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Monday, November 1, 1999 | Episode #86
Sheridan asks Gwen and Ethan if her costume is convincing enough as a mugger, Ethan says yes it is, she better hope officer Lopez-Fitzgerald doesn't arrest her. Gwen wants to go to the Halloween dance because she thinks it'll be fun, and they can help Theresa hook up with the guy she likes. Ethan decides to be the Phantom of the Opera and Gwen decides to be Catwoman, and she says she'll scratch out the eyes of any woman who makes a move on her phantom. Ethan goes to borrow the Phantom costume from Julian, and Julian cant understand why Ethan would want to go hang out with the locals, but then decides its because Ethan wants to see Theresa again and her exquisite eyes. He tells Ethan he better not get caught by Gwen, Gwen walks in and asks what Ethan better not get caught doing, Ethan says nothing, and they leave for the dance, as they walk out Julian tells Ethan not to do anything that he wouldn't do.

Miguel goes to the Bennett's to make sure Charity is still going to the dance, he and Grace have a little chat about Charity and how Miguel has his plan to dance with her that night. Miguel tells Grace he's going as Blue Beard. Kay comes down to talk to Miguel. She tells Miguel not to ask Charity to take off her mask. Kay says she'll tell Charity to dance with the first guy who asks her to dance. Miguel tells her Reese will be Zorro, and don't worry he's sure she'll get her special kiss. As Miguel leaves, he runs in to Jessica in the back yard and Jessica tells Miguel that she'll help Kay hook up with Reese, and she does just that. When they all get to the dance, Kay accepts the dance with BlueBeard and Zorro goes over to Charity to dance. So, not only Kay and Charity switched costumes, so did Miguel and Reese. After dancing with "Miguel" for a while, Kay tells Simone that it feels so right to be in "Miguel's" arms and that she thinks he knows its her, she's picking up signals from him she thinks, but she's got to be sure, and she'll find out by kissing him during the next song.

As Theresa and Whitney are getting ready for the dance, Pilar walks in and tells Theresa that Ethan and Gwen will be at the dance as the Phantom of the Opera and Catwoman, and warns Theresa to stay away from him. After Pilar leaves Theresa bets Whitney she'll dance with Ethan and be close enough to him to hear his heartbeat and keep him all to herself. Theresa goes over to her address book to look at Ivy's phone numbers and says she has a plan to take care of Gwen. When Theresa and Whitney get to the dance, Whitney sees Chad DJing and gets mad. She asks Chad what he's doing there and says Luis wont be happy about it, Chad explains that Simone helped him get the job as the DJ, Whitney tells him yet again to stay away from Simone, Chad tells her that she has the wrong costume on, that she should be dressed as a witch. Whitney goes back over to Theresa and says she wont be able to have fun at all because she'll be busy watching Simone all night to make sure she stays away from Chad, Theresa tells her its useless because nothing can keep her away from Ethan, and she bets lunch at the Book Cafe that she'll get to dance with Ethan. While Ethan and Gwen are dancing, she gets paged, she goes looking for a phone and ends up in the storage closet, Theresa locks her in and then goes over to Ethan wearing her mask, and talking with a southern accent. Ethan says he's waiting for his girlfriend, but Theresa says she bet he cant dance. He says he can. She tells him to prove it, so they dance. Simone goes over to the DJ table to talk to Chad and take him something to drink. Chad says he owes her twice now, and says the next song he plays will be for her. Whitney sees them talking and gets mad and tells Simone if she doesn't stay away from Chad she'll tell their parents everything.

Sheridan walks into the living room, has a memory and gets all freaked out. Julian walks in behind her and says it looks as though she's just seen a ghost and tells her to forget about that night. Sheridan says you cant just forget murdering somebody. Julian tells her to keep her voice down. Sheridan wants to know the truth about that night, she was too young to remember it all, but Julian wont tell her. She says then she'll find out on her own and Julian warns her not to. Later, Hank comes to get her. She asks him what he used to do as a child on Halloween, he says he'll show her, as long as she's up for adventure. They go for a walk and a kid throws a water balloon at them and misses, so Hank throws it at Sheridan, starting a water balloon fight. They run around and toss balloons for a little bit, Hank hides somewhere and Sheridan finds a kid with 2 pies, she buys the pies. As she walks around looking for Hank she's talking to herself about how she's going to get "Mr. Policeman" and says something about him and his phony costume. Too bad for Luis who is patrolling the area wearing the same thing as Hank... Sheridan walks around the corner and gets him in the face with her pies.

Tabitha and Timmy are in the woods at their fire mixing things together in it leashing out demons to get Grace and Charity. After mixing things as rabid dog hair and the eyes of her ancestors that were burnt alive in France, Tabitha unleashes the demons to get Grace who is napping peacefully on her couch right by the fireplace. The demons fly in thru the fireplace and their heads are made of fire it seems...

Tuesday, November 2, 1999 | Episode #87
Theresa kept dancing with Ethan until Jessica heard Gwen pounding and yelling for help from the closet, so Jessica let her out. Gwen was upset to see Ethan was dancing instead of being worried about her, and she was even more upset when everybody unmasked and she saw it was Theresa he was dancing with. but Gwen wasn't as upset as Kay was after the unmasking, when Kay got to see it was Reese she'd been dancing with all night and Reese she kissed. Simone wants Chad to kiss her the way "Miguel" kissed Kay. Luis got in trouble when the mayor saw him covered in pie, he thought Luis was goofing around instead of looking for the stalker, so when Luis wouldn't listen to Sheridan's apology, she went to the mayor and explained things to him. Tabitha got caught sending out her demons by the priest, he threw holy water on the fire. the angel girl came down to fight with Tabitha. Sam woke grace up from her nightmare, but the fire was already gone from her house since the priest stopped Tabitha. Sam told Grace he'll never let anything harm her or her family. she tells Sam about her "dream" that it was like lost souls calling out to her and it was scary, but sad. Whitney yelled at Chad for playing "shes so high" by Tal Bachman, saying that she knows what he meant by it and he's got things all wrong. he said she was wrong that he didn't mean anything to her. Charity was surprised to see Miguel was Zorro, she was happy about it. Gwen gets an attitude with Theresa about her not finding the pay phone and getting locked in the storage room. then Ethan and Gwen decide they wanna meet the guy Theresa likes, and Theresa goes off to find him.. the mayor and Sheridan go to Luis and the mayor says Sheridan explained what happened and tells Luis it wont be counted against him, he wont be fired, and he's still up for promotion. after the mayor walks away, Luis tells Sheridan he doesn't need her help or any other cranes help. Sheridan wants to make it up to Luis for what she did and she offers to have her father pull some strings to give him his promotion, he says he'll earn it himself or he doesn't want it. Luis tells Sheridan if she wants to do something for him to stay the hell out of his life (and he yelled that part!)
Whitney tells Chad again to stay away from Simone, she asks if he's even interested in her, he says she's a nice kid, Whitney gets mad because its not a straight answer and Chad says he'll tell her one thing about Simone - she's for real.. unlike some people.. Simone later tells Whitney she's going to see a lot of Chad since she works for their dad now, and there's nothing she can do about it.
Theresa cant find the guy she likes (of course) and tells Gwen she's sorry for dancing with Ethan while she was locked in the storage room and she asks Gwen to forgive her. She says yes and says it was too bad she had to spend all night dancing with HER boyfriend, instead of her own.
Timmy and Tabitha go home, Timmy tells tab not to worry, that there's always tomorrow and she said no it had to be Halloween. She decides again she needs help, and thinks of Kay. Miguel thanks Kay for switching costumes with charity, and he thinks she did it because Miguel knew what charity was going as and he thought if charity went as something else, she wouldn't know Miguel was asking her to dance.

Wednesday, November 3, 1999 | Episode #88
Ivy triumphantly informs her husband that Ethan has remained loyal to Gwen despite Julian's immoral advice about the boy sowing some wild oats. Whitney warns Theresa that Gwen's radar is now on high alert and she'll do whatever she has to in order to keep Ethan for herself. Meanwhile, Gwen urges her lover to believe that the housekeeper's "innocent" daughter is out to snare him by hook or by crook. Ivy and Julian's quarrel nearly turns violent and then passionate by turn. When his wife finally pulls away from him in disgust, Julian presses Ivy for an explanation but Pilar's timely interruption brings the Cranes' tete-a-tete to an abrupt halt. Theresa tells a skeptical Whitney that Ivy would never stand in the way of her love for Ethan. Gwen whines to Sheridan about Ethan being blind to Theresa's true intentions. Luis reminds his sister that every Crane is bad news and must be avoided at all costs. Later, Sam and Luis are summoned to the mansion for a dressing-down by an irate Julian. Ivy thanks Pilar for helping her keep her devastating secret. Believing she's speaking to her father, Whitney confides how she yearns to start dating, then is mortified to discover that she's actually been unburdening herself to Chad.

Thursday, November 4, 1999 | Episode #89
Humiliated to realize she's just bared her soul to Chad, Whitney rails at him for pretending to be her father. When Sam angrily refuses to fire Luis, Julian threatens to use his influence to have Chief Bennett removed from his post. Gwen is delighted to discover that Luis and Theresa's paths are set to cross at the Crane mansion. After quickly intervening to prevent Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald from spotting his kid sister, Sheridan scolds Gwen for deliberately attempting to get Theresa into trouble. Pilar and Ivy are alarmed to see Ethan trying to pry open the locket which contains Sam's picture. Chad suggests to a bristling Whitney that she lay down her tennis racket and focus on getting a personal life which will fulfill her. Outraged to learn from Luis how Julian meddled in her business, Sheridan furiously confronts her brother. As he watches Sheridan tear into Julian, Luis begins to develop a grudging admiration for his attractive nemesis. Ivy nervously asks Ethan to stop monkeying with the broken locket. Later, Ivy faints dead away when Julian asks his son to become the new liaison between Crane Industries and the police department.

Friday, November 5, 1999 | Episode #90
The Scooby Gang (Miguel, Kay, Charity, Simone, and Whitney) is at the Book Cafe hanging out. Whitney is doing some research on the Internet and Charity mentions that she doesn't even know what the Internet is. Whitney, being the nice person that she is, shows her a thing or two. Meanwhile, Kay is talking with Simone about how she has to come up with yet another plan to keep Charity and Miguel apart. Simone tells her maybe she should just give up on Miguel, but Kay asks her if she would give up Chad, so Simone backs down. Really nothing all that exciting w/this story today.

At the Crane mansion, Luis runs right into Theresa and reams her being there. He accuses her of snooping around the mansion to catch a glimpse of "Prince Ethan." Theresa breaks down into tears pleading with him, but he tells her that he's going to follow through with his threat of sending her to a convent school far away from Harmony and the Crane Family. Sheridan overhears the whole conversation and saves the day by thanking Theresa for dropping of her shirt that Pilar forgot to bring. Theresa is extremely relieved and Luis apologizes for jumping to conclusions and scaring her. Sheridan then lights into Luis for screaming at Theresa, to which he tells her his family is none of her business. She informs him that he makes it her business since it involves her family. She demands to know what the Cranes did to him. He says the only person he is going to discuss it with is Alistair...Sheridan is obviously shocked at hearing her father's name, but Luis walks away before she can get anymore answers.

Elsewhere in the mansion, Ivy has fainted upon learning the news that Ethan and Sam are going to be working together. Sam and Ethan run over to help her while Julian looks on. She is disoriented when she wakes up and thinks that it's 20-some years ago when she was involved with Sam. She tells Sam how much she loves him. Ethan and Julian come back into the room and Sam leaves. Julian demands to know what is going on with her buy Ivy denies that anything is different. Once Pilar found out about Ivy fainting, she tells her that she's playing with fire and that she needs to forget about the past before she destroys the entire family. Ivy decides she needs to tell Sam the truth about Ethan.

Theresa and Whitney are in the Lopez-Fitzgerald home discussing the fact that she should give up on Ethan. Luis and Hank are outside discussing how hard he was on Theresa and that he was going to apologize. Hank asked what Luis would do if Ethan ever became his brother-in-law, and Luis said not to joke about it. Luis told Hank if he ever found Ethan near his sister or touching her, he'd kill him. Back inside the house, Theresa gets up to answer the door, and SURPRISE, it's Ethan. He told her that he was here because of her.


Monday, November 8, 1999 | Episode #91
The show opens with Miguel and Charity working on the computer at the Book Cafe. He tells her that keeping a journal would be a good start in helping to get her memory back. Miguel also tells Charity that there are probably lots of web sites around dealing with memory loss. Kay and Simone are sitting at a table while Kay watches on in horror. She tells Simone for the umpteenth time that she has got to come up with a foolproof plan to keep Miguel away from Charity. She tells Simone that Charity cannot steal her boyfriend. Simone reminds her that Miguel is not her boyfriend, but she sees Chad walk in, so now there are two idiots blabbing away at the table. Reese walks in and he has a flower for Kay. Reese offers to help Kay with her math homework because he is "one of the few who find trigonometry stimulating." She says thanks, but no thanks. Kay tells him that she and Simone are working on a secret project. He tells her that he is open for consultation whenever or for whatever she needs. Kay blows him off, and Simone tells her that she should be nicer to him. Kay tells him that if she thinks he's so great, why doesn't she take him. Simone says "ah ah ah, I'm already taken." Later on Miguel asks Chad to play the song "Cross My Heart" in hopes that it will trigger Charity's memory. (This is the song that had their first dance to) Charity has a flash of the night she was in the fire and when Reese knocked over a table and broke a glass, Charity got extremely freaked out.

Theresa lets Ethan in the house and wonders why he is there because of her. He tells her the she and her mother mean a great deal to their family and he doesn't want to see either of them hurt. She asks if he is there to fire her again, and he tells her no. She is obviously pleased, but still doesn't understand why he is there. Ethan tells her that he wants to talk to Luis about her working for his mother. Theresa and Whitney both tell him that it's useless b/c he won't listen to reason when it comes to the Cranes. Ethan said that he also wants to get to the bottom of Luis's hatred for his family. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Luis and Hank are still discussing the fact that Luis despises the Cranes. Luis tells Hank that if he ever saw Ethan or any Crane for that matter, lay a finger on Theresa, he wouldn't be responsible for his actions. Hank tries to talk some sense into him about it telling Luis that Ethan seems like a standup kind of guy. Hank tells him that he just won't listen to reason when it comes to any of the Cranes, including Sheridan. Luis tells Hank that he's snowed by her long legs and blonde hair, but she has a killer instinct, and to watch out. Hank tells Luis that he is way too overprotective and that he's acting more like Theresa's father rather than her brother. He tells Hank that she doesn't have a father and that someone needs to look out for her. He tells Hank that there would only be one reason that a guy like Ethan would get involved with a girl like Theresa, and it wasn't to start a life together. It would be for a romp in the hay before he could find someone from his "Class" to build a life with. Hank warns him to be careful because she could wind up resenting him later. Whitney walks into the kitchen where she finds Luis and Hank about to walk into the living room. She makes up some excuse about there maybe being a gas leak because she and Theresa smelled gas. That buys some time while Theresa forces Ethan to hide from Luis against his will. Luis said he didn't find a problem, but he wanted to check the pipes in Theresa's closet. Hmm...that's where Ethan is hiding. Go figure.

At the Crane mansion, Ivy is trying to tell Sam about Ethan, but he keeps telling her that what they had was over a long time ago. He said the past is dead and buried and it should stay that way. Nothing really comes out about them except that she was the governor's daughter, so they were from two different worlds. Julian is inside and wants to find Sam before he leaves and Pilar tries to stall him. Julian gets a phone call from his father, so he takes it. We hear Alistair's voice today. Alistair tells Julian he's unhappy about Sheridan's behavior since she returned from Paris. Julian said he handled it, but Alistair tells him that he has to cut his trip short to come back and handle her. Julian tells him he's handling her, but Alistair doesn't agree and hangs up. Julian goes out and finds Ivy talking to Sam. She tells Julian that she was asking Sam to thank Grace for coming to the dinner party. Julian thinks she was talking to him about Ethan and Ivy turns white. She tells him no, but Julian knows she's up to something. Sam leaves and Julian tells Ivy about what Alistair said. Ivy asked how could he know about Sheridan when he's away. Julian tells her that Alistair knows everything and walks away. Ivy comments that there is at least one thing Alistair doesn't know or else all hell would have broken loose a long time ago.

Tuesday, November 9, 1999 | Episode #92
First up in Harmony today we pick up where we left on in the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Luis wants to go check pipes in Theresa's closet, but Whitney and Theresa try to distract him. Hank says if he didn't know better, he'd think Theresa was hiding a guy in her room. Theresa and Whitney just laugh and tell him that's silly. They make up some excuse about maybe the plumbing is messed up so Luis and Hank go check it out. Ethan is looking around Theresa's room, but he doesn't see his pictures up no her mirror. The girls run into Theresa's room just as Ethan is looking through on of her magazines and he tells her that he figured out her secret. Theresa looks shocked and starts to explain herself, but he doesn't pick up on her feelings still. He was talking about some of her sketches. He told her that she has a real talent in fashion designing and that she should pursue it. Theresa looks relieved that he didn't find her out. She keeps asking him if he really thought she was talented while Whitney tells her they have to get Ethan out of the house before Luis sees him. Luis comes back into the house and runs right into Ethan. He wants to know why the hell he is there and Ethan tells him it's because they are going to be working together at the police station. Ethan said he wants to bury the hatchet and hope they can work together in a civil manner. Luis tells him that he doesn't mix his personal and his professional life, so he will try. However, he tells Ethan that he is not welcome in the house, so Ethan leaves. Luis asks Theresa if he has to warn her yet again to stay away from the Cranes and she says no.

Sheridan is looking for some stamps in the living room at the mansion when she flashes back to "that night." Julian comes in and wants to know why she is so upset. She tells him he knows good and well why she is upset. Julian tells her that she's making it all up and that it was just a nightmare. She's very adamant about the fact she knows she's not imagining things. Julian tells her to stop this nonsense and informs her of Alistair's disapproval of the whole thing and her recent behavior. She is obviously terrified of her father. Sheridan says something about Alistair still blaming her for her mother's death. (Apparently their mother died shortly after Sheridan was born) She said that no one in their family ever loved her except for her mother, and now she doesn't have that. Julian tells her that she may be going crazy and that she needs to forget about what she thinks happened that night. Sheridan vows to find out what really happened.

Charity is still freaked out at the Book Cafe and tells Miguel that she is remembering something about the night of the fire. She says she thinks her mother was fighting with a vicious dog (Tabitha). No one really thinks she's making any sense, so they take her home. Kay of course is talking Simone into helping her come up with a plan to get Miguel.

Timmy's sweet princess and Timmy are in matching attire today at Tabitha's house. Timmy has on black satin pj's and Tabitha's robe is made out of the same fabric. Tabitha said that she has to stop Charity before she ruins them both. Timmy tells Tabby that Charity doesn't seem to remember and that she doesn't seem all that scary, so maybe they should forget it. Tabitha decides to go over to the Bennett's to find out what's happening with Charity.

Charity is upstairs sleeping and the angel comes in and helps her wake up so she can confront Tabitha downstairs and remember evil. Tabitha is almost out the door when Charity comes running down the stairs pointing at Tabitha and shouting "EVIL! EVIL! EVIL!"

Another little tidbit...Ethan pulls up to his house and Julian is outside. Ethan asks him if he knows why Luis hates the Crane family so much. Julian says that he doesn't know, that it's probably just the fact that the Cranes are wealthy, but Ethan isn't quite sure if he believes that. Julian asked if he trusts him, but Ethan said that maybe a few weeks ago he would have believed anything he said, but now he knows how he really thinks. Ethan said that he is going to get to the bottom of this no matter what, and walks away. Julian said he shudders to think what would happen if the truth came out.

Wednesday, November 10, 1999 | Episode #93
The show opens with Luis watching TV at home and Pilar coming home from work. He tells her to get dressed up because he's taking her to the Lobster Shack tonight for dinner. He tells her that she deserves it for working so hard. Pilar agrees, but first wants to light a candle and say a prayer for her husband and Antonio. Luis gets upset with her over this saying that it's no use--they abandoned the family and they aren't coming back. Pilar does it anyway. They go into the Lobster Shack where Sam and Grace and Eve and T.C. are enjoying a romantic evening away from their kids. Luis thanks Sam for sticking up to Julian on his behalf, and Sam tells him that Sheridan had a hand in it as well, and then Luis fills Pilar in on the whole subject.

Sam and Grace are enjoying their time together. Sam got her a rose and wrote a very sweet letter to her about how much he loves her. She asked if he ran into Ivy today at the mansion, and he tells her that he did briefly, but he has a flashback to where Ivy told him that she was in love with him. Eve and T.C. are having a night out as well at the next table and not too much is happening with them today. While they are dancing, T.C.'s leg begins to hurt and Eve wants to know what happened. He's pretty vague about it, but he has a flashback to him threatening Julian about something. He tells Eve that if he ever finds the proof he needs...and Eve tells him she doesn't like it when he gets that look on his face.

Charity is walking down the stairs shouting "EVIL! EVIL! EVIL!" She is pointing at Tabitha but Kay thinks she's looking right at her. She asks Simone what she's going to do if Charity finds her out. Simone tells her "say good-bye to Miguel." She faints and Miguel yells for someone to call Dr. Russell, but Kay tells him no. He gets angry at her asking her if she didn't care to help her own cousin. Reese steps in and tells everyone that she's probably just sleepwalking, and to let her be. He told them that the doctor told his parents the same thing for his sleepwalking problems. Kay looks at him like he's the biggest loser. So, Reese saves Kay again. Miguel then apologized for snapping at Kay. Meanwhile, Tabitha is watching on looking like her time is about to expire any second. Timmy is watching from outside and says that the angel girl is going to hurt Timmy's sweet princess. Tabitha manages to sneak away for a second to talk to Timmy. Timmy tells her that he can't leave without her because Fluffy is out and will attack Timmy. Tabitha says "you're on your own, doll face. I've got bigger problems." He says "Timmy's gotta make tracks before Fluffy makes tracks on Timmy." Timmy is figuring out a plan to get past mean ol' Fluffy, and decides the only way is to go straight through him. He manages to run past him, however looking a little disheveled, and says only a few more feet, and I'm home free. Fluffy sounds like he's about to pounce on Timmy when he sees a garden hose right by his feet. He decides that it's time to cool Fluffy off, and turns the hose on the hellcat! The Rocky theme begins to play and Timmy shouts "victory is mine!!!" Best part right there. Meanwhile, back at the Bennett house, Charity begins to wake up, and she doesn't understand what happened. Kay suggests they do something to keep her mind off of it and Tabitha quickly agrees. Reese said they should play a word game because "games that stimulate the intellect are the ultimate thrill!" They are playing Scrabble and the angel girl is helping Charity. Her letters spell out Tabitha, and Charity says that's the evil.

Ethan finds Sheridan outside crying. He wants to know what is going on, and Sheridan asks him if he thinks she's crazy. He tells her of course not, but she's not so sure. She remembers that night so vividly, but Julian is insisting that it is all a figment of her overly active imagination. Ethan tells her that he remembers her screaming that night, and shortly after that he was told that she was sent to boarding school in Paris. Sheridan says that she was in a private mental hospital surrounded by doctors telling her to forget everything about that night. Ethan tells her they will get to the bottom of this. Julian is inside on the phone with Alistair, and he's telling his father that he handled Sheridan. Alistair wanted to know how, and Julian said by telling her that she may be going crazy. Julian said "you don't mind do you?" Alistair's reply was "hell no...anything to protect this family." He tells Julian he must do everything he can to keep that night a secret even if that means sacrificing Sheridan. Julian agrees. Julian says not to worry, no one will ever find out, and Sheridan and Ethan come in and ask what they will never find out. Julian keeps on telling Sheridan that it was just a dream. Sheridan is very adamant about the fact that her memories are too real to have been a nightmare. Julian tells her that the psychiatrists feel that the whole nightmare is representative of her guilt over her mother's death. Ethan wants to know why no one ever talked to Sheridan about it. Julian's reply was that as long as no one found out, nobody cared. Sheridan said "you mean no one cared about me!" Julian said "oh get out the violins, here we go again!" Julian tells her to forget it and that's the final word. Ethan tells Sheridan he'll take her to dinner in town. Ethan sees Luis and wants to know if she wants to go somewhere else. She tells him no and that she just wants to figure out about that night.

Thursday, November 11, 1999 | Episode #94
The show opens with Julian talking to Alistair on the phone and says he'll do whatever it takes even if it means sacrificing Sheridan. Ivy catches this and wonders what he meant by that. He tries to deny it, but Ivy says she knows when he's up to something. The play a cat and mouse game of trading insults, which leads to Julian trying to seduce her. It's actually working and they are on the desk when the phone rings. She tells him he'd better get it because if it's Alistair, she knows he "doesn't like to disappoint Daddy!" Ivy regains her composure and after Julian hangs up he wants to pick up where they left off. She tells him not to touch her. He says "that's right...the magic is gone. Well, it'll only be a matter of time before it returns again." Ivy laughs and tells him to HOLD his breath. She makes a comment about his infidelities over the years and that she is waiting for a real man. Julian begins laughing is his half sinister half mocking manner, and tells her that she'd lose everything if she betrayed him with another man. Ivy looks at her locket in the other room and at Sam's picture...she says "you'll never take anything away from me, Julian."

Charity is still flipping out after seeing "TABITHA" spelled out in her Scrabble letters. No one is smart enough to actually look at them, so they just watch Charity freak out and try to calm her down. Kay looks on rather pleased to the fact that Charity just might be losing her mind. Tabitha manages to knock over the game and mess up the letters after Charity fainted. Kay and Simone call their parents whose evening at the Lobster Shack abruptly comes to an end. The angel is still pestering Tabitha and telling her that the evil will be exposed. Timmy is outside worriedly watching his Sweet Princess. The Bennett's and the Russell's hurry home and are trying to help Charity. The Scooby Gang tries to fill Sam and T.C. in on why Charity got freaked out, and Sam decides to see if they can reconstruct the word that got her so worked up in the first place. Tabitha gets nervous and goes outside for some air. Timmy asks her what's going on, and asks if the evil word spelled F-L-U-F-F-Y. He said that if anything was pure evil is was that "damn cat!" Tabitha calls him a nitwit and that it was her name in the letters. You can hear Miguel inside saying he figured it out Sam asks Tabitha to come in the house and asks her if she can figure out her the word. She looks at them and rearranges them to spell HABITAT. Sam and T.C. actually buy this. Grace and Eve are upstairs getting Charity in bed, and wonder what the whole "evil" thing was about. Grace remembers Faith warning her about it. Meanwhile downstairs, Kay tells Simone what she wants for Christmas. She wants a really big dog that she can train to sit outside Charity's door at night and scratch and howl. She says that could be the ticket to pushing ol' Charity right on in to the loony bin. Miguel wants to know what they are talking about, and Kay tells him something about wanting to help Charity.

Pilar tells Luis that he's such a good son to her and that he didn't need to take her out to such a nice place for dinner. Anyway, Luis tells her that she deserves it because she works so hard. Pilar tells him that he is always thinking of others and not himself, and that he should take care of his needs once in a while. They discuss Martin's disappearance and Luis once again starts in on the Cranes. Pilar tells him to drop it. Sheridan and Ethan are talking about "that night" and wondering if it actually happened of if Julian was right about it being a nightmare. Sheridan says that she wishes she could believe that it was a dream, but she's just not sure. She says there is one person that can help her and they are in the Lobster Shack right now. Ethan thinks she means Luis and he tells her that it would be disastrous to involve the police, but Sheridan informs him that she meant Pilar. Ethan creates a diversion to get Luis away from the table so Sheridan can talk to Pilar. Pilar tells her that she wasn't working that night but remembers everyone telling her the next day that Sheridan wasn't to be disturbed in her room. She said she went anyway and the only thing she knows about it is what Sheridan told her she saw that night and that she murdered someone. Pilar told her that she'd never seen anyone so frightened. Alistair insisted that it was all Sheridan's imagination and Pilar never found any evidence that something actually happened. She remembers making Sheridan promise not to tell anyone outside the family. Sheridan told her that she never has. Pilar tells her that she's sorry she's been so disturbed by this for so many years. She thinks it might be best to believe Julian and put the past behind her. Sheridan tells her that she has to find out the truth no matter what. Luis is getting annoyed talking with Ethan and wants to know what he's up to, when he sees Sheridan talking to his mother. He lights into Ethan saying that the Cranes always have to pull some trick. Sheridan walks away from the table as Luis gets back. He wants to know what was so important that Sheridan had to interrupt her dinner to talk to the help. Pilar scolds him for being so hateful to them. She tells Luis that Sheridan has had a very tough time in life. He makes the comment that "finding the right nail polish to match your Ferrari can really eat away at a person!" She just gives him a fed up look and tells him that she lost her mother very young and that no amount of money can make up for that. Luis actually gets a semi-compassionate look on his face. Pilar tells him that Sheridan did do something very nice for him, and his reply was "What? When?" She tells him that Sheridan stood up to the mayor and her brother for Luis. Luis says that it was her fault in the first place. Pilar reminds him that with all the animosity between them, she didn't have to say anything at all. She encourages him to do the right thing, but it was up to him to decide what the right thing is. Ethan leaves the table to get Sheridan's coat and Luis walks up to Sheridan. She just looks at him and asks what she's done now in a tired tone. He tells her nothing. He starts stammering with his words because it's oh so difficult for him to apologize to a Crane. He tells her that he's been meaning to tell her that it was really decent for the way she stood up for him to the mayor and Julian, and that he really appreciated it. Sheridan looks shocked, and says you're serious? She says you're really serious. He says yes, I'm serious, but then he goes off saying how it doesn't change his opinion of the Crane family and they start fighting again. Sheridan tells him it's stupid to fight and says "'re welcome!" She smiles at him and he gives her a half smile and says "all right then." Then he walks away.

Friday, November 12, 1999 | Episode #95
Julian is on the phone with Alistair, AGAIN, and he is telling Alistair about business that he's checking on. Alistair informs him that he knows all of that, but he wants to know about Sheridan. Julian tells her that he's not sure of what is going through her head, but he believes that she's starting to doubt herself on whether or not that night happened. He tells Alistair that she's been spending lots of time with Ethan, but it seems harmless. Alistair tells Julian that Ethan is very smart and intuitive and to keep an eye on him. He needs to know what Ethan is thinking and always be two steps ahead of him at all times.

Luis and Pilar are sitting at their kitchen table and he's questioning her about the night Martin disappeared. He asks if there is anything else she can remember that night that could help solve the mystery. She tells him that she's already told him everything about that night. Luis tells her that he's asked Sam to do some investigating because there is new technology that help find him now. Pilar thinks this would be a good idea because she knows her husband never would have abandoned them without a good reason and she can feel that he's still alive.

Luis and Sam are talking about his father and the night he disappeared. Luis tells Sam he remembers hearing his father arguing with Alistair on the phone the night before he disappeared and that it was Alistair that called him in the first place. Luis is at his desk and types his father's name into a "missing persons" search and goes into flashback mode. This flashback is where Luis came home from school the day his father disappeared and found his mother crying at the table. She tells him that his father left and isn't coming back. Luis tells her that he'll take care of her and the family now. Pilar goes to work at the Cranes and wants to speak with Julian. She tells him she doesn't want to overstep her boundaries, but she is very worried about Sheridan. She tells him that she has always thought of Sheridan as her own daughter and she knows how troubled Sheridan has been in her life because of that night. Julian asks her what she knows about that night, and she says nothing more than what I was told because I wasn't working that night. Pilar tells him that Sheridan deserves to know what ever the truth may be so she can find peace in her life. Just then Julian gets a phone call and he says that he has to take care of this situation immediately.

Sheridan is sleeping on her couch and having her nightmare. She wakes up screaming and Ethan runs in and calms her down. She tells him that she wants to believe what Julian told her about that night...that it was all just a dream. But she just doesn't know if she can. She asks Ethan if he knew anything, but all he said was that he heard her screaming. Sheridan asked him if he heard her screaming, then why didn't he come check on her. He told her he didn't because it wasn't the first night he had heard her scream. He said he remembered several occasions where she would be having a nightmare and scream. Sheridan told him that she didn't remember any of those other times, and that maybe she did just have a nightmare that night. But she still wants to know the truth. Sheridan says she remembers a coffin being in the house, and Ethan tells her he knows of a way to find out. He said they can check out the funeral parlor that the Cranes own. So, they go there and are checking the inventory files and find there is one unaccounted for right around the time of that night in question. They ask the big nerd who works there what this is, and he said that he'll go and check. He comes out and says that the particular coffin was damaged, so they got rid of it, and must have forgotten to put that in the file. Ethan and Sheridan seem satisfied with this answer and leave. Just then Julian walks out from the back room and tells the nerd that works there (Henry I think his name was) that he did a good thing by calling him and informing that people were snooping around. He hands him a very thick envelope full of money for his loyalty to the family. He also tells him to get rid of every copy of that particular file that could be incriminating to the family.

Charity wakes up and finds that everyone went to work and school, so she decides that she needs to apologize to Tabitha for what happened the night before. She couldn't imagine why she was acting that way towards her. Meanwhile, Timmy comes down the stairs carrying a painting of Tabitha in the pilgrim get-up (the same photo Faith sent to Grace). She tells Timmy to put that back where he found it because it could be very damaging to both of them if the wrong eyes saw that. Tabitha goes out into the garden and Charity knocks on the door. Timmy wonders who it could be and then Charity just lets herself in. Timmy is in doll form sitting on the couch and Charity is looking around the room. She walks by and pats Timmy on the head...his facial expression was classic! Timmy is awfully worried about what will happen, and just then the painting starts floating down the stairs. Tabitha comes in muttering about how she has to get rid of that brat unaware that Charity is standing near her. Charity asked what she was talking about and she said a rat. Charity is apologizing to Tabitha just as Tabitha spots the painting on the wall. She's trying to hurry Charity out of the house before she can see the painting but as soon as they walk by it, it falls off the wall and she sees it. She remembers this painting from somewhere, but she's not sure of where.

Julian returns back home to find Luis in his living room.

Monday, November 15, 1999 | Episode #96
Luis is in the Crane family living room demanding to get answers about his father's disappearance from Julian. Julian said he must have been a deadbeat dad that just ran away from his family. Luis told him that was bull because his father was an upstanding man that cared for his family very much. Luis informs Julian that he overheard Martin and Alistair on the phone the night before Martin left. Julian brushes him off telling him to get out of the house. Luis told him that he will get the answers he's looking for because he is reopening the case. Julian looks a little panicked, so he says that he will tell the truth about what happened. He tells Luis that his father was stealing money from his department at Crane industries, and Alistair called him that night in order to make sure he was at work the next day so they could discuss it. Julian said Martin never showed up, so he must've taken the money and skipped town. Luis doesn't believe him because his mother would have told him. Julian says they covered it up for Pilar's sake and they helped her financially since Martin was gone. Luis doesn't want to believe him, but Julian tells him that his five minutes are up and to leave. After Luis left, Julian let out a big sigh and the look on his face said "that was close." Luis goes back to his house and tells Pilar what Julian said. She said that was crazy, that Martin was a good man and that he would never take money that didn't belong to him. Luis believes her, but tells her that he's more determined than ever to find out what really happened. Pilar lights a candle for Martin and Antonio just as the phone rings. Luis answers it and his face drops upon hearing the information. He tells his mother that they got a trace on the APB out on Martin. He said that someone is working under his social security number out in New Mexico. As soon as he says this, Pilar looks sick. She says that it was always Martin's dream to retire in New Mexico. Luis gets upset and says now he knows that his father just left and went over and blew out the candles.

Sheridan and Ethan are talking and Pilar comes stops by on her way home. Pilar tells Sheridan that she talked to Julian, and that he told her that it was just a nightmare. Both Ethan and Pilar tell her to believe that it was just a dream. Ethan says that everyone has nightmares, but Sheridan said "not like this." She asks Ethan and Pilar if they think she's gone mad, and they tell her of course not. She says that she will try to put it behind her, but she's very angry with Julian for waiting so long to talk to her about this and that she's not sure how anyone can believe a thing he says. Pilar tells her that once she puts this behind her she can find the true love she's meant to have! She says she wants that more than anything! Sheridan says there is one more thing she has to do first. She and Ethan go into the mansion and talk to Julian. She says she just saw Luis leaving and wanted to know what that was all about. Julian tells her is was business from a long time ago, and she wonders what that means. He asks her if she's given up on the fact that she believes she killed someone. She says that she used to be terrified of the living room, but now, for the first time in a long time, she's fine. She tells Julian, however, that she's not the docile little girl Julian and Alistair remember. She tells him that they are going to have to listen to what she wants and needs from now on and turns on her heel and leaves. Ethan smirks at Julian and follows her.

Charity is at Tabitha's looking at the painting saying how she is having such a strong reaction to it. She says that she needs to get some air, and goes outside. Timmy and Tabitha are in the kitchen trying to figure out what to do, and we see the painting floating in the foyer. They manage to get it grounded on the couch before Charity comes back in. Tabitha hands her some water, and she says that she should get home because no one knows where she is. She starts to leave and Tabitha fakes some chest pains. She asks Charity to get her, her pills on the table, and she goes to get them. Tabitha tells Timmy that this is the perfect way to get rid of Charity. If no one knows where she is, then no one will suspect her when she turns up missing. She grabs a fire poker from the fire place and waits for Charity to return to the living room.

Kay and Simone run into Miguel in the hall after he gets out of football practice. He asks her to wait while he showers and he'll walk her home so he can see Charity. She tells him that Charity needs her rest and they should get some coffee at the Book Cafe before they go home. He agrees, and they head over there. Whitney is working on her computer at the Book Cafe looking up tennis stuff and Chad comes over and gives her a hard time. He asks her if she could maybe help him find his ties in Harmony. She says that she could try. Simone comes in and sees them and asks if Whitney is giving Chad a hard time. He says that he has to get back to work and Whitney says she's not in the mood to fight with her. Whitney is looking up birth record in LA for Chad, but she says that she can't find any record of a Chad Harris born in LA in 1980. Later on, and old man named Orville came in and says that Chad looks familiar to him. Chad tells him his name and Orville says he knows that name, but can't quite put his finger on it. Elsewhere in the cafe, Kay and Miguel are talking and she says how much she loves the song that is playing. Miguel asks if she really likes it, and she says yes. He tells her that he's going to buy it and he'll be right back. Kay thinks that it's for her, but when he returns it's of course for Charity. He tells her they should get going so he can see Charity.

Julian is on the phone with Alistair telling him how brilliant the story he told Luis was. Alistair says they must be careful because Martin was Mr. 10 Commandments himself and he's sure that Luis is a chip off the old block.

Tuesday, November 16, 1999 | Episode #97
Chad is asking Orville how he knows him and if he knows anything that could help him find out what his ties are in Harmony. Orville says he knows Chad Harris can make a great espresso. He isn't what you'd call lucid, and that is very apparent to Chad, Simone and Whitney. Later on, Orville has a good moment and tells Chad again that he remembers him and that he needs to make a phone call and then he'll tell him everything he knows. Chad goes outside to find him and Orville's hat is on top of the phone, and the phone is off the hook. Chad says "hello" into the receiver, but the person hangs up and Orville is nowhere to be found.

Kay and Miguel are discussing the Thanksgiving pageant and Kay is reminiscing in the past to when Miguel would play John Smith and she would play Pocohontas. She tells him that they are a team and everyone has thought of those two as a team since they were little kids. Miguel says they make a good team, but now that Charity is here, she can join their team. Kay looks upset, but goes along with him. He says he really wants to get home so he can see Charity.

Charity is in the kitchen getting Tabitha's medication for her, and Tabitha is waiting outside the door with the fire poker. Charity starts to walk out but turns around saying she forgot the water. Tabitha loses her balance and flings the fire poker across the room and nails Timmy to the wall. Tabitha frees him from the wall and walks in to finish off Charity, but Charity sees Miguel and Kay walking outside and knocks on the window. So they come in Tabitha's house and wonder what she's doing there. Miguel says he has some new moves to show her on the video game. So, they are about to leave when Charity says she has to get her jacket. Timmy reminds Tabitha about the painting and they rush in there. Miguel and Kay see the picture and tell her that it looks just like her. Charity informs them that it's her relative. Miguel says that since her last name is Standish, maybe she has some relatives in the past that knew Tabitha's relatives. Tabitha has a flashback to the ol' Puritan days, and Prudence Standish (Charity dressed up in Pilgrim attire) says that Tabitha is sentenced to death for practicing witchcraft. She says that no one can stop her and sets Prudence on fire w/some light that radiates from her eyes. They get the fire put out and Prudence says that she's to be burned alive and that she will burn in hell. End of flashback. Tabitha said that it's quite possible that their ancestors knew each other, and then the kids leave. Tabitha overhears Miguel telling Charity that she should be in the pageant this year, and Kay sees red. Kay makes some comment that she'll never let that happen, and Tabitha gets a new idea. She tells Timmy that her new plan for Charity is going to be red hot.

Sheridan and Ethan are talking about how she can finally move on with her life now that the past is behind her. Gwen calls and asks to speak to Ethan. She asks him if he'd be terribly upset if she just stayed home tonight. He said that he'd enjoy a night as a bachelor and that he'd stay in and read a book. Ethan wants to know what Sheridan's plans are and she tells him that she's going to visit Pilar to see if she's all right.

Pilar and Luis are still discussing Martin's disappearance. Pilar tells him that there must be a logical explanation for why he left and Luis says there isn't if he's living in New Mexico. Theresa catches the end of this and is ecstatic to the possibility that Luis found their father. He tells her not to get her hopes up and that he has something important to tell her about papa. Pilar tells him it's not a good time, but he replies that it's never a good time to hear something like this. Luis proceeds to tell her what Julian said and this upsets Theresa greatly. She gets upset and asks Luis how he can do this to their mother. He said he didn't do anything, their father did. Luis said that no matter what happens he would never run out on this family. He always did anything he could to help the family and that he would continue to do so. He says that he's going to chop some more wood, and Pilar tells him that there's enough. Luis said that he does what needs to be done for his family even if he's tired and hungry. Theresa starts talking about how Ethan is going to hate her when he finds out what her father did to his family. Pilar gets upset and tells her she has to stop living in her dream world. She tells her she's going to light Martin's candle. Theresa walks in there and asks if she ever stopped believing that Martin would return. Pilar says no, and Theresa says then don't tell me to stop having my dream of being with Ethan. She tells her mother that she needs air and she'll be back later. Luis is outside chopping wood, and he goes into flashback mode. This time it's a younger Luis, and his father is asking him if he took the candy bar from the store. Luis reluctantly tells him yes, and his father asks him what he learned in church about the 10 Commandments. Luis said "thou shall not steal." End of flashback. Luis said "yeah, you sure lived by that didn't you?" He gets really angry and starts violently chopping wood. He comes in and finds that Pilar had lit the candle again. He puts the flame out with his fingers and threw it into the fire place smashing it into pieces. Pilar comes out and starts crying. Luis just walks away. Pilar is cleaning up the glass when the doorbell rings. Sheridan is there and said she wanted to see how Pilar was doing. Pilar is visibly upset and Sheridan wants to know what's wrong. Sheridan said she wants to help her after all she has done for her in her life. Pilar tells her that she's really upset, and tired and that she needs to lay down. Sheridan tells her to go ahead and she'll let herself out. Sheridan picks up the dustpan and starts to clean up the glass for Pilar.
Luis comes out wearing nothing but a towel. He had just gotten out of the shower and asks Sheridan what she is doing there. She just looks at him (staring is more like it). She starts to stand up still staring at him and drops all of the glass out of the dustpan. She tells him that she was seeing how Pilar was doing and she was just cleaning this up for her. She asks where the wastebasket is and he tells her it's by the door. She hurriedly tells him that she'll just throw this away and leave. Luis goes after her and says "wait...don't go!"

Theresa is on the docks or somewhere crying and Ethan walks by her. He notices that it's Theresa and wants to know what's wrong. She tells him what Julian told Luis about her father and asks Ethan if he hates her now and if he's going to get her fired from her job. She is crying pretty hard and he tells her that it's not her fault for whatever her father did or didn't do. He wraps her up in a big hug to calm her down and then Gwen walks by and sees them!

Wednesday, November 17, 1999 | Episode #98
The show opens today with Chad relaying the events with Orville to Miguel. They are trying to figure out what role Orville plays in Chad's past. The only thing that they have to trace Orville is his hat. Simone is trying to figure out what could've happened to him, and goes off into this stupid story about him getting kidnapped by men in black. They all laugh at her and Whitney tells her she's been hanging around Kay the drama queen too long. They decide to trace the hat, and they get an address for Orville. Chad leaves to go there and Simone catches up with him. They knock on the door, but no one answers.

Ivy comes into Julian's library where he is opening a bottle of wine. She comes in and notices that it's a bottle of the "Crane Victory Port." He tells her she's got good eyes. She wants to know what he's celebrating todaya new company that he acquired that forced some poor bastard out on the streets. He tells her that it's on a more personal level, and Ivy asks if he's found a new maid to bed. He tells her that he's taken care of two old problems-one being Sheridan and the other being Pilar's "persistent patrolman son." He said Officer Louise wouldn't be a problem anymore. Ivy wants to know what he means by that and he tells Ivy that Luis wanted answers about his father's disappearance. She said "and what do you know about it." He said he told Luis that Martin was stealing money from Crane Industries and that he and Alistair decided to spare Pilar and help her out financially. Ivy said that it was her idea to help Pilar and she had to beg them to help her. And she couldn't imagine Martin doing anything like that. She wants to know why he's taking credit for her idea to help Pilar and what he's really up to. But, he starts seducing her again. She says she'll take a glass of port, but nothing else. He comments on her dress and says he likes what's under it even better. She tells him she has no interest and to go to hell. He starts kissing her neck and she responds.

Gwen sees Ethan comforting Theresa and she sees RED. She walks up and comments that she bought him a sweater, but she sees he's found other ways to keep warm. He says that he can explain this, and she said well of course you can. Theresa comes to his defense telling her that he was just being kind b/c she found out some terrible news about her father. She kept going on and on about how great Ethan was and that he would do that for anyone that was upset. Gwen reluctantly buys this so Theresa can leave. She lays into Ethan about how these incidents with Theresa always happen and he always has an excuse. Gwen asks him how he would feel if the situation was reversed and he saw her at the ballet with another man. He said that understand why because he trusts her. She asks what about if he heard her tell another man he had sexy eyes, or she called him by another man's name. He asks her to go away with him to the cabin so they could have some alone time, and she agrees.

Luis asks Sheridan not to go and she asks why. He says he has something to tell her, and she said that he already thanked her for sticking up for him. He says it's something's about how he was probably wrong about her family and her. Then he had to go and put clothes on. He thanked her for waiting, and she said she had to make sure she heard him right. He says "you know how I feel about your family, right?" She replies that she thought they weren't going to go there anymore with each other, but yes, she knows b/c he's made it perfectly clear since she got into town. He says that he was wrong and told her what Julian said about his father. He told her how his father was a thief that stole from Crane Industries. Sheridan told him that she's never heard about that before. He went on to tell her about how Alistair called his father the night before he disappeared, and Sheridan was surprised to hear this. Luis told her that Julian said that he and Alistair didn't want to prosecute him because they wanted to protect Pilar. He said they eased up on the mortgage and the Christmas bonuses became larger each year. Sheridan asked if Julian told him all of this, and he told her he learned it blow by blow. She says she was sorry for everything that he went through and that he must've been really hurt when he left. He said he was hurt and he was sad, but most of all he was mad for his father walking out on his mother, his family and his entire life. He kept going on and looked like he was going to cry, and said you must think this is foolish for something that happened when I was a child to still haunt me. Sheridan had a flashback to that night, and she said she didn't think he was foolish at all. She said that just recently she found out that something that used to haunt her as a child never happened. He said something about finding a person working under Martin's SS # in New Mexico. He said that for so many years he pointed the finger at the Cranes for the breakup of his family, but he said that he was pointing it in the wrong direction. Luis told her that he owed her a big apology for judging her on the basis of her last name. He said that prejudice is prejudice and he was sorry. She reached out and touched his arm and told him not to beat himself up about it. Sheridan said she did smash into two of his police cars, broke a bottle over his head, and there was the Halloween incident. He sorta smirked at her and said now is probably not the best time to remind him of that. She said that he's probably right. He thanked her for listening and she said that she'd just go. She's on her way out and turns to see Luis bent down picking up the candle he smashed. She walks out and says that something doesn't add up with Julian's story, and she says she'll get to the bottom of it.

Sheridan goes into Julian's library where he is kissing Ivy. Ivy looks semi-relieved that Sheridan saved her from that. She said she heard about what he told Luis and wants to know what he's up to. She said that he and Alistair never did anything out of the goodness of their hearts and wonders what he's hiding. He says nothing but she calls him a liar.

Pilar comes out and Luis apologizes for getting so upset. He says he just wants to know the truth. Miguel comes home and Luis fills him in on what's going on. Luis says he has a plan to find his father...even if it means they have to have him arrested. Pilar and Miguel are extremely upset by this.

Thursday, November 18, 1999 | Episode #99
The show opens with Chad dreaming about what Orville told him. He's asleep outside Orville's apt. building when Simone wakes him up. She asks if he's been there all night, and he told her yes b/c he has to find out some answers. She brought him some coffee and donuts, and asks if there is anything she could do. He says he just wants to get some answers and can't figure out what happened to Orville. Simone starts in on her kidnapping/X-files theory again, and Chad tells her he's not in the mood to hear it.

Sheridan is asleep on the couch and Ivy comes in and wakes her up. She asks Sheridan why she's asleep on the couch instead of in her room. Sheridan tells her she must have nodded off. Ivy asks if she's feeling better, but Sheridan says she's just not sure. They talk more about what Julian said about Martin Fitzgerald. Ivy says she remembers the day she found out and how devastated Pilar was. Sheridan said she doesn't remember. Ivy said she thinks that she was already in fact, she believes that Alistair had her sent away that morning. Sheridan freaks out wondering if she killed Martin. Ivy said that's ridiculous and that it's just a coincidence that those things happened so close together. Sheridan said Ethan can help her and she has to find the answers.

Ethan and Gwen are in bed and she looks upset...AGAIN. Ethan asks her what's wrong and she tells him she can't shake the feeling that Theresa is going to come between them. Ethan tells her there's no one else for him but her. He says he has been preoccupied lately helping Sheridan settle her past, but that's all. Gwen seems pleased to hear this, but she tells Ethan again that Theresa has major hots for him. She tells him that his last name spells money to her and that's why she's in love with him. Ethan brushes this off and tells her they need to get packed so they can go away together. When they come downstairs, Ivy and Sheridan are standing in the living room. Ethan tells them he and Gwen are going away for a few days...Sheridan looks like she could cry. She tells them how happy she is for them. Gwen asks Sheridan if she's feeling better, and she lies and says she hasn't felt better. Ivy asks if she wants to talk to Julian again, and Sheridan says no. She doesn't want him to know that she's questioning that night again. She looks at her watch and realizes she's late for work at the Youth Center, so she leaves.

Luis comes into the kitchen and Pilar is sitting at the table in her robe. He asks her if she's been up all night, and she said yes b/c she couldn't sleep. She asks him if he's going to go through with his plan to arrest his own father. Luis says he has to find out what happened. Pilar tells him she already knows that Martin wasn't a thief. Miguel and Hank come in while Pilar and Luis are arguing about it. Hanks wants to know what's going on, and Miguel says you don't want to know. Pilar says how wonderful of a man Martin was and she just couldn't believe that her own son could arrest his father. Luis says he doesn't have a choice and this sets Miguel off. He says "the HELL YOU DON'T! How can you do this to our family?" Hank even tells Luis that he's hated the Cranes for years, and suddenly he's going to take Julian's word over his own mother's. Luis said he can't play favorites...even if it is his father. He is a policeman and that's his job. Hank gets annoyed and tells Pilar good luck with your son and leaves. The phone rings and Miguel said he'd get it and maybe by the time he got back, Luis would have come to his senses. He goes into Theresa's room where she and Whitney are. Theresa just finished getting all dolled up for her day at the mansion. She asks Whitney how she looks, and Whitney tells her great, but how can she be so consumed with Ethan when she just found out horrible news about her father. Theresa says she knows that her father wasn't a thief. She believes that. Miguel comes in and said that Simone was the one that called. He told Whitney that she was at some pay phone and she was helping Chad. Whitney gets upset and says she has to go find her. Miguel then asks Theresa how she can be so worried about nail polish when her family is falling apart. She says she's doing this for her family...when she marries Ethan she can help the family. Miguel tells her to dream on. He tries to talk some sense into her, but she just won't listen.

Whitney catches up to Simone and lights into her for not being at school when she has a test today. Simone tells her that she feels bad leaving Chad all alone, so Whitney agrees to stay with him while Simone takes her test. Whitney and Chad get into it about how she thinks he's bad news. She goes off saying how he tells nothing but lies, but he puts her in her place by telling her about how he had to struggle on the streets to survive. Just then, Orville returns to his apt. building and starts to leave when Chad grabs him and tells him he's not going anywhere. He pins him up against the wall and asks him to tell him what he knows. Orville says he doesn't even know who Chad is.

Theresa is in Ethan's room daydreaming about him kissing her when he walks in. He wonders what she's doing there, and she tells him that he asked her there to work on a project. He tells her he forgot and that it will have to wait for a few days. She asks why and he tells her that he's going out of town. She says "no you can't!" He wants to know what she meant by that.

Sheridan is at the Youth Center and she decides she needs to find out some answers on her own about Martin. She calls the airport to have the Crane jet fueled to take her to New Mexico. She's almost finished with her call, but Luis catches her asking what the weather is like in New Mexico. He wants to know if this has anything to do with his father.

Friday, November 19, 1999 | Episode #100
The show opens up with Chad, Whitney and Orville. Orville tells Chad that he doesn't want to talk to him because he's afraid of him. He tells Whitney that he'll talk to her b/c she's nice. Whitney says if they go inside she'll make him some tea and they can talk. Once Orville gets his tea, he calms down, but still doesn't want Chad around. Chad starts looking at his record collection and talks to Orville about it. Orville tells him that he has a lot more records in the basement and that Chad is welcome to look at them anytime he wants. He then remembers Chad and says that baby Chad Harris had a birthmark. Whitney asks him if that's true, and he says he has some sort of mark, but it's not where he can get a good look at it. She asks how he knows, and he said he's been with girls that told him. He asks Orville to look at it, but Orville tells him he can't see things close up anymore. So, Chad tells Whitney she'll have to look at it. She says no, but he pleads with her to just look at it so he can get some answers. He drops his pants, and she tells him not to lower them any further than necessary. Once she sees it she describes it and Orville said that's the one. Chad says to Whitney that that has to be the first man's butt she's ever seen. Orville seems to remember about Chad now, and he says "they" will not be happy to know he's back in town. Chad is supposed to be a secret. Chad wants to know what he means, and Orville tells him there is a picture on his nightstand that will explain. He goes, and Orville asks Whitney for more tea. Once Whitney has her back turned, Orville grabs his coat and hat and bolts out the door. Chad comes back and asks where Orville went. They hear tires squeal outside and a crash. They look outside and see that Orville has been hit by a car. They rush out there telling him to hold on b/c they've called him an ambulance. Whitney tells Chad that she believes Orville may be dead.

Julian is still celebrating saying how he was able to CONVINCE Sheridan that what happened was a nightmare, and that Luis's father was a thief. Ivy overhears and tells him that his celebration may be a little premature. He wants to know what she means, and she tells him that Sheridan isn't as convinced as he'd like to think. She said that Sheridan made a connection about when she left for Paris and when Martin Fitzgerald disappeared. Julian looks nervous and tells her that that's crazy. Ivy wants to know what really happened, and he brushes her off. Ivy leaves and Julian says that Alistair isn't going to like this at all.

Ethan asks Theresa why he can't go away. She tells him that it's important for him to work, but he tells her that there are more important things in life...such as love. Theresa gets all gooey-eyed at the mere mention of love out of Ethan's mouth. She looks sort of upset b/c she knows he's talking about Gwen. He tells her how much he admires her passions for life and her work. He says he wishes he felt that way about something. This goes on for a while, and she agrees with him that love is the most important thing. He tells her that her priorities are straight. She leaves while he finishes packing b/c Ivy needs her to make some phone calls for the Crane New Year's Ball. She runs into her mother and Pilar tells her to stop living in her fantasy world. Ethan comes out and says good-bye and leaves for the cabin. Theresa is in his room staring at his picture when Julian comes in. He wants to know where Ethan is and Theresa informs him that he went to the family's cabin. Julian says that he has some extremely important papers that have to be signed by him ASAP. He asks Theresa to take them to the cabin for him and she is delighted.

Ethan is driving to the cabin and calls Gwen who is at home packing. He tells her that he can't wait to see her there. She says the same. He says something about Theresa and she flies off the handle. He tells her not to worry about it.

Luis wants to know why Sheridan is going to New Mexico. Hank comes in during the interrogation. Luis keeps badgering her and she finally shouts "yes, I'm going to find out about your father." He wants to know why and she starts in on how it's haunted a certain person for years, and she needs to find some answers to help that person. Luis wants to know who she is talking about, and Hank says it's obvious that she's talking about Pilar. Sheridan agrees a little too quickly to that, b/c it was obvious that she was talking about herself. Luis tells her to stay out of it. She says she wants to help Pilar. He tells her that just b/c he apologized for falsely hating her family that doesn't mean they are friends. She looks down at the ground a softly said she didn't think that it did. He tells her that his family is his business and he would decide what's right. He leaves to get some coffee and Hank tells Sheridan that she still owes him a date. He leaves and Sheridan says to herself that she has to get some answers, so she calls the airport again and says she is leaving for New Mexico as planned. There is a phone call after she leaves and Luis answers. It's for Sheridan, but he can't find her. He asks to take a message and it's the airport. He is furious and races out of the youth center. Sheridan is boarding her jet, which looks to me as if she's going to fly the damn thing herself. She gets into the pilot seat and requests for takeoff. Luis comes onto the jet and asks her what the hell she thinks she's doing.

Monday, November 22, 1999 | Episode #101
The show opens with Whitney and Chad sitting by Orville's side. Whitney says she thinks he's dead, and Chad gets upset saying how Orville was his only link to his past. Orville moves and Whitney yells for Chad. He comes running over and tells Orville to hang on. They can hear the ambulance in the distance, and then Simone runs up to see what has happened. They fill her in and she says that it seems strange that the car would just take off and that it probably wasn't an accident. Whitney tells her to knock off the X-Files talk, but Chad thinks her story makes sense. The scene cuts to the hospital and a nurse is telling Dr. Russell that she is late. She said she had car trouble and she hit a bump in the road and messed up her head light. She then gets the news that a hit and run victim is being brought in. Orville is wheeled in and she says "after all these years, Orville, you come back into my life." She gets him stabilized and Chad insists on seeing him. She's completely rude to him and tells him that it's not possible to see him right now. Orville comes to and keeps saying "Eve." After Chad leaves the room, Orville says "you really are afraid of me, Eve, aren't you?" She prepares an injection and Orville says he doesn't want to die and that he'll keep quiet. Eve tells him it's for the best and gives it to him. She then goes outside to yell at Whitney and Simone for being w/the spawn of Satan. Whitney tells her that she's sorry, but Eve tells her that sorry isn't good enough. Orville is coming to again and asking for Chad. The nurse tells Eve that, and she tells Chad that it isn't possible b/c Orville is confused and disoriented and needs his rest. She goes back in there and prepares yet another dose of something to give to Orville.

Julian tells Theresa that he has another document to get out for Ethan and that he will go and get it. He is out of the room and Theresa says how this is fate. He comes back in and asks if she said something. And she said that she's just glad that he trusts her to do this for him. He tells her that she's good worker. He said beauty and brains are a deadly combo. Pilar comes in and asks Theresa why she looks so happy, and Theresa tells her that she's going to the cabin to see Ethan. She says it's fate and that this is yet another reason why she and Ethan are meant to be together. Pilar tells her to quit living in a fantasy world, and that Ethan isn't going to fall in love with her while he signs some papers. Theresa says she won't give up on her dreams, and Pilar tells her that her dreams are delusional, but there's no use in arguing b/c she's too stubborn to listen. Julian comes back with the documents for Ethan and gives Theresa some money for the train and a cab. He tells Pilar that she has a wonderful daughter, and Pilar thanks him. Theresa leaves to go to the cabin. Later, Pilar came in and asked Julian if she could go home. He says something about how different Theresa and Luis were. Pilar defends Luis saying he is just worried about their family and that his father's disappearance did a lot of damage. Julian says something about Martin being a thief and that he was sorry he had to tell him. Pilar says that when the truth comes out she doesn't know who will be hurt the most...the Cranes or the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. She leaves and Julian puts a call into Daddy! He says that they have a problem, and that he's taking care of it. He says he is well aware that the past cannot come into the light. He also says something about their well kept secret in New Mexico.

Julian is trying to call Ethan to inform him that Theresa is on her way, but he's on the phone with Gwen and won't click over. They talk about how much this weekend is going to mean to the both of them, and Gwen keeps looking at her finger as if the ring is going to magically appear there. He tells her to hurry so they can get snowed in together. She was worried about Theresa at first, and Ethan tells her "Theresa who?" She hangs up and says she can't wait to get there. Ethan busies himself lighting candles and sprinkling rose petals all over the cabin. He was creating his love lair! Anyway, he says he has just enough time for a quick shower before Gwen arrives. Theresa pulls up to the cabin in the taxi and steps out gazing at the place. The cabbie asks her if she wants him to wait, and she says no, that she will probably be awhile. She goes inside and is in awe of the place and that Ethan would do all of this for her. Ethan hears her come in thinking that it's Gwen. He's hiding in the bedroom and he drops the towel to the floor saying he's going to give her a big surprise when she gets there. Theresa follows the trail of rose petals to the door and opens it. Ethan turns her around and starts kissing her fully believing that it's Gwen. Theresa dives right in there!

Sheridan is requesting clearance for takeoff when Luis hops aboard and ask her what the hell she is doing. She tells him to leave and he says not until you tell me what you're doing. She yells at him again saying "GET OFF MY PLANE" She tells him to leave or else she'll have him arrested. He busts out laughing and asks her on what grounds. Sheridan tells him that he is trespassing on Crane Property, but Luis brushes this off. He says, "Show me what you've got" and takes a seat next to her. She looks at him incredulously and tells him again to leave. He wants to know why going to New Mexico is so important to her. She has a flash to that night and she tells him that she's already told him it's because of Pilar. Luis tells her that it doesn't add up. Sheridan tells him that she loves Pilar and just wants to help. Luis grills her some more and finally says they are in a push. Sheridan asks what he means, and he says a standoff. He says he's too stubborn to leave, and she's too pig headed to admit why she's really going. So, he says it looks like we're traveling to New Mexico together and winks at her! She rolls her eyes at him. She tells him no, but he says if she refuses, he'll hop the next flight and find out what she's up to. He says he'll let her fly him there and she gets mad. She reluctantly agrees and says fine but while he's aboard the plane, she's the boss. He salutes her and says "yes ma'am." She says when the get to New Mexico he can turn back into Robocop and they can go their separate ways. He says fine and to start the jets. While in the air Luis admits that he's impressed. She says that piloting a plane is easier than piloting your life. He makes a sarcastic comment on how she's had it so hard in life. He tells her she's got all the money in the world, THAT SHE'S BEAUTIFUL, and she's had a free ride her whole life. She has a flashback to a Christmas when she was a little girl and she was saying why doesn't anyone love me. Sheridan sarcastically says under her breath that her life has been a walk in the park. Later they are making small talk and Luis asks her if she's ever been to New Mexico, and she says no, but she's heard that it's beautiful. Sheridan says with all of the mountains and deserts, Luis says it's like heaven on earth. He then goes into bitter mode saying how his father has lived in paradise all these years after abandoning the family. Sheridan says you don't know that for sure, and he says he's going to find out. He makes a comment that if his father met with foul play, he'd get to the bottom of it, and Sheridan jerks the plan after hearing this. Luis asks what that was, and she covers saying it was an air pocket. Luis tells her he's going to take a nap and to wake him when she lands. She thinks to herself that they have to get to the bottom of this and find out whether she is a murderess or not.

Tuesday, November 23, 1999 | Episode #102
Striding out naked to greet "Gwen," Ethan grabs Theresa and plants a powerful kiss on her lips as he pulls her down onto the bed. Miguel, Charity, Kay and Reese volunteer to work on the school's holiday pageant. Meanwhile, Tabitha gleefully explains to Timmy how she's going to alter the drama teacher's script to ensure that the play becomes a snuff pageant for Charity. Luis questions Sheridan again after hearing her mutter his father's name while daydreaming at the wheel of the plane. Driving up to the cabin, Gwen phones Ivy and happily reports that she fully expects Ethan to pop the question that very night. Finally realizing that the woman in his arms isn't Gwen, a startled Ethan yanks away from Theresa and scurries to cover himself up. Sam and T.C. uneasily avoid Hank's questions about why they both seem to have some issues with the high and mighty Cranes. A leering Julian suggests to Ivy that Ethan is probably already bedding the housekeeper's daughter. Later, Ivy surprises Julian by conceding that Ethan is exactly like his father. Theresa is crushed when it becomes clear that Ethan's words of love were meant for Gwen. Thanks to Tabitha's maneuvering, Charity and Miguel are assigned the leading roles in the school play.

Wednesday, November 24, 1999 | Episode #103
Anxious to get Theresa out of the cabin before Gwen arrives, Ethan fumbles to sign the contracts so he can send his father's messenger on her way. Still bickering as the plane sets down near Santa Fe, Sheridan and Luis head out to find the man who's been using Martin's social security number. Kay grinds her teeth in rage after losing the lead in the school play to her goody-goody cousin. Ethan grabs the phone away from Theresa before Gwen can hear her voice on the line. Though Timmy begins to feel sorry for the hapless Charity, Tabitha rubs her hands together in gleeful anticipation of wiping out the last of the Standish clan. Ignoring Pilar's request that she leave, Ivy can't stop staring at Sam as he helps Hank and T.C. erect sets for the high school pageant. Ethan explains to a crestfallen Theresa how important it is not to let his jealous girlfriend know what almost happened between them. With the memory of an all too real and tragic fire still fresh, Charity balks at playing a scene in which her character is burned at the stake. Determined not to see her scheme go up in smoke, Tabitha convinces a guilt-stricken Charity that Grace will be severely disappointed if her niece drops out of the play.

Thursday, November 25, 1999 | Episode #
Passions was pre-empted today due to Thanksgiving

Friday, November 26, 1999 | Episode #104
While checking into a hotel, Luis and Sheridan learn of another Fitzgerald who is also staying there. They track the man down to the hotel bar, and an angry Luis confronts him. Sheridan is relieved when she thinks they have found Martin, but the flustered man denies knowing Luis. Meanwhile, Julian is nervous when he learns Luis and Sheridan are missing and may have gone to New Mexico.

At the dress rehearsal for the school pageant, Kay acts out setting Charity on fire while she is tied to a stake. Unbeknownst to everyone, Tabitha attempts to start a real fire from under the stage. Before Tabitha has a chance to do so, Charity freaks out over having to pretend to be in a fire. Miguel comforts Charity. Jessica taunts Kay by noting how Miguel and Charity are almost a couple again. A desperate Kay takes another stab at separating Miguel and Charity. Tabitha decides to take matters into her own hands to get Charity back in the play.

Ivy follows Sam into a school storage room and asks him if he still loves her. Sam bluntly tells Ivy he feels nothing for her. He only loves Grace. Ivy tearfully tells Sam she regrets not choosing a life with him. Ivy is forced to hide when Grace walks in. Sam is trapped when Grace tells him she wants to make love in the storage room.

Ethan is anxious when he realizes he can't get rid of Theresa before Gwen arrives. Theresa is secretly happy. She hopes Gwen will dump Ethan when she finds the two of them together. Gwen calls again and tells Ethan the snowstorm is pretty bad. A guilt-ridden Ethan tells Gwen to turn around and go home so she won't find Theresa with him.

Monday, November 29, 1999 | Episode #105
Charity, Miguel, Kay, Timmy & Tabitha:
Charity is still tied to the stake and everyone assures her that it won't be a real fire. Grace tells her that she doesn't have to play the part if she doesn't want to, but Charity tells her that she'll do it. The smoke starts to rise, but no one is aware of it. Charity asks Miguel if her face looks flushed, and he tells her no. She says she's really hot, so Miguel offers to get her a soda. Kay tells him that she'll go with him and then Miguel asks Jessica to come along as well. Charity is left alone on the stage and she is trying to remember her lines. The dynamic duo of T & T is below the stage where Charity awaits her fate. Tabitha says she can't wait until the brat is out of her hair, and Timmy tells her it's a bad idea, and he is very reluctant to help her. She tells Timmy that it's Charity or them. Tabitha says the fire isn't catching and she finds something to fan the fire. She asks Timmy what that phrase was in the sixties. He says "far out," but Tabitha disagrees. She says "oh yes, I remember...BURN BABY BURN." Then she began her sinister cackle and the fire started growing. Charity noticed the flames around her and all of the smoke and she yells for help. Kay and Jessica are outside and Kay says she smells smoke. Jessica said she wouldn't be surprised if she didn't set her on fire. Sam and T.C. come around the corner and they smell smoke as well. They all rush into the auditorium where they see the flames around Charity. Miguel rushes up there to help her, but he can't get the fire out nor can he get the ropes untied. Tabitha says tells Timmy that their efforts are worthless b/c Charity is as good as dead. Timmy starts coughing from all of the smoke. Tabitha tells them they had better get out of there. T.C. found a fire extinguisher but it won't work. Hank found one but it wouldn't work either. Kay and Jessica went to call the fire department and Grace stood and cried. Tabitha and Timmy were sitting in the auditorium when TADA...the angel girl appeared. She just looked at Tabitha and then she blew in Charity's direction and the flames subsided enough for the guys to get to Charity. T.C. came running in with a hose and they got the fire out. Sam asked who had the torch and Kay said she did, but it wasn't lit. They looked at it and said she was right. Kay looked really upset and walked away. Jessica came over to her and said "look me in the eyes and tell me you had nothing to do with that." Kay said she doesn't want Charity dead, she just doesn't want her with Miguel. Charity was unconscious and they gave her some oxygen and she eventually came to and she looked at Miguel and said "you saved me...again." He said she must be getting her memory back and Tabitha flung Timmy across the room. She picked him up and hightailed it out of there. Once they were outside they saw the angel girl again and she told Tabitha her time was coming soon and she wouldn't get away with her evil.

Ethan & Theresa:
Theresa was in the cabin being goofy about fate being the cause of her being with Ethan. She was in the kitchen fixing dinner when Gwen called. She told Ethan that she was at a gas station waiting for the snow plows to come through. Ethan gets nervous and tells her he would rather her drive home so she'd be safe. He goes on about how much he loves her and he'll be home tomorrow. Theresa knocked something off the counter upon hearing him profess his love to Gwen. Gwen asked what that was and Ethan lied and said he knocked something over. He tells her to go home and to call as soon as she got there and hangs up. He goes into the kitchen and Theresa is crying. He asks her what's wrong and she says she's sorry she knocked over the caviar. Ethan tells her not to worry about it. He challenges her to a cook-off saying he can make a mean clam chowder and Theresa says she's going to make shrimp w/Spanish rice. He shucks a raw oyster and gives it to Theresa. She returns the favor and feeds him one as well. They finish cooking and are eating dinner. He tells him that both dishes were delicious and that it's a draw. She goes on about how she's glad that he didn't hold what her father supposedly did against her. She says she knows it's not true and that she loves her father so much. Ethan says he's not close with his father. He was always away at school and Julian never really made time to teach him how to ride a bike or make snowballs. He told Theresa that he learned all that from Pilar. Theresa challenges him to a snowball fight and warns him that she's really good at it. They have a snowball fight and it was a really cute scene. They get back inside and the power goes out so Ethan tells her they will have to sleep in front of the fire. He tells her where she can find some PJs and she goes to put them on. She comes out and they are swimming on her. She says this is so exciting and how she's dreamed of a night like this and Ethan says she'd rather be w/her guy in Harmony. Theresa starts to tell him the truth, but of course he wasn't there to hear it. Gwen is at the gas station still waiting and a man came in to tell her the plows just went through. She says to herself how surprised Ethan will be when she shows up in the middle of the night and slips into bed with him.

Luis & Sheridan:
They are back at the hotel and the manager tells them he has quite a room for them. It's the honeymoon suite complete with vibrating bed. The look on their faces was priceless. They inform him that they need two rooms and the manager promises to keep their secret and not to tell. He keeps winking to insinuate they are shacking up and Sheridan tells him they have to have two rooms. He said okay, and shows them to their rooms. He walks away and Sheridan said that he had a nasty eye affliction and really should get it looked at. Luis said it did look kinda bad since they checked in w/o any luggage and the manager probably thought they were there for "you know." Sheridan just laughed it off and Luis said he was sorry if the mgr. offended her. She told him she was just fine and that she'd see him in the morning. The next scene shows both Luis and Sheridan in towels after emerging from their showers. They both walk to open a door they thought was a closet, but it was the door to their adjoining room. They both stood there half-shocked to see each other in towels. They stood there awkwardly for a few and finally shut the door. Sheridan knocked on the door and she told Luis that she noticed he didn't comb his hair after he got out of the shower. He said he forgot his hairbrush and she gave him an extra one he had. He thanked her and said that was nice of her to do. She told him they didn't have to be enemies and he half smiled at her. Later Luis knocked on the door but they are in matching white bathrobes this time. He thanks her for the hairbrush and offers to give it back but she tells him to keep it. Sheridan tells him she's beat and she needs to get some sleep. She tells him she hopes he sleeps well and Luis tells her he probably won't b/c he's too busy thinking about his father. They say goodnight for about the 10th time, and Luis has a flashback about his father. It was about him sending Luis to baseball camp and Luis asks how they can afford it, and Martin tells him not to worry about it. He makes a comment after his little flashback about him stealing from the Cranes. Sheridan is asleep and having a nightmare. It's about that night and Big Sheridan is w/little Sheridan and Big Sheridan tells her she has to know the truth and looks under the sheet. She says "I did it. I killed Martin Fitzgerald." Luis comes into the living room and says "you killed my father." Sheridan cries out in her sleep. Luis is lying in bed wearing his boxers reading. He hears Sheridan crying out and busts through the door to get into her room. He picks her up and sits behind her with his arms around her while she kept crying "I did it. I did it."

Tuesday, November 30, 1999 | Episode #106
Miguel, Charity, & Co.:
Miguel is carrying Charity and they are getting ready to head to the hospital to get checked out. T.C. made a comment that Miguel has saved her from two fires now. Charity said she remembers and Kay sees red. She said to Miguel that Charity could probably walk and Charity agrees. Miguel said he's not going to put her down until they get to the hospital. They all head to the hospital but Sam and Hank stay behind. Sam is determined to figure out what started that fire. He looks at it and thinks it could've been arson. Hank asked who would want to harm Charity and they listed off the people that were there. Sam stopped when he named Tabitha and Hank said "yeah, she and her doll are into pyrotechnics." So, they leave and go to the hospital. Charity and Miguel are okay but Miguel doesn't want to leave her side, so they get checked out in the same room.

Eve, Chad, Orville, Whitney & Simone:
Eve, is looking in on Orville while he is sleeping and remembers the conversation they had when he was brought into the hospital. Chad comes in and hears Orville saying "Eve, Eve." Chad said "I thought you didn't know Orville." She denies that she does but Chad doesn't buy it. A nurse comes in to tell Dr. Evil that Charity Standish has been brought in due to smoke inhalation. She goes to check on her. Simone hears what happens and asks Kay how she could set Charity on fire. Kay looks at her like she's from Mars. She tells Simone that she would never do something like that. She doesn't want to harm her, she just doesn't want her to get Miguel. Kay says that Charity is close to getting her memory back and that she'll never have enough time to get Miguel to fall in love with her. Eve chastises Simone for being around Chad. She threatens to ground her for six months. She lights into Whitney as well saying her behavior is unexceptable. Eve excuses herself and tells them she has another patient to check on. T.C., Chad, and the girls follow her in there, and Orville is saying her name again. T.C. asks if she knows that man, but she says no. He must just know my name from the nametag.

Timmy & Tabitha:
Tabitha and the angel girl are exchanging words. Tabitha tells her that she's not afraid of her and that everyone in the Celestial Army could take her on and she's not afraid. Timmy intervenes and said "she's scaring the hell out of Timmy." The angel girl tells her that if she doesn't stop her quest to kill Charity she would have Him to deal with and she needs to be taught a lesson. Tabitha brushes her off and the angel girl levitates her. Timmy is jabbering on about his sweet princess and the angel apologizes to Timmy. She drops Tabitha and disappears. Timmy tells Tabitha he's had enough, but they hear someone coming and they hide. Sam and Hank walk by and Tabitha tells Timmy they are going to the hospital. When they get there, Sam wants to question Tabitha, but Grace pulls him aside and asks him what he's thinking interrogating Tabitha.

Theresa & Ethan:
Theresa and Ethan are still getting ready for bed and Ethan thanks her for agreeing not to tell Gwen about being at the cabin. She tells him it's no problem. Theresa asks Ethan if he believes in fate and he tells her she's not so sure. He asks her if she's ever had her fortune read, and she remembers when she was at the carnival and Tabitha saw her married last name began w/a C. She says that she has. He asks Theresa to tell him about it, but she says she can't because it won't come true. He asks her if it has to do with love and she says yes. He says he sees great happiness in her future and a great love. He said the man will be lucky to be loved by her and she gets a huge smile on her face. He says it's only a matter of time before Cupid's arrow strikes the man and he wakes up. Theresa asks him what he means and Ethan says that any man has to be blind not to notice her right away. They were getting under the blankets and Ethan says he forgot one thing that would make this evening perfect. Marshmallows. Theresa gets excited and tells him that she's the best marshmallow roaster in Harmony. He tells her she might be, but he knows the secret ingredient that makes them perfect. She tells him he doesn't and at the same time they say "Super Dupers covered in cocoa." (or something like that) They realize that Pilar taught them that. Anyway, they finally go to sleep and Theresa is dreaming that Ethan asked her to marry him. Gwen finally makes it to the cabin and doesn't see Ethan wrapped around Theresa yet. She is kneeling beside him and she hears Theresa saying "yes, Ethan." Gwen gasps and Theresa shoots up and sees Gwen giving her the evil eye.

Sheridan & Luis:
Luis is holding Sheridan while she is having her nightmare. She is muttering about how she did it and it's time she told. There was a lot of "I didn't mean to do it. He came after me. It was so dark. I need to tell you the truth." Luis was asking her what she needed to tell him and she suddenly wakes up and yells "Luis." She shot out of bed and asked what he was doing in her room. He told her he heard her crying out and figured she might be in some sort of trouble. She asked him what he heard her say and he told her that it wasn't making sense but she seemed really scared. Sheridan tells him it was nothing. She has nightmares and she talks in her sleep. He tells her it seemed real enough to get her that upset. He asks her what happened when she was a little girl, but she tells him nothing. She said she wasn't sleeping well, it was probably the strange bed. Luis tells her that's her own fault b/c she insisted on going on the trip. He tells her to try to get some sleep and to have sweet dreams. She closes the door and says she can't go back to sleep so she gets dressed and said she has to find out if that's really Martin Fitzgerald. Luis hears the door close and goes into Sheridan's room. There's no sign of her and he wonders what she's doing at this time of night. The next scene is at Linder Industries and Martin is at the desk and pours himself a drink. Sheridan goes to the front door and is knocking when she hears Luis saying something behind her. She told him she couldn't sleep and he made a comment that her evening stroll led her right back here. He sees that there is someone inside and he knocks on the door.

Wednesday, December 1, 1999 | Episode #107
Eve, T.C., Sam, Chad, Whitney & Simone:
Eve is worrying about the truth coming out and doesn't want Chad or her daughters anywhere near Orville. Chad is asking Orville what he meant by what he said. Orville reminds him that if he investigates his past, he'll die. Orville then goes loopy and doesn't remember anyone and wants to know where he is. Eve orders everyone out of the room. Sam has questions for Chad, Whitney, and Simone about the accident. Chad tells him his past isn't police business and Sam said it is b/c of the hit and run accident. Eve is asking questions about how Whitney and Simone got involved and again starts on her warnings about Chad. Chad said "here comes the lecture about Big Bad Chad." T.C. mentions that he saw Eve's car in the parking lot and wants to know what happened. She said she hit a bump in the road. He tells her he'll take it to the shop and she says she'll do it herself. Eve remembers being at the carnival when Tabitha told her she knew all about her secret and what she did outside of town all those years ago.

Ivy & Julian:
They return home from yet another Charity event and Ivy is wearing the most hideous dress. I don't know what she was thinking. Anyway, she starts in on Julian about how this was a night for the record books b/c he didn't have one disparaging or biting remark all evening. She says in fact he didn't say much of anything all night. He pours himself a drink and tells her to stay out of it. Ivy rubs in his face about how intriguing she and Sheridan found the coincidence on her nightmare and Martin's disappearance was. He tells her to shut up and to stay out of it. She says knows he and Alistair have something to do w/Martin Fitzgerald's disappearance and wants to know what it is. She hears Pilar come in and Julian looks nervous. Pilar says she needs to talk to Ivy and Julian goes to answer the phone. Pilar says she's worried about Theresa and Ivy tells her she's with Ethan and they probably just got snowed in. Ivy senses something else is wrong and asks if it has anything to do w/Martin. Pilar says she was very upset and Luis was very upset by what Julian said. Ivy says she thinks of Pilar as a friend and will do anything to help her. She thanks Ivy and leaves. Julian is on the phone w/someone from the airport and is asking the whereabouts of the Crane jet. He tells Julian that Sheridan took it out earlier and she hasn't returned yet. Julian asks where she took it and is told Santa Fe. He tells Julian that she had a passenger by the name of Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald with her as well. Julian gets upset and slams down the phone. Ivy comes in and demands to know the truth. She knows he's hiding something and Julian tells her that the secret would destroy the family including her precious Ethan and to stay out of it. Ivy questions if that's even the real Martin Fitzgerald or some poor schmuck he and Alistair paid off. Julian warns her that Alistair is willing to sacrifice his own daughter to protect the family and just what she thinks he would do to her.

Sheridan & Luis:
They are standing outside Linder Industries and they knock on the door. They talk about what Luis is going to say when Martin comes to the door. He asks what they want and Luis lies and says he's having some trouble with a car. Martin asks if it can wait until morning and Luis tells him no. Martin says he'll go get the keys and be right back. Sheridan asked Luis if he recognized him and he says he didn't get a good enough look at him. She also asks why he lied about the car. Luis tells her that he didn't so much as leave a note when he walked out on the family so he's pretty sure he doesn't want to see his past standing in front of him now. The phone rings inside and Martin answers it. It's Julian on the phone and Martin says he hasn't heard from him in years. Julian says that two people are looking for him and Martin says there are two people there now. Martin asks who is looking for him and Julian tells him one is his sister, Sheridan and the other is a name he would recognize...Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Martin says they can't find him. Outside Luis wonders who would call at this time of the night and Sheridan said maybe it was his wife. She realized what she said and apologized. Luis said why would he bother getting a divorce? He can just add bigamy to the list of his other crimes. Martin turns the light off and leaves the building in a rush. Luis and Sheridan run after him but can't catch up. Later they get Mr. Linder in there and ask him some questions about Martin. Mr. Linder says he's worked there about 15 years and said he was from California, but he notices a New England accent from time to time. Luis asked if he ever mentioned a family and Mr. Linder said he told everyone he had never been married, however he noticed a tan line on his ring finger after he began working there. Luis says that's the right man and if he knows where he could be. He tells him of a fishing cabin that Martin likes to go to and that he will draw them a map. He goes to get them the keys to a rental car and Luis tells Sheridan that he's going up there tonight. She tells him that she's going there with him and he says okay but to stay out of his way. The next scene shows Martin in the cabin pouring himself yet another drink. He says no one can find him and find out his secret.

Theresa, Ethan, & Gwen:
Theresa and Gwen are looking each other dead in the eye and Ethan rolls over and slowly wakes up to see Gwen. He shoots up off the floor and is completely shocked to see her there. He tries to explain and Gwen tells him she doesn't want to hear it. Theresa tries to explain and defend Ethan. She tells her to shut up. Ethan explains that she was only there to get some papers signed for Julian. Gwen says it's always something with her. She wants to know how Theresa got up there if the roads were closed. Theresa says she got there before the storm and Gwen goes off on Ethan about how he lied to her. She told him he let her go on about how worried she was about him being all alone, but he was with Theresa the entire time. Theresa tries to help but she puts her foot in her mouth big time. She tells Gwen about how Ethan had the place all set up for a romantic evening and how he accidentally kissed her in the buff when she got there. Whoops. Ethan gives her a look like, 'you're not helping." Gwen tells them she's heard enough and walks out of the cabin. Ethan chases after Gwen and she tells him to go inside before he catches pneumonia. He is still trying to explain and she says she doesn't trust him and they can't have a relationship if there is no trust. She finally brings up how he could mistake kissing Theresa for her. She says he's kissed her thousands of times over the years and something is wrong if he didn't know the difference. She is crying and gets in the car to leave. Theresa is inside on the phone telling Whitney everything. She says she finally has a real chance w/Ethan now.

Thursday, December 2, 1999 | Episode #108
Eve, T.C., Whitney, & Sam:
Eve is at the stove fixing breakfast and T.C. is talking to her. She's zoned out and he's trying to get her attention. Sam comes in and says he'll take his eggs over easy. Sam wants to know what T.C. wanted to talk to him about. T.C. asks if he's heard anything new about the hit and run, and Sam says it tops his list this morning. He leaves to use the phone and Eve asks why he's involving the chief of police in this. T.C. says b/c he's his best friend and there was a hit and run accident. She goes off wondering why he's so interested and he tells her if he didn't know any better he would think she was trying to keep this thing from being investigated at all. Whitney comes in from tennis practice and hears they are talking about Orville. She asks about him and Eve goes off on her saying to stay away from Chad. T.C. and Sam leave and Whitney asks what's wrong w/her today. She says she's just concerned about her and Simone getting mixed up w/the wrong crowd. Whitney said she was always taught, by her, that everyone needs to be given the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Eve tells her she knows all she needs to know about Chad and they must stay away from him. T.C. and Sam are looking around Orville's apt. and looking for any clues. They aren't having any luck until T.C. knocks over a box and a bunch of blue envelopes w/Orville's name on them fall out. They aren't stamped and they figured they must have been hand delivered. There is only one that has been opened and there is a $100 bill in it. T.C. says there is something familiar about those envelopes but he can't quite place it. Next scene Eve is in her office and she pulls out the same blue envelopes that Orville's money was in.

Ivy & Julian:
Julian is sitting nervously at his desk drinking a cup of coffee. Ivy comes in from working out and starts taunting him. He asks if she was finished fooling around with her trainer. She said he was cute but not her type. Ivy also says Julian should try working out sometime to get rid of his spare tire. He informs her that he's in perfect shape, but she never sees him w/o his clothes. She cringes and tells him it's too early in the morning for that. She wants to know why he's up so early and asks if he had trouble sleeping. He says he's fine but she teases him about worrying what Sheridan will find...or whom she will find rather. He tells her to shut up and she tells him he's too touchy and should switch to decaf. She demands to know what he's covering up and he tells her nothing. He tells her he's in no mood to play 'let's provoke Julian.' She says that's a pity b/c it's her favorite game. He tells her she's on the wrong track anyway. He's not worried what she'll find. Julian wants to know what Sheridan is doing with Luis in New Mexico. Ivy tells him to use his imagination if he even has any. He says he's checked the hotels and of course they are staying at some fleabag motel. He said he rang her room and she's not there. He wants to know what she's up to, and Ivy tells him she's trying to figure out if Martin is alive and if her nightmare about that night is real. Julian says that, as usual, she's making a mountain out of a molehill and Ivy said she'll phone Alistair and he can be the judge of that. Julian tells her she won't talk to Alistair about anything. Ivy wants to know if he's just going to let Sheridan continue having nightmares for the rest of her life.

Ethan & Theresa:
Theresa is smelling some roses on a table when Ethan comes in and tells her he got the car started. She tells him she's sorry about everything getting screwed up with Gwen. She goes into flashback mode and thinks about all the fun they had together last night. He says Gwen is really upset and wonders what will happen. He says he know how it must have looked, and he would be mad if the situation was reversed. Ethan asks her what she would do if the situation happened to her. She said if my man were with another woman I would fight with everything she had to prove how much she loved him and that she wanted to work things out. Ethan tries to call Sheridan to see what he should do, but she's not there. Theresa calls home to tell Pilar that they are on the way home. Pilar inquires about Gwen and Theresa says she'll fill her in when she gets home. Pilar tells her that Luis is in New Mexico looking for Martin, but he's not alone...he's with Sheridan. She says that's weird. Ethan asks what they are doing together in New Mexico and Theresa tells him they are looking for her father. They are in the car and she just keeps staring at him daydreaming about them at the cabin. This is total daydream b/c he asks her to make love to him. Ethan tells her he knows what she's thinking..."how could I get involved in Ethan's screwed up love life." He tells her he's sorry she has to play the other woman in this triangle even if their affair only exists in Gwen's head. She tells him she doesn't mind and that she's been through worse. Theresa gets home and Whitney and her mother are waiting for her. Theresa fills them in on what happened and how Gwen left. She said something about sleeping in front of the fire w/Ethan and Pilar says "tell me you are still a good girl, Theresa." Theresa said it wasn't like that, they just had to stay warm. Pilar tells her to be careful b/c Gwen is tougher than she looks and she will fight for Ethan. She leaves to get ready for work and Whitney warns her too. There is a knock at the door and Theresa thinks it could be Ethan. She opens the door and it's Gwen. She tells Theresa they need to talk. Ethan comes home and hears Ivy and Julian arguing. Ethan tells them that Gwen is mad at him b/c she found he and Theresa sleeping in front of the fire. Julian said "only sleeping?" Ethan hands him his precious papers and goes to call Gwen.

Sheridan & Luis:
They are driving in the rental car and Sheridan is sleeping. Luis's eyes are getting heavy and he has his flashback about his father telling him he's going to baseball camp. Sheridan wakes up and says he's been driving all night and to let her drive for a while. Luis tells her they are almost there and that he's fine. She looks up and yells for him to look out for the curve in the road. What happens next, well, you guessed it, he wrecked the car. He gets out and asks if she's okay. She tells him she's just a little shaky and asks if he's okay. He says that he is, but the car isn't. It won't start and she said they can just walk. He says the only place they are going is to the hospital so she can get checked out. She tells him she's fine and that it's not like she's never been in a car accident before. He sorta laughs and agrees, but says this one was his fault. Luis says he's still figuring out what he's going to do when he sees his father. Sheridan said she's going to be there when he does. He says he sorta buys her story about helping Pilar but thinks there's something more to it. They are hiking up a hill and they get to a diner at the top. She says Pilar means more to her than he realizes. Sheridan says w/o her she's not sure where she'd be today. Luis asks if she's being a little dramatic and she tells him no. Just because she was born a Crane doesn't mean she hasn't had problems. Luis says he believes her b/c he was there last night when she had her nightmare. Sheridan says Pilar got her through those and he wants to know why she won't tell him what they're about. They go inside to get some coffee and the man says that there is a big storm coming and a chance for flooding. They insist on going anyway. They are outside looking up at the stars and talking about how beautiful this place is. Luis talks about how this place is perfect to retired in. Sheridan tells Luis he's too young to be thinking of retiring. He says something about working hard for a living and Sheridan says "here we go again." He assures her he's not picking on her, he's just saying it's different because he is always going to have to work all his life...he says he likes his way better. She says to be honest...if someone offered him a billion dollars he would take it. He smiles and says he's proud not crazy. They see a rain cloud but decide to chance it saying they're not afraid of a little rain. They are walking along in torrential downpour and there is lots of flooding in the river. Luis says they should've listened to the guy at the diner. He tells her maybe they should go back and she says she thinks she sees a cabin. He tells her to stay put while he finds a more shallow place to cross. She doesn't listen and follows him. He turns around and says "what the hell is wrong with you, don't you listen?" She tells him no and not to tell her to go back b/c she won't. He gives her his hand and tells her not to let go. They are climbing up some rocks. He reaches out his hand for Sheridan to grab and tells her to hold on and that she's doing great. She says "not bad for a spoiled princess, huh?" He says not too shabby at all. As soon as he said that there is a mudslide and Sheridan screams and falls off the rocks and into the water. Luis is yelling her name, and I couldn't tell if he fell too...I kinda don't think he did.

Friday, December 3, 1999 | Episode #109
Sam, Grace, Charity, etc.:
Grace is in the kitchen fixing lunch when Sam comes in. She tells him she's fixing lunch for the kids b/c they only have a 1/2 day of school and the cafeteria is closed b/c of the fire. They talk about how horrible it was that Charity was caught in another fire. Grace thinks is strange how fire follows her family...first her, Faith and now Charity. Sam thinks Tabitha might know something but Grace thinks he's crazy. Charity runs literally into Miguel at school and spills his soda on him. She apologizes but has a flash to when she met him at the Carnival under the same circumstances. She tells everyone that she remembers and Kay looks on in horror. Miguel offers to walk her home and she said okay but she has a couple of stops to make, one being Tabitha's house. Miguel and Charity are standing outside and Miguel wants to know why she wants to visit Tabitha. She says she has a feeling that Tabitha could help her regain her memory. Later, Miguel asks Charity to go out on a date with him, and she is hesitant. She says she's never been on a date before but Miguel tells her they kinda did when he showed her around Harmony. She has another memory flash and says she'd love to go out on a date with him right as the rest of the Scooby Gang walks into the kitchen. Kay runs out of the house and Simone follows her. Reese asks Jessica what's wrong and she tells him nothing. Kay says it's over and that she's lost Miguel for good.

Ivy & Julian:
Ivy threatens Julian that she'll talk to Alistair about him being incompetent b/c he wants to see Gwen and Ethan married every bit as much as she does. She says that maybe he'll just skip a generation and hand the company directly to Ethan. Ivy says that it would give her great joy watching him beg for anything that she or Ethan would give him. She tells him that maybe daddy could give him the manager's position at the Cannery. He threatens her saying she has more to lose once her dirty little secret came out. Ivy looked a little stunned but recovered and told Julian he was bluffing. Once Julian left the room he says that he was bluffing but knows she is hiding something. Ivy pulls out her locket and looks at Sam's picture.

Timmy & Tabitha:
Tabitha is sitting on the couch with an ice pack on her head. She's going on and on about how she has been defeated and that Charity won. Timmy is trying to convince her that she can still win. He tells her not to go anywhere and that he'll be right back. He comes back carrying Tabitha's bag o' wonders and sporting a purple and black magician's cape. He calls himself "Timmy the Terrific" and starts to poorly do magic tricks. This amuses Tabitha and she gets up to show him how it's done. Timmy tells her she's still got it. They hear Miguel and Charity talking outside and realize that she is coming to the house. Timmy lays down on the couch and Tabitha lets her in. Charity tells her that she wanted to look at the Pilgrim painting again b/c she has a feeling that it could help trigger her memory. Tabitha lies and tells her it was damaged from sparks from the fireplace and that she had to throw it out. Charity tells her that's too bad, but she wants to start spending more time w/her. Tabitha says okay but it would have to be another day as she has a bad headache. Charity brought her a was a plant. Tabitha thanks her and scoots her out of the house. Timmy goes over to Tabitha and she picks up the plant b/c she wanted to throw it out. As soon as she does, she kills the plant and the flowers wither one by one. Then the dynamic duo see a book floating across the room and over to the table. It's one of Tabitha's spell books and Timmy tells her maybe it's a sign that she's getting her powers back.

Theresa & Gwen:
Theresa answers the door to find Gwen standing there. She asks what she wants and Gwen barges past Theresa and lets herself in. Theresa introduces her to Whitney and Gwen says she remember her covering for Theresa when she was stalking Ethan. Theresa says she wasn't stalking him...they were all accidents. Whitney excuses herself saying she has to call some of her students to schedule tennis lessons. Gwen starts in on what a catch Ethan is and asks Theresa if she thinks so. Theresa answers "I guess so," but Gwen doesn't buy it. She says she's trying to protect her investment and Theresa says you make Ethan sound more like a bank account rather than her boyfriend. Gwen says she's invested lots of love over the years in their relationship and she's not going to let any local girl take that away from her. Gwen goes on about what a great catch Ethan is and that she's not surprised that girls would fantasize about him. She said lots of girls would love him even if he was penniless. She also says he has a great body and she should know. Theresa stands there and takes it. Gwen was about to take another dig at her when her pager went off. She tells Theresa that she needs to make a call and she'll use the phone the Whitney took to her room. Theresa tells her no, and that she can use the one in the kitchen. Gwen asks what she's hiding and Theresa says nothing. Gwen decides to walk back there, and Theresa cuts in front of her saying it's her house and she doesn't want her in there. Gwen walks in and says "just as I thought."

Ethan & Pilar:
Pilar had seen Gwen before she left for work and was worrying about Theresa. Ethan comes downstairs and is talking about how he can't find Gwen. Pilar tells him where she is and he hurries out of the house to find her.

Sheridan & Luis:
The two are climbing up the rocks and he tells her she's doing great. There was a mudslide and the two fell into the water. Luis couldn't find her and was yelling for her. Sheridan yelled "LUIS" as the current carried her downstream. She was trying to swim against it, but it was too strong. It pulled her and she hit her head on a rock. She started to sink under the water and Luis began swimming after her. She had a dream about a man saving her (the same dream she had when she was in jail about the man saving her and being her one true love. It's obvious that it's Luis but he is wearing an all black outfit). In her dream he saves her and she is trying to make out his face. We next see Luis swimming under the water and grabbing Sheridan. He gets her ashore and she isn't breathing. He carries her and is yelling for her to breathe. She isn't responding and he gives her mouth to mouth. Luis says "don't leave me," and she starts coughing up the water. She asks what happened but starts to go unconscious again. Luis scoops her up and takes her into a cabin. He lays her down on the bed and she keeps telling Luis how cold she is. He says you'll get warm soon and goes to put more wood on the fire. He feels her clothes and says she'll die of hypothermia if he doesn't get her out of them. He tells her he's going to have to take her clothes off and starts to unzip her jacket. She sits up and throws her arms around him saying "don't let me drown." He hugs her back and looks really worried about her. He says "you're safe with me." The next scene shows Sheridan laying under a blanket minus all clothes. She was having the dream about the man rescuing her and this time she asks him who he is. She opens her eyes slowly and Luis is sitting on the edge of the bed watching over her.