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January 2000


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Monday, January 3, 2000 | Episode #129
The Scooby Gang, Timmy & Tabitha:
Kay is whining to Simone about how Miguel didn't even notice her. Simone tells her maybe it's best she just give up now. Kay tells her no and that she will be with Miguel at midnight. She does tell Simone again that if she's not with him at midnight, she will give up. Charity tells Kay and Simone how pretty they look and they all leave for the dance. Timmy and Tabitha are outside watching the group leave and Tabitha tells Timmy to hurry up so they can get to the Youth Center as well. Timmy complains about his costume and says he wishes he had a tux hat and tails, like Fred Astaire. He then breaks into a little tap dance and Tabitha laughs at him. They arrive at the dance shortly after the Scooby Gang and are met by Beth. She tells T & T that they have to leave because the scythe is scary. Tabitha thinks her plans are foiled again, but Beth realizes they must be the other surprises Sheridan had for the dance and they are welcome. Timmy heads straight for the refreshments and Tabitha scolds him saying they have work to do. Charity and Miguel are dancing and having a wonderful time while Kay watches in agony. Reese asks her if she wants to dance and she says no. She asks him to get a soda for her and then she tells Simone she has a plan, but needs her help. Simone finds Chad and is talking to him and Whitney gives them the evil eye. It's almost midnight and Reese tells Kay he feels like she's avoiding him. She tells him no and they start dancing next to Charity and Miguel. Chad announces that it's almost midnight and Simone hits the lights. Charity tells Miguel her noisemaker doesn't work so he goes to find Beth to get another one. When he comes back he puts his arms around Kay to ring in the new year. Whitney ended up tripping on a cord and fell into Chad's arms as the clock struck 12:00...Simone approached at that very moment and looked crushed. Meanwhile, Charity searched for Miguel and Tabitha tells Timmy it's time and he hides his face saying he can't watch.

Theresa, Ethan, & Gwen:
Gwen is questioning Theresa on whether or not her boyfriend is coming or if he's not because there isn't a boyfriend. Theresa says she'll go call him to see what's taking him so long and leaves. Gwen tells Ethan AGAIN that he's the man Theresa's in love with and knows that no boyfriend will show up. Theresa calls Whitney at the Youth Center asking for help and Whitney says she knew something like this would happen. But, Theresa's buddy fate is sure to pull through for her again and she reminds Whitney of this. When she returns to the table, she tells Ethan and Gwen there wasn't an answer so he must be on his way. A guy named Drew comes over to their table and apparently is an old fraternity brother of Ethan's from college. A song starts and Gwen tells Ethan it's their song. Drew stares at Theresa and asks her if she'd like to dance. She accepts but once they all get on the dance floor the announcer says it's time to swap partners. Ethan and Theresa start dancing much to Gwen's chagrin. Theresa is fantasizing about Ethan telling her he loves her and snaps out of it when Ethan questions her about her boyfriend. He reminds her how important it is that he does show up. When the dance is over, Theresa finds Pilar and is upset. Pilar says she knew this would happen and she needs to tell Ethan the truth. Theresa says yet again that fate will intervene and save her.

The Bennett's, Russell's, & Crane's:
Sam and T.C. are quick to realize that poison Ivy set the whole party up. Grace says she's delighted that they can be with Ivy and Julian for the new year and Julian pulls Ivy to the side. He says he didn't imagine ringing in the new year like this and asks if he should go get a six pack at the local convenience store. Ivy tells him to be quiet and he asks her if a Superbowl party is next! Julian says he knows she set this up and wonders why. He also tells her he needs her to cover for him because he's going to leave shortly after midnight to take care of something. He tells Ivy that he was holding Martin in their basement and plans to get him out of town tonight and since Chief Bennett is there, he should have no problem. Sam and Grace are dancing and telling each other how much they love one another, etc., and how they can't wait to start the new millennium w/each other. They kiss as Ivy watches on saying she can't give up on Sam and she won't.

Luis, Sheridan, Martin, & Hank:
Luis is standing by the door at the Youth Center looking quite dashing in his tux, when Hank walks up and says he needs to leave to get ready for his big evening. Hank tells Luis to wish him luck because he hopes tonight will be the beginning of something very special for him and Sheridan. Luis doesn't look to thrilled but then a boy came in saying he saw a man shove a blonde woman into a car and drive away. He said it was a gold, expensive looking car and Luis says that it's Sheridan. Luis asks the boy what the man looked like and he said he had a beard and was real scruffy looking. Luis thinks it might be Martin. He tells Hank to go to Sheridan's to see if she's there and he will call the station and then head over to the Seascape to see if she's there. Hank agrees and leaves. Sheridan is driving the car while Martin points the gun at her. She asks him why he's doing this and he says she's his ticket out of town and to pull into the Seascape. She asks why and he tells her to be word and it's bang bang for her. He tells her to climb the ladder to the roof and he is right behind her. Luis arrives and sees her car there and figures everything is ok. He calls Hank to let him know and Hank is relieved. Hank wishes Luis a happy new year and he hopes he can ring in the new millennium with someone very special. Luis hangs up and thinks about the dance that he and Sheridan had earlier. He says "at least Sheridan is safe." He says "Happy New Year, Sheridan" and starts to leave for the Youth Center. Sheridan sees him and manages to break free from Martin and yells for him to help her. He rushes to the roof and pulls his gun on Martin and tells him not to move. Martin asks Luis if he would kill his own father and Luis says he's not the same man he once knew. He says the father he knew taught him how to play sports, how to fish, and to distinguish between right and wrong. But, the man before him abandoned his mother and the family. Martin says he made some mistakes and to just let him go and he won't cause anyone any more pain. Luis tells him to let Sheridan go and Martin says he needs her to get what he wants but will let her go as soon as he's done. Luis says that's not good enough and Martin asks if he would actually choose a Crane over his own father. Sheridan is crying and Luis looks like he's about to. Martin asks if Sheridan means more to him than his old man and Luis says he will always choose what is right and yells for Martin to watch out. Martin tripped on a pipe and started falling toward the skylight with Sheridan still in his grasp. She yells for Luis and Luis reaches and grabs her hand and Martin crashes through the roof into the party below.

Everyone at the party screams in horror and Julian said "it's Martin Fitzgerald." Theresa yells "papa" and starts crying and Ethan wraps his arms around her to comfort her as Gwen shoots icy daggers out of her eyes. Ivy cringes at the site and buries her face against Sam as a hurt Grace looks on. Eve leans back thinking it's T.C. but she leans up against Julian. Hank arrives and looks up and sees Sheridan and Luis standing on the roof. Luis has his arm wrapped around Sheridan telling her everything is all right now. He is holding on to his hand and looking at him when Hank gets up on the roof and looks on...he's not too happy about it either.

So, then "Auld Lang Syne" begins playing and it flashes to all the couples of the evening...Theresa/Ethan, Ivy/Sam, Eve/Julian, Kay/Miguel, Chad/Whitney, and Sheridan/Luis. As the last shot is shown of Sheridan and Luis, fireworks go off.

Tuesday, January 4, 2000 | Episode #130
Tabitha & Timmy:
Tabitha is about to swing the scythe and do away with Charity but Reese grabs her thinking it's Kay and Tabitha misses. She tries again but the blade falls limp and she wonders what is going on. She goes outside and finds the angel girl crying. Tabitha is happy to see her upset and tells her she should be glad because she saved Charity and Miguel again. The angel tells her she did save them but someone did die and it will cause great pain for the residents of Harmony all year long. Tabitha seems delighted by this and Timmy says they need a martimmy to celebrate. The angel said this man had a dark soul and it could cause Charity to give in to the powers of darkness and then leaves. Tabitha is ecstatic to learn that Charity could turn evil and with her power, she could destroy all of Harmony.

Simone & Whitney:
When Simone saw Whitney in Chad's arms, she was livid to say the least. Whitney thanked Chad for catching her and he wished her a Happy New Year. He also thanked Simone for all of her help since he's been in Harmony and kissed her on the cheek. Whitney starts to walk away but Simone grabs her by the arm and ask her what she was doing with Chad. Whitney tries to explain that it was an accident, but Simone won't hear of it and thinks she wants Chad. Whitney tells her she's being ridiculous, but Simone won't listen and says if Chad is going to be with anyone it will be her.

Kay, Miguel, & Charity:
Miguel has his arms wrapped around Kay and when the lights come on he apologizes thinking she was Charity. He wishes her a Happy New Year and leaves to find Charity. Kay thinks to herself that Charity may be in his arms now, but she was when it counted.

The Seascape:
Eve turns around thinking T.C. is holding her and is shocked to find Julian standing there. There is a flashback to Eve and Julian in bed together and they both look happy. Eve apologizes saying she thought it was T.C. and Julian tells T.C. who doesn't look too happy that Eve was shocked by what just happened. Sam lets go of Ivy and goes to Grace who was remembering what Kay said about who you're with at midnight. Sam apologizes saying he thought Ivy was her. She tells him it's ok and to go do his job. Up on the roof Luis and Sheridan are still holding on to each other and Hank asks Luis if he's okay. Luis says yes and Sheridan explains that Martin kidnapped her and Luis saved her life again. She asks Luis how she can ever repay him and he tells her that he was just doing his job and that it isn't necessary. He asks if she's okay and she tells him yes and then he leaves to help Sam. Luis finds his mother and Theresa and they are trying to comfort each other. Luis asks Theresa why she is there and Pilar says now is not the time to worry about that. Theresa starts crying and says this is her fault and Luis says it's his fault. Sam is asking what happened and Luis starts to explain that Martin kidnapped Sheridan. Sheridan comes in and finishes the story saying he chose to save her. Luis said if he had to do it over again, he would have done the same thing. Luis says he needs to call Miguel and Hank offers to do it for him. He calls the Youth Center and tells Kay. Kay tells Miguel and Charity and they all head to the Seascape. Julian is casually finishing off his martini when Ivy tells him he doesn't look too upset over the whole thing. Julian asks why he should be and said now no one will know the connection between him and Martin...he excuses himself to get another drink. Gwen and Ethan are talking and Ethan says not to be angry at him for comforting Theresa because she just had a terrible tragedy occur to her family. Gwen reminds him that she's not cold blooded and she does feel sorry for her and her whole family but it doesn't excuse the evidence that has piled up indicating she does not have a boyfriend. She tells Ethan that she just wants to be with him and to forget what happened tonight. Ethan goes to get the car and when he returns he tells Gwen to go to the car and he will be right there. He wants to talk to Pilar first. Theresa is crying on the balcony and Whitney comes out there. Theresa says this is her fault because she prayed for fate to save her and it did but her father had to die. Whitney tells her she's crazy for thinking that, but Theresa says she has to come clean with Ethan before someone else gets hurt. Whitney tells her that's not the best idea given her emotional state. Whitney says she needs to tell her mom she's there and she will be right back. Theresa says to herself that she has to tell Ethan now or she never will and leaves to find him. Sheridan is looking at the body which is now covered by a sheet and flashes back to "that night." She closes her eyes and puts her head down and Luis asks her if she's okay. She tells him she's fine and she's more worried about him. Sam asks them to ID the body and they all confirm it's Martin. He asks Pilar but she's not sure if it's him b/c he never had a beard. She says it's possible, but she's not certain. Sam looks through his pockets and finds a passport and a drivers license with the name Martin Fitzgerald. He also finds a piece of paper with a local number on it. Kay tells Miguel she is so sorry that this happened and she will always be there for him. He thanks her and says he knows he can count on her. Hank and Sheridan are talking about Luis and Sheridan says he chose her over his father and she owes him her life and Hank looks on suspiciously. Sam and Luis go to use the phone at the bar where Julian is sitting and say they are going to call this local number to see if that will give them a clue as to who Martin was trying to get in touch with. They call it and it is Julian's private line. Orville also woke up and said no one knows the truth about Chad and it must stay that way. He says if Chad ever found his birth certificate he would know the truth. Orville gets dressed and sneaks out of the hospital to try to find and destroy Chad's birth certificate. A nurse calls Chad at the Youth Center to let him know that Orville was missing and he and Simone leave to find him. Theresa was standing outside looking for Ethan when he comes up behind her. She says this whole thing is her fault and starts crying and Ethan hugs her. Gwen sees this and gets upset saying Ethan told her he went to find Pilar.

Wednesday, January 5, 2000 | Episode #131
The Russell's, Chad & Orville:
Chad and Simone are looking for Orville and he thinks that Orville may have gone back to his apartment. Orville is in his apartment looking for Chad's birth certificate so he can destroy it before he finds out the truth. He is looking through all of his books and he finally finds it. Chad pounds on the door for Orville to let him in. Orville begins to panic and sets the certificate on fire as Chad breaks through the door. Orville tells him to stay away and Chad grabs the birth certificate before it is completely destroyed and sees his name written on it. The original name was crossed out and replaced with his name and he demands answers from Orville. Orville told him that finding out the truth would destroy him and to leave Harmony before the truth ruins other lives. He said "they" didn't want you then, and "they" don't want you now. Chad ask who he is talking about and Orville goes into his confused mode because he is upset. Simone tries to calm both Orville and Chad down, but it doesn't really do much good and they take him back to the hospital.

At the Seascape, Eve and T.C. are commenting on what a horrible night it has been and he wishes that Simone was there so he could hug her. Whitney assures them that Simone is safely at the Bennett's and she wouldn't have left her at the Youth Center alone with Chad. Eve gets the call from the hospital that Orville snuck out of the hospital. She later gets the call that Chad brought him in and Simone is there too and she goes ballistic. More on this later.

Miguel & Kay:
Kay is telling Miguel that she will always be there for him and he says they have always had a special bond and he hugs her. Miguel leaves saying he needs to be w/his family and she tells him she'll be waiting for him. Grace comes over and tells her to go home and Kay is adamant saying she is staying because Miguel needs her the most right now. Grace tells her that he and Charity have a special bond and Kay tells her she means more to Miguel than Charity ever could. Whitney comes up to Miguel and tells him about Theresa blaming herself and wanting to come clean with Ethan.

Sheridan & Hank:
Sheridan and Hank are outside talking and she says if it wasn't for Luis she wouldn't be standing there looking at the stars right now. She tells Hank that Luis must feel guilty about saving her over his father and it's her fault. Hank tells her it isn't and that Luis did the right thing. Sheridan says that even though Martin wasn't there for him physically and emotionally, they still have that bond as father/son. Hank asks if she's really talking about her own relationship with her father. She says that maybe she is and that if the situation was reversed, she would never be able to forgive herself despite the relationship with her father. Later she goes inside and hugs Pilar who tells her she's glad that she's safe. Pilar leaves to get a ride from Grace and Sheridan tells Luis she can only imagine what he's going through right now. He says he feels like hell and he's mad at himself for mourning a man that abandoned his family. Sheridan says that he is too good of a man and too loving not to care and hugs him. Luis is hesitant but wraps an arm around her and rests his chin on her shoulder. Hank looks on.

Julian, Sam, Luis & Ivy:
Julian tells Ivy to help him come up with a lie to tell Sam and Hank and Ivy says she will do no such thing. He tells her fine but to at least play along with his story. Sam and Luis question why Martin called Julian's private line and want to know if Julian knew about Martin being in town. Julian says Martin must have gotten the number years ago when he worked for Crane industries and thought about calling it when he got back into town. Sam and Luis don't really buy this and Sam asks Ivy if she knew anything about Martin being back in Harmony. She tells him no. Luis and Sam leave and Julian thanks her for going along with him. Ivy informs him she didn't do it for him, she did it for Ethan. Sam and Luis are talking and they don't buy Julian's story at all and Luis vows to find out the truth no matter what. Sam tells Ivy he needs to talk to her outside and warns her about her schemes. He tells her that if need be he will tell Grace everything about their past even though he doesn't want to. Sam says if Julian catches wind of it she has a lot more to lose than he does. Luis is questioning Julian again and tells him he doesn't buy his story at all. Julian says it's his word against Luis'. Luis says for now, but he will find out the truth. Julian tries to give him some song and dance and Luis says that maybe he was wrong for changing his opinion about the Cranes...maybe they are all alike and evil.

Ethan & Theresa:
Theresa is crying to Ethan about how it's her fault that Martin died and she has to tell him something. He hugs her and tries to comfort her as an angry Gwen yells for a taxi. Ethan tries to stop her but she leaves and Theresa is growing hysterical. She keeps saying it's her fault and he has to know the truth. Pilar comes out and Theresa runs over and begs Pilar to forgive her. Pilar questions this and she says it's her fault that papa died. Pilar tells her it isn't and tries to calm her down. Grace says she'll get the car but Ethan says he can take them home because his car is closer. Theresa is about to faint so Ethan scoops her up and carries her toward the car. They get Theresa home and Ethan lays her down on her bed and covers her up with a blanket. Pilar says she's cold and she needs another blanket and leaves to get one. She is crying and is trying to tell Ethan the truth but can't. Ethan insists that it's not her fault and she needs to calm down. Miguel comes in and thanks Ethan but he can take care of Theresa now. Ethan says he should call her boyfriend because he would want to know what is going on. Miguel is trying to get Theresa to go to sleep before she says anything foolish and Ethan thinks she must have her boyfriend's number written down somewhere. He starts to look for it as the camera zooms in on Theresa's shrine to Ethan Crane.

Gwen & Sheridan:
Sheridan and Hank are talking about how much pain Luis is in right now when there is a knock at the door. It's Gwen and she's visibly upset but says she can come back later after she sees Hank. Sheridan tells her to come in and apologizes to Hank for not asking him to stay for a night cap. He says no problem and he'll call her tomorrow. Gwen tells Sheridan all of the woes about Theresa and how she ended up being in Ethan's arms tonight. Sheridan tries to tell her that Ethan is a good man who was comforting a girl over the loss of her father. Gwen says she wasn't mad the first time, but it happened again and fills Sheridan in on the other coincidences. She tells her that Theresa was in Ethan's arms at midnight and she had overheard some women talking about "THE MAGAZINE ARTICLE" and that would be the man you spend the year with. Sheridan looks shocked and inquires about the article when Gwen asks her whose arms she was in at midnight. She tells her Luis and Gwen tells her she got what she wanted and Sheridan says the last person she could ever spend the year with is Luis. Gwen tells her she seems to be falling in love with Luis but Sheridan stammers and says she's not. They are from two different worlds just like Ethan and Theresa. She turns around trying to hide the fact that she was lying.

Hank is at the bar telling his story to the bartender and about how he thinks he's found the perfect woman. His cell phone rings and thinks that it might be her. He answers it but then says "how did you get this number?" He also says he's far away from them and doesn't want anymore to do with them again. He hangs up and the bartender says that must not have been the call he was looking for. Hank goes on to tell him that the woman he's interested in might just be what he's looking for.

The Hospital:
An angry Eve comes in and starts in on Simone and Chad tries to stick up for her but T.C. interrupts and says they'll deal with him later. Eve says they will handle everything later after she checks on Orville. Simone and Whitney have an argument about Chad. Eve is checking Orville's vitals when he wakes up and asks where he is. Eve tells him the hospital and Orville remembers. He tells her he tried to destroy the evidence and not to let her daughters fall in love with Chad no matter what.

Thursday, January 6, 2000 | Episode #132
The Russell's, Orville & Chad:
Eve is in Orville's room asking what he meant by his warning to keep Chad away from Whitney and Simone. He tells her if he did get involved with them, it would be a bigger disaster than she ever could imagine. Chad is watching from the window and wonders what they are talking about. T.C. sees Chad holding something and inquires about it. Chad shows him the birth certificate that had been burned and T.C. sees Chad's name on it. Eve comes out and asks about it and Chad asks her if she knows why this might have happened. The Russell's finally arrive home and T.C. says that it was the strangest New Year's Eve ever. Simone starts to go upstairs when Eve yells for her to stay there. She tells Simone that she deliberately disobeyed them tonight and the next time it happens, the consequences would be severe. Whitney says goodnight and heads upstairs. T.C. asks Eve to go upstairs but she says she has work to do. Once T.C. was upstairs she put on her coat and left to find out what Orville is hiding. Chad is in Orville's room and Orville keeps saying "keep him away," and Chad asks him what he's talking about, but doesn't get any answers. Chad is about to leave and finds Eve's wallet on the floor. He decides to take it to her and Whitney answers the door in her bathrobe.

Sheridan & Gwen:
Sheridan is still trying to talk some sense into Gwen about the magazine article being nonsense. Gwen then questions her about her feelings for Luis. Sheridan tries to hide her feelings and says her being with Luis is as crazy as Ethan being with Theresa. It doesn't mean anything. Gwen then asks her how she felt in Luis' arms. Sheridan says she felt safe and secure because he just saved her life. Gwen doesn't really buy this and then realizes she hasn't called her parents to let them know she's okay. She goes to use the phone in Sheridan's room.

Theresa, Ethan & Miguel:
Ethan is trying to find Theresa's boyfriend's number and Miguel tries to stop him. Ethan says he knows why is because he should respect Theresa's privacy. Miguel agrees and thanks Ethan for bringing Theresa home. He almost slips and says he knows why she likes him so much, but covers and says his mother. Ethan says he will show himself out and doesn't notice his pictures all over her room. Miguel takes down all of Ethan's pictures and then sits by Theresa again. She wakes up and asks where Ethan is and that she needs to talk to him. Miguel tries to calm her down and says that she isn't to blame for anything that happened tonight.

Luis, Hank & Pilar:
Luis is outside thinking about what happened when Hank comes over to see if he's okay. He looks in and sees his mother blowing out the candles and says he is the cause of her pain. Hank tells him it wasn't his fault and that Martin was holding a gun on Sheridan. He did what anyone would have done. Luis says as a cop maybe, but as a son he failed his family. Luis goes inside and tells Pilar he's sorry. Pilar hugs him and tells him she meant what she said and that he isn't to blame. Only the Lord knows what made Martin do those things. Luis says he needs to apologize to Theresa and Miguel. He goes in and Miguel asks Pilar why he did it. Luis thinks he's talking about them but Miguel asks why papa held a gun on Sheridan. Luis, with tears in his eyes, tells Miguel and Theresa how sorry he is for what happened and they both tell him it's not his fault. Luis says they will get through this together, as a family and hugs them.

Ethan & Sheridan:
Ethan shows up at Sheridan's cottage and tells her how grateful he is to Luis for saving her life. Sheridan says she owes him her life and is eternally grateful. She also tells him how hurt Gwen is and they need to work things out. Ethan says he was just trying to console Theresa because she had just seen her father fall to his death. Sheridan understands but he needs to make Gwen understand.

Timmy & Tabitha:
The two are walking down the street, and Tabitha is of course making Timmy carry her bag o' tools. Timmy stops because he is tired. He asks where they are going and Tabitha says the cemetery. Timmy says that place is scary and he won't go. Tabby says he can go home and be with Fluffy and her friends then. He says he was just kidding and runs to catch up to her. Once in the cemetery, Timmy asks what they are looking for. Tabitha tells him an old friend that will be just what they need to get Charity to turn to the dark side. Timmy finds a grave that says 'Tabitha Lenox' and asks if she's a relative. Tabby says it's her grave and she'll tell him the story later because she's found the grave she's looking for--Matilda Matthews. Timmy asks if she died waltzing! Tabitha says she's a wicked witch and Timmy scoffs and tells her that term is redundant. Anyway, Tabitha tries to summon Matilda and Timmy sees a shadow on the wall behind her. He freaks out and tells Tabitha. It was a drunk walking through the cemetery and Tabitha scolds Timmy for scaring her. She gets her ACME Witches Cauldron out of her bag and tries to summon Matilda again. It works this time and we see an angry Matilda asking why she was disturbed from her sleep.

Friday, January 7, 2000 | Episode #133
Whitney & Chad:
Chad is at the door telling Whitney that he found Eve's wallet at the hospital and wanted to return it. He accidentally drops it and Whitney bends down to pick it up. When she does, Chad gets and eye full of her in her nightgown. The tea kettle goes off and Whitney says she needs to get it before she wakes up the house. Chad comes in and asks for a cup of tea and Whitney hands him one. He says he needs to find out what Orville knows about him, and as soon as he does, he's out of Harmony.

Eve is snooping in Orville's apartment trying to find something about Chad. She doesn't have the lights on and is using a flashlight when the lights come on. Chad is there and he is wanting answers as to why Dr. Russell is there at this hour. She tells him she was looking for something that might help Orville and Chad finds this suspicious. She says she needs to leave and makes sure Chad leaves with her. When she returns home, Whitney is up and says Chad brought her wallet by. Eve nervously asks when he was there and she tells her mom it was a while ago. Eve also says she told Whitney she doesn't want her hanging around Chad. Whitney says she knows that, but she couldn't help it that Chad stopped by to bring her the wallet.

Kay & Charity:
Kay comes home and Charity comes out of her room and asks her where she's been. Kay tells her she was with Miguel comforting him. Charity says maybe she should go over there, but Kay tells her it's late and he needs to be with his family. Charity agrees and goes to sleep. Later, Charity wakes up and senses that Miguel needs her and leaves. Kay is thinking that she has the perfect opportunity to comfort Miguel some more and puts on some of her revealing attire and curls her hair. She's about to leave for Miguel's and looks at Charity's room and says she'll never know.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan and Ethan are having a drink and he tells her he's grateful to Luis for saving her life. Sheridan tells him she's really worried about Luis and she hopes that his family is giving him the support he needs right now. They start talking about Gwen and Sheridan tells him they need to talk things out. Gwen comes out and says she didn't realize Ethan was there. Sheridan says she's going to go for a drive and they should stay there and talk things out. Gwen asks Ethan if he's going to break up with her and he tells her of course not. He explains how he took Theresa home because she was in bad shape. It didn't mean anything except that he was comforting a girl that just lost her father. Gwen says she does feel terrible for Theresa and her family but she can't shake the feeling she knows Theresa is in love with him. Ethan says they'll get to the bottom of it later, but he just wants to be with her.

Tabitha, Timmy & Matilda:
Matilda is angry and asking why she was summoned from her grave. Tabitha says she needs her help in getting rid of Charity Standish. Matilda is curious now, and Timmy lets it slip that Tabby lost her powers. Matilda says now she knows why she was awakened from her grave. She gets very angry and says she won't help her because if her powers were taken away, there was probably a very good reason. Matilda starts to shoot flames out of her eyes and shows the wrath of her powers and tells her never to bother her again. She goes away and Timmy asks if they can go home now and just have some martimmys. Tabitha says she got exactly what she came for. She could always count on Matilda to be the drama queen. She tells Timmy to gather up the burned weeds around Matilda's grave, because they will be the last ingredient she needs to carry out her plan.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Miguel tells Luis that he doesn't blame him at all for their father's death, and Theresa says the same thing. She tells him that he did the right thing in saving Sheridan. He says they can get through this if they stick together. Pilar sits down on the bed and they all hug. Luis gets up so Theresa can get some sleep and she starts to tell him something but Miguel stops her. He tells her to get some sleep. Luis and Hank are talking in the hall and Hank tells him if he needs anything, he'll be there for him. Luis thanks him and says he would help Hank with anything as well. Hank then flashes back to his phone call earlier and thinks that Luis couldn't help him with this. Pilar tells Miguel to get some sleep and she will sit with Theresa. She prays that Theresa will get over her love for Ethan and that Luis will stop blaming himself. Luis and Hank are in the kitchen having a beer and Hank says he needs to go get some sleep. He can't seem to find his keys and thinks he may have dropped them by the wood pile. He goes outside and his cell phone rings. Luis answers it and is bothered by what the person says when Hank comes back in. Hank gets on the phone and yells at the person to quit calling him. Luis asks what that was all about and Hank tells him he's been getting crank calls and it's nothing to worry about. He leaves and Luis says he needs to get out of the house so he can get away from all of the memories of his father. Later, Charity comes into Miguel's room and she told him she sensed he needed her. He tells her he's glad she's there because he does need her. Kay comes in through Miguel's window and sits on Miguel's bed. He wakes up and turns on the light. He asks her what she's doing there when she sees Charity in bed with Miguel.

Sheridan & Luis:
Sheridan walks into the Youth Center and hears someone working out. She wonders who would be there at this time of night and she finds Luis hitting the punching bag. He asks her what she's doing there and she tells him she couldn't sleep. Luis asks why he made him choose. Sheridan says it isn't his fault that Martin died. She tells him she feels somewhat responsible and Luis says she didn't ask Martin to kidnap her or hold her at gun point, and she isn't to blame at all. Sheridan tells Luis he did everything he could because he begged his father to let her go, but he didn't. If anyone is to blame, it is Martin. Luis tells her not to talk about his father that way, and she apologizes. He then apologizes for snapping at her...he's just upset. He sits down on a bench and says his life will never be the same after tonight. He'll never forget watching his own father fall to his death and the look on the faces of his mother, sister and brother. He starts to cry and says he'll never be the same. Sheridan puts her arm around him and lays her head on his shoulder.

Hank is walking home and talking on his cell phone. He tells the caller he doesn't want anything to do with them ever again and to leave him alone. He throws his phone down and stomps on it.

Monday, January 10, 2000 | Episode #134
Timmy & Tabitha:
Timmy is lagging behind Tabitha as they are walking and he tells her he's tired. She tells him they need to sprinkle the herbs in Charity's room in order to lure her over to the dark side. She tells him he's going to go into her room and sprinkle the herbs and do the spell. Timmy says her room is on the second floor and asks his princess how he's going to get up there. Tabitha picks him up to try to place him on the trellis and he begins kicking his legs saying Timmy doesn't scale buildings and he won't do it. Tabitha says if he doesn't want to, she won't force him. Timmy seems shocked and tells her for a wicked witch, she's A-OK! Tabitha gets another bag out and begins sprinkling him with its contents. Timmy asks what that is and she tells him catnip. She says Fluffy will never stop playing with him now. Timmy freaks out and says she drives a hard bargain, but he'll do it. As he's climbing the trellis, he says "the things Timmy does for his princess."

Grace & Sam:
Grace is having trouble sleeping and is still awake when Sam comes home. He says he knows why she can't sleepbecause of seeing Martin fall to his death. She agrees but later tells him that she can't shake the image of seeing Ivy in his arms at midnight and tells him of the infamous magazine article. He tells her that he doesn't want to be with anyone but her and hugs her. Graces pulls away saying she can smell Ivy's perfume on him. He leaves to take a shower and she hears a noise in Charity's room. She goes in there and Timmy is hiding under the covers. Grace closes the window and goes back to her room. Sam emerges from the shower saying he smells like himself now but wants to get Grace's perfume on him now. She apologizes to him and says there is no reason for her to be jealous of Ivy as Sam gets a worried look on his face.

Kay, Miguel, & Charity:
Kay sneaks into Miguel's room and wakes him up. When he turns on the light she sees Charity and says "oh my God, you made love." She starts to flip out and Miguel and Charity hop out of bed to tell her they didn't do anything. Charity says she came to see if Miguel was all right and she ended up falling asleep. Kay says okay, but then Miguel asks her why she was there. Charity tells him Kay must have found her note in her room and Kay plays along. Kay says they should go before her mom finds out and Charity gets in trouble. Miguel says he's going to tell his mother he's leaving to walk them home. Charity confides in Kay that this is the closest she's ever been to a boy and how wonderful it was waking up and having Miguel's face be the first thing she sees. Kay looks like she's about to puke when Miguel walks back in and says they need to go. So, the bathrobe clan leaves for the Bennett house. Charity goes into her room and thinks that someone is in there. She closes the window again and locks it. Timmy is hiding under the bedtrapped. Kay is outside the door saying it was supposed to have been her in Miguel's bed tonightand she will get Miguel away from Charity.

Sheridan & Luis:
Luis is blaming himself for his father's death and Sheridan says it isn't his fault. He says he saved her over his own father and he caused the pain for his family. Sheridan says maybe he should have let her die. Luis says that isn't what he meant. He only had a split second and he did the right thing in saving her because she was the innocent in all of this. Luis says that his whole family is devastated. He tells her that for years his mother would come home and light a candle for Martin. Sheridan says that Pilar told her about it. Luis says it was her ritual and tonight he saw her blow out the candle. He says it was more than just the flame that went outit was her hopes and dreams as well. Sheridan says he knows how close he is to his family and she knows they would never blame him for what happened. Sheridan asks him when the last time he ate was and he tells her breakfast. She tells him he needs to eat and Luis says he can't go home yet and nothing is open. Sheridan says she knows one place and hands him his shirt and coat. They arrive at her cottage and Luis asks her if she's going to cook. She tells him yes but she's not that great so it's pretty much just the basics. She asks him if scrambled is okay or she could attempt over easy. Luis asks her why she is doing this and she tells him it's the very least she can do for him after he saved her life. She fixes him breakfast and he barely touches it. Sheridan jokes and says she must be a worse cook than she thought and Luis says he just can't eat. Sheridan says she understands and she'll take him home so he can get some sleep. When she comes back from the kitchen, she sees Luis asleep on the couch and covers him with a blanket.

Pilar & Hank:
Hank knocks on the door and asks Pilar if she wants to talk or if she needs anything at all. Pilar thanks him but says she doesn't feel like talking. They talk about what happened and Pilar tells him she doesn't think it was really Martin. Hank says that all the evidence points to it. Pilar says there is one way to knowMartin had a scar behind his ear and she needs to see the body. If the scar is there, it's the real Martin. If it isn't then it will cause greater pain than expected.

Julian & Ivy:
Julian walks into the living room and finds Ivy awake. He asks her what she's doing up and she says she was waiting for him. He starts to laugh and says he wishes that were true but he knows her better than that and wants to know what she really wants. Ivy says she wants answers about Martin Fitzgerald and she wants them now. Julian wants to know what she means and Ivy tells him she's not stupid. Julian says Martin came back to Harmony to blackmail him and he locked him in the basement. He got a hold of the file and freed himself and fell through the skylightcase closed. Ivy knows there's more to it than that and wonders if that Martin was a decoy. Julian asks her if she'd like to call Alistair and question him. Ivy says no and Julian says to leave it alone. Julian also made some comments about Ivy being in Sam's arms tonight and Ivy played it off saying she was horrified at seeing Martin die and he was just there. Later, Ivy is upstairs fiddling with her locket and says being in Sam's arms the rest of the year is one resolution she intends to keep. Julian is downstairs relaying the events of the evening to daddy Alistair and Alistair says he already heard everything over an hour ago. He tells Julian he's not doing a very good job with things. Julian says that with Luis investigating Martin's death, it should drive a wedge between him and Sheridan. Alistair says he better make sure that happens because Luis chose to save her over his own fatherhe doesn't want to see anything develop between them. Julian asks if he really thinks Sheridan would fall for Luis and Alistair says anything is possible with her. Alistair orders Julian to have Martin's body cremated before anyone can look at it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2000 | Episode #135
Timmy was hiding under Charity's bed and said that Tabitha is probably at home working on a plan to get him out of there. The scene cuts to Tabby snoring on the couch. Timmy decides to call her to see what was taking so long. He gets the phone and goes into the closet so Charity wouldn't hear him. He calls Tabitha and he realizes that she's been sleeping. Timmy asks her how she could sleep at a time like this. She told him she just needed a few winks so she could think. Timmy told her he sprinkled the herbs and said all of her mumbo jumbo and this is the thanks he gets. He says if Sam Bennett finds him, she won't have a Timmy to kick around anymore. He hangs the phone up and hides under the bed again as Charity is waking up. She wakes up and literally says "good morning world." She gets on her knees and prays for God taking care of her mother in heaven, her new family, Miguel and even her strange neighbor, Tabitha. She also asks God to bless the little doll Tabitha carries with her. Timmy smiles under the bed and sees Charity taking off her pj's. Timmy covers his eyes and says he shouldn't be watching this. He manages to get out of the room and hides in a chest downstairs before Kay could find him.

Kay & Simone:
Kay is telling Simone how she found Charity in bed with Miguel last night. Simone says she is lying and doesn't believe her. Kay says she swears on everything sacred that she saw them with her own eyes. She also tells Simone that Charity has everyone snowed with the goody-goody act and she's not buying it anymore. Simone tells Kay she's crazy and that Charity is genuinely good and sweet. She asks Kay what she was doing at Miguel's in the first place and Kay tells her she went over there to comfort him but Simone says she knew that Kay would have had an ulterior motives for going over there. Kay brushes this off and goes back to badmouthing Charity. They hear the stairs creak and Kay thinks that Charity is eavesdropping. It's actually Timmy, but he manages to hide in the trunk by the stairs. Charity comes down and Kay is snooty to her asking how long she's been there. Charity says she just came downstairs and that there are some strange leaves on the floor and goes to get the vacuum. Kay makes another comment about her and Simone thinks she's nuts. Kay says the best scheme the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. There is a knock at the door and it's Tabitha. She tells Kay she came over after she read about Miguel's father. Tabby spots Timmy in the trunk and asks for a drink. Kay and Simone go into the kitchen and she gets Timmy out. Tabitha hears the vacuum upstairs and tells Timmy he was supposed to put the herbs where Charity wouldn't find them. Kay comes back in and asks where the doll came from because she didn't have it when she came in. Tabitha says she did and Kay must not be herself today. She leaves and Kay says she could've sworn she didn't have the doll with her.

Timmy Part 2:
Back at Tabitha's house, Timmy says he's not going to do anything like that for Tabitha again and he needs a martimmy. Tabitha laughs and says she couldn't get anymore herbs anyway, but she doesn't need them for her new plan to lure Charity to the dark side. She says they will have so much fun once Charity is on their side.

Julian is thinking about what Alistair told him to do with Martin's body and makes a call to the morgue. He tells they guy he needs to see him at the Crane mansion right away and that it concerns Martin Fitzgerald. He gets upset and yells for that guy to get over to the house now! He hangs up and sees Ethan standing in the doorway. Ethan says he didn't hear what he was talking about but he sounded upset. Julian says that sometimes in the business world, you have to be forceful to get what you want. Julian tells Ethan he saw his arms around Theresa last night and Ethan tells him not to start. Julian says that he did want Ethan to have a fling with Theresa, but he doesn't want anything to harm the business deal between the Cranes and the Hotchkiss'. Ethan says he's not marrying Gwen for business, he's marrying her because he loves her. The topic turns to Sheridan, and Julian asks Ethan how close she is to Luis. Ethan says she's grateful to him because he saved her life and nothing more.

Sheridan & Luis:
Luis is still asleep on the couch and having a dream about his father because he kept saying "Martin, no." Sheridan comes out in her nightgown and watches him sleep. She is playing with his hair and says she's so grateful that he saved her life. The next scene, Sheridan is dressed and sitting on the couch. Luis is still asleep and wakes up after Sheridan runs her fingers through his hair. He wakes up and asks where he is. Sheridan tells him her cottagehe fell asleep after she fed him. Luis asks her why she didn't wake him up and she tells him he was exhausted and just needed to sleep. He thanks her for putting him up for the night and she tells him it's the least she could do. Ethan knocks on the door and comes in. He's shocked needless to say to see Luis there. Luis is using the phone to call his mother and Ethan asks what is going on. Sheridan tells him Luis fell asleep on the couch and not to read anything into it. Pilar tells Luis on the phone that she wants to see Martin's body again and Sheridan and Ethan overhear this. Luis says he needs to get home. The next scene Sheridan and Ethan are in the main house discussing Luis' visit and Julian inquires about this. Sheridan tells him to lay off and she was just helping him out because he was upset and it was the very least she could do. Julian, being Julian, asks if that was really all she could do. Ethan jumps to her defense and tells him to stop with the sexual innuendoes. Julian learns from the two that Pilar wants to see Martin's body again and he gets nervous. Sheridan says she's going to go over there to see if Pilar needs anything. Ethan says he will go too and Julian tells them to try to persuade Pilar to not see Martin's body again because she's been through so much. They leave and the guy from the funeral home shows up. Julian tells him to cremate Martin's body ASAP.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa, Miguel, and Pilar are talking and Theresa says she's going to give up on Ethan because she realizes now there is no future there. Miguel and Pilar are glad to hear this and Miguel tells her he hopes she really means it. Theresa says she does and she and Miguel leave for a walk. Later, Luis is asking Pilar why she wants to see the body and she tells him she doesn't truly believe that it was Martin, but there is a way to find out. She tells Luis about the scar and Luis says he will call the morgue so they can go see it. Theresa and Miguel are outside talking and she tells him she really means it that she wants to move on with her life without Ethan. She says it's time to grow up and join reality. She says she's going to call Mrs. Crane and quit her job so she won't even see Ethan again. Theresa does say that if their paths cross, she will tell him the truth. Miguel says he'll always be there for her and Theresa says the same thing. He leaves to go see Charity and tells Theresa that she will find someone else to love that will love her back. She says that she'll never love anyone but Ethan. Inside, Sheridan asks Pilar if there is anything she needs. She says no and Sheridan asks if she is really going to see Martin's body. She says yes. Ethan excuses himself to go outside. He finds Theresa and asks if she's okay. She says under her breath that fate meant for them to meet up again. Theresa says she's been better but there is something she needs to tell him. The phone rings inside and Luis answers. Someone on the other end informs him that there was an order to cremate Martin's body. He says that no one authorized that. He tells his mother that someone ordered a cremation and the body is gone.

Wednesday, January 12, 2000 | Episode #136
Eve & Orville:
Eve is in Orville's hospital room where he is sleeping. She is asking why he wants her to keep her daughter's away from Chad and what evidence there is at his apt. A social services worker comes in and Eve asks her if they can do something to protect Orville's home from being vandalized while he is in the hospital. The woman tells her she'll see what she can do and that she can see why everyone loves Eve because she is always so concerned for others and tries to protect them. The woman leaves and Orville wakes up and tells her "BRAVO" for her performance. She asks Orville where the evidence is and he says he may have put it in a red envelope, but he's not sure where it is. Eve is getting frustrated and asks him why she needs to keep Whitney and Simone away from Chad. He says he's very tired and rolls over to go to sleep. Eve leaves the room and Orville wakes up and says it doesn't matter how you do it, just keep them away from Chad. The social services worker comes back and says they got the apt. sealed off and just in time as there was a young man about to break in. Eve asks if it was Chad Harris and the woman said yes. Eve tells her she did the right thing and also asks for a set of keys so she can try to find out some medical history to help Orville. The woman says of course because they don't have to worry about her stealing anything.

Chad & Whitney:
Whitney walks into the Book Cafe and up to Chad who is working the counter. There is a song playing and she asks if that is a crack about her. He says it wasn't a crack about her, he just liked the song and he didn't know she was there. He pours her a cup of coffee and says it's on him but she offers to pay. Chad tells her it's payback for the cup of tea she gave him. She flashed back to when she flashed Chad her nightgown and says she doesn't need payback and pays for the coffee. They have a talk about her mother and Chad tells her she was at Orville's looking for something the other night. Whitney says that her mom doesn't lie about anything, so she must have had a good reason. They also talk about his birth certificate and who doesn't want him to know who he is. Chad tells her he's leaving to find some more answers at Orville's apartment Whit asks him to keep her informed...for Orville's sake. Later, Chad comes back and tells Whitney that he couldn't find what he was looking for because Eve had Orville's apartment sealed off.

Julian gets a phone call from Henry at the crematorium and he tells Julian that what he is doing is illegal. Julian tells him to do it anyway and ASAP. Julian calls Alistair and tells him that he is sure Martin is being taken care of right now. Alistair says that's not good enough and he wants him to supervise the cremation and make sure that it is done. Julian almost chokes on his wine.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Luis is on the phone with the morgue and learns that Martin's body has been released to a mortuary and is going to be cremated. Luis asks who authorized this but they don't have any record. He is furious and says he suggests they find out who it was and soon. He fills in Pilar and Sheridan. Luis and Sheridan start calling mortuaries and crematoriums trying to track down Martin's body. Outside, Theresa is talking to Ethan and about to tell him the truth. He says he knows why she is upset. He says he took some psychology classes in college and says that it's natural for children to blame themselves for the death of a parent. Theresa is about to say something about fate when Pilar comes outside. She tells them that Martin's body has been misplaced and ordered to be cremated. Theresa almost faints, but Ethan of course catches her. Pilar tells her that the body may not be the real Martin because she needs to see if this man has a scar behind his ear. Ethan goes inside to help Sheridan and Luis make phone calls. Theresa is glad to learn that her father may not be really dead and if that is the case, her love for Ethan didn't cause her father's death. Pilar says she is hopeful that Martin may still be alive, but tells Theresa not to be foolish. She goes back inside and Ethan comes back out to Theresa. He asks her what she was going to say about fate, but his phone rings. It's Gwen and she asks where he is. He tells her he and Sheridan came by Pilar's to bring flowers and food for the family. Gwen asks if he met Theresa's boyfriend and he says no. She asks him to join her for lunch and he leaves to meet her at the park. Theresa makes something up saying fate is a funny thing and it can be the opposite of what you think it is sometimes. He asks if that was it and she said she knows Gwen was upset seeing her in his arms at midnight but Ethan says she understands. Inside, Luis has found the last crematorium in the phone book. He calls and gets Henry. Luis tells him he's Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald and is looking for his father, Martin Fitzgerald. Henry stammers and says that name doesn't ring a bell and Luis tells him to think harder. Henry tells "officer" Lopez-Fitzgerald that he'll do what he can. Luis hangs up and says he never told Henry he was a cop and something is up. So, Sheridan, Luis and Pilar head to the crematorium.

Gwen & Ethan:
Ethan meets Gwen in the park and they argue about Theresa's boyfriend. She asks Ethan if she can prove she was right if he'll fire Theresa from her job with Ivy. Ethan says she needs the money to help out the family. Gwen says she doesn't want to take food from anyone's table and she wants Ivy to help her find a job that is the same pay. Ethan is reluctant but agrees. The run into Theresa at the Book Cafe who had just finished a talk with Whitney. Gwen tells Theresa that Ethan filled her in on the possibility that her father could still be alive. She also tells her how sorry she is for her and her family. She asks if her boyfriend will be at the funeral and Theresa says yes.

The Crematorium:
Luis, Pilar, and Sheridan arrive and Henry comes in. Sheridan says that she recognizes him and tells Luis he handles the Crane family burials. Luis wants answers now and Henry isn't saying much. Luis grabs him by the collar and shakes him asking who ordered that Martin's body be cremated. Julian walks in and says that he did.

Thursday, January 13, 2000 | Episode #137
All About Eve:
Eve is in her bedroom and thinking about what Orville has been telling her. She is afraid that she will lose her family if her secrets come out. She goes to the closet and pulls out a small trunk-like box. Eve unlocks the box and pulls out some pictures which we don't see. She looks at them and begins to cry. T.C. calls to her informing her that he's home. She quickly locks the box and hides it in the closet before T.C. comes in. T.C. says he wants to spend his vacation with his beautiful wife and not working all the time. He notices that Eve has been crying and asks her what is wrong. She lies and says that nothing is wrong but he doesn't believe her. He goes to the closet and pulls out another box and says she was going down memory lane. He pulls out a pair of baby shoes and Eve says those were Whitney's. She said you can tell because the heel is worn down. T.C. pulls out another pair and she said those were Simone's because of the crayon marks. They reminisce about the past saying it seemed like yesterday when the girls were little. Eve says she just wants what is best for the girls and that means staying away from Chad Harris. T.C. asks what her crusade against Chad is, and she says she knows guys like him and she wants better for their daughters. T.C. says he may be a little rough around the edges, but he's a good kid. T.C. asks if there is something in her past she is hiding that is related to this but she brushes it off. He says he supports her decisions where the girls are concerned. He tells her she is the perfect mother and Eve gets upset saying she is not perfect.

Sheridan, Julian, Luis & Pilar:
Sheridan asks what Julian is doing there and Luis wants to know why he ordered Martin's body to be cremated. Julian makes up some BS story about how he feels terrible for their loss and wanted to help with the expenses. He also says they must be going through a lot considering Luis chose to save Sheridan over his father. Sheridan yells at him saying that was an insensitive thing to say. Julian says he is grateful that Luis saved his dear sister's life. Pilar says that the Lopez-Fitzgerald's take care of their own...that is if he is really their own. Julian says that it is Martin, but Luis says they need to be sure. He asks Julian again why he would order Martin's body to be cremated and he says that is what Martin wanted. Luis asks why Julian would be conversing with a lowly factory worker. Julian makes up this whole song and dance about how he lost his dear Uncle Thaddeus and that Martin was there to listen to him and made him feel better. He said that he and Uncle Thad were very close...he taught him everything he knows about brandy. Anyway, Julian says that they got to talking about how they wanted to be buried, and he says Martin told him he wanted to be cremated to keep the expense down on his family. Pilar says Martin never told her any of this and they never talked about funeral plans. Luis orders Henry to open the casket so they can see the body. Pilar looks at it but the beard is covering the scar and they get the mortician to shave the area. They look again and Pilar breaks down and buries her face against Luis. The scar was there and that confirms that it is Martin Fitzgerald. Sheridan and Julian walk away and she asks him what he is really up to. Julian says nothing and Sheridan tells him she doesn't believe him. Julian then asks her what is going on with Luis and she says nothing...she is just being there for their family. He says that he doesn't really believe her. Sheridan walks over to Pilar and Luis saying they are going to leave and tells them if they need anything at all, not to hesitate to let her know. She tells them both how very very sorry she is for their loss. On the way out the door, Julian looks at them and says it's terrible what Pilar and the family are going through. He is very sincere and Sheridan says to him that maybe she was wrong about him. She leaves and a cheshire grin breaks out on his face. Pilar says that something isn't right with this because she is still unsure if that is Martin. Luis says that all the evidence points to it and Pilar says her heart doesn't believe it. She asks Luis to please help her prove if it really is. Luis says he can't say no to her and he will, he just doesn't know how.

The Book Cafe:
Chad and Whitney are at the Book Cafe still and arguing about Eve. Chad says that Orville's apartment was sealed off and she ordered it to be done in the first place. Whitney doesn't want to believe him, but thinks that if she did do it, she had a good reason. She says that her mother is an honest and noble person who would never lie to her family. Chad asks Whitney if she knows her mother as well as she thinks she does. Whitney gets angry and makes a comment about Chad's family. Later, Chad puts on a song (by Melissa Etheridge I believe, but I couldn't tell which song it was). He looked directly at her implying that the song was for her and she looks annoyed.

Elsewhere in the Book Cafe, Gwen and Theresa are having a chat and Gwen is inquiring about her boyfriend. She is trying to be sneaky saying she is sorry for Theresa's loss and she hopes that she has someone to comfort her. Theresa says she has her family and Whitney has been terrific. Gwen asks about her boyfriend and if he is there to hold her and comfort her. Theresa thinks about when Ethan caught her in her yard after she learned Martin's body was going to be cremated. Theresa says yes and that he has been wonderful. Gwen says he sounds like someone she knows quite well. Ethan walks up at this time and hands Gwen her coffee and gives her a "lay off" look. He says to Theresa that she must have a lot of stuff to take care of and she agrees. She goes to sit with Whitney. Ethan asks Gwen what that was all about and Gwen says she was just talking to Theresa and asking about her boyfriend. She says there is no boyfriend and that he is the man she is in love with. Ethan says if that's true, she is still going through a terrible time right now and Gwen shouldn't give her a hard time.

Theresa comes over to Whitney and is upset about Gwen. She tells Whitney how Gwen was asking her all these questions about her boyfriend and how insensitive that was. Whitney reminds Theresa that she doesn't have a boyfriend. Theresa says she knows, but Gwen was out of line and Theresa calls her an insensitive bitch! Whitney is shocked to hear Theresa say that, and Theresa says Gwen is acting the innocent, but she is really manipulative and doesn't deserve Ethan. Theresa says she hopes that the man that died wasn't really her father and she wouldn't have to produce a boyfriend. She asks Whitney for her phone and Whit inquires about it. Theresa says she is pretending to call her boyfriend. Theresa says that no matter who you are or how you feel about a person, you should always be a little more sensitive to their feelings...especially if they lost a parent. Whitney looks over in Chad's direction and agrees with Theresa.

Theresa goes over to Gwen and Ethan saying she just got off the phone with her boyfriend and he is coming to the funeral. Gwen says if it's not her father, they can all go out and celebrate. Just then, Sheridan comes in and tells Theresa the bad news about her father. She starts to cry and sits down on the couch saying "Papa's dead." Ethan asks if she needs anything and Theresa says she needs to be by herself and gets up to leave. Gwen hurriedly tells Ethan she has to get back to the office and kisses him and leaves. She catches up to Theresa outside and says she is looking forward to meeting her boyfriend! Theresa just looks at her.

Whitney apologizes to Chad about what she said and that she doesn't know what he's going through because her mother and father have always been there. Chad says he's not too upset about it because his family gave up on him so long ago so they must not have been too keen on him anyway. They are talking when Eve and T.C. walk in and see their daughter consorting with the enemy.

Julian is on the phone with Alistair and says they have nothing to worry about. The family believes that it is the real Marty Fitz. Alistair says to make sure the body is cremated as soon as the funeral is over so they will have NOTHING to worry about. Julian says okay and takes a drink of his brandy. I wish that you could have seen the look on his face when he did this because he did it like he was about to get caught by Daddy, and when he didn't the look he gave the telephone was PRICELESS!

Friday, January 14, 2000 | Episode #138
Kay & Simone:
Kay and Simone are in the park (that's my guess) spying on Charity and Miguel. Kay is talking about how she and Miguel belong together...not him and Charity. Simone says if she had a nickel for everytime she heard that... They talk about New Year's Eve and Kay says she was in Miguel's arms so they will be together. Simone says she hopes that prediction isn't true because Whitney and Chad were together. Kay asks if Whitney is interested in Chad and Simone says no. She says they are like Ike and Tina...they just DON'T get along! Kay says that they can be the one exception to the rule, but she will get Miguel. Simone tells her to give up, but Kay says she won't because Miguel and Charity aren't an official couple yet. Simone looks over at them and says they seem pretty official to her. Kay tells her that they haven't kissed yet and until they do, she still has time. Kay does pull out her broach and tells Simone to look at it because that is her proof. Simone says that thing is evil and to keep it away from her. Kay looks at the broach but can't see Miguel's face. She says that something is wrong with it and she needs to take care of something.

Book Cafe:
Eve comes over and starts in on Whitney and Chad being together. Chad says he has a few things to say. He apologizes for speaking out of turn but says he needs to get a few things straight. Chad says that he doesn't understand why she insists on keeping Whitney and Simone away from him. He says that he is suspicious of a lot of people, but he usually has good reason, and asks Dr. Russell what hers is. Eve says that she doesn't trust him because she doesn't know anything about his background or upbringing. Chad says he doesn't either and he's trying to figure it out. Chad also tells her she took that away from him by sealing off Orville's apartment. Eve says she was just trying to protect her's hospital policy. Whitney asks if she does that with every patient. Eve says no, but his is a special case. Eve gives Chad this little spiel about how she wishes him the best of luck for the future, but his future cannot include Whitney and Simone. Chad goes back to work and the Russell's leave the Book Cafe. Whitney tells Eve that she didn't purposely seek out Chad, she just ran into him. Eve says she understands, but she wants to know how she feels towards Chad when she does run into him. Whitney tells her parents that she couldn't care less about him and she wishes he wouldn't have come to Harmony. Eve hugs her and tells her she's proud of her and she and T.C. leave. Simone comes in through the back door of the Book Cafe and tells Chad she did that because she saw her family there and didn't need to be interrogated. Chad says that Eve did plenty of interrogating since she saw him and Whitney together. Simone asks him why she was there and if he likes her. Chad has some flashbacks of Whitney and the camera switches to Whitney thinking about Chad.

Sam & Luis:
Sam and Luis are talking at the police station and Luis is telling him how his mother doesn't believe that the man is really Martin. Sam asks about all the evidence and Luis says it makes sense to everyone but her. He tells Sam he has to prove without a shadow of doubt that the man really is his father for his mother's sake. Sam says they will. He asks about fingerprints, but Luis says he was never arrested, so they aren't on file. He asks about the military and Luis says that his father never enlisted. The only option left is DNA testing and it is expensive. Luis says that if it is the only way, then he will do it. Sam tells him to talk to Eve Russell. Sam tells Luis that he is doing the right thing. He would do anything for his family and Grace. Luis tells Sam he has a good life. Luis says that when he was younger and thought about getting married, he wanted it to be like his parents, but he says that is a joke now. He says that he wants to be like Sam. Luis says that he has seen how quickly marriages fall apart. He had a case awhile back where a woman stabbed her husband because she found him with another woman. Apparently the woman was an old girlfriend who came back into the picture and the man couldn't stay away. Luis tells Sam he's lucky and Sam snaps saying that isn't going to happen to him. Luis says he wasn't talking about him and Sam apologizes and says he is just stressed. He asks Luis if he is okay because he is going to go to Grace's shop and surprise her. Luis says yes and he's going to get the tests run.

Grace & Ivy:
Grace is putting stuff away in her shop and flashes back to seeing Ivy and Sam kissing at the Christmas party. Grace puts on this hat and says that Sam likes her in this hat. She is looking in the mirror and Ivy comes in and says she likes the hat. Grace asks what she is doing there and Ivy says she needs a favor. Ivy tells her how badly she feel for Pilar and her family and wants to help them out financially, but Pilar is too proud to take the money from her. She asks if Grace could maybe arrange for Father Lonigan to give it to her so she won't know it is from the Cranes. Grace tells her she is very generous and goes to call him. Ivy tries on the hat and wonders if Sam would like her in the hat. Sam is outside looking in holding some flowers and sees who he thinks is Grace. He walks in and wraps his arms around Ivy saying "hello beautiful" just as Grace walks in. Sam tells them he thought she was Grace because he saw the hat. Grace says she understands and Ivy leaves. Sam apologizes to Grace again and she says she's not the jealous type and understands. Sam hugs her and sees Ivy watching them from outside. Ivy says that Grace can have him now, but she had him first and she will get him back.

Timmy & Tabitha:
Tabitha is reading in one of her books, but is having trouble making out what it says because the words are faded. Timmy comes in wearing his lounging robe and says he holds in his hand the greatest martimmy ever made. Tabitha grabs it out of his hands saying this will be perfect and pours it on the book hoping it would make the ink show up. Timmy says she just dumped out his liquid gold! Tabitha was trying to see if it worked and Timmy was trying to salvage any remains of the drink and started licking the glass. Tabitha says it didn't work and there has to be a way to get Charity and Miguel apart. The angel comes in and tells Tabitha she won't succeed in luring Charity to their side. Tabitha reminds her of what she said on New year's Eve and the angel says she said it was possible Charity could turn evil, not definite. Tabitha says she just needs a lock of her hair and that would be the perfect ingredient to get Charity to turn. Tabby goes for her but she vanishes. There is a knock at the door and it is Kay. She tells Tabitha the broach doesn't work and asks if it is real or she just made up a story. Tabitha tells her that if she can't see the boy she loves in there, he is closer to becoming someone else's boyfriend. Kay says that can't happen and Tabitha shakes her telling her not to give up. Kay gets freaked out but Tabby makes up a story about her fingers locking up. She says it's due to old age. She tells Kay to be confident, and Tabitha will come up with something. She scoots Kay out of her house and Timmy says that he doesn't think Kay has a prayer of coming between Charity and Miguel.

Charity & Miguel:
Charity and Miguel are in the park walking and they are talking about his father's death. She says she'll be there for him anyway she can. They are looking through one of those telescopes that you put quarters in and Miguel tells her a story about the island out there. He says that his father always dreamed about buying the island and fixing up the house. He tells Charity his dream is to own that island himself one day and spend his days there with the person he loves. Charity tells him she is sure he will get his dream one day and asks if she can be a part of it. Miguel says there is no one he would rather be with. He says they can build a big log cabin with a big stone fireplace, and they can swim during the summers and snuggle under a blanket together during the winter. Luis comes up to them and apologizes for interrupting, but he has something to tell Miguel. He tells Miguel that he is going to have DNA tests run on the body to prove to Mama that it really is their father. Miguel says that all the evidence already points to it being their father. Luis agrees with him, but he says that Mama can't believe it. Charity says they should listen to her because you have to trust your heart on matters of love. Miguel says that Charity is right. Luis leaves and Charity reiterates to Miguel that if he is ever in doubt, he needs to stop and listen to his heart. Miguel leans in and kisses Charity just as Kay returns and witnesses the whole thing. She has tears running down her face and turns away so she won't have to watch.

Monday, January 17, 2000 | Episode #139
Tabitha & Timmy:
Timmy is at the table eating his Fruit Loops, with a fork no less, when Tabitha comes in looking like something the cat dragged in. Timmy tells her she looks terrible. She tells him she was up all night trying to figure out how to keep Charity and Miguel apart and get Charity over to the dark side. There is a knock at the door, and she tells Timmy to get on the couch and go into doll mode. It's Kay and she tells Tabitha that she lost her boy to the other girl forever. Tabitha invites her in and asks her what happened. She tells Tabby how she saw them kissing the other day. She has tried everything, but nothing works. Tabitha tells her she can relate because she was in a very similar situation. She tells Kay she took drastic measures in her own quests to keep the boy she loved. Kay asks what they were and Tabitha tells her she put these herbs in the girls dress and it gave her a horrible, red rash all over her body. She says the girl had to stay in bed for a week, and that was all the time she needed to win back her boy. You can see the wheels turning in Kay's head as Tabitha tells her she would never do something like that. Tabitha gets up and looks at her mail on the desk as Kay eyes the herbs. She puts them in her pocket and tells Tabitha she has to get ready for the funeral and she'll talk to her later. Tabitha is delighted and tells Timmy they are one step closer to getting Charity on their side. Timmy just shakes his head.

The Bennett House:
Sam and Grace are talking about how sorry they are for the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Sam informs Grace that Pilar doesn't believe that the man is her husband and Luis is having DNA tests run. Grace says she's probably just having a hard time accepting the fact that her husband died...she says she would if she ever lost Sam. Sam hugs her and tells her she will never lose him. Grace thinks about seeing Sam wrap his arms around Ivy at her shop the other day. Grace jokes with him saying if she does lose him, it will be because of his uniform. Charity comes in and asks Aunt Grace for permission to use the iron. Grace tells her she doesn't need to ask and the iron is in the pantry. Sam leaves and Charity asks Grace if she can tell her something. She tells her that she and Miguel had their first kiss the other day. Grace hugged her and told her what a special moment that is. They sit at the table and Grace says they need to take things slowly, because with all of the charity work she has done at the hospital, she has seen too many young girls use sex to get a boy and it forces them to grow up too quickly. She says something about marriage and Charity says she isn't going to marry anyone, not even Miguel, anytime soon. Kay finds Charity's dress hanging up and she pours the herbs all over the inside of it. Charity comes in and asks Kay if she's going to the funeral. Kay says yes and that she was just about to get dressed. Charity tells her they need to be there for Miguel today. She puts on her dress and Kay helps her zip it up. Charity immediately starts itching and Kay looks quite pleased with herself. Timmy and Tabitha are watching with their binoculars through the window and Tabitha tells him that Kay pulled it off.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Miguel is telling Theresa what Luis told him about the DNA tests and there is still a possibility that the man might not be their father. Theresa doesn't understand and Pilar comes in and explains. She says they will know more when Luis comes home, but she hasn't seen him since last night and wonders where he is...

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan and Luis are in bed together and he is telling her he couldn't fight his feelings any longer...he had to save her instead of his father because he loves her. They start kissing and he breaks the kiss saying he doesn't care if they are from two different worlds, he wants her to be his. She smiles and says she wants to be his forever. He tells her the future may never be and the past is gone...all they have is tonight, tonight is all that matters. They start kissing again and she starts moaning his name. You then hear Ethan calling her name and she wakes up. She says "Ethan?" like she's very disappointed and he tells her she lied to him. She asks what about, and he tells her that she does have feelings for Luis. Sheridan comes out to the living room dressed for the funeral and she tells Ethan that she doesn't have feelings for Luis. He tells her she was saying his name over and over in her sleep and seemed to be enjoying it. She says that whatever she dreamed about, it was not because she wants Luis. Sheridan says that maybe her subconscious conjured up Luis because she's had dreams about a man that will love her for who she is and not how much money she has, and she just thought about Luis because they've spent so much time together. Ethan looks at her but doesn't buy it and she is obviously grasping at straws trying to convince herself. Sheridan tells Ethan that even if she did have feelings for Luis, they would be wasted because he believes that a rich woman and a poor man could never be together.

The Crane Mansion:
Julian tells Ivy that he is going to go to the funeral and Ivy questions his motives. He tells her it's for Pilar's sake and Ivy says she knows all about him doing things for Pilar's when he ordered to have the body cremated without asking the family. Ivy said that Pilar ID'd the body, but she's not sure. Julian starts looking Ivy up and down and said he'd know her body out of 100 naked women in a room blindfolded. Ivy says they aren't talking about her and her body is off limits to him. Ivy wants to know why he ordered the cremation, but Gwen comes in and Julian tells her that even though she's wearing somber black, she looks stunning. Gwen tells Ivy that if things go well today, she and Ethan should be able to announce their wedding date very soon. Ivy is pleased and Julian says that nothing would make him happier. Ethan and Sheridan come in and Ethan and Gwen are talking about the funeral. She tells him that if things go the way she thinks they will, they can get married. Ethan tells her to not badger Theresa at the funeral because she is going through a very tough time. Julian pours himself a drink and leans over Gwen's shoulder and says "to new beginnings." Sheridan yells at him and tells him they are going to a funeral and now is not the time to toast to new beginnings. Julian turns around and smirks and says for him it is.

The Russell House:
Whitney is in the kitchen cleaning up and Simone comes in and asks if that is the song that Chad always plays? Whitney says she wouldn't know and that Mom gave them orders to stay away from Chad. Simone says she'll just have to find ways to accidentally run into him then. Eve overhears this and tells Simone she'd better not. Simone pleads to T.C. but he tells her that her mother is right. Luis comes over and asks Eve if she can do anything to speed up the test results. Eve says she'll see what she can do.

Chad & Orville:
Chad walks into Orville's room and is trying to wake him up. When he finally does, Chad tells him that social services sealed off his apartment and he wants to find out more about his past. Orville tells him where the spare key is and Eve comes in. She asks Chad if Orville said anything and Chad says no. Chad says he needs to take care of something and leaves. Eve then asks Orville if he remembered where he hid the red envelope that contains the secret information. Orville goes loopy and starts singing about the red envelope. She gets paged and goes outside to return the phone call. She asks if they got the test results back. Orville is inside talking to himself and says he remembered where the envelope's hidden in the bird. Chad is in Orville's apartment looking for some answers. He picks up the bird and thinks that it's neat. He shakes it because he hears something in it and is looking for a way to open it.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Luis comes in and Hank and the family are in the kitchen. Theresa asks if it's true that it might not be Papa. Luis says he doesn't know yet because the results of the DNA tests aren't back. Pilar says they need to get the results soon and Luis agrees. He hopes that these tests will allow her to stop lighting candles everyday and she can get on with her life. She gets upset and says she may get on with her life, but it won't start today. Miguel and Theresa are in the kitchen talking and she says that if Papa is alive, then her love for Ethan didn't cause him to die. Miguel starts yelling at her and asks if it's okay that a stranger died? She says of course not. He doesn't want to hear it and says he knew that she never had any intention of giving up Ethan.

The Funeral:
The family is greeting people as they come in. The Bennett's come in and Theresa asks Kay where Jessica is. She tells her that she's home with the flu and Miguel inquires about Charity. Grace says she's home sick too. Miguel tells Luis he'll be back as soon as he can, but he has to check on Charity. Kay tells him he can't leave his father's funeral and Miguel says he can't help his father, but he can help Charity. Sheridan hugs Pilar and tells her how sorry she is. She goes over to Luis and they hug. She asks him how he's holding up and he says he's been better and he will know more after the tests results come back. Sheridan looks nervous and says that Pilar already identified the body. Luis says he knows, but she can't accept it. Ethan and Gwen find Theresa and he tells her how sorry he is. Gwen says she is too, but it's really phony. She asks if her boyfriend is here or if he's coming later. Theresa stammers and Ethan tells Gwen that she's upset and not to bother her. He hugs Theresa and tells her again he's sorry. Gwen pulls him away when the hug gets a little too long and says they need to find their seats. Sheridan is at the casket looking at it and Ethan comes up to her. She tells him about the DNA tests and if it's not the real Martin, she may have killed the real one. Meanwhile, back at the Bennett's, Miguel shows up to see Charity and says he knows what may have happened to her. Tabitha and Timmy see this and Tabitha is furious. She says she needs to read what else the tome says about destroying Charity. Timmy rips the pages out and says no, and he won't let her hurt Charity. Back at the funeral, Theresa tells Whitney she has to give up on Ethan. Kay tells Simone that she caused Charity's rash and starts FUMING when she sees Charity and Miguel walk in the church together. (Apparently, her rash was caused by dry cleaning chemicals and Miguel told her to put baking soda on it and she's all better) Luis is talking about his father when Eve comes in and he goes back to her. She tells him the results of the test. Luis announces to the church that the body is not the real Martin Fitzgerald and Julian and Sheridan both look very nervous. Theresa then says she can still have Ethan. Sam goes into cop mode asking who that is in the coffin and tells Luis there is one man that probably knows and they look at Julian.

Tuesday, January 18, 2000 | Episode #140
Timmy & Tabitha:
Tabitha is chasing Timmy around the house trying to get back the missing page from the tome. He tells her he won't give it back because he doesn't want to see Charity get hurt. Tabitha chases him around until he only has two ways to go: through Fluffy or through Tabby. Tabitha tells him she'll forget about the whole thing if he just gives her the page. He gets away from her and scurries up the chimney. She begs him to come out of there and he tells her he won't. Tabitha says she'll take Fluffy up on the roof and drop her on Timmy's head. Timmy gets freaked out and Tabitha says she wouldn't do that to Fluffy because it would scare her too much. She starts crumpling up newspaper and lights a match. Timmy asks what she is doing and she says there's a nip in the air and she's going to build a roaring fire. Timmy tells her he's not stupid...if she sets Timmy on fire, the page goes up in smoke with him...Check mate, Princess. Tabitha agrees and says she'll go with her original plan and drop Fluffy on him. Timmy finally gives in and gives her the page. He comes out covered in soot and Fluffy chases him around while Tabitha tries to decode the words on the page. When she does figure it out, she tells Timmy the only way to lure Charity over to the dark side is if Miguel dies at her hand. She says she has the perfect plan that will allow Charity to kill her

Chad, Orville, & Eve:
Chad is looking around Orville's apartment for some answers to his past, but he's not having too much luck. He's holding the bird in his hands, but doesn't find the red envelope. Orville is in his room at the hospital and he thinks that Eve needs to find that envelope before anyone else does or it could be disastrous. Orville pages Eve and tells her to get over to his apartment. While Chad is looking around, he hears someone trying to come in. He goes out the window and hides. It was a neighbor of Orville's and a cop that she called. She tells the officer that Orville owes her money and doesn't want anything to happen that would keep her from getting the money back. Eve shows up and the lady hides the bird in her coat. Eve tells the officer who she is and that she is there to pick up something for Orville. She looks around for the bird, but can't find it.

The Church:
Luis announces to everyone that the man is not Martin Fitzgerald. The Lopez-Fitzgerald clan is ecstatic and the Crane clan looks like their world is about to unravel. Julian goes to the back of the church and Sheridan tells Ethan that if it wasn't Martin in that coffin, she may have killed the real Martin all those years ago. He tells her to get that out of her head and that until they get concrete evidence, she didn't kill anyone. Sam and Luis have their own suspicions and go to question Julian about the body. Ivy is talking to Julian saying he made a mess of things now and Alistair won't be happy about it. Sam asks Ivy to excuse them while they ask Julian some questions. Julian has a solid defense, so they don't have any ground to detain him any longer and Sam excuses him. Luis gets mad at Sam, but Sam tells him they will get him, but they have to have solid evidence first. They are thinking of ways to get inside the Crane mansion to look for answers or an insider to give them some information. Sam tells Luis that none of the Cranes will talk when Sheridan comes over and asks to speak to Luis privately.

Kay is livid seeing Charity and Miguel together. Simone tells her to give up and Kay tells her that the magazine article said that she will be with Miguel all year since she was in his arms at midnight. Ivy overhears this and asks Kay what she was talking about. Kay explains and Ivy thinks about being with Sam. She tells Kay that she does believe the magazine and Simone freaks out saying the whole thing is stupid. Sam comes over and ask if everything is OK and Ivy tells him he has a lovely daughter. Sam talks to Ivy alone and tells her to stay away from his family and that he's married to Grace. Ivy says she knows that, but he was hers once. He walks away and Ivy vows to get him back.

Miguel and Charity are talking with Pilar and she tells her how amazing it was that she knew it wasn't her husband. She says that kind of love is a miracle and the people that do find it are blessed. Miguel looks dreamy-eyed at her and Kay looks on about to spit nails.

Theresa is talking with Whitney about, what else, FATE, and how it saved her yet again. Whitney tells her that Gwen is not going to back off and she needs to be careful. Gwen comes over to them and says she's waited long enough and she needs to speak with Theresa. Whitney leaves them alone. Theresa starts hightailing it to the back of the church and Gwen is following right behind her. Theresa plays stupid about what Gwen wants to talk about. Gwen is being really mean and says that she knows exactly what she wants to talk about and it's her fictional boyfriend. Gwen says that she's tired of playing her games and that Theresa messed with the wrong person. She wants Theresa to admit that there is no boyfriend and that she's in love with Ethan. Theresa starts to say something but Gwen continues on with her rampage. She tells Theresa that she tried to play in the major leagues but she couldn't hack it and she will always be in the minors. Ethan comes up to her and asks what is going on between them.

Wednesday, January 19, 2000 | Episode #141
Eve, Chad, & Orville:
Eve is in Orville's apartment and she can't find the bird statue that contains all her secrets. Orville's neighbor is seen with it and wonders why he would keep something like this for so many years. She thinks it must contain secrets. Eve talks to Orville and asks if he's sure the statue is in the apartment. He says he's positive but she can't find it. Chad comes in the room so Orville hangs up the phone with Eve. Chad wants to know what he's hiding and Orville tells him he's not hiding anything. Chad gets upset and yells at him. He says he may not deserve much in life but everyone deserves to know who they are. Orville starts to say something but goes loopy. The nurse comes in and tells Chad to leave Orville alone so he can rest. Simone ran into Chad when he returned from Orville's and he told her what he was trying to do. She was there to see Eve, but couldn't find her anywhere. She calls her mom and tells her she was looking for her. Simone also tells her that she ran into Chad but she didn't do it on purpose. Eve tells her she's not mad at her. She tells Eve that Chad was in Orville's apartment and he thinks he may have found some answers to his past. Eve flips out and tells Simone she'll talk to her later. Eve is paranoid about her secrets coming out and since she can't find the statue, there is only one thing left to do...she sets his apartment on fire.

Julian is on the phone with Daddy Alistair and getting yelled at for messing up. Julian tells him he did his best and he should be thanking him for it was his idea to put the matching scar on the impostor's body. Alistair tells him they have to keep their secrets covered up because it would destroy the family if the truth came out. He also tells Julian to keep an eye on Sheridan because she is the weak link in the family and not to let her get to close to Luis. Julian says he will do whatever it takes.

Sheridan & Luis:
Luis asks Sheridan what she wanted to talk to him about and she tells him she's happy for him that it wasn't his father. He tells her she already said that but Sheridan says she knows how hard he was taking the whole thing and now he can stop blaming himself. She says she owes him her life and that's a debt she intends to repay. He tells her she doesn't have to and she insists that she does. Luis asks her if she knows anything about the time his father disappeared and Sheridan of course flashes to "that night." Luis says by her facial expressions she knows something. Sheridan says she was very young and she was prone to nightmares as a child....then she went to boarding school in Europe. Luis says okay and she says she'll talk to him later. Pilar comes over to him after Sheridan left and thanked Luis for believing her. He says he's glad he did listen to her. He also tells her he's going to investigate the Cranes and find out the truth. Pilar begs him not to do it because Julian and Alistair are ruthless men and she doesn't want him to get hurt. Luis is reluctant, but finally agrees. She then says she saw him talking to Sheridan. He says she's been great through this whole thing. Pilar tells him that she and Ethan are the kindest people in that family. Luis says he doesn't know about Ethan, but Sheridan is a very nice person and he was wrong about her. Pilar says she's glad and leaves.

Sheridan & Julian:
Sheridan runs into Julian and asks why he's still there. He says he was just about to leave and he was waiting for his ride. He asks her why she's there and she says she needs time alone. Julian says he saw her with Luis and wants to know what that was all about. She says she was thanking him for saving her life and telling him she's glad that it wasn't his father that died. She also asks Julian to give her answers about the real Martin, but he doesn't say anything. He taunts her and says he hope she's not having nightmares again. Sheridan tells him she was concerned since that wasn't the real Martin, but Ethan keeps trying to convince her that it was just a dream. Julian agrees and says she never killed anyone. He tells her once her ludicrous community service is over, she is not to have anything to do with the local yocal officer, Luis. She tells him she can see whomever she wants whenever she wants and he can't tell her what to do because she's not a child. Julian asks her if she was considering him for a dating partner and tells her she already has a track record with losers. Sheridan says it's none of his business, but it's not like Luis would ever date her because of her family. She says she can't blame him and tells Julian he's a pompous ass! They argue some more and he tells her he means it and to stay away from Luis. He leaves and Sheridan is about to go back into the church and runs into Luis. She apologizes and says she wasn't looking where she was going. He teases her and says at least she wasn't driving. He then says he doesn't know what she's doing tonight but asks her if she'd like to have dinner with him. She says yes and he says it's a date.

Theresa, Ethan, & Gwen:
Ethan asks Gwen what is going on and she tells him she's trying to get Theresa to admit that she has been lying to them. Ethan and Gwen argue about it and Theresa just stands there. Gwen tells Ethan he's a lawyer and asks why he can't see all the evidence. Whitney is watching on and wonders if there is anything she can do to help her out. Gwen tells her it's time to fess up and Theresa is about to speak when Father Lonigan tells her he's been looking for her. He says her boyfriend called twice to let her know he couldn't make it because of car trouble. Gwen looks like she's going to spit nails and Ethan tells her she owes Theresa an apology. They leave and Whitney shows up and tells Theresa what she did. They are jumping up and down when Father Lonigan comes up to them and gives them a lecture about lying. He says he expects to hear from them in confession tomorrow. Gwen and Ethan get into an argument and she tells him she still doesn't buy Theresa's "boyfriend." Ethan tells her he doesn't know why. Gwen then accuses him of being in love with her and until they get things straightened out she needs time away from him.

Thursday, January 20, 2000 | Episode #142
Chad, Simone, Orville & Eve:
Chad and Simone are talking at the hospital and he informs her of the time he found her "moms" snooping in Orville's apartment She said she had no idea. Chad says the cop outside his apartment should be gone by now, so he's going to see if he can get back inside. Simone tells him she'll go with him to help, but he says no because he doesn't want her getting into trouble with her mom. He tells her she's the best and thanks her for all of her help. He leaves and she of course decides to follow him. Eve in watching the fire blaze at Orville's and is talking to herself about how no one will find out her secrets now. She tries to leave but she can't get the door open. Eve starts to panic but makes her way over to the window and leaves that way. Chad gets to Orville's and Simone makes her presence known. He asks her what she's doing there and she says she just wants to help. Chad smells the smoke and realizes it's Orville's apartment that is on fire. He tells Simone to go call the fire department and warn the neighbors. He is trying to bust open the door and is very upset that the secrets about his past are up in smoke. Eve goes to the hospital and Orville asks why she smells like smoke. She starts crying and says she didn't have any other choice and she had to set his place on fire. At first he's upset but realizes it's for the best and no one will find out the secrets to her past or Chad's. She asks what secrets are related to Chad and Orville says it's a secret as big as hers. Chad comes in and Eve says he should let Orville get some rest. He tells him that his apartment is destroyed because of a fire. Orville feigns his shock and goes into a little song about "stuff." Eve tells Orville she's sorry about his apartment. Chad says it was so intense that he can still smell smoke. He's giving Eve the eye and she tells him it must be his own clothes he is smelling. Throughout the show, Orville's flighty neighbor keeps saying "why would Orville have such a piece of junk? And I can sell this for money" about the bird.

Tabitha, Timmy, Charity & Miguel:
Tabitha is rummaging through a trunk looking for something that will allow Charity to kill Miguel. Timmy tells her it's a lost cause because he hasn't seen two people more in love since Romeo and Juliet. Tabitha tells him she's surprised he knows about them. She goes on about how great Shakespeare was and she wishes she could have met him...alas the three witches from Macbeth always go on and on about him. Timmy asks her if she's just name dropping or if she really knew those people. Tabitha tells him he has given her the perfect plan and she will have Charity poison Miguel. Timmy begs her not to do it and says he will let Fluffy use him as a scratching post if she promises not to kill Miguel. She tells him she's sorry but she has to do it. Over at the Bennett's, Charity and Miguel are talking about death and how she lost her mom and he thought he lost his father. She says if she ever lost him, she doesn't know what she would do and she thinks that she would die too. Miguel promises that nothing bad is going to happen. Charity says she has a bad feeling that someone is going to die tonight. Tabitha makes the poison in the kitchen and calls Charity and invites her and Miguel over for tea and petitfores. They agree and say they'll be right over. Tabitha poisons one of the petitfores and places it on a red doily so she'll know which one Charity has to give Miguel. The doorbell rings and Tabby tells Timmy to make the tea. She invites them in and says she'll be right back. Miguel asks her if she is still feeling weird, and she says the feeling about someone dying tonight is stronger than ever.

Sheridan & Luis:
Sheridan is in her cottage and clothes are scattered everywhere. She's really nervous about her date with Luis and says she just wants to look perfect. Sheridan asks herself why she's getting all worked's just a man. Then she says Luis is unlike any man she's ever met. The phone rings and she puts it on speaker. It's Alistair and she says she's pleasantly surprised by his call and that it has been too long since they've spoken. He tells her to stay away from Luis and she comments on how Julian has been keeping him informed. Alistair assures her that they had nothing to do with the real Martin Fitzgerald disappearing and to be careful of Luis because he will use her like all the rest. Sheridan tries to argue and he tells her he knows all about the losers she's prone to dating and she's destined to have people use her. She's about to tell him how Luis isn't like any other man, but he says he has to go and hangs up. Luis is in the kitchen writing a note when Pilar comes in. She asks him if he's going out and he says that he is taking a lady to dinner. Pilar tells him to say hi to Beth for her and he tells her he's taking Sheridan out, not Beth. Pilar looks happy and tells him again how fond of Sheridan she is and tells him to have a good time. Luis says she's getting the wrong's not a romantic date, he's going to ask for her help investigating Julian and Alistair. She asks if Sheridan is aware of that and Luis says why else would she want to go out with me? He leaves and Pilar gets the "I know more than you think about your feelings for Sheridan" look. Sheridan and Luis are at the Lobster Shack. They are talking about how much they've changed towards one another since they met. Luis teases her about how they collided. Sheridan apologizes for that and tells him how she had just gotten out of a bad relationship with Jean Luc and she was looking to take out her rage on anything. She admits that it was wrong and Luis agrees with her. She teases him and says that most men would disagree with the woman and say it wasn't her fault. He tells her he's not like most men and he's sorry if that upsets her. She says it's just the opposite of that. Luis says he was wrong about her, she's a nice person and she's tough. Sheridan asks him if he wants to know the truth and he says yes because it always comes out eventually anyway. She tells him she just pretends to be tough and she's learned it. She said maybe it was growing up Crane, but when men like Jean Luc use her or anyone uses her for that matter, she falls apart and cries. They talk some more and Luis asks her if she is ready to hear why he asked her out. Sheridan looks really excited and says she's been waiting to hear him say it. Luis then lowers the boom that he wants her help investigating her brother and father and find out if they have any connection to his father's disappearance. Sheridan takes a big swig of her wine and asks if that's why he invited her. He asks her what else she thought and she is LIVID. Sheridan tells him he's just like Jean Luc and all of those other men who just want to use her. He tries to tell her he's not and she says he just wants to use her to get to her family. She remembers Alistair's warning to stay away from Luis and she says she will. Luis asks her if she's saying she will help him. She stands up, tells him to go to hell and throws her wine in his face and storms out of the restaurant! Luis just sits there shocked and wipes his face. Sheridan storms into her cottage and scolds herself for believing that Luis was different and he wasn't going to use her. She picks up all of the clothes and says she wasted all this time trying to look good and Luis didn't even care he just wanted her help in bringing down her own family. She sits on the couch and says "I hate you Luis I LOATHE you and I never want to see you again." There is a knock on the door and she yells whoever it is, Ethan, Ivy or Julian to go away and leave her alone. They knock again and she gets up and says "what part of go away and leave me alone don't you understand?" She opens the door and finds Luis standing there.

Friday, January 21, 2000 | Episode #143
Theresa, Ethan, & Gwen:
Ethan calls Gwen and she asks if he's come to his senses and is calling to tell her he believes that Theresa doesn't have a boyfriend. Ethan tells her that he believes Theresa and he is calling to invite her to dinner. She told him she's serious about this whole situation and Ethan tells her he is as well. Gwen asks him if he wants Theresa to have a boyfriend and he asks why he wouldn't want her to. Gwen tells him if she did have a boyfriend, she would be off limits, and maybe he wants to be with Theresa. He tells her that's crazy and Gwen tells him she doesn't think it is and until they get to the truth, she doesn't want to see him and hangs up the phone. Ivy catches the tail end of this conversation and asks Ethan if his problems have to do with Theresa. He tells her that Gwen in misconstruing the whole situation and Theresa is not the one to blame. Ivy tells him that Julian planted the seeds of doubt in Gwen's head when she overheard him telling Ethan to sow his wild oats with Theresa. Ivy tells him that if she does find out that Theresa was lying, she will make sure she doesn't come near Ethan again.

Theresa and Whitney are in Theresa's room and she is spouting off about her best friend, fate! Whitney tells her that she was the one who saved her butt this time and fate had nothing to do with it. Theresa says something about fate again and Whitney tells her to quit using that word! Theresa says that she and Ethan are meant to be and she just needs to make him see that. Whitney reminds her that he's in love with Gwen and wants to marry her, but Theresa says it's only because he hasn't seen the nasty side of Gwen yet. Once he does, he won't want to be with her any longer. Whitney tells her she's being foolish and is getting tired of hearing all of this. Ethan calls her and asks if he can come over to talk to her and she asks what this is about. He tells her it's about Gwen and she says that he can come over. She gets all fancied up in a dress that most people, other than Ivy Crane, wouldn't just lounge around the house in. When he shows up, he tells her he needs her help getting Gwen to understand everything. She tells him okay and she just needs her phone number. She calls Gwen and asks her and Ethan to meet her at the Lobster Shack tomorrow and they can finally meet her boyfriend. Gwen seems suspicious, but agrees. When she hangs up, Ethan tells her she's a great friend and hugs her. He leaves and Whitney tells her she's playing with fire, but Theresa thinks that her best pal Fate will save her again!

Timmy, Tabitha, Charity, & Miguel:
Miguel asks Charity if she's okay and she tells him that her premonition of death is even stronger and she thinks that he's going to die. Miguel tells her nothing will happen to him. Timmy is in the kitchen with Tabitha and begs her to not go through with her plan. She tells him sorry, but she has to. She carries in the tray of tea and petit fours and Timmy under her arm into the living room. She apologizes for taking so long, she was having an argument with her doll. They just look at her and she says she was joking and asks if she can pour them a cup of tea. Miguel apologizes to Tabitha and says they can't stay as Charity isn't feeling well. She asks her what is wrong and Charity tells her she's having strange feelings about someone dying. Tabitha fakes a spell and Charity and Miguel ask if there is anything they can do...she tells them to get her pills from the kitchen. She lays her head down on the table and Timmy yells that she's dead. She sits up and tells him to be quiet and she's just pretending. Charity and Miguel return w/her pills and she takes one and thanks them for saving her life. Charity thinks this is what her premonition was about...Tabitha. They sit down and she pours them some tea. Tabitha takes a petit four and tells Charity to have one and then pass on the plate to Miguel. She takes one but Miguel declines as he's not hungry. Tabitha takes a big bite of hers and tells Miguel that he's had a hard day and this will make him feel better. He says okay and takes the one from the middle and eats it. Tabitha smiles and then Miguel says he isn't feeling very well and needs some air. He and Charity go outside and Tabitha tells Timmy it's just a matter of time before he keels over. She goes into the living room and finishes off the petit fours. Timmy comes in and tells her he has a confession to make...he couldn't bare to see Miguel die, so he switched the petit fours and the poisoned one is still on the plate. Tabitha looks at the empty plate and then tells Timmy she just ate it. Timmy asks her if she's fake dying again and she says she isn't. He asks what happens to witches when they die and she says they melt. She said "I'm melting Timmy, I'm melting." Timmy says that it's gross and he killed his princess!

Sheridan & Luis:
Luis tells Sheridan he knows she's angry. She tells him she's more than angry. He says it was pretty obvious how angry she was when she threw the wine in his face. She tells him he used her to bring down her own family and if she didn't make herself clear at the restaurant, her answer is no. She tries to shut the door on him but he stops her and tells her he's there to apologize. Sheridan says that'll be the day. Luis says he knows he hurt her and she feels like he used her, but he would never do that and he's very sorry. He would never be like that guy Jean Luc. She tells him that he couldn't be that rotten, no man could and walks towards the couch. He walks in after her and picks up her coat and purse off the floor. Luis says she must have dropped these but she says she threw them. He says she really was mad at him. She tells him not to push it because she hasn't calmed down completely. She gets them both a glass of wine and they sit on the couch. He tells her this case is driving him nuts and he just figured that she would want to help him since they talked about how important the truth was. He keeps telling her how sorry he is and that he would never use her like that. She tells him she believes him. Sheridan apologizes for throwing the wine in his face and she hopes it wasn't too embarrassing. He tells her the waiter figured he must have propositioned her. Luis says he could live with that, but not knowing that he hurt her like that. He tells her that he has to know why the impostor was posing as his father and how Julian knows him. Sheridan says maybe Julian was a victim in this as well and this might be one mystery he won't solve. He tells her that the truth will come out and he will find it because his life and his family's are on the line. Sheridan tells him since he's been so honest, it's her turn. She tells him that she doesn't have the greatest relationship with her brother or her father. They are both very demanding and secretive men. He asks what they are secretive about and she says anything and everything...things have a tendency to be hushed up in her family. He asks her to do him a favor and just forget this whole night ever happened. She tells him she can't do that after listening to him speak so openly about his family. Sheridan says she can't imagine her own family trying to destroy another one...especially his as his mother means so much to them. She says she wants to help him prove that her family didn't have anything to do with his father's disappearance and she will find a way because she owes him for saving her life. He tells her she doesn't have to and she tells him if it's answers he's looking for, she will get him into the mansion to look around. Luis tells her he won't get her involved and thanks but no thanks. Sheridan asks him why and he says he doesn't want her to feel like he's using her because he would never treat her or any other woman that way. He thanks her for hearing him out and starts to leave. He tells her not to put herself down because she's been involved with losers. Luis says he learned how special she was in Santa Fe and when they were up on the roof New Year's Eve. He tells her she deserves the best and a guy that will treat her that way. He says a guy like Hank. She seemed disappointed and so did he when he said that. He says that Hank jokes about marrying a rich woman but deep down he's salt to the earth. They say their goodnights and he leaves. Sheridan sees his scarf and goes to the door and Luis is standing there. He thanks her and she tells him she has one more thing to say about her family. She tells him if they feel threatened, they take no prisoners and to please be careful. He tells her he will be.

Monday, January 24, 2000 | Episode #144
Charity, Miguel & Timmy:
Charity and Miguel are outside of Tabitha's house and Charity has some muffins for her. They knock on the door, but no one answers. They decide to let themselves in. Timmy is inside looking at the puddle that is Tabitha. He says he needs to do something quick to help her, but doesn't know what. He hears Charity and Miguel so he goes into doll mode. They are looking around, but don't find her. Miguel steps in the puddle and Tabitha cries out. Charity wonders if she is down in the basement, so they go see. Timmy summons the witch doctor who is getting friendly with a nurse named Heidi. He asks Timmy why he was brought here and Timmy says to help Tabitha. Dr. Bombay jokes around with Tabitha, but she's in no mood. Timmy tells Dr. Bombay about Charity and Miguel, so he calls the house and Charity answers the phone. He pretends to be Tabitha and asks why she is in her house. Charity says they brought some muffins, but couldn't find her and were worried. "Tabitha" tells her she had a doctor's appointment and she is just fine. Charity walks into the living room and sees Dr. Bombay. She asks him who he is and what he's doing there. She calls out for Miguel, but he tells her he's getting the mop and will be there soon. The doctor puts a spell on Charity so she won't remember seeing him and he disappears. Miguel comes in with the mop and asks her if she's okay. She says she's fine and can't remember what she needed. Miguel mops up some of Tabby and puts her in the ringer. Miguel tells Charity she doesn't look well and he will take her home. Once they leave, Dr. Bombay and Heidi return. He tells Timmy he will help Tabitha, and he should thank Heidi because she took a liking to him. Timmy asks Heidi if she yodels! Tabitha tells everyone that Timmy doesn't have hormones, but says he does now. Dr. Bombay turns Tabby into a goldfish and says the only thing that can help her now is to get love from her enemy.

Theresa & Whitney:
Theresa is dreaming about being at the Lobster Shack when Ethan and Gwen arrive. Gwen is really nasty and proceeds to rip into Theresa. Theresa plays the innocent and Gwen keeps after her. Ethan tells her that's enough and he doesn't want to be with someone like that. He wants to be with Theresa. He's about to kiss her when a waiter throws a glass of water in her face. She wakes up and finds that Whitney threw water in her face. She asks her if that was necessary and Whitney tells her it was. She could hear her from the living room. Whitney says if she thinks tonight will turn out like her dream, she's lost it. Theresa says it will, but she needs her help. Whitney tells her no, but Theresa says she just wants her to help pick out a dress. They go shopping at a really expensive store and Whitney asks her how she's going to pay for anything in there. She pulls out a wad of money and says she's saved every dollar that Ivy has given her. Whitney tells her to put it in the bank, but Theresa doesn't listen. The sales lady shows her a dress and she says it's just like the one she had on in her dream. Whitney tells her she's going with her to the Lobster Shack in case she needs bailing out again. Theresa tells her she worries too much but thanks her anyway.

Sheridan & Luis:
Sheridan walks into the locker room at the Youth Center and calls out for Luis. He tells her he'll be right there and she asks why he wanted to see her. He comes out of the steamy shower naked and Sheridan just stares. He tells her he remembers when she walked in on him the last time and how he's wanted to be with her for so long. He begins kissing her and undressing her. There's a knock and Luis tells her to ignore it and they will go away. They continue kissing and groping one another when Sheridan hears Gwen calling for her. She finally wakes up and asks where he is. Gwen asks who she's talking about and what she was dreaming about. Sheridan tells her it was nothing and Gwen doesn't buy it. Sheridan asks why she is there and Gwen asks her if she wants to go to the Book Cafe and get some coffee. She agrees and wonders why she is having dreams like that about Luis.

They are at the Book Cafe and Sheridan tells Gwen she was dreaming about Luis and how they went out last night and it was wonderful. Gwen says they've had this conversation already and thought that Luis would never get involved with a rich woman. Sheridan says she may have been wrong. Gwen gets nasty and asks if she's serious and would actually consider having a relationship with Luis. She tells her that he's just a gold digger like his little sister! Sheridan asks if she is still worried about Theresa. Gwen tells her she knows she's lying about her boyfriend, but she can't get Ethan to admit it. Sheridan says maybe she's wrong about Theresa, but regardless she shouldn't worry about it because Ethan loves her. Gwen tells her she's not so sure anymore, but she has to leave to meet them at the restaurant. Gwen leaves and Sheridan starts thinking outloud if she could make a go of it with Luis.

Luis & Hank:
These two are in the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen painting a window frame. Luis is telling Hank how he went to Sheridan's and apologized. Hank asks why he made a special trip and Luis says he felt bad and didn't want her to think he was using her. Hank asks if that's it and if he has feelings for her. Luis tells him he doesn't. Hank just wants to make sure there's no competition. Luis tells Hank that she is very different from the rest of her family, and she even offered to help him investigate her family but he turned her down. Hank asks why and Luis says he doesn't want to use her because too many men have done that to her already. Hank asks again if Luis has feelings for her. Luis says she's very nice but she's too rich for him. Hank tells him he has to leave and get a new plan together to get Sheridan. He leaves and Luis thinks how crazy it would be to get involved with her. He flashes back to their date and gets a dreamy look on his face, but says it would never work out. He gets a call from Sheridan who is panicked and says there is someone lurking around her cottage and hangs up. He rushes out the door to go over there.

Julian & Ethan:
Ethan comes downstairs and finds Julian drinking his coffee. Julian asks if he's gotten things figured out with Gwen as he's already gotten an earful from Ivy about how it was his fault. Ethan says that Gwen wants him to believe her about Theresa. Julian tells him to say he believes her. Ethan says he won't lie to his true love. Julian scoffs at this sentiment and says he could stand to learn a few things from him. Ethan tells him that he doesn't want to be like him...he wants to have values, and be an honest, upstanding citizen. He leaves and Julian mocks his "true love" sentiment!

Gwen and Ethan are already at the Lobster Shack when Theresa shows up with no boyfriend. Gwen comments that she showed up alone and Ethan just looks at her. Theresa is talking to herself saying this is it as Whitney watches outside worried for her best friend.

Tuesday, January 25, 2000 | Episode #145
Chad, Simone, Orville & Eve:
Chad is working at the Book Cafe and Simone walks up to him and asks him how he's doing and if he's heard anything about Orville's apartment. He tells her he's okay but his place is still sealed off for investigation. Chad says he wishes he knew what Eve was doing there that night. Simone defends her saying she is Orville's doctor and if she said she was looking for medical history that is what she was doing. Chad says he would like to believe that, but he can't. Eve asks Orville if anyone knows about the information in the bird and he tells her no. She says then it should all be burned up now because of the fire. Orville tells her it's better this way. Orville's neighbor is cleaning up the bird and says she's going to pay Orville a visit. If he pays her the money he owes her, he can have the bird back. Otherwise, she's going to pawn it and get some money. She is visiting Orville when Eve walks in. She says she was just leaving and Eve asks who that was. Orville tells Eve that that woman is a big pain in his rear. She asks him if that woman knows anything, but he assures her she doesn't know a thing. The lady goes over to the Book Cafe and asks Beth if she'd be interested in buying the bird to spice up the place.

Charity, Miguel, Kay & Reese:
The Scooby Gang is having coffee at the Book Cafe and Charity is telling everyone about her premonitions. Kay gives her a look like she's completely crazy and asks what her visions are about. Charity says she can't put her finger on it, but someone is swimming in a very small place. Kay gets up to tell Simone about Charity believing she's psychic. She even comments that she'll probably get her own 1-900 number. Simone says maybe she is psychic and Kay tells her to get real. Charity asks if they think she's crazy and they tell her no. Reese says there has been a lot of scientific research on ESP and Miguel says maybe she does have it. Charity starts to buy into this load of crap and thinks that maybe she was psychic, she just can't remember.

Timmy & Goldfish Tabitha:
Timmy is talking to Tabitha and is asking how to help her. She tells him to decode the riddle and he informs her he's not good at riddles. He picks her up and takes her to the cemetery and tells her he's going to get Matilda to help. Tabitha tells him not to do that because she would never help and besides, he doesn't know the first thing about summoning a person from the grave. Timmy tells her that he's been watching her and he's like a sponge. He pulls out two small maracas and starts doing a little dance chanting Matilda's name. Tabitha tells him he's amusing, but that won't work. Then he shouts her name loudly over and over again and Tabby again tells him that won't work. But, she was wrong, because out came a cranky Matilda from her grave asking who disturbed her slumber and why. Timmy tells her that Tabitha needs her help. She tells him she can't and won't help Tabitha. Timmy begs and says he has to do everything to help his princess because they have been through a lot together. There was a little Timmy Tabitha montage here...really cute!!! Matilda says she won't help, but invites him to join her for dinner. Timmy questions this and she tells him they are going to have sushi as she levitates the fishbowl. Timmy grabs it and says he won't let her hurt his princess. Matilda then says he'll have more than Fluffy to worry about and produces a demon cat that hisses at Timmy. Timmy protects the fishbowl and tells the cat he can rip Timmy to shreds, but not to hurt Tabitha. Matilda says he really cares about her, but she doesn't know why. She also tells Timmy that he's kinda cute, so she will help. She needs some of Tabitha's hair and some pouch that she used in her first spell. Timmy asks Tabitha where the pouch is and she tells him it's in a desk that she sold to the Cranes. Timmy asks Matilda if he can get it, if she will help. She is reluctant, but agrees.

Theresa, Ethan, & Gwen:
Theresa walks into the Lobster Shack alone and Gwen comments to Ethan that she showed up alone just as she suspected. Theresa says her boyfriend is meeting her there and Gwen asks if he never goes anywhere with her. She pretty much has Theresa backed into a corner when Theresa gets the idea from her dream to spill stuff on Gwen. She trips the waiter and he dumps his tray of drinks all over Gwen. Theresa looks like she's about to bust out laughing but contains herself. The waiter apologizes and she tells him it was just an accident...she was just shocked by how cold the drinks were. Theresa looks disappointed that she wasn't more upset and that Ethan couldn't see her true colors. She tells them she'll get some more napkins and goes to talk to Whitney. Whitney scolds her for tripping the waiter and Theresa said she thought it would work to show Ethan that Gwen is just a bitch. Theresa says this is all her fault and now she's going to lose her job and her mother is as well. She says she should've listened to Whitney, but she didn't. Whitney tells her she has one last chance to tell Ethan the truth and she could probably save Pilar's job. Theresa walks over to the table and tells Ethan she has something to tell him. Gwen starts in about her boyfriend and Theresa lies and says she just called him and he's on his way. He has car trouble, but will be there shortly. Gwen doesn't buy this but Ethan tells her that people have car trouble. Whitney looks outside and says "I don't believe it" and walks out there. (My guess is it's going to be Theresa's "boyfriend") Gwen tells Ethan it's time to choose...does he believe her or Theresa. Ethan says he believes Gwen and that Theresa doesn't have a boyfriend.

Sheridan & Luis:
Luis is looking in Sheridan's cottage through the windows and hopes that nothing has happened to her. He sees someone walking through there and kicks in the door. He tackles Sheridan and she tells him that it's her. They are laying on the couch and looking at each other awkwardly. He apologizes and says he thought she was the intruder. She confesses that there wasn't an intruder. Luis gets upset and asks if she did this to get back at him for last night. He says he apologized already. Sheridan assures him that she didn't call him over to make a fool of him and she 's not mad at him. Luis asks her why she called him over then. She is still sitting on the couch and says she knew he wouldn't come over otherwise. She pats the couch and he just looks at her. He asks what is going on and she apologizes for how this looks. She called him over so he would allow her to help him find the answers he's looking for. Luis says no and they've been through this already. Sheridan reminds him how he's putting his life on hold to investigate his father. She remembers how he told her he doesn't have time for romance and she wants to help him get on with his life. Luis asks her what's really going on and she thinks about how she'd like to have a relationship with him. She tells him that she owes him her life and he tells her she doesn't owe him anything. She also tells him that she wants to prove to him that her family had nothing to do with his father leaving. Luis then asks her what she would do if she found out otherwise. She said she'd deal with it. Luis says she talks a good game but knows there is something more to it. She thinks about how she could have killed Martin but tells Luis he's too cynical. He finally gives in and says he'll let her help. She says great and Julian and Ivy are going out tonight, so once they leave, they can go into the mansion and look around. She then thinks to herself if she did have something to do with it, her life is over.

Wednesday, January 26, 2000 | Episode #146
The Book Café:
Chad and Simone are talking about his past and Simone brings up the fact that she doesn't know any of her mom's relatives. He finds this strange, but Simone tells him they are all dead, so her mom is weary to talk about it. Chad thinks that he will never find anything out on his past and maybe he should just give up. Simone asks him if he is leaving Harmony and he tells her he might. She tells him not to give up because the answers are out there. Chad asks why she is so nice to him and she tells him she just wants him to be happy. He says she is the best thing to happen to him since he came to Harmony, and he'll stay. Orville's neighbor showed up and is still trying to get Beth to buy the bird. Beth tells her money is tight after the holidays and the lady tells her that money is tight all the time for her. Beth tells the lady to sit down and she will bring her some coffee and cookies on the house. The lady puts the bird back in the bag and wonders what secrets it holds. Chad of course does not see the bird.

Theresa, Ethan, Gwen & Chuck Wilson:
Theresa asks Ethan if he would hate her if he found out she lied. He says he could never hate anyone, but he wouldn't ever want to see her again. Tears start streaming down her face and Gwen tells her just to get it over with and admit that she has been lying. She's about to tell him the truth when Chuck walks over to them and kisses her on the forehead. He apologizes for being late and introduces himself to Ethan and Gwen. Theresa breathes a big sigh of relief as Chuck helps her with her chair. He tells Ethan and Gwen he is glad to finally meet them and they were probably wondering if he actually existed. Gwen just sits and looks suspiciously at him but Ethan seems to buy it. A song comes on and tells Theresa it is the song they danced to on their first date. While they are dancing, Theresa said she doesn't know who he is, but he is an angel and that fate saved her again. He said she should thank Whitney because she persuaded him to do this. Apparently he plays tennis with Whitney and he owed her for helping him with his backhand. Chuck tells her that Gwen looks angry and she says because she's been outsmarted. He says he's glad to help but he doesn't know what to say if they ask more questions. Theresa says she is sure they won't. Ethan tells Gwen that her boyfriend does exist and they can get on with their lives. Gwen says she isn't so sure and she has a few more questions for Chuck.

Eve & Orville:
Eve walks into Orville's room and says she needs to talk to him about Chad. He says he's sleepy and she tells him he's not going to do this to her again. Orville asks if she's going to burn down his room like she did his apartment. She tells him of course not and she is sorry about his apartment. He tells her it's for the best that way no one will find out the secret. He also says as long as she keeps Chad away from her daughters, everything will be fine. Eve says she doesn't want them around a street punk like Chad anyway, but wants to know why he is insisting they keep away. Orville just tells her it will be disastrous. She says that no one can find out about her and Julian and hopes that there isn't any information left out there that can link them together. Orville tells her it's all ashes by now and to not worry about it.

Timmy, Goldfish Tabitha, & Matilda:
Timmy is getting instructions to go get the doeskin bag at the Cranes. Matilda says she needs it to turn the ugly fish back into the ugly witch and starts laughing. Tabitha insults her about being ugly and Timmy yells for them to stop. He is about to embark on an important mission because a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Tabitha tells him he's not a man, he's a doll. Tabitha asks Matilda if she can help him out at all and she says no way. Timmy begs her to help and she says she's always had a soft spot for a cute face. She does a little spell and we next see Timmy wearing all black. He has dark black sunglasses, black jeans, a black shirt with the letter M on it and a long black leather coat. Timmy is really proud of his wear and says he is the Matrix Man! He leaves Tabby in the graveyard and heads to the Crane Mansion.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan tells Luis that Ivy is going to a fundraiser and that Julian is going on a business trip, so they will be alone in the mansion to look around. Luis asks her if she knows what she's getting into and she tells him she wants to help. He tells her if he finds anything that implicates the Cranes in Martin's disappearance, he will stop at nothing in bringing them down. Sheridan says she knows that but she can't believe that Julian and Alistair are evil enough to ruin another family. Luis tells her he's not so sure. Sheridan tells him her mind is made up and they can go to the mansion. She decides to call the house to make sure everyone is gone first. She gets Julian's machine, so she said the coast is clear.

The Mansion:
Julian is on the phone with Alistair and he is telling his son it's not a good idea to keep those documents in the safe. Julian tells him that he just had a new laser alarm system installed so no one can get to it. He sees a call coming in from the cottage and Alistair tells him to ignore it. Alistair also tells him he has talked to Sheridan about staying away from Luis and that he played on her insecurities by reminding her about the losers she has hooked up with in the past. Julian asked if he is still using that card, and Alistair says that it always works, so why change it. He tells Julian to keep an eye on her because she is the family's weak link. Alistair asks if Luis has been snooping around and Julian tells him no. Daddy tells his son that if Luis gets anywhere near the truth to take care of him. Julian asks what he means and Alistair asks if he has to spell everything out for him. He says if Luis gets too close, he needs to be killed. Julian tells him they aren't the Coreleone's. (Or something like that) Alistair says no, they are the Cranes, and keeping the status and wealth that they do sometimes requires drastic measures. Julian sets the alarm and tells his father he will call him back. He calls Sheridan but doesn't get an answer and wonders where she went. He takes the back stairs so as not to keep Daddy waiting.

Luis and Sheridan enter the mansion and Luis asks where they should look first. She tells him the library. If Julian is hiding something, it would be in there. They go into the library and Sheridan is about to go for the wall safe when Luis grabs her arm to stop her. He asks if she has a compact in her purse and she tells him yes, the one he gave her. He smiles and says "you use it." She tells him of course she is using it. He blows some of the powder in the direction of the safe and sees the lasers. She asks what that is and he tells her it's a fancy alarm system. Sheridan tells him she was in there the other day getting a book and it wasn't there. Luis tells her that maybe it was just installed. She asks how they turn it off and he says the main connection is probably in the basement, so they go to check it out.

Timmy is looking through the window and lets himself into the mansion. He takes a look around and says he could get used to living in a place like this. He has a little fantasy of his own. He is wearing a top hat and a tuxedo. He begins tap dancing and takes a drink of his martimmy. Heidi the nurse comes down the stairs dressed like Marilyn Monroe and asks Timmy if she can have one of those. He asks her how she'd like it and she says "straight up." Timmy just looks slyly at the camera and then shakes out of his dream. He says he needs to find the desk so he can get the pouch. He goes into Julian's library and begins to look around.

Sheridan and Luis come up from the basement as they couldn't find the main connection. He tells her that whoever installed that system, went to great lengths to keep it hidden. Sheridan says that maybe he's securing some jewels or money. Luis asks her why it wasn't installed a long time ago then and it's really suspicious. Sheridan thinks she hears something but thinks she must be paranoid. She tells Luis that Julian would kill her if he knew she let him in there to snoop around. He thanks her again for all that she is putting on the line for him. He says that his life is on hold and nothing can get in the way of his investigation including a relationship. She says she knows that and that's why she's helping him.

Timmy gets into Julian's chair and is looking for the secret compartment on the desk. It triggers the alarm and Julian sees that it is going off while he is on the phone with Alistair. He tells him what is going on and Alistair asks what he's going to do about it. Julian says it depends on who is downstairs. Alistair tells him he has a gun and to use it. Julian gets his gun out and prepares to go downstairs!

Thursday, January 27, 2000 | Episode #147
The Book Cafe:
Grace and Sam walk into the Book Cafe. They had just seen a movie and Sam was asking her if she liked it or not. She is a little out of it and he asks her if she's ok. Grace says she's fine but the movie made her wonder if every man goes through a mid-life crisis. (My guess is that they saw American Beauty) He jokes and tells her he'll let her know when he gets there. Kay, Reese, Charity, Miguel and Jessica walk in and say hello. They go sit on the couch and Charity comments on how in love Aunt Grace and Uncle Sam are. Kay looks and says that's disgusting and hope they don't act like that when they are 50. Miguel says it's romantic. He then asks Charity if she's still having premonitions and she tells him that she is and they are getting stronger. Reese then says he almost forgot, but tonight is Witches Night. Everyone gets excited and Charity asks what that is. Miguel tells her that it's an old Harmony tradition that one night out of the year all the witches that were burned at the stake 300 years ago try to come up from their graves. Charity gets a little spooked and Jessica assures her they didn't see any witches last year. Miguel says he's not going to go if Charity doesn't feel comfortable. Kay has a little fantasy about being in the cemetery and Charity gets freaked out and Miguel tells her to lighten up and she should be more like Kay. Kay snaps out of it and tells Miguel that's awfully sweet of him to skip it considering how much fun he had last year as he talked about it for months afterward. Charity says she'll go along so he won't have to miss it. Jessica tells Kay she's deliberately trying to scare Charity and Kay says she's amusing in the broad daylight, she can't wait to see what she does in the dark cemetery. Jessica tells her she's sick.

Grace and Sam are at a table and Grace gets upset and he asks her what is wrong. She tells him it's stupid because she has the best husband and the most beautiful family, but she can't get the image of Ivy in his arms on New Year's Eve out of her head. He tells her that's ridiculous and she agrees, but it was that darn magazine article that Kay had. He tells her if it is true, then her best friend Eve would be with Julian. Grace says and Kay would be with Miguel but she knows how much he loves Charity. Sam tells her he only wants to be with her and he wants to be alone with her all night. They kiss and Ivy walks in and Sam sees her. She says hello and Grace invites her to join them. Sam says no because he wants to be alone with Grace and Ivy agrees that she doesn't want to intrude on their personal time. Grace tells Sam that was rude because she likes Ivy as a person. Sam tells her to forget about her and he's going to call the station to let them know not to interrupt him tonight. Grace makes her way over to Ivy and she is crying while reading a book. Grace asks her what is wrong and Ivy tells her it's a very good book. She says it's about a woman looking to recapture her lost love. Grace asks how it ends and Ivy tells her that one woman is crushed and the other one is extremely happy. Grace says she feels bad for anyone who has lost their one true love. Sam sees them talking and is not happy. Grace goes to use the phone and Sam tells Ivy he can de-claw her by telling Grace about them. He says he feels nothing for her and to stay away.

The Lobster Shack:
Theresa is thanking Chuck again for saving her. Whitney comes over to them and Theresa thanks her for all of her help. Meanwhile, Gwen and Ethan are at the table and he tells her she has no reason to be suspicious any longer. Gwen tells him she's not so sure and she has a few more questions for Chuck. Ethan is right on her heels as she makes her way over to them. She asks them where they met and Theresa said school and Chuck said the park. Gwen looks victorious but Theresa explains that she noticed Chuck at school, but since he was a couple of years older than her, he didn't know she existed. Chuck first noticed her at the park. Ethan says he knew there was an explanation and tells Theresa he needs to talk to her and leaves Gwen and Chuck to get acquainted. He thanks Theresa for letting Gwen meet her boyfriend because now they can get married. Theresa tells him not to thank her for that. He says he really does because without her this wouldn't have happened. Theresa tells him she doesn't believe they control their destinies. It is all up to fate. Gwen asks Chuck how Theresa's family feels about him, especially her older brother the cop, oh what's his name. He doesn't have an answer and when Theresa and Ethan return she tells Ethan how odd it is that she and Chuck have been dating for a while but he doesn't know the name of her older brother. Theresa explains that Chuck has never met Luis because he is very overprotective and he wouldn't approve of her dating someone so seriously. Ethan says that's right because he doesn't know that she works for Ivy. Gwen asks Chuck what he does for a living and if Theresa just pays him to be her boyfriend. Gwen then says she was kidding and Ethan tells her it wasn't very funny. Chuck tells them he doesn't have a job because he has been very fortunate that his family did so well and he lives off of a trust fund. He said his great grandfather invented the paper clip. Gwen tells him she doesn't think so because her great grandfather was good friends with that man...his name was Charles Wilson. Chuck says yes, and he is named after him. They call him Chuck for short. Gwen apologizes. He says he has to leave and asks Theresa if she is coming. She says she's going to hang around because she just saw Whitney. He kisses her good-bye and tells Ethan and Gwen it was nice to meet them. They all leave and Whitney comes over to Theresa and tells her that was close. Outside, Gwen says she can't believe she was wrong and she guesses that Theresa wasn't in love with him all along. Ethan tells her that he loves her and only her and that is all that matters. He kisses her and Theresa sees them. She gets upset and Whitney reminds her that Ethan loves Gwen. She tells her that he only thinks he does because he hasn't realized his feelings for her yet. Theresa says Gwen may have him now, but she will have him forever as Whitney just gets that annoyed look on her face.

The Mansion:
Timmy is looking for the pouch but he can't seem to find it. He picks up a paper weight off of the desk and slams it down in frustration. Well, that did the trick and opened the secret compartment and out came the bag. Upstairs, Julian is on the phone with Alistair who asks him if he has his gun. Julian tells him he does and he will use it on whoever is down there. Alistair asks him if that includes Officer Luis and he tells him especially Officer Luis. He can't help it if someone gets shot for intruding in the house as accidents do happen. Sheridan and Luis are standing outside the library and he asks her if she wants to back out. She tells him no and if there is information of any kind they will find it. They open the door to the library and Timmy runs to hide behind the couch. Luis says there has to be a way to get that baby open without tripping the alarm. He gets annoyed and starts moving his arm a little too much when he was talking and Sheridan grabs it. She apologizes but said his arm was close to the beam. He thanks her and they hear the door open. Julian walks in and says "what the hell" when he sees Sheridan and Luis kissing. Luis tells Sheridan he thought that no one was home. She says she thought so too and asks Julian what he is doing. Julian tells her to nevermind but wants to know why he is in the house, and more importantly in his library. Sheridan tells him they were on a date and she invited Luis in for a tour and a brandy and she knew that the good brandy was in here. Julian tells her it's by the bar not the safe. Sheridan plays dumb and says she forgot the safe was even in there. Julian informs them that the alarm was tripped. She says she didn't know he had an alarm and asks when that was installed. He tells her he was going to tell her in the morning. He asks if Luis tripped the alarm while they were cavorting and she tells him they weren't cavorting they were just kissing. Luis tells him to put the gun down and he points it back and forth from Luis to Sheridan. He finally puts the gun down and she thanks Julian for ruining her date and she and Luis start to leave. He tells them to stop because he notices that someone had been messing with the papers on his desk. Sheridan says if they are messed up it's because they were leaned up against the desk while they were kissing. Luis looks like he's going to laugh but manages not to. Julian tells Luis he can leave but he needs a word with Sheridan. She says they can talk in the morning and he tells her no because Father wouldn't like it. At his mention, she apologizes to Luis and he thanks her for everything. Julian tells her that Father is going to be upset when he finds out about the scum she is seeing. She tells him she is a grown woman and they can't tell her what to do. She leaves and goes back to her cottage. Julian calls Alistair and says he is pretty sure that Luis was the one that tripped the alarm, but when he got there, he found Sheridan in his arms. Alistair doesn't seem to like this and says he knew Sheridan was the weak link. He tells Julian they have a big problem on their hands and Julian says he knows and he will take care of it as he picks up his gun. Sheridan is in her cottage and says aloud "I wonder if he'll call" as she thinks about kissing him in the library. The scene shows Luis thinking about it too and he smiles and says "Sheridan Crane" and walks off.

The Cemetery:
Tabitha is wondering what is taking Timmy so long and Matilda tells her she has seen how she threatens him with that mangy cat and she wouldn't be surprised if he was halfway to Las Vegas by now. Tabitha tells her he probably got held up but he'll save her. The Scooby Gang arrives and Kay hollers for the witches to come and get them. Miguel says something to her and she tells everyone she's not a nervous nellie and turns around and shouts "BOO!" and they all jump. Charity says she has the feeling now more than ever about someone needing her help. Tabitha and Matilda wonder what they are doing there and she asks Matilda to get rid of them. She stirs up a wind and some howling and it spooks the kids. Reese pulls out his bible and tells the witches to get back. The wind stops and Kay asks how he did that. They are all freaked and Miguel turns to talk to Charity but can't find her. Timmy is about to reach Tabitha when he sees the kids hanging around. Miguel finds Charity by the fishbowl and she tells him she knew someone needed her help. Reese asks if that is some sort of ritual to summon witches and he wants to dissect it. Jessica tells him that's gross and Charity tells him that no one is touching this fish. She says she can't explain it, but she feels like she can read the fish's soul. Kay says to Jessica "case closed, she's mental!" Reese tells her it's possible as he believes in reincarnation. Kay wonders why they can't fall in love because they are perfect for each other. They pick up the fishbowl and take it home. Timmy says he's sorry he didn't get there sooner and asks Matilda to help Tabitha. She says she's sorry but she can't. She also says if Tabitha doesn't get back to her old self soon, she could be a fish forever. Timmy makes it back to the Bennett's and is looking through the window and says he needs a way to get Tabitha out.

Friday, January 28, 2000 | Episode #148
Community Center/Sheridan's Cottage:
The show opens with Sheridan sleeping on the couch in her cottage dreaming about the kiss she just had with Luis and she gets a smile on her face. Then we see Luis at the youth center smiling too as he remembers the kiss also. Hank walks up and says I know that look. Your in love. Who's the lucky girl? Luis just smiles. Luis says ok I was thinking about a woman. Hank says I knew it. What were you and this woman doing? Luis says kissing. Hank says oh then you were thinking about Beth. Luis says it wasn't Beth. Hanks says ok then who were you kissing. Luis looks at Hank and says it was Sheridan. Hank has a worried look on his face. The next scene Pilar walks into Sheridan's cottage. Sheridan says have you talked to Luis yet today? She says yes. Luis told me what happened last night in the library. Sheridan says he told you we kissed? (Pilar looks shocked) Luis kissed you? Sheridan I am so sorry Luis had no right. I will go talk to him (she turns to walk away) Sheridan says no, no, no, the truth is it was my idea. Pilar says I don't understand. Sheridan says I kissed Luis so Julian wouldn't get suspicious about what we were really up to. I don't think the Cranes had anything to do with Martin's disappearance that's why I am helping Luis to prove it, because once we do he can get on with his life. Pilar says I know he has questions he wants answered, but I had no idea it had gotten this serious. Sheridan says Luis told me he can't even think about getting married or settling down until he knows what happened to his father. Pilar says why risk your family turning against you just to help Luis. Sheridan says Luis gave me a second chance at life when he saved me. I just want to do the same thing for him. I am repaying a debt. That's all. Pilar says are you sure that's the only reason you are helping my son? Sheridan says the only thing I feel for Luis is gratitude for saving my life. Pilar says I'm glad to here you say that Julian and Alistair would be most unhappy to here you were dating my son. Sheridan says I don't care what my brother or father think I will fall in love with the man that steals my heart not somebody that they approve of. Pilar asks again about Luis and Sheridan assures here that they are nothing more than friends. Pilar reminds Sheridan that her community service at the youth center is almost up and after that she doubts they will cross paths again. Sheridan looks said as Pilar walks away. Luis tells Hank about the story of Julian catching them and they had to kiss to cover. Hanks says good I thought there was more than that. Luis says I'd never steal a friend's woman. If I start dating again it wouldn't be a rich woman like Sheridan. Hank says I know it's crazy to think of you and Sheridan together. Then Hank reminds Luis about Sheridan's community service almost being up. Luis looks upset. hank says are you ok? Luis says I'm fine. Then he says to himself not seeing Sheridan again and looks upset. Sheridan walks into the youth center and they talk about why Julian put the alarm system in and they both disagree on why he did it Luis says he is hiding something and Sheridan says it is to protect the family. Sheridan says let's just agree to disagree. Then Sheridan says she got a notice in the mail about her community service almost being up. They look at the time log for the community service and it's obvious they both wish it was more time left. Luis thinks to himself 3 hours? that's all she has left? That can't be right. The he tells Sheridan you have 20 hours left. 20 not 10 and smiles? Hank questions the hours. Sheridan says I believe him.

The Mansion:
Julian is on his couch reading the paper. Ivy walks in and says Julian one of the staff said you wanted to see me. Julian says yes, Ivy. What do you know about Sheridan's relationship with Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald? Ivy says what relationship? I mean Sheridan is grateful to Luis for saving her life, but other than that I was under the impression that she couldn't stand him. Julian says I thought the same thing until I caught them in here last night kissing. (Ivy looks shocked) kissing? Well, it would seem that last night was one full of kisses (she remembers back to last night when she saw Sam & Grace kissing). Julian says who did you see kissing last night that put that lovesick look on your face? Ivy says no one in particular and as for Sheridan perhaps she was just thanking Luis for saving her life. Julian says my sister has always has abominable taste in men. Ivy says if your done I have to go I have things to do. Julian says wait let me show you the new silent alarm. Ivy says what alarm. Julian says I had a laser alarm installed for the wall safe (he turns it on and we see two laser beams shoot across in front of the safe) Ivy says Oh now I get it that's why you were concerned about Luis and Sheridan being in this room. That alarm has something to do with Martin Fitzgerald. Doesn't it? ivy says your worried Luis is going to find out what you and Alistair has to do with his father's disappearance. Your afraid of Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, aren't you? Julian just stares at Ivy. I'm not frightened. The alarm is just to protect the family. Julian says you should fire Pilar she might start snooping. Ivy says I'm not going to fire Pilar. Julian leaves as Pilar walks in. Ivy and Pilar talk about what happened between Luis & Sheridan last night. Ivy says Julian is afraid of Luis. Pilar says she the only threat I see to this family is the relationship you seem intent on rekindling with Sam Bennett. She says I can't help it I love Sam and always will. Ivy says let's not talk about it. I have to go watch out for the safe. Whatever Julian has in it he is hell bent on protecting it. Pilar walks into Julian office just as he is opening his safe and he is startled and drops his papers he was getting out they both look at them.

Tabitha's House:
Timmy is sleeping in a cage in Tabitha's living room, and we hear Fluffy growling. Timmy wakes up and the camera pans down to the floor and w see Timmy has set up barb wire all around the cage and mouse traps. Timmy says thank goodness Timmy thought to keep Fluffy at bay since Tabitha isn't around to help him. Poor Tabitha, a fish? The Timmy remembers back to the graveyard when Charity found Tabitha the fish in the fish bowl and said she was taking it home with her. Then Timmy stand up in his cage and usees his binoculars to see over the Bennett house and he can see Tabitha the fish in the fishbowl on the window seal. He says how am I going to rescue her?

Bennett House/The Shop/Community Center:
Sam and Grace are in bed and Sam is kissing Grace on the cheek. Sam says Happy? Grace says yes, delirious. Then Grace looks at the clock and says look at the time. I have to go make breakfast for the kids. Sam says I smell coffee one of the kids must be making breakfast. They start kissing. Then grace says, but still I have to get up, and says last night was wonderful, but you know what they says all good things have to end. Same says, not today. I am going to take the whole day off just to show my wife how much I love. They start kissing again. Miguel walks in and says good morning to Charity and Jessica and then he see the fish still on the window sill and says I see that fish you found lived through the night. Miguel asks Charity if she still feels connected to it? Charity says I know it's weird, but yeah I do. Jessica leaves to go wake up Kay and Simone and tell them breakfast is ready. (We see Simone and Kay just as they have come downstairs and their hair is all messed up and Kay is yawing and has mascara all around her eyes) Jessica says better go tell dad there is a raccoon loose in the house. Kay says stick a sock in it rat face, I can't be drop dead gorgeous all the time. Just when Miguel is around. Jessica says about Miguel ... Kay interrupts her and says by the time I see Miguel this afternoon I will be the stunning beauty you only wish you could be and starts to walk towards the kitchen. Jessica says Kay you don't want to go in the kitchen. Kay says unless your serving breakfast in here yes I do. Jessica says well don't say I didn't warn you. Kay walks in and Miguel and she look at each other and Miguel smiles and Kay runs out of the kitchen. Jessica says Simone don't look at me I tried to warn her. Simone says something tell me this is just going to be one of those days. The next scene Kay comes back into the kitchen all dressed and with make-up on. She says here let me make breakfast. Grace and Sam walk in and see Kay with an apron on and look shocked like Kay can't boil water and say Kay honey, what are you doing? Kay says stop you know I love to cook. There is a knock at the door it's Reese. Reese says something smells good. Kay says it's bacon. Why don't you sit down before some bacon grease gets on you. Accidentally of course. Reese says he is working on trying to discern what type of fish it was that Charity brought home last night. Sam and Grace say that is one ugly fish. Reese says I'm going to dissect it to use its organs to determine it's true identity. Charity yells no! (Tabitha thinks help me Timmy save me from Reese) Then they cut away to Timmy and he says Tabitha? and looks all around. Then he says oh Timmy's princess must be using ESP to communicate with him. Tabitha says Timmy save me before junior Jacques Cousteau fillets me into oblivion. Miguel says don't worry Charity I wont let Reese dissect the fish. Then Charity tells Grace & Sam about her premonitions. Reese says I have heard ESP runs in familles. Grace says well Faith says she had feelings of doom the night she died. Tabitha tells Timmy she can't stay in the state much longer and Timmy better hurry to save her in time. Timmy says he doesn't know how. Tabitha says look it up in the ancient tome. Timmy says there is one problem Timmy locked himself in the cage and now he is kind of stuck. Timmy says how am I going to save Tabitha? Grace & Sam are kissing. Charity and Miguel say how sweet it is a love like that. Then Kay throws the pan of burning bacon into the sink. Knocking over the fish bowl and Charity says oh no the fish is going down the sink. Timmy hears Tabitha say she needs help and Timmy gets out of the cage and keeps Fluffy at bay by snapping a whip at her. Charity saves the fish from going down the sink. Timmy says he read the tome and knows how to help her. Tabitha says do the incantation. Sam says to Jessica, Kay is upset she ruined breakfast can you go to the Java cafe and get breakfast? She says sure. Grace and Sam go upstairs. Charity and Miguel go off to work at Grace's shop. Kay says to Simone come with me I have a plan. Sam and Grace are sitting in their room doing their taxes and Grace finds a bank account that is only in Sam's name and asks him why is he keeping things from her? Sam says you spoiled my surprise I was saving money to take you on a vacation to that lodge we went to. Grace says I can believe I was jealous of Ivy and the whole time you were planning this romantic getaway. Reese continues to look trying to find out what type of fish Tabitha is. Timmy does the incantation. The water in the bowl turn white and Timmy thinks he has killed Tabitha. Jessica brings doughnuts to Miguel & Charity at the shop. Miguel says no chocolate? That's Charity's favorite. Jessica tells them she left the chocolate donuts at the house. Charity says that's ok I wanted to go back and check on the fish anyway. They leave. Ivy walks into the shop and sees Jessica. Ivy thinks to herself that if she stays here long enough she might run into Sam. Kay and Simone walk into the community center and Kay tells Simone about her plan to get Sheridan to teach her the tango so she can dance with Miguel and get him to fall in love with her. She asks Sheridan and Sheridan says she needs a partner and Kay asks Luis and he says ok anything for Sam's daughter. And Kay said make the dance hot and sexy like you did last summer. Sheridan and Luis chuckle. Kay starts the music and they begin to tango. They are so close they are practically kissing. Back at the shop. Jessica and Ivy chat and Ivy gives Jessica list of things she wants her to get for Julian's associates. Jessica says I can't believe it dad said for me to make lots of money today so he could afford to take mom on that trip. Jessica tells Ivy about the lodge. Ivy looks upset and she says I'm going to make this romantic getaway something Sam never forgets. Back at the house Sam & Grace talk about the trip. Back at the youth center Luis & Sheridan are still dancing. They stare into each other's eyes. Kay says wow I hope Miguel looks at me the way Luis looks at Sheridan. Back at the house Timmy sees that his spell has turned Tabitha the fish into Tabitha's head in a fish bowl. Reese looks shocked. Timmy says she's b-a-a-ck.

Monday, January 31, 2000 | Episode #149
Gwen & Ethan:
The two are in bed together and Gwen is telling Ethan how glad she is they are together and the whole Theresa mess is behind them. He agrees and she tells him she's sorry she ever let it come between them in the first place. Ethan tells her not to worry about it and to just concentrate on their relationship. Later he tells her he hopes she can see Theresa for who she really is...a kind and caring girl. He keeps talking about Theresa and Gwen gets upset and says she doesn't want to talk about her, especially when they are in bed together. Gwen tells him she has a surprise for him. She tells him it's something he's wanted for a while but couldn't get. He asks her what it is because he's spoiled and usually gets what he wants. She tells him she's ready to give him her answer to his marriage proposal and asks if he is ready to hear it. He tells her no, he's not ready to hear it and she looks like she's been thrown for a major loop.

Julian is getting papers out of his precious wall safe when Pilar comes in. She startles him and he drops the papers on the floor. She goes to pick them up and he insists that he can do it. Pilar asks him if those papers have anything to do with her family. He tells her that's absurd. She reminds him that David brought down Goliath and she doesn't want to see anyone from either family hurt. He tells her he doesn't either. Pilar says she values her job very much, but her family means more than anything and she tells Julian she would hate to see Luis hurt by this family. Julian asks her why he would be and she tells him Luis has a bad temper and still believes that the Cranes had something to do with Martin's disappearance. She also comments on Sheridan and Luis growing closer and Julian tells her that Sheridan would never get involved with her son. She turns to leave and tells him if that is true, he has nothing to be afraid of. He calls Alistair and tells him they have a big problem. Julian tells his father that he's done everything to keep Luis and Sheridan apart and to keep Luis from investigating the family. Alistair tells him that isn't enough and they have to do more. Julian tells him of Pilar's suspicions. Alistair says he doesn't know much about Luis, but he knows Pilar and tells Julian not to underestimate her as she is extremely smart. Julian thinks this is funny but Alistair tells him to be careful. He also says they have to stop Luis and Sheridan's romance before it begins and they will do so tonight.

Theresa is sitting on her bed typing her diary in her laptop. She is talking about how fate saved her again and thinks about Chuck kissing her at the Lobster Shack. She thinks about how that surely made Ethan jealous and they will be together. She gets a message on her screen asking if she will connect to a call. She sets up the video and clicks yes. It's Chuck and she thanks him again for everything he did for her. He tells her it was no problem and if she would consider going out on a date with him when he came back into town. Theresa tells him she's flattered, but she only has eyes for one boy. He tells her he hopes he is as crazy about her as she is him. She tells him it's only a matter of time. Fate is on her side. She shows up at the Crane mansion and Pilar says she's glad to see her and inquires about what happened at the Lobster Shack. She asks if she's okay. Theresa tells her she's better than okay. Pilar says she thought they would be furious at her and she would be fired. Theresa tells her that fate came to her rescue once again and Whitney's friend Chuck posed as her boyfriend and made Gwen look like a fool. Pilar scolds her and warns her that it will blow up in her face. Theresa says it won't because fate is on her side and she and Ethan are meant to be together. Pilar yells at her and tells her their family can never get involved with the Cranes. She asks if it is because they are from different social classes and Pilar says yes. She says that if Ethan were to fall for her, his family would never allow it to happen. The same goes for Sheridan and Luis. Theresa laughs and says that's absurd because Luis hates all things Crane and they aren't meant to be like she and Ethan. She says she's going to go upstairs to see Ethan and Pilar tells her he's upstairs in bed with Gwen. Theresa gets upset and says she's going to see him and let him know what a big mistake he's making!

The Bennett House:
Reese is looking up stuff on the fish when he hears Timmy yell "Princess" and he turns around and freaks out when he sees Tabitha's head in the fishbowl. Tabitha tells Timmy to throw something else from the bag into the bowl and when he does, she turns back into the fish. Miguel and Charity came into the kitchen and Reese tells him he saw Tabitha's head in the fishbowl. They tell him that's crazy and Charity says Tabitha is always popping up and he probably just saw her face magnified through the bowl when she was looking in the window. He agrees. Miguel says he needs to talk to Luis so he's going to the Youth Center and asks them to come along. Charity agrees but Reese wants to look up more on the fish. Charity makes him promise to take good care of the fish and he says he will. Once they leave, Tabitha tells Timmy to get her out of there ASAP and he starts to pick up the bowl when Reese sees him and yells for him to stop. He gets up but trips on the chair and falls and hits his head on the floor.

The Youth Center:
Sheridan and Luis continue with their tango which is HOT HOT HOT!!! The looks they are giving each other are smoldering. Kay and Simone comment on how hot that dance is and Kay fantasizes about doing the tango with Miguel. He has this pencil thin mustache which is so funny. Kay snaps out of it and tells Simone that if she can get Miguel to dance with her like that, he will surely fall for her. Simone just rolls her eyes. Miguel and Charity walk in and watch Sheridan and Luis finish the tango. When it ends everyone claps and they just stare at one another for a moment before pulling away. Luis just walks off leaving Sheridan standing there. Kay, Simone and Charity walk up to her and tell her how great that was. Charity says they looked like one person while they were dancing. Kay tells her that's crazy because everyone knows how Luis and Sheridan hate each other and they were just dancing. Sheridan says she didn't realize people were talking but she and Luis get along just fine and he is a very nice man. Charity says it's more than that...she's in love with him. Sheridan turns away and wonders if she could be in love with Luis. Kay says that's crazy because Luis would never get involved with a Crane. Charity apologizes for saying anything, but she gets the feeling that she loves Luis and Luis loves her back. Miguel walks over to Luis and tells him that dance with Sheridan was intense. Luis says it was just a dance but Miguel doesn't buy that. He says they looked so into it. Luis says he'd never get involved with a Crane because they have no values and all they care about is money. Miguel asks if he would deny his feelings for her simply because she's a Crane. He says yes, but there's nothing to deny. Miguel doesn't buy it and Sheridan and Luis keep stealing looks from one another. Reese runs in and tells him the fish is gone. Charity asks what happens and he said he saw a little boy in a wizard costume take it from the window. Kay tells him that sounds nuts. He tells them he did hit his head and Kay says he probably dreamed the rest. Charity says they should go to Tabitha's and check it out because she might have something to do with it. They leave and Sheridan and Luis continue to stare at one another. She finally breaks the silence and says she should go. She gets her coat and Luis helps her put it on. They say goodnight and he stops her. He starts to say something but can't get it out. Then he blurts out "you wanna go out with me tonight?" Sheridan looks shocked and then Luis says he doesn't want to make her uncomfortable and says to just forget it. She says yes, she would like to go out with him and he gives her a big smile.

Tabitha's House:
Timmy gets Tabby back into the house and tries to find the right spell to turn her human. He does one and it turns her into a mermaid. Reese, Charity, Miguel and Kay arrive at her house and are standing on the front porch about to ring the doorbell.

Tuesday, February 1, 2000 | Episode #150
Grace, Sam, & Ivy:
They are in the kitchen talking about their getaway and how romantic it will be. Sam says he's not telling anyone where they are going so they cannot be disturbed. Jessica calls from the store and tells them to come over there because they won't believe what just happened. Ivy smiles knowing she'll get to see her precious Sam. When they arrive, Jessica shows Grace the order she just rang up and she and Sam wonder who bought all of that stuff. Ivy says she did and Sam whirls around and looks at her. Grace goes back to help Jessica wrap all of the gifts and Sam tells Ivy to stay away and he means it. She says she just needs one hour alone with him and he tells her to forget it. Jessica comes out and asks if she needs the gifts right away or if she can wait until morning. Ivy tells her the morning is fine and thanks her for all of her help. Grace comes out and Ivy asks when she will be getting new stuff in because she enjoys it so. Grace says any day now since Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Grace kisses Sam and says they can definitely go away together now since they sold all of that stuff. Ivy overhears and says "yes they can."

Julian is on the phone with Alistair and asks how he plans to keep Sheridan and Luis apart. Alistair tells him to get her there and he will lay down the law. Julian says he can tell she might be smitten with Luis but he is only using her to get information on the family. He says by the time she wakes up, it will be too late and she will have brought down the entire family.

Sheridan & Luis:
Luis apologizes to Sheridan for putting her on the spot. He tells her she doesn't owe him anything for saving her life and maybe they should just forget it. She tells him no, she won't forget it. She says she wants to go out with him tonight and it has nothing to do with him saving her life. He smiles at her and he says he will pick her up and they can go to the Lobster Shack and she says it's a date. Sheridan realizes she used the "D" word and stammers over it. Luis says he guesses it is. She asks him if he's okay with that and he tells her that it's not him, he's worried about her because of what her brother will do if he finds out they are going out. Sheridan tells him not to worry because she doesn't take orders from anyone and her family learned a long time ago not to tell her what to do or who to see. Her cell phone rings and she excuses herself. It's Julian and he tells her he needs to see her immediately because there is an urgent family matter.

Sam & Luis:
Sam shows up at the Youth Center as Luis is closing up. He asks Luis if he'd be interested in working the night shift and Luis tells him no because he has a date. Sam congratulates him and asks who he is going out with. Luis says he doesn't really want to talk about it because her family wouldn't approve. Sam says to please tell him he's not taking out Sheridan Crane. Luis says he is. Sam says they are worse than oil and water. Luis tells him he's done a 180 in the Sheridan department as she is not the spoiled rich princess he thought she was. He tells Sam that she has really been there for him. Sam inquires about this and Luis tells him "friend to friend" that she helped him snoop in the mansion and Sam flips out. He tells Luis that he's playing a very dangerous game and he will get hurt if he pursues this. Luis says he will find out the truth and when he does, he will nail them. Luis tells Sam that Sheridan believes in the truth and wants to help him. Sam warns him to be careful because he's known men that have been involved with that family and they appeared to be genuine, honest and loving but the pressure from the family is applied and they have to go along with it and the guys involved are told to go to hell. Luis assures him that Sheridan is not like the rest of her family and she doesn't care what her family says.

Sheridan & Julian:
Sheridan walks into the library all smiles and Julian says "there's a smile that could brighten any room." She tells him that his sarcasm can't ruin her good mood and to get on with whatever he needs to see her about because she's on a schedule. He asks her what she's doing and she says if he must know, she's going out with Luis. He tells her that is what he wanted to talk to her about. Sheridan tells him that she and Luis are none of his business. He tells her that she made it his business when they were supposedly having brandy and giving into their lust in the library by the safe. Sheridan tells him he's afraid of someone finding out what's in the safe. He says she can look through the safe and she does. She doesn't see anything but Crane Industry foreign contracts. She says she believes him and Julian tells her she cannot go out with Luis. Sheridan tells him she doesn't care what he thinks and he tells her that Father wouldn't like it either. She says she doesn't care what he thinks either and then Alistair's voice says "you should" which startles her. She asks Julian why he didn't tell her he was on the phone and Julian responds that Father asked him not to. Alistair tells her that she is not be associate with Luis by any means.

Ethan & Gwen:
Ethan tells Gwen he doesn't want her answer and she gets upset saying this is all her fault and she should have believed him a long time ago. She gets dressed and tells Ethan that she can't bare to see him and that she'll love him forever. Ethan stops her and tells her she can really be dense sometimes. He tells her that he loves her and he does want to marry her, he just wants it to be perfect when he does ask her. She says she feels like a fool but tells Ethan that she loves him and asks for a hint. He tells her he loves her and leaves. She looks in his planner and sees a heart by Valentine's Day, so she thinks that is when he is going to ask her.

Pilar & Theresa:
Pilar stops Theresa from going upstairs and tells her she must forget about the idea of marrying Ethan because it will never happen. He spent the night with Gwen and he wants to spend his life with her. Theresa asks why she is doing this to her and Pilar says it's for her own good. She says their family can never get mixed up with the Cranes. Theresa is crying and looks devastated when she walks out of the mansion. Whitney is walking up and asks Pilar what happened. She tells her how Ethan and Gwen spent the night together and Whitney tells Theresa she'll take her home.

Theresa & Whitney:
Theresa and Whitney go to the Book Cafe and Theresa starts to cheer up when she figures out why Gwen and Ethan spent the night together. Whitney asks what she is talking about and Theresa says he was letting her down gently and last night was to say good-bye. Whitney tells her she's nuts and she has to stop thinking about Ethan. She asks Theresa if she remembers when she wanted something when she was little how she would wish and wish for it to come true. Theresa says she remembers, and Whitney tells her they aren't little kids anymore and she can't just keep wishing for Ethan to be hers because it won't happen. Theresa's cell phone rings and it's Ethan. He says he needs to see her and asks where he can meet her. She tells him the Book Cafe and she hangs up quite pleased. She tells Whitney that he must be coming there to tell her they belong together because fate means for them to be together. Ethan shows up and Theresa asks if Gwen accepted his proposal. He tells her there wasn't one and she says she's sorry. Ethan says it was rough at first, but Gwen understands. His phone rings and it's the jewelers. He says he needs to see the engagement rings ASAP. Theresa overhears and she tells Whitney that it's happening faster than she thought because Ethan wants to buy her an engagement ring. Whitney tells her she's jumping to conclusions. Ethan asks Theresa to come with him because he is going to buy an engagement ring for Gwen and Theresa faints.

Pilar & Ivy:
Ivy comes into the living room and tells Pilar she needs her ski equipment set out. Pilar tells her she's glad she's going to Europe to stay away from Sam but Ivy informs her she's not going to Europe. Pilar says she knows this has something to do with Sam and asks what she is up to. She tells Ivy that it will be disastrous and Gwen walks in and asks if everything is all right. They tell her everything is fine. Gwen announces that she and Ethan are back on track and hopefully she and Ethan can announce their engagement very soon.

Timmy, Tabby, Miguel, Charity, Kay & Reese:
Kay asks why they are at Tabitha's. Charity says she feels that Tabitha might know something about the fish. Reese says he knows the little boy in the wizard costume took it. Kay says he must have hit his head harder than he thought because he sounds ridiculous. Inside, Tabitha the mermaid is on the floor and Timmy says he'll find the right incantation and turn her back. He does another one but it gives him bunny ears. Reese looks through the mail slot and sees Tabitha's fish tail and tells everyone. Timmy pulls Tabby out of the way before anyone else sees it. Charity starts to buy into this story and Miguel tells them they are being ridiculous. They decide that no one is home so they will just come back and ask her about the fish. Charity hears something break inside and they try the door but it's locked. The Scooby Gang decides to find another way in. Tabitha is covered with a blanket on the couch and Timmy hides before they come in the house. She wakes up and asks why they are there. Charity asks if she knows anything about her fish that was taken from the windowsill and Tabitha says she doesn't. Reese sees water on the floor and Tabby says she spilled some earlier. Kay announces they have taken up enough of Tabitha's time so they leave. Tabitha's tail gets uncovered and Reese turns around and sees it and says "it was you!"

Wednesday, February 2, 2000 | Episode #151
Tabitha's House:
Reese sees Tabitha's tail and says "it was you" and then calls after everyone else. He rushes outside to tell them to come back inside as Timmy covers his Princess' tail up. She tells Timmy to hurry and find the right spell to turn her back. The Scooby Gang comes back inside and ask Reese what is going on. Reese says that Tabitha is a mermaid and everyone laughs. Tabitha just looks at Reese as though he were crazy. He tries to pull her blanket off of her and everyone starts yelling for him to stop. Tabitha even started barking at Reese! I'm still laughing about that. Miguel tries to pull Reese off of Tabitha but they keep this up for a while. Timmy is trying to remember what he is forgetting and he remembers that Matilda told him to get some of Tabitha's hair. He sneaks into the room and pulls a rather large bunch of hair out of her head and she screams. Just as that happened, Reese pulled the blanket off of her and he and Miguel fell over and Kay and Charity went to see if they were okay. Timmy got Tabitha's legs back to normal and Reese then sees that she has legs. Kay apologizes for bothering her and announces they should leave. Miguel agrees and Charity says she had a premonition that Tabitha was the mermaid. Tabitha says imagine if she was a mermaid, they could go on the road and be rich! Kay apologizes for them and says that Charity and Reese need to have their heads looked at. They leave and Charity tells Miguel that she is having another premonition of death. Inside, Timmy tells Tabitha there is no need to thank him, he just needs a well deserved nap. She smiles but says there is no time. They need to come up with a plan for Charity to kill Miguel.

Whitney, Theresa & Ethan:
Whitney and Ethan are trying to get Theresa to wake up. She finally comes to and Ethan asks her what happened. She says she's okay, she just got dizzy. Ethan goes to get her some juice and Whitney tells her she needs to go home and forget about Ethan. Theresa agrees when Ethan returns with her juice. He says he really wanted her to go to the jewelry store because he values her opinion but he doesn't want her to get dizzy and faint again. She says the juice perked her up and she will go but asks if Whitney can come along. He says sure and they head to the jewelers. They are looking at a bunch of rings and Ethan shows two to Theresa and asks her which one she likes. She picks the one with the biggest diamond. She and Whitney tell Ethan that it's perfect. He says he wishes he knew how it would look on Gwen's finger and asks Theresa if he can borrow hers. She says yes and he explains why the ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand. He slips the ring on her finger and she fantasizes about Ethan proposing to her. She starts saying yes over and over and Ethan says that's the one then. Theresa is crying and he asks her why. Whitney says it's a girl thing and rings make them cry. The jeweler says it happens all of the time. He tries to take the ring off of her finger but it is stuck. Theresa mouths to Whitney that it's fate. The guy comes back and puts some lotion on her finger and says this will take it right off. He tries it again but it won't come off. He says it's almost as if this ring was meant for Theresa's finger.

Sheridan, Julian & Alistair:
Sheridan looks at the speaker phone and asks what her father just said to her. He tells her she is to have no contact whatsoever with Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. She says that she will go out with whomever she wants and he starts playing on her emotions. Alistair says he loves her and he wants her to be happy but he doesn't want to see her get hurt again. She says "you really love me Daddy?" He tells her of course he loves her and when she was young, he and her mother used to have so many hopes and dreams for her. He and Julian both tell her that they hoped when she returned to Harmony, she would be ready to recommit to the family but dating Luis isn't the way to do that. She tells them that Luis isn't like the other men that have used her. Alistair says he may not seem like it but Julian reminds her that he didn't buy their kiss the other night and figured Luis had an ulterior motive. Sheridan tells them he wasn't using her, she was helping him to prove that the Cranes had nothing to do with Martin's disappearance. Alistair says he believes her but she is not to see Luis. Sheridan says if it is that important to him, she won't see Luis. Alistair tells her she made the right decision. Julian then butts in and says there wasn't a need for her to see him anyway. Sheridan then says yes there is, Luis saved her life. She can just have one dinner with him. Julian says he forbids her and she goes off. Alistair tells Sheridan that Julian didn't mean it that way and she says he certainly did. She will just have one dinner with Luis and that's it. She says that no one can tell her what to do and she is going and that's final. She leaves and Alistair tells Julian he screwed everything up and they now have a big problem on their hands.

Luis & Hank:
Luis is at the Youth Center sporting a towel and shaving. He thinks about his conversation with Sam when he told Luis to be careful. Hank comes in and asks who she is. Luis asks him what he's talking about and Hank tells Luis he's known him for too long and if he is shaving at this time of the day and goes over the same spot twice, he has a date. Luis says he does have a date and Hank asks if it is Beth. Luis says no but he has something he needs to talk to him about. Hank jokes around and says he wants to guess. He asks if it is Sharon from the pool hall because she is hot. Luis says no, and Hank says he knows who it isn't and that's Sheridan. Luis asks Hank if he checked his messages today and he says no. Luis says he's taking Sheridan out and Hank doesn't believe him. He thinks that Luis is playing a joke. He says they are like oil and water and Luis hates all things Crane. Luis says as a whole yes, but he and Sheridan get along now. Hank asks if he's seriously taking Sheridan out and Luis says yes. Hank asks how he could steal his girl and Luis says that first of all, she's not his girl because they aren't exclusive and secondly, she and Sheridan have a lot in common now. Hank asks what happened and Luis says they danced a tango and he flashes back to their dance. Hank gets upset and they remind each other about old girlfriends they took from one another. Luis says if it's this big of a deal and it's going to ruin their friendship, he won't go out with her. Hank tells him no because he's right he and Sheridan aren't exclusive and besides, it's not like Luis will be any sort of competition later. Luis says "excuse me" and Hank says that if old man Alistair found out they were going out he would hit the roof. Luis asks if it is because he's Hispanic. Hank says no, but families that haven't been in the country for over 200 years aren't on the same level and he is quick to point out that the Bennett's have been in Harmony longer than the Cranes and they used to be really wealthy. Luis says yes, until the Cranes stole their land. Hank says there's the Luis he knows and loves...the one who hates the Cranes. Luis says he still does as a group, but Sheridan isn't like them at all. Hank asks if he is falling in love with her and Luis says it's just two people having some lobster and sharing a bottle of wine. Hank says he's pulling out all the stops and asks if he's planning on taking Sheridan to bed. Luis laughs and says he's really lost it, but they aren't in high school anymore and he is having dinner at a grown up restaurant. Hank says fine, but he will have Sheridan and she will be his forever.

Luis goes to pick up Sheridan and knocks on her door. Sheridan comes out in this red dress she checks her hair and then opens the door. Luis says "Wow! You look really beautiful!" and Sheridan smiles at him.

Hank is taking out his anger on the punching bag when a delivery guy comes in looking for Hank Bennett. He tells him he's Hank and asks what the package is. The delivery guy says he doesn't know and leaves. Hank opens it up and finds a cell phone. He remembers the last call he got from those people and when he smashed his phone. The phone in his hand starts ringing and he just sits it down and looks at it. He starts looking around to see if anyone was there.

Thursday, February 3, 2000 | Episode #152
Julian, Ivy, & Pilar:
Julian is pouring himself a drink when Ivy comes in and tells him to pour her one too. He tells her to do it herself and she inquires about his foul mood. He says that his sister is at the local's palace they call the Lobster Shack with Luis. Pilar overhears as she is passing by the living room and wonders what Luis is getting himself into. Ivy taunts Julian and says he and Alistair must be upset. He says yes and they already had a talk with her and he forbade her to go. Ivy says that was stupid because Sheridan doesn't like to take orders...especially from Julian. She guesses that Alistair played the "I just want what is best for the daughter I love" card and Julian says she is right. Ivy says it's just like Alistair to do something like that and she is delighted that Sheridan stood up for herself as it is about time. Julian says if he has to hear about how Alistair forced her to marry him one more time he's going to be sick. Ivy says that is exactly what happened and if Sheridan wants to be with Luis that is her business. Julian says Luis is just using her to bring the family to their knees and Ivy says that Luis is an honest man and would do no such thing. Ivy says if Sheridan wants to marry Luis and have 15 children with him, that is her prerogative. Julian laughs and says living on a cop's salary that would hardly cover her manicure bills is hardly a life. Ivy says if they have real love then it would make up for all of that. Julian says that Sheridan would be away for one week without her unlimited Crane expense account and then run screaming back to her cottage and book a 10-day reservation at a first class spa in Switzerland to get the enchilada smell out of her hair. Ivy tells him he is such a snob and he jokes saying imagine if the governor's daughter, Ivy Winthrop, would have met Sam Bennett when she was younger, she could have Grace's life running the bed and breakfast, serving tomato soup cake and running the junk shop. Ivy says it is an arts and crafts store and Julian says you'd have to be crafty to pass off that trash as art! She hits him with the fact that she bought all of the gifts he asked her to at Grace's store and he isn't too thrilled. She starts to leave and he says he isn't done discussing Sheridan and Luis with her. She tells him she already gave her opinion and he says something about getting close to Sam for Ethan's sake. Pilar has been milling about the whole time cleaning so she has heard everything and Julian says he needs to take care of that budding romance with...and his voice trails off. He tells Pilar he needs to make a phone call and shoos her out of the room. Pilar then tells Ivy she is up to no good and she will ruin everyone if she continues to pursue Sam. Ivy says she doesn't care and Pilar asks if that means she can hurt Ethan too. She tells her she doesn't need a lecture and asks if her stuff is packed for her trip. Julian comes in and asks what trip she is talking about and she tells him she is going skiing. He asks if she is going to San Moritz and she says she is going to a local resort. He wonders what she is up to and why she would go to a shoddy place like that. Ivy says it's not shoddy as they have just had a major renovation. He asks if that means that beer is now served in a glass! She leaves saying she has a few things to get before the store closes. Julian says to himself that she can't hide anything from him forever nor can Luis hide from the power of the Cranes.

Ethan, Theresa, & Whitney:
The jeweler tries several different things but the ring just won't budge from Theresa's finger. He says the only thing they can do is cut it off and Theresa says no. Ethan asks why they can't and she says it's bad luck after all that talk about the ring being the bond of the marriage. If it is broken, it isn't as special. Ethan says he usually isn't that superstitious, but agrees with Theresa. The jeweler jokes and says his suggestion is he can let Theresa keep the ring and he can marry her. Ethan says okay and that Theresa can keep the ring. Theresa looks like she is going to faint but then Ethan says she can wear it until if falls off. The jeweler questions Ethan about letting her keep that expensive ring and Ethan tells him she is his mother's personal assistant and his close friend. The jeweler apologizes and Ethan asks if she can stick around for a while and see if the ring comes off because he has to meet Gwen for dinner at the Lobster Shack. She says okay and Ethan goes to sign for the ring. Theresa starts harping about fate and that the ring is meant for her and Whitney tries to be the voice of reason, but you know how that goes...she doesn't listen.

The Lobster Shack:
Sheridan and Luis are shown to their table and Grace and Sam walk in right behind them. The waiter comes over to Sheridan & Luis' table and Sheridan orders a garden salad. He asks if she wants anything else and she says no. Luis looks at her and tells the waiter they need a few more minutes. Luis says they need to get a few things straight or he's going to take her home right now. He tells her they need to set some ground rules or else they are both going to leave there with a bad taste in their mouth. Luis tells her they need to tell each other what they are thinking no matter what and not worry if that sparks an argument. Sheridan jokes that they hardly ever argue. Luis says she needs to promise him one thing and she says he has to tell her the rule first. He says she has to order whatever she wants. He didn't invite her out so she can have a salad and a glass of water. If she wants three lobster tails or a pound of caviar, she should order it. Luis says he's not sure if they have caviar but if that is what she wants, he'll send them out to get it. When he takes a woman out it's first class all the way. Then he lightens up and says he's a little offended that she thinks he can't afford these prices since he is a great cop in this town. Sheridan laughs and says he did arrest her and then he asks if they can get the waiter back now. She says yes and when he comes back she orders her same salad and the biggest lobster they have. Luis orders the same thing and a bottle of wine. Sheridan tells him to make it their best bottle and asks Luis if she did okay. He smiles and tells her she did just fine.

Sam and Grace are talking and he sees Luis and Sheridan and tells Grace that is trouble. Grace looks over and says she thought they hated each other. Sam says that Alistair and Julian won't like this and they will do whatever they can to keep them apart. Grace can't believe they would interfere in her personal life like that and Sam says believe him because they do. She asks if he is talking from personal experience but figures it was a case. So he tells her how the working class boy fell for the rich girl but the family put on the pressure and she broke things off with him. Grace says that is really sad and he says he wants to talk about them and their weekend away together. The waiter comes over and tells Sam there is a call from Julian Crane for him and Sam says he will call him tomorrow but Grace tells him to go.

Sheridan asks Luis how things on the Harmony PD are going these days and he says there hasn't been any major busts or anything. She brings up the detective thing he had talked about before and Luis says he missed the test. Sheridan says she is surprised because she thought he would be the first one there. He says he was out of town and then she realizes they were in New Mexico and she apologizes. Luis tells her it's not her fault and he will take it next year. He really wants it because it will mean more money for his family and he wants to build up Theresa and Miguel's college funds and hopefully his mother could stop working at the mansion. Sheridan says she would like to see Pilar stop working because if there is anyone who deserves to sit back and enjoy life it is her. Sheridan tells Luis she has complete faith in him and he will accomplish his goal one day. Their lobster arrives and Sheridan is trying to dig the meat out with her fork and Luis tells her she'll never get the meat out that way. She gets a big fork full and he asks how she did that. Sheridan tells him practice practice practice and he jokes saying the Cranes get lobster all the time. She smiles at him and feeds him the lobster and he looks in her eyes the entire time. Then Gwen shows up and interrupts the moment. She says hi to Sheridan and Luis and Luis rolls his eyes and says "hey Gwen." Then Sam comes over and asks Luis if he can speak with him. Luis gives him a look like "I'm on a date leave me alone" and Sheridan tells him to go and she can talk to Gwen.

Luis asks Sam what this is all about and Sam says there was a large donation made to the PD to send one of the officers to the FBI training program in Quantico, VA. Luis asks what this has to do with him and Sam says his name was mentioned and this would make all of his dreams come true. Luis gets excited and then Sam tells him that Julian was the one who donated the money and tells Luis he knew this would happen. Sam says they made him an offer he can't refuse but the question remains, will he or won't he and walks away.

Gwen asks Sheridan if she is on a date with Luis and she gets all smiley and says she is. She says she remembers their conversation from the other day but she believes that people from different classes can have a relationship. Gwen agrees, but is afraid of what her family will do, they might try to buy Luis off. She asks Sheridan if she likes him and she says he has great character and integrity and he's not too bad to look at. Gwen smiles and says he is good looking. She asks again about possible bribes from her family but Sheridan says Luis wouldn't take them because he's not that kind of man.

Gwen is waiting at the table when Ethan arrives. She tells him she almost ordered without him and he says she would have missed the five course meal that is being sent to his bedroom as they speak. She gets excited and asks where he has been. Ethan tells her it is a surprise that will affect their lives forever and they leave.

Grace and Sam are walking on the docks outside and talking about their trip away and Grace brings up that poor boy that was forced to give up his love. Ivy is listening in and Grace basically says that the man wouldn't just forget a love like that and is sure that the woman is still in love with him. Ivy says that she knew Sam still had feelings for her and smiles thinking she will be able to get him back.

Luis and Sheridan are eating their dessert and Sheridan tells him he's been really quiet since he got done talking with Sam. Luis tells her how a person donated the money to the police department and that he would get to go to VA for 5 weeks for training and he would definitely get his promotion. Sheridan tells him she is really happy for him and he deserves that. Luis says it is what he has always dreamed of but Julian is the one who donated the money. Sheridan says it's a bribe and Luis agrees. He says it's to keep him from investigating their involvement with Martin and Sheridan adds to keep him away from her. She tells him it's a really good opportunity and then thinks to herself that this is the test that she and Gwen were talking about. She thinks to herself that Luis was the one man she thought her family couldn't buy but she was wrong. She picks up her coffee cup and lowers her head and tears start slipping out of her eyes. Luis looks over at her and asks why she is crying and she looks up at him with tears in her eyes as the show fades out.

Friday, February 4, 2000 | Episode #153
Ivy is perturbed to overhear Sam promising Grace he'll make love to her all night, every night during their second honeymoon at Snow Mountain. Julian boasts to his father about the magnificent way he's managed to erase Luis from Sheridan's life. At the Lobster Shack, Sheridan assures a puzzled Luis that her tears are prompted by joy at hearing his exciting news. Kay relates to an astonished Simone how Reese accused Tabitha of being a mermaid. Meanwhile, Tabitha explains to Timmy her new scheme for tricking Charity into killing Miguel so she can be pulled over the dark side before her powers fully mature. Luis surprises Sheridan by revealing that he turned down her brother's offer to send him to Quantico for FBI training. Tabitha invites her teenaged neighbors and their pals over for tea, but not before sprinkling one of the cups with a potent poison. Irked when Ivy intrudes on their evening with the Russell's, Sam brusquely prevents his wife from blurting out the destination for their upcoming trip. Charity screams in horror after reading Miguel's fate in her tea leaves. Alistair hints to Julian that Ivy has been keeping a secret from him for years. After her guests depart, Tabitha is dismayed to discover that the poisoned tea Miguel spilled has eaten into Timmy's leg.

A disappointed Sheridan assumes Luis accepted Julian's offer to train with the FBI. She tries to hide her hurt as she congratulates Luis - the training will almost certainly get him promoted to detective. Sheridan is shocked when Luis tells her he turned down Julian's offer. He knew Julian was trying to bribe him to stay away from Sheridan. Luis insists on earning a promotion on his own merit. Meanwhile, Julian assures his father he has put an end to Luis and Sheridan's romance. Julian learns Alistair knows secrets about Ivy. Alistair ominously tells Julian he won't reveal what he knows unless Ivy gets out of hand.

Ivy suffers silently as she spies Sam and Grace kissing on the pier. Sam and Grace invite TC and Eve over to their house where a discussion about first loves makes Sam uncomfortable. Sam's face darkens when Ivy shows up unexpectedly. Grace almost tells Ivy where she and Sam are vacationing, but Sam frantically stops his wife before she can say. Everyone is stunned by Sam's vehemence.

Back to her old self, Tabitha resumes her plot to have Miguel die by Charity's hands. She invites her young adversaries over and makes sure Charity hands Miguel a cup of poisoned tea. Tabitha watches with bated breath as Miguel raises the cup to his mouth. Suddenly, Charity freaks out and screams in terror when she sees something in her tea leaves.

February 2000