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Monday, December 6, 1999 | Episode #110
The Bennett Household:
Sam and Grace are in the living room folding some laundry and Grace tells him he's way off about Tabitha. She asks what reason she could possibly have for wanting to hurt Charity...let alone setting her on fire. Sam tells her that maybe his mind is working overtime, but he has a bad feeling. Grace tells him that Tabitha is powerless to hurt anyone. She tells him she knows how she can take his mind off of things and he asks how she proposes to do that. She wraps her arms around him and whispers in his ear. In the kitchen Miguel asks Charity if she's sure she really wants to go out with him. She says yes and Miguel says he's going to give her a first date that she'll never forget. He asks her if she'll remember it this time and she tells him she couldn't possibly forget about him twice. Charity asks them where they are going and he tells her it's a surprise. She tells him she needs to know what to wear and he tells her to wear whatever because she'd look beautiful no matter what. Reese seconds that and Jessica just smiles. Jessica offers to help her get ready and Charity goes upstairs. She passes through the living room and catches Auntie Grace making out with Uncle Sam. Charity apologizes and tells them she is just passing through. Grace asks her why she looks so happy and she tells them that Miguel just asked her out on a date. They both ooh and aw over the fact that they look so cute together and what a great guy Miguel is. Charity asks Grace to help her w/her hair. Miguel and Reese are carrying in firewood for Chief Bennett and he issues Miguel a warning to take things slow with Charity, Miguel assures him that he will. Sam also tells Reese that he heard from a reliable source about a certain Halloween dance. Reese gets fidgety and Sam tells him he heard Kay kissed him. He thinks it's great and that Kay is a wonderful person. Kay is outside with Simone telling her how she's lost Miguel for good. Simone keeps telling her how sorry she is. Kay said it's her own fault for thinking Miguel was hers in the first place. Simone tells her there will be plenty of other guys in her lifetime and she will find one that loves her back. Kay says that no one could know how she feels until they have loved someone and know how it feels to not have it returned. Jessica overhears this and looks really sorry for her sister. Jessica goes into the living room and sits down on the couch and Sam asks her why she looks so upset. She tells him it's Kay. He asks if they got in a fight again and she tells him she's sorry she ever teased her at all. Jessica tells her dad that Kay feels unloved. Sam goes outside to talk to Kay and Simone leaves. He asks her if she's okay and if he can help in anyway. Kay tells him that it's something she needs to work through on her own. He is being really sweet to her telling her about the day she was born and how beautiful she was. He said he knew that she would continue to get more beautiful and one day break his heart by getting married and loving another man. She gets teary and hugs him. He says he knows she's upset because of Miguel and she looks freaked. Sam tells her it's because they are such good friends and that she's happy for him but she's wondering when she will find her love. Kay lies and agrees with him. He tells her that Reese would be great for her and Kay looks like she's going to puke. He leaves and Simone comes back out. Kay tells her that he's already thinking of Miguel as a son-in-law and that he thinks Reese is perfect for her. Simone looks like she's going to bust out laughing. Charity comes down ready for her date and Miguel has flowers for her. Grace tells them they need to take pictures because each member of the family has their own album. She asks where Kay is and Jessica tells her she's not having a good day. Charity says they can't have PICS w/o Kay and that she'll go get her. She yells out the door and tells Kay they need her inside so she can be in the PICS with her and Miguel.

Timmy & Tabitha:
They are watching the flames shoot out of the book and they think that it's a sign that Tabitha's powers are returning. Timmy said those are the flames of hell and Tabitha says she hopes so. The flames go out and Tabitha approaches the book and opens it with a fire poker. Timmy comes in w/the fire extinguisher just in case. Tabitha picks it up and looks at it. She says this is a book of predictions that a witch wrote 1,000 years ago. She opens it up and it talks about Charity. It says if she falls in love with the boy that saves her from two fires, then she will come into her full powers. Timmy tells Tabitha that it's curtains for them, but Tabitha says that Kay can help them because she is in love with Miguel. They see Kay upset outside and want to find out why. Kay is talking to herself about Miguel and Tabitha pops up and tells her she can help.

Theresa, Gwen, Ethan, & Whitney:
Ethan is leaving the mansion and wonders why Gwen would be at Theresa's. He says he has to make Gwen realize that she's blowing things out of proportion and that Theresa doesn't have a thing for him. Gwen walks into Theresa's room and says it's just what she thought. Theresa is cowering outside the door and says she might as well tell her the truth. She starts to tell her about Ethan when Whitney tells them to come in. Whitney had taken down all of the PICS of Ethan and there was no sign of her shrine to him left. Gwen tells Theresa her room is charming but she needs something on that wall. Theresa tells her she was in the middle of redecorating but Whitney must have picked up for her. Theresa and Whitney spot a PIC of Ethan on the floor while Gwen is on the phone. She walks over and steps on the picture while she talks to Theresa. Ethan comes in and asks why she is there. Gwen tells him she was just clearing things up with Theresa. Ethan apologizes to Theresa for Gwen barging in. Gwen says she didn't barge in and that she is capable of speaking for herself. Ethan says this is between them and not to involve Theresa. Gwen says it does involve Theresa and starts to walk toward the door. The picture is stuck to her shoe and Whitney grabs it saying it was an old article she was holding onto. Gwen and Ethan leave and Ethan apologizes to Theresa once again. Theresa thanks Whitney for saving her yet again. They are listening at the door while Ethan and Gwen are fighting in her living room. Gwen gets mad and leaves and Theresa walks into the living room telling Ethan she thinks he needs her now.

Luis & Sheridan:
Sheridan has her dream about the mystery man saving her and wakes up and asks Luis if he's the great love of her life. She keeps saying "my love, you are my love." He tells her it's Luis and that she was in a serious accident. She said she has always dreamed that there was a man that was meant to love her for who she is and not for her money. He keeps tucking her arms back under the blankets but she keeps pulling them out again and grabbing Luis' hand. She's obviously delirious and Luis keeps telling her to get some sleep because she needs to regain her strength. She tells him she's afraid to close her eyes because if she does he'll leave her. He tells her he's not going anywhere. Sheridan says "if you leave it will break my heart." She makes him promise that he won't leave her and he promises. He says he's going to take care of her but she has him confused with someone else. Luis goes to tuck her back under the covers and she pulls him towards her and KISSES HIM!!!!! He pulls away and she asks what he's doing. He tells her she needs to rest. She asks "aren't I good enough for you?" Luis replies that of course she is and that she's good enough for any man. She said he doesn't want her because of what she's done and the voice told her that years ago. Luis is confused and asks what she means. She's having her nightmare about that night and hearing Alistair's voice telling her how bad she is. She says no one will ever love her if they found out. She says "you found out didn't you?" Luis asks what happened in her past and what haunts her but she just moans and goes back to sleep. He looks outside and it's still pouring. It rains on the fire and puts it out. He says she needs it to stay warm and w/o it she might die. Luis says he needs to keep her warm, but how. "Come on Luis think!" He says she's going to freeze to death when he gets and idea and says "not that couldn't work, but it's worth a try." He says it may be his only chance to save her when strips off his shirt! In fact he strips down all the way and apologizes before he gets into bed with her. He says it's the only way he can save her and tells her she hopes she understands! He gets under the covers with her and wraps his arm around her. Sheridan wakes up fully and looks at him. She says "make love to me! I need you to make love to me now!" Luis just looks at her.

Tuesday, December 7, 1999 | Episode #111
Sheridan, Luis & Martin:
Sheridan asks Luis to make love to her. He tells her to rest and that he's not who she thinks he is. She nods off to sleep and he tells her that rest is the best thing for her and he's there to protect her and keep her warm. Outside the cabin, Martin is walking up to the cabin saying how he's glad that no one will find him here. He steps on the porch and steps through it. Luis hears someone outside and gets out of bed and puts his jeans on. He looks out the window and hides behind the door waiting for the person to come in. Martin walks into the cabin and Luis pins him up to the wall. Martin says he'll give him anything he wants, just don't hurt him. Luis says he wants some answers and turns Martin around. He asks if he is his father, and Martin says "Luis?" Sheridan starts yelling and saying "help" and Luis looks over at her. Martin tries to make a break for it, but Luis runs after him and tackles him. Luis tells him he's going to pay for all the hurt he's caused to the family and he knows all about how he stole from the Cranes, and he will make sure he pays for that too. He starts to take him inside but steps on the broken wood and cuts his foot. Martin runs off and Luis hobbles inside. He says "That's okay. You can run, but you can't hide." Sheridan is crying out in her sleep again and Luis hurries to her side. He puts his arm around her and tells her that she's okay and that she's safe with him. He takes her hand and Sheridan says " your arms." He takes off his jeans again and gets back into bed with a sleeping Sheridan. He tells her that it was his father and that when she's better, they will go to Santa Fe and find some answers. Luis lays down and pulls the blanket up over them and Sheridan turns over and wraps her arm around him. He didn't move away or try to stop her this time.

Ivy & Julian:
Julian is on the phone with Alistair and he tells him he's trying to cover everything up. Alistair says he's only interested in results and reminds him what is at stake if Sheridan uncovers their secret in New Mexico. Ivy is standing at the door listening. Julian is obviously nervous and goes to fix himself a drink. Alistair tells him to put it down and that he needs to be in the right mind to stay on top of things. Julian said he will take care of things and Alistair said to sacrifice anyone that poses a threat...even family. Ivy comes in and Julian is shocked to see her. She asks him to tell her what the secret is and why it will ruin the family. She says that she wants to protect Ethan at all costs, but she needs to know what the secret is in order to do so. Julian tells her to trust him but she laughs at him. They argue and Ivy keeps taunting him. More on the Cranes later.

The Bennett House:
Kay is outside and Tabitha tells her she can help. Kay says she is fine, but Tabitha starts in on this story about how she had a beau that her father adored and she wanted to make her father happy. Kay asked if it was the same beau she had talked about before. Tabitha is confused but remembers the story she told Kay, and says yes. Tabitha tells Kay to not make the same mistake she did, and Kay asks what she's talking about. Tabitha said another girl came into town and her beau went straight to her. She turns on the fake tears and says she didn't fight and she is now a lonely old woman who thinks of a cat and a doll as her children. Timmy is behind the bushes taking in this whole story and starts crying saying how he never knew his princess had such problems. Kay consoles Tabitha and Tabitha gives her a gift. It's an old broach and she tells Kay that if you look in it, you can see the man you're meant to spend eternity with. Kay looks at it, and YUP, she sees Miguel. Now she's more determined than ever to fight for him. Kay thanks Tabitha and goes inside. Inside, Charity asks Kay if she's feeling better. She says yes and Charity asks her to be in a picture w/her and Miguel. Kay walks over to them and stands between them and puts on her biggest smile. Simone wonders what she's up to. Kay overhears Miguel telling Jessica that he's taking Charity to the Book Cafe. Kay races into the kitchen and calls Reese and asks him to go out tonight. He thinks she's kidding, but she tells him to meet her at the Book Cafe. Simone chastises her for scheming to break up Charity and Miguel again.

More Timmy & Tabitha:
Tabitha wipes away her fake tears and goes to find Timmy. He says he's sorry about that man and didn't realize she was so lonely. She looks at him incredulously and asks what he's babbling about. Timmy says he's touched that his princess thinks of him as her child and maybe he should call her mommy from now on. She tells him he will not and he says what about "mommy dearest?" Tabitha tells "doll face" to be quiet or she'll lock him in the attic with Fluffy. Timmy says "You would treat your own child that way? Wait until 'Hard Copy' gets a hold of this." She tells him she made up that story to make Kay realize she wants to fight for Miguel and that she is the one that can help keep Charity from coming into her powers. Tabitha says "sometimes I think you suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, Timmy." He asks how Kay saw Miguel's face in the broach and if Tabitha has her powers back. She tells him that Kay saw it merely because she wanted to and that she'll know when her powers are back when the lights in the basement start glowing again. Sure enough they cut to the basement door and you can see the red lights glowing again.

Theresa, Whitney, Ethan:
Gwen leaves and Theresa walks out and tells Ethan that he needs her now. Whitney watches in pain as her friend makes a fool of herself. Ethan says he knows what she's feeling and Theresa looks glad. He says he knows she wants to help Gwen see that there is nothing between the two of them. Theresa looks crushed but agrees. Ethan thanks her for wanting to help but Gwen is really "out there" about this. He says he doesn't know what's gotten into her lately. He hugs her and tells her she's a very special girl and thanks for wanting to help. He leaves and Whitney comforts Theresa. Whitney asks if she's going to give up and Theresa says she's going to follow Ethan home so she can talk to him. Whitney gives her that look like she doesn't know what to do with her.

Crane Mansion Again:
Ethan comes home and Ivy asks if he found Gwen. He tells her yes but it didn't do any good. He goes upstairs to do some work. Ivy calls Gwen and tells her that Ethan is miserable without her and she knows she is miserable without him. Ivy says not to give up on her first love because she knows from experience how devastating that is. Julian catches wind of this and smirks. Gwen says she's right and that she does miss Ethan. She tells Ivy that she'll be right over. Ivy walks into the living room and Theresa slips into the house and goes up to find Ethan. Julian is enjoying his drink and Ivy asks why he looks so pleased with himself. He tells her he knows her secret and Ivy asks what that is. Julian says he knows she had a first love and wants to know who it is. Ivy says that he should know...he's in Harmony. Ivy tells Julian that it was him, and he says he was rather dashing in his day. Ivy says she was young and bought the lies he told her about undying love and fidelity. He gets a phone call from Martin saying he had a close call with Luis. Martin warns that if he doesn't take care of the situation that he'll blow the lid on the whole scheme. Julian threatens him and tells him that the Cranes give the orders, not him. He says he'll be in Santa Fe as soon as he can. Theresa goes up to Ethan's room and he asks what she's doing there. She says she's there to help him with work. They start to work and he is rubbing his neck saying it always gets tight when he's worked up about something. Theresa says she'll rub it for him and he seems to be enjoying her massage. She says she can't get the one knot out but she could if he lies down. He lays on the bed and Theresa is rubbing it for him when Gwen walks in and sees Theresa lying next to Ethan again.

Wednesday, December 8, 1999 | Episode #112
Eve, Orville, Chad, Whitney, etc.:
Eve is at Orville's bedside thinking about how disastrous it would be if her secret came out. She said to Orville that she would see him dead before she lost her family. Whitney walks into the hospital and runs into Chad. He tells her that he's checking on Orville and she tells him she's there to see her Mom. Whitney tells him she isn't trying to be standoffish, but she is in enough trouble and she's just doing what her mother wants her to do. Chad tells her to think about what she wants for a change. T.C. and Simone walk up and they are looking for Eve too. T.C. spots Chad and asks him about Orville. Chad walks away when Eve comes out of Orville's room and she asks T.C. what he's doing with him. T.C. says the girls aren't involved and that HE was talking to him. Simone and Whitney are talking and Whitney warns her yet again to stay away from Chad. Eve comes over and says the same thing. Whitney says she is staying away from him and Simone gets sassy and asks Eve to tell her why she doesn't like Chad. Eve tells them she just wants better for them than what she had. They wonder what that means and she walks away. Eve spies Ivy coming out of the board meeting and apologizes for missing it. Ivy says she knows how busy she is and not to worry about it, and that she was filling in for Julian anyway. Eve thanks her for the money that the Cranes are donating for the new pediatric wing. Ivy says she's never seen Julian so generous with his money and that she must have some hold over him. T.C. comes over and hears that Eve will probably have to work with Julian a lot during the building of the new wing. Ivy leaves and T.C. tells Eve to stay away from Julian, and she says there's nothing to worry about. Eve goes to visit Orville again and he wakes up. He says he knows she's afraid of what he knows. He says she could lose everything. He also says he's an old man and doesn't really have much time left, but her secret is still out there and someone else knows about it.

Charity, Miguel, Kay, Reese, etc.:
Charity and Miguel are talking at the Book Cafe when Kay and Reese show up. Kay says she had no idea they would be there...what a coincidence. Miguel says hi to Reese and Kay sits down on the couch next to Miguel leaving no room for Reese. She is trying to sabotage the date and reminding Miguel of all the good times they had together. Timmy and Tabitha are there to keep an eye on Kay's plan to foil Charity, and they walk up to say hi to everyone. She says she just wanted to get some coffee and that her doll will have decaf...she doesn't want him staying up all night. Timmy's eyes open and Charity says something about it. Tabitha smacks him in the head and said it must be defective springs. She walks away and Miguel asks if it's just him or if Tabitha is getting weirder. Kay says she's completely bizarre and Charity says she's just lonely and that it's really rather sad. Miguel said he's never thought of it that way and that she's so wonderful to see the good side of everyone. He turns to Kay and says they shouldn't make fun of her anymore. Kay says she's going to fix her hair and asks Charity to come along. Tabitha sees them going into the bathroom and follows them. She and Timmy are hiding in one of the stalls listening to their conversation. Kay tells Charity to be careful because of how guys are. Charity is profoundly clueless so Kay fills her in that all guys think with their hormones. Charity agrees that she doesn't want Miguel to get the wrong idea, so she'll keep her distance for now. Charity leaves and Simone comes in. She overheard Kay and she's not happy with her. Kay tells her she knew Miguel first and she wasn't going to lose him. They walk out to join the others and Simone sees Chad so she decides to go over to see him. Reese says he wants to check out Chad in action picking out music and grabs Kay's hand and drags her along. Miguel asks Charity to go for a walk but she gets nervous and says she just wants to stay w/the others.

Theresa, Ethan, Gwen:
Gwen walks in and sees Theresa and Ethan lying on the bed. She gasps and Ethan shoots up and tells her it's not what she thinks. She says it never is but this time she's not going to put up with it. Gwen says she bought it the first few times but it's obvious that Theresa has been trying to get Ethan all along. She tells him they are over and she starts to get her stuff out of his room. Ethan tries to explain but Gwen goes off. She starts in on what kind of girl Theresa is says something bad about Pilar. Theresa gets mad and tells Gwen she could say anything she wants to about her but not to ever say a bad thing about her mother again. Ethan says she owes Theresa an apology and that ticks Gwen off too. She asks how she could take her side in all of this. Gwen congratulates her and says her scheming paid off because she can have Ethan. She tells Theresa that there are a few things she needs to know about Ethan. Gwen says she's already found out about the neck thing, but he likes to sleep on the right side of the bed and have his hair washed in the shower. She asks if she'd like to know what Ethan likes in bed or if she was looking forward to finding out that on her own. She goes to the drawer and throws a bunch of condoms on the bed and tells her not to forget birth control because she doesn't want to get pregnant. But she changes her mind and says she'd probably like to get pregnant so Ethan would have to marry her. She tells Ethan she's sorry she interrupted and assures him it was the last time it would happen and storms out. She runs downstairs and Ivy asks her what's wrong. She's crying and says she can't talk about it now. Ivy asks where Ethan is and Gwen tells her upstairs with Theresa. Ethan runs downstairs after Gwen and Ivy tries to talk to him. He tells her he doesn't have time and that he has to find Gwen. She goes upstairs to find Theresa. Theresa calls Whitney on the phone and is filling her in on everything that just happened. Whitney tells her to leave before something else happens, but Theresa starts talking about how great it is that Gwen is out of the picture so she can be Mrs. Ethan Crane. The door was opened from the outside and you can see someone looking in on Theresa...whoops! Your secret is out Theresa!!!

Thursday, December 9, 1999 | Episode #113
Sensing that evil is about to befall a member of his flock, Father Lonigan prays that he will be an instrument of the Lord in fending off the darkness to come. Ethan finally catches up to Gwen and begs her to believe that Theresa means nothing to him. A rattled Sheridan jumps to the obvious conclusion when she wakes up next to Luis and realizes that both of them are stark naked. Pilar scolds her daughter for deluding herself but Theresa insists she's closer than ever to claiming Ethan's eternal love. Feeling in the holiday spirit, Timmy serenades his beloved Tabitha with a carol until his appalled mentor reminds him that the thing in the basement doesn't approve of Christmas cheer. Sam explodes when his brother announces that he's been seeing Sheridan Crane. Luis swears to Sheridan that nothing more intimate than an exchange of body heat passed between them. When her companion reveals how the man who might be his father was at the cabin but got away scot-free, Sheridan is pleased to discover that Luis was more concerned about caring for her than cornering Martin. Theresa talks fast to convince Ivy that she has no romantic interest in Ethan. Meanwhile, Gwen turns down Ethan's marriage proposal. Timmy is sorely disappointed when Tabitha explains why Christmas presents are out of the question. Later, evil forces leak out of Tabitha's basement and slither over into Grace's kitchen.

Friday, December 10, 1999 | Episode #114
The Bennett House:
Grace and Sam are sitting on the bed having their post-coidal pillow talk and Grace is concerned about evil forces being back. Sam asks if she's seen the Angel girl again lately. Grace says no, but she's really worried and wants to check to see if the kids are okay. Hank is downstairs in the living room working on decorations while the evil forces are lurking in the kitchen making the toys go PSYCHO with a capital P! There's a strange reddish glow filling the kitchen. The Scooby Gang has returned home from the Book Cafe and Miguel is telling Charity what a wonderful time he had. She agrees and he leans in to kiss her but she pulls away. Kay is gawking at them and is glad that Charity didn't kiss Miguel. Reese comes over and puts his arm around Kay and she shrugs it off. She asks him to excuse her and Simone for a minute and he walks away. Simone tells her she's mean and needs to accept that she'll never get Miguel. Reese comes back over and thanks Kay for a wonderful evening and leans into kiss her. He looked so goofy and Kay pulls back and says "who do you think I am, Reese." She walks inside. Grace and Sam come downstairs and find that the kids are all right. Hank starts in about how he remembers his first date. He said they were cruising in his dinghy and it flipped over. He said it turned out okay because he saved the girl from drowning and the mayor gave him a badge of courage or something like that. He said the girl really liked him after that. Grace has a concerned look on her face and they see a flash of light in the kitchen and hear some clanging noise. They all wonder what it could be so Sam says he'll go in first. They go inside just as the last of the red evil forces have escaped through the window and the toys are now lifeless. They all stare in wonderment as to what just happened. Grace tells everyone they are going to be late for church and they need to get going.

Whitney, Theresa & Ethan:
Theresa is hanging up decorations when she slips off the ladder and hits her head. Ethan catches her and Whitney gets that "uh-oh" look on her face. Theresa is dreaming of her wedding to Ethan and she says "I love you" outloud. Then you hear Whitney's voice in her dream trying to get her to snap out of it. Theresa comes to and asks what happened. Ethan tells her she hit her head and that she was dreaming of her wedding. She asked if she said anything she shouldn't have and Ethan says she said "I love you" but it was obvious she was talking about the man she has a crush on. The whole dumb and dumber thing goes on for a few and Theresa asks Ethan why he's at the church. He says he's there to drop off a check for Father Lonigan. She says she'll show him where his office is. They are in there talking and she says how special this time of year is and he agrees. They are looking through the church records and Theresa shows him the one in which her father and mother got married. She gets sad talking about her father and Ethan asks why Pilar didn't remarry after Martin left. Theresa gets upset and says that marriage is forever and that's not something she takes lightly. She says that family is everything. Ethan envies her because her family is so close-knit. Theresa asks if he's kidding because the Cranes have so much. He says they may have money but they aren't a family like Theresa's. They are talking more about weddings and he says something about when they get married and have children he wants it to be a family that's close like Theresa's. Theresa misunderstood but Ethan was of course talking about Gwen. He looks into her eyes and says that in the light her eyes look so beautiful and they are so full of many different colors. He leans in closer and it looks like they are going to kiss but the scene fades out.

Timmy & Tabitha:
Timmy and Tabitha are unaware of the red glow around the house while they are talking about what they are going to do. Timmy says they should hop a flight to Hawaii. He then goes into a daydream and "Hawaii 5-0" was playing in the background. He is sporting a Hawaiian shirt and shorts over his green striped leggings and has a lei on. He sat down in a beach chair and had a martimmy. He snaps out of his daydream and is doing the hula in the living room. Timmy says to Tabby that Hawaii is a great idea and he is going to ask Santa for some umbrellas to shade the martimmys from the sun! Tabitha is walking around thinking when Timmy spots the glow. He tries to tell her but can't get the words out. He trips her and she asks what that was all about. He points to the glow and Tabitha thinks this means she's getting her powers back. She says she's going to levitate Timmy. She gets him up in the air and Timmy says "okay Tabby, Timmy has lift off. Put Timmy down." She is concentrating but her powers give out and Timmy falls to the floor. He asked if she had to make it a crash landing but she says goodness is weakening her powers, and she intends to stop that.

Sheridan, Luis & Julian:
Sheridan asks what Julian is doing there and he asks the same thing. Luis tells him they are looking for his father and he thinks that's what Julian is doing too. Julian says he's there to get the plane and Sheridan says that Julian's life revolves 99% around possessions. Julian asks if she's been airing the dirty linen and she asks what dirty linen that might be. Julian says he's been worried about Sheridan and she tells him "like hell." Sheridan tells him that she can take care of herself but Julian says father would want her home. She tells him she'll be home once they find some answers and she is doing this for Pilar. Luis leaves to make some phone calls and Sheridan lights into Julian. She demands to know what the hell he's doing in Santa Fe and she knows it has something to do with Martin. He tells her she's crazy and asks her if she's been blabbing things to Officer Lo-Fitz. Sheridan says she's not sure and he asks what she means. She tells him they were in a mudslide and he saved her from drowning. She became ill and feverish and wasn't sure if she said anything or not. He says she's sure she didn't say anything incriminating otherwise she'd be in handcuffs right now. He assures her that her nightmares were just that and she didn't kill anyone, but Sheridan says no matter what the truth is she's going to find it. Luis gets off the phone and there's a lady waiting behind him. She tells him she's been waiting for him and he tells her he's not interested. She says she heard he's looking for his father, Martin Fitzgerald. Luis asks her if she knows him and she says yes...they get reacquainted every payday. He gives her fifty bucks and asks her for info. She tells him where he's staying and he goes to get Sheridan. They leave and Julian gets on the phone to his contact. Martin is shown on the phone leaving a message for Julian. Sheridan and Luis show up at the motel and Julian is right behind them. Luis can hear him on the phone and Julian starts talking loudly in hopes that he will leave. Luis says there's no way he can leave because it's a entrance one exit. Luis kicks in the door and Julian runs in first saying "I hope he didn't get away." Martin says "there you are Julian, where have you been?" before he sees Luis. Luis looks half stunned but half expectant that Julian was tied in somehow.

The Church:
Everyone is in the church getting ready to do some more decorating. Charity offers to go to the basement to get some more lights, and Simone asks Kay if they should go with her since it's dark and creepy down there. Kay tells her no she'll be fine and they are not going down there. Miguel and Reese get back from the hardware store and Miguel asks where Charity is. Kay lies and says she hasn't seen her. Simone asks how she can lie in church. Charity is down in the basement and hears her name being whispered over and over. She's freaking out and these angel statues come to life and tell her she's the one.

Monday, December 13, 1999 | Episode #115
New Mexico:
Julian, Luis, and Sheridan barge into Martin's hotel room and Martin asks Julian where he's been. Luis asks Julian if Martin was expecting him and Julian says no. Luis doesn't really buy it and they argue. Sheridan says they'll never find the answers if they keep fighting. Martin says he's glad people came to see him because he hasn't had this many visitors since he let the can of beanie weenies boil over and the fire dept. showed up. Martin pours himself another drink and sits on the bed. Luis goes over to him and pulls him to his feet by his shirt and demands some answers starting with whether or not he stole money from the Cranes and if he abandoned the family. Julian keeps looking out the window because there's someone out there to help him get Martin out of the room. Martin says it's all too much and he's tired of everything. He's drunk but says Luis asks very good questions and he deserves some answers. Julian looks nervous and Martin is about to spill some secrets but he pulls a gun on them and says he's going to call the shots and he's not afraid of Julian Crane. Luis tries to talk him into giving the gun and the power goes out. The three rush out of the room and they hear a gun shot. Luis pins Sheridan up against a wall to protect her. He tells her and Julian to leave because it's too dangerous for her to be there. She tells him she's staying and Luis reluctantly agrees. He says he's going in there and Sheridan says it's too dangerous and he's unarmed. She tells him to wait for the police, but he's going in anyway. She tells him to please be careful and he goes in the room. He comes back out and Martin had escaped through the window. He's talking to Sheridan and Julian disappears. Luis goes to see if he can find Martin and tells Sheridan to stay put. She says okay but hears a fire alarm and goes to check it out.

Timmy & Tabitha:
Tabitha tells Timmy that someone is praying to fight her evil and they have to find out who it is. They head into town and Ivy stops them. Tabitha says hello to Ivy and Ivy asks if she knows her. Tabitha says everyone knows the elegant Ivy Crane. Ivy asks if Timmy is a Christmas present for someone and Tabitha says no that it's company for an old woman. Ivy asks where the church is because she hasn't been in this part of town in a long time. Tabitha points her in the right direction and then Timmy whistles at her. He said she was quite a looker. Tabitha tells him that she used to be in love with Sam Bennett but no one ever knew about them. Timmy asks how she knows that and she says she knows lots about the Cranes, especially Ivy. They head to the church to see what is going on.

Ethan & Theresa:
Ethan keeps leaning towards Theresa to look at her eyes and he tells her how beautiful they are. She asks if he really thinks so and he says yes. He asks her about the progress between her and the guy she is in love with. She says nothing has happened yet. Ethan says how anyone can look into those eyes and not fall for her must be crazy. He asks her if her guy ever told her how beautiful her eyes were. She flashes back to when Ethan told her she had beautiful eyes before and she tells him yes. He asks her about the Christmas celebrations in Harmony and she says there Christmas Eve mass and the tree lighting ceremony. Theresa says that Santa picks the prettiest girl in Harmony to light the tree and she gets to pick a boy to help her. She asks if he is going and he tells her he has a meeting. Ethan asks her if her guy is going to be there and she says she thinks so. Father Lonigan comes in and asks if anyone is there. Theresa tells him who she is and that Ethan is there. Ethan gives him the check and Father Lonigan thanks him. He asks the both of them to pray to keep people safe, and they wonder what he means by that. Ethan says he has to leave but he was glad that he ran into her.

Everyone Else at the Church:
Grace is decorating and Sam asks if she's okay and if she was thinking about evil. She tells him she was thinking about love. He asks her what she means, and she says she's been thinking about their old church in Boston where they got married. Grace says now that she knows her real last name she wants to change their marriage certificate so it won't say Grace Doe anymore. Sam says he'd love her no matter what her name was and that he's going to prove it. He gets everyone's attention and Sam tells her he wants to renew their vows in front of all their family and friends. He was saying the sweetest things to her and Ivy walks in and hears everything. He tells Grace that there was no one in his past, no one in the present and there will be no one in the future that could ever mean as much to him as she does. Ivy starts to cry and says that he loved her once too and wonders how he could forget. Kay was dreaming about Miguel saying those things to her on their wedding day. Simone and Kay are talking and Simone tells her that the broach is evil and she should get rid of it. Kay asks how she could see Miguel in it, and wonders if she is in love with Miguel too. Simone tells her she's crazy. Miguel walks up to them and asks if they know where Charity is. Kay lies and says no and Simone sighs and says she hasn't seen her recently. Charity is down in the basement and the angel statues are telling her she's the one that can fight evil. She starts screaming and tries to leave but the door is locked. Timmy and Tabitha are outside watching her and says this is bad news if she figures out what's going on. Miguel figures out from Hank that Charity is down in the basement and rushes down there. The rest of the Scooby Gang follows him and they hear Charity screaming. She tells Miguel the door is stuck and he says he'll bust it down. He gets the door open and the statues have stopped talking. Charity wraps her arms around Miguel and he asks her what's wrong. She tells him about the statues and everyone looks at her like she's crazy. Miguel says he believes her. Tabitha says this is good because they are all going to think the brat is crazy. The statues then come to life and everyone sees that Charity was not lying. Theresa comes back into the sanctuary and Whitney asks what happened with Ethan because he is the only person to put that goofy cloud nine look on her face. She tells Whitney what he said about her eyes. Whitney tells her not to get her hopes up again. Ethan finds Ivy and asks her what's wrong. She says nothing but Ethan says he knows what it is. He says she always gets this way around Christmas time reminiscing about past family Christmases. She says he is right. He asks if he can bail on her X-Mas party tomorrow because he wants to take Gwen to the tree lighting ceremony because Theresa is going to be there with her guy and maybe Gwen would feel better about it. Ivy thinks it's a great idea and she says to herself now that she has two extra place settings, she'll invite the Bennett's. She is now more determined than ever to win Sam back.

Tuesday, December 14, 1999 | Episode #116
New Mexico:
Luis is in Martin's hotel room when Sheridan walks in. He asks her where she went because he told her to stay put. She said she heard the fire alarm and went to check it out. She also asks if he had any luck finding Martin but he says no. Luis says they were so close to finding out the truth. Sheridan says something about how they can't give up because they have to find answers. Luis questions her motives again and she says she's just doing it for Pilar...she deserves to know what happened all those years ago. He's looking for some clues and Sheridan says they need a plan to track down Martin. Luis asks her if she has one but she tells him that he's the cop and he'll think of something. He then finds a pocket knife on the floor and said his father had one just like this. It's engraved with the initials M. F. and he says that his mother bought him this very knife and it must be his father. Sheridan gives a big sigh of relief and says to herself she's free and she knows she's not a murderer. Luis sits on the bed and says he doesn't know what he's going to tell his mother. He doesn't know how to tell her that the man she cherishes and lights candles for and prays for everyday is nothing more than a bum. Sheridan says she'll be there too. He asks her why and she tells him that the past can be a terrible thing and when you learn the truth a big weight is lifted off of you. Luis asks her if she really had something terrible in her past and she says yes but it's over now. He looks beat and gives her a half smile and says he was wrong about her. Sheridan smiles back and says she thinks she was wrong about him too. Julian meets up with his informant/lacky helper outside and wants to know where Martin is. They show up at the bar and Martin is there drinking. Julian walks up behind him and says he knew they could track him down to the nearest bottle and that they need to talk. Julian says he almost blew everything back there and Martin says he was just humoring Luis. Julian reminds him that the past must be kept covered up and Martin says he needs more money. Julian says he gets money and he made off with a very large sum of money many years ago. Martin says he spent it and Julian better comply with him because he needs him to keep the Crane secret. Julian says he won't be threatened and he is to leave on the next bus out of Santa Fe. Julian leaves and the other guy says he'll get him a new ID and a bus ticket. They are leaving and the guy tells him to meet back there in 2 hours and Martin says ok but hits him over the head with a beer bottle and knocks him out. He takes all the money out of his wallet and says he'll get his own ticket...back to Harmony. Julian comes back to the motel and Luis and Sheridan question him about his whereabouts and if it was connected to Martin.

Theresa & Whitney:
Theresa and Whitney are at Theresa's house and she is in la-la land about Ethan. Whitney is trying to be supportive but also trying to be the voice of reason. Theresa says it's meant to be and it will happen one day. Whitney tells her not to delude herself just because he told her that she had beautiful eyes. That's not something to build an entire future on. There's a knock at the door and it's Ivy. She tells Theresa that she needs her help with her Christmas Party and she needs her to get the invitations tonight at the printers. Ivy wants her to address them and get the messenger to hand deliver them. Pilar comes out and asks if anything is wrong and Ivy tells her she needs Theresa's help. Theresa looks over the guest list and says she can deliver some herself because the Bennett's don't live far from here. Ivy tells her the messenger can take care of it and thanks her for helping. Theresa is excited and she and Whitney leave. Pilar gets her worried look on her face and starts in on how Ivy is playing with fire. Ivy says it's just a dinner party and Pilar says she knows it's more than that. Pilar says you can't take a peek into a Pandora's box...once it's opened all the secrets will come out.

Ethan & Gwen:
Gwen is working in her office and she picks up a picture of Ethan. She throws it in the trash and starts to walk away but picks it out of the trash can. Ethan witnessed the event at the door and says she must still love him or else she wouldn't have gotten the picture out of the trash. She says she didn't want to waste a good frame. Ethan tries to explain to her one more time that Theresa is not in love with him. Gwen says she doesn't want to rehash everything again. She says she wants more than anything to marry him but she wants him to propose because he misses her when she's gone and that he knows without a doubt that she's the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Ethan tells her he loves her and to come to the tree lighting ceremony tomorrow because Theresa will be there with the guy she's in love with and she can see once and for all that Theresa isn't after him.

The Church:
The statues are still moving downstairs and the gang hears Sam calling them down the stairs. They tell them to hurry but as soon as the adults are in the room the statues stop. Grace asks Charity what's wrong and she tells her that the statues were moving and talking. The rest of the group agrees that they saw it too. Sam and Hank take a look around and figure out that the crack in the floor caused the foundation to settle and that is what made the statues move. Father Lonigan asks Charity what the angels were saying to her and she tells him they told her to fight evil. He asks if they said evil was in the church and she tells him yes. He moves around and looks towards the window where Tabitha and Timmy are looking in. He asks Grace if there is anyone there and she says no, but it's snowing and Noah is on his way to a ski trip. Kay and Simone are talking about how weird that was and Simone tells her that Charity must be some special person and best friend or not, she's not helping Kay if God is in Charity's corner. Kay says she probably just made the whole thing up and really has a devilish mind in order to keep Miguel away from her. Simone tells her she's the one who's evil and walks away. Timmy and Tabitha are in town and see a sign for the tree lighting ceremony. Tabitha has come up with a plan to get rid of Charity but they have to make sure she is there. She sees Kay walking by herself and goes over to her and gets her to agree to go the ceremony and to make sure Charity is there too. Miguel and Charity are talking and Miguel says he believes the angels were really pointing to her because she is special and the most beautiful girl. Sam tells Grace not to worry and to cheer up because it's her favorite time of year. He tells her he'll go to any Christmas party they get invited to and picks her up and kisses her.

Wednesday, December 15, 1999 | Episode #117
The Bennett House:
Timmy and Tabitha are outside of the Bennett's and she is unwrapping fruitcake to take over there. Timmy says he loves fruitcake, but she tells him he can't have any. Tabitha says they are going over there to make sure that Charity will be attending the tree lighting ceremony so she can go ahead with her plan. Inside the house, Charity finally comes downstairs. The rest of the family is already busy decorating the house for Christmas. She tells them how great the place looks and "oohs" and "awws" over her stocking that has her name on it. Kay picks up the angel out of a box and when Charity sees it she flips out. Grace and Sam calm her down and he tells her there was nothing supernatural about what happened to her last night. Kay was almost taunting her with the angel sort of waving it in her direction. Tabitha barges in and said the front door was open. She said she wanted to check on Charity after she heard what happened to her. Grace asks Tabitha to put the angel on the tree but Tabitha said she couldn't possibly do that. She'll just sit and watch. Timmy is eyeing the baked goods that Grace has sitting out. Grace offers Tabby some cookies but she says she can't because she's on a diet. Timmy picks up the plate and puts all of the cookies in his jacket. Sam asks her if her doll ate the cookies and he'll just frisk the doll. He picks up Timmy and all of the cookies fall out. Tabitha looks really embarrassed but the family chalks it up to her eccentric old ways. Tabitha approaches Kay about getting that other girl to go to the ceremony and she says she's working on it. Kay asks Charity about going but she says Miguel is taking her to a concert.

The Airport:
Julian, Luis, and Sheridan return home from Santa Fe and Luis thanks her for the ride both ways. She says you're welcome and Julian is practically dragging her away from him saying that Charles will be there to pick them up. Julian tells Luis he's sorry that they can't give him a ride home, it's out of the way and he has business to attend to. Sheridan tells him that's ridiculous, but Luis says that Hank is picking him up anyway. Sheridan pulls out her compact which is broken, apparently Luis broke it. He apologizes and says he didn't mean to. She said it broke when he was pushing her out of the room when Martin pulled the gun and that he saved her life and not to worry about it. Luis said he'd buy her a new one. Julian pulls her aside and makes a snide comment about how he couldn't afford it because Alistair bought it and it was antique silver. Sheridan said she didn't care for it that much. Julian leaves and Sheridan says she needs to talk to Luis. She says it's about how she feels about him and he gets a weird look on his face. She says she feels bad for everything that he's going through and to not act like it doesn't bother him, because she knows how it must hurt. Luis says he doesn't know what he's going to tell his mother and she tells him she wants to be there with him. He tells her thank you, but he has to do this on his own. Julian comes back in looking for her and Hank comes in at the same time. Sheridan introduces him to Julian and Julian of course acted like the superficial snob that he is. Hank reminds Sheridan that she owes him a date and the look on Luis's face was priceless. She tells him to just give her a call sometime. She looks at Luis one more time and says good-bye. Hank walks over to Luis and says "I think I'm in love," which harbors a jealous look from Luis.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa finds her mother in the living room and she has the tree all decorated. She asks when she had time to do that, and Pilar says she couldn't sleep because she was worried about what Luis was finding in New Mexico. Miguel comes in and Pilar tells them never to doubt how much their father loved the family. Theresa says she has work to do w/the Cranes and that she'll see them later. Miguel leaves to find Charity and Luis and Hank come in. Pilar wants to know what he found, and Luis tells her he found Martin, but he's not the way she remembers him. He tells her what a loser he is. Pilar says it couldn't have been him then, but Luis shows her the knife. She gets upset but says she has to go to work and they'll talk later. Hank asks Luis if he can use the phone because someone owes him a date. Luis says whatever and catches up to his mother. He tells her he's sorry and that he loves her very much. He also asks where he can find a compact for Sheridan because he broke hers. He said she can afford a dozen of them, but he wants to do the right thing. She tells him to try Lowell's downtown. Pilar leaves and Luis says that he knows Sheridan is hiding something about why she really went to New Mexico.

The Crane Mansion:
Ethan and Ivy are looking at the tree and commenting on how beautiful it is. Ethan says he has a way to convince Gwen that Theresa isn't in love with him and Ivy thinks that is wonderful. Pilar comes in and Ivy is going over her guest list and tells Pilar not to lecture her. Pilar says she's just trying to protect her and Ivy says she can handle it. Upstairs Sheridan is telling Ethan about New Mexico and how she thought she had killed Martin but she knows now that her nightmares weren't real. She says she feels bad for Luis and his family and Ethan asks her if she's softening up towards him. She says no, but she saw a new side to him while they were there. Sheridan told him about the mudslide and how Luis kept her warm. Ethan started to get mad, but she assured him that he was just saving her life and that he was a perfect gentleman about it. Ethan fills her in on the Gwen situation and the phone rings. It's Hank tracking down Sheridan. He asks her to meet him at the Book Cafe for an espresso, and she says okay. Ethan asks her what's going on between them and she says they just have fun together, that's it. She leaves to change, and Theresa finds Ethan. He asks her if she's going to the tree lighting ceremony and she tells him yes. He says he and Gwen are going to be there and she looks nervous. Ivy is questioning Julian downstairs about what they found in New Mexico and he tells her they found Martin. He says he got away before they could find any answers. She knows he's lying but he says if she tells him her secret, he'll tell her his secret. ivy says she doesn't have one and Julian says well neither does he. Julian gets on the phone and leaves a message for Alistair saying the problem is taken care of and Luis and Sheridan fully believe that it was the real Martin Fitzgerald. He says he disappeared and that he's far away from their lives now.

Other happenings:
Luis goes into the store and asks the lady at the counter to help him pick out a compact. She notices he's not married and asks if it is for his girlfriend. He has a flashback to the cabin when Sheridan kissed him and he says she's NOT his girlfriend. She asks if it is for a friend and he says he's not sure what she is to him. Sheridan is getting a coffee at the Book Cafe and sits down. She thinks back to when she woke up naked and Luis put his arm around her. She has a dreamy look on her face when Hank shows up and says he knows that's the look women get when thinking about a lover. He asks if she was thinking about some boyfriend, and she says she doesn't have one. He says good and if he plays his cards right maybe she'll let him apply for the job. Martin is seen riding on a bus with a ticket to Harmony.

Thursday, December 16, 1999 | Episode #118
Ivy & Julian:
Julian is adding more "nog" to the eggnog and singing "Joy to the World, eggnog has come." Ivy is on the couch opening her mail and Julian asks her to join him in the celebration. She said she can't stomach his eggnog and he said it is rather strong. Ivy drops some mail on the floor and Julian opens it up. It was an invitation from Grace to attend their tree trimming party. Julian turns into full blown snob mode and rips on the Bennett's. Ivy said she is going and she is inviting the Bennett's and the Russell's to their Christmas party. Julian continues to down his eggnog and sing Christmas carols. Ivy looks at her locket and said she kept her promise to never take it off.

Sheridan, Luis, & Hank:
Luis is at the store picking out a compact and the lady asks if it's not for a friend, then who it is for. Luis has a flash to where Sheridan was drowning and he saved her, and he tells the sales clerk that it is just someone that keeps showing up in his life. He tries to describe the compact and shows her which one most resembles it. She said he has very good taste and that it is the most expensive one. She says the woman he is buying it for will love it. Sheridan is at the Book Cafe with Hank and he invites her to the tree lighting ceremony. She says okay and he says he's going to make dinner reservations for them. He leaves and Luis walks in. He goes up to Sheridan and hands her the gift. She is touched that he bought her a Christmas gift, but he says it's not and tells her it's a compact to replace the one he broke. She opens it up and remembers Julian's snide comment about him not being able to afford it. She thanks him and tells him she loves it. Hank comes up and asks what happened to her antique was really classy. Sheridan gave him a look like he was really annoying her. Luis said he must have bought the wrong one and his pager goes off and he goes to call the station. Hank asks what that was all about and she tells him that Luis bought her this new compact because he broke her other one. He says he made reservations at the Lobster Shack and she says she wants to talk to Luis before they leave. Hank tells her he'll be on the phone for a while and they should go. She picks up the box and the wrapping paper and throws it in the trash. She is trying to put the compact in her purse but isn't watching what she is doing and drops the compact in the trash. Luis gets off the phone and is looking for Sheridan and Hank but can't find them. He of course looks in the trash can and sees the compact in there. He picks it up saying she must have thought it was cheap. He says "damn her" and walks off. Sheridan and Hank walk back into the Book Cafe because she is looking for the compact. Hank asks her why it's so important to her and she said it was a sincerely given gift from Luis and it means a lot to her. He says they are getting along better now and maybe they can work together w/out fighting from now on. Sheridan says she can't imagine fighting with Luis ever again. She owes him her life and she saw a new side of him while they were there. Hank asks her if she has a thing for Luis and she thinks about when she kissed him in New Mexico, but she denies that she feels anything for him.

The Bennett House:
The Russell's arrive at the Bennett's and the party is in full swing. Everyone is decorating the tree and Tabitha watches on and is plotting to get Charity and Miguel to the tree lighting ceremony. She talks to Charity and says how much fun this must be for her and Charity says this is the first Christmas she can remember and she wants to take in everything. Tabitha tells her how special the tree lighting ceremony is to Grace and how much fun it is. She remembers a tree lighting ceremony she attended years ago. Her flashback is very "Annie" like and the song "Hard Knock Life" is playing while she walks into an orphanage and lights the tree on fire with a match. She takes a little girl's lollipop and says that Santa's not real. Charity gets that guilty look on her face like she should go and tells Miguel she doesn't want to disappoint Aunt Grace. He tells her she's right and they should have time for both. Ivy shows up, much to everyone's surprise and brought an ornament for Grace's tree. Pilar issues her a warning but Ivy ignores it. She asked her what she would do to have Martin back and Pilar tells her anything. Ivy says she feels the same way about Sam and walks away. Whitney gets a call from Theresa who is panicking at the Crane mansion because Ethan told her he and Gwen are going to the tree lighting ceremony to see her there with her boyfriend. She leaves to go meet her at the park. Ivy invites the Bennett's and the Russell's to her Christmas party and Grace accepts right away. Everyone else looks unsure but they give in. Tabitha leaves and says she has her own holiday preparations to make. Pilar leaves as well and runs into Luis outside. He asks her what the Crane limo is doing outside and she tells him that Ivy is there. He wants to know why because the rich and the poor in this town can't mix.

Tabitha & Timmy:
Tabitha goes upstairs telling Timmy that she has to get ready for the next part of her plan. Timmy gets out a piece of paper and starts to write a letter to Santa. He says to forget about the trip to Hawaii and the umbrellas for the Martimmys. He said there is only one thing he wants and hear Fluffy hissing. He hears sleigh bells and looks up to see Santa in the living room. He is so excited and said he was just writing a letter to him. He says the wicked witch that lives in the house hates Christmas and would cut off his beard if she saw him. He says that things aren't going so well for him and asks if there are any jobs at the North Pole. Timmy also tells Santa not to go in the basement. He also says the witch has been in a very bad mood because her friends are really mad at her. He starts to go on and Tabitha pulls down her beard and Timmy is shocked to see her there. She calls him a traitor but Timmy tells her he was kidding and that he knew it was his princess all along. He asks Tabitha what the plan is and she pulls out a circuit breaker that will light the tree. She tells Timmy to pretend he is lighting the tree and he says "it is with great honor that, TIMMY, lights the Harmony Christmas tree." He flips the switch and is electrocuted and his hair is standing straight on end. Tabitha laughs and says she can't wait until Charity pulls the switch.

Other Happenings:
Theresa is flipping out in the park and Whitney is telling her she should be careful. Theresa thinks there is no way that Gwen will actually show up and she'll just play it by ear. Gwen and Ethan arrive and she is looking forward to proving to Ethan that she is right about Theresa. Julian gets a call from Alistair and Julian tells him that everything is taken care of. He says it better be or else there will be hell to pay. Martin is still traveling on the bus and is washing down his apple with a brand new bottle of Jack Daniels. He says he is going to give the Cranes, the Lopez-Fitzgerald's and the rest of Harmony a Christmas they will never forget.

Friday, December 17, 1999 | Episode #119
Miguel & Charity:
Miguel and Charity are outside of the Bennett house and he wants to take her somewhere. She says she doesn't want to disappoint Aunt Grace, but he says Jessica knows where they are, and they can meet up with everyone later at the tree lighting. She agrees and he takes her to the Book Cafe. When they get there, Beth escorts them to their table for the evening. Miguel had a little romantic dinner planned. Charity said she was embarrassed because everyone was looking at her. Anyway, they talk about lots of different things...her mom, his dad...he tells her he doesn't want to push her because he really likes her and wants to make her happy. She tells him she really likes him too.

Julian & Ivy:
Julian is relaying the news of Martin Fitzgerald to daddy on the phone and Ivy is listening in. Julian says that everything is taken care of and Martin could be on his way to Alaska. Alistair tells him he better handle it, or else it will be trouble for the entire Crane family. Ivy comes in and says hello to Alistair on the phone. He seems happy, well as happy as that Alistair Crane voice can sound, to talk to her. He asks her what she's been up to. She hesitates and finally says nothing. Alistair asks if she's hiding anything because she knows he will find out. Ivy says what would the point of lying even accomplish. Alistair says she's smart and comments to Julian that she handles everything well. She asks him if he will be coming home for Christmas and he says he'll be returning home soon, but the exact date will remain a surprise to keep everyone on their toes. He says he may have to watch over them and come home to clean up any messes they make of the Crane name. Alistair tells them they will hear from him soon and to keep out of trouble. Julian asks Ivy if she has anything to hide and that Alistair has treated them very well over the years, and he would hate to see her do anything to jeopardize that. She tells him she has nothing to hide and goes upstairs. She picked up her coat and the locket fell out and she didn't realize it. Julian was getting another glass of "nog" and he saw the locket laying on the chair. He picked it up and wondered what it was. He tries to open it but can't so he thinks one of the maids dropped it and threw it in the trash. Ivy was halfway up the stairs and she realized she lost her locket. She panics and hurries downstairs to find it. She walked into the living room to look for it and Julian asks if she is looking for anything. She lies and says no and that she just wanted a glass of eggnog. He asks her if she was looking for a locket by chance and she gets jumpy and asks him what he knows about it. Julian wants to know what it means to her and she tells him to give it to her now. He fishes it out of the trash and says "voila" and swings it in front of her face. She reaches for it, but he holds onto it and looks at. He asks her what the value of something so cheap holds for her. She says she hates to lose anything and to give her the locket now. He asks her if she misses him from her bedroom and she replies not to start on that again. Ivy grabs the locket out of his hands and he taunts her and tells her she does have a secret. He wants to know if Alistair will be mad when he finds out what it is. Ivy says there is no secret and if she were him, she'd be far more concerned with how he botched the Martin Fitzgerald ordeal. She says he's a loose cannon waiting to blow up in his face. Julian assures her he's far away from Harmony and won't be a burden to them any longer.

Theresa, Whitney, Ethan & Gwen:
Theresa is pretty confidant that Gwen wouldn't be caught dead at something so small town as the tree lighting ceremony and she is still mad at Ethan anyway. Whitney tells her to pray she's right because it could mean big trouble for her if she does show up. Ethan spots Theresa and walks up to her. Theresa looks stunned to say the least to see him and even more so when he tells her Gwen is with him. Gwen walks up knowingly and starts telling Theresa she can't wait to meet this boyfriend of hers. She asks her where he is and then Santa comes over and says he's looking for Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. She tells him that's her and she'll show him what he needs to do. She excuses herself from Ethan and Gwen and tells them she's in charge and there is a lot to be done before the ceremony starts. Gwen says they'll get some coffee and when they get back she can finally meet this man of hers. Whitney tells her she has the luck of the Irish on her side and asks her what she's going to do. Theresa has no idea of anyone that could pretend to be her boyfriend. Whitney tells her she may have only one option left and that is to come clean with the both of them before Ethan finds out and really hates her. Theresa is reluctant but Whitney is the voice of reason and she finally gives in and says Whitney may be right. Gwen and Ethan are at the Book Cafe having coffee and Gwen is telling him that she's been right all along and that Theresa doesn't have eyes for anyone but him. He tells her she's wrong but Gwen tells her they'll soon find out. Gwen and Ethan find Theresa and Whitney again and ask her if her boyfriend has shown up yet.

Timmy & Tabitha:
Tabitha tells Timmy she has to go into town to take care of something and that she left him something in his room. He gets excited and asks if it is a Christmas present. She tells him it's a costume and he better be wearing it when she gets back. Timmy starts up the stairs and hears Fluffy. He asks Tabitha to put Fluffy elsewhere so he can go upstairs. She tells him she's too busy and that he'll have to deal with Fluffy on his own. He gets and idea and says if he can make it to the kitchen, he can take care of Fluffy. He has a leg o' turkey and leads Fluffy out the door and locks it. Tabitha sees the Santa that Theresa hired about to take a drink and runs into him spilling out all of his booze. He gets mad and she apologizes and says she wasn't paying attention. She tells him she was on her way home to make a hot toddy and asks him if he'd like one. He's reluctant, but Tabby assures him it's not far. They get back to Tabitha's and Timmy comes in wearing an elf costume complete with white curly wig and eyebrows. Timmy sees Santa and assumes it's Tabitha. He asks his princess something and the Santa asks him if he's talking to him. Timmy calls him Princess again and Santa asks if Princess is the dog. Timmy gets excited and thinks it's the real Santa and rushes to the couch. Tabitha comes in with the toddies and gets Timmy away from the guy. The Santa asks if that boy is okay and she tells him he's one of the neighborhood kids and he doesn't have a very good home life. She indulges him by allowing him to dress up in costumes. Tabby says she has to add her special ingredient and starts to put some pills in it. Timmy is horrified that she's going to poison Santa and she tells him it won't hurt him, but knock him out for a while. The guy drinks it and indeed passes out. Timmy comes back in with Santa's bag and says it's heavy and that he doesn't want to hurt anyone. Tabitha asks if he's rather stay locked in the attic with Fluffy for a month but he says he'd rather go with her. They get their stuff and get ready to leave for the ceremony.

Martin is on the bus still traveling to Harmony...he asks the guy next to him to wake him up when they get there because he can't miss his stop. At the end of the show he arrives in Harmony and wonders if Julian will be happy to see him.

Monday, December 20, 1999 | Episode #120
Julian & Ivy:
Ivy and Julian are in the mansion both trying to get answers out of one another. She wants answers about Martin Fitzgerald, and he wants to know what her secret is. She keeps insisting that she doesn't have a secret and he asks her if Sam Bennett has anything to do with it. She has a flashback of Sam telling her the past has to stay in the past and she asks him why he would have anything to do with it. Julian said he is the chief of police and he could investigate her past. Ivy laughs and tells him that she was committed for nymphomania! She tells him that if she had a secret in her past, Julian and Alistair would already know about it. Ivy has questions of her own and wants to know the story about Martin since he's supposedly not a threat anymore. Julian won't tell her anything and they leave for the tree lighting ceremony.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Luis comes into the kitchen telling his mother they need to hurry or they will be late to the tree lighting. Pilar says they can leave as soon as she lights a candle for Martin and Antonio. Luis scoffs at this and tells her it's a waste of time. Pilar says she'll never give up hope and prays that they return soon. Luis says it's a little late for soon because Antonio has been gone for years and Martin skipped out on him three times in New Mexico. He said the trip was a waste and that he should've let Sheridan go by herself. Luis says she suckered him again and that for a while she had him believing she wasn't like the rest of her rotten family. Pilar says she knows for certain she's nothing like Julian or Alistair. Luis says he doesn't want to think about her much less talk about her. Pilar tells him he brought it up in the first place. He tells her how he went and bought her a compact to replace the one he broke and she pretended to like it but ended up tossing it away. Pilar can't believe she'd throw away a gift, but Luis says she's a spoiled deb just like all the rest and that the poor and the rich could never mix. Martin is outside the house watching them and he trips over some fire wood. Luis hears the noise and goes to check it out but can't find anything. Pilar comes out and puts the spare key in its hiding place in case Martin or Antonio come home. They leave to go to the park and Martin uses the spare key and goes inside. He walks over to his candle and snuffs it out saying "Papa's home." He tries to call Julian but they had already left for the tree lighting ceremony, so he decides to catch up to him there.

Miguel & Charity:
They are still at the Book Cafe and talking about how much fun they were having. Miguel tells Charity that his life is blessed because she is in it. They are eating roasted chestnuts and Charity comments on how wonderful they smell. Miguel says something about smell being one of the strongest senses related to memory. She tells him that this will be her memory everytime she smells chestnuts from now on. Charity asks Miguel what his memory of chestnuts is and he says the last Christmas before his father left. Charity tells him how sorry she is that his father left, and to believe in Christmas miracles. They leave for the park.

Tabitha & Timmy:
The two are walking down the street (to the tune of "Mr. Grinch") and Timmy is lagging behind because Tabby is making him carry the bag o' tools. He asks Tabitha if he's a really good boy, if he can start hanging around kids his own age. Timmy needs more of a social life. Tabitha tells him he's lucky to have any life at all. They see Charity and Miguel on the other side of the street and Timmy comments on how happy they look. Tabitha said she'll look that happy as soon as those pesky kids are zapped.

Theresa, Whitney, Ethan & Gwen:
Gwen is hounding Theresa to tell them about her "boyfriend" and things keep happening at the ceremony to interrupt them. Theresa excuses herself and says she'll be with them as soon as everything is straightened out. Gwen says she'll be more than happy to wait and tells Ethan that once this mess is cleared up and he realizes she's been right about Theresa all along, she'll marry him. Tabitha and Timmy come up to Theresa to let them know they are there. Theresa asks Santa if he's all right because she already told him what to do. Tabitha tells her she has a cold and the medicine made her loopy. Theresa says she'll show them what to do again and apologizes that there's not enough money to pay the elf. Whitney grabs Timmy's hand and says "come along sweetie" and he looks really annoyed. Timmy is enjoying himself because Whitney gave him a candy cane and paid lots of attention to him. Theresa and Whitney leave and Tabitha tells Timmy to get to work on the light switch.

The Bennett/Russell Clan:
Kay, Jessica, and Simone are heading towards the park and Kay is looking for Miguel. Reese comes over and is wearing some sort of reindeer headband and Kay tells him he needs a haircut. He says he has one for Kay to wear too. He says that way everyone will know they are dating. He asks where Miguel and Charity are and Jessica tells them the Book Cafe. Kay gets made because she knew the whole time. Grace comes over and tells the girls she knows that it would be great if Santa picked them but it would be REALLY great if he picked Charity. She says Charity has been through so much and Santa picking her would make her feel special and if everyone was happy for her, she would truly feel like a part of the family. Kay gets annoyed but smiles and says to her mother that she wants nothing more.

Sheridan & Hank:
Sheridan and Hank arrive at the park and she thanks him for dinner. She is holding the compact in her hand and says she needs to find Luis and thank him again for it. Hank asks her if she's sure there is no other guy in her life, and she tells him she's positive. He makes some comment about marriage and she quickly tells him she's not going to marry him or any other man anytime soon. Grace and Eve are by them and Sheridan mentions something about finding Luis. Hank tells her he'll go get them some hot cider and leaves. Sheridan sees Luis walking and stops him. He is trying to brush her off and she thanks him again for the compact. He says he knows what she really thought about it and he doesn't know what kind of "rich girl" game she's playing with him, but to stop. He walks away and Sheridan, looking dumbfounded, follows after him. She asks him what he meant by that and she tells him she really does like the compact and shows it to him. He smiles at her and says "you still have it."

Everything Else:
Julian and Ivy are at the ceremony and Julian is being a snob as usual. Ivy tells him to stop because Ethan's future is important and she wants the town of Harmony to think the Cranes are a part of the town. She sees Sam and is staring at him and TC tells him not to look now, but Poison Ivy is looking right at him. He looks away and they leave. Martin is trying to find the park, but can't remember where it is. He hears people singing and follows the voices to get there. He is looking for Julian, but it almost spotted by Sheridan and Luis. "Santa" is getting ready to pick the prettiest girl to light the tree and Gwen stands by Theresa. She tells Theresa that Ethan told her to get in line because he thinks she's the prettiest girl in Harmony. Tabitha finally picks Charity and Kay looks livid. She picks Miguel to help her and everyone counts down as they get ready to pull the switch.

Tuesday, December 21, 1999 | Episode #121
The Harmony Tree LIghting Ceremony:
Well the time to light the tree has finally arrived and Julian is talking about how small town this is and it looked like a scene out of Hooterville! Ivy said he needs to keep up appearances or else everyone in Harmony will know he is an elitist snob. Julian scoffs at it and they have their usual talk about Martin and her secret coming out. Hank is getting some cider for him and Sheridan and he runs into Pilar. She's spacing it and he asks her if she's okay. She tells him she was just thinking about the last time Martin was here on Christmas and he played Santa. Pilar tells him good things come during the holy season and she has tremendous faith. She inquires about his two glasses of cider and he tells her one is for Sheridan. She says she's glad that Sheridan is getting out and he asks if he has a real chance with Sheridan. Pilar tells him she's not a snob like the rest of her family and she truly cares for people. He also asks her if there is anyone else in her life that he should worry about. She tells him no and that Sheridan is a great woman and any mother would love to have her as a daughter-in-law. Tabitha and Timmy are in the bushes watching as the countdown begins to light the tree and Timmy covers his ears and says he's sorry they have to die. The countdown gets to one and Charity stops and says she has something to say first. She goes into this speech about how she lost her mother and how the Bennett's welcomed her into their home and how nice everyone in Harmony has been. Kay is about to puke from this little spiel and everyone looks at her like she's the sweetest person alive. Reese yells to start another countdown and Charity gets a cold chill and Miguel trades places with her. They finally pull the switch and it zaps them and they start twitching. Tabitha watches on in glee as the "Hallelujah" begins playing. Everyone starts screaming and the tree catches fire. Everyone watches in horror as they lay on the ground. Luis says something to Sheridan about her still having the compact and she asks why she wouldn't have it. He said he saw it in the trash. Sheridan feels bad but explains that it fell out of her purse and when she realized it was missing, she and Hank went back to get it. Martin walks by them and trips and gets his foot caught and Sheridan and Luis try to help him. They don't recognize them and Martin hides his face from them. Sheridan tells Luis she's hurt that he would think she's ill-mannered enough to throw away his sweet gift. He tells her he's sorry. She says after all they went through in New Mexico she thought he knew her better than that. He apologizes again and she admits that she'd probably jump to the same conclusion. They get Martin's foot free and he gets up and Luis says he could at least turn around and say thank you to them for helping him. Hank runs over to them to tell them what happened to Miguel and Charity and they need to get the fire put out. Martin makes his getaway. Kay is freaking out thinking Miguel and Charity are dead but she's obviously more concerned about Miguel. Eve tells everyone to back up so she can examine them. Grace goes to call 911, but Miguel and Charity wake up. He tells everyone he's fine and makes sure Charity is fine as well. Eve says she still wants to check them out at the hospital, but Miguel insists that he's fine. Theresa manage to make her escape from answering Gwen's question again. TC tells Sam that he looked at the wires on the switch and they were frayed. Sam asks who was in charge of hiring the Santa, and Theresa tells him she was. She put an add in the paper, and Ethan says he hasn't seen Santa nor his little elf since before the switch was thrown. Sam asks Theresa what the name of the Santa was and she tells him "Ben Posten". He tells Luis they need to look for him. Gwen finds Theresa and says she's glad that her brother is OK and wants some answers about her boyfriend. Theresa looks around and says he must have left when Chief Bennett told everyone to go home. Gwen says she still really interested in meeting him and Ethan tells her to leave Theresa alone. Gwen walks away and Ethan looks back in Theresa's direction for a moment before he left. Hank asks Sheridan if she believes in all of the Christmas traditions and she says yes. He tells her to follow him and he leads her over to where the mistletoe is hanging. She asks what is so special about this place and he plants a big ol' kiss on her. She didn't seem to hate it either. That's what sucked. Luis looked over in their direction but they weren't kissing. He looked sorta sad and jealous. Tabitha and Timmy return home and find that the other Santa had woken up. He is mad that Tabitha took his job for him and starts to call the police. She gives him the money and says she took his place because he was incapacitated. She offers to fix him another hot toddy and they could continue this conversation later that night. She said something about "jingling his bells" and I had tears streaming down my face I was laughing so hard. She goes to make herself more comfortable and he leaves before he can finish his drink that Tabitha drugged. He stumbles into town and Sam finds him and questions him about the tree lighting. He said he wasn't the Santa that was there but he knew where the other one was. Tabitha is celebrating her triumph over Charity and Timmy says what if their souls haunt them. There is a knock at the door and Charity and Miguel are there with a wreath to decorate her house and when she sees them, she faints.

Wednesday, December 22, 1999 | Episode #122
T.C. & Sam:
The two are trying to get answers out of Santa, but realize he's too drunk to give them any information and figured he was probably too drunk to tamper with the wiring, and the fire was an accident. Sam calls over an officer to take ol' St. Nick down to the station so he could sleep off his drunken stupor. T.C. comments that it's a shame he's such a good cop because now they don't have an excuse to miss Ivy's Christmas party. Sam agrees and said he forgot all about it. T.C. asks when he was going to level with him and fill him in on the past w/Ivy. Sam says it was the summer T.C. was a tennis camp over 20 years ago. He was a lifeguard at Dune Beach (I think that is what he said) and he saw her swimming laps. He thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. They began dating, but had to keep it a secret since she was the governor's daughter. T.C. asked what happened and Sam said she married Julian Crane.

Ivy, Grace & Eve:
Ivy is insisting that Grace and Eve attend her party and they aren't so sure after everything that has happened. Ivy tells them that they can't let that spoil their Christmas and they must be there. She has a flashback of Sam and is very adamant about Grace and Sam being there and says of course Eve and T.C. She leaves and says she'll see them there. Eve thinks it was strange about how pushy she was being to get Grace and Sam there. Grace says it is all because of Sam and walks over in his direction. She catches the tail end of his conversation with T.C. and hears him say he wants nothing more to do w/Ivy Crane. Grace asks him what he means by that and he said they recently went to a party at the Cranes and he just wants to spend the evening with the family. Grace tells him there is plenty of time for that but they are going to the party first.

Tabitha's House:
Tabitha faints upon seeing Miguel and Charity alive at her doorstep. Timmy hides and watches on as they help her to the couch. She is saying they are dead and they got electrocuted at the tree lighting. Miguel and Charity said she wasn't there and how she knew about that. Tabitha says she heard something about it on the radio and the announcer made it seem as though they were dead. Tabitha isn't showing her concern too much and Charity tells her she seems sorry that they aren't dead. Tabitha apologizes and tells her it's quite the opposite and she was grief-stricken when she heard the news and she's very upset with the radio station for leading her to believe they were dead. Charity tells her they are fine and not to worry about it. Tabitha asks what they were doing there because they probably have better things to do. Charity tells her she brought a wreath over to hang on the door. Timmy says the "friends" in the basement aren't going to like that. Charity and Miguel leave and Tabitha cringes about all of the holiday spirit going around. She leaves and is walking through town. She sees a blind lady accepting donations for the Salvation Army and Tabitha tries to stick her hand in to pull the money out, but her hand got stuck. The lady started yelling for help that someone was stealing from the poor, so Tabby just picks up the whole stand and runs. Two men chase her but she gets away. They say "what kind of people steal from the poor at Christmas time?" She said "my kind of people" and she finally gets her hand free and takes the money out.

Grace's Store:
The Scooby Gang is inside selling the merchandise half off and Kay comes in wearing a different outfit. She is of course complaining about being there and babbles on about Miguel and Charity. Jessica keeps taunting her about the two lovebirds. Reese comes over and asks Kay if there is anything he can do to help her. She says he can be in charge of gift wrapping. Miguel and Charity come in just as Reese dumps glitter all over Kay's new outfit. She is furious and Miguel teases her about it. Charity tells them she wants to buy a bunch of decorations and decorate Tabitha's house for her while she's gone. They all pitch in their money, which is like $2 a piece and Charity asks Kay if she was going to contribute. Miguel said of course she will and she throws in a wad of money and a twenty was wrapped around the outside. Kay makes a comment to Simone that all of the stuff that Charity comes up with she ends up paying for. They get a bunch of decorations and are knocking on Tabitha's door. Timmy had just sat down with his headphones and a portable TV so he could watch "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" in peace without Tabby finding out. He hears someone at the door and knows it's not Tabitha so he hides. He hears the gang come in and sees they have decorations. Timmy says "they" are really going to be mad. The kids are almost done and they notice the red light coming from the basement. Miguel figures it could be some sort of warning light and wants to check it out. Tabitha comes home and sees all the decorations and figures she must be in the wrong house. Timmy calls after her and she gets mad at him for putting up the decorations. He tries to tell her he didn't do it, but gets nervous and can't spit it out. He finally gets out that Miguel, Charity, Kay and the rest of the gang were there and they decorated the place. They are also trying to get in the basement. Tabitha said if they find out what's in there all hell will break loose, literally. Miguel and Reese are trying to break down the door but aren't having much luck.

Sheridan, Hank & Luis:
Hank plants a big ol' smooch on Sheridan, which she seems to be responding to and Luis sees this and doesn't look too happy about it. Pilar comes up behind him and says they make a nice couple and wonders if Hank is the man Sheridan has been waiting for. Luis says "NO WAY" and Pilar wants to know what he means by that. She asks if it is because he doesn't like her and he tells her that it's because they are from two different worlds. Luis says he was wrong about Sheridan throwing the compact away and they got everything straightened out and he was wrong about her and she's "OK." Pilar gives him a curious look but he doesn't say much else about it. She does tell him that if he was wrong about Sheridan, maybe he was wrong about his father. He tells her no way and that he won't ease up on his father. Pilar says it's Christmas and not to damn his father. Luis apologizes and says ok. Sheridan breaks the kiss with Hank and ask him what that was all about. He says it was mistletoe and points up. She says that she really likes him, but she's not ready to get involved with anyone right now. Hank tells her Luis says the same thing when the topic comes up. She gets a little dreamy-eyed and Hank asks her again if she is falling for Luis. She stammers over her answer and says no, but she sees what a good person he is now. Hank asks her to go get some hot chocolate at the Book Cafe and they hold hands as they walk away. Hank is getting the drinks and Sheridan walks over toward the couches. Luis walks in the door right beside her and they just look at each other. She says she thought he was on duty and he tells her he is, but he needs some coffee. Sheridan says she'll get it for him and yells to Hank to get Luis some coffee. Luis says "Hanky, don't worry about it." Sheridan said the least she could do is buy him coffee after he kept her warm in New Mexico. She has a flashback about that and is turning all shades of red when Hank comes over to them. She and Luis just stare at each other and Hank asks if there is something going on between them he should know about. Luis just raises his eyebrows and takes a drink of his coffee. Sheridan said she was talking about Luis taking care of her in New Mexico. Hank asked how he took care of her, and she made up something so not to reveal how he really took care of her. She asks Luis to join them and he says he doesn't want to interrupt and she tells him not to be silly and they can sit right over there. Martin Fitzgerald just happened to be sitting at the table next to them but he hides his face with a newspaper. Hank plops down at the table and Luis pulls Sheridan's chair out for her. Luis is looking for something and Sheridan asks what he needs and he says sugar. He turns around and asks Martin to please hand him the sugar off his table.

Julian and the Crane Mansion:
Before they left the tree lighting, Julian thinks he sees Martin so he chases after him but it wasn't him. Ivy says she heard him say something about Martin and wonders if his secret isn't as covered up as Alistair would like it to be. Back at the mansion, Ivy comes in wearing yet another outfit trimmed in fur. Julian is what ladies and gentlemen? Pouring himself a drink of course! Ivy tells him he needs to be courteous of the guests tonight and not to be downing the booze too heavily. He said he's going to need plenty to make it through the evening. The Bennett's and the Russell's arrive and Pilar shows them in. Grace is being Grace and comments on how beautiful Julian's library is. T.C. is looking at Julian's tennis trophies and Ivy said he won those years ago and asked him if he played. He gets a weird look on his face and just nods. The phone rings and Pilar answers it. It's Alistair and Ivy says they can all leave so Julian can talk to him in private. Pilar said he doesn't wish to speak to Julian, he wants to speak to the Bennett's and the Russell's. Eve, Sam and T.C. all look stunned as Grace sits idly by.

Thursday, December 23, 1999 | Episode #123
Tabitha's House:
Miguel and Reese are trying to break down the basement door to no avail and Tabitha is in the other room scolding Timmy for allowing this to happen. He tells her that the kids think he's a doll and didn't want to blow his cover. Tabitha is about to make a run for it, but Timmy reminds her that they will get suspicious of what they find in the basement. She agrees and stops Reese as he was about to get a running start to break down the door. Miguel tells her there is a weird light in the basement and he wants to check it out. She tells him it's not necessary but he insists. He asks if there is a key for the basement, and Tabitha tells him she doesn't know where it is. Jessica finds a key and thinks it could fit the door. Tabitha tells them not to worry about it, but the gang keeps insisting. Tabitha tells them the light is for her plants downstairs and she'll go turn it off. She enters the basement and begins talking to the shadows who are very upset with her. She tells them tonight wasn't a good time to get rid of Charity because the planets weren't in alignment. She also says they have to calm down before everyone gets suspicious and they stop glowing. The whole gang is waiting for her when she comes out of the basement and tells them everything is all right. Charity asks her if she liked her surprise and she says she can't find the words. Tabitha tells them she's sure they have better things to do on Christmas Eve, but Charity says they can't leave without putting up the angel. Miguel puts it on the tree and she finally gets the kids to leave. Timmy is dancing around in the living room and Tabitha says they have to get rid of the decorations. Timmy tells her if the kids come back, they will be suspicious. Tabitha agrees and says what else could go wrong tonight. She spoke too soon because the angel girl came and said she was there for Tabitha.

The Book Cafe:
Luis is asking Martin to pass him the sugar, but he isn't responding. He is just sitting there stiff as a board hoping he won't get recognized. Luis says he doesn't own the sugar bowl and to please pass it to him or he'll come over and get it himself. Sheridan tells him not to bother and gets up to get him sugar from another table. The three are talking and Hank and Luis are reminiscing about the stunts they used to pull when they were younger. Sheridan is quite interested in this conversation and keeps looking at Luis. Luis asks if Hank remembers what they used to do with mistletoe and Hank is giving him the "stop it right now" look, but Sheridan tells Luis to continue. Apparently Hank and Luis used to hang mistletoe all over the place in order to get girls to kiss them. Sheridan starts laughing and tells Hank he tricked her. He tries to play innocent but eventually agrees that he did. Luis says "so that's why you were kissing?" Sheridan was shocked that he saw them but Luis tried to cover it up saying he caught a glimpse of them when he was looking for the Santa. Luis tells her none of the girls really bought it back then and Sheridan tells them they must have been quite a team. Luis says they were gawky adolescents, unlike the handsome gentlemen they are today. Sheridan laughs and tells them they are so modest too. Martin is still sitting at the table listening trying to make his escape. Hanks tells Sheridan it was too bad she didn't go to Harmony High because the three of them would've had a blast. Luis smirks and says the Cranes don't attend public school, they go to fancy European boarding schools. Sheridan says she wishes she had gone to Harmony High, but there were circumstances that sent her away. Luis asks what they were and she flashes back to "that night" and then to finding out Martin was Luis' father in New Mexico. She says it doesn't matter and it's over now. Hank says he needs to do his Christmas shopping, and Sheridan tells him it's Christmas Eve. Luis says he always waits until the last minute. Hank asks if he can drive her home and she says she'll grab a cab. Luis tells her he can take her home because he has to pick up his mother. They all stand up to leave and Sheridan drops her compact on the floor. She and Luis both bend down to get it and they brush hands awkwardly. Sheridan says she'd hate to lose it again and it means a lot to her. Luis tells her he's glad. Martin managed to make his escape during that scene. Sheridan thanks Hank and kisses him on the cheek and wishes him a Merry Christmas. He leaves and Luis tells her he's a great guy. Sheridan tells him Hank says the same thing about him. Luis also says he doesn't want to see Hank get hurt, and Sheridan asks if he thinks she'd hurt him. He tells her that's not what he meant, and Sheridan says they are both very strong individuals and she can't see them getting hurt by anyone. Luis watches her walk out the door. They are outside the mansion and she thanks him for driving her home. She wishes him a Merry Christmas and he says there's no mistletoe, so they're safe. She says she's going to wish Pilar a Merry Christmas and she'll let her know he's outside. He looks over there and sees a man (Martin) looking in Julian's library.

Ivy's Party:
Alistair is on the phone and wishes to speak to the Bennett's and the Russell's. Julian starts to say something and Alistair asks him if he's a Bennett or a Russell. He tells them all to get comfortable because he has a lot to say. He tells Pilar to sign for the gifts and she tells him no gifts were delivered. The doorbell rings and Pilar says she'll take care of it. She comes in and Alistair tells her to give them the gifts. Sam says he cannot accept the gift because he doesn't have one for him. Alistair tells him he gives a gift to Harmony by being an excellent Chief of Police. Sam opens his present and it's a picture of the Bennett Farm. Alistair says he thought Sam would like a memento of the farm they lost. Sam is livid. T.C.'s present was a picture of his father taken at the country club after Alistair finished a game. He says naturally T.C.'s father was his caddy and T.C. gets mad. Alistair says he was a good, simple man and T.C. is taking after him. He also says his daughter Whitney is picking up where his career left off in tennis. Next up we have Eve, and Alistair asks her to share with everyone her gift. She tells them it's two tickets to the Bahamas and a stay at the Presidential Suite. She looks like she's about to break down into tears. Alistair tells Grace her picture is a sketch of a woman by a famous artist (I forget the name) and Grace says the woman looks so sad. He tells her it's a picture of a woman dying of sadness because her husband cheated on her. She wonders what he means by this and he tells her that picture is the exact opposite of her life with Sam. Sam shifts nervously in his seat but Grace is clueless. He asks Julian if his gift has been safely delivered to Alaska and Julian says he's almost positive. Alistair bids his farewells and hangs up the phone. Eve says she needs a drink and Ivy thinks that's a good idea. They all leave to go into the living room and Julian stays behind to drink some more. Ivy tells him to join the party now. He makes a phone call concerning Martin, but the man isn't home. Eve asks Julian what Alistair knows about the two of them and he had to tell them something. Julian doesn't know how Alistair would know either. T.C. asks her why she would receive tickets to the Bahamas and Eve says she doesn't know and she doesn't really want to go and rips up the tickets. Sam confronts Ivy and she tells him they have to talk. Grace is looking for Sam and Pilar tries to tell her he'll be right back but Grace insists on looking for him. Ivy has Sam cornered and is reminding him of their time together and kisses him right as Grace walks in to see it. Julian goes back into his study and pours himself another drink as Alistair calls him back. He's talking to him about Martin and it just so happens, Martin is outside the window looking in.

Friday, December 24, 1999 | Episode #124
Over dinner, Ethan tells a thrilled Gwen they can get on with their wedding plans because he now knows she was right about Theresa. Charity recalls for Miguel how her mother used to love angels. Julian is appalled to spot Martin skulking outside the window. At the Book Cafe, Chad says bah humbug to the holiday spirit and tells Whitney the only Christmas gift he wants is for Orville to regain his memory. Ivy gleefully informs a bristling Grace that he only kissed Sam because she caught him standing under the mistletoe. The little angel urges Tabitha to come into the light and save her soul. Out of his wife's earshot, Sam furiously hisses at Ivy never to pull such a stunt again. Kay's face falls when Miguel gives Charity the romantic gift she was hoping to receive. Martin demands more money from Julian. Though Timmy hopes for a Christmas miracle, Tabitha stubbornly rejects the angel's offer of redemption. Hiding nearby, Theresa watches Ethan open her "anonymous" gift. The little angel promises a dazzled Timmy that his heavenly reward will always be waiting for him when he's ready to leave Tabitha and her evil ways behind. Eve is agitated to see Chad sitting with her daughters at midnight mass.

Monday, December 27, 1999 | Episode #125
Sam & Grace:
Grace is having a nightmare about seeing Ivy and Sam kissing and talks out in her sleep. Sam looks worried and wakes her up. She tells him that she was dreaming about seeing them kiss and wonders why it was affecting her. She knows it was just the mistletoe and chalks it up to having too many "Christmas goodies." Sam assures her she is the only woman he wants to kiss. He also tells her he doesn't want to go to any more of Ivy's parties, and Grace says she doesn't need to go to the mansion anymore.

Gwen & Ethan:
Gwen and Ethan are at the Book Cafe and Gwen is spouting off about Theresa, AGAIN! Ethan is trying to reassure her that nothing is going on with her and Gwen says until they figure things out, she can't be with him and takes off the necklace he gave her for Christmas. He tells her that was her Christmas present, but she says she can't wear it right now. Ethan says he will figure out a way to prove that he is not the guy that Theresa is in love with so they can be together.

Theresa & Whitney:
The girls are in Theresa's room and Theresa is showing off her new clothes to Whitney. She is modeling some pink outfit that Luis bought her. Whitney goes into, "you're lucky that Gwen hasn't found proof yet" mode and is lecturing Theresa on her foolish dream of being with Ethan. Theresa is not letting this get in her way and says they are meant to be together and they will be. They show up at the Book Cafe after Gwen and Ethan have left and Beth comes over to their table and says she's glad they are there because the couple there before them were having a major fight. She said that relationship was as good as over. Beth also said that money couldn't buy everything because even Ethan Crane is subject to heartache. Theresa gets giddy and says this is a sign and now that he and Gwen are over, they can be together. Whitney tries to be the voice of reason telling her if Ethan realizes she has been after him, he'll know Gwen was right and go back to her. Theresa won't hear of it. Ethan comes back into the Book Cafe saying he was just about to call Theresa. He asks her what she's doing for New Year's and she says she's hoping her boyfriend will ask her out and he asks her if she'd like to join him. She says yes a little too eagerly and Ethan says that he wants her and her boyfriend to join him and Gwen and her face falls.

Julian & Martin:
Julian opens the basement door where Martin is being held and scoots his breakfast tray in with his foot while holding a gun on him. Martin says he's not going to get away with this and Julian says if he doesn't want to cooperate, he can call Luis to let him know his papacita is back. Martin doesn't want that and says he'll cooperate and leave town. Julian says he made the mistake of trusting him once and he won't do it again. He locks him back up in the room and leaves.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Luis comes in and sees extra presents without name tags and asks Pilar who they are for. She says they are for Antonio and Martin and he gets upset. She tells him she was sure this was the Christmas they would come home, and Luis says Martin is never coming home and he's not worthy of a person as kind as she is. Pilar tells Luis he's wrong about Martin. Luis hugs her and tells her he loves her and she leaves to go to work. Luis pulls off his sweater and is wearing a white tank top and is on his way outside to chop some wood. He opens the door to find Sheridan about to leave. He smiles when he sees her and she looks a little shocked to see him wearing what he's wearing. He says she's probably there to see Pilar, but she just left. Sheridan tells him she's there to see him. She also asks him if he's cold without a coat on and he says he was about to chop some wood. He says that's one of two things you can do to keep warm in weather like this. Sheridan asks what the other one is and Luis laughs saying it was a guys joke. It dawns on her what he's implying and she looks embarrassed. He invites her in and she agrees because she's cold and won't be chopping wood or the other thing...she gets embarrassed again and says thank you. He takes her coat and he nervously asks her if she wants some coffee. Sheridan says she can't stay long and she just came to give him something. She pulls a small box out of her purse and gives it to him. He opens it and there are slides inside. She tells him they are pictures she took when she was in Spain. Luis is genuinely glad to get them and says he didn't get her a present. She says it's not a Christmas present and he did replace her compact. Anyway, they sit down and Sheridan is telling him these pictures were of her favorite places in Spain and Luis says he's read dozens of books on Spain but these would be like seeing Spain through her eyes. She says guide books usually don't include these places and Luis says, as he looks at her, he'd probably enjoy having a guide. She agrees. He stands up and holds one to the light and says it's great. Sheridan stands up to look at it two and describes what the place is. They are standing really close together and Luis takes notice of that. He kept looking at her while she was describing the place and she says "isn't it beautiful" Luis says "yes it is" while he is looking at her. Sheridan looks up at him and I swear they were so close to kissing and then the phone rang. Luis groaned in half annoyance and half disappointment. It was Sam, and Luis asked him to hang on a second. Sheridan took the hint that it was business and let herself out. Luis thanked her for the slides and once she was outside she told herself not to be foolish. Sam said he got word that Martin Fitzgerald was seen heading towards New England and Luis says he couldn't be that stupid, but if he did show up in Harmony, he wouldn't let him get away again.

Crane Mansion:
Pilar comes in and finds Ivy playing with her locket. She asks her how Christmas went and Ivy was pretty blase about it. She says she was sure Pilar's was perfect, and she said it was but would have been better if Martin and Antonio were there. She says she has faith they will return someday and Ivy sees Julian listening in. Ivy says she hopes he does return someday too. Pilar says she has to get to work and Julian comes in. They have there usual discussion and Ivy says she wants to postpone her benefit ball and have a smaller party for New Year's. Julian says he doesn't know why she likes mingling with the Bennett's and the Russell's so much and Ivy says it's because they are nice people. Julian scoffs and says her usual crowd is a bunch of back-stabbing, elitist snobs. Ivy says she just described himself to a tee and she loathes him. He hits on her again saying he knows he can still ignite her fire. Ivy tells him she's in no mood for that this morning. Julian says she can invite the Moose Lodge and the entire middle-class if she wants, as long as it's not in his living room. He leaves and makes a phone call to Alistair saying Martin has been taken care of. Ivy gets on the phone to Millicent. She tells her she wants to throw a party for New Year's in honor of Dr. Eve Russell and she doesn't want her name involved. She says to make sure to invite Chief Bennett and his wife and to seat her at the table with the Bennett's and the Russell's. Pilar goes down to the basement to get some tools or put some tools away for the gardeners and is looking for the key to open the door...just so happens to be the door to the room that Martin is in.

Tabby & Timmy:
Timmy comes down and is wearing his lounging jacket. Tabitha comments saying something about him being the Lord of the Manor and to make himself comfortable because she doesn't want him doing anything stressful. Timmy stretches out on the couch and says he got such a good night's sleep since he didn't have to worry about Fluffy. Tabitha says she couldn't sleep because she kept thinking about how badly she botched the job of offing Charity. Timmy says it's not to late to join the good side and Tabitha says if he's thinking about jumping ship maybe a spin in the dryer could knock some sense into him. Timmy says it's not necessary and he's on her side. He is looking through a book of spells hoping to find one to handle and antisocial cat and sees there is a bunch of blank pages. He asks Tabby about them and she tells him she doesn't know and to go make a batch of Martimmys. He leaves and sits the book down and the pages start flipping by themselves. He comes back in and spills Martimmy on them and a blue light starts glowing from the book and flames start shooting out. Timmy calls Tabitha over to see what is happening and the words appear on the page. Tabitha reads it and it says that someone in Harmony will die on New Year's and she gets excited and tells Timmy he is the best for finding this. Timmy doesn't understand and wants to know who is going to die. Tabitha just laughs.

Tuesday, December 28, 1999 | Episode #126
Julian, Pilar, & Martin:
Julian is on the phone with Alistair and Alistair is scolding him for being so foolish. Julian says he will handle everything but he has to go because he hears someone coming. Ivy comes in to talk about New Year's Eve and he tells her to give Pilar a week off with pay. Ivy wonders what he is up to because his middle name is "alterior motives." She says she can't possibly give her time off right now because she needs her to help plan the party. Julian asks where Pilar is and Ivy tells him she saw her going down into the basement. Pilar is trying to open the door in the basement and Martin wonders why Julian is coming back so soon. He turns off the lights and hides with a 2x4 in hand so he can knock Julian out. Julian rushes down the stairs as Pilar is shocked and drops the toolbox. He apologizes for frightening her and asks why she is there. She tells him she was putting these tools away and Julian tells her he has important papers down here and no one is allowed down here for the time being. Pilar nods and heads upstairs. Julian tells Martin that he will remain in the basement until Julian sees fit for him to leave. Martin says he will leave town, but Julian says there is a warrant and an APB out on him and he would surely be caught. Julian leaves and Martin sees a file on the floor and figures it's his ticket to freedom.

Theresa, Ethan, & Whitney:
Theresa is stammering again about Ethan inviting her and her boyfriend out for New Year's Eve. She gives him another song and dance about how she's not sure her "guy" will want to go. Ethan tells her where they are going and it is THE party to be at. He asks Theresa to give him her boyfriend's name and number and he'll call him. Theresa says no and she'll handle it and they will be there. Ethan thanks her and leaves. Theresa and Whitney arrive back at Theresa's and Whitney is trying again to be the voice of reason but Theresa won't have any of that. Whitney finally persuades her to bite the bullet and call Ethan and tell him the truth because it will hurt less in the long run if she does it now. Theresa has the phone in hand but of course hangs up and deludes herself again and asks Whitney to help her pick out a dress for the party. Whitney is getting really ticked off at her and says she doesn't want to see her hurt but she's getting tired of watching her in her fantasy world.

Sheridan is at her cottage sitting in a chair and she flashes back to when she gave Luis the slides and he said seeing Spain with a guide would probably be best and she agreed. She smiles thinking about him and walks over and picks up a red convertible model car and has a big montage flashback of Sheridan & Luis moments including when he chased after her on the beach, when they tangoed, playing basketball when she fell on him, walking in on him in the shower, when he held out his hand for her in New Mexico, and yesterday when she gave him the slides and they almost kissed. She wonders why she is acting like this but can't stop smiling. She goes into the main house looking for her keys and stops and looks at the living room. She says it no longer haunts her and Pilar comes in. Sheridan tells Pilar she isn't having her nightmares any longer and Pilar tells her how glad she is because she knows what it's like to be haunted by the past. Sheridan says she's so sorry and Pilar tells her she has faith that Martin will return one day and she cannot believe the terrible things Julian said about him. Sheridan tells her she is inspired by the love Pilar has for her husband. She asks her what Martin was like and she tells her to look at Luis, they are so much alike--strong, loving, family oriented. Sheridan smiles at the mention of Luis' name and Pilar tells her there are lots of men in the world like Martin and Luis and she will find one. Pilar tells her Hank is a wonderful man and then gets back to work. Sheridan says Hank is a good man but he's not Luis! Sheridan meets up with Ethan at the Book Cafe and apologizes for being late. Ethan asks her to join him and Gwen for New Year's Eve and asks her if she can get a date. She tells him she was looking forward to just staying home and isn't sure she can get a date. Ethan tells her she's crazy and if she put the word out she'd have a line of guys waiting to escort her. He asks her to think of the man she'd like to be kissing at the stroke of midnight and she thinks of Luis. Ethan asks who the man is and she says she couldn't make out his face. Ethan tells her to just ask him because there is no harm in that.

Luis and Hank:
Luis is looking at the slides that Sheridan gave him and flashes back to yesterday when he said "it is beautiful" while he was looking at her. He smiles and then Hank walks in without knocking. Luis puts the slides away before Hank can see and Hank asks if that was a present. Luis tells him it was from someone who knows how much he wants to go to Spain someday. Hank says it is beautiful but you have to take a woman there because it's so romantic. Hank says he should take Beth. Luis laughs and asks why he would say that. He says that they were such a great couple in high school and everyone thought they were destined to be together and wants to know if history is going to repeat itself. Luis says he's not interested in being with anyone and Hank says that he is definitely interested in Sheridan and just wants Luis to be happy too. Hank says something about them growing closer and Luis nervously asks them if they are lovers. Hank says not yet but he sure wants to because she needs some romance and he's the person to give it to her. He says it was a sign on Christmas Eve when she showed up at the church. Luis questions this and Hank says it's obvious she went there because of him. He also asks Luis if she said anything about him on the way home and Luis says no. Hank starts in on his goofy theory and Luis laughs at him and tells him to not make so much of it. Hank says some women can't come right out and say how they feel so they send hints. Luis tells Hank that Sheridan wouldn't beat around the bush like that, but Hank doesn't listen. Luis also says he is thinking about someone right now and it's his father. He knows how devastated his mother will be if he has to arrest Martin. Luis says he has to get to the youth center and Hank says he can help him. Sheridan shows up at the youth center to ask Luis out and watches him playing basketball with one of the kids. She smiles at him and waits for him to finish. She is outside pacing nervously and trying to talk herself into asking him out. She walks back into the gym and asks the boy where Luis went. He tells her Luis went to fix something in the storage closet and she walks in that direction. When she gets to the closet, she doesn't bother looking inside and nervously asks him out to dinner. She opens the door and out flies Hank accepting her invitation and she looks stunned to say the least and looks in the closet for Luis. Luis comes over and asks what's going on and Hank informs him that Sheridan asked him out for New Year's Eve and she and Luis look at each other nervously.

Other happenings:
Pilar went into Julian's office and was talking about Martin. She says she has always thought in the back of her mind that the Cranes did have something to do with his disappearance, but she had a family to take care of and a mortgage to pay. She says the truth will come out one day and Luis will explode with anger. She says it will be like when David brought down Goliath...Luis will bring down the Cranes if he finds out they had anything to do with Martin leaving. Julian shifts nervously in his chair and the doorbell rings and tells Pilar to answer it.

Wednesday, December 29, 1999 | Episode #127
Tabitha is convinced Miguel and Charity are the ones who will die on New Year's Eve. Tabitha sets out to make sure the prophecy comes true by encouraging Miguel and Charity to be in a public place on New Year's Eve, thereby making it easier for Tabitha to kill them. To Tabitha's chagrin, Miguel says it's impossible for him and Charity to go out that night.

Orville is surprised Eve doesn't know the secret about Chad Harris. Before he can fill her in, Grace interrupts. Thinking of her own ambiguous past, Grace encourages Orville to tell Chad what he knows about him. Orville agrees. Eve is relieved when Orville seemingly becomes confused again. Later, Chad bares his soul to a "sleeping" Orville.

Simone is surprised by Kay's new upbeat attitude. Kay believes she will win Miguel's love on New Year's Eve. She hopes to celebrate the New Year alone with Miguel, playing games like they've always done in the past. Kay plots to be in Miguel's arms at midnight since she read that if you're in a man's arms at midnight on New Year's Eve, you will be with that man romantically for the rest of the year.

Sheridan is stunned when she accidentally asks Hank out for New Year's Eve instead of Luis. Sheridan is slightly bothered when she learns Beth will be spending New Year's Eve with Luis at the Youth Center party. Sheridan forces a smile when Beth expresses her hopes of getting closer to Luis.

Ivy is desperate to be with Sam on New Year's, despite Pilar's warnings. Ivy initiates a plan to trick the Bennetts and the Russells into spending New Year's Eve with her.

Thursday, December 30, 1999 | Episode #128
All of Harmony gets ready for New Year's Eve festivities. Jessica watches in amazement as the other female Bennetts rush about to impress their men for the special evening. Kay swears to Simone she's going to give up her pursuit of Miguel if she is not in his arms at midnight.

To Timmy's horror, Tabitha reveals how she's going to kill Charity she's going to behead her.

Eve is unhappy to see Chad working at the Youth Center party. Whitney promises to keep an eye on Simone.

A confident Theresa assures Whitney that fate will come through for her tonight. Meanwhile, Ethan and Gwen plan to ring in the New Year by getting engaged as soon as they clear up the Theresa situation. Ethan is sure Theresa will show up with a boyfriend, while Gwen is sure Theresa will be exposed as a liar. Gwen is shocked when Sheridan reveals how she tried to ask Luis out, but accidentally asked out Hank. Sheridan shrugs that Luis probably wouldn't have gone out with her anyway. Sheridan surprises Luis by providing catering for the Youth Center party. Luis and Sheridan share a romantic dance.

Pilar tries to stop Ivy from going through with her plan to be with Sam. She tells Ivy she will end up destroying her entire family if she continues to pursue him. Ivy expresses her desire for passion in her life and is determined to recapture the love she gave up so many years ago. She vows to win Sam back. At the same time, Sam and TC are happy to be attending the dinner in Eve's honor and not another Crane party. The two men do not suspect the surprise Ivy has in store for them.

Julian tells his father no one will hear from Martin again after tonight. Meanwhile, Martin escapes from the basement, ready to seek revenge on Julian.

Friday, December 31, 1999 | Episode #
Todays episode of Passions was basically just a "flashback" show. The entire show was Timmy and Tabitha walking around Tabitha's house talking about all the events that have happened this year in Harmony and they showed flashbacks of all the moments they were talking about.

January 2000