she tells Sheridan about how Theresa was found in Ethan's arms and how Ethan called her by Theresa's name. Sheridan tells Gwen that there's no way Ethan could be in love with Theresa, and after some talking, Sheridan calmed Gwen down and made her realize she was being silly. Sheridan found out where Ethan was and told Gwen she should go to him at the country club and talk to him. hank and Luis are talking about how the cranes are no good, hank disagrees, Luis says they could get away with murder if they wanted to. he's convinced that they have something to do with his fathers disappearance and he tells hank about how his father, Martin, was on the phone with Alistair crane the night before he was missing. later, Luis asks Sheridan to chaperon the Halloween dance and he says he'll take the hours off her community service for it. she says she'll do it. she tells hank he can help her.


Friday, October 29, 1999 | Episode #85
Tabitha celebrates her favorite day of the year by dancing the Monster Mash with Timmy before finalizing her ghostly plans for Harmony's Halloween eve. Reese tries to impress Kay by telling her about the Zorro costume he'll be donning for the school dance. Whitney badmouths Chad to her father, only to find the object of her loathing standing right behind her. At the Youth Center, Sheridan accuses Luis of being narrow-minded but he counters with additional insults about her snobby family and others of their ilk. Thrilled when Ethan changes his mind about firing her, Theresa throws her arms around him in gratitude and affection. As he spots Gwen approaching, Ethan warns Theresa to duck into hiding before his girlfriend jumps to the wrong conclusion once again. Kay decides to consult with Tabitha on the best way to rid herself of her sickeningly sweet rival. Theresa watches with a sinking heart as Gwen reconciles with Ethan and happily declares her eternal love. T.C. scolds Whitney for pre-judging Chad just because he comes from a disadvantaged background. Tabitha drops some heavy hints to Kay about her next move against Charity. Simone helps Chad get the deejay job for the Halloween dance. Tabitha summons forth the powers of darkness. Happy Halloween!!!!