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February 2000


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Monday, February 7, 2000 | Episode #154
Theresa smiles during an erotic dream about Ethan. Pilar warns Luis that getting close to Sheridan will bring swift retaliation from Julian and Alistair. At the Crane mansion Sheridan triumphantly informs her brother that Luis rejected the bride. Hank teases Charity upon finding her reading her tea leaves and is instantly sorry when she becomes distraught again. Tabitha sews a new leg for Timmy who entreats his princess to bring to an end her plotting against Miguel and her girlfriend. Though Tabitha insists that their very lives depend on conquering Charity, Timmy suggests that they run away together and find a happy new home free from Fluffy and the other forces of evil. Gwen is thrilled to intercept a message for Ethan from the jeweler. Ivy gives a pleasantly surprised Sheridan her seal of approval for pursuing a romance with a man from the lower classes. Tabitha confides to Timmy that she'd give up her nasty way of life in a heartbeat if it weren't for the demons in the basement. Theresa allows Luis to believe that the diamond she is suddenly sporting is an authentic looking fake.

Tuesday, February 8, 2000 | Episode #155
The Bennett House:
Charity comes into the house saying she couldn't stop Grace and Sam. Miguel and Simone come in, saying they heard yelling. Charity says she senses that Sam and Grace are in danger, and Miguel reassures her. Kay comes in and says, "Mom and Dad are in danger?" Charity says they don't even know they need a warning. Kay looks for the phone number of the cell phone. Kay asks how Charity knows they're in the mountains and Miguel asks why he thinks they're in danger, but Charity is practically hysterical. Kay calls the number. Charity says she saw the danger in the tea leaves and Kay can't believe her. She tells her parents she hopes they have a good time and Sam tells her he's not worried about anything. Kay totally reams Charity out for scaring her for nothing. She says the tea leaves and premonitions aren't real and Charity apologizes. Miguel tells Kay to cut Charity some slack. He goes to comfort Charity and Simone yells at Kay for being mean. Kay says she's found a way to get Miguel. Charity tells Miguel she knows Sam and Grace are in danger. Kay apologizes to Charity and gives her some tea. Charity sees more danger in the tea leaves but doesn't want to say what. Kay says, "Here we go," and Miguel goes over to give her a hug. Kay wonders why she isn't blond and able to think of a stunt to get Miguel's comfort. Charity says her new premonition is horrible. She says she saw broken things and emotional pain--broken hearts. Kay still doesn't believe her.

Sam and Grace:
Sam and Grace are in the car and Grace says she can't believe he planned the whole time. Sam says he just wants Grace to himself and Grace says she loves him and she'll show him how much. Sam gloats about how nobody knows and nobody will disturb them. Grace says she told Charity and Sam asks who would Charity tell. They remember the first time they went up to the lodge in their junky old car. Sam says he wouldn't trade a minute of his time w/ Grace for a thousand years with anyone else. They talk about how happy Charity and Miguel are and Grace says she hopes things work out for them. She recalls the story Sam told her about the unhappy girl who lost her man. Sam has a flashback of him and Ivy and he swerves the car on the road. He gets back on track and they both exclaim about the moose in the middle of the road. Grace says something like this makes her realize how precious time is and she moves closer to Sam. He says he doesn't want to lose control on the road and she says it can wait until they get to the hotel.

Ivy's Plane/The Lodge:
Ivy is in her plane and the pilot says there is a snow delay, but Ivy says to do whatever it takes to land on time or he'll be fired. She says her plan has to work and she wonders how she could have been so stupid. She says it should have been her second honeymoon. The pilot says the runway is clear and they'll be ahead of schedule. Ivy says that Sam will realize that their life together is the right thing. Ivy walks into the hotel and asks for the room next to Sam and Grace's room. She has some trouble getting the room but her status gets her what she wants. She says Sam and Grace are not to know she is here and thinks to herself that her plan is working perfectly. When she gets to the room and tells the manager to unlock the adjoining door to the Bennett's room. She also asks him to personally escort them to their room. He leaves and she peeks into the other room, which is decorated with flowers. She asks herself why she let Sam go and lies down on the bed fantasizing about her and Sam just as Sam and Grace are opening the door to their room.

The Youth Center:
Hank says he hopes he didn't surprise Sheridan and she says no, the flowers are exquisite and must have been expensive. He asks for a proper thank you and she hugs him just as Luis walks in. Hank says hi and puts his arm around Sheridan, saying they have a date. Luis says he hopes they have a good time and he has a lot of paper work to do. He says he has to work on his presentation to ask city to renew the youth center's funding. He goes out to his car and Sheridan looks sad. Hanks asks if Sheridan knew who sent her the flowers or if she wanted them to be from Luis. She says she's really looking forward to going out w/ Hank. Beth comes in and gives Sheridan some mini horses from a garage sale. Luis comes back and Hank points out how their future wives can really get along. He says since Sheridan is going out with him, Luis must not have made an impression on her. Luis asks if Hank will really marry Sheridan and Hank says she'll realize she can't live w/o him, just like Beth does for Luis. The girls come in and her and Hank go to check out equipment at the garage sale. Sheridan and Luis are alone and she tells him she had a great time last night and Luis agrees. Hank bursts in and Luis comes to look at the equipment. He tells Beth she's always there when she needs him. Hank promises Sheridan a special, different time on their date. Sheridan looks on while Luis and Beth laugh together. Hank says they've always been happy together and Sheridan says they look close. Hank says everyone in town is waiting for Luis and Beth to get married and he also says Sheridan should ask Luis for the night off. She goes to the office and hears Beth asking Luis about their future. Beth says she's heard all about him and Sheridan and even though she likes Sheridan, she always thought she could have a future with Luis. She wants to know if she's just wasting her time.

The Crane Mansion:
Ethan asks Theresa if she got the ring off and he tries to pull it off as Gwen walks in. Gwen says she's sure she saw a ring on Theresa's finger and asks Ethan what's going on. She says they are both hiding something from her and Ethan says Theresa hurt her finger. Gwen asks to see it and Ethan says there's nothing she can do. They suggest that Theresa make an ice pack and the kitchen and Ethan sends Gwen to his room. He tells Theresa Gwen saw the ring's picture and Theresa has to get it off. Pilar walks in and says if Theresa loved Ethan, she would put his interests first instead of causing him pain. Theresa says she does love him, she is just a better match for him than Gwen. She says fate put the ring on her finger and asks Pilar to tell Gwen she hurt her finger, but her mom refuses and tells Theresa to stop the deceit. Meanwhile, Ethan is making up a lame story about how he thinks Gwen should buy a laptop. Gwen says she knows it a cover up and she can't believe what Ethan is doing. Gwen says Theresa must be engaged and when is the wedding? Ethan insists there was no ring on her finger, and Gwen says it doesn't matter because Ethan is the best anyway. She heads downstairs to see the ring. Theresa asks if she really wants to see it while Ethan shakes his head no in the background. Theresa has turned the ring into her palm and says she doesn't want to show the stone until she "officially" receives the ring. Gwen shows Theresa the ring's picture and says Ethan will propose on Valentine's Day. Gwen says she'd like to help Theresa get the ring off. Theresa won't let her and asks Gwen not to mention the ring to Pilar. Gwen agrees and searches Ethan for the ring, but Ethan and Gwen just leave. Pilar comes in and again reprimands Theresa for the trouble she's caused. Theresa says Ethan will never break her heart.

Wednesday, February 9, 2000 | Episode #156
Tabitha's House:
Timmy is busy making a valentine that says "Timmy + Charity." Tabitha walks in and he covers it up. He asks what's wrong and she says she's worried about Charity. He offers her a double martimmy but she says she must find out a way to get rid of Charity because the closer she gets to Miguel the stronger her powers and if her ESP keeps evolving Timmy and Tabby will be doomed. Timmy looks at his valentine and says maybe Tabby should rest until after Valentine's Day because she's been working too hard. Tabby says there's no such thing and then she gets an idea for her next plan to destroy Miguel and get Charity to the dark side. She says maybe she was just trying too hard and she'll just wait for a natural situation to get rid of them instead of forcing the issue. They head to Grace's shop to wait for an opportunity.

The Hospital:
Eve is checking up on Orville and says he'll be going home soon. He reminds her that he doesn't have a home and she apologizes for setting the fire. He says it's OK because he understands why she did it. She says she couldn't risk anyone finding out about her past. She offers to pay for Orville to stay in Harmony Hills, an assisted living home, just as Chad walks in and asks why Eve feels so guilty about Orville's apartment burning down. Eve says they've become close and Orville agrees. Chad says he wishes they could bond like that so Eve could pay for his apartment. Chad wants to talk to Orville but Eve won't let him. Chad says he's sick of Harmony and Eve says maybe he should leave. Chad asks why she wants him to leave so badly, and Eve tells him to leave or she'll call security. As he leaves, Eve reminds him to stay away from Simone.

The Bennett House:
Charity is telling Miguel about her "broken hearts" premonition and she says she doesn't want to see any more. Miguel comforts her. Kay says she's so sick of Charity's premonitions. Simone says that Charity's mom had premonitions too and it must run in the family. Kay says the only thing that runs in Charity's family is insanity and she wishes a mental doctor could hear Charity right now because they'd lock her up. Then Kay gets an idea and sends Charity and Miguel to Grace's shop. Simone can't believe Kay just sent them off alone, but Kay says she's come up with a plan to get Miguel forever. Kay says that Faith had mental problems too and she goes on the net to find a name for Charity's psychosis. Jessica comes in and can't believe Kay wants Charity locked away. Kay denies that she wants Charity committed, but Jessica doesn't believe her and threatens to tell their parents. There is a knock on the door and Chad comes in. Simone wants him to stay but he says he can't because of Eve. She asks him about Orville and tells him not to be discouraged. He thinks of how he almost got into the trunk in the apartment and says he felt like he had all the answers in his hands at that moment. Kay says by next week Charity will be in a loony bin and Miguel will be hers. Chad is about to leave just as Eve walks in and asks what he's doing. Chad goes into the kitchen and Eve yells at Simone. Kay says she invited Chad over. Then Kay tells Eve she is worried about Charity and Eve offers to check her out. Kay asks if Charity will have to be put away. She says the premonitions are really scary and Eve says she's worried too. Eve offers to go over the shop and Kay goes with her. Chad and Simone decide to go too, which really riles Eve.

Grace's Shop:
Miguel and Charity arrive at the shop and say hi to Jessica. Jessica asks if Charity is okay and she says yes, they're just taking over for Jessica. Jessica leaves and Charity says she can't shake this feeling. Miguel urges her to tell what she sees. She says she sees people with broken hearts standing in the rain. Miguel looks away and says he had a broken heart once. Charity says she doesn't know if she's ever had a broken heart because she can't remember her life before the fire, and Miguel says he knows. Charity asks Miguel if his feelings for the other girl are the same as the feelings he has for Charity and he says exactly the same. She asks what happened and he says she moved away. Charity asks Miguel if he misses the other girl. Miguel takes Charity's hands and says he doesn't miss her because the other girl is Charity. When he thought she was moving it broke his heart. Charity asks if he thinks that two people their age can develop feelings that last a lifetime and he says yes if they take it slow and savor every moment. They remember their first kiss and Miguel suggests they try a second kiss to see if it's as good as the first. They share a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Ruth is walking around and she offers to sell Eve some artwork (the bird) but Eve declines and sends her to Grace's shop. Eve comments on how familiar Ruth looks. As Charity and Miguel are kissing, Tabitha and Timmy peek in the window and Tabby says they must stop this before Charity's ESP gets too strong and she figures out who Tabby really is. As she is looking over Miguel's shoulder, Charity sees Tabitha and gives her a strange look. Timmy says now Timmy and Tabby are dead for sure! Charity comes out and asks Tabitha not to say anything to Grace about what she saw because her and Miguel were supposed to be watching the shop. Tabitha goes inside to look around and Miguel comes out. Charity says their second kiss was just as wonderful as the first and Miguel agrees. Ruth comes to the shop and wants to sell the bird to Charity. Tabitha becomes interested. Charity takes the bird and suddenly has a horrible premonition. She says a family will be torn apart by the bird. She says the family is getting closer (Eve, Simone, Chad, and Kay are getting closer to the shop at the same time). Timmy asks what family will be destroyed and Tabitha says more than one.

Youth Center:
Beth repeats her question to Luis and he doesn't know what to say. She says she just wants to know what's going on with him and Sheridan; until she does, she can't go on w/ her life. Sheridan waits anxiously outside the door to hear Luis' answer. Luis says that actually, Sheridan has a date w/ Hank tonight. Beth says well, that says a lot--if Luis were really interested he wouldn't let Sheridan go out with Hank. Sheridan looks really frustrated. Just then, Hank comes up and asks Sheridan if she's talked to Luis about getting out early, and she asks Luis as he comes out of the office. He says fine, have a good time. Beth takes Luis' arm and says yeah, have a really good time. Luis says to take the rest of the day off and Sheridan leaves for the Book Cafe, but not before her and Luis give each other a longing look. Hank tells Luis that he and Beth are meant to be together. Luis says his love life is none of Hank's business but Hank says it is as long as Luis is interested in Sheridan. Hank says he will show Luis up and challenges him to a basketball game because he is feeling lucky. They start to play and they trade insults. Luis says Hank can't just buy a woman off. Hank says he is winning anyway, the score is 3-1. Luis says he will win. They tie the game and Luis triumphantly scores the winning point. He asks what if Sheridan doesn't want either of them. Hank says they are the two best guys in the world and Luis says he's a dreamer. Hank says that all is fair in love and war and he will make Sheridan his as he walks out.

The Crane Mansion/The Book Cafe:
Julian's phone rings and of course it's Alistair. He says the Sheridan & Luis situation is intolerable but he has an idea to keep them apart. He asks Julian if he can do it without screwing up and Julian reassures him. Alistair reminds Julian that the family will be ruined otherwise. He tells Julian to contact Sheridan at the Book Cafe and gently persuade her to leave Luis by appealing to her conscience. Julian wonders how the whole "conscience" thing works and Alistair tells him if will work if he just follows instructions. Julian sits at Sheridan's table in the Book Cafe and says he is proud of her for embracing the Crane family values. She asks what he means and he says she is playing God with other people's lives. He says she has both Luis and Hank wrapped around her finger and Beth is left hanging. He says deep down she loves the Crane power, admit it. He asks how it feels to play God with someone she supposedly admired because he can't be bought off--Luis?

The Ski Lodge:
Ivy is fantasizing about her and Sam in bed as the Bennett's head inside their room. Grace tells Sam she knows he has something romantic planned and the manager tells Grace and Sam that they will be overwhelmed by what they find inside. However, the door sticks and Ivy hears them fiddling with the knob. She runs out just as Sam and Grace come in. Grace comments on how lovely and romantic everything is, and Sam wonders why the bed is unmade. The manager apologizes and straightens the sheets. Sam tips him and he leaves. Grace tries her chocolates and says Sam is the most wonderful man. Sam says she is the best person in the world and she deserves this. They kiss as Ivy listens at the adjoining door. She says it's painful to listen to them but she must gather information so she can make Sam hers. Sam asks Grace how she wants to be romanced and she says she wants to dance. She turns on the radio and it's Sam and Ivy's song. He tries to get her to put on a different song but she insists. As he dances with Grace, both Sam and Ivy have a flashback of when they danced to the song. Ivy vows to be back in Sam's arms soon. Sam notices there are no white tulips like he wanted and heads down to go get some. As he is walking down the hall, Ivy steps from around a corner, grabs him, and kisses him! He pulls away but she kisses him again. Grace notices Sam forgot his wallet and heads out of the room to give it to him while Sam and Ivy are still kissing.

Thursday, February 10, 2000 | Episode #157
The Youth Center/Luis & Pilar:
Luis comes out of the shower and tells Hank he doesn't want any bad blood between them. Hank says he is the one who Sheridan wants and Luis says what if she doesn't want either of us? Hank says the Bennett's go back farther in Harmony than the Cranes and even if he doesn't have much money, he'd marry Sheridan right now if she was ready. Luis points out that Hank has only had two dates with Sheridan but Hank says that Luis wants the same thing. He says Luis should admit that he wants to marry Sheridan too. Luis says he's crazy and just because he went out to dinner with her, that doesn't mean he'll marry her. Hank says Luis couldn't date a member of the Crane family unless he really liked Sheridan...or even loved her. Luis says Hank is playing with his head. Hank says the Cranes will never approve of Sheridan marrying Luis and she could never be cut off from her family like that. Luis agrees and Hank says if Luis really knows that a relationship will not work, he shouldn't lead Sheridan on. Luis heads for the Book Cafe and meets Pilar, who has been talking to Julian about keeping Luis and Sheridan apart. They go for a walk and she asks Luis if he's considered going out with Sheridan again. Luis says he's starting to wonder if a relationship with her is a good idea anymore. Pilar says she loves them both and doesn't want them hurt. Luis says logically it would never work, but if two people love each other, why should anything matter? Pilar says sometimes love isn't enough and she doesn't want either of them to suffer additional pain. She says whatever he decides will be best for both him and Sheridan.

The Book Cafe:
Julian tells Sheridan she is playing a dangerous game by dating Luis because a relationship with him won't last. He says she has everyone in the palm of her hand and she'll leave nothing but destruction in her wake. Is that what she wants? He smirks to himself when she is speechless. She says she doesn't want to hurt anyone. Julian says Luis will hate her when their relationship ends in disaster. She asks what if Luis is the man she has been looking for all her life? Julian says what if they continued the relationship--would Luis really want to marry a rich woman, especially a Crane? Why lead Luis on, unless she really doesn't care? He leaves and Beth offers Sheridan more coffee and talks about how great Luis is. She says nobody takes relationships more seriously than Luis and he's really sensitive. She says she'd hate to see him hurt like he was when he and Beth broke up. Sheridan says maybe she shouldn't see him anymore. Luis comes to the Book Cafe and says hi to Sheridan. Then Hank walks in and tells Beth she must make a move on Luis tonight if she wants him. He goes to Sheridan and takes her for their date. Again, they give each other longing looks as Sheridan is leaving.

Grace's Shop:
While walking to Grace's shop, Kay informs Eve about Charity's "mental problems." Eve says maybe something is wrong, but she'll have to talk to her to find out. Kay is sure that once Eve talks to Charity, she'll lock Charity up and then Kay can have Miguel all to herself. At the shop, Charity asks why she has such terrible premonitions. Timmy asks Tabitha who'll get hurt and Tabby says the truth is about to hit the fan. She says someone is coming who has a perfect life and her life will be destroyed and she doesn't even know it. Tabby says the truth will always come out, as will the mystery person's secret. Meanwhile, Eve is thinking to herself about how glad she is the bird is destroyed. Miguel says Charity doesn't really think the bird could destroy an entire family, does she? Tabby says Charity is indeed right, and the family could be destroyed any minute. Ruth says she'll look around while they decide whether to sell the bird. Eve's party comes in and Charity tells Eve she's had another premonition. Kay says she knew something was wrong with Charity. Tabby says there's more to the bird than meets the eye. She asks Eve what could cause Charity to be so upset and Eve says it's stress. Miguel tells Chad that Charity got upset over a bird statue and Chad says it can't be the same one from Orville's apartment. Just then Ruth drops the bird statue on the floor. Kay picks it up before anyone can see and Eve and Charity go into the back room to talk. Miguel tells Ruth they don't want the bird and she says someone will buy it eventually. Meanwhile, Charity tells Eve about all her premonitions. When she mentions the bird statue, Eve wonders if it's Orville's. Charity asks what's wrong and Eve says she just thinks Charity is just suffering stress from all the pain of losing her mother, etc. Charity says her premonitions seem so real and Eve says her mind needs more time to adjust. Charity says she's lucky to have such good family and friends but she can't shake the feeling that people close to her will be hurt. Ruth leaves the shop and Tabitha follows her, saying the bird may be useful. Charity says the bad feelings left with the bird. Kay says Charity doesn't sound better and maybe she should go to a hospital. Eve says she just needs love and support. Kay says what if it becomes an obsession? Eve says she'll be fine and Kay vows to prove that Charity's crazy. Charity says from now on, she'll just think of something else whenever she gets a bad feeling. Miguel says she should just think of him and Kay is disgusted, saying Charity is flakier than a box of cereal. She calls Miguel aside and says they should go to a movie to get Charity's mind off of things. Simone asks what Kay is up to and Kay says she'll give Charity the push she needs to go off the edge. Meanwhile, Tabitha tells Ruth she wants to buy the bird and after a little debate on price, Tabby makes the purchase.

The Ski Lodge:
Ivy continues to kiss Sam just as Grace heads out of the hotel room with Sam's wallet. Then Grace spots a maid and asks if she can get Sam's jacket pressed. The maid says yes and they go back into the room to get the coat. Sam pulls away from Ivy and asks is she crazy? She says don't tell her he hasn't missed her. He asks if she followed him and she says maybe he followed her. He says that's bull and he would never follow her. Ivy asks then why did you close your eyes when we were kissing? Sam says it doesn't matter, he and Grace are leaving. Ivy asks if he would really ruin the trip because of her? Her effect on him must be really powerful. Sam tells her it's over but Ivy says she never stopped loving him. She says their love lasts forever and he can't be in love with Grace the same way he's in love with her. Sam says she's crazy. Ivy says remember all the good times we had and Sam says the only thing he remembers is her leaving him for Julian. Ivy says it was a mistake and she wants him back. Sam says he's going back to Grace. Grace comes back into the hall and Sam tells Ivy to stay away from them. Ivy says to herself that she is back in Sam's life to stay. Sam says hi to Grace and she says she knows why he didn't get the tulips...he forgot his wallet. Sam says she deserves better and suggests they go to a different hotel. Grace insists on staying and they make plans to have dinner in the room and make love all night. As they go in the room, Ivy says before the night is over, Sam will be with her. In the room, Sam checks the lock on the adjoining door as Grace comes in her nightgown. They start kissing and Grace says they should order dinner before it's too late. Ivy opens the door of her room to let the bellboy in with a dinner for two. She instructs him to send it to the couple in the room next door compliments of the hotel. She comments on the lovely mango parfait and how Sam is allergic to mango. She sends the boy to get more ice and puts several drops of a liquid in each mango parfait. She says since Grace will be the only one eating mango, Ivy will be the only one getting Sam. The dinner is delivered to the Bennett's and Grace says everything looks so perfect. When Grace comments on the smell of jasmine, he has a flashback of a dinner with Ivy and he knows Ivy sent the meal. Sam asks the boy who really sent the dinner but the boy has a cover up. Ivy listens for a minute and closes her door, satisfied. Grace and Sam finish their dinner and Grace says everything was perfect except the jasmine. Sam gets a faraway look in his eyes and in the other room Ivy says she can feel Sam thinking about her. She says Sam will never be able to make love to Grace again after tonight. Ivy is pacing, saying Sam must be thinking of her. Meanwhile, Sam lays Grace down on the bed and starts to kiss her and undress her. Grace mentions the smell of jasmine and suddenly, Sam hears Ivy's voice and sees her face instead of Grace's.

Friday, February 11, 2000 | Episode #158
Sheridan & Hank/Gwen & Ethan:
While Sheridan is on her date at the Lobster Shack with Hank, she flashes back to her dinner with Luis. She orders the same wine they ordered and Hank asks if she's thinking about Luis. Hank says he should have taken Sheridan somewhere else but she says it's ok. She says she loves the local atmosphere and her and Hank discover they like the same restaurant in Paris. Hank says Luis has hardly ever been out of Harmony but Sheridan defends him. Hank says Luis is one of a kind, but is he Sheridan's kind? Sheridan asks if Hank could be bought off by the Cranes. Hank says he wouldn't if it had to do with Sheridan. He says he rolls with the punches but Luis is really serious and can get hurt more easily. Then he suggests they go for the second part of their date. They arrive at the skating pond and they agree what a great idea is was to go there. Gwen comes over and shows Sheridan the picture of the ring and says how excited she is. She asks is Sheridan on a date with Hank? Sheridan says yes, but by mistake. She says she's never met anyone like Luis and she'll have to make sure of her feelings before going further with him. Ethan comes over and Gwen says she can't wait until midnight. She begs Ethan to give her the ring immediately. Hank sits next to Sheridan and comments on the development of their relationship. Sheridan says she doesn't want anyone hurt and Hank says he won't be hurt.

Julian and Alistair are talking and Julian is sure his conversation with Sheridan has had an effect on her. Alistair says he's proud that Julian didn't screw up. Julian says he feels sorry that Sheridan is such a loser. Alistair accuses him of sucking up and tells him to focus on the problem. He says Sheridan has a mind of her own and could become a problem. Julian says he made it clear to Pilar to keep Sheridan and Luis apart. Alistair reminds Julian that the family could be destroyed if Luis finds out too much. Alistair says their current plan is foolproof but Julian says what if it doesn't work? Alistair says maybe Luis will experience his father's fate if he pries too much. Alistair says when he's done with Luis, he'll wish he never even heard the name Crane.

Luis & Beth...& Sheridan:
Luis is punching a punching bag and he flashes back to Hank taking Sheridan on a date. He hits the bag harder and Beth enters and asks why he's so upset. He says he's relieving stress. Beth says he must be really upset and asks if he's eaten. She has brought a picnic dinner for them. Beth begins to talk to Luis about how she always expected to get married to Luis and she thought they still stood a chance but now she's not so sure. She asks Luis again if he's fallen for Sheridan. Luis says he doesn't really know what's going on because they've only been on one date but Beth says they have spent a lot of time together. Luis says he doubts Sheridan is even looking for a commitment and he doesn't think he's ready for one either. He tells Beth that if he finds out the Cranes are tied to his dad's disappearance, he'll break ties with Sheridan for sure. Luis and Beth go to the skating pond and start tying their skates as Sheridan skates by. Beth leaves to get snacks, and Luis straightens up and sees Sheridan. He calls to her and skates toward her. They bump into each other and go flying into the snow. Luis tells Sheridan he had to get to her and gently touches her face.

Whitney, Ethan, & Theresa:
Whitney and Theresa arrive at the skating pond at the same time Gwen and Ethan arrive. Theresa says maybe she will show Gwen the ring. Whitney asks if Theresa has lost her mind. Theresa is sure however that Ethan will never be angry at her. Ethan comes over and asks about the ring. He says he needs it because he's giving it to Gwen at midnight. He tells Theresa to keep trying and leaves. Theresa decides if she is wearing the ring on Valentine's Day, it means she's his sweetheart. Whitney says maybe Theresa is psychologically making her finger swell and all she has to do is concentrate to get the ring off. Theresa can't get the ring off and looks up to see Gwen and Ethan kissing. Theresa insists that if she can't get the ring off, it means she's meant for Ethan. She threatens to hold her hand so Gwen will see the ring, but Whitney stops her. Ethan skates past and wonders what to do about the ring. Theresa begins to plan what wedding band will go with the engagement ring.

The Book Cafe:
Eve is deep in thought and tells TC how worried Kay is about Charity's premonitions. She denies that anything bad will happen to anyone and TC agrees. He comments on how happy Grace and Sam must be on their trip.

Tabby says there's something special about the bird but can't figure out what. She says it was a waste of money and hands it to Timmy. He tips it over and it comes apart to reveal the red envelope! Tabby opens the envelope to find very risque pictures of Eve. Timmy knows Eve is toast if TC finds the pictures and Tabby says she did warn Eve about it (when she pretended to be a gypsy). She tells Timmy she'll make the gypsy's prophecy come true and runs off with Tim-Tim in tow. She heads into the Book Cafe to talk to TC and Eve. She plays with Eve's head by asking her about birds and their secrets. Chad comes and offers Tabby tea, then leaves. Then Tabby goes into a story about a bird that dies in a fire, then brings up Orville's apartment burning down. Eve flashes back to when she set the fire and Tabby says maybe Orville has a bird that will rise above the ashes like the bird in her story. Eve gets freaked out and leaves to "go check on a patient." Tabby comments to Timmy that everything is going great. Eve calls the police to find out if anything survived the fire, especially the bird statue, and the police offer to get back to her. Timmy says he feels sorry for Eve because she's a good doctor but Tabby says Eve's life will be destroyed. TC comments to Eve about how occupied she's been with Orville and Chad comes up and expresses his wishes that Orville could remember more information. Eve promises to let Chad know anything important and Chad says, yeah, to get him out of Harmony. Tabitha, meanwhile, tells Timmy it's time for a little game of show and tell. She says she could give TC the bird or send it to the head of the hospital. What should she do? Timmy says what did Eve ever do to Tabby? She says Eve has done nothing but save Charity and it's time for Tabby to pay her back. She decides to just leave the red envelope out so TC can find it by himself. She goes over and places the envelope on TC and Eve's table.

The Ski Lodge:
Sam is kissing Grace and Ivy says by now he must be thinking of her. Suddenly Sam sees Ivy's face and hears her voice instead of Grace's! Grace asks if something is wrong and Sam says something is very wrong. Ivy says the scent of her perfume on Sam's pillow has distracted him again. She says Sam should tell Grace he doesn't love her anymore. Sam tells Grace there's no music she says he's a true romantic. He puts on a song and Ivy listens, frustrated. Sam and Grace are dancing, and Ivy is going crazy listening to them. Suddenly the room goes quiet and Ivy realizes that she needs a man to make love to her, and it has to be Sam--tonight. Sam and Grace make love and drink champagne. Grace is acting a little drunk. They start to kiss again. Ivy fixes her hair and prepares to go into Sam and Grace's room because she hasn't heard a sound for a while. She heads into the room, where Sam and Grace are asleep. She notices Grace ate both desserts so she'll be out for the night. After watching Sam for a minute, she calls for him to wake up. He looks over at her and she tells him to come to her. At first he thinks it's Grace but then Ivy steps into the light and drops her robe to the floor! Sam is really shocked as Ivy stands naked in front of him.

Monday, February 14, 2000 | Episode #159
Luis and Sheridan are skating and Luis calls to Sheridan. He runs into her and they are knocked into the snow. He says she was in danger of the thin ice and she says she's beginning to think she can't live her life without him. Hank and Beth talk about how Beth may still have a future with Luis. Hank says Luis will never go anywhere with Sheridan. Meanwhile, Luis helps Sheridan up and they get really close. Beth sees them together and says maybe she spoke too soon. Sheridan and Luis skate over and Sheridan tells them how Luis saved her life. Hank and Sheridan go to get something to drink and Beth and Luis decide to do the same. Luis skates off but Beth looks really ticked off. Hank and Sheridan begin skating together and so do Beth and Luis; but the whole time Sheridan and Luis are looking at each other. Hank says he wants to do the date the right way and he wants to kiss Sheridan. Beth tells Luis it looks like Hank is making his move and if Sheridan kisses him they'll know how they really feel.

Gwen is telling Ethan how midnight is drawing close, and Ethan says he doesn't know what she's talking about. Gwen says she can't wait to feel the ring on her finger. Ethan notices how Sheridan and Luis are looking at each other and says he's never seen Sheridan look at anyone that way before. Gwen says she knows Sheridan likes Luis but it won't work out because they're from such different worlds. Gwen says she's really glad she fell in love with Ethan because he'd never break her heart. Gwen and Theresa exchange congratulatory looks and Gwen wants to go over by Theresa but Ethan stops her. He says maybe Theresa hasn't told Luis yet. Gwen says she knows the real reason he doesn't want her to see and it has nothing to do with Luis. She says he doesn't want the two girls comparing sweet! Hank comes over with Sheridan and offers to skate w/ Gwen while Sheridan sits out for a while. Sheridan sits down next to Ethan and he says what's going on w/ Luis? She says nothing and she's had a talk w/ Julian about her love life. Ethan is mad that Julian did that and Sheridan says actually, Julian made sense and she knows a relationship won't work. He says nobody has to get hurt and it can work. She changes the topic to him and Gwen and Ethan says he had the whole proposal planned out but now the ring is on Theresa's finger. Sheridan asks is Ethan in love with Theresa? Ethan explains the whole story. The clock begins to strike and Gwen comes back and demands that Ethan give her the ring. They skate off and Gwen gives a touching speech about how her insecurities are gone and she promises to be a loving, honest wife to him. She asks him to marry her and he accepts. They kiss as Theresa looks on. Gwen tells Ethan it's his turn to propose.

Theresa still claims she can't get the ring off her finger and then her and Whitney notice Luis and Sheridan. Theresa says if Luis can get that close to a Crane, so can she. Whitney says that is really a stretch. Theresa says fate is making everything fall into place for her. Luis skates over by them and notices Theresa's ring. He still thinks it's a fake. Theresa says the Cranes aren't so bad after all, now are they? Luis says Theresa's just trying to justify her crush on Ethan and Theresa says he and Sheridan have something going on. Luis says he was only doing his job and Hank is here with Sheridan. He leaves and Theresa says even if he doesn't know it, Luis is in love with Sheridan. She starts planning a double wedding. Whitney notices Simone and Chad and can't believe it. Theresa says maybe Simone is in love too. Simone is teaching to Chad to skate and Whitney gets mad. Theresa says maybe Chad really likes Simone and Whitney says well, Eve will be angry about them. Theresa says parents don't matter when it's true love.

The Book Cafe:
Eve gets a call back from the police and she hopes they've found the bird. Meanwhile, Tabby puts the envelope on the table for TC to find. Miguel, Charity, and Reese walk in and say hi to Chad. Miguel says he thinks he knows why Charity is so distant. Outside, Kay is discussing her plans with Simone and Simone asks how Kay can live with herself, destroying Charity like this. Kay says she should get an award for all her planning! Simone asks what Kay will tell her parents. The police tell Eve that no bird statue is found. TC picks up the envelope but Charity screams "No!" She can't explain why and Miguel says they just went to see The Sixth Sense and Charity hasn't said a word since. Eve scolds Kay for recommending a movie about a boy who sees dead people and Kay says she had no idea what the movie is about. Charity says somebody's heart will be broken. Tabby says Charity's premonitions must be stopped because she might realize who Tabby really is! Eve tells Charity that she has nothing to fear and she is just stressed. Charity says no, it is something inside her warning her about a tragedy and she wishes she could stop it. Tabitha is about to leave but Miguel says she can't. He wants Tabby to reassure Charity and Tabby gets worried. Timmy tells her to run but Tabby says its too late. Tabby tries to tell Charity the premonitions are nothing but Charity says that's not true and Tabitha knows it! Charity says her one premonition of someone dying was followed by Tabby's heart problems. Eve says the kids should take Charity home but Charity says she's fine and she wants to be normal, not ruin everyone's fun. Miguel says he'll look out for her and as they leave Eve tells Simone not to be home too late. Simone asks Chad to come skate to them and he agrees. Tabby and Timmy sit back down because now that Charity is gone TC can open the envelope. TC comes back to sit with Eve and gives her a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day. They dance and Tabby says his heart will soon be broken by the contents of the red envelope.

Charity/Miguel/etc., at the Skating Pond:
Charity, Miguel, Kay, and Reese arrive at the pond and tie on their skates. Miguel gives Charity a sweet little kiss on the cheek and he and Reese go to get some hot chocolate. Charity tells Kay she wants to try out her skates so she doesn't embarrass herself in front of Miguel. She leaves and Kay sits back, disgusted. Charity skates off, right past a sign that says "thin ice." Simone joins Kay saying Chad really likes her and Miguel comes back. Kay tells him Charity went to try her skates and Miguel goes to look for her. Simone is appalled that Kay let Charity skate on the thin ice and Kay says don't be so melodramatic. Charity skates to a quiet part of the pond and suddenly the ice starts to crack. She steps backward and the ice caves in; she screams and falls in!

The Ski Lodge:
Sam looks at Ivy for a minute and Ivy tells him to come to her. He asks what the hell she's doing and she says she found a way to get them back together. She says she knows he wants her as much as she wants him. Sam hands her the robe and tells her to get out. Ivy says they have a right to be together. She says he didn't tell Grace about them because he misses her. She drops her robe again and tells him to look at her. He says it won't work and she says it will if he just stops fighting his feelings for her. Suddenly, Grace starts to wake up! Sam foes over to her and she says she thought she saw him with a woman, but it must be the champagne. She says she loves him and he says he loves her. She goes back to sleep and Sam tells Ivy to leave. He says he almost died when Ivy left him but then he found Grace and she healed him. Ivy says she is so unhappy and she wants him. Sam says nothing will ever happen between them. Ivy begs him not to send her away and if she loses him she has nothing to live for. Sam says he doesn't want to hurt either of them. Ivy tells him to admit he has feelings for her and he says yes, he does. He gets her dressed and tells her he cares about her but it isn't love. She says she knows they have a connection. She's tried to be a good wife to Julian but she can't when her heart and soul belong to Sam. She says she knows her coming to the lodge was a risk but she had to take it and she doesn't care about anything but being with Sam. She tells Sam to make love to her just one more time and wraps her arms around him, scratching his back really hard. Grace wakes up again in time to see Sam pick up Ivy and carry her into her room! He and Ivy are about to make love when Grace starts calling and Sam is distracted. Ivy tries to get Sam's attention back by kissing him but he says he can't do it. He practically throws her on the bed and says for the last time he loves Grace and his relationship with Ivy is over. He tells her to go home and as he is leaving, Ivy drops her robe yet again and says if he ever loved her, he should stay. She suddenly drops his pants! Meanwhile, Grace gets curious and is getting out of bed to investigate. She sits on the bed, feeling weak. She wonders if her mind is playing tricks on her or did she really see Sam carrying a naked woman?

Tuesday, February 15, 2000 | Episode #160
Though Timmy's tender heart goes out to Eve, Tabitha eagerly awaits the revelation which will ruin Dr. Russell's romantic Valentine's Day dinner with T.C. Frantic to break up Ethan and his fiancee, Theresa decides to show Gwen the diamond ring she's sporting. Charity's cries for help bring Miguel and his friends on the run, but Luis warns his anguished brother that a rescue attempt will only cause the ice to break even further and imperil other people on the pond. At the ski resort, Ivy removes Sam's clothes but he continues to protest that he loves his wife. Meanwhile, a groggy Grace stumbles towards the adjoining door, calling for her missing husband. Ethan's reluctance to produce an engagement ring makes Gwen question the sincerity of his proposal. Miguel fears the worst when Charity disappears into the frigid water. Sam tells Ivy he won't deceive Grace any longer. As a disgusted Simone berates her for putting Charity's life in danger, Kay screams to see her cousin's face pressed up against the ice from below. Ivy admits to an appalled Sam how she drugged Grace's food. Though Luis and Hank finally pull Charity to safety, Miguel falls through the ice as a delighted Tabitha looks on.

TC and Eve enjoy a romantic evening out, unaware the secrets of Eve's past are lying on a table, waiting to be exposed. Tabitha and Timmy wait anxiously as TC begins to open the envelope containing Eve's naughty pictures.

Theresa watches in despair as Gwen and Ethan celebrate their engagement. Theresa decides to let Gwen "accidentally" find out she is wearing her engagement ring. Meanwhile, Gwen becomes concerned when a nervous Ethan puts off giving her an engagement ring.

Ivy and Sam stand naked in her lodge room. Ivy pleads with Sam to leave Grace for her. She clings to Sam even as he firmly insists he is in love with his wife. Sam panics when Grace begins pounding on the adjoining door. A groggy and confused Grace calls out for Sam, wondering if she really did see her husband carry a naked woman to the room next door. Sam decides he has no other choice but to tell Grace the truth about what's going on.

Simone is stunned to learn Kay didn't warn Charity she was skating towards thin ice. Suddenly, everyone hears the sound of ice cracking. Charity screams for help as she falls into the freezing water. Miguel tries to rush to Charity's aid, but Luis warns his brother the ice will break more if he gets any closer. An anguished Miguel helplessly stands by knowing Charity will soon freeze to death if they can't get to her. Everyone panics when they lose sight of Charity. Kay screams in horror when she sees Charity silently begging for help under the ice near her feet.

Wednesday, February 16, 2000 | Episode #161
The Skating Pond:
As everyone is pulling Charity in, Miguel steps back and falls through the ice! Tabby and Timmy talk about how Miguel will die by Charity's hand and then she can come over to the dark side. Miguel goes under the water and nobody can seem to find him. Charity is led away by Eve and Sheridan but becomes hysterical when she asks where Miguel is and realizes he's under the ice. Kay says she'll never forgive herself if anything happens to Miguel--what has she done? Simone tells her that she has to stop trying to keep Charity and Miguel apart and Kay nods her head. When Chad comments on how long Miguel has been under the ice, Luis tries to get to his brother but is held back. Timmy says his heart is breaking for poor Charity and Tabby says there'll be a lot more grieving, but it'll be better once Charity comes over to the dark side. Charity gets closer to the ice and prays for Miguel to be all right, but she is taken away from the ice. Ethan and Gwen console Theresa--Ethan takes her hand, inadvertently covering up the engagement ring. Theresa vows that if Miguel comes out all right, she'll stay out of Gwen and Ethan's way unless Ethan wants her. Luis is about to break off some ice and strand himself when Miguel pops up, coughing. Tabby says he's not out of the woods yet. Miguel calls for Charity and Charity goes to him but the ice starts to break even more and she has to go back. They decide to lower a ladder to Miguel and they need someone light to go out on the ladder. Timmy says he'll do it! He fantasizes about being a hero "Super Tim" and Charity kissing him, but Tabby says it'll never happen. Both Kay and Theresa want to go out on the ladder, but Luis says Theresa can go. Gwen notices how nervous Sheridan is about Luis and Sheridan says if she pursues a relationship with Luis it can only end in heartache. Gwen says that doesn't sound like Sheridan at all and Sheridan says she's been talking to Julian. Gwen tells Sheridan to listen to her heart, not her brother. Then Gwen says that Ethan has been acting strangely about her engagement ring and Sheridan tells her not to worry about it. Gwen says her ring seems like a small problem compared to Miguel's predicament. Everyone looks on, worried, as Theresa heads out on the ladder. Miguel tells her to go back, but she presses on. Gwen tells Ethan that he's really worried about Theresa, isn't he? She says she isn't upset about it, she's worries about Theresa too. Ethan says they both have to survive. Miguel goes under again and Kay wants to save him but he comes back to the surface and calls to Charity again. Beth comments that they have real love and Sheridan says it must be nice to have that kind of love. As Theresa reaches for Miguel's hand Gwen sees the ring on her finger! Theresa grabs Miguel's hand and they pull him in. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds hug and then Miguel and Charity share a long embrace. Timmy says he knew true love would win and Tabby is disgusted. Eve says they should go to the hospital but Charity and Miguel want to go to the Bennett house and Eve finally agrees. Miguel and Charity say what great friends Kay and Simone are and they all head for Kay's house. Tabby and Timmy head home so Tabby can keep an eye on Charity and Miguel. Luis and Theresa hug and Sheridan comments on the love of their family. Luis sends Theresa home with Whitney and says he'll stay to rope off the area. Gwen and Ethan head for the Book Cafe.

Sheridan tells Luis she's glad it's going to be okay and Luis says his family is the world to him. She says she doesn't know what she'd do if anything happened to someone she cared about. Her and Luis say at the same time "There's something I need to tell..." but then Hank and Beth come to help close off the area. Beth says she's exhausted and Sheridan comments again on the love in Luis's family and the love in Harmony. Beth tells her a Crane could never really be accepted by the locals and the only match she has in Harmony would be Hank because Hank doesn't always stay in town, yet he has good family values. Meanwhile Hank and Luis are talking about the love between Charity and Miguel and how they'd like to find love like that. Hank says Luis may already have found it. Luis thinks of all his experiences with Sheridan and Hank says that Beth is the one that has always been there for Luis. He says Beth and Luis are perfect for each other and a relationship between Luis and Sheridan would never last. They finish roping off the area and Hank goes to get coffee with Beth. Luis goes by Sheridan and she says what she was going to say to him before wasn't really important. Luis says he just wanted to thank Sheridan for her support. Hank and Beth come back, and Hank and Sheridan leave to "finish their date." Luis tells Beth it's nice to have someone worrying about him and Beth says she'll always worry about him.

The Bennett House:
Kay is pacing, worried about Miguel, but Simone says he'll be fine. Simone tells Chad he did a great job out there. Chad says Miguel is one of the good guys, you know? Simone says so are you, Chad. Reese answers the doorbell and it's Tabby with some hot tea. They tell her that Eve is upstairs with Miguel and Charity and Tabby says then they're in good hands. She starts talking to Simone and asks what Eve did before she was a doctor? Simone says Eve was a debutante and she had a good upbringing. She says she wishes she could be more like her mom and Tabby says it must be nice to look at old pictures of Eve in her childhood. Simone says actually, there aren't any pictures of Eve as a child. Eve comes down and says Miguel and Charity are fine, but Miguel should stay the night. Kay offers to sleep in the chair next to Miguel's bed and she says Simone can be Charity's nurse. Charity says that's a good idea. Charity says she thought she'd lose Miguel and he says he'll never leave her. Kay tells Simone that tonight is her and Miguel's night. Eve tells the kids to get some rest and they go upstairs. Kay rushes Miguel and Charity off to their separate rooms and can hardly contain her excitement about being alone with Miguel for the whole night. Suddenly they hear Miguel calling Charity's name. Charity can hear it in her room too--he's calling her through the heating vent. He says he can't wait until he sees Charity in the morning. Simone tells Kay even walls can't come between Charity and Miguel. Kay says all right, no more Mr. Nice Guy. It's time to get tough about getting Miguel. Meanwhile, Chad tells TC about Charity's premonitions and TC mentions Eve's concern about Orville's bird statue. Chad questions Eve but she says she was just checking it out for Orville. Tabby puts the envelope back inside the bird and says she'll just have to save the surprise for later.

The Book Cafe:
Gwen comments to Ethan about how heroic Theresa was and then she says she saw a huge, expensive ring on Theresa's finger when she reached out to Miguel! Ethan says her mind is playing tricks on her and it must have been the moonlight playing on a piece of ice. Gwen says it doesn't matter, but she wants Ethan to give her, her engagement ring in the morning even though it's only symbolic. She leaves to look at bridal magazines and Ethan says he has to get that ring by morning somehow.

Theresa's Room:
Whitney brings Theresa some hot tea and comments on the size of the ring. Theresa says she'll never show Gwen the ring and tells Whitney about the promise she made when Miguel was under the ice. Whitney says what, you've made a promise to stay out of Ethan and Gwen's lives and now you're going to break it? Theresa says she can't help it if the ring won't come off. Whitney goes home and Theresa is playing with the ring when it suddenly slides right off her finger! She tries to put it back on when Ethan calls. He tells her Gwen saw the ring and Theresa apologizes. He says it isn't her fault and he doesn't suppose she's gotten it off? She lies and says it's still there. He says they'll just have to wait and see how things turn out tomorrow.

Thursday, February 17, 2000 | Episode #162
The Bennett House:
Miguel is sleeping and he dreams of Charity under the ice. He wakes up calling her name. Charity wakes up from a similar dream. In her room, Kay starts to make herself look "sexy" for Miguel. Simone says she's making a fool of herself, but Kay disagrees. She goes into Miguel's room and whispers to him that she loves him much more than Charity and she wants to show him how much. She climbs into bed next to him...but he isn't there! Kay wonders if he went to check on Charity. In fact, Miguel does go into Charity's room and wakes her up. She tells him about her bad dream and he tells her he'll always be there for her. They hug and Miguel says her premonitions must have been wrong. Charity says she was obviously wrong about hearts being broken. Kay walks to the door of Charity's room and sees Charity giving Miguel a massage. She goes to her room and Simone tells her that she is getting a little too obvious about trying to keep Charity away from Miguel. Kay says Charity is always getting in stupid situations just to get Miguel closer to her. Simone disagrees and Kay says she's doing Miguel a favor and then she gets an idea. Charity comes in and says she feels much better but feels stupid for not noticing the thin ice. She asks why didn't Kay tell her? Kay says she didn't even realize Charity was going by the thin ice. Charity says she didn't want it to sound like she was blaming Kay and Kay says that's all right, at least Miguel and Charity are okay. Charity says something about her premonitions and Kay tells her that kids at school call Charity a jinx because every time she has a premonition, Miguel is put in danger. Charity leaves to think and Simone yells at Kay for lying. Kay says it wasn't really a lie, was it? She says soon she'll have Miguel all to herself. Miguel meets Charity in the hallway and Charity says maybe she shouldn't see him anymore because she's a jinx.

Snow Mountain Lodge:
Grace is dreaming of Sam and Ivy and calls out to him. He assures her he is right there and then gets up to get the paper from the hall. Ivy comes out and says she thought about him all night and he says he did too. He says he couldn't sleep thinking how Ivy tried to ruin their lives. He tells Ivy that Grace thought she saw him with a naked woman. Inside the room, Grace dreams about Sam and the other woman. Sam says he hopes Grace thinks it's a dream but Ivy says she won't when she sees the scratches she put on Sam's back last night. Sam looks in the mirror and sees that Ivy is right! He says he can't tell Grace anything because he could never hurt her. Ivy tells him to lie but he says their relationship is built on trust that Ivy has destroyed. He wants her to leave and she asks what if she refuses? Sam says he'll do anything to save his marriage and Ivy says she wants to protect Ethan just as much. She says they can still be together without anyone knowing. Sam goes back to his room and Grace says she didn't sleep well because of her dreams about Sam and another woman. She says she needs to know if it really happened. She asks was she sleepwalking? Ivy waits to see how honest Sam really is. Sam says Grace had a lot of champagne and Grace says it must have just been a nightmare. Ivy is listening and says she doesn't care what he says, Sam wants her too. Sam tells Grace not to worry about the dreams. Grace says she was banging on the adjoining door and asks Sam to go talk to the neighbors to see if they had any complaints. She goes to take a shower and Sam starts to get dressed. He turns his back to the bathroom door and Grace comes back out. Then she notices the scratch marks on his back! Sam puts on a sweater and leaves, while Grace gets teary-eyed. He meets Ivy in the hall again. He takes her into her room and tells her he wants her gone. He says if Grace sees Ivy, she'll put it all together. Meanwhile, Grace says she has to know what happened and heads to the adjoining room.

Julian and the Maid:
Julian sneaks into Ivy's room to look around. He says he knows Ivy is keeping a secret and he will find it. Suddenly someone reaches around and covers his eyes. It is the maid Julian had been having an affair with (and Ivy kicked her out). She says she thought Julian never came in Ivy's room. Julian says he was looking for a secret and she says she has something better. She strips to a skimpy maid outfit and they start to make love on Ivy's bed. Julian comes out of the covers wearing the maid hat and says he doesn't know how Ivy survived without a man. The maid says maybe Ivy does have someone. Julian says if Ivy was ever with another man she'd lose everything. She asks what if Julian found out Ivy had a secret lover? Wouldn't Ethan be angry if he threw Ivy out? Julian says Ethan would be more angry that Ivy was unfaithful and then says he can't understand why Ethan only wants to sleep with one woman Gwen, instead of having a fling with Theresa as well. The maid wants to stay the night but Julian says he doesn't want Ivy to walk in on them. She says they should go to Snow Mountain Lodge and they could play all night long. Julian says Ivy would never find them there.

Ethan calls Theresa and tells her he needs the ring. He says he doesn't know what to do. He says his future is on the line and asks if she's had luck with the ring. She pauses and pulls the ring off her finger. She says it's on her finger and Pilar walks in and tells Theresa to tell the truth. Pilar says she is ashamed and Theresa says to let her handle it. Ethan says Gwen could walk out of his life now. Theresa sounds a little too happy about it but covers for herself. Pilar keeps nagging her and Ethan says he must go and he'll have to pray for a miracle. Theresa hangs up and tells her mom she did the right thing because Gwen is not the right girl for Ethan. She vows to be Mrs. Ethan Crane. She tells Pilar about her promise to stay away from Ethan and Gwen unless Ethan wanted her. Pilar says breaking the promise is sacrilege and she knows that tomorrow will be too late to give back the ring. Theresa says she'll do anything to make Ethan happy and Pilar disagrees because Gwen makes him happy. Theresa says she's going over to see Miguel and by then her fate with Ethan will have been decided. Theresa goes to the Bennett house and says hi to Miguel. She show him the ring and he realizes that she's been able to get it off. He says she just wants Gwen to break up with Ethan, doesn't she feel bad about it? She tells him about her promise to God and he says she can never go back on a promise like that. She says she doesn't want to give Ethan up and Miguel says he was never Theresa's to give. He asks if Theresa would be happy knowing that she got Ethan because she tricked him? Theresa says why is it that something is always stopping Ethan and Gwen from getting married? She says it's because deep down Ethan loves her. Miguel says then she should put Ethan to the test, give him the ring back and see what happens. He says if she keeps going on with her fantasies, she'll get hurt the most. He says he'd never ever deceive Charity like that.

Ethan wakes Gwen up and she says she's really happy all their difficulties are past. They kiss and she asks what's wrong? He says nothing and she says she's sorry about being so annoying about Theresa. He says he's always loved her and always will. He starts to make love to her but she says she wants the ring first. She says something weird is going on and she wants to talk about it now--even better, she wants to see the ring now! She gets dressed and says if he doesn't put the ring on her finger things will be over between them forever. Meanwhile, Theresa stands in the hall, debating about the ring. Then she tells God to forgive her and slides the ring back on her finger!

Friday, February 18, 2000 | Episode #163
Suzanne and Julian are in the Crane plane and they discuss their trip to the Snow Mountain Lodge. Julian says Ivy will never find them there and Suzanne says she doesn't know how to ski. Julian says he doesn't want to leave the room anyway. He wants Suzanne to give him a fashion show of the naughty clothes she's brought along. She puts on the maid outfit and says she's tired of playing maid. Then she holds up the nurse outfit and starts to "cure" Julian. She comments that he is much more passionate than when she worked in the mansion. He says it's because he never gets sex from Ivy, who has icicles in her veins. Then Suzanne dresses in a little Dutch girl outfit and Julian pretends to be a raging bull with horns! Finally they put on normal clothes and Julian assures Suzanne that Ivy will never be at Snow Mountain Lodge. He says if Ivy ever found him and Suzanne, she'd really kill them this time but he's not worried. They finally get to their room, and it's Sam and Grace's old room! They are registered under the name Smythe and Julian tips the bellboy heavily to make sure nobody knows otherwise. As they begin more kinky games, Ivy is in the next room ordering two glasses of champagne for her and "Sam." She toasts to what they shared and will share again. She heads to the other door and hears Suzanne laughing. She thinks it's Grace and tells her to enjoy Sam all she can. Meanwhile, Julian and Suzanne are having dinner, listening to opera, and being really disgusting.

Sam tells Ivy that Grace saw them and he refuses to lie to her. She says he doesn't want to tell Grace and he says he will if Ivy pushes him. She says she will leave right after he makes love to her and he says she's crazy. Ivy says she knows Sam wants her because she could feel it last night. She starts to kiss his cheek. Ivy asks Sam how can he be so close to her and not remember what they had? Sam pushes her away and says she should pray Grace doesn't see the scratches on his back. He says he's sorry she doesn't care about her marriage but what about her children? Ivy says she has nothing to lose and needs to feel alive again. Sam says he has a different life and Ivy begs him to make love to her--then she'll leave and never say a word to Grace. He says what if he won't? Meanwhile, Grace is in the other room saying that Sam would never cheat on her. She says she's just being silly and goes to the closet to get her clothes. She finds Sam's pajama pants and wonders why they are ripped. She wonders if Sam really was with another woman. She goes to the door of the adjoining room and opens it. Sam hears her and pulls Ivy into a kiss! As Grace pushes the door open a little (while wondering why it was unlocked) Sam moves behind the door with Ivy so Grace won't see them. Grace looks around a little and then closes the door. Sam pulls away from Ivy quickly and tells her to leave. She says he knows what it will take for her to leave and he says he will not sleep with her. He leaves to go be with Grace. He tells her he made arrangements to get a new room so Grace wouldn't have any more nightmares. Grace asks where he got the scratches on his back and why his pajama pants were torn and hidden in the closet. He makes up some lame excuses and she says the whole situation is too weird to make sense. He assures her that she is the only one he loves. They go to their new room and Sam asks about the adjoining door. The manager assures them that everyone is guaranteed privacy. Sam goes to the door and locks it. Sam says he has a really good surprise for her tonight.

Timmy & Tabitha:
Timmy is playing with the bird statue and Tabby tells him to put it down because nothing can happen to the lovely pictures of Eve inside. Timmy says they're not lovely, they're nasty! Tabby says they'll surely wreak havoc on everyone in Eve's life. She says she plans to make Charity's premonition of broken hearts come true. Timmy asks how many hearts Tabby plans to break and she says as many as she can. She has made herself a "scoreboard" of the love triangles in Harmony. She says she will put lust, greed, and jealousy into all of their lives. Timmy says they can't live without love and she says they'll wish they were dead. She says Eve's perfect life will soon be up in smoke and Charity will be closer to the dark side. They go next door and peek in the window. Tabby says Kay is already doing Tabby's job. She says if Kay gets rid of Charity, then they won't have to do it.

The Bennett House:
Chad says hi to Simone and asks how Charity and Miguel are doing. Kay says Charity is acting weird and Chad says that's natural. Kay pulls Simone aside and tells her they need to prove Charity is crazy. Charity and Miguel come down and Miguel says he's not going anywhere. Charity says he has to leave because she is a jinx to him. Eve comes in and asks what happened. She reassures Charity and Miguel agrees. Chad says if he blamed everything bad in his life on karma or something, he'd never get out of bed. Suddenly, Kay thinks of another way to put Charity over the edge. She pours Charity some tea, thinking Charity will see something in the leaves and she'll go to the loony bin. Charity looks in the cup and gets a distressed look on her face. Both Miguel and Eve say that nobody can tell the future. Kay pulls Simone aside and says they have to find the bird statue that freaked Charity out, that'll really make her crazy. Chad and Miguel offer to walk the girls out. Charity tells Eve that she was afraid of seeing Miguel's dead body in the tea leaves and Eve tells her not to let her life be run by fear. Charity asks if Eve knows this from experience? Eve says Charity just needs to relax and the past will stay in the past. Tabby tells her to dream on. She says it was a lucky day when they found the bird and soon hearts will be breaking. She can't wait to reveal Eve's secrets to everyone, especially Chad. Timmy says Eve and Chad aren't so different and Tabby says they have more in common than they think. Chad talks to Miguel about how nice it must be to have a loving family. He says his mother didn't really want him. Eve says Chad has had a rough childhood and Chad says that's why Eve wants to keep Simone away from him--so Simone can have a proper upbringing. Tabby says Eve's upbringing was hardly perfect.

Kay and Simone arrive at the Book Cafe and see Ruth. They ask her for the bird but are told it's been sold. Kay says they have to find out who bought that bird!

Gwen tells Ethan that she has given him enough chances already and she wants the ring. Ethan says she'd leave him over a ring? She says she knows Ethan must not love her anymore. She says she can't take it anymore and goes up to pack her things. Theresa thinks to herself, she knew Gwen would leave Ethan because of the ring. Ethan comes out and asks Theresa if the ring came off her finger. She says she's sorry, but no. He says Gwen is going to leave him and this time it's for good. He says Gwen could never see the ring on Theresa's finger because Gwen wanted to be the only one to wear it. He can't get a different one because Gwen has memorized the picture of the old one, and a duplicate would take months to make. He says they have to try one last time to get the ring off or he and Gwen are through. He starts to pull it off but says he doesn't want to hurt her finger and it won't come off anyway. He apologizes for putting her in this situation and she says it's okay. He says at least he hasn't ruined her life and she says maybe Gwen will come around. He says they've always been together and he can't imagine life without her. Theresa says maybe it's because he's never dated anyone else. She mentions fate and he says all he knows is he's always loved Gwen and he still does. Gwen comes down and tells Theresa her and Ethan are broken up. She says Ethan led her on but he must not have been ready for the commitment and she's sorry she ever doubted Theresa. Gwen says it was Ethan all along, not Theresa, who was keeping them apart. She leaves and Ethan follows after, saying Gwen is making a big mistake. Theresa remembers her promise to God and calls for them to wait. She offers to try again and Ethan says it's no use. She says miracles happen with true love and pulls the ring off her finger! Ethan says she's an angel, kisses her, and runs after Gwen. Theresa says this can't be the end of her and Ethan. She watches out the window as Ethan picks Gwen up and carries her back. He shows her the ring and proposes. She accepts and asks why it took so long. She says she's sick of fighting and wants to get married right away. Theresa says she is supposed to be Ethan's wife. Gwen and Ethan come into the house and notice Theresa has been crying. Gwen says it must be because of her happiness for the two lovebirds. Gwen asks Theresa to help with the wedding. Theresa starts to leave but Gwen stops her. She shows Theresa the ring and asks to see Theresa's engagement ring. Theresa says she has to go before she says something she'll regret. Gwen urges her to tell what's wrong, and Theresa says she's lost the man she loves.

Monday, February 21, 2000 | Episode #164
Ski Mountain Lodge:
Sam and Grace are in their room discussing the previous night and how they don't want a repeat. Grace notices that she left her shoe in the other room and they head out to go get it. They hear the current occupants laughing and decide not to interrupt. Grace goes to the door of Ivy's room and says she was banging on the door of that room last night and maybe she should apologize. Inside, Julian and Suzanne are getting really drunk and Julian says Ivy will never come through the door. On the other side of the adjoining door, Ivy is sipping champagne and planning to make her move on "Sam." She listens and says maybe she should wait to go in. Sam stops Grace from knocking on Ivy's door and says maybe it was all just a dream. Grace agrees and they go back to their room. The room service guy comes in by Julian and Suzanne and brings more champagne. He leaves and Ivy questions him. He says the people inside are getting really drunk and Ivy says well Grace will certainly sleep tonight. They get another bottle of champagne and Ivy says once Grace passes out, she'll make love to Sam. Julian is trying to make love to Suzanne, but she's out cold. He goes into the bathroom and Ivy notices the silence. She peeks in the room and sees Suzanne all covered up. She goes and turns the light off. Grace and Sam stop outside their old room and Grace wants to get her shoe again, but Sam says they'll leave the lovebirds alone. Inside the room, Julian comes out of the bathroom and Ivy grabs him. She starts kissing him and he calls her Suzanne. They turn on the light and are shocked. Suzanne wakes up and screams. Sam and Grace hear her screaming and Sam goes to check it out. Julian asks who Ivy thought he really was. He asks who the other man is. Suddenly, Sam bursts in shirtless. Julian suddenly "realizes" what's going on--Ivy is having an affair with Sam!

Kay, Simone, & Ruth:
Kay says she has to know who bought the bird and Ruth says it was just a strange old woman. Kay says her life depends on that bird. Simone says the search is hopeless and the bird may not drive Charity crazy again. Kay says the bird is her only hope. Ruth says maybe she does remember something and she'll tell them if they come to clean her house for a month. Kay agrees and Ruth tells them the woman who bought the bird carries a doll and they instantly know it's Tabby.

The Bennett House:
Tabby is gloating about how she will ruin Eve's life tonight. Inside the house, Charity says she has another feeling of evil. Chad asks what it is but Charity says she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Tabby says she hopes she can swing Charity to the dark side before she realizes who Tabby really is. Eve tells Charity if she talks about it will be better. Charity says her premonition involves Chad and Eve and a lot of secrets will come out and a lot of people will be affected. Chad says it's about damn time. Eve says it's not a joke and maybe it was wrong to push Charity. She says maybe Charity should forget about the premonition. Tabby tells Timmy that Charity is right and the truth about Chad will cause an explosion. Chad says that maybe he and Eve are connected and Eve may have delivered him. Outside, Tabby begins laughing and says Eve wants nobody asking questions about her past. When everyone presses Eve for answers, she leaves to turn down the heat. Charity says Eve may be hiding something. Tabby says it's time to expose Eve. She makes her voice sound like Eve's and plans to call TC over to the Bennett's house. Eve steps out for some air and Charity urges her to stay for dinner. Eve leaves and they all talk about Eve's strange behavior. Outside, Eve prays that nobody find out about her past. Timmy moves in the bushes and Eve asks who's there? Charity tells Chad to stay for supper and Simone and Kay come in. Chad explains about Eve's state of mind and Charity's premonition. Kay says they have to find that bird statue fast. Outside, Eve picks up doll Timmy and starts to tell him all her problems. She notices that Timmy is crying and hugs him. Chad comes out and asks why she's crying. Eve says she has something in her eye. Chad says if Eve wants him to leave he will and Eve says she just doesn't want him leading her daughters on. He understands and they go inside to have dinner. Timmy comes back to life and runs off. Kay and Simone plan to go to Tabby's house. Charity and Eve talk about her visions and Charity says she wants to be normal. Charity brings up the bird statue and Eve says she was interested in a bird statue but neither of the birds will bother them anymore.

Tabby's House:
Tabby calls but gets the answering machine. She leaves a message in Eve's voice anyway and opens the red envelope to check it again. She goes into the kitchen and leaves the bird statue on the table. She is fixing her hair when Timmy runs in and tells her not to hurt Eve. She says he is getting too soft and ignores his pleas. She can't wait to start the scandal. She goes upstairs and Timmy is left alone with the bird. He takes it and throws it out the window just as Kay and Simone come out with a plate of cookies. They are about to go in when Kay trips over the bird. Inside the house, Tabby looks for the bird and can't find it. She asks Timmy about it and he plays dumb. Tabby says Timmy will tell her where it is.

Crane Mansion:
Whitney comes over to check on Theresa and talks to Pilar about Theresa's deception. Meanwhile, Theresa is talking to Ethan and Gwen and says she's lost the man she loves forever and Gwen says it must be Chuck because Theresa isn't wearing the ring anymore. Theresa says they don't understand and she'll tell them the truth. Just then, Whitney and Pilar walk in. Pilar tells Theresa she should be getting home because it's late and Ethan says they've upset her. Gwen says it's because she and Chuck broke up and Pilar and Whitney say they'll take her home. Theresa says she really loved him so much. Gwen and Ethan comfort her and she says she knows her place. Gwen still says she wants Theresa to help with the wedding and wants to leave to start planning. Pilar tells Theresa how proud she is and Theresa says she brought it on herself. They both comfort her, but Theresa says she is through with her childish fantasies of being with Ethan. They leave and the camera turns to Ethan who is standing at the top of the stairs with a strange expression on his face. Did he hear everything?

Tuesday, February 22, 2000 | Episode #165
Ethan confides to Sheridan how he can't stop thinking about Theresa. Devastated by the latest turn of events, Theresa tearfully tells Whitney her heart is broken. Delighted to find the bird statue lying on the ground near her neighbor's house, Kay plots to use the wooden figurine to drive Charity bats. Meanwhile, Tabitha threatens to lock Timmy in the attic with Fluffy unless he reveals what he did with the statue. After Sam bursts into his room at the lodge, Julian puts two and two together and vows to crush the police commissioner for carrying on an adulterous affair with Ivy. Sheridan suggests to her nephew that his concern for Theresa sounds more like love. Luis reminds Pilar that he would never have allowed Theresa to act on her feelings for the Crane heir. Sam leaps to Ivy's defense when a seething Julian swears to divorce his whorish wife. To Julian's surprise, Grace suddenly wanders in and asks for an explanation. Later, Julian laughs to think that he could have suspected his wife of dallying with a peon like Sam Bennett. Gwen encourages Sheridan to follow her heart, even if it leads her straight to Luis.

Wednesday, February 23, 2000 | Episode #166
Sheridan & Luis, etc.:
Luis asks is Sheridan asking him out? She says yes and he says he'd love to! She asks where he wants to go and he says he knows a place they can just relax. They go to a bar to shoot pool (something Sheridan has never done before). Sheridan goes to the bathroom but looks a little intimidated when Luis starts greeting all his buddies. Luis orders drinks and Hank comes over. He thinks Luis came alone and then Sheridan walks in. Hank says she must have called to see where Hank was. He calls Luis a loser and asks Sheridan how she knew he was here. Luis hands Sheridan her drink and Hank is shocked that Sheridan and Luis are there together. They go sit down and Sheridan say the tabloids and Alistair and Julian might be surprised to see her here. Luis says if she wants to leave, they can but Sheridan wants to stay. Luis tells her people here won't know her as Sheridan Crane anyway. Luis' friend comes over and challenges him to a game of pool. Luis says he'll play if Sheridan plays. She doesn't want to because she doesn't know how but he pulls her up and says he'll teach her. Meanwhile, Hank says to Beth that Sheridan will never fit in there and she'll hate Luis for taking her...then he'll make his move. Sheridan really sucks at pool and she helps Luis lose his first game ever. They look over at Beth, who has just won her game. Sheridan says maybe Luis should have Beth as a partner but Luis says it's just a game. Luis goes to get more drinks and Beth introduces Sheridan to her friends, who have nothing in common with Sheridan. Hank tells Luis that bringing Sheridan to the bar was a bad move and Luis says he's jealous. Luis says the bar is part of his life and if Sheridan doesn't like it, she has nothing in common with him. Hank says that was his point all along but Luis wants to see for himself. The women are talking about places they can get shoes, clothes, etc., for cheap and Sheridan is uncomfortable at first but she gradually warms up to her new friends. Beth mentions she is cutting back on storytime at the Book Cafe because of funding. Luis walks up just as Sheridan offers to ask businesses for sponsorship. Luis is pleased and takes Sheridan to meet his friends. Somehow he gets Sheridan involved in a dart game with his Scottish friend Mack and she whips his butt. Hank is appalled and Luis is really pleased. Mack demands a rematch and one of Luis' other friends buys everyone beer on account of Sheridan's victory. Hank and Beth think they may be on the losing end of this after all.

Snow Mountain Lodge:
Grace says to Sam how funny it is that they encountered the Cranes there and comments on how sweet Julian was to Ivy and how happy they seem. She wonders what all the screaming was about. Grace tells Sam she is grateful for her life and when she had those dreams she had a sense of loss. Sam says she will never lose him and they kiss. They make love and Grace says she never wants to leave. She says the Crane marriage must be strong because they can always spend time together. Sam suggests they spend more time alone and have a honeymoon once a year. Grace falls asleep.

Julian knocks on Ivy's door and says they need to talk. She unlocks the door and he goes in. He says she looks ravishing and they can work through this. He wants to bury the bad feelings of the past, but Ivy says he's never cared before. Julian says he tried to make things work even thought their marriage was a business arrangement. Ivy flashes back to her wedding night when she overheard Alistair telling Julian about the arrangement (Ivy hadn't known about it before then). Ivy ran out when she heard the marriage was for political gain. Julian tells her he never knew who she ran to that night and it must have been hell for her. Ivy has a continuation of the flashback: she went to Sam and said she had made a terrible mistake. Julian says they once had a passionate marriage and she's gotten a lot out of it. He tries to kiss her but she pushes him away. He says Ethan would love it if they got back together. He says she can have it her way but she'll regret it. He leaves and there is a knock from outside the room. At first Ivy thinks it's Julian but it's actually Sam! He just came by to see if Ivy was okay and Ivy says she should have been stronger and walked out on Julian. It turns out she spent her wedding night making love to Sam and Julian has no idea about their relationship. She pulls Sam onto the bed with her and kisses him. Sam pulls away and says he loves Grace. He tells Ivy to leave what they had in the past. He leaves and Ivy says he wouldn't have come by if he didn't care. She vows to get him back. Sam comes back by Grace and she asks why he left. He says it doesn't matter, he's here now. He says he loves her and kisses her.

In the other room, Julian's phone rings and he thinks it's Suzanne, so he starts making stupid cow noises into the phone and ringing the cowbell. However, (and this is the funniest part of the whole show) it's Alistair! He tells Julian to pull himself together and he's making a mockery of the family. Alistair tells Julian that Sheridan is with Luis at a bar and it's time to destroy Luis once and for all.

Timmy & Tabitha:
Tabby is pacing, saying she has a feeling the bird is close. Timmy says it's better lost because it will destroy Eve. Tabby says Eve brought it on herself because of her behavior when she was young. They try to figure out what happened to the bird. Tabby thinks the Bennett's could have found it. She goes and gets a pizza--her excuse for getting into the Bennett house. She says it's time to expose Eve. Timmy wishes they could do something nice for a change.

The Bennett House:
Kay says nobody can know she has the bird. She wants to hide the bird in Charity's room so she'll have an allergic reaction and go crazy. Just then Charity walks in and asks Kay what she's doing. Kay covers up the bird and says she wants to make dinner but Eve offers to do it. Charity apologizes for upsetting everyone with her premonitions but Miguel and Jessica say she doesn't have to be sorry. Chad says now that the bird is gone Charity won't be bothered and Kay agrees. Charity suddenly has a premonition of a family being destroyed. Kay hides the bird behind her back. Simone and Kay take the bird upstairs and Charity feels better. Just then Tabby walks in with the pizza. She asks if anything is wrong. Miguel says Charity had a premonition and Tabby asks if anyone knows why. Upstairs, Kay is ecstatic that the bird really did make Charity crazy. Simone asks what if Charity really is psychic? Kay says the only power that bird has is the power to get her Miguel. She goes to hide the bird in Charity's room but Jessica comes in and asks what is Kay up to now? Kay makes up an excuse but Jessica sees through it. Kay and Simone go to Kay's room and Kay hides it there. Meanwhile, Tabby asks about the bird and Eve says the premonitions have nothing to do with the bird. Tabby leaves and Eve says she is strange. TC says she's just lonely. Outside, Tabby says something strange is going on. They watch Eve and TC kiss and Tabby says their happiness won't last for long. She says secrets always come out and Eve will soon be exposed. Inside, Simone suggests maybe there is something inside the bird and her and Kay start to knock on the bird!

Thursday, February 24, 2000 | Episode #167
Theresa is in her room, taking down all her Ethan pictures and ripping them up. Whitney comes in and Theresa says she is finally facing reality and Ethan would never admit it to himself even if he did love her. It's over. Whitney gives her a hug and asks if Theresa will quit her job. Theresa says her failure with Ethan will not ruin her fashion career. She says she'll think of Ethan as just another member of the Crane family. Whitney says now that she's seen what Theresa has gone through, she's putting love on hold. Theresa says if love comes to her, she should grab it and never let go. Whitney says nobody she knows is mature enough to understand love. Theresa recalls the fortune she was told over the summer and thought fate was on her side, but she brushes it off and starts to get ready for work. She says she won't hide from Ethan and Whitney says she's glad she's not in love.

The Book Cafe:
Eve comes in and says hi to Chad. He gives her a free cup of coffee because she was nice to him the night before. Eve says she wants him to be happy but he has to stay away from her daughters. TC walks in and Chad says he doesn't like making promises to people. TC says people are always breaking promises and Eve says they should leave. As they leave, Eve says there is something strange about Chad that gives her the chills. TC defends him but Eve insists that Chad must stay away from the girls.

Whitney comes in and Chad talks to her about tennis. He says her life sounds a little boring but she says she's happy. He starts to flirt with her but she says tennis is all she needs. Chad reminds her of the time when she was talking about wanting to do less tennis and a little more dating. She says she's seen first hand what guys can do to a girl and she has no time for that. Chad says she is just lying to herself. Whitney says his judgment means nothing to her. Chad says she is running away from love because she's never felt it and she'll know when it happens. Whitney asks what makes him an expert? He says he know more than her. She says he's wrong and he dares her to try an "experiment" with him. He puts on some sexy music and tells Whitney to close her eyes. He gets really close to kissing her on the neck and she turns around and looks at him.

The Bennett House:
Simone says maybe something isn't inside the bird but Kay says they should just try opening the bird. They pull on it but can't open it. Kay hides it and they go in to say hi to Miguel, Jessica, and Charity. Grace and Sam come back and tell them nothing went wrong, proving Charity's premonition wrong. Sam flashes back to Ivy but doesn't say anything. Kay tells them about the ice breaking and Charity's premonitions. Charity says she felt like Grace's heart would be broken as well as other people's hearts. Grace says every couple they know is happy. Eve and TC arrive and Grace thanks Eve for all her help. Everyone reassures Charity about her premonitions but Kay and Simone go into the next room to plan how to prove Charity's lunacy. Kay gets the bird and says there must be a way to use the bird to get Charity locked up. She asks what would Simone do if someone tried to take Chad away? Simone says maybe she'd fight for him and Kay says then she doesn't know what it's like to love someone so much that she'll do anything for them. Eve says maybe Charity has allergies and Miguel says there has to be a logical explanation for the premonitions. Charity thanks him for looking out for her and he says it's the best job he ever had. Jessica asks Kay and Simone what they're doing? She says Miguel and Charity are in love and Kay starts screaming when the two lovebirds walk in. Miguel says Eve thinks Charity is allergic to the bird and he'll burn it if he sees it. Kay and Simone go to hide the bird in Charity's room. Simone urges Kay to think about this more and Kay goes off about how people should start thinking about her feelings for once. Miguel and Charity come in and ask what's going on. Kay notices that the bird is sticking out from under a chair.

Sam tells TC the whole trip was "eventful." He tells TC that Ivy showed up at the lodge. TC says what Ivy did was inexcusable and Sam shouldn't have any feelings for Ivy ever. Sam insists he's in love with his wife. Grace tells Eve about her dream and how her and Sam have an honest relationship--just like TC and Eve. Eve thinks about the bird.

Ethan greets Ivy on her return and tells her of his engagement to Gwen. He tells her how wonderful Theresa has been through all this and her "breakup" with Chuck. Ivy says Theresa has so much going for her and she'll find someone else. She says true love only comes along once and Ethan asks if that's how she feels about Julian. Ivy says it's nothing like that and he can't understand why their marriage is unhappy. Ivy tells him that Julian showed up at the lodge with Suzanne and Ethan is angry. She wants to tell Ethan about her marriage now that Julian is trying to corrupt him. He says he's proud to be a Crane, but he'll never be like his father. Ivy says don't worry, your father was never like that. He doesn't understand what she means. Ivy covers by saying she didn't know what Julian was like when she married him. Ethan is really angry and asks who Ivy's great love was. Ivy says it doesn't matter, she just wants Ethan and Gwen to be happy. Ethan says Ivy and Julian must have been in love once because she's always told him he was conceived in love. She says yes, he was and he says maybe they can get that love back. She says Ethan is such a good man and Ethan leaves to call Gwen. Theresa walks in as he is leaving. He and Ivy ask how she is and she says fine. Ethan says he wants to talk to Theresa later and leaves. Ivy wants to talk to Theresa about Gwen. She says Theresa has been really selfless about Ethan and Gwen and she really admires her. Pilar joins them and Ivy says she knows what it's like to lose a first love, and Theresa will get over it after a long time. Theresa looks at a picture of Ethan and says nobody knows what's she's going through and they never will. Pilar goes to get the phone and Theresa asks Ivy how can she replace a perfect love? Ivy changes her mind and says Theresa should do everything she can to get her man back or she'll regret it. Theresa says it sounds like that happened to Ivy, and who was the man? Ivy says she just read it somewhere and Theresa says no one should have to go through what she went through. Ivy begs Theresa to tell the man she wants how she really feels and steal him away from whatever girl he's with. Pilar comes in and Theresa leaves. Pilar tells Ivy not to give Theresa advice because the relationship Theresa wants could never happen. Ivy says if she had taken her own advice, she'd be able to tell Ethan that he really was conceived in a true and passionate love. She says she should have listened to Pilar all those years ago and she wants Theresa to not make the same mistake. Meanwhile, Ethan comes down the stairs as Theresa looks at another picture of him in the hall and remembers their time at the cabin and when he put the ring on her finger. He comes down and she hugs him and says there's something she has to tell him.

Friday, February 25, 2000 | Episode #168
Eve says Charity must be allergic to the paint on the bird. Grace says Faith was rumored to have psychic powers and maybe Charity does too. Eve says after everything Charity has been through, she's bound to have emotional problems. Graces asks are they saying Charity is going crazy? They say of course not and Grace says she's just worried about Charity. Eve says everyone has feelings that something bad will happen but they rarely come true. These fears are natural and Charity will get over them in time with everyone's help. TC says wouldn't it be interesting to have psychic powers? Grace says she would want to know secrets about people's pasts. Everyone but Grace suddenly feels uncomfortable. She clarifies by saying she wants to know about her past, not really anyone else's. Eve asks if TC would still love her if he found out about her past? TC says nonsense, Eve had a wonderful upbringing and he's lucky to have married her. He can't believe nobody dated her until she met TC. Eve says she was just concentrated on her goals. She quickly changes the subject and says she has extra tickets to a hospital benefit at the Seascape. She wonders if Whitney and Theresa would like to go. Meanwhile, TC tells Sam if he found out about someone trying to ruin his family, he'd kill them.

The Crane Mansion:
Pilar asks Ivy not to give Theresa advice but Ivy says Pilar is wrong. She says Pilar gave her the exact opposite advice years ago and if she would have followed it, Ivy would be with Sam now. Pilar says if Theresa pursues this relationship, it will be disastrous for everyone concerned. Ivy says Sam still loves her and Pilar says Ivy would risk everything for something that will never be. Ivy vows to have Sam in her life again.

Theresa says she has something to tell Ethan. He says he thinks he knows what she's going to say: she's glad to see him so happy. He says he is happy because he's marrying Gwen. Theresa says she has something else to say. Pilar comes in and tells Theresa not to bother Ethan but Ethan insists on talking to her about Chuck. Pilar takes Theresa aside and reminds her of her promise to God. Theresa goes back and tells Ethan there's nothing he can do. Ethan says Chuck is a jerk. Theresa walks away and Pilar tells her she did the right thing. Theresa says she has to get away from Ethan or she really might tell him the truth. She runs out the door and straight into Julian's arms, and he makes a comment about her beautiful eyes. She gets even more scared and runs out. Julian tells Ethan that the marriage to Gwen is a great business merger and it's too bad he never slept with Theresa when he had the chance. Ethan is disgusted as well as Ivy who says Ethan will not do things like bringing the maid to some hotel. Julian says he thinks he knows why Ivy went to the ski lodge. It must have been for the ski instructors. Ethan is mad and tells Julian to apologize. Julian apologizes, but not sincerely. Ethan asks Julian how he can betray his wife like this. Julian says there's a lot Ethan doesn't know but Ethan says they had 4 children, they must have been in love once. Julian says someday Ethan will understand when he gets sick of being tied down by Gwen and becomes tempted by someone like Theresa. Ivy comes in and says they were offered invitations to the Seascape benefit but she doesn't want to go. She asks Ethan to go with Gwen to represent the family and Ethan agrees. Ivy says she hopes Theresa takes her advice and Ethan says she deserves the best.

The Book Cafe:
Chad tells Whitney to give in to the fire inside of her and they almost kiss but Whitney pulls away at the last second. Chad says she wanted it and what will her mother say? Whitney said she just wanted Chad to think she wanted him so she could see the look on his face when he lost the bet. Chad says Whitney was giving off all the signs like her lips and her eyes. He gets really close to her again and leads her on, but then he pulls away and says she's too easy. She might as well have a sign on her that says "Kiss me!" He says he knows her better than she knows herself. She says the only thing she really cares about tennis, not boys. She's willing to wait for love so she can have a marriage as perfect as her parents'. Chad says Whitney should let her heart write the rules. She tells him tennis can give her pride that no boy can give her. Eve calls her on her cell phone. Eve asks if she's there with Chad and Whitney says she'd never hang out with that jerk. Eve asks if Whitney wants to go to the benefit with Theresa and she says she'll call her back. Theresa walks in and says she wants to die. She says she almost told Ethan the truth but then she remembered her promise to God. Whitney says it really is for the best and Theresa needs to move on. Theresa says Whitney doesn't understand because she's never been in love. Whitney looks over at Chad. He comes over and offers to help. Whitney says maybe she doesn't know much about love, but Theresa should at least get out and meet more people. She insists that they go to the Seascape for the dance and calls Eve. Eve sets Theresa and Whitney up on blind dates from the hospital. Chad overhears them and questions Whitney about it. She ignores him and tells Theresa to stay away from Ethan. The manager of the Seascape comes in and asks Chad to fill in as DJ for the dance. Chad agrees to do it.

Tabitha & Timmy:
Timmy's punishment for losing the bird is that he has to clean the whole house. Timmy says it isn't fair and he knows the bird is evil. Tabby says he's the one that ruined her plans, and has he cleaned Fluffy's litter box? Timmy complains about that and she says it doesn't matter, sooner or later someone will find the bird and reveal its secrets. Fluffy is chasing Timmy around but Tabby sends him back in to clean the litter box. Timmy asks why is he being punished if the secrets in the bird will eventually come out anyway? Tabby says she wants to be the one to expose Eve. Timmy asks if Chad will contribute to Eve's downfall. She says yes and he asks how. Tabby says everyone has dark secrets and goes to her scoreboard to point them out. She can't wait to see marriages breaking up and people dying! Suddenly she goes over to the window and says that something is happening at the Bennett house. Charity is in distress and Miguel can't help her this time. Timmy picks up the phone to warn Charity but Tabby sics Fluffy on him. She says nothing can save Charity now...maybe it's the bird and it's only a matter of time before Eve's photos are exposed. Timmy asks why the pictures were taken in the first place? Tabby says Eve was desperate back then and she will have her life ruined soon now.

Charity and Miguel ask Kay and Simone what they're doing? Kay makes up an excuse and the two girls leave to let Charity and Miguel work on homework. Simone tells Kay there really is something spooky about the bird. Miguel tells Charity she has nothing to worry about. Charity says she hopes kids at school don't hear about her premonitions or they'll think she's weird. Miguel says he won't say anything and neither will Kay or Simone. The two girls are listening and Simone says she feels two-faced. Kay tells her not to worry about it. Charity turns around and sees dark shapes on the wall! She asks if Miguel sees anything and he says no. She looks again and sees the shadows of a man and a woman, but tells Miguel that she sees nothing. Kay says Charity is starting to see things and the bird is working. Miguel picks up the phone to call home and Charity looks at the shadows on the wall. It looks like the people are arguing and Charity asks who they are. Suddenly, the shadows start to become clearer...they turn into real people and Charity sees that it's Eve and a half-naked Julian fighting! She screams but can't look away. Kay says Charity's flipping out and the adults run up to see what's wrong. Tabby hears Charity's scream and says this could be what she's been waiting for.

Monday, February 28, 2000 | Episode #169
The Book Cafe:
The Seascape manager and Chad agree that the benefit can be a golden opportunity for Chad. The manager tells Chad not to fraternize with the people at the dance. Chad says none of the girls there would want to talk to the likes of him anyway.

Theresa & Whitney:
Whitney tells Theresa that the benefit will be the perfect opportunity to get over Ethan and Theresa says as long as she stays away from him, she'll be fine. Theresa says that Whitney is really being great through all this. Whitney comments that she doesn't need a boyfriend to be happy. She says she wants to wait to mature and Theresa asks if she likes Chad. Whitney tells her about Chad's attempts to make her "hot and bothered," but it was silly. They leave to go get ready, and Chad tells Whitney that maybe she'll fall in love tonight. At Theresa's house, the girls are getting pretty and the doorbell rings. Whitney goes to answer and Theresa picks her ripped up photo of Ethan out of the garbage. Whitney calls her and she puts it back, asking how she'll ever get over him.

Ethan & Sheridan:
Ethan tells Sheridan that she should come to the Seascape with him and Gwen, and he says he plans to improve her lovelife now that he is engaged. Sheridan says it might be easier than he thinks. She tells him she thinks she's getting closer to Luis and tells Ethan about their date. She is still confused about whether she should start a relationship with him and asks Ethan for advice. He says to forget Luis, because they are from different worlds. Luis just wouldn't fit in with high society. Sheridan says that shouldn't matter but Ethan says they have nothing in common. Sheridan says he's a snob and he says she's naive. He asks what they do have in common. She says ice skating and he says that isn't much to build on, and it takes more than that to be happy. He crosses the line by calling the youth center stupid and she says he gave everything up for his family and Ethan is being a snob just like Julian. She says social standing is not the measure of a real man. He asks well then, what is? She says now it's her turn to give her opinion. She calls Ethan a twit and Ethan says he only got her angry to see her real feelings for Luis. He says if she really wants a relationship with Luis, she should pursue it and work through the class thing. He leaves to get ready for the benefit and Sheridan calls the police to speak to Luis, and then goes to find him when she hears he's on patrol.

The Seascape:
Ethan and the girls arrive at the dance separately. The girls talk to their dates about their love lives. Whitney notices Chad at the same time Theresa notices Ethan.

The Bennett House:
Charity sees Eve and Julian fighting in the mirror and screams. All the adults come in and Charity is still screaming. Tabby is gloating at her house, but Timmy is crying about it. They decide to head over to the house to see it first hand. In the house, Kay says the bird must be making Charity crazy. In Charity's vision, Julian is throwing Eve down on a bed and being really violent with her. Then they kiss and Eve starts doing a strip show. Charity gets more hysterical and everyone leaves but Grace and Eve. In the vision, Julian is taking pictures of Eve. Charity says Eve would never do the things she's seeing. Tabby comes in the house and says she wants to be there when disaster strikes. Miguel wonders why Charity is acting this way and Simone asks how Kay can do this to someone she loves. Kay says it's for Miguel's own good. Simone is angry and Kay says if she backs out, she won't help her get Chad. Simone agrees to help Kay but she's not proud about it. They try to comfort Miguel. Kay tells him that even if it doesn't work out with Charity, she'll always be there for him. Tabby and Timmy listen outside Charity's door. Charity says she sees Eve in the mirror. TC comes back with Eve's bag and Tabby and Timmy hide. Tabby says maybe if one of Charity's crazy attacks goes too far, maybe she'll kill Miguel! Eve tells Charity to close her eyes and keep them closed while she goes to get some medicine. Grace asks what Charity sees and she says she sees Eve and Julian Crane together. Tabby says the truth about Eve is about to explode.

Luis & Hank:
Luis remembers his night with Sheridan and says how surprised he was by her. Hank walks up and says that Luis and Sheridan are always doing things together--is Luis in love with her? Luis says they've only been on two dates but Hank says she really passed Luis' test and fit in with his friends. He says he's not giving up on Sheridan and wants to know if Luis is making a serious play for Sheridan. Luis says she's been sending mixed signals and he doesn't know what she wants. They head for the Book Cafe to talk some more. Chad thanks Luis for letting him be DJ, because now he's getting a lot of gigs. He asks both of them for advice about a girl. He asks how he can get someone with more money to like someone like him. Luis and Hank end up getting into an argument over whether rich girls care about the money or not. Luis leaves to go on patrol, and Hank follows. They wish Chad luck. Hank and Luis talk about how the next time Luis sees Sheridan, he'll know how she feels. Hank leaves him alone and Sheridan walks up. She starts to say something, but Luis walks up to her and kisses her!

Alistair says he has a plan to end everything between Sheridan and Luis forever. He tells Julian to stay at the mansion and hangs up. Julian comments that Sheridan and Luis will never know what hit them.

Tuesday, February 29, 2000 | Episode #170
Whitney and Theresa's blind dates both take note of the girls' obvious interest in two other men at the dance. Sheridan enjoys a passionate kiss from Luis. Timmy entreats Tabitha not to ruin Eve's life and destroy sweet Charity in the process. Unable to ignore the visions she's still having, a sobbing Charity tells Grace she sees Eve having sex with Julian Crane. After Luis abruptly takes off, Sheridan realizes that the policeman was only kissing her as a cover while keeping an eye on a nearby drug dealer. Ethan invites Whitney, Theresa and their dates to join him and Gwen at their table. Grace uneasily confides to a shaken Eve the nature of her niece's "hallucinations." A dejected Sheridan wonders if she was wrong about the bond she thought she'd been forming with Luis. As Tabitha and Timmy lurk nearby, Eve asks Charity to describe her visions and is horrified to learn how accurate the girl's peek into the past truly was.

Whitney's date notices Whitney exchanging looks with Chad. Whitney denies being interested in Chad. At the same time, Theresa's date senses she's attracted to Ethan. Theresa can barely conceal her pain when Ethan and Gwen invite Theresa, Whitney and their dates to sit at their table. Theresa suffers while watching Ethan and Gwen dance together. Whitney and Chad argue.

Luis and Sheridan continue their passionate kiss. Sheridan is confused by Luis' sudden burst of affection, but she fully enjoys it. Luis breaks from the kiss and abruptly runs off, leaving a breathless Sheridan behind. Sheridan is crestfallen to learn Luis was undercover and was only kissing her to throw off a drug dealer. Sheridan leaves the wharf flustered, thinking she has assumed too much about her and Luis' relationship.

Grace is shocked and baffled after Charity tells her she's having visions of Julian and Eve in sexual situations. Grace reports to Eve what Charity is seeing. A rattled Eve tries to hide her fear. Tabitha secretly watches with amusement, relishing Eve's impending downfall. Tabitha and Timmy realize Kay took the bird from their yard and is using it to drive Charity crazy.

Wednesday, March 1, 2000 | Episode #171
Julian & Sheridan:
Julian is talking about Alistair and asks if he can talk to Sheridan before they do anything drastic. Alistair says he'll put a stop to this nonsense tonight. He goes to Sheridan's cottage and insists they have a talk. He asks why she's dating Luis and she says it's her problem. She says he's different and wouldn't take advantage of her. Julian says she's said that about all her other boyfriends. She says she's learned from her mistakes and Luis is honest and genuine. She also says she fully supports him for wanting to find out about his father. Julian asks if she is falling for him. She says he is a great guy and she won't let Julian and Alistair intervene with her life. He leaves and Sheridan thinks about Luis and her kissing. Meanwhile, Julian tells Alistair about the conversation and Alistair says well, she has been warned.

Luis tells Sheridan he wouldn't be with Beth at this point in his life. He describes his dream girl and Sheridan asks if this girl has a name. He tells her to forget it because he doesn't want to hurt anyone. She asks why he called and he said it was to tell her that he liked kissing her and he didn't just kiss her because of the stakeout! She says she enjoyed it too and he says he invites her to a party at the youth center to celebrate her finishing her hours. Luis starts filling out his report and writes Sheridan's name by accident. He thinks about kissing her. He starts talking on his phone and Sheridan walks up just as he says he will use the very rich Sheridan Crane for his own ends!

The Seascape:
Ethan tells Theresa what a good dancer she is and Whitney says she has to stop this. She asks Chad to stop the music but he won't do it. He thinks the words of the song are getting to Whitney and she denies it. Theresa says she has to tell Ethan something, but Whitney pulls the plug on the music! Chad and Whitney fight about the music and Whitney leaves. Theresa goes back to sit down and the dates come in. They're drunk and want to fight with Chad and Ethan. The girls stop them and they agree not to start something. Ethan and Chad tell the guys not to drive after they've been drinking. They send them home in cabs and it's settled that Ethan will take Theresa home and Chad will take Whitney. Ethan starts to drive Theresa home and says how great of a girl Theresa is. He says if the music hadn't stopped, he could have danced with her all night. They arrive at the house and Theresa says he shouldn't walk her to the door because Luis might be home. Ethan says Luis has gone out with Sheridan and if Ethan and Theresa started going out, Luis would have to loosen up about hating the Cranes. He goes on to say how great Theresa is and finally leans over and kisses her on the cheek! He says her boyfriend should have done that and leaves. Theresa asks God why this is happening to her when she knows she can't have Ethan.

Chad walks Whitney into her house and is trying to be nice, but Whitney won't say much to him. He asks what is so wrong with a guy being close to her? She says Chad and her have a different way of looking at things but he disagrees. She thanks him for his help and he says he will drop her date's car off at the Book Cafe.

The Bennett House:
TC asks Charity if she saw Julian and Eve in a premonition. She says yes and he says he hates Julian but doesn't want to talk about why. Eve sends him to get a prescription. She gives Charity some pills to sleep and tells her that the premonitions are just her imagination. Charity asks for Miguel and Eve tells her not to tell anyone else about what she saw. Miguel comes in and hugs Charity.

Kay and Simone talk about Charity, and Miguel comes in and says how worried he is. He can't understand what's happening and Kay says she'll do whatever she can to help him. He thanks her and leaves with Simone. Meanwhile, Timmy sneaks upstairs into Charity's room. He tells a sleeping Charity that everything will work out. He gives her a kiss on the forehead just as Kay walks in!

Tabby tells Timmy that TC will hit the roof when he finds out about Eve's past. Timmy recalls Tabby's fortune for Eve: that TC will kill someone. She keeps talking and suddenly Sam and Grace come up and ask what she's doing there. She says she heard screaming and rushed over. Sam and Grace leave and they go downstairs. Timmy doesn't want to destroy lives, and Tabby says Kay will do that. All the adults come down for tea. Tabby sets Timmy on the stairs and Sam and Eve talk about the connection between Julian and Eve and the premonitions. Grace tells Tabby about Faith's premonitions and Tabby notices that Timmy is missing. She leaves and starts looking for Timmy. Eve leaves to call Julian! She tells him they have to meet tonight. He says he doesn't want to run into TC but she says don't worry about it. He suggests they go to the Book Cafe and she agrees to meet him there at the back door.

Thursday, March 2, 2000 | Episode #172
Sheridan & Luis:
Sheridan thinks maybe she misunderstood what Luis said about using her, but then she hears him say that he needs to remember the real reason why he's dating her. He goes on to say how helpful she will be in finding information about his father. Sheridan starts crying and runs away. Luis hears her, but she hides by the time he looks. She continues to listen and he says finally he has a chance to use a Crane the same way they used his family. He assures confidentiality with whoever he's talking to and hangs up. He leaves and Sheridan comes out, crying. She goes home and cries, remembering all the times she was taken in by him. Luis calls and talks to her answering machine, but she won't pick up the phone. He tries to be charming and reminds her of the party at the youth center, but when he hangs up Sheridan rips the answering machine out of the wall and throws it across the room, cursing Luis.

The Russell House:
Chad tries to convince Whitney she needs love, but she won't buy it. They almost kiss, but Chad pulls away at the last second. Whitney yells at him for teasing her and Simone walks in and asks what's going on. Whitney explains everything, but when Chad leaves Simone gives her a dirty look. She asks if Whitney is going after Chad and of course Whitney denies it. She asks if Whitney can really be just as perfect as Eve? Simone says Eve is wrong about Chad and vows to change him into a good guy. Kay calls and Simone tells her about Chad. Kay tells her about the doll and notices that it's gone.

The Book Cafe:
Eve and Julian make plans to meet at the Book Cafe, and Eve makes up an excuse to Grace and Sam when they come in. They agree not to mention anything to TC and Eve leaves. She arrives at the Book Cafe and tells Julian about Charity's visions. She also tells him Sam and Grace know about the visions. She blames Julian for mentioning it around Charity. He says someone else may have found out about it--has anyone been checking up on Eve? She fills him in on Orville and how her family thinks she was so perfect. She asks why TC hates Julian so much, but Chad pulls up and notices a light under the door. He knows he turned the lights off and goes in to investigate. He walks in and Eve hides. Chad sees Julian and Julian's ownership of the shop gets him a worthy alibi. However, Chad sees Eve's feet before he leaves. Sam and TC go to investigate the lights on in the Book Cafe. They arrive as Chad comes out and Chad tells them about how Julian is in there with some woman. TC wants to go in to talk to Julian. They start to go in but Sam stops TC from intervening. He says Julian is cheating on his wife with another woman and Eve is appalled that TC thinks that. TC goes home to be with his wife and Eve is practically hysterical. Eve and Julian agree that without the photos, nobody will ever find out about them. As Eve leaves, Julian hints that he wouldn't mind rekindling their relationship and is amused when Eve says she would never cheat on her husband. She goes home and says no one will ever find out about her past. Meanwhile, Chad wonders who Julian's lady friend was.

The Bennett House:
Timmy kisses Charity on the forehead just as Kay walks in and says Timmy is real, not a doll! Timmy instantly goes into doll mode and Kay thinks she's going crazy. Timmy tries to sneak away as Kay talks to herself about the bird. She picks him up and takes some jewelry and Timmy to her room. She tests her new look (combining Charity's stuff with her clothes) on Timmy. He looks just like a princess when she's done, but for some reason doesn't like the look! He starts to take off the makeup and sneezes just as Grace walks in. Grace comments on how cute Timmy looks and then asks how Kay is doing. Kay makes up something about how worried she is and they go downstairs. Timmy goes out of the room.

Tabitha arrives home and looks for Timmy, but can't find him. She tries to concentrate but is worried about Timmy. Just then, Princess Timmy comes in, saying how evil Kay is. He says Kay hid the bird statue in Charity's room. Tabby says now all she has to do is get the photos from the bird and show them to TC and use the bird to get Charity under her control.

Friday, March 3, 2000 | Episode #173
The Russell House:
Whitney and Theresa are leaving for an interview with the Honors Society (I think Whitney is wearing the same shoes Eve wore last night) and want to go to the Book Cafe first. They leave and Eve says to herself that she can't believe she let anyone take advantage of her. TC walks in and asks what man took advantage of her. She makes up an excuse about her shoes and TC is satisfied. He leaves and she thinks about how he has such a terrible temper.

Sheridan & Ethan:
Sheridan flashes back to all the mean things Luis said and can't get the answering machine to turn off. She throws it across the room, practically hitting Ethan in the head as he walks in. She tells Ethan the whole story and he vows to teach Luis a lesson. She tells him to let it go, but he wishes he'd protected her better. She says that she too was mistaken about Luis. She starts to cry and Ethan hugs her. She says she'll be all right and tries to change the subject. Ethan still wants to talk about Sheridan and tries to reassure her. Sheridan says she feels like there is always someone barring her happiness. Ethan says he will still give Luis a piece of his mind, but Sheridan says she will confront him. He offers to take her to the Book Cafe and she agrees.

The Book Cafe:
Chad flashes back to seeing a woman's shoes when he went to check on the lights on in the Book Cafe. He wonders who was with Julian. A girl tries to flirt with him, but he turns her down. He goes to the counter, and Beth says he must have a girlfriend--who is she? Whitney and Theresa walk in and Beth says Whitney must be Chad's girlfriend. He denies it but Beth isn't convinced. Meanwhile, Theresa swears that Whitney likes Chad but Whitney changes the subject to Ethan. Theresa tells her about when he took her home and she has hope because if Sheridan and Luis get together, why can't her and Ethan? Chad tells Beth about Julian and the woman and asks why Beth doesn't own the Book Cafe? Beth explains that she couldn't get the money to keep it going herself (because of her sick mother). Chad goes over and notices that Whitney is wearing the same shoes he saw last night! He tells her about what he saw last night and she tells him they're Eve's. He asks where Eve was late last night. She says he's way off base--her mother is not having an affair with Julian Crane! TC comes up and asks what the hell they're talking about.

Ethan and Sheridan come in and Sheridan realizes she left something at the youth center. She goes to get it and Ethan sits down. Theresa says to herself that maybe fairy tales can come true. She goes up to Ethan and says she heard something about a budding romance between their two families. He says she heard wrong...that'll never happen.

The Youth Center:
Luis is using the punching bag and Hank comes in. The phone rings and it's a guy calling about redoing Luis' roof. Hank wants to know where Luis is getting that kind of money. Luis has to go to a meeting, but Hank thinks he is hiding something.

Julian is talking to Alistair, who says his plan is working perfectly and now Luis and Sheridan will never get together. Julian opens a briefcase full of money and makes plans to give it to a "new friend." He goes into a basement-type room and comments on how the person receiving the money couldn't possibly turn it down. Just then another person walks in, his head and face covered. Julian shows him the money and asks what the person will do with all this money. The person takes off his hood and it's...LUIS!!!!! He says he has big plans for the money. He starts counting it and then takes off a mask to reveal a totally different person! Gasp! He tells Julian all about his disguise, the fake conversation on the wharf, and how well he can fake Luis' voice. Julian reminds him to keep everything a secret. The impostor says the only evidence left will be Sheridan's broken heart. Julian says he'd love to be there when Sheridan and Luis next meet.

Luis (the real one) comes back to the youth center and Hank asks again where he's getting all this money. Luis tells him he made detective so he's getting a raise. He also tells him that he's making plans to buy Sheridan a car! He says he thinks she might be the one. Hank says he can't be serious. He says Sheridan is different from the rest of the Cranes and Hank says he seems like a different person. Hank says he will fight for Sheridan and leaves. Sheridan walks in and gives Luis the evil eye. She starts to leave but he stops her and asks if she got his message. She says yes and now she has a message for him. Then she hits him in the face!

Tabitha, Timmy, Charity, Eve, TC:
Tabby and Timmy are outside Charity's door and she wants Timmy to run an errand for her: He must whisper "Eve and Julian" in Charity's ear to make her even crazier. He doesn't want to do it, but she threatens him with Fluffy and he does it. He's whispering into Charity's ear when she grabs him in her sleep and starts shaking him. She is dreaming about Julian and Eve and Tabby says they can go home to plan a murder that will be Charity's fault. She calls the Russell house and tells TC to come over and look at her sink. TC and Eve say they'll both come so Eve can check on Charity. They arrive and TC goes to look at the sink while Eve and Tabby chat. Eve goes to check on Charity and Tabby gloats about how soon everyone will know about Eve's past. She goes in by TC and gives him a quilt from before the Civil War. He talks about how his father was a slave, the first colored man in the area. He says the family farm was taken away...he's pretty bitter about it. Tabby explains the quilt to him and leads TC to believe the Cranes built their mansion on his family's farm! TC leaves and Timmy and Tabby sneak back into the Bennett house. Inside, Eve is sitting with Charity and realizes Charity is dreaming about her and Julian.